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Love Me Like You

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“Do you have to do that?” You spoke with only half irritation, the couple sitting across from you was actually adorable, and you were all very good friends.

“Sounds like someone is bitter and lonely.” Rey, your dear friend and cousin Rey, was perched on the lap of her boyfriend, also your good friend, Finn.

“Lonely, no. Bitter…also no.” You wrapped your hand around the bottle of beer that was on the coffee table, lifting it to your lips.

“But what I don't get, is why you and Finn don't move in together? I mean he's got that job at what..?” you looked at Finn, though your question wasn’t answered.

He was too busy staring deep into Rey’s brown eyes. His hand was resting on her waist, his other hand brushing her brown hair back.

“Hello? Earth to Finn?” When you waved your arms above your head, you finally caught his attention.

He turned your way, charming grin breaking out on his face. He apologized as shifted on the worn couch, Rey shifting with him.

“Why don't you both move in together?” You took another swig from your beer, the piss water flowing rather smoothly down your throat.

“And what about you? You can't afford rent by yourself.” Rey was right, but you didn't think you could handle the two macking on each other like they had been, in front of you or in your space anymore.

“No, but I could get a better job. Finn was telling me that the place he works for, Last Wonder or something…”

“Its First Order Industries, and they create, develop and supply weapons and supplies for the army.” He sat to further, both hands on Rey, her enjoying the attention from her boyfriend.

“I mean Rey's got her kick ass hiking guide job thing, and I’m a waitress. So…Finn, could you hook me up?” you gave him a hopeful smile, your best and brightest smile.

“Y/N you don't want to work there. At least not in an interning position.” Rey kissed Finn's cheek and stood, grabbing his empty beer bottle.

“The owners of the company, at least 2 of them are assholes. Kylo, the CEO has a temper to rival Hades, okay? And Ben, Ben is such a womanizer. They had to get rid of 3 interns last year because they slept with Ben. 2 at the same time. The only one who's remotely normal and okay is the youngest, Matt. And Matt is…okay so Matt's normal.” Finn sat up and rubbed his hands together.

“Please Finn? You and Rey need to live together so you don't have a third wheel, and I need a better job than waitress.” You crossed your arms over your chest, looking at Finn, who was looking at Rey.

“You know you want to live with her without her cousin getting in the way. Please Finn, at least put me in the running?” You stuck your bottom lip out, a childish and immature pout on your face, but it had driven the point home.

“Fine. But if I find out you slept with the man whore, I’m not kicking his ass, I'm kicking yours.” You squealed and clapped your hands together, praising Finn, thanking him over and over.

“Don't thank me yet. You can thank me after you’ve got a job and survived the first week.” Finn was clearly more worried about this potential internship than you were.

"You won't regret this!"


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Asking Finn to put a good word in for you would only go so fat, you realized that. You also realized that somehow the likeliness of you actually getting an internship wasn't exactly likely.

Since Finn had told you about the company, and since you apparently lived under a rock, you did your own research and digging into the First Order Industries, and you were impressed. To say the very least.

The three triplets Finn talked about where the brains and bones of the company, the very reason they were as powerful and as respected as they were.

Kylo Ren, eldest of the triplets and the CEO, was the man who handled everything on the business end. He was the Leader, he was the man who was in control of who met with who, which investors for clearance and which ones were kicked to the curb.

He was also, fun fact, the one triplet who officially didn’t take the last name Solo.

Ben Solo, the middle triplet was the charismatic and charming one. He was the triplet who was the public face of the company. He was the one who made the public appearances, the talk shows, the TED talks.

He was the one who took control of the public portion of the company.

Matt Solo was the youngest. He was the triplet who focused on the invention. He was the creator, developer, researcher, builder. He was the one who was creative enough, able to think outside the box, to develop these weapons, these survival items for the army.

Together, as you had read, they were unstoppable, an unstoppable force that made them one of the busiest, best, brightest weapons and supplies dealer for the army both nationally and internationally.

So your hopes of getting an internship, even with Finn's recommendation, his ‘good word’, were not very high. It was an amazing company, a highly competitive company, and you were sure that having such a good reputation would make the internships get snatched up fairly soon.

Of course, there was a difference between what you thought and felt, and what had happened. Because what had happened, was different than what was going on in your head.

After doing all your research and being worried about being stuck in a dead end job, you received a few texts from Finn, and then finally a phone call.

He was irritated almost, as he spoke to you, almost as if he was hoping you wouldn't get good news. Still, he relayed what was said to him, reluctant to do so, but he did it.

“Matt is looking for an assistant. This is not an internship it's an actual position. Apparently his previous assistant’s all fell victim to…” Finn stopped and you could hear him groaning on the other end.

“Finn,” you edged him on. “what is it?”

“His other assistants fell victim to Ben Solo and his cock.” You covered your mouth with your hand, an attempt to hide your very audible snort.

“That’s what Matt told me. That’s not my own wording.” Finn snapped from the other side of the phone, his irritation at having to relay such news to someone he considered to he his sister, was uncomfortable.

“So..?” you waited for Finn to keep going.

“You have an interview today at 3 if you want it. I’ll meet you in the lobby at quarter to.” Finn’s voice trailed off.

“Yes! Yes I will take that interview!” You spoke excitedly, your eagerness uncontainable.

“I wouldn’t wear anything fancy. Matt's desk is in the lab and the place is kind of a mess. Just…put yourself together, wear a nice pair of jeans, don’t wear heels. Keep your hair up and out of your face because there’s machinery.” As Finn prattled on, you done for your closet pulling out the nicest pair of jeans you owned with the nicest, not super dressy but not casual shirt you owned.

“Bring valid ID, two forms for a security check. Your bag will need to be checked too.” By the time Finn was done speaking, you were also nearly done getting your stuff together.

“Is there anything else I need to know?” There was silence for a minute and then Finn spoke again.

“Try and avoid the other two. Especially Ben. He's a man-whore.” You laughed under your breath, not truly taking Finn seriously.

“I’ll see you at quarter to 3!”


Matt first looked at Kylo and then Ben. Kylo was behind his desk in his office, phone in his left hand, pen in his right.

He was on the phone speaking with their representative from the small munitions department of the army, the representative getting the full, famous Kylo Ren rage experience.

The fact that Kylo was cursing out the person on the other line, using every colorful name under the sun, in front of his brothers didn't bother him anymore than it bothered him that Ben had cost Matt yet another assistant.

“She had good tits.” Matt rolled his eyes and fiddled with the notepad in his lap, adding a little line as Kylo used the term ‘fuckwit' for the 5th time.

“How have you managed to avoid a lawsuit?” Matt pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“They approach me, they want me first.” Ben was a cocky bastard, but he was incredibly good at his job, good at charming everyone around him. Which is why he was so much trouble when it came to women.

“I have an interview for a new assistant at 3, since you drove the last one away.” Matt ignored Ben's grin, ignored the way his triplet's eyes were watching him.

“No, you are not going with me.” Matt shot that idea down before it had any life to it.

“I don't need your advice either. I’m not looking for the hottest assistant, I just want someone competent.” As Kylo's voice carried through the office, Matt stood up, making sure he had his notebook and his pen.

“You should help him deal with that before he breaks another phone.” Matt left them both alone to return to the comfort of his research lab and shop.

He would have an interview in a few hours and hopefully, he would have the position filed with someone Ben wouldn’t want to sleep with.



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First Order Industries had their own building, a massive and sleek building with floor to ceiling glass walls near the top, broad revolving doors that welcomed you.

Through the windows that peered into the building, you could see a series of desks with security sitting behind them. There was a metal detector nearest the elevators, with security standing on either side.

You hesitated walking into the building, knowing that there was a reputation for ruthless and bold ingenuity in the people who worked there. There had to be, else the company wouldn’t be as revolutionary as it was.

But, as anxious and hesitant as you were to enter, you were equally as ecstatic. You had asked Finn to set you up, and he had. He had strange this, he stuck his neck out for you, the least you could do was actually go through with it.

Deep breaths.” You counted to three in your head, straightened your posture and approached the building with feigned confidence.

Finn stuck out his neck for you, the least you could do was show up.

You walked through the revolving door, stepping into the immaculate building, eyes roaming the marble floors, the gold trimmed counters, the presence of rather heavy security.

Everything about the building screamed power, screamed ‘forefront of technology’. It was beyond impressive, beyond anything you could or would ever have imagined.

“Can I help you? Ma’am?” You were so focused on staring at the marvel of the building itself, that you hadn't been aware of the attention you were drawing by standing in the middle of the lobby with your mouth wide open.

“Ma’am?” by the second time he called you ‘ma’am’ you had refocused, shook your head and apologized.
“I’m supposed to have an interview at 3. With…” you dug in your pocket, reaching for the slip of paper with a name written on it.

“Mark?” You squinted. The ink hadn't been dry yet when you shoved it in your pocket.

“Mark?” you looked at the security guard with pink cheeks, apologizing once again.

“Sorry, I know it’s probably not Mark…” you shoved it back in your pocket, stuttering as you searched for what to say.

“Y/N!” you peered past the security guard, relief washing over you the moment your eyes landed on Finn.

“Finn! Hey!” the guard looked between you and Finn before stepping aside.

“Through the gates for a security check ma’am. And next time have the name right.” He waited until you past before speaking up again. “his name is Matt, not mark.”

You gave your bag up for inspection, fidgeting and shifting your weight back and forth as Finn waited for you on the other side.

“Had any trouble getting in?” Finn joined your side, brushing his arm against yours as he made his way to the far elevator.

“Not really. But the building itself is amazing!” Your excited and mystified reaction had made Finn laugh under his breath, your amazement clearly not a surprise to Finn.

“That's what everyone says.” He pushed the button for the 17th floor, leaning back against the against the smooth metal wall, arms crossed before he looked at you.

“The number 17 is Matt's lucky number. Ben and Kylo both have offices on the 20th and 21st floor.” Finn moved positions, standing straight, hands shoved in his pockets.

He looked far more anxious and nervous than you were, at least outwardly. “Matt is an awkward guy. He's the most reserved of the triplets. He’s a nice enough guy, though he does have a temper if he's pushed too far.” The floors were quickly passing by, the lack of people getting on and off was puzzling.

“This is an elevator reserved specifically for employees. The public elevators were the other two.” His warm brown eyes were on you, his small, nervous smile was giving you little in the way of confidence.

“Why are you so nervous? Should I be nervous? Am I going to make a fool out of myself?” You looked at the climbing numbers that flashed at the top of the elevator, and then side glanced Finn.

“You'll be fine, Y/N. I’m anxious for a meeting I have after taking you to meet Matt.” The doors opened on the 17th floor.

Finn stepped out first and then you followed. What sight await you as your stepped off was nothing short of amazing.

There were a series of desks in the middle of the massive room you were about to step into. On both sides of the rooms were a series of black shelves marked with different parts used to create whatever they may have needed.

You could see some of the parts labeled as thin copper wire, aluminum, lithium ion batteries, core processing components.

All of it went over your head. You liked to think you were a technologically smart person, you could use your phone, your laptop, tablets without issue. You could program a smart TV, but when it came to building robots and programming computers and all that other shit, you were hopeless.

“This is amazing! I feel like I’m in Iron Man's lab!” you took everything in with wide eyes, the desks and materials the focus of the floor, a few offices to the left and right seemingly in the background.

“It's amazing isn't it. This is where they design, create and build the prototypes, small scale of course.” Finn looked around, first on the left side if the offices and then the right.

“I have to go to a meeting myself, so just go to the office on the right, at the back. Matt'll be in there.” Finn clapped you on the back and whispered a good luck to you.

You took a deep breath before you startes walking toward the back office, moving past the desks and shelves of different materials, passed the posters of their past inventions, past weapons.

As you came to the last door on the right, you could see a giant, hulking frame of a man who was kneeling on the floor under a desk, messing with a few wires that were attached to the back of a computer.

He had blonde curly hair, long enough to brush the nape of his neck. You could see the curved temples of glasses as they rest on his ears.

He was muttering under his breath, wearing a pair of dark jeans that appeared to be dirty, but that was hardly what you were looking at. What you were looking at, was the way the jeans cut across his ass.

You were shameless as you looked at him, the peek of his black boxers peeking out from his jeans. He was well built, with strong legs and arms, though he wasn't stacked.

“Fucking thing…” you finally managed to knock on his door, surprising the man.

He jerked up, his head snacking on the underside if the desk, another round of curses leaving his lips.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” He slammed his hand on the table, pulling himself up to stand.

When he managed to get up, you inhaled sharply. The man was huge, easily over a foot taller than you, probably 6’3” or 6’4”.

“I’m supposed to have an interview at 3. I’m assuming you’re Matt?” You rocked back and forth on your heels, waiting for him to look at you.

“You’re Y/N?” when he finally turned and looked, you felt an immediate reaction.

Not only was he tall, he was beautiful. The irises were deep brown with flecks of hazel and gold, his eyes pulling you in easily, holding you hostage.

“Yeah. You’re Matt right? I have the right place? I’m not in the wrong office?” You asked Matt the question, but he didn't answer.

He was staring at you with red tipped ears and slightly pink cheeks. He was watching you, his mouth opening and closing a few times before he finally got his nerve and spoke.

“Y-yeah. I’m Matt.” He wiped his hand on his jeans, which you realized were dirty, and then held out his hand.

“I’m Y/N.” You shook his hand, count to three and then pulled it away.

“This entire place is amazing. Really. I mean I feel like I’m in Tony Stark's lab. It’s so impressive.” You had looked over your shoulder back at the lab, and when you turned back, Matt was now sitting in the chair behind his desk.

“You can sit.” Finn was right, he was a little awkward. Insanely beautiful for a man, but awkward.
In an adorable way.

“Thank you.” You sat on the chair opposite his, tucked your feet underneath.

You watched him as he looked you up and down, ears burning.

“We should just begin?” You nod, fingers drumming against your thighs.

“I’m ready when you are.”



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Matt Solo was always an awkward, artistic type. Since he was a child, he was the quiet one, the dorky one.

Kylo was the bad boy, the dark and brooding triplet who had anger issues, who had trouble dealing with his emotional states. He was the type of man women thought they could change, or wanted to change.

Ben was the flirt. He was the one who was charming and charismatic. He was the triplet who usually got any girl he wanted, when he wanted. Women usually flocked to Ben, swooned over his silver tongue and his confidence.

Matt was like neither of them. He wasn't as dark and brooding as Kylo, he wasn't as charming and charismatic as Ben.

He was the awkward kid, the one who preferred sketching in a notebook or building stuff with his hands. He hadn’t had his first kiss until he was 14, hadn’t lost his virginity until he was 18.

Ben, in comparison, lost his at 15 and he wouldn't stop bragging about it. Kylo, in comparison lost his when he was 16.

So it had thrown Matt off when his interview with a potential new assistant was with someone who was so…pretty. Pretty and young. Pretty and cute.

“So…I’m Y/N.” Matt's ears burned when you introduced yourself again, the corner of your lips tugging up.

“Matt.” He had to tell himself that he wasn’t the same awkward kid he once was. He was an awkward man who was part owner of one of the best companies in the country.

“So I’m actually a waitress and I have no experience being an assistant. Well I guess you could call waitressing as assistant job. I mean I do got and get stuff for people…” You were talking quickly, your hands unable to rest.

“You have no experience being an assistant?” he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, watching you watch him, his ears turning a tinge of pink when you smiled at him.

You may have been nervous, and your smile reflected that, but it didn't make you any less pretty.

“Not really, but I’m a hard worker and I learn quickly. I’m quick on my feet.” Matt needed an assistant that wouldn't be so easily charmed by Ben, someone who wouldn't piss themselves when they saw Kylo.

The job itself wasn't technical. And it wasn't like working for Kylo or Ben where the assistant would be dealing with files and having to type out meeting notes, requests. For Matt, it was mostly about getting specialized parts they’d need, getting coffee, running a few things between Kylo and Ben, and back to himself.

“You Finn?” He looked down at the small scribble he made on the notepad in front of him, a habit of his.

When he asked you if you knew Finn, he hadn't expected you to go on a little tangent about how you knew him, but he didn’t mind as much as he thought.

He liked the sound of your voice, and he liked watching you as you talked about your friendship with Finn. Your nerves faded when you spoke about something you were knowledgeable in, or when you spoke about someone you knew well.

“He put in a good word for you.” His deep voice echoed through the room, ending your tangent.

It was your turn to flush this time. The tips of your ears turned a tinge of pink, your cheeks got rosy.

Your tongue dart out of your mouth, running along your bottom lip.

Matt shift in his chair, his eyes focused on the movement of your tongue as it ran across your plump lip.

“Did he? He's so sweet.” He cleared his throat, discreetly grabbing the front of his jeans, adjusting his growing and hardening cock.

“He's dating your cousin?” He needed a distraction from his growing boner, the tightness in his jeans starting to become uncomfortable.

“For almost 2 years.” You nod your head, fingers drumming against your jeans that were pulled tightly across your thigh.

He followed the motion, his mouth getting dry when he moved his attention to you, his mind going to a much dirtier place than it had before.

“You,” he adjusted his jeans for the second time. “can start Monday. You’ll just need to go to HR on the 4th floor and then security on the 3rd to get clearance.” Matt couldn’t move. He couldn’t stand up. If he had, his hard, twitching boner would be front and center.

“Really? You’re going to give me the job? Thank you!” when you stood, he was all to aware of the curve of your hips.

“HR will give you a company phone, encrypted. You'll have to use that for any work calls, any work reason.” His glasses slipped down his nose again, the action pulling a small smile from you.

“Thank you Mr. Solo.” Matt wished you hadn’t said that. Hearing you say that, like that, made him fantasize about you laying on his desk, your legs spread for him.

“Matt,” he groaned under his breath. “call me Matt.” He was so hard. He'd been sex deprived for so long, by his own doing, and now he was feeling the repercussions.

“Thank you, Matt. I’ll see you Monday?” He nod and waited until you left before he sat back and undid the buttons of his jeans.

He was such a little pervert.


You trekked up the stairs with two bags of takeout in one hand, and a plastic bag of beer for Finn, vodka and mix for Rey, and wine for you.

By the time you got to the apartment, and opened the door, your arms felt like they were going to fall off.
You shuffled to the table, set the bags down on the wood and shook your arms out. You closed your eyes and cracked your neck.

You got a job as Matt's assistant, spent nearly two hours in HR and security getting clearances and a new phone, and then quit your old job.

“I have dinner!” You started taking the boxes our of the bag, being joined by Rey soon enough, and then Finn.

“So did you get it?” You looked at Rey, a grin forming on your face.

“Of course she did.” Finn kissed Rey's cheek, his lips lingering.

“You don't know that.” Rey turned around, standing back against the table.

“I did.” You opened a container of food, grabbed a fork and then sat down on a chair.

“Matt's really nice. You were right about him being awkward though. He is a bit awkward. He's cute though. Big hipster glasses, curly blond hair. And he's tall. Holy fuck is he tall.” You leaned on the back of the chair, your take out steaming.

“Is he a hipster or does he have the glasses for an actual reason?” Rey chose to sit on Finn’s lap instead of a chair of her own, her left arm wrapped around his neck.

“He actually needs them. Ben and Kylo don't.” Finn moved a hand to Rey's hip, the affection they had for each other was both nauseating and adorable.

“So with this pay increase, I’ll be able to afford my own place.” You didn't know what exactly your pay was going to be, Matt hadn’t talked about it and you didn’t want to ask.

“You know you don’t have to, Y/N.” Rey moved from Finn's lap, to stand, and then moved into the kitchen.
“I know but you guys deserve your own place. You’re dating each other and I’m single. Let me move out.” When Rey came back, she handed you a wine glass, and had mix for herself.

“Well let’s toast then.” She returned to the table, sitting down on a chair that was between Finn and yourself.

“A toast to you new job.” Rey spoke first.

“A toast to not having to wait tables anymore.” You spoke next.

“A toast and a silent prayer that you don't have to see Kylo or Ben.” He grinned, in a joking way, but there was a spark of truth to what he said.




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Monday was your first day as Matt's assistant, and in a show of your seriousness in doing your job to the best of your ability, you woke up two hours earlier than your allotted start time. And by the time the first hour had gone by, you had a shower, blow dried your hair, got dressed in your nicest jeans and plain grey long sleeved shirt, threw your hair up into a sleek high pony, and ate a muffin.

You were out the door by five after the second hour, with 55 minutes to drive less than 20 minutes away, and 35 minutes to get your bearings.

But before you even went to the building, you stopped and got two coffees, a plain black for Matt cause you had no idea what he wanted, and a caramel macchiato for you.

Your mornings, every morning, would not be able to properly be started without some kind of caffeine in you. Either iced coffee, sugar disguised as coffee or an energy drink. It didn't matter what, but you did need that pick me up.

After you got your coffees from Starbucks, parked and managed to grab your bag without dropping anything and retrieving your ID badges and pass, you made your way to the first security checkpoint.

You handed over your bag for inspection, showed your pass and your badge and then you were past security.

As you stepped in on the employee elevator, you felt a surge of nervousness wracking through you. This would be your first official day working at a place that dealt with highly classified and deadly weapons. And, not only that, but you were working with what some people would say, was the brains behind the weapons.

Matt Solo, inventor, designer, creator, artist?

“You’re new.” The doors opened and a man, who looked identical to Matt, save for the blonde hair and glasses stepped on the elevator.

You noticed that from what? The fact that you hadn't fucked me before? Or screamed obscenities?’ is what you wished you could and did say that, but judging from the similar face, and expensive suit, this was either Kylo or Ben.

“First day.” You felt the deep brown eyes, the same as Matt's, on you. And judging from the way you shifted away, the way you felt heat from the deep brown eyes on you, that it was Ben.

The womanizer.

“Are you an intern? Because you’re going to the wrong floor sweetheart.” He had crossed his arms over his chest, a full and pouty lips pulled into a smirk.

When the doors opened to the correct floor, you stepped off, took a shallow breath and addressed who you thought was Ben. “I’m not an intern and this is the right floor, sweetheart.”

You turned and shuffled away as the doors closed again, your heart thumbing erratically in your chest. You just came across Ben Solo, you thought, and half assed lipped off to him.

Was that stupid? Was that brave? Would matt be pissed? Would Ben Solo be pissed? Would you lose your job before it even started?

“Calm down.” You muttered under your breath and continued walking through the floor to the back office.

As you approached the door, you juggled the second cup of coffee in your hand and knocked, hearing shuffling from behind the door.

When it had finally been opened, you were greet with the sight of Matt and his curly blonde hair, glasses falling down his nose and a faint blush.

“I brought you coffee. I didn't know what you wanted so I just got you black.” You flashed him a smile, getting a small ego boost when he stuttered, flushed and stepped aside.

You followed him to the chair in front of his desk, watching him set the coffee down. You watched him look at the cup and then you.

“You didn't have to buy me coffee.” His cheeks were tinted pink, a blush on his face that both looked strange on the talk, broad man, and suited him all too well.

“I wanted to. I don't know about you, but I need coffee to survive in the morning.” You smiled again, the action making Matt’s ears tinge pink.

“Oh!” You set your coffee in your lap. “I think I met Ben Solo in the elevator.”

At the mention of his brother, Matt looked up with slightly narrowed eyes, an annoyance toward his brother but not you. “Did he say anything? Do anything?” 

The reputation Finn was talking about, Ben's…busy sex life, must’ve been true judging by the look on Matt's face.

“Asked if I was an intern, told me I had the wrong floor and called me sweetheart.” You drank your coffee, before setting the cup down again.

“Ben.” He muttered under his breath, briefly moving his attention back to the computer in front of you.

“Its not a big deal, Matt. I just brushed him off.” His deep brown eyes were on you briefly, hazel and gold flecks making you do a double take.

“If he bothers you again, let me know.” You nod and chewed the inside of your cheek, waiting for your instructions on what you were going to do today.

“I will.” You bounced your knee up and down, the silence starting to overtake the room dipping into an awkward silence.


“I was thinking…” You both spoke at the same time, Matt's cheeks turning a shade of pink, and a nervous chortle leaving your lips.

“Sorry. Go ahead.” You sat back, leaving the talking up to Matt.

“I was going to say I’d give you a tour of the place. Help you navigate. I don't have much else going on today.” He spoke quickly, almost anxiously and you had to wonder if you made him nervous? 

But did he know how nervous he made you? He was some rich, brilliant inventor. You were an old waitress, now assistant to one of the owners of First Order Industries.

“Great! A tour would be great! I would really hate to get lost because that would just be my luck right?”

You grit your teeth after you rambled, having to remind yourself not to make yourself look like an idiot.

“We can start here.” Matt stood up, reaching for the coffee you got him.

“If you don't want to drink it, don’t. I won't be offended. I just didn't want to show up with coffee and nothing for you.” You had stopped Matt mid-reach, his fingers twitching as he lowered his hand.

“Kylo and Ben like black coffee, I like a little sugar in mine.” That didn’t stop Matt from taking a drink of the coffee, his lips twitching as if he was stopping himself from shuddering.

“Matt you don't need to drink it.” He set it aside and stood, again. “I don't care if you don't like it. I just wanted to be nice.”

“Thanks for the coffee anyway.” He stepped around the desk, and toward the door, motioning for you to follow him.

“I can bring you something else next time.” You stood and followed him, your right hand wrapped around your Starbucks cup. “I’ll probably go every morning.”

“You wouldn't mind?” Matt was looking over his shoulder at you, the combination of his blonde curls and his glasses slipping down his nose making you smile small.

Matt was adorable, tall and awkward and cute. He looked like he was the type of man who was a giant walking teddy bear who gave the warmest, best hugs.

“I’m going there anyway.” You offered him a smile, following as he moved through the floor to the elevator.

You cast a glance back at the desks on the left and right of the lab, the labeled materials on the tall shelves, even the pictures of their previous inventions on the wall made everything look clean, untouched.

“The lab is so impressive.” You turned back, having to crane your neck to look at Matt. “It really is amazing.”
Matt flushed again, opening and closing his mouth before turning away and focusing on the elevator. His ears were burning and he swallowed nervously, his fingers drumming against each other.

It was almost endearing in a way to see Matt, such a tall man with such broad shoulders and a broad chest, to look so nervous and squirrely. It was cute seeing such an imposing man blushing.

“Thank you.” He spoke quietly, and then stepped on the elevator when the doors opened, you following him on.

As the doors closed, and you the pair of you stood in the enclosed space, you took the chance to look at Matt out of the corner of your eyes.

If you had met Ben, and you sure it was Ben and not Kylo, then the three of them probably looked exactly alike. They shared the same face, the same height, the same broad width. The difference, you were sure, would lie in their personalities.

“So I read this thing…” you felt Matt's eyes boring into you as you attempted to break the awkward building silence. “Apparently there are more than 10 million bricks in the empire state building.”

You looked over at Matt, watching him process what you said. His eyebrows were furrowed, his lips formed intonation frown.

“Really? No shit.” The attempt to break the awkward silence had worked in some form, but it some still.lingered. 

Unsure if that was because Matt had an awkward, quiet personality, or because he just didn't feel like speaking, you shoved it off and spoke again. 

"I'm an only child. My parents are both the only children in their families." You felt his brown eyes boring into the side of your head. 

"I was always envious of people who had siblings, I always wanted some." You licked your bottom lip as his statinf became more obvious. 

"You're an only child?" He questioned you with mild disbelief. 

"Yep." You faced him, lips quirking. "Just me." The ding of the bell signalled the elevator had arrived to the righ floor, and the conversation was suspended, though you felt as though Matt had another few questions.



Chapter Text

The difference between the lab and Matt's office, and the offices of Kylo and Ben, were astounding. While Matt's office was simple, since he spent more time in the lab. He had a solid wooden desk, a black rolling chair that fir perfectly under his desk and two black chairs in front of the desk.

His office was simple, not unusually bland, but simple.

Ben's office was not simple. Neither was Kylo's.
The first thing you noticed when you stepped onto the floor that Ben had for his office space, was the long sleek desk that had not one, but two women sitting beside the marble counter.

They had both looked up at you and Matt, similar smiles on their faces. The one on the left stood, giving you a good view of her designer dress, tight fitted to her body.

“Good morning, Mr. Solo.” She looked you over for a second time, her smile fading slightly. She was scrutinizing you with her perfectly applied makeup and her perfectly threaded eyebrows.

“I’m afraid Ben isn’t here. He already went up to Mr. Ren’s office.” She pulled her attention away from you, focusing back on Matt.

“I have to drop something off in his office. We'll be quick.” He hadn't smiled at the receptionist, but you did pick up on the uncomfortable nature that overtook him as he passed the desk.

You followed him down toward Ben's office, silence between the two of you that bordered on awkward.
When you got to Ben’s office, and Matt slipped inside, you followed him, but quickly became distracted by the immaculately designed office.

There was a large, wall to wall to ceiling window that gave an impressive view of the city. In front of the window was a desk made of steel and glass, looking incredibly modern and industrialist. Off to the left was a series of bookcases with clear sliding doors, some empty and some filled to the brim.

“This is such an amazing view! Oh my God!” you were aware that Matt had probably already dropped off what he had to drop off, but you were focused on looking at the scenery.

“Ben spends more time in his office than I do.” You looked back at Matt, watching him stand with his hands shoved in his pockets.

“Ben is the face of the company. He's the charming, ‘pretty boy’.” Matt used the physical quotations as he shuffled his feet.

“If Ben is the pretty boy and you’re the creative one, then Kylo's the…businessman?” you turned swung from the view, following Matt back through the floor to the elevators.

“Kylo has the knack for the business side. He has the tenacity, the drive. But he doesn’t have the patience to be in the interviews and the magazines, do the photoshoots. That’s where Ben comes in. He gets a thrill out of it.” You stepped back into the elevator, soaking up everything Matt was telling you.

“Honestly, I think I’d hate the spotlight just as much.” You smiled at Matt, enjoying his quest company.
“So we're going to Kylo's office next?” You took another glance at Matt.

He was adorable. He was enthralling in a shy, awkward kind of way. He was a beautiful man, a sexy nerd if you had to describe him that way.

Between his blonde curls and his geeky glasses that never really stayed on his nose, his plump lips and awkward way about him, you found yourself attracted to him.

You were attracted to your boss on your first day of work and that would be problematic, if you let it get any further than just attraction.

Which you wouldn’t.

“Kylo's office is on the top floor.” Matt blushed when you smiled at him, his ears turning a tinge of pink.
“He has a reputation for having a temper.” He warned you as the elevator doors opened.

Unlike Ben’s office and Matt's, there was no receptionist’s office right off the elevator. Instead, you had to turn right and into a sort of waiting area to see the receptionist desk.

And unlike Ben's sleek and modern desk and floors, Kylo's was much more traditional and rich. A deep, dark wood desk was separating the elevator space from the rest of the office, a single woman sat behind the desk with an ear piece on her left ear.

Unlike Ben's receptionists, this woman had a pleasant and warm smile. She greet Matt with a friendliness the other two women hadn't, almost like she was talking to a family member instead of a boss.

“They’re ready for you, Mr. Solo.” Matt approached the desk, placing his large hands on the solid wood top, before motioning to you.

“This is my new assistant…” he had a blank look 9j his face, ears burning. He had clearly forgotten your name.

“I’M Y/N L/N.” You stretched out your hand, shaking hers when it was offered to you.

“Y/N,” Matt seemed test your name on his tongue before continuing. “we all work fairly close together so you'll be seeing each other often.”

After the receptionist sat back down, she motioned with her hand to go further into the office. You shuffled your feet as a new sense of nervousness took over you.

It wasn't just going to be you and Matt, the cute awkward triplet. It would be you, Matt, Ben the womanizer and Kylo the rage machine.

“Don't be nervous.” It was Matt's turn to flash you a smile, and he did so before he opened the door.

“Go in.” He placed a hand on the small of your back as you slipped inside, keeping his hand there when the other two Solo's glanced your way.

“Kylo, Ben, I’d like you to meet Y/N L/N. My new assistant.” Matt moved with you closer to the others.
It was that exact moment that you realized not only were you screwed, but your boss and his brothers may have been the sexiest men you had ever laid eyes on.

Ever. And you felt like you'd walked right into a den of temptation.

Matt was the awkward one, but he was also giving you the kinda vibes that led you to believe he was a kinky man.

Ben was the womanizer and with every right. He oozed charm and charisma, sex appeal. He seemed to be the kind of man who would fuck you 6 ways to Sunday and then give you one more for luck.

Kylo, fucking Kylo, had to have a temper. He had to be the bad boy, the brooding sex God that you would fall to your knees to worship.

You were so screwed.

Chapter Text

Ben was all too aware of the affect he had on women. He knew he was a charming bastard with a silver tongue, he knew all the right things to say to make women melt, to make then want him.

He knew what to do, how to do it. He knew what to say, how to say it and when to say it. There were very few times when he wasn't with a woman, or at least hadn't had a woman in his bed.

Or on his desk. Or in his car. Or on his face.

He was a man-whore according to Matt, and a lecher who couldn't go a day without sex, according to Kylo.

Did either of these classifications bother him? Not in the slightest. To Ben, both of his brothers were right.

He was a womanizer, he was a lecher. But he didn't give two shits. He loved women, he loved sex. He wasn't going to apologize for being a man who loved feeling a woman’s touch, feeling the pleasure he could enjoy from sticking his hard cock into a warm home.

Especially at work.

With his two receptionists both gorgeous, he couldn't resist fucking him. Sometimes both at once.

Even now, as he was supposed to be heading up to Kylo's office for a meeting, he had a woman between his legs.

His senior receptionist, a blonde with fake tits and ass was on her knees in front of him, her lips wrapped around his cock.

He had his hand in her fake blonde hair, pushing her mouth further down on his cock while he was thrusting into her mouth.

He groaned as the blonde sucking his hard cock cupped his balls, her fake nails digging into his sensitive skin, in the best way.

“Fuck!” he cursed as his hard cock hit the back of his receptionist throat, hearing her gag nearly sent him over the edge. “you like my big fat cock in your mouth you dirty whore?”

“You can't answer me because you’re too busy sucking my cock like a good girl.” He grunt as he thrust his hips, his cock coated and dripping in her saliva.

“Fucking hell!” he inhaled sharply, his teeth clenched.
“Ben.” He dug his nails into the rests of his chair, his eyes burning as they landed on his older brother.

“You know we're supposed to have a meeting and you’re here getting your cock sucked.” He felt the blonde starting to pull away, and with a quick shove, he pushed her back down.

“Don't fucking stop.” He growled in his throat, his pleasure more important than feeling any shame at his brother seeing him with his cock out.

“HR's gonna have your ass over this.” Kylo, with his attitude of indignation shouldn’t be one to judge.

“Fuck HR. These women come willingly-" he cut himself off with a hearty groan, his cock twitching as he shot his seed into her mouth, his low grunts of pleasurable release filling the office he sat in.

“Fuck.” He brushed his fingers down her cheek and neck. “you deserve a bonus for that.”

She pulled her mouth off of his cock, a few drops of semen dribbling down her chin. She wiped her mouth and stood, cheeks flaming. As she passed Kylo, she looked up at him briefly before looking away.

When the door closed behind her, Ben shifted in his chair, shoving his softening cock back into black pants. As he zipped up his fly, he stood and stretched, ignoring the look Kylo was giving him.

“When's the last time you had your cock sucked? Judging from that sour look on your face, you could see a blowjob.” Ben grabbed his jacket and closed the door to his office behind him, passing by his receptionist with a flirty smirk on his face.

“My receptionist is married. Happily. And I’d rather not be known as the company’s slut.” Ben rolled his brown eyes at Kylo and his holier-than-thou attitude.

“You prefer to pick up women at bars and clubs.” He pushed the button in the elevator for Kylo's floor.

“What is this about anyway?” Ben crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned back against the cool metal.

Kylo stood beside him, identical in nearly every way except for the scar running down his face. He had his hands shoved into his pockets, with one for crossed over the other.

“Matt found himself an assistant and he wants us to meet her. Said since we'll all be working close together, we should get acquainted.” Ben watched Kylo's eyes move from the changing numbers at the top of the elevator, to himself.

“Don't be an ass to her. That comes straight from Matt.” Matt rolled his brown eyes, again, at Kylo's request.

“Fuck that. You have the anger problem. You don't be an ass to her.” The doors opened and Matt stepped out, sparing a quick glance at Kylo's receptionist before striding by to the office.

He clambered inside and sat on the lush couch against the far wall, his arms stretched across the back, legs stretched out in front of him.

“You see the woman yet? Is she hot?” He watched Kylo sit behind the desk, his dark eyes focused on the computer in front of him.

“No. Matt didn't tell me much.” When there was an audible beep sounding from the computer, Kylo cleared his throat and stood. “They’re here.”

Ben sighed and stood, moving toward the desk, hand shoved in his pants pockets. He sat in one of the chairs in front of the desk, mirroring his previous position with his legs stretched out in front of him.

The door creaked open as both him and Kylo turned their attention toward the door.

In slipped a woman who was almost a good foot shorter than all of them, tight jeans wrapped around her wide hips and thick thighs. Her plain and simple shirt cut across her fuller breasts. Her hair was pulled into a high ponytail, secured with a simple hair elastic that blend in.

“This is Y/N L/N, my new assistant.” Matt followed, standing beside you with his hands shoved into his dirty and worn jeans, his glasses slipping down his nose again.

Ben, ignoring his brothers focused back on the woman who had wide eyes after looking at both him and Kylo, those same wide eyes then looking at Matt.

Ben watched as a touch of pink dust her cheeks and the tips of her ears. Her tongue dart out to lick her bottom lip, Ben entranced by the motion.

“You all look…” you moved your attention back to Kylo and Ben. “exactly alike.”

Ben smirked and stood, his deep brown eyes sweeping over your unconventionally beautiful self, his eyes lingering on the curve of your hips and thighs. “I’m Ben.”

He stretched out his hand, and when your hand touched his, he brought the back to his lips. He let them linger there for a moment, a throaty chuckle leaving his lips as you blushed, again.

He saw your eyes dart to Matt, as if looking for help or an explanation as to why Ben was kissing your hand.

“I'm Kylo.” Your captivating eyes moved from Matt to Ben, to finally rest on Kylo. He had dropped your hand when Kylo came to stand beside him, his hand held out for you.

When you placed your hand in his, Kylo's hand nearly engulfed your smaller one, that fact making Kylo smirk. He hadn't said so, but it appeared he and Ben had the same, dirty thoughts about you and your thick thighs.

“We should go.” Matt placed his hand on your arm, the action pulling out of your daze. You had pulled your hand away from Kylo, dropping it to your side.

“I’m giving Y/N a tour of the building.” Matt had started ushering out of Kylo's office, his hand fixes at the small of your back.

“It was nice meeting you all.” Your captivating eyes swept over the pair of them a final time before you turned away, slipping out of the office with Matt trailing behind you.

Ben, likely speaking for Kylo and himself, had broken the silence. “I can't wait to see her again.”




Chapter Text

“Finn!” You called out his name as you stepped inside your shared apartment, a white plastic bag filled with plastic food containers, the heavenly smell of delicious Chinese food tempting beyond belief.

“I got food!” You kicked off your shoes and shuffled toward the kitchen, setting the bags down on the counter before slowly closing your eyes and tilting your head from side to side, the sound of your neck cracking, bringing you relief.

As you left the containers out of the plastic bag, and shoved the plastic bag aside, you heard footsteps coming down the hall. You cast a single glance over your shoulder, eyes spying Finn as he strode into the kitchen, grabbed a beer and a set of containers.

“What’s the damage?” he asked curiously as he moved toward the couch in the living area.

“You got last time. It’s my turn.” You grabbed your cooler, your own set of containers and followed him to the couch.

“So,” he set his beer and food down on the coffee table in front of the worn, but incredibly comfortable couch, and turned on Netflix. “Let’s talk about your first day at First Order Industries.”

You sat with your back resting against the arm, legs stretched out in front of you, your ankles crossed. You had one container of Chinese food sitting on the coffee table beside your cooler, the other resting on your lap.

“Well,” you chewed the inside of your cheek for a brief moment. “I ran into Ben in the elevator, he called me sweetheart, I called him sweetheart as I was leaving the elevator, with dripping sarcasm of course. And then not even an hour later I met him again, in Kylo’s office.”

Finn's warm brown eyes, attentive and inquisitive, were focused solely on you. He was waiting for you to tell him more, and would hardly interrupt until you were finished telling him what you needed to.

“Ben is…a flirt to say the least. He kissed the back of my hand.” You flushed. “Like actually pressed his lips to the back of my hand.”

“And Kylo…” you hesitated. “he's intense. He has this whole dark and brooding thing going on. The whole time I was in this office with the three of them, Kylo was in charge. I mean with his attitude and his persona, and just…him. He was the boss and he made me know without doing anything. You know what I mean?”

When Finn had finally piped up, you hung onto every word he said. Every syllable, every vowel, every little thing he said, you absorbed. “Kylo is the oldest of the triplets. He's also the leader type.”

Finn took a switch of his beer and then set it down, the light clink of glass on wood was almost oddly melodic.

“Not only is he the CEO but he's the leader of the three of them. Ben is undoubtedly the flirt, the sex crazed ‘company slut'.” Finn made the quotations with his fingers.

“Matt is the quiet one, the artistic one. He's also the Solo that would least likely get into trouble. Kylo would throw a fit or lose his cool and get a slap on the wrist from HR, Ben would sleep with anything that can spread their legs, only consensual. And he never propositions the people he sleeps with, they always come to him. Part of the reason why he can avoid getting in shit from HR.” Finn knew more than you expected about the triplets.

“And Matt?” you questioned Finn, invested too much into the topic of the Solo triplets.

“Matt is the quiet, artistic one.” You started picking at your food before it got too cold, listening intently to what Finn was saying.

“He's by far, in my opinion, the easiest to deal with. Kylo has a temper, Ben has an ego, and Matt is awkward. But awkward is easier to deal with than a temper or an ego.” Finn finished the conversation by choosing something on Netflix and that worked well for you.

You weren't about to admit that, while being in a room with all 3 triplets, you thought about how goddamned good looking they were. All of them. And thinking about how attractive they were, that made you slip into a little fantasy about how they would be in bed.

Kylo, you imagined, would be dominating. The kind of man who wanted to he in control all the time. Or you could imagine him as being the complete opposite and wanting to give up complete control.

Ben, you pictured as having a praise kink. You imagined he would want to know and hear, how well he was doing as he screwed someone, the praise being good for his cockiness.

Matt was a wild card. You could almost picture him as a man who had a daddy kink, but couldn’t be sure. He could possibly be dominant if he was really comfortable and trusting with his partner.

Either way, the thought of the 3 Solo's in bed was more than enough to fuel your fire when you went to bed that night.


“Hey! I bought you a coffee! I hope you like it.” You spoke quickly into the phone as you rushed into the building. You weren’t late, but you were nearly caught in the storm that was impending.

You didn't have to.” Matt's voice filtered through the speaker of your phone, echoing in your ears.

“No, but I wanted to. I kinda screwed it up yesterday so I wanted to fix it today. I’m just coming in though so I’ll see you up there soon.” You entered the building, hung up the phone and went through security.

As you shoved your phone into your bag and entered the elevator, you leaned back against the cool wall.

Your jacket, old and a little tattered but not to the point of it needing tone replaced, hadn't quite kept out the chill as well as you would’ve liked. In response to the settling chill, you shuddered and shook your head lightly.

You watched and waited for the doors to close, only to have them re-open after they were an inch apart.
“Good morning.” A set of rich, deep eyes were on you, two to be exact. The two older Solo's stepped onto the elevator, at the same time.

You shrunk back against the wall, feeling positively tiny compared to the two hulking men who insisted on, not only standing very close to you, but one on each side of you.

Kylo was standing to your right, a black suit on, impeccably made, not one thread our of place. His black hair brushed against the nape of his neck, the scar on his face that ran from his forehead down his neck, only adding to his undeniable attractiveness.

Ben, the flirt, stood on your right. He was wearing something lighter than Kylo, no less impressive. The dark blue and grey combo seemed to bring out the lighter shades in his eyes, while making Ben seem impossibly broader and taller than he already was.

And sandwiched, literally sandwiched, between the two hulking masses of broad chested, broad shouldered muscled men, was you. A 5’5” woman with worn jeans that wouldn't cost as much as one of their cufflinks, a worn jacket that you had for years.

“Good morning.” You managed to squeak out as you felt a hand brush against your thigh, hopefully accidental.

“You brought Matt coffee. How thoughtful.” Ben, to your right, had looked down at you with a half smirk, earning an uncontrollable blush from you.

“Well I brought him one yesterday but I kind fucked it up, so I brought him one today.” Another chill ripped through your jacket, another visible shiver.

“Are you cold?” Kylo spoke in an sarcastic, teasing sort of way.

“Do you need someone to warm you up?” Ben also teased, but his voice was huskier, laced with an actual offer.

You were stunned silent, your mouth open and closing once. Your relief came in the form of the doors opening, Matt greeting you on the other side.

“Thank God.” You muttered under your breath and stepped off the elevator, coffees in hand.

“The offer still stands if you need warming up later.” Ben’s lip tugged back into a flirty grin, Kylo looked heavily amused, and Matt placed a hand on your lower back, steering you away from the elevator.

“Fuck you, Ben.” You looked over your shoulder, the flirty smile never leaving Ben's face as he winked. “Keep your dick in your pants.”



Chapter Text

The weeks that followed your arrival at the company had done nothing but solidify the fact that not one, but all three Solo triplets were attracted to you.

It started with Matt, who came to realize and appreciate all the little things you had done for him that went above and beyond your duties as an assistant.

Bringing him coffee every morning, without even needing to ask what he liked, having his sketchbook and carving tools ready for him in the small workshop he made for himself, and even your ability to divert Ben's irritating and redundant questions and Kylo's anger had made Matt truly appreciate you.

And it made him realize that the fluttering in his stomach, the way his heart beat faster whenever you looked at him, smiled at him, says more than just pleasant affection.

Matt was hardly the only Solo think so either.

Ben was a flirt in general, but he went out of his way to flirt with you. He was stopping by any and every chance to had, using his silver tongue and smooth charm to make an adorable and endearing flush cross your cheeks.

He would lean in to you when he had the chance, treat you to subtle touches and caresses that looked innocent to any bystanders, but to Matt, the gestures meant Ben was interested.

Of the three of them, Matt supposed Kylo was the most subdued. It hadn't meant he wasn't attracted to you like his brothers were, he was more downplayed.

Still, like Ben, he took almost any chance he could to feel your skin against his own. When you were all on the elevator together, Kylo would slip a hand on your lower back as he leaned past you to select your floor then his, all while skipping Ben's of course.

He would send you this half smirk and say something overly sarcastic or some dry-humored joke, sending you into a fit of hidden giggles while your ears burned.

And Matt…Matt was the awkward one. He was the one who stuttered and spilled his drink on himself and made a mess. He was the one who slipped into mental fantasies of being able to hear the sounds you make when you’re horny and alone.

Matt was the one who spent the most time with you, and he was the one who was most awkward around you. He was the one who would draw little doodles for you while he was supposed to he sketching prototypes.

He would carve little wooden animals in the workshop while he was waiting for the 3D printer to finish a model of his newest invention.

He would slave away over these things he could create for you in hopes that you wouldn't be swayed by Ben's charm and Kylo's dry humor, haunting bad boy attitude, before Matt could even let you know how he was starting to feel about you.

It wasn't as slow as he anticipated, didn't take long to develop feelings, but then again, none of his brothers had taken much time in actually feeling attraction and affection for their partners. Or future partners.

For Ben, there was a difference between his quick fucks and the women he generally wanted to be with.

Ben was a man-whore, everyone knew that, but he felt deeply, more deeply than most people realized.

And when Ben started to fall for a woman, or whoever, he feel head first.

Kylo, he kept his sexual past, the one night stands, the quick hookups, private. He didn't brag like Ben had about how many he screwed or when. He had told his brothers, both of them, and that was it. Like Ben, when Kylo starting falling for a woman, or even having genuine feelings past wanting a quick fuck, he felt everything intimately.

While Matt was the awkward Solo, the one who usually hadn't gotten the same attention his brothers had from women, that didn’t stop him from feeling as much as Ben and Kylo did. That was, in part, the reason why Matt was so awkward and quiet around women.

He was so used to being looked over because of his quiet nerdiness, his dorky glasses, his mess of blonde curls, his snorting laugh. Most women glanced over him in favour of Ben and his charm, Kylo and his bad boy persona.

But not you. You were different. You didn't turn your nose up at Matt, nor did you seek the attention of Kylo and Ben over him. You had even went out of your way to avoid both Ben and Kylo when you didn't have the patience to deal with either of them.

You seemed to enjoy Matt's company, and God knows he enjoyed yours. He enjoyed listening to you spout off little facts that you knew about seemingly random subjects. He enjoyed your quirky mannerisms that drove Matt crazy with flushed desire and want.

You were someone special, you were someone Matt wanted to be more than friends with, you were someone Matt wanted to be with, really be with.

But he was also his boss, and that was making him hesitant to ask you out, either on a real date or something far more casual. He didn't want to make it awkward between you two if you had turned him down, because if you had, it wouldn't be like you two would see each other in passing.

You would see each other every day. You would still be working for him, you would still be his employee, he would still be your boss.

With an anxious and frustrated sigh, Matt had lumbered from his little workshop back to his office were you were busy typing out and making copies of requests for both insight and advertisement design requests that would be sent to Ben and Kylo.

When you had heard him, Matt noticed and watched your eyes move from the computer you had been staring at, to himself.

He cleared his throat and shuffled in, almost nervous to go into his own office. He leaned against the doorframe, aware that he held your attention but still hadn't said anything.

“I’m almost done these.” You had broken the silence first by keeping him up to date on your task at hand, sending him a smile after you finished speaking.

“I have to go upstairs and talk to Ben. Or Kylo. Or both.” He cleared his throat for the second time, pushing his glasses back up his nose.

“Do you need me?” Matt flashed, his ears getting ready as one of his recent dirty little fantasies flashed in his mind.

“I won’t be long.” He went to leave, and then turned back, brown eyes roaming your frame. “When you’re done that Y/N you can go hone.”

He saw your skepticism, your eyes moving from the computer screen back to him. He couldn’t look away as your bottom lip was tugged into your mouth.

“Are you sure?” Your voice carried, even though you were speaking quietly.

“Yeah…” Matt fiddled with the rings of the notebook that was in his left hand. “You can finish the rest off later. Enjoy your Thursday afternoon.” He turned back again, fully prepared to leave for the elevator, when your soft ‘see you tomorrow’ stopped him.

“See you tomorrow, Y/N.” Matt moved quickly to the elevator, pushing the worn ‘up' button more than was probably necessary, but he felt in a rush.

As he stepped on the elevator, he leaned against the coop metal elevator wall, hand shoved into his jean pockets. He couldn’t stop thinking about, thinking about asking you our for dinner, but he had to run it by his brothers.

Or at the very least, Kylo. Both for advice about how to ask, and get the go ahead that it wasn’t something that would cross the line.

But more than that, he didn't know how to ask you without making both of your uncomfortable. If he got advice on how to ask you, then maybe he could at least save you from embarrassment.




Chapter Text

“Are you ladies ready yet?” Finn's voice had almost echoed through the apartment, carrying into the room you and Rey were in.

She was on your bed, leaning on her arms, her legs crossed. She was waiting for you to decide what you were going to wear, waiting for you finally settle on something.

While you were ripping through your closet, Rey was watching you with that look that said she had so much to ask. When you looked back over your shoulder, your hands fell limp the shirt in your hands falling against your legs.

“What?” She didn’t even have to say anything for you question her.

“Finn tells me you have 3 hot bosses.” Rey smirked at you, the amount of amusement she got out of your situation was a little unnerving to you.

“He's wrong.” You swallowed and turned away, praying she didn't see your flushed face. “I have one hot boss. The other 2 are my hot boss's brothers.”

You heard Rey snort from behind you, and you could feel her eyes burning into the back of your skull. You knew that she would never let you live this down. She would never let you forget that you called your boss and your boss’s brothers hot. It would forever be engrained in her mind.

“So they’re triplets?” you reached for a black dress, a black bomber jacket, a pair of jeans and a scarf.

“They’re triplets. My boss is the youngest. His name is Matt. And he's so…” you paused and bit you lip. Matt was gorgeous. They all were.

“And you’re attracted to them all.” You turned back as Rey finished speaking, tossing the clothes in the bed.
“I’d be blind or stupid not to bed attracted to them.”

You looked at the clothes sitting in front of you, and then chewed the inside of your cheek.

“I own a lot of black.” You muttered before trying back to your closet.

“Let me.” Rey bound up from the bed, coming to stand next to you. “Forget the jacket and the shirt. I like the dress, but you need a cardigan, a belt and boots.”

She reached in and handed you a beige knit cardigan and a slim brown belt. After, she dug further into your closet, pulling back with a frown. “I’ll be right back. You get dressed.”

Rey was gone in a quick flash, leaving you alone again. You sighed and walked to the bed, yanking your worn and basic t-shirt off your body, dropping it to the floor.

You grabbed the dress that was laying on the bed, the simple black dress was rather soft beneath your fingers. You pulled the dress over your head, adjusting it on your body before yanking your simple leggings down.

“I have the perfect booties!” Rey came back into the room carrying a simple pair of brown booties, laces on the front, the flaps folded over.

“These will be perfect!” she set the booties down on the bed and then looked you over.

“This seems like a lot for just drinks with you and Finn.” You tilt your head as you looked at the booties and the cardigan and belt.

“You don't need to go on a date to dress up.” Rey sat back down on the bed, the rips in her jeans showing a slip of knee as she crossed her legs.

You hummed as you pulled the cardigan on and then the belt. You tightened the belt, slipped on the booties and then faced Rey.

“So?” you placed your hands on your hips and spun slowly.

“You look cute! You should dress like this more often.” She had her elbows resting on her knees, hands folded in front of her.

“You think so?” you spun again, this time quicker, the dress billowing around you as you spun.

“Hell yeah!” Rey shuffled off the bed and stood, grabbing the black jacket you didn’t end up using, pulling it on herself. “I’m gonna borrow this.”

When she fixed and adjusted the jacket on herself, she looked in the mirror hanging on the back of your door, turning left and then right.

“Are you done in there yet?!” You and Rey shared a look, and then she rolled her eyes and slipped out of the room.

“Hold on, babe!”


Matt, Ben and Kylo were sitting haphazardly in Kylo's office, the conversation coming to a stand still, until Ben lurched forward.

He rest his elbows on his knees and clapped his hands together, a smirk on his face. The kind of smirk that made Kylo and Matt know Ben was up to something.

“Let’s make a wager.” Ben first looked at Kylo, then Matt. “The kind of wagers we made when we were younger.”

The pair of them looked apprehensive, Kylo for a different reason than Matt.

“Our ‘wagers’ usually ended in on of us either naked or in some shit.” Kylo sat back against his chair, his arms crossed over his chest, his dark grey Italian cotton shirt stretched over his biceps.

“As I recall Kylo, you two got into shit.” Ben grinned at Matt, his smile only growing after Matt scowled in return.

“That’s because you are an ass kisser and you sucked up to mom.” Matt copied Kylo's potion, crossing his arms over his chest, huffing.

“I can't help it that I'm mom’s favorite child.” Before the two could protest, Ben continued talking. “My wager involves Matt's little assistant.”

Ben watched Matt jerk forward, his glasses framing his narrowed brown eyes, his bottom lip sucked into his mouth. Matt’s blonde curls fell into his eyes, though he didn't try to push them out of the way, instead he remained focused on Ben.

“All of us are attracted to her. All of us want her. My wager, is this…” He paused for dramatic effect, something that pissed Kylo off.

“Spit it the fuck out.” Kylo snapped at him, his temper flaring.

“First one to get Y/N to agree to a date wins.” Ben sat back, his left leg crossed over his right leg.

“Wins what? Wins exclusive rights? We all want her.” Ben rolled his eyes at Kylo's question.

“Look, we obviously all want her. But until we know she wants all of us, or until we have the discussion about sharing, we have a wager. First one of us to win a date with her, wins.” Ben looked at Matt, his eyes narrowed further.

“And what if she says no to all of us?” Kylo raised a single, inky eyebrow.

“If she says no, than she says no. No one is forcing her to say yes.” Ben waited for an answer.

“I don't know Ben. This doesn’t seem like a good idea.” Matt was hesitant, Ben was eager and Kylo was hard to read.

“You’re just scared you’ll lose, Matt. You’re afraid that Y/N will fall head over heels in love with me, the moment I start to pursue her.” Kylo scoffed in response.

“What Matt is trying to say, fucker, is that Y/N isn't some cheap whore to be fought over. We need to take her feelings into consideration.” Kylo invoked silence after he spoke.

“So we leave the choice entirely up to her. It’s her choice, her say. We'll make a bet, and we get to ask once, just once. If she says no, we stop.” Ben looked at Kylo, Matt and then waited.

“Fine,” Kylo sighed. “I’ll take the bet.”

“Matt?” Ben waited, stared him down.

“I’ll kill you, both of you, if she gets hurt because of this.” Even so, he agreed.



Chapter Text

The morning hangover hit you like a freight train. The moment your alarm clock started blaring, you were hit with the nausea, the exhaustion, headache.

You didn’t hesitate in throwing your alarm clock against the wall to shut it up as you shoved your head under your pillow, groaning pathetically. Your night out with Finn and Rey went beyond a simple ‘good time’. You got more drinks in you than you had in nearly 7 months, and the effects of your hangover would be strong today.

“God…” you had to drag yourself out of bed, your legs shaking as you stumbled to the bathroom, flipping the lid of the toilet up, vomiting into the porcelain throne.

You fell to your knees, clutching the porcelain with white knuckles as the evidence of your late night out spewed out of your mouth.

“Are you done? I need to vomit too!” You sat back against the file floor, wiping your mouth against the back of your hand. You stood on shaky feet, flushing your nauseating vomit down the toilet.

“Almost!” you splashed cool water on your face, rinsed out your mouth and washed your hands.

As you exit the bathroom, you shuffled like a zombie back to your bedroom, falling onto the bed, face down.

You whined high pitched, your pounding headache only worsened by the sunlight filtering through your curtains. You knew you would have to get up and get dressed for work, but that thought alone made your stomach churning again.

You would be in the workshop or doing some filework today, surrounded by the clacking of keys on a keyboard, or the stench of soldering, the annoying constant droning of the 3D printer as it worked on making modules, models of Matt's genius.

“Ugh,” you pulled yourself up to sit, your legs crossed, your eyes clamped shut. “I don't want to go to work…”
You chewed the inside of your cheek, feeling the temptation to fall back into bed and sleep for the next full day. Unfortunately for your desire to sleep all day, you had a job that you could not lose.

“Work.” You stood up, stumbling to your closet, your balance throwing off by your hangover. You reached into your closet, yanking out a black leather jacket, a pair of black jeans and a loose shirt.

You yanked on your black ripped jeans, pulled the loose shirt over your head, and the jacket followed.

Before you left your room, with your phone tucked into your back pocket, you slipped the leather jacket over your arms, zipping it up, shoving your hands inside the pocket.

“Good morning!” You winced and covered your eyes with your hand, the light in the living much, much worse than your room.

“How are you feeling? Do you want some coffee? Some orange juice?” You lowered your hand, looking at both Finn and Rey through your left eye, your right eye remaining closed.

“Will you shut up?!” Rey snapped at Finn, her hair a mess, her eyes red and puffy, a pair of large sunglasses on her eyes.

“How in the hell are you not hungover? You had more than we did.” Your stomach lurched at the smell of his eggs cooking, nearly vomiting when he offered you some.

“I’ll just go to work.” You yanked the sunglasses off of Rey's face and placed them on your own, leaving the apartment with a pair of black boots in your hand, before she could protest.

“GOODBYE Y/N!” You raised your hand, giving Finn the middle finger, slamming the door behind you as you left.

As you stood in the hall, you yanked the boots on and started making your way to the lobby doors, cellphone still in your back pocket, your hobo bag draped across your shoulders.

Before you left the building, you adjusted the sunglasses on your face, hoping they would block out enough sun to not make you want to rip your eyes out.


“I can’t do this.” You held two cups of coffee in your hands, your head still pounding. You had arrived at work with little pain caused from the sun and your exhaustion, but when you officially stepped into the building, it was hell.

The sound of women’s heels as they echoed on the lobby floor, the sound of the security scanners beeping, the clacking of keys at the reception desk, the beeping of the elevator and the sounds of the doors opening, made you want to drive a railroad spike through your head.

You walked through security, visibly wincing as the machine beeped, signaling you were clear and free to go through. You grit your teeth as the elevator beeped and the doors opened.

You leaned against the metal wall, the chill cooling your flushed cheeks and forehead. You heard the doors open again as you angled your head away from the doors, grunting when you felt another strong pulse in your head.

“Good morning.” You heard Ben's voice, his deep and baritone voice sending a chill down your spine.

“Good morning.” Kylo's was next to greet you. His voice was just as deep, but his was huskier with more of an edge.

“Are you okay?” Matt was last, and he was the only one so far who asked about your well being.

“Coffee.” You thrust it blindly into the open, nearly dropping it as his warm hand brush against yours.

“Shit Y/N, you look terrible.” Ben piped up with his irritating charm and his blindingly attractive smile.

“No shit, sherlock. I look about as good as I feel.” You snapped at him, groaning in pain as your head continued to throb and pulse.

“What’s wrong princess? Went out and drank too much?” You grit your teeth, hand clenching.

“Fuck off Kylo, she's clearly hungover.” While you were thankful for Matt, and his defence of you, you were not eager about the volume of their voices.

“I went out with my cousin and her boyfriend last night.” You groaned as shift pistons, your forehead flush against the cool wall. “I had too many shots of whiskey. I don't even like whiskey.” You whined.

“Did you at least pace yourself?” you felt a hand on your jacket, rubbing smoothing circles into your back. You didn’t know which triplet was rubbing your back and which triplet was speaking, but you supposed it didn't matter.

“Does it sound like I paced myself?” You winced at the sound of your own voice.

“You should’ve had a glass of water in between each shot.” You turned your head to the right, eyes raking up the body of the triplet standing there.

Matt was on your right, he was the one who spoke, so that left either Kylo or Ben to rub circles into your back.

“Well I know that now.” The elevator doors opened with a ding, your and Matt's floor was up, but you couldn’t bring yourself to move.

“Y/N, this is our floor.” You inhaled and exhaled sharply.

“All that noise…” you winced and made yourself stand up straight.

“Come work in my office today.” Kylo spoke with an even tone, gaining not only your attention, but Ben and Matt's as well.

“What?” You turned and faced him, Ben's hand falling from your back.

“It’s quiet, it's dark. You won't have to deal with the smell of soldering.” You could see his smirk building through your sunglasses.

“Kylo you can't just steal my assistant.” Matt was staring at Kylo with tight lips and a clenched jaw.

“Or you could come work in my office. I’ll take care of you.” Ben also offered, his hand on your arm.

“She's my assistant.” Matt spoke with a clipped tone, seething with…jealousy?

“She's hungover Matt. Being around all that noise and soldering will make her sick.” You leaned back against the elevator wall, lifting the cup of coffee to your lips, but unable to actually take a sip.

“Fuck! Fine!” Matt turned to you, his jaw still clenched. “this is a one time fucking thing.” He slammed his open hand against the elevator, hitting the ‘open door' button.

When the doors closed again, you cleared your throat. “Did I piss him off?” the elevator started moving again, your nausea returning.

“Matt's cranky in the morning.” Kylo still had a smirk on his face, something unspoken and hidden in his tone. “he'll get over it.”

You felt a hand against your forehead, feeling your temperature. “you’re quite warm.”

It was Ben who placed his hand against your forehead and it was Ben who had rubbed smoothing circles into your back. It was also Ben who brushed your hair out of your face as he slowly pulled your sunglasses off of your face.

“Shit Y/N. Why didn't you drink water? Your eyes are red.” He locked eyes with you, his hand resting on your arm.

“Well obviously I’m an idiot.” You mumbled under your breath, cheeks burning from the intensity of his focus on you.

You hadn't thought much about your attraction to all 3 Solo triplets, but you should’ve because they were quickly consuming your attention and your thoughts.

You thought Matt, even as your boss, was an absolute sweetheart. He was the type of man who would make the best boyfriend. He would be caring and considerate, he would be the type to stay in bed with you all day just because you asked.

Ben was the type of man who make sure any moment with him was fun. You would never be bored with the charismatic Solo, the charming and flirtatious Solo. He would find any and every excuse to flirt, to make you flush.

Kylo was the type of Solo who would take a person on trips, a wanderlust type of boyfriend. He struck you as the type of man who wanted to spend his time going to exotic places rather than wasting his time and money in seedy bars or clubs.

And you were attracted to every single one of them. You were attracted to the bad boy, wanderlust Kylo.

You were attracted to the fun, kind of chaotic spirit of Ben, the flirtatious one. And you were definitely attracted to Matt, your boss and the sweetheart who would lay in bed all day if you'd only ask.

“You need to learn to pace yourself, have water in between your drinks.” Ben stepped off the elevator, looking back at you with a smirk. “I’ll have to show you one night, sweetheart.” He winked at you just before the doors closed, leaving you and Kylo alone.

“Still have a headache?” Kylo was watching you, with his hands shoved into the pockets of his dress pants, half smirk on his face.

You crossed your arms over your chest, your coffee untouched and cold. Your sunglasses had gone with Ben, safely tucked into the front pocket of his suit jacket.

“Like you wouldn't fucking believe.” You muttered under your breath, eyes fluttering closed.

“Ben does that to most people.” Kylo moved to stand next to you, massive size making you feel like a child. “either gives them a headache or makes it worse.”

You cast a sole glance Kylo's way, looking him up and down, head tilted to the right. He had his arms crossed over his chest, like you had, only he lacked a cup of cold coffee in his hand.

Even through he dark dress shirt he wore, you could see his well toned biceps, the strength in his shoulders and chest.

Like Kylo, Ben and Matt had the same build, the same strength. Only Matt wasn’t as bold of confident in his appearance as Kylo and Ben, and hid his size as best as he could behind loose fitting shirts.

The doors opened and Kylo stepped off, you following behind him. You stopped at the receptionist desk, asking her to throw your cold coffee out before following Kylo again.

As you stepped inside his office, you were pleased to find that his office was dark today. He had the blinds down, blocking the bright sun from blinding you, and the light that was turned on, wasn't harsh like the lobby's was.

It was not just dark, it was quiet. No soldering that made you nauseous, no sounds of grinding on metal or hammering from the workshop, no mechanical whirring from the 3D printer, just the ticking of a clock.

“Thank you,” you looked round the office before settling your attention on Kylo. “for letting me work here. This will definitely help.”

He walked around to his desk and sank into his deep leather chair, his eyes moving in between his computer and you.

“Did you eat today?” kylo turned back to his black mac computer, the sound of it turning on the only sound besides the ticking of the clock.

“I felt too sick to eat.” You sank into the cloth chair that was in front of this dark, wood desk, you arms draped over the side.

“Do you like sushi?” Kylo's question gained your attention, your mouth opening and closing.

“Sushi? It’s like 9 in the morning.” You drummed your fingers against the wooden frame.

“Sushi is high in omega-3 and between the fish and the rice, it'll help absorb the alcohol and make you feel better.” His deep brown eyes moved back over to you, his lips twitching as he took in your rather ragged form.

“Coffee too?”

“Whatever you want.”



Chapter Text

He watched you with interest, his lips turned up into a smirk, something he kept hidden behind his large hand. He wouldn't openly admit it to anyone, except maybe Ben and Matt, but you really were the cutest thing Kylo Ren, CEO of First Order Industries, had ever seen.

You had this natural innocent charm about you, just innocent enough to make Kylo believe that he, and his brothers, could teach you some things. But, on the opposite side of the same coin, you knew enough to know a few things about them.

You knew Ben was trouble with a silver tongue.

You knew Matt was kinkier than he let on.

You knew Kylo wasn’t just an asshole, he was an asshole who felt far too deeply and fell far too quickly into relationships.

How Kylo knew all that? Well for one, he wasn't an idiot. He could read people, much in the same way you could read people.

You had all but said it yourself while you were conversing over hangover sushi. You hadn't come outright and spoken about your ability, or hearsay ability, to read people, but in some subtle ways, you told Kylo what he needed to know.

And that, your ability to read people had made Kylo slip deeper into his interest of you. He was drawn further to you, further into your carefree, seemingly harmless clutches.

An affinity he shared with Ben. And Matt. It’s why they made that wager. It’s why they were so interested in creating high stakes when it came to you and your potential relationship with any of them, all of them.

Would you be open to having not just one, but 3 very attentive, and needy, men in your life? Men who wanted nothing more than to spoil you in every way they could? Men who wanted to have you writhing in pleasure while dripping in Cartier diamonds?

Over the weeks that you had worked here, worked with Matt, you had wormed your way under all of their skin. Not just Kylo's. Not just Matt's. Not just Ben's.

With Matt, it was your kindness, your thoughtfulness for other people around you. Bringing him coffee every morning, and knowing exactly what he likes, may have seemed like a simple and General gesture, but to Matt, it played in to part of his needs, his wants.

Matt was looked over, women passed him by without second thought. And you…you treat him like he was the first and forethought on his mind.

For Ben, it was your denial and rejection of his flirtation attempts. You just didn't react how he wanted you to. You didn't fall to your knees, drop your panties to his charm.

You gave him flack, you gave him rejection. You denied his more than obvious than amorous intentions. Ben liked that.

And Kylo… you didn't turn a blind eye to his tantrums. You didn't try and interrupt him, but at the end you asked him if he was okay, and you meant it.

Of course just because the three Solo triplets thought you were fucking perfection, hadn't meant you were any less flawed.

You had a tendency to speak without thinking, getting you in trouble, where trouble was due. You had a tendency to be confrontational when pushed, you were stubborn. You could be overly eager, your eagerness making you fumble and miss steps when it came to filing, or filling out paperwork.

You were human. You didn't try to be anything you weren't. You didn't try to put on a front. And they all liked that.

In a world where all 3 of them were far richer than they ever imagined, they had their run-in's with women who only sought money, only sought a man who could give them the finer things in life.

They didn't want women like that. They wanted you.
And you wanted them just as equally. Kylo could pick that up from the king glances, the blushing, the slight stuttering.

He knew you wanted them, and he was going to do something about it. He promised himself that. Just like the all had, but Kylo was going to win the wager, he was sure of it.

He was too competitive with his brothers, he couldn’t afford to lose. For the sake of the silent bragging rights entirely.

“Y/N,” he stopped you before you had a chance to leave his office, after dropping off a few files from Matt. “I wanted to ask you something.”

He watched you face him, watched you watch him.

Your eyes were slightly widened, your cheeks flush and warm. It took a great deal of effort for Kylo, restraint, to not reach our and stroke your soft cheek.

“What is it?” He moved around his desk and leaned against the wood, his hands gripping the edge.

His height, all of their height, compared to yours, made you seem tiny and breakable. Which he knew you weren't, but the aesthetic was there.

“I would like to take you out to dinner.” Kylo noticed your lips twitch, a hidden smile and a soft little laugh was heard.

“For more sushi?” he pushed himself off the desk, unable to resist touching you.

“No.” he stood before you, stroking your cheek. “I have a place in mind. They have an amazing selection of vintage red wine, something I think you'd like.”

“I do like red wine.” You has brushed your hair behind your ears, a blush dusting your cheek. “though most of my red wine comes from a box.”

“Boxed wine?” Kylo grabbed a piece your hair and twist it around his finger, the soft silky strands begging to be touched further. “Oh baby, boxed wine has nothing on a good vintage.”

“Well I’ve never had a vintage wine.” Your confession was met with an unsurprised silence from Kylo.

“Come to dinner with me. I’d like to change that.” A knock on the door had interrupted the moment. Kylo stepped back, dropped his hand from your hair and answered the knock.

As his assistant slipped in, your starters to slip out, though you gave him your answer with a solid, clear “Yes.”


“Going home?” Ben came on first, his hand brushing against your hip as he slipped behind you, his lips brushing the shell of your ear. “I can’t wait for our date Friday.”

He was standing close enough that you could smell the subtle musk of his cologne, something with a little spice but pleasant over all.

“Me too.” You chewed the inside of your cheek as the doors opened, Kylo and Matt stepping onto the elevator next.

“Baby,” Kylo was the first to use a pet name, and since finding out the name made you flush, he used that every chance he had. “you look good today.”

You could feel the burning gaze of all three of them, boring holes into you.

“Thank you Kylo.” You felt Matt's hand slip into yours, his much larger hand almost swallowing yours whole.

As the elevator starting going down to the lobby, you felt like now was the opportune moment to speak up.

“I know about the bet.” You looked at the decreasing numbers flashing, your hand leaving Matt's.

Ben’s hand that was on your waist fell, and all 3 bore holes into your head with their intense eyes. You could feel them watching your every move, waiting for you to say something, you waiting for them to say something.

“Your assistants and receptionists are really bad at keeping things quiet.” You shifted your position, standing with your back against the side of the elevator, all of them in view.

“Are you pissed?” Matt looked almost sheepish, like he was afraid you would be pissed and fly off the handle.

Instead, when the doors opened, you turned your back to the lobby, kissing each of their cheeks with haste.

“I hope I see you all on Friday.” You stepped out of the elevator with a cheeky grin and a wink, spinning on your heel, moving through security.


Chapter Text

“What is that?” The shock and skepticism in your voice was outweighed by the surprisingly gleeful grin Rey shot your way.

“Dresses for you to choose from!” The brunette, who you knew all your life as your rough and tumble cousin, had dress after dress after dress, hanging on a clothing rack.

“Why do you have so many?” Not only did she have more dresses than you expected, but she also had them organized by colour and length.

“I know I come off as a total badass bitch but Finn and I like to go on nice dates. Dress up, drink moderately priced wine and eat good food.” She drug you to stand in front of the row of dresses, placing you directly in the middle.

“Where are you going?” Rey grabbed dresses from the racks and threw them on the bed, the colours and different styles of dresses piling on top of each other in a colorful heap of material.

“I don’t actually know. Kylo mentioned something about vintage wine, Ben said something about Italian or Italy, and I think Matt wanted to do something low key. Something fun and easy.” You sat on the bed beside the pile of colours and materials, handed touching something close to silk.

“Hmm…” Rey hummed and threw out a whole another round of dressed before settling on a selection of short dresses.

“We'll dress to impress.” Rey handed you a pile of dresses, pushing you toward a changing screen she must’ve gotten recently.

“Short and sexy?” you stepped behind the screen, hanging the dresses on the rack set up.

The first dress was black and tight. It came ti your mid-thigh, something you knew would ride up as the night went on. Without even trying the dress on, you moved to the next.

“I want to see you in them!” you slipped the next dress on, the red material clinging to every inch of you, while having little to no back.

“Seriously?” you stepped from behind the screen, twirled once and stepped back in. You slipped that one off, stepped out of it and replaced it on the hanger.

“Try the pink one!” The last dress, the only pink dress, was long sleeved, mid-thigh and lace.

You pulled it off the hanger and stepped into it, slipping your arms into the lace sleeves, buttoning the back, and then tied the bow at the low of your back.

You ran your hands down the dress, your palms flat against the delicate and pretty lace. It felt soft against your palms, well made and beautiful. You felt amazing in the dress that fit you like a glove, tight enough to hug your curves, but not make you feel uncomfortable.

“Let's see it! Come on!” Rey was encouraging you from beyond the changing screen, the material wrapped around the dark wood was not quite see through, but enough that you could see the shadow of her frame as she sat on the bed.

“What shoes do I even pair with these?” You took a breath, air filling your lungs deeply as you stepped around the screen, your hands on your hips.

“There's quite a deep ‘V' isn't there?” You moved your left hand from your hip and traced the ‘V' with your fingers, up and down before resting your hand back on your hip.

“Makes your breasts look amazing!” Rey was sitting on the bed with one leg crossed over the other, leaning back on her arms, brown hair pulled back into a high pony.

Her brown eyes were narrowed just slightly, corner of her eyes wrinkled just so, her lips stretched into a smile. Rey was watching you, looking you over, and before your said anything about the dress, she motioned you to turn.

As your turned, you heard her whistle low, a cheeky, stupid crazy grin that she had flashed you throughout your childhood’s, was replacing her simple grin. “I wonder which one will get the first taste? Do you think they'll fight over you?”

You shrugged and moved your hair off your right shoulder, arms stretched above your head. You tilt your head to the left and then to the right, cracking your neck.

“You should have your hair up, I think. The dress is low cut in the back and the front, and I think you should show off the cut.” Rey finally lost the crazy smile on her face, settling for a relaxed frown.

“Up?” you piled your hair, messily, onto your hair, shifting positions to look in the mirror. “I agree actually. Up.” You moved from the bedroom, Rey and Finn's bedroom, to the bathroom.

You stood in front of the mirror, reaching for the boar bristled brush. As you brushed through your hair, you reached into the pull out drawer for your straightener and Bobby pins, setting them down on the counter.

“You’re getting a phone call!” you plugged in your straightener and turned it on, peeking your head out of the bathroom, eyes meeting Rey’s.

“Who?” She ignored your question as she answered your phone with a cheeky grin.

“Benjamin, right? Let me guess…you’re the flirt?” You could hear Rey's laugh from the other room, your eyebrows furrowing in suspicion.

“Rey!” You called her name as you started straightening your hair before starting a braid at the right side of your head.

“Naughty boy!” you jerked when you heard Rey laugh, her laugh echoing through the hall to the bathroom, your cheeks aflame.

“Rey!” You screeched in a less than charming way, your voice cracking as your desperation to get the phone back, was likely heard through the apartment.

“Give me my-“ the door was shoved open and Rey slammed your phone down on the counter, sneaking away before you could hit her.

“He'll be here in an hour!” You cursed and slammed the door shut, finishing off your hair, and moving onto makeup, trying to move as quickly as possible.



“Are you sure you have the directions?” Ben rolled his eyes as he looked at the approaching street sign, Matt’s voice coming loud and clear through Ben's Bentayaga, the concern in his youngest brothers voice irritating.

“Fuck, Matt!” ben gripped the steering wheel with white knuckles. “I got the address. I checked with her twice.” Ben turned into the apartment complex's parking lot, slamming the vehicle in park.

“Get off his case, prick.” Ben wanted to end the call the moment Kylo also decided to pipe up. “We've all got a lot riding on this date.”

Ben flipped down the drivers side mirror, a smirk tugging at his lips. He had talked to Rey, your cousin who was all too eager to slip that you had been talking about them since the moment they met you.

And through an exchange of quick words, Ben had let it slip that you had also been on his mind. In a completely different way. To which, when Rey called him a naughty boy, he could hear your panicked shrieking in the background.

“I’m here anyway. I’ll text you when we leave.” He hung up the phone, shut off the vehicle and stepped out.

Your apartment, which you were sharing with your cousin and her boyfriend, was on the 8th floor. Rey, before he finished the conversation, had said that you were getting ready.

Before Ben closed the door, he grabbed a bouquet of flowers that Matt nearly superglued to his hands with the promise that it would be the first thing you see, and not Ben's ‘fugly face’.

Ben locked the door and swung his keys around on the index finger on his right hand, as he strode into the building, taking the stairs two at a time, just barely getting out of breath as he stopped on the 8th floor.

Of the three of them, Ben was the one who got up to go jogging, Ben was the one who took part in marathons, Ben was the one who did the runs.

“This is it?” He double checked the door before he knocked, waiting and hoping his black curls didn't get into his face like they had earlier.

“Just a minute!” He heard your voice, followed by a man's and then Rey's. Or he thought it was Rey's. “Get away you cretin!”

The door swung open and your breathtaking image became permanently engrained in his memory.

The dress you were wearing was tight and hugged every curve, the soft pink lace wrapped elegantly around your body, the lace overlay extending past the pink underlay. The sleeves ended at your wrists, but what really drew Ben's attention, was the way the dress cut across your chest, the deep ‘V' making his mouth practically water.

“Is he stupid?” Ben reluctantly pulled his eyes off of you, and focused on the woman who must’ve been Rey.

“He's not stupid, babe! He's busy looking at how beautiful Y/N looks.” The comment, from Finn he presumed, had made a soft blush dust your cheeks, but nothing like what him and his brothers had caused.

“Do you want to come in?” Ben, the usually confident and cocky Solo, with the nesr ability to sweep any woman off of their feet, was struck silent.

“Shit…” He cleared his throat. “you look fucking…” He cleared his throat again. “Matt wanted me to give these to you.”

He extended the flowers, wrapped in brown paper and a clear bag, waiting for you to take them. When you had taken them, your hands brushed briefly, a visible shiver between you two.

“Aww! Matt’s so sweet!” You had turned, giving Ben the cock stirring and sensuous view of the back of the dress, the material displaying the smooth skin of your back.

“Fucking hell.” He felt his cock coming to stand at attention, straining against his jeans.

“I’ll be right back.” Ben leaned against the door frame and wait, listening as your heels clicked on the hardwood as you walked back into your apartment to place the flowers in water.

It wasn't a moment later when you came back, small clutch in your hand, black heels on your feet. Your hair was pulled up, a braid on the right side of your head, the rest twisted and pulled into a, purposely, messy bun.

“Thanks for waiting.” Ben could hear Rey and Finn in the background, but all his attention was solely on you.

“You’re welcome sweetheart.” Ben lifted the back of your hand to his mouth, the plump flesh of his lips lingering on your soft skin.

“We should go though.” Ben slipped an arm around your waist as he walked with you toward the elevator. “Kylo will kill me if I’m late with you.”




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You didn't actually know where Ben was taking you, or where the date would be, but you also didn't bother to ask. To you, it hadn't mattered much. If you went to a restaurant, than so be it. If you went to the middle of nowhere and passed around a $2 bottle of wine, whatever.

It didn't matter where you went, it was the company you kept. And the company, at least Ben, was looking way too damn attractive.

His black curls were hardly styled, brushing against the back of his neck. His curls weren’t kept as long as Kylo's, and they weren't as short as Matt's. A few strands fell into his face, over his black sunglasses, though he hadn’t made a motion to move them out of his face.

You, however, did. You brushed the curls out of his face, your hands falling into your lap, your cheeks burning as he looked over at you, lips tugging into a smirk.

“You never asked me where we're going.” He made a right turn, hand reaching out for you once the turn was complete. “Aren't you worried I might be taking you somewhere dangerous?”

“Are you going to take me somewhere dangerous? Are you going to take me to the woods and debauch me?” You tilt your head, the long sleeves of your lace dress billowing from the air coming from the vents.

“A gentleman doesn't reveal his secrets, sweetheart.” Ben lifted his glasses from his face and tossed them on the dash of his vehicle.

“I didn't know you were a gentleman, Ben.” You bit your bottom lip, trying to fight a haughty laugh when Ben looked mildly wounded and highly amused.

“Kittens got claws.” He moved his hand to your knee, rubbing his thumb across your kneecap. You sighed softly at the feeling, the action making your stomach flutter.

“Damn right I do.” You could feel the heat rising from your cheeks, but you ignored the burning in your skin and focused on the passing road.

“So I know I didn't ask before,” the houses were growing on size, and likely value, the further into the rich neighborhood you went. “but where are we going?”

Ben hadn't answered you, but he had squeezed your knee again as he kept driving. He had only driven for another few minutes before he made a left turn and started driving up a long stone driveway, stopping in front of a black gate, waiting for it to open.

“This is your house?” Your eyes widened as your jaw dropped as the house, no…mansion came into view.

The dark brick mansion stood out against the lush green trees surrounding the property. There was a 3 car garage at the front of the mansion, the black doors all shut, but when Ben approached the one on the far left, he pressed a button on the sun visor, the door opening.

He drove in and shut the vehicle off before looking at you with his deep brown eyes, his hand resting on top of yours. “Thanks to agreeing to this date.”

“With all 3 of you.” You chewed the inside of your cheek. “To be honest, I am a little nervous. But not because of you, just because I’ve never really had good luck with first dates.”

You exited the car the same time as Ben, your clutch tucked tightly in your hands. You stood there and waited as he moved toward you, and brushed his hand on the small of your back.

“There’s nothing to he nervous about.” He whispered huskily into your ear as he helped you up the steps leading to the door. “It'll be fine.”

He opened the door and let you walk past, hand remaining on the small of your back. He stood almost flush behind you as he slipped his black patent leather shoes off, kicking them to the side.

“Hey assholes! My date is here!” Ben winked at you, his hand grabbing yours.

You set aside your budding feels for the three Solo men and focused on the magnificent house you were standing in. And it was every bit as magnificent as it was, likely, expensive.

The entrance you were standing in, the little area was plain and simple but still impressive. The walls were white, with crown molding, and off to your right was a solid wood closet with double doors and a design etched lightly into the front.

Just past the closet was a powder room, the door was wide open, displaying the marble countertop and tile floors, the crown moulding continuing through the bathroom.

“Y/N is not just-" You heard Matt's voice before it trailed off and he was silent.

“Hi Matt.” You shifted in your heels, the lace of your dress, which was white fitted, rubbing slightly on your thighs, only the slightest bit itchy.

“You l-look…wow" His blush and stuttering made you laugh softly under your breath.

“Take your heels off, make yourself comfortable.” Ben kissed your cheek as he slipped past you. “As much as I'd love to hog you all night angel, I promised I would share.”

You slipped off your heels and set them aside, your hands squeezing your clutch as if it were your lifeline.

“Thank you for the flowers, Matt. They’re sitting on my counter now.” You stood on your tippy toes, pressing your lips to his cheek. “they were lovely.”

“That’s no fair, angel. If you kiss one of us, you have to kiss us all.” Ben teased you as you moved past Matt, giving his hand a squeeze before you did.

You took in every inch of the house, unsure of what to really focus on first, but as you followed the amazing smell that was wafting from the far right of the house, you found the kitchen.

“It smells amazing in here!” Your eyes bounced off every wall, every inch of the kitchen, both impressed by the immaculate and high quality finishing’s and appliances, and the delicious smell of cooking food.

“Thank you baby.” Kylo had slipped in to the kitchen from behind you, his thick and strong arm wrapped around your waist, handing you a glass of wine.

“A vintage red?” You tilt your head back, catching his lips as they barely grazed your own.

“Had to bring the vintage red to you.” He smirked down at you, kissing the corner of your lips. “Try it.”

You lift the glass to your lips, the red wine slipping past your lips filling your mouth. You lowered the wine glass and slowly swallowed the wine, a small smile gracing your face.

“Its good. Thank you.” You stood by the breakfast bar and island combined that was sitting in the middle of the kitchen.

Kylo was standing over the stove frying something up, his black shirt cut fine across his chest, his broad width clearly on display. His longer hair was pulled back out of his face, held by a hair elastic. He switched his attention between cooking and you, cracking a smile as you watched him.

“You know how to cook? That’s impressive.” You inched closer, watching him with heightened interest. “And here I thought you had a personal chef.”

You didn’t know where Ben and Matt had gone to, or if they had somehow slipped around you while you were focused on Kylo. You didn't hear them, and as far as you knew, it was just you and Kylo in the combined kitchen/dining room.

“What else surprises you about us?” You saw a slip of a tattoo on Kylo's right bicep, something just peeking out of his t-shirt. It was black and grey, but you couldn’t quite make out the shape. Besides the shock of the CEO having a tattoo, you were surprised by the ease of him outside of the office.

“You’re much more relaxed than you are at the office.” You set your wine glass down on the marble countertop, resting your elbows on top, and then your chin in your hands. “You’re not as uptight and…temperamental.”

The statement caused a pause in Kylo's motions, his deep brown eyes focused on you. His lips were pulled back into a small frown, not one of displeasure, but one of mild surprise.

“I didn't mean to offend you, Kylo. I just mean…its nice to see the other side of you. The side that I imagine not many people get to see.” He set the wooden spoon on the side of the pan, the sizzling a result of the still hot stove, but he wasn't focused on that.

He walked toward you, coming to stand in front of you. He placed a hand on your hip, the other hand resting against the counter, nearly trapping you against the marble and his body.

“You didn't offend me.” He leaned in, his nose brushing against your own. “you’re so observant.”
You could hear talking from beyond the kitchen and dining area. You could hear Matt and Ben's muffled voices, but all you wanted to hear was Kylo's voice, feel his hands on you.

Just in this moment, it was Kylo and you. You and Kylo.

“I want to kiss you more than anything.” He mumbled against you, lips grazing yours but not deep enough.
“So kiss me.” He moved his hand from your hip to your waist. He pulled you flush against him, and through his shirt, you could feel the plane’s of his fit abdomen through the lace of your dress.

He held you flush against him, angling his head just right, his lips brushing against your own in a deeper, more meaningful kiss. He held you there by his hands on your waist and the kiss itself. You didn't want to pull yourself away from him, you couldn’t pull yourself away from him. He was too enticing, his warmth was too inviting.

“Kylo…” You pulled back and whispered his name, your lips buzzing pleasantly. “Kylo…”

It felt like it was just the two of you, in this moment it was just him and it was just you. Everything else faded. Everyone else was gone.

“I feel the same way about you and your brothers. I couldn't choose if I had to.” You pulled him back down, desperation in your voice. “don't make me choose.”