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Thea Queen, the Dark Archer

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[Edit: "The Dark Archer" won "The Pandora Awards 2019" on Wattpad! Yey!]

{This story's scope to me is a full fledged novel. So, expect the events to unfold organically, aka, expect a slow burn!}

2 years ago

I remember the crash.

The ringing in my ears.

And the silence that followed.

My head weighing a ton or two heavier and resting on the soft wet ground.

I remember waking up.


The words just a whisper, for unbearable pain had grabbed hold of me.

The broken pieces of the window glass piercing me everywhere. Drops of blood falling to the ground with every small movement.

I remember opening my eyes.

Only to shut them down once again for I dare look to them.

"Mom...Ollie.." I cried to myself.

I remember being held by my hair. Dragged.

My hands being tied ever so tightly.

And I remember him. How could I not?

Mr. Slade Wilson in a weird orange body armor having a, a sword firmly directed at my mom first and then myself, taking turns every few seconds; indecisive it seemed as to whom to kill first.

"Why are you doing this to us? What did we ever do to you?" I collected some strength to speak up.

"You didn't. This is your brother's doing. He's the one who's sealed your fate.." he shouted back to us.

"You're crazy. He's..he's been on an island these past 5 years. How did he ever do anything to you? Huh? Just let us go, please," I tried to reason with him, when all this while, I was trying to get my hands free.

"Don't fret, kid. Even if you manage to get free, one of you.." he said as he picked up his blade to point at us, "..will still die."

It was at that moment, when Oliver woke up.

What must have been going through his mind when he looked up? I still wonder.

"Oliver.." mom and I desperately cried to him. Repeatedly.

"I was dead the last time you were offered this choice," the psychopath proclaimed to him.

"Slade-" he murmured in his lips.

Realizing what was happening, he followed up, "No, Slade…" with a raised pitch.

"What's happening, Ollie.." I groaned.

"You don't have to do this. Listen, please. Just stop."

"I often wonder how you looked...when he pointed the gun at Shado...and took her from me.."

'Shado?' My mind looked to it's deepest recesses for a face. But it was all in vain.

"You psychopath.." my brother looked him right in the eye with an intensity of anger which I had never seen in him.

"My Shado…"

"Shado wasn't yours!" he tackled him verbally.

Dusting off the remark as if it meant nothing, Slade continued, "You're right, kid. She was yours. Until at a moment like this Oliver, when you picked the life of that blonde of yours over her."

"That's not what happened!" Olliie replied.

"It is what happened! It is! She told me!" the lunatic pointed to empty air behind him.

'He really was mad..'

"What do you mean, she? There's nobody there!" Ollie stated.

Mom shuddered at the thought and came to the same conclusion I did.

"Slade...You were on the island with Oliver?" she looked to him.

"Now, you'll feel what I feel everyday when I wake up," he said as he picked up his sword and held it between us mid-air.

He just said the one word thereafter. Just the one. "Choose.."

"No. No. I won't. Stop.

Please..just..sto-" Ollie begged to him.

"Your mother or your sister. Choose!" he yelled at him. "Or, I'll kill them both."

"No. Slade. I won't. KILL ME. Please…...Let them go..." his voice trailed off as he bent down his head in sheer agony.

All this, while I watched my mother just sit there through this horror, in tears, afraid for the safety of both of her children. "Please, just stop," he continued, shaking his head in despair.

"Choooose.." Slade yelled instead, stretching the word to dampen the voices around it.

"Mom…" Ollie suddenly said, making me glance to her.

"No! Mom, what are you doing?" I mustered up some words though the lump in my throat.

"There's only one way this night can end. And we both know that. Don't we, Mr. Wilson?" she said, standing up.

"Mom! What are you doing? Please stop!" our cries getting louder by the second.

"I cannot pretend to comprehend what Oliver has done to you," she said, turning to him.

"But I won't just sit there and let you hurt my children. So, if there's anyone you wanna hurt, then it would have to be me, Mr. Wilson. Please. My children will live."

She was just a few meters away from me. But I was never more helpless in my life.

"Thea, I love you.." she looked to me. This coming from the woman I have been mad for almost 8 months now.

"Close your eyes, baby!"

"No!" I weeped.

I weeped for my mother.

He lowered his sword. Almost in admiration.

"You are an honorable woman, Mrs. Queen," his voice softened.

"I'm truly sorry-" he followed it up as he turned and walked away a little. I almost breathed in a sigh of relief. Almost.

"What?" my mother couldn't believe it.

It was then when he stopped his walk back.

"-that you couldn't pass this trait onto your son," he turned and picked up his sword towards her..but almost instinctively, I leaped through to her defense as I tackled him. Destabilized, his blade parted from him.

And for a moment..for just a little moment, we were safe. She was safe.

It didn't take much time for Oliver to throw himself at him either, falling down to the ground with him and freeing himself in process.

Then, began the punching. Not even four of those could stop Slade from smiling through the blood in his mouth.

"Is that all you got, kid? Huh? You disappoint me. You're a failure. Weak. Pathetic. Just like your father was. Just like the bitch was. I'll fulfill my promise, you'll see.." he trailed off as my mom and I began to ran away.

He saw us.

"Where do you think you're going..?" he said as he swung his arm around and Oliver went flying, to crash into the ground, probably knocking him out.

Suddenly, we were on our own..

"I wanted him to suffer. Like I had suffered. To let him know true despair. But, this...this is better.

I don't need him to see it. Not really. Not anymore.

When he wakes up, he'll see your rotting broken corpses with insects eating your flesh and limbs separated from the rest of your bodies, and he would know that he did get himself free, he had an opportunity to save you both. Yet, he failed all the same. That'll have to to so.

Then, I'll tear this city away from him. And then, his love. Right in front of his eyes.." he commented as he limped his sword by the ground, it's edges feeling the ground's dirt and begging for a taste of us. The clanking sound growing with each passing second.

I was helpless. We were helpless. We knew this was it.

I hoped that at least Ollie would live on.

For he deserved a break. So many years of torture and pain. This couldn't be his reward. No.

But as he was about to drive his sword through us, l heard a faint noise..of him. My brother.

Slade stopped too. Apparently, I wasn't the only one whose ears were ringing.

"Slade...!" he spoke a bit louder this time.

"You call yourself a good man? Huh? Would Shado call you that?" he somehow said the words, with his hand holding his head in pain.

"Don't you take her name. Don't you dare take her name," he warned with his finger pointing to him, as he began a walk back to him.

"You call me a monster because I killed Shado. Now, you want to be a good man. But tell me, how does killing them, two innocent bystanders, complete your revenge? Huh? Does that seem like the job of a good man? Huh, Slade!?"

It was probably the first time when I saw him stutter.

"Listen to me, Slade. You are under the effects of Mirakuru. Just let me help you get rid of it. Nothing has happened yet. If you still feel I am responsible, then, by all means, I'm still here. You can fulfill your promise then."

Slade was obviously delusional. But for a moment there, it looked like he was actually considering it. "But, I know it's real. I know she wants me to do it. You- you are just tricking me. Like you did on the island.."

"Just think it through, Slade. Please," Oliver begged to him.

As he walked straight through to him, he stopped just a few meters short of Oliver, who was by now on his knees.

"You're right,'' came the reply.

"Thank you, Slade. I have a few friends with whom I have been in contact with regarding the cure. They can help you. You just have to trust me," he replied to him just as things began to go back to normal.

"You're right, Oliver," he said again as he lifted his vacated mask from the ground to look into it's hollow eyes.

"Killing them will serve me no purpose,'' he said, laying his eyes on my brother, soon after.

Wearing the mask with one hand while lifting the blade with the other, he looked at us one final time, making sure we were watching. And..and the last words I heard, before I went unconscious, were the ones which come back to haunt me every single night since then.

"You had to die, old friend.

I always fulfill my promises.

Atleast, now, your family is spared. Consider that a mercy. Not that you deserved any."

"Thea," my brother called for me in pain and choked as blood spewed from his mouth.

"Slade.." he said following up, looking at the monster.

"No. Call me Deathstroke.."