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Love Me Like You

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First Order Industries had their own building, a massive and sleek building with floor to ceiling glass walls near the top, broad revolving doors that welcomed you.

Through the windows that peered into the building, you could see a series of desks with security sitting behind them. There was a metal detector nearest the elevators, with security standing on either side.

You hesitated walking into the building, knowing that there was a reputation for ruthless and bold ingenuity in the people who worked there. There had to be, else the company wouldn’t be as revolutionary as it was.

But, as anxious and hesitant as you were to enter, you were equally as ecstatic. You had asked Finn to set you up, and he had. He had strange this, he stuck his neck out for you, the least you could do was actually go through with it.

Deep breaths.” You counted to three in your head, straightened your posture and approached the building with feigned confidence.

Finn stuck out his neck for you, the least you could do was show up.

You walked through the revolving door, stepping into the immaculate building, eyes roaming the marble floors, the gold trimmed counters, the presence of rather heavy security.

Everything about the building screamed power, screamed ‘forefront of technology’. It was beyond impressive, beyond anything you could or would ever have imagined.

“Can I help you? Ma’am?” You were so focused on staring at the marvel of the building itself, that you hadn't been aware of the attention you were drawing by standing in the middle of the lobby with your mouth wide open.

“Ma’am?” by the second time he called you ‘ma’am’ you had refocused, shook your head and apologized.
“I’m supposed to have an interview at 3. With…” you dug in your pocket, reaching for the slip of paper with a name written on it.

“Mark?” You squinted. The ink hadn't been dry yet when you shoved it in your pocket.

“Mark?” you looked at the security guard with pink cheeks, apologizing once again.

“Sorry, I know it’s probably not Mark…” you shoved it back in your pocket, stuttering as you searched for what to say.

“Y/N!” you peered past the security guard, relief washing over you the moment your eyes landed on Finn.

“Finn! Hey!” the guard looked between you and Finn before stepping aside.

“Through the gates for a security check ma’am. And next time have the name right.” He waited until you past before speaking up again. “his name is Matt, not mark.”

You gave your bag up for inspection, fidgeting and shifting your weight back and forth as Finn waited for you on the other side.

“Had any trouble getting in?” Finn joined your side, brushing his arm against yours as he made his way to the far elevator.

“Not really. But the building itself is amazing!” Your excited and mystified reaction had made Finn laugh under his breath, your amazement clearly not a surprise to Finn.

“That's what everyone says.” He pushed the button for the 17th floor, leaning back against the against the smooth metal wall, arms crossed before he looked at you.

“The number 17 is Matt's lucky number. Ben and Kylo both have offices on the 20th and 21st floor.” Finn moved positions, standing straight, hands shoved in his pockets.

He looked far more anxious and nervous than you were, at least outwardly. “Matt is an awkward guy. He's the most reserved of the triplets. He’s a nice enough guy, though he does have a temper if he's pushed too far.” The floors were quickly passing by, the lack of people getting on and off was puzzling.

“This is an elevator reserved specifically for employees. The public elevators were the other two.” His warm brown eyes were on you, his small, nervous smile was giving you little in the way of confidence.

“Why are you so nervous? Should I be nervous? Am I going to make a fool out of myself?” You looked at the climbing numbers that flashed at the top of the elevator, and then side glanced Finn.

“You'll be fine, Y/N. I’m anxious for a meeting I have after taking you to meet Matt.” The doors opened on the 17th floor.

Finn stepped out first and then you followed. What sight await you as your stepped off was nothing short of amazing.

There were a series of desks in the middle of the massive room you were about to step into. On both sides of the rooms were a series of black shelves marked with different parts used to create whatever they may have needed.

You could see some of the parts labeled as thin copper wire, aluminum, lithium ion batteries, core processing components.

All of it went over your head. You liked to think you were a technologically smart person, you could use your phone, your laptop, tablets without issue. You could program a smart TV, but when it came to building robots and programming computers and all that other shit, you were hopeless.

“This is amazing! I feel like I’m in Iron Man's lab!” you took everything in with wide eyes, the desks and materials the focus of the floor, a few offices to the left and right seemingly in the background.

“It's amazing isn't it. This is where they design, create and build the prototypes, small scale of course.” Finn looked around, first on the left side if the offices and then the right.

“I have to go to a meeting myself, so just go to the office on the right, at the back. Matt'll be in there.” Finn clapped you on the back and whispered a good luck to you.

You took a deep breath before you startes walking toward the back office, moving past the desks and shelves of different materials, passed the posters of their past inventions, past weapons.

As you came to the last door on the right, you could see a giant, hulking frame of a man who was kneeling on the floor under a desk, messing with a few wires that were attached to the back of a computer.

He had blonde curly hair, long enough to brush the nape of his neck. You could see the curved temples of glasses as they rest on his ears.

He was muttering under his breath, wearing a pair of dark jeans that appeared to be dirty, but that was hardly what you were looking at. What you were looking at, was the way the jeans cut across his ass.

You were shameless as you looked at him, the peek of his black boxers peeking out from his jeans. He was well built, with strong legs and arms, though he wasn't stacked.

“Fucking thing…” you finally managed to knock on his door, surprising the man.

He jerked up, his head snacking on the underside if the desk, another round of curses leaving his lips.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” He slammed his hand on the table, pulling himself up to stand.

When he managed to get up, you inhaled sharply. The man was huge, easily over a foot taller than you, probably 6’3” or 6’4”.

“I’m supposed to have an interview at 3. I’m assuming you’re Matt?” You rocked back and forth on your heels, waiting for him to look at you.

“You’re Y/N?” when he finally turned and looked, you felt an immediate reaction.

Not only was he tall, he was beautiful. The irises were deep brown with flecks of hazel and gold, his eyes pulling you in easily, holding you hostage.

“Yeah. You’re Matt right? I have the right place? I’m not in the wrong office?” You asked Matt the question, but he didn't answer.

He was staring at you with red tipped ears and slightly pink cheeks. He was watching you, his mouth opening and closing a few times before he finally got his nerve and spoke.

“Y-yeah. I’m Matt.” He wiped his hand on his jeans, which you realized were dirty, and then held out his hand.

“I’m Y/N.” You shook his hand, count to three and then pulled it away.

“This entire place is amazing. Really. I mean I feel like I’m in Tony Stark's lab. It’s so impressive.” You had looked over your shoulder back at the lab, and when you turned back, Matt was now sitting in the chair behind his desk.

“You can sit.” Finn was right, he was a little awkward. Insanely beautiful for a man, but awkward.
In an adorable way.

“Thank you.” You sat on the chair opposite his, tucked your feet underneath.

You watched him as he looked you up and down, ears burning.

“We should just begin?” You nod, fingers drumming against your thighs.

“I’m ready when you are.”