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My beautiful broken creature

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Humans are easy pray, with his face all he just has to do is smile they just follow him anywhere. Tonight he has some blonde beta he took in an alleyway behind a bar then bled her dry before leaving her corpse laughing before he ran off into the night at the horrified screams of someone finding the body.

He is in a neighborhood, some highend rich snobs type. Dean contemplates on staking out a house, having some fun with the family that lives inside, play house a bit while he kills them one by one.

A noise startles him out of his thoughts as a boy comes out of a house, Omega by the smell and he has been crying...Not that Dean cares. The scent is mouth watering and Dean wants him, But he will have to get the omega alone.

Castiel is shoved against his locker, His face pressed into the metal.

“Hows my bitch” Crowley whispers in his ear. “I could just claim you right now you know, No one would care” He sneers

“Thats illegal!” Castiel yells as his arm is twisted back

“And who says?” Crowley turns him face to face “All they would see is a mating bite, and an omega whore who was claimed by an alpha.”

Three teachers walk by and Crowley releases him and Castiel hightails it away from him,

“Don't forget what you are to everyone, Noone cares about a worthless male omega!” Crowley yells.


Castiel is outside walking home, It didn't supprise him that his older brother didn't wait to pick him up today like he was supposed to. Castiel felt like crying when he noticed he was being watched, and then followed, 'Sigh great another alpha' Castiel just wants to get home into his room and shut the world out.

“Omega.” The voice is velvet to his ears as he turns

“Just get it over with” Castiel turns angerly

Dean is taken aback by the anger radiating from the human “Huh.. Arn't you scared”

“Of course I am, An alpha who looks like he is going to kill me? You would I would have to be an idiot to not be.” Castiel frowned, “It wouldn't be the worst thing to happen, I bet most wont even care if it did”

Dean tilts his head, He has never dealt with food acting out at him in over two hundred years.

“well?” Castiel closes his eyes waiting for death, Maybe he will finally be happy and know what it is liked to be safe, happy and not fearful everyday.

20 minutes go by and nothing has happened....Castiel opens his eyes and the man is gone.


Dean ran as soon as the omega closed his eyes, He wanted some kind reaction but not that. What kind of human wants to die?

Dean runs up the few steps to the house he is staying at and enters, That whole scenario got to him, The look on the boys face especially, Those eyes...Ocean blue eyes.... “Damn it Dean get a hold of yourself. Its just an omega that caught you by surprise thats all” He shouts to himself.



The next day Dean is prowling for his next meal when he is in the same neighborhood that he was in two days ago,

“huh” he stops when he sees the boy again, as usual he is by himself like last time but he has a faint smell of blood on him... Someone has hit 'His' omega hard enough to bleed...(wait what?) Dean is walking up to the house before he knew what was happening.

“Hey omega” Dean perches beside the omega but doesn't get a response. The omega boy doesn't turn his head just looks at him with his eyes in notice, Tears are staining his cheeks.

“You going to kill me this time?” The omega sniffley says, Looks right at Dean “I wont even fight it, I want you to”

Dean growls as he sits next to the boy “Why do you want to die so badly?, Most people when they know someone is going to kill them they run or plead them not too!

The boy sighs, “I am a disappointment to my family, Born the wrong sub gender and they hate me for it, I am told everyday by my parents that they wish I were dead, My siblings join in saying a male omega is an abomination.”

“School is a nightmare, I am bullied because I am omega...I get told that I am nothing but a hole and someone is going to claim me sooner than later. Some alphas have bets going on of who gets me first. Told my parents once and they told me to stop parading myself like a whore then. Right before father backhanded me for embarrassing him.”

Dean growled as he stood up, he without thinking grabbed the omega and ran with him bridal style in his hands to his house.
Putting the omega down, Dean just realized he has a human at his house. “Crap”

“What?” Castiel said looking at the décor in the living room “What did you plan on doing with me?”

“I don't care what you do, Just don't leave the house without me” Dean growled out

Why was he being so protective? Dean was so screwed by bringing a human here. He could get himself killed out here.

“Guest bedroom is upstairs” Dean went back outside he didn't eat yet and since he was not going to eat the kid he needed to grab someone.
“Thanks” The omegas voice whispered faintly.
Castiel had went into the spare bedroom and looked around it, It was clean but smelled not used. He really just wanted to sleep but was kinda afraid to since he was in a strangers house. A stranger with Jade Green eyes that he thought were staring into his soul. His omega tried to tell him to go to the alpha present yourself for your mate (hold up there! I don't even know him.) His teeth when he smiled made him shiver which should of frightened him and also told him that he was of a different species alpha, What Castiel could not say.


Dean came home three hours later, He walked up to the bedroom and opened the guest bedroom to check on the omega, sigh, he looked peaceful as he slept and Dean wanted to get next to him (God damnit alpha brain) closing the door and heading to his room he put on the CD player before laying down
“Why, Is this omega so special huh?” Dean held up his arms to nothing “I don't have emotions for anything...anybody for 200 years then all the sudden..?”

He felt his alpha bark at him to go claim his mate. “No, You got us in enough trouble today!” He folded his arms and dozed off.


Dean heard a knock on the door. “Uh..Um, I don't know your name but there is nothing to eat downstairs and I was wondering....”

Shit..Humans ate food...
“Yeah, I will go get something to eat don't worry.” Dean yawned as he got up. “Stay in the house got it.”

Nodding the omega sat on the couch.


Take out breakfast from the local diner, Castiel moaned as he ate the syrup pancakes. His father never allowed him pancakes. “These are soo good. Are you going to eat?

“Nah I don't eat that stuff,” Dean chuckled as he watched the omega lick syrup off his fingers.

“Uhm...What are you..?” Castiel looked down at the plastic fork. “I mean I saw your teeth earlier and you had a lot of them, pointy too.”

“I'm a vampire kid” Dean said flatly “I have been for a long time.”
“Were you going to kill me that day?”
“Yes, I..” Dean sighed “I was trying to get you alone”
“But what changed” Castiel looked seriously at him.
“You stumped me, I have never been talked back to like that by anyone.” He chuckled “And I was going back to take care of everything but then you were crying...” Dean growled out.
“My crying made you not murder me?” Castiel sat next to Dean now.

“Normally I don't care one way or another but you had a bruise, and blood was on your cheek. You asked to die and I lost the ability to want to kill you,When you said your parents treat you like shit well that brought me back to my past.”
“Story for a different time” Dean stood up to throw away the container.

“Huh,” Dean turned around to face the omega
“My name”
“Dean” Dean said rubbing his neck

“I will be back in an hour or two, stay in the house. Do whatever it is humans do.” Dean left without another word.

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Castiel had been left alone for a few hours, the sun had set and he decided that it was best to just go to bed. The room Dean said he could have was impersonal and he wasn't scared but it did get him thinking of what Dean really wanted with him. What he had learned from the alpha should have had him running the moment he was left alone but he didn't want to. Dean hasn't talked down to him (like his parents and siblings) or Tried to knot him, calling him a slut (like so many bullies at school).

If he went back home it would be just going back to being a burden on his family, His father telling him to get out of the way or hitting him when he didn't obey.


The door creaked downstairs, Dean must of just gotten home. Castiel hopes he actually brought food home because he hadn't eaten since this afternoon and was too afraid to ask before.

His eyes are on the door and there is a shadow of a person on the other side and an unfamiliar smell creeps in under the crack. “A human, What the hell Dean?” A voice whispers as it jiggles the door handle (Years of abuse from his family had him locking his bedroom door) Castiel hides under his bed.

“Dean, What have you gotten into?” The voice sighs and moves away from the door.

As Castiel gets out from under the bed after a few minutes of quiet the door is broken down and a tall brown haired alpha stares at him, eyebrows crinkled and nostrils flaring. Castiel screams and runs trying to get back under the bed just to have the alpha pluck him up like nothing. “Didn't think Dean was this stupid to kidnap his prey.”

Castiel closes his eyes as he knows he is going to die.

“Sam!” Castiel hears Dean's voice and then lands on his butt hard, He opens his eyes and sees that Dean has the taller alpha in a headlock and his growling at him.

“What the hell Dean, We don't kidnap our food!” Sam wheezes out “This is dangerous what if people start looking for it?”

Dean lets go of the alpha and Castiel scrambles behind Dean.

“Cas is not food Sammy” Dean bites out a growl
“It's not, Then what are you doing with it” The alpha(Sam) Says.
“Stop calling him an it for starters,” Dean looks at Castiel like he is checking to see if he's hurt, Like Castiel is 'His. “And secondly I can't answer that yet.”

Sam frowns like he knows “This is wrong you know, Our clan wont accept it Dean.”

The two alphas are having a conversation and basically forget that what took place not an hour ago and that pisses Castiel off.
“HEY!” He growls out looking at Dean. “What the fuck just happened, I was just attacked by a vampire that happens to know you Dean!” Castiel fumes “I know I may just be an omega but I think I am entitled to know what happened!”

Both of the alphas look at the human like they were both slapped, Sam spoke up “Uh I have never heard a human omega yell like that before dude, How long have you two known each other?”
“A day and a half, I was planning on eating him for a bit longer and he basically shocked me on the day I approached him too.”

Sam nods his head “I see why you two are mates then.”

“What?” Castiel tilts his head “What do you mean mate, and I still want my answers?” He crosses his arms over his chest.

“Ok..Ok” Dean laughs as he holds up his hands in surrender “Uh I kinda dropped some food bags outside when I smelled your distress, Would you like to eat first and then we can answer whatever you want?”

Castiel huffs but nods


After eating a bowl of soup and grilled cheese that he made himself Castiel sits on the couch.

“Sam here is my brother...I turned him a few years after I was turned.” Dean started saying

“Castiel the reason I attacked you was out of fear that Dean would get hurt, So many of our kind get hunted down because of mistakes of kidnapping humans. I thought he took you and I just thought of protect my brother at all costs” Sam said quietly “Hunters usually get wind of a child being kidnapped quicker than an adult so I freaked out.”

“Hunters? Like Van Helsing.” Castiel looked at the two

“Yes but not as cool as the movie, Hunters are usually more flannel wearing beer drinkers” Dean chuckles as Sam gives a bitch face.

“What do you mean Sam that I am his mate and that the clan does not approve?”

“I smelt it when he choked me, He was so worried about you and the way he was checking for injuries...” Sam stopped when he saw the look of clarity on Castiel's face. “As for the clan, Vampires are not supposed to mate with Humans, I don't really understand it but for what I read is that the offspring can have abilities that surpass the norm of a vampire, Something having to do with the were DNA ancestry of the Alpha/Beta/Omega.”

“Have there been any?” Castiel was curious because Dean was lowering his head like he was ashamed that he even brought Castiel here and made him deal with this mess in the first place.

“There were some long ago but killed by the rule placed over a thousand years ago.” Dean sounded upset.

“What if I decided to become a vampire?”

“NO!” Dean angrily growled out

“Why not, My human life sucks anyway and what is the point of being your mate if I will die in fifty to seventy years.” Castiel stood up and frowned yelling out at Dean who left.

“You don't want this, being a vampire is not fun, You are led by blood and it consumes you.” Sam says “Eventually you lose connection to humanity and just become an animal”

Dean ran to the top of the mountain, Damn he wanted Cas. He wanted him since he first smelt the omega at his home. He made the first mistake of bringing him to his house, Then Sam had to blurt out that they were mates and Now.... Cas can't go back home. Denying ones mate is like killing yourself, And once Cas figured it out he would be killing the omega.

Dean yelled at the top of his lungs towards the sky, He cursed the guy who tricked him at that bar and bit him turning him into this monster he is. Yelled at the unknown alpha who took Sam's girlfriend away from him and at when Sam begged on his knees for Dean to end his life but instead Dean gave him a new one. And then he cried for the beautiful creature that is Cas, That was ready to die just like that when Dean approached......He fucked up and took him instead.


What was he going to do?

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Dean came back inside when he calmed down and came up with an answer. Cas was sitting on the couch arguing with Sam about the whole mess and Sam was just taking it in stride.

“Hey Cas let my brother off the hook already, He apologized and if you think about it it is really my fault.” Dean said rounding the couch “I shouldn't have brought you here in the first place”

“So what now you are gonna dump me back home like nothing” Cas snapped at him upset “I get it, You don't want a MALE omega as a mate, But if it means anything to you just bleed me dry now.” He sniffed tears welling in his eyes “I would rather you kill me now then go back home and die slowly while my stupid omega brain thinks it lost its mate.”

Dean stared at Cas his alpha kicking him hating that its mate is upset. Sam was clearly shocked at the way Cas was upset and his nose twitched at the distress and sadness that was rolling off of him.

“No, no my omega” Dean frowned and went to cupped his face. He let himself actually touch Cas and call him 'his'. “I just wanted to tell you that I wanted to at least wait till you were 18 to turn you, Being 16 forever would really suck.” Dean kissed the tears away.

'God Cas tastes better than he smells' Dean thought, Not just because he was a vampire and Cas was human. Humans generally tasted the same to Dean depending on the age (Younger ones are sweeter) Dean never went for anyone younger than 16, Thinking that they still needed to live their lives first. And Never virgins, He was going to fuck Cas before drinking him and everyone needed to have sex at least once before they die.

Not every vampire was like him, Dean just had rules he followed. Some killed a preferred type. Like Meg who was turned by her now Girlfriend Jo when an Ex beat the crap out of her when she broke up with him, Now she goes after Men who cheat on their girlfriends or wives. Or you had Assholes who like to torture their prey, Alistair and Gordon were two he could name that took their time and made sure the person felt everything.

“Why would you wait Dean” Sam huffed out a laugh “I mean two years, Thats a long time to hide him from the clan. What about the mating bite?”

“What about it?” Dean turned to Sam frowning

Sam took Dean by the arm leading him away from Cas, “They are going to wonder who you are mated to, and when they smell human on you they are going demand him turned or if they suspect you were hiding him for a long period of time they can vote on killing him.” Sam whispered “Remember Sarah, She mated that human beta but didn't tell anyone about it for a year”

“What when?” Dean raised an eyebrow at his brother, He didn't remember Sarah that much but she just left one day, “Bobby said she was killed by hunters, Held a meeting for it and everything.”

“That is what they told everyone, But I overheard Ellen saying it was a shame that they had to kill such a young vampire over a stupid rule.”

Sarah was only 50 years, Had no idea how old she was human years but yeah that was young. She must of pissed off the council if that meant her death as well.

“What do you expect me to do Sam, Turn him now?”

Sam didn't even answer that he just gave a bitch face and turned to Cas who was sitting on the couch looking at the two whispering.

“Give me a few months to prepare him for what is to come, I don't want him to go in this blind.” Dean sighed and turned to Cas who smiled back at him.

“OK Dean but I promise you, You don't do it I will. You are my brother and I wont watch you be in pain cause of your stupidness.” Sam went to the front door... “I will be back in a few months” He shut the door and Dean let out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

Cas was up the moment Sam was out the door.
“So what happened?”

“I want us to get to know each other first, Since Sam brought up that fact its not a good idea to wait two years Since the Clan will want to know who I am mated to the soon as they see me.”

“They come by?” Cas looked scared a bit as his eyes went wide.
“They check up on everyone who live outside the main house, There are about 25 of us and 7 live by themselves.”

“Oh” Cas said quietly. “May I scent you now?”
“I would love that very much” Dean rumbled out.

Castiel went towards Dean and got on his toes to get at the alphas neck, Dean wasting no time picked the omega up as Cas squeaked and rubbed his nose up and down the base of his neck even going far as to dart his tongue a bit at the mating spot.

“Shit” Dean growled out smelt slick, He was itching to bite what was his.


Cas was in heaven his nose was in the alpha's neck and a tongue lick the spot where Dean would make his claim and he felt slick drip from his hole and Dean growled out. “Alpha....please” He felt himself say. He had never wanted to have a knot before as badly as he wanted Dean's.

He felt himself being put down, “I can't Cas, I wont be able to stop myself from biting you.” Dean stained to say.

“Don't fight it then, mate me now, I am ready” Cas demanded.

“Thats not the problem, I was planning on mating you right before I turned you.” Dean said eyes red “never heard of a vampire to just stop at one bite. And right now I want to devour you!” He said licking the shell of Cas's ear making slick pool in his underwear.

Pulling away Dean chuckled “I want you to learn about what you are going to be first my omega. So many of us, me included were turned without knowing what to do.” Dean turned to the kitchen grabbing a soda he bought earlier for Castiel. “I want you to be prepared and ask questions.

“Can I sleep in your bed?” Castiel blurted out

Dean chuckled again “Yes my omega, You will be sleeping in my bed. I want to hold you and learn everything about you.”

“Ok, Can we go to bed, Its late.” Cas yawned it was 1am.
“I do need to hunt first, I was busy with getting you food I forgot” Dean frowned “You sleep in my bed and we can talk when I get back or wait till tomorrow.”

“OK” Cas sadly said but Dean needed to eat, Then a thought came up “Uh, when I turn. Can I have revenge on people who wronged me?”

“If you want to, Get revenge on bullies or even your whole family I would gladly help you.” Dean said pausing at the stairs “But think about that, The first thing I had to learn was dealing with being able to take a life”

Castiel thought about his father hitting him all the time just because he felt like it, And frowned. “Not now Cas,” Dean kissed his head. You're tired”

Dean got him settled in his bed, Cas was out as soon as his head hit the pillows. Dean smiled and surrounded Cas in more pillows and a quick kiss on the cheek before jumping out the window.

Cas is going to make a great vampire, He will make sure to take Cas to all types of places around the world that he and Sam went to back when they were young. With a quick look back at the house Dean went into the night...

It was 5am when Cas woke up, He was sweaty and hot. “What, That can't be right” He said to no one. He just had a heat two and a half months ago and he wasn't due for one in another two weeks. Dean just said he wanted to wait and here Cas was in heat and... God he needed to be filled.

First he needed to get the blanket off. Kicking the blanket onto the floor he shed his clothing he was wearing till he was completely naked, laying back down on his stomach he started to stroke himself taking three fingers to probe his hole. A twist of his wrist and he was cumming into the sheet with a cry just as he heard the door open.

“Cas?” Dean's voice sounded choked at what he saw and his eyes were wild with lust “You're...Fuck”

Castiel writhed as he smelled Dean enter the room, He needed his alpha, Why wasn't Dean moving and taking care of him? “Dean” He moaned out. “ moving his fingers in and out of his hole, “Alpha”

That seemed to make the man move, and he was on the bed in seconds with a growl the alphas cock pushed in him. “Mine” Dean snarled as he thrusted hard making the omega moan and push back against him.

“Dean” Castiel chanted as he felt another orgasm build in his belly as Dean grabbed his cock and started stroking fast


“Come with me omega” Dean purred as his knot began to swell.

“Alpha!” Cas came hard at the same time Dean's knot locked inside him and he felt Dean bite down on his neck as he Came still thrusting a bit.

Dean cleaned the wound gently, Castiel was still sated and he felt like he could die happy now till all the sudden Dean pulled slightly. “Ow” he pushed back towards Dean.

“Cas!” Dean said startled “OMG What did I do?” He was panicking.
“What, You regret it?” Castiel looked hurt
“No, I just....I...Did I take too much blood?” Dean looked at Castiels face “Do you feel faint?”
“Thats what you are worried about, No Dean, I feel wonderful.” Castiel smiled brightly “I was so scared that I was in heat early but you took care of me like a good alpha.... I thought you said you would turn me after you mated me,”

Dean frowned, I thought that when I finally bit you that I would lose control. But I guess my alpha kept me in check to make sure I didn't hurt you.” Dean kissed Castiel “I don't even remember anything past seeing you with your fingers in your hole, would of hated turning you without knowing it”

Castiel thought about it, and after a bit when Dean's knot deflated he turned to really kiss Dean. “I think we should get some sleep before my next wave hits.” He touched his new mating mark before laying back down.

Five days of heat later and Dean and Castiel were exhausted but happy, Everything may not have gone like they planned but it was a good start to a new life.

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Dean had been thrilled that Castiel had been so eager with his questions, The last two weeks were filled with everything Dean could think of teaching him that he didn't know when he first was turned.

They were laying in bed waiting cuddling after sex when the question of Dean's past came up.

“How and when were you turned Dean?” Castiel lifted his head out of Dean's chest, turning his hand around in his.

“I hate to think about it” Dean said sighing “Its not a pleasant memory”

Dean sat up and put his head against the headboard, “Kinda was hoping that you would never ask me” He half laughed.
“Well, I would like to know who you were in the past” Castiel sat up and rubbed his arm “But..”

“I was 23 at the time and stupid.” Dean stopped for a second to look at Cas, “It was 1818 when I was turned a few months after my birthday I had stormed out of our house when my father had yelled at me for not mating yet.”

Castiel gasped doing the math in his head, Dean was 223 years old “That means you are over 200 years old.”
“Yeah, Still not the oldest vamp in our clan” Dean chuckled at the shocked expression
“How old is Sam” Castiel asked curiously
“nah uh, little omega, if you want Sam's story you ask him when you see him next” He chuckled as the omega huffed in defeat. “Can I continue?”

“Well, My dad was always trying to fix me up with these sweet docile omegas that would make great alpha pups, But I didn't want my mate chosen for me or at least docile enough that they wouldn't look me in the eyes.” Dean growled “When I reached twenty and Sam came of age where he presented as alpha as well, Dad started to double his efforts and I just couldn't take it anymore.

“He was yelling at me, I took the dates with the omegas but always returned with a 'No' so he went off on saying Sam was already courting a fine omega and I needed to hurry up and settle. I ran out of the house and went to the bar, Never had been to one before but dad visited one all the time and seemed to enjoy it. I was totally out of my element and I was sitting at the bar when a man sat next to me, An alpha but his smell wasn't unpleasant and he offered to buy me a drink since I looked like a lost puppy.”

“We chatted for an hour, We flirted with each other as well. I have no preference to sub gender and knew I liked males over females anyway. So when he asked if I wanted to get out of there I just nodded and we ended up in a hotel where he knotted me, he elongated his fangs and I started panicking but since we were tied I couldn't escape and he bit me, I thought I was dying when he started bleed me dry but then he bit himself and started feeding me his own blood. I passed out when that happened and came to an empty room”

Dean's eyes were filled with unshed tears and Castiel put his head in his chest to calm his alpha.

“I was so sensitive to sound and smell, I ended up stumbling back home covered in my and this dudes blood. I am glad Sam wasn't home at the time but dad was and when he saw me he thought I mated stupidly and smacked me. I fucking lost it and ended up blacking out for a minute coming to with my dad's blood everywhere and his body on the ground with his neck torn open.”
“I was scared of what I was for a long time, I ran away from everything.” Dean petted Castiels head “Left Sam, didn't come back till I could control my hunger and that didn't happen for a few years when Bobby found me.”

“I am sorry alpha” Castiel said nuzzling his neck

“Nah, Its in the past for a reason. And I found you now” Dean nuzzled back nipping the omega back.


After another round of sex and some sleep Dean said he needed to hunt for food and he would come back soon and he wanted to talk about when they would do the transformation, Castiel smiled and was giddy the whole time Dean was gone.

Dean was ready for Cas to turn, He just needed Cas to know one more thing. Dean wanted Cas to pick one of the people who hurt him as his first meal, He wanted to see it first hand too. Wanted to watch his omega feed on the asshole who hurt him, He wanted Cas to show him the person and walk up to whomever it is and say 'this is the one'.

Dean smiled at the thought.

Castiel was practically bouncing off the walls when Dean came back, It was just after midnight and he laughed when the omega kissed him greedily.

“When are we going to do it” Castiel led Dean to the couch to talk
“After we get your first meal baby” Dean chuckled when the omega tilted his head in confusion “We don't want a massacre in this town we're in, So I thought we would pick up one of your bullies from school tomorrow, Freak them out when they realize you are going to kill them.”

Castiels pupils dilated and he smiled evilly at the idea and Dean was hard instantly, The fact that his omega got turned on by the idea of killing a bully was the hottest thing he had ever witnessed.

He pounced on the omega and claimed his lips making him whimper underneath him.

Dean hated bringing Cas outside, Cas was still human but as long as he was with Dean no one would touch him.

They were at the school in seconds with Dean's speed. And Cas held his hand walking the hallways and walking towards his old locker. “He always passes here, His locker his just down there”

“Ok baby, I am going to be right behind the corner over there.” Dean pointed and Castiel nodded.


They planned out how they do this, And who they would get. Cas would say everything to entice Crowley, A chase would get him running right into Dean and knocked out in no time.

“Castiel, What are you doing here?” Crowley sneered “Your parents said you mated and ran off, Did you run away from your alpha?” He snickered “Needed a real knot in that whore hole.”

“Fuck you Crowley” Castiel spat out and took off.

Crowley looked stunned before he looked pissed and then began to chase him, Castiel ran hard and fast before Crowley grabbed his leg yelling “I am going to fuck you till you can't walk you stupid bitch” Before Dean's growl and fist connected with his face.

“You ok baby” Dean looked over Cas picking him up from the floor where he had fallen.
“Yeah, Lets just go before we're seen and someone reports us.” Castiel grunted.

Dean picked up Castiel and then Crowley and ran home.

“All I have to do is drink your blood?” Castiel looked up at Dean
“Yeah, Then feed on human blood” Dean said biting himself

Crowley was down in the basement and currently banging on the door.

Castiel licked his lips and licked at Dean's wrist wound.

“How do you feel” Dean asked
“Weird, but not that different kind of tingly” Castiel looked at his hands “What are you doing?”

Dean was placing furniture near the door like a maze. We can break through doors if we want to badly. And I want to make sure that you have a harder time doing it.”

“Oh” Castiel giggled, His whole body felt lighter, He could hear his own breath. “Dean I can hear my own breath”

“Yeah?” Dean chuckled “Wait till you taste blood for the first time”
“Am I ready?”
“Feel ready, I am with you the whole step of the way” Dean stood behind Cas.


Opening the door and letting Crowley fall on his ass made Castiel chuckle, Dean was there in case anything went wrong but other than that he was not going to do anything.

“What the hell bitch” Crowley snarled out “My parents are going to kill you when the find me, they are going to demand you...”

“Shut up!” Castiel growled out “Two years I put up with your threats of knotting me and the insults to all omegas.”

“You think you are the gift to us all, But in reality you are nothing but garbage that even the lowest scum wouldn't take you.” Castiel punched him.

Dean stood by watching Cas belt out more insults and punches and when Crowley had a split lip only then did Cas stop to look back at Dean. “Go ahead little omega”
“Castiel stop!” Crowley growled out in an alpha voice

Castiel ripped open the alpha's neck and covered himself in blood. The alpha was dead and Cas huffed when he was finished.

“Lets go take a shower Cas” Dean said huskily “Let me wash you, Take care of you.”

Castiel nodded and headed up the stairs noticing the alpha's arousal he sprinted with Dean groaning behind him.

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Castiel had been ruthless in killing for food, He barely needed help at luring his prey out and feeding on them. The shy, timid omega Dean had met a month ago was gone.

Castiel had taken charge of the whole house, Becoming dominant in the most stunning and frightening ways. Sex was rougher, Cas liked to be on top with Dean pinned underneath him while Cas impaled himself on his knot, Dean loved how his omega changed to grow into his own Vampire just like he did.

As the month ended Sam came over earlier than expected making the new vampire hiss and growl at the intruder.

“Sam I told you to knock first. Cas needs to know you are not a threat now” Dean frowned eyes meeting Cas “Cas its ok baby, Remember Sam is my brother. Not a threat”

Cas glowered at Sam but walked back upstairs to the bedroom going to bed, He had been too tired to argue with Dean about his brother. The door shut with a silence and then Sam wacked him.

“What was that for?” Dean glared.
“How long has he been with pup?” Sam bristled.
“What? He's not. He hasn't gone through a heat yet since he turned,” Dean scoffed.
“Well, He's pregnant Dean, Did he have a heat here before you turned him?

Dean paced the hallway twisting his jacket sleeve in his arms. “His heat, Yeah. But it's almost impossible to impregnate a human without a full moon.”
“But you were with him during heat.” Sam sighed as he looked up the stairs “How long was it ago since.”
“Almost a month, I just came back from hunting and he...I claimed him without hurting him.” Dean half smiled at the memory.

“You claimed him and that made it possible to get pregnant” Sam huffed “A Blood claim is the only other way it can be done. He is about two months now, This is bad Dean.”

“I came early to tell you about the head Council, They got wind of Castiel and now want to meet him.”

“The council...Shit.” Dean sat and held his head in his hands
“Yeah, The law saying a vampire/human cannot bring offspring into the world, But since Cas is now a vampire we could possible pass it off as just a vampire pup.” Sam tried to calm his brother down.
“With Jo's Nose?” Dean balked “That girl will scent it as soon as I walk in with Cas.
“Well good news then, They are coming here” Sam winced when Dean shouted.
“HERE” Dean balked “Why here?”

“They want to see the new vampire, And since its an omega they think its best to do on the territory of the pair. Not cause stress for the new one, I can tell them he is with child and buy you a few months. Close to the due date at least.” Sam frowned “You need to start reading the books about things like this.”

Sam left to give them some time before the council showed up.

Dean would start in the library, Reading everything if it meant Cas was safe. But He stopped when his mind went to pups. His omega is carrying his pup. He grabbed a few books and went to their bedroom.

Cas was sleeping on his side clutching the blankets softly snoring. He somewhat made a nest that Dean didn't even see the day before. Of course omegas start nesting when pregnant but he had been alone for so long he didn't even know what to look out for. Snuggling up to Cas was the final straw, His scent was stronger and had a hint of Cinnoman to it.

'I wont let them hurt you” Dean laid his hand over the omega's flat stomach and Cas purred in his sleep and curled into him.

Dean started reading, First he got a book on hybrid pups.

'The pup from a human and a supernatural have mixed results' Dean read ' The pup could have the traits of the alpha or Omega parents or have new traits all together.' Dean looked at Cas. 'It is said that said pup could bring chaos to all involved, Making Supernaturals a target for hunters with its unknown abilities. Thus a law was placed and all hybrids killed off to ensure that our way of life can be preserved.' Dean read further and nothing said that they had proof just knowledge.

“They don't even give examples?” Dean growled and threw the book. “They have theories but nothing concrete, They were given information that a hybrid would be dangerous but no cases of it happening?”

Dean curled up against his mate and pup and slept.

“Sam!” Bobby came down the stairs and greeted the boy.
“Hey Bobby,” Sam smiled

“Where the hell is Dean, Its been months since i've seen that idjit” Bobby frowned as the head of the house he hated when he was ignored by any of his charges.

“Thats what I am coming to tell you about,” Sam sighed “Dean mated and his mate is pregnant, Before you get angry on Dean not telling you, He wants to wait till a few months in for a meeting.”

Bobby calmed down as he was going to start shouting but he understood a new mate needed time to adjust and pregnant made it harder if new scents are around.
“Which clan did he mate from, Or is this a rouge?” He sighed, Knowing Dean it was the latter.

Sam didn't answer he just nodded and looked away. “I told Dean I wouldn't give much detail and let him tell you when he was ready.”

“There is something you're not telling me Sam,” Bobby side eyed him, But before he could question him further Gordon burst into the room angry.

“The hunters are on our trail again, Something about two human kids going missing”

Gordon didn't care about the kid part, He killed anyone he wanted and actually liked the younger ones. But when hunters got involved that meant that he had to watch his back and be careful and he hated that he had to look out for danger.

“Someone didn't leave bodies behind like they were supposed to, Make it look like an accident!” The beta growled out

They had rules about bleeding prey, 'Don't make it look like an obvious vampire attack!' ordinary humans wouldn't pick up on a vic with marks but hunters are smarter than that.

Sam looked at the two and shrugged turning to leave but Bobby told him hold up. “We are calling an emergency meeting! All vampires in the clan are a must, Including your brother and new mate Sam.” he looked at the alpha.

“But...” Sam started to protest.
“Not another word, We got hunters sniffing around, All clan members need to be here or face punishment! Go get them.” Bobby used his head alpha voice.

Sam swallowed hard, His brother and mate were going to be in trouble.

Chapter Text

Castiel was feeling funny, He woke up with Dean wrapped around him tightly, He wanted to snuggle in the blankets and go back to sleep but his stomach was doing flips.

“Dean” Castiel frowned as the grip got tighter on his waist “Dean!” He growled out and pushed the alpha awake.

Dean woke up with a start as his eyes shot open and an angry omega glaring at him. “What's wrong Cas?”

“I don't know, But it feels weird, Can it be a vampire thing?” Castiel frowned

“You think its the pup?” Dean asked sleepily and was confused at the weird shocked expression he was given.

“What do you mean pup?” Castiel looked like he was going to faint.
“You didn't know, I thought omegas were supposed to feel it as soon as they conceived?” Dean sat up.

“NO!” Castiel panicked “My parents didn't think it was wise for me to have sexual education so they denied me permission to attend the class.”


Omegas had to have a written permission slip from their alpha parent to be able to take the Omega sex ed class, Castiels Father thought he didn't need to know anything other than how to please an alpha so he was denied and knew next to nothing about his own body, If it wasn't for an omega in 7th grade telling him about heat toys he would of suffered.

“Dean, How do you know I am?

“I can smell the pup Cas.” Dean said trying to calm his mate down “Smells like cinnamon mixed in with your vanilla and Cherries.” Dean smiled when Castiel blushed

“Um, How long have I been pregnant?” He said out loud but shook his head when he answered his own question “My heat!” He shouted making Dean jump. “That was two months ago, I was human still. What does that mean? Is our pup safe?”

“Well, It means we are going to have a hybrid pup, I mean there are no ways to tell what the pup will be like, The last known hybrid was killed before anything was documented and there is nothing on hybrids in general.” Dean stopped talking when Castiel paled.

“Killed” The omega whispered

“Don't worry Cas, I wont let anyone touch you or our pup” He growled out

“Why were they killed Dean” Tears forming in Castiels eyes as he asked

Dean sighed “Hybrids are considered dangerous to our and supernatural kind, They can have abilities that neither parent have and cause chaos if not raised properly. Hunters get wind of the problem and kill a bunch of us or anything resembling, A ban was put into place and the hybrids were killed to save our kind from going extinct. Its a stupid rule to not even give them a chance but fear does that to people.
“Not our pup, Dean our pup will not be like that!” Castiel held his stomach
“I know, And I wont let anyone tell us we cant have this pup.” Dean nuzzled into Castiels neck.
The pair were sitting on the couch watching a movie, Castiel's stomach had grown in the past week and was starting to get noticeable and Dean could not stop touching it.

Knocking suddenly startled the couple and Dean went to answer it.

Sam was standing there frowning and before Dean could get a word out Sam had made his way inside, “Bobby is calling an emergency meeting” Sam turned towards Dean

“What do you mean, What happened?” Dean was frowning now and Castiel was worried.

“What does that mean” He got up and walked over towards the two alphas.

“It means we have no choice but to go to the main house” Dean growled out “The council is summoning all of us or a punishment will be in order.”

“What's wrong with going, They were going to find out about me anyway right?” Castiel tried to cheer up Dean.

Sam turned to Castiel “Except that you are pregnant with a hybrid, Every vampire in the house will be able to smell it.”

Castiel gulped

“Don't worry we will protect you Castiel, As long as we limit your contact with everyone it should be fine.” Sam forced a smile at the omega.
They arrived at the main house a couple days later, Dean had purchased scent blockers to try to hide the scent of Castiels pregnancy, But it would dilute it not take it away since vampires have super scense of smell.

Bobby had greeted them with a warm smile and looked towards Castiel “Hello there, You must be Dean's mate, Sam didn't say you were a male omega thats rare.” He said surprised

Castiel swallowed deeply and shook the alphas hand “Its nice to meet you sir.”

“No sir business, makes me feel old.” Bobby chuckled

“You are old Bobby” Dean patted his back

“Hey, 800 is not that old” Bobby scowled, “So what's your name” He turned to Castiel

“Castiel Novak” Castiel said looking at the alpha who sighed and then frowned.

“Dean.” The alpha growled “You didn't meet him, You fucking turned him!”

Castiel hid behind Dean.
“How...” Dean looked shocked

“Hunters been snooping around since two kids went missing two months ago, Gordon alerted me to the problem, Do you have the other one as well?” The alpha growled out.

“No I don't,” Dean defensively said not admitting that Cas had killed him.

Dean took a stance protecting Cas from Bobby incase the other alpha decided to do something.

“Don't posture me boy, I aint gonna do anything to him.” Bobby said calming down “But that boy has to show himself around town so the hunters back off that's an order.”

Come inside, You are going to explain to everyone why I had to call this stupid meeting in the first place.”

Chapter Text

Dean put his arm around Castiel's waist possessively as they entered the house, He didn't want anyone getting to close. Sam sensed that Dean wanted him to also stay close by as he gave his brother a silent nod in agreement and watched for anything odd.

Castiel's eyes went wide as he took in the scene around him, the whole livingroom was filled with clan members mingling and he felt out of place all the sudden.

A red haired omega female vampire with green eyes, Piercings and tattoos up and down her left arm cleared her throat to get everyones attention. “Everyone should know why we are here,” She addressed the crowd “Hunters are in the area cause two kids have gone missing and are snooping around and that is not good for us.” She frowned.

The crowd starts talking and a guy speaks up “Why do we all have to be here, If it is only in this area then it should only be the ones who live in this town”

The male vampire was from two towns away and the others who decided to move out of the main house agreed as well.

Another female vampire a beta this time with Pink hair came up the steps and growled out “We don't know if they were abducted or killed here or out of town, All we know is that they were from here and everyone is a suspect.”

Bobby looked at Dean then and nodded in his direction, Making sure that Dean knew that he better do something before a fight broke out.

“Don't leave my side” Dean said to Cas as he grabbed his hand and led him through the crowd.

“Everyone!” Dean said in a loud voice that startled Castiel “I am Dean as most of you know, I have an announcement to make.” He looked to Cas and smiled “This is Castiel Novak, He is one of the missing, Now before you all start pelting me with insults I want to tell you to hear me out.” He took a deep breath

“I was not intending to turn Cas at first, At first I was going to eat him, He startled me at first when he stood up to me not knowing what I was but as just an alpha that looked like was going to kill him, looked into my eyes telling me he didn't care if he died.” Dean sadly looked at Cas who was frowning now “I ran because I have never met anyone in all my years to talk to me like that, Later I ran into him again this time at his house and he looked like he was beaten up. Castiel here was being abused by his parents and sibling just for being what he is, A male omega.”

“I turned him knowing that I couldn't stand being away from him, He is my true mate.”


“True mates don't exist, you wanted a bitch” Alistair said smirking “You wanted a hole to fuck, didn't have to turn the whore, I just fuck them before I bleed them dry.”

Dean snarled at Alistair for the remark and the man just grinned wider

“Alistair, Knock it off.” Bobby growled out “Dean is going to be talked to by the council about his actions as well as showing the hunters that Castiel is not missing by showing him around town” He addressed the crowd.

That seemed to calm everyone down and the crowd dispersed

Dean and Castiel went around town the next week making sure to be seen by people. When Castiel showed up near places he was frequently seen at most only glanced his way when they noticed the mating mark on his neck.

Castiel hated it, He knew people would just scoff at him and think the worst of him, A typical omega who ran away as soon as they got knotted and bred by an alpha.

He cringed when they went down his neighborhood and people snickered as they saw him. Dean growled at them, Holding him close as they walked up his old house steps.

“OMG, Castiel!” His sister Anna frowned at him when she saw him at the door “Dad is going to beat the crap out of you.” She snickered but stopped when Dean appeared next to him.

“He what now?” Dean scowled at the omega in front of his mate.

“Dad!Mom! You have to come here” Anna shouted into the house.


Castiel went into the house swallowing loudly as he took Dean's hand leading him inside and closing the door.

It was weird being back inside the house, He thought he would never have to go back, Seeing his family sitting on the couch staring at him made him feel small and he tried to hide behind Dean.

Michael, his father came up to him and sniffed him “Got yourself mated, So this is why you disappeared?” He sneered at Dean “You know you lost me money on my omega son, He was going to be mated to my business partner when he ran off. Little shit been nothing but a burden since he was born and nothing but disappointment since he became an omega whore, but at least I was going to get something out of him.”

Dean bristled at what he was hearing. Michael continued “Never wanted more kids, When the mate got pregnant with a boy I at least thought “Hey I get another alpha son” But No, That happened.” He pointed to Castiel. “How are you going to pay me for him”

“Stop!” Dean shouted “Cas is not some thing to sell and he definitely is not a disappointment! I am not going to give you one cent, He is my mate my equal.”

Everyone laughed, Even the omega girls who Dean thought might have had some sort of sympathy since they were they same.

“My other children know there place, They know once they come of age they are going to be mated off as well.” Michael laughed at Dean's expression “You must not be from a stupid family that lets their omegas run free”

Castiel tapped Dean on the shoulder “Can we just go, they see that i'm alive.”

“Why did you even post fliers around town if you don't care about him!?” Dean growled as they headed towards the door.

“He was an investment, I lost 15 grand because of this one stupid mistakes, I guess I should of instilled harder punishments or scared him of alphas.” Michael sighed “Oh well, if it were just a mating bite it could have been broken, but you impregnated him and that is harder to get rid of” He smirked.

Dean snarled and slammed the door as they walked out of it.

“What they hell is wrong with that guy?” Dean asked Cas when they got out.

“I don't know, He wasn't always like that” Castiel sniffed “Everyone around here just thinks omegas have one job, Breed the next alpha generation, males are supposed to be just alphas or betas. I have never met another male omega.

Dean thought about that, It was time Cas was introduced to one...