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Blind love

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Crowley turned around in his bed when the morning sun shone through his window. Besides his bed his alarm started tor ring.  He sighed and turned it off.

6:00 am.

He got out off bed and made his way over to the door.

Crowley couldn't hear anything else beside the soft humming of the air conditioner in his dads bedroom.

To be honest, the flat looked more like the ones you would see in magazines or that you would walk through at apartment inspections of those big private housing companies. It was clean, modern and the only indicator that someone lived there (or at least went there to clean it every now and then) were the plants that Crowley proudly grew by himself.

He made his way to the bathroom.

The warm spray of water that hit his face felt amazing. Crowley quickly washed his hair before a knocking at the door interrupted him.

"Jasmine, hurry up." The deep voice of his father came through the door.

A pang went through his chest when he heard his dad but he quickly brushed it away.

Of course. Crowley thought and turned off the shower.

His father still stood by the door when he opened the door. He was already wearing his suit and quickly went into the bathroom.

Crowley watched how his dad grabbed his stuff and went back to his room.

While he slowly made his breakfast in the kitchen and stared his father shoved his suit cases to the front door.

"I need to go, pumpkin. I'll be back in two weeks."



"The name."

"What?...Oh no I said the wrong name again?"


"Sorry, pumpkin. I'm gonna make up for it when I come back.", he said and waved Crowley goodbye.

Sure you think that it was a mistake but after 5 years (and a name change to Anthony J. (his dad insisted that he kept the name Jasmine) Crowley when he was 17) it wouldn't be a mistake anymore.

And like always his dad wouldn't make up for it when he comes back.


Ezra carefully walked through the corridor. They wished that they knew this house like their old home.

"Good morning, Ezra.", two voices greeted them from what sounded like the kitchen.

"Good morning, Mrs. & Mr. Ri-Mom & Dad "

They could sense how she and her husband started to smile while they walked over to recieve their normal cup of tea from their mom.

(You know this little smile from people who have a pained expression on their face but then cover it up with a smile. Yep, that smile)

They jumped slightly when they unexpectedly felt their moms hand on their shoulder.

"Listen Ezra we wanted to talk with you about something."

Panic grabbed them and they tensed up. What would they want? Do they want to send them back? But they did nothing wrong, right? What if they did? Or what if... Is it because they are-


The calm voice of their father brought them back to reality.

"We thought it would be best-"

Oh no here it comes they want to send them back they knew it.

"-if we enrolled you into a new school."


"We thought it would be best for you if you go to a normal school and...are-are you crying?"

"N-No." They stuttered and wiped the tears away.

"Ezra what is wrong?"

"I t-thought...I thought that you might send me back, I don't know why you would want to send me back but then I could have done something to anger you without knowing and so I thought that you wanted to send me back."

"Oh Ezra, no. No we don't want to send you back. But we enrolled you into a new school. It would start today."

"Oh...okay. Yeah...Yeah!"

"Good, we have a appointment with the principal and then you can go to your first few lessons."

"Yeah that sounds like a great idea."

"Good, now get changed. We'll leave in a hour."


Even if you couldn't see Crowleys car you could still hear it from a mile away. The loud Queen music sunk into his ears while he drove to the high school. God, how he hated this place.

"Well look who is here. Anthony Crowley, in the flesh!"

"If you lay just one finger on this car, Hastur I swear I'm gonna break it."

He hissed while he stepped outside. Hastur, a rather thin blonde boy quickly took his hand away. His clothes looked rather baggy on him and everyone could predict that he would get bald in his twenties. Or did it just look like it because of his nearly white hair? Crowley didn't know and honestly he couldn't care less.

"So you finally decided to come back to school again?"

Asked Beelzebub (Crowley couldn't remember her real name) with a grin on her face.

"You know me, my dear. My dad nearly got wind on the fact that I didn't go to school in the last four weeks."

"So, does anyone of you know what lesson we have first?"

Everyone, even Ligur, Hastur's boyfriend, just shrugged with their shoulders.

The bell rang.

"Well, I'm off. Later."

Crowley walked into the school and hoped that this day wouldn't be the most boring day of his life.


He wished he hadn't even though about it. He definitely jinxed it.

Crowley couldn't even hear his teacher anymore and just stared blankly forward.

Crowley sighed and leaned his head on his hand.

Suddenly a substitute teacher knocked on the door and quickly rushed to the teacher and whispered something in their ear.

"And why didn't you just bring him with you?"

"Plot convenience.", muttered the substitute teacher and walked out of the room. The teacher sighed.

"Mr. Crowley. You need to go to the principals office."

"But I didn't do anything wrong."

"Just go.", the teacher said and Crowley walked out of the room. The school corridors were... like any other school.

Soon he arrived at the principals office and knocked.

"You can go through."

Rasped the secretary. Her voice sounded like she smokes one cigarette box per day, but you would be wrong if you assumed that. She smokes 2 cigarette boxes each day.

"If you say so...", muttered  Crowley and opened the door to the principals office...but he wasn't alone?

"Anthony, this is Ezra." Announced the principal and this Ezra kid stood up and...

Wow...How would anyone be so cute?

Crowley thought when he saw Ezras friendly features and they stretched their hand out.

"Hello, Anthony. Nice to meet you.", they said with a smile.


"Okay, class. We have a new student. Ezra, stand up and introduce yourself."

Ezra stood up.

"Hello, my name is Ezra Fell and I'm glad to be here. I hope we can get along.", they said and sat back down.

Crowley could hear Hastur scoff.

"Did he watched too many animes or some shit like that? No one introduces themselves like that. What a weirdo. And look at his eyes. Seems like he took something."

Ligur made an agreeing noise and Crowley glanced over to Ezra. They heard them. Their blue eyes ,although unfocused, seemed to suddenly be bound to the table.

But Crowley noticed one thing: He couldn't look away from those baby blue eyes.


After that class they had PE.

"Ok, Blondie. Introduce yourself."

Ordered the coach and Ezra quickly said:

"My name is Ezra. Nice to meet you."

"Good, good. Now everyone. Find a partner and start stretching. We're gonna take a few tests today."

Everyone groaned. One of Crowleys friends quickly asked him to be their partner and a young black haired girl already asked Ezra.

"Alright." Crowley sighed.

After a few minutes of stretching and running the coach annouced a few names and said to the others:

'Play dodge ball or something, I don't care. Just come to me when I call you.'

They settled into groups quickly and Crowley noticed how Ezra stuck by the coaches side while the others started to play dodge ball but he didn't care.

Maybe they needed to take a few less tests than everyone else.

A dodge ball missed Crowleys head. Hastur had a wicked smile on his face.

"What the hell, asshole?"

Crowley threw a dodge ball and it 'accidentaly' hit Ligurs face, but luckily he didn't start to bleed.

"Crowley, you motherfucker!"

Cried Hastur and threw another one at Crowley, which he dodged.

But then he heard a loud shriek from behind him.

Ezra hold his nose which started to bleed.

"Someone needs to take you to the nurse...Crowley! Bring Ezra to the nurse and Hastur, 50 push ups, now!"

"That's bullshit! He looked directly at the dodge ball before it hit him!"

"Now or I'll make it 75."

Hastur groaned and walked from the play field to do the push ups.

Crowley gently touched Ezra who flinched away.

"Come on."

Said Crowley.

"Let's get you to the nurse."

They gave him a short nod, before they started walking.


"Don't worry, it's just a few minor blood vessels that opened. Nothing serious.", the nurse said.

"Thank you.", replied Crowley and Ezra at the same time and she gave them a gentle smile.

"But Hastur was right - oh my god that felt weird to say that- You saw the dodge ball. Why didn't you just dodge it?"

"Wait what?"

Ezra tried to look at him, but at the same time... he didn't. He glared angrily to the skeleton in the corner of the room.

"Do you think that I let him hit me?"

"No, no, that's not what I meant."

Crowley said and raised his hands in defeat that... Ezra didn't even flinch when he raised his hands near him.

"I...I really couln't see the dodge ball."

"Why? Did you lose your glasses and couldn't see for the whole day?"

It felt stupid to ask that but Ezra with glasses...That could be cute,Crowley admited.

"No I..."

Ezra sighed.

"I thought the principal told you when they sent you to get me."


"I'm blind Crowley."