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두 번째 고백 (i do)

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“I’m bored.”

Taehyung glanced at Namjoon with a distressed expression. “We know. You’ve said it five times already.”

Namjoon pouted. “That’s because I’m bored.”

“And that’s our problem, because?” Jungkook raised an eyebrow at him, going back to the article he was typing on his laptop immediately after. He was behind on at least two pieces, and entertaining his best friend’s boyfriend was the last thing on his mind, especially when he had now an audience three times bigger than when he’d started. “Go do something productive, like your own job.”

“I’m on hiatus.” Namjoon rolled his eyes and got up from the couch. Taehyung followed him with his eyes until he sat down at the kitchen table and glared at Jungkook, who barely even noticed because he was still staring at the screen. “If Yoongi doesn’t come back, I’ll start crying. Can’t you tweet some hot take and let people flame you so I can argue with them from your account?”

“We did that once, and people clowned me for a week because you said J. Cole was better than Kendrick Lamar. I still get memes under my videos. You’re not getting near my Twitter account ever again.”

“That was so fucking funny,” Taehyung chimed in casually, only to earn a glare from Jungkook. “Oops.”

Jungkook flashed a fake smile at him. “Wanna break up?”

“No,” Taehyung muttered, sinking back into the couch. “I’m good.”

“I’m bored,” Namjoon complained again, drawing out the last syllable. “We should fuck.”

Taehyung’s eyes widened at those words, while Jungkook finally looked at him over the laptop screen, a grimace slowly appearing on his features.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I said we should fuck,” Namjoon repeated, more confidently this time. No trace of shame was visible on his face. Taehyung kept staring at him like a deer in the headlights. “Actually, it’s wild that we never did. Like, it’s not like it’d be cheating. Wow, I should’ve had this idea way sooner. How long has it been? Two years?”

Jungkook raised an eyebrow. “So you want to have sex with Taehyung to celebrate?”

“That’s where you’re wrong.” Namjoon smirked. Taehyung still looked out of it. “I actually want to fuck both of you.”

“Taehyung is a top,” Jungkook continued, as if it was a normal conversation to have, while Taehyung kept staring. Why did he sound like he was okay with it? “But continue, I guess.”

“Okay, I want to fuck you and get fucked by Taehyung, is that better?”

“No one is going to ask me if I’m okay with this?” Taehyung blurted out, still wide-eyed. “And Yoongi? Are you just going to do it without him?”

“I don’t think you realize how much Yoongi has to listen to me talk about the people I want to fuck.”

“And he’s fine with it?”

“Sure. It’s not like I actually go and do it.”

“You’re talking to someone who pretended to hate the person he loves for a year,” Jungkook reminded him, frowning. “And you think this is the weirdest thing they could do as a couple?”

“Lowkey, I’m pretty sure Yoongi wouldn’t mind getting fucked by Taehyung, too,” Namjoon added casually with a shrug of his shoulders. Taehyung shrunk even more on the couch, if that was even possible. “He never said it out loud, but I know him.”

“So that’s what you two talk about when you’re not here?”

Namjoon grinned. “Maybe.”

“So your plan is for me to fuck everyone?” Taehyung asked tentatively, trying to test the waters. 

He’d known all of them for years, sure, but he still was the last one to get added to the group. It barely happened, but sometimes he couldn’t help but feel like he was intruding, or something along those lines. He was aware it was stupid, but the feeling was there, and now hearing all of that coming from Namjoon was weird.

“We can work that out later,” Namjoon said, shrugging. He had a different look in his eyes now as he stared back at him, and Taehyung noticed immediately. He licked his lips out of instinct, and Namjoon smirked. “Why are you acting like this is coming out of nowhere? I’m pretty sure I’ve made it obvious a lot of times that I find you hot.”

Taehyung just glanced at Jungkook, still a bit horrified, but his boyfriend just shrugged and offered him a smirk of his own. Was he really okay with it? He looked back at Namjoon, and something in his eyes must have tipped him off, because suddenly the taller man was leaving his chair and walking up to the couch.

“I, uh—” Taehyung tried to say, but cut himself off when Namjoon sat innocently on his legs and put an arm around his shoulders, that smirk still present on his face.

“I’m not doing anything if you don’t want it,” he murmured in his ear, his hand casually resting on Taehyung’s thigh. Taehyung shot a questioning look at Jungkook, who just shrugged again, though he was still smiling. He was pretty sure that meant he didn’t mind.

Closing his eyes, he thought it over for a second. The warmth of Namjoon’s hand on his leg was making it hard for him to focus, and the way his lips were still close to his earlobe was slowly getting to him.

Before he could change his mind, he nodded on a whim. “Okay.”

“Okay?” Namjoon repeated to make sure. When Taehyung nodded again, he chuckled under his breath and left a light kiss on his temple, only to brush his lips on his cheek immediately afterwards. He kept leaving small kisses on his skin, which managed to calm Taehyung’s nerves slightly, until he reached his chin and moved his hand away from his thigh to cup his face and bring it closer to his.

It was definitely odd, if not surprising, how aroused he felt already without even a proper kiss involved yet. He blamed it on the thrill of something new—the anticipation that had his body in embarrassing heat waves—though he wasn’t even sure it was just that. Maybe, deep down, he’d found Namjoon hot all that time, and just never noticed.

In an attempt to get those unnecessary thoughts out of his head, he tried to focus on the way Namjoon’s fingertips were lightly placed on his skin. Their eyes met just as he looked up. There was tension, and he was sure Namjoon felt it, too. For a second, he almost forgot Jungkook was in the room with them. The thought that he was surely watching sent a shiver down his spine.

“Yoongi said he was gonna be here soon,” Namjoon murmured on his lips. It was barely a proper contact—but enough to send Taehyung’s head into a confused daze. “Know what I would love for him to find?”

Wondering why the thought of Yoongi seeing them was turning him on to that degree, Taehyung shook his head.

“I want him to come home and find me on top of you.” Namjoon’s words were now barely above a whisper, and Taehyung couldn’t find it in himself to tear his gaze off him. He swallowed in anticipation. “I want him to see me while I’m riding you. While I’m taking your dick like I’m gasping for air and you were the only source of oxygen available to keep me alive.”

“Is this your writer vein paying a visit?” he managed to say, making Namjoon smirk for what felt like the umpteenth time that day.

“Yeah.” He pulled back slightly and moved his hand down, his thumb now resting on Taehyung’s bottom lip as his mouth parted. He still wouldn’t lean in. “Working?”

“Corny, but.” Taehyung exhaled a shaky breath. “Yeah.”

“Great,” he whispered. Taehyung was barely in control of himself. “I’m glad.”

Namjoon let his hand fall on the other man’s lap, leaving his bottom lip now free, and moved closer to his face once again. His hand grazed his inner thigh, close to his crotch. 

“It should be illegal to be this pretty,” was the last thing he said before his eyelids fluttered shut and his lips met Taehyung’s.

Taehyung’s mouth automatically parted to welcome Namjoon’s tongue, and on instinct his hands moved to his hips. He tasted of chocolate, for some reason—and though he didn’t remember him eating any, he wasn’t complaining.

The kiss got more heated once their movements gained a slightly higher speed, and soon enough Namjoon’s hand was on Taehyung’s crotch and Taehyung’s fingers were sinking into Namjoon’s hair, holding him close as their bodies grinded against each other.

“Bed,” Namjoon exhaled on his mouth the second he pulled away, gasping for air. His lips were a glistening shade of red, and the dark look in his eyes was enough to tell Taehyung how much he wanted it. “Now.”

As Namjoon pulled him up from the couch, he caught sight of Jungkook. His heart jumped in his chest as he came to the realization he’d been acting as if his boyfriend wasn’t there, but the look in his eyes instantly convinced him that he was enjoying the show more than Taehyung himself was. 

Glances were exchanged for a moment, until Jungkook walked away from the table, his laptop clearly forgotten, and licked his lips as he looked at them. “What are you waiting for?”

Namjoon exhaled a brief laugh and Jungkook looked at him, an unspoken challenge written all over his face. Finally giving up to the urge that had been tugging at his conscience from the second he suggested the whole thing, Namjoon let go of Taehyung’s hand and walked up to Jungkook, who was still following his every movement with his eyes.

“Do it,” he said, cocking his head to the side and placing his hands on his hips, though he still kept a distance between their faces. “I know you want to.”

Jungkook sank his teeth in his bottom lip and shot him a heavy look, daring him to take the first step. When Namjoon kept looking at him in silence, he leaned in until their bodies touched, and looked up to keep eye contact.

Taehyung was looking at the scene unfold with wide eyes, his own arousal shaping into something more than just attraction when his best friend and his boyfriend connected their lips and started making out in front of him, the kiss shifting immediately to heated make out session.

He could feel his pants tightening the further they went through with it, but he felt so frozen in place he couldn’t do anything but admire the way Jungkook was practically exploring Namjoon’s mouth with his tongue.

“What will Yoongi say when he comes back?” Jungkook asked, out of breath. Namjoon was dragging them both towards their bedroom, and even though Yoongi was currently the last thing on the couple’s mind, they both couldn’t help but ask. “Are you sure he’s okay with this?”

“We’ve been over it,” Namjoon panted on Taehyung’s lips, attracting their bodies together once again the second they went past the door. “He knows I wanted it.”

After he was pushed on the bed, Taehyung found himself lying down on the mattress with Namjoon straddling his lap. His head was spinning with the new knowledge he’d discussed it with Yoongi, but for some reason, the thought just contributed to turning him on even more.

“Are you two clean?“ Namjoon asked as he worked his way from Taehyung’s neck down to his collarbone, his breath hot on his skin. “You’d better be. I’m not sure I have the presence of mind to deal with condoms right now.”

“We’re monogamous,” Jungkook voiced from the entrance, a dark look in his eyes. He looked torn between just staring at them, and taking care of his business right there. “What do you think?”

“Looks like you aren’t anymore,” Namjoon mused. Taehyung couldn’t help but huff out a laugh at that, which made him crack a smile. “Back to business, buddy.”

Those words were enough for them to get back into the mood almost instantly—Taehyung took his face in his hands, frustrated with the constant teasing he’d been hitting him with up until now, and finally joined their lips together again. They kept kissing for what felt like an eternity, but he found he couldn’t get tired of it. It was almost as if there was something other than pure sexual desire involved, but Taehyung decided not to pay it any mind as his hands slipped under Namjoon’s shirt and touched his stomach and chest.

Namjoon took the hint and got rid of it in a rush, abandoning it on the bed. Soon enough, both of them had stripped down to their underwear—Taehyung was about to take that off too, but he was stopped when Namjoon climbed off him and went to check on Jungkook.

Taehyung let out a groan, feeling like he’d been cockblocked, but Namjoon was already coming back, dragging a flustered Jungkook by his arm, and he was now kissing him, only stopping to get his clothes off his body.

“You’re not just gonna stand there,” he exhaled as he pushed him down on the bed. Taehyung kept staring in confusion. “This is an us thing. Not a Taehyung and I thing. I want you both.”

“So what’s next?” Taehyung wondered out loud, propping himself up by the elbows. He was rock hard, and he was dying to get his hands on him. Or on Jungkook. Or both at the same time.

“Yeah, let me suck your dick,” Namjoon said, and took his boxers off so quickly that, before Taehyung could even comment, his throbbing erection was already in his mouth.

Taehyung threw his head back almost immediately, and he couldn’t explain why, but it felt different—not just because he hadn’t been with anyone who wasn’t Jungkook in years. It felt right. 

Namjoon hollowed his cheeks and kept working on his erection, his tongue exploring all the sensitive skin around it and trailing all over its length. Tired of just watching, Jungkook brought his hands to Taehyung’s face and joined their lips, their mouths chasing each other while Taehyung kept breathing heavily, Namjoon’s tongue slowly sending him over the edge.

“Let me—” Taehyung breathed out as soon as they came apart for air, his hands flying to Jungkook’s underwear to take it off. After a couple of attempts, coupled with the fact Namjoon’s mouth was still pleasuring him, he managed to wrap his fingers around Jungkook’s dick and give him a couple of strokes, surprised by how hard he was just watching them.

Jungkook moaned abruptly on his lips, unable to do anything else but wallow in the pleasure Taehyung was causing him. Taehyung himself couldn’t help but whine as the sound got lost in Jungkook’s mouth, when Namjoon started to deepthroat him, and he felt the tip of his dick hit the back of the other man’s throat.

Soon enough, Taehyung moaned again and came in Namjoon’s mouth, his load shooting down his throat while his strokes on Jungkook’s dick became more sporadic and sloppy.

“We should’ve done this sooner,” Namjoon said, his voice ragged and out of breath. Taehyung watched him as he licked his lips clean, his eyes dark and focused. “I can’t believe I missed out on years of this.”

Jungkook looked at him, trying to focus. “You mean you want to do it again?”

“You mean you don’t?” Namjoon retorted, leaving Taehyung’s lap to wrap his fingers on Jungkook’s dick. He picked up where Taehyung had left off, giving him no chance to reply to his words, and Jungkook didn’t complain.

After a brief exchange of looks between the couple, Taehyung crashed his lips against Jungkook’s again, while the latter kept letting out soft whines in the kiss while Namjoon moved his tongue all over his dick. 

Taehyung could already feel himself get aroused again, mostly due to the fact that he was finding the whole ordeal extremely hot. Jungkook was still moaning quietly on his lips, but was now touching Taehyung’s dick as well, while Namjoon kept sucking and licking on Jungkook’s length. 

Admittedly, he wasn’t even thinking straight, so when he distanced himself from Jungkook’s hand and grabbed Namjoon’s hand to pull him up, he barely realized he was actually doing it. Namjoon looked at him confusedly, but he just started kissing him again, his hands firm on the other man’s hips.

“I want you to fuck me,” he breathed out on his lips, surprising even himself once he’d said it. He didn’t even actually process that was exactly what he wanted, but somehow his instinct did it before he could. “I want you inside of me. Now.”

“Aren’t you a top,” Namjoon asked, though the mental image was killing him. Taehyung hurriedly got him out of his underwear and pushed him down on the bed again.

“I’ve bottomed before.” He took Jungkook’s hand and pulled him close, while Namjoon was looking at them with his mouth slightly parted and a lustful look on his face. Taehyung’s eyes met Jungkook’s. “Right?”

Jungkook let out a choked laugh. “Yeah.“

He wasn’t sure he could believe what was happening, and it only hit him when he found himself lube in hand and on top of Taehyung. Legs spread open with his erection on display, he was staring at him from the bottom up—Namjoon couldn’t get enough of that beautiful sight.

Taehyung turned around to face Jungkook, and offered him a bashful smile. “Sit on my face while he fucks me.”



Namjoon let out a low groan as he slowly sank into Taehyung’s slick hole, the cold feeling of the lube making him shiver. Taehyung arched his back and barely managed to hold back a moan, too busy burying his tongue past Jungkook’s rim as he ate him out. The room’s atmosphere was heavy and overflowing with tension, Jungkook’s soft whines contributing to the skin on skin noise coming from the way Namjoon was now relentlessly pounding into Taehyung.

It felt like pure bliss to Jungkook, who at the same time was jerking himself off with fast strokes. The feeling of Taehyung’s tongue inside of him, combined with listening to the moans Namjoon was causing Taehyung to let out as he buried himself deep into him, was quickly numbing his brain while pleasure overtook all his senses. 

He could honestly say without lying that he’d never felt this way before in all his life, and the awareness of it only added to the feeling. He was way past the point of being close to his orgasm by now, and when he came in his hand with a low moan, his legs couldn’t support him anymore.

He fell back down on the mattress, wide-eyed and with his hand still on his dick, determined not to miss out on any of the purely carnal expressions that were replacing themselves one after the other on his boyfriend’s face.

Taehyung grabbed Namjoon’s hips and reversed their positions, sending him straight into the bed before he straddled his lap and let his dick slide into him again as he rode him. Namjoon threw his head back and moaned heavily, so Jungkook did the only thing his brain could think of—he took his face in his hands to pull him up and crashed their lips together. 

Every whine that came out of his throat got lost on Jungkook’s lips as the latter kissed him hard and full of lust, his tongue slowly exploring every part of him while Taehyung was rolling his hips and grinding against Namjoon’s crotch, his hands firm on his chest. 

The more they kissed, the more Jungkook felt as if he was right where he needed to be—an odd sentiment of belonging. That sudden realization knocked air out of his lungs, his brain instantly crowded with questions as to what it all meant but, in that exact moment, Namjoon gasped on his lips—with that he knew he’d reached his orgasm.

Taehyung followed suit immediately after Namjoon came deep inside of him, his cum slowly dripping out of his hole and down his thighs, while Taehyung’s load shot onto Namjoon’s bare chest. All three of them were a panting mess, their erratic breaths combining as one in the aftermath of all their orgasms. Taehyung let himself fall on Namjoon and hid his face in the crook of his neck, his own chest rising and falling at an alarming speed.

Even after his second orgasm in a row, Taehyung couldn’t help but exhale sharply when he felt Jungkook’s tongue inside of him, moving in swift licks all around his now loose and cum-covered hole. Namjoon took his face in his hands, making him raise his head from his chest, and kissed him once again, biting down on his lower lip while his fingertips roughly stroked his cheekbones.

Jungkook swallowed the last of Namjoon’s cum and joined them again, until all three were taking turns at kissing each other. 

“You two are driving me insane,” Namjoon muttered on Taehyung’s skin as he left kisses all over his chest, his lips brushing against his hard nipples while he moved. 

Jungkook was now kissing Taehyung and grabbing Namjoon’s ass with his hand, making them look like a mess of limbs from the outside—and yet, to him, it seemed like the thing that made the most sense in the world. He wanted to believe the way Taehyung kept chasing his lips with his own and Namjoon was hiding his face on his stomach were signs that they were feeling the same way, but before he could make sure of it, he felt Taehyung pull away from him.

“What in the actual fuck are you doing?”

Taehyung blinked at Yoongi’s frowning figure standing in the doorway. Jungkook slowly turned around, and his eyes widened when he saw him. Namjoon broke out in a grin as he straightened his back, but didn’t do anything to move away from the couple.

“Now, don’t act surprised,” Namjoon spoke, resting his head on Taehyung’s shoulder. “We’ve been over it.”

Yoongi blinked twice. “Yeah, but maybe warn me when you do it next time.”

“Is this not—not weird to you?” Taehyung asked tentatively, suddenly feeling self-conscious about the way Namjoon’s hand was placed on his bare inner thigh. “You’re okay with it?”

“I mean,” Yoongi trailed off, looking as conflicted as he looked flustered. “Who fucked who?”

“Taehyung took it so well,” Namjoon said before any of them could. Taehyung looked away and hid his face against Jungkook’s skin. “He’s versatile as hell. I was surprised.”

“We were waiting for you,” Jungkook added, feeling uncharacteristically brave. “What took you so long?”

“Uh, I—” Yoongi swallowed, watching Namjoon get up from the bed and slowly walk up to him until they were touching, naked skin against fabric. 

“Come to bed,” Namjoon purred, brushing his fingertips on his skin as he cupped his face with his hands. “We both know you want this. I know you want to know how being between them feels.”

Yoongi licked his lips, and Namjoon followed the way his tongue appeared out of his parted lips with his eyes, desire evident in them as he did so. “What did you do?”

Jungkook had caught hold of Taehyung’s dick again, and he was moving his fingers on it in delicate strokes while they watched the scene unfold. Taehyung exhaled a heavier breath and leaned against his shoulder, brushing his nose against his skin.

“Look at them,” Jungkook murmured in his ear, his fingers still at work. “I can feel how hard it’s making you. Don’t you want to know how it would be to fuck Yoongi while I eat you out and Namjoon explores every inch of you with his tongue?”

Taehyung moaned quietly, the sound coming out muffled by the way he was sitting. “Yes.”

“Taehyung looked so beautiful while I was fucking him,” Namjoon murmured on Yoongi’s lips while his hands worked on getting rid of his pants. He’d taken off his shirt at some point, but Taehyung had been too lost in Jungkook to notice. “All I kept thinking about was how badly I wanted you to see it.”

“You’re feeling it too, right?” Jungkook asked quietly, sending a shiver through Taehyung’s back. “Like—”

“Like it’s not just sex?” he continued, finishing his sentence. Jungkook nodded. “Yeah.”

Yoongi was now naked too as they reached the bed, so Jungkook found himself looking him up and down, while Taehyung’s eyes were stuck on Namjoon’s tall figure.

“You’re still built like a gummy bear,” Jungkook said out of nervousness, trying to find something to distract himself with.

“Yeah, you told me already,” he shot back, though he still looked as embarrassed as the second he’d walked into the room. “Remember when you were drunk and you came onto me?”

Jungkook blinked. “No.”

“He did what?” Taehyung asked, suddenly awake.

“He didn’t know you yet,” Yoongi supplied, internally wondering why he’d brought that up. As much as he wanted what they were doing, it still felt slightly uncomfortable. “I can’t believe you don’t remember.”

“I just remember you look like a gummy bear,” Jungkook repeated, a small smile appearing on his lips.

Namjoon grinned. “He does.”

“Man, fuck you.” Yoongi glared at him. “You look like a popsicle, shut your ass up before I deck you.”

“Is this a leftover from your hating days?” Taehyung asked, finally daring to look at Yoongi. The only thing his brain offered him at the sight was that he looked good—which in turn was a metaphor to say he was packing.

“Nah, he says that stuff to me all the time,” Namjoon said, throwing himself on the bed and dragging Yoongi along. Jungkook tried to make space for them, but he ended up with Namjoon in his lap anyway. “It’s whatever, though. He still looks like Santa’s little helper.”

“How fucking dare you—” Yoongi cut himself off as he felt Namjoon’s fingers casually wrap around his dick, so he inhaled instead. Namjoon wasn’t even looking at him as he jerked him off, but rather was using his other hand to do the same to Jungkook.

“No offense, but this is awesome,” he said, and smirked when he heard Jungkook draw in a heavier breath through his nose. “Tae, come help.”

“You know you’re—uh, killing the mood.” Jungkook tilted his head backwards slightly. “Fuck.”

“Am I?” Namjoon winked at Taehyung, who instantly blushed as he moved from his current position to join them. “I don’t think I am.”

“You are,” Yoongi said, staring at Taehyung with wide eyes while he got on his knees and welcomed Namjoon’s erection in his mouth. “How the fuck are you doing us both at the same time in sync?”

“Watch and learn, young Padawan.” Jungkook glared at him, but Namjoon didn’t even see him as he was throwing his head back at the feeling of Taehyung dragging his tongue all over his length. “Watch and learn.”



“Why is this not weird?” Yoongi exhaled, his ass clenching around Taehyung’s dick as he buried himself deep into him. “It should be weird. Oh, God. Do that again.”

“I’m kind of busy,” Taehyung managed to get out, trying to find balance between his own movements and the way Jungkook was moving inside of him from behind. “Trying not to fall on you.”

“You think I have it easy out here?” Jungkook exclaimed, following his words up with a deep moan when Namjoon pushed his tongue inside of his hole. “Fucking hell.”

“This is the best idea I’ve ever had,” Namjoon chimed in, the vibrations of his voice making Jungkook tremble and his thrusts slow down. Taehyung slammed into Yoongi, finding himself with more space to operate, and Yoongi cried out in pleasure, hiding his face in the pillow.

“He likes it painful,” Namjoon added when he heard Yoongi’s voice. “Tear that ass apart.”

“Shut your broomstick built ass up,” Yoongi grunted, but moaned again once Taehyung thrust into him harder. “Fuck.”

“Why are you morons arguing while we’re like this,” Jungkook whined, letting his head fall on Taehyung’s back. “Less talking, more fucking.”

Namjoon voiced his agreement by spreading his cheeks further and dragging his tongue all the way from his balls to his hole and then back down, making him moan as his regular thrusts became more sporadic. Taehyung cried out when he felt him hit his prostate, and his body reacted by making him sink into Yoongi all the way in.

Yoongi was using his right hand to jerk himself off while he got fucked, and he was the first one to reach his climax, coming all over the sheets. As if on cue, Taehyung arched his back and came inside of him, filling him up with his cum as he was still thrusting into him to try and ride out the high.

Not even five seconds later, Jungkook followed suit, releasing his load inside of Taehyung, who was still panting with his head rested on Yoongi’s back, and Namjoon finished himself off on his own.

“This is the craziest shit my scared ass has ever done,” Jungkook exhaled as he fell back on the bed, his eyes landing everywhere but on the three other men he was sharing his space with. “What the fuck.”

“Can someone fuck me?” Namjoon whined, hiding his face on Jungkook’s shoulder. His hot breath on his skin was distracting Jungkook to the point he didn’t know what he was doing anymore. “Taehyung got dick twice. It’s not fair.”

“No,” Yoongi said flatly, his head hidden on Taehyung’s chest as the latter was keeping him in his arms. “Use your beloved dildo.”

“I wish I never told you,” Namjoon yelled, though his words came out muffled by Jungkook’s skin. “It’s not my fault you were the first man I slept with, you’re so fucking annoying. Go get fucked by a cactus and stop reminding me.”

“I’m confused, but I don’t want to know,” Jungkook murmured, too tired in his post-coital daze as he brushed his nose against Taehyung’s arm. “Keep it to yourselves.”

“Can someone fuck me,” Namjoon repeated, pouting to no one.

“I’ll suck your dick if you shut the fuck up,” Taehyung spoke up, though he gave no sign of wanting to move.

Jungkook hummed in agreement. “Next time, baby. Next time.”

Namjoon grabbed Jungkook’s shoulders and forced him to make eye contact. As soon as their gazes met, Jungkook immediately felt scrutinized. 

“Next time?”

“Did I stutter?” Jungkook shot back, trying to keep himself from blushing.

A grin formed on Namjoon’s face, and he lowered his head to capture Jungkook’s lips in a deep kiss that left him startled. He wrapped his arms around his shoulders and pressed their bodies together, while Namjoon was chasing his tongue with his own. 

Feeling left out, Yoongi and Taehyung made eye contact, a flustered look on both of their faces.

“Why do I want to kiss you so badly?” Taehyung muttered as their lips almost touched. “Why does it feel so—”

“So right?” Yoongi continued. Taehyung nodded. “I don’t know.”

They looked at each other for a few seconds, until Yoongi finally leaned in and connected their lips in a kiss that left the both of them breathless and hot faced as their tongues touched. Taehyung’s heart was beating so fast he felt like it was going to run out of his chest.

Namjoon touched Taehyung’s arm, and soon enough they found themselves stealing kisses from each other, trading love bites and whispered words, faces hidden in each other’s necks.

The transition from sexual desire to pure affection had been so organic they all failed to notice the atmosphere had changed. It was no longer tense and lust driven, but rather affectionate—loving, almost.

“Why aren’t we being weird about this?” Taehyung whispered at some point, while Namjoon was leaving quick kisses all over his chest and Jungkook was cuddling Yoongi, his arms wrapped around his chest. 

Yoongi and Namjoon exchanged a long look, and Taehyung stared at them confusedly, until Jungkook took his hand and squeezed it in solidarity. 

“I think we need to tell you something,” Yoongi said eventually, touching Jungkook’s thigh in a calming manner. Taehyung’s face grew more and more confused, though Jungkook just nodded.

“This wasn’t just sex to me—to us.” Namjoon looked embarrassed, but determination shined in his eyes. “When I said we’d been over it, I didn’t mean just the sexual aspect of it. That’s just one part of it.”

Yoongi nodded. “What he said.”

“I think I know what you mean,” Taehyung suddenly said, his voice as low as ever. Jungkook looked at him in surprise, and he took a deep breath, wanting to express what he’d been thinking since they walked into the bedroom. “While I was with you—with you both. I felt like I feel with Jungkook, but it doesn’t make sense.”

A small smile appeared on Yoongi’s face at Taehyung’s words. “You did?”

Jungkook suddenly nodded in support. “Me too.”

“It does make sense, though,” Namjoon added, locking eyes with Taehyung as he placed his hands on his shoulders and pulled him closer. Taehyung bit his bottom lip. “I thought I could never love anyone like I love Yoongi, but it was there. It’s always been there.”

Jungkook’s breath got stuck in his throat, and Yoongi put an arm around his shoulder in a loving gesture that made his head spin.

“It took us a long time to realize it,” he said eventually, smiling shyly at Namjoon. “But he’s right. We didn’t know how to go about it.”

Taehyung nodded, the new confession slowly planting itself in his conscience. So many things made sense, now. The way he would find himself being jealous of them for no reason, even though he was happily taken. Every time Namjoon made a casual comment about how a shirt he had on apparently fit him so well. How Yoongi sometimes lingered in his arms more than was needed when they hugged.

It should have felt way more uncomfortable, he thought, but the only way he realized he was feeling was content. The more he thought about it, the more that feeling of belonging came back to him like a reoccurring dream.

“Where do we go from here?” Jungkook asked eventually, leaning against Namjoon’s arm. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”

“We don’t either,” Namjoon admitted, combing his fingers through Jungkook’s hair with a small smile. “I’d love to figure it out together, though. If you guys want to.”

“Is that even a thing?” Taehyung blurted out, more flustered than anything. The fact they were still naked wasn’t helping. “Four people dating?”

“It is.” Yoongi took his face in his hands and left a kiss on Taehyung’s lips. When they came apart, he looked more sure of himself. “Even if it wasn’t, though, who cares? As long as it’s okay with us.”

Taehyung simply nodded. Those words lingered in the back of his mind, and that’s where they stayed, even when they all snuck under the covers and turned off the lights, their bodies a mess of limbs and kisses and stolen glances. 

It didn’t take much for Yoongi and Namjoon to fall asleep, Namjoon’s head on Taehyung’s chest and Yoongi’s legs intertwined with Jungkook’s. 

Yoongi hugged Taehyung tighter in his sleep, and Namjoon let out a heavier breath through his nose. Taehyung looked at Jungkook, and when their eyes met, they both smiled at the same time.

It wasn’t a proper yes, but it was something. It carried hope and a thousand unspoken words, and that was enough for them.