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hey angel

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Everyone in the university loved dr.fell he was a ball of joy to everyone in the place. his students adored him and even the people he never knew loved him. He would always walk around with that smile on his face that someone could swear that its brighter than the sun. he walks around with his bright neat clothes and clean white shoes with a gold ring in his hand. Everyone knew that he is married but no one knew who is that lucky person is! Dr. fell never spoke of his private life his classes would be about the English literature only and if he wanted to change the subject he would talk about art! his office was messy with a lot of books anytime a student walks in he would have to organize it a little so they can find a place to sit and the mess would come back, there is one picture frame on his desk with his picture with someone else but a book is covering the faces, the students tried for a long time to see it but they couldn’t, all they could see is black jacket. Everyone thought that his marriage must be boring at this point

However, dr. Crowley the chemistry professor is known for being the loudest person on the whole building, his classes are so random and fill with experiments, the second the experiment work he would laugh so loud students will just stare at him. Even tho he is known for being wild and loud students still find him very scary. He would walk around with black cloths only it’s really rare to find him wearing another colour. He would always wear an extremely expansive watch and a gold wedding ring on his hand! Everyone knows he is married he won’t shut up about it! He would mention his husband at least 10 times a day in class! Everyone knew that his husband is not as wild as him (or he pretends he is not as Crowley says) but he still adores the shit out of him

Dr. fell ended his lecture with asking if anyone wants to see him right now regarding the research he gave them last week and most of the students didn’t give the attention they were just getting ready to leave for lunch. He was feeling a little bit relieved because today he got that lunch date with his husband in a new restaurant close to the university. After a minute of silent and chair sounds only he said goodbye and collected his stuff with a smile on his face walking until he heard someone calling his name, he turned around to find pepper one of his most excellent students running to him with few books in her hand “sorry sir” she said while fixing her hair with her free hand “can you please see my assignment”

“of course” he said in a very sweet voice with a smile “follow me to my office”


after checking on her paper pepper thanked him and walked away. She was walking slowly and holding her phone, most of the offices were empty most of the professors would be in the cafeteria right now for lunch. as she turned right she and heard a voice saying “hey angel” she turned back to see who would be this loud in this place and she was surprised at what she saw! She saw dr. Crowley walking with hands in his pocket entering what she believed dr. fell office. Pepper was so curious of why would dr. Crowley would come to dr. fell office and why would he call him angel out of all nicknames!

If we had to describe pepper in one word it will be brave for sure and curious if we had to use another word. She was pitting her nails and her brain was going fast until she decided to go back she turned around and went to dr. fell office she knocked the door and she saw Crowley sitting on the desk while dr. fell was looking for something. Crowley turned and saw her and turned back to his angle. She never understood why dr. Crowley was wearing sunglasses inside or why he was sitting like that on the desk with dr.fell so close between his legs and he had his hand on dr.fell waist she stood there for a second before finally opening her mouth

“I'm sorry sir but I think I forgot my pen here and it’s a special one” she lied

Crowley took a look at the desk and gave her his back again “nothing is here” he said without looking at her

“oh I'm sorry pepper I would surely give it to you if I found it” dr.fell said to her with a worried face while scanning his desk

“that’s fine sir I would try to search the classroom” she said with a smile and then she stared at Crowley back for a second and went away quickly

as she walked past the offices she started running and texting her friends “you guys won’t believe what I just saw!!! Come to the library RIGHT NOOWWWWW!!!!!”