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Getting Messy

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Koh and Towa were home alone. Towa was horny and trying to masturbate, but had to go pee. Towa was trying to touch himself without making noise (he didn’t want to attract Koh’s attention) peeing himself (which would be embarrassing) or ejaculating (he worried that if he did, he would also pee himself).
As Towa attempted to do all three things, he failed to be quiet and Koh looked over at him.
“What are you doing?”
“Nothing,” Towa’s cheeks turned red.
“Aw, c’mon,” Koh saw that Towa’s hands were in his pants. “It’s not nothing.”
“I-I have to pee,” Towa admitted, which was true.
“The bathroom is over there, y’know,” Koh pointed. Towa bit his lip, worried that he would wet himself on the way. Koh smiled after a moment, deciding to tease Towa.
“Are you in the middle of something else?”
“It’s fine. Want some help?”
“...what kind of help?” Towa noted the sexual intention behind Koh’s words.
“Well, do you need help taking your pants off?” Koh started. Towa gave him permission by nodding and Koh slipped Towa’s pants off to reveal Towa’s erection in green underwear.
“Lie down. Can I touch?” Koh asked nicely. Towa lay down on the couch.
“Gently,” he agreed. Koh gently touched Towa, keeping the younger boy’s underwear on. Towa squirmed, not wanting to pee his pants. Koh watched, getting turned on by Towa’s struggle.
“You don’t wanna make a mess?” Koh asked quietly.
“I don’t wanna be wet like a baby,” Towa replied. “It’s gross.”
“How about...” Koh took off his own pants and underwear, which were dry, and revealed his cock. “ wet mine? I’ll wear them after. I don’t mind, I like messes,” Koh admitted, blushing.
“Yeah! You don’t have to,” Koh clarified.
“...” Towa very quickly weighed his options. He would get to pee, but not put up with the mess or embarrassment after, and Koh said he liked the mess, so it was a win for him too.
“...are you sure?”
“Yeah!” Koh was enthusiastic. Towa took off his underwear and put on Koh’s, which were pure white. Towa closed his eyes and relaxed, temporarily forgetting that he was peeing in Koh’s underwear, probably while the older boy watched.
He felt way better after a moment, and opened his eyes, relieved.
“There,” Koh kissed him on the lips.
“’re a good kisser,” Towa told him. As they got dressed properly, Towa thought of something. “Can I ask an...awkward question?”
“Do, do you pee your pants? Not by accident.”
“Whether it’s an accident or not doesn’t matter,” Koh replied, pulling his pants up.
“Why not?”
“Can we kiss again?” Towa changed the subject.
Koh didn’t waste time answering, he just made out with Towa until they broke apart for air.
The door opened as Ui arrived home, going to the computer and not paying attention to the boys, who were sitting five feet apart on the couch and acting casual, like nothing happened between them.