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Izuku's Precious Villains

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Izuku Midoriya double check that he had everything with him. He was a bit nervous. Today from now on, he'll be living by himself. Although, living by oneself was a part of growing up. You can't always be depended on your parents forever. But even his mother was sadden to see her little baby leaving her to live on his own. Inko told him that if he changes his mind, he can still move back in with her. But Izuku didn't want to be a burden to his mother after all the years that she done for him.

"Izuku, honey, do have everything?" Izuku heard his mother outside of his soon to be old room. The sound of her voice clearly told that she'll miss him terribly. Honestly, Izuku himself didn't want to leave his mommy. He actually wanted to be with her forever. But that was selfish of him to actually to think such a thing. What kind of a son would forever be depended on his parents. To him at least, that was a very awful thing could do your own parents

"Yeah, Mom. I have everything," He said. He tried not to sound like he was crying. Deep down, he was. Leaving his beloved mother to live a new apartment by himself was something that he knew that it will happen one day. But he never imagine that will happen so soon. Izuku was still in Middle School and in the middle of his third year. But he felt that he should start getting already to be prepared for the adult world. Of course, most people would argue that going to live by yourself was a bit too much at his young age. But his mother trusted him.

Izuku went outside of his room, looking that his mother who had tears coming out of her eyes. Inko was not able to handle that her baby was finally living by himself. But she had to be strong for her son. She didn't want to Izuku guilty of leaving her. What kind of a mother would guilt trip her child into staying with her forever. But Inko was proud that her son had managed to find an apartment that he could afford to rent.

Both mother and son look at each other for a few moments. They both treated this moment like Izuku was living for forever despite that he'll be back next Sunday to eat dinner with her. But to them, it will feel like an enteral for them both.

"Izuku, promised me when you get to your new apartment, you will call me, ok, sweetie," Inko said, placing her hand on his cheek. This was it. It was time for mother and son to depart from each other.

Izuku nodded. "Don't worry, Mom. I'll be fine. I'll call you as soon as I got there," He said smiling.

Still, a mother can't stop worry for her child. Hoping that Izuku will get along with his neighbors despite him being quirkless. However, Inko knew that her son will be happy to where he'll be living at. According to some of her neighbors who adores her son, Izuku had always managed to make people around him love him once they get know him better. Inko even overheard from one neighbor saying that Izuku's new neighbors are lucky to have when the rest of them are going to miss the boy.

"Now come on, baby. The movers will get there before you do," Inko said.

"Ok, Mom. And thank you for always taking care of me," Izuku said, trying not to cry before he leaves his old apartment. He really didn't want spend his last moments in this apartment crying like a baby.

Finally leaving his apartment, Izuku headed to where his new apartment was. The building was in Yokohama City. He could go to school when he takes the train. There was one thing that he was happy about leaving, the fact that Kacchan will still be in their neighborhood while he lives in a new city. This actually brought a smile to Izuku's face. No Kacchan to bully him when the latter angered the former. Kacchan didn't even know that Izuku was moving on his own. Izuku preferred to keep that way.

New apartment building

"Here it is," Izuku said. The building itself wasn't bad looking. It was affordable so that was good. Hoping to start fresh in his new neighborhood, Izuku wanted to make a good first impressing. Taking deep breathes, Izuku turn the doorknob around and open the door. Seeing that there was stairs to climb to the apartment complex. Walking up the stairs, Izuku wondered what kind of neighbors will be having. Although, according to the real estate agent, there were literally two people living there. There was also a bar there on the first floor. The apartment complex was above the bar. The landlord actually lived somewhere else do to some health issues.

Izuku hoped that his new landlord will get better soon. He would actually like to meet the man that letting someone like him live in his building. Soon the green haired boy came to the first floor. Seeing another steps stairs to climb, but he was actually curious to see the bar himself. But he was worried because he was underage. Izuku didn't want the bartender in trouble if he showed up.

He was about to head to the next case when he saw a much older boy standing there. He was quite tall, with ashy skin and scars over his left eye and on the right side of his mouth. His lips were chapped. His hair were blue and his eyes were red. In all and all, the older boy look like a villain. But Izuku wouldn't judged this person. He himself had already been discriminated for being quirkless. So, Izuku made a promised to himself to not judged others. He made this promise after meeting All Might. Which was not how he wanted to meet his long time hero.

But now he has to focus on the present. Taking a deep breath, Izuku smiled at the older boy in front of him. The older boy seem to be taken back when Izuku smiled at him, "Who are you?" The older boy said. He look surprise to see someone like him to be in this place.

"I'm Izuku Midoriya. I'll be living here from now on," Izuku said. Hoping this mysterious person is one of his new neighbors.

The boy look at him for a good awhile before finally speaking, "You may call me Tomura Shigaraki for now," He said.

Izuku blinked surprised by his replied, but was happy to hear him said his name at least, "So, do you live here as well, Izuku said.

Tomura nodded. "Yeah. I live here with Kurogiri," He said.

"So, you're the new kid?" Tomura said. Which Izuku nodded with a blush on his face.

"Come now. The bar is open. Although, Kurogiri isn't here yet," Tomura said, opening the door to the bar. Izuku wasn't sure about this. He was still a middle scholar.

"Sorry, Shigaraki. I don't think that I'm allowed in the bar. I'm in middle school," Izuku said nervously.

"Don't worry about it. The bar doesn't have a rule to say what age you have to be to get in," The older boy said.

Izuku, feeling about more relaxed, followed his new neighbor into the bar. Tomura Shigaraki seem nice. He hope that they will get along with each other soon.

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Tomura Shigaraki wasn't expecting seeing someone new in the building today. Especially, someone who looked innocent. The boy before him had green hair and eyes with freckles on his face. In all honestly, he looked adorable. His name was Izuku Midoriya, and he was the new kid that was moving in the apartment building. Tomura had had heard from his sensei that someone new will be living here from now on. Sensei told him to be nice to his new neighbor.

Sure he knew that he was having a new neighbor but he wasn't told when. It was only today when Tomura met the new kid, Izuku Midoriya. Tomura was very surprised to see that his new neighbor was quite young looking. The kid looked like that he was still in middle school. Tomura actually wasn't expecting to be them that young. He kind of expecting someone that had had a bad life, ready to give up, or someone that didn't have a life outside of anime or something. Never did he thought a little kid will be living here with him and Kurogiri.

When he met the young boy, the latter smiled at him. Tomura couldn't help but feel shock to see someone willingly to smile at him even though he looked a villain from his appearance alone. But the green haired boy just politely introduced himself. Telling Tomura his name and that he'll be living here at the apartment complex from now on.

He didn't why, but Tomura invited Midoriya to the bar. But the younger boy was a bit worried to go in because he was underage. Tomura told him that there was no rule of age to enter it. Seeing that Midoriya became a little relaxed after he said, Tomura wondered if the kid was goodie two shoes.

When the two entered the bar, they both questions about each other. Midoriya had asked him about his quirk. Tomura decided to show the kid his power. He grabbed a glass cup, it decayed the mere second he touched it. Tomura believed it might scared the boy when the latter had just witness the former's quirk But instead, Midoriya was amazed by his quirk. The kid had asked him how if he needed all five of his fingers to do it. Even asking if his quirk worked on him as well.

This actually left Tomura in surprise. Usually, people will run scared when they see his decayed quirk. But the kid was actually impressed by it. Izuku Midoriya wasn't all scared of him. His head felt strange. Something in his head felt like it was trying unfold. His memories of his early life wasn't the best.

"Hey, are you ok, Shigaraki?"

Tomura was pulled out of his thoughts when Midoriya had asked him if he was alright. Seeing someone other then Sensei or Kurogiri showing concerned towards him made him feel look like he was having another caretaker from Sensei.

"Yes, I'm fine," Tomura said.

Midoriya smile at him again. Seeing that smile, Tomura couldn't help but feel that his chest was warming up Was he having heart burns? Tomura began to wonder if that was Midoriya's quirk. Did his smile had the power to make people feel all warm inside? He had to know.

"Midoriya, what's your quirk?" Tomura ask. He wanted to know if the kid's smiling quirk was powerful. Maybe he could use it against All Might and the other Pro Heroes.

The young boy look away from Tomura and look down the floor. After a few minutes, he spoke, "I'm quirkless," He said. Midoriya kind of look like he was going to cry.

But Tomura couldn't believe what he just heard. This boy was quirkless. He had never actually met someone that didn't have a quirk. From what that doctor Daruma Ujiko said once that only 20% of people in the world are born without quirks. Some say it was rare to meet a quirkless person. Others say it's a curse to be born quirkless because the rest of the world would eat you alive if you were born weak and worthless.

Midoriya look up from to stare at the All Might poster that was hanging on the wall above the TV of the bar. It was no doubt in Tomura's mind that the green haired kid was a big fan of the Symbol of Peace. Why wouldn't he be? Everyone love All Might.

"Are you a fan of All Might, Midoriya?" Tomura didn't see any other answer from the kid other then a big yes coming from his mouth. Midoriya will probably say how cool All Might is. He might even worship the ground that annoying hero walks on.

"Not exactly," The little green haired boy said as he intertwine his fingers together.

Hearing that had actually Tomura very surprise. Normally, someone would be so excited to talk about the Symbol of Peace. But seeing this kid saying that he wasn't a fun of All Might had made Tomura interested in the kid. Every kid would love to meet All Might. But here is a kid in front of him who doesn't blindly adored the hero All Might like everyone else. This was new. Tomura will tell definitely tell Sensei about his new found discovering. A kid who is both quirkless and is not a fan of All Might, this day getting interesting.

"So? Not a big fan of All Might? Neither am I. I guess we have a lot of common, don't we, Midoriya?" Tomura said smiling. Again, the kid smiled at him. Not caring if the older boy's smile was considered creepy or scary.

Just then, a black hole appeared in front them. It turn into a being that almost resemble person. But the being look like it made out of mist. Which he was. Tomura already knew who it was, "Kurogiri, it was about time you showed up. I had to keep Little Midoriya here company," He said.

The black mist being stared at the boy who was surprise to see him. Shyly, the young boy introduced himself, "I'm Izuku Midoriya, sir," He said.

"I'm Kurogiri, young man," The mist being said. It was wonderful to meet someone that had manners. But a thought went to his head, "You're the young boy that will be living here as well, correct?" Kurogiri ask.

Midoriya nodded with a smile on his face. The kid was adorable. But he look like he forget something, "Will you two excused me for awhile. I have to call my mom to let her know that I'm already here," He said. Before going, he stopped to look at Tomura. "It was nice to meet you, Shigaraki."

"You can call me Tomura," The older boy said.

The young stop, he turn to look at the older boy, "And you can call me Izuku as well."

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"Even without a quirk, can I be hero, too?"

Izuku stood there, waiting for All Might's answer. It was pure luck that he met his hero. All Might had saved him from a villain that was made out of slime. The villain nearly killed him but All Might had just got there in time. After the hero gave Izuku his autograph when the boy was out cold, All Might flew to hang over the villain to the police. But Izuku had managed to grabbed on his leg. All Might had to land near a building so the boy could let go of his leg. His hero told to knock on the door so someone will let him in. But not before telling Izuku that was dangerous what he did.

However, Izuku wanted to ask All Might an important question. One that will make an impact for the rest of his life. For better or for worst. He asked his beloved hero if it was possible if someone like him could be a hero without quirk. He just had to know if it was possible at all. It was his dream to be like All Might. Always saving people with a smile on his face.

But Izuku didn't noticed the smoke coming from All Might. Nor did he noticed that his hero was in pain.

"I always wanted to be like you. Saving people is really cool!" Izuku said. But when he finally noticed the smoke, it was too late. All Might had somehow became small and skinny, almost like a skeleton.

Izuku scream in surprise and shock. To see All Might like this, was something that he never imagined something like this in his life. This was no way All Might , the No 1 Pro Hero in the world.

"Where's All Might?! Are you a fake?" He ask the skinny man. What was going on?

"I am All Migh..." The small, skinny was going that he is All Might but he cough up blood.

"But that can't be. All Might is really big," Izuku was wondering if he was having a weird dream.

"You know when guys tucked in his stomach look buff? It's just like that," All Might explain.

"But All Might is so fearless. He always save people with a smile," Izuku said. He was still trying to progress what was happening in front of him.

All Might sigh. The hero look tried, "Take a look at this," All Might said as he lifted his shirt up, revealing a ugly scar on his left stomach, "It was five years ago that I got this from a dangerous villain. I could only be a hero for three hours in a day. That fight wasn't made pubic. I asked for it not be pubic."

"Was it Toxic Chainsaw?" Izuku said. He had heard of that villain before.

"You knew your stuff. But no it wasn't," All Might, getting up to leave.,"Please, don't tell anyone about what you learn, or putting it up online. I always to put a smile so people won't be afraid."

Izuku now knew that this was real. He just learn about All Might's greatest secret. But he knew that he had to keep it a secret as well.

"Pros are always risking their lives to save others. And for your question, no, I don't think can you be a hero without a quirk," All Might said, walking to the door without looking back the young boy, "If you want to help people, try become a cope. It's thankless job since they have to clean up the heroes' aftermath, but it's a fine job. It's alright to dream. But you must dream realistically," The No 1. Pro Hero said, shutting the door behind him.

Izuku woke up, breathing hard. Again. He was having that dream again. But it did happen. Izuku felt tears coming from his eyes. He shook his head, trying not to be petty. He met his hero but he also learned about that the All Might that he adored for years was just a façade. Of course, learning the truth about his hero didn't change anything about him to Izuku. The once loyal fan had seen the Symbol of Peace was just putting his life for others while the latter was hurting.

Izuku was thankful for All Might for protecting people, but he now knows that the No 1. Pro Hero was risking his own health and life so people won't have to worry for their lives. To the green haired boy, that was selfish. There was a difference between being self sacrifice and being careless to throw away your life. Ever since that day, Izuku realized that he too was being a horrible person. Always relying on All Might, thinking that he'll make everything better. But he was still human. All Might also had his limits as well. It was wrong for Izuku to placed one person on a high pedestal.

But he shouldn't begin his morning in his new apartment feeling sad. Izuku took deep breathes to calm himself down. Getting up from his bed, Izuku went to change clothes. It was the weekend, so he could get to know his new neighbors today. Tomura seemed nice. The older boy did seem like he could used lotion on his skin.

Since it was ok for him to be in the bar, Izuku wondered if Kurogiri was there. He might have to found out when he gets there. Kurogiri did look like a friendly person, since Tomura seemed close to him. Izuku wonder if he and Kurogiri could get along as well.

Apartment bar

Stepping into the bar, Izuku look around to see if Kurogiri was there. To his joy, the misted man was. Nervously, Izuku went up to him, "Good morning, sir," Izuku said. He wasn't used to people of kind towards him, his mother was the only person was kind to him. But he wonder how will Kurogiri will react to him not having a quirk. Still, he tried to make a good impression on the man. Yesterday, it seemed that he managed to. Today, however, he hope that Kurogiri will be kind to him like Tomura was to him. Even after founding out that he didn't have a quirk, Tomura was still nice to him.

"Good morning, young man. How may I help you today?" Kurogiri said. It was hard to tell what was he feeling do to the fact that he didn't have that much of a face. But the sound of his voice told Izuku that the man was happy to see him.

Izuku didn't what to say to Kurogiri. He tried to think of something, "Kurogiri, can I..." Izuku knew that he needed to say something that tell the mist being that he wanted to got along with him, "Can I ask about your quirk?" He finally said. Izuku realized what he just said. Believing that he offended the man by his question, Izuku tried to apologized to Kurogiri. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mea..'' Izuku felt his hair being gently ruffed. Seeing that it the mist man doing it.

"It's quite alright, young man," Kurogiri said.

Izuku wonder if the mist man was discriminated because of his quirk. From what Izuku heard, people with quirks that made them inhuman looking were treated horribly by people. He should know horrible, he was quirkless, which was they were being treated more horrible for worthless to society. Having a mutant quirk was better then not having a quirk at all. At least, that's what he had heard from the adults that felt sorry for him and his mother.

"If you want to know my quirk, I can answer your questions," Kurogiri said.

So, Izuku began to ask Kurogiri many questions regarding the latter's quirk. How can he wear clothes? How can he hold things without dropping them? Can he eat? Can he use the bathroom?

"Shigaraki did say that you question many things about his quirk," The mist man said. From what Shigaraki said, this boy wasn't a fan of the Symbol of Peace unlike the other children, "What about your quirk?" He said.

Izuku rubbed his arm, "I'm quirkless actually," He said. Hoping that won't ruin his chance with Kurogiri. The mist man look at him for a second.

"Do you want something to eat?" Kurogiri said.

Izuku look at the mist man, he couldn't believe that Kurogiri didn't care that he had a quirk or not, "Well, I am a little hungry, sir," He said.

"Can you just call Kurogiri, Izuku," The mist man said.

Izuku nodded. Knowing that he'll get along with his new neighbors, "Ok, Kurogiri."

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"Okay, everyone, please turn to Page 31. This will be a big test for you all. No foolishness," The teacher said.

Izuku paid attraction to the lesson. Today, he and Tomura will spend the rest of the day playing the new game that just came out. Tomura had brought it last night so he and Izuku could play it.

Despite that it was only the three of them, Izuku had managed to get along with Tomura and Kurogiri within the short time of him living at the apartment. They were both nice to him. Not caring that he didn't have a quirk like them. Izuku hope that his future new neighbors will also be friendly towards as well. But he knows not to get his hopes up too high.

"Midoriya, would you please take the papers and place them on everyone's desks?" The teacher said.

Izuku was pulled out his thoughts and back to reality. He quickly got up and took and the papers from his teacher. Placing each paper on the desks, Izuku was nervous when he got to Kacchan. The blond boy didn't seem to know that the green haired boy had moved out the neighborhood yet. Izuku wondered if Kacchan will be told that he moved out by his mom. After all, their mothers were childhood friends like them. So Mrs. Bakugo would no doubt tell Kacchan that Izuku now lives on his own. However, Izuku was afraid what will happen if Kacchan found out about this.

When he placed Kacchan's paper on his desk, the latter merely look at him and look at his paper. Izuku sigh.

Izuku will always expect his childhood friend to get angry, using his quirk, and scream his nickname at the top of his lungs. Izuku had always wondered if Kacchan's lungs were very strong when the latter always yell.

Finishing the papers, Izuku went to his desk with his own paper. Looking at the paper in front of him, the quirkless boy knew that this test will be hard. But knows that all he needs to do is study real hard in order to get a good grade.

Soon lunch came and the students went to their usual lunch places to eat. Everyone eat with their friends and talked about next year where they'll be in high school. Everyone, expect for Izuku. As usual, he was eating alone in the class room. Back when he was in preschool, he and Kacchan would always eat together. But that was a long time ago. Izuku deeply misses those days. Early days where both him and Kacchan would play together and the blond protecting Izuku from much older kids that tried to steal his lunch from him. But those days were over now. Izuku had to focused on the present. And what he has now.

After finishing his lunch, Izuku had still had enough time to check out the new books in the library. From what he heard, the new books had information on old from much older generation that many people seemed to have forgotten over the years. Izuku felt that you should always remember the past, it can you learn from making the same mistake.

However, when he got there, the books were already checked out, "Um... Can I learn who checked them out?" Izuku asked the nice libraries. She look at him with sadness in her eyes. She was the only adult in this school that was at least kind to him.

"Of course, Midoriya. But I'm afraid that those books won't be back for awhile now," She said. The libraries gave Izuku the names of the students that took all of the books. To Izuku's sadness, the books were checked out by the few students that picked on him who wasn't Kacchan. Of course, they must have known that he wanted to read the new books about older heroes. They probably had only done that to mess with him.

Thanking the kind libraries for letting him know about the names, Izuku walked back to his class. The bell had rang and the students were going back to their classes again. He really wanted to read those books. He didn't blame the libraries for checking them out for those students. It was her job. He just hated how those kids just only got those books to mess with him. They probably didn't care about the older heroes.

Throughout class, Izuku was thinking back to his apartment complex. At least, he had someone to hangout with after school today. Silently counting the time to go home, Izuku was muttering to himself again. How good was the new game anyway? Many reviews that he read on online said it was awesome. But he wanted to see it himself. While he was muttering, the whole class was looking at him. Being creeped out by the muttering of the only quirkless boy in class and in the whole school.

Sighing, the teacher stretched his arm and gently tipped Izuku on his head, "Midoriya, stop scary the other students. Please work on that muttering," He said.

Izuku blushed. He was told that he had a habit of muttering. And according to some people, it was a bit creepy, "Sorry, Sensei," Izuku apologized.

Soon school was finally over for the day. Izuku had packed everything his schoolbag. Kacchan seem to have been in a good mood today. The exploding quirk user would usually bullied him merciless. But today was different. But he wondered if Kacchan knew that he no longer live in the same neighborhood as him. Besides, Izuku had been making sure that Kacchan didn't notice that he went home on a different route.

When he saw that Kacchan had left with his two followers, Izuku went to the train station that was going to take him back to Yokohama City.

However, Izuku saw five students at the entrance of the school yard. These students were the ones that checked out the books. He wondered what did they want. One of them saw him coming, "Aww. Look it's Baby Midoriya," He said. It was a group of four boys and one girl.

Izuku tried to ignored them. Thinking that they'll get bored of him soon. But he was wrong.

"Hey, little baby. Are you lost? The preschool is over there. Maybe your mommy is waiting for you?" The second guy said as he sucked his thumb in his mouth.

Because that he cried a lot, everyone at school had called him a baby.

"Maybe he's looking for All Might and asked him for his autograph like the baby that he is?" The third guy said wile taking in baby talk.

"Hey, guys, let's go easy on him. It's probably almost his bedtime anyway. Right, baby?" The fourth one said.

"Hey, Izuku. Did you wanted to see those?" The only girl in the group said. Soon she and the four guys pulled out the new books from the library.

Izuku knew that they trying to get under his skin. He tried to just walk away from them before things get out of hand.

But the five teens were not happy about what he was doing.

"Come on, Midoriya. Don't want to see the pictures in these books. Especially, this one about a heroine from France. Oh man, she was a hottie back then," The first guy said. He open the book to show Izuku the French heroine. But to Izuku's horror, her picture was covered in Japanese words that were told in such disrespect about her.

Izuku was breathing hard. Soon the other four showed what they did to the books. The books were ruined. The pictures were drew on. To add the insult to the injuring, the five teens were laughing the whole time while they were showing him what they did.

"Wh... why would you all do that?!" Izuku cried as tears were coming out. To do such a heinous thing to books about the heroes before All Might.

"Well, when we heard that the new books were about some old heroes, we knew that we didn't want to miss this opportunity, Izuku. After all, Katsuki has been focusing on you lately," The girl said with jealousy in her eyes.

Kacchan was the most good looking guy in the school, so the girl was known to have a crush on him. But Kacchan was more focused on being a hero than anything else.

But seeing these beautiful books had been ruined because they wanted to him to feel miserable. Their cruel laughter had mad him remember all the times where he was bullied by everyone since it was discovered that he'll never have a quirk of his own. For some reason, his hand had landed on the first guy's face. Izuku didn't mean it.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do it!" Izuku said. He had no idea why he did it. But the look on that teen's face had told to run. And run he did. Izuku ran as fast as he can before the five bullies had catch up to him.

Seeing that the train station was close, Izuku was a little relief. But he knows that the five will catch up to him if he was getting to comfortable. Getting on his train once he heard that it was going to leave without him. Breathing really hard, Izuku was to call his mom and told her what he did. Izuku had never had done that to Kacchan. So, why did he do that that guy?

Getting off his train, Izuku walked to his apartment.

Izuku's apartment

Walking up to his apartment building, Izuku was still trying to get to used to the fact that he actually punched someone. Although Izuku didn't mean for it. He just couldn't believe why would anyone would be disrespect towards the older heroes. The heroes who originally cared about the lives of people, not the fame and glory that comes with it.

"Found you, you quirkless loser!"

Izuku yelped when he was pulled back to an alleyway. He look up and saw the five teens. Somehow they had managed to found him at his apartment.

"I'm sorry for punching you," Izuku said. He didn't want Tomura and Kurogiri involved with his problems.

"Too late for that! You're nobody, Izuku Midoriya!" The guy that he punched said.

Soon the four guys in the group were beating him up while the girl was standing there with a smile on her face.

"Look! The baby is crying like always," The third said.

"Back off!"

The teens turn around to see two figures were standing behind. They didn't look pleased of the sight before them. It was Tomura and Kurogiri.

"Who the hell are you?" The girl said.

"That's none of your business. But I advised you five to step away from the boy or I'm afraid that things will turn most unpleasant," Kurogiri said

"Or what?" The second guy said.

"Or this," Tomura said, touching a dumpster nearby. It decayed in mere seconds. Scaring the five kids.

"That will be you if you don't leave here or if you tell anyone," Tomura said.

Soon the five kids ran for their lives. Izuku look to his neighbors. Getting up to them. Not knowing how will they react to see him in such a state.

"Are you alright, Izuku?" Kurogiri said, checking on the bruises on Izuku's face.

Izuku felt tears coming from his eyes as he nodded his head.

"Come on. Let's get inside. After Kurogiri fix you up, we can play the new game," Tomura said.

Izuku didn't say anything but nodded. Happy that his new neighbors had protected him.

Chapter Text

Izuku flinched as Kurogiri placed the alcohol on his cheek. It sting a little. But this wasn't anything new. His classmates had often picked on him since preschool. Kids were cruel and mean. Kacchan was one of them after all. His mother was the one that patched him up after someone (aka Kacchan) beat him up. But now he was by himself. Honestly, Izuku had believed that he was going to fixed himself after a beating. But here was Kurogiri patching him up instead. Izuku felt that he was being awful for letting the man be doing this. Kurogiri must have something better to do then fix a quirkless nobody like him.

"Izuku, why those kids hurting you?" Kurogiri asked as he finished.

Izuku's eyes widen when his older neighbor had asked him that question. He never thought he'll tell them this, him bullied by his schoolmates, "I punched one of them. I didn't mean for it to happen."

Tomura looked surprised to hear that from where he was standing, "You actually managed to hurt someone?" He asked in disbelief.

The young teen look down in shame, "I'm sorry that I dragged you both in my mess. It won't happen again," Izuku said as he bowed a few times. But he felt something hard hit his head. It didn't hurt much but still had made Izuku a bit jumpy.

"Don't apologized! If you live here, that means you're our responsibility now," Tomura said, being the one that hit him which Kurogiri didn't approved since the latter had just patching him up.

"Tomura Shigaraki, don't so rough with him. He just got hurt," Kurogiri said in a serious tone in his voice. It sounded like the man was scolding him. But Kurogiri looked back to Izuku.

"But he's right, Izuku. As long as you live here, you're our responsibility as well," Kurogiri said in a much more gently tone than he was with Tomura.

Hearing them saying that, caused the young boy to tear up. Both Kurogiri and Tomura were surprised to see him crying for a long time. They were wondering if Izuku was lying about being quirkless since he had shed many tears coming from his beautiful green eyes.

Izuku, however, wondered how can someone unworthily like him had managed to have such kind people as his neighbors.

After calming down, Izuku and Tomura went to the latter's apartment. It was a bit messy. But then again, his apartment was still messy as well. Izuku had yet started unpacking. Maybe when after school he'll start unboxing his belongs. But for now, he was hanging out with someone that actually wanted to spend time with him. It felt a little weird. It had been awhile since he hanged out someone. Kacchan was the only person that Izuku had spend the day after school.

"So, Izuku? Have you ever played videogames before?" Tomura said.

That question had caused Izuku to froze. The younger boy had never actually played videogames. Izuku wondered if Tomura had suspected him to be a not gamer since the latter had played games almost all his life and could tell that someone had never played them before.

Taking a deep breath, Izuku reveled that he wasn't.

"No. I've never played videogames, Tomura," Izuku said, looking down.

"I kind of figured it out," Tomura said, not looking mad.

"Yeah. I also figured that you figured it out," Izuku said. This actually surprised Tomura.

"I'm sorry that I didn't told you this before. But no one had ever asked me to hang out after school in years," Izuku admitted.

Tomura looked at the green haired boy for a minute.

"Izuku, you didn't told Kurogiri the real reason that those kids hurt you. Why did you punched one of them?" Tomura asked.

The younger boy knew that he was trapped. Izuku knew that the truth will come out to his neighbors eventually. But he didn't realized that it was much sooner than he thought.

Taking a deep breath, Izuku soon told his new neighbor about his life before he came to live in the apartment. Ever since he was little, Izuku wanted nothing than to be a hero like All Might, to save lives of innocent people with a smile on his face. But when he didn't develop a quirk like the rest of his classmates, his mother took him to the doctor to see if anything wrong. But what the doctor discovered was something that had changed the lives of his mother and his. It there at the doctor, that Izuku was never going to have a quirk of his own. He had the two joint in his picky toe, like the rest of the 20% of the world. The doctor even told them it was best to give up his dream of being a hero.

It broke Izuku's heart, he even asked his mother if he could still be a hero, even without a quirk. But the poor woman could only break down in tears as she apologized to him as if it was her fault. However, that wasn't what Izuku wanted to hear. He just wanted her say that he could still be a hero.

Things soon turn bad at school as well. When his classmates found out that he'll never have a quirk, they began to taunt him for being weak. His best friend Kacchan soon became his bully. The saddest thing was, he and Izuku knew each other since they babies. After trying to help out Kacchan after he fell into a river when they younger, Kacchan saw it as pity from Izuku. Thinking that the green haired boy was looking down on him while he was down. Soon after that, Kacchan began to bullied Izuku merciless and beat him up whenever he showed signs of wanting to become a hero. Kacchan will always that he'll surpassed All Might and be the next number 1 hero of Japan.

For Kacchan, that was a great insult that someone quirkless like Izuku wanted to become a hero while they were weak. The teachers didn't try to stop the bullying because many of them didn't care for the quirkless. Izuku once heard one of them said that he was making their jobs harder in his first year of middle school. The only one that cared about him at were the school libraries who help him look for books about heroes from the past. But when he tried to checked out the new books about heroes, he was sadly too late.

They were checked out by five cruel kids that bullied him as well. It was rare for the other students to picked on him other then Kacchan, so it kind of scared him. But those five students didn't care for those books, they drew on them to taunt him. Seeing how he could never read them now, Izuku actually felt something in him, he finally snapped. He punched one of them. He came to regret it since it caused them to follow him home and beat him up.

"Then, you and Kurogiri came and saved me," Izuku finished his story. He had tears coming from his eyes.

Tomura was surprised to hear that Izuku was horribly treated at school. Even the teachers thought that he was worthless in their eyes. This Kacchan, Tomura might haven't met this guy, but he already dislike him. Especially when this Kacchan person was someone that wanted to be the next number 1 hero while he wasn't very heroic.

Carefully reaching Izuku's face, Tomura dyed the younger boy's tears while making sure that all five of his fingers won't Izuku's face as to not to Decayed him, "Come on now, let's play that game now. If you like, I could teach you how to play videogames," He said.

Izuku smiled, following the older boy into his bedroom. It felt nice to talk someone about his life. He wondered if Kurogiri would understand him like Tomura has.

Apartment bar

It was nighttime already. Tomura was at the bar as usually. Izuku went back to his apartment since it was time for him to go to bed. Even the green haired boy was now living by himself, he could still stay up as long as he liked. But Izuku was already tired after a long day. Besides, it was a school night.

However, after hearing little Izuku's life story, Tomura couldn't help be angry that the idea of a bully becoming the number 1 hero someday. This Kacchan, who tormented someone was quirkless just because they wanted to become a hero. The teachers, they were grooming some asshole that was trying take All Might's ranking in this sickly society. Looking at the All Might poster, Tomura now knew that people like Kacchan didn't care about other people's lives.

Izuku had even said that his former friend saw heroes who never lose. Tomura, however, begged to differ. Sensei had managed to capture some of the heroes that still believed that he was alive. Even after his downfall by All Might, some heroes refused to believed that he was dead. Some even went as far to try and tracked him down. Of course, they were low ranked heroes, so they won't be noticed by the public after a few months after going missing.

Kurogiri soon entered the bar with his quirk. He went to do something that involved five little, sick mice that got trapped in his cage for them. He give the mice to Daruma Ujiko to see what he'll can do to make them "feel" better.

"So, how did everything go with the doctor?" Tomura said.

"Daruma said that while they don't have strong quirks, they can still be useful for you," Kurogiri said.

"How's Izuku doing? Did he eat anything?" Kurogiri asked in a worry tone.

Tomura told that he and the younger boy had ordered pizza when the mist being was out. However, he also him about Izuku's life before coming here. It was hard to see what kind of emotion Kurogiri was feeling, Tomura knew that it anger.

"Perhaps we should asked Izuku about his old friend Kacchan," Kurogiri said.

Chapter Text

"Oh, Izuku, I'm so happy that you're becoming friends with your new neighbors!" Inko cried with her tears were coming out fast. The green haired woman was setting at her table with her beloved son. It was Sunday, so that meant they could have dinner together again. Both mother and son had decided that every Sunday would be their weekly dinner plan. It was their first Sunday dinner today.

Izuku couldn't wait to see his mother again. Despite he had talked to her on the phone every night, he still misses seeing her beautiful face. When he returned to his mother's apartment building, he wasn't expecting to see all of his old nice neighbors greeting him. Hugging him and telling him he was missed by them. Well, to the old neighbors that actually cared about him. The rest of his old neighbors didn't seemed to care that he was back. To them, he was visiting his mother for the day.

After seeing his old neighbors, Izuku quickly went to his mother. Both mother and son were crying after not seeing each other for a week. It actually felt forever since they came together. After a few minutes of crying, the two soon caught up of how things were since they last saw each other.

Izuku told his mother how he was getting along with his neighbors. He told her how they didn't care that he was quirkless. They pretty much had been treated him like he was no different from them even though they had really amazing quirks.

"Tomura has a quirk that's called "Decay". It's really amazing, Mom. He can't touch anything with all five fingers without Decaying things," Izuku explained to her.

"That's kind of a dangerous quirk to have. I hope that it doesn't effect too much in his life," Inko said, her hand was on her cheek. She was happy to hear that her Izuku now has people that truly cared about him.

"If he wears gloves on, that it won't be much of a problem," Izuku said. He had only see Tomura wearing gloves once in his first week.

The more Izuku saw Tomura had to use four of his fingers to touch things, the more the former realized that there are others like the Tomura who have been suffering since their quirks were dangerous to both people and their users. Izuku can only imaged how it was for Tomura when his quirk first appeared. Given the scars on his face, Izuku couldn't help feel that his older friend was treated horribly because of his quirk was considered to be scary by everyone.

"And the other one? Kurogiri, right?" Inko asked.

"Yeah, he works on the first floor where the bar is at. And don't worry, Mom. Kurogiri doesn't allowed me or Tomura to have any drinks," Izuku said.

"Kurogiri is a really great guy. He actually looks out for me with Tomura. His quirk is called "Warp Gate". His entire body is made of black mist. He's also really nice as well. Kurogiri's quirk allows him to teleport anyone or anything to a nearby place. As long that he knows where he's going," Izuku explained to his mother who was actually amazed to hear since a quirk.

After dinner, both Izuku and his mother turn on the TV to see watch their favorite show that they both enjoy. While Inko was changing the channels, she accidently turn on the news.

"The current whereabouts of five missing young teenagers remains unknown. Police say they have yet found any leading suspects of their disappearances. The missing teens were said to be last seen in their junior high school. Police say that parents should be aware where their children should be at all times. Police also say if you have seen them, please call them," The newswoman said with seriously in her voice. Behind her, the pictures of the missing teens were showed.

Izuku couldn't help feel anxiety of seeing his classmates being missing. The day after he told Tomura his life story, it was relieved this his classmates didn't showed up at their homes. The last he saw them was them running away after seeing Tomura's quirk. He hope that anything bad happened to them. Even if they had been horrible to him, Izuku didn't want them to be hurt.

"Mom, I hope they're alright. I know that they may have bullied me in the past, but I don't want something happening to them. They're still kids," Izuku said, worrying about the five missing kids.

"Izuku... " Inko said, worrying about her son. Even though those kids had been hurting her Izuku, they were still children who didn't deserve to have something terrible done to them. Didn't hope that were the same age as her son, she couldn't imaged how their parents are feeling right now.

"Baby, are you sure you want to go back to your apartment tonight? You can spend the night here," Inko said. After hearing how five children were missing from a few nights ago, Inko couldn't help but become afraid for her if something like that happen to him. She knows that she sounded a little selfish for wanting her son staying here instead, but Inko couldn't help be worried.

"Don't worry, Mom. I'll call when I get into my apartment," Izuku said.

"Besides, I have Tomura and Kurogiri with me. They'll protect me," He said with a smile.

Inko smiled back to her son. It was wonderful to see him so happy. She remembered one night after he came home late from school, he looked so heartbroken. The look on Izuku's face was something that she'll never forget.

After watching their favorite show, Izuku bided his mother a good night and went on his way to the train station that will take him back to Yokohama City. The ride was nice and peaceful. Not enough to make him fall asleep but enough to make him feel relax.

Yokohama City

Izuku stretched his arms once he got off the train. The city was beautiful at night. Maybe he should to have a night out before he heads back to his apartment. But Izuku knows that he'll probably worried Tomura and Kurogiri if he stays out too late.  And besides, Kurogiri had told him that was dangerous at night for someone like him his age to be out late.

While he was walking, Izuku saw a small ice cream shore. Suddenly having a sweet tooth, Izuku went inside and ordered three for himself, Tomura, and Kurogiri.

"Tomura and Kurogiri will no doubt scold me if I'm not back by now," Izuku said to himself.

Unknown to Izuku, a few eyes were on him. Seeing a young teen that was by himself had caught the attentions of a very bad group. Seeing that the boy seemed to be very innocent looking, they had a terrible idea.

Izuku didn't noticed that he was being followed until he was grabbed into a dark ally. He cried out in pain since he hit the wall really hard. When he looked up, he saw three men had grabbed him.

"Well now, this a surprise. Right, boys?" The leader of the group said with a smirk.

"Yeah, boss, a little boy wandering at this time," Another said. Now what are we going to do to him, boss?" A third said.

"That's easy. A cute little kid will make a quick bunk for a us. Those sickies like them young," The leader said.

Izuku felt terror what they said. Couldn those men involved with the disappearances of his classmates?

"Hey, kid, how about you came quiet and this will make it easy for us?" The leader said. He was about to grabbed Izuku when the boy bite the former's hand, really hard.

"OWW! What the hell?!" He said as he drew back his hand.

Izuku tried to make a run for it but he was quickly grabbed again. This time he was punch in the face.

"You little brat! I was going to go easy on you, but since you want to act like this, you have learn to behave yourself," The leader said. Izuku know that Tomura or Kurogiri won't be able to come to his rescue like last time. But he hoped that someone will hear him call for help.

"Someone help me!" He cried. Hoping someone will hear and save him. A hero will no doubt will come and save him

"Did you hear that?"

"Yeah. Someone is in trouble."

"Should we call for help?"

"No. A hero will handle this. It's not our problem."

Hearing that, Izuku felt his heart had fallen. No one will help him. But a hero will come. They have to come. Or else...

"Leave the kid alone," A voice said from the shadows.

Izuku looked up and saw a reptile like person was standing in front them. He had green scales and pinkish/purplish hair. Was this person here to help or make things worst? Right now, Izuku didn't care.

"Huh? Look what we got here, boys. A mutant," The leader said. The tone in his voice had disgust in it.

"Gross. Some freak with a weird quirk shows up. They probably won't like him. Not to mention that he's older," One of the two said.

"Let's just kill him and take the kid. I don't want to spend another minute looking at this animal," Another guy said.

Izuku watched in horror as the two men had brought their guns and tried to shoot at the person. But to the boy's shock and amazement, the person had managed to dodged the bullets fast. The reptile like man had punched them both hard, knocking them cold.

"What the hell?!" The leader cried as he had just watched his two pales had taken out. He soon found himself coming face to face the reptile like person.

"Like I said: leave the kid alone," The reptile man said.

The leader quickly run, leaving his two men behind.

Izuku stared at his rescuer. The man before him had managed to save him while everyone else had choose to ignored his plead of help. This man had to be a new hero that was just starting out on the field. Surely someone who answered a person's cry for help has to be a hero. However, Izuku saw that his rescuer was about to leave. He didn't want him to leave just yet. There many questions that he wanted to the older person. Although to be honest, the guy didn't look that older. He was probably in his early twenties.

"Hey! Wait a minute!" Izuku cried, running after the person who had just saved him.

"Look, kid, forget you saw me," The man said, no looking at the boy.

"I just wanted to say to thank you for saving me," Izuku said shyly.

The person turned around to look the young green haired boy. The latter was adorable looking. Which was the main reason that he was almost kidnapped. It was dangerous for kids to be out this late in this city.

"You're welcome, kid," The man said.

"Are you a new hero?" Izuku asked. The reptile person had stared at the boy in shock. The kid had actually believed that he was a hero. Most people would that he was breaking the law. But this kid was thinking that he was a hero of kind.

"No, I'm not. Sorry, kiddo," The man said. He turn back around to leave. But the boy had mad managed to walk past him.

"Even so, thank you anyway for saving. I think that you would have been a great hero," Izuku said smiling.

The older guy had felt his heart had been hugged. He actually felt warmth from this kid.

"I'm Izuku Midoriya," Izuku said.

It took a few minutes for his saver to say his name, "My name's Shuichi Iguchi."