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Avengers: Truf war

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Tony's pov

As I worriedly watch the doctors rushing around, calling to one another, as they placed Peter into surgery. A doctor came up to me with a clipboard.

"Are you his guardian?" the doctor asked.

"For now, yes," I replied.

"Please fill out these forms while the rest of the doctors do their best to help the young man survive his injuries," the doc handed me the clipboard and I filled it out, handing it back to the doc as I still worried about Peter.

Bucky's pov

"Report in," I ordered.

"Bravo Team, no sign of Zulu Leader yet.'

"Same for Charlie Team."

"This is Kilo Leader. I have found an occupied cell with Zulu Leader."

"Repeat," I ordered.

"I have found Zulu Leader, repeat I have found Zulu Leader." Kilo Leader repeated.

"How many hostiles?" I asked, gesturing for Steve and Tikho to follow me.

"All of Alpha Team," Kilo Leader replied.

"All Teams, converge on Kilo Team's location," I ordered.

"Did you find your missing person?" Steve asked and I nodded. Then he waved to the rest of his team. The doctor stayed behind with Nikita to tend to his wounds.

Peter's pov

I remember being tired and pain then dirt, a lot of dirt. Then I felt nothing and I saw myself flying with Mr. Stark and Doc. Banner towards a hospital. Next I was in my body, but I saw nothing. Then I was out of my body and saw the doctors running around freaking out then they used a defibrillator on and I felt it I was knocked backed. Again. Again. Until I was in my body and blacked out. 

Tony's pov

I was standing at the window looking at Peter when the doctors started running around and grabbed the defibrillator and started to charge it.

"Peter, Peter!" I yell as I see them doing it multiple times until they stop doing it and walk away.

"I'm sorry sir... we lost him," the doctor said to me after coming out of the room.

"What... no it can't be," I whispered, pushing away from the doctors and into the room.

"Peter, Peter, wake up. Peter... WAKE UP!"I screamed and used a energy blast from my armored hand. Then a hand grasped mine to stop me.

"Maybe I can help," a voice said. I turned to see a man in a strange cloak.

"Who are you?" I choked out, tears cascading down my face.

"I am Doctor Stephen Strange. Now, move so I can get to him," the man moved me aside and did weird gestures as weird orange glowing lines appeared. The lines descended on Peter and I stared at the scenery.

Doc Strange pov

I entered the astro plane and saw the boy's astro form floating above his body and the other man, silently crying.

"Hey, kid. What's wrong?" I asked and the kid turns to me.

"I think I'm dead," he replied, turning back to stare at the other man.

"Hey, you got that guy who looks like he's ready to sacrifice anything just to save you," I placed my hand on his shoulder.

"I don't know if I should go back or not," the kid said, sniffing and wiping at his tears.

"Tell you what, come back to your body so I can finish healing you and I can take you anywhere in the world," I negotiated.

"Really? You can do that?" he asked, looking hopefully and I nodded. The kid thought about it and nodded. I helped him get back into his body before descending back into my body and everything went back to normal speed. I grasped the table for a moment, then proceeded to finish healing the kid. The man next to me slumped on a wall but jerked up when the kid gasped suddenly and sat up.

"Peter!" the man gently hugged the kid.

"Mr. Stark, 'm fine," the kid-Peter-mumbled, then turned to me and nodded. I nodded back, knowing he would find me eventually and I slipped out into the hallway to see the Avengers.

"Is Peter alright?" Hawkeye asked, nervously.

"Yes, you can go see him now but be gently with him," I replied, moving out of the way as they rushed in. I heard cheers of joy and happiness that I smiled as I headed to the bathroom to clean up. Cloak got off as I walked to the sink to wash my hands and Stark enter the bathroom.

"Thanks, doc, for saving him," he said and I turned to him, drying my hands.

"Did the great Tony Stark thank me?" I sarcastically asked.

"Yeah. If you need anything, me," he rubbed his neck before handing me a business card and left.