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Jared's Baby.

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They were on break from filming. Jensen was in the kitchen making a late night snack when he thought he heard Jared throwing up. He walked to his best friend's room and opened the door. He walked into the room and then into the bathroom. Jensen squatted down behind him and pulled his hair out of the way. Once Jared was done being sick he got up, he flushed the toilet, washed his hands and brushed his teeth. They walked back into Jared's room and sat on the bed.


Jared looked at his best friend and all but burst into tears. “I'm pregnant and my parents don't want me home for Thanksgiving or Christmas.”

He pulled Jared into a hug and held him closely. “It's going be okay. Let's lay down and talk more.”


Both of the men moved up the bed. Jensen got under the covers first, he opened his arms to his best friend. Jared got into the bed and under covers. He laid his head on Jensen's shoulder.

“First off you're coming with me for the Holidays and I won't take no for an answer.”

“I'll need a ticket and you're parents will need to know.”

“That's fine I'll take care of everything. Now tell me about everything.”

“I'm 4.5 months along. I found out a few days that I'm having girl.”

“Do you have name picked out yet?” Jensen asked.

“Emma Harper”

“It’s a beautiful name. You can tell me to fuck off, but who's the other dad?” He asked.

“You have to promise not a freak.”

“I promise, Jare.”

“Honestly, it was drunk sex and he was gone in the morning.” He said softly.

He could tell that his best friend was embarrassed about it and he didn't want him to feel bad. “But you're going to have a beautiful baby girl.” He smiled softly.

“I am.” He smiled as he run hand down the bump. “Give me your hand Jack.”

He gabbed Jensen's hand and put it where he felt the kick. He gently pressed the area. The older man smiled when he felt Jared's baby kick.


“I know right. The first time she moved, we were filming and I just wanted to let you feel.” He said teary eyed.

“Just promise me, that you'll talk to me about stuff like this from now on.”

“I promise.”

Jared felt himself eyes getting heavy. Jensen could tell that they were both getting tired. The younger man felt a kiss on the top of his head and Jensen's hand gently rubbing his baby swell. Jared fall asleep knowing that everything will be okay.