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Ink Worn With Age

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She could feel something thrumming under the Warrior of Light's skin. Just standing near her and Alisaie felt the energy emanating from her body. At first, she hadn't notice anything out of place when she met with the Warrior of Light at Amh Araeng. The Au Ra had been as she always had been, determined and beautiful. Sighting that blue grey skin as she had leapt off the ruins, intent on slaying the sin eater before it had gotten too far, had twisted her chest so hard the sin eater nearly escaped. She would have never forgiven herself if she had bungled up that hard in front of the Warrior of Light.

But now, after several Lightwardens slain and night returned to the region, something had changed inside the Warrior of Light. That beautiful face grew more and more haunted, more and more untouchable in its pain. Pain that wormed its way into Alisaie, the urge to smooth that look into the smile she remembered without an outlet. They had been able to meet Garlean soldiers in battle together, and she had watched the Warrior of Light's face beam with joy as Doma, then Ala Mhigo had beat back the Garlean army and reclaimed their land. But then the Scions had been called from their bodies to the First, and she had seen the Warrior of Light unable to help. The frustration and fear Alisaie held within herself had been echoed on that beautiful scaled face and neither of them could stop it.

Now, that same haunted look, the same look of the world changing around her and her unable to stop a single thing about it, had settled into the Warrior of Light's face again. With each pulse of energy beating against Alisaie's skin, the Warrior of Light grew more... isolated. She still did the same things, helpful with just a little hint of sass, but it was almost as if her actions removed herself, make herself untouchable. Unapproachable.

Alisaie spoke her name, making the Warrior of Light turn, surprise in those yellow eyes. Gently, the young Elezen cupped her face, asking her what was wrong. Begging, with eyes and touch, to be let in once again.

She did not expect the Warrior of Light's face to crumble, tears starting to fall from her eyes.

She couldn't tell Alisaie, she had said. But she was scared. Scared of herself. She didn't deserve any of them, of Alisaie-

For the first time in over a year, Alisaie finally tasted the Warrior of Light's lips once again, in hope to soothe that fear. That fear both within the beautiful strong woman trembling in her arms, and herself.