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What's Up Danger?

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"Is experiment 616 ready?" A voice asked towards the dimness of the room. A light flickered in and out of focus, hardly giving anyone the sight to be aware of their surroundings. It was utterly frustrating at this point in the deal. 

"Yes sir! We created what you asked for! One bite and you should be able to live a healthy life with or without your quirks! Maybe even longer if the venom works exceptionally well." A voice responded to the first one. In the person's hand was a clear case with a bio hazard sticker on the font of it. Inside was a medium sized spider, dangling one the top of the case by a spider web.

"Excellent, bring it closer. I want to have a good look at it," The buyer spoke with mischief laced in his tone. The lights in the room went out for a good five seconds before it came back on. The buyer shifted in his chair with a light smirk on his face. Waiting in anticipation.

The seller stepped closer to the buyer with a proud smile on his face, before he could speak, a sharp pain started on his stomach. It took a moment to register that a gun had gone off as he fell to the floor. With blood pooling at his knees.

"Such a shame, you did such great work for the league," The buyer hummed, "I'd like to keep you alive, after all your one of our best at creating bio made solutions. However, I'm afraid that you know too much. Finish him."  Immediately another gun shot was heard and a dead body was now in front of the buyer.

Wordlessly, the shooter stepped over the dead body and gently picked up the clear bio hazard case. Intending on delivering it to the buyer, the shooter froze at the last minute upon looking closer at the case. "Boss, the spider isn't in here."

"What do you mean? Did I get ripped off? Tricked?" The boss questioned on anger, "How dare he make me look like a fool!" The air in the room became tense with unfiltered rage of madness. Waves of anger and slight despair came off from the boss. 

"I don't think so boss," The shooter cleared his throat and held up the empty clear case for his boss to see. "There is a small hole in the case, perhaps the spider escaped?" He suggested at an attempt to calm down his boss's anger.

"Go find that spider!" The buyer yelled in fury as he seethed in his spot on a cushioned chair, with all kinds of wires attached to his body. His flesh was a murky grey with heavy bags underneath his eyes. Giving off a very unhealthy look. He looked like he was running out of time.

"Yes sir, right away sir," The shooter bowed deeply to his boss and placed the empty case down on the floor next to the dead body. He silently got up and started to make his way out of the room.

"And Kurogiri," a pause, "Make sure that if anyone find out, they die. There should be no witnesses to this whole affair."

"Yes sir."

"Deku! Where the fuck are you?" A young teen's voice shouted over the busy roads of cars going back and forth from their day job. From the streets a few high school students look at the blond middle school student in slight worry. Was the child lost and trying to find someone? No one bothered to reach out and talk due to the blond's bad mouth though. So the bystanders just walked away and minded their own business.

A young teen with dark green hair pressed himself up against a brick wall, trying to blend in with his surroundings trying not to get caught by his classmates. Because if he was caught by them, he wouldn't find himself home for some time. 

At the sound of footsteps coming and going, the teen let out a quiet breath of relief before ushering himself into the abandoned brick building. Maybe if he stayed in there long enough, Ka-chan and the others would be long gone. It was really wishful thinking though. Besides, if he stayed there for a long while, he could get all of his homework done. So that was a plus. 

Sighing, the teen walked deeper into the building and sat down against a pillar of concrete. He pulled his bag close to his chest and leaned his head against the pillar. Wanting a few moments of peace before he got frustrated with his math homework. 

After a while, the teen pulled out his math textbook and a notebook and got to work on his homework for the night. Instead of diligently working through every problem. The green haired boy would work on a handful of questions then take a long break in between. Procrastinating really was the teen's best friend. 

At the corner of his eye, he spotted a slight movement. Which caused his blood to freeze while he held his breath. A few seconds had passed before the teen decided to check out what the movement was. Deciding that the movement wasn't a danger, the teen kept moving towards the object until he found himself face with a spider that wasn't a normal color.

"Okay then," The teen mumbled under his breath as he scooped up the unnatural colored spider into his way. He made his way back to the pillar where his bag and homework were and sat down. Placing the spider on a blank sheet of paper, he decided to observe it. Maybe it was a new species? Was it poisonous? Only one way to find out.

Carefully he held out his hand towards the spider and waited for something to happen. After a few minutes had passed, the spider started to move towards his hand and the teen could feel his heart start to beat widely in his chest. Maybe this wasn't a good idea. He briefly thought to himself as the spider sank his fangs down into the teen's flesh. 

Almost immediately an excruciating pain began to swell throughout his body. Gasping in shock and pain the teen's body fell down on the concrete floor with a loud slam echoing throughout the building. "Ah! Nhm." The teen moaned in pain. This was it, this was how he was going to die. All because he didn't want to do his math homework. Well, at least Ka-chan won't bully him another more. And his mom won't have to worry about his well being. Maybe this was a good thing.

The teen's eyes began to close, his body going into shock and shutting down. In front of him the spider that had bit him was laying on its back dead. Tears slowly started to fall from his eyes. He didn't want to die. Not like this. Look like Ka-chan was right though, he truly was pathetic. 


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The first thing that he registered was a voice mumbling nonsense. In reality it probably wasn't nonsense, but all he could hear was a light buzzing in his ears and a male voice saying something he couldn't understand. Where was he again? Did a villain attack him? With the teen's thoughts full of mush and his brain unable to function due to the confusion, his body reacted on flight mode.

"What the fuck kid?" The male questioned in shock. The green haired teen turned his head to where the voice was and stared at what seemed to be a pro hero. He had on a black jumpsuit, yellow googles, utility belt, and shoulder length hair. The bags underneath his eyes suggested that he never gets a decent rest. The middle school student found himself strangely relating to his man. However, since looks could be deceiving the man could very well be a villain.

"Who are you?" The teen managed to croak out. Thanks to the amount of sleep he had gotten, his voice came out as a harsh whisper. He wondered how long he slept, glancing at a nearby window it was dark. Crap, his mom was going to be so worried. Guilt immediately started to eat out at the teen.

"How about I answer that after you get off of the ceiling," The man replied with a pointed look. The teen looked around and then realized that he was indeed attached to the ceiling. Panic settled in his gut as he felt an anxiety attack start to grip him by the reigns. 

Upon on noticing that the child that was clinging to the ceiling was about to have a mental breakdown in front of him, the pro hero acted fast. Activating his own quirk, he watched as the child immediately detached himself from the ceiling and started to free fall towards the concrete ground. Silently cursing under his breath, the man quickly jumped to his feet and caught the green haired child before he could meet the floor.

Keeping the child close he waited until the shakes had stopped from the small body. "Let's start again," The pro spoke, "What's your name?" The pro slowly let the child go and gently placed him next to the pillar he was previously sleeping on. He stood back and waited patiently for an answer from the child.

"Um, Izuku Midoriya. Please don't tell my mom about this! She'll be so worried! I didn't mean to break into the building! Although, I'm not sure if it is breaking an entree. The building is abandoned. I was just running away from some of my classmates! If I came home with bruises from them again, mom will eventually worry herself sick about me! Please don't tell her! You can't!" Midoriya said in a one breath panicked. 

"Yeah well kid, first of all, take a nice deep breath. And tell me why exactly you decided to hide in a abandoned building," The pro hero rooted the child again. On closer inspection he began to take in the dark bruises hidden on his arms and legs. Along with slight scratches on his cheek. Upon closer investigation, on the child's left hand was a big spider bite that puffed up and had swollen.

"Um, my classmates like to physical bully me. So after school I try to run away from them. Most of the time it works, other times it doesn't," Midoriya spoke in a soft tone, "Today they were too close to get me, so I hid here. I hoped that they wouldn't find me and I guess I fell asleep. But, I swear I wasn't planning on doing anything bad! I just wanted some cover from them!" 

"Why do they bully you? Doesn't your teachers stop that type of things from happening?" The man asked. Midoriya flinched from the question and bit his lip in shyness before replying. The pro noticed that the shakes were coming back. This couldn't be good, he thought.

"I'm quirkless. So no one really cares about me," Midoriya said in a sad tone. Tears started to leak from his eyes as he prepared himself from the harsh words the other was bound to give him. At least this time it would be from a stranger, right? Would that make it hurt less?

"Bullshit," The hero bluntly said, startling the middle school student. Before Midoriya could reply the pro went on, "You were stuck to the ceiling, you obviously have a quirk. It probably just came in late, really late. But you have one. Speaking of no one caring about you, your mom does. If that's enough, I care about your well being. I don't feel comfortable with a child sleeping in an abandoning building to get away from bullies. I'll be having a talk with the teachers at your school by the way. This type of behavior is unacceptable to child. What school do you go to?" The pro hero inquired in a silent rage.  

"I have a quirk?" Midoriya questioned with a smile fighting its way to his face. A burst of happiness had exploded inside of him as he let out a laugh. "I have a quirk! I wonder what my quirk is? I stuck to the ceiling. Maybe some kind of sticking hands? Like I can stick to anything? Mom is going to be thrilled! I wonder if this means that Ka-chan will leave me alone? Oh! I actually have a quirk!" Midoriya grinned as tears started to fall from his eyes. 

"Okay, stop with the water works. Yes you have a quirk, I would suggest you go to a quirk counselor to see what exactly it is. Who is Ka-chan? He bullies you? Does he go to the same school as you do? You're in middle school right?" The pro asked, trying to get some kind of answer from the teen who was crying in joy. He sighed and rubbed his temples once he realized that he wasn't going to get an answer from the green haired teen anytime soon. 

"Wait, your a pro hero right? Can you teach me how to control my quirk?" The teen suddenly whipped his head up to stare at the taller male that grin still firmly planted on his face. Instead of the anxiety shakes, the teen seemed to be vibrating with joy in his spot on the ground. 

Running a hand over his face the pro groaned, "Why should I help train you?" Honestly,he wanted to see what Midoriya was going to answer with. He has only known the kid for about thirty minutes and within that time, has seen the kid nearly have a panic attack and watched as the kid seemed to be having the best day of his life. It was an interesting experience to say the least. 

"Well, you didn't call the cops or anything. And you helped me calm down from an attack. And threaten to fire the teachers of my school. So, that has to mean you at least tolerate me. Right?" Midoriya smiled at his response. 

"How would you know I haven't called the police? The walls are made out of thick concrete and layered with brick," The pro replied, wanting to see how the kid answered. To his surprise, shock had landed on the kid's face.

"Really? Because five minutes ago someone walked by talking on the phone with their boss. I could here it clearly. Something about a shipment? I thought that these walls were thin. It would make sense since the building is abandoned," Midoriya mumbled to himself. 

Taken back at the boy's response the hero let out a small noise of surprise from the back of his throat. If the kid just discovered his quirk today, he wouldn't know what he could do, or what his limits were. It would be very easy for his quirk to break him. "Alright, I'll train you. However, I want to have a conference with your mother. Also, if you're serious about me training you, you need to be completely honest with me. Understand?"

Midoriya eagerly nodded his head, his body feeling powerful from the quirk that was now flowing through his veins. "When do you want to have the conference? Mom is going to be so happy! I can't wait for training! What are you going to teach me? Do you think I could be a hero with this quirk?"

At that question, the pro hero's face soften, "Of course you can Midoriya. You can be whatever you set your mind to. However, since your quirk manifested late, you'll have to have work twice as hard as everyone else. Think you can handle it?"

A huge grin took up on Midoriya's face as he nodded enthusiastically, "Of course! I'll do anything to become a hero! Its been my dream since i was little. And you'll help? Your not joking?" 

A slight smile brushed on the pro hero's lips, "I'm not joking kid. I'll help you achieve your goal. Only if you work hard and listen though," He slightly scolded the teen. At Midoriya's nod of excitement he nodded his head, "Good. I think it's time for me to formerly introduce myself. My name is Aizawa Shouta, hero name Eraserhead. And starting today, I'll be your mentor on your journey to become a hero." 

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"Look who it is! Useless Deku! We couldn't find you yesterday. Where did you hide? We just wanted to talk. Is this how you treat your classmates? Didn't know that you thought of yourself all high and mighty Deku!" Ka-chan jeered at the green haired teen. Barely only five minutes on arriving to class and the blond was already starting problems with his classmate.

Midoriya let out a sigh and bit his teeth as an attempt not to reply. Aizawa-sensei told him to not talk to his bullies so that the won't have an opportunity to make fun of him anymore. The pro hero had said, that if they didn't get a reaction from him, they would stop. Midoriya didn't believe that, but he did promise to follow along with what the pro says.

"What's wrong? Cat got your tongue? Didn't realize that you were this pathetic. Have you finally gotten it in your head that your worthless?" Ka-chan sneered at the other teen. The blond felt satisfaction on the way that the green haired teen started shaking. It would be fun to see the damn nerd have a panic attack. Makes him look even more of a Deku than usual. 

"Please leave me alone Ka-chan. I don't want to talk to you. Class is about to begin," Midoriya softly spoke to his classmate. Maybe if he talked peace with his classmates, then it would be okay? He's not looking for a fight after all. Though, he never was when he opens he mouth to talk. 

"Huh? You think that you can talk to me like that? Shitty Deku! Know your fucking place! You're an utter disgrace!" The blond shouted at his classmate. He watched as Deku sighed and slumped further into his seat. Unfortunately that's when the teacher walked in to begin class. No matter, once school ends he will take on Deku and make sure he is reminded of his place in the world. People like him, shouldn't exist.

However, once school ended the damn nerd practically shot got of his seat and dashed out of the classroom. Stunned by the sudden energy the hero wannabe had, the blond stood in shock for a solid minute. Once he realized what the damn nerd had done, he immediately followed him in a fury of rage. "Damn it Deku!" He shouted as he made a mad dash towards the green haired teen.

 Once outside, the blond spotted the Deku with an older man who looked like a very tired drug dealer. Swallowing the slight fear that suddenly bubbled up in his throat, he stormed off to where the two stood. "Oi Deku! Who's this?" 

Aizawa watched as Midoriya stiffen up with his eyes going wide. So this is one of his bullies, the pro thought to himself as he watched the blond teen's mouth curl up into a snarl. This talk is going to be interesting at least. "My name is Aizawa Shouta, Midoriya's mentor. Who are you?" Aizawa introduced himself while trying to keep a level head.

"This fuck face has a mentor? How did you do it Deku? Did ya trick him or somethin'?" The blond teen quipped towards his useless classmate. Maybe if he shows this hobo looking creep that stupid Deku isn't worth his time, he'll leave him alone. People like Deku shouldn't get any hope of achieving their impossible dreams. Without a quirk, fucking shitty nerd will die five minutes int a villain fight. It would all be pointless for Deku to step into the limelight. 

"N-no I didn't Ka-chan. Um, Aizawa-sensei knows everything. He decided that he would train me so I could have a chance at being a hero! In fact. He's a hero! Have you heard about a hero called Eraserhead?" Midoriya spoke up with a smile on his face once he started talking about his mentor. 

 "Did it ever occur to you that this shady looking asshole is just messing with you? Givin' you hope only to crush it down? You got some nerve thinkin' that you could ever surpass me, fucking Deku!" Bakugou watched as the shitty nerd slowly lost the smile on his face. Internally the blond was cheering, that should get it into his tiny ass brain.

"I'm guessing that was a yes," Aizawa sighed, watching how the blond teen was widely smirking at his student. He could practically see the ego surrounding the child. "Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm not lying. You probably won't have heard from me because I'm an underground hero. Considering how big your head is, I'm guessing your heading to become a hero?" The male waited for the teen to nod his head in confrontation, "Right so UA?" Another nod from the blond, "You should know that we don't tolerate bulling. So, if you want any chance of getting in, please refrain from talking, looking, or even thinking about my student. Got it?" 

"Who the fuck are you? You ain't my mom!" Bakugou bit back at the shaggy adult male. Inside his mind the blond was seething. Who did this idiot think he was? He might have Deku wrapped around his finger, but not him. He was smarter than to trust shady people like the one in front of him. 

"Not only am I a pro hero, I'm a teacher at UA. Continue with your unwelcome attitude, and I'll make sure you won't get in," Aizawa spoke in a dangerous but protective tone. The hero watched as the blond flinched as a response. In all honestly he couldn't did anything. The kid's record was probably clean and no one would be able to prove anything. But seeing the kid flinch probably gave the man more pleasure than it should. 

"Fuck that! You can't do shit! Fuck off!" The blond shouted at the two before storming off in a fueled rage. The duo watched as the young teen walked swiftly away and turned the corner onto a side road. 

"I'm sorry about that Aizawa-Sensei. Ka-chan, he's just like sometimes. I'm sure he doesn't mean anything bad. That's just how he was raised," Midoriya spoke quickly. Trying to make excuses for the blond's behavior. Hoping that his mentor won't take drastic measures towards his childhood friend. "Please don't do anything to risk his chance at becoming a hero. I know that he'll be a great one!"

Aizawa stared at his student silently for a minute and sighed, "You have a heart of gold, you know that kid? I won't do anything, since you have so much faith in him. However, if he gets into UA and if he gets into my class, I'll do whatever I feel fit to him. Got it problem child? My classroom, my rules. I won't let you or anyone else be in danger because of that kid's reckless movements." 

"Ah, okay. Thank you Aizawa-sensei. I promise you won't regret it!" Midoriya beamed at the underground hero. It has been awhile since someone took his feelings seriously. Normally, everyone would brush them off like they didn't matter. With Aizawa-sensei, the teen felt respected and heard. He hopes that it will never change. 

"Okay, enough with this mushy crap. C'mon, let's check in with your Mother before heading to the training rooms. We still have to see what exactly your quirk can do. Do you have some spare cash on you? On the way to your house we should get some snacks. It'll help get your energy up, so you won't faint during quirk training," Aizawa informed his student.

Midoriya laughed at how serious his mentor was, "I guess yours and Mom's talk went well?" The green haired teen smiled at how his teacher's eyes sharpened. When Aizawa-sensei walked him back to his house, his mom had a long talk with the hero. He could only imagine what the two talked about.

"Midoriya, I'm only going to say this once so listen carefully. Your Mother is the most terrifying person I have ever met in my entire life." Aizawa spoke with wide eyes and a dead serious tone. At his students laughter he continued, "I'm very serious. I do not want to get on her bad side. So let's get something in your stomach and check in with your Mother." 

The teen couldn't stop laughing all the way there. 

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The training area was a wide open space with a few pillars around. The ground was hard dirt and a few cracks of concrete within it. Honesty, the place looked like a ghost town. It kinda spooked Midoriya a bit as he looked around and took in his surroundings. Upon closer exception, the teen saw what looked like to be rubble from buildings that got burned down. Only the bottom part of the building was still around.   

"Um, Aizawa-sensei, what is this place?" Midoriya asked timidly. While he knew it was a training area, the place seemed to reek of devastation. It left the teen with some bone chilling thoughts that quickly become unsettling. Maybe he was just over reacting like usual? But, it was definitely hard to believe that this place was built for training. And as continued to look over at the area, his intuition became more and more solid. With a gut feeling that something wasn't right.

Aizawa sighed and squinted as he looked around the area as well. As if trying to recall something. "It used to be a very small town. However, there was a really bad villain attack. And with the villain having a fire quirk, and the town being far away from the nearest fire station. Well, you can guess to what had happened here. Luckily only a few were injured, and even less had died from the attack. Since the attack was so traumatizing, the people who lived in the town decided to give this area of land to the heroes. To do whatever they wanted with. Only few know of this place, and since then, its been used as a training ground." The teacher explained, he watched as his student looked around sadly. 

"It is okay for us to be here? It feels like we're disrespecting the place," Midoriya weakly protested of them being there. "I mean, would it be more disrespecting to not use this area of a means of a training ground? It feels wrong."

"You'll get used to it. Think of this area like, an empty place with no history. Just a lucky spot where future heroes and current heroes get to train their quirks and help better the tomorrow," The underground hero suggested. God he was getting sappy. Spending time with the Midoriya's was a bad influence on his everything. How was he suppose to pretend to not care when the green haired teen just looks like a kicked kitten all the time? It really was amazing on how fast the hero wanted to train him. 

"I guess when you put it that way," Midoriya thought for a second with a hand on his chin, "It makes sense. And makes it a lot less sad. Okay! Let's get started!" The teen said getting himself all fired up. "What are we going to start with first? Running? Stretching? Lifting some weights? But we didn't bring anything with us, expect for the snacks that mom made us bring. Uh, maybe, some defensive techniques?"

"None of that today, we need to see what exactly your quirk is. You stuck to the ceiling of an abandoned building. My guess is that's not all you can do. I wanna test some things out if that's okay with you," Aizawa explained to the teen. If his theory was right, then everything would be a whole lot easier. And they could get progress done faster, along with some other things that he had planned for his student.

Midoriya quickly nodded his head in excitement, he wondered what else his new quirk could do! Imagine all of the possibilities! Wait, if Aizawa-senesi said that he wanted to test out something, does that mean he already have a good idea of what his quirk is? Maybe he's seen someone with a very similar one and wants to compare the two? It would make sense. Not only would that type of information be helpful, it could benefit his progress on controlling the quirk faster. He didn't want to stick to anymore random objects. It did take awhile for him to let go of the remote to the TV to change the channel when a horror movie was on.

"Great, first I want to test out your balance and your sticky adhesive you got going on. Go climb that pillar and I want you to jump down from it," Aizawa instructed his student. "I want to see how long the adhesive stick can last, or if their is any weaknesses. Also, your balance. If your going to be sticking everywhere, you need to have prefect balance. Can't have you falling over or only relying on your quirk. Remember, you can't be a good hero if you only have one trick."  

Midoriya slowly absorbed the knowledge and nodded his head in understanding. If sticking to stuff was all he could do, then he would have to exploit it to the best of his ability. Which means, training his body to fit the agile and flexible type. "Since I'm sticky I wonder if water is a weakness?" The teen mumbled to himself. It would make sense, not many things are able to stick to water. Wait, what things are able to stick to water?

"We'll test out that if you want to. Right now go climb the pillar and jump," The pro repeated calmly. The green haired teen let out an apology and began the exercise. Aizawa watched as his student nervously walked up to the nearest pillar and latched himself onto it. The teen took a deep breath and began to climb it, using only his hands. "Can you use your feet?" Aizawa questioned.

"Um, since my hands aren't covered its easier for me to use them. Since I have shoes and socks on, its a bit tricky to use my feet." Midoriya replied. Thinking back to a few days ago, when he was stuck on the ceiling, he was using his knees and not his feet to help him stay grounded to the surface. Maybe, the thinner the material a cloth was, the more effective the stickiness was? Again, makes sense.

"Take off your shoes then, do whatever you think you need to do to make sure that your quirk is at its best," Aizawa informed Midoriya. He watched as the teen swiftly removed his shoes but left his socks. Looks like he wants to try something out, the pro thought quietly to himself, watching as his student once again tried to climb the pillar. 

Midoriya climbed the pillar at the record pace. Apparently, speed was another factor of his new found quirk. This was so cool, discovering something new about his quirk everyday. He wondered why it didn't show up for so long. Taking a deep breath and shaking out all of the negative thoughts from his head, the teen leaped off of the pillar and drove head first towards the ground. Both Aizawa and Midoriya were planning for the teen to face plummet down onto the hard soil. However, a few inches before touching the ground, Midoriya flipped his body and landed on his feet.

"What the fuck just happened?" Aizawa blurted out before he could stop himself. The teen had angled his legs in a way that seemed like he was doing stuff like this his whole life. One leg was stretched out, the other, barely touching the ground. With his left hand on the ground flat, his right, up in the air straight.

"Wow, that was a rush. Did you see that Aizawa-sensei? That was so awesome! So cool! I can't believe I did that! How did I do that? It was like my body moved on its own. Maybe another part of my quirk? We were practicing balance. Something to do with that? Either way! I can't believe I did something like that. I wonder if this will happen every time? Or is it just a lucky shot?" Midoriya immediately started to mumble to himself. 

"Okay, I can work with this," Aizawa finally spoke up. His pupil turned to him in question. "You have natural balance. Your reflexes seem to be off the charts. That's good kid, means you have less to learn from me. The bad thing is, that's more you'll have to improve at UA. Fortunately, it is a hero school so you'll be in good hands. And I wasn't joking about being a teacher there. I'll personally be there to overlook all of your improvements." 

Midoriya grinned up at his mentor, "Thank you so much Aizawa-sensei! I promise I won't let you down!" After all this time, someone believed in him! Someone other than his mom. That he could achieve his dreams, that it was indeed possible and reachable. He would do everything in his power to make sure that he won't disappoint the one person who took time to train him. He will make Aizawa-sensei proud of him.

The underground hero smiled at Midoriya's declaration. One of the main reasons why he decided to train the young teen was because of the fire in his eyes. It held so much spirit and determination. It reminded him of his son, Shinsou. Both boys were held back by society, but were determined to prove everyone wrong. "I know you won't kid. How about you text your mom and let her know that you'll be having dinner with me tonight? I think you should meet someone," Aizawa said with a slight smile of fondness. 

Midoriya immediately flushed red, "Are you sure that's okay? I wouldn't want to impose! Won't your family be uncomfortable having me over? I'm sure you'll like to talk with them before you decide. And I'm pretty sure that my mom wants me home before dark!"

Aizawa looked up from the text that his husband sent, "They already know about you. My husband really wants to meet you. Better do it now before the entrance exams. And I want my son to meet you. I think you two would get along nice. Besides, its a weekend, I'm sure your mom won't say no." The pro shrugged as if the idea itself was no big deal. Aizawa figured that having Midoriya meet his family was only logical, considering he meet Midoriya's Mother. Hizashi will be very excited too, Shinsou, he'll have to get used to the green haired teen. 

"Um, well okay then. I guess I'll go call my mom?" Midoriya weakly said, walking over to his bag where his phone was. He couldn't exactly refuse his mentor this. And he guessed that meeting his mentor's family was required. It just felt awkward all together. His social skills were not up to date. But he guessed that if no one yelled or fought, it'll be okay. 

As Midoriya called his mom in hushed whispers, Aizawa narrowed his eyes on a scrap on the boy's arm. It looked like it was healing itself. That was another thing to look about. His original thought about the teen's quirk vanished and a new one took its place. He'll have to do some more digging. 


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The walk to Aizawa's home was a short one. Apparently he thought of this beforehand and decided to train somewhere that was close to his house. Midoriya was nervously twiddling his fingers together as he thought about the worst possible situations that could happen while that his mentor's house. They could hate him, or feed him poison, and immediately kick him out after one look. The thoughts only went darker from there. None of them were good.

"Relax kid, even if they don't, by some miracle, like you, they have to at least tolerate you. I am training you, and nothing they say can stop that. As long as your being yourself I don't see anything bad happening," Aizawa said in hopes to calm down his student's mind. The poor kid was thinking too hard that someone walking by could practically read what was going on inside his mind. 

Midoriya laughed awkwardly, "Sorry Aizawa-sensei, I didn't mean it like that. I'm just not great at making first impressions. I'm sure your family is nice and stuff. I just need to get over myself. I'm still having trouble believing that not everyone I meet is going to hit me in five minutes." 

The underground hero just hummed, filing that away for later. "Well, as long as your aware of how your words sound. As for them being nice, find out yourself," He spoke stopping in front of a house that laid on the edge of the block. The house was fairly large, with a red roof and light yellow walls. It looked normal, honestly the teen wasn't sure what he was expecting. But, seeing a normal house that his teacher lived in, it kinda made him feel at ease. Just a little.

Aizawa made the first move and walked to the door and pulled out a key which was attached to a cat key chain. The green haired teen quickly looked away once he realized he was staring. "I'm home!" Aizawa greeted opening the door and stepping in. 

"Pardon the intrusion," Midoriya quietly said as the door closed behind him. Taking off his shoes, he noticed two other pairs sitting on the floor. That meant that Aizawa-sensei's family was home. After getting on some slippers, Midoriya followed his teacher into the living room. Observing the place he saw that the walls were decorated in picture frames of the family. Along with some photos of house cats. 

Walking into the living room Aizawa gestured towards the sofa, "You can go have a seat. I'm going to go get Yamada and Hitoshi, you should probably meet them before dinner. Don't want to get into a food fight on the first day," Aizawa said with a scary smile crawling up his face. Midoriya shuttered and took a seat at the edge of the sofa, careful to not take up too much space. 

From the distance the green haired boy could hear a door open then close. Holding his breath he could hear footsteps follow. Someone was coming! Wiping his sweaty hands on his pant leg, Midoriya took a deep breath as a means to calm himself down. The footsteps halted and Midoriya looked up and locked eyes with vibrate purple ones. "Oh. Uh, hi? Are you dad's student? MIdoriya right?" The purple haired teen spoke with uncertainly laced in his voice.

Oh boy, Midoriya was fucked. What right did Aizawa-sensei's son have being so pretty? The purple haired teen was rubbing his neck in a adorable way that made Midoriya's heart speed up. His purple hair looked so soft that Midoriya wanted to run his fingers through it. The other teen's smile was meek looking that it was cute. Midoriya found himself blushing under the intense stare of Aizawa's son. 

"Um! Yeah! What's your name?" Midoriya internally cursed himself for staring at the other teen like that. He must've made the other feel awkward for not responding. Well there goes he chance at getting a date with the purple haired teen. He was such a useless gay. Not to mention, Aizawa-sensei wouldn't be too happy with his student dating his son. It'll be too weird but, Midoriya smiled at the thought of dating the teen that was standing in front of him. 

"Shinsou Hitoshi, are you staying for dinner?" Shinsou asked, placing an English textbook on the coffee table and took a seat next to Midoriya. He honestly wasn't expecting for his dad's student to accept a dinner invite. Shinsou guessed that his dad din't leave much room for arguments though. He knows first hand how intimidated his dad can be to other who don't know him well. And, Midoriya seemed to be shaking in his spot at Shinsou's greeting. Not that he, himself was any better. This was going to be one awkward dinner. 

"Um, yeah. Hope you don't mind, Aizawa-sensei didn't let him turn him down. Said that it was only logical for me to meet his family. Sorry for imposing on you," Midoriya spoke in a soft tone. Even the way Shinsou talks is cute! He seems so cool! I wonder what his quirk is. Should I ask? Would that be considered rude?

"Yeah, don't sweat it. I'm not bothered at all. More people are the dinner table means less leftovers. Besides, if dad is training you, there must be something he sees in you. Don't worry too much, as far as I'm considered you'll always be welcomed here," Shinsou replied to Midoriya. 

Before Midoriya could reply, excited footsteps made its way towards the living room. Midoriya's field of vision was blocked by a tall blond man with an excited grin on his face. "You must be Midoriya! Nice to meet you! I'm Yamada Hizashi, Shouta's partner and Hitoshi's pa," The blond greeted himself. 

"Um, hi nice to meet you, Yamada-san," Midoriya meekly greeted back with a nervous smile. 


"So Midoriya, what middle school do you go to?" Yamada-san questioned over a bowl of homemade beef ramen. Usually Midorya's Mother would cook something more filling, but he couldn't complain. It was free food after all, and he was invited. 

"Um, Aldera Junior High. It's an okay school," Midoriya shrugged not really wanting to talk about school. He didn't want to seem rude but, school wasn't exactly a fun experience. It never was, and talking about over dinner for a first meeting was not ideal.

"Do you have any friends?" Yamada-san tried again, wanting his husbands student to speak more. Small talk was absolutely hell, but if he could give small talk to the same man for three years an marry him a year about graduation. He could make this green haired teen talk.


Chopsticks clattered against a nearby empty bowl of ramen, "You don't have any friends?" Shinsou visibly winced at how rude that sounded as MIdoriya jolted from his seat. Aizawa didn't say anything as he silently watched the interaction between his son and his pupil. "Sorry! I didn't mean it that way. It's just that, popularity is now based on quirks right? From what dad says, your quirk sounds great! So, er, why don't you have nay friends?"

Midoriya lightly cleared his throat and took a breath before replying, "Well, mine came in late. Like really late, so, everyone thought I was quirkless. Even when I got my quirk I decided not to tell anyone. It wouldn't matter if people tried to be my friend based on my quirk, I already sen their true colors." Midoriya shrugged sadly. 

Shinsou felt his heart clench as Midoriya frowned, "Um! I'll be your friend! I don't care about your quirk! I'll be your friend as long as you don't care about mine!" Stupid! Shinsou felt himself heat up at the intense gaze from both his Fathers. What was he thinking? Getting too carried away! But, the happiness he felt from Midoriya's smile gave him goosebumps that made him feel fuzzy inside. 

"R-really? Y-your not joking?" Midoriya's voice wavered from so much emotion building up. Even with Shinsou's dad's watching the two like a soap opera, he couldn't help but feel relived that he could make a friend. After everyone that has happened, it was that last thing that he expected.

"Yeah! Um, about my quirk, it's called brainwashing. I can control people when they respond to me," Shinsou bashfully said. Right now, everything seemed fake. Midoriya would say how villainous his was and leave. Never talking to him or his dad ever again. But, that didn't sound like Midoriya at all, did it? Only an hour on meeting the other teen and Shinsou could swear he knows his dad's student like the back of his hand. Why though? Why was he so comfortable around the green haired boy?

"Wow! That's so cool! How many people can you brainwash at a time? Can you really get anyone to do anything? That's such a useful quirk! You can stop hostage situations with just your voice? Or suicide too? How long can you keep someone under your control? Will they act normal but be brainwashed? Will they remember it?Are their any backlashes from using your quirk too often or too fast? CAN YOU BRAINWASH YOURSELF?" Midoriya breathed out the questions faster than he can blink.

The two adults at the table looked at each other and shared a smile. The two teenagers would get along just fine. 

Shinsou on the other hand looked overwhelmed, "Um, well, maybe we can test all that out some other time?" He didn't expect this type of energy from the smaller teen, it was almost too much. Still, having someone treat him like an equal was relaxing. He could see why his dad chose to train Midoriya. He was a heart of gold. 

"Ah, sorry about that. I get excited about quirks and what they can do. I have a bunch of notebooks I've written in about different heroes and their quirks. I can bring them over and we can look at them if you want!" Midoriya sheepishly said before going back into excitement mode. 

Shinsou blushed faintly at how adorable Midoriya looked at that moment, "Yeah sure. Anytime." 

As everyone finished their dinner and said their goodbye a thought ran through Aizawa's head as he walked Midoriya home, this problem child is going to be my son in law someday, isn't he?

Chapter Text

"Mom! I'm home!' Midoriya called out in a greeting as he kicked his shoes and off and walked deeper inside of his house looking for his mom. Between all of the shifts that his mom takes to put food on the table, he doesn't really see her that much.  Stepping quietly into her room, Midoriya smiled softly at the sight of his mom deep asleep from another hard day at work. 

Silently closing the bedroom door, he headed to his own bedroom to began the homework for that day. The green hired teen was halted by a knocking on the door. Wondering who it could be, Midoriya quickly answered the door to not wake up his mom. The moment he opened the door however he quickly closed it on the person who was on the other side of it.

"Damn you Deku! Open this fucking door!" Ka-chan yelled before pounding on the door. How dare that fucker close the door on him! And after he went through the trouble of waiting until the damn brat got home in order to not bother Auntie. 

Quickly, Midoriya opened the door and pushed the blond out of the way and closed his front door behind him. "Oh! Sorry Kachan!" Midoriya said when he realized that he pushed the taller teen onto the floor. "I'm still not used to keeping it under control," He said bashfully. 

"Keeping what under control? You made up quirk? No ones going to believe you. Everyone will think your a liar. And after the word gets around to that shady lookin' guy that you follow like a lost puppy, he'll leave you too." The blond teen glared harshly at the other teen.

"You got it wrong Ka-chan! I'm not faking anything. My quirk, it just came in late. Aizawa-sensei was there when I got it! He'll tell you!" Midoriya spoke with determination in his eyes. The green haired boy looked at his childhood friend with worry, if this got out, then the bullying will get much worse. 

"Like hell I'm going to talk to that shady ass druggy! Go to hell! I'm going to be the first one to go to UA and no one is going to stop me! Just because you have help doesn't fucking mean anything! You'll never get it! Just because you got some weak ass quirk isn't goin' change anything. You'll always be a useless Deku," Bakugou spoke with venom. 

"That's not true, even if I don't get into UA, I won't be useless. I'll find another way to become a hero. I won't give up Ka-chan! So just watch me!" Midoriya said with a shaky breath. In that moment his whole body felt off, like he was out of it. Finally standing up to his childhoodfr- no childhood bully. This was an out of body experience, it felt weird, but powerful all the same. 

"Whatever fucking nerd. I'll beat you with my own hands if that happens. I won't be seeing you at UA. So just give up already. At best, you'll fail out of it," The blond said shoving his hands into his pockets. "Fuck off," He mumbled in a scratchy voice. 

Midoriya smiled sadly at the retreating figure, "You've been beating me since we were kids, Ka-chan. I've always gotten back up though. You won't be able to stop me anymore. I'm not afraid anymore, not when I have people believing in me. I'm sorry Ka-chan," The green haired teen whispered into the air. 

"Izuku honey! When did you get home?" Inko asked her son as he stepped back into the house after that rough encounter with Bakugou. Inko watched as her son took off his shoes and made a beeline to her before giving the older Midoriya a hug. Inko smiled and the teen and returned the hug, "Are you okay?"

"Sorry for waking you up, I wanted you to sleep for awhile longer," Midoriya mumbled as he hugged his mom tight. Wanting someone to ground him from the busy and emotional stressful day he had. 

"It's no big deal. I only took a small nap, set an alarm and everything. Want something to drink? Go have a seat and I'll join you," Inko said, gently pushing her son towards the sofa, "You can pick out what we should watch as we talk about your day." The older Midoriya watched as her son nodded and slowly walked over to the sofa with the t.v., remote in hand. Inko smiled to herself, it looked like her son had a very busy day. She wondered how dinner with his mentor went.

Midoriya mumbled out an almost silent 'thanks' as his mom handed him a cup of tea. The two sat on silence for awhile, both kept their eyes on the news and drank their tea. A few minutes of this, Midoriya cleared his throat and shifted his body towards his mom. His palms sweating from anxiety and nervousness. The teen closed his eyes and slowly took a deep breath in, "I think I have a crush on Aizawa-sensei's son!" He blurted out with wide eyes.

Inko blinked and started laughing, "Oh my! I thought it was something serious!" The woman continued to laugh much to the dismay of her son's pride. "Honey, having crushes is normal! What do you like about him? Is he nice? What did you talk about over dinner? How was Aizawa's husband? Nice? You better get along with your in laws now!" Inko smiled with every sentence.

"Mom! This is not okay! Having on crush on my mentor's kid! This is beyond mortifying! I don't even know what to do with myself! The first time I make a friend, I immediately develop a crush on him! Something must be wrong with me!" Midoriya whined in embarrassment. 

 "Now Izuku," Inko started with sharp eyes and a no longer smiling face, "There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You can like whoever you like. It's something you can't control. Good people know this by heart. Don't ever say that about yourself, do you understand?" Inko said catching her sons eye. Midoriya nodded but didn't speak. Inko sighed and carted her fingers through her son's thick curly hair, "Tell me about him. The boy you like, what's he like?"

Midoriya sighed but gave his mom a small smile, "Well, he's funny and cool. He does this thing with his hand, where he puts his hand on his neck and it's adorable! He scrunches his nose up when his thinking about something. And laugh sounds like chimes. Shinsou is, he's just amazing," The teen finished with a dreamy look rested on his face. A light blush dusted on his cheeks from being so honest with his mother about his new found crush. 

"Sounds like a real great guy," Inko hummed, "I would like to him sometime. Do you think that Aizawa would let his family came over here to have dinner? I think family dinners are going to be more common if you get along great with Aizawa's." Inko playfully winked at her son.

"M-mom!" Midoriya broke out into a full blown blush. "I'm not sure if that's necessary! I meant, Aizawa-sensei will probably get too annoyed with me after awhile. I don't want anyone to get tired of me. They might find me boring after awhile and not want to train me or be my friend anymore," The teen said sadly while staring down at the grey colored carpet. The dark feeling started to come back up, slowly choking on it.

Soft hands touched the sides of his face and Midoriya was meet with the gentle smile of his Mother. "You know Izuku, not everyone is going to leave you. It's when you start to let go, when bad things happen. So while you have your own fears and insecurities I will probably never understand, don't let it control your life. I know you don't believe this, but honey, you deserve to be happy. Don't let your fear control your happiness." Inko smiled gently at her child with kind eyes. 

Izuku might've cried in his Mother's arms for the rest of the night. And that was okay. 

Chapter Text

"At this point i don't even know how you do this," Shinsou deadpanned to his dad, who was a few feet away from the purple haired teen laughing his head off. This training session consisted of the duo, teacher and student, along with Aizawa's son joining in of the fun. Shinsou had made a joke about, 'You can't keep my dad all to yourself, you know? I gotta train with him too.' Unfortunately, Midoriya barley getting used to having friends teases each other, started crying and apologizing. it was a mess.

Luckily everyone calmed and and began training together once the green haired teen was recovered from his mini panic attack. 

 "Fucking magic child," Aizawa responded before turning to his student, "How many laps was that?" He questioned with an eyebrow raised. After the panic attack, Aizawa had ordered Midoriya to run as many laps his body would allow. It probably wasn't a great idea to do that first was his pupil was soaking with sweat and his legs had a slight tremble to it. 

"Um, ah, a-about, ah, eight, ah, I never gotten that far b-before. Ah, usually I can do two without taking a break," Midoriya panted out. The green haired teen looked ready to passed out from exhaustion. 

"Hm, we're going to do this everyday before more harsh training starts then. It'll give you time to build up stamina before the entrance exam. In the meantime I want you to climb as many pillars as you can and see how long you can stick to them. if you start to get bored you can test out that water theory you have. I'm going to go help Hitoshi untangle from his spider web he was going on," Aizawa said, ignoring the squeak of, 'rude!' coming from the purple haired teen who laid on the floor, trapped in his capture weapon.

Midoriya nodded and decided to climb on the of pillars that was in the middle of the training area. Taking a deep breath in, he started to quickly climb to the top. After making sure that he was secure, Midoriya moved his body towards the side of the pillar and slowly let go, no longer holding the piece of stone like a lifeline. Instead, his feet were firmly planted on the side, not letting go. Letting his breath go, Midoriya started giggling excitably. 

"Looks like your having fun," Aizawa said as he watched his student laugh in an almost manically manner. This should be more concerning, the man thought to himself. "I'm going to time you and see how long you are able to hold this. It might not be for long. So let's just wait for twenty minutes. The stronger your leg muscles become, the longer you should be able to hold the position," Aizawa explained as he started a timer he got out of his scarf. 

Midoriya nodded and began to concentrate at the task at hand. Despite being nervous, the green haired teen wasn't sweating as much as he thought he should be. The exercise was almost calming, grounding even. It helped put the teen's mind at ease. Without noticing, Midoriya closed his eyes and began relaxing. Sticking to surfaces was becoming an instinct now. Getting comfortable with his quirk felt amazing to the green haired teen.

Once Shinsou was detangled from his capture weapon, he quickly looked over at his friend and noticed that Midoriya seemed to be relaxed. Walking over to where his father took, the purple haired teen tapped his dad's shoulder, "Is he supposed to be that relaxed during a training session?" He questioned the male. 

Aizawa watched as Midoriya seemed to be caught up in his own world, focusing on the feeling on his quirk working. "Should be fine, he wasn't had his quirk for awhile. Remember he barely got it a few months ago. Can't expect someone who is timid like Midoriya to get used to this kind of quirk quick," The pro shrugged in dismal. 

"Are you insulting your student? Didn't know you were that kind of guy! I hope you don't talk that way about me when I'm not around," Shinsou faked gasped. The teen could understand though, most quirks won't appear if the hold doesn't feel safe. To have a quirk show up in protection, seemed nerve wrecking. 

The hero chuckled in amusement, "Don't worry Hitoshi, I won't insult your boyfriend with you in the room. I'll do it behind your back!" Aizawa basked in the way his son turned red and ducked away from looking him in the eyes.

"We're not dating!" Shinsou shouted in embarrassment, "Dad! We're just friends!" The teen's face felt hot as he looked away from his dad and kept his eyes on the ground. He came here to get some training in. Not talk about his love life!

"Yeah, that's what they all say," Aizawa sighed as he shook his head, "How about you go get your boyfriend and we can take a lunch break? Training without breaks can be very harmful," The pro said, ruffling his son's hair in fondness.

"Dad!" Shinsou whined but did as he dad said to. Walking up to the other teen, Shinsou wondered how he was going to get Midoriya out of the zone he was currently in. Getting an idea, Shinsou grabbed a nearby tree branch and started to poke the other teen with it. After a poke reached the green haired teen's neck, Midoriya jumped from his spot and released his grip on the pillar. 

Fully preparing to catch the teen, Shinsou spread his legs out and positioned himself under the other teen with his arms out. What he was not expecting, was for Midoriya to twist his body in midair and so white strings to come out of his wrists. Shinsou watched with his mouth opened as Midoriya seemed to slow falling as the strings latched into a nearby pillar. Suddenly, Midoriya was being pulled in the direction of the pillar and before anyone could move to stop it, the teen face planted harshly onto the stone.

The area was silent as Aizawa and Shinsou watched as the scene unfolded like some part of an action movie in front of them. Midoriya let out a small groan as his body slowly slid down from the pillar. The white string didn't seem to be attached to the teenage boy anymore. Instead it was still stuck to the side of the pillar that Midoriya was hugging as he let out another groan of pain. 

Before the two could ask if the green haired teen was alright, Midoriya sat up with a sparkle in his eyes, "That was awesome! What was that? It came out of my wrists! It was so cool! What was that? Webbing? It's sticky! And- HOLY COW MY ARM IS MISSING! Oh wait, it's back now false alarm! Wow! Both of those things are so cool yet so weird at the same time! I wonder what else I can do! How would it work it battle? Maybe by pulling my weight or helping me with my stamina? Maybe I can-" 

Aizawa decided to cut Midoriya off as his left arm disappeared again, "Midoriya, you need help with your quirk," The adult spoke interrupting the mumbling. Midoriya blushed as he stopped speaking and got up from off the ground. "Your arm is missing," The pro helpfully pointed out when he noticed that his son went pale from shock. Midoriya looked at the area were his arm was supposed to be and shook it back to color. That seemed to bring the teen's arm back. "Well, this day has been weird. Nice going Spiderboy! You'll be scaring children in no time!" Aizawa laughed as Shinsou was still frozen in his spot. 

"I'm so sorry Aizawa-sensei! I don't know what happened! I didn't mean to scare anyone. Will Shinsou be alright?" Midoriya asked worryingly for his friend. The purple haired teen seemed to have his soul escaped from his body from all of the shock. "I'm really sorry," Midoriya apologized with tears in his eyes. 

The pro hero frowned and placed his hand on the teen's head in comfort, "Don't worry about it. Shinsou will get over it, he's seen some pretty weird stuff by living with me and Hizashi. In the meantime, we'll have to tell your mom about this so you can go to the doctor again. A quirk that's complex as yours can have some serious backlash." He explained, trying to calm the teen's nerves down. 

"A-are you sure it's really okay?" Midoriya asked a quiver in his voice. He might've scared away the only friend he's manged to make so far! 

Aizawa sighed, "Yes he'll be fine. If your that worried than treat him to something tomorrow. You guys won't be having any training so, take him to a movie or cafe. I recommend  a cat cafe. Hitoshi loved cats, can't go wrong with that," The male internally smiled to himself, the faster these two go on a date, the sooner they'll stop acting like love sick fools. 

"Um, as long as Shinsou is okay with it. Yeah! It'll be fun!" Midoriya cheered happily. He'll be able to spend time with his friend outside of training! Hopefully this way, Shinsou won't ever be afraid of him ever again. 

Shinsou was now in shock for something else.

Chapter Text

"Wow, so their called webbing? How does that work with your DNA? There has to be some change right?" Shinsou questioned with wide eyes that held amazement. The two teenagers decided to meet up at the training area and walk to a nearby cat cafe to spend the day. Shinsou tried not to think about how it like it was a date, he was having a hard enough time trying not to blush every five minutes. 

"I'm not quite sure how the webbing affects my DNA. I have to wait until the results get back, they did some blood work. The craziest thing was, before the doctors could wrap up the area they stuck the needle in, it was already healed! It turns out that my quirk has many different elements to it. However, since that's the case I have to make sure I take good care of my body. Or my quirk will have extremely bad backlashes," Midoriya explained to his friend. 

"That must stuck, the only thing I have to worry about is headaches or blacking out. I guess in that sense I'm lucky," Shinsou joked to the green haired teen. Ever since he was little, Shinsou always found himself jealous of other people's quirks. The more powerful your quirk was, the more nicer people were to you. Having a powerful quirk was not all it seemed to be though. And for the first time in a long time, Shinsou felt grateful to have his quirk. The thought made him smile. 

"I wouldn't call it luck, Shinsou. Your quirk is amazing as it is!" Midoriya grinned at the purple haired teen. Shinsou felt his face heat up and he quickly ducked his head to the side to avoid further embarrassment. "Ah, I'm sorry, did I say something weird? I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable," Midoriya apologized as he noticed how stiff the other's movements were after the comment. 

"Um, no! It wasn't weird! Just, still not use to people liking my quirk," Shinsou stammered out. Not wanting his friend to feel that way. Midoriya could probably ever make him feel uncomfortable. Expect for when the webbing first came out of the teen's body, Shinsou was extremely uncomfortable for awhile after seeing that. But, that doesn't count. 

"I'm glad," Midoriya grinned in relief. For awhile it felt like Shinsou was staring at the sun with how wide and sincere the smile was. The do blushed red and faced away from each other once they realized that they were staring at the other for a long time. "Um, so, er, you really like cat cafes?" Midoriya questioned coughing into his hand, trying to change the mood of the conversation. 

"Ah, yeah," Shinsou hummed as he rubbed his neck with his hand, "It's relaxing, being around cats and stuff. That's just me though, heh. Sorry, that was probably weird," Shinsou snapped at himself for being so awkward around his crush. Wait...crush? What the fuck? 

"It's not weird at all! It's kinda cute," Midoriya smiled lightly at the purple haired teen. His eyes got wide as the teen slowly realized just what he had said. "Wait! It's not bad! I didn't mean it in a bad way! Um, how do I say this? It's a nice thought. Being around cats and relaxing right? So it's not weird," Midoriya repeated with more joy in his tone. 

"Right," Shinsou nodded dumbly with what the shorter teen had said. It was getting really hard to not think about this hang out as a date, with each passing moment. Shinsou bit his lip as he wactched Midoriya mutter about statics about cats. "Oh, here we are."

The two teenagers stopped in front of a small shop that had cat stickers plastered onto the windows with a cafe sign on the door. "Looks cute," Midoriya commented with an upbeat tone. The two headed in with Shinsou walking in front since he's been to the cafe before. Inside was even more cat theme than the outside. With cat shaped tables and chairs. And cat plushes on the front desk counter. Luckily the workers weren't wearing any cat related items. Only a dark colored uniform with the cafe name on the front of the shirt. 

"Welcome! Do you want to order something before seeing the cats?" A worker questioned with a polite smile on their face. Midoriya glanced around and noticed that there was two more rooms connected to the cafe. "Ah, is this your first time?" The worker asked still smiling. 

"Not for me, I'll show him how everything is. We'll like to order some drinks before going in," Shinsou said before Midoriya could say anything back to the cashier. The worker nodded and waited for the purple haired teen's order. "Uh, we'll both have chai tea, iced please. And can we get one hour in the cat room?" 

"Of course! You can pay on your way out. Please show your friend how to enter the cat room and I'll have your drinks out in a bit!" The worker cheerfully said, leaving the two to their own devices. 

Midoriya wordlessly began following his friend to one of the rooms that he saw before. "So just take your shoes off and put on some hand sanitizer. Sorry, I would've gotten something to snack on but, they won't let you in with food. Only drinks," Shinsou explained to his friend. 

"Oh no, that's okay! I don't mind at all! We can get something to eat when we're done," Midoriya smiled as he followed Shinsou's instructions. After putting his shoes in a cubicle next to Shinsou's, the green haired teen followed his friend inside the cat room. Midoriya almost immediately saw how Shinsou's whole face lit up with masked happiness. The teen didn't know when he got good at reading the other's mood. But, it gave him a warm feeling inside because he was able to do so.  

Shinsou took a seat on a beanbag chair with Midoriya taking a next on the floor next to him. "You can have an actual seat you know," Shinsou said to the green haired teen with an eyebrow raised. 

Midoriya smiled nervously, "I want to be next you to." Shinsou's face bloomed in red and he buried his face into a cat's fur mumbling a, 'Do whatever you want'. Midoriya did so happily, while trying to distract himself from the ringing in his ears due to embarrassment. A few minutes of playing with the cats, their drinks came and the cafe worker left with a smile on their face once again. 

"I can see why you like this place," Midoriya said as he let himself fall down onto his back on the floor. "It's nice," He smiled peacefully with his eyes closed. Shinsou watched as the teen breathed in quietly before exhaling. He looks so peaceful, Shinsou thought to himself as he held himself back from stroking his cheek. In that moment with his heart pounding, Shinsou realized just how beautiful Midoriya Izuku was. 

Blushing, Shinsou stood up, "It's time to go!" He said a little bit too loud for the both of them. 

"Already? That was fast," Midoriya commented, "Sorry if I fell asleep, we should come again soon though! You were right, a cat cafe is really relaxing!" While in reality, they had about ten more minutes left but, Shinsou didn't think he could handle being alone with Midoriya without weird thoughts coming to mind. 

"Um, yeah! We should, maybe after the UA exam? We still have a lot of training to do before then. We're luckily that Dad gave us this day to relax," Shinsou replied with a tight smile on his face. The two paid and said their goodbye to the worker as they left the cat cafe. 

Smiling Midoriya spoke up, "Should we get something to eat after all?" The duo were making their way to the train station where lots of fast food places were at. The thought of eating alone with Midoriya nearly gave Shinsou a heart attack. He wasn't ready for that! 

"Um! My Dad is cooking something tonight, so I can't. It's usually my Pa that cooks, so when my Dad does, it's like a treat. Sorry, maybe next time?" Shinsou tried not to think about how Midoriya's frown upsetted his heart. It almost wanted to make him change his mind. Almost.

"I see, it's okay. There's next time, I guess I'll see you tomorrow? For training?" Midoriya asked with an almost hopeful tone to the question. Not trusting himself to say anything other than a love deceleration, Shinsou just nodded his head. The green haired teen beamed at his friend, "Great! I'll make sure to bring those snacks you like. See you tomorrow then!" 

Shinsou watched as Midoriya left on the train and stood still for a few moments. "I should've gotten his number," He cursed himself for being stupid. What was that? Stop acting so creepy! Midoriya is just your friend! You guys will never be anything more than friends! He scolded himself. "But what if we could be more?" Shinsou whispered to himself. The thought brought a smile to his face as he called his Dad to pick him up. 

Chapter Text

"Oh! Hey Shinsou! Guess we got here at the same time!" Midoriya waved at the purple haired teen with a smile on his face. After his mom wished him good luck on the entrance exam, Midoriya headed out to the hero school. Running to make sure that his dreams were still attainable. Once nearing the gates of UA, the teen broke out into a grin as he saw his friend already entering the schools gate. 

"Oh, yeah. My parents didn't want me to go with them. Said that if anyone saw us together so early in the day, people will think that they're helping me pass the exam." Shinsou spoke, rubbing his neck. "Did you want to um, sit next to each other at the opening ceremony? We don't have to of course. Actually it'll probably be better if we don't sit next to each other. So we don't distract one another. We can meet up after though, okay? Let's meet at the gates!" Shinsou word vomited as his head felt dizzy with each sentence. 

After realizing that he probably talked way too much, Shinsou quickly dashed off to the auditorium. Not looking back in order to save his pride. Midoriya on the other hand blinked at his friends antics. Feeling down, Midoriya slowly walked into UA with a heavy feeling in his chest. Did he mess up somehow? He thought that they were getting along great! Maybe Shinsou figured out his true feelings? Oh no, this is bad! Midoriya thought to himself as he tripped over feet. Well, this is how I'm going to die then. Sorry Mom. 

Suddenly though, Midoriya found himself floating in the air. "What the fuck?" He whispered under his breath. He was only a few inches in the air but that didn't stop his anxiety from rising. 

"Sorry I used my quirk on you without asking!" A female voice apologized. Midoriya felt a pat on his back and he was back on his feet again. Taking a deep breath to ground himself he closed his eyes as he counted to three and slowly exhaled as he opened his eyes. The female was a teen his age, another student trying out for the exam. She had short brown hair but big brown eyes. "I thought it would be unlucky to fall before taking an important exam," She smiled, "Anyways! I'll see you inside then!" 

Midoriya kept his mouth shut as he watched her disappear into the building. That was a head rush, he thought as he slowly began walking. He didn't want to trip again. Catching the eye of Ka-chan, Midoriya quicken his pace and practically ran inside the building. Trying to find a seat turned out to be a challenge as it seemed that most of Japan was cramped in the large auditorium. However, the teen found a seat next to a different blond and a kid that seemed really uptight for some reason. 

Sighing, Midoriya sat up in his seat and focused his attention on Present Mic, who was explaining the rules and such. The green haired teen wondered where Shinsou was. 

Okay, retract. Maybe Midoriya should've been paying attention during the opening ceremony. Thanks to him not listening, he was dodging robots left and right. Destroying some while letting others being destroyed by different students. Was there a limit to how much you can take down? Or how much power to use? Either way, Midoriya was beginning to feel light headed. The overuse of his quirk made it so that he got dehydrated fast. 

The teen didn't know how much time they had to defeat all of the robots, so he was acting fast. Why was he daydreaming about Shinsou during an important time like this? Gosh, he was very stupid. Midoriya dodged another attack from a robot, only to trip and fall to the floor. Well, there goes that string of luck. He thought as he rolled away from the robot's fist. 

The blond guy who Midoriya was sitting next to ended up taking down the robot. A lightning quirk? After the robot went down, the blond guy walked over and held out his hand towards Midoriya. "You okay dude? Something wrong with your quirk? Why aren't you using it?" He questioned as he helped the green haired teen to his feet. 

Midoriya swayed a little but remained steady on his feet. "Yeah I'm good. I overused my quirk a little," He gave a nervous smile to the blond. This guy must think I'm pathetic. Everyone here has gotten used to their quirk, but i still manage to forget to bring a water bottle with me so this doesn't happen. Oh well, I still took down some robots by following what the others were doing. Midoriya thought, trying not to be so hard on himself. 

"You sure that's all? You look a little dead. Maybe stay away from the fighting until the exam is over? Might sound selfish but, your is health is more important than an exam right?" The blond cautiously said. 

The green haired teen nodded, "I guess, don't worry about me though. You go finish the exam," At least he tried to pass, he'll have to apologize to Aizawa-sensei later. Taking his time on someone who barely got his quirk, only to fail in the end. Such a disaster. 

"If you're sure man, and who knows? Maybe you already have enough points to pass?" The blond said taking off, with a thumbs up for encouragement. Midoriya watched as he left. Maybe he could get more points without using his webs? With that mindset, Midoriya headed off in another direction trying to find more robots to take down. 

Very quickly, fortunately or unfortunately,(Midoriya was sure yet), a robot, bigger than the others, came out of hiding and started attacking the students. Midoriya wasn't sure why everyone was running away from it, but this might be his chance to earn points. So, taking a deep breath and making sure that he was grounded, Midoriya ran after the robot.

A cry of help stopped him dead at his tracks though. Where? Underneath a pile of debris, Midoriya spotted the girl who had helped him earlier on in the day. Without noticing, his feet raced against the robot and dove to save the girl. "Hey! Are you alright? What happened?" Midoriya immediately questioned. 

The brown haired girl looked up with wide teary eyes and let out a sob of relief, "Can you lift the debris? My foot is stuck and I can't move to use my quirk." Nodding, Midoriya quickly moved and squatted into a lifting position and slowly began lifting the large pieces of debris from the girl's foot. Once the girl was out, Midoriya dropped the debris and went over to make sure the girl was okay. 

"Are you okay now? Can you move?" Midoriya questioned in panic as the huge robot began making its move to where the two were. The girl shook her head and looked down in shame. If she couldn't move, well, he wasn't in any condition to pick her up and run away. In the distance he could hear Present Mic's voice saying that they had under two minutes left.

Taking a deep breath, Midoriya made a mad dash towards the robot. Ignoring the cries of the girl, he used all the energy he had left to jump and aim a fist at the robot. Hopefully this will be enough to knock the robot out. Even if he didn't get enough points to pass the exam, at least he got to save one person. It was more than he deserved honestly. 

Taking a swing at the robot, Midoriya shifted all of his weight to it and managed to knock the robot down. Not completely destroying it, but giving the robot a few cracks was enough for it to stop working. Unable to use his webs to trap the robot, Midoriya just laid his head down on the cold metal and let his body go limp. His hearing and sight going in and out. It was probably the most terrifying thing he experienced in a long time. 

Moments later, he left a kiss on his forehead and some voices above him. "He should be alright now. I'll take him to the infirmary and call his guardian. He shouldn't be using his quirk like this. Anymore and he would've gone into quirk exhaustion," An elder female voice spoke. 

"I'll take him home. I know where he lives and his Mother is counting on me to bring him home. Sorry for this mess. I'll make sure he understands his limits from now on," Aizawa-sensei? More voice speaking back and forth, but it began to muddle together and so, Midoriya let himself slip back into unconsciousness. He was tired and done for the day.   

Chapter Text

"Still can't believe you overused your quirk and fainted," Aizawa shook his head fondly at the spider kid. "You'll hurt yourself if you keep doing that to yourself. I know that you know your limits, you have to listen to your limits and stop trying to stretch yourself thin. If you can't become a hero if your dead," The man scolded the teen. After the exam had ended, Aizawa was forced to bring his student to the infirmary until he woke up. Recovery Girl said that once Midoriya was feeling better, Aizawa could take him home. With his patience already thin, it was a good thing that Midoriya woke up so fast. 

Midoriya bowed his head in shame. Once he had woken up from his mini coma, Aizawa wasted no time in telling him off. He deserved every second of it too. What kind of hero spaces out during an important announcement. "I'm sorry sir, I had a lot on my mind. I guess, I didn't realize how deep in my thoughts I was until it was too late. My body just moved on its own." The teen lied in the infirmary bed feeling drained, his limbs felt heavy and all he wanted was to go back to sleep. Aizawa-sensei was sitting on a chair next to the bed with an unimpressed look on his face. 

Aizawa's eyes widen momentary at those words but quickly replaced his shock with a poker face. "What was on your mind then? What was so important that you nearly blew your chance at attending UA? I thought this was your dream school Midoriya. Did that dream change?" The pro hero crossed his arms waiting for an answer. Although, he already suspected what the answer would be. 

"I- I've been dealing with feelings. I know you don't want anything to effect my performance but, this thing is bugging me. I promise I'll get it under control and take better care of myself," Midoriya hoarsely whispered. In that moment, he felt like a failure. It was something he never wanted to feel again. He would have to work extra hard to not make the same mistakes. He didn't want to disappoint anyone ever again. 

The pro sighed and handed the green haired teen a cold water bottle, "Well, as long as it doesn't happen again. Make sure it get your emotions under control. It's okay to feel human, you are one after all. Don't forget that." The two sat in silence for awhile until Aizawa's phone beeped. "Okay kid, Hizashi is here. Let's go," He spoke shoving his phone back in his pocket. 

"What do you mean?" Midoriya questioned as his mentor helped him sit up on the bed. Outside the windows showed that the sun was starting to set. Colors of red, orange, and yellow filled the sky. Midoriya felt every part of his body ache from exhaustion and overuse. 

"I'm taking you home. Your mom is still at work so it's my job to make sure your safe. She should be back by the time we arrive at your apartment," Aizawa informed the teen. He helped Midoriya out of bed and waited at the teen's side as he put on his shoes. "Ready? I'm not carrying you." Midoriya nodded and slowly got up. Once he was sure that the teen could walk without any heavy difficulties, Aizawa lead him out of the infirmary and out of the school. 

Outside ear the gates a car was waiting with Shinsou standing next to it, a worried expression on his face. The moment that the purple haired teen locks eyes with his friend, a feeling of relief washes over him and Shinsou all but practicality runs over to where Midoriya is limping. "Izuku!" The taller teen gasped as he pulled the other into a tight hug. "I'm glad you're okay." 

Aizawa let out an awkward cough when the hug lasted more than five minutes. "Ah! S-sorry about that!" Shinsou stuttered as he released the boy. "I-I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. Sorry, um, don't do that again. Had me really worried there for a minute," The teen nervously laughed. 

"Right, must've been a long minute," Aizawa teased his son. "Anyways, we should get going. Midoriya's mom is probably already home now." The pro continued before his son could butt in. The two shared a look and Shinsou looked away from embarrassment, a soft blush rested on his face. 

"Sorry for worrying you guys. I won't do it again,"Midoriya softly spoke with his head down. Guilt swarmed in his stomach. It seemed like he couldn't do anything right. 

"Don't worry about it. Worry about me kid, your Mother is going to skin me alive. Let's not make her wait anymore, come on," Aizawa ushered the kids into the car and got himself in the passenger seat. The tired man looked at his husband, "Inko is going to kill me." He said with a straight face. 

Hizashi laughed at his husbands antics and pulled out of the school entry way and started driving away, "She's not going to do anything. You have nothing to worry about! But, we should bring a peace offering just in case!" The blond smiled. In the back the two teens kept quiet, trying no to look at one another. Hizashi glanced at the rear view mirror and sighed, "Those two are like love sick puppies!" He said cheerfully. Aizawa groaned in response. 

"Izuku! I'm so glad your okay! You didn't get too hurt did you?" Inko cried on her son's shoulder. After getting a call from UA saying her son was in the infirmary due to overuse of his quirk, she almost ran out of her job to go check on him. Luckily, Aizawa quickly took a hold of things and managed to convince her to stay at work. The Mother felt relief and angry at her son. If he got hurt because of his quirk by doing a test, just what was going to happen to him at that school?

"Ms.Midoriya! We brought over some cake! As a get well gift! Please enjoy," Hizashi smiled at the woman. "And please don't kill my husband!" Behind him, Aizawa choked on air. Inko and Hizashi shared a laugh. 

"Don't worry, I won't do anything. This is because Izuku didn't think things through. I just glad he's alright. If he gets accepted into UA, I need to understand that he is bound to get hurt sometimes," Inko told the pro heroes. "I'm sorry for causing trouble. Ah! You must be Shinsou! Izuku has told me a lot about you!" Inko grinned at the sight of the purple haired teenager. 

Shinsou jumped from his spot by the door and let out a nervous smile, "Um, yeah. Pleasure to meet you too, Ms.Midoriya." The teen awkwardly said. He caught the eye of Midoriya and quickly looked away. The teen started to rub his neck to ease his anxiety. There was just too much attention on him. 

"Oh! Please call me Inko! Izuku talks about you so much that I practically feel I already know you!" Inko smiled at the shy teenager. Both Izuku and Shinsou blushed heavily at what the green haired woman said. While the adults tried not to laugh at their kids reaction. 

"Mom!" Izuku whined, covering his face with his arms. 

"Oh honey! It's okay! No need to be shy. Why don't we all have dinner together? That way we can get to know each other better," Inko suggested with her smile still in place. Aizawa and Hizashi shuddered at the thought but when they looked at how excited their son seemed to be at the idea. They knew they couldn't say no. 

Dinner was spent more time talking than eating.The adults bonded over how reckless their children were and how Inko had a special recipe that she wouldn't share with Hizashi. On the other hand, the two teens spent the night avoiding looking at each other. Still embarrassed about what had occurred earlier into the day. Their crushes seemed to be getting out of control and either knew what to do about it. 

They couldn't decided if what they felt for the other was really, romantic or just platonic. It was hard when you never really had a friend before. Both Shinsou and Izuku didn't want anything to affect their friendship negativity. 

Once dinner was over and it was time to say goodbye, they didn't know how to see each other off. Full of mumbling and shying away, Aizawa rolled his eyes and dragged his husband out of the apartment to give the two some privacy, "Thank you for the meal Inko! We'll get going now. Hurry up Shinsou, we still have to feed to cats. Bye spidey boy, feel better." 

The two teens watched as the two pros left. Standing at the foyer the two glanced away from each other. "Hey, can I call you Hitoshi?" Izuku questioned his friend with a bright red face. Shinsou snapped his head up in shock, "N-nevermind! It was stupid! S-sorry for asking! I-i'll just see you next week then?"

"Go ahead," Shinsou said interrupting Izuku's rambling. The two meet eyes and Shinsou scratched his neck, "It's only fair. I did call you Izuku after all." The teen smiled lightly, feeling his heart pound in his chest. 

Izuku nodded his head, "Then, see you next week, Hitoshi." 

Three weeks later a letter came. Both had gotten accepted into the hero course of UA high. Izuku and Hitoshi went to a cat cafe to celebrate. 


Chapter Text

Midoriya took in a deep breath as he stared at the door to his classroom. This was it. This was going to be the room where he was going to learn how to be a hero. How to better control his quirk, hopefully make new friends. This was going to be his life from now on. A stream of excitement and anxiety hit the teen as he forced himself to open the door to the classroom. Almost immediately as he stepped inside, a boy with glasses came up to him.

"Hello! Nice to meet you! My name is Tenya Iida," The boy- Iida introduced himself. 

"Ah! I'm I-Izuku M-Midoriya, it's nice to meet you," Midoriya bashfully greeted back. Their conversation didn't go far as another student walked in and Iida took it upon himself to greet them. With a small smile on his face, Midoriya takes his seat and patiently waited for class to began. Hitoshi never did say if they got into the same class, so he'll just have to wait until it starts. 

The short silence was interrupted as a blond came in, slamming the door open. "DAMN YOU DEKU!! HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GET HERE EARLIER THAN ME?" Ka-chan yelled in fury as he charged to where his classmate was. 

"K-Ka-chan! I guess I just woke up early?" Midoriya stuttered and blocked a hit that was aimed at him. The green haired teen quickly bolted out of his seat and ran out of reach from the violent teen. 

"You there! Please behave! This kind of attitude is unsettling for a future hero," Iida said in a formal tone while making chopping motions with his hand. Midoriya just watched as the scene unfolded in front of him. Someone was talking back to Ka-chan? It was unheard of in middle school. Would things be different here? It was a hero school after all. 

"EH? YOU FUCKER! DON'T FUCKIN' TALK TO ME! NO ONE WAS TALKIN' TO YOU! I'LL FUCKIN' DESTROY YOU!" Bakugou screamed at Iida. Midoriya sweat dropped, that was a bit extreme for the first day of school. 

"How dare you talk like that to a fellow classmate! Are you sure you want to be a hero?" Iida scolded the blond. "Now, please apologize to me and Midoriya. You should think about your words more carefully before you say something that might harm someone." Iida lectured at the teen. With every word, Bakugou was slowly losing his cold and clutching his hands tight into fists. 

Before things could go more out of control, the classroom door opened and two more students walked through the door. This time they looked very familiar. Midoriya recognized them from the exam. The blond teen with a black lightening bolt in his hair. And the brunette who got stuck under some debris. Biting his lip, the teen debated on greeting them or not. 

 Midoriya didn't get a chance to decide was he brunette broke out in a grin when she spotted the green haired teen. "Hey! Your the kid that saved me during the exam!" She exclaimed in glee as she made her way over to greet the other teen. "My name is Ochaco Uraraka! It's nice to see you again! I guess we'll be classmates!" Uraraka said with a wide smile on her face. 

"Oh yeah! Your that kid that almost had a panic attack! Are you feeling better buddy?" The blond teen questioned with a worried look but with bright gleaming eyes. Midoriya felt nerved by the amount of attention he was getting. He could feel his anxiety spike up.

"Um, y-yeah. Don't worry about me, I'm okay," Midoriya weakly spoke out. The duo in front of him frown at the meek answer. 

"Oh! I forgot to introduce myself! Sorry about that buddy! Names Denki Kaminari!" Kaminari spoke with a pleasant grin on his face. 

The classroom door opened once more but this time it caused everyone to go silent. Outside of the door was a bright yellow sleeping bag with a very familiar body inside. "Get in your seats and stop talking. If you came here to make friends you might as well leave now. This is a hero school, not  day camp." 

Everyone immediately did as told and was in their seats in eight seconds. With a sigh, the body came out of the bag and slowly walked into the classroom. Midoriya stared wide eyed at Aizawa-sensei. He couldn't believe that he got his mentor as his homeroom teacher. This was going to be very difficult. "Took you eight seconds to calm down. By the end of the month I expect it to be five. Now then, I am Shouta Aizawa, your homeroom teacher. Otherwise known as the underground pro hero Eraserhead."

Midoriya watched as Ka-chan tensed up at the name. The pro reached into his sleeping bag and pulled out a pile of clothes and placed it on a desk. "Take these and change. Meet me outside, I expect everyone to be out in five minutes." Aizawa-sensei glared at his students. Everyone rushed up to grab a uniform that Aizawa had provided and ran out. Midoriya wanted to stay behind and ask about Hitoshi but decided to do it after class was over. 

The class had barley met the five minute mark for changing. Aizawa let out a hum and critically scanned the group of students. "Bakugou Katsuki, you placed first in the entrance exam. How far could you throw a ball in middle school?"

Bakugou jumped when his name was called. Ever since he found out who his homeroom teacher was, he's been skittish. "S-sixty seven meters."  The blond internally cursed himself for stuttering in front of everyone. When the hobo looking freak said he was a teacher at UA, he didn't think that he would get him as a homeroom teacher. 

"Use your quirk, see what happens." Aizawa said throwing a ball to the blond. "Get in the circle and don't move out of it. You can use your quirk however you like." 

Bakugou nodded and did as instructed. Taking a deep breath he threw the ball with a shout of, "DIE!" Using his quirk, the ball sky rocketed in the air. Once the ball came back on the ground, Aizawa looked at his phone and showed the class the distance of the ball. 

"Woah! Seven hundred and five?" The class almost gasped in unison.

"This is a quirk assessment. The person who places last in the exam will be expelled," Aizawa grinned at how his student's face dropped in horror and anxiety. Protests rang out in response. 

"This isn't fair!" A student shouted out in protest.

"Fair? Life isn't fair. If you can't pass a simple test, what business do you have being in the hero course? If you were hoping to by pass hero school with just smiles and giggles, you might as well leave now. For the next three years you'll be training to become heroes. You will poor your heart and soul into training. There is a time and place for making friends and now is not it." The pro hero spoke in a low voice. 

Once everyone was calm, Aizawa addressed the class with a scary smile on his face, "Now then, who's next?"  

In the end, Midoriya was in fourth place behind Bakugou who was in third. Midoriya watched as the blond was shaking in rage. He could only imagine how the blond was feeling. As much as Izuku wanted to help him, he had a feeling that he shouldn't. The two weren't friends. They were probably never friends. That hurt a lot more than Midoriya wanted to admit. Realizing the truth is painful.

"Minoru Mineta, you placed last. Go pack up your bag and leave. You are not qualified to be in the hero course," Aizawa said, almost glaring at the small teenage boy. 

"B-but, give me another chance!" Mineta cried out in shock.

"You can't be a hero if you only have one trick. Getting last last means you would be dead in a fight with an actual villain. Leave, this was your chance. The quirk assessment gives me an idea of how much potential you have as a hero. You have none," Aizawa repeated to Minetea. 

Minetea gave up and walked away with his head lowered. Once he was out of view, Aizawa turned back to his remaining students, "You will have a new classmate tomorrow. In the meantime your free to go. Make sure to go back in the classroom and grab a syllabus. Tomorrow is when the real training starts."

On the way home Midoriya groaned when he realized that he forgot to ask his mentor about Hitoshi. Oh well, there was always tomorrow. 





Chapter Text

Feeling sleepy, Midoriya slowly opened the door and peered inside, wondering if the new student was already there. To his surprise, Hitoshi was sitting in the back next to the window with earbuds in. Suddenly feeling much more awake, Midoriya practically ran to where his friend was with a huge smile on his face. "Shin-Hitoshi! Why didn't you tell me you were the new student?" 

 "Ah yeah. Dad didn't tell you? Well, he made a deal with principal. So here I am," Hitoshi shrugged calmly as he carefully tugged his earbuds out and placed them on his desk while pausing the video he was watching on his phone. 

"I should've figured that Aizawa-sensei would do something like that," Midoriya laughed nervously. "I was worried that we didn't get into the same class. What were you doing yesterday? I didn't see you after school either," Izuku questioned his friend.

"I was watching the quirk assessment. It was being monitored so I got the chance to watch it. Other than that, I was at the opening ceremony. It was kinda boring compared to what you guys did," Shinsou answered. 

Before Midoriya could answer the classroom door opened and in stepped Iida. Upon spotting the two, almost immediately Iida made his way to his new classmate. "Hello there! My name is Iida Tenya. You must be the new student sensei was talking about. Nice to meet you," Iida introduced himself while doing chopping motions with his hands.   

"Right, you too," Shinsou said looking at Iida with a weird look in his eyes. "I'm Shinsou Hitoshi."  

"Are you and Midoriya friends? You two were talking before I came in," Iida questioned the two. 

"Yup! Hitoshi's dad helped me train my quirk for the entrance exam and we met. Hitoshi's my best friend!" Midoriya replied with a grin on his face. Shinsou felt himself blush at how honest his friend was being. Along the term, 'best friend', didn't sit well in his stomach. He was glad that he was the closest to Izuku. 

"I see," Iida hummed in thought. 

The trio talked more as more students began to come into the classroom. Bakugou walked in, took a look around, scoffed, and took his seat without a screaming match. Midoriya sighed in relief. Surprisingly, Uraraka and Kaminari walked in together.

"Midoriya!" Uraraka greeted with a smile once she saw her friend. "Who's this?" She asked looking at Shinsou.

"Oh! T-this is Shinsou Hitoshi, he's my best friend!" Midoriya said cheerfully. 

"Nice to meet you," Shinsou nodded at the duo. 

"Heyo! I'm Kaminari Denki!" The blond smiled at Shinsou, "What's your quirk? It must be really strong for you to already be here on the second day of school!" Kaminari praised the purple haired teen. 

Before Shinsou could respond, the classroom door opened and Aizawa slowly stepped into the room. Immediately everyone dashed to their seats. Lazily looking around the room Aizawa sighed, "Seven seconds, do better. Anyways, we have a new student. His name is Shinsou Hitoshi. Now, I want everyone to grab the case with their name and meet me at ground beta. Inside the cases are your hero costumes. Hurry up and get changed, you have ten minutes." Aizawa instructed. 

 Everyone was up and out of the door within seconds. 


Midoriya was quite proud of his hero costume. It was a skin tight jumper with thin high knee boots, that was pale green with white spiderwebs decorating the green. Along with a red belt that held certain support items. Keeping up with the spider theme, the teen decided to have a mask. Which had the same design as the rest of his suit. With big bug eyes that had smart lenses that consisted of a thermal function along with a x-ray option. 

It was quite snazzy.

The green haired teen walked into the training area full of confidence. In that moment he felt like he could do anything.  Midoriya looked around at everyone else and their hero costumes. It took everything in him to not fanboy over how cool everyone looked and start asking questions about their quirks. Spotting Hitoshi in a gym uniform, Midoriya quickly made his way over to the other teen with a smile on his face. "Hitoshi! You don't have a costume yet?" He questioned.

The purple haired teen shook his head, "Since I didn't make enough points to join the hero course in the beginning, I wasn't allow to submit my costume idea. I get to after school today though. So next time I should get one," Shinsou explained with a light smile, "Did dad talk you into your design?" 

"Ah, yeah. Having a spider themed hero costume makes sense because of my quirk. It is called Spider after all. But, I hope the design won't freak people out. I do have a mask," Midoriya explained. "Although, in most western areas, having a mask is common. Maybe people won't mind it too much?" He added in thought.

"Yeah, just have to wait and see," Hitoshi shrugged. 

"Where's Aizawa-sensei?" A student asked once everyone was out on the field. 

 A sharp pain rang in Midoriya's head that caused him to look around. Hitoshi gave his friend a weird look but before he could say anything, a shinning light was seen with loud footsteps. "NEVER FEAR! FOR I AM HERE AS YOUR TEACHER!" All Might's voice boosted in volume.

"ALL MIGHT!" The class cheered. 

Hitoshi had to steady Izuku before he fainted from fanboying. 

After everyone had calmed down from the excitement of having All Might being their teacher for the year, the number one hero got back on track. "For today's lesson, we'll be doing combat training of sorts. There will be two teams, one of villains and one of heroes. We will be drawing out letters to decide who will be on our teams, and then drawing again to see who you will be fighting against." All Might explained the lesson.

"We will be doing this without basic training?" A student with long green hair asked with a finger on her chin in thought.

"Sensei sir! This is the same area where the entrance exams took place. Are we going to be dealing with robots? And isn't there a more efficient way of dealing with the teams?" Iida questioned doing chopping motions with his hands.

The hero looked overwhelmed with being questioned by students as he laughed, "Lots of questions I see! That's good! This will be considered your basic training and no you won't be dealing with robots! You will be going after each other in battle! As for the teams, well, you don't always get to pick who is on your team during real fights. Take this as practice to get along with your teammates," All Might answered with a grin. 

Once everyone was satisfied with the lesson idea, letters were drawn and everyone was looking for their partner. Sadly, Midoriya and Shinsou weren't paired together. The two friends had a mini pity party before going on and finding their assigned partners to get the exercise done. Shinsou ended up with Yaoyorozu while Midoriya was paired up with Uraraka. 

"Now then, let's decide who will be going against who," All Might said as he pulled out two letters this time. "Team A will be the heroes going up against team D who are the villains!" The number one hero boomed with an upbeat tone. 

Feeling a sharp itch at the base of his neck, Midoriya quickly turned around and locked eyes with a very angry blond who seemed to be glaring through the teen's soul. The green haired teen shivered as he realized that Uraraka and him were going up against Ka-chan and Iida. This was a match made in hell, the teen thought to himself as he looked away. 

"So, Midoriya what's the plan?" Uraraka asked once the two were in the building quietly scanning for their classmates. The objective was to either take a bomb that the villain had planted out of commission, or apprehend the villains themselves. The brunette figured that they had a better chance to apprehend their classmates rather than take out the fake bomb. 

"Well, Ka-chan will most definitively come after me. He hates my guts, so he'll most likely ignore you. We can use that to our advantage. I'll distract Ka-chan and you go find the bomb. Let me know when you find it, and I'll try to apprehend Ka-chan it the mean time." Midoriya explained to Uraraka. 

  After some thought Uraraka nodded with convention, "Okay! We'll go with your plan? Are you sure that you can take on Bakugou by yourself? Not that I'm doubting your abilities or anything! J-just that Bakugou seems really extreme! Are you sure that we both shouldn't be taking down Bakugou as a team? It seems easier," The brunette suggested with a red face from embarrassment. 

Midoriya let out a nervous laugh, "It is easier this way, trust me. Ka-chan will be focused on taking me down, that you joining with be fruitless. You finding the bomb will be more beneficial. If your really worried, I'll let you know if I need help."


Immediately after All Might declared that the exercise had began, loud explosions were heard in the distance. Midoriya signaled for Uraraka to follow his lead. After successfully dodging several of the blonds attacks, he started to he agitated. "DAMN IT DEKU! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU! COME OUT AND FIGHT ME YOU FUCKER!" The blond shouted on top of his lungs as another explosion was heard.

 Upon finding the staircase to the next floor, Midoriya quickly turned to his partner. "I'll lure Ka-chan away while you make a break for it. Let me know when you find the bomb. I'll keep an ear out." Uraraka gave the green haired teen a curt nod and dashed away from the partner. Midoriya took a deep breath to steady himself before he revealed himself to the blond.  

"THERE YOU ARE DEKU! FIGHT ME YOU USELESS CREATURE!" The blond screamed in anger as he used his quirk to propel himself in the air and towards the other teen. 

The two meet with fists aimed at each other. Midoroya dodged the first punch and maimed Bakugou with a harsh kick to the stomach. With a groan the blond twisted his body in the air and landed on his feet in an awkward angle. "FUCKIN', WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR GETTING AT? THINK YOUR BETTER THAN ME OR SOMETHIN'?" Midoriya stayed quiet to not anger the blond anymore, not that it seemed to be working.

With quick thinking, Midoriya shot a web to the ceiling and latched himself onto the ceiling. Fighting in the air seemed like an easier than to do. Movements were always simple to read when you aren't touching the ground. Bakugou growled in annoyance and lunched himself to where the green haired teen was. "GET BACK HERE YOU FUCKER!" 

Midoriya dodged the attack which put a hole in the ceiling. Looking up, the green haired teen could see his teammate make a mad dash up the stairs to the next floor. I have to lure Ka-chan away, Midoriya thought to himself. Taking a deep breath, the teen knelled on the floor and stilled his body. He stared at the floor unblinking and waited for the blond to pass him. This part of his quirk only worked if he was completely still. 

Becoming invisible was a major advantage.

"WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU DO DEKU? ARE YOU HIDING LIKE A FUCKING PUSSY NOW?" Bakugou shouted as he lost sight of the other teen. Midoriya watched as the blond moved deeper onto the floor, searching for a sign that the other was still around. All the teen had to do was wait until Uraraka finds the bomb and he could go and help. Staying still will be the challenging part.

After a few more minutes that seemed to be dragging out, Midoriya finally got the okay from his teammate. The teen stood up and made sure he was out of Bakugou's rang of sight, before leaping through the hole in the ceiling to follow in his teammates tracks. 

From there on, the training session seemed to go pretty easy. Midoriya meet up with Uraraka and quickly hatched out a plan before Bakugou could find them. After tricking Iida into thinking his teammate was gravely injured, the two pounced on the bomb and All Might declared the heroes were the winners. 

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Bakugou screamed once he realized that he lost. Midoriya let out a shakily laugh before bolting to the nearest exit in order to not get caught up in the blond's tantrum. 


Chapter Text

"Hey Midoriya! You were amazing during the fight with Bakugou!" Uraraka praised the other teen with an excited smile on her face. "I'm so glad that we got to team up! We make an awesome team!" The brunette continued.   

"Ah well, that's true I guess. I think Hitoshi and I make a better team though. We have been training together for awhile longer. Plus, we make a good defense and offense strategy together!" Midoriya replied with a sheepish smile.

 "Makes sense, you two are best friends. To be honest though, I would've thought Bakugou was your best friend. Aren't the two of you childhood friends?" Uraraka inquired with a confused expression on her face. 

 Midoriya sighed and awkwardly scratched his neck-a trait he picked up from Hitoshi-, "Yeah no, people get that impression all the time. Ka-chan and I don't really get along that well. I would say that we stopped being friends since middle school."

"Hmm, but your always calling Bakugou, Ka-chan. If you guys aren't friends, why do you call him by a nickname?" The brunette pointed out. The two paused by the door to their class. Midoriya looked down at the ground trying ti find a suitable answer. 

"It's just a habit I guess? The same reason why Ka-chan calls me Deku and not by my actual name. Thinking on it, I should probably stop calling him that," Midoriya thought to himself. 

 Uraraka hummed and opened the classroom door. A few of their classmates were already sitting at their seats and chatting to one another. Spotting Hitoshi, Midoriya's face broke out into a grin and he ran over to greet his friend. 

"Hitoshi! Do you come to school with Aizawa-sensei? Your always early," The green haired teen questioned the taller teen. Shinsou looked at Izuku with surprise at how much energy he could have in the morning. 

"Yeah," Shinsou responded, blinking slowly. The purple haired teen was feeling drained from yesterdays exercise. Not only was he playing the villain but, he barley won the exercise along with his teammate. Unfortunately, he already forgot her name. Lucky he was good with faces, so as soon as she walked through the door, he would probably remember. 

"What's with the one word answer? Are you feeling okay?" Midoriya questioned, placing a hand on the other's forehead. "You don't seem to have a cold but, your face is red," The teen hummed. Before Shinsou could stutter out a reply, he dad walked into the room. Everyone dashed to their seats before Aizawa could reach his desk. 

"Good, you guys are getting the hang of things," Aizawa addressed the room, "Today we will be addressing some very important matters. Sorry in advance for springing this onto you." Everyone started shaking in their seats, wondering if their was another transfer student or more brutal training. "You have to pick a Class Representative." 

"What the heck? That's so normal though!" A redhead teenager spoke out. The class chipped in with agreements and cheering loudly at how they wanted to be leader. Aizawa sighed and got out his sleeping bag to take a nap. 

Iida suddenly jumped up in his seat, "Please quiet down! We should take a vote on who we want as Class Representative. Let us all write down the name of the person we want on a slip of paper and tally them up. The person who has the most votes will get to be the Class Representative," Iida explained while doing chopping motions with his hands.

"Wouldn't everyone just vote for themselves?" Kaminari questioned. Everyone mumbled in agreement. 

"Maybe so. However, it is the only logical way to ensure no one votes more than once. it makes it a fair system," Iida told the class. 

"Yeah, 'cause that worked out so good for America," Hitoshi said under his breath, which caused Midoriya to bubble out in laughter. The class looked at the duo with confusement written on their face. 

"Let's just do it Iida's way. It's fast and convenient, right?" Kaminari said with a slight grin on his face. Everyone nodded in agreement and got out a piece of paper to write down their pick for Class Representative. 

After everyone had voted for someone, Aizawa got up and counted the votes. "Yaoyorozu is Class President with Iida being the Vice President. Congrats, get out. Its lunch time," Aizawa said in the most monotone way ever. 


 "Hey, Midoriya, Shinsou-kun! Want to eat lunch with Iida and I?" Uraraka asked with a big smile on her face. As soon as Aizawa had dismissed class for lunch, the brunette had dashed to where Midoriya and Shinsou were. 

"Um," Midoriya glanced at the purple haired teen making sure that he was comfortable with the idea. Hitoshi just shrugged his shoulders at his friend in response. "Well, sure why not? Are we going to eat in the cafeteria?"

Uraraka eagerly nodded her head, "Yup! Let's go! Iida is saving a table for us."

The duo followed the brunette towards the cafeteria. Along the way, the two shared small looks between each other. Both seemed to be wondering if the other felt the same way they did for the other. After all, Shinsou couldn't help but notice how Uraraka would always blush around Izuku. 

"I'm glad the two of you could make it!" Iida welcomed as the trio sat down. Uraraka sat down next to Iida but across from Midoriya with a lovesick smile on her face. Shinsou wondered if the girl knew about her feelings towards his friend. It made his heart hurt to think about it. He wondered when he started looking at the green haired teen in a different light. It was numbing.

"Congrats on being Vice President! It must feel nice," Midoriya greeted with a smile. 

"Ah, yes! I feel extremely lucky that my fellow classmates decided to entrust me to the role. I hope that Yaoyorozu and I live up to your exceptions!" Iida chimed with a hand gesture. 

"I'm sure the role isn't that big," Shinsou mumbled to himself. Unfortunately, Midoriya had heard which gave him and elbow to the ribs. The teen grunted softly and focused his attention on his lunch, landing a slight glare in Uraraka's direction.

"Do your best! There's no pressure!" Midoriya encouraged the other.  

Chapter Text

When Midoriya told Iida to do his best, he didn't mean to do his best at getting killed. 

What was supposed to be a fun rescue exercise trip, quickly turned into a survival exercise. Before the class could start the recuse exercise at the USJ (Unforeseen Simulation Joint), a dark-like hole ripped through the air. Aizawa immediately held the students back and warned them to stand back. After a blue haired male spoke some words, villains began climbing out of the black mass. 

Which leads to current time. 

After the warp villain separated class 1-A from each other, Midoriya ended up in a pool of water. His quirk didn't work well in water, and he never learned how to swim. So, the teenager was screwed. Not to mention the villains that were in the water with him that were looking at the green haired male with hunger in their eyes. Midoriya shivered at the thought. 

He suddenly found himself getting whiplash as something grabbed at him and hauled him out of the water. Once on something solid, the teen began coughing up water with a hand hitting at his back. After clearing out his lungs, Midoriya looked around at his surroundings. The green haired teen found himself on a boat along with two of his other classmates. Another green haired teen was crouched in the corner staring at the scene unfolding in front of her. With Hitsohi wrapping his arms around Midoriya and pulling the other teen into a hug.

"Are you okay?" Shinsou asked quietly. That was when Izuku realized that it was Hitoshi hitting his back, trying to keep him from choking on water. Guilt pooled at Midoriya's gut as he realized his friend had to see him like that. Someone close to the purple haired teen, almost dying. It must've been terrifying.

"Yeah, I'm good. Sorry for worrying you," Midoriya said, hugging Hitoshi back. The two stayed like that for a few extra seconds before letting go of each other. The two stared into the other's eyes as an awkward sounding cough ripped them away from their fantasy daydream. 

"Ah, Asui-chan are you alright?" Midoriya found himself asking to the frog-like girl. 

"Call me Tsu. And yes, I'm okay. My quirk lets me basically breath in water. So, I was not in trouble," Tsu explained. Before anyone could comment further, a crash to the boat was sounded. The group quickly looked over to the water. The villains that were waiting in the water, seemed to be swimming closer to the boat. Surrounding it and keeping the group of teenagers held in up on the boat. Unable to escape. 

"Okay, we need a plan," Shinsou spoke out. The group nodded their heads in agreement as they ducked down again inside the boat to hide from the villains.

"It doesn't look like they know our quirks very well. If they had some idea of what our quirks were, they should've been attacking already," Midoriya helpfully pointed out. He then signaled for the other teens to come closer. "I might have a plan to get us out of here. I'll need to your know quirk though, Tsu."

After Tsu explained her quirk in depth to the boys, and Midoriya talked about his plan, the group of teens felt ready to take on the villains. 

Taking a deep breath, Shinsou stood up on the boat and looked over at the villains. "Yo! I suck ass!" He shouted. Immediately, cures were heard from the villains that were in the water which gave Hitoshi a chance to take control of them. In the background, Midoriya and Tsu were trying hard not to laugh. 

"Now, I want you to go to land and take each other until every last one of you is unconscious." Shinsou order the villains. The group watched as the villains did exactly that. Once on land, every villain started attacking the other until they passed out. Within the minute, every last villain was unconscious. 

"I didn't think that you'd say something like that!" Midoriya laughed at his friend. "Did it have to be, 'I suck ass?'" He questioned with a grin on his face. 

Hitoshi shrugged, "Why lie?" He said with a winked towards the green haired male. Izuku felt himself blush red as he quickly ducked his head down in embarrassment. "Anyways, next step of the plan?" Shinsou pressed, wanting to get off the boat as soon as possible. 

"R-right. Well I can't swim, so one of you will have to bring me back to shore." Midoriya said biting his bottom lip. "Sorry for the inconvenience."

"It's no problem, kero. I can take you. My tongue is strong enough and I'm pretty fast in water. Want me to take you too, Shinsou?" Tsu aimed the question at the purple haired teen. 

"Nah, it's fine. You take Izuku. I'll be right behind you," Shinsou waved off his classmate. Tsu nodded in understanding and jumped into the water, taking Midoriya along with her. After making sure that everything else was safe, Hitoshi jumped in after them and began swimming to the shore. 

Once there, the group sat down catching their breath. Looking around, they noticed how the air seemed to be heavily dusted. Quietly, the trio made their way to a big boulder and peered around it. It was the area where the dust seemed to be coming from. To their horror, what they got instead. Was an eyeful of their homeroom teacher getting beat down by an large creature of sorts. 

The panicked word left Shinsou's throat before he could even think about it, "Dad!" He cried out. Izuku took a hold of the other's arm so Hitoshi wouldn't try and run over to his father in a rush. It wasn't safe and they didn't know if there were more of those creatures. 

To their on going horror, a villain with shaggy blue hair seemed to hear the shout. At the sound he turned around, piercing red eyed meeting purple panicked ones. "Why Eraserhead, you didn't tell me you had a kid. I wonder which one it is? If I killed one, how would you react? Will AllMight come if I kill his co-workers kid? I wonder," The blue haired villain spoke in a soft tone before making a made dash to the trio of teenagers. 

 Midoriya pushed Tsu out of the way as Shinsou attempted to tackle the shaggy haired villain to the ground. The villain gripped Shinsou's arm and waited for something to happen. Too startled by everything, Shinsou froze and stared at the villain with wide eyes. His heart hammering away at his ribcage. After a few seconds of nothing happening and no one moving, the blue haired villain started laughing as he removed his hand off from Hitoshi.

"You really are amazing Eraserhead! Protecting your students and son from my quirk. Even in the amount of pain you are currently in. Amazing! You truly are a hero. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to kill you for interrupting my fun. Nomu-"

Shinsou cut off the villain from his montage and slammed him into the ground. After making sure the villain couldn't get up, the purple haired teen grabbed his medical belt from his costume and tied to villain's hands behind his back. It was only then did the teens realize just where they were. 

Holding down their homeroom teacher, was a creature that seemed to be some sort of Frankenstein thing. It looked like a mix of species, from bird to gorilla to whatever else. It was ugly but strong. Surrounding them were villains who were knocked out and what looked like a dark mist coming at them with high speed. Feeling the fear once again, the group of teenagers stood where they were, shaking. 

Before the mist could reach them, a loud bang filled the building that caught everyone's attention. AllMight stood in the entrance of the USJ, and he was not smiling. Almost as fast as it came, the mist took a hold of the blue haired villain and set him free from the restricts. Joy seemed to fill the villains face as he looked at the number one hero. 

"AllMight! You finally decided to show up! What a joy this brings me! Nomu, attack the number one hero please," The villain's voice boomed. 

AllMight and the creature, (Nomu?), were immediately at each other's throat. Feeling safe because the world's number one hero had arrived, the teen's broke out of their trance-like fear and began coming up with a plan to save their teacher. The only thing was, AllMight seemed to be losing to the creat-Nomu. A new feeling of dread filled their bodies as they watched the fight in quiet horror. 

"I should mention that, this Nomu was specifically designed to kill you AllMight. Its quirk a very powerful shock absorption. Perfect to take your hits at one-hundred percent and not get injured," The shaggy haired villain said in glee. Midoriya now just noticed all the the hands that were wrapped around the villains body. Was it to contain his quirk? Or was it apart of his quirk? What would happen if they took the hands off of the villain?

Instead of voicing out his thoughts, Midoriya noticed ice at his feet. Wha-? In a flash, Todoroki showed up and incased the group of villains inside an ice boulder of sorts. He was followed by shouts and explosion from Ka-chan. Midoriya looked at his classmates in relief. They could get Aizawa-sensei out of danger and let AllMight deal with the villains. 

"YOU SHITTY VILLAINS! COME AT ME WITH ALL YOU GOT!" Bakugou yelled, his hands booming with small explosions. AllMight looked surprised to see how many students were at his side, waiting to help out. 

"Bakugou, that's not the priority right now. We need to get Aizawa-sensei to safety." Todoroki spoke with with a blank expression on his face. Midoriya wondered if that was really on the dual hair teen's mind. 


"How about this," Midoriya spoke up, gaining the attention of the two newcomers, "You two distract the villains while, Tsu, Hitoshi and I get Aizawa-sensei out of here. You can help AllMight and we can get Aizawa-sensei out of here." The villains that were now breaking out of the ice, a heating quirk? Time was now limited. 

"Tch, whatever shitty Deku. Fine. As long as I can hurt someone," Bakugou grinned. Todoroki sighed but nodded his head at the plan, getting into an attack pose as the villain finally broke free from the ice. 

"I'll help you guys, Midoriya! I'll go with you guys, in case there's more villains out there that start attacking you," Kirishima said with a friendly smile. Izuku jumped, not noticing the redhead until now. 

"Ah, yeah sure," Midoriya nodded his head, "We need a new plan then." 

 "HEY YO FUCK FACE!" Bakugou shouted at the villains. Before the shaggy blue haired villain or the mist villain could do anything, Bakugou and Todoroki moved in fast. With Bakugou sending explosions towards the blue haired villain and Todoroki incaging the mist guy in ice. With the two villain distracted, the recuse group dove in for their teacher. 

Midoriya, Shinsou, and Tsu hauled their teacher's body up and began walking to safety. With Kirishima acting as a body guard, making sure to check all sides as they walked. Midoriya could see Hitoshi's shoulder's sag in relief as they started to distance themselves from the villains.   

Aizawa-sensei would be fine. 

Chapter Text

"How are you doing?" Izuku asked Shinsou as he carefully sat down next to him on a hospital bench. The redness around the purple haired teen's eye's worried Midoriya. He could understand the other's pain though. Losing a father figure, someone who believed in you when no one else would. 

"I just- it happened so fast. I wish, I wish I c-could've done s-something," Hitoshi trailed off as sobs ranked his body. Izuku quickly wrapped his friend in for a hug and pulled him in close.

"Shh, it's going to be okay. It'll be okay," Midoriya tried to calm down the other with soft hums as he slowly rocked back and forth with Hitoshi still in his arms. "I'll be right here for you. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere." 

At that statement, Izuku felt the teen stiffen in his arms. Before he could ask what what wrong, Hitoshi surged up and connected their lips. Midoriya jumped back a bit in surprise but, Shinsou did't pull back. Instead, the teen just pushed himself even closer to Midoriya and deepen the kiss in the process. 

After a minute or so, Shinsou pulled back and buried his head in Izuku's chest. "I'm sorry." He choked out as tears ran down his cheeks. Midoriya awkwardly patted his friend's hair and whispered soothing words until Yamada came back. 

 Later, when Yamada came and got Hitoshi, Midoriya let his emotions load. His bestfriend just took his first kiss while in pain because of his father. Wow, he never thought that would be a thing. Sadness and loneliness filled his heart as it clenched painfully in his chest. Midoriya figured that his should be mad. At Shinsou for stealing his first kiss without any emotion behind it. At the villains that put Aizawa in the hospital. But, for some reason, the teen just felt empty. 

And sad.

With that feeling set dead in his chest, the green haired teen started to make his way home. Alone. 

The next day, Midoriya woke up to the news that school was canceled. He took that as an invitation to have a lazy day and not get up from his bed. The feelings from yesterday were still ranked deeply in his head and heart. It hurt so much that everything just felt empty. It didn't make any sense. So Izuku did what he did best. Sleep off his feelings and hope that when he woke up, they would disappear.  

Unfortunately, thanks to his mom, he wasn't able to do that at all. 

"Izuku? Honey? Some friends are here to see you. They wanted to check in on you," Inko said through the door. Midoriya heaved a sigh as he slowly got up and pulled on some clothes that laid on the floor. 

"Sorry honey, they seemed really worried. They're in the living room," Inko explained to her son. Midoriya waved off his mom and headed towards the living room. Before opening the door to the other room, the teen took a deep breath in and mentally prepared himself. 

"Hey guys, what are you doing here?" Midoriya questioned in a soft voice as he stepped into the room. With slight disappointment he quickly realized that Hitoshi wasn't there. 

"We got really worried. You never replied to our texts or voicemails. We decided to come and check in on you in person," Uraraka replied with a forced smile. 

"Yeah dude! Can't just do something like that to us. We worry you know?" Kaminari said with a worried look on his face. 

Midoriya took a seat across from his two friends and folded his arms as he leaned back against his seat. "Sorry, I just didn't want to talk. I still don't. If you two could leave that would be great." 

Uraraka looked shocked at what the green haired teen had said. While Kaminari just nodded with a seldom expression. "I understand Midoriya, I just hope you know that we are here when you want to talk," The blond said standing up. "Let's go Uraraka."

"What? We can't leave! We came here to talk to Midoriya!" The brunette explained standing up. 

"We can't force him to talk. Midoriya needs some time to himself, we have to respect that as his friends." Kaminari said, grabbing the female's arm and dragging her out of the room. 

"Well, I guess. We'll see you at school then Midoriya. Please contact us if you need to," Uraraka said as she let the blond teen usher her out. 

Izuku watched as the two left, his emotions flying all over the place. A part of him wanted his friends to stay, the other part was happy that they left. Everything felt off and Midoriya wasn't sure if he could handle other's emotions at the moment. It was too much, everything was too much. The kiss, the attack, the way Aizawa looked as blood trickled down his face. He wished the last few days were nightmares. 

As he curled up on the couch with a blanket, he wondered how Shinsou was doing. His father was in the hospital, it probably felt like the world was crashing down around him. Why did he feel like this if Aizawa was Hitoshi's father and not his? 

The teen felt fingers run through his hair as he drifted off to sleep.