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how whipped is whipped?

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Fucking Choi Minho.


Jeongguk is seething. He’s been sitting there for almost 20 minutes already and he can taste the blood in his mouth because he’s been biting his lips so hard in his attempt to hold back the growl threatening to escape.


Jeongguk likes to think he’s a fairly reasonable and chill person to be around with. People would even describe him as someone… nonchalant, or uncaring… in a way. He simply doesn’t care about what’s happening around him mainly because he doesn’t want people to be paying attention to him either.


But of course it’s different when a certain Kim Taehyung comes into play.


Kim Taehyung, art and drama major extraordinaire. Kim Taehyung, the most sought-after omega in this university. Kim Taehyung, his very beautiful, very charming and very unmated best friend.


Who is currently, and just casually laughing, not a care in the world, with Choi Minho, the campus president. With the alpha’s arms wrapped around the omega’s shoulders. The fucker.


And Taehyung seems to not even find the arm around him offending, or even uncomfortable, what with the way he’s slightly leaning in to the older, seemingly finding their conversation very entertaining.


He hadn’t noticed his grip on his chopsticks being too hard until it snapped in half on his hand and Jimin inadvertently catching the broken wood before it even poke his eyes when one flew to his direction. He can thank his good reflex as a perk of being a natural dancer, he thinks.


“Guk-ah, you seem to not be in a very good mood today, huh?” Seokjin chimes in, eyes following Jeongguk’s, seeing Taehyung a few tables down together with his so-called flower boy hyungs, Minho, Seojoon, Hyungsik and Jihan.


Of course, only Taehyung can illicit this type of reaction from Jeongguk. The younger being known as good-natured and easygoing among his friends, though stoic and formal to strangers, which can be attributed to him just being painfully shy and awkward around people he isn’t really comfortable with.


“What?” Jeongguk replied, kind of distracted, not actually paying attention to whatever Seokjin, Jimin, Namjoon, Yoongi and Hoseok were yapping about. His focus solely directed to the omega who looks to be having fun with his other friends.


And Taehyung, bless him, seems to recognize the inner turmoil of his best friend, because he’s now facing them, gaze landing on the fuming alpha, frown evident on his face.


Jeongguk watched as Taehyung excused himself, started getting up from the table to make his way down their table, fixed stare on the alpha who visibly preened when he realized his omega noticed him being displeased and is sure to make amends soon enough.


Wait, his omega?


When did he start to think of Taehyung as his omega?


His wolf whined, clearly in agreement of the thought of Taehyung being his, and he realized that yes, his wolf has only ever reacted to Taehyung’s, and maybe that has been the reason why he was never interested in dating anyone else. And that the one-night stands stopped being fun when he realized Taehyung has been getting some too.


But he’s never been good at expressing his feelings. Not when they were only 5 years old and Jeongguk has been grateful when Taehyung got rid of Jieun who’s been bothering him that day on the sandbox (he never liked girls because Jimin said they have cooties) and not now when they’re 20 and still together here in this university.


He watched Taehyung occupy the seat beside him, raising his eyebrows in question.


“Are you alright, Gukkie?”


And fuck it if Jeongguk doesn’t melt. Because he’s giving him that big, doe-eyes. Dark orbs full of concern, hand already cupping the side of his face closest to him, his thumb tenderly rubbing his jaw.


Jeongguk visibly relaxes. Tension falling away from his shoulders. His wolf automatically perking up with the omega’s attention on him. He leaned into the touch, nuzzling his best friend’s palm.


“I’m okay, Tae.” He exhaled. Yes, he’s definitely better now that the omega’s beside him.


He thinks he heard Yoongi mumbling "Whipped..." but he didn't pay it any mind either.


“I can smell your agitation, Gukkie. What got you so riled up?” He should’ve known that Taehyung wouldn’t let it go that easy. He’s always the worrywart when it comes to Jeongguk.


“Nothing, I just…” he doesn’t know what to answer to the omega, so he resorted into pulling him onto his lap. This is not something new either. Since the two have been very comfortable about skinship ever since they were kids.


Taehyung automatically wound one of his arms around Jeongguk’s neck, sitting sideways onto his lap. Face finding purchase in the column of the alpha’s shoulders. He inhaled deeply, relaxing in the alpha’s arms.


Jeongguk did the same as well. His face immediately buried in the omega’s clavicle, close to his scent gland. Taehyung is wearing one of Jeongguk’s hoodie, a way to ward off the alphas in the campus. But it’s now stenched with that Minho’s smell. He needs to scent Taehyung. His wolf agitated that another alpha’s scent is left, albeit very subtle, in Taehyung’s essence.


He noses Taehyung’s neck, kept his arms patting around the omega, surrounding him with his smell. No other wolf would ever try to come near Taehyung after he’s done with him. That he made sure of.


He felt Taehyung’s hands cupping his nape, as he leaned away from his chest, peering into his face.




Fuck, he is so fucked.


Those innocent brown eyes looked up to him, silently asking him what’s wrong. Being friends for so long, they can have a silent conversation just by looking into each other’s eyes.


Is everything okay?


It’s nothing.


Are you sure, Gukkie?


It’s fine, Tae, really.


And just like that, Taehyung let the incident go. He knows he wasn’t off the hook just yet. But Taehyung seemed to not mind it much, which is good. And so they went back to cuddle in the middle of the cafeteria while their hyungs bicker about the benefits of wheatgrass that Namjoon has been obsessing over recently.






Jeongguk thought after that incident, he got a relatively good hold of himself when reacting to Taehyung’s friends and how they act around him when they’re outside. He can now calmly sit and watch Taehyung with his hyungs. Can even proudly say that the green-eyed monster rarely makes an appearance anymore, since Taehyung seem to understand his need to scent him after. Because Taehyung makes sure to go back to him after being around his horde of alpha hyungs.


Taehyung never smelled of another alpha after that, so Jeongguk was a happy camper.


He never once considered the thought of the omega smelling anything other than their combined scents after that lunch.


That is until one day, Taehyung stumbled to their shared apartment, looking mildly dazed, lips red and looked as if it was bitten, and reeking of fucking Choi Minho from head to toe.


The scent was so strong Jeongguk did a double take, his wolf bristling with thought of Taehyung being scent marked by anyone other than him.


“What the fuck, Taehyung?!”


He can’t help the low growl that escaped his throat, his eyes seeing red, his wolf howling with the thought of what they could possibly have done for Taehyung to have that alpha’s smell all over him like that.


Taehyung stopped in his tracks, hackles alert. He knows Jeongguk would never hurt him, and he has a really good idea what got his best friend so worked up. He’s not even concerned, since it was just really an accident. But Jeongguk doesn’t know that. So he guesses he has a very tense, and very upset alpha, to placate.


The moment Taehyung was within arm’s reach, he pulled the omega onto his lap. The omega ended up straddling him on the couch, his legs pinned beneath the soft, tan thighs. His hands consequently palming the soft flesh just below his ass, massaging it. It’s so weirdly familiar how often they’ve been in this position that Taehyung automatically placed his hands around his shoulders, resting his cheeks above his head, his face nuzzling his dark locks and Jeongguk naturally seeking that soft spot between Taehyung’s neck and shoulders.


Except this time, there’s an urgency when Jeongguk roughly shoves his face to the omega’s scent glands, nipping and licking possessively. Leaving reddish marks on his neck. Sucking the soft skin hard enough to leave purplish bruises visible for everyone to see. He keeps on alternating between leaving bites and soothing it after by laving it with his tongue, lapping possessively at the omega’s neck and collarbones, like he’s marking his territory and that no one should even dare come close.


Taehyung’s confused. He knows Jeongguk’s quite the possessive one, but this is the first time he’s marked him up like this. He won’t deny that he likes it, but he’s also concerned. He’s breathless and bright red from the alpha’s ministrations when he had the courage and energy to pull away, asking the alpha what’s gotten into him, and what exactly is happening.


The alpha reluctantly gave in, admiring the painting he’s created on the other’s body, his wolf seemingly satisfied. He childishly answered, “I don’t like that disgusting scent you are covered with!!! What the hell, Taehyung? Why is his scent all over you like that?” he’s pouting and huffing, and Taehyung had the audacity to laugh at him.


“But Gukkie, it was an accident. Hyung caught me when I almost fell off the stairs.”


“Hmpppfffttt! Why should you be so clumsy?” The alpha started nipping his jaws and Taehyung, for the life of him, can’t even remember what he was going to say next. It’s really hard to think straight when you have a possessive and whiny alpha mouthing at you and marking you like that.


“I’m not! I told you it was an accident! Also, you know that your alpha scent is the only one I liked! As if I’d let another alpha scent me like that when I already have you as mine!” was his indignant reply. And oh, he realized he said too much, because now Jeongguk’s gawking at him, his hands frozen on his thighs and eyes wide.


After a few seconds of awkwardly gaping at each other, Taehyung figured that he should get away, having given away too much of what his real feelings are to Jeongguk. He started to push the alpha’s chest, eager to get out of his lap, but to his surprise, the alpha wound his arms around his back, flushing their chests, his face looking up at him in wonder.


“Say that again.”


Wait, what?


“S-say what again, J-jeongguk-kie?” He’s stuttering like a fourteen year old with his crush, his cheeks dusted pink, and Jeongguk thinks he’s never seen Taehyung more beautiful than he is now, blushing and shy on his arms.


“Say that I’m your alpha…” his eyes are blown wide. Smirk forming on his lips. The tension on Taehyung’s shoulders eased. He looked down at the alpha below him, cupping both his cheeks, lips hovering over Jeongguk’s.


“Jeonggukkie, my alpha…” He breathes, reverently.


Jeongguk didn’t need to think anymore, and he closed the distance between their mouths. Lips molding onto each other, like fitting a missing puzzle piece. Jeongguk nips at Taehyung’s lower lip, making him gasp, and he took the opportunity to delve his tongue into the omega’s mouth, seeking the other’s wet muscle. Heads tilting, their tongues danced around each other, intertwining and teasing. This is the first time they’ve kissed, and Jeongguk wondered why they haven’t done this sooner.


Soon enough, Jeongguk’s right hand is holding Taehyung’s nape, the other wrapped around his waist. While both of Taehyung’s hands are wrapping on Jeongguk’s hair, and when Taehyung tugged on it, Jeongguk broke the kiss, moaning, before diving right back in. Taehyung is pleased with his mini discovery. And he plans on using it to his advantage as often as he can.


They broke apart again when they had to come up for air, Jeongguk proceeding to continue adding marks on Taehyung’s neck, while the omega just whimpers and let his alpha have his way with him.


“Jeongguk… Gukkie…” he tugs on the alpha’s hair again, and Jeongguk, realizing the omega has caught early on to his weakness on hair pulling, sent him a glare that did nothing to the omega.


“What?” he said, pulling back and watching the omega squirm on his lap. He thinks he likes Taehyung like this, wants to keep him on his lap as often and as long as possible.


“What now? Are we...?” Taehyung looked at him straight on. He wants to know what this means for them.


“I know I want to keep on kissing you, Taehyung. If that’s what you’re asking.” Jeongguk answered earnestly. He knows he wants this. He’s just not sure if this is what Taehyung wants too.


“I’d like that.” Taehyung said meekly.


“And I know I don’t want any other alpha smell on you. And I want you to be my omega, Taehyung…”


And Taehyung’s answer was to kiss the fuck out of Jeongguk, and Jeongguk happily obliges his omega.


His omega.


Fuck. He can now call him his omega.


And Jeongguk, as much as he doesn’t want to, thanks Minho in silence. Because if not for that accident, who knows until when they’ll act like before?


But still,


Fucking Choi Minho.