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breathing through a mirror

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“Sometimes life has a cruel sense of humour, giving you the thing you always wanted at the worst time possible.”

   ~ Lisa Kleypas       

In order to understand this story a little better, I'll explain a few things.

Most of the events that we have seen in the MCU have happened - I say some because I will change a few things that we haven't seen onscreen. For example, the missions that Natasha had run before the Battle of New York (which can be found in the MCU Wiki) may happen later than mentioned in canon. The major events starting from Iron Man to The Winter Soldier are the same, except that here, Steve will die. 

This is where things get a teeny bit complicated. The story is Romanogers.

But instead of this guy:

We get this guy:

So, technically, the ship is NomadWidow (;

My twisted logic is the following: in every universe, Steve & Natasha end up together. So, if something were to happen in one of the universes (let's say, something like Steve dying) the universe (aka me) would be kind enough to find a way for them to be together. Since the universe (me) killed Steve from Earth-1, the universe has decided to bring aboard Steve from Earth-7 (and to not confuse us, we will call him Nomad) so that Romanogers can still happen.

Long story short, we will still get Steve and Natasha, Steve just happens to have a beard. He also has a life a little different than MCU!Steve. Nomad is taken out of the ice much earlier than Steve.

Anyway, if anyone is still confused, let me know and I'll try to explain things without spoiling much!

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I'll give my usual disclaimers: smut (trust me, a bearded Steve inspires a LOT of smut lmao), angst, and a happy ending!

***This story was inspired by events in the show Altered Carbon (which is SUCH a good show! I love it!)***

Ships: NomadWidow, Pepperony, WinterWitch, SamHill



Special thanks to Idalia, Lene & Shani for constantly dealing with my weird ideas and guiding me away from craziness, into something that makes a little more sense. Without them, I wouldn't be able to execute this idea and honestly, they're just amazing. This story is theirs as much as it is mine. ily, guys!

Hope y'all enjoy my first ever attempt at an MCU-based fic.