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My Grandpa is a SuperVillain

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Inko sighed from her hospital bed as her father held Izuku. Her dead-beat husband had left when he found out that Inko was pregnant with Izuku and she had to rely on her father for support. He was glad to help and she could tell that her father fell in love with Izuku once she put her baby in her father's arms. Her brother was sitting on the other side of the room and was standing awkwardly. 

"Shouta," Inko whispered. The teen's head snapped up and he walked over towards his sister. "Come and hold your nephew."

"Big sister," Shouta said and then nodded. He gently took the infant from his father and stared at the babe. That is when he fell instantly in love with his nephew and swore to protect him as long as he is able to. He fell in love with the tiny fluff of hair on top of the boy's head, the barely visible freckles that painted his face, his little button nose. Everything about his nephew just screamed adorable and that made him curse his ex-brother-in-law.

Inko could see this and smiled at her brother. The boy was always protective of her and once he found out that Hisashi left when she was pregnant with Izuku... Shouta was wiling to go to prison for her. Good thing their father was able to talk some sense into the boy. Then twenty-four hours later Hisashi died in a car accident and she believes that her father has something to do with it, but decides it's better to not question it. 

Next to her father was her adoptive little brother and her 'uncle' Kurogiri. Tomura was only about five years old and was saved by her father when he was four, and he quickly became a part of the family. He was confused about why the baby was in her stomach and constantly poked at her stomach (which Izuku kicked in response). "Sissy Inko...?"

"Yes Tomura?" Inko asked while she took her son from Shouta. 

"Why is he so small?"

"Well," Inko said as she motioned for the boy to climb onto the bed. "All babies are small when they are born. You were small when you were a baby."

"I was?" Tomura asked as he stared at the young child. Inko nodded and took Tomura's hand (which was covered in a thin glove that know one would know was there). She asked the child if he wanted to hold Izuku and he nodded, so she gently showed him how to correctly hold the baby. Her father stood behind the young child so that he won't accidentally hurt the young boy.

That was when Izuku decided he was done napping and slowly opened his eyes.  His first sight was on his young uncle and instead of crying Izuku started to giggle. He giggled at his mom, Shouta, his grandfather, his great-uncle, and anything that he saw actually.

"Oh god," Kurogiri groaned. "This child is the human equivalent to sunshine."

"That's a good thing, you overgrown emo." Kurogiri glared at his boss' son and hit him on the back of the head. 

"Daddy!" Tomura cried. "Kuro hit Shou!"

"I know," Sensei replied with boredom laced in his voice. "Kuro stop hitting my son."

Shouta stuck hit tongue out at the mist-covered man and Inko laughed. Her brother can act tough all he wants but in the end he is so immature, except with Hizashi Yamada. She can tell that Hizashi and Shouta are dancing around each other.

"Okay. The new mom needs her rest. You can come back tomorrow morning when she is ready to be discharged. Now out!" The doctor snapped when she reentered the room. All the men grumbled but begrudgingly agreed and left the hospital.

Inko sighed as she gently sat herself down on the sofa in her dad's house. Once she was settled comfortably, Izuku was put into her arms and she cooed at him. In response, the small infant looked at his mom and blew a spit bubble. 

"Do you need anything darling?" Sensei asked his eldest child. Inko asked if she could have a glass of water and the TV remote. Her father nodded and gave her the things that his daughter asked for. He was going to make sure that his daughter is going to be comfortable and that his grandson will be okay.He watched as Inko held Izuku as she turned on the TV for some background noise, while Izuku, on the other hand, just fell asleep in his mother's arms.

Sensei walked into the kitchen and saw his eldest son texting someone on his phone. Most likely this 'someone' is Hizashi and they are flirting. He knows that his son has a thing for the blond and the blond has a thing for his son. Sure, he would rather his son not date someone who is aiming to be a hero but then again, he did let his daughter get married to a dead-beat.

"Are you talking to Hizashi?" He asked his son, which caused the boy to jump.

"W-why...?" Shouta stuttered. 

"Because we all know you have a thing for that blond." His son's face heated up as Sensei made himself another cup of coffee. It was too early to deal with a bunch of horny teenagers.

"I do not!" 

"Sure," Sensei drawled out. "And De Nile is just a river in Egypt."

"Daaaaddddd. I don't like Hizashi!" Shouta whined.

"Son, even little Izuku can see that you like Hizashi and the boy hasn't even been on this planet for twenty-four hours!"

Shouta pouted and decided that it would better just to ignore his father and talk to Hizashi. His father just shrugged and went back into the living room where his sister was sitting on the couch with his nephew. Speaking of his nephew, Hizashi wanted to come over and visit Inko and the baby.

 "Hey Inko? Hizashi wants to come over and see Izuku. Is that okay?"

"As long as he's quiet then it's fine."

"Is big brother Hizashi coming over?" A sleepy Tomura asked as he walked down the stairs in his pajamas. Shouta nodded and sent a quick text to Hizashi. 


"Shouta!" Hizashi whispered yelled when he entered the door to his friends house. "I wanna see this baby! Give me the baby~!"

"Hizashi," Inko softly scolded as she fed Izuku his bottle from the couch. "His ears are still sensitive."

"Sorry," Hizashi whispered and sat next to Inko as she fed Izuku. "Can I feed him?"

"Be gentle." Inko arranged herself to hand her baby over to her younger brother's crush/friend and the blond gently took him. Izuku looked at the new face while he drank his bottle and he just decided to ignore it. He felt safe in this strangers arms and didn't feel like crying. He was with the stranger when he felt full and felt sleepy, but whined when he was given to his mom again.

"He's very small," Hizashi observed and sat next to Shouta on the love seat. Shouta just blushed and looked down at the ground. Hizashi just wrapped his arm around Shouta without noticing and kept asking Inko questions about Izuku. Shouta froze and his face started to heat up in embarrassment because his sister, his brother, Kurogiri, his father, and his nephew were down here and gave him a cheeky little smile.

"Big brotha Shou has a boyfriend!" Hizashi blushed and sent a quick glance at his friend. He noticed that Shouta wanted to melt away and tried to calm his friend down, but when he did Shouta just ran upstairs to his bedroom and slammed the door.

"I'll go talk to him." Hizashi said and walked towards Shouta's bedroom. He knocked on the door for a few minutes and kept calling Shouta's name before the dark haired teen opened the door. Hizashi asked the young boy if he could come in and Shouta just shrugged.

"I guess," Shouta whispered. Hizashi nodded and sat on the boys bed. 

"I guess your family thinks that you like me?" Shouta nodded and sat down on the ground with his head in his lap. "Do you Shou?"

Shouta hesitated before nodding slowly. Hizashi took a shaky breath and knelt down in front of Shouta. "Shouta...look at me."

The younger teen shook his head and refused to look at the blond. Said blond, just lifted his friend's head up and made him look into his eyes. They stared into each other's eyes before Hizashi revealed that he also had romantic feelings for him. Shouta stared at the teen before asking him if he could kiss him.


"Can I kiss you, Shou?" Hizashi asked before Shouta nodded. Hizashi smiled softly before capturing his friends lips with his own. They stayed there, kissing for a few moments before separating for air. Hizashi gave Shouta a soft smile before kissing his forehead.

"Does this mean...?"

"If you want." Shouta smiled and nodded. He was glad his little brother said that Hizashi was his boyfriend because then he wouldn't have gotten one. 

"Did they confess to each other?" Sensei asked Kurogiri. The mist man nodded and poured himself and his boss a drink. 

"It was very cute. Makes me sick." Sensei just rolled his eyes and told the mist man that everything that is cute makes him sick. "Not true. I adore your grandson."

"I would think that everyone would adore Izuku." Sensei muttered and took a swing of his drink while Shouta walked down the stairs while holding HIzashi's hand. He gave his son and thumbs up and his son just groaned in annoyance. Well then he won't get any encouragement from him anymore. 


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A sudden, piercing cry was heard throughout of the Aizawa household at around two in the morning, which caused every male above the age of fourteen to burst into Inko's room. They were greeted with the sight of Inko holding a crying Izuku and a diaper in the other hand. The loud noise that came with all the males bursting into the room caused Izuku to cry louder and Inko to give them a death glare.

"He is a baby. Babies cry in the middle of the night. I've got this! Now out!" The three males nodded before heading to their rooms.

"I'm so glad I'm on summer break for this," Aizawa mumbled and closed the door to his room.

"Well," Sensei sighed as he leaned against the wall next to his bedroom door. "I'm going to get som-"

"Dadddddddyyyyy~!" Tomura cried from his room. "I'm thirsty! And I need a book or I won't fall asleep again! Why are babies loud?"

Kurogiri laughed at his boss' misfortune and he quickly retreated into his room before Sensei could ask for his help. The poor father of three grumbled under his breath about how useless his employee is to him, but Tomura trusts him more then he trusts Kurogiri. Probably because he just recently rescued the young boy from his abusive father. He felt sorry for the boy's mother since she was in a less than ideal situation. 

Tomura fell asleep right after reading him a comic book about All Might. He shuddered in disgust but kept his large disdain of the hero a secret. He wanted to preserve Tomura's innocence for as long as he could. He did want him to take over since Shouta wanted to be a hero, but Inko convinced him otherwise. As a result, he will just pick a random villain to be his successor but someone with skill and a strong hate of heroes. 

Sensei smiled and decided to fall asleep. He will wait because all good things come to those who wait. 

 "Why can't I stay with sister Inko?" Tomura whined as he pulled the collar of his preschool uniform. He didn't like it at all and everyone in the house knew it. 

"Inko has to take care of Izuku," Shouta explained as he finished putting on his tie. "This way you can make friends."

This got Tomura's attention and he gave his big brother a smile. He wondered if they would like to play superheroes! Or if they like to play video games! 

Shouta's smiled and gave his little brother a pat on the head. Now he was excited because he gets to see Hizashi at school and be an official couple! They haven't been able to go on a date since they confessed to each other, but his father said that it could be a possibility this weekend! What would they do? Go to the mall? A cafe? Oh! A cat cafe! 

"Time to go to school kids," Sensei mumbled as he basically drowned himself in coffee. "It's too early for this shit."

"Daddy said a bad word! You know what that means!" Tomura ran into the kitchen and grabbed a jar with 'Swear Jar' written on it with a dark blue sharpie. He shoved the jar into his dad's face and told him to but a dollar in it because sister Inko said that' the rules. Sensei was about to say no but he saw Inko in the corner of his eye with a murderous expression. 

"Fine," he grumbled and shoved a ten dollar in the jar. Inko just smiled and went back to her room while Izuku slept.


"I am too damn old for a five year old," Sensei hissed as his young son jumped up and down on his bed while he laid down on the bed. He has tried to get Tomura to calm down but the five year old just ignored him and continued to jump on the bed. 

"Tomura. I know you are happy that you made friends but you can't jump on dad's bed. Come on and help me make dinner."

"You shouldn't be making dinner a month and a half after giving birth!" Inko rolled her eyes and told her father that she can cook since she is fine. That she just wants to get a few things done because she feels that she is being lazy. Everyone told her that she needs to rest after giving birth but she just told them to stop and let her at least cook a dinner. 

"Besides," Inko said as she mixed a pot of food she was making while Izuku laid in a carrier on the table with Sensei and Tomura playing with Izuku. "Shouta's birthday is in a week and I'm the only one who can cook his favorite food."

"We could always hire-"

"Father! That is horrible! We must make his favorite food with love and compassion!" Sensei just stared at his daughter as Izuku giggled at his young uncle. 

"It's just food..." Inko glared at her father and he flinched in response. Izuku just giggled and blew spit bubbled, and Tomura just stared at the small baby who reminded him of a potato. He could just replace the baby with a potato and no one would no the difference. 

"Big sister! I need a potato!" Inko raised an eyebrow at Tomura and asked him why. "Because I could replace the baby with a potato and nobody would notice since he looks like a potato!"

The two adults in the room stared at the boy as he waited patiently for a potato before laughing. Tomura pouted and went back to playing with the baby and by 'playing' he is staring and poking the baby with his hand covered in his special glove. Izuku doesn't seem to mind being poked by the young boy and he just blew more spit bubbles. 

Shouta walked into the kitchen and noticed Tomura pouting while the two adults laughed. He raised an eyebrow and decided to ignore it. He decided to ask his little brother how his day at school went and if he made some friends.

"I did! One is named Touya and the other one we cal Hawks! I don't know his real name though! We played superheroes and they let me be All Might!"

"Really? That sounds awesome!" Shouta smiled and ruffled the blue haired kid's hair, while noticing his father's tensing up at the name of the Number One Hero. "Did you learn anything?"

"No, our teacher said that we will start learning tomorrow since today we were learning each other's names!" 

"Well, I hope you can tell us their names while you eat. Remember to wash up!" Tomura nodded and ran to the bathroom while Shouta walked. "Izuku, since you ate thirty minutes ago you are exempt from washing your hands but don't think this means you'll get away with it all the time!"

Inko laughed to herself and poked Izuku's soft stomach which caused the baby to giggle at his mom. The small baby looked over at his grandfather and stared at the man in confusion. Sensei stuck his tongue out at the boy and went to wash his hands. Izuku laughed and started to yawn. He looked sleepily at his mom and she just picked him up. She put him in his crib and turned on the mobile that had faces of heroes on it. She bought it just to get a rise out of her father (who wanted weapons on it in order to get him to join the family business since neither she nor Shouta would join but then again Shouta didn't know what the family business is). 

"Oh!" Inko cried out as they all ate dinner. "MItsuki is coming over with her son tomorrow afternoon."

"Another baby?" Tomura asked excitedly.

"Yes! The baby's name is Katsuki and a lot like his mother!"

"Oh great," Kurogiri muttered. "Another firecracker is just what this world needs."

Inko smacked the mist villain over the head and glared at him for good measure. Shouta laughed but it was cut off when he was smacked over the head by his sister in the same way Kurogiri was. He looked over at his father and waited for his father to yell at his sister, but Sensei just rolled his eyes and mumbled about how he was surrounded by brats.

"Are you sure about this, Toshinori?" A short old man asked as he stared at his deceased friends successor through the computer screen. "You don't even know that he is at Musutafu."

"Gran," The blond sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "David and his team tracked down him to a house that was located there and if I can track him down then we can finally bring him to justice for Nana's death!"

"I know that! But not even Nana could defeat this man and what if he wasn't even there? It could just be a distraction!"

"We won't know until we try Gran and that is my final say on this manner. It's early morning here and I need to finish  packing before my plane is ready."

"Packing?" The older hero asked. 

"Yes. I am moving to Musutafu."

"You're what?!"

 "I am moving to Musutafu. Jeez Gran, is your hearing going?"

"Hold you tongue about my hearing! I can hear you just fine! Why are you moving to Musutafu?!" Gran yelled at Yagi Toshinori through the screen. "Are you an idiot Toshinori?!"

"No but-"

"Besides, your agency is in Tokyo! Why stay in Musutafu?"

"I texted Sir Nighteye and he said that he set it up so that I could work in Musutafu while being called to Tokyo when the situation requires it."

Gran Torino stared at Yagi while his eye started to twitch. A habit that he developed when he became friends with Nana and met the future Number One hero. Yagi just gave the man a smile hat said that he was innocent and a pure angel while grabbing a piece of paper. He crumbled it up and started making an excuse that they were breaking up. "You idiot! This is a video call!"

Yagi just laughed nervously and quickly shut off the video. When the black screen greeted him he leaned back in the chair and breathed a sigh of relief. Gran Torino is very scary in his own right. He would rather face All for One then Tornio any day of the week.

"I wonder what I'll find in Musutafu?"

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"So this is your brat, Inko?" Mitsuki asked as she held her on her hip. Inko frowned at the term but nodded.

"This is Izuku. Zuku, say hi to Katsuki." Izuku stared at the blond baby and he hid his face into his mother's neck. Katsuki was scowling at him and that seemed to scare Izuku. That caused Izuku to be concerned but put if off since Mitsuki has what would call a 'resting bitch face' and he could have one too. "How is Masaru holding up?" 

"He's very skittish around Katsuki, probably because he's his first."

"Understandable. My brother was terrified to hold him!"

"I say you should snatch up a man quickly Inko. Not many men like a women with a kid!"

"If they don't like that I have a kid them he can take his BS and leave," Inko sighed. Mitsuki can be a jerk at times but since Inko was always the outsider she was glad to gain a friend. 

"Still Ko," Mitsuki said as she poked her friend on the forehead. "You need to get back in the dating scene."


"Dad," Inko called while getting Izuku dressed to go out. "I'm going to take Izuku for a walk and probably get something to eat."

"Alright, just let me get ready sweetie."

"I'll be fine dad! I can protect myself and my baby just fine! Please!" Sensei sighed and reluctantly agreed. He knew that Inko would have gone even if he didn't agree, so he told her to be careful and if she needs some help then call him as quickly as possible. When Inko agreed to call him if she ever felt unsafe was when he felt somewhat okay. He asked if she needed any money in case she was going to get anything, but she shook her head.

"Alright. Be careful okay? And Izuku," Sensei said as he bent down and looked at his grandson. "Take care of you mommy. You are a strong, intimidating man."

"Dad," Inko laughed. "He's almost two months old. What is he supposed to do?"

"Kill them with his cuteness. I mean look at him!" He indicated to his grandson and poked the boys cheeks. "He will take over the world with his cuteness! I bet even All Might couldn't beat the kid!"

Inko shook her head and she put her baby into a stroller. She waved goodbye to her father and went on her way.


"Where do you want to go, Izuku?" Inko asked as she walked through the crowded mall in Musutafu. Izuku just babbled in response and continued doing baby things, which caused his mom to laugh in response. She continued to walk around for about twenty minutes before Izuku started to whine so she found a bench and tried to find what made Izuku upset.

"Did you just want to be held?" Inko said when Izuku stopped whining when she picked him up. "You are so dramatic."

Izuku just flounced around in his mom's arms, which caused Inko to laugh. The baby continued to do this for a few minutes before a voice came out of no where.

"Your baby is adorable!" Inko looked up and saw a very tall, blond man. He was very muscular and nice looking. Blood rushed to her cheeks and nodded dumbly. "What's your baby's name?"

"I-Izuku..." The blond man smiled and asked her if he could sit down next to her. Inko quickly agreed and moved the diaperbag she had put down next to her.

"I'm Toshinori Yagi. Do you mind me asking what your name is?"

"Inko Midoriya and you've met Izuku." Izuku stared at the taller man before babbling at the man. 

Yagi laughed and started to talk to the baby, even if it made no sense at all. He talked to Izuku about the daily life of a baby, if he likes superheroes, and what's his favorite TV show. "Do you like your mommy? Is she a good mommy? What about your daddy?"

"Um," Inko interrupted. "His dad is not in the picture."

"I'm sorry," Yagi quickly apologized. "I just didn't think someone as pretty as you was single..."

Both of the adults quickly blushed and Izuku just flounced around in his mothers arms. Yagi apologized about overstepping his boundaries and was about to get up to leave before Inko told him that it was fine.

"Still," Yagi said. "At least let me make it up to you!"

"You don't have to make it up to me because it was nice. It's been awhile since someone called me pretty..." Inko admitted. "But if you are persistent to 'make it up to me'  then buy me some lunch or something."

Yagi smiled and nodded in response. She got up and walked with her son towards a small cafe in the mall. IT was a cat cafe and her and Shouta went there often when they visited the mall. She was happy since she met someone who seemed to be genuine and sweet.


"So where are we heading?" Yagi asked as they walked around, and Inko put up a finger to her mouth in a shushing motion. He got her message and just followed her as she pushed her son's stroller. Yagi smiled and started thinking that he wants to talk to her more. Maybe he could ask for her number? 

"Here we are!" Inko motioned towards the place and he noticed it was a cat cafe. "My brother and I come here as a special treat when something happens in his life. I suppose that I can take you here without him knowing, but it has to be a secret."

Yagi moved his fingers across his lips in a zipping motion. Inko giggled and they walked inside. She found a table in the back of the cafe that would help Yagi be comfortable with his height. He thanked her for thinking of him and she just smiled.


"So what do you do?" Yagi asked as he took a sip of his coffee. He was petting a black cat that was a little of the fat side.

"I'm a lawyer. Right now I am on maternity leave," she replied as she held Izuku as he bounced around in his mother's arms trying to get the cats. "What about you?"

"I... work with heroes." Inko's eyes widen. Yagi laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his neck.  

"You work with heroes?"

"More like I'm a secretary for All Might?"


"Shh!" Yagi said and tried to calm Inko down. Inko quickly shut up and decided to use one of her hands to pet a brown cat that Izuku was 'petting' (he was actually moving his arms around in an attempt to touch the cat).

He looked over at his mom with a face of betrayal. How dare his birth-giver take the moving fluff ball from him? Why is she looking at the tall man? He's as tall as grandpa! Where was he? Oh! He was moving his mouth and his birth-giver was also moving her mouth. Is she ignoring him? That is unacceptable!

"Meh...weh...." Inko looked down and saw an angry looking Izuku. He was frowning at her and babbling. 

"What's wrong Izuku?" Inko stared at Izuku as he smiled once again. Was he jealous that she was talking to Yagi? She guessed that Yagi thought the same thing since he laughed and asked if her son was jealous. "I guess he's a mama's boy."

"May I hold him?" Yagi asked and Inko nodded. She got out of the booth and handed her son to the man she thought was interesting. Izuku didn't cause much of a fuss, but then again he doesn't fuss much, and he just stared at Yagi with curious eyes.

 Yagi smiled and bounced Izuku on his knees as Inko watched them with a smile on her face. This interaction felt so natural and he wished that this could continue, but he just met her and there is a possibility that All for One will kill him soon. It would be selfish of him to get into a relationship with Inko and then die right off the bat, but maybe...? "Inko?"

"Yes?" Yagi took a deep breath and asked the women for her number.

"I understand if we just met but I would like to talk to you more and..."

"Here you go!" It seems that during Yagi thinking that he seemed creepy, she had written down her number on a napkin. She handed him the napkin and said that she better get going before her father starts to worry. That her father was probably panicking right now. Yagi replied that he understood and that he will see her later, and that he doesn't mind paying for the cafe visit.

"You don't have to do that!" Inko replied. 

"It's fine. Consider it a thank you gift for talking with me." Inko smiled and gave Yagi a quick kiss on the cheek before walking out with her son in his stroller. 

"Bye..." Yagi whispered and smiled. He was very excited to text Inko and get to know her better. He might have to keep her a secret from Sir Nighteye and Gran Torino, but knowing him he might slip up and reveal to them that he was talking to someone who seemed interested in him. He revealed to her that he was 'quirkless', and she didn't run for the hills like the other girls did. That made him happy because she didn't judge him for something he had no control over, but for his personality. 

Suddenly, a phone ringing ripped him out of his thoughts and he quickly answered the call. 

"Took you long enough Toshinori!"  Yagi flinched at Gran Torino's yelling voice.

"Sir," a waiter asked him. "Can you take it off speaker?"

"It's not on speaker." Yagi explained and the waiter's mouth dropped in shock. Yagi rubbed the back of his neck in shame and he quickly paid the tab, and walked out of the cafe. 

"Are you listening Toshinori?!" 

"Gran," Yagi hissed as he pitched the bridge of his nose. "I was in public. Please keep your voice down so that people don't think I'm being rude by putting you on speaker."

"I wasn't sure you could hear me!"  Yagi rolled his eyes and talked with Gran about how he's settling in Musutafu.

Chapter Text

"Where are you taking me, Hizashi?" Shouta didn't like being blindfolded since he can't use his quirk but he trusts Hizashi with his life, so he allows himself to be led to this 'special' place. He has been walking with Hizashi since he woke him up this morning and the only breakfast he ate was a protein bar that Hizashi had in his pocket. 

"We're almost there! I promise!"

"That's what you said five minutes ago," Shouta sighed in annoyance. Hizashi laughed nervously and told him that they were really almost there. Shouta nodded in response and just let him be tugged along by his boyfriend.

"Here we are!" Hizashi cried and took off the blindfold off on the dark-haired teen. Shouta blinked a few times in order for his eyes to get ajusted to the light and when he finally did he saw that they were in a secluded area in the park. He looked around  in confusion before his eyes spotted a picnic blanket under some trees with a picnic basket on top of the blanket. He looked over at the blond and he just rubbed the back of his neck.

"Happy birthday Sho. I know this is your first birthday we celebrated as boyfriends so I wanted this to be special..." Shouta smiled and wrapped his arms around Hizashi's neck.

"Thank you," Shouta whispered and buried his neck in attempts to hide his blushing face. "How did you get my father to accept you taking me out so early on my birthday?"

"Well, I was basically begging him when Inko came and you know how she is..." Hizashi nervously laughed. Shouta just stared at his boyfriend before smiling. 

“Who knew that behind your loudness is someone who is so soft-hearted.”

”Shouta,” Hizashi whined. “Stop being mean!”

The dark-haired hero in training just snorted and took the blond's hands in order for them to start their breakfast picnic. Hizashi gave a silent cheer and sat down on the blanket next to his boyfriend. His boyfriend... That made him smile and started to eat. They ate for ten minutes while joking and talking about how their lives have been. 

"Izuku can barely sit up by himself," Shouta laughed. "We would put him out lap and he will fall over into our arms, and he would just laugh. He barely cried and when he does it's because he wants attention."

"Attention? By who?"

"Everyone whose eyes aren't on him. He likes to be the center of attention."

"Sounds like your dad," Hizashi laughed. 


"Are you guys almost done?" Inko asked as she held Izuku in her arms. Kurogiri sighed and told her that the banner won't cooperate with him since it won't stay still. Inko just shook her head and told him to let her father handle it and he will take over her dad's responsibilities for Shouta's party. 

"Great!" Sensei cried from the kitchen. "Because baking this cake is the bane of my existence!"

"Why did you give him the responsibility of making cake since I am better at cooking than him?" 

"He was very consistent that he made the cake. Now he regrets it." Kurogiri just nodded and took over the cake making. Fortunately, he didn't mess up the cake too badly. Honestly, he did a pretty god job and nothing was on fire. He was supposed to make a chocilate cake with vanilla frosting with a black cat with his hero costume's goggles decorating it. Hizashi was the one who suggested it and said that he would distract Shouta while they got the place ready for the party.

"Okay Izuku," Inko said as she held the baby in her arms. "Ready to make Sho his present? Tomura come here!"

"Yes big sister!" Tomura came running into the living room from where he was in his room. "Are we about to make the cards and the presents for big brother?"

Inko nodded and put towels over the table so that the paint won't get all over the place. She took out two picture frames that are made to be painted and put them in front of her brother and her baby. She put some paint on a plate with a paintbrush in front of her brother. She said that Tomura could go ahead and paint his frame while she started painting Izuku's hand. Inko smiled when Izuku started laughing at the tickling sensation of the paintbrush on his hand.

Once Izuku's hands were completely covered, she pressed his hands against the frame and waited a few seconds. She lifted his hand off of the frame and smiled at the perfect hand prints. Once there was about six hand prints covering the frame she went to the sink and removed the paint off of her baby. 

"I'm done with the frame, big sister!" Tomura exclaimed from the table. "I painted kitties on it because big brother likes kitties!"

Inko smiled and helped clean up Tomura because he was covered in paint. "We need to let them dry so that it won't drip and mess up your pretty pictures." 

The young boy nodded in understanding and watched as his sister put the frames up somewhere so that they would dry nicely. He hoped that his big brother liked it and that he would have a happy birthday! Tomura remembers when it was his birthday and that his big brother took him out to a kitty cafe while his sister got him some super hero toys. Sure, daddy didn't like him playing with superheroes, but he never hurt him or yelled at him for doing that like....

Tomura shook his head and reminded himself that his new family wouldn't hurt him. That they loved and cared for him like any nice family would! They even told funny stories and played games with each other (even if Kurogiri said that playing games were not in his job description - whatever that means). 

 "Alright!" Kurogiri called from the kitchen. "The cake it done and I hope that streamers are!"

"Yeah, they are up." Sensei grumbled while he went down the later. "Inky, did you text Hizashi to let him know that we are ready?"

"They should be here any minute," Inko sighed as she pinched the bridge of her nose. "What would you do with out me?"

"He probably would die of stupidity," Kurogiri exclaimed from the kitchen.

"I will dock your pay!" Sensei snapped back as he threw a pillow at his employee. Kurogiri dodged the pillow and went to get the cake in order to put it on the table. 

"Stop acting like a child!" Inko snapped. "Izuku is a baby and he acts more mature then two grown men! I swear..."

Tomura giggled at his sister and started running to the door when Hizashi and his big brother entered through the door. "Surprise big brother!"

Shouta stopped in the doorway and stared in shock at the sight that greeted him. There were banners hanging from every single hallway entrance that said 'Happy Birthday Shouta!' with cats decorating it. There was a cake on the dining room table with presents around it, and there was his family and Hizashi smiling at him. Tears welled up in his eyes and he tried hard so that the tears wouldn't fall down his face.

"Happy Birthday, Sho," Hizashi whispered and hugged his boyfriend. The darker haired hero-in-training smiled and hugged the blond haired teen back. This is surprising because his father isn't too keen on the idea of birthday parties, but something (or someone) might have convinced him other wise. 

"Happy Birthday, little brother. How was your date?" Inko gave him a wicked smile and he glared at his sister. 


"I might have helped get you out of the house in order for them to get ready," Hizashi laughed nervously. Shouta narrowed his eyes at his boyfriend, which caused Hizashi to duck behind Inko. Inko just rolled her eyes in response and walked away towards the table with the presents. 

"Hurry up and open your presents!" Hizashi said in order to change the subject. 

"Lunch will be here in a moment," Sensei said as he took mercy on the blond haired teen. "I ordered some of your favorite western food."


"Yeah," Sensei said and handed his present to his son first, which caused Kurogiri to complain that he probably got Shouta a great present that made all of their presents loook bad. Sensei just smiled evilly and stuck a not-so-nice figure at his worker. 

"Have you found any information on All For One?" Yagi asked Sir Nighteye over the phone.

"Unfortunately,"  Nighteye sighed. "All of the leads we followed ended up either being fake or we ended up losing it." 

Yagi sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. It has been almost a month since he returned to Japan and he has yet to find All For One and his followers. If he doesn't find him soon then All For One growing in power, and he won't be able to stop him. 

"All Might?"  Sir Nighteye called from the other side of the phone.

"Sorry," Yagi apologized. "I was just thinking."

"Well, I'll reach out to you if I find out anything."

"Thanks Nighteye."

His sidekick hung up and Yagi was left in silence. All For One is a dangerous person and the longer he is out in the world then the world is in more danger, and Inko and her family...

"No, stop thinking like that! You barely met her and yet..." Yagi sighed and flopped down on his bed. He has been talking to Inko since they met and they seemed to have a lot in common. He learned that today was her baby brother's birthday and that her father doesn't know how to bake a cake. They had to get her uncle to bake the cake since her father is a mess in the kitchen. 

She also told him that Izuku helped 'paint' a picture frame for her brother's birthday. She told him that her brother enjoyed both of the picture frames and that he had a great birthday today. 

It was nice to get to know someone who didn't care about his 'quirklessness' and cared for him. It was nice and she seemed genuine. 'I hope there isn't anything bad about her...'


Chapter Text

"When will he start talking?" Tomura asked while laid on the carpet and stared at his nephew. The baby has been around for three months now and he has yet to do anything interesting! He can't even sit up or play with toys yet! If he hands the baby an All Might action figure then the baby tries to stick him in his mouth. One does not put the Symbol of Peace into their mouth!

"He is still a baby Tomura," Inko replied calmly. "He won't talk unless he is good and ready to."

"But I want him to talk now!" 

"Then you can try and get him to talk, but remember Izuku still wakes up in the middle of the night crying." Tomura just whined in response and glared at the baby who laid on the carpet in front of him. 

"Why must you cause so much noise for someone who can't speak yet? Talk baby!" Izuku stared at Tomura before laughing at the child, and that caused Tomura to become even more annoyed at that. Why is the baby laughing at him? He is older and can talk! What can the baby do? Flop around that flops around! Yeah! "Can you talk now? Say Tomura! To-mu-ra. Tooooo-Muuuuuu-raaaaaaa. Say it."

"Blagh!" Izuku laughed and wiggled on his stomach in response. 

"Sister! He won't talk!"

"Just give him time. He is a baby." 

"Where's daddy?"

"At work."

"Big brother?" 

"With Hizashi in his room."

"Can I bother them?"

"Knock first." Tomura nodded and ran up the stairs towards her big brother's room. He ran up towards his brother's door and knocked on the door.

"Big brother! Can I come in!"

"Y-yeah...!" Shouta cried. "J-just give me a moment...!"

Tomura heard shuffling and harsh whispers he couldn’t make out, but after a few minutes the door flung open to reveal a messy Shouta. “Big brother...your shirt is backwards.”

“S-So it is....” Shouta hurriedly tried to fix his shirt as Hizashi smiled awkwardly from the bed. His hair was messier than normal and his shirt was wrinkled.

”Hey little listener!” Hizashi said and Tomura just smiled and jumped onto the bed.

”What were you guys doing?” Tomura asked.



Both teens gave each other a look before continuing. 



”Which is it?” Tomura asked impatiently. “Wrestling or nothing?”

Hizashi just coughed and asked why Tomura was here in the first place so they could change the subject. Luckily, Tomura has an attention span of a five year old.

”The baby won’t talk to me!”

”Well,” Shouta sais as he sat next to his brother with his shirt fixed. “Babies don’t start talking until much later, but if you talk to them yourself then maybe they will talk faster.”


Hizashi nodded and patted the young child on his head. “Yep! Maybe this baby is very smart and will talk earlier! If you go talk to him then maybe?”

Tomura seemed to agree with this idea because he ran back downstairs, leaving the two teens alone in Shouta’s room. They stayed in silence before Hizashi broke it by laughing like a maniac. Shouta actually had to activate his quirk in an attempt to stop Hizashi from bringing down the house but he had trouble because he was also laughing at the situation that his little brother had put them in. 

"You're brother is so innocent," coughed out Hizashi once he was finally able to stop laughing. 

"He's f-five," wheezed Aizawa. "Let's make sure that everyone is asleep before he do that. If it was my father who interrupted us then you probably would have died. My father is the protective type, and after Hisashi did to my sister? My dad's going to make sure there is nothing he missed."

"What does your dad even do?" Shouta just shrugged. Whenever he asks Inko what their dad does, she just tenses up and says that he cleans up trash. 

"I think he's a garbageman, but can a garbage man make enough money for a mansion?"


"Big sister Inko said that he cleans up trash," Shouta explained.

"Then what does Kurogiri do?"

"He's a bartender."

"A bartender working for a garbageman?" Hizashi asked. "How would that work? It would make more tense if he was apart of the yakuza."

"My dad? Apart of the yakuza?" Shouta laughed. "He wouldn't harm a fly...unless that fly hurt his family...but a yakuza member? That's ridiculous!"

"Yeah, I can't imagine your dad of all people being a yakuza member. Maybe Kurogiri," Hizashi chuckled and wrapped his arms around Shouta in order to give him some snuggles.

Shouta just laughed and wrapped his arms around Hizashi. He knew that his blond boyfriend was as soft as a stuffed animal and he also knew that Hizashi is like that Disney character Tinkerbell. If no one pays enough attention to him he might die, that's what Hizashi says away. "Must you always be so clingy?"

"Shou," Hizashi whined. "You love it when I'm clingy!"

"I said no such thing." Hizashi pouted and rested his chin on Shouta's shoulder. 

"Why must you be so mean to me?"

"It comes easily."

"Break his kneecaps," Sensei growled at one of his nameless underlings. "If he doesn't want to talk willingly then make him regret it."

Multiple shouts of 'yes boss!' and screaming soon following was the signal for Sensei that he needs to check in on his children. He grabbed his disposable phone, the one he used when he was 'working', and typed in his daughter's number. After a few ring's she picked up.

"Hello? This is Inko Midoriya speaking." 

"Hi sweetie! How is everything at home? Are the kids behaving? Is Izuku alright?"

"Tomura is trying to get Izuku to talk and Shouta and Hizashi are watching a movie."

"That's good and make sure that Hizashi is keeping it PG."

"They are watching some American cartoon called Shrek.Inko replied. "Pretty sure that movie is G."

"Don't get smart with me young lady, you know what I mean. I'll be home in a few hours and I'll be picking up some food. What do you want?"

"Fried Chicken."

"Just like your mother. Bye sweetie."

Inko replied back and Sensei hung up the phone. He was glad he was able to check up on his family and now he had some business he had to attend to. Sensei turned around and smiled when he saw his little captive crying like his grandson. 

"Boss, he said that All Might is back in Japan and is trying to search for you." Nameless underling #1 said. 

"He sure is screaming a lot," whispered Nameless underling #2. 

"Enough!" Sensei snapped. He walked over to the sobbing captive and grabbed him by the hair in order to look him in the eyes. "Where. Is. All Might. Now?"

"He's... He's in Musutafu...!"

Sensei froze. All Might is in Musutafu? Oh shit this is not good. This pissed him off and he took out his anger on his captive, by not only stealing his captive's quirk but killing him as well. His enemy is near his children and his grandchild? This is not good. Not good at all. Does All Might know of his children? Where Shouta goes to school? Where Inko works? Where Tomura goes to school? He had to call Kurogiri in order to make sure that he kept an eye on them.

'If All Might even thinks of looking at my children I will make sure that he will burn with Hero Society, or the heroes who are only heroes for fame like Endeavor since Shouta wants to be a hero. Fuck Endeavor.' 

Sensei stomped out of the abandoned building and towards his car with his long-time friend on the phone. He told Kurogiri to return home early and to pick up some Fried Chicken on the way for dinner, and to also ask Hizashi if he's going to stay for dinner since he is going to be late coming home tonight.

"Driver," Sensei said. "Take me to Toyko. I have some business to attend to."

"Right away, sir."

 Sensei typed away on his phone in order to find the exact address of All Might's agency and growled. How dare that dumb blond try and track his family down. They have done nothing to have All Might eyes set on them. Tomura was just a child while Shouta wanted to be a hero! Sure, Inko knew what he was doing but she wasn't apart of it at all. 

All Might will regret the day he came for his family.