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Memory Machine

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Everyone was confused. Alphys had invited Sans, Papyrus, Toriel, Frisk, and Undyne to her new lab on the surface. Nobody knew why, she said it was a surprise. Alphys walked out of the back room with some kind of helmet that was wired to a big machine, a really big machine. One of those things that just makes you head hurt even trying to see how it works. “O-Okay so you all are p-probably wondering w-why i asked you here.” Everyone nodded. “Well y-you see i think i f-found a way to project a monsters memories by uh allowing t-this machine to converse with souls and i-i uh was wondering if you guys could uh help me test it.”. “That sounds so cool!” Undyne yelled out “The great papyrus would be honored to help”. Frisk seemed reluctant but nodded and Toriel agreed as well. Alphys seemed to get more excited with each yes. She turned to Sans “i-i don’t know”. His response earned him a chorus of groans. “Come on brother! It will be fun!” Papyrus picked Sans up looking him in the eye sockets. “Yeah Come on punk” Undyne added. “Okay, okay” Sans said and Papyrus put him down. Alphys brought them down to a white room with a big screen on one of the walls and quickly got to work fitting each of the monsters (and human) with a helmet including herself. Sans wiggled the helmet nervously as Alphys came over and tightened it “d-don’t worry it’s completely s-safe” Sans took a breath and nodded at Alphys who went over to the machine and pressed a button.

Sans felt that similar feeling that something wasn’t right before he felt like he was taking one of his shortcuts. He looked around worried that he had teleported but he saw the group around him. It seemed like they were in the same room except nobody had helmets on. “T-this is new” Alphys mumbled setting off a barrage of red flags in Sans’ mind. “The computer is gone, a-and the helmets how will we stop the test. A-are the memories even going to play” Just on time the screen came to life to see a two younger skeletons, One looked about 10 the other about 8, entering Snowdin from waterfall. “Are we watching Papyrus’ memories! Sweet!” Undyne exclaimed. “A-actually i think these are Sans’ memories look at how the picture is centered around him” Alphys corrected. Sans froze “Alphys pick someone else” “I-I’m sorry Sans but i didn’t pick and I can't change it” Sans turned to Alphys “Then Turn. It. Off”. “hey lay off man why you gotta be so secretive anyway” Undyne stepped between Alphys and Sans. “I can keep whatever secrets I want” Sans yelled. “Oh yeah then maybe-” “STOP” Frisk cut Undyne off mid yell.

Frisk gestured to Alphys. “T-Thank you Frisk. I-I Can’t turn it off” Sans’ face fell. “B-But maybe it we let the machine run its course then it will stop” the others nodded. Sans sat down blankly staring at the floor. Alphys walked to him “Sans...i-i’m sorry” Sans looked up at her “I u-understand wanting to have your secrets b-believe me, but n-nobody here will judge you” Sans smiled and nodded. “Yeah you’re right. Sorry for yelling at you.” Alphys waved it off and looked up at the memory. Frisk came over and sat next to Sans. “hey kiddo what up” Sans said raising an eyebrow (bone-brow?). “Papyrus is shorter than you” Frisk said giggling gesturing to the screen. Sans chuckled “That he is”. ‘Maybe this won't be so bad maybe I could enjoy watching Papyrus grow up again. Maybe it won’t show those memories’ Sans thought and turned his attention to the screen.