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Aequus: Nature

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Summer, 103 AG

“I think you might have overreacted just a little,” Mai said echoing a sentiment that had been expressed to Azula all day. The alpha did not scowl or release a nasty musky scent that would signal the anger she was feeling deep in her gut. Instead, Azula forced herself to relax and pushed a smile onto her face. She had been battling with her brother and omega all day both of who were more than upset with her. 

Azula could understand her brother, Zuko was weak willed and foolish but it was Katara’s anger that felt like a betrayal. 

“I would have to disagree,” Azula said with a shrug. “I was just teaching a younger alpha a very valuable lesson in respect.” Mai snorted and picked up her teacup. She and Azula were sitting opposite of each other on the terrace that overlooked the royal gardens. Mai had come out here to enjoy her afternoon tea and had found Azula brooding over a half eaten sandwich. 

“Yes, well I think you could have done that without electrocuting him,” Mai spoke nonchalantly before taking a sip of her cooling tea. “Talk about a first day gone awry, now how is Zuko going to recruit any firebenders to join the Royal Procession?” Mai was teasing her of course but Azula’s nostrils flared and she let her composure slip for a second, letting a foul scent of anger waft off of her. 

“He should first explain that in order to successfully be a Royal Guard you must first show respect to the Fire Lord’s second hand,” Azula said cooly as she picked at her sandwich. Mai’s eyebrows twitched as she fought back a smile.

“You smell like a skunk bear,” Mai said simply. “Calm down,” Azula snorted but did begin to take in deep calming breaths as she attempted regained some of her composure back. 

“I will not be made to feel ashamed of who I am,” Azula said softly after a long silence had fallen over the two. Mai hummed and glanced at the fresh mark on the left side of Azula’s neck. It had appeared about a week ago on Azula but one week later and there was still no matching mark on Katara’s neck making it clear who was dominant in their relationship and who was submissive. 

It was a dynamic between alpha and omega that Mai had never seen before. A dynamic she certainly wouldn’t have expected Azula herself to be in considering how domineering the alpha was in most situations. However, Katara was also domineering and Mai had witnessed the omega command and boss around Azula in the past with no push back from the alpha. Mai had always figured Azula put up with it because she wanted to avoid the headache that always came when arguing with Katara, but Mai had never equated that with Azula being submissive.

“I'm not foolish enough to believe that young knothead is the only person saying those things but to say them out loud where anyone could hear, where I could and did hear crosses a line. I had to make an example of him, I need to let people know that Just because I've submitted to an omega doesn't mean I'm anything less than what I was when I was unmarked.” Azula glared at her food as she spoke. "You know how closed minded people are, it's such a slippery slope and if I'm not careful I could lose all respect within weeks."

“I understand,” as a beta mated to an omega Mai understood just how ignorant people could be. “So on a scale from 'one' to 'I’m leaving and never coming back', how pissed is your girlfriend?” Azula smirked and took another bite of her sandwich.

“Somewhere in between 'I'm happy you stood up for our relationship' and 'If you ever electrocute someone over something so petty again it’s over',” Mai nodded and considered what Azula had said a few moments ago. It wasn't exactly a petty reason, at least not to the alpha and not to Mai either. However, she did think Azula could have conveyed her lesson in a less brutal way. 

“So what are you going to do when it happens again?” Mai asked. “Because you know you're going to have to make a few more examples before people start getting the message.” 

“Katara said I can’t electrocute anyone, she never said anything about burning.” Mai couldn’t help but snicker.

“That’s a dangerous game of semantics.” 

“One I’m willing to play if it means making sure I’m given the respect I’m due,” Azula said simply. "I don't want Katara to leave but I also don't want to have to step down from my position because my word is no longer law."

“So you're between a rock and a hard place." Mai summed up. 

“To put it lightly. Anyway, as fun as this has been I have to go and finish drafting Zuko’s speech for the council meeting next week,” Mai watched Azula get to her feet. "He's going to hate it but I need to give him something during our private meeting tomorrow." The alpha looked more exhausted than annoyed and for once Mai took pity on her friend.

“Or we could go throw rotten tomatoes at Zuko while he attempts to flirt with Sokka instead,” The suggestion caused a that a toothy smile to spread across Azula’s face. 

“I really should get back to work but just out of curiosity where would we be getting rotten tomatoes from?”

“Ty Lee started a tomato garden at the beginning of the summer, now we have too many to eat so I’ve been saving the ones that go bad in order to throw at Zuko. I’ve saved up enough where I think we can cover him pretty well,” Azula laughed.

“He’s already mad enough to banish me and like I said have a lot to do before tomorrow morning.” Mai stood up as Azula spoke.

“What’s life without a little risk? Besides we’re both stealthy enough that we can do it without him seeing us.” Azula snorted as Mai brushed past her and began to head in the direction of her apartment.

“Like he wouldn’t know the second the first tomato hits him,” Azula said as she followed Mai off the terrace and down the hallway.

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Summer, 110 AG

“Katara, we have been sleeping on this blanket, these sheets and pillow cases for close to a month now,” Azula said as tentatively as possible as she watched her mate. Azula was standing in front of her side of the bed while Katara stood opposite of Azula next to hers. Behind Azula, the young servant who had attempted to take away their bed coverings was shivering with fright. Azula could just make out the scent of fear coming off of her.

Azula was sure it would be far more pungent if not for Katara’s own scent that was quickly filling the room. Her anger was thick and malodorous, making it hard for both Azula and the young omega behind her to breathe. 

“Why is she in our room?” Katara’s voice was shaking as she spoke and Azula wasn’t sure if her mate had heard anything she had just said. Katara’s ocean eyes were wide and unfocused as she stared at Azula. “What did I tell you when you convinced me to move into the palace and live with you?” Katara hissed. Azula had to fight the urge to roll her eyes. 

“If you insist on keeping your servants fine,” Katara said before Azula could say anything. “But keep them out of our room! I can’t believe you not only gave her permission to come in here but to touch our nest as well.” Azula carefully considered what to say next. She wanted to yell at her mate to start thinking rationally but knew that would only worsen the situation. 

“Katara everything is filthy, it needs to be washed,” Azula said firmly. “I’m sorry that I allowed someone into our bedroom-”

“Our most private of areas!” Katara snapped indignation filling her voice as she cut her alpha off. “And then to let a stranger touch our most private belongings how could you!” Azula frowned and felt her brows knitting together.

“What are you talking about Katara, you're acting as if she's stealing our things when she’s just cleaning them and then bringing them back,” Azula said trying to sound as calm and sincere as possible. “Besides I wouldn’t call our bed coverings our most prized possessions,” Azula added before her golden eyes dropped down to the betrothal necklace wrapped snugly around Katara’s neck.

“And even if they were my darling this isn’t a good way to treat something you seem to hold so dear,” Azula said softly. When she picked her eyes back up she found herself surprised to see Katara somehow looked angrier than before.

“You are perhaps the most inconsiderate person I’ve eye met!” Katara hollered as her eyes began to water. Azula opened her mouth to say something but Katara was quick to spin around and storm out.

“What just happened?” Azula asked after a moment of horrible silence. “I’ve never her seen her act so silly.” Especially over something like this. Azula had never known Katara to hoard a nest, in fact usually she was prompt about building them and taking them down when it was time to be washed.

That’s why this whole argument was confusing Azula so much. For the past month, she had been fighting with Katara to either wash their coverings or allow Azula to allow someone else to wash them. Azula had even offered to do it herself, a testament to just how desperate she was. Katara however had stayed steadfast in her want to keep their coverings and not wash them. 

“Why is she acting so odd?” Behind her the omega cleared her throat. Azula turned, just now realizing that she had yet to dismiss the young woman. 

“If I may my liege I might know why the lady Katara is so upset,” she said softly. “Perhaps something of significance happened in your nest between the time she built it and now.” Azula raised her brows at the servant unimpressed with her idea.

“You’re dismissed. Go to your superior and tell her that you need to be transferred to a different wing.” Azula said coolly. “With Katara is this odd state having you around might only make it worse for all of us.” The young girl nodded and bowed before quietly leaving. Turning back to her bed she looked down at the nest that sat on top of it.

She couldn’t think of anything special they had done since Katara had built it. Their sex was normal, their conversations were normal. No huge decisions had been made between them, truly nothing stood out in her mind. Shaking her head Azula dismissed the servants thought and instead went to go and see if she could figure out what was truly bothering her mate.

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Spring, 102 AG


He was being painfully obvious. 

Sokka tried his best not to let it effect him and instead kept his attention on Katara. The two were in the middle of sparring in one of the many training yards in Caldera’s royal palace and Sokka knew that he couldn’t take his eyes off his sister. 

Still he found it hard to focus on anything as he felt a set of eyes focused on his back. Every move he made those eyes followed him around the training yard. Sokka certainly didn’t need to turn around to know who was so captivated with him, for the last two years he had been pinned down with those eyes more than once.

More than anything though the small teasing smile on Katara’s face was enough for Sokka to know he was right. Charging forward Sokka decided he wanted to wipe that smile off his sisters face. 

Sokka was using a wooden sword as his weapon of choice while Katara was using waterbending as she usually did. When Sokka got close enough he stretched forward and swung his sword in a large upward arch. Katara jumped back causing Sokka to met his goal. Katara’s smile vanished and her eyes dropped to the sharpened tip of Sokka’s practice sword as it missed her nose by an inch.

Sokka smiled as he watched her land on her feet. Her eyes snapped up to meet his own and began to narrow with annoyance only amusing Sokka further. The whole time he could still feel the gaze on him but as Katara pulled a whip of water out of the new waterskin hanging off her hip he found he had to push the eyes and the alpha who owned them further and further from his mind.

Instead Sokka rolled out of the way as Katara snapped a water whip straight at his chest. Katara repeated her attack twice more and each time Sokka swiftly rolled away easily avoiding it. He wondered if she was putting any effort into the attack or if she was just lashing out at him. 

“I like your new waterskin,” he teased his eyes falling to it. It looked like her old one only the hide used was white and the snitching, although neat, was not as tight as her old one. “Did your pet make it for you?” Katara rolled her eyes and this time when she sent another water whip at him it struck his ribs and caused him to stumble back and let out a high pitch yelp.

“You sound like a pup,” Katara shot back as she quickly advanced on her brother. “Must be very embarrassing to make that kind of noise in front of your blatant admirer.” Sokka scoffed as he quickly scrambled to an attacking position. 

“This isn’t the first time I’ve embarrassed myself in front of someone who thinks I’m hot and it most certainly won’t be the last,” he declared, albeit quietly so Zuko wouldn’t hear. Then he rushed forward to meet his sister in the middle of the training yard. He swung his wooden sword in his hands with all his might having faith she would block it. 

His faith was well placed, Katara easily ducked and in a rare move instead of using her waterbending used her own feet to sweep his from under him. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he fell on his behind. Katara let out a peel of laughter as she watched him tumble over.

“The look on your face!” She laughed. Neither of them noticed Zuko hurrying forward from the spot in the training yard where he had been standing. Sokka was just pushing himself up into a sitting position when Zuko came to his side and knelt down beside him. 

“Are you okay? That looked like it hurt,” Sokka jumped back at what seemed to be Zuko’s sudden appearance. 

“Yeah!” Sokka exclaimed with shocked eyes. “It probably looked a lot worse than it was, I’m fine.” Zuko seemed to relax and he smiled at his friend.

“Oh good,” he said softly as he pushed himself to his feet before he offered his hand out for Sokka to take. The other alpha quickly took it and hoisted himself up to his feet with Zuko’s help. “I’m glad I got a little nervous, I know how hard Katara can hit.” Zuko added with a wink. Sokka nodded quickly and began to feel heat prickle up his neck. 

“Yeah but I’m sturdy, I can easily take it!” Sokka hated the way his voice cracked as he spoke. Zuko laughed a little awkwardly and Sokka shifted from one foot to the other as an odd almost uncomfortable silence began to fill the training yard. 

Katara broke that growing silence with a very undignified snort causing both alphas to turn and look at her. “Azula is so right about you two knotheads,” she said, her hand dropped down to her waterskin as she spoke. At the mention of his sisters name, Zuko narrowed his eyes at the omega.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Zuko asked. 

“Yeah what do you mean by that?” Sokka question at the same time. Katara rolled her eyes but didn’t answer.

“If you two could finally figure out, that would be great for both of you and everyone else around you.” Katara said moving past both of them and heading back into the palace. Zuko scowled and turned to look at Sokka.

“What’s up with your sister?” Sokka shrugged unsure himself. 

“She’s weird.” Was all he could come up with.

“Weird or not I’m assuming she’s the reason you’re here, I had no idea you were coming.” Zuko said moving in the direction that Katara had just went. Sokka quickly followed as he began to explain himself.

“It was a bit of a spur of the moment decision actually,” Sokka said clearing his throat after her spoke. “I was in the Earth Kingdom doing a little traveling and decided to come here to visit you and Katara.” 

“Really?” Sokka thought Zuko sounded pleased with the other alphas answer. “Well I’m more than happy that you’re here, how long do you plan on staying?” Sokka shrugged as they entered the palace.

“I’m not sure really.” Zuko nodded as they headed down the hallway. 

“You’re certainly welcome to stay as long as you please,” Zuko offered with a warm smile. “Of course that goes without saying, certainly your sister has made her home here at least temporarily.” 

“Maybe I’ll stick around for a while to,” Sokka said thoughtfully causing Zuko to smile widely as the two continued down the hallways of the palace. 

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Fall, 103 AG


The room was tense.

The only sound was the soft tapping of Azula’s fingers against her desk as she stared down the door. Katara watched her mates fingers as they moved like a wave. Her jaw clenched at the aggravating sound but decided not to comment on it. Already she was asking a lot.

“I am not her father,” Azula reminded Katara for the umpteenth time. “Why do I need to have this conversation with her?” Katara sighed and leaned back against her chair. She lifted her eyes up and they locked with Azula's.

“Someone has to,” Katara said softly. “You’ve never met Toph’s parents but I’m not confident that they ever...well that they ever quite explained this part of life to Toph.” Azula scoffed and ceased her finger tapping much to Katara’s relief.

“How could they have not?”

“She was only twelve when she ran away and joined us,” Katara said defensively. “I know it’ll be an uncomfortable conversation but someone needs to guide Toph as she begins to mature.”

“Why not Zuko?” Azula demanded. Katara scoffed which was enough of an answer for Azula who decided to switch gears. “How do you even know Toph is entering her first rut? You’ve been here with me for months, she might have gone into a rut already and you just don't know yet.” Before Azula finished Katara was already shaking her head with a scowl.

“You don't think I thought of that?” Katara demanded. “Toph came to me when she first arrived and told me she wasn’t feeling well, I asked what was wrong, she told me and then informed me she had never felt this way before.”

“That would have been the perfect time to explain to her the changes every young boy and girl goes through during this time in their life,” Azula pointed out. 

"Yes but I think another alpha should give her this talk and you’re the only one fit to do it,” Katara said softly. “Toph needs someone who has experience with this to help her through it,” at Katara's words Azula groaned softly and turned her attention back to her office door.

Azula would soon rather rip her skin off and roll around in salt before sitting Toph down to have an informative conversation with her about ruts, heats, and sex. Azula felt like out of everyone within their group of friends she was the last person that should have to take on this responsibility. 

However, the more Azula thought about it the more she realized what Katara already had. The short list of qualified alphas only had one name on it, her own. Sokka was in the South Pole at the moment, Iroh was currently in Ba Sing Se on vacation with her mother Ursa and Zuko...well Azula could see him doing more harm than good if he attempted to have this kind of conversation with anyone let alone Toph.

“You’re not letting me out of this are you?” Azula asked already knowing the answer.

“Not without a fight," Katara said honestly.

“Fine,” Azula gave in with an annoyed sigh. “I’ll do it.” At that Katara let out a soft purr as she got to her feet and quickly moved around Azula’s desk. Reaching forward she wrapped her arms around Azula’s neck and pulled her into a tight hug. Azula took in a deep breath and couldn’t help but relax as she inhaled Katara’s sweet smelling scent. 

“Thank you Azula, you have no idea how much you’ll be helping Toph.” Azula only grunted. Leaning forward Katara nuzzled her nose again Azula’s slender neck. “Plus, it’ll be good practice one day for when you are a father.” That caused Azula to smirk. 

“Right, well at least then I won’t be annoyed about having to do someone else’s job.” Katara hummed and ran her nose along the mark she had left on the right side of Azula’s neck not too long ago. Shivering Azula reached forward for Katara but already her omega was moving away. 

“The last time I saw Toph she was hanging around that training yard that the Royal Procession always uses,” Katara said giving Azula a soft kiss on the forehead. “You should probably go and speak with her as soon as possible.” Azula opened her mouth but before she could get her thought out Katara was already leaving the room. 

Azula let out a soft growl as the reality of what she had just agreed to began to slowly sink in. She felt a headache slowly mounting.

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Summer, 110 AG


“I’m moving to the Earth Kingdom,” Azula snarled as she swept into the Eastern Courtyard. Her quest to find Katara had only lead Azula to her mother and uncle both of who had provided her with no help. The alpha shook her head, the disturbing image of her mother ending their conversation by hurrying off and hollering incoherently was still fresh in her mind. 

“I’m going with you,” Zuko said turning to look at his sister. He was sitting in front of the turtleduck pond looking as gloomy as ever. Azula sighed and lowered herself beside him. She still wasn’t sure where Katara was but after the conversation she had with her mother she needed a break from irrational omegas. 

“My day has been unbelievably shitty,” Azula said leaning up against the trunk of the cherry blossom tree that hung over the pond. “Katara’s angry with me, mother is losing her mind, and my bed is still filthy.” Zuko smirked and glanced over at Azula.

“Katara still refusing to take down the nest?” Azula nodded adopting the same glum expression her brother had a few moments prior.

“And the situation has gotten worse if you can believe it,” Azula said. “She caught one of the servants trying to take it down by my request. Suffice to say she wasn’t pleased.” Zuko winced as he imagined Katara’s reaction. 

“That was a bad idea.”

“Not the worse I’ve had today surprisingly,” Azula said, glancing down at the pond. She watched as a mother turtleduck lead her small duckling across the water. “I found mother and foolishly told her what happened. She began to freak out and went off to find Katara and I’s wedding planner.”

“Why would she do that?” Zuko asked with a frown. 

“I have no idea, when I asked her she looked at me as if I had grown a second head before running out of the room.” Azula said with a shake of her singular head. “Iroh just smiled at me and told me to go and speak to Katara, what divine wisdom! As if I wasn’t already attempting to do so when I found them.” Zuko hummed.


“There must be something in the water causing the omegas in this palace to lose their mind,” Azula huffed crossing her arms over her chest. The siblings sat in silence for a while, watching the mother turtleduck and her babies, before Zuko turned to look at his sister.

“When you first told me about Katara's refusal to take down the nest, didn’t you tell me she had just finished her heat?” Zuko asked as if an idea had just came to him. Azula nodded and turned to look at him as she spoke.

“Yes, about a month and a half ago when all this nonsense with our nest started,” Azula said resting her cheek against the knuckles of her fist. “And before you ask nothing monumental happened during her heat. In fact from the time Katara built the nest to today nothing impactful happened at all.” Zuko rubbed his chin as he thought Azula’s words over.  

“Maybe not for you but perhaps something monumental happened for Katara,” Zuko said echoing the young servants sentiments from earlier. Azula frowned as memories of Katara’s previous heat flooded into her mind. It had seemed so normal to Azula. “Maybe know did a good job getting her through it.” Zuko said awkwardly blushing as the words left his mouth.

Azula snorted.

“Katara gets herself through her heats, most of the time I’m just along for the ride.” Azula said honestly as she thought of the week she spent mostly on her back as Katara continuously mounted her and rode her. 

“You are so odd,” Zuko said. “I’ve never heard any alpha talk quite like you.”

“Then perhaps you don't hear yourself speak,” Azula snapped. “None of this, however, is important. And speaking to you has ultimately gotten me nowhere, I’m going to see if I can find Katara. Hopefully she’s calmed down by now.” 

“Sorry I wasn’t of help to you oh great one,” Zuko said sarcastically. “Hey, I have an idea I’ll stay here and try to brainstorm a better idea while you look for Katara. If you still can’t find her in thirty minutes meet me in the war room and we’ll come up with a better tactic.” Azula remained quiet, deciding not to dignify Zuko’s words with a response.

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Fall, 90 AG 


Ursa sighed softly as she watched Ozai and Azula from afar. This was certainly not how she planned on today going, though looking at the pair Ursa didn't know if she should be annoyed or elated at the sight in front of her.

Ozai and Azula were standing in the middle of Ozai’s private training yard, Ursa wasn’t sure when they had slipped away from the birthday party she had thrown for Azula but according to Zuko they had been missing for quite sometime before Ursa had noticed. She had been so busy running around and trying to make sure her guests were taken care of and happy that she hadn’t even noticed the birthday girl wasn’t there.

Her stomach twisted with guilt as it so often did when she gazed upon her youngest child. Some of that guilt however diminished as she watched the smile on Azula’s face grow. The tiny pup was watching with amazement as Ozai sucked in a deep breath, pulling his core in and crossing his arms into an X formation over his chest. A beat passed before Ozai released his breath, pushing his chest out and pulling his arms behind his sides as he breathed a roar of powerful orange flames up towards the sky.

‘I want to learn how to breathe fire like a dragon!’ Azula’s words flooded back into Ursa’s mind as she watched the marvelous display. A few weeks ago Ozai had asked Azula what she wanted to do on her sixth birthday and that’s what she had insisted upon. Ozai had immediately agreed but Ursa had quickly dismissed the idea. She had informed Azula instead she would be having a grand party and all of Caldera’s highest born noble children would be in attendance.

Azula had thrown a fit over it but Ozai had quickly quelled her and told her that instead of training they would have a party. Azula had been upset but quickly listened to her father and quieted down, Ursa had been amazed that for once Ozai had taken her side over their youngest pups.

Now she saw why.

“He just planned to go behind my back this entire time,” Ursa thought with a frown as Azula jumped up and down excitedly. “He just didn't want to have the argument, plus now he can be the hero who saved her from mommy’s horrible party.”

“My turn!” Azula shouted happily pulling Ursa out of her bitter thoughts. She watched as Azula mimicked her father as best as she could but when Azula blew out all that came from her mouth was spit and air. Ursa’s heart melted at the sight. Ozai was smiling down at her warmly as well as Azula kept blowing in an attempt to breathe fire. 

“Good try,” Ozai said, his deep voice filling the training yard. Ursa glanced over at her husband. Hesitantly Ursa moved down the steps and invited herself into the training yard. The moment she did both Ozai and Azula turned to look at her.

“Ah,” Azula frowned. Ursa felt hurt at the look of disappointment that crossed over Azula’s face at the sight of her. “I want to keep training out here with daddy, I don't want to go back to that stupid party.” Ursa’s ears twitched as she noted Azula was fighting against her little lisp as hard as possible. 

“You don't have to,” Ozai and Ursa said together. They both turned to look at each other for a moment before Ursa knelt down in front of a very surprised looking Azula. Ursa smiled softly and continued on. “I’ve been watching you and your father for a moment, you looked so good trying to breathe fire.” Azula beamed at the praise. 

“You think?!”

“But of course,” Ozai answered for Ursa, stroking his goatee as he smiled down at her proudly. Azula let out a soft rumbled swaying back and forth at her parents kind words. 

“I haven’t blown fire yet but I’m not leaving until I do!” Azula proclaimed causing Ozai to let a similar rumbled in his chest as his pup had. Ursa quickly realized the reason Ozai looked so happy with Azula as his true lesson came to light.

“Why don't you go back to the party while Azula and I train,” Ozai said causing Ursa to frown. “I’m sure your son is missing you.” He added coldly. Ursa scowled but didn’t get a chance to speak.

“But...I want mommy to see me breathe fire.”

It was amazing to Ursa just how quickly Ozai’s mood could change. She watched as his face turned dour at his child's words. Ursa’s eyes snapped over to Azula who began to shrink underneath his heavy gaze. 

I think it’s best your mother leaves.” Ursa’s heart began to break as Azula looked as if she was going to start crying which only seemed to only make Ozai angrier. He let out a low, nasty growl as a thick musty scent began to emanate off of him. 

“Alphas don't pout or cry, don't act like your brother.” He said harshly. Azula nodded quickly and turned her head away from her father. She looked as if she was trying her best to get her emotions under control, which at the tender age of six was enough to please her father. Ursa itched to wrap her arms around Azula and run, run, run as far and as fast as she could. However, she knew all too well that the only thing that option would bring her was death and her children more pain. 

So instead Ursa stood up and straightened her robes.

“I’ll see you both after the party.” She said diplomatically before turning and leaving the two alphas to their training. She felt like the worst mother in the world as she slinked away with her tail between her legs, leaving Azula alone with her sire. 

Chapter Text

Fall, 103 AG


Azula smelled Toph before she saw the younger alpha. The smell of fresh dirt and stale body odor began to fill her nostrils as she approached the training yard Katara told her their young friend would be in.

‘Apparently, Toph’s parents never taught her about hygiene either. Am I supposed to shoulder this responsibility as well?’ She thought bitterly. Only Katara could rope her into something this silly. ‘That tricky omega didn’t even reward me for my compliance, perhaps after the deed is done.’ 

“What do you want?” Toph snapped the moment Azula began to descend the stairs of the large, formal training yard. “I already told the other knotheads that were here before to fuck off, I’ll easily tell you the same.” Azula lifted her brows as she began to scan the empty yard. It was around noon, the first unit of the Royal Procession should be running their advanced drills right now.

“Hm, if one puny little alpha is enough to run off fifty of the strongest benders in this palace, we have a bigger problem than me intruding on your alone time.” Azula hummed folding her arms behind her back. 

“I made a deal with the leader of those pathetic benders,” Toph grunted attempting to sound as nonchalant as possible. However, her pride became evident as she slightly puffed out her chest. “If I beat him in a bending match then he had to leave and take his weakling bunch with him, I guess I don't have to tell you who won.”

“Yes, well I’ll make sure to follow up with him later to see what he was thinking accepting that kind of bet.” Annoyance tinted Azula’s tone but she tried to reign in her emotions. She had bigger fish to fry at the moment. “For now I need to speak to you, Katara sent me to sit you down and have a conversation.” 

“About what?” Toph asked with a scowl. 

“All the new and exciting changes your body is going through,” Azula said bluntly, she decided it was better to pull the bandage off now then dance around the issue. Unfortunately, Toph wasn’t going to make things so easy. Her milky eyes went wide and she clamped her hands over her ears.


“Why are you yelling?” Azula asked with a frown. “And yes you are, Katara won’t leave me alone until I explain to you all the basics about sex, heats, and ruts. I’m just as uncomfortable as you are but it’s something we’ll both just have to deal with.”

“No! No way! You aren’t my father or even my brother or uncle or whatever...I don't even need these things explained to me,” Azula shrugged as she folded her arms behind her back. She thought back to what Katara had told her earlier about this being good practice for when she was a father herself, rolling her shoulders Azula was resolved to see this task through to the end. If only for her own future selfs benefit.

“Enough whining,” Azula said. “The sooner I begin the sooner I end.” 

“What don't you get! I’m not having this conversation with you,” Toph huffed. “If I have to fight my way out of it I will, I'm not afraid of you!”

“I said enough,” Azula said adopting a stricter tone. She noted, as Toph began to shrink, her voice took the same quality of her father when he used that tone. “Now sit down and listen to what I have to say.” Toph didn’t sit but she was uncharacteristically silent for a moment or two.

“Wait Azula,” she said more calmly than before. “I understand the basics of sex like...where everything goes and stuff and that...well you know!” Azula lifted her brows again and shook her head.

“I don't know, articulate yourself.” 

“I know about...knots and stuff and getting tied to your partner and things,” Toph blushed furiously as she stumble through her words. “I’m not a complete idiot, I’ve traveled around the world and learned some things.” Azula hummed and tilted her head to the side.

“This is our first topic,” Azula said quickly before this conversation could go any further off the rails. “Heats. What do you know about them oh worldly one?” Toph remained quiet as she turned her head away from Azula.

“They make omegas crazy,” Toph mumbled causing Azula to let out a bark of laughter.

“To say the least,” Azula purred. “A healthy omega will go into heat once a month for approximately seven days. It’s the only time of the month where he or she is fertile. It’s like a switch in their brain turns on and all of their hormones spike as their natural instinct to mate and breed go into overdrive.” 

“So they go crazy.” Azula smiled softly. 

“If an omega isn’t bred during their heat then after their heat cycle finishes they’ll go through a menstrual period where their body expels the lining of their uterus.” Toph’s nose crinkled and she continued to shrink into herself as Azula began to explain an omegas menstrual period with great detail. Azula had to fight the urge to laugh as Toph’s face grew pale.

“Can we talk about something else?”

“Yes,” Azula said surprising Toph until she spoke again. “Ruts.”

“I know about those!”



“A rut is roughly the alphas equivalent to an omegas heat. Our testosterone increases, we become more violent, possessive, and if we aren’t mated chase after any omega with a heartbeat. All we care about is knotting and reproducing. Sound familiar little one?” Toph huffed and at this point, her face was beat red.

“Unlike an omega, we do not go into a rut every month, just once a year, usually at the end of fall.” Toph’s ears began to wiggle.

“For everyone?” 


“Does that mean you’re starting to head into a rut?” Azula nodded. 

“In the next few days I’ll be a thoughtless degenerate,” Azula said with a roll of the eyes. “Of course I’m speaking in general terms. Not every alpha in the world starts their ruts on the same exact day.”

“I figured, I’m not an idiot you know,” Azula smirked. “So what happens when an alpha in a rut and an omega in heat...well you know?”

“A baby,” Azula said her face deadpanned as she spoke. To her surprise, Toph began to snicker. “Does that mean you’re going to be a father soon?” 

“Hardly. Katara’s heat has already passed but in time that will change, over time bonded alphas and omegas mating cycles usually sync. Biologically speaking it only makes sense for two mates to have these time periods to overlap.” Azula explained. “Of course, even if our cycles did match up there are contraceptives that would prevent any unplanned children.” 

“Not ready to be a daddy yet?”


“Could have fooled me,” Toph said with a shrug. “Alright, are we done?”

“Since we're on the topic of pregnancy and how we prevent those we aren't ready for-”

“Enough I already about this stuff!” 

“When the sperm-”

“I know how it works okay!” Toph snapped. “And I’m officially done with this stupid, useless conversation. Can I go now?”

“Just one more thing.”

“Geez, Azula.” 

“It pertains to you so you might want to stop and pay attention!” Azula said stepping to the side as Toph stomped past her. “You may or may not be going into a full rut this year, don't feel odd if you don't feel the full swing of all the things that I just described.” Toph stopped and turned to look back at Azula, listening to her intently. 

“When I was your age I became more aggressive and ate less but only one day out of many did I want to go and chase around omegas. Zuko was that way until he was sixteen, just because you’re going through puberty now doesn’t mean that you’ll feel the full effects for many years.” Azula said with a simple shrug. “Or perhaps you will. Everyone is different like I said.” Azula was expecting Toph to grumble or stomp away. What she wasn’t expecting was Toph’s next question.

“Azula...what should I do when the time comes and there’s an omega that I like that I would like to spend my rut with?” Azula had to hide her shock. 

“Go up and tell them,” Azula said simply. 

“Just like that?” Azula hummed.

“Just like that. Be honest and tell them how you feel.” Toph frowned and shifted from one foot to another.

“You make it sound so easy. Did you just walk up to Katara and ask her out?” Azula shook her head quickly.

“I know it’s not as easy as I say but that’s the best way to do it,” Azula said with a shrug. “And no. Katara confessed her feelings to me at first but I will say I did appreciate her upfront way of going about it and being honest.” Toph nodded.

“Alright.” Was all she said before turning away and heading back into the palace. Azula found herself interested in knowing if Toph had someone in mind she wanted to be with at the moment but decided to let her little friend go. She had already put her through enough embarrassment for one lifetime. 

Azula let out a soft sigh of relief happy herself that this whole thing was behind her. Squaring her shoulders once more she headed off to find Katara to see if there was any reward for her toil.

Chapter Text

Summer, 110 AG


Azula let out a low purr as she rolled over on her side. The sun was just beginning to filter through the window and beside her Katara was sleeping soundly. She wasn’t surprised, it was the waning days of Katara’s heat which meant their sleeping patterns were beginning to slowly go back to normal.

Azula took in a deep breath and let the intoxicating scent of their sex and Katara’s heat fill her lungs as felt herself growing hard. Slowly she began to inch across their snug little nest before pressing herself against Katara’s back.

She began to softly place butterfly kisses along the omegas neck as she slowly ran the palm of her hand up Katara’s leg. Katara let out a soft sigh, just starting to wake up as Azula continued to rub her leg. Katara purred as she pressed herself against Azula causing the alpha to let out a deep rumble that reverberated throughout her omega.

It took a second.

One millisecond for Katara to turn around and have Azula flipped and on her back as she straddled her waist.

“Katara I was actually thinking-”

“Quiet,” Katara grumbled her voice rough from just waking. Azula happily complied as Katara pressed her hand against the alpha’s neck. Reaching forward Katara slipped her free hand into Azula’s silk sleeping pants and freed her erection. 

Azula groaned as she felt a shiver of pleasure run up her spine, her golden eyes seeking out Katara’s face as the omega manipulated her. Azula let out a gentle sigh as she looked up at her omega, she was certainly a sight to behold in her disheveled state. Pieces of her hair were falling from her loose ponytail and the silk sleeping robe she was wearing was slowly falling open revealing Katara’s naked form underneath. 

“Katara,” Azula whimpered, feeling herself melting against the mattress as Katara’s face contorted in concentration. 

“Shush,” Katara hushed her as she carefully lined herself and Azula up before slowly sinking down against Azula’s length. The omega let out a pleased sighed at the moment Azula let out a low moan.

“Agni,” Azula groaned as Katara took her fully, before stilling. It took Katara a moment before she slowly began to roll her hips small moans falling from her lips as she rode her alpha. A shiver ripped through Azula as Katara placed her hands on either side of her head, tightening her hands against the sheets of their nest as she began to pick up her pace. 

Their joining was a quick one. Azula was, naturally the first to finish, her toes curling tightly and her back arching as her knot began to expand within Katara, further filling the omega. Squeezing her eyes shut she felt pleasure consume her like wildfire.

Katara moaned deeply as she quickly followed her lover, her walls squeezing Azula tightly as slick began to roll down her thighs. Sharp pinpricks of light dotted Katara’s vision as her orgasm overtook her. 

A few seconds after their high Katara slumped forward and rested her head against Azula’s, nudging her nose against the alphas softly. 

“Hi,” Azula muttered as she wrapped her arms around Katara tightly. 

“Good morning,” Katara purred with a lazily smile. Very carefully Azula began to slowly move so she and Katara were lying on their sides. Reaching forward Azula pulled their thin blanket over them as Katara wrapped her legs around her alpha’s waist. It was an uncomfortable position for the omega but being tied together Katara had not much choice but to deal with it as she waited for Azula's knot to shrink. 

“I’m going to be late to my morning meeting,” Azula commented tiredly as Katara wrapped her arms around her tightly. "In fact, I'll probably miss it completely." 

“You started with me,” Katara grunted before she leaned forward and began to slowly lick the mate mark on Azula’s neck. The usual pale, half moon scar was now red and irritated from a week of Katara sinking her teeth into Azula’s neck. 

“You would have started it if I hadn't,” Azula chuckled as she wound her arms around Katara tightly. As Katara continued to lick her neck instead of biting it, a thought occurred to Azula. “It amazes me the difference between how intense sex is at the beginning of your heat and the end of it.” Katara hummed, not paying too much attention to Azula’s words as she continued to run her rough tongue along Azula's scar. 

The alpha decided not to make too much of a fuss over being ignored, instead, Azula let out a low rumble as she got lost in the warmth of Katara surrounding her erection and knot. Nuzzling her face against Katara’s neck all thoughts of doing anything but laying together in their nest all day left her mind as sleep took over once more.

Chapter Text

Summer, 104 AG


It was a beautiful day for camping. Zuko and the rest of his companions found themselves in a small clearing within the dense forests right outside of Ba Sing Se. The Fire Lord let out a soft breath as he craned his head up towards the clear blue sky. They had been traveling for four weeks now following the vague clues that Ozai had given to Zuko in order to find his mother. 

Zuko felt the familiar feeling of worry gnawed at the pit of his stomach. He had convinced Iroh and Mai to take over the temporary role of Fire Lord and second hand as he gathered Azula and the rest of his friends in order to go on this goose swan chase around the Four Nations. 

He knew they couldn’t be away for much longer, but Zuko didn’t want to return home without his mother. Running his hand along his damped neck as he began to crack the joints in it before looking around the campsite. 

Suki was sitting between both Sokka and Toph on one of the dead logs Zuko and Azula had pulled out of the thickets of the forest for places to sit around the campfire. Katara was sitting across from them, stirring the stew she was preparing for dinner. In the grass beside her omega, Azula was lying stretched out on her side watching her girlfriend absentmindedly as she cooked dinner. Meanwhile, Aang was laying across Appa’s head with Momo curled up against his stomach while the three napped.

It was such a peaceful moment, Zuko wished it could stay like this forever. He missed the days where this was the norm. He did, to some extent, like his life at the palace simply because it meant he and Azula had a working relationship. 

“If it could always be like this, I think I would truly be happy.” He thought as he looked at the younger alpha. He couldn't help but smile though at the look of displeasure written across Azula’s face. She made it no secret that she thought this quest was a waste of time and she wasn’t enjoying traveling in the great outdoors. 

The only time she seemed to enjoy herself, truly, had been a few minutes ago when the two had engaged in a friendly sparring match. Azula had easily won and the look of pure elation on her face was enough for Zuko to feel happy about his loss. Now, however, she laid in nothing more than a thick pair of cotton pants and a breast binding looking like she had just smelled something foul. 

Zuko to was in nothing more than plain red silk pants, while he kept his chest exposed. This is what lead to Suki’s silly question breaking the peaceful silence that had taken hold of the group. The omega was leaning back on her hands as she looked between Azula and Zuko. 

“Why do alphas have such hairy bellies?” Katara immediately snickered while Azula and Zuko immediately looked down at their exposed stomachs. Zuko blushed, he had never thought of the amount of hair on his stomach or chest for that matter. The inky black hair there was thick, coarse and covered the majority of the skin on his abdomen and his chest. 

Azula, on the other hand, had a faint, wispy line of black hair that went from her chest all the way under the waist of her pants. The hair below her belly button was thicker and grew out a little further than the thin line above it. Both siblings picked their eyes up from their stomachs and exchanged a bit of a weary look with one another. 

Beside Suki, Toph frowned as she slipped her hand up her shirt and began to silently rub her own hairless stomach. Sokka, on the other hand, chuckled as he thought of the own wild forest of hair that covered his chest and tummy. 

“Azula doesn’t have a hairy stomach,” Katara said pulling away from what she was stirring to reach forward and run the palm of her hand along Azula’s stomach. “But that’s because you like to shave it, I think you should let it grow out.” Azula frowned as she propped herself up on her elbow. 

“Why do you want me to grow it out?” Azula asked curiously.

“Because I think thick belly hair is attractive,” Katara said with a shrug. 

“It really is,” Suki added causing Toph to blush as she continued to rub her stomach. “At least to me anyway and apparently Katara as well.”

“If it really turns you on, I have a whole chest and belly filled with thickets of hair.” Sokka exclaimed with a cheery smile, causing the beta to roll her eyes.

“Let’s not go down that road again Sokka,” Suki gently teased as she pinched at Sokka’s side. Toph let out a small growl at Sokka’s words but no one but Azula seemed to have caught it. Katara was too focused on her mate's stomach, while Sokka and Suki were to busy bickering. Zuko’s blush deepened and he turned his head away from the scene while Aang thankfully remained sleeping peacefully.  

“I don't have belly hair,” Toph announced. 

“You’ll probably grow some when you get a little older,” Katara said though she was only half paying attention as she turned back to cooking dinner. Azula frowned and held back a pup like whine at the lost of Katara’s hand on her stomach. 

“That’s what you say about everything,” Toph muttered as she crossed her arms over her chest. “I’m fifteen now though.” She added.

“How many times do I have to tell you that puberty is different for everyone?” Azula asked turning back to look at Toph. “Don't be so insecure. If you’re meant to grow belly hair than you will, if not get over it. Omegas and betas will still be unattracted to you because you smell and refuse to bathe.” At Azula's jab, Toph let out a low warning growl causing Katara’s head to snap up. The omega let out a low warning hiss of her own and released a threatening musky scent. 

Katara’s scent and presence were so commanding that almost immediately everyone began to drop their eyes as her ire grew. Even Toph dropped her milky white orbs to the ground. After a minute of the group's submission, Katara began to calm herself down. 

“That was uncalled for,” Zuko muttered as he dropped himself down beside Azula. “You shouldn’t have said that to Toph.” Azula shrugged seemingly unaffected by Zuko’s quiet scolding. He supposed it lost some of its power when Katara had let her get away with it and Zuko had to whisper in order to avoid another display of dominance from the waterbender. Zuko knew if Toph hadn’t let out the growl, that wouldn’t be the case and Katara would most likely be on his side. 

“Not that it matters,” Zuko thought with a roll of his eyes. “Azula and her sharp tongue can never be contained for long.” After that, no one was in the mood to talk as they waited for Katara to finish dinner.

Chapter Text

Summer, 105 AG


“I don't know why I’m surprised,” Azula announced dramatically as she swept into her and Katara’s bedroom. “I got foolish news straight from the mouth of a fool, what a glorious way to finish my day.” Katara picked her eyes up from her letter her father had sent her and watched with growing interest as Azula began to shed off her silken tunic. 

“What’s going on baby?” Katara asked as she pulled her eyes away from Azula’s half naked body with great difficulty and looked back down at her letter. 

“I just spoke to my brother, unfortunately,” Azula said with a sigh. “Apparently he, Aang and Zuko came up with a solution to their little problem.” Katara hummed only mildly paying attention to what Azula was saying now. Azula hardly picked up on it as she moved towards the closet they shared.

As she passed by Katara’s side of the bed, the omega snatched her hand out and wrapped it around Azula’s wrist. She still had her eyes glued onto the letter in her hands as she slightly tugged at her mate. 

“What’s wrong?” Azula asked with a frown, her molten eyes turning down to the piece of parchment in her omegas hand. 

“You’re about to go and change into your unders right?” Azula nodded, her brow now furrowing as she tried to understand what Katara was trying to get out.


“Don't, stay like this,” Katara said finally turning her head to look at her lover. Azula was in her breast bindings and tightly woven silk dress pants she wore every day. “I’m really enjoying the view,” she added smiling like the cat who had gotten the cream. Azula lifted her brows as a crude thought crossed her mind. 

“Enjoying the view?” Katara nodded. “You’ve been so steeped in that letter of yours, I wouldn’t think you cared too much about my dress.” Katara shrugged and tugged on Azula’s wrist once more. 

“I notice more things than you think.”

“I can see,” Azula said with a small frown as she stumbled forward. “But as much as I enjoy it when you sexually objectify me, I was saying something I thought might interest you.” A more wholesome smile cracked Katara’s face as she released Azula’s grip.

“Something about Zuko, Aang, and Sokka all resolving the issues between them,” Katara said remembering what Azula had said to her a few moments ago. The alpha nodded as she rested her hands on her hips.

“Don't feel too upset with your brother for not telling you,” she began. “I guess this is a new development, Zuko just told me though why I don't know.”

“I suppose because your his sister and he loves you and wants to hear your opinion.” Katara offered causing Azula to snort. “Well don't keep me waiting, you said you thought it might interest me more than looking at your abs.”

“I did not say that.” 

“Azula if you want to get to the point you better start talking and talking quick,” Katara warned causing her alpha to let out a small whine. Katara had to fight the urge to smile again as an annoyed look crossed her alpha's face. 

“Or what?” Azula challenged.

“Or I’m going to throw you on this bed on have my way with you,” Katara informed her with a twinkle in her eyes. 

“That won’t stop me from speaking,” Azula promised and Katara knew this wasn't an empty threat, Azula loved to talk. 

“I’ll sit on your face then, how does that sound?” Katara purred, her own threat sounding fairly good to herself as it left her lips. 

“Fine, fine you win as per usual.” Azula sighed. “I’ll get to the point quickly, Zuko told me that he and Aang were going to share Sokka. They’re going to be in some kind of odd three way type of relationship.”

“Well,” Katara said after a pause. “That certainly seems like it’ll blow up in their faces, why would anyone want to share? They should just keep battling it out until someone becomes the victor, it’s not like my brother seems to mind.” 

“You mean to say you would never be willing to share me?” Azula teased though Katara didn’t see much humor in it as she lifted her brows, giving Azula all the answer she needed.

“Why?” Katara asked in a tone that seemed far too calm. Azula rolled her eyes at the amount of attitude rolling off of Katara’s tongue.

“There’s something I want to tell you,” Azula said her voice dripping with sarcasm. “There’s another omega in my life and I was hoping you might be so kind as to open our relationship so I could be with them and you.” Katara let out a low hiss as she pushed herself up to her knees and inched over to the side of the bed.

“I’m clearly-” Azula was cut off by a hard, possessive kiss. “Joking…” Azula finished, her breath snatched away from the kiss. 

“Clearly,” Katara said before kissing Azula again. “But I just want to make one point clear, these belong to me.” her words were soft and clear as she whispered them between heated kisses. 

“This, above all else, belongs to me,” Katara whispered as she dropped her lips to Azula’s mate mark and slowly traced the tip of her tongue along the half moon scar causing a violent shiver to rip through her mate. “This belongs to me,” she informed Azula as she kissed the center of her chest between her breasts.

“Mine,” Katara growled as she kissed the fabric of Azula’s breast binding right above her right nipple. Azula let out a soft whimper before Katara moved to her left nipple. “Mine.” Reaching forward Katara ran her hand down Azula’s stomach before slipping it into her silken pants. Azula’s back arched forward and let out a low moan as Katara wrapped her slim fingers around Azula’s harden erection. 

“Mine, all mine,” Katara growled as she began to slowly pump Azula’s shaft. “Mine, mine, mine,” Katara whispered harshly as her pumping became faster and faster. Azula’s face began to redden as she groaned. Reaching forward, Azula wrapped her arms around Katara the best she could and buried her face into the side of her omegas neck.

“Mine, mine, mine,” Katara whispered over and over again becoming drunk from the scent of arousal coming off of Azula. Katara's own scent of arousal was growing, her thighs becoming wet as slick trickled from between her legs. In front of her, Azula began to thrust her hips forward attempting to match Katara’s pace and rhythm as the omega continued to stroke her and whispered possessively into her ear. 

“Ka- Ka- I- I need,” Azula stammered and stuttered as her thrusts became more quick and needy. Katara quicken her stroking as she began to plant soft kisses against Azula’s mate mark. 

“Tell me what you need,” Katara whispered between kisses. 

“To finish, can I finish?” Azula moaned managing to get out a full question as she felt her knot begin to quickly expand. Katara felt her stomach tighten at Azula's question.

“You can,” Katara whispered into Azula’s ear. “Cum baby, cum for me.” Azula felt shots of electricity run down her spine as small pinpricks of light began to fill her vision. Falling forward she pinned Katara between herself and the bed as she chased her high, fucking herself wild into Katara’s tight grip.

Katara whined softly as she felt Azula’s knot blowing up against her hand as it bumped against it. Azula shouted as she screwed her eyes shut as she came. Leaning forward she arched her back up as she finished in her underwear. 

“Agni,” Azula whispered as she rolled off of Katara attempting to catch her breath once she began to calm down. Not even a second later, Katara let out a soft growl as she rolled over and onto Azula straddling the alpha’s hips. 

“That was so sexy,” Katara whispered as she planted her hands on either side of Azula’s head. “You’ve never asked my permission to cum before.” Azula groaned again, still feeling aftershocks going through her. 

“You did say it belonged to you,” Azula said her eyes fluttering shut as she felt exhaustion take over her. She knew that feeling wouldn’t last for long and sure enough a moment later Katara pressed her wet heat against her as she let out a small growl. 

“Make sure you ask permission next time to,” Katara said lowly. 

“Noted,” Azula muttered as she began to nod off.

“Don't be greedy and fall asleep,” Katara growled as she leaned forward and nipped her alphas bottom lips waking her up a little. “I still need mine.” 

“Here,” Reaching forward Azula moved to slip her own hand down Katara’s pants and was surprised when her omega slapped her hand away from her. “Didn’t you just say-”

“It’s not your fingers I want inside me,” Katara hissed.

“Agni,” Azula whispered. “I feel tender but I’m sure what you have between your legs can soothe me.” Katara groaned and lifted her hips up, no more words needed. Reaching down Azula pulled down her pants and underwear until her cock sprung free. 

Azula let her hands fall to the side as Katara reached forward and took hold of her lover again. Azula winced, despite explaining to Katara that she was sore from her lovers earlier ministrations Katara wasn’t necessarily being gentle. Her mind focused on one thing, Azula couldn’t complain. In fact, complaints were the last thing from her mind as Katara pushed her underwear to the side and quickly sank down onto Azula. 

Both omega and alpha let out a similar groan as Katara pushed herself all the way down until she brushed against Azula’s knot. Reaching down Katara grabbed Azula’s hands and began to slowly ride Azula, biting her lip as she felt her alpha fill her. 

“Zula,” Katara whimpered as she continued to roll her hips at an agonizing pace. With every movement forward, her clit brushed against Azula’s tight knot while the tip of her alpha’s cock pressed against the right spot deep within her. “Baby, you’re stretching me out so well.” Azula’s only retort was another needy groan as she started to thrust her hips forward again looking to match her omegas rhythm. 

“Zula, baby.” The words fell from Katara’s lips and all Azula could do was make needy noises as pleasure flowed through her. On top of her, she could feel shivers going through Katara as she rode herself closer and closer to her orgasm. 

It wasn’t long after that Katara tossed her head back, her walls tighten around Azula as she was awash with pure ecstasy. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and all she could think of was her own rapture as slick began to flow out of her. 

Below her Azula’s thrusting became more frantic and fast pace, she wasn’t too far behind her omega. She close, in fact, so close. She was teetering over the edge when Katara’s hand snatched out and wrapped around her slender neck. She squeezed until Azula’s eyes flew open.

“You. Haven’t. Asked.” Katara gently reminded Azula when the alpha looked up at her with confusion. 

“Can...can I finish?” Azula stammered once more. Katara took her hand off of Azula’s neck and gently cupped her cheek.

“That’s all you had to ask,” she whispered before squeezing Azula tightly enough to make the alpha’s back arch. She felt warm jets of cum begin to pour from Azula whose sharp thrusts stabbed into her as she snapped her hips forward. 

Two orgasms later, the moment Katara rolled off of her Azula was asleep. Her soft snores filled the room as her head lulled to the side. Katara smiled as she leaned forward and gave her alpha a soft kiss on the side of the temple.

“Mine,” she purred softly content that she had gotten her point across.

Chapter Text

Summer, 110 AG


“How is this possible?” Katara whispered as she slowly paced back and forth, wearing out the tile of the bathroom floor. Her stomach was twisting into knots as she counted the birth control pills in her hand one more time. Six. Six little white pills sat in her palm, when there should be five. Katara felt her heart begin to slam against her chest as she slowly sank down to sit on the hard edge of the bathtub, the pills now clenched in her fist as she tried to rack her mind around the situation she was now in. 

Katara was twenty five, her heat cycles began just a little after her fourteenth birthday, she started to become sexually active a few months before the war had ended, and since then she had been on birth control. Eleven years and Katara had never missed a pill before. Of course, Katara had to give most of that credit to Azula, begrudgingly. Azula was not the only lover Katara had ever had but when she was younger and mateless she was far more diligent when it came to remembering to take her contraceptives.

Ever since entering a relationship with Azula her alpha did all the remembering for her. Azula was like clock work, every month the day after Katara’s heat ended Azula would make sure to remind the omega to take her pill and at the end of every year would make sure to remind Katara to fill the prescription. Before today those reminders had been annoying at best and borderline condescending at worse. Katara knew Azula was just trying to make sure they didn’t make any happy accidents before they were ready to start building a family of their own. Still Katara had always been of the school of thought that she was an adult and didn’t need her mate babying her. 

Now, however, as she sat on the edge of their tub looking down at the pill she missed for this month she felt herself becoming mystified about the lack of Azula’s usual annoying comment. 

“But that can’t be right,” Katara thought. “No, no Azula reminded me…”   Slow recognition came over Katara then. She remembered that Azula had tiredly reminded her to take her pill just as the omega was rushing to get ready for the day. Rushing to tend to Zuko who had suffered a terrible burn after a duel with Aang.

Katara remembered being annoyed at Azula’s lack of worry for her brother. “But I couldn’t remember to take the pill! Azula is never going to let me live this down,"  As she thought this Katara reached down and pressed the palm of her hand against her flat stomach. 

She was two weeks late. She hadn't been nauseous, it was too soon for morning sickness and too early for odd mood swings. Too early for weird cravings and sensitivity to smells. Too early to use her bending to reach into herself and see the little life, or lives, forming inside her womb. 

Two weeks late. Six pills. 

Katara felt a sharp sting her eyes and her face quickly heat up as she slowly rubbed her stomach, her mind racing as a million thoughts rushed through her. 

“Someone's happy,” Katara almost jumped out of her skin as the bathroom door swung open and Azula invited herself in. “What’s the good news?” Katara let out a low purr as she quickly got to her feet and threw her arms around Azula’s neck, pulling the alpha into a tight hug. Azula gasped and staggered into her omegas embrace.

“What’s got you going?” Azula asked with confusion as she wrapped her arms around her fiance’s waist. Katara nuzzled her face against Azula’s slender neck and took a shaky breath in as she inhaled Azula’s strong scent. It was on the tip of her tongue. She wanted to tell Azula with everything in her being. But two weeks was still incredibly early and even though Katara knew deep in her heart she was with child she wanted concrete evidence for herself and for Azula who would want to know without a shadow of a doubt before celebrating. 

“I was just sitting here and thinking about our future together,” which was at least one truth she could share with her mate. She felt herself relaxing into Azula’s embrace as the alpha let out a low, happy rumble only further exciting Katara. 

“That is a cause for happiness,” Azula chirped as she pulled away just a little. “I was thinking about our future earlier as well, now that mother and the lot of them know we’re moving to the Southern Water Tribe after our wedding it feels as if everything is perfectly in place. I’m ready to have a few years added onto my life after I officially retire from being the Second Hand to the Fire Lord.” Katara chuckled softly.

“I'm not sure how many years you'll gain back, the life of a hunter is very taxing,” Katara said softly. 

“Perhaps, but I would rather be a hunter in the South Pole than a political animal in Caldera, I’ve lived enough of that life I’m ready to settle down with you,” Azula said with a sigh, causing Katara to melt. It was not often Azula said such sweet things. 

“And start having children.” Katara teased, the words falling from her lips before she could stop them. 


“Like we've talked about,” Katara prompted, slowly testing the waters. She watched with anticipation as Azula seemed to consider her words as she moved past Katara and towards the sink. While her back was turned Katara slipped her birth control pills into the pocket of her robes. 

“Of course,” Azula said. “One day in the future.” 

“The near future?” Azula laughed and turned to look back at her mate. 

“If five years down the road after we’re settled in the South Pole is the near future, than yes,” Azula hummed. “Like we talked about." Katara nodded with a small smile before taking a few strides forward and kissing Azula on the lips. 

“I don't think if we had a happy accident before then you would be too opposed.” Azula was already shaking her head.

“Well at that point you can’t be, the little whoopsie would be coming one way or another.” Azula laughed. “Now if you excuse me, I have to use the bathroom.” Katara had to bite the tip of her tongue to keep herself from blurting out the news too early. Apart of her was surprised that Azula wasn't getting suspicious but Katara had just come off of a heat not too long ago and they were to be married soon. A new part of their life was just beginning and from what Azula was saying it was clear she too must be thinking about their future as a married and fully mated couple a lot as well, Azula probably thought nothing about this conversation was strange in the slightest. 

"She''ll catch on soon enough," Katara thought as she gave her mate another kiss on the cheek before nuzzling the wet spot she left with her lips.

“Alright, I’ll be in the other room if you need me,” Katara promised causing Azula to scoffed.

“I know you have little ones on your mind but I can assure you I can use the bathroom without assistance.” 

Chapter Text

Fall, 103 AG


“Hey, you’re a beta can I talk to you about beta stuff for a second?” Toph asked stepping in front of Mai to bring the older girl to a stop. Mai had been just coming back from a meeting with Zuko while Toph, whose face was the color of Mai’s robes, was just coming back from her informative talk with Azula. 

“No,” Mai said simply as she side stepped Toph and continued down the hallway. “But you can go and bathe you foul smelling creature,” Mai said over her shoulder causing Toph to scowl. The alpha curled her hands into fists as she felt anger begin to pump through her veins.

“I need to ask you some stuff come back here!” She shouted and immediately felt foolish as her voice cracked. 

“Go ask someone who cares,” Mai suggested. Toph growled, though it sounded more like a series of threatening squeaks, and she stomped after Mai.

“I would ask Azula but she’s a complete idiot!” Mai hummed in agreement. “She just sat me down for the talk, I swear I wanted to die. I don't want to have any more conversations with her about anything for a while.” At this Mai came to a complete stop and slowly turned her head over her shoulder at the information Toph had just provided her.

“Azula...sat you down for the talk ?” Mai asked slowly as she lifted her eyebrows at the interesting news.

“Yeah I guess Katara put her up to it, it was horrible and I hated it.” Toph huffed as she crossed her arms over her chest. “I don't exactly want to extend the conversation with you...but we didn’t talk about betas so I was wondering...maybe you could help me?” A mischievous twinkle appeared in Mai’s eyes and the beta took advantage of Toph’s blindness and let a small, delinquent smile curled across her lips.

“I’ll make you a deal,” Mai said as she turned around to fully face the little alpha. “You tell me every, horrid detail of that conversation and I’ll tell you everything you want to know about betas.” Toph frowned.

“Why would you want to know the details of our conversation?” Toph demanded. “It was...well the talk! Can’t you imagine what was said, didn’t you ever get the talk?”

“Not from Azula.” Mai pointed out. “And beside you're an alpha, why oh why do you want to know the details of a betas body and how it works?” Mai asked as the image of a certain...beta crossed her mind. 

“Cause I want to know about how everything works for everyone!” Toph said, clearly lying as the words stuttered from her lips. 

“Shall I fetch Azula?”

“I kill you if you try!” Toph snarled.

“Katara then? She’s the palace’s healer I’m sure she knows all about how betas tick .” Toph squealed like a pup and slapped her filthy hands across her face.

“I’ll kill me if you try!” 

“Then, let’s help each other out.” Mai offered. “Follow me to my office.”




Mai’s office was dark, large, and surprisingly comfy. The walls were painted ruby and the edges of the room were the color of dark gold. Heavy blood red curtains covered the large windows that made up most of the back wall and the floor was made of hard, dark oak wood with a huge red and gold throw rug in the center of the room.

On top of the rug was a slim, black desk and large armchair. The walls were lined with cases that held different kinds of weapons. Some were rare, some were old antiques, and some Mai just liked to look at. Mai slipped behind her desk while Toph plopped down on the opposite side. 

“So, tell me everything Azula told you. Please, spare no detail.” For a moment Toph was quiet as a blush darkened her cheeks. “Toph, I’m the spymaster there isn’t anything I haven’t heard before trust me.” Toph sighed and scowled thinking over her position for a moment before she hesitantly began to relay back to Mai the whole conversation she and Azula just had. As per Mai’s request she spared no detail and tried to repeat verbatim everything Azula said. 

Across from her Mai was smiling deviously as excitement began to course through her. She waited patiently for Toph to finish, not interrupting or questioning a single thing. She wanted to make sure she didn’t miss a word of what Toph was saying. 

“And that’s all I can remember okay?” Toph said folding her arms over her chest as she finished. “Now keep up your end of the deal and tell me about things on the beta end of it.” Mai nodded as she threaded her fingers together feeling completely elated. 

“Where should I begin?” Mai asked. “What are you most interested to know?”

“Is it true that...well I heard betas have both things down there.” Toph muttered dropping her milky eyes to the ground.

“Yes it’s true,” Mai said simply. “Both male and female betas are born with both sets of genitalia. For normal, health betas both sets should be functional in their own ways.” Toph frowned and tilted her head to the side.

“So how does it...look?” 

“Well not every beta is the same of course but in general terms a normal vagina is present and the penis takes the place of the clitoris lying between the lips of the labia majora when it’s flaccid.” Mai said simply. “For a female beta like myself the penis is smaller while for a male it would be much bigger, everything should function the same way.”

“The vagina functions like it does for any healthy omega female while the penis is used solely for ejaculation and impregnation.” Toph nodded quickly and began to slowly worry her lip as she listened to what Mai was saying. 

“Betas can only get other betas pregnant though right?” Toph asked.

“No that’s a myth,” Mai said with a roll of her eyes. “I don't know why that’s so commonly believed as fact but betas can impregnate omegas as long as they’re in heat and as long as a beta is ovulating they can become impregnated by an alpha.” 

“Really?” Toph asked a slight note of excitement coloring her question. Mai rolled her eyes now for a second time. “You guys don't go through ruts and heats through I know that’s a fact.”

“Very good.” Mai said in her usual flat tone. 

“Hey, does this mean you plan on making Ty Lee pregnant?” Toph asked curiously.

“That’s none of your business.” Mai said strictly. Toph scowled as she shot the beta a nasty little glare.

“Geez I can’t ask a simple question?” She huffed.

“You can,” Mai informed her. “And I can refuse to answer, you stinky little hellion now what else do you want to know?” 

“I’m surprised you can even smell me considering you are a beta and all, I know you lot can’t really smell for shit, why is that anyway?” Toph asked seemingly getting over Mai’s blunt answer to her first question.

“I have no idea all I know is our sense of smell isn’t strong compared to that of alphas and omegas but that doesn’t mean we can’t smell at all, fool.” Mai said. “Our noses are just not as sensitive. We also don't have large scent glands like alphas and omegas and the small scent glands we do have aren’t connected to our limbic system.” 

“Can you speak in a language I understand?” Toph asked. “What the heck is the limbic system and why do I care?”

“For normal people the limbic system is the part of the brain that controls emotions but considering you don't have a brain, I'm not sure what controls your emotions probably whatever pebble is knocking around up there,” Mai said flatly. “Your scent glands are connected and partially controlled by that system. Ever noticed the foul scent you release when your mad, the sweet scent you release when your happy, the bitter one you let out when your disappointed? Thank your limbic system for that.”

“Oh...I guess that makes sense, kind of,” Toph muttered. “Betas have real good hearing though, right?” Mai hummed.

“Right better than alphas and omegas,” Mai informed the earthbender. “Our amazing sense of hearing has been long believed to make up for our amazing lack of smell. Unlike omegas and alphas who, as you know, can pick up on the faintest of smells a scent has to be strong for a beta to pick it up.” 

“However, healthy beta can hear the smallest of sounds produced up to a half a mile away sometimes if it’s completely quiet it could be further. Out of all three presentations, betas can hear the widest variety of frequencies and we generally preserved our hearing the longest.” Mai concluded.

“Whoa, that’s kind of cool.” Mai shrugged unimpressed by her own impressive hearing.

“Anything else?”

“Nope, I think I know all I need to!” Toph said before bouncing up to her feet. “Wait...maybe I do have one more question what's a good way for an alpha to attract a female beta?” 

“How would I know?” Mai asked. “I’ve never been attracted to alphas or any of their foolish ways to win over a mate.”

“Do you know anyone who might?” Toph asked with a frown. 

“Sokka,” Mai said thoughtfully. "In fact, he can probably help you in more ways than one."

“Yeah…” Toph’s blush returned before she turned around and quickly hurried out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her. Mai felt annoyed for a second before she remembered the beautiful information that Toph had just given her.

Chapter Text

Summer, 104 AG


Zuko let out a soft sigh as he knelt down next to a small stream. It was quiet in this spot of the forest save of the singing of the birds high up in the trees and chitter chatter of the small animals running through the bushes and thickets of the forest. It was early in the morning and almost everyone else back in camp was still sleeping.

The sun was just beginning to break over the horizon and Zuko had no doubt that when he came back he would find Azula and Suki doing their own set of morning katas while Katara would be cooking everyone breakfast. 

Sokka and Aang would probably still be in bed, the thought made Zuko frown just a little bit. The alpha quickly pushed the negative feeling away as he knelt down and cupped his hands in the cool water of the stream before splashing it against his face. 

Zuko smelled her before he heard her and he felt a soft tremor in the ground before he saw the smaller alpha to. Frowning, Zuko could smell the putrid scent of Toph’s anger as he quickly turned around. A moment later, Toph stomped through the trees with a horrible look written across her face.


“Don't talk to me!” Toph bellowed as she stormed over to him. He watched with surprise as Toph began to undress herself. A blush colored Zuko’s face and he quickly turned his head away to give her some privacy. “I hate your sister, I hate her dumb omega, and I hate taking baths!” She huffed.

“Right…” Zuko said trailing off as any other words escaped him. For the past two days Toph had been in a horrible mood after her little power struggle of sorts with Katara caused by Azula being rather rude to Toph, telling her to bathe if she ever wanted to attract a mate of any presentation.

Zuko had been annoyed but hadn’t had the confidence to challenge Katara in order to scold Azula which wouldn’t have had much effect anyway. Still, Azula’s comments must have had some effect as he heard the sound of splashing water. 

“I can give you some privacy,” Zuko suggested as he slowly backed towards the bushes his eyes focused on the trees in front of him.

“What do I care?” Toph snarled. “We’re both alphas anyway, nothing you haven’t seen before.” Zuko sputtered. 

“I’m- I’m not looking!”

“I don't care if you are one way or another!” Toph huffed. Zuko stood awkwardly in place for a moment. Would it be worse to stay or leave? He was in the middle of contemplating this question when Toph asked one of her own. 

“Do you mind if I ask you something?” Zuko groaned at the question and wish he had left when he had the chance. “I would ask Azula but I already know what she’s going to say, Katara is still grumpy with me, and Sokka won’t give me any helpful advice in this area!” 

“I doubt I’ll be any better!” Zuko exclaimed feeling himself becoming more and more uncomfortable. 

“Well, you’ve dated a beta before right?” Toph demanded, her tone becoming snappish now as she spoke. 

“Gosh I wouldn’t call it dating,” Zuko sighed softly. “Mai and I dated for half a day, she’s never been attracted to alphas...actually I’m not sure if she's ever been attracted to anyone who wasn’t Ty Lee, that’s why we didn’t work out.” 

“What? That’s the only reason?” Toph scoffed. 

“Whatever! I’m going back to camp!” Zuko huffed not a fan of Toph's implication.

“Wait!” Toph called out causing him to stop mid turn around. He flinched as he caught sight of a little more of Toph than he had ever wanted to see. He spun around again so his back was turned completely to her now. 

“I just need help attracting a female beta,” Toph said with an annoyed sigh. “I asked Mai before but she told me to ask Sokka, he never gave me sound advice and I honestly think it’s because he’s biased.” 

“Because he dated Suki?” Zuko blurted out. Toph let out a little growl and said nothing for a moment. Zuko could smell a hint of embarrassment. 

“Is it that obvious?” She asked sounding a bit down as she spoke. 

“Kind of but trust me I’m in the same boat as you,” Zuko laughed softly as he lowered himself down to the ground. “Everyone knows the guy I’m head over heels for.”

“Yeah we all know you’re in love with Sokka,” Toph lightly teased. “You have been for the past four years now! I guess that’s a whole different conversation though.” Zuko nodded though he quickly realized how ineffective that would be for his companion. 

“Let’s stay on topic,” Zuko said quickly. “You know, I don't think Sokka would try to sabotage you if that’s what you might be thinking. He and Suki ended on good terms and he’s always been supportive of her other relationships.” 

“I don't know,” Toph said. “But it seems like all of his advice on how to win Suki over has been a little better than crud.” Zuko smirked.

“I’m sure my advice won’t be much better,” Zuko said again. “I’m not sure how to get Suki to like you.”

“Well how did you get Mai to like you?” Toph asked with a frown. "I know, I know they're two different betas and it's different for everyone blah, blah, blah but still...maybe hearing how you did it might help me." Zuko sighed, he and Mai had a very specific situation but he knew that Toph wouldn't stop asking until he gave in so he folded to her request. 

“We both had pretty low self esteem and believed that the people we wanted would never want us back so we decided to settle for one another so we wouldn't eventually die alone,” Zuko explained. "Turns out Ty Lee really loved Mai, is really jealous, and kind of threatened to do various painful things to me if I didn't back off. So Mai and I broke up a few hours after getting together." Toph was quiet for a moment before letting out a low moan.

“Spirits that’s depressing what is wrong with you two!” Toph demanded. "I mean I guess the end was less depressing but getting there was enough to make you want to jump off a cliff!"

“It didn’t seem so sad at the time!” Zuko shot back although now that he said the words out loud he could hear how bad it sounded. 

“Whatever, that really doesn’t help me, you were right,” Toph grumbled.

"What kind of advice did Sokka give you?" Zuko asked sheepishly after a few moments of awkward silence. 

“To take more interest in fans and Azula told me that if I wanted to confess my feelings to someone I needed to be honest with the person.” 

“Interest in fans?” Zuko said with a frown. “That is bad advice, maybe he meant take more interest in her fighting style or something. Azula’s advice is good but unrealistic for people like us, I also find it a little offensive that she gave it to you.”


“Because she’s people like us!” Zuko proclaimed. “She never had the nerve to go up to someone she liked and offer them her true feelings! Katara basically just told Azula they were in a relationship and she went along with it, she probably said it like it was the easiest thing in the world to didn’t she?”

“Yeah!” Toph said. “She did say it was easier said than done.”

“Our little genius,” Zuko huffed causing Toph to break out into laughter and pretty soon Zuko was joining her. 

“You and Suki have known each other for a while, you must know some things she's interested in,” Zuko pointed out. 

“Sure I do,” Toph said softly. “I know she likes to fight and train, she likes to eat food like me! She can eat a lot,” Toph said with a soft blush.

“Well here’s an idea!” Zuko said with a bright smile as the idea popped over his head. “Invite her out to eat-”

“Like a date?”

“Sure,” Zuko said with a nod. “Of course if you need to take the pressure off don't call it that, I’m not sure it has to be a date. Just see if she wants to eat and get to know more of the kinds of things she likes.”

“Then you can do those things together, that kind of thing.” He offered. "You two can get closer and maybe eventually you can work your way into confessing how you feel."

“That’s not bad advice,” Toph said softly. Zuko beamed and let a soft rumble at the praise. No one had ever given him that kind of praise before, in the pack he was famous for giving horrible advice.

“Thanks and now I need to take my leave before I can mess this up,” Zuko confessed knowing he needed to get out before he could continue talking and make decent advice, bad advice.

“That’s a good idea probably,” Toph agreed. Zuko nodded and quickly got to his feet before hurrying back to the campsite with just the slightest bit of pep in his step.

Chapter Text

Spring, 103 AG


It was a beautiful day in Caldera. A gentle, cool breeze was lazily blowing through the city and the various courtyards, training yards, and gardens that dotted the perimeter of the Royal Palace.  It was the last few weeks of spring which meant that this was one of the last days of cool breezes and bearable heat before the beast of summer came roaring in. Everyone in the palace was taking advantage of this weather and taking a break from work and all other responsibility to enjoy the beautiful day.

All around the palace everyone had taken a hold of their favorite person and found themselves playing outside. In the north training yard Sokka and Zuko found themselves awkwardly dancing around one another as they sparred. 

In one of the smaller private courtyards in the eastern wing of the palace Azula and Katara were supposed to be sparring as well. Instead the two had dissolved into a fit of giggles and laughter as they splashed one another with the water that was cascading down from the small fountain that was the center of the courtyard and playfully chased each other around. 

Iroh enjoyed a nice cup of tea in one of the smaller gardens in one of the southern wing of the palace. He smiled softly as another soft breeze swept through the garden making the fragrance of the flowers that surrounded him more pungent and enjoyable. 

Ty Lee and Mai found themselves in the southern wing of the palace as well, in a small courtyard with a small cherry blossom tree and a tiny pond filled with cricket frogs. Mai was sitting on the bench right beside the pond, reading quietly. In front of her, Ty Lee was doing a variety of stretches.

She was making it very hard for Mai to focus on The Man Made of Smoke, the exciting story of the Fire Nation's greatest assassin. It was a fictional book that Mai thought was pretty silly but still found herself enjoying it when she could pay attention. Ty Lee certainly wasn’t making it easier for her. 

As much as Mai tried to focus on the words written on the paper, her eyes kept wandering up to watch her mate. Mai must have read the same sentence seven times now as she kept going back to the same paragraph. 

Mai’s eyes trailed back up from her book and over to Ty Lee. The omega had her feet planted firmly in the grass as she leaned forward and while most people would be touching her fingers to her toes, Ty Lee was touching her forehead to them giving Mai a perfect view of all her lower assets. 

Mai cleared her throat and shifted on the bench. Her eyes dropped back down to her book and she tried, truly she did, to read the first sentence of the third paragraph on page two hundred and fifty for the eighth time now.

“Everything okay over there?” Ty Lee asked innocently, her head was hanging between her ankles as she looked up her beta. While, at least to most people it would sound innocent. Mai’s ears twitched as a familiar hint of mischief slightly colored the omegas upbeat tone. 

“Perfectly fine,” Mai drawled as she shifted in her seat once more. “I’m just on a rather boring part now, no action for the moment.” She added, deciding to play along with her partner.

“I see,” Ty Lee purred. The two lapsed back into a comfortable silence as Mai continued to read and Ty Lee brought herself into a handstand. “Perhaps you should consider taking a break from the book.”  Mai had to fight the urge not to jump at the suggestion. No easy task, for all Mai was she was still a human. Still, it was a game now and Mai wouldn’t loose so easily. 

“You think?”

“Yeah, if it’s a boring point then perhaps you should set it down for something more exciting,” Ty Lee purred her soft brown eyes focused on Mai. 

“How can I get to an exciting part if I don't read through the boring ones?” Mai asked. Ty Lee hummed as she thought about this for a moment.

“Good point but I was thinking that perhaps you could put your book down and do something exciting with me instead,” Ty Lee suggested. Mai took in a deep breath and shut her book as she placed it on the side of the bench. 

You couldn’t win all games, Mai supposed. Slowly she pushed herself up to her feet and walked over to her mate. Ty Lee giggled and did a cartwheel in order to get back onto her feet. Clapping her hands together she wrapped her hands around Mai’s wrists and pulled her close. Leaning forward Mai brushed her lips against Ty Lee’s causing the omega to giggle once more before she released her wrists and wrapped her arms around Mai’s slender neck. 

“Shall we go back to our apartment?” Mai asked.

“Why?” Ty Lee asked as she released her grip on Mai. “There’s no better spot than right here.” Mai frowned and watched as Ty Lee skipped backwards with a teasing smile on her face. 

“Here? I know this courtyard is private tease we aren’t talking about the same thing are we?” Mai sighed as the realization hit her. She felt disappointment wash over her but at the same time couldn’t help but smile a little. She had been gotten.

“I want to teach you how to do a handstand!” Ty Lee chirped. “What were you talking about?” Mai raised her brows and slipped her hands into her sleeves. 

“Why do you want to teach me a handstand?” Mai asked.

“Well, do you remember when you taught me how to throw knives the other day? I thought it would be really fun to teach you something I can do,” Ty Lee said happily. “I think it’ll be fun, don't you?” 

“I was thinking of doing something far more fun,” Mai sighed.

“I just want to share something I can do with you like you did the other day,” Ty Lee said softly. “And I was thinking, if you did a good job maybe we can do something more fun afterwards.” Mai chuckled as Ty Lee flashed big puppy dog eyes at her. 

“Alright, alright,” Mai said causing Ty Lee to sequel and jump up and down as she clapped her hands. “I’m not sure how well it’ll turn out but…” I can’t say no to you, Mai thought as she watched Ty Lee with soft eyes.

“But what?” Ty Lee asked genuinely curiously. 

“I’ll try,” Mai promised causing Ty Lee to jump into her arms as she cheered happily.

Chapter Text

Summer, 104 AG


Toph had never felt so nervous in her entire life. As each of her friends retired to their tents for the night she steadily got more and more anxious, preparing herself to finally speak to Suki. After so long of pining Toph had decided to take the advice Zuko had given her earlier that morning. Toph felt her heart slamming against her chest, she knew for sure that the bitter scent of anxiety was rolling off her in waves but those who could smell it were kind enough not to mention it as they headed off to bed.

“You staying up?” Toph, who was sitting in front of the campfire, nearly jumped out of her skin at the sound of Suki’s voice. “Everyone else has went off to bed, I think I’m going to turn in for the night but I don't want to leave the campfire-”

“I can put out the campfire if I wanted to,” Toph snapped more out of nerves than actual annoyance. Suki blushed and smiled awkwardly at her younger friend. 

“Sorry I didn’t mean to offend you,” Suki said softly. “Or overlook you.” Toph nodded and began to pick at the sleeves of her tunic feeling like an idiot. All she wanted to do tonight was speak to Suki and already she was screwing it up! “Well I guess I’m just-”

“Actually I’ve been meaning to speak with you,” Toph blurted out before Suki could retreat. “If you wouldn’t mind.” She added when Suki didn’t respond right away. Toph felt a blush rush to cheeks, embarrassment closely following it as it rushed to her core.

“Of course not,” Suki said after a beat of silence. “What do you need to talk about?” Toph felt her ears twitch as Suki moved to sit beside her. Toph was quiet for a moment as she gathered up her courage. Remembering Zuko’s words from earlier, Toph took a deep breath and began to speak.

“I was wondering...not right now because I know we’re on this whole spiritual journey to find Zuko and Azula’s mommy but...I mean after....I was thinking that maybe you might want to go out to dinner with me and we can talk!” Toph exclaimed causing Suki’s eyebrows to nearly hit her hairline. 

“Talk? About what?”

“Different stuff,” Toph said quickly her blush turning a deeper shade of crimson. “I just...I know we’re friends and everything but I really want to know more about you.” Suki thought about it for a moment.

“And you want to go out to dinner with me alone I presume?” Toph nodded quickly. A small smile crept across Suki’s face. “Toph Beifong, are you asking me on a date?” The question caused Toph’s heart to nearly jump through her throat!


“Are you sure?” Suki asked her smile widening. 

“It’s not a date I promise I just...I want to get to know you better and make a connection- no wait!”

“That sounds like a date!” Suki laughed. Toph groaned and dropped her face into her hands. 

“It does doesn’t it?” She said with a frown. “Spirits I’m going to kill Zuko when I see him next?!” She exclaimed.

“That doesn’t seem fair,” Suki said with a chuckle. "Now, why does you asking me on a date equate to you killing Zuko?"

“Zuko said...well he said that I should ask you out to dinner and get to know you better but I didn’t have to call it a date, it was supposed to take the pressure off asking you.” Toph explained. “But...when I repeat the words out loud it kind of sounds like I’m asking you out on a date but I’m not!”

“A rose by any other name is just as sweet,” Suki purred as she gave the alpha an endearing look. “He just told you to ask me on a date without calling it date...but it’s still a date.” Suki pointed out when Toph remained quiet.

“I realize that didn’t seem that way when we were talking about,” Toph said sounding a tad bit dejected. “This is why everyone makes fun of alphas, isn't it? Spirits we're such knotheads!” She shouted causing Suki to laugh loudly. Suki immediately slapped her hand over her mouth so as not to disturb anyone else who were trying to sleep, Toph was not as courteous. 

“Oh Toph…”

“I’m going to beat him up next time I see him for giving me such horrible advice,” Toph shouted letting herself go to anger because it felt easier and a lot better than the shame she was currently feeling. “And Azula to! Her advice was okay...but she didn’t follow it either, so I’m gonna beat her up. And Sokka is going to get it worst of all, I wouldn’t even call the words of ‘wisdom’ he gave me advice!” 

“Geez Toph how many people did you go about this?” Suki asked a slight blush now beginning to dust her cheeks.

“Well I already said I went to Stupid Zuko, Dumbass Azula, Cock Blockn’ Sokka and technically Mai…” Toph seemed to be thinking of something as she went quiet. “She’s a jerk too!” Toph added causing Suki to laugh again.

“I’m oddly flattered,” Suki said sweetly when she managed to regain her composure. “However, I’m also a little concerned. I would have thought Toph Beifong with all of her confidence would just go forth and ask me fact I’m surprised you didn’t just try to claim me right on the spot, don't tell me all that confidence is just bluster.” Toph huffed as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“No! I just...well I don't have any experience doing this kind of thing and I guess it’s not a secret now that I really like you, I wanted to not mess this up,” Toph said with a small frown. “And I'm not an animal either, I have more self control than to just...I don't even want to entertain that idea!" Suki's smile grew as she watched Toph once more dissolve into thought before speaking again.

"I know I’m the strongest earthbender around but I get nervous about other things to…” Toph’s voice became so soft as she spoke. It melted Suki’s heart.

“Well,” Suki began after she collected her thoughts. “Since you’re being honest I feel it’s only fair that I be honest as well. I’ve never thought about you in a romantic sense but...this conversation was oddly refreshing and cute. I wouldn’t say no to a date with you Toph and...I wouldn't mind getting to know you better as well.” 

Suki had never seen someone’s expression change so quickly. Toph went from dejected at the beginning of Suki’s sentence to joy at the end of it. A bright grin spread across her face and the alpha’s heart began to slam against her chest for a new reason.

“Really?!” Suki nodded.

“Of this whole quest is done, of course,” Suki said.

“Yes! This awesome, I’ll make sure to get all the gold I can from Azula and take you anywhere in the world you want,” Suki's blush deepened.

“I don't need the world Toph, just take me somewhere with good food, big portions, and a low cost,” Suki said softly. “Some hole in the wall place in the Earth Kingdom or back alley restaurant in Caldera would be fine, I don't care. We don't need any fancy pants stuff, save that for the royals of the pack.” Toph snickered.

“Okay!” The alpha said  her feelings for Suki doubling at her words. After that Toph bended dirt onto the firepit before walking Suki to her tent. Suki appreciated the gesture and to show Toph this gave the alpha a soft kiss on the cheek.

Toph almost melted. Suki bid Toph a good night before slipping into her tent. Toph swayed back and forth before heading back to her own tent with a little skip in her step.

Chapter Text

Summer, 110 AG


“Pregnant?! Oh my can you believe it?!” Ursa sighed happily as she clapped her hands together. “When Ty Lee gave Iroh and I the news earlier today I nearly fainted! I’m surprised she and Mai conceived so soon, of course you know they’ve only been married for about a year now.” Azula smiled as she took a sip of her tea. She and Ursa were sitting out on the patio attached to Ursa and Iroh’s apartment, enjoying a late lunch together. 

“I’m well aware of how long they’ve been married, trust me the number is the bane of my existence,” Azula said smoothly as she placed her cup down. “To know Ty Lee and her pet moron will be married longer than Katara and I keeps me up at night.” Azula said in all seriousness. 

“Oh Azula don't be silly!” Ursa chided with a bright smile. “Be happy for your friends!”


“It’s not a competition,” Ursa said softly as she reached forward and plucked a small square piece of cheese off the platter that sat between them. “I think Mai and Ty Lee will be wonderful parents, when we were talking Ty Lee told us that she was hoping to have an entire litter. I got the impression that Mai was hoping to have only one pup.”

“Life is a competition and Katara and I are currently losing,” Azula informed her mother. “And if Mai thinks Ty Lee is caring only one child she’s delusional, Ty Lee is a septuplet after all.” 

“You and Katara are losing nothing you worrisome child,” Ursa said becoming annoyed with Azula’s line of thinking. “And I’m sure Mai will be thrilled with whatever number of pups Ty Lee brings into the world.” 

“Oh but we are, we won’t be married the longest out of all the current couples in the pack and we won’t be parents longer than anyone else either,” Azula huffed as she picked up her sandwich and took a bite out of it. “And it will be hard to tell if Mai is thrilled, it’s difficult to read her expression sometimes.” 

“Excuse me but as long as Iroh and I are apart of this little family than you never had a hope of being a parent longer than anyone else!” Ursa reminded her child. “And don't be rude, Mai has more than one expression. I see her smiling at Ty Lee all the time when she thinks no one is looking, much like you.” 

“I know, I know but I mean out of everyone else in the group, excluding you two pestilences,” Azula said firmly. “And I never hide my smiles at Ty Lee, why would I?” 

“Well you and Katara shall be married this winter so you can consider yourself the runner ups when it comes to that and hopefully all your friends are proper and respectful and will wait for marriage before having children. If that’s the case then I’m sure you and Katara will be the runner ups in that category as well,” Ursa explained before a small smile broke across her face. “And I meant at Katara of course, not Ty Lee.” 

The omega watched with a widening smile as the tips of Azula’s ears turns bright pink. The alpha turned her head away and began to eat her sandwich. 

“I never hide my smiles at Katara,” Azula grumbled a bit defensively. “What’s more, being the runner up in anything we compete in is unacceptable. Katara and I are the superior couple when it comes to all things, everyone needs to know it.” 

“Oh Azula enough with this talk about competing, I swear you remind me so much of your-” Ursa cut herself off before she could finish her sentence. Azula snapped her eyes at her mother and a horribly uncomfortable air began to settle over them as the rest of Ursa’s unsaid words hung between them. 

Azula tried her best to keep her composure but she couldn’t stop the thick, musky scent of anger from rolling off her. Ursa gave the alpha an apologetic look.

“I apologize, I didn’t mean-” 

“I know,” Azula lied in order to speed up this awkward moment. Ursa seemed to understand, seemed to want to argue against Azula’s words but stopped herself. 

“So since we’re on the topic of babies,” Ursa said after a moment passed. Azula groaned and reached forward to take another sip of her tea. “Don't act so put out! Have you and Katara talked about having children yet?” Ursa asked. 

“Of course,” Azula said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “We’ve been speaking about having children for years, more so now that we’re getting closer and closer to getting married.” 

“That’s wonderful,” Ursa said clapping her hands together. “Have you discussed a number?” 

“We’re in negotiations,” Azula informed her mother causing Ursa to laugh. “I want two she wants four,” Ursa hummed as she rested her cheek against her fist.

“Well if I was Katara I would agree on two,” Ursa said.

“I like the way you think,” Azula purred.

“No, you don't,” Ursa promised her child. “You can be sure that the actual number of children you have will be double the number you decide on.” Azula narrowed her eyes at her mother’s reasoning. 

“I’ve never heard that theory before, did you make that up?” Azula asked.

“Absolutely not! That’s what your grandmother told me when I was just a girl,” Ursa said matter of factly. “More importantly it happened for me! Your father and I planned on having only one baby and guess what?” 

“What?!” Azula asked with wide eyes.

“I had two!” Ursa squealed.

“No?!” Azula said shocked and astonished by the news.

“I promise!” Azula and Ursa broke out into laughter, their acting causing all the tension between them to quickly melt. “I think you might be bluffing by the way.” Ursa informed her daughter.

“Explain yourself,” Azula said unsure of what bluff her mother was attempting to call out.

“I think you want more than two children,” Ursa said confidently.

“And how do you know that?” Azula asked.

“Because a mother knows,” Ursa promised causing Azula to roll her eyes. 

“Trust me two is enough, have you ever been in an igloo before?” Azula asked. “Unless Katara becomes the chief of the Southern Water Tribe and we inherit the long house, then we won’t have room for more than two children plus us.” 

“What?” Ursa asked with a frown.

“Igloos are nice homes,” Azula said softly. “But not big which is fine but if we have four children we’ll all be living on top of one another.” Azula grunted. Ursa’s golden eyes went wide as she looked at her daughter in astonishment.

“What in the world are you implying Azula?” Ursa demanded causing the alpha to frown.

“That we won’t have room for a lot of children,” Azula said clearly. “I didn’t think I was implying that, I just outright said it.” Ursa’s astonished look turned into a scowl.

“You two aren’t moving to the Southern Water Tribe once you have children,” Ursa’s words came out more like a command than the inquiry she meant it to be. Azula lifted her eyebrows at this.

“No, by the time we have children we’ll be nice and settled in the Southern Water Tribe,” Azula said carefully. “We plan on moving to the South Pole after our wedding.”

“WHAT?!” Ursa shouted her voice echoing throughout the garden that surrounded them. “Have you lost your mind?!”

“No, have we not had this conversation before?” Azula asked with a frown.

“Of course not!” Ursa snarled. Now she was letting out a nasty scent as anger began to take hold of her. “When did you plan on sharing this news with me?”

“Now apparently,” Azula said as cool as a cucumber. “Although to be fair I thought I already shared this news with you.”

“Well you haven’t!”

“Apologizes,” Azula said with a slight bow of her head, though she didn’t sound the least bit sorry. “I didn't think this would be a cause for such anger, of course we plan on visiting many times a year.” 

“Why?” Ursa demanded tears beginning to fill the corners of her eyes. “Why in the world would you want to move away from us?”

“Because Katara doesn’t want to raise our children in the capital city,” Azula said softly. “And when she brought this point up I happened to agree, we both believe that they’ll have a happier childhood in the Southern Water Tribe.”

“Happier? In that ice filled wasteland!” Ursa bellowed. 

“Don't insult Katara’s home,” Azula said in a low warning tone. “And that ice filled wasteland is a far safer place to raise a child than the political snakepit of the palace. I will not subject my children to the same childhood I had.” 

“The same-” Ursa cut herself off to regain her composure. “You and Katara will be far better parents than Ozai and I ever were, your children won’t relive the childhood you and Zuko had!” Azula frowned.

“Still, you know the dark games that happen behind the walls of this palace, I don't want my children around that,” Azula said gently. “More importantly if we stay here I’ll still be acting as Zuko’s Second Hand. I’ll never have time for them.” Ursa was quiet for a moment as she turned her head away from Azula. She seemed to be deep in thought and for a moment Azula thought she had gotten her point across to her mother. 

“You are not considering all sides of this Azula,” Ursa said softly.

“Do not insult me,” Azula warned. “I have thought of this at length and Katara and I have discussed it many times trying to decide if this was the absolute best decision. There is no stone I have not turned over.”

“Oh?” Ursa asked as she brought her eyes up to look at Azula. When their eyes locked Azula felt her heart flip and for a moment she second guessed her words. “You know of...your brothers preferences?” A beat of silence passed between them.

“Of course.” Azula said feeling her heart begin to pick up speed. She had a feeling she knew where this conversation was going. “He makes it no secret.”

“Zuko has no way of producing an heir to the throne,” Ursa said softly. “That responsibility then falls on you. You can not leave,” Ursa’s face was solemn but Azula could see the spark dancing between her golden eyes. She thought she had won or at least given Azula reason to pause.

“Zuko does have a way of producing an heir,” Azula said. “Unless you two aren’t telling me something than as far as I know Zuko can still conceive a child.” 

“He doesn’t lay with omegas,” Ursa informed her.

“I already told you I’m aware of his preference,” Azula snapped. “Just because he doesn’t want to lay with an omega doesn’t mean he can’t .” 

“That would be like asking you to lay down with another alpha,” Ursa shot back.

“There are more than one ways to skin a cat,” Azula retroted. “As the Fire Lord's Second Hand there are many parts of the Fire Lord’s job that I do so he doesn’t have to, this is not one of those tasks. It is Zuko’s responsibility to father an heir to the throne, not mine.” With that Azula pushed herself to her feet and turned to leave. She was about to walk through the doors that lead off of the patio when her mother lodged an accusation at her.

“You are being selfish,” Ursa spat causing Azula to freeze. She glanced over her shoulder to stare her mother down. 

“I have sacrificed enough of myself for the Fire Lord’s of this country,” Azula said in a low dangerous tone. “I will not put my children in that same position. If one of them is truly destined to take the throne than they will find their way to it themselves but I won’t thrust them onto the throne so you can protect yours and Zuko’s interests.” Azula informed her mother.

“If I have to be selfish in order to protect them than so be it,” Azula hissed her eyes narrowing at her mother as she prepared an accusation of her own. “If their own parent isn’t willing to protect them than no one else will, trust me I speak from experience.” She said before turning around and sweeping out of the room.

Chapter Text

Summer, 104 AG


“Azula do me a favor and build the campfire while we’re gone,” Katara called out as she, Suki, and Aang all gathered near the edge of camp. “We’ll be back soon so don't wait around, I want to start dinner when we get back from our bath!” Toph smirked as she turned her head in the direction of Katara’s voice. She was standing underneath the shade of one of the larger trees that stood along the perimeter of camp, waiting patiently. 

“Yes dear,” Azula called back. She was already sitting by the firepit watching as Sokka and Zuko played a shell game. 

“I mean it Sweet Pea, don't get distracted by Zuko and Sokka!” were Katara’s parting words as she, Aang, and Suki all departed into the forest. Toph snickered as she crossed her arms over her chest. She could smell annoyance coming from the direction of the firepit and if she had to guess it was coming off of Azula. Toph’s smile widen as she pushed herself off the tree she was leaning on. Making her way over to the firepit she stopped just short of Sokka and Zuko. 

“That was pretty pathetic Azula,” Toph’s said her voice drowning out Sokka and Zuko’s giggling. “That omega really has you whipped doesn’t she?” Azula rolled her eyes as she glanced up at the younger alpha. She was kneeling in front of the firepit now, taking fresh firewood from the stack by the firepit and neatly arranging it inside. 

“I’m just doing as Katara asks, why does that make me whipped?” The alpha question causing Sokka and Zuko’s giggling to grow into laughter. Azula raised her brows at the reaction before turning back to her task.

“Oh come on Azula!” Zuko laughed as he looked at his sister fondly. “There’s doing a favor for your mate and then there’s faithfully following every order like a little minion.”

“Don't feel bad buddy,” Sokka added through his own laughter. “When Suki and I dated I used to be whipped by her as well.” Toph’s smiled dropped a little as she turned her head in Sokka’s direction.

“There’s nothing to feel bad about,” Azula hummed as she lit a small flame in the center of her palm. “We need a campfire anyway don't we? We all would like to eat dinner tonight yes? How could I refuse doing a necessary chore? It would be petty and stupid.” Sokka and Zuko exchanged a knowing look. 

“But it’s the way she ‘asked’ you to do it,” Zuko said. “She just told you.”

“Totally whipped,” Toph said her smile growing once more. “I don't think I could ever be bossed around like that by an omega I’m mating with, maybe it has something to do with your mommy issues.” Toph suggested. Zuko and Sokka’s laughter died in their throat as their heads snapped in Azula’s direction.

“Perhaps,” Azula hummed as she lit a fire in the pit. “But if you think Suki wouldn’t have you whipped in ten seconds flat than The Great Spirit of Delusion had taken ahold of you, of course the chances of Suki agreeing to go on a date with you and your body order is slim to none.” Toph laughed causing both Zuko and Sokka to turn to the younger alpha in shock at her unusual reaction. 

“You’re wrong on both things there Sweet Pea , I’ll never be whipped by anyone and Suki did agree to go on a date with me,” Toph said with a broadening smile. “Last night while you virgin knotheads were all sleeping like babies, I asked Suki out no thanks to any of you!” 

“What?!” Sokka and Zuko exclaimed at the same time.

“Why didn’t you say anything sooner?” Zuko asked with wide eyes. “And I thought I gave you some pretty okay help the other day.”

“Because I was waiting for all the omegas to shove off so we could all have a proper conversation,” Toph said placing her hands on her hips. “And your advice was horrible!”

“Are you surprised?” Azula asked.

“No,” Toph said quickly. “Listen Zuko you gave it your best shot but Suki pointed out that your helpful advice was really just asking her out on a date without saying the actual words.” Sokka snorted upon hearing this and smiled crookedly at his friend who was blushing terribly. 

“Hey!” Toph said turning her attention over to Sokka now. “Your advice was the worst of all, you told me to take more interest in fans!”

“Yeah because Suki likes them!” Sokka said in his defense. “I was trying to help you find some common ground!” 

“Oh fuck off Sokka,” Toph exclaimed. “I know what dirty trick you were trying to play, you gave me bad advice on purpose to ruin any chance I had with Suki!” 

“That isn’t completely true!” Sokka said surprising the other alphas.

“Which means it isn’t completely false,” Azula said her interest now piqued. 

“I was just trying to protect you and Suki,” Sokka said softly. “You don't-”

“I don't need your protection Sokka,” Toph hollered as she slammed her foot on the ground causing a small tremor to go throughout camp. “And Suki doesn’t need to be protected from me!”

“That isn’t what I meant,” Sokka said quickly. “Listen-”

“No you listen I’m going to beat you up, then Zuko, and then finally Azula!” Toph informed them all. “Or I can beat you all up at once if it makes it easier for you!” Toph added. 

“Why am I being dragged into this?” Azula asked. 

“Because you told me to be truthful and honest,” Toph said crossing her arms over her chest. “Good advice, I actually took it and that made all the difference with my confession and made Suki actually want to go out to dinner with me.” 

“Oh, so you just want to fight me?” Azula asked.

“Yes but not just for a fight I still have an issue with your advice,” Toph said. “Zuko pointed out-” Zuko groaned.

“-That you gave me good advice but are technically a hypocrite because you’ve never followed it yourself,” Toph said pointing an accusatory finger at Azula. “We all know that Katara told you that you guys were dating, you never confessed your feelings to her which means you were unqualified to give me that advice!” Azula narrowed her eyes at the little alpha as she pushed herself to her feet.

“You all would like to believe I’ve never had to confess my feelings for Katara but that simply isn’t the truth,” Azula informed all of them. “There is more than one feeling in the world beside romantic ones and that’s where I’ll leave it.” 

“But even if what you believe is true, what's the difference?” Azula asked causing Toph to frown. “Whether I took my own advice or not is irrelevant, it was still good and honest advice and it yielded the results you wanted.” Toph was quiet for a moment as she absorbed what Azula was saying.

“That is a good point,” Zuko said causing Sokka to nod. 

“Yeah it is,” Toph said a small blush dusting her cheeks. “Sorry Azula, when Zuko and I were talking about it I guess I never looked at it that way.”

“Of course not you and my brother are both idiots,” Azula kindly informed Toph. “Neither of you have enough brain cells between the two of you to rub together let alone realize that me giving you that advice wasn't hypocritical.” 

“Hey!” Both Zuko and Toph exclaimed together. 

“Whatever!” Toph snarled as she stomped her foot against the ground once more. “I guess you're off the hook Azula.” She grumbled as another tremor rippled through camp. Azula smirked and crossed her arms over her chest. 

“Don't do me any favors,” Azula purred causing a large smile to spread across Toph’s face. 

“Me callin’ you Sweet Pea really struck a nerve didn’t it Princess?” Toph asked. Azula’s smirk grew but she didn’t have time to answer Toph’s accusation. A moment after Toph had asked her question Aang walked back into camp with an apprehensive look on his face causing their conversation to come to a full stop. 

“Why are you by yourself?” Azula asked almost immediately as Aang came to a stop beside Toph.

“Katara and Suki are still at the stream,” Aang said with a frown. “I got done bathing before them and went on ahead.”

"Katara let you?" Azula asked with a frown.

"I left without saying anything," Aang admitted causing Toph to snicker.

“I’m sure your mommy is going to give you an ear full about that,” Toph said with a shit eating grin. 

“Katara isn’t my mommy,” Aang said softly. “And I’m the Avatar I can take care of know I overheard what you guys were saying.” Aang said quickly changing the topic as he turned to look up at Azula.

“Oh?” Azula asked. “Worried about us fighting?”

“No you guys fight all the time,” Aang said with a shake of his head. “What I'm interested in your advice to Toph, to be honest and truthful with her feelings for Suki."

“You’ve been listening for that long?” Zuko asked with a frown.

“Suki told us about what happened last night when we were bathing,” Aang said turning to look at Toph as if Zuko hadn't spoken at all. “She basically confirmed that what Azula said was right.”

“Naturally,” Azula said as Toph puffed out her chest. Aang went quiet after that as he looked down at his feet. All the alphas remained quiet as they waited for him to speak, seeing that there was something weighing heavily on his mind. 

“Toph...hearing what Suki said down at the stream and hearing Azula’s words while I was hiding in the bushes…” Aang trailed off again. “For sometime now I’ve been pining after someone silently too afraid to say anything…” 

“You have?” Zuko asked causing Aang to nod his head. 

“Well spit it out!” Toph said smacking the omega on the back causing Aang to flinch. “Being honest can’t hurt anyone right?”

“Wrong,” Aang said. “I know when I confess my feelings it’s going to hurt someone else in the group but I feel like I need to say this for myself.” 

“Then say it, screw everyone else,” Toph said. Both Zuko and Sokka nodded their heads in agreement with the younger alpha. 

“We’re all friends,” Zuko said when Aang continued to stay silent. “It’ll be okay in the end, trust me we've been through far worse.” Aang let out a shaky breath at Zuko’s words and looked at the older boy. 

“I’m happy to hear you say that Zuko,” Aang said gently before turning to Sokka. Azula immediately turned to look away as Aang began to speak.

“Sokka, for the past couple of years I’ve really started to grow feelings for you,” Aang began as he looked at the alpha. The young omegas heart was slamming against his chest and the sickly sweet scent of anxiety was coming off Aang in waves. “And...I would really like it if you would become my alpha.”

Chapter Text

Summer, 104 AG


“I don't know how Azula hasn’t killed anyone yet,” Mai sighed as she sunk down into her favorite armchair. The apartment she and Ty Lee shared smelled like dumplings and roasted duck two of Mai’s favorite foods. “I’ve been Iroh’s Second Hand for almost a month now and on day three I was ready to kill myself, now I’m just ready to kill.” 

“I know Kitten,” Ty Lee purred as she swept into the living room with a glass of wine in her hands. “You’ve been so stressed lately doing Azula’s job and making sure Liyi is doing yours right as well.” Mai thanked Ty Lee softly as she took the glass from her girlfriends hand.

“Liyi did well today,” Mai said feeling warmth spread through her as she took a sip of her wine. She let out a rare purr at the bitter after taste. “This is my favorite.” 

“I know,” Ty Lee purred back. “And I’m glad to know that Liyi did good today, it’s been a very rough week for him.” She added sympathetically. When everyone was in the palace attending to their duties like normal Mai acted as the Spymaster. As the Spymaster she was not afforded a Second Hand like the Fire Lord but if she was her assistant Liyi would be the closest thing to that position. 

With Iroh and Mai filling Zuko and Azula’s normal position Liyi who had a good heart and better intentions had to fill Mai’s position until the Fire Lord and the Second Hand returned. Liyi was having a hard time adjusting and Mai often had to spend late hours fixing his mistakes. So far they had been minute almost funny ones in a comedy of error type of way but each night Mai held her breath.

She knew one day soon Liyi would make an unaffordable mistake. One that would get someone killed, the thought kept Mai up at night along with so many other things. 

A pair of hands dropping onto her shoulder pulled Mai from her thoughts. She hadn’t even noticed Ty Lee moving behind her but felt herself relaxing into Ty Lee’s expert hands as she began to rub out the knots in her shoulders. 

“Leave work at the door,” Ty Lee whispered. The sentiment was one that Ty Lee often requested, even when Mai was working in her normal position. “I know you’ve been so stressed out lately just relax, at least for the night.” 

“Easier asked then executed,” Mai muttered. “You don't need to worry,” Mai promised.

“Yes I do,” Ty Lee said quickly. “You haven’t slept at all since Zuko and everyone else departed on their quest, those nasty dark circles under your eyes make my heartbreak.” Mai frowned as she shut her eyes.

“You don't need to worry,” Mai said one more time. “I nap.”

“You need more than naps!” Ty Lee said as she took her hands off of Mai’s shoulders and moved around so she was standing in front of the beta. “You need a full night's you need a few weeks of rest!”

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” Mai said attempting at a joke. It had the opposite effect. Tears began well in Ty Lee big brown eyes causing Mai to feel immediately guilty. Mai began push herself up to her feet but Ty Lee immediately pushed Mai back back down into her armchair and climbed onto her lap. 

“I’m sorry I’m bad at telling jokes,” Mai said softly as she wrapped her arms around Ty Lee’s waist. 

“You’re very good at telling Jokes,” Ty Lee cried her words coming out muffled as she nuzzled her face against Mai’s slender neck.

“It’s hard to believe when your sobbing on my shoulder over a poorly timed joke,” Mai said as she began to rub gentle circles against Ty Lee’s back. “I’m sorry my little acrobat.”

“I’m worried for you,” Ty Lee said as she pulled away from Mai. Her sudden outburst of tears had begun to slow down. Reaching up Mai began to brush away Ty Lee’s tears with her thumbs.

“I’m worried for me to,” Mai sighed. “And you, obviously this sudden shift of position has caused you a lot of stress as well.” Ty Lee nodded and began to sniffle. Leaning forward the omega rested her forehead against Mai’s.

“I don't want me to be another thing you have to think about,” Ty Lee whimpered.

“But I always think about you,” Mai said a small smile crossing her lips.

“You know what I mean!” Ty Lee squeaked. 

“I know,” Mai said with a sigh. “I’m afraid these thoughts are unavoidable, I’ll- we’ll just have to endure until the Head Morons and the rest of our pack comes back with or without Ursa.”  

“I was hoping you would come up with a better answer,” Ty Lee said softy.

“There is no better answer,” Mai sighed. “I’m sorry.” Ty Lee said nothing as she leaned forward and captured Mai’s thin lips into a gentle kiss. Ty Lee attempted to pull away but Mai immediately pulled her back down into a more heated kiss.

Ty Lee let out a soft moan as she wrapped her arms around Mai’s neck and tilted her head to the side. The omega opened her mouth slightly allowing Mai to deepen that kiss as she wrapped her arms around Ty Lee’s waist. Mai felt herself growing hard underneath her robes as they continued their kiss. Mai groaned now as Ty Lee began to slowly roll her hips against hers. The beta dropped her hands to Ty Lee’s round hips and squeezed them possessively. Ty Lee pulled away for air and Mai immediately chased after her omegas lips, giving them a playful nip. Ty Lee smiled down at Mai before widening the gap between them. 

“Are we fucking or not?” Mai asked romantically when Ty Lee continued to look at her instead of coming back down for a kiss. Ty Lee giggled and Mai felt her stomach twist as her mate turned her head away from her.

“I think the duck is burning,” Ty Lee said with fake concern.

“I don't smell anything,” Mai said quickly as she tugged at Ty Lee’s pants. The omega didn’t turn back towards Mai as she reached up and tapped her nose. Mai narrowed her eyes at Ty Lee who was pushing away from her and standing up.

“Let me go and check,” Ty Lee sang as she skipped towards the kitchen. 

“Having sex helps people sleep!” Mai called as she craned her head to look in the direction Ty Lee was going.

“We’ll have sex tonight,” Ty Lee promise as she stopped at the kitchen door.

“After you’ve gotten your fill of teasing me?” Mai demanded. Ty Lee giggled as she winked before disappearing into the kitchen to ‘check’ on dinner. Mai huffed and fell back against her chair. 

“At least she’s feeling a little better,” Mai whispered to herself as she patiently waited for her mate to return.

Chapter Text

Summer, 104 AG


For one moment Aang’s question left a heavy, awkward silence in its wake. Sokka stood frozen in his spot as he looked down at Aang with a mixed expression while Zuko looked completely gobsmacked by Aang’s confession. Azula stole a glance at her brother and for once Toph had nothing to stay as she waited for someone else to speak.

And then there was Aang. The young omega was looking up at Sokka with a mixture of fear and hope as he waited for Sokka’s answer. The sharp scent of anxiety was rolling off of Aang masking all other scents coming off the alphas in the group. His heart was slamming against his chest and he was shifting from one foot to another.

“Sokka-” Aang began only to get cut off by a low, threatening growl from Zuko. Aang’s eyes went as he snapped them in Zuko’s direction. The alphas face was growing red with rage and was beginning to shake with it. A disgusting, foul scent began to come off of Zuko and Aang had to take a step back. 

“Zuko,” Azula said softly as she took a step towards her brother. “Relax.”

“Relax?!” Zuko bellowed before unconsciously releasing a heat wave from his body causing everyone to take another step back. “What kind of friend are you?!” He demanded as he took another step towards Aang.

“Well he did say that someone was going to be hurt by his confession!” Toph said defensively as she took a step in front of Aang. “Who did you expect his confession was going to be for anyway?” 

“Not my Sokka!” Zuko shouted finally snapping Sokka into action.

“I am not your Sokka,” Sokka said sharply when Zuko took in a breath between shouts. Zuko almost broke his neck as he snapped his head in Sokka’s direction. “I don't belong to anyone.” 

“I’m sorry Zuko,” Aang said softly. “I don't want to hurt you but you did say-” Zuko let out another low warning growl before spinning around and storming towards his tent and disappearing into it. No one said anything for a long time.

“Should one of us go talk to him?” Toph finally asked breaking the silence.

“Let him cool off for a while,” Azula said softly. 




“You have nothing to apologize for,” Sokka promised gently as he lead Aang away from the camp. A few minutes after Zuko had stormed into his tent Katara and Suki had came rushing back into camp. Katara had admonished Aang quickly for going off without them, luckily Azula had cut Katara’s scolding off by pulling the omega away to explain what had just happened.  

While she was distracted Sokka had taken Aang by the hand and took him away from the growing chaos of the campsite. 

“Katara needs to realize that your not a little kid anymore, not to mention the Avatar!” Sokka said attempting to lighten the mood. “If anyone can take care of themselves, it's you.”

“She just worries,” Aang said immediately not to Sokka’s surprise. He was always so quick to defend Katara- no matter what. 

“I still think she hovers too much,” Sokka said coming to a stop in a small clearing not too far from camp. Moving forward the alpha took a seat on one of the stumps that dotted the clearing. “But...I also don't think you need to apologize for your confession to me.” Sokka said before clearing his throat. 

“I feel horrible though,” Aang said with a frown. “I know how Zuko feels about you and I knew he would be hurt by me telling you my feelings but-”

“But nothing,” Sokka said with a shake of his head. He felt annoyance begin to swell within him as he turned his head away from Aang. “We all know how Zuko feels about me and yet he does nothing.” Almost a year ago Sokka had decided he was done waiting around for Zuko to make the first move and confessed his feelings for the firebender. Sokka had expected Zuko to admit his feelings back and for the two of them to finally become mates. 

Zuko had admitted his feelings for Sokka but back then had told Sokka that the timing just wasn’t right to start dating. A few weeks prior Katara and Azula had caused a huge uproar within the Fire Nation when Katara, an omega, had claimed Azula, an alpha, without Azula claiming Katara back. Zuko had feared that if he and Sokka started to mate so soon after that there would be a complete uprising against the Royal Family.

Zuko decided it would be best if they waited. That conversation had been close to a year ago and Zuko and Sokka hadn’t had another conversation regarding their relationship since. Sokka wasn’t sure how long he was supposed to wait for Zuko to decide when the time would be right for them. 

Next year? Tomorrow? A few hours from now after Aang’s confession? 

“Sokka?” Aang called softly, pulling Sokka out of his thoughts. “Is it possible that you feel this way about me?” Sokka leaned back as he thought over Aang’s question. Could he feel that way about Aang? It was possible. Did he right now? Sokka didn’t know, it wasn’t like he had never thought about it. He had noticed Aang looking at him differently for sometime now and Sokka would be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about Aang in a way once or twice. 

“It’s possible,” Sokka finally said causing Aang’s face to light up. “And I think I would be willing to give a relationship between us a shot.” He said carefully deciding he was done waiting around for the Fire Lord. 

Chapter Text

Summer, 110 AG


The bitter scent of Katara’s anger still lingered in Azula's nostrils as she swept down the palace hallways. She was determined to find Katara and finally talk the issue of their nest out- and hopefully find some middle ground. 

Knowing that Katara couldn’t have gone far Azula began to head towards the main courtyard in the east wing. There were four large fountains within that courtyard and in her free time Katara could often be found there practicing her bending, especially when she was upset. 

“It’s probably foolish of me to approach her while she’s this upset with me and surrounded by copious amounts of water,” Azula thought with a sigh as she headed towards that courtyard. “Still I’m sick of having this argument, even if I get a little soaked it’s worth it if it means putting this argument to bed. Plus I know she can’t have gotten too far- perhaps I can catch her before she actually gets to the courtyard.” 

Azula moved a little faster and she was disappointed when she didn’t run into Katara in the hallways and even more so when she wasn’t in the courtyard. The next place Azula looked was the infirmary and when Azula didn’t see her right away she headed into Katara’s office which was in the back of the room. She wasn’t there either. Azula headed towards Zuko’s office wondering if perhaps Katara went to her friend to vent as she often did but Azula didn’t find either of them there. Azula went to Zuko’s apartment next only to be told by the guards that no one was there at the moment.

Azula started heading towards the gardens of the eastern courtyard knowing that’s where Ty Lee spent a lot of her time. Azula thought perhaps Katara had went to find her fellow omega to rant about her stupid knotheaded alpha. 

As Azula headed that way she passed Iroh and Ursa’s apartment. She stopped and wondered if perhaps Katara had stopped there- it was doubtful though. Ursa and Katara had a polite relationship but the tension between them was slowly mounting with the news that the couple would be moving to the Southern Water Tribe after their marriage. 

Still Katara was close with Iroh and often went to him for advice. It was a longshot but still Azula was here, she figured she might as well see if perhaps Katara was in the apartment or at least had been. Azula knocked on the door sharply and waited. A few moments later the door swung open to reveal a happy looking Iroh on the other side.

“Good afternoon niece,” he said softly and already Azula could feel annoyance growing within her as she looked down at Iroh’s round face. 

“Have you-”

“Oh Azula is that you?!” Ursa called out before appearing beside Iroh a moment later. 

“Does Iroh have another niece you aren’t telling me about?” Azula asked. Ursa smiled widely before pushing Iroh out of the way and taking Azula by the hand before pulling her into their apartment.

“You are my only daughter,” Ursa promised as she dragged Azula into the living room.

“What do we owe this honor?” Iroh asked with a politely as he gently shut the front door. 

“I came to see if Katara stopped by here earlier,” Azula explained as Ursa pulled her down on the couch beside her. “I thought perhaps she might have stopped by to speak to Iroh.” She added when Ursa gave her an odd look. 

“She has not,” Iroh said when Ursa continued to give Azula an inquisitive look. 

“Is everything okay?” Ursa finally asked.

“Peachy,” Azula said as she began to wiggle her wrist out of Ursa’s tight grip. “Thanks for your time, I would love to stay and talk but I don't want to.” Azula said trying to stand up only to have Ursa pull her in closer.

“Now, now don't be so quick to run away,” Ursa said in the sugary sweet tone that always made Azula’s skin crawl. “Sit and talk with us for a bit.”

“Mother I didn’t come here to visit,” Azula said pointedly. “I came here looking for Katara not for a nice chat.”

“Azula!” Ursa chided with a frown.

“Oh Ursa don't force her to stay if she doesn’t want to,” Iroh said with a small smile. 

“Oh Iroh butt out!” Ursa said teasingly. Azula rolled her eyes and regretted knocking on the door, she should have been smarter to know Katara wouldn’t have stopped by here. “Now why are you searching high and low for that beautiful omega of yours?”

“Because I would like to speak with her,” Azula said with a frown. “Now can I go and do that or are you going to continue to hold me prisoner?” 

“I’m going to continue holding you prisoner until you answer my question,” Ursa said lovingly. “Now why do you want to speak with Katara?”

“At this point so I don't have to speak with you!” Azula snapped.

“No need to raise your voice to your mother,” Iroh said sternly. “And Ursa why don't you let Azula go so she could search for Katara in peace.” He said a little more gently as he turned towards his mate. 

“Is there something going on between you and Katara?” Ursa asked bluntly as she leaned in closer with curious eyes. 

“That is none of your business,” Azula said as she tried to create space between her mother, only to have Ursa pull her in closer again. 

“We’re only trying to help,” Ursa said in a tone that made Azula believe her mother was trying to do the opposite.

“Stop trying to meddle,” Azula said sharply. 

Helping,” Ursa corrected. “Now we’ve all noticed in the past few weeks that there has been some...dissension between Katara and yourself.”

“Ursa...” Iroh began with a frown. Azula narrowed her eyes at her mother for a moment and stayed silent. Ursa was looking at her expectantly while Iroh was giving the pair a worrisome look. 

“Your an omega,” Azula finally said slowly. “Perhaps you can give me some advice.” She added. It was not like her to involve her mother in a personal issue she and Katara had but after the fight this morning Azula felt like she was at the end of her rope. She didn’t understand why Katara was mad, why she was hoarding their nest, or when she could expect this to all blow over and Katara to return to rational thinking. Perhaps her mother could give her some insight into Katara’s behavior and how Azula could approach her and properly mend this issue. 

“I’m all ears,” Ursa said as she batted her eyelashes. 

“Here’s the situation,” Azula began. “Katara’s been hoarding our nest recently, it’s been about a month since she’s built it and everytime I attempt to have her take it down she freaks out. I’ve offered to do it and she refuses, I brought a maid in earlier today to take it down and she had a horrible melt down and now I’m trying to find her to...continue the discussion.” No one said anything for a moment.

“Are. You. Kidding. Me. Azula?!” Ursa demanded as she squeezed down on Azula’s wrist. “Is this some kind of stupid joke?” 

“Where’s the joke in this?” Azula asked feeling offended by the question. “I’ve been sleeping in my own filth and my wife to be might be losing her mind.” Ursa’s mouth fell open as she absorbed Azula’s words, deciding this was indeed not a joke.

“Oh for the love Agni how could you be so irresponsible?” She shouted as she finally released Azula’s wrist and pushed herself to her feet. “My...who taught you- oh my Agni this is so embarrassing!” Azula watched as her mother began to pace.

“Have all the omegas in this palace lost their minds?” Azula demanded as she watched her mother with a less than impressed look. Iroh frowned as he turned to look at Azula. 

“You’re not even married yet...tell me how long this has been going on again?” Ursa demanded as she spun to look down at Azula.

“A month.” 

“Oh by the wedding...No. No. No. No. we’re going to have to move somethings around,” Ursa muttered to herself as she turned her back to Azula. “Of course if we move the wedding to a few weeks from now the reason will most likely be obvious to everyone but what other choice do we have?”

“What in the world are you on about? We aren't moving my wedding,” Azula said as she watched her mother with a growing feeling of indignation. 

“We are!” Ursa shouted. “And you and Katara have no say in things because neither of you think!” She bellowed.

“You don't think about your actions or how they may affect this family?!” She added before Azula could properly defend herself and Katara. “No. No, all you care about is your pleasures and how things make you two feel! It doesn’t matter what happens in the long run does it because you two we’ll be moving to the Southern Water Tribe where none of this will disturb you!” 


“I don't want to hear it,” Ursa declared. “I’m going to find your wedding planner so we can have a discussion, come Iroh!” She said as she stomped towards the front door.


“Come!” She shouted as she stormed out of the apartment. Azula sat on the couch with her mouth hanging wide open.

“What just happened?” Azula asked as she turned to look at her uncle.

“Go and find Katara,” Iroh suggested. 

“Brilliant idea Uncle, truly a beautiful piece of advice,” Azula snapped as she pushed herself up to her feet. “I wish I had that idea!” She snarled before breezing past Iroh and back into the halls of the palace to continue her search for her omega.

Chapter Text

Summer, 105 AG


“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!” Ty Lee whispered to herself as she rushed down the palace hallways. Her heart was hammering in her chest as she speed back to the apartment she and Mai shared. It was half past noon which meant that Ty Lee was late. Very, very, very late and she was feeling foolish for it.

She had been spending time with Aang in the gardens of the east wing teaching him a few chi blocking techniques. She had been having such a pleasant time with her friend and teaching him that she had lost track of time. It wasn’t until they had taken a short break and Ty Lee had noticed a passing patrol that she realized what time it was.

The Imperial Guards always went by the gardens fifteen minutes past noon. Ty Lee had never run so fast in her life! She had barely squeaked out an explanation and a goodbye to Aang before rushing back home. She didn’t even notice Aang quickly running after her with a worried expression on his face.

“Ty Lee!” Aang panted as they rounded the corner. The older omega didn’t stop or even register Aang’s voice as she ran faster as they got closer and closer to Ty Lee and Mai’s apartment. When she got to the door she barrelled through it and sprinted through the living room and towards the glass, double doors that lead out to the backyard. 

She came to a stop at the sight she saw. Mai was towering over her tomato garden, gliding from one plant to another as she carefully watered them. Mai had a slight scowl on her face as she did so.

“Oh,” Ty Lee sighed as she watched the scene in front of her with a growing smile. “Mai you're watering our babies!” Ty Lee chirped as she pranced over to her mate.

“No, I’m watering your tomato plants.” Mai corrected. 

“Our babies,” Ty Lee hummed as she watched Mai lovingly. 

“Ty Lee! Ty Lee!” Aang called as he finally caught up to his friend. 

“Oh sure, just invite yourself in,” Mai said with a frown as she picked her head up to look at him. Aang ignored the comment as he hurried over to Ty Lee.

“Are you okay?” Aang asked. 

“I am now,” Ty Lee said. “Mai’s watering our baby tomato plants!” She added for clarification, Aang however only looked more confused.

“Oh cool. But are you okay?” He asked again. “You just ran off out of nowhere and looked really worried!”

“Oh because I was late to water my plants!” Ty Lee said apologetically. “See I have to water my babies every day at the same time in order to get the best results and help them grow nice and big.” She explained causing Mai to roll her eyes.

“It’s nonsense,” Mai said causing Ty Lee to giggle only further confusing Aang. “It doesn’t matter when you water your plants during the day, as long as you water them you’ll get the same result.” Ty Lee giggled again as she shook her head.

“You have to do it the same time everyday!” Ty Lee said with a shining smile. “Consistency is key, you can’t be late even by a minute and clearly you must agree with me because your watering them for me for the first time in four years since I started this garden.” 

“Because I knew you would freak out and cry that your precious plants won’t grow right because for once you were a few minutes late to watering them,” Mai said. “I also knew that you wouldn’t be here on time by eleven fifty-nine.” Ty Lee let out a low purr as she wrapped her arms around Mai's neck and began to rub her cheek against Mai’s.

“My sweetie!”

“Don't,” Mai warned as she snapped her eyes over in Aang’s direction who was still watching with an astonished look. 

“My honey!” Ty Lee giggled. “Such a good daddy!”

“I’m not your plants daddy,” Mai snapped as the tips of her ears began to turn red. 

“You are!” Ty Lee informed Mai. “You are the father to all my current and future children tomato and human.” 

“Ty Lee this conversation is silly!” Mai said her annoyance growing as she heard Aang begin to chuckle. 

“You still watered them for me!” Ty Lee said as she tightened her grip. “Obviously it matters to you somewhat.” Before Mai could answer Aang cleared his throat and caused the couple to turn their attention to him. 

“I think I’m going to head out now,” he said sheepishly. “I don't want to intrude any further.” 

“Bye!” Ty Lee called out as Aang turned around and showed himself out of the apartment. Mai felt herself relax when she heard the front door close and the two were alone. 

“It’s important to you,” Mai said quietly when Ty Lee went back to nuzzling her cheek. “I don't care about these silly plants but you do so...whatever,” Mai grumbled causing Ty Lee to purr happily.

“ truly are lovely,” Ty Lee said gently as she pulled away from her mate.

“Am I?” Mai huffed her blush deepening.

“Yes! And I love you very much. I'm a very lucky omega,” Ty Lee said as she pecked Mai on the cheek before turning back towards the apartment and heading inside with a sway of her hips. Mai’s blush intensified as she hurried to finish watering the plants.

Chapter Text

Summer, 110 AG


Mai knew the moment she walked into the palace clinic. The beta remained quiet as she carefully approached Katara, the omega was standing in front of the shelves that lined the infirmary, she had a clipboard in her hand and was lost in what she was writing. A sharp, bitter scent filled the clinic causing Mai’s stomach to roll as she got closer and closer to the source of the scent. Mai hummed softly as she came to a stop a few inches away from the omega. 

“What do you want?” Katara snapped not bothering to turn and look at Mai. 

“Ty Lee sent me down here to get her pills,” Mai said. “She came by earlier but you weren’t here.” Katara nodded as she tucked her clipboard underneath her arm and headed towards her office. Mai followed quietly, her ears pulling back at the interesting sound resonating through the room.

Mai came to a stop at the threshold of Katara’s office and watched as Katara opened up on of the cabinets that hung on the wall. Katara remained silent as she reached for Ty Lee’s medicine. Katara had a nasty scowl plastered across her face and her bitter scent of anger became stronger and overpowering with each passing second. 

“I’m going to have to wash my clothes when I get home,” Mai said as she waited patiently. “Ty Lee’s not going to be able to stomach your nasty angry scent.” Katara answered with a heavy slam of the cabinet doors. She moved forward quickly and pushed the small bottle of pills into Mai’s chest. Mai quickly pulled her right hand from her sleeves and caught the bottle before it could fall to the floor. 

“Here,” Katara snapped before pushing past Mai and returning back to the clinic. 

“I appreciate it,” Mai said sincerely as she turned to see Katara go back to her spot with her clipboard in hand again. “Thank you.” 

“You don't have to thank me,” Katara’s tone was short as she spoke. “Ty Lee needs those pills for her hypertension, I’m not going to withhold them.” Mai smirked as she glided across clinic and towards the doors that lead out of it.

“I was just being polite,” Mai informed the omega before coming to a stop. “Actually I am curious about one thing, may I ask you a question?” Mai asked as she turned to look back at her friend.

“What?” Katara grunted not taking her eyes off her clipboard.

“Have you started taking these yet?” Mai asked as she held her pill bottle up and began to shake it. Katara’s scowl deepened before she picked her head up look over at Mai.

“I don't have high blood pressure,” Katara said with a disgruntled little huff. 

“Neither did Ty Lee,” Mai said thoughtfully. “Until she got pregnant.” Katara’s eyes went wide and suddenly her anger was replaced with shock. 

“Considering how emotional you can get, I would be surprised if you didn’t suffer the same affliction,” she added. 

“Emotions don't cause blood pressure Mai,” Katara said completely astonished. “It can effect it but…” Katara trailed off as she continued to look at Mai. 

“Mai how do…” Katara trailed off again as she watched Mai reach up and tugged at her right earlobe. Turning around Mai said no more as she headed out of the clinic.




Mai was walking through the hallways of the East Wing heading back to her apartment when she came across Azula. The alpha was coming in from the Eastern Courtyard with a sour look written across her face. It only took Azula a second to realize Mai was in the hallway with her. The alpha’s head snapped up as she turned to look over at her friend.

“You’ve seen Katara recently,” Azula said as she hurried over to Mai. “I can smell her bitter scent on you.” 

“I was just in the clinic,” Mai confirmed. “I needed to get Ty Lee’s pills.” 

“I’ve been tearing up this entire wing of the palace looking for Katara,” Azula said with a frown. “She wasn’t in the clinic when I went to look for her.”

“Odd,” Mai said in a tone that began to annoy Azula before Mai could finish. “And here I thought she lived in the clinic and never left it.” 

“I’ll speak with you later,” Azula snapped as she began to head towards the clinic. “Hopefully Katara is still there.” 

“I’m sure they will be,” Mai said to Azula’s back. 

"They?" Azula said with a frown. "Great like I need an audience for this conversation," the alpha grumbled as she headed down the hallway.




Azula let out a breath of relief as she finally laid eyes on Katara. Her mate was standing towards the back of the clinic looking out of one of the large windows. Azula was careful as she approached her omega.

“Katara,” Azula called out gently. “You have no idea the quest I undertook in order to find you since the last time we saw each other.” She added when Katara said nothing. Azula frowned and folded her arms behind her back as she looked around the clinic.

“I came here earlier and you weren’t here,” Azula continued on as she tiptoed closer to Katara. "Have you had many patients since arriving?”  

“Only Mai came to visit,” Katara said before clearing her throat. “She needed to pick up some pills for Ty Lee.”

“So I heard,” Azula said. “Was Sokka here earlier?” 

“No, he’s fine as far as I know,” Katara said with a shrug. “Why?” 

“Well I was just with Zuko earlier and I’m not sure who else would be here with you,” Azula informed Katara as she thought back to what Mai had said a few minutes prior.

“Why do you think someone else was with me?” Katara asked glancing over her shoulder at Azula. 

“Because Mai-” Azula cut herself off. 

“I’m sure they will be.”

It was like everything that happened today hit Azula at once. Her mother freaking out and demanding the wedding be moved up, her maid and Zuko’s suggestion earlier, and Katara’s freakout and persistence about their nest.

“Oh my,” Azula whimpered causing Katara to turn around. Katara’s eyes went wide at the sight of Azula, all the blood had drained out of her face and she was swaying back and forth. “I feel lightheaded.” Katara immediately moved forward and wrapped her arms around Azula to steady her.

“Come here and sit down,” Katara said as she began to pull Azula towards one of the examination tables.

“Are- you- are-” Azula could barely form a sentence as her mind began to whirl. Images of the mother turtleduck leading around her babies in the pond flashed in Azula’s mind causing her knees to buckle. 

“Azula!” Katara exclaimed as Azula collapsed onto the ground and began to hyperventilate. “Breath! Honey you have to breath!” Katara said as she took Azula by the wrists and pulled her up into a sitting position. 

“Azula take in deep breaths,” Katara attempted to couch Azula speaking as soothingly as possible. However, Azula could barely hear Katara. Pushing herself up to her feet Katara hurried into her office. She came back a few seconds later with a paper bag and found Azula laying on the ground again.

“Oh ‘Zula,” Katara cried as she knelt down next to Azula and sat her up again. “Here breath into this- slowly,” Katara said as she opened the paper bag and put it to Azula’s mouth. Katara then moved to cradled the back of Azula’s head and held the paper bag with the other. A few seconds later Azula brought her shaking hands up to the paper bag and held it herself. Katara kept her hand on the back of Azula’s hand and dropped the other down to her thigh.

“What happened?” Katara asked when Azula finally began to calm down enough to pull the bag away from her mouth.

“Are you pregnant?!” Azula exclaimed causing Katara to flinch, she remained silent for a few moments before speaking again.

“Did Mai say something to you?” Katara asked her voice breaking slightly as she spoke.

“In so many words,” Azula stammered out. “But- today mother freaked out about our wedding and Zuko and the turtleducks and the maid and our nest I- I- !” Azula’s face had gone completely red now and the veins in her neck were popping out and she tried to get her words out.

“Yes, Azula, yes I’m pregnant,” Katara finally said without any doubt. Azula’s eyes almost popped out of her skull before they rolled into the back of her head. Katara watched with wide eyes of her own as Azula fell backwards and fainted. 

Chapter Text

Summer, 110 AG


“This is not exactly the reaction I was looking for,” Katara said with wide eyes as she looked down at Azula. She was still kneeling by her alpha’s side, completely shocked by what had just happened. Katara had seen Azula in a few... odd states of mind before but never had she seen her alpha react to anything like this.

Katara felt a knot begin to form in the pit of her stomach, she would have liked for Azula’s reaction to her being pregnant with their first born child to have been a little different. Katara frowned as she gazed down at Azula’s face. Even now, the alpha looked worried beyond belief.

“What am I going to do with you?” Katara asked softly as she reached forward and lightly poked the tip of Azula’s nose. The moment Katara’s finger touched it Azula’s eyes snapped open. The alpha sucked in a deep breath before swiftly sitting up. Katara quickly dropped her hand and watched with wide eyes at Azula’s sudden return to consciousness.

Katara watched as Azula quickly scanned the infirmary before turning to look at the omega. Katara could see the questioning look in Azula’s honey colored eyes- and for the briefest of seconds Katara wondered if their child would have those eyes. 

“Are you…?” Azula trailed off as she leaned in closer to Katara by only an inch. Katara, unable to find words, began to quickly nod her head. The omega could feel tears begin to well along the edges of her eyes and seconds later they started to slide down her cheeks. Azula gasped gently before reaching forward and pulling Katara into a bone crushing hug that was so tight it was almost hard to breath.

Seconds later Azula began to release the sweetest scent Katara had ever smelled coming off of her. Katara’s heart began to slam in her chest as she tightened her grip on her alpha. When the two finally pulled apart Katara felt her breath leave her body at the look on Azula’s face. Much like Katara, tears were freely falling down Azula’s face and a bright smile was stretched across it.

The alpha looked happier than Katara had ever seen her in the ten years they had known each other. 

“How far along are you?” Azula asked, her voice quivering as she spoke.

“A month,” Katara squeaked out. 

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Azula asked softly, her smile never leaving her face.

“I knew,” Katara blurted out her full voice returning to her. “In my heart, when I was late I knew I was having a child- our child but I- I just wanted to be- before I told you I needed-” Azula cut Katara off with a loving kiss.

“I understand,” Azula promised and Katara could feel that Azula’s words were sincere. The omega let out a soft sigh and with it all the guilt she had been feeling over keeping her pregnancy a secret from Azula. 

Katara felt a shiver go down her spine as Azula gently cupped her face. The alpha let out a low rumble as she pressed her forehead against Katara’s. 

“Next time, I want to know the second you do,” Azula whispered. Katara nodded before kissing Azula deeply. With no more words to say at the moment, the two wrapped themselves in each others arms and held each other closely.




“A father...I’m going to be a father,” Azula’s whispered as she looked up at her and Katara’s bedroom ceiling. Katara smiled at the excitement and awe in Azula’s voice. 

“A lot of somebodies,” Katara purred as she nuzzled her cheek against Azula’s chest and curled up tightly to her alphas side. The two were laying in the center of their nest, basking in the news that they would soon be parents.

“Do you think you’re going to have a litter?” Azula asked, surprise coloring her tone. Katara chuckled and craned her head up to look at her mate.

“I don't think so,” Katara said honestly. “My mother only had single births, so did my grandmother, and great grandmother although I suppose anything is possible. I just meant that we’re going to have a lot of somebodies one day.” She explained causing Azula to blush and nod quickly.

“Well you know my mother only had single births as well, so did both of my grandmothers, and my great grandmother who was married to Fire Lord Sozin had a single birth as well,” Azula said thoughtfully. “But according to my mother her great grandmother gave birth to a litter of six, so the gene is present on my side.” Katara smiled and began to slowly rub small circles along Azula’s belly with her thumb, causing Azula let out a low happy rumble. 

“Like I said anything is possible,” Katara said softly. “I think we’re probably only having one baby right now, I’ll know in another two months for sure though.” 

“We could ask Mai,” Azula said quickly. “She might have heard more than one heartbeat when she was in the infirmary with you.”

“We should,” Katara said with a nod. “But that can wait.”

“Wait, we should go right now,” Azula said excitedly as she attempting to push herself up but Katara quickly moved her hand to Azula’s chest and pushed her back down on the bed. “What are you doing, don't you want to know?”

“Of course but I don't want to leave our nest right now,” Katara said as she placed her head back on Azula’s chest. The truth was Katara didn't need to know because she felt as if she already did. Still she didn't want to take the excitement away from Azula by dismissing the idea. “Mai isn’t going anywhere and for the moment neither are we.” Azula chuckled and shook her head. After the news she had gotten today, it was almost impossible to feel anything negative. 

“Fine, fine you win as usual,” Azula said as she leaned back against the pillows. The two laid in silence for a few moments. “I can’t believe I’m actually going to be a father,” Azula said once more as she stared up at the ceiling. 

“Do you think we’re going to have a boy or a girl?” Azula asked.

“I’m not sure.”

“Well, do you think they’ll be an alpha, omega or beta?” Azula asked as she reached down and began to rub the small of Katara’s back.

“I have no idea.”

“Alright then, do you think they’ll be a firebender, waterbender, or nonbender?” 

“Hmm I don't know,” Katara said with a shrug.


“I don't know Azula,” Katara laughed.

“By Agni this pregnancy is going to be dull if you aren’t going to play the guessing game with me,” the alpha teased. 

“Azula,” Katara exclaimed as she playfully smacked her alphas belly. “My pregnancy is not going to be dull! Don't say such things.”

“Alright, alright,” Azula said in surrender. They went back to silence before Azula broke it once more. “My guess is: a little girl, omega, waterbender just like her you guess.” Azula prompted as she pinched at Katara's back.

“Fine! I say a little girl, alpha, firebender just like her father,” Katara said caving in. 

“You just picked the exact opposite of mine! Where’s the fun in that?” Azula demanded causing Katara to roll her eyes as she sat up to look at her alpha.

“Is there no pleasing you?” Katara demanded.

“Is that a real question? You’re giving me my first child, I’m very pleased,” Azula hummed as she sat up as well. Reaching forward Azula slipped her hand in Katara’s tunic and pressed her warm hand against the omegas still flat stomach. “Very pleased indeed.” Katara melted at Azula’s words before leaning forward and pressing her soft lips against Azula’s. 

It was a pleasant kiss, warm and loving but it didn't last long. Just as Katara was deepening their kiss, Azula swiftly broke it. When Katara opened her eyes she saw a look of dread cross Azula’s face.

“What? What’s wrong?” Katara asked with a frown, she couldn't imagine what could be causing Azula to look like that in a moment like this.

“You said you're already one month pregnant?” Azula asked quickly.

“Yeah, almost two.” Katara said confused by her mates sudden shift.

“Spirits Katara we only have eight months to build an igloo and make our home,” Azula groaned. Katara let out a shaky breath as Azula’s revelation hit her like a ton of bricks. She wished, In all the time she had known she was pregnant, that she would have had this revelation sooner. “And if we’re going to have more than two children like you want, we need to build a big igloo and a huge plot of land.” Azula added.

“Fuck me,” Katara said as she ran her fingers through her hair. Usually Katara’s use of such profanity would shock Azula but right now the truth of their current situation was far too frightening to even acknowledge such things. “We need to get married quickly.”

“Your father is going to skin me alive,” Azula said as she scrubbed her hands against her face. “He isn’t going to make getting married easy.”

“He’s going to have a lot to say but he’s not going to have a choice but to let us marry quickly,  you know how he is,” Katara said and Azula did. Azula very much did. She remembered Hakoda’s reaction when he found out that Katara and she were living together before marriage. He almost killed Azula then. “He’s so traditional, to him it would be remiss for us to have a child out of wedlock. The fact that we conceived our baby before we got married is going to send him over the edge.” 

“My mother is going to skin me alive when she finds out we're changing wedding locations,” Azula said as she scrubbed her hands against her face harder. “She was already freaking out earlier.”

“Why?” Katara asked.

“Well because I’m an idiot and didn’t pick up on the signs that you were pregnant I asked her for her advice about our little nest situation,” Azula began and Katara started to groan knowing exactly where this was going. “She figured out you were pregnant immediately-"

"Well of course," Katara sighed. "Any omega who had a child would have."

"Right, well she started ranting and raving about moving our wedding and then she went to go talk to our wedding planner.” Azula said with a frown.

“So then she should be happy,” Katara said though she knew Ursa wouldn’t be. “We’re getting married as soon as possible.” 

“Not in the Fire Nation,” Azula sang.

“She can still come to the one in the South Pole,” Katara said as she moved to get up. “Come on, let's go and talk to your family now so we can start packing as soon as possible.” Azula nodded and began to move as well.




Katara and Azula found Ursa and Iroh back in their apartment. Iroh had once again answered the door but after Azula’s last visit he was a little more hesitant to allow them in. Still he stepped aside, when Katara asked sweetly, and led them into the backyard where Ursa was currently stewing. There was a stale unpleasant scent in the air and Azula and Katara knew no matter what they said they were in for a fight.

“I talked to your wedding planner,” Ursa said the moment that Azula and Katara came to a stop. “I had to throw around my weight as the Royal Mother, she’s currently scrambling to find a wedding venue that will marry you in a few weeks time.”

“Why can’t we just get married in the palace?” Azula asked on principal. Katara was quick to elbow Azula’s side and give her a warning look. Now was not the time to argue for the sake of her alphas pride.

“Summer is wedding season,” Ursa said instead of answering Azula. 

“Azula told me you already know that we’re having a child,” Katara said causing Ursa to scowl. The younger omega had to bite her tongue at Ursa’s reaction. Again, it was not the one she was looking for. 

“It wasn’t hard to figure out!” Ursa snapped. “When else does an omega hoard a nest?” Azula and Katara shared a look.

“You could be a little happier,” Azula muttered.

“We’re very happy,” Iroh said quickly.

“No we aren’t!” Ursa said flat out causing Azula to snarl and Katara to scowl. “Do you know how this is going to look! Everyone is going to figure out why we had to move the wedding, do you know what they'll say? What were you two thinking?” She demanded, reiterating what she had said to Azula earlier. 

“Weren’t you just pushing me to have children a month or so ago when you found out Ty Lee was pregnant?” Azula demanded.

“Yes after you two got married!” Ursa said.

“It doesn’t matter,” Katara said quickly. “You and my father can be so old fashioned, any child is a gift if we’re married or not, you should be happy that your having a grandchild.” Ursa rolled her eyes causing Azula to snarl once more.

“Don't roll your eyes at her, she’s making a good point!” Azula snapped. “But don't worry Katara and I are getting married right away.” Azula said which seemed to surprise Ursa more than anything else.

“At least you have some sense,” Ursa said softly. “Although considering what Katara just said I was expecting some push back.”

“As much as I think your ideals about marriage and children are outdated like I said you share the same view as my father,” Katara explained. “And as much as I love to fight him on it at the end of the day Azula and I will be living in the tribe under him.” 

“Oh?” Iroh asked looking at Katara and Azula curiously. 

“My father won’t give Azula or I a plot of land together unless we’re married,” Katara said her annoyance growing as she thought about the situation Azula and she found themselves in. Katara hated the idea to bowing to anyone, especially when it came to how she conducted herself and lead her family. But right now Katara knew she didn't have much say which was perhaps the most annoying thing of all. “

"And we need a large igloo for our family so we need to go to the South Pole as quickly as possible so we can start building it.” Azula added pulling Katara from her thoughts. 

“You’re a waterbender, how long could it take to build an igloo?” Iroh asked Katara.

“A home has to be built with two hands,” Katara said. “That my father and I agree on, Azula and I have to build it from scratch and fill it with things to make it a proper home. Eight months seems like a lot of time but it’ll go by quickly.”

“And those eight months can’t be spent building,” Azula said with a frown. “The house needs to be built before you start to really show, we have to be settled and I’ll have to start hunting and have enough food stocked for when our baby comes.” 

“When do you plan on going to the Southern Water Tribe?” Ursa demanded. Azula and Katara shared another look before Azula spoke.

“By the end of the week,” Azula said.

“We can’t have a wedding that fast,” Ursa insisted.

“We’re getting married in the South Pole,” Azula said. 

“Absolutely not,” Ursa said with a shake of her head. 

“That’s not your decision,” Katara said hotly.

“I am already tolerating you two leaving to move there!” Ursa shouted. “You both will at least give me the wedding!”

“No,” they said in unison.

“We don't have time to argue either,” Azula said with a huff. "If you've been listening then you know we don't have time to wait around for a wedding, we need to head to the South Pole quickly, it'll just be more convenient to have the ceremony down there."

"I'm sorry Ursa, but getting married here is now out of the question." Katara said firmly. Ursa went quiet as she glared at the couple her face going red. Azula sighed before she began to speak again. 

“We’re to be married by Hakoda in the Southern Water Tribe...if you want to come with us-”

“Out both of you,” Ursa said in a dangerously calm tone.

“Ursa-” Iroh began with a frown but she paid him no mind.

“Out!” She snarled a fresh disgusting smell coming from her. 

“Come on,” Azula said pulling Katara towards the door and out of the apartment. 

“Well that went better than I expected,” Katara said. 

“I'll need to speak with Zuko, he'll need to know immediately,” Azula said in a muted tone causing Katara to frown. That untouchable feeling had disappeared for Azula and it was clear to see her mother’s reaction was affecting her more than the alpha would ever let on.

“She’ll come around,” Katara said softly as she wrapped Azula in a hug. “I promise.”




After that Azula and Katara split up. Katara went to go and search for Sokka while Azula went to find Zuko. Azula found her brother where she had left him- tossing pieces of bread to the turtleducks. 

“Zuko,” Azula called out getting his attention.

“Ah did you come back to brainstorm?” Zuko asked with a teasing look. “Should we head to the war-”

“Katara’s having my child,” Azula blurted out cutting Zuko off. The older alpha looked completely gobsmacked by the words. 

"Are you joking?" Zuko demanded when he finally regained his thoughts. "Are you teasing me? If your teasing me-"

"Zuko. I'm going to be someone's father." Azula said her words causing his eyes to almost pop out of his head. He immediately jumped to his feet and rushed to his sister. Zuko almost knocked Azula off her feet as he bum rushed her into a tight hug.

“Your having a baby!” Zuko shouted.

“Yes!” Azula shouted back.

“I’m going to be an uncle!” Zuko cheered as he tightened his arms around Azula and spun her around. The same sweet scent that had poured off of Azula earlier was coming off of Zuko in strong waves now. 

“You get to be someone’s precious uncle,” Azula confirmed as the unpleasant feeling she had from her conversation with her mother quickly washed away and the joy she had felt earlier returned. She was so giddy she didn’t even mind Zuko spinning her around.

“How far along is she?” Zuko asked as he placed Azula down.

“One month,” Azula said. The world was spinning around her as dizziness took hold and Azula wasn’t sure if it was from the twirling or the elation she was feeling at her brother’s reaction. She was glad that someone in her family seemed happy for her and Katara. 

“Eight months, that’s going to go by fast,” Zuko said with a bright smile. 

“Fast and slow at the same time,” Azula said. 

“So I’m guessing the wedding is being pushed up,” Zuko said causing Azula’s smile to drop slightly as she was reminded of the conversation she had just had with her mother. “Let me guess mom freaked on you. Again. Oh!  Wait, that's why she was screaming at you about going to the wedding planner earlier wasn’t it?” Zuko asked.

“She figured it out before the two of us,” Azula said.

“Oh and this is why Katara was hoarding her nest and acting so protective of it,” Zuko said the realization blooming across his face. “Well I guess now you have no objections about keeping it up, huh?” Azula shook her head and blushed. 

“Wait…” Zuko frowned as a thought crossed his mind. “How does this affect the move to the Southern Water Tribe?”

“We’re going within the week,” Azula finally confessed causing Zuko to wince. “We need to get married soon to start building our home, you remember  we had this conversation about how Hakoda won’t give us a plot of land to build on if we’re not married.” Zuko nodded his head.

“But a week...that’s too fast!” Zuko said but Azula shook her head.

“We only have eight months now to build a home and get settled,” Azula said. “If we could leave tonight it would be preferable. I know this is short notice but...well I’m not exactly sorry.” Azula said honestly causing Zuko to laugh.

“Well I know one thing I want to come to the wedding,” Zuko said causing Azula to smile once more.

“I hope so, believe it or not I would like for at least someone on this side of the family to be there,” Azula said.

“Who wouldn't be there?” Zuko said quickly. 

“Mother and Iroh,” Azula said her smile quickly dropping.

“They’re coming with us,” Zuko said without question.

“Mother isn’t even happy Katara is pregnant,” Azula scoffed. “And when we informed her we were without a doubt getting married in the Southern Water Tribe she kicked us out of her apartment. Iroh said little during the whole conversation- he always agrees with her though.”

“That isn’t true,” Zuko said with a shake of his head.

“It’s all true!” Azula insisted.

“No it isn’t,” Zuko assured her. “ mother and right now she’s just a little miffed but she’ll come around and be the most annoying overbearing grandmother in the entire world.” Zuko promised. “In fact I’ll bet you my crown that by the time Katara is showing she’s going to be demanding to move in with you two to help with the baby when it comes.”

“I doubt that,” Azula said as she shook her head.

“Trust me I know mother,” Zuko said. “She’ll get over the fact that the wedding won’t be here in Caldera, she'll  be the first person on the boat to go, and I would like to add that Iroh doesn’t always agree with mother, they just band together when you’re around to terrorize them.” He chuckled causing Azula to roll her eyes.

“You’re going to be a dad,” Zuko said after a few moments of silence.

“Is there a scarier thought?” Azula asked her grin returning.

“Yeah, me becoming a father!” Zuko said as he linked his arm with Azula’s. “Now come on I want to see Katara! We need to make preparations as well, I need to find someone suitable to watch my throne while I’m gone.”




Katara found her brother in one of the training yards in the East Wing. He was swinging his sword at one of the training dummies with an intense look on his face. He had been in hiding here for most of the day unaware of any of the events taking place in the palace.

“Sokka!” Katara called out as she headed into the courtyard.

“I’m busy leave me alone!” Sokka said.

“That’s no way to talk to your pregnant sister,” Katara said as she placed her hands on her hips. 

“Katara I don't know if you know this but my life is currently in- what?!” Sokka shouted as he dropped his sword and spun around. “Did I hear you right?” He demanded. A smile spread across Katara’s face.

“I dunno what did you hear?” Katara teased.

“Katara don't play with me!” Sokka said as he hurried over to her. “Are you pregnant woman?!”

“I’m one month along!” Katara announced. Sokka let out a happy, pup like squeal, as he reached forward and Katara into a tight hug. Sokka began to cry tears of joy which triggered Katara to start crying again. 

“I can’t believe we’re having a baby,” Sokka sobbed as he held onto his sister tighter. 

“It's amazing!” Katara cried as she buried her face into Sokka’s shoulder. “I’m going to be a mother!”

“You? I’m going to be an uncle,” Sokka said through his tears. The two held one another for a minute before pulling away. Sokka was smiling brightly at his sister, he looked as if he could start jumping for joy at any moment. “What are we naming her?”

“I don't know if it’s a her yet,” Katara said before Sokka gave her a knowing look. A second later Katara matched it. “I’m naming her after mom.”

“Oh Katara,” Sokka cried, fresh tears falling down his face at the news. "That's so beautiful."

“Don't tell Azula I said that,” Katara said quickly.

“Why not?” Sokka asked as he sniffed. “That’s the perfect name for our baby, no way she would object!” 

“No, no, of course she wouldn’t object over the name,” Katara said in a hushed tone. “But,” Katara smiled. “It would appear she likes to play the guessing game and I don't want to ruin that for her, I don't want to spoil the surprise either.” 

“So is there some kind of waterbending magic that lets you know for sure your having a little girl?” Sokka asked.

“No it’s not waterbending magic, I just know.” Katara said with such certainty that Sokka had no room left to question. “Beside physically there’s no way to know what gender my child is at the moment but...I know.” Katara reiterated as she dropped her hand to her stomach.


“Naturally,” Katara giggled causing Sokka to chuckle softly. 


“Omega idiot,” Katara said quickly.

“So we’ll have a little you running around in no time basically,” Sokka said as he reached forward and placed his hand over Katara’s. “Oh Azula is in trouble.” Sokka sang causing Katara to laugh.

“Where is Azula anyway?” Sokka asked.

“She went to go tell Zuko,” Katara said. “Actually we should go and find them, I’m curious to see how Zuko reacted to the news.” 

“If I'm crying he's a mess,” Sokka said as they headed back into the palace. 

“Hopefully tears of joy,” Katara laughed though she already knew the answer. 

“Of course but forget Zuko what are you and Azula going to do?” Sokka asked a little more seriously as they headed down the hallways. “I mean not to damping the mood but I know you two plan on moving back to the tribe is going to kill you.” Katara rolled her eyes and caught Sokka up on everything that had happened since Azula made that revelation herself earlier that afternoon.

“Ursa reacted like that?” Sokka asked with a frown. “Geez I thought it was bad when she...well let’s not talk about that now. That’s going to be a rough boat ride.” Katara nodded as they turned the hallway.

“Azula is understandably upset but I know Ursa well enough to know she’ll come around.” Katara said repeating her words from earlier. “I know she’ll be at the wedding and she’ll be so annoying when Kya finally comes.” 

“Better than the other option,” Sokka said with a smile and Katara couldn’t help but agree. She knew Ursa would eventually be happy if she wasn’t already but Katara expected that once they arrived in the South Pole Ursa and Hakoda were going to gang up and Azula and herself.

“Oh we have to gather everyone else to!” Sokka said pulling Katara from her thoughts. “To change the subject- we need to get Suki, Toph, and...Aang.” Katara frowned.

“Toph and Suki will be easy enough but I don't know where Aang is.” Katara said.

“I...have an idea,” Sokka said with a blush. Katara raised her brows but said no more, she was quickly distracted by a sweet, sweet scent. The same one from earlier. A moment later Azula and Zuko turned the corner.

“Uncle Zuko!” Sokka bellowed as he hurried toward his mate.

“Uncle Sokka!” Zuko cried back as they embraced. They pulled apart quickly however to embrace the parents to be. Zuko was laughing happily as he and Katara hugged and Sokka happily clapped Azula’s back as they hugged as well. 

“I can’t believe my sister is making you a papa,” Sokka laughed. 

“Me either,” Azula said honestly.

“You’re going to be a great mother Katara,” Zuko said warmly.

“Thank you Zuko,” Katara said as warm feeling spreading through her at his words. The four spoke for a few moments before they were quickly interrupted. 

“What is that sweet smell?!” They all turned to see Ty Lee bounding down the hallway with Mai gliding behind her. 

“Our alphas,” Sokka said brightly. 

“And what has everyone so happy?” Ty Lee asked. Before any of them could break the news Ty Lee squealed. “Mai told me!” Katara laughed as Ty Lee jumped into Katara’s arms laughing happily.

“Congratulations,” Mai said as she approached Azula. “You’re probably not going to be a very good father.” She then informed her friend.

“Coming from you that means little,” Azula said dryly. The two were able to maintain straight faces for about two seconds before they broke out into laughter. Reaching forward the two quickly embraced before pulling apart.

“Azula!” Ty Lee chirped as she pulled Azula into a hug as well. 

“Ty Lee!” Azula chirped back imitating her friend. 

“We’re going to be parents!” Ty Lee cried. “If only you were raising your baby here, it would be just like when we were kids.”

“And that is exactly why were moving to the South Pole,” Azula informed Ty Lee as Mai gave Katara a swift hug. A thought suddenly occurred to Azula as she and Ty Lee pulled apart from one each other.

“Mai how many children are we having?” Azula asked turning her attention away from Ty Lee and to the beta. 

“Do you really want to know?” Mai asked.

“That’s why I asked.” Azula said.

“Please tell us,” Katara added kindly for Azula's sake. She knew Azula couldn't wait for too long if she didn't have to. 

“For you I’ll oblige,” Mai told the waterbender. “I only heard one heartbeat.” Azula and Katara laughed before pulling each other into their arms.

“One little waterbender,” Azula said proudly puffing out her chest as any proud father would. 




“How ironic; after all this time of wanting to take the nest down now that we're actually doing it, I don't want it to go.” Azula said as she watched Katara carefully dismantle it. “We made a baby in this nest, I don't want it down.” A two days had passed since everyone had found out about Katara’s pregnancy. They were just finishing packing up now taking only the essentials they would need, in a few hours they would all be heading towards the Earth Kingdom to pick up Toph and Suki. 

“Now you know how I feel,” Katara said with a smile. “But don't worry, this is going in a special bag, I have the whole nest memorized by heart. As soon as I can I’ll have it rebuilt.” Azula nodded.

“Still, it won’t be the same.”

“Of course it will,” Katara said firmly. Azula smiled and continued to back their things. Zuko had promised to send them everything else once he got back to Caldera. He had convinced his most senior councilman after Azula to watch the throne while he was gone. Iroh was indeed coming though Azula was still unsure if Ursa would be. They hadn’t spoken since their confrontation in Iroh and Ursa’s apartment. 

Zuko and everyone else was convinced she would show up. Azula was pretending not to care but deep down she hoped her mother would. Once they finished packing they headed towards the front doors of the palace. Almost everyone was waiting for them. Ursa was the only one in the family missing.

“Sorry to keep you all waiting,” Katara said as they approached the group. 

“It’s fine,” Zuko assured them. 

“We weren’t waiting too long either,” Ty Lee said quickly.

“Though I am tired of standing here so, shall we go?” Mai asked.

“Is it final then that mother isn't coming?” Azula asked turning to Iroh.

“I think she still has time to surprise you,” the older alpha said with a wink.

“I agree,” Zuko said with a nod. “But for now we should probably head out.” Everyone agreed and began to make their way out of the palace and towards the carriages waiting to take them towards the docks.

“Did you hear back from dad?” Sokka asked Katara as he slid into the carriage beside Katara.

“No but I asked him not to reply, I didn’t think his letter would get here before he headed out.” Sokka nodded. “I was right.” She added for good measure as the carriage took off. Across from her Azula smirked and Zuko shook his head. 

The carriage ride was a quiet one and when they got out everyone began to feel excited as they headed towards the pier. Katara’s boat, a relatively large vessel, was stationed at a private dock. So, when they all got closer and saw a big commotion going on around it everyone was confused.

“What's going on?” Katara asked with a scowl as she lead them towards her boat. 

“Mom!” Azula said with wide eyes once they got close enough to see what was happening. Ursa was standing in the center of the dock directing royal guards as they loaded her numerous amount of luggage onto the boat. “How many times do I have to tell you that the Royal Procession are not your servants!” Azula demanded.

“They are serving a dual purpose! They are protecting and serving me!” Ursa said. Azula rolled her eyes but did accept an awkward hug from her mother. Katara looked a tad bit annoyed that Ursa was taking a certain amount of command over her boat. 

Iroh, Zuko, Ty Lee, and Sokka seemed pleased with Ursa’s presence, Mai looked pleased as well though her happiness seemed less innocent. 

“So how long until were at the South Pole?” Ursa asked once everyone had boarded and the boat had been untied from the dock and the anchor lifted.

“We need to make a few stops first,” Azula informed her mother. “We’re picking up Toph, Suki, and Aang along the way.” 

“Aang?” Ursa asked before letting out a low sigh. “Spirits none of us are surviving this trip.” She muttered to herself before disappearing off the deck and into the cabin. Azula shook her head before heading towards Katara who was standing at the stern, bending waves that gently pushed the boat forward towards the sea while Sokka steered from the bow.

Once they were away from the docks and on open water Katara stopped bending and headed over to her mate.

“You shouldn’t over exert yourself,” Azula said.

“Don't start,” Katara warmed.

“What?” Azula asked with a frown.

“You are not going to be an overprotective polar bear dog during this whole pregnancy,” Katara warned her mate.

“More like an overprotective dragon,” Azula said causing Katara to roll her eyes. Azula smiled and thought of her mother's words. “I’ll back off...for the moment.” Azula promised for the sake of a peaceful trip- at least on their end. Reaching forward Azula pulled Katara into her arms. 

“Azu…” Katara shook her head as she trailed off. “Whatever, I don't have the energy to argue at the moment."

"No energy, Katara you need to-"

"Don't you tell me what I need to do my alpha, If you think I’m going to let you be an overbearing knothead you have another thing coming.” Katara snapped as she jabbed her finger against Azula's chest. Azula sighed before pressing a kiss to Katara's forehead.

“You know, I would expect nothing less,” Azula said. “But you are carrying my child, I’m not going down without a fight.” She purred before butting her head against Katara’s. 

“You know, I would expect nothing less,” Katara said back before pulling Azula into a soft kiss.

Chapter Text

Summer, 110 AG


Ty Lee did not notice Mai’s presence immediately. The omega was laying in their bed, propped up against the mountain of pillows on their bed. She had a wide scroll in her hands sent to her courtesy of her sister Ty Lum. It was late at night and Ty Lee had been going over the scroll for the better part of it.

“Don't you think you should be asleep?” Mai asked causing Ty Lee to jump. The omega picked her head up and flared her nostrils as she looked up at her wife. Mai was standing in the doorway with a soft look on her face.

“I can’t sleep,” Ty Lee said softly causing Mai to frown.

“You weren’t waiting up for me, were you?” Mai asked, her voice taking on a slight tone of worry. Ty Lee smiled softly at the beta.

“Don't flatter yourself Mai,” Ty Lee teased. “I was reading this,” Ty Lee picked up the scroll as best she could to show Mai. The beta hummed softly as she moved to stand by Ty Lee’s side of the bed. The beta towered over Ty Lee as she looked down at the scroll.

“Oh,” Mai said as she narrowed her eyes, recognizing the scroll. “That’s Ty Lat’s scroll  with all the baby names in it, isn't it?” Ty Lee frowned.

“No this is Ty Lum’s.” Ty Lee corrected. 

“My deepest apologizes,” Mai said in a flat tone as she took a seat on the edge of the bed. Ty Lee scouted over a little in order to give Mai some more room. “Have you found any names you liked?” Mai asked as she reached forward and brushed her hand against Ty Lee’s swelling stomach. 

“I did,” Ty Lee said carefully. 

“Tell me,” Mai encouraged. 

“I really like the name Xiao Pai for a girl,” Ty Lee said, Mai said nothing which for Ty Lee was enough of an answer. "You don't like Xiao Pai?"

“It certainly wouldn’t be my first choice,” Mai said as she rubbed her chin.

“Why?” Ty Lee asked with a pout. "It's the cutest name on the list!"

“Well I think that might be the problem, It sounds a bit kiddish don't you think?” Mai asked as she rubbed her thumb against Ty Lee’s stomach. 

“So your main objection to the name Xiao Pai is that it sounds too kiddish of a name...for our kid?” Ty Lee asked causing Mai to chuckle softly.

“Yes.” Mai said simply. 


“One day our kid will be an adult,” Mai pointed out. “Can you imagine our ninety year old daughter with the name Xiao Pai ?” The beta asked causing Ty Lee to giggle. 

“I can and I absolutely love the idea!” Ty Lee chirped. Mai smiled and pressed her palm against Ty Lee’s stomach. 

“Do you have any other names you like for girls?” Mai asked. 

“P’li,” Ty Lee said, Mai thought about it for a second.

“Well...I don't hate it.” Mai said with a shrug. Ty Lee frowned as she adjusted herself slightly against the pillows. 

“Not exactly the reaction I was looking for,” Ty Lee said with a sigh. 

“It’s a bit bland.” Mai said. “What else do you like?” 

“I like Lee for a boys name,” Ty Lee said a little less confidently.

“I sense a bit of a theme going on with the last two names,” Mai teased as she leaned forward and gave Ty Lee a soft kiss on the nose. The omega blushed as she looked away from Mai with a pout. “Lee is very common.” Mai pointed out kindly.

“Why don't you look then!” Ty Lee snapped as she thrusted the scroll towards Mai. "Since obviously you're taste when it comes to babies names are far superior than my own!" 

“I didn’t mean to offend you,” Mai said with a frown. "I just wanted to give you my honest opinion."

“Just look,” Ty Lee huffed. Mai nodded, she didn't want to fight right now. Glancing down at the scroll, she saw there were hundreds of names scrawled out on it. They were all separated into two different columns for both boy and girl names respectively. 

“Hmm what about the name Shaolin for a girl?” Mai suggested causing Ty Lee to snort. “Are you only doing that because I didn’t fancy your names?” Mai asked as she glanced up at her wife. Ty Lee crossed her arms over her chest with an offended look. 

“No,” Ty Lee said with a shake of her head. “I just think it sounds a little old fashioned is all, can you imagine our three month old with a name like Shaolin?” Ty Lee asked causing Mai to smile gently.

“Fair enough,” Mai said as she looked back down at the scroll. “What about Zhi for a little boy?” Ty Lee pulled an unflattering face.

“Absolutely not,” the omega said clearly, Mai rolled her eyes.

“It sounds like a fine name to me,” Mai muttered to herself. “...perhaps Taozin.” 

“Why do you hate our future son?” Ty Lee asked causing Mai to scowl.

“I like Taozin thank you very much,” Mai said as she placed her scroll down.

“Well I like my names to,” Ty Lee pointed out. Mai sighed and rubbed her free hand over her face. She felt her exhaustion begin to creep in as she looked back down at the list. Seeing the look of exhaustion on Mai's face caused Ty Lee let out a soft purr and suddenly the tension in the room quickly dissolved between the two. “Should we go to sleep and talk about it later?” Ty Lee asked as she reached forward and brushed the tips of her fingers against Mai’s bangs. 

“That is one thing I do like the sound of,” Mai said as she began to roll up the scroll.

“You know Mai if nothing else, I think eventually you’re going to see it my way when it comes to the name Xiao Pai,” Ty Lee purred as Mai placed the scroll onto Ty Lee’s end table. Mai chuckled softly as she glanced back over at Ty Lee.

“I have no doubt of that my love,” Mai said gently. “You have a talent of whittling down my resolve to nothing, but that doesn't mean I'm agreeing without a fight.” Mai informed her mate, it was something Ty Lee knew all too well.