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C’est La Vie, Lee Donghyuck

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Hyuck has loved many people in his life, but there are only a few who will hold a large part of his heart. 


First, his loving parents, Darcy and Hyungseok.


Then his caring and compassionate Aunt Sophie, Uncle Daniel, and cousin Johnny.


The irreplaceable Lee Jeno.


And lastly, the wonderful, mesmerizing, and devoted Jung Jaehyun. 


With love, also came a bit of pain. He’s been with people who didn’t truly care for him or tried to take something away from him in one way or another. The older he got, the harder it became. But he was resilient and always found a way through. 


He lived through the death of his parents and the first love of his life.


He lived through terrible exes. Through separating with and losing the man he wanted to spend the rest of his days with. Through a controlling and abusive relationship with a deceiving man. 


Until he came back to Jaehyun. 


Life, it seems, always goes full circle. 


“How’ve you been”, Irene asked. She smiled kindly at Hyuck, putting him at ease. 


“I’ve been okay.”


“Just okay?”


Hyuck began playing with his the sleeves of his hoodie. Other than dressing for work, Hyuck doesn’t really wear a variety of fashion these days. He just hasn’t been feeling it lately.


“I...I miss him.”


“Jaehyun?” Hyuck nodded.


“I want him to do well but I also wish he was here. It’s not the same. We know what it's like to be busy and be apart for a while but this…”


“It’s different isn’t it?” 


“How can I keep a relationship going if the person I’m in a relationship with is 11,046 kilometers away?”


“It’s going to take a lot of work on both ends to keep it going. Jaehyun is very much in love with you Donghyuck. He wouldn’t want you to be sad or suffer while he’s gone.”


Jaehyun wouldn’t want that for him. Not at all. But Hyuck is stubborn and it’s hard when your boyfriend is in another country across the world. 


“You gotta start living life for you Hyuck.” 


“So tell me Donghyuck”, Irene began, pulling Hyuck out of his thoughts. He glanced up at the older woman, meeting her steely gaze. 


“When will you start living for yourself?”




Hyuck was still thinking about Irene’s question, about how he’s put himself and his happiness away for so long. 


“I want you to make a timeline of your life. Every happy, sad, traumatic memory you can think of, put it down. We’re going to dig deep Donghyuck. Are you ready?” 


“Quite frankly I’m not ready Cocoa but here we are,'' he said. The puppy was laying beside his knee, breathing softly. She was wearing the new ruby red collar Jaehyun bought before he left Korea. Seeing it made Hyuck miss him even more. 


“Enough of the self-deprecating, victimizing behavior. You’re Lee Donghyuck and just because you fell off track doesn’t mean you have to stay that way forever,” he whispered to himself. “You got this.” 


Hyuck opened up the blue notebook and began writing. Memories began flooding the pages. Memories of warm milk, apple and cinnamon candles, big hugs and gentle forehead kisses after bedtime stories. 


This was the beginning...