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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter Notes

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Chapter 7: The Ministry of Magic

  • “‘No, no, I’m sure it’s fine,’ said Mr Weasley, holding the receiver above his head and peering at the dial. ‘Let’s see … six …’ he dialled the number, ‘two … four … and another four … and another two …’” – You probably all already knew this but 6-2-4-4-2 spells out ‘Magic’. I wonder though if some Muggle ever accidently activated the Ministry’s visitor entrance.
  • The Ministry of Magic is one of my favourite sets in the movie adaption, and it is really close to how it is described here in the books.
  • “If I’m not expelled from Hogwarts, I’ll put in ten Galleons, Harry found himself thinking desperately.” – Rather spend the money on some decent clothes Harry.
  • Despite the fact that the Ministry must be huge, with a lot of employees, Arthur knows a lot of them by their first name and seems to be quite popular among his colleagues. Which I think tells you a lot about Arthur (he is a good egg).
  • The fact that Arthur and his colleague have the smallest office, without even a window, tells you a lot about how others belittle their work and on a larger scale Muggles. Because in the end what they do is to protect Muggles, from what Mr Weasley says are pranks. Nothing Aurors could be bothered with, and nothing serious enough to risk the State of Secrecy, so nobody really cares about it. Which again tells you a lot about the Wizarding World and also about Arthur Weasley, and his very unique look at Muggles, and the genuine respect he has for them.