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A Strange New World.

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Jace let out a long suffering sigh. Fighting the urge to run a hand down his face, as a headache came on.

for the past four days the Seelie queen has been damnding that New York institute send someone to see her. Namely Jace himself, as the last time he was there she found him very entertaining. Jace himself didn't think it was all that funny.

Alec ;being the wonderful Parabatai he is, had been trying to convince the Seelie Queen to settle for someone else but it wasn't working out. Jace being who he is knew he was gonna have to suck it up and go anyway. That's why he's heading to Alec's office. So he could get what he needed for this mission and get it over with. Pushing open the door; after knocking learned that lession the hard way, he grinned finding Magnus and Alec being the only one's in the room. Alec's cheeks being a dark pink and Magnus with a feral smirk. "Sorry to interupt, but I need the file for the Seelie mission." Jace smirked. Alec huffed before his brow creased in concern
" You do know you don't have to take the mission right? I can make somebody else go and just say that your sick." It was then even Magnus added his two cents " Yes I agree with Alexander, after your last trip to the Seelie realm it wouldn’t be out of profile for you to never want to go back. I know for one had I been tied up aginst my will in vines I would not want to go back either, and thats leaving out the whole kissing your sister feasco." Jace grinned softly at the two people he trusted the most out of probaly everyone else on the planet. " Look I'll be fine as long as Simon and Clary don't tag along this time."


He would not be fine. Would it be to late to turn around and just give the file back to Alec never to be seen by him again?

Because Clary Freaking Fray shows up half way through the trip there declairing she's going with him. It's offical Jace wants to scream. Clarys berating him for not telling her THEY had a mission. "Clary no! There is no WE, theres only ME. YOU need to go back to the intsatute, this isn't your mission." Clary huffed. " Don't be stuborn Jace Your my partner we do this to-"

The ground had fallen out from under them leaving them both laying before an angry Seelie Queen. This was sooooo not good. Jace thought Alec was gonna kill him. Because once again Clary's whole doing things without thinking had gotten Jace into trouble. The Seelie Queen didn't even look at Jace her cold glare fixed soully on Clary. "Aw Clary Fray. Once again going against code and breaking laws. Having no respect for the way we do things. You Miss. Fray need to learn how to respect the Shadow World. Sadly doing something to you won't help. So I must pass the punshiment to Jace here. Sad to I was so looking forward to our talk. If only the annoying red head hadn't messed everything up."

Clary started shreaking. Like somehow that would do anything but anger the Queen more. As her vines shot forword and grabed Jace up hosting him high into the air before the seelie queen snapped her fingers and a swirling purple portal opened. Jace squeesed his eyes closed as he was tossed into it. Swearing in his head NEVER to take Clary on a mission again until she'd been properly trained at the shadowhunter academy.


The Seelie Queen laughed over Clary indigneted shouts. Waving her hand to silance the girl she smirked "Now now no need for that. He will only stay for 3 weeks. Theres no need for that mess, though I would recommend finally learining about how the shadow world works. Until you do your no longer aloud here or anywhere out side the Shadowhunters realm." She portaled Clary back to the mian room of the institute silenced, angry and with a note tapped to the fount of her shirt.


Meanwhile Jace woke up groggy laying on the floor of what he thought to be the Institute, opening his eyes he came faced to faced with a matching pair of brown/blue eyes and promptly passed out. Hopping when he woke up again the world would stop spinning.