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How long had it been? It was hard to keep track of just how long you'd been trapped down here underground-each day felt like an eternity, struggling to survive with your new 'family'.

Sans and Papyrus-they had been let down so many times previous. It was hard to believe people so broken and bent out of shape could have once been so full of hope. Hard to imagine a time where Papyrus' teeth weren't badly misshapen, a time where Sans' didn't live with the constant itch from the hole broken in through his skull-a time where monsters weren't left to starve.

It was strange to wake up in the comfort of your bed with only the sound of Papyrus downstairs in the kitchen to remind you that you were, indeed, alive. That you had made it this far.
You were fifteen when a mere misstep had sent you spiralling down to the depths of hell. It'd been near four years since that day-two years in which you had started living with the skeleton brothers.

Originally you had merely planned to simply escape this hell by taking the life of a monster and leaving through the barrier-but something kept you here. A something that eats at the back of your mind-at your soul.
Was it pity? Was it Justice? Was it Kindness?

Either way, you were determined to survive.
That and you also knew there was no way you'd make it past the queen alive. So you laid low. Sure, you had to fight to survive as much as any other monster here-if not more so with no place of residence. You constantly put up with Papyrus' shenanigans (as amusing as his puzzles and traps tended to be), and were constantly being hunted by Sans' himself, in the end it all went to show just what someone was capable of when they needed to survive.
It was worth it, you guess. Because here you were-yet again, waking up underneath the thick woollen blanket knitted by the one and only (Papyrus), on top of the bed handcrafted for you especially also by Papyrus, tucked away in the corner opposite of his own race car bed. In all honesty, you'd have to say your own bed was much nicer than his own-perhaps because it was newer. The race car bed's once cherry red colour had begun to chip and fade, and Papyrus' inhumanely lanky legs hung over the edges. It looked rather uncomfortable, though Papyrus insisted that it was fine (it was not).

You wished to get them out of this hell. Though you were just one person-one human. All of the other human souls were gone-just one would make no difference, and considering you had been here almost four years and every human that had ever fallen was eaten-it was unlikely you'd be able to collect another 7 in your lifetime.
You wished there was more you could do-there had to be something you could do-though as time dragged on hope began to fade.
Just as it had for everyone else.
For now, all you could hope to do is help keep each other alive-and if possible, distract your two housemates of the reality that is the hell they live in.

You usually got up much earlier than this-the same time Papyrus did. Even Sans was awake at this point. Though these past couple days you've had a lingering heavy feeling that's settled in the pit of your stomach.
Papyrus concluded that you must be sick ("Y/N! You Must Be Sick! You Humans Are Very Fragile After All! Off To Bed Now!") and Sans merely hummed in agreement. You weren't. At least you didn't think you were.
Something was off -that was all.

With a splitting headache flicking at the inside of your skull, you threw your legs off and over your bed. Wobbling at first, you soon made sense of your surroundings and shuffled over to the bedroom door, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes as you tread downstairs.

"Y/n! I Am Glad That You Have Chosen To Join Us Sometime Today," your snicker was muffled by the hand rubbing at your eyes, "How Are You Feeling?"

" 'm good Paps, feeling better than ever. What's been happening?"

"Cleaned out the traps already-got a bit of carnage to clean out, but ya can do that later," A particularly gruff rumbled instead of Papyrus' usual warm one-Sans.

"Right," Shuffling past Papyrus, you gave him a short but not lacking warmth, hug, before collapsing on the couch. It was a tacky vomit green colour that was shredded at the seams as this point, though you had seemed to warm up to it at this point. Familiarity probably.
These days everyone here seemed to cling to the things that reminded of them of home-of where they were safe, because they all knew it would never last. Nothing ever did.

You didn't need to pry open your eyes to know the soothingly cold phalanges running through your hair belonged to Sans. The pair seemed enamoured with it, probably because they themselves didn't have any. Luckily you were always a rather laid-back individual and tended to just go with things. Perhaps it was because of those tendencies that you learnt to adapt easily to this much harsher environment.
Though as easy going as you are, you were a much different individual from the one that first escaped through the Ruin door.
You had hardened, changed. At one point it had begun so difficult to look at yourself in the mirror that you had to start forcing yourself to. You needed to learn to live with your decisions, you wouldn't ever let regret or guilt control you.

You did what you had to. They all did.

"Well Then, I Will Be Cleaning Out The Shed, Come Get Me When You Are Ready To Recalibrate Our Traps!"

Popping your head up and resting it on the back of the couch, you gave Papyrus a tired grin, "Sure thing. See you there." Papyrus paused, merely staring at you for a few seconds in thought, before giving you his own very welcoming grin. With a hum of approval, he spun on the heel of his squeaky red boots and strode out the door into the bite of the cold.

"You sure your better peaches?" Eyes rolling over in your sockets to instead give Sans a curious look, you shifted to turn to better face him, "Just a sick human ain't a very useful human, ya know?"

"Sure," you snort, "but yeah- 'm good."

Sans grinned. Usually any kind of expression from someone such as Sans would be unnerving, you couldn't even remember what you originally thought of the skeletons appearances, though at this point you had become so adjusted to the warped condition of the people here that you had forgotten anything different. Other than yourself, of course. Couple scars here and there, maybe a chipped tooth or two and an ankle that never properly healed and now stung if you pressed down too hard (although not too hard to ignore), though you were in considerably better condition than everyone else.
You had learnt to take you scars in pride nowadays, tended to act as symbols of warning against anyone who may possess ill intent against you-which was originally everyone considering your species and the constant hunger gnawing at monster's insides. Overtime you had slowly become less of a target and rather someone who was off limits ("Oi, that's the Butchers property, you hear? Best stay away if you don't want to lose your head.")
Though the imminent threat never disappeared completely. Regardless, you were grateful for all you could get.

Having once again gotten lost in your thoughts, you were abruptly pulled out of them when a certain skeletons skull fell against your shoulder. Jumping, you huffed out a laugh at Sans hearty snores. As much as you'd have liked to simply join right in and start an evening long nap session like many times previous, you at things to do and places to be.
Cleaning the shed would be a piece of cake for Papyrus, and you had no doubt he would be near done, if not completely finished already. Best not keep him waiting, you had concluded.
Nudging Sans' skull off and resting it on the arm rest of the couch, you wandered back upstairs to your joined room with Papyrus to change into more appropriate clothing for this kind of work.

As you had previously anticipated, Papyrus had indeed finished cleaning and was waiting patiently for you. Wandering inside you were greeted with the same aluminium walls that had made your bedroom the first few months you had come under the wing of the skeleton brothers (Sans having refused to allow a human to sleep under the same roof as their own-for safety precautions).
You can still remember the feeling of the chill of the concrete pressing against you that was so obviously stained with blood.
It was obvious what had happened in this shed, especially considering what they had originally tried doing to you the first few years of your stay underground. You had sooner discussed the whole matter-however briefly, though they seemed rather 'rattled', when you had appeared so unbothered with the entire concept. (You later explained that you couldn't judge someone over actions needed to survive, they wholeheartedly understood).

Neither of the two of you needed to speak, rather you simply both collected whatever items required and you followed behind Papyrus towards the Ruin doors, where the first of the traps were laid out. By now you were well acquainted with the routine and knew what needed to be done. When you both arrived at the Ruin's door, Papyrus would recalibrate all the traps to the left portion of the forest, whilst you would take the right and you both would work back towards Snowdin.
It would take you both an hour, maybe less.

Papyrus, and you too usually, would have already swept by here early this morning to check all of the traps to ensure nobody stole anything that might have been caught and came by later to reset all of them. Though occasionally something was caught after Papyrus' sweep and that's what prolonged the task-usually rabbits and other small rodents that had fallen long ago from the surface world and repopulated here underground. Though occasionally you would find something bigger, perhaps a racoon or some other small animal that had somehow made its way passed the Ruins.

A sharp click brought your attention towards a trap over in the distance. With a pleased grin tugging at your lips you moved towards the sound with the obvious assumption that it must have caught some sort of animal whilst you wearily moved to avoid traps you knew where placed out. Well, that was your assumption until the muffled whimper hit your cold ears. Pulling your hoodie down to further cover your ears you picked up your pace to find whoever the hell was dumb enough to get caught in one of the traps.

Sure enough, you found some yellow kid lacking any arms with its right leg bent out of shape and trapped between the claws of a bear trap previously buried in the snow.
Papyrus must have missed that one, though it was spread out deeper into the forest than the others and appeared to be quite old.
Very possible that it wasn't his at all, and rather some other monsters trap left out to catch something. Though you doubted monster kid, the town rascal was quite what they were hoping for. Trying to eat a monster was a particularly gruesome and strenuous job you had come to learn.
However, you also weren't a fan of bestowing unfortunate fates upon children, however...problematic, that kid may be.

"MK," you greeted, seeing the crunch of snow caused by your footfalls had apparently not alerted him of your presence. His head (that was previously gnawing at the beartrap desperately) snapped upwards towards you. He narrowed a crazed glare at you despite the eye full of pained tears collecting in his eyes.

" human ," he hissed in such a way that implied as if you were the source of all his problems. Honestly you were a little surprised the kid was alive at this point. Having no arms was a serious disability, and weaker monsters like him were mostly picked off in the first year or two of this famine, according to Sans, anyhow.

You crouched down to an eye level with him, one glance was enough to let him know that you meant business, whimpering, he avoided your gaze and looked away, muffling a whimper as your fingers met with the broken scales pressed against metal.

Shit. You shifted in your position without moving the trap to further inspect where his leg was trapped. By the looks of it, he had gotten it snagged in the beartrap, and then in attempts to escape, had broken his leg in the process. The more you eyed the large amount of bloody dust gushing from his leg, the more it seemed he wouldn't be walking away with both his legs. Or walking away at all.

Eyes flickering up to the boy in stripes, you briefly considered if it would be more merciful to simply put the boy out of his misery now. If you ended up having to cut off the leg, there was no chance he would be living much longer. It would be easy, Papyrus wasn't that far away, he'd go and get Sans and he would finish the job.
You probably could too, but the longer you eyed the monster, you realised just how much you'd prefer not to. Not while you had other options.

In the meantime, you needed to get that shit off of his leg.
"Mm, this is gonna hurt like shit kid," you warned to which he turned his head to look at you, already wiping the falling tears from his face.

"J-Just get me, get my leg out, please?" He begged, "Will it-how much will it hurt?"

"A fucking lot," you replied honestly, which only worsened the kids quiet crying, "You might want to bite onto something." From the corner of your eye you watched him bring his arm up to his face and bite tightly on his faded yellow stripped jumper. You already knew this would hurt from experience. It's how you hurt your own ankle, actually, though it seemed you were much more fortunate than this kid was.
"Ready?" He shook his head no. With a sigh, you ignored his panicked whimpers as you pressed your fingers against either side of the metal jaws ready to pry the ancient thing open, "Alright, count to three with me, okay?"

".... okay."

" one, " you spoke in unison, "two..."
You didn't bother to get to three when you ripped open the metal jaws, roughly pulling them out of the way and throwing it at least a foot away over in the snow.

"arGHHH!" Monster kid shrieked, falling over on his back and desperately clutching his mutilated leg, "Help! Please! it hurts so BAD- IT HURTS SO BAD! " he screamed, the red sprinkled with silver dust gushed from the boy’s leg, and you leaped over to him on your hands and knees. already pulling apart the ends of your tattered black hoodie to instead wrap around the wound.
You had no doubt that Papyrus had heard the screaming from wherever he was, you wouldn't even need the practically inhumane hearing sense he possessed to hear the fuss the boy was putting up.
Not that you could blame him, now having a better look, there was no way he was keeping his leg. As you hurriedly wrapped the partially severed leg whilst avoiding the boys thrashing, you could hear the light thumping of boots sprinting through the snow-Papyrus, undoubtedly.
Though you glanced back just to make sure..

"Y/N? Are You Alright?"

"Yeah Paps, kid got caught in some bear trap," you quickly explained, eyes never leaving the boys leg as Papyrus fell to his knees beside you to hold the boy down as you worked.
The following minutes could have easily been mistaken as hours, though you knew all too well that it was mere minutes as MK fell unconscious from the blood loss.

It was silent for all but a minute, "We're going to have to cut it off," you informed Papyrus quietly, but from his observing gaze, you had no doubt he already knew that.

"Yes...It Would Appear Now Would Be The Best Time....While He Is Unconscious."

"We could leave it to his parents?" you suggested, having noticed his hesitancy, but he merely shook his head.

"No, He'll Have Dusted By Then If We Leave Him In This Condition."

You frowned, but nodded, standing up to sit on the other side of the boy in preparation for what was to come. You could only hope he didn't wake up.



You had since dropped MK off to his parents-still unconscious (thankfully).
Upon opening the door, you had gotten to see their expressions of first confusion, then shock, then dread morph onto their faces all at once. Papyrus had briefly explained what had happened, before they had taken the boy and shut the door on your faces.
Whatever. Neither of you did if for the thanks.

Either way, the previous events left the both of you in a sombre mood. Despite, you still had work to do. You had both encountered scenarios like this countless times before, but time waited for no man, and everyday chores still had to be done.
The both of you walked back to your previous position in silence, as you occasionally glanced up at Papyrus, wondering if a change in topic was required. Though it seemed somebody beat you too it.

"Sans?" Papyrus questioned, the two of you now halted in your spots, "What Are You Doing Here? Not That I'm Not Happy-"

" The barriers broken. "


The two of you seemed to freeze alike the frozen wasteland around you-everything stilled, even the wind and sound itself seemed to have disappeared. "The, Barrier...Is.... broken? " Papyrus spoke quietly, missing the usual fortitude in his voice. Sans nodded quietly in reply, seemingly in shock himself. As if he could hardly believe the words that just left his mouth just as much as the two of you.

After a moment of silent contemplation, Papyrus spun on his heel, before scooping you up in his arms much like how one would with a baby, shifting your weight to just one singular arm, redirecting his pace to Sans where he proceeded to tuck him firmly under his spare arm before marching off in the direction towards the barrier.
The journey there was swift and silent. No one dared utter a word as Papyrus- unfazed with the weight of the two of you, essentially sprinted by any humans’ standards, out of Snowdin, into waterfall, and so on.
The underground was busy- busier than you had ever seen it. Everyone was out of their homes, bags and boxes in their arms as they scurried away in the same direction as you. The more people you passed, the more you were convinced the barrier, was in fact, broken.
You had never seen so many monsters out and about without a single conflict.
You briefly wondered if this was what the underground was like before the famine.

Eyes eventually beginning to hurt from the blur of everything as Papyrus picked up his pace in assumingly eagerness to reach the surface, they instead drop to look at Sans-who was already staring at you. The short skeleton's permanent grin seemed to stretch wider than you had ever previously seen it, and a toothy grin of your own spread across your features as you both stared silently at each other.

You were making it out.
The barrier had broken.
Sans and Papyrus, they would finally get to see the stars you had so desperately tried to describe to them. Get to see the world you had so often told them about, promised you would show them if you so ever got the chance.

Despite the obvious eagerness that Sans carried in his grin, there was also a large amount of anxiousness that seemed to weigh in his sockets and pull at the ends of his grin. Something like worry- like fear.
Your heart sunk, and you could only imagine what it must be like for them. For you- you had an idea what might happen to you, but to them?
No, now you were only making yourself worried.
They would be fine right?
With a firm glance to met Sans' gaze, you swallowed your rising nerves.
Everything would be okay.
Reaching out, you held out your hand to reach for Sans' own. His eye lights flickered down to your own fingers, before tugging his arm out of his pocket, phalanges slipping comfortably in-between your own with a tight squeeze.

They would be okay.

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What the?

Where the hell were you?

Where was...

Where was Papyrus? Where was Sans?

Your eyes darted around the
Were you...? Were you in back in the shed?

Shadows clung to the walls of the room, your butt and back ached from the weird angle you were laying in, you groaned as you forced yourself to sit upwards, eyes still adjusting to the darkness and shoulders drooping from some unknown heaviness.
You felt.... exhausted.

You jumped slightly in surprised when you felt two sturdy arms twitch against your side. You twisted to turn to see behind you, only to find Papyrus passed out, arms loosely held onto either side of you as you laid sprawled between his legs. To his left was Sans, sound asleep, snoring loudly, skull tucked snugly on Papyrus' rising and falling ribs.

Seeing Sans asleep was no surprise- but Papyrus? He must have hit his head pretty badly getting.... wherever you are. Papyrus must have cushioned your fall-hence why you were awake, and they weren't.
By now your eyes had adjusted, leaving you to inspect the room in silence.
It was definitely someone's basement- seeing as the room was made entirely of concrete and lacked any windows. It might have been cold, but you had long since adjusted to the freezing temperatures of Snowdin and had built a tolerance.

Shifting in your spot, you turn on your knees to instead gently wake Papyrus. You couldn't tell how big this place was and didn't want to go wandering around in the dark and leave the two unguarded. "Paps?" You spoke, quieter than usual as you glanced around for any signs of life. You didn't have quite the same ability to tell when somebody else was in your proximity like Sans and Papyrus, but you'd like to think you'd picked up a few things. Your shake grew slightly firmer as he didn't even stir- which was even odder, Papyrus was a light sleeper after all.
So was Sans, even though he pretended not to be. You all were, actually.

Frowning, you decided your next option was to find a light switch. You only hoped it was close by- you really didn't want to leave them alone. You'd sit there in the dark with them until they woke up if you had too.
Standing to your feet, you found it took you a second to find your balance, holding your arms up in the air to stay steady before cautiously meandering over to the wall furthest from you, hands searching the wall for any sort of lump that might indicate a light switch.
Your eyebrows began to furrow in annoyance as you stumbled over some stray item for the sixth time and without finding a light switch- aha!

The LED lights flickered on with a quiet hum, illuminating the room. With a pleased hum, your gaze instantly searched for your favourite pair of brothers, and steadily marched over to them to check on their condition. In this light you could see them better and walked over to side of Papyrus where Sans wasn't, to tenderly pick up his skull and place it in your lap to check for any sins of injury. You repeated the same with Sans for safe measure.

In a significantly better mood now having determined that they were both fine, you made your new goal to figure out where the hell you were.
Now that you could see the room you were in, you found that the basement wasn't all too big. Big definitely by regular basement standards, but not big enough that you couldn't see from end to end. In fact, it appeared you were placed right in front of some large machine. There were no lights or sounds coming from it, but for some odd reason you could still hear it's whirring ringing in your head. Perhaps it was on while you were unconscious?

There appeared to not be any kind of imminent danger-though you would like to know who brought you here. Last thing you remembered was....the barrier.
The barrier had broken.
Monsters were free.

So why were you.... here?
Was this some sort of test? A game?
Your eyes flickered down to the skeleton brothers, to Papyrus' sharp teeth and the razor edge of the shattered part of Sans' skull. To the dull colour of each other clothing that once would have been light and lively colours now stained with dirt and blood-never mind the fact they were practically in ruins as well.
Looking down at the brothers you felt the same sense of needing to protect them swell in your chest that you had so commonly felt back underground-or, still underground?
You still weren't sure if you were on the surface or not.
You had been to Sans' basement before- seen a machine eerily similar to the one behind you now, but this certainly wasn't Sans' basement.

In a final attempt to wake the boys up, you clapped in the space between their skulls. Well, at least Sans twitched.
Standing up, you decided to inspect the mess that littered the room, eyeing the charts hung up on the walls, and shifting idly through paperwork sprawled across cheap metal benches. From the corner of the room you could see the stairs, knew that you would find more answers up there, but were hesitant for obvious reasons.
As your search went on, it was beginning to look more and more like your only option. You didn't want to be here without any sort of weapon for when whoever put you here got back. You knew for a fact that you were competent in fighting but knew all too well it was better to be safe than sorry.
That and whoever brought you here had caught you unaware, knocked you out, and put you in (presumably) their basement-obviously someone who was very capable. You felt very uncomfortable being this vulnerable-this unaware.

Sans began to grumble, and hope swelled in your chest, only for you to deflate when he settled right back asleep. Rolling your eyes, you ruffled your own hair, before covering up the mess on your head with your hoodie. After the events of this morning (or rather, a little after lunch), your hoodie was now in a state of ruin- if that was even possible considering its previous condition. All of your clothing already had several small tears and holes, all of the larger ones having simply been sewn back together (Usually by Papyrus, who was constantly looking for things to help either you or Sans with).

You would definitely have to get a new hoodie at this point, though you didn't bother taking it off just yet, savouring your last few moments with the familiar material. The cotton was warm, probably from the snuggle huddle the three of your found yourselves in just a moment ago, and still smelt strongly of each brother and your home.

Jolted out of your thoughts (-and your skin) by a loud bang pounding against metal, your body did a sharp spin to face the direction of the stairs, where the source of the sound had come from. Somebody was obviously upstairs, making a quick decision, you raced over to Papyrus and Sans, crouching over them defensively, but in a position that hid the three of you from a distance as you had no time to move them to somewhere better.

A pair of footsteps began to descend the stairs and your eyes flickered over towards the nearest benches for something sharp, you briefly wondered if you should hide somewhere closer to catch them by surprise. At this point it was too late, despite the casual pace of their decent downstairs and laid-back tone of conversation.
The nonchalance in the way they acted seemed almost as if they didn't know of your presence- either that or they simply didn't care.
Which would then imply this wouldn't have been the first time they had brought someone here....

You were pretty sure you were looking too far into things, but your heart was racing at a thousand miles an hour trying to make sense of this new situation you'd been thrown into whilst simultaneously keeping the skeleton brothers safe.

"Yeah, I really had to step up my game," a baritone voice that sounded eerily like Sans' chuckled along with some other higher pitched voice-obviously at some joke that you had missed the first part of.

"Hey, did we leave the lights on?"


"Huh, don't believe we did bud'," The Sans-sound-alike spoke, you didn't need to duck up from your crouched position behind a metal table on the opposite side of the room to know he was cautiously inspecting the room. "Anyone else here?"

All was silent, and you prayed to whatever god above that may exist that Sans didn't decide to start sleep talking again.

"Hm, Maybe Red or someone had come down here earlier?"

"Yeah probably."

The footsteps continued to approach, and you realised there was a likely chance that whatever they were doing here likely involved the machine behind you. Well, at least you now knew that they had nothing to do with why you guys were here. Now to knock them out.

You didn't know if they were a threat yet or not but couldn't allow them to leave with Sans and Papyrus still unconscious here. You shifted and quickly shot across the room all in a half-crouched sprint, thankful that the tables where tall and had plenty of boxes stuffed underneath them to keep you hidden. Whoever these (presumably) men were, would soon discover Papyrus and Sans, and in their shock, you could hopefully knock them out.

Not a second later, you heard the tell-tale sound of someone sucking in air, "What the-"

"Another pair?"

"Guess so,” the higher pitched voice replied.

Well. They sounded awfully nonchalant about all of this. Also, 'another pair'?
So, they did know why you guys were here at the very least. Though it sounds like they weren't expecting you. Perhaps they knew who brought you here?
Either way you had questions and one way or another-they were going to answer them.

"Welp, guess we better-" You noticed the shorter of the two (in a jacket very similar to Sans') bend over as if to reach for them, and purely out of instinct you threw yourself out of your hiding place behind them, a near inhumane growl rippling from your throat.
(A growl that you had jokingly taught yourself to do with Sans' guidance, but somehow managed to master).

The pair jumped, whipping around to face you in their own defensive stances. Both looked equally surprised to see you- though you were even more so.
Standing in front of you, were Sans and Papyrus.
Though not the skeleton brothers you knew, no, a different set. The Sans-look-a-like could have easily passed as the Sans you imagined Sans was before the whole- incident, though 'Papyrus', was significantly shorter than your own (though still very tall in his own right), once again in a more 'spick and span' condition than your own (you had to force your eyes away from his teeth- seeing teeth so straight on him felt...unnatural?), but also dressed very differently from your own Papyrus.
You don't think you had ever seen Papyrus in a hoodie, let alone trackpants, ever.

A stunned silence had settled in the room, as both skeletons seemingly appraised you, while you stood defensively, snarl still resting on your face as you calculated your next move. You hadn't realised just how close they had gotten to your skeletons and were very uncomfortable with the lack of distance between them.
The 'Papyrus' in the burnt orange hoodie seemed to notice your line of focus and must have strung a few thoughts together, as he leaned over towards 'Sans' to whisper something to him, before idly grabbing onto the material of his sleeve and gently tugging him away from the sleeping skeletons.
Your eyes never strayed from the imposers, but you quickly scurried over to your skeletons once the other two had moved a satisfactory distance.

"So, a human huh? This is new." You eyed 'Papyrus' wearily, crouching down behind Sans so that you could simultaneously see your skeletons and the imposters at the same time. "Unless you’re their version of Frisk? Though you don't look like them."

"Nobody else was pulled through either," 'Sans' noted.

You eyed the two for a moment, neither appeared to show any signs of hostility, but this whole situation was putting you on edge, "Listen, Buddy, I'm not sure who the hell either of you are, why you look like- ARE, Sans and Papyrus, but somebody better tell me what the hell is going on, before I get impatient."

"Woah, Pal, no need to be so aggressive," 'Sans' raised his hands in the air defensively, though it didn't hide the light blue sweat trickling down his skull, "We'll tell you everything, yeah?"
You didn't answer, rather waited quietly for them to continue.

"You’re in an Alternate universe," 'Papyrus' continued for 'Sans', "We're versions of your own Papyrus and Sans, both of us are from different universes ourselves-you following?" You merely nodded.

"Well, the reason you guys are here," 'Sans' cut in, "Is several of the universes in the multiverse, have drifted alarmingly close to the original, my one. Because of this, each universe temporarily overlaps as they passed through each other, meaning several people from that universe are generally taken from their own and dumped here."

You took a minute to fully comprehend the information given to you, squinting at the two in thought before glancing down briefly as Papyrus- your papyrus, shifted underneath you in his sleep. Both were beginning to become unsettled, and you could tell they would wake up very soon. "So, what your saying is, that we've been taken from our own universe, and instead dumped into your own- the original?"
The both merely nodded. "Why versions of yourself specifically?"

"It's not just us, usually people taken are monsters with a high...capacity, for magic. This occasionally includes mages- you know what those are, right?"
You nodded, having lived underground long enough to know monster's hatred for those who had trapped them underground. "Which would mean that you’re also a mage-" you furrowed your eyebrows to disagree with 'Sans', "Or possibly just in very close range to those two. Usually several other monsters from the underground would also have been pulled in along with them, though we can only assume their magic levels must have all been low at the time, for some reason."

You had an idea why. You already knew in detail of the process starvation had on monsters.

"Guessing you know these two then?" 'Papyrus' spoke.

"Yup." You cautiously stood from you position, having determined that they were at the very least, not an immediate threat, and instead approached at a hesitant pace to shake the hand 'Papyrus' offered you. His own hand near slipped into your own, when you felt another place itself firmly on your shoulder and pull you back firmly but gently.
Stumbling, you find that your Sans now stood defensively in front of you, hand raised in the air to summon an attack.

"Stay behind me Y/n," Sans spoke seriously, the glow from the blue flame the ignited in his eye illuminating the inside of his skull that was visible from the gaping hole.
The imposters dodged the first row of bone attacks, and you yet again feel another bony hand on you, as your Papyrus' arms slipped around your torso to pick you up and hold you against his own chest gently.

"Y/n, Where Exactly Are We? If This Is The Surface, It Is Not Exactly As I Pictured..." You snickered before twisting your neck to watch the fight, where the imposters were frantically trying to get your Sans to calm down.
They better not hurt him.

"In an alternate universe, apparently."

"Nyeh Heh Heh," Papyrus laughed dryly, "Now Is Definitely An Appropriate Time For Jokes," he deadpanned.

You raised an eyebrow and merely grinned, " 'M not joking. Those two really are you and Sans man. Ask 'em yourself."

Papyrus appraised you briefly, before sighing and hoisting you to instead sit on the side of his chest, "SANS!"

All three froze, especially the two actually named Sans. Your Sans, socket still ablaze with blue fire, shortcutted over to the two of you, standing on an angle that still faced the two imposters but also let you know you had his attention. "Yeah bro?" Sans grinned manically, sweat beating on the back of his skull.

"Enough Battle! It Appears...Other Us? Have Some Explaining To Do."

"But b-"

"NO BUTS! You two!" The two other skeletons in the room flinched from the sudden redirection of his voice, "Please Explain To Us What Exactly Is Going On?"


Sans was the hardest to convince that you were actually in an alternate universe, Papyrus seemed a tad sceptical and frankly, so were you, but at this point- there really were no other logical explanations. Apparently, it was midday here on a Wednesday, and as such- no one was home. You also very quickly learnt you were on the surface, to which you now found yourself in the front yard alongside your skeletons, enjoying the sunlight.

You could only imagine what it must feel like to have the sunshine down on your bones for the very first time after living in what was essentially darkness your entire life. The grin that stretched across Papyrus' face and the pure amount of content that Sans so desperately tried to hide suddenly made everything worth it.
The three of you sat among the grass whilst 'Stretch' and 'Original Sans' watched wearily from the porch (you could feel their gazes flickering back and forth from the three of you).
Despite the obvious suspicion the two held against you three, you let yourself enjoy this moment just as much as Sans and Papyrus. Stretch and ‘The Original’ already informed you that all the other little details would be settled later, once the rest of the household arrived-for now, you were free to do as you pleased, well, at least sit outside.
You had a feeling that you wouldn’t actually be allowed to go and do as you pleased just yet. Not that you blamed them, it would be rather stressful trying to handle random versions of yourself (and some other human) that had been sucked in from another universe that you knew nothing about.

“Y/n,” Papyrus was the first to break the silence. You looked over at him with a warm smile, noting that appeared to be in awe. He patted the grass in between his legs, “Come Sit Here.” Snorting, you crawled over to him and settled between his legs, resting your back against his chest, in which he immediately moved to start playing with the ends of your hair.
“Do You Think…”
“That If The Sun Is So Pretty, How Pretty Must The Night Sky Be?”

You paused, unable to properly form words in surprise. It was strange seeing the two of them like this- a good strange.
“Heh, I know what you’re saying bro.” You rolled your head against Papyrus’ chest to face Sans, grinning widely.

“Whelp, don’t matter how pretty the night sky is- got two even prettier things sitting right here in front of me.”
You grin only widened at their chuckling at your silly remark. God, you couldn’t wait to fulfil your promise, and show them the surface.

Chapter Text

Hours later, and It was the end of the workday. As such, it was time for most people to return home, which lead to the current situation.

The 'Original Sans' had called a house meeting-routine for whenever new 'visitors' dropped in. Versions of Sans and Papyrus sat and stood in pairs wherever they thought comfortable around the lounge room, calculating eyes watching the three of you-assessing you.
Some appeared friendlier than others-particularly the 'original' Papyrus and some other smaller version of Sans with small blue boots and a bandana draped around his neck to match. Everybody else, on the other hand...well, you'd certainly have to be wearier of them.

The lounge room you were standing in the centre of was large, in fact the entire building you were currently in was pretty enormous. You imagined that if would have to be that way considering the number of inhabitants. Currently 'Sans' was getting the household to settle, giving you time to properly inspect your surroundings.
Some lazy version of Papyrus dressed in an oversized purple hoodie was sprawled across one of the leather lounges, where a Sans dressed in matching colours appeared to be trying to get him off by fruitlessly pulling at his legs. After a while he gave up, instead opting to stand with a huff and crossed arms. To be honest he looked a bit like an oversized grape with an attitude.
His brother lazily grinned at his antics, a cigarette hanging loosely from in-between his teeth, his teeth were sharpened to points-you halted your inspection when his own gaze locked with yours. It was only as he shifted his head to better look at you that you noticed one eye was unnecessarily squeezed shut-blind, perhaps?

A smirk played at the purple Papyrus' teeth as he rose a bone-brow at you in question, you merely adverted your eyes to instead look back at 'The Original'.
(You were very uncomfortable with having to refer to somebody else as 'Sans').

"Alright, now that everyone is settled, we can introduce everyone to you," 'Sans' addressed your Sans, to which he merely grumbled 'sure' in reply. Staring at him for a moment longer, you realised your Sans was awful tense, his hands clenching his hoodie pockets and his gaze burnt into the original version of himself.
"Whelp," 'Sans' tottered over to his own brother, "This is my brother, we don't have nicknames-for obvious reasons."

"It Is A Pleasure To Meet The Three Of You!" Original Papyrus greeted warmly. You hid a grimace, it was strange seeing two strangely similar versions of your own skeletons (in much better condition), not only in appearance either, but in personality too.

"Yes, I Imagine It Will Be Very...Exciting To Get To Know Everyone Here Too," Your Papyrus returned the warm gesture, though more out of courtesy than any real excitement. You'd known Papyrus long enough to tell when he was feeling anxious about something-however well he tried hiding it with his natural confidence. You all felt a bit like prey, being circled with strange monsters like this.

"That over there is Stretch (as you know), and his brother Blueberry-or Blue," Your direction was diverted towards the second 'friendlier' skeleton in the room. He introduced himself to the three of you eagerly-it appeared he was quite excitable.
The introductions continued without much input from you or Sans as you both allowed Papyrus to engage in the formalities. It was a little tense having so many strains of focus directed towards the three of you-though you couldn't help but feel as if you were receiving the brunt of the focus, (perhaps due to being the first version of yourself being sucked here).
You could also tell Sans was a little on edge from the way he shifted weight from leg to leg, and continued to clench his left hand inside his hoodie pocket (probably feeling unnatural without the usual added weight of the meat cleaver he almost always carried everywhere).

"Whelp, now that we're done with introductions-you three are probably feeling bonetired. We have plenty of spare rooms that you can stay in for the night, then tomorrow we'll sort out where Y/n here will be staying," 'Sans' concluded the introductions, and several participants of this little meeting shifted to get up to leave. He was right though, all three of you were exhauste-wait what?

Both Sans and Papyrus tensed next to you, both having caught on to exactly what had just been said. "What?" Your Sans hissed.

'Sans' teeth partially opened to repeat what he had previously just explained only to be cut of by your Papyrus, "I'm Afraid We Must Have Misheard You, Did You Say That You're Taking Our Human...Away From Us?"

"Uh, yeah. See we generally keep different versions of people in their own households, so Y/n will probably stay with our version of Toriel for the meanti-"

"Well, I'm Sorry To Say, But We Must Refuse."

"Listen, Buddy," Your Sans rumbled, gaze hardening on the other version of himself, "You aren't taking our human away from us. She's staying."

'Sans' paused, eyeing you critically for a few tense seconds before simply sighing. "Look, we'll sort this out tomorrow. For now, let’s just get you fed, and then we'll call it a night, sound good?"

It didn't go unnoticed by this 'original', the way all three of you perked up at the mention of food.
Of course they had food here-this was the surface!

The three of you eagerly followed 'Sans' into a dining room, apparently his brother was cooking tonight, and dinner would be served in another 20 minutes to half hour. All three of you took your seats at the large empty wooden table and waited patiently.

All of this was really coming as a shock to you-only a couple of hours ago and you were waking up back in your bed in Snowdin, thinking it would be like any other day. Yet here you are. Here all three of you were.
God, you really hoped all of this lasted. You didn't want to have to risk how humanity in your world might react to monsters.
All the skeletons you'd met here appeared to be in much better shape than the monsters back at home, so it made sense why they would have settled in pretty easily-easier than you imagined people would react to the monsters in your universe.
You were no fool, you'd seen the grimaces and weary glances directed at Sans' head wound and the poor state of Papyrus' teeth. Seen the looks of either disgust or pity thrown at you from varying versions of your skeletons at the poor state of your clothes. You knew it would take time to adjust, especially seeing you had yet to find out just how much people here differed from the ones you knew.
But really? Who cared? Anywhere had to be better than back there.

You wouldn't have to worry about food anymore-you hated to think about it, tried so desperately to ignore the clawing of hunger in your gut. The very same hunger that brought so many to the brink of sanity, that warped people into creatures you couldn't even recognise-seen it force good people to do bad-terrible things, you'd know. You'd seen it in yourself.
Knowing that from now you'd go to bed with a full belly and wake up with a plate full of food to eat-it filled you with hope. You wouldn't have to get up in the wee hours of the morning to empty your traps and pray that something caught, pray that it was enough for everyone (if it wasn't, you'd eventually have to go looking elsewhere-specifically somewhere within the neighbourhood).

You hated the sinking feeling of despair after checking all of your traps only to find them empty-to walk back home side by side by Papyrus and distract yourself with idle banter to try to forget what might happen if you couldn't find anything soon.

The scent of food-meat wafted in from the kitchen, and your stomach grumbled hungrily. You were so hungry hungry hungry-

"DINNER IS SERVED!" A voice that was distinctively Papyrus' (the original one) yelled, alerting the rest of the household of dinner. You perked up, as all three of you shot your gazes towards the kitchen door, eyes never wavering from the plates held in either hand of 'Papyrus' as he served first Your Sans and Papyrus before coming back with your own plate.

Skeletons of all colours either strolled, skipped or simply blipped into existence within the dining room, taking their own seats, generally too preoccupied with food to pay all too much attention to you three. Though it seemed as everyone began to settle in that they drew focus to your rapid eating-Sans and Papyrus already scraping up their last forkful or two with you not too far behind.

"Nyeh. You three eat like you haven't eaten in a week," Stretch, who sat directly opposite you observed with an amused smirk. It was probably a little longer then a week, actually (you'd been lucky that Papyrus picked up a few things in the traps this morning-though you hadn't gotten around to eating it yet). None of you replied, and instead Stretch's statement hung in the air emptily until it became awkward. Shovelling the last forkful into your mouth, your eyes briefly glanced over to the mostly untouched plates of everyone else.

"Wowie!" The original Papyrus grinned widely over to the three of you, "I Don't Think Anyone Has Enjoyed My Food As Much As You! Would You Three Like Seconds?"

"Yes!" Your Papyrus was the first to agree, with you and Sans vigorously shaking your heads in support.

The atmosphere in the room seemed to tense, as several of the skeletons surrounding you three stared at you in surprise. You weren't entirely sure why. "Goodie! I'll Be Right Ba-"

"Actually, They Can Have Mine," A Sans dressed in a black hoodie and sporting a large golden tooth grunted- Red, you believe he was referred to as. 'Papyrus' looked at him wearily.

"Are You Su-"

" 'S Fine."

'Papyrus' still looked hesitant, before reluctantly nodded, and picking his plate up for him and sitting it in front of you.

"They can have mine too," A Papyrus version of Red Offered-Mutt? That was his name-probably.

"Mine too," someone else spoke.

Soon enough, the three of you were splitting up half a table worth of spaghetti, and absolutely devouring each plate with no problem. You knew you were going to suffer serious repercussions from eating so much after eating next to nothing for so long, but you couldn't stop yourself if you tried. Several of the surroundings skeletons looked amused by your appetites-if only they knew.
You paid them no mind.

After shovelling every last bite available, each of you were left thoroughly satisfied. Gee, when was the last time you had a full belly? Especially one so full that it hurt? You couldn't remember. Now having eaten, exhaustion was weighing on you even heavier than previously. Sans looked half asleep at it was-struggling to keep his sockets open, too untrusting of this new environment to give into the temptations of sleep just yet.

You thanked 'Papyrus' profusely as he came to take your plates for dinner-he seemed to puff his chest out in pride at the compliments ("NYEHEH! You Are Very Welcome Human! The Great Papyrus Would Be Happy To Cook For You Anytime!" -you would be holding him to that).

Now you found yourselves being led down a long corridor with ivory white coloured walls and black wooden doors, towards, assumingly, your own rooms. 'Papyrus' halted at the very end of the corridor of the second level before turning to face the three of you, "These Three Rooms Will Be Yours-For Now," he directed the last part at you, but you made no attempt to argue at finding no ill meaning in his words, "Feel Free To Make Yourselves At Home! I Will Be Back Later On With A Spare Change Of Clothes, " he seemed to fully acknowledge the state of the clothing that hung across your bodies with a slight frown tugging at his teeth, "If You Need Something, I'm Sure There Will Be Someone Around Who Wouldn't Mind Helping You."

You nodded, "Sure," as you watched ‘Papyrus' walk away whilst bidding you all goodnight.

"You're not going anywhere."

You turned around to face your Sans, who was glowering. Not at you-probably just at the whole 'taking you away' idea but that didn't stop his gaze from burning into your own. You gave Sans your best reassuring smile, " 'Course not. Now, who wants which room?"
You partially expected Papyrus to make first dibs on what room he'd want, only to be left slightly surprised at the boy’s silence. You raised an eyebrow at both of them.

"I, Well-" Papyrus shifted nervously in his spot, glancing down the corridor as if to make sure no one else was around, "I Just Don't Know If...I'm Comfortable In Having My Own Room Just Yet?" His word trailed off quietly, as if he was ashamed of them.

"S'right bro- me neither. Three of us can bunk together for the night-yeah?" He threw you a questioning glance-mainly out of courtesy (he already knew what your answer would be).

"Yup. Sounds good to me," you agreed, safely tucking your hands away in your hoodies pockets. Papyrus seemed to cheer up, his previous jitteriness disappearing

"Very Well! I, The Great Papyrus, Will Determine The Bed Most Suitable For Our Cuddle Pile!" He then proceeded to throw open all three doors and test each bed inside, usually by pressing and prodding into the mattress and feeling the springiness, before testing the quality of the sheet material (you were pretty sure all three beds were identical but he insisted).
That night the three of you found yourself squashed in between stray limbs and various other body parts on a bed much too small for the three of you (especially Papyrus, though you had no doubt he was used to it at this point).
That was another thing you had noticed, while all the versions of Sans and Papyrus did seem to vary from pair to pair, your versions were by far the biggest. While Your Sans was probably the same height as you (if not a tad bit shorter), you were taller than most of the other Sans' by at least a head and a half.
Red was the only version of Sans that seemed relatively bigger than the others. Papyrus though, all the other versions of himself could easily be 7 foot, but your Papyrus? 8 and a half at least.
Now that you thought of it, you do recall Sans briefly stating something about their eating habits having a particular effect on their magic (perhaps that had something to do with it?).

Either way, all three of you fell asleep a lot easier then you had in a long time (and only feeling a little sick).


"So they want to keep the human with them huh?"

"That Is A Ridiculous Idea!"

Mutt lazily turned to face the skeleton who had took it upon himself to interrupt his conversation.
The scowling version of himself glowered down at him, but Mutt took no note of it.

"Yeah, we'll talk to them about it when Alphys and all that get here tomorrow. I'm sure Tori will be happy to take her in," Sans-or Classic, explained.

Stretch grunted from his position leaning against the wall, pulling his cigarette away from his teeth to exhale a puff of smoke. "They seem alright. All of 'em are in pretty bad shape though."

"Ate like they'd been friggin' starvin' or something," Mutt agreed. Edge merely scoffed with a roll of his eye lights ( "Slobs.").

"Mm, who'd you think this Y/n chick is? Their version of the human?"

"Doubt it."

It was silent for all but a second as everyone seemed to consider the situation. "Whelp. I need a smoke. Later." Mutt all but rolled off the couch before blipping out of existence and instead outside to the veranda (heavens forbit M'lord caught him smoking inside), pulling a packet out of his pocket before pulling up a smoke to his teeth.
Stretch-the lucky bastard. His brother-Blue, (while disapproving of his habit) always went easy on him. Could smoke inside as much as he liked without risking a smack across the back of the skull.
Mutt subconsciously rubbed at the back of his skull at the phantom aching from previous days.

With a sigh, Mutt blew out a puff of tobacco, noting he'd have to pick up the stuff he liked instead of the cheap shit tomorrow. His mind was still focused on the three new arrivals after the previous conversation (however brief), before chuckling to himself ruefully.

And he thought he was in a fucked-up condition.

Chapter Text

Despite however cramped you were, you found you'd slept better then you had in a long time (probably from the lack of added stress of not knowing when your next meal would be).
You shifted in your spot, taking note of who and where everyone was. Papyrus was to your right, already stirring, while Sans was on your left, sound asleep and partially laying on top of you.

Slipping your hands either side of Sans' ribcage, you carefully shimmied him off of you, and laid him back on the bed before crawling over Papyrus and off the bed. Three changes of clothes had been given to you by 'Papyrus' (you really needed to find some sort of nickname to refer to him as) later on last night were placed on the bedroom wardrobe, untouched.

Now would probably be the best time for a shower, the sun hadn't quite risen and thus most people would still probably be asleep. You weren't sure what time everyone else got up here, but you and Papyrus were used to early mornings and you doubted you would be breaking out of the habit anytime soon.


You glanced back to find Papyrus' silhouette sitting up in bed, tenderly rubbing at his sockets. "Morning Paps." He looked over to you and grinned (well, probably).

"About To Shower?"

"Yeah, I’ll make it quick so you can hop in after. Then we can watch the sunrise together."

You noticed Papyrus visibly straighten in the dark, "YES! - I Mean, Yes," he looked over to Sans who stirred in his sleep, "That Is A Great Idea." You grinned, grabbing your change of clothes and tottering into the bathroom, making sure to shut the door as to prevent the noise of the running water waking Sans up (despite how often he napped, he really didn't get enough sleep).

You instantly noticed just how much better the water pressure was here, the hot water proving to be very soothing against your skin. Your old clothes had been carelessly thrown over in the bathroom sink, while the newer ones folded neatly beside them.
You weren't exactly sure who they belonged to, but you had a bit of an idea from the red jumper and black shorts (Plus Red was the only one other than your Sans relatively your size).
Of course, you'd have to use your same underwear and such, though they were in okay condition, and would last for now.

Despite the temptation to stay under the warm pressure, you knew you had to make it brief if you didn't want to miss the sunrise. Twisting the shower taps off, you stepped out of the shower and made haste to dry and get changed. The (otherwise baggy) clothing fit snugly on you, considering you were bigger than the intended size of the wearer.
Stepping back into the still dark room, you moved out of the doorway to allow Papyrus to instead enter. (unsurprisingly) Sans was still asleep, and you were pleased to find he was rather peacefully too.

As the sound of the shower turning back on carried through the bathroom door, you found yourself sitting back on the bed and slipping your shoes and socks back on. You'd have to wake Sans up in a second, so he'd be able to watch the sunrise with you guys.
It was only something small, but you were glad you would be able to start checking off that mental bucket list that you wanted to do with the two skeletons. It had been years since you last saw the sun-let alone a sunrise, you would thoroughly enjoy watching it too, you imagined.

Crawling further onto the bed, you reached out to nudge Sans gently on the ribcage. He grumbled and pulled up the sheet resting on his chest. Snickering, you nudged him slightly harder than before, "Rgh, 'M tryna sleep..." he rumbled, flopping over to instead sleep on his chest and burying his face in the fluffy white pillows.

"C'mon," you grinned, "You need to get ready so we can watch the sunrise."

You saw him stiffen, before the bed shook as he sprung up, sheets hanging off his body as he stared at you with wide sockets. "Sunrise?"

"Yup," you confirmed calmly.
The large red swollen eye light in his left socket seemed to dilate and blur-a tell-tale for whenever he was feeling something strongly. After a moment of just staring at you, he made a move to get up, pushing himself up and crawling over to take a seat next to you as he waited for Papyrus. "Sleep well?"


"Excited to see the sunrise?"

"What kind of question is that?" he remarked dryly.

"Jeez," you joked, "Somebody's got a hot temper."

"Tch-Sorry, I'll lighten up."

"That's alright, and here I thought we were about to have a heated conversation."

"Nah, can't handle a good burn you know? Sensitive skin."

You snorted, "Really? I thou-"

"Ah Good!" You both turn to face Papyrus stepping out of the bathroom in a new change of clothes near exactly the same to his previous ones (no doubt original Papyrus', though his looked pristine). "I'm Glad You Two Are Here, For A Second I Thought I Could Vaguely Make Out Somebody Making Puns Out Here! But I Know You Two Would Never Do That," he gave the both of you a pointed look. You both snickered, as you waited for Sans witty reply.

"Course Paps, we're more sunsible then that."


You held your head in your hands as you chuckled. That one was terrible.


"Shh!" you managed to huff out between your quiet laughter, "Everyone is still sleepin'."

"Ah, True. I Will Have To Be More Careful."

"Anyway, you two ready?" Glancing to Sans, you found him already by the door, both nodding you soundlessly slipped out of your room and downstairs in search of the back veranda. The household was still silent, though all three of you had years of practise on lightening the sounds of your footfalls and were pretty confident that you wouldn't disturb anyone (Though that wasn't what you were entirely concerned about-you just wanted this moment to yourselves, you'd hate to have someone decide you needed to be supervised and crash the party).

The sun had begun to peak over the top of the mountains in the distance, and an audible gasp escaped Papyrus' teeth as he rushed outside to the deck to get a better look-closely followed by Sans than yourself. Both appeared to stand in a stunned silence, gaze never wavering as you took a stand beside them. It was completely silent, and for the first couple minutes you found yourself enamoured with the sunrise yourself, the pink and blue hues that slowly ate away at the inky blackness of the night sky. Though it didn't take all too long until your eyes wandered to the skeletons beside you, to the awe twisted on their expressions. Once again, content seemed to swell in your chest-seeing them so happy, it filled you with HoPe.

You allowed yourself to relax and instead just enjoy the moment-let you guard down, even if it was just a few minutes. You didn't know how to feel about your new housemates, but you weren't going to let them get in the way of your or their happiness. You’re sure both Sans and Papyrus would return the favour any day of the week.


You weren't exactly comfortable with how close this yellow monster was to you, and especially uncomfortable with the blue scaled fish in the room.
Currently Sans was glaring down the fish-lady, who apparently was only the Captain of the Royal Guard in this world (that didn't affect Sans' burning hatred for the woman). Undyne, in reply, merely only returned the favour, snarling her shark like teeth at Sans, though nobody stepped in to rectify the situation.

When this world's Undyne had first stepped in the room you could tell both Sans and Papyrus were prepared to dust the monster-the usual red orb in Sans' socket extinguishing. That was until this world's Sans and some other yellow monster stood in the way completely oblivious to the sudden murderous intentions of your skeletons as soon as the fish took a step in the room. Though thankfully they seemed to remember that this wasn't actually their Undyne and stopped themselves before all out warfare broke out.

Though all three of you were currently very uncomfortable, especially in the presence of Undyne-the queen of the underground back home. You'd never met her face to face but had certainly seen her pass by and both seen and heard of her cruel and selfish ruling.
Seen what she did to Sans and Papyrus.

In the end, it was Papyrus who had told you about what happened, and ever since all three of you had been closer than ever. You couldn't help but feel a healthy amount of hatred towards the fish yourself on their part. Despite this version being from another friendlier universe, you had no doubt some similarities would remain. No doubt that this version was just as capable of doing the same as the one back in the underground.

So, in an effort to back Sans up (and also make sure she didn't try anything) you continued to glare at her from across the room, ignoring the yellow reptile standing in front of your position sitting on the dining table despite the perfectly good chairs.

"U-Uh, are you...? You're not listening are you..." Your eyes temporarily flickered back to Alphys-the original version, as she had introduced herself being before returning to Undyne.

"Yeah, sorry, whatever. What were you saying?"

"I uh, I just needed know, just ask some questions?" You paused your glaring to give Alphys a strange look, before giving her a quick once over in which she seemed to shrink under before looking back to Undyne and occasionally Papyrus and Sans to make sure they were alright with some other version of Alphys prodding at them. You weren't sure why this Alphys was acting so nervously, all it did was serve to add to your suspicions (what was she hiding?).

"Sure. Ask away."

"I, um, okay," she looked down briefly to the clipboard she held tightly in her claws, "So, uh, name please?"


"Uh, f-full name? “You gave her a short, but pointed look-she seemed to get the message. "U-uh, any disabilities/disorders/special requirements?"


"O-okay, well, if you could just, come with me?"

You slid of the table with no argument, shoving your hands in the pockets of your shorts as Alphys stood by a scale to, most likely, record your weight. Slipping off your shoes with your feet you stood on the scale, still distracted with Undyne-or 'Undick' as you'd heard Sans refer to her in the past.

"O-oh! Wow!" You looked back over to Alphys. Was that a good or bad thing? "You're a lot lighter...REALLY light.... Lighter than you should...than you should probably be..." she trailed off, seemingly loosing herself in her own thoughts for a second.


"Oh!" She pushed her glasses back up the bridge of her nose before she turned to grab some rubber measuring tape. "Here, step on this," she instructed, dropping the '0cm' end on the floor and raising her arm to try and measure only to fall short considering her own size. Snorting, you gently nudged her claw away to instead measure yourself, pinching the tape at the top of your head before bringing it down to record it.

"Is that it?" You questioned.

"I-well, no. But um-have you eaten? Today at all?"

You nodded.

"Good good! Good um, because you just, need to put on a bit more weight yeah? I uh-not to be rude! I hope that didn't come off as, as well, rude-but your r-really underweight an-"

"Yeah, whatever. It's fine," you brushed her off, effectively ending the word diarrhoea spewing from her mouth. "That fish chick though," you pointed over to Undyne.

"Oh, you mean my fiancée, Undyne?" She turned around to face the fish, "What about her?"

"That's your version of her, yeah?"

"U-Uh, yes?"

You nodded. Eyeing the fish suspiciously. "So, what's your angle?"

"I uh-what?"

Your eyes shifted to instead coolly met Alphys' "Don't bother playin' any games with me, 'm not in the mood. What's your deal? What do ya really wanna know? Plan to do?" Alphys' eyes widened in surprise, taking a step back with nervous gulp. She wasn't doing well making herself look any less guilty.

"I-I don't, I have no idea what your-" Your gaze hardened as you searched her expression, for any sign that she was lying. "S-seriously! I, we, have to do this whenever somebody new gets sent here! T-There is no, there isn't any angle."

You searched for a while longer until she visibly begun to sweat under your gaze. With a sigh, you looked back over to Sans and Papyrus to see how they were doing. "Yeah, sure. What now?"

Alphys looked relieved that you had looked away, instantly relaxing at your diverted attention, "Well, the uh-well Toriel will be here soon-"


Alphys seemed to regard you for a second, "Uh I, yes. Toriel-the previous queen of monsters." previous? "She'll be coming here later, or um, in a couple minutes to take you home with her."

"That's not happening."


You deadpanned and Alphys flinched. "I'm not leaving Sans and Papyrus."

"O-oh," she seemed to realise something, "I can a-assure you that nobo-that no harm will come to them."

Pinching the bridge of your nose you sighed, "That's not it. We stick together. Wherever they go-I go, and vice versa."

"I um, well...okay.."

The two of you fell into a silence, and you decided that you were done there. Alphys seemed alright at best, but you currently just wanted to be near your skeletons. (You weren't used to all this friendly interaction-it was slightly overwhelming).

"How are you guys going?" Sans was snapped out of his glaring contest and instead looked over to you.

"Eh," he huffed.

"Very Well!" Papyrus nervously smiled before shifting uncomfortably at the Alphys in a red jumper's prodding.

"Hey, Pal," you rested your hand on this other Alphys' shoulder, successfully gaining her attention, "Knock it off will ya? He ain't comfortable with all the pocking and prodding."

"I-it's for scientific purposes," Other Alphys tried to brush you off. You frowned as she turned around to continue as she was doing, blatantly ignoring you.
A frown tugged at the edge of your lips, this time you grabbed her tightly by the arm and pulled her off him, successfully causing her to stumble back a few steps.

"Listen, buddy. It wasn't a request." You slipped in between the two defensively, noting that you had pissed her off.

"N-no you l-listen! I'M the one working! Y-you need to b-back off!" She pointed a single sharp claw at you accusingly and you took a threatening step towards her in warning.

"Oh dear! Whatever is going on here?" You both turn to face the new voice, originating from a white furred goat-woman. You didn't back down from your challenging stance even as Papyrus pulled you closer to him and away from Alphys. ("Thank You" he had whispered quietly into your ear).

"T-This MORON, Won't let me do m-MY job!" Red Alphys hissed. You were beginning to think this stuttering thing was an 'Alphys' thing rather than just something the Alphys you met did. It seemed the commotion had captured the attention of everyone else in the room as original Alphys, Sans and Undyne tottered over to see what all the fuss was about.

"And what exactly differs from your inspection from the one Alphys gave me?"


"Then I don't see why you felt the need to touch him when Alphys didn't once do so to me." You were pleased to see that shut her up-if only for a few seconds.

"O-obviously 'Alphys' didn't-wasn't doing a thorough enough job!"


"Enough! Stop Arguing In Front Of Toriel!" You froze, before meeting the hardened gaze of Undyne. You didn't miss the way Sans tensed at the close proximity-quickly pulling both Papyrus and you to the furthest side of the mini-circle everyone was standing in from her.

"I-I, uh, Toriel-"

The goat woman sighed, before clasping her hands together "Crimson, you need to remember not to get too carried away in your work, alright?"
Red Alphys-or ‘Crimson’ shut her mouth with an audible click of teeth and silently nodded. So this goat woman must be 'Toriel'. Looking at her you had no doubt she was capable of being a queen (She was ginormous), she held her ground in a way that screamed confidence and spoke with a conviction only a leader possessed. It was odd though-Sans and Papyrus told you everything, but they had never mentioned a 'Toriel', you would have thought they would have-with her being the ex-queen and all. "And you, my child, must learn to not be so short tempered. I understand you were simply trying to help your friend, but there are better ways to go about things, understood?"

You felt a bit like a child being scolded by their mother under her stern gaze (not that you would know). "Sure," you replied leisurely, eyeing the woman curiously. "So you’re the one taking me with you, yeah?"

"That is correct," she hummed politely, "You will be able to meet my children, Frisk and Chara. Chara is Stretch's and Blueberry's version of Frisk. I'm sure you'll get along just fine."

"Hey Lady," you turn around to face your Sans, already knowing what he was about to say. "You can't have her."

"Have her?" She chuckled pleasantly, "Oh no no, I assure you, you will be able to see her whenever you wish, she merely will be staying with m-"


Toriel paused, as if to revaluate her words, "Come on now, there is no ne-"

"I'm Afraid That We Have Already Made Up Our Minds," Papyrus pulled you closer, squeezing you between the two almost as if they were trying to hide you. "Please Forgive Me For My Rudeness, Your Majesty, But She Stays With Us." Toriel seemed to give the three of you a mildly annoyed once over, before she turned to face the original Sans.

"Sans, a word please?"

He nodded and the two shuffled over to speak quietly to each other in the opposite side of the room, with the occasional glance back at the group they left behind.

"You Three!" Suddenly a loud voice hissed, "You Need To Stop Being So Rude To Toriel!" You met the glare of the blue fish and scowled.

"Fuck off Undick," Sans growled, "Before you get yourself dusted." You could tell from the way Papyrus awkwardly shifted beside you that he felt the need to scold Sans for his 'foul' language but knew that it wasn't the most appropriate moment. That and he hated Undyne equally as much as his brother.

Undyne's eye twitched. "....whAT DID YOU JUS-"

"W-woah! U-Undyne! Wait a second!" Alphys desperately grabbed onto her fiancées arm to pull it back down to her side from up in the air where she was summoning some sort of weapon.
You could tell from the angry clenching of Sans' hand that he was missing his meat cleaver as he glowered at the fish, moving into a defensive position to instead prepare to summon a wave of bones to impale the fish -skewer her like a sushi kebab.

Papyrus quickly pushed you behind him, ready to summon his own weapon if another move was made-though Alphys seemed to properly sate Undyne, instead, she resolved to instead mutter curses under her breath and send dirty looks towards the three of you as Sans and Papyrus hesitantly dropped their defensive positions.

"Pft! Y-you three have n-no -have you got no respect?" And it seemed Crimson was eager to jump aboard the hell-is-about-to-break-loose-boat, as you sent a sharp look at the yellow cactus.

"Like you can talk you inbred, " you snickered, revelling in her following expressions.

"A-at least I don't look like a-" The entire groups bickering cut short when you noticed Toriel and the other Sans heading back over. As they re-joined the group, Toriel gave everyone a firm look-no doubt having picked up on the loud bickering from across the room.

"Well. Y/n, it appears that Sans has agreed to allow you to stay. "You nodded, suddenly in a much better mood, but gave no verbal reply. "Well then, I best be going. I look forward to...further getting to know you later on..."

"Sure," you shrugged. "Later."

Toriel nodded, and bid everyone else goodbye, though despite the smile she had pulled on her face there was still an underlying tone of bitterness from her previous irritation. Once again, she seemed like an alright woman at best-perhaps a little stubborn.
You didn't know if you'd get along with her. Not with how things were looking currently.

"Whelp. You done with them?" You questioned Crimson with a glance that immediately told her of the answer you expected.

"Yes." She bit out, not too all pleased but didn't put up any further argument.


Original Sans saw the two Alphys' and Toriel out the door, requesting that the three of you waited where you were in the meantime. "Well. She was a bit of a dick," you broke the silence, immediately getting a chuckle out of Sans and a disapproving look from Papyrus in return.

" 'S this close to friggin dusting the fish" Sans mused darkly, lifting his phalanges to show just how close he was to dusting her.

"Definitely. Me too."

The conversation hit a dead end as all three of you fell silent-you gave Papyrus a curious look as he was strangely quiet.

A sigh from behind you ended the sombre moment as you turned to face the other Sans, "Whelp Kid. It appears you'll be staying with us." He paused as if he expected someone to reply, but upon receiving none, continued. "There will be a few ground rules that I'll need to run by you first-all, of you," He made sure to give both Papyrus and Sans a look too, "But otherwise you should be good to go."

"Cool," you replied simply. "When's lunch?"

Chapter Text

The three of you spent the next few days laying low and avoiding the other inhabitants of the house. You'd probably spoken briefly to either Original Papyrus or Blueberry to thank them for breakfast or dinner-but that was just about it. It was probably better that way considering certain skeletons were less...accepting of your presence. Your Papyrus on the other hand, seemed to be settling in better than you or Sans. You could tell he felt a little out of place (especially at all the stares he got at his teeth), but he was handling it well, and interacting with the friendlier house members whenever the opportunity rose.

You had talked to the original Sans-or classic as you had heard others refer to him by, about letting the three of you go out and explore-except he said he wanted the three of you too settle in better before he let you run off on your own (or some other bullshit).
So instead the three of you opted to instead watch the sunrises and sunsets each day out on the back porch. It was peaceful, and you had yet to run into any conflict with anyone here. Several versions of the skeleton brothers seemed a little rough around the edges (Specifically the one named Edge), but you since concluded that they were safe (as long as you didn't provoke them), at least safe enough to not be anxious to leave Sans and Papyrus on their own with them.
It seemed the two of them had similar ideas as to you, as even now you'd find they'd both go off to check up on you and each other every few hours.

Currently Papyrus was in the kitchen helping make breakfast with the original version of himself and Blueberry; Sans was still upstairs asleep. It was a Sunday morning, and apparently mostly everyone would be staying home today and you were curious to see how that would play out.
Currently you were waiting in the same place you always did before any meal-the dining room. Usually you'd wait alone except for the occasional company of Sans or Papyrus when he wasn't helping in the kitchen-today though, it seemed life had other plans for you.

The chair to your right was pulled back, squeaking across the wooden floor. Mutt, a version of Papyrus sunk into the chair, gaze locking with yours before lazily bringing a barbeque sauce bottle to his teeth for a quick sip.
"So," he rasped, voice gruff like how you'd imagine a smokers would be, "What's up wit' you?"

Resting your cheek in the palm of your hand, you eyed the skeleton casually, "Not sure what your getting at bud'."

Shifting in his seat, he repositioned himself to look at you better, kicking his legs up on the table, "I mean, the three of ya act awful suspicious. You and Axe-" You tensed at Sans' appointed nickname, which they had given to him after he had suddenly shown up fiddling with a particularly large axe in his hands and since refused to part with it (you could tell he felt much more relaxed with some sort of weapon-even if it wasn't his meat cleaver, it'll do), "-are always lockin' ya selves up, hidin' away from everybody else. Not ta' mention the condition we found ya's in-and ya know, the condition Axe and Crooks are still in."

Piercing your lips, briefly considering the worth of sating him with a response, "Maybe we just prefer to keep to ourselves," you hummed lazily to yourself, "The only company we ever got back at home...never stuck around long."

Mutt didn't seem to catch onto the full extent of your words, but nodded anyway-suspiciously eyeing you for a moment before instead shutting his sockets and relaxing in his chair. It almost seemed as if he'd fallen asleep, if it weren't for the occasional occurrence where he brought the BBQ sauce back up to his teeth for another drink.
You'd noticed that it was a trait that at least one brother between each pair possessed-drinking condiments. Sans' was the same as Classic's-tomato sauce, but everyone else's seemed to vary. Tomato sauce was pretty scarce back down in the underground, but you could tell that Sans thoroughly enjoyed the beverage ("Love it from my head to-ma-toes," he had chuckled) whenever he got the chance to have some.
Perhaps once upon a time you might have been weirded out by the strange eating habit, but nowadays-if it was consumable, it was food.

It had been a couple days having been able to eat as much as you liked three times a day, but even then you couldn't shove down the primal feeling that arose from deep in your chest whenever presented with it. The very same primal feeling back when you were underground-hunting to survive, competing for food.
It was hard to believe that it was only a few days ago since you were back there-hard to fully comprehend that you were actually here, that you were finally on the surface.
You couldn't swallow the grin that stretched your lips at the thought.

No sooner was breakfast being served-you didn't even need to get up to wake up Sans, he just appeared, right on time-as always. It seemed that Mutt had decided he couldn't bother to get up or even wake up and instead stayed where he was until Original Papyrus had come in and scolded him to get his feet off the table. He just chuckled and sat back in his chair normally, before lazily picking at the breakfast tacos that had been made for this morning's meal.

Originally you'd been confused why everyone was so shocked to see the three of you eat the way you did (beside the fact you did eat in a rather impolite manner), now that the hunger didn't get in the way of allowing you to actually register what you were putting in your mouth, you'd come to realise Blue and Classic's brother weren't the greatest at cooking.
You didn't hesitate to take a large greedy bite of your first taco (they had since learnt to give the three of you larger portions).
It didn't matter how well they cooked to you-food was food. Plus you'd eaten far worse things.

(you swear you could still feel the sandy texture of dust in-between your teeth.)

Sans and Papyrus seemingly decided to sit across from you today and you made sure to make a brief glance upwards in between eating to meet their gaze, which spoke something along the lines of 'Morning', 'Everything's okay'.

Startled out of trying to pick up your second taco and instead dropping it back on the plate caused by a familiar loud voice, it was only then you realised who decided to take a seat to your left. Blueberry.
You had no problem with the exuberant skeleton, he fed you-therefore he was good in your book.

"MWEHEH! Why Yes! As Such, I Shall Continue To Diligently Work On The Training Course Outside! Unfortunately Papyrus Cannot Join Me As He Will Be Training With Undyne Today, Correct?"

Training course? He meant that random trail of various junk-mostly consisting of stray rubber tires and planks of wood outside?

"Yes, That Is Right! Perhaps I Can Join You Another Day?"

"Of Course Mweheh!" Blueberry happily ate away at the tacos, falling into silence as Classic Papyrus turned to speak with someone else. You stared down at your squeaky clean plate in boredom-you didn't leave a stray lettuce leaf, before nudging Blueberry on the side of his arm with your elbow.

He jumped slightly at the unexpected contact, before turning to face you with a 'Mweh?'
"Yes Human? Is There Something You Need? How Are You Liking The Tacos?"

" Mm, they're real good Blue, Thanks," you complimented without any real enthusiasm, "So, you were talking 'bout that 'obstacle course' out back yeah?"

"I Knew You Would Like Them Human! (-Who Wouldn't?) And Yes, It Is A Work In Progress."

"Huh, don't think I could lend a hand?" Your finger twitched from beside your plate. You were itching to find something to do.

Blueberry perked up, seemingly ecstatic with the request, "Of Course! I Would Love Company Human!"


It was silent between the two of you for all but a second as Blue eyed your empty plate, "You Have Quite The Appetite Don't You Human? -Not That It's A Bad Thing."

Inspecting Blue who had twisted in his seat to face you, you noted that the question seemed innocent enough and shrugged, "I get hungry."

"I'd Be Concerned If You Didn't," he mused encouraging the smirk playing at your lips to grow.

"What can I say? I know something delicious when I see it," a devilish toothy grin spread across your face, hunger evident in the look burning into the small skeleton in front of you. He might not have much meat on him-you noted as your eyes rolled up and down his form, but he'd at least be something to chew on.

Blueberry visibly shivered under your sinister gaze, temporarily taken aback by your change in demeanour, "I-UH, Well," his eye lights fell and found your empty plates, "I'll Take These Away! I'll Meet You In The Backyard!" He collected both of your plates before jittering away into the kitchen.

Snickering silently to yourself, you noticed the familiar feeling of eyes burning into your back. Twisting around, your eyes locked with Stretch's, who was currently giving you a hefty glare fuelled by something like distrust across from the opposite side of the table. Despite the casual demeanour of several of the inhabitants of the house, you'd come to know that most were rather untrusting in their own right. Not that that mistrust was misplaced.
You merely raised a mocking eyebrow in reply before slipping off your chair and strolling out the way you knew lead out to the backyard.

Like what had been discussed, Blueberry met you outside only leaving you to wait for a couple of minutes. As he skipped over to your side (previous nervousness forgotten), the both of you were left to inspect the yard. This property was quite big and isolated (you couldn't see any neighbouring homes from here), which allowed for lots of room for whatever (nobody would hear any struggle from here-you casually realised). "How long have you been working on this for?"

Blue looked up at you, hands placed confidently on his hips, "A Day! Me And Papyrus Have Been Planning This For A While Now, Though It Seems We Kept Getting Distracted-But Not Today Human! For I Am Determined To Complete It!"

You nodded, amused by the small skeletons antics that were very much similar to your own Papyrus', before wondering over to give one of the old tires a light kick. "So, what's the battleplan?"

You were mildly impressed by the blueprint Blue had managed to pull out of nowhere in reply to your question, in which he then proceeded to fill you in on the details. While he left to go grab some tools from the shed, you eyed the sketches, coming up with a few ideas for improvement.
Frankly the layout of the obstacle course seemed too easy-no real challenge-maybe if you added some barbed wire? Made the wall climb higher? You'd have to discuss it with Blue.

You were glad to have something to do-especially something involving your hands. You'd been left idle for too long, it felt unnatural to not be doing anything after years of constantly being on your feet-constantly moving.
As much as you appreciated just being able to be lazy and not do anything productive every now and then, being constantly idle unsettled you. You turned to face Blue as you heard the tell-tale sounds of boots hitting the dirt approaching you.
"Found The Tools!"

You nodded, before the pair of you set off too work. You opted to start working on the hurdles-except with a twist. Using a shovel you dug a long rectangle outline in the ground where the hurdles would go-Blue had stopped to give you a curious look but you waved him off and merely muttered "Making It better."
Seeing as he didn't try to stop you and instead skipped off to put together the monkey bars, you took that as permission.

Using your foot to jam the shovel into the dirt, you started to dig out the rectangle. Thanks to years of added strength you made quick progress, but Blueberry had come over to help assist you at some point anyway, until the hole was about shoulder depth on you.
Satisfied with how deep you had dug, you lazily brushed off the dirt from your hands on your shorts, before realising that Blueberry wouldn't be able to get out. A briefly amused glance his way was all that was needed to determine he had realised the same thing.

You snorted at his slightly distressed look, not bothering to warn or ask him before snaking your arms around his ribs to instead hoist him up, sitting him up on the ground outside of the hole. You felt him tense under your firm grip, but immediately relaxed after realising what you were doing. He stood to his feet to watch as you used your hands to hoist yourself up, feet hooking into the earth to use as steps.


"Yup?" you grunted, pulling your legs out of the hole and spinning to your feet to face the small skeleton.

"Why Did You Need To Dig A Hole This Deep Anyway?"

"Bury the bones." You chuckled darkly at his grimace-obviously not a fan of dark jokes. "Anyway, you can continue with what you were doing-I'll be alright here." He merely nodded, before wandering off to his side of the obstacle course with only a quick glance back at you.

You shaped one of the ends of the hole into a slope, so you could slide down into it before setting up the hurdles by wedging wooden planks in the dirt either side of the hole, some low enough to jump over and other higher enough to crawl under.
It seemed like digging the hole was a whole lot of unnecessary work to anyone else, but the whole purpose was so that no one could cheat-but they would also have to climb back out. You'd thought it added a bit of a spin, like two different obstacles in one.
You hummed to yourself as you threw part of a rope over the other side of the hole so it touched the ground before tying the other end in a knot with nimble hands around a tree close by. Perhaps it would be a lot easier to climb out of by people of a higher verticality, but at least it would provide as a bit of a challenge by those opposed.

Looking around, it appeared Blue had done much more than you-though as you looked at them you found they all could easily be improved. They were all done to a high standard-if not completely flawlessly-if it were an obstacle course for children. Even then, you could recall your own six year old self walking down a street more dangerous than the obstacle course you were staring at.
It was only as you had started wrapping barbed wire across the supporting ends of the monkey bars that you realised you were evaluating the obstacle course more as a trap than equipment used for training.
You guess after years of building and designing traps and other deadly puzzles with Papyrus, that it kind of came as second nature to you. You continued wrapping barbed wire around the monkey bars.

After having decorated the monkey bars to a satisfactory level, you moved to instead settle a ladder against a tree to begin working on the sky nets, cheaply improvising with fishing net (It won't break-probably).

You'd almost missed lunch you realised (only slightly panicked) as you were halfway done with the sky nets when Papyrus wandered out with both you and Blue's sandwiches. Head twisting to look over to Papyrus who was striding over to the tree you were in when you careful jumped out of the branch you were in, biting your tongue when you jumped on your bad ankle before moving to meet him halfway.
"Hey Paps," you greeted.

"Ah, How Is The Trap Building Y/n?" Papyrus hummed pleasantly, patting your head with his free hand after handing you your plate.

"Good. Working on sky nets."

"Oh! Are You Going To Put Spikes Underneath?"

"Probably." You turned slightly to create a small circle when Blue skipped over to see what was going on.

"Blueberry, Here Is Your Lunch! You Two Didn't Come Inside, So I Figured I'd Take It Out To Both Of You."

"Oh! Thank You Crooks-" You especially hated that nickname, "-We Are Nearly Done The Obstacle Course!" >

Papyrus seemed to hesitate in his reply, obviously caught on the word he had been referred to as. Your first instinct was to start a fuss the first time you had heard the nickname, but after he had repeatedly assured you it was fine-you let it drop (for now). "I...Uh, Of Course! It Is No Problem!" he grinned pleasantly down at Blue, though he may had missed it, you didn't miss the slight flinch Blue made as his eye lights flickered down to his teeth. "Anyhow! I Shall Be Inside! Happy Trap Building!"

With that, Papyrus spun on his heel with another quick pat against your head before going back inside. The sound of the glass door sliding back shut caused your gaze to instead slide down at Blue. You made sure to give him a look that let him know that you saw how he responded to Papyrus' smile. He winced, looking down ashamed.

You didn't offer Blue any kind of solace as you instead moved to sit under the tree you were working under to bite into your sandwich. You weren't angry at him-you knew he had no ill intent, and you couldn't really blame him from being intimidated by him or Sans. Especially because he was essentially just staring at a beat-up version of his own brother and himself.

Whatever. You couldn't help being a little defensive over them.

With a sigh, you abandoned your plate to pick up later on, instead moving to finish your work on the obstacle course, clothing filthy by the end of the day and the tender flesh of your hand stinging from the constant friction of tying knots and hammering things together.

Chapter Text

Currently you and Sans were in your chosen room, after the first few nights the three of you had become familiar enough with your surroundings to sleep in your separate rooms, though most of your free time consisted of all three of you hanging out in the same room. Papyrus was downstairs, probably with Classic's brother, Blue and maybe Edge, Black or even Razz too cleaning up the mess after breakfast.

You hadn't talked to the edgier versions of each loud brother yet but had received your fair share of dirty looks and scowls from two of them. Otherwise they seemed too preoccupied to talk to you and rather just did their own thing. That and you generally just kept to yourself and didn't get involved in other people’s conversations.

While Sans was lazily laying on his stomach across your bed, you simply sat and stared down at him as he pulled his hands out of a packet of chips and threw them in his mouth. Currently, between the two of you was probably half the pantry-In which Sans had raided and abruptly appeared in your room arms full of food to eat together.
Despite having already eaten a large breakfast, you didn't refuse any food that he pulled out of a packet and offered you. The decently sized TV screwed to the wall had been turned on, and you had settled for some blockbuster movies already playing. Even though Sans was half-napping and more focused on holding nick-knacks of all sorts in the air for you to eat, you knew he was listening.

He'd have never watched a blockbuster film before, you realised with a slight frown. All they had underground was the Mettaton crap that Papyrus seemed to love-and Sans hated.
You'd have to take them to see a movie. As many as they wanted.
(That's if Papyrus was comfortable sitting still for that long).

You idly toyed with the pain that would spike from your hands after all the strenuous work yesterday. You and Blue had managed to finish the course to a satisfactory level, though it got to the point where Blue questioned if you were perhaps going overboard with the barbed wire...
You made a compromise.

Things were still a little tense between you, Sans and some of the other household members. You know from firsthand experience that Sans wasn't exactly 'nice', and it took a long time to get him to warm up to you, (Two years, to be exact).
He was a bit prickly, and had apparently lost his previous patience after the 'incident' (He still has plans to dust Undick, in which you whole-heartedly plan to assist him with), which meant he had a pretty hard time keeping his cool around other people. Hence why he generally avoided everyone else here-though you imagined he would become more comfortable with everyone after a while of being here.

"Anyway," he grumbled, peeling open a single socket, illuminated with the haunting red light to stare at you, "Anyone cause ya any trouble? No one I need ta' dust?"

"Nah," you choked out between your mouthful of cheezels knowing fully well the weight behind his seemingly lighthearted threat.

You could feel his gaze inspecting you-searching for any signs of a lie, before relaxing at finding nothing, "Good." You continued to watch your movie even as he fell asleep, chest rising and falling calmly. That was until you heard a loud 'BANG' from downstairs-sounded like something heavy being dropped.
Deciding to go and investigate, you slid your feet out from underneath you and over the edge only to be abruptly brought back to the bed. "Get up and I'll break ya legs," Sans mused, voice filled with mirth. Now that was threat you knew he didn't really mean, but for his sake (and also the sake of your lack of motivation to argue)you complied as he slipped his arms around your waist to keep you firmly planted to the mattress and falling back to sleep.

Guess you were hanging here for a while.


After Sans had actually fallen asleep, you had managed to slip out of his grasp without him waking up. Your legs fell like jelly from the odd position they were squeezed in for the past couple of hours, and it took the trip from your bed to your door to get the blood flow working properly again.

The house was virtually empty-and completely silent. Everyone was out at work by now and you idly wondered where Papyrus had gone off too.
As you went to search the household for Paps, you found yourself wondering about what would happen from here on. Would you eventually have to get a job too? You never even finished high school-and even if you had, you were some totally random human in an alternate universe. This worlds government would have no record of you what-so-ever.

Would you be given forged identification papers? Or would you just lay low for the rest of your stay here? If the other versions of people sucked into this universe had already gotten jobs, then you figured you'd be staying here for quite a while. But how long exactly?

Okay, now you were getting worried. You'd checked probably the entire bottom-floor, having even peeked your head in the kitchen, but having still not finding him caused knots to twist in your stomach tightly. Had he gone out with Classic's brother or something?
No-you still weren't allowed out and about yet (something you'd have to consult Classic about). He'd have to be around somewhere. Maybe you'd be less concerned if this was Sans, he'd likely mess with you by shortcutting behind you so you could never find him-but there was no missing someone as large and loud as Papyrus (however silent he could be).

"Papyrus?" You called out at a casual volume, not wanting to display your concern. You received no reply. Perhaps he had gone back to his room?

You skipped the stairs two at a time (something you did anyway) as you ventured back towards where your rooms were located, pausing in front of Papyrus' door and knocking. Silence.
Twisting the handle, you peeked your head in the dim room, no one. You checked both your room (Sans was still asleep, snoring loudly and buried underneath packets of chips and other lollies) and Sans' but Papyrus was in neither.

Clenching your teeth, you opted to search the rest of the house-the second floor and upwards. You knocked on everyone's doors (and eventually just peeked inside if nobody answered) until you had made it to the fourth floor, where to your relief, you heard the sound of chatter bouncing out of an open room and down the hallway. Picking up your pace you took a sharp turn left and found yourself in an open mini second lounge room (you don't think you'd bothered to explore anywhere above the second floor yet).
You instantly relaxed once your eyes located the back of Papyrus' skull. He was currently sitting next to Stretch, who took up the rest of the lounge they were on with his legs. In a single seater across the room was Red-the first to spot you, and on another longer lounge was Slim, body taking up the entire thing and feet still hanging over the end.

"Heh, well it seems the human has joined the party," Red commented, causing all three pairs of eyes that weren't already looking at you to turn around. Gaze finding Papyrus', you ignored all of the others to instead approach him, taking a stand beside him (seeing as there was no other spots). You could feel Stretch's tense gaze on you-it wasn't hostile-just untrusting.

"Y/n! I Am Glad That You Have Decided To Get Up And Do Something Productive! I Was Just Here Talking To Some Of The Other Members Of The Household!" You glanced over to Papyrus as he spoke, before running your eyes back over all of the other males in the room.

"M'right. Sounds cool," you moved in front of the lounge Papyrus was on and begun to settle on the ground, "Don't mind if I join in?"

"Of Course Not!"

You ignored the looks of all three other skeletons as you rested your head against the couch beside Papyrus' knee. None looked particularly annoyed-more curious, maybe a little suspicious than anything.

" Where 'ave you been all day huh? Haven't seen ya around."

"Sleeping," You lolled your head to the side, getting a better look at Red as he flashed his shark like teeth at you.

"That it? Noticed Axe hasn't been around either," he smirked, the comment receiving a snicker from Stretch and Slim. You narrowed your eyes at Red, knowing fully well what he was implying.

"Nyeh-If ya wanted to bone a skeleton, ya could have just said-got a variety of options," Slim mused lazily from across the couch. You felt Papyrus stiffen behind you, probably only just now catching onto their drift.

"Yeah? Who’s to say I'm not gay?" You grinned at their silence-having not expected such a reply," Besides, I prefer a bit of meat on my bones."

Your small audience chuckled, except Papyrus, of course. "Y/n! Please Do Not Encourage Them! If You Stop Now, There Perhaps May Be A Chance They Will Eventually Develop A Good Sense Of Humour In The Future."
The laughter increased-now including your own quiet snickering. While Papyrus was certainly no fan of puns and the like-he still was very funny in his own right. He merely had a very different type of sense of humour from his brother.

"Ouch. That hurt, Crooks," Stretch mused.

"Yeah, if we'd realised you had a bone ta pick wit' us we'd have saved you from this punishment," Red Cackled at Papyrus' loud groaning.

Well, although you didn't exactly get along 100% with everybody in the household, you were pleased to find that at least some of them had a sense of humour, and as such, you found yourselves making witty banter for a good hour or so. It certainly was no sappy bonding session and you doubted it changed your position with the three of them at all (they did seem like particularly off-standish people, not that you couldn't same the same for yourself), though you at the very least found a common ground with them-puns. Should have guessed really.

Soon enough the front door from downstairs swung open, but it wasn't the sound of the door hitting the wall that alerted you all that people were arriving home from work-but rather the loud "WE'RE HOME!" and "RED GET HERE THIS INSTANT!" that cut you off mid-sentence.

Red audibly winced from his seat tucked safely away in the corner of the room, "Heh. Guess that's the Boss" he shrugged nervously, red beading on the base of his skull.

"Whaddya do?" You inquired, meeting his gaze.

"Heheh, uh...I MAY have um...dumped my dirty socks in his office after I got pissed at 'im?" He rubbed the back of his skull nervously.

Stretch gaped, "Shit-"


"You're fucked," Slim mused. You just snickered at Papyrus' long disappointed sigh.

"I Bid You Good Luck Then, Red."

Red gulped, "Heheh, yeah..."

"RED!" A voice boomed from below, causing all of you to jump and no sooner did Red disappear in thin air.
It was silent for a second, no one having any idea of what to say or do, and you idly considered going to find Sans, if he wasn't awake before-he definitely was now.

"Whelp. Should probably go and welcome my bro' home," Stretch sighed, slinking off the couch, "Later," he waved before also taking a shortcut downstairs where loud chatter could be heard.

You also got up to leave alongside Papyrus, briefly glancing back at Slim as a form of 'see you later'. He seemed to get the message as you both left. You both walked downstairs in silence, "I should probably go and find Sans. See if he's awake."

"Ah Yes, That Is Probably A Good Idea. I'd Say That He'd Have Trouble Sleeping If He Slept All Day-But This Is My Brother We're Talking About."

"Heh," you shoved your hands in your shorts-another pair given to you (probably by Red). You didn't know why you just didn't go shopping for your own clothes (You were beginning to think Classic didn't want you guys in public for reasons other than just for 'wanting you to settle in first'.)

"Oh Dear!" Papyrus halted, and you turned to face him to find out what was up. "It Appears I Left My Plate Upstairs!"

"Your plate?" you mused.

"Yes! I Can't Just Leave It There! I'm No Slob, If You Haven't Noticed," he scolded you lightly.

"Tch, right. I'll go and grab it. You can run downstairs and say hi to everybody," you offered, feeling in a particularly helpful mood.

"Ah Thank You Y/n," he ruffled your hair briefly as he seems so fond doing, "I Will See You At Dinner Then?"

You nodded, "Yup," before watching him walk off (which was something akin to a jog by any human’s standards). Turning back the way you came, a sigh escaped your lips as you eyed the stairs, wondering why you brought this upon yourself as you suddenly felt a whole lot less motivated.

Dragging yourself back up two flights of stairs back to the fourth floor, you were slightly surprised to still see Slim laying across the couch. "Don't you have a brother to say hello to?"

He froze before shifting slightly to get a look at you from his position laying down on his chest. "Eh, our room is up here. He'll find me."

"Mm," you hummed uninterestedly before finding Papyrus' plate-and several others. Deciding that you may as well pick up the others while you were here you stacked all of them together.

"Didn't take ya as the neat type," Slim eyed you curiously, half of his face squished against the leather cushion.

You shrugged, "Paps is. Forgot his plate. Told him I'd grab it for him."

"Crooks? Yeah. He's cool."

Shifting the weight of the small collection of plates in your arms, you turned to face Slim, merely giving him an unimpressed look at his attempt of small talk. Deciding it was time to head back down you turned to leave, -

"-Where ya goin'?"

"Downstairs," you stated drily without bothering to glance back at him and instead walking out of the room.

"Not gonna keep me company huh? Ya so cold," he called out to you.

You merely grinned to yourself, chuckling just loud enough for him to hear-making sure to put more weight with each footstep just to exaggerate the sound of you leaving.

Chapter Text

Tuesday morning-it was colder than usual mornings. Then again, it was mid-autumn, the time of dying. Just like you remembered, the emerald green that painted the world begun to be eaten away by swirls of reds, purples and yellows.
Once again, you found yourself wedged between your two favourite skeletons out on the back veranda watching the sunrise. It was pleasant, just sitting there with your eyes closed, feeling the first stray rays of sunlight peaking over in the horizon illuminating your face, surrounded by the warmth of the two people you trusted most. It was easy to forget everything.

Except moments like that never seemed to last. You rubbed your hands up and down your exposed legs in attempts to scare away the chill biting at the uncovered flesh.
"Y/n? Are You Getting Cold?" You looked back up at Papyrus who looked down at you with concern, "We Can Go Inside If You Would Like?"

"Nah. I'll survive."

"You sure peaches? You fleshy creatures are pretty fragile ya'know," Sans poked fun at you, jabbing you playfully in the side, "Heheh I'd know" he chuckled suddenly on a darker note and you merely snorted at him.

"Tch, Calm down, I'm not gonna freeze to death-not after Snowdin."

"Fair 'nough." You grinned, before swinging your legs up to instead lean on Papyrus, legs resting on Sans' lap.

"Warm me up, won't ya?" You grinned widely, gauging his reaction as he merely stared at you with a manic grin of his own before settling his arms on top of your legs-providing them with his own warmth. You smiled pleased, easing into Papyrus' side.

"Hmm, We Will Have To Ask For Some Warmer Clothes, At Least For You, Won't We? " Papyrus noted, speaking more to himself in thought rather than anyone particular, but you hummed in reply anyway.
You'd speak to Classic today about going shopping for some better clothing-you couldn't live in other people’s spare clothing forever, and even though you still had your own currently in the wash, three changes of clothing wasn't liveable. From what you'd seen, he seemed an alright enough guy-but that didn't mean you liked him. If he was anything like the Sans you knew, you imagined he'd be quite cold and probably stubborn too.
You just hoped he didn't use that stubbornness against you.

After another half an hour or so, some of the other members of the household began waking up, and the three of you got up, Sans so he could go back to bed and Papyrus to the kitchen. You trailed behind Papyrus, before tiredly slinking into your chair at the dining table (you were sometimes tempted to go in and help out, but letting you inside such a room for long periods of time were never a good idea).

"Good Morning Human!" You jolted slightly from your spot at the sudden noise, and twisted in your spot to face the loud voice behind you.

"Mornin' Blue."

"How Did You Sleep?"

You merely nodded, a silent 'good', slightly surprised that he had come up to you and said good morning. Last time you'd spoken was on Sunday and he had left noticeably wearier of you then he had started. "You?"

"Very Well!" He beamed, placing his hands on his hips, "Well, I Best Start On Breakfast! I Will Talk To You Later!"


Your eyes followed the retreating skeleton, only to find two other small skeletons standing by the doorway when you looked back. Black-Mutts brother you believe, merely scowled at you (the only expression he seemed capable of making) as he stormed into the kitchen barking something obnoxiously at the others-though the second shorter skeleton lingered-the one you had previously described as an oversized grape.

Razz (though grapes would definitely be better), as he had introduced himself as the first day you'd gotten here, stared curiously at you, the purple lights forming some sort of triangle in his sockets expanding for a second, before he seemed to make up his mind about something. Sliding to turn back around, you paused in your actions and looked back at Razz as his voice caught your attention.


You rested your chin on the back of your chair, eyeing him curiously as he strode over to you. "Yeah?"

He didn't answer you straight away, instead staring at you as if he was observing you, taking in your features with morbid curiosity, "It Has Come To My Attention That We Haven't Formally Met Yet," he started, moving his hands to sit his hands on his hips similarly to Blueberry, "And As Such, Have Taken It Upon Myself To Re-Introduce Myself, I, As You Would Know, Am The Malignant Razz! I Am Sure You Are Honoured To Be In The Presence Of Some As Mighty As I!"

Quirking an eyebrow you snickered at Razz-he was like a more obnoxious version of your first impression of Papyrus when you'd first met four years ago. "Sure," you agreed more out of sating the skeleton in front of you, and not necessarily because you actually agreed.

"I Must Admit, You Are The First Human I've Seen Up This Close! You Look A Lot Softer And Weaker Than I Had Imagined."

"Weak?" You barked out laughing, spinning in your spot to instead sit backwards on your chair, "Maybe looks can deceive," you mused playfully. Despite choosing to comment on the last sentence of his comment, you hadn't missed the part about being the first human he'd seen up close. "How long have ya' been in this universe for you to have not seen a human up close yet?'

"Only A Week Before Yourself Human!"


"And...your allowed to go out into public? After only being here for a week?"

"Of Course!" You'd been here about that same time. You frowned. This was more reason to talk to Classic about this -no-going-out ban. You felt like a twelve-year-old kid being grounded. In your silence Razz had taken it upon himself to gently pinch and prod at the flesh of your arm resting on top of the chair. "Hmm, Are You Sure About The 'Looks Can Deceive' Thing? You Feel Awfully Soft And Weak too."

"Tch," a smug grin settled on your expression, "You know you really shouldn't get so close."

"And Why Is That?"

"I bite."

Razz's sockets widened, before he pulled his arms away only to cross them across his chest, "I'm Not Entirely Sure How Your Teeth Would Fair Chewing Into Bone," he huffed back wryly at you.

"Mm," you hummed, leaning forward in your chair to stare deeply into his sockets with a teasing smirk curving on your lips, "Why don't cha come closer and we can find out?"

Razz's gaze flickered across your own, before leaning forward sceptically.

You paused.
Did he-
Did he just actually lean forward so you could bite him?

"-fft!" You fell back in your chair, back hitting the table as you clutched at your stomach, wheezing. "Geez, I didn't realise just how eager you'd be about me getting a taste of ya. Don't worry, I don't mind licking your bones clean, but maybe we should save it for later."

At first he looked taken aback, before he straightened, a-was that a blush? Spreading across his cheekbones before he gave you a pointedly unimpressed look. "Lick My Bones Clean?" His bone brows furrowed in disgust, "I'm Not Sur-" Ding Ding. He straightened and gaped widely as he finally got the gist of what you were saying, "HUMAN! That Is Incredibly Lewd! Please Watch Your Tongue Next Time, Or You Just May Loose It!" He scolded you sternly, but you merely laughed in return.

"Go on, put your fingers anywhere near my mouth-watch what happens," you mused darkly and were pleased to find you weren't the only one who thought it was funny, by the sly smirk pulling at Razz's teeth.

"I Can Assure You Human, You Will Never Get The Chance-For You See, The Malignant Razz Is Far Too Quick! You Will Have Lost Your Tongue Before You Got The Chance To Shut Your Mouth," he boasted, seemingly very confident in his words-but you acknowledged the playful undertones of his claims.

"You su-"

"RAZZ!" The both of you jumped at the loud exclamation of his name, turning to face Black, who was standing by the kitchen door and tapping his heeled boot impatiently, "Are You Helping Make Breakfast Or Not?" He hissed venomously without so much as a glance your way.

Well, somebody had obviously accidently twisted a joint the wrong way and gotten a bone stuck up their arse.

"Ah, Yes," He replied, taking a quick glance at you before scrambling away, "Well, Until Next Time, Human."

You watched with mild interest as the two skeletons disappeared in the kitchen, sitting comfortably in your backwards position against the chair for a few minutes longer before twisting back around when breakfast was served.


You waited patiently outside Classic's door, hands shoved comfortably in your pockets after you had knocked. It was silent and you briefly wondered If he wasn't inside. His brother had said he would be when you consulted him about it after breakfast-apparently he was not working until later on today. Thankfully a few moments later you heard shuffling from inside until the door knob jiggled and the door opened.


You gave Classic a brief once over- noting he looked tired. "Need to talk to you bout something, if that's alright?"

"Uh yeah," he nodded, shuffling out of the way holding the door open for you, "Come in."
Observing the room, you noted it half looked like an office, with cabinets and a desk decorating the room, his bed wedged in the far away corner. The entire room was a bit of a pig sty-there was even a rubbish cyclone whirling in the other side of the room. "So, what did ya want?"

Classic's door clicked shut, and you turned back around to face him, trying to appear as casual as possible-call it sucking up to the boss if you will. "We've been here almost for a week now," you started, as he nodded slowly at your words as if to confirm them, "And I'd say we've been settling fairly well..."

"Uh yeah, that's good?" He obviously didn't know where you were going with this.

With a huff you pulled a hand out of your pockets to instead run it through your hair, "So don't you think it's time you let us go out? Go shopping? We can't go around wearing other people’s clothes all of the time-'specially not Papyrus, he's a lot bigger then all of ya's-nothing fits em right. Hell, even Sans-"


You froze. Eyes finding Classic's after noticing they had started to creep up the wall beside him as you spoke. It took you only a second to register his words, and you narrowed your eyes at him, "What do you mean by 'No'?"

Classic visibly looked tense, stiff, "I meant 'No'-no means no."

Gaze hardening, you sighed deeply, deciding to be civil about this and re-tucking your hands in your pockets to hide the way they twitched in annoyance. "And why's that?"

"Cause I said so bud'," his words were firm-final, "Is that it? Or are we done here?"

"Nah," you eyed him suspiciously, "I wanna know why ya won't let us leave the house." His own gaze hardened as yours did, you could tell you were getting on his nerves now.

"Listen, enough with the questions. Just do as I say, alrig-"

You took a single long threatening step forward-enough to fill the distance between the two of you until you were hovering over him. Something sinister had twisted on your features as you bent down to look Classic dead in the eye, his own pinpricks shrinking as you do.
"Nah, you listen 'Bud', I ain't leaving here until I-at the very least, know why the hell you don't want us in public." He paused, before taking a step back and away from you, moving his jaw to speak, "-And don't bullshit me and say it's for our sake."

His teeth snapped together with a click, his own hands shoved into his hoodie's pockets as he seemed to consider you, before his expression darkened. "Get Out."

Oh,-oh that pissed you right off. You could feel your fingers wringing against each other nervously -itching, to be used. Itching to grab the nearest object and hurtle it at the monster in front of you-hit him against the skull with it-Make him shut up-pounce on top of him and sink your teeth into-.

You were thrown out of your thoughts-literally, as you realised you had subconsciously leaped at Classic and been swung across the room by some invisible force-gravity magic, you determined sourly. Pinned against the wall, you thrashed and snarled at the skeleton in front of you.

"Woah-just calm down kid-" You growled threateningly at him-fully aware of the blue sweat beading on his skull, "J-just stop fightin' kid-" he huffed, visibly tiring as you fought against his magic. "Calm do-"

You broke free.

Next thing you knew you found Classic pinned underneath you-apparently dazed, though upon registering what had just happened, his eye lights faded leaving empty sockets to instead stare back up at you. Glowering down at him-you weren't sure what you were going to do with him, and you guess you'd never get to find out as you were yanked back by the collar of your shirt and thrown at least a feet away from him.
You hit your head harshly against the side of Classic's wooden desk. Ignoring the sharp pain throbbing at the back of your skull you move to get back up when you felt another force hold you down by your soul.

Stretch was helping Classic stand up, where you notice the door had been thrown open behind them. Classic tenderly rubbed the back of his skull as both of them turn to face you, both expressions showcasing anger directed right at you.
You clench your teeth and met their gazes confidently, feeling the primal anger that had manipulated your body just a second ago rapidly vanishing. As the adrenaline settled, your scowl instead settled into a tired smirk as the two discussed something together-you weren't in the right mindset to focus. At this point you didn't even bother to fight against the (probably Stretch's) magic pinning you to the side of the desk.

"Yo," you peeled your eyes open only just having realised you'd almost fallen asleep to find Stretch crouching eye level to you, "Ain't gonna jump at one of us, will ya?"

You met his gaze nonchalantly, debating on whether to answer him or not-he'd eventually have to let go of your soul either way. "Nah."
Your answer seemed to sate him, as he looked back up to Classic who only nodded in return, and in less then a second you instantly felt lighter. The two had moved to the opposite end of the room, watching you defensively in case you tried anything.
In return you merely tossed them an unimpressed look and made a show of lazily standing to your feet, returning your hands back to your pockets- where it was safest for them to be.

"Look, Y/n," Classic spoke after you had managed to find your way to your feet, "There's gonna have to be some consequences for this. We can't have you going around fighting people."
You didn't reply, merely stared him down, much like the way one wound stare down it's prey. You could tell the malice swirling playfully in your eyes was unnerving him as he nervously looked away, shifting weight from leg to leg. "Understood?"

Dragging on the silence a second longer, you finally relent, "Alright. I accept whatever 'consequences' you have in store for me, Classic," you mused, casually approaching him once again, brushing off the warning look you received from Stretch as you did so and stopped mere centimetres away, your own face hovering over his, "But I do expect that answer to my question sooner or later, understood?"

Chapter Text

Whelp. It seems you got stuck with dinner duty.
Which would be fine-you knew your way around a kitchen, except you had to share it with about six other people. Six other skeletons to be exact. Two of which are on less than friendly terms with you. That and they had a whole collection of knives and other sharp objects laying around in there.
Yeah, you're not sure whose idea that was-but they fucked up.

When you told Sans about what happened when you talked to Classic- he was pissed. Not pissed at you-but at Classic, said he would have done the same thing you did in your position. In fact he'd threatened to dust the other version of himself, mind made up and already slipping out the door with a sharp tug to his eye socket-only for you to grab him by the sleeve and inform him that there was no point (he eventually relented).
You were pleased to find he supported your decision, and while Papyrus was slightly discouraging at the unnecessary use of violence, he also believed you weren't in the wrong. As punishment you were giving dinner duty and your 'grounding' had been prolonged until an 'undetermined date'. Which meant -probably not anytime soon.

Well. Sharing a kitchen with some strange alternate versions of Sans and Papyrus couldn't be too bad you figured. You just had to keep yourself preoccupied from... certain items.

It wasn't currently time for dinner for another couple of hours, Papyrus informed you, instead, you had managed to pin him down and spend some time together.
While technically you weren't allowed out of 'the house', you figured the backyard technically counts too. As such, you and Papyrus had found yourself wandering deeper into the forest behind Classic's home, looking for some suitable areas to set up a few traps. Meat from the supermarket was good-but freshly caught stuff was better.
That and there was a certain thrill that came along with catching your own food-a habit you imagine you will never live down. Hunting was a part of you now, just because you were no longer back there didn't mean you were all of a sudden reverted back to your old ways-no. You were someone different now. For better or for worse-it was better to just accept life for the way it is and not question the 'what ifs'.
You don't like thinking about what might have happened if you did.

You could hear the pure vastness of wildlife here, progressively getting louder the further you ventured. The sing song of birds and the clicking and gurgling of other wildlife- It seemed so much louder than you previously remembered. You were so used to the emptiness of the underground-the mind numbing silence.

Stray leaves and branches crunched underneath your feet as you walked, glancing up you turned to face Papyrus as he looked up in the branches of the tree's in awe-observing the innumerable species of birds and other wildlife as they chirped and clung to the bark of trees.
The woods around you were thriving, and if it came as big of a shock as it did to you from not seeing it in so long-you could only imagine what it must be like for Papyrus.
You felt a sting of disappointment settle in your stomach as you wished you had learned more about different flora and fauna so you could point it out to him.

"Mm, This Seems Like An Appropriate Spot," Papyrus commented, observing a particularly large and sturdy tree. It was a little darker over here because of the denseness of the trees, which only provided as better cover for your traps.

"Good spot to set the bigger net, yeah?" Papyrus hummed in reply. You slid the slightly torn backpack that you had snagged from the shed from your shoulders and dropped it to the ground, rummaging around for the appropriate net. Successfully finding it, you pulled it out and gave it a quick inspection before the two of you unravelled it together. You'd be setting up the classic 'net hidden under leaves' trap that you'd see in the movies that the protagonist almost always got caught up in.

You helped Papyrus thread the rope through the net before walking over to the tree. Papyrus held you by the waist and helped hoist you up, so you were sitting with a leg on either side of one of the branches, looping the rope around a couple times before finally tying everything together. "Hmm, looks just about done," you commented as Papyrus carefully fiddled with the trigger to make a few adjustments.

"Need To Make Sure It Works First."

"Well, go on then, give it a try," you grinned.

"Must I? If I Recall Correctly It Was Your Turn This Time."

"Mm, I dunno..."

Papyrus sighed, wearily looking over to the area the net was hidden. "Very Well..."he grumbled before stepping over and purposely setting of the trap. The net scooped him up and brought him up several metres in the air, the nets pushing his body together in a foetal position, and just to make matters better for Papyrus, you made sure to laugh extra loud.

Deciding to have mercy on Papyrus after his long, exaggerated sighing, you grabbed the tied rope from the branch and loosened it slowly, settling Papyrus gently down on the ground (as funny as it would have been to simply drop him-he would have gotten you back twice as bad right when you least expected it).

The inhumanely sized skeleton untangled himself from the net, brushing any leaves and dirt off from his arms and began to carefully reset the trap. Swinging a leg over the branch so both were on the same side, you turned around to climb down, using any kind of slope in the tree as steps. Finding you were beginning to slip, you simply jumped down from about a metre up-not high, but it didn't stop the sharp pain shooting up your leg from your bad ankle.

God damn that hurt. That ankle would be the death of you.
Crouching down, you pushed your sock to the base of your ankle revealing the dimple like scars wrapping around your ankle from the beartrap you had step on all those years ago. You didn't know the extent of the damage very well considering there were no doctors or medical service of any kind underground, but you think you must have fractured it. Years of constantly using it made it so that it never properly healed and made it worse than it would have otherwise been. Guess you just got to suck it up and deal with it. Pulling your sock back up you got to your feet, you lifted your head to find Papyrus standing in front of you-observing you.

"Does It Hurt?"

Clicking your tongue against the back of your mouth you shrugged, "Not really. Only when I put lots of pressure on it." He seemed to consider your answer, before nodding and helping to pick up the backpacks brought along with you to go find somewhere to set up the smaller traps.

You had no doubt that you would have caught plenty by tomorrow morning, and thankfully for you, there was conveniently a very large freezer tucked away in the corner of the shed. Perhaps you didn't need all the extra food, but Papyrus seemed to enjoy himself and you could never have enough food.
Just in case.


Stepping in the kitchen alongside of Papyrus, you immediately became the centre of attention, with Blueberry and Classic's brother greeting you warmly, Razz nodding to you in acknowledgement and Both Black and Edge scowling down at you.
You took no note of some of the...less friendly welcomes and instead opted to listen as Classic's brother started assigning jobs and listing instructions. Alike the others, you set off to do your part. Apparently, you and Classic's brother himself would be working on the spaghetti, while the others would be cooking their own preferred foods for everyone.
Classics' Brother opened the fridge and begun pulling out ingredients, setting them neatly on the table next to the chopping board.

"Here!" You looked down to find the hilt of a slick silver knife-a sharp silver knife. You felt your fingers twitch as you hesitantly accepted the blade, shifting the weight of the metal between fingers.

You all of a suddenly didn't feel very comfortable being in such a small space with so many people, surrounded by so many sharp things.
You ignored the itching at the back of your mind and the occasional twitch of your hand at the feeling of the cool metal as you sliced through the tomato, the watery red coloured juice running onto the ends of your fingers.
You diced all of the tomatoes into small squares before moving them into a bowl to start making the sauce. Classic's brother had originally commented that you were doing it wrong ("Human, Where Is The Passion?!"), but you has insisted that you preferred to do it this way and he relented.

As you began to grind the tomatoes against the bowl along with a mixture of other ingredients until it started to from a thick, dark red paste, you felt your stomach churn. It looked so very similar too...
Yeah, you were very uncomfortable with this. Your grip tightened against the edge of the bowl as you fought to not look over at the stained knife teasing you at the edge of your vision. Gritting your teeth yo-

"MOVE!" You were rudely shoved back several steps and effectively distracted from your thoughts. Glaring down at you currently was Edge, and you were slightly surprised to say the least (you think this was the first time he'd uttered even a single word at you). "Well? What's With The Staring! Get Back To Work!"

Eyebrows furrowing, you glared coolly back at the oversized prick, "Awful confident for someone with no real authority ain't cha?"

Metaphorical fire burned in Edge's sockets as he took a threatening step towards you, "Pardon Me Human? Would You Like To Repeat Th-"

"Woah! You Two Alright Over Here?" Papyrus stepped in, looking at you nervously then back over at Edge, separating the two of you with his arms.

Edge scowled and brushed away Papyrus' arms, which only caused you to narrow your eyes at the prick. "Do Not Touch Me! And As For Us, It Is None Of Your Concern, Or Is Your Human Not Capable Of Taking Care Of Herself?" He mocked, skewering you with a look of utter irritation.

"Tch. Really? You're the one picking fights with people half your size you cowar-"

"Both Of You!" Once again interrupted, this time by Blue, you realised the two of you had captured the entire kitchen's attention. "Stop Fighting! Now Isn't The Time."

You searched Blue's expression as he sternly looked at you. You shrugged. "Yeah. Sorry. Whatever."
You turned back around to finish the sauce you had been working on, ignoring the dirty look thrown your way from Edge as he walked away muttering grumpily under his breath.

"Hmm, You'll Have To Work On That Temper Of Yours Human," Classic's brother stated casually, throwing an entire box of pasta into a bowl without any water, box and all, "That Is What Got You Here In The First Place, Correct?" He inquired. Meeting his curious gaze, you merely shrugged before moving over and taking the pasta box out of the empty pot. "What Are You Doing Human?"

" 'M teaching you how I learnt to make it," you answered plainly, filling the pot up with water before returning it on it’s place on the stove before ripping open the pasta box with your teeth.

"Oh! Wowie! There Is More Than One Way To Cook Spaghetti? And You're Teaching Me?" You merely nodded in reply, dumping the pasta in the pot before turning the heat on to the appropriate level. Original Papyrus gasped in realisation "This... Must...This Must Mean This Is A Special Ritual Of Friendship! Human! Are We...Friends?"

…what? Tensing, you slowly turned to find the skeleton in front of you staring excitedly at you. He...wanted to be...friends?
You stared wearily at the monster-the monster that mind you, looked exactly like your Papyrus would have before he'd gotten his teeth beaten in and was forced to resort to cannibalism to survive, and here he was-asking to be 'friends'. It felt...wrong? unfair? unjust?
You were essentially staring at your Papyrus had a few things gone differently- the lucky Papyrus, and it hurt you to think about.

"Eh, don't know about that," you watched the skeleton beside you tense-obviously surprised, then visibly deflate. You almost felt bad. You didn't mean to be rude (you don't think you ever could be to someone so eerily similar to your Papyrus), but you couldn't force yourself to say yes. "Maybe we can be after I get to know you better?" you offered, in hopes of eradicating the suddenly very heavy atmosphere. He perked up instantly.

"Really?" You shrugged. "Well Then! I, The Great Papyrus-" it felt weird hearing that sentence come out of somebody else mouth other than your Papyrus', "-Accept Your Challenge!" Wait, challenge? "I Shall Participate In The 'Bonding Activities' With You, And As Such, Become So Close With You-You'll Have To Be My Friend!"

Okay um, you did not sign up for this.

"Uhhh…" you trailed off, but he seemed to take that as a 'sure' as he hummed to himself with an even wider grin then before as he continued to make dinner.


The rest of the process of making dinner went without any further interruptions, you made sure to make way for the other people in the kitchen-especially Edge and Black, not wanting to start a fuss when you were already in trouble. You'd also dumped all the sharp objects in your proximity in the sink, received a few strange looks from doing so, but it was better that way. Out of sight- out of mind.

At the dinner table you had made sure to sit in between Sans and Papyrus, feeling most comfortable in their presences. Plus after the near episode in the didn't feel like doing much, especially have to talk or interact with anyone.
Sans and Papyrus seemed to subconsciously pick up on that, having similarly experienced the same thing from time to time before, nowadays you all just seemed to pick up on how the other was feeling without needed to even talk to them as they subtly used their bodies to hide others viewing you. It was something you'd never been able to do with anyone else-let alone a human. You'd figured it had something to do with their magic and the whole being able to feel intent thing. Despite your purposeful attempt to lay low, you couldn't help sparing a few glares Classic's way-in which he only bothered to meet once, immediately putting your glares to rest with his own spine-chilling grin that spelt warning.
You grit your teeth and didn't look back up from your plate only tensing briefly as Sans' arms snaked around your shoulders to pull you close, and instead picked up glaring at Classic in your place. Classic seemed to let it pass-seeing as Sans had already built a reputation for his eerie staring anyway.

You were especially relieved when your face hit your bed that night, all the stress of the day disappearing as you slipped under your sheets. You just wanted to sleep and never wake up.

that was funny.

Just how many times had you forced yourself to stay awake in fear that if you closed your eyes, you'd never open them?
Sometimes it still ate at you-that fear.
You'd learn how to swallow your nerves, ignore the fear.
Though sometimes it became so overwhelming that you couldn't help but give into it.

You remembered all the nights where you were so hungry, that you didn't have the strength to support yourself-were so weak you couldn't even hold your head up, instead you were left weak, vulnerable. Alone.
Of course conditions improved after having been taken in by the skeleton brothers-but while having a roof on top of your head was an improvement-it didn't change the fact that you were all slowly starving.

Annnnd Great.


You wouldn't be sleeping tonight, you realised as you stared up blankly at the darkness of the room. You hated nights like these. Nights where you couldn't sleep, and you were instead left alone,

left to your thoughts.

Chapter Text

You were a little surprised to have woken up to find Sans waiting by the side of your bed.
It was something he did your first few weeks after living with him-though he still did occasionally. You'd gotten so use to his dead staring at this point that you'd forgotten it was supposed to be creepy.
Once again, it was still dark, darker than when you usually got up. He must have woken up even before Papyrus you idly noted. Sitting up in your bed, you rested you head in the palm of your hand. "Morning," you yawned, tenderly rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.

"Didn't wake ya up did I?"

"Nah," you slid out of bed and Sans' gaze followed you as you shuffled across the room to find a clean change of clothing, "Just wake up earlier than usual sometimes."
Sans was silent from behind you as you pulled out a pair of shorts and a jumper practically identical to the one currently half-falling off of you from a restless night’s sleep, but you could still feel his gaze on the back of your head. "What about you?"


Throwing the spare change of clothes of your shoulder you turned around to quirk an eyebrow at him in question. "Sans? C'mon. Talk to me."

"Don't like the people here," he finally grumbled, staring down at his tennis shoes. You paused before nodding to yourself in understanding.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," you agreed sourly. "We'll survive though, won't we?" You shuffled closer with the same small grin you always wore whenever one of the three of you said the same thing. Sans raised his skull to stare at you, the large swollen light in one of his sockets swelling briefly, before he nodded. He didn't give too much else of a response, but you could tell he was in a considerably better mood as he went to sit on your bed to wait for you to go shower, staring down at his lap with his usual manic grin stretched across his skull.

By the time you'd gotten out of the shower you found Papyrus waiting alongside Sans, in which the two were quietly bickering to each other. "Morning Paps," you greeted, running a hand through the knots in your still wet hair.

"Ah! Morning Y/n," he turned to face you, "Are You Ready To Go Outside? We'll Have To Go See If Our Traps Caught Anything After Breakfast."

"You guys set up traps?" You nodded in reply to Sans' sudden comment.

"Yeah, upset that you missed out on the fun?" Sans merely rolled his one large eye light at you, "Even got Pap's to try out the bigger net." This time his eye light moved to Papyrus, as his grin pulled at the edges.

" 'S that right?"

With another exaggeratedly long sigh that he seemed ever so found of making, Papyrus deadpanned at the two of you, "Yes, Yes, You'll Laugh Now Until Your Turn."
That got the two of you to shut up.

As per usual, the three of you escaped back outside, huddling together on the small veranda lounge, despite there being more than enough different seats for each of you to sit on (you knew it was to keep you warm-a habit they started after your close call with hyperthermia one time).

Sitting in silence, you found the minutes slipped by, until the lights inside slowly started to flicker on one by one as the less lazy brothers got up for the day. As your small routine went-Sans disappeared back in his room and you waited where you always did.
You were less surprised when Blue gave you a brief 'good morning' once again but you were more so when Razz apparently decided to join in. You guess people were becoming more familiar with you.
It felt strange. To know someone for just a week and to have them already be on somewhat 'friendly' terms as you.
You wondered what it must have been like for them back underground.
Probably nicer. Certain skeletons here looked more roughed up-scars and all. Though you couldn't help the heavy feeling that settled in your stomach, that whatever they did to get by underground was nothing like the things you guys had to.


As everyone got up for the day you once again found yourself beside Blue-with Sans and Papyrus sitting in the two chairs beside you. You swiftly shoved everything on your plate into your mouth, having picked up the habit of eating for the sake of not starving rather than actually enjoying the food for what it is. Your serving was probably twice of that of Blueberries, while Sans was three times that and Papyrus four times (then again, Papyrus was a large monster).

You decided to wait at the dining table with everyone else even as you scraped up the last bite on your plate, as you were still waiting for Papyrus so you could go out and check the traps. You were interrupted from staring blankly down at your plate when you felt somebodies warm gaze brush over you-something you had become hypersensitive of after years of being hunted the first two years underground (especially by Sans). Looking upwards to find the culprit, you locked eyes with Edge who immediately scowled at you and turned away to instead yack at somebody else.
You felt Sans stiffen in the seat next to you. You had known that he knew about the little encounter you had with Edge yesterday, and knew his patience was running thin with the scowling skeleton. His fingers twitched-completely visible as they sat on the kitchen table, before he abruptly pulled them back to hide his hands under the table-you knew he was itching to get his hands on his axe, though as a basic rule that stood even back in the underground was 'No sharp objects at the dinner table', as Papyrus had insisted.

You could tell Sans felt at ease whenever he carried the sharp object with him, despite the fact that things had quickly grown tense between him and everyone else because of it. Now it seemed less like he was avoiding everyone else and rather they were avoiding him.

Feeling particularly productive you helped clean up breakfast that morning (which several of the more excitable skeletons seemed very pleased to find). You just hoped that they didn't expect you to make a habit out of it, when you really just did it so you and Papyrus could leave quicker.
"Have You Eaten Enough?" Papyrus asked, his own twist for 'Did you enjoy breakfast' as he slid the back door open for you.

"Yup," you popped the 'p' as you instead took the lead, marching into the forest. It was a swift trip to your first trap as after plenty of experience, you had learnt to navigate bushland very well. Even if you had forgotten where you had laid them out you could probably have tracked them down from the particularly careless trails you both left yesterday.

The two of you were both pleased to find something had caught in your largest net- a deer fawn. The small creature had gone limp in the net-not dead, it probably had just struggled fruitlessly to the point of exhaustion. Welp. Just made things easier for you. Papyrus once again gave you a boost up into the branch (no point ruining a perfectly good trap by cutting the rope), as you slowly eased the net to the ground-not wanting to wake the sleeping baby deer.
It appears its mother must have abandoned it, probably realising there was no getting her kid down.

Papyrus made quick work of hoisting the small deer into his lap so as to get a good grip on it. It was only now you noticed it's beady black eyes were indeed, still open. Geez. You almost felt bad, being familiar with being too exhausted to move. Welp. Too late now. Papyrus' skeletal fingers hesitantly curled around the animals neck as he observed it-nothing this big ever fell in the underground. As the baby deer seemed to blink at him, he sighed, hands expertly moving around it's head. Not even a second later followed the familiar crunch of snapped bone.
The two of you would probably have to gut anything you found out here, as you doubted Classic would appreciate blood all around his shed.

Moving to once again get out of the tree (and silently hoping you wouldn't land harshly on your bad ankle again), you jolted at the unexpected touch of Papyrus as his giant hands curled around your sides to instead lift you out of the tree himself, gently planting your feet back on the ground. "Thanks." He nodded in reply before crouching back over to the dead deer and you followed after a second, pulling out the carving and skinning knives the job required.

Skinning and packing away everything you found in your traps didn't take too long, the both of you were out for probably two hours at most-but reeked of death.
You inspected your blood stained clothing, a common look that all three of you often sported back underground.
Like you had predicted, all of your traps caught because of the vast amount of life flourishing here-a simply marvellous place to go hunting. Returning home, Papyrus wrapped most of your winnings and tucked them away in the freezer in the Shed, except for most of the deer meat in which he put away in the fridge back inside for dinner tonight. He only put the muscle tissue of the deer in the fridge, figuring that the rest of the household wouldn't much appreciate eating it's organs (You'd have to help Papyrus make his Organ Stew some other day).
Papyrus had kept the deer hide, apparently wanting to stitch together a coat for yourself truly after he cleaned it up ("It Is Getting Far Too Cold To Be Wearing Such Thin Clothes!).

After packing away everything you both made haste to make it back to your rooms to change clothing (you can't imagine what it might look like if someone where to find the both of you covered in blood-especially as tense as things are currently). While you and Papyrus both had few tricks up to your sleeve when it came to washing blood, stains always did remain, so you figured you'd have to stash your newly dedicated 'hunting clothes' away for now before hopping back into the shower.

You ended up finding Sans sitting in the far corner of the main loungeroom staring blankly at the television without really paying any attention, a single phalange crawling up and slipping into his empty socket to give it a harsh tug as he did so.
You frowned. It was obvious something was getting on his nerves if he was slipping right back into his nervous habits. His axe-newly sharpened sat by his foot as he grinned up at the TV. As you walked in front of the lounges to take a seat yourself, you found Mutt had already beaten you to it-popping into existence.
Raising a brow in question, he simply gave you a raspy laugh in return as you instead sat on one of the single seaters on the opposite side of the room from Sans as he only seemed to just now notice your presence.

Sinking into the comfy seat, you tried to figure out what the hell you were watching. It looked like some kind of documentary on...crossdressing?

You hadn't noticed Mutt sit up on the lounge beside yours until you felt the hard flick of his fingers against your temple, eyes immediately sliding to meet Mutt's. "It that time of month?" he rasped lazily. You gave him a curious look to which he just shrugged, "You reek 'a blood," he explained.

"Huh, sure that's my blood your smellin' there bud?"

" 'S comin' from ya."

"Don't mean it's mine," you smirked, knowing from his pause that he caught onto the subtle joke.

"Tch. Didn't realise you had actual skeletons hidin' in your closet," he mused, propping his head in his hand to instead eye you curiously.

"I'd be a boneafied numbskull if I was hiding the bodies in my closet." Mutt snickered, drawing Sans' attention back your way, you merely flashed him a quick smile to let him know everything was alright and he looked back to the TV.

"Sounds like you must have had a real bone to pick with someone. What'd you do? Scare 'em out of their skin?"

"Nah, they said they didn't have the guts to fight me-I just made their statement anatomically correct."

"Nyeheh. That's bruta-"

"Mutt!" You turned to find Black standing by the doorway, arms crossed over his chest, (what was it with this skeleton and interrupting your conversations?) "There You Are! You Have Things To Do! Now Get Off Your Arse!"

Mutt sighed, before rolling off the couch, "Later human," he uttered without glancing back to instead trail lazily behind his brother. You watched the two as they left, before turning back around in your seat to instead face the TV. You found Sans was staring at you, and you patted the armrest of the lounge Mutt was just laying on, "Come here."

Swiping up his axe he shuffled over to you, before collapsing back in the lounge-this time facing the TV. You stared at him for a moment longer, before settling in the single seater by throwing your legs off the side of the armrest and paid attention to the documentary.
The rest of the day mostly consisted of you watching whatever came on the Tv in the lounge room, occasionally somebody would peek their head in or even sit down on one of the lounges for a bit-but nobody stayed for long.

Dinner time quickly came along, and you found yourself being swept into the kitchen by the overeager Original Papyrus, as you, once again, were paired with him to once again, make spaghetti. You were beginning to notice that there wasn't much variety in food when it came to meal time (not that it really mattered to you anyway).

You once again kept to yourself while in the kitchen, keeping the talk to the minimum whilst showing Classic's brother 'your method of cooking'-or just how it was supposed to be made. You were beginning to realise why everyone was so shocked when you guys ate so much of it-honestly, you couldn't even really taste it the first few times you had eaten anything here, you were too occupied trying to shovel it into your mouth and sate the mind-clawing hunger.

Overall, you'd consider today a win-you got to spend time with both Sans and Papyrus and spent time around some of the other versions of themselves-and nobody got dusted in the process.

Chapter Text

It was early Friday afternoon, and you were once again in the kitchen-though this time not to cook dinner. No, instead about ten minutes earlier Classic's brother had come and found you (to your surprise), as apparently he had every second Friday off of work, and insisted that now would be a great time to engage in 'Friend Bonding Activities' (you were hoping he had forgotten about that).

"Human! For Our First Activity Of Friendly Bonding, I Have Decided That Considering You Have Taught Me Your Method Of How To Cook Spaghetti-That I Should Return The Favour!!! (-Not Making Spaghetti, Of Course)" Yes, well, why else would the two of you be in the kitchen? "Today! We Shall Be Making...."
He dragged on the dramatic silence as if was about to say the name of the winner of some lotto, "Cream Puffs!"

Cream puffs? huh. You didn't take the skeleton in front of you as the type. Guess you just assumed he had the same tastes as your Papyrus, who generally preferred heartier meals-like meat.

"Nyeheh! I Can See Your Surprised Human! While My Preference Is Generally Pasta-A Culinary Master Such As I Has To Step Out Of Their Comfort Zone To Be Great! (Though I Already Am Pretty Great)."

You hummed in reply, keeping a sharp focus on Papyrus, and ignoring the twitching of your hands inside your pockets. Why did they have to hang so many sharp tools out where they could be easily seen? You ignored the knife rack nailed to the wall. "Right, well. I've never made them before, so teach away."

He moved across the room, opening a cupboard and pulling out...aprons? You hadn't seen these before? Why didn't they use these while they cooked dinner?
You weren't sure if that was a good sign for what was to come.

You caught the apron he gently tossed your way and tied it around your waist, glancing down to inspect it. You huffed out a laugh you as you read the words on the black apron from upside down-'I Cook As Good As I Look' (must be pretty poorly then-you mused to yourself). You really laughed when you looked up to find Classic's brother in a pink apron with white frills lining the edges-he only looked at you in confusion.

"Well, We Must Begin With The Pastry!" He informed you, pulling out a pot and placing it on the stove. You were a little confused on why a pastry would need a pot but didn't question it (not like you knew how to make them).
The worst part about not knowing anything about how to make cream puffs was that the excitable skeleton in front of you was free to pour as much of whatever he liked in a bowl and you couldn't question it.
With a shrug, you decided to wing it along with him, pouring in a quarter of a bag of brown sugar (you weren't given any instructions-let alone any measurements).
"Human! More Passion! Pour That Sugar In Like You Mean It!!!" The original Papyrus encouraged you, hands on his hips and scarf blowing behind him like a cape (despite there being no wind).

"Uh, sure?" Hesitantly, you held the bag at a steeper angle, and the entire bag of brown sugar fell in the bowl in one big heap.

"That Is More Like It! Well Done Human!" He praised you, before picking up a wooden spoon and mixing in all the ingredients together in the near overflowing bowl. Parts of the sugar and flour started to fall off the edge and you frowned at the waste of food.

"Hey-uh, do you think I could stir?" He looked over to you happily, before handing you the bowl and wooden spoon.

"Of Course! I Will Prepare The Pans!"

You took the bowl- relieved. Seeing all the ingredients being carelessly spilt was getting on your nerves. This time as you stirred you made sure to be extra careful that nothing spilt. Your wrist had begun to hurt by the time the mixture resembled anything like dough and were very happy to let Classic's brother do everything else for a bit.
Eventually, it became time to add the cream, and you looked sceptically at the store-bought cream and at the pastries (you were going to have heaps of left-over cream). The skeleton beside you though, didn't hesitate to instead dive straight into adding the cream, at some point finding food dye (you were hoping that it was food dye) and making the cream in the pastries all different colours-some blue, others red, orange, green, yellows, pinks, every shade of the rainbow really. Some point during the entire creaming fiasco you'd gotten dragged along into it, now both yours and Classic's brother had rainbow stained hands and cream creeping up your arms and splattered across your faces.
Looking up at the tall skeleton, you noticed with some amusement that a large amount of cream had managed to find its way on top of his skull.


He turned an gave you a curious look, "What Is It Human?"

"You look like a cream puff," you replied honestly, eyeing the cream on his skull. Hey...'Cream-puff', you kinda liked the sound of that. Eyeing the Skeleton frantically rubbing his skull with a tea-towel in attempt to rid himself of the cream, you noted that it would be a good nickname. Would sure beat swapping between calling him 'Classic's brother' and 'Original Papyrus' in your head.

It took the both of you another 30 minutes to finish, and of course, clean up your mess (there was a lot of it), making sure to put away the rest of the cream to have fun with later. Soon enough, a large tray of cream puffs (if you could even call them that-they certainly didn't look like any cream puffs you've ever eaten), sat on the kitchen counter waiting to be eaten.
"Well, Cream-Puff, time to dig in."

Cream-Puff, as you've dubbed him, gaped at you, "I Thought I Got Rid Of All The Cream!"

"Heh-you did," you grinned, "Can't help that you naturally look like a cream-puff." He deadpanned at you.

"Human, I'm Not Sure How You Could Mistake Me Fo-" He cut himself off mid-sentence as if he had just realised something, suddenly excited, "-Wait! Nicknames? Human! This Is Another Step Towards Our Inevitable Friendship!"

Raising an eyebrow, you merely shrugged, snatching up one of the cream-puffs on the counter and popping it in your mouth with a hum.

"!!!But This Means...That I Shall Have To Come Up With A Nickname For You!" He lifted his fingers to his chin in thought, humming to himself, "This Is Harder Then Previously Thought Human...I Will Have To Think Over This."

"Sure," you choked out through a mouthful of your third cream-puff.

"And Stop Eating All Of The Cream-Puffs! We Must First Make Sure Everyone Gets Some!" You just snickered a stole a forth, grinning evilly as Cream-puff sighed at you. He moved to pick up the tray, sending you a warning look, only causing your grin to stretch further.

Guess you're going door-knocking.


Sans was currently in his room, he had been trying to sleep but found himself unable too. Instead he found himself idly staring at his axe twirling his fingers as he sat up on the edge of his bed.
It was fairly new-not chipped and stained like his cleaver back at home. He still missed it anyway.

He had been here for a little over a week now-on the surface.
When news that the barrier had broken-this isn't what he had pictured for the future. He thought going to the surface could easily start another war between humans and monsters, thought that there may be a chance the two races could live together-maybe not in harmony, but at least tolerate each other.
He had expected literally any other outcome than this one.
He just had to be whisked away to some other universe right before he could reach the surface.

Sans remembered the feeling, the feeling he got when he heard that they were free. At first he didn't believe it-thought it just some sick, twisted rumour.
That was until people started packing up and heading over to New Home.
He had to find the two of you straight away.
When he found the two of you he noticed both of you seemed oddly quiet, but had thought nothing of it-to preoccupied with the millions of thoughts running through his skull-when the two of you had spotted him, he only managed to force out one thing

"The barriers broken."

He had seen the surprise on all of your faces, seen it change from surprise, to disbelief, to...hope.
Last thing he remembered was holding onto your hand as Papyrus carried the both of you, quickly travelling towards New Home. Next thing he knew-he's here.
It was alright-at first.
The people here fed the three of you-and no one had actively tried to harm any of you, but he certainly didn't like the people here.
Didn't like the way that 'Original' arsehole treated you, or that Edge prick.
Didn't like the way all of the other versions of himself and his brother would look at him and Papyrus. With Pity, disgust, like they were freaks.

He really hated it. And it was really getting on his nerves.
He'd been trying to calm his nerves for the past few days now, trying to ignore that itch in the back of his skull that just seemed to never go away!
A animalistic growl slipped from his teeth as he gave himself a harsh tug on his eye socket-pain shooting up the side of his skull, but he did it again anyway for good measure.

He didn't like sitting around idle like this. Sure-he was a lazy guy at heart, but he was also a hunter, he was also the butcher.
He needed to get out-kill a few animals, go hunting. Maybe he should go out with you and Paps tomorrow morning to check all the traps?
Either way, he needed to get up and do something-anything. Maybe he'd go and check up on you or Papyrus, see how you guys were doing.

Leaving his room, Sans noticed someone talking from not too far away, and chose to go and follow the sound. Rounding the corner, he found you and that 'Original' Papyrus (The lucky Papyrus) holding a tray of-cream-puffs? While speaking to another version of his brother-Edge.

"Here You Are Edge!" Not-Papyrus dropped a cream-puff in Edge's clawed hand and he heard him growl.

"What ya got there?" All attention was redirected towards Sans, and he felt his soul clench anxiously-that is until he noticed your reassuring smile and relaxed. He wasn't alone. No need to be so tense-there wasn't any danger.
His grip tightened on his axe anyway.

"Oh! Axe, Me And The Human Made Cream-Puffs! Would You Like One?" Sans couldn't help but grimace at the nickname, but played it off as a shrug.

"Sure," he replied, strolling up to the tray, and taking two. Not-Papyrus sighed at his apparent greediness, and he grinned manically before deciding to stand beside you.

"Hmfp! I Do Not Want This Filth!" Edge scowled, inspecting the cream-puff that sat snug between two of his sharpened claws.

"I'll have it," Sans lazily held his hand out for the cream-puff, already having thrown back the last two.

"No! There Are Plenty Of Others To Choose From," he hissed.

"But you’re not gonna just waste that are you?" You questioned, eyeing the pastry sceptically.

"Mm, She Is Right Edge, You Shouldn't Waste Food If You Can," Sans was pleased to find Not-Papyrus was backing you up.

Edge merely glared at not-Papyrus, "Really?" He replied dryly, "Just Watch Me-"

"Don't." Sans warned, eye lights vanishing. Edge merely smirked. "Bud' I'm warnin' ya-"


The tension in the room was so thick you could choke on it as everyone registered what he did.

Sans gaze drilled into the pastry, now squished in half and then dropped on the floor. He could vaguely make out the feeling of Edge's condescending smirk burning into his skull.

Sans fingers twitched.

He just...He just...wasted it?
On purpose?

In an instant anger exploded inside of him, and Sans' lifted his axe in the air to strike edge.
Before Edge had noticed what was happening it was too late-Sans was bringing his axe down-except only it seemed Edge was very fast, and narrowly avoided it escaping only with a scratch on his cheekbone.

By the time Sans had move to crush Edge's ribs with the axe did Edge finally register what was really happening. He scowled darkly, before summoning a narrow, jagged bone with a red hue to fight back.

You didn't try to stop either of them-merely watched from the sidelines, blankly staring down at what remained of the pastry on the ground. Sans was thankful knowing someone was on his side.
Though it seemed Not-Papyrus had other plans, as he tried to rush in to break the two skeletons fighting up.

"Stay Out Of This If You Don't Want To Get Dusted, Moron," Edge gritted out, using the bone to block another strike from Sans' axe, only for it to snap in half upon impact.
It seemed Not-papyrus heeded Edge's words, and instead left to probably go and find somebody.

Sans was furious, he wanted this pathetic piece of shit dead. Each time a strike missed he'd be already throwing another-and while Edge was fast-he was no match for the onslaught of attacks-physical attacks mind you, where realistically a single blow could dust Edge.

Sans swung his axe at Edge's chest, and he narrowly avoided it by stepping backwards, only to hit a wall as Sans threw him back using his blue magic.
Edge's eyes narrowed as he prepared another attack, only to get cut off as he realised just how close Sans had gotten to him-how close his axe, in particular had gotten.

Sans chuckled darkly, sockets dark voids as he stared up at his victim.
The skeleton in front of him was just a waste of space-just dust-
Just Food.

In one swift motion did Sans lift his axe and swung it forward successfully striking-the wall?

Sans' head rapidly shot left and right to look for the now missing skeleton, only to find him knocked down on the ground by Red. A deep, vicious growl rippled through the air on Sans' part as he tugged the axe out of its place from the wall with ease, watching the two skeletons stand to their feet-it was only then that you quickly moved from your place to take a stand beside Sans. Where you belonged.

"Heheh, I'm about to have a great time," Red cackled, left socket bursting into crimson flames as the brothers simultaneously summoned their magic.

The next few minutes were absolute chaos, with Red and Edge summoning their magic bone attacks and narrowly dodging Sans' axe and your attempts to trip them up. Magical bones stuck out from the walls and the floors, destroying everything in their path in the much-to-small-for-battling hallway.
With every nick or scratch you received the further Sans felt himself slip away until he was battling his instincts to not take over completely.


Everybody froze, slowly directing their attention to Classic, who had suddenly appeared, probably having to shortcut straight over from work. Sans glared daggers at the smaller version of himself- the one that was keeping them trapped here.
Needless to say, the blue fire aflame in his left socket was more than enough warning to let everyone know one thing-

They were fucked.

Chapter Text

You weren't entirely sure why it was necessary to call a 'house meeting' over an incident that only involved four of you. Yet here you were, hands shoved in your pockets as you clenched your jaw to ignore the constant staring from other people. Sans stood to your left, phalanges wrapped tightly on his axe, leaving it to hang by his side as he gaze bored into Edge's from across the room, and finally, Papyrus was behind you, glancing left to right slightly nervously at all the hostile attention.

Currently you found yourself in the very same spot from your very first day here a little over a week ago, with everyone else in similar positions, except Red and Edge who also stood across the room from you.
Frankly, you were a little upset Papyrus was being dragged into this and not Cream-Puff. Papyrus was never at the scene and knew nothing about the incident earlier today until you filled him in on it-Cream-Puff on the other hand, was there for practically the entire thing. You guessed it was a bias thing considering he was Classic's brother and all.
Didn't make it fair.

"So," It appeared Stretch had taken it upon himself to stand by Classic and 'evaluate' the situation-by that they really meant judge you.
You wondered if they were also given the title of 'Judge' in their versions of the underground. You could tell from their cold calculative gazes that it would always be the lazier brothers from each universe that would be given the position if either brother were to be chosen.
They had a look about them-something that you only saw in Sans time to time, a look as if they were staring into your very soul- assessing your worth. "What happened? From the beginning?"

Neither you, nor Sans or even Papyrus made an attempt to explain, not like you'd have gotten a chance anyhow, considering how Edge jumped at the occasion. "They Attacked Me, I Defended Myself. There's Nothing More To It," he growled, turning the bridge of his nose in the air and crossing his arms like a small child who was just refused lollies would.

Classic sighed, "Listen Edge, we said the full story-if you can't give it to us then we'll ask someone else."

Edge's gaze dropped to instead glower at Class, "There Is No-"

"He Wasted Food."

The room fell silent-even the quiet mummers between skeletons slouched against walls or sitting on one of the couches jaws had snapped shut at Papyrus' words. They didn't understand the weight behind his words, as irritated confusion twisted on both Classic's and Stretch's expression.
They didn't realise what food meant to the three of you-didn't realise how you were forced to survive all these years- of course they didn't understand.

"What do you mean he...wasted food?" Classic questioned, a frown tugging at his usual permanent grin.

Papyrus' mouth open to speak only to clack shut when it seemed Cream-Puff beat him to it-you were glad that he wasn't completely ignoring his own role in this entire incident, "Me And The Human Had Made Cream-Puffs, Brother. We Had Given One To Edge, And Despite Their Warnings He Wasted It Anyway," Cream-Puffs usual confidence in his voice was missing despite speaking at the same volume, almost as if he felt guilty.

Classic seemed to pause and consider this for a moment-only for his bone brows to furrow and expression darken, "Your saying...this entire thing is over a wasted cream puff?" Hesitantly, Cream-Puff nodded, confirming his brothers question. "So, you," Classic looked over to both you and Sans, "... broke a hole in the wall- and tried dusting Edge and Red" You didn't need to see Classic's expression to hear the anger rising in his tone.

You clenched your hands together tightly in your pockets, nails digging into the tender flesh of your palms. This whole situation was putting you on edge-you didn't like being the focus of attention like this-didn't like being interrogated like this-didn't like the way Edge and Red stared smugly at you, knowing fully well that you and Sans were about to get the brunt of the trouble. You couldn't help drilling your gaze into Classic as you slowly nodded your head 'Yes'.

At first Classic didn't say anything-nor Stretch or Cream-puff. Everyone seemed surprised-as if getting so upset over wasted food was the most ridiculous thing they'd ever heard of. Stretch was next to give you a mouthful, "What the hell is wrong with you three?"

You flinched at his harsh words-wrong? What was wrong with you?
You felt like laughing in his face and borrowing Sans' axe to show him just what exactly was wrong with you.

You'd use his dust as flour.

"Wrong? With us?" Sans' laughter was low and humourless, "You don't know anything about us."

"I don't think we need to know anything about you to see you three are kinda freaks," Classic hissed, not bothering to try and play friendly.
You really didn't like this Classic guy. He was cold and untrustworthy and kept too many secrets-he may have hidden it well, but the real reason he wouldn't let you guys out was slowly being pieced together. He was implying you guys were freaks-that Sans and Papyrus were freaks, because of their injuries.

Is that why he wouldn't let you three go out in public? Because of the way they looked?

You were going to find a way to dust the disgrace of a monster in front of you-didn't matter how long it took, sooner or later his luck will run out.
You'd make sure of it.

Sans growled, Papyrus visibly tensing behind you as Sans took a threatening step forward to lunge at Classic, only to be stopped when Papyrus placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. Sans looked backwards in confusion, fire still in his sockets, only for them to extinguish upon seeing the expression on his brothers face. Sans scowled, shoving his free hand back in his pocket to continue glaring at the skeletons serving out your 'judgement'.

"Listen-I don't know what the big deal is with you three and 'food'-but whatever it is, this won't stand," Classic announced, face solemn.

"Precisely! I Say We Kick Them Out," Edge recommended, receiving a sharp glare his way from yours truly in return. It wasn't helping that everyone else was becoming unsettled and started to want to give their own input on this situation-a situation that none of them truly understood.

"I Agree, Besides, We're Monsters! A Human Doesn't Belong Here-She Should Have Never Stayed," You were sure your knuckles were turning white from how tight your fingers were clenching as you tried to ignore Black's little comment, squinting your eyes to his position besides the couch.

"That isn't for either of you to decide-plus I don't recall anyone asking for your input," Slim growled from across the room-though not necessarily in your defence as you noticed his suspicious squint your way.

This was looking bad-worse than you would have assumed. You imagined there were about to be some serious consequences.
All of a sudden you felt paranoid-tensing and hair prickling at the back of your neck. Just what was their idea of punishment here? Sure they'd only given you dinner duty the first time -but that could be courtesy from being new. What would they do to you this time now that you'd nearly dusted someone?
You felt your guard raise. You didn't like the way this conversation was going.

"I Don't Think We Should Send Them Away!" Everyone shifted to looked at Blueberry, who confidently stood with his hands on his hips by the couch Slim was laying on. "Like Axe Said! We Know Nothing About Them! We Don't Know Why They Did What They Did-And Besides, Crooks Never Did Anything, Right?"

Papyrus nodded sharply at Blueberries questioning gaze, which proceeded to only morph into an expression of somebody who has made up their own mind-looking pleased with his contribution to the conversation.
Well, at least you had somebody other than yourselves on your side. Though it seemed it was only really him and perhaps Cream-Puff that shared the same mentality as before any further defence for your side could be made it was abruptly cut off by Stretch.

"Blue, you don't understand-they can't go around near dusting people over wasted food."

"Oh yeah? just watch us," Sans growled, capturing Stretch's attention and irritated gaze.

"No you can't! listen, I don't know what the underground was like for you guys-but things don't work like that around here, you can't just go around doing what you like."

"Y'know, for a lamp-post you ain't exactly very bright." Sans' patience was very quickly running out-if it weren't for Papyrus you'd have no doubt he'd have already tried skewering the skeletons in front of him.

"I'm not bright? Buddy-you're a freak. You eat like animals, constantly avoid everyone else like the plague and raid the entire pantry like food is going out of fashion-You act like you were bloody starving in the underground or something!"

Any reply that you, or Sans or even Papyrus had was cut short. Instead the three of you simply stared at the skeleton clad in an orange hoodie in sombre silence-watched as his irritation slipped away instead into confusion at your lack of response.
He didn't realise the truth behind that statement.
It only took him a second longer for it to click in that thick skull of his-and it seemed, so did everyone else.

The tension in the air immediately disappeared-instead replaced with frozen shock. Nobody moved, or made any attempt to speak-merely watched the three of you lower your gazes to instead glower darkly at the carpet with their mouths agape.

"You-You guys were starving?" Stretch's voice was much quieter. There was no anger, or irritation. It was more of a question, as if he couldn't believe it himself.
A short, sharp glare was all he needed as confirmation, and reality seemed to hit him as he once again fell silent.

You didn't bother looking up from the hole your eyes were burning in the ground-you could feel their gazes set on the three of you.
You wondered just how long it would take for one of them to muster up the guts to say something-do something. Even the glares from Edge and Black had faded.

Starved-starved!, you sure that was what was going through their minds. A countless flooding of puzzle pieces and it all seemed to fall in place.

You couldn't be sure how long it took before someone spoke, though you were sure that it'd been long enough for dust to settle on the thickness of the silence. It seemed everyone was too much of a coward to open their jaws and end the awkwardness-so you took the responsibility upon yourself.

"It'd been longer, you know," When no one spoke you instead looked up, eyes directed towards Stretch as you decided to continue, "Longer then a week since we'd last eaten. Remember? When you said we 'ate like we hadn't eaten in a week?'" You noticed the faint hues of orange beginning to bead on his skull.

"We'd been underground-starving, for years.Of course we were angry, because here you were, acting like you'd never had a problem in your entire lives-with food, mind you-heaps of food. And you take it all for granted." You weren't really that angry any more. Not much of anything-just apathetic really.
You didn't want to have to talk about this-but it was obvious no one else would, so somebody had to.

A yawn tickled the back of your throat-you felt dead on your feet. You weren't sure why you were so tired, but you were ready to collapse. A brief glance to your left was all that was needed to know that Sans and Papyrus felt exactly the same way.
All three of you were ready to end the conversation here.

"...We didn't know." It seemed Classic finally found it in himself to speak. He avoided your gaze as you went back to look at him, instead shifting his head to look at the ground-he almost looked ashamed.

You were ready to hop in bed-but you hadn't had dinner yet. It didn't matter how much your legs ached to fall in on themselves-how your body begged to lay down-the panic that gripped you at the thought of missing a meal that was readily available to you was enough to keep you standing.

"...When's dinner?"



Needless to say, it was a very awkward night yesterday. Nobody seemed to know what to say to you. Certain skeletons seemed to look at you in pity (you didn't want their pity), while others merely in shock, and certain people such as Classic and Stretch-in shame. You weren't sure if you preferred their anger over this. You were sure that time would pass and the awkwardness would fade-everyone just needed to sleep off the shock and get over it.

It didn't go unnoticed by you or your skeletons as Cream-puff gave you your dinner servings that they were considerably larger then previously. In fact you'd noticed the way everyone seemed to look down at their dinner plate differently then you'd seen since having got here. They looked more thoughtful-or regretful. You couldn't tell. Nobody wasted anything on their plates that night.

Now, instead you found yourself hunching over against the bathroom floor-drowning out reality with the sound of running water and thick rolls of steam. Hot water crawled across your skin like pins and needles as you clutched your skull between your hands-staring blankly at the tiled floor beneath you. You hadn't slept at all that night. Not a wink.

You had sunken into your blankets like a bag of rocks-but it appeared your mind had other ideas. Instead you were jolted awake each time your eyelids threatened to droop with vivid images you'd previously buried away in the depths of your mind. At one point you'd stumbled out of bed in a panic-gasping wildly and practically crawling across the floor to get to the bathroom and force yourself awake with the icy slap of cold water against your face. Left to stare in those dull eyes of yours that lacked any real vibrancy they may have once possessed. As you inspected yourself-you found yourself staring longer-inspecting the smoothness of your skin-at the flicks and discolouration of small scars that had collected against it over time. Your eyes traced over every feature-every scar, every flaw until eventually seconds rolled into minutes and minutes rolled into an hour until you pried your eyes away from the glass with a rapidly sinking feeling in your stomach.

You didn't recognise the person staring back at you in the mirror.

After having found the strength to stand and get out of the shower you decided it was time to go and face everyone. If you locked yourself away now, you'd never come back out.

You weren't sure why you were reacting this way to telling the household of what the underground was like for Papyrus. Sans and yourself-but you couldn't help it. It filled you with a sense of anxiousness-gripped at your soul as if you had said something you shouldn't have. You felt helpless. You guess finally admitting it out loud had helped you completely acknowledge that you really were on the surface, made it really sink in that you were alive-that you escaped. Now years of pent up trauma pushed to the back of your thoughts popped back up-memories that you'd purposefully ignored in the past. You didn't want to have to deal with this.

Feet shuffling against the carpet, you slipped out the door, near stopping to check up on Papyrus and Sans but at this point you had no doubt they were already up-and if they weren't, they probably just needed time to themselves. No doubt they were going through the same thing as you-if not worse. There was no point dwelling on the past-so just like you'd done countless times previously, you shoved the thoughts back into the abyss of the unknown depths of your mind. You'd deal with the consequences another time.

You knew it would be awkward-but you'd figured it would be like any other day. Hobbling downstairs, you rubbed away the sleep in your eyes; heading straight to the kitchen. Though not even a metre away from entering your desired destination your route was abruptly cut off. Instead Classic blocked your path-and an all too familiar lady taking his side to stare down at you warmly.

"Uh, hey." Classic's hands were tucked away in his pockets as he refused to make eye contact with you. You could tell he felt bad about the argument yesterday, but it only went to fuel your suspicion as nervous beads of sweat decorated the base of his skull. Instead you gritted your teeth and burned holes into his skull-further stressing the skeleton in front of you out. "Listen, kid. After yesterday we've-I've, decided that this whole thing isn't gonna work out."

'Work out'? What was he talking about? Was he still insisting there was still some sort of consequence for the fight yesterday? You felt something like anger bubbling up in your chest-you really, really wanted to dust this monster. You opened your mouth to question him only for him to clarify for you.

"You're going to be staying at Tori's for a while."

Chapter Text


The news struck Papyrus straight to the core- his soul trembled.
A skeleton eerily similar to his own brother- though smaller and less.. broken, avoided meeting Papyrus' gaze. Papyrus felt his own brother shift beside him- phalanges curling around the wooden handle of the latest addition of the family- his axe, the very same object the rest of the household had named him after.

Papyrus didn't need to shift his gaze away from Classic, nor the pleasantly smiling woman by his side- the apparent ex-queen of this world, to be able to know the kind of state his beloved brother was in.
He could practically feel the smouldering anger churning within his bones- he couldn't fault his brother for it either, if this conversation was going where he imagined it was...he was not going to be all too pleased.

"After the latest incidents, we thought that it would perhaps be best that Y/n stay with me," Her majesty Toriel began politely, "It seemed that having a human around was disrupting the rest of the household here. Having her with me, and my children Frisk and Chara would be the better option you see, as Y/n would be surrounded by more of her own kind."

Papyrus' bone-brows furrowed, though he remained silent, unable to formulate any real words and instead opted to glance over at you uneasily. You were inched away from classic and Toriel, though still facing in the same direction as them- hands tucked away in your jacket as per usual, and staring intensely at the white carpet.

Papyrus felt his soul clench uneasily- painfully. They...wanted to take you away? Again?
Hadn't both he and his brother already discussed this with them? They refused to have their human taken from them!

Y/n was...she was...their human.
His human.

He couldn't just- he can't let them just take her away!
He refused!

Boldly rolling his shoulders, Papyrus bent over to properly ensure direct eye contact with both her ex-majesty and Classic, a tight but otherwise friendly grin stretched across his skull. "Pardon Me, But Have We Not Already Agreed That She Is To Stay With Us?"

Papyrus didn't miss the tilt of your head as you watched him from under the drooping hood of your jacket- the one that he had made for you with the deer hide, having just completed it the other day. He felt something like pride swell in his chest at seeing you in something he had so lovingly and devotedly stitched together by hand- made for you especially.
Papyrus was often the one in charge of mending and constructing clothing and other fabrics- despite his large, lanky stature and hands, he had a delicate grip and a fragile hold. He was naturally a soft monster at his core- and as such, had picked up things such a knitting and stitching and other finer activities rather easily.

"Listen, I know you're close with your human- but it will be better this way. You will still see her- she can come over on weekends," Classic decided to try and reason, though there was no getting through to either Papyrus or his brother.

Sans, from beside him, tensed. His heated red gaze nervously flickered from you and back to Classic, as if he was trying to decide something, before giving himself a sharp and unforgiving tug to the eye socket- visibly stressed out. Papyrus had an idea about what exactly he was considering- and though it seemed a bad idea, he was running out of other options.

It seemed that in the short time that Papyrus had fallen silent to organise his thoughts that Sans had decided to take the matters in to his own hands. Perhaps for the better- perhaps for the worse, but as his brother took a threatening step forward and rose his axe to sit snug underneath Classic's chin, Papyrus couldn't help but feel a small inkling of gratitude towards him.
Didn't matter the decision- Sans had never failed him before- he trusted his brother whole-heartedly as he continually made choices that Papyrus couldn't help but silently support.

"Move- and I'll make a nice head dog outta ya'," Classics sockets had become swollen voids of darkness, bones stiff as he bided Sans' warning, stilling. Toriel- for whatever reason, seemed surprised.
The ex-queen had rubbed Papyrus off as naïve- though while he knew he occasionally be a bit of an air head, he was surprised that a boss monster such as herself couldn't take a hint.

Perhaps she was stupid- Papyrus winced internally at the harshness of the thought, not at all what he was intending to do.
Perhaps she merely preferred to see the better in people- Papyrus relaxed, that sounded much better.
While Papyrus tried constantly to do the same thing- he was no longer the same monster he was before the hunger had consumed him. He tried desperately, struggled, to remain positive. Though it seemed even on some of the best days he couldn't help but wallow in the pessimistic thoughts that nipped at the back of his mind.
He certainly wasn't the same monster he used to be- not as naïve, nor friendly, nor innocent alike his original counterpart was- but he could pretend.

"Buddy.." Classic spoke slowly, moving his hand from out of his pocket and up to the sharpened blade cautiously, to gently push the weapon away from him- sweat almost unnoticeably forming at the back of his skull. "I don't wanna have to fight you alright. I really think this is what's best."

As soon as the words escaped through the cracks of his teeth did Classic find the axe pressed firmly against the bones of his neck once again- though firmer. Classic jumped once again, nervously glancing at the woman beside him before back over to Sans.

"Axe!" Toriel gasped disapprovingly, placing her paws on her hips firmly, "Please put down the weapon- such barbaric behaviour is not needed nor appreciated." Papyrus watched as Sans visibly scowled at Toriel's scolding. Papyrus felt his own arm twitch- feeling the sudden urge to reach out and grab something- someone, perhaps firmly around the neck.

Shuddering, he violently jerked his head to the side in attempt to rid himself of such unsavoury thoughts. There was no need for such excessive force- at least not at the moment. "You know lady," Sans grinned, body twisting to further face her, though his axe remained in its position, "I've eaten lots of different kinds of things- but I think I've yet to try goat."

Immediately the room felt heavier, as it clicked in everyone exactly what was about to happen. Both Papyrus and his brother were not going to back down- and things could easily go south from here. "Heh," Sans manically grinned, finally dropping his axe to Classic's visible relief only to immediately move it over to Toriel, prodding her with it not-so-gently in the stomach.
Yelping, she stumbled back a step or two in surprise- much to both Sans' and your amusement, Papyrus noticed. "Look like you're packing on a bit of meat- should make a good snack," he mused darkly.

Obviously, Classic and Toriel didn't know what he was playing at- that or they simply refused to believe what he could possibly be implying. "Why Yes," Papyrus nodded, before calmly moving over to yourself to grab you by the shoulder and spin you into him- back resting against his ribs, "Though I Think It's A Bit More Than Meat She Is Packing On, Brother," he observed.

Papyrus eyed the area of Toriel's stomach- she wasn't fat by any means, she merely had a rather healthy stomach- visible even through the cloth of her loose dress. Papyrus knew from back before the famine that a little bit of fat added flavour to the meat- though he had long since become unfamiliar with it. The only humans that fell were scrawny and other monsters never had enough to eat to gain any.
Looking back over at the ex-queen, the taller skeleton wasn't entirely sure why she was so obviously taken aback- and perhaps even offended?
It was a good idea really, to stock up on food like Toriel obviously had in case times ever got rough.
Eyeing the top of your head, Papyrus noted he'd need to make sure to feed you a little more.
He wasn't sure why Toriel was upset though- if anything, it was a compliment! A smart survival tactic on her part.

Apparently, both you and Sans found his observation hilarious, and despite not knowing completely why he grinned along with the both of you anyway. He liked the way your body shook against his ribs from the force of your own quiet chuckling. It felt nice- having something so warm, and so alive being cradled in his arms.
Any other creature never lasted long- as they were generally food. The only other person he could hold like this was his brother, and he was merely bones, like himself.
And somehow, knowing that that creature was you, somehow made him appreciate the experience even more.

Toriel's face flushed red, "Well then! I know that perhaps you three are not particularly happy with this development- but there is no need to be so impolite!" Ah, so his comment was somehow offensive. Toriel moved her stern gaze from Sans over to you, "Come along now Y/n, I think it is time we departed."

Papyrus felt you tense, before- to his surprise, felt you make a move away from him and towards her. Papyrus twitched.
Easily catching you by the back of your collar he swiftly pulled you back into his embrace, his long slender arms wrapped around you in such a way it was if he was trying to hide you. "Y/n, Where Are You Going?"

"..." You didn't answer, and Papyrus felt himself grow concerned, teeth clenching in anxiousness before moving to question you further- "To Toriel's."

Papyrus' jaw hung open at your eventual reply. To...Toriel's? "You...Want To Go With Her?" He questioned silently- his soul aching badly.
You wanted to go? Wanted to leave them?
Did they- did he do something wrong?
Papyrus's arms snaked further around you- protectively, squeezing tighter against the soft press of your body, bones tingling pleasantly at your warmth stroking his bones.

Surely this was a mistake.

"I don't want to go Paps," you muttered softly through clenched teeth, "But there's no use fighting it. I'm not welcome here- and there is no place else for us to go." Papyrus didn't want to believe it, believe what you were saying.
You were just letting them take you away?

A deep, but still subtle anger nip at his soul- but not at you, at this supposed ex-queen, and Classic too, he supposed. Anger was not an emotion he was very well acquainted with, after all, Papyrus liked to think he was a patient monster.
Though this whole idea that somehow you'd gotten to the point where they had managed to actually get you to agree with this idea- it put him on edge. Closer to falling off and loosing it than it outwardly showed.

In less then a second Sans blipped from his spot and appeared in front of you, dropping his axe to the ground with a thump to instead raise his hands hesitantly to your face. You met Sans' furrowed sockets, eyes never wavering from the large, burning crimson orb drilling into you with manic concern. Sans' own phalanges hovered just in front of your face, brushing the sides of your cheeks as if he were afraid to really touch you. "Peaches?"

The words escaped him quietly- so silently that only Papyrus and yourself could hear- hear the underlying question in his chosen nickname for you. You once again were silent- either speechless or trying to formulate words.
"It's better this way," were the only words that surpassed your lips, voice so quiet you almost sounded ashamed.


Sans' expression firmed as he seemingly gained the courage to properly cusp your face in his hands, pulling your head closer to stare deeper in his own sockets. Papyrus felt his own arms squeeze around you, watching the conversation between the two of you intently.
He knew that Sans was now the only person that could convince you to stay- or at least convince you to try and fight to stay with them. Papyrus didn't need to get a look at your face to know you didn't want to leave just as much as they did, though it seemed you had some other motive. Seemed that you thought this the best for them.

If only you knew that the real best thing for them was having you with them- didn't matter what happened, didn't matter where they were. All they needed was for you to be there too.
You were theirs- and no one else's.

"Sans, what else can we do?-"

"-Get rid' of 'em."

You paused, before sighing at Sans' quick and unhesitant response. "That wouldn't get us anywhere- at least not anywhere alive. This is the best option- for now."

Papyrus could feel both Toriel's and Classic's tense gaze on the three of them- observing the display suspiciously from the lack of being able to hear what all the whispering was about. Thankfully, they seemed to keep their distance- if they hadn't, well, Sans would only need a split second to retrieve his axe from the floor next to him.

Sans' gaze bored into you, gaze never wavering as his eye light burnt into your eyes with his usual twisted grin pulled across his features. A few tense seconds of silence pass, before he hesitantly dropped his hands from the sides of your face and glowered over at the wall, snatching his axe from the floor to sit snugly in one hand, the other burying itself in his pocket.
He didn't say anything else, merely sticking close to you and staring intently over at the wall or floor- lost in his own, spiteful thoughts.

It was time to let you go- Papyrus realised, though you didn't push him to let go.
He didn't want to let go. Didn't want to retrieve his arms from their comfy spot cupping your waist and back to his sides. If he let you go now- it would mean that he had finally relented- given up.
This is not at all how he imagined this would go.
He was so certain that he'd be able to convince them to let you stay. How had it ended up like this?

He savoured the last few seconds he got to spend with you pressed against him. It was Saturday now- Classic mentioned he'd get to see you on weekends. That was an entire week away. Six whole days until he got to see you on Saturday morning next week.
His soul felt heavy- phantom sickness swelling in the area of his non-existent stomach as he slowly, but surely, released you.

He was sure his soul had shattered in a thousand pieces at your last sad smile, glancing back at the two of them as you hung your head in defeat to shuffle behind Toriel and disappear around a corridor.
Papyrus and Sans were left in stunned silence.
Classic was still there, awkwardly leaning on the heels of his feet- he appeared to want to say something, before simply sighing and turning around to follow after them.

Papyrus didn't have it in him to do the same- to see you to the door. He knew if he were to follow he would try and stop you- unable to control himself. He wanted you back with him and his brother- to scoop you and Sans up in his arms and take the two of you as far away from here as possible. Somewhere you could be together- somewhere you could be happy.

Papyrus didn't move from his spot in the room- nor did Sans. Both of their gazes directed in the last place they had seen you before you slipped away. Sans obviously wanted to go after you- fight off anyone who dared try and take you away, though it seemed you had developed a hidden talent for talking his brother- by far the most stubborn person he knew, into submission.
He wasn't sure how- but it was definitely a trick you needed to teach him.

Papyrus sighed heavily, glancing down at his brother woefully.

He missed you already.

Chapter Text

"Told ya."

Classic grumbled in annoyance at Mutt's arrogance, shoving his hands in the pockets of his hoodie. "Yeah whatever. Just because you'd figured that they'd been starving doesn't mean you can act all high and mighty."

"Ppft. Least I wasn't the one who freaked out over their squabble. Been plenty of fights before-what's with the sudden harshness?"

Classic paused-eye lights shifting to instead inspect the floor. He hated to admit it-but he definitely had been treating the three unfairly. It really wasn't his fault though-he could sense it, those three were trouble, and he'd known they were hiding something from the beginning.
Even with this new revelation of their conditions underground, he could only feel as if that was only half the story.

Admittedly, he was merely looking for excuses to not allow them to leave the house at this point-at least not 'Axe' and 'Crooks'. They were just too...similar, to himself and his Papyrus.
If they were to go out, any person who knew them would instantly know that it was them-a severely damaged versions of themselves, but alas, still them.
There was no way any person out of the whole 'alternate universe loop' would fall for the whole 'cousin' trope.
At least the other versions of the classic brothers looked slightly different-but Axe and Crooks? They even dressed the same!

"Listen, buddy. I'll keep a socket out for the them, yeah?" Classic shifted to look up to Stretch who slunk against the wall beside him, the very same skeleton also known as his best friend. "But maybe we should ease up when it comes to the whole 'food' thing."

Classic didn't miss the way Stretch shuddered after mentioning the 'food' thing. While certain audiences such as Mutt and even Stretch had a few suspicions involving the whole topic, he could tell it deeply disturbed the skeleton clad in orange.
Sure, at this point they were used to the whole 'homicidal' skeletons and more hostile versions of the underground, but a version where everyone was starving?
A heavy feeling of guilt settled in his bones.

The way Crooks teeth were busted in unnatural directions, the large gaping hole in Axe's head, the unnaturally long stature the two were twisted into-even the ruins of clothes that hung on all three of them- in which were quite obviously stained in blood, everything about them felt wrong.
Classic almost didn't even want to know what their universe was like. He guessed that if he could just ignore the state he found them in- forget the fact that they were people too and just pretend that none of the problems with them were real, that maybe it would just all go away.
If he just ignored the nightmare version of himself and his brother and some other strange human they seemed so insistent on dragging around- then he could just pretend it wasn't real.

He didn't want to accept there was an underground were his brother he suffered in such a horrendous way.
Didn't want to find out how Crooks teeth ended up busted in like they were- how Axe ended up with that large gaping hole splintering in the back of his skull.

After catching himself staring particularly hard at his good friend, he snapped out of whatever state he was in and stretched his signature grin across his skull. "Yeah- yeah. Thanks Pal'. I will- ya'know, lay off a bit. They just make me a bit uneasy- 'round Paps and all that."

"Nyeheh. I feel you. Those three are certainly strange." Stretch agreed, momentarily glancing over to Mutt who grunted in support.

"Tch. You should really take that Axe away from 'em y'know," Mutt muttered, snickering at Classic, "Not that I mind-makes things more interesting 'round 'ere."

Classic sighed deeply, “Don’t know what you axepect to happen, but I don’t think taking his playtoy away will end very well.”
Mutt merely shrugged, shifting in his position across the lounge to instead rest his face in the palm of his hand. “Least the human’s gone now. Lil’ disappointing- she was fun,” he grinned, obviously referring to all the trouble she had caused since being here.

Frankly, Classic thought keeping the human around was a bad idea from the beginning-but after Tori had pulled him away to talk with him, he'd finally relented. The human- Y/n, didn't seem all that bad-maybe a little rough around the edges.
Though Classic had come to learn she wasn't all bark and no bite- the hard way.
Usually most people were quite intimidated by him, despite his small stature. In fact, it was that way he had managed to keep the other versions of himself under control -but not her.

This human acted as if they weren't scared in the slightest. He had also noticed the surprise on their face as soon as they had lunged at him- as if they hadn't meant to- rather acted right out of instinct.
That didn't stop the crazed look burning in the humans' expression from drilling into him after having pinned him to the ground- if Classic wasn't sure before, he was now.
She could have easily dusted him right there and then.

Perhaps he sent her away more out of his own intimidation- she'd surely be a hard one to keep under wraps. It was obvious keeping the three together wasn't a good idea- they'd only cause more trouble.
Besides, Tori would take good care of her. It would be better over there away from more hostile company. He wasn't too concerned about Frisk or Chara- he knew from experience they were more than capable of handling themselves.

"Hm. Whelp- I gotta go check on Paps- wanted to show me somethin' or whatever." Classic grinned over at his buddy, getting a lazy smile in return, briefly glancing over and locking gazes with Mutt before blipping out of existence to find his brother.



You ran your fingers across the smooth leather of the buckskin jacket Papyrus had lovingly stitched together for you, smiling to yourself- ignoring the sharp jab of pain in your chest.

This place was unfamiliar- filled with strange people, the place even smelt foreign.
The vague smell of smoke and grime that always lingered in the streets of your universe's Ebott City was missing here. In fact the whole atmosphere of the city was just overall...lighter, than yours was. As if it didn't have the same dirt and grime weighing it down like yours did.

Ebott- your Ebott, wasn't some dangerous crime capital per say, the people there simply seemed...lost. Yourself included. It was dizzying, everyone was born and grew in a haze in that city- a harsh and unforgiving place that slowed down for no one. It was easy to get lost in the busyness of life, lost in the overwhelming crushing reality of living.
The people here though...

You hadn't spoken to any of the humans, merely observed them from a safe distance as you drove past. It only took a split second observation to instantly notice the change in mindset people here had.
It was friendlier, calmer, more down to earth.
Of course you rationalised not everyone would be like that- but that seemed like what the overall culture was. The city was cleaner, the people happier- monsters had even already integrated here, on peaceful terms too.

Perhaps....Perhaps it was better for Sans and Papyrus to be in this universe?....

Nah- best not get ahead of yourself and make a judgement so quickly.

You'd been up for about an hour, having slept in longer than usual, though had no idea what the time was. With a huff, your head hit the wall your bed was tucked besides, staring up blankly at the assumingly freshly painted white roof. Feeling a bit uncomfortably cool, you slipped the leather back over your arms and curled it around you, loosing yourself in thought.
Toriel's place was moderately sized and quaint- with cute sandy yellow walls and oak wood floors. Lots of light, pastel colours and warm and homey decorations. Which reminded you, it was probably best to go and investigate the area while Toriel and her kids were off doing their own things.
You didn't feel safe in an unfamiliar area without your boys.

You didn't want to slip off your dedicated bed and get up, but curiosity got the best of you. A sole foot hooked at the ends of the bedsheets and dragged it along to the floor with you, ruining the impeccably made bed.
Not giving it a second glance you stumbled out the door, taking a cautionary look from each direction before heading down the corridor to your left- towards the front door.

The house was silent- which wasn't saying much, as you'd notice both Frisk and Chara were generally quiet by nature, and Toriel was rather soft-spoken when she wanted to be too. That was another difference here compared to living with Sans and Papyrus.
While Sans wasn't necessarily loud, Papyrus' naturally boisterous voice effectively filled the blackhole that seemingly ate away at all noise in the underground (it was a deafening silence). Even at Classic's place, Blue or CreamPuff or some other loud skeleton was there to fill the silence.

There was no one like that here.

Pausing, you halted your searching to instead curiously inspect the variety of frames hung up on the wall in front of you. You'd noticed them on your way in, though hadn't stopped to check them out at the time.
Fingers curling around the frame of the first one, your eyes lock with piercing crimson jewels partially covered with chocolatey brown bangs, clinging to the side of Toriel similarly to Frisk who was located on the other side of the woman.
All three had toothy grins tugged across their faces, beaming at whoever was taking the picture.

They were at the beach, all clad in their swimmers and skin glinting in the light from the excess amount of sunscreen they'd been battered in. The ocean sat calmly from behind the three, inky blue stretching on for as far as the eye could see, teasing the ends of the earth and reaching for the heavens.

As your curiosity moved on from picture to picture, you noticed with a sombre expression that each picture displayed some sort of pleasant scene. Ranging from silly grins and painted hands to loving embraces and tender kisses.

You knew it wasn't their fault. Knew that you should be happy for them- this was precisely everything you, Papyrus and Sans had dreamed of.
But if just felt so unfair.

Why did they get this happy ending? Why did they go suffering free? Why were they the lucky ones? Weren't the three of you good enough? Was your universe not good enough?


Pausing, your eyes slid from the pictures towards to meet a pair of crimson ones. Chara's.
Turning and stretching in front of the child you proceeded to crack your back before slumping over. "Need something?" You eyed the little child that looked eerily like Frisk despite being two completely different people. Though you knew Frisks eyes weren't crimson-rather more of a golden amber, though it was certainly difficult to see them through the thick lushness of their eyelashes.

"It's lunch time!" Already? "Mum said to come get you so you can have lunch." What about breakfast?

As much as you'd like shuffle back to your room and topple over back into the comfortable embrace of your bed sheets-you couldn't pass up on lunch. Maybe you'd go back to bed afterwards. Right now you just needed to eat. More than usual to make up for the lack of breakfast.
You were a little annoyed, now that you thought of it, that they hadn't woken you for breakfast. Sleeping for a couple extra hours wasn't worth missing out on food.
You'd talk to Toriel about it. "Mm, I'll be right there."

Chara bopped their head before skipping off and back downstairs (presumably). Running a stray hand through your hair your fingers hit a knot and you hissed in irritation. Not bothering to fix it or attempt to make yourself look more presentable you tottered downstairs, hunger clawing at your stomach as the smell of something positively delicious wafted through the room you were in.

Glancing around you found Chara and Frisk already having found themselves a seat at the table, some sort of pie placed neatly on the white porcelain plates in front of them. Figuring Toriel must still be in the kitchen you wandered over, shoving your hands in your pockets as you waited for the furry to notice you.

The goat woman was slicing a generous piece out of the pie and serving it on another plate, before proceeding to cut another, smaller piece. Apparently she wasn't very observant as she still hadn't noticed your obvious presence hovering by the doorway blatantly waiting for her to turn around.

"Oh!" Toriel jumped as she turned to find you, gasping in surprise. You raised an unimpressed eyebrow- no use being nice to the person that had taken you away from your skeletons. "Y/n! I didn't realise you were there. You are awfully quiet, aren't you?" She chuckled in attempt to make light conversation only for it to fall flat at your unresponsive expression. Clearing her throat, "Well, I made everyone some cinnamon-butterscotch pie! I hope you like it," she begun, "I was informed of your large appetite and thought I best give you a larger portion-especially considering you missed brea-"

"-You should have woken me up."

Toriel looked a little surprised at the interruption before smiling pleasantly-patiently, "Pardon? What do y-"

"You should have woken me up," you repeated, your tone firmer than previously.

"Oh, I see. Well, I thought perhaps you might have liked to sleep in, though I will remember for next time."

Grunting in approval, you took your plate and fork out of Toriel's paw- much to her mild annoyance. "S'okay. Just know for next time."

You could see that she was a little irritated at you for your less than polite mannerisms, but stretched a polite smile across her features anyway. Not waiting around for any reply, you spun on your heel and exited the kitchen to the dining room.
You ensured you took a seat furthest from all three other inhabitants of the house, instead stabbing your pie and sawing off a piece with your fork and shoving it in your mouth.
Cinnamon-butterscotch was a strange combination, but you didn't give yourself time to think it over as you shovelled the food past your lips.

You really hated missing meals. It left a sour taste in your mouth and encouraged anxiety to tie knots in your stomach. You felt as if you didn't eat the food in front of you quick enough it would disappear despite knowing how absurd it sounded.
You couldn't help the subtle way your arms shook as you devoured the pie in front of you.
If the food were to disappear- when would be the next time you got to eat? Would you miss the next meal? Would you go hungry again?

You couldn't go hungry-not again.

"Y/n?" You halted in your actions as you were snapped out of whatever trance you were in at the sound of Toriel's voice. Why'd she have to talk to you? You just wanted to be left alone. "Are you alright? You are eating rather quickly."

"Maybe I'm just a little hungry," you snapped, "You'd be surprised what not eating can do to a person," you mused darkly. Toriel didn't fully understand the depth to your words- the first indication that Classic hadn't informed her of what happened in their timeline. Bad move buddy.

You weren't entirely certain why you were so irritated- you'd almost missed a meal once before while you were working with Blue on the obstacle course (yeah but that was different- it was your own fault and you ended up eating anyway). Though you couldn't help it- the unpleasant feeling sinking in your stomach from missing breakfast mixing with your dislike for the woman was getting the best of you.

Once again, Toriel looked a little surprised at your little outburst- as did Chara and Frisk, though you paid no attention to them. "Y/n, I can tell you're feeling a little upset right now- which is understandable as you've just been taken away from your friends but I assure you, you will be taken care of and well fed." You tensed, a little upset? You were a whole lot more than a little upset. You'd been forced to make a decision, one that you hoped would be for the benefit of your boys, but had no real way of finding out until it was too late. The last thing you wanted to do was leave them there by themselves, leave them there without you. Toriel- however annoying and airheaded, wasn't your biggest concern at the moment, and as such, you regarded her with no real importance. With a frown you scrapped up the last bite of pie and shoved it in your mouth before pushing yourself away from the table.

"I'll be in my room. Come get me when dinner's ready."

Shuffling away you didn't bother to glance back at the silent room. Nobody made a move or call for you and you slowed your pace as you began your climb upstairs. By the time you reached your room, you were feeling more lethargic then ever. Stumbling in your room and swinging the door shut with a quiet 'slam', you collapsed on your bed. A bed so very far away from Papyrus' and Sans. It didn't matter that Toriel or Frisk or Chara were here- you were alone. Surrounded by people you couldn't- didn't want to trust.

So here you were again- in your 'room'

In this dreadful little yellow room, in a house you hated, filled with people you didn't want to be around.

The list grew as you buried your face in the pillows of your bed. Your hands clenched tightly around the soft material, teeth grinding together painfully.


You were hungry again.

Chapter Text

"Ta Da!"

Hmph. Edge ran his gaze over the 'obstacle course', arms crossed and a scowl pulled across his teeth.
As he eyed the course he had to admit he was a little surprised.

"Barbed Wire?"

Blueberry nodded.

"Spikes?" he hid his approval while looking over to the sharpened points underneath the sky nets.

"Uh- Yes." Edge noticed the hint of unsureness in Blueberry's tone and raised an unimpressed bone brow his way. "It Was The Humans Idea- Actually," he explained.

Ah. That made sense. Looking at the smaller- more pathetic version of his brother he found it hard to believe he came up with all of this himself. From beside him Papyrus- the original, Crooks and Razz stood silently, inspecting the area. Black, on the other hand, had taken it upon himself to get a closer look- testing the sturdiness of the spikes and toying with the sharp points of the barbed wire.
Edge was no fool and new the expression of someone pleased- something that Black surely was.

"Oh, The Human? -I Uh-I Mean Y/n," Papyrus began before quickly correcting himself, receiving a few curious looks, "I Did Not Realise She Had Such...Extreme Tastes."

Edge scoffed, instead opting to eye Black curiously. Certain versions of himself were simply pathetic.

"Why Yes! I Would Expect Nothing Less Of Y/n!" Crooks beamed, seemingly very proud of his human though it was evident in the slightly sombre stance he took that he missed them very much, "She Is Quite Excellent At Building Traps And The Sort."

"Traps?" All of a sudden Edge was interested. Edge was glad to see the human gone- it had no place among someone such as himself, though he admittedly was gaining a /slightly/ better impression of it from the display in front of him. It seemed to know it's way around building and crafting things from the obviously practised expertise of the obstacles in front of him.
Besides, he had to hold some form of respect towards another being- monster or otherwise, that built traps. He was tired of all the pathetic creatures from this world.

"Indeed! We Made Many Of Them Together Back Underground," Crooks explained, a grin stretching on his skull. Edge adverted his gaze, not being able to help glancing down at his company's rather...disfigured teeth.
Admittedly, Edge was very curious to know as to what had caused the injuries the newest pair of skeletons sustained- though he knew better than to go snooping around and asking questions that were of no concern to him. Especially considering what he already did know of their universe.

"I See..." Edge turned to instead join Black's inspection. So far the obstacle course seemed...adequate. Though he needed to be more thorough with his inspection to see if that would change, (that and he didn't want to admit that a human, of all people, had done something of an...acceptable standard).

"There Is No Way The Blueberry Did This."

"The Human Helped Him," Edge replied sourly, not bothering to acknowledge Black with a glance up and instead peering down into a...hole? It appeared to be some sort of twist on hurdles, Edge merely nodded to himself at the tolerable display before moving towards something else.

"The Human? Unlikely."

"I Would Agree, If It Weren't For The Fact There Is No Other Logical Explanation." Black fell silent- probably in thought.
Despite what one may assume- Edge and Black got along quite well- sure, they weren't exactly 'buddy-buddy', and did butt heads occasionally, but otherwise, their similarity seemed to actually work in their favour, forming some sort of mutual respect between the two.

One might even describe the relationship the two possessed between them as being on 'friendly terms'. Edge huffed disapprovingly at the thought.
Edge was a monster with no time for such pleasantries- and neither was Black.

"Hmph. Well, Perhaps This Human Isn't Totally Pathetic. At Least An Improvement From The Ones In This Universe."

Edge merely nodded in reply before concluding his search with a pleased glint in his eye. "Well- There Is Plenty Of Room For Improvement," He noted, "Though It Seems This Will Do...For Now."

Black seemed to agree as the two moved to regroup with the others at the beginning of the course- eager to try it out. Blueberry was the first to start, hopping from tire to tire, narrowly avoiding the miniature spikes sticking out of the ground around the tires before sliding down into the hole to begin the hurdles.
It was as each skeleton moved onto the second obstacle that another would begin to follow behind, before all six were hopping, crawling and swigging on the equipment with Razz being the very last.

It wasn't until Edge got to the monkey bars did he halt to analyse his surroundings. The barbed wire was wrapped around the equipment tightly, leaving little room for his hands to hold onto. Despite his towering height, it seems the monkey bars were designed to still be high enough even for someone such as himself. There was even a little ledge for those of a shorter stature so that they could step onto to reach the bars.

Eyeing the barbed wire, Edge waited no longer before jumping a hold of the bars, swinging himself forward to grab a hold of the generously spaced bar in front of him. He hissed as he felt a metal spike nick a phalange, hot silvery red marrow streaming down his wrist. With a grunt he made extra care with the rest of the bars and succeeding in getting across with no further injury.

As his feet hit the ground, he stared down at the injury as if it were an insult. It was a little demeaning receiving such a minor injury because of his own carelessness. Scolding himself harshly for the minor slipup he ascended onto the sky nets, eying the spikes underneath that would promise serious injury with a simple misstep.

Hm. This human certainly was no coward. Well- he'd have to watch it complete the course himself before he could properly determine that- though this human definitely wasn't playing around.
It was almost unfortunate the human was no longer here- prolonging the wait until he tested it out on it.

Another twenty minutes and Edge had finished the course with an unimpressed scoff. He went on to complain the lack of challenge the obstacle course possessed- hiding his cut phalange underneath the arm he was crossing over his chest.


You really weren't feeling it that morning. You were exhausted and hadn't slept a wink. Black bags settled under your eyes and you were sure you looked just how you felt.
Your first night.
It was your first night away from them- and you hated every second of it.
Though you forced yourself out of bed and followed your usual routine- pretended you were still back there- with them.

Showering, then getting changed, before creeping downstairs and out to the back deck to watch the sunrise. You were a lot warmer that morning, curling up in the jacket Papyrus made you as you sat snugly on the cushioned bench seat.
Toriel's home was located in the suburbs of the city rather than the outskirts like Classic's place was. The view wasn't as good, as homes and other buildings stood in the way of the fluffy pinks of the morning sky.
You were slightly disappointed, even more so when you noted that Sans and Papyrus weren't really out here with you.
You wondered if they were doing the same thing right now, back at Classic's on the back deck watching the sunrise- missing you.
Not bothering to go back inside, you instead sat in your spot the entire morning, savouring the silence of the usually bustling city until one by one lights began to flicker on and the day approached.

"Oh, there you are!" You didn't bother to look over at Toriel, who had slid open the glass door and poked her head outside. "Frisk had knocked at your door to wake you up for breakfast, but found you weren't there. We were afraid you had run off somewhere."
You felt like running off somewhere. Right back in Sans' or Papyrus' arms, preferably.

It fell silent, as you didn't bother to acknowledge Toriel's presence, instead staring intensely at the retreating pinks and conquering blues clashing against each other in the heavens.

"Well, why don't you come inside, I imagine it is awful cold sitting out here for too long." With Toriel's suggestion, you tilted your head to face her, finding there was no ill intention or annoyance from the previous day in her stature. Uncurling yourself your feet hit the ground and you shuffled back inside and past Toriel to head to the dining room.

"Not as cold as Snowdin," you gruffed as you totted past the goat-woman, not waiting for any reply.

Both Frisk and Chara were both already sitting at the dining table yet again (it seemed as if they were as eager to eat as you were, though perhaps for different reasons). You, opting to sit by yourself yet again, sat in your newly dedicated place on the table, staring down blankly at the table patiently.

The two children talked to each other quietly from across the table. Not because they were whispering, it just seemed the two were naturally quiet by nature. You didn't bother listening in. Well, not until the sound of one of them clearing their throat caught your attention.

"Come sit with us," Frisk smiled warmly, patting the seat to their left. You watched Frisk, glancing from their smile to their hand on the seat next to them, considering their invitation. They waited patiently, not urging you to come over.
Hesitantly, you slid off your chair only to slink back in the chair beside Frisk, to which they grinned pleasantly at your compliance.

"Why don't you like goat-mum?" That was the question that caught you off guard. You eyed Chara wearily, wondering whether it was worth your time explaining it- to a child of all things.

"Part of the reason I'm here," you explained simply, tucking away your hands in your pockets and sinking into your seat.

"You don't want to be here?"


"Why not?" Why not? You met Frisk's gaze, pondering the best way to approach their question, before shrugging.

"Away from Sans and Papyrus."

The brunettes were evidently confused, Chara voicing their thoughts, "Isn't Sans the one who sent you here?"

"MY Sans and Papyrus," you clarified, to which they nodded in understanding.

Any potential for the conversation to continue further was erased as Toriel came wandering in, beginning to serve everyone breakfast. Once again you had gotten the largest plate out of the four of you, despite not being the largest one here (Toriel must have been at least 8 or 9 feet tall).

You found your thoughts wondering as you ate breakfast, especially as you noticed Toriel's slight surprise towards where you were sitting (you couldn't tell if it was a positive or negative reaction).
You pondered quietly to yourself, thoughts like- why wouldn't Classic tell Toriel about what happened in your world? Would Toriel not take you in if she knew? What were Toriel's intentions? What were Classics intentions?

You were staring pretty lethally at the wall in front of you when Toriel broke you out of your thoughts. "So, Y/n. Are you feeling better than yesterday, perhaps?" Toriel raised an eyebrow at you questioningly, but from the firm look in her eyes, you knew she was referring to your poor attitude. You merely shrugged in reply, looking back down to finish eating.
"You're wearing practically the same thing as yesterday, do you not have enough clothing?" Yet again, you shrugged, chewingly thoughtfully on the bacon you'd put past your lips.

Toriel sighed heavily, pinching the bridge of her nose, both Frisk and Chara silent beside you. "Y/n, I cannot help you if you do not co-operate with me. Don't you think it better to try and maintain some sort of peaceful relationship between us, despite however unideal this situation may be for you?"

Pausing, you swallowed down your food, reaching over for your glass of water and throwing your head back to drink it all at once. Wiping the your mouth with the ends of your sleeves, you heard Toriel begin to say something again, though this time you cut her off. "...It's my only jacket."

"I see, what about your shirt?"

"The other one needs to be washed." You didn't think Toriel would much appreciate you walking around in your hunting clothes. Though you were curious to see her reaction.

Toriel went wide eyed for a second, before furrowing her eyebrows, "You only have two changes of clothing?"

"Not including the stuff I'm wearing," you shrugged, looking over at Chara, who decided to join in on the conversation.

"Why didn't you go shopping?"

"Wasn't allowed to."


Everybody paused, calculating your words. You could see the confusion on their expressions and it was obvious they didn't know much about the workings going on at Classic's place. You weren't entirely sure if their ignorance was a curse or a blessing.

"Y/n," Your eyes slid over to meet Toriel's, "What do you mean you were not allowed?"

"Not allowed outta the house."

"That's not fair," Frisk commented. Yet again, you shrugged. This entire situation- the amount of attention on you all at once, it was all rather awkward.

"Why were you not allowed outside of the house?"

You shrugged, no matter how big the temptation to badmouth Classic- you had to remind yourself, these were his friends. Just whose side would they take? That and you just didn't have it in you to say it out loud. Tell them that it was because of how they'd been hurt that they were being treated unfairly. That the wounds scarring their bodies was something other people were essentially saying Sans and Papyrus should be ashamed of. It made your blood boil- and bringing up such a topic would only encourage your anger to prosper and you doubted it would end well.

"Well then, " Toriel, figuring she wasn't going to get a response out of you instead decided to take a lighter direction in the conversation, clasping her hands together, "Despite the rough start we may have had, I am a woman with manners- and as such, it wouldn't do to allow a guest to stay without their basic necessities."

You raised an eyebrow curiously. Basic necessities? You weren't entirely sure what Toriel was implying by that, but your question was soon clarified by the two children on your left's excited cheers.
"Shopping trip!"

Shopping trip??

"You mean, at a clothes store?"
Frisk nodded their head vigorously, an eager grin curled at their lips. "With lots of other people?" Yet again another nod. You stared blankly down at them, their grin never fading as you processed their words.

"We will be going sometime after lunch, if that sounds alright with you," Toriel explained, drawing your attention from Frisk to herself. Once again, you stared at her blankly. "Do not worry, I will be having some words with Sans about this," she clarified.

How were you supposed to tell her that what is just a 'crowd of people' for her, was essentially a full course meal for you?
Even glancing down at the children beside made you anxiously giddy. They were the first humans you'd seen in a while- and the ones you did see, never lasted long. Being around other monsters in general, actually, made you a little hungry (except perhaps Sans and Papyrus- they were not food), though perhaps not as much as other animals, as monsters were a tasteless, unfilling source of nutrients anyway.

Toriel must have taken your silence as some sort of signal of agreement, or compliance in the very least, as she smiled warmly over to her children who both were pleased with this new development. "It is settled then. I'm sure the two of you will be having lots of fun," she chuckled good-naturedly, pinching Frisk's cheek and brushing her finger up against Chara's nose.
The two of them swatted their mother's hand away from them playfully, giggling with each other, behaving much like you'd imagined on of those imaginary functional families would.
Well, they may have been imaginary in your world- because this household was oddly enough, appearing pretty functional. Well, until now that is. You imagined you would be going to have one hell of a time complicating things unnecessarily for the three of them.

Oh well. It's their fault really.. It wasn't your idea to come stay here.

You watched Frisk and Chara exchange witty banter between themselves and their mother, eagerly discussing the upcoming shopping trip this afternoon as Toriel chuckled loudly as some comment Frisk had made.
Well, perhaps it wasn't the children's fault.

Chapter Text

Nope. Bad idea- Terrible idea.
Why were you here again?
Oh right, to go shopping. For you.
In there.
A building jampacked with people.
Why hadn't you just refused to go?

Currently her two little brats were buckled up in the seats behind your own as you drove off to some shopping centre. Apparently she was serious about this whole 'shopping trip', and though you had requested you go to somewhere less...populated, Toriel insisted she knew the perfect place.
So here you were- apparently going shopping to get you clothing, or something. Honestly you didn't like this whole idea of going inside some strange massive building absolutely filled to the brim with humans.
Just seeing the two seated in the back were enough of a reminder of the sticky red circulating through them- through yourself. A reminder of the absolute mess they made when you cut one open-
-You tried not to think about it.

The car rolled into a tight space between two other vehicles, before coming to a sharp stop. "Well," Toriel hummed pleasantly, clasping her hands together before twisting to face you, "Here we are!"

You frowned. Couldn't you go another day? Maybe during the middle of the day on a Wednesday or something? Instead of a Sunday when it would be most busy.
Well, at least the two children in the back seemed excited.

You pushed open the car door with little regard for the car parked next to you and slipped outside into the carpark. It smelt a lot like petrol out here and every available parking spot in view was taken. It was strange- experiencing the same things you'd had long since convinced yourself you'd never see again.
You couldn't help but feel a little guilty, knowing you were out and about while Sans and Papyrus were still locked away back at Classic's place.
This is not at all how you'd figured the surface would be.

As Toriel exited the car to join your side, the two children jogged up beside her to link hands. She smiled down at both brunettes with a kind of warmth you were unfamiliar with. Perhaps something akin to a parent’s love?
They did call her 'mum' after all.
Not that you'd be familiar with such a topic.

"So, Y/n. What kind of clothing are you looking for?" Toriel questioned as the four of you stepped through the automatic glass doors. At first you were a little taken aback- having forgotten about such a thing.
You had hardly ever ventured anywhere past waterfall- maybe a little into Hot land, not having explored far since your fall and of course- when you were about to exit to the surface- and as such, technology was very limited where you lived.

"The type you wear," you grunt.

Toriel chuckled at your 'joke', and you stared at her in question. She seemed a little surprised at your gaze, before realising something. "Oh dear, you're serious, aren't you?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

She paused, merely eyeing you as you stepped on an escalator, near stumbling as you rose. Both Frisk and Chara giggled at you, in which you merely sent the two a sharp look in return.
Their grins merely grew.
"Hm, well, is there a particular style you prefer? In colour maybe? Do you prefer pants over skirts or vice versa?"

Skirts over pants? When was the last time you wore a skirt? Even before you'd fallen underground you weren't particularly girly. You always dressed in whatever was most comfortable and ideal for whatever activities you'd be partaking in through the day.
You were a particularly down and dirty type of person- constantly on the streets and hanging with your friends across the city.
Which reminded you- this city looked nothing like the one back at home. There were familiar streets and stores you had passed by, sure, though everything was much...nicer? neater? ….

"Well, skirts and dresses aren't really practical…" You started, you weren't particularly self-conscious (you had bigger concerns to stress over), but you certainly couldn't imagine needing to dress in anything too fancy. All you really needed was something that would last and fulfil their intended purpose. "It's near Winter so I'll probably need something warmer than shorts. So really Jeans, some long-sleeved T-shirts and maybe another jacket should do me."

"I-uh, well, yes. That certainly would be a good idea, but please, do not feel restricted to just those. If you see something you like- do not hesitate to get it, alright?" You furrowed your eyebrows at the strange goat woman. She wanted you to buy…. more than necessary?
You didn't answer her, merely watching your feet as you walked to wherever she was taking you and ignoring the overwhelmingly loud symphony of voices echoing around the building.
You could feel your stomach clenching in your gut, pulse having risen and hyperaware of every noise and brushed shoulder. 'Just don't look up' you chanted, a lump having made itself cosy in your throat.
Don't. Look. Up.

Eventually you found yourself stopped in front of some store- you didn't bother to look up and inspect the place as you filed in behind everyone else. What actually got you to look up was the dramatic decrease in volume.
In fact- the four of you were the only ones inside. Your shoulders slumped, fingers unclenching and a subtle sting making you aware that your nails had probably begun to dig into the flesh of your palm on your trip here.
Royal Purple decorated the walls- and everything else, really. Though, strangely enough, it all seemed to work together rather pleasantly. The air in the store was thicker than outside and hinted of something sugary and sweet. It was also invitingly warm, which naturally caused you to shiver in delight and shuffle further inside to find the source of the pleasant skin-tingling feeling.
You were so used to the dead chill of the underground you'd found yourself craving the mesmerising feel of heat melting the ice that had seemingly settled under your skin.
Hence why you'd found yourself on the outskirts of Hotland so often, knowing venturing any further was a death sentence (too many guards, too many people).

"Ahuhu, and what brings you four to my store today?"

"Hello Muffet, it is good to see you again," Toriel greeted, smiling warmly at the-!!!

Now this was someone you were familiar with- though this Muffet was very different from your own. You'd only encountered her once and since sworn to avoid doing so again after nearly being eaten alive. When you'd first explored the underground, you'd managed to make it almost to new home, and hence you encountered the woman along the way.

You weren't surprised to find this Muffet was in much better condition. Her skin was a pretty shade of purple- unlike the sickly grey of your Muffet's, her clothing far more colourful and most importantly- she wasn't blind.
You'd have surely died all that time ago if your underground if your world's Muffet could still see.

"Ah, yes, Toriel. You three are some of my best customers! As such, you are always welcome. Though I must ask," Your teeth clenched as she moved her beady black eyes onto you," Who exactly is this?"

"That is Y/n," you tensed under Muffet's gaze. "She will be staying with us from now on. We need to get her a new wardrobe and thought here'd be the best place to start."
You could feel the skin where Muffet's eyes were placed burning into your skin- you knew it was entirely psychological, but you couldn't shake the feeling of the woman in front of you being a threat. "Perhaps we'll get you two something nice while we are here, yes?" Toriel glanced down to Frisk and Chara to which they giggled and hummed eagerly in reply.

"Ah, I see. Well I will see what I can do." She finished eyeing you to instead look back at Toriel, "You can choose out a few things already available while I take her measurements, yes?"

"That sounds like a very good idea," Toriel grinned, giving you a firm look that was something akin to 'behave yourself'. Your teeth ached from how hard you clenched them. "Do not worry, Y/n. Muffet will take good care of you. We will be just over here if you need us."

A nod was all she needed for confirmation as she strode away, paws occupied with both Frisk's and Chara's as they headed over to graze through the jacket section.
"Well, aren't you an interesting one, Ahuhuh~"
Your eyes slid over to meet Muffet's as she eyed you much like one would eye their prey. All of a suddenly you were wishing Toriel had decided to stay. A shiver ran down your spine as she grabbed you by the hand and whisked you away to a room out back. You kept reassuring yourself that this was a different Muffet- this one wouldn't send her spider army to try and eat you alive.

Having her wandering arms and hands roaming around your body made you uncomfortable, shifting weight from leg to leg. Muffet didn't seem all too occupied on you- rather just doing her work, and you took reassurance in knowing that she wasn't any real threat. As of now, anyway.

"So, Y/n dearie~ Tell me, are you from one of those other universes as well?"

You were a little surprised she knew about the other universes, before figuring that there must be some other version of herself sucked into this world out there. "...Yeah," you confirmed wearily, eyeing the top of Muffet's head as she strapped a measuring band around your chest, "Whata bout you?"

"Hm? Oh, no, this is my world dearie~ Though there is another version of myself, behaves very much like a bartender like Grillby from here, infuriating, really. Do you know him?"

Once again, you were hesitant to reply- uncomfortable with all the contact from someone so unfamiliar to you. Though Grillby- you knew exactly who she was referring to. He was the local barkeep in Snowdin town- though you imagined he would be in significantly better shape here. You'd never gotten to see him before the eternal magic fire he was made of started to eat away at him.
Before the agony- the constant state of mind numbing pain clawing at his very soul.
Yet he was probably one of the most composed monsters in the underground. You had no doubt he had to have lost his mind to some degree by then, but he hid it far better then most else. If it weren't for his warped appearance one might have not even noticed his constant suffering.

It was too bad, really. Though he would try to eat you, there were occasions where you got some form of conversation out of him. You merely had to plan your escape before he tried lighting you on fire. From what you knew, he sounded like an alright guy- twisted by the starvation eating away at his soul over time, but not evil.
Well, he sounded like an alright guy from before the famine. Sans had told you the odd story here or there- though not many, as ever since his injury, he's had a bit of a "Hole in my memory," or so he liked to say.

You knew they were friends though- to what degree you weren't sure, but each time Sans brought him up he only spoke in fondness. So you suppose he couldn't be that bad- any friend of Sans or Papyrus after all, is a friend of yours.

"...Kinda," you answered. Which was true, you certainly didn't know him well. Just to not underestimate him for being a bartender.

"Hmph, well, he just happens to be a rival of mine- so make sure you don't go over to his place- swing by mine instead, no?"

"Here?" You questioned, furrowing your eyebrows.

"Ahuhu, no dearie," she cooed at you as if you were something adorable, she looked just about ready to pinch your cheeks. You'd already tilted your head back as a precaution. "To my bakery, I sell lots of lovely goods there- made by spiders, for spiders, of spiders!~"

...Of spiders?

Well, you were never one to refuse food- though spiders wasn't something you'd crossed of your bucket list yet. "Sure," you shrugged, now wishing you had something to munch on after having brought up the topic of food.

"Well, Toriel can give you the address- come any time! I always love new customers," she giggled, eyeing you mischievously before retrieving the measuring band from around your chest and bouncing off to some desk to jot the measurements. You took the spare time to observe your surroundings. It was a decently sized room, with stray boxes and tubs of newly shipped in material and unsold clothing. It was a bit of a mess, though if you looked closely enough, you thought you could see some form of organisation behind it.

This world's Muffet seemed...alright. Not 'alright' enough for you to want to be near her for any extended period of time, but enough that you just may take up her offer to visit her bakery. That is if Toriel would allow you to go. Maybe you could convince her to bring Sans and Papyrus along with you. She was stubborn- but seemingly much more reasonable then classic, and from when she first convinced him to let you stay with your Sans and Papyrus, you could tell she held some sort of influence over him.
Perhaps earning a few brownie points from her could help you out in the future.... You'd be sure to keep this realisation in mind...

"Well, Dearie, it's a shame to say that we're done here," You watched Muffet carefully as she stood up from her bent over position as she filled out some paperwork and strolled back over to you. "Unfortunate, really. I was enjoying your company."

You raised an eyebrow questioningly. She was enjoying your company? You hardly said anything at all.
She was probably just trying to be friendly.

Nodding, you shifted awkwardly in your spot, glancing back at the doorway wondering if you were allowed to leave. It seemed Muffet had a similar idea, as you merely sauntered out behind her after she had.

Toriel and her children were skimming through the articles of clothing, their heads perking up as they noticed that the two of you were done. Toriel approached, Frisk marching back with a couple brightly coloured jumpers- though Chara wasn't anywhere to be seen.
Taking a place at an arms distance beside Toriel at the counter, you focused your gaze on locating the red eyed child, before a tug on the side of your jumper caught your attention.

"What do you think?" Turning to face Chara, your eyes inspected the lime green hoodie they were holding up in front of their torso. It was a nice colour, with a royal purple stripe running down the sides of the sleeves.

You shrugged. "It's a nice colour," you commented. Eyeing the similarly coloured jumper they were already wearing.

"Green's my favourite colour," they commented, and you nodded in acknowledgment, though not responding. You weren't trying to be rude, you simply didn't know what to say to that. You could tell the short haired brunette was trying to make friendly conversation, though you had noticed you could be awkward with this things, especially when the topic was something so...mundane.
"What's yours?"

Your favourite colour? A colour that appeals to you most... Your mind flashed through a series of images as you searched for one that you preferred most, before shrugging yet again. "Don't have one."

"Not at all?" They questioned sceptically, as if they couldn't comprehend such a concept. "C'mon, there has to be something," you merely stared blankly at them. "Okay, okay," they started, readdressing the subject, "let's go about this differently... If you saw...a flower! Say you were in a store full of them, but you could only choose one colour- what would it be?"

A...flower? Seriously, why did your favourite colour matter to them? It was hardly vital information. Whatever- you just got to sate the kid's curiosity you guess.
"...White?" You answered hesitantly, trying the word out on your tongue, before nodding satisfactorily at your conclusion. White- like the snow of Snowdin, like the colour of bones. The things that you'd grown familiar with.

Chara deadpanned at you. You weren't entirely sure why but obviously whatever you said wasn't the right answer. You didn't realise there was one. Perhaps you should have said green?
"You're hopeless," they sighed, walking away to join their mothers side. "White isn't even a colour," Chara scoffed in amusement , before weaving their fingers in between their mothers paw.

You were hesitant to leave the shop after Toriel had concluded her business with Muffet here, a bad feeling twisting in your gut. You hadn't actually gotten any clothes yet, Toriel merely prepaid for the order, so you left the store emptyhanded.
You immediately felt the tension return as soon as the noise of the living hit your ears. It put you on edge being so close to so many living, breathing creatures. So close to you- to your teeth. You could only imagined what sharpened canines like yours would do to tender flesh...

When was dinner again?

"Well, where do you think we'll go next?" Toriel hummed, looking over at her children, before glancing over to you.

"Next?" You cut of any responses from either of the children, gaining Toriel's attention in the process. "Indeed! While Muffet is very efficient in her work, your clothing won't be ready for another day or two. You'll need something until then."

Yeah- there was no way.

Currently the group of you were standing still in the middle of a busy hallway. Children hung giddily from their parents sides, friends hooked arms and lovers linked hands- people from all walks of life travelled the halls of the shopping centre- monster and human alike. Unfortunately, the large groups of people around were merely interpreted to you as something akin to making a selection off a particularly large menu.
You couldn't help but unconsciously categorise the people around you by the amount of meat they were carrying around on their bones.

"...Can I wait in the car?"

Toriel paused, studying you for a second. At first you were a little anxious she would say no. You had no doubt staying here any longer wouldn't end well, in fact, you knew it wouldn't. Though, thank the gods, Toriel eventually relented, sighing heavily. "Never mind then, we will go home."

Frisk and Chara pouted in disappointment, and Toriel ruffled their hair affectionately. "Perhaps another time, then," she reassured them, the statement seemingly sating them.
You made sure to make swift progress to escape the crowd of the shopping centre- everywhere you went there was people, around every corner, in every store, in every room.
A violent shiver crawled down your spine as you picked up the pace- you could feel their gazes crawling against your skin.

It was too much- too much noise- too many people-

Too much food.

Eyes burning into the floor you ignored the large crowd of both humans and monsters alike, doing your very best to avoid contact with anyone and everyone at any cost.
With the way your teeth clenched itching to sink themselves into something- you knew it wouldn't end very well if anyone got too close.
It wasn't until you were walking into the carpark did you feel yet another subtle but evident tug at your shirt. Glancing downwards you expected to find Chara again, only to find Frisk staring at you through their thick eyelashes with obvious concern glinting in their eyes.

"Are you alright?" They spoke softly- almost too quiet to hear by any normal person’s standards, though if you listened hard enough you could make out what they were saying.
With a stiff nod in reply you ignored the frown tugging on their lips- obviously disbelieving of your words.
You made no further attempt to convince them instead pulling open the passenger door of Toriel's cherry red minivan and slumping into the safety the seat provided, slamming the door shut beside you.
You felt sick as you strapped on your seatbelt, frowning as Toriel began to reverse and drive back to her place.

It should be Sans and Papyrus here in the car with you, going back to wherever it was you deemed it safe enough to stay.

Chapter Text

At first it was a subtle twitch of his hand, a few fingers that wouldn't stay still. Clenching and rewrapping themselves around the handle of his axe, over and over, progressively squeezing tighter. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Then it was the clenching of teeth, grinding his molars together to the point he was sure he was tasting dust.
He sat jittery on the edge of his bed, sockets boring into the wall separating his room from yours.
The longer he found himself staring the more he was unable to sit still- his leg nervously bouncing in attempt to distract himself.

He couldn't help it. He was so unused to being out of control- in the underground, anyone who questioned him lost their heads. Perhaps except that old lady behind that door in the ruins. He never did get to find out her name.

He was the butcher after all, one of the most feared monsters in the underground- though maybe only second compared to undick. The bitch.

Now that he was up on the surface he had struggled to cope with the sudden power exchange. Now he was the one out of control, taking orders and doing as he's told. He didn't want to. He really really didn't want to.

Sans hadn't realised his spare arm had snaked up to cup the side of his face, a stray finger idly resting inside his unlit socket. The itch was back. At first it tickled the inside of his skull, but the longer Sans ignored it the harder it would claw at the bone. It was stray magic left lingering in his skull- the unformed eye-light, trying to pull itself back together.
Sans was too broken to be fixed.

His skull was harshly tugged sideways, pain shooting through his cheekbone and spreading outwards, and Sans retrieved his finger from his socket, resting it on his knee, where it clenched on the bone. Despite however painful it may be to tug at his broken socket, it was a relief compared to the corrupt magic eating away at the inside of his skull.

The state Sans was in right now- was all because of that 'Classic' arsehole. It was his fault. He was the one who took you away from him, from Paps.
When you told him that you wanted to go, leave them, Sans could had sworn he felt his soul shattering. Those words were a sharp stab straight to his core, twisting and eating at his insides and testing any and all of the self control he had.
And really- it must have been one of the hardest things for him to have done in a long time- stand there, and watch as you walked away from them. Knowing that you were being taken away. Sans was so sure that it would only require a moment longer before he snapped and dusted the fools who thought they could take you away from them.

He guessed he had more self control then he thought.

It had only been a two days since you had left, though he had to will every ounce of determination a determinationless monster like himself possessed to restrain himself from following your scent and tracking you down. To scoop you up and bring you back in his arms, bury you in his bed to recoat you in his scent and to get Papyrus, to help stand guard against any who thought they could take you away again. Sans knew that Papyrus would help him out. His brother was amazing like that- Sans could trust him with anything, and the same worked vice versa.

The idea of dusting the pathetic original version of himself was unbelievably tempting, though Sans knew he had to listen to what you said, to what Papyrus said. If you'd gone with them willingly, it was obviously for a reason. This had to have been the best option, or else you'd have found a better way. You were always good like that- a brilliant puzzle solver, it was no wonder Papyrus had grown fond of you so quickly back underground, even when he was still trying to capture you for food.

Sans was so thankful he relented after Papyrus' insisted pleading that they didn't kill you. It'd been two years- an astoundingly long time for a human to survive underground. Yet somehow- you'd managed. And in that time, managed to befriend his brother.
Sans briefly wondered where he would be today, if he had never decided to let you stay with them. Instead killed you- eaten you.
The thought made him sick.

By now Sans was standing up, gaze still drilling itself into the wall. It was too much. He couldn't sit still knowing you were away from him. Knowing that his human was gone.
Even if he couldn't find and reclaim you, yet, he had to do something to try an ease the bubbling vicious mixture of hunger and rage pulsing against his ribcage.

Sans' abilities in magic had been damped significantly since the incident, though he could still use them. Painfully, he squeezed his eyelids shut and blipped out of existence, revisiting the numbness of the void he had long since grown eerily comfortable with, only to reappear in amidst a forest of trees- somewhere in the bush surrounding Classic's house.

If Sans couldn't inflict any of his warped desires upon the one who took you away, he would just have to direct his anger elsewhere.
Luckily this forest was thriving with wildlife.


Toriel was a little concerned about the human she had been tasked with taking care of. Toriel, while having become weary of most adult humans, liked to believe that she was a peaceful, friendly woman towards all, even those outside of her own race.

While Toriel had met many humans who have tested her patience- whose actions have shook her to the core, perhaps even made her question some of her own principals (however briefly). Though this human- Y/n, was something else.
Toriel knew next to naught about this human, though she could tell there was far more working behind the scenes. Toriel could tell- there was this look in the girls eye, one that Toriel couldn't place but put her on edge to no end.

Toriel knew that several versions of herself or of another person she knew had come from more volatile universes. 'Kill or be killed', as several seemed to be so fond of saying. So, when Classic had first called up Toriel about taking in this new human, Toriel was fully prepared for them to be on the slightly... unhinged side of things.

She hadn't expected it to be such a difficult task of actually convincing the human to come with her.
Now that she had the human here, Toriel was questioning whether it was a good idea having her here at all. Now, while Y/n hadn't done anything drastic or violent in her time being here, Toriel could only feel as if having the human here wouldn't do any good.

Though, perhaps she was wrong- perhaps it really was better for Y/n here. After all, Toriel had been meaning to get down to the bottom of this whole situation after hearing about Y/n's apparent grounding at Classic's place.
It didn't make any sense. Perhaps not allowing someone who had just come from another universe outside for a few days was fine- just until they adjusted. Though near two weeks?
It was certainly a first that Toriel had heard of. Even when the first monsters from an alternate world were dropped in, they didn't have to wait that long to go clothes shopping- of all things!

So yes, Toriel found herself In her favourite single seater lounge that had somehow managed to survive from the underground- eyebrows furrowed and considering the situation thoroughly.
Toriel trusted Classic to do the right thing- he was her pun buddy all the way from the underground. The one who had protected one of her children all the way through the underground.
Even before she knew what he looked like- or even his name they were friends. Toriel didn't want to believe that he was in the wrong.
Especially when she knew so little about the whole situation. She couldn't jump to conclusions just yet.

With that in mind, Toriel slipped her phone out of her pocket and resting it up against the side of her head. Toriel needed to get Classic's side of the story.

She waited patiently for Classic to answer, as she knew his tendency to doze off at sporadic hours of the day- and stars knows how busy he's been trying to fix that machine that keeps bringing people here.

Toriel was pleased to find that on the last ring that he picked up the phone. She smiled warmly knowing that despite however busy her close friend may be, he always made time for her. "Heya Tori- what's up?"

"Ah, hello Sans, I have been very well. How have things been over there? Chaotic I imagine?" Toriel chuckled good naturedly. It had been awhile since any major fights had broken out (to Toriel's knowledge), though she knew there was generally a lot of drama that went on behind those walls. It only made sense, having that many skeletons under one roof.

"Heh- well I have certainly been fighting to keep the peace, nothing that I can't handle though," Toriel snickered at Classic's pun, "How has uh, y'know, the human been? Not causing ya any trouble?"

"Hm, well, she seems certainly unhappy being here. She's certainly on the... stranger side, though speaking of her, I have recently become aware of something."

Toriel could here the confused curiosity in Classics' next words, and she hoped that she could take that as a evidence of his innocence. "Yeah? What's that?"

"Apparently Y/n and her version of yourself and Papyrus weren't allowed out of the house." At Classic's silence, Toriel continued, "Not even to"

Classic was still silent, and Toriel felt something sink inside her. He wasn't saying anything. Toriel realised just how guilty he was acting right now- and she didn't want to admit it, though she think she may have been taking the wrong side.

"I uh, well-," Toriel didn't miss the nervous edge in his tone, as if he was struggling to come up with an excuse. A frown tugged at Toriel's lips, "There's a reason Tori I swear-"

"And what would that happen to be?" She asked firmly, grip tightening on her cell phone as she waited patiently for his answer. However in the wrong her friend may be right now, Toriel was a forgiving monster, Classic had done an unimaginable amount for herself and her children, the least she could do was give him time to plead his case.
Though, as time stretched on, the more Toriel realised that she wasn't going to get an answer. That there was no valid excuse for what he had been doing.

Toriel took this as a big surprise- Classic, The Judge of the underground- always had a valid excuse for whatever he did. He judged in fairness and rightfulness. What had changed? "Sans..." Toriel spoke carefully, squinting down at her lap as she tried to process her thoughts, "I hope you know that I am very disappointed in you."

"...I know Tori... I know, and I'm sorry," Classic spoke quietly. Toriel could imagine him hanging his head in shame, guiltily spewing out his apologises at his lack of reason behind his behaviour.

"Sans, it isn't me you should be apologising too," she scolded, "You best know that I expect you to make this up to her and Axe and Crooks in one way or another."

While Toriel knew Classic was in the wrong- she also knew that people made mistakes, and as such, she would consider this to be one on his behalf. She couldn't hold it against him- considering how few mistakes he ever made. Sometimes Toriel forgot that he was also a person, he had his own problems and flaws, and he still messed up from time to time. It was just so easy to forget, with how well he hid everything behind that eternal smile of his.
Easy to forget he wasn't as carefree as he appeared. Toriel- more than most else should know that, so in a way, she was also in the wrong.

"Yeah, of course. I'll- I'll.. do my best." Toriel knew her friend didn't cope well with promises- so she didn't make him. She instead nodded sombrely, despite knowing he couldn't see her.

"Good," Toriel cleared her throat, as if it would make disperse the heavy mood, "Well then, I always enjoy hearing from you Sans. Please do try to keep out of trouble?"

"Heh, yeah," He chuckled without any real amusement, still quiet from the serious conversation beforehand.

"Until next time then, Sans," Toriel heard a mumble of a goodbye, before she hung up, repocketing her phone.

The house was quiet, as both Frisk and Chara were at school, usually she'd be there too, teaching her class, though she had requested a week off so she could properly look after the human coming to stay with her- help them adjust. Currently you were upstairs- once again locked in your room. The only time you would come down was to eat, and you'd seemingly grown comfortable enough to raid the fridge and cupboards. That or you just didn't care if you were welcome to or not.
Toriel didn't mind. Classic had already informed her about your large appetite- about all yours and your version of the skeleton brother’s unsatisfiable hunger. Toriel had a feeling that was only half the story- and she imagined she would be receiving the full picture pretty soon.

Slumping into her seat, a heavy sigh escaped Toriel's lips, eyes rolling around the room to look for something to do- something to clean, anything.
Eventually, Toriel opted to pick up one of her favourite books, '72 facts about snails', smiling fondly down at it's hard leather casing before picking up from where she left off at page 36.

It was strange, there was a time not too long ago she was sitting in this very same chair, reading this very same book back in the underground. Now here she was, doing the same things- on the surface.
It was funny how life worked like that.

Chapter Text

He was trying. Really, really trying.
To cope without have you there, without having his human beside him.

Papyrus struggled to stretch his usual grin across his skull, though despite the heavy weight sagging on his shoulders, he held his head up high- for his brother, Sans.
It was hard, so very, very hard, though Papyrus knew he had too- however hard it was for him it must have been a hundred times harder for Sans. He'd always had a harder time keeping his instincts under wrap.

So that's why even as Papyrus sat by his brother's side on the back veranda to watch the sunrise, he slapped a grin across his features and swallowed his woes.
It was a chilly morning- not that it affected himself or his brother, though Papyrus couldn't help but notice the small gap between himself and his brother, where you'd usually be sitting, wedged between the two and savouring the small amount of warmth they provided.
Papyrus' soul clenched and he immediately shifted his gaze, back to the pinks and yellows splashed across the sky.

He tried focusing on the beauty of the surface, of the sereneness of the morning. To the chirping of the birds, and the pitter patter of other wildlife as they gradually began to wake up and start their days.
It was very beautiful...
But oh, it just wasn't the same without his precious human there- to witness it all with him..
He missed your warmth, and the softness of your skin. He missed your lazy grins, and witty banter- missed the way you challenged him, how you didn't treat him like a child.

And oh- it just hurt so badly.
It felt as someone had done wrong by him, having taken you away. As if someone had stolen what was his- something very valuable.

Papyrus would wake each morning, fully expecting you to be waiting lazily by the end of his bed, and if you hadn't yet woken, to wake you up himself, to grin as you groaned and buried your head under your pillow, only to remember you were on the surface, and spring out of bed like it had exiled you.
Dragging Sans out of bed by the ends of his feet each morning just wasn't the same without you helping, cackling loudly as Sans growled empty threats at both you and him.

Usually remembering moments like this only caused his smile to stretch at the edges, but now, it hurt.
Papyrus knew that he would get to see you very soon- on the weekend, as he was informed. Though it was only Tuesday morning, and three days had been such a struggle to manage without you there to support him.

It wasn't right- everything about this situation was unfair. He shouldn't be here- nor Sans nor you. They should be in their world- on their surface, on their back veranda, watching the sunrise together.
You were meant to always be together- that was the way things have always been. Whenever one of the three acted out, the other two would be there to comfort them through it.
Other people didn't understand- they were all at a point beyond fixing. At this point, all there was to do was stick together and help each other cope through it. Having each other there was the only way they could manage. Though now that you were gone?

Papyrus could feel himself become uncomfortably antsy..

After you'd finally settled down in their home in Snowdin town- after Sans finally began accepting you, Papyrus began to be unable to see a foreseeable future without you in it. Eventually, so did Sans. Though while his brother never outright said it- he could tell. Sans cared about their human dearly. You'd become one of the most important parts of their lives, having you not there just...

Papyrus' teeth clicked together. It made a rather...violently primal urge tear away at his composure.
Papyrus grinded his teeth together painfully- he didn't want to have to acknowledge that part of himself.

He knew that very soon he would have to return inside. From there he would help make breakfast in the kitchen, and Sans would return to his bed. In recent days some of the other members of the household had been questioning all the extra meat in the fridge- though Papyrus had not made a comment on it.
He was far too afraid he would no longer be able to go out and hunt if anyone were to find out about the traps he and Y/n had set out. It felt a bit like hiding a secret- though he did not dwell on it long enough for it to weigh on his consciousness.
He was no longer like his original counterpart. He had learnt that sometimes you just have to put yourself first.

"Hey Paps," Papyrus' was sucked out of his thoughts at his brother's voice, shifting his gaze from the sun and instead locking eye-lights with Sans. "You alright?"

Papyrus paused, internally scolding himself for letting his concerns show physically. He didn't need his beloved brother stressing over him when he was already so distressed over their missing human. "Why Of Course Brother! Why Would I Not Be? Especially On A Fine Morning Such As This?"

"..." Sans stared deeply into Papyrus' sockets, something he had long since grown use too, as staring had been a habit his brother had picked up long ago. This stare, however, was different. This gaze was calculative, judging. From the way Sans' grin thinned Papyrus knew that he had lost in convincing his brother- Sans had always had a watchful eye.
"We'll get her back."

Papyrus startled at his brothers words. What was he implying by that? Sensing Papyrus' confusing, Sans clarified himself.

"One way or another Pap's- don't matter how long we gotta wait... We'll get her back."

Papyrus wasn't fully sure how to respond, but took comfort in his older brother's words. Though while the brothers were polar opposites, they always found comfort in each other. And nowadays, they found that in you too.
Papyrus chose to believe his brother, despite the odds. Chose to be positive, to have hope, that you would be given back to them.

Grin back now full force, Papyrus confidently stood up from his seat, resting his hands on his hips before giving his brother a tender rub on the skull. "Indeed Brother! Nothing Can Keep Us Away From Our Human!"

Papyrus beamed proudly down at his brother, confident in his words. He was sure that Classic would change his mind and allow his human to return to him. Certain of it. "...Heh. 'Course bro."

Papyrus flashed his brother a warm smile, one that he hoped could convey his affections for his brother before marching towards the back door, ready to begin the day.

"...Hey Bro?" Papyrus paused, hand resting on the glass door and tilting his skull at an angle to meet his brothers gaze. "...I love you."

"...." Papyrus felt his soul soften, his grin easing into something tender and warm, "Why Yes, And I You, Sans."


You didn't want to have to go back to the shopping centre.
While Muffet seemed alright...You just didn't want to have to face the large crowd of people that would be there. Thankfully, it was Tuesday, and as such, it would be significantly less busy, but still.

You were currently sitting at the dining table by yourself, as Toriel prepared lunch in the kitchen. You had insisted that you had something to eat before you left, partially because you didn't want to have to get something to eat at the shopping centre, and prolong your visit.

Frisk and Chara were at school currently, they seemed like alright kids. Friendly, if not a tad mature for their age. They seemed very happy here, despite Toriel not being their natural mother. Acted like one small happy family. It was a strange... but familiar concept to you.
Sans and Papyrus were not blood relatives, though they very much were family to you like any other would be to their own bloodline. Even if the three of you weren't as blissfully naïve and happy as these three were, it was a similar idea.

Toriel, you had noticed, had been making a further attempt at being friendly towards you these past few days. You hadn't exactly reciprocated, though you certainly didn't oppose it. After all, it there was any possibility of having Toriel as a possible ally, you'd first have to befriend her first. Or at least be on tolerable terms.

Humming echoed out from the kitchen into the dining room, as Toriel perkily walked towards you, both hands occupied with a plate full of food. As Toriel placed your plate down on the table, you'd barely managed to fit in enough time to grumble out a 'thanks' before replacing your words with forkfuls of food. Toriel chuckled at your antics, before taking a seat a safe distance away from you herself.
Though while you generally had little preference with food (if it didn't kill you, you'd eat it), you couldn't deny Toriel had a knack for cooking. Probably one of the few positives of having to stay here. Though you'd give it up any day to return to Sans and Papyrus.

"So, Y/n. How was your morning?"

You acknowledged what Toriel said, though didn't pause to answer her until you had shovelled in and swallowed the last mouthful. Toriel- seemingly aware of this, waited for you patiently, barely having touched her own food. "....Not extraordinary," were the words you settled on, not wanting to cause a conflict but not wanting to give Toriel the impression you were actually enjoying your stay here.

The goat woman hummed thoughtfully under her breath, "Well, I'm glad to hear you are doing considerably better than when you first arrived here."

"..." You weren't entirely sure how to respond, and instead opted to stare at your plate. Thankfully, Toriel seemed to pick up on your unwillingness for conversation and began to finish off her own plate of food.
It didn't take her very long to finish off her own meal (that there was considerably less of than what you had).
Toriel didn't dawdle in taking both of your plates and putting them in the dishwasher, before swiping her keys off the kitchen counter and heading out the front.

Sliding off of your seat, you shuffled out of the room and followed behind her. Parked out front of the quaint white suburban house was a cherry red mini-van, the colour reminded you of Papyrus' dream car, A cherry red convertible, if you recalled correctly.
Papyrus, at the time, had only mentioned if very briefly.

It would have been only just as Sans began to warm up to you, and thus allowed you inside the house. You remembered entering Papyrus' room for the first time vividly. It had maroon coloured walls and the same turquoise and purple striped floor as the rest of the house. It was a little worn down- paint chipping and furniture worn, though well loved.

Glancing over to his empty desk, you imagined there was once a time he proudly stood all his action figures on display, rather than tucked away in a sealed box sitting snug underneath the table. It was when you finally noticed Papyrus' bed, that you finally realised just how much you wanted to be friends with the skeleton.
When you asked him about it, he grinned at the bed fondly, before gently explaining that it was the car he hoped to have on the surface. You'd smiled, at first, until his own grin dropped, and he quietly added how it was an 'unrealistic dream anyway'.

It only went to prove just how the underground could warped a person. Kill a person slowly from the inside.

You near forgot to put your seatbelt on until Toriel gave you a friendly reminder as she pulled out of the driveway.
This time, as Toriel drove, you payed more attention to your surroundings, memorising the streets, each turn, each interesting shop, place or park that you might want to visit- creating a mental list of places you would take Sans and Papyrus, whether Classic knew about it or not.

The trip to the shopping centre was silent, and you made no effort to make any form of conversation, instead just listening to the quiet hum of the radio. All of the music that played was unfamiliar to you- the only time you'd been able to hear music back underground were tracks from some old Mettaton movie Papyrus had on DVD.

It was a pleasant change.


Pulling up in the shopping centre's parking lot, however, was not very pleasant. Though, you did idly notice that the cars parked were few and far in between- a perk of it being the middle of a work day. You decided to take this as a good sign, slipping out of Toriel's car and beginning to wander off in the direction you knew you had to go.
Toriel- a little startled that you began to wander off without her, locked the car and picked up her pace to catch up to you.

"Someone is eager, no?" She mused, searching your expression though you refused to face her, instead deadpanning as you entered the shopping centre.

"Yeah- Eager to hurry up and leave," you spoke dryly, glancing left and right in search for other life before stepping onto the escalator. It was much quieter than previously, a few odd people roamed the halls, though the chorus of voices that bounced up and down the centre had dwindled significantly since your previous visit.

Passing many stores, you took not of each place's content- what they sold, the price, for and what you'd need each item for if you were to get them.
It felt a little unfair, here you were, being pampered, going shopping and getting clothes. Sans and Papyrus on the other hand, well, they were probably being treated identically from before you left. If not a tad bit worse. You couldn't help but frown at knowing that they were still living in the hand-me-downs from the other inhabitants of the household.

Sans was too big to fit in any of the other Sans' clothes, thus meaning he had to wear some version of Papyrus' old wear, though Sans wasn't nearly that long nor scrawny- meaning everything hung lower than it should and clung to his bones tighter that what was comfortable. Papyrus had it even worse as he was easily the tallest monster in the household, being a whopping 8 and a half feet, all the clothes lent to him were far too small (even though he insisted it was fine).

Glancing back up you snuck in a sneaky glance at your furry counterpart, before returning your gaze to the floor. You wanted to get some things for Sans and Papyrus to wear- but you didn't know how to ask. Didn't know if you could ask.
In the underground there were little, if any favours. If you wanted something, you took it by force, there was no time for pleasantries or manners, you took what you needed before someone else could take it before you. You had a feeling the same concept didn't apply here, or at least Toriel wouldn't approve, though you were far too afraid to risk asking Toriel and her saying no and losing your opportunity to get something for Paps and Sans altogether.

It was a quick realisation figuring out you had reached your destination, as that same warm sugary scent from last visit hit your nose. You weren't entirely sure what Muffet was using to keep her store smelling like this, but if she kept it up, you may just be tempted to find the source and take a large chunk out of it. You'd always had a sweet tooth.

"Toriel! Pleasure to see you again, and with miss Y/n too~" You acknowledged Muffet with a stiff nod as she eyed you. You were unable to properly determine whatever mischievous glint that Muffet held in her eye whenever she looked your way, though perhaps it was simply her natural expression, and thus, you didn't dwell on it.

"Of course, the same to you Muffet. I received your text regarding Y/n's clothes?"

"Why yes, they are all finished~" Muffet grinned proudly, revealing a pair of pearly white fangs hidden beneath her plump violet lips. It didn't go unnoticed by you about Toriel's mildly impressed expression, her next words only went on to confirm your theory.

"I must say I am impressed a Muffet, this is by far the fasted order you've completed yet," Toriel commented, staring at the spider woman curiously, and unspoken encouragement for further explanation.

Muffet grinned, eyes shifting over to you before she tenderly rested a single palm on your shoulder. You tensed. You could already feel the warmth pulsing underneath her skin seeping through the material of your shirt- burning your skin. It was entirely psychological, though having such a foreign touch rest on you for so long was driving your senses crazy. "Well, I like to make a good impression on new customers. That, and I can tell I will be seeing this one much more often..."

All you could think about was the crunch you'd get if you took a bite of the hand practically begging for your attention. You felt your heart hammer in your chest and your head spin- it would just be a small bite... just a little taste.

Though before you could angle your head to sink your teeth into the fleshy violet, the hand slipped away from its place on your shoulder, to instead follow the body it was attached to as it walked away to fetch your clothes. Probably for the best, really, though you couldn't help but feel mildly disappointed.
You found your hunger generally had a mind of its own, and it didn't matter if what you did was wrong or right, it took over and did as it liked.

Muffet temporarily disappeared into the back room, before moments later coming back out heaving a decently sized collection of plastic bags- assumingly filled with your new wear.
Toriel- having already prepaid for everything, assisted in collecting several of the bags in her arms, allowing you to carry the rest.

While Toriel finished up the rest of the formalities, in your own mild curiosity, decided to peek at the contents of one of the bags that were open enough for you to glance down into. The bag you happened to be able to see inside was filled with underwear and other undergarments, which you were thankful for. You'd being using the same pair for a while now, and even though that was hardly a concern for you compared to all else you've managed to get by on, having other pairs was certainly more convenient. Helped you feel slightly cleaner than the eternal phantom grime that seemed to linger on your skin, no matter how hard you scrubbed or scratched away at it.

There was a variety of different designs of material inside, you noted. Some to your preferences, others that you couldn't imagine yourself needing to wear anytime soon.

….The lace panties especially.

"It seems we are done here than," Toriel commented, smiling politely at the significantly shorter spider woman compared to the goat woman's own intimidating height.

"Dearie me, what a shame, " Muffet glanced over to you, "Remember to stop by my bakery sometime, won't you? It'll be expecting you~!"

Toriel hummed in agreement, "That is a very good idea. I suppose I'll have to take you sometime, no?" You looked up at the goat woman curiously, before glancing back over to Muffet and shrugging. Free food, you guess. Though you would have to arrange for a less busy time to go, similar to now. "I suppose it is settled then. We will be seeing you soon then, I imagine," Muffet bobbed her head in agreement, before waving the two of you off as you excited the store, the chime of the doorbell signalling your departure.

Having exited Muffet's little clothes store, you noted that it was even quieter than previously. It made sense, as it was gradually getting further and further away from lunch break, and everyone would have returned back to their desks and their jobs by now.

Eyeing the material hung up on racks with little regard for any security, you used a spare pinkie finger to hook the material of your hood and tug it up and over your head. Toriel, who was currently admiring some of the items on sale that she passed by was distracted. You used this as an opportunity to lose her, stopping in your tracks as she walked on without you, before spinning on your heel and starting a swift pace in the other direction and throwing yourself around a corner.
You paused, pressing your back against a wall and holding your breath for the tell-tale sound of Toriel's voice, though it seemed you evaded her- for the next ten seconds, at least.

You wasted no time, immediately setting off yet again, tilting your head at an angle to get a rough layout of all the camera's spread out across the shopping centre. You were taking a few minor precautions, though you weren't very concerned. After all, this wasn't your universe. Even if there was some other version of you in this world, they would be getting the blame- not you.
You were willing to let another take the blame for the benefit of Papyrus and Sans. You were just doing what you thought you had too.

Left and right, your eyes looked out for any other living creatures, ears stretching out for anyone approaching. Deciding it was now or never, you casually approached one of the stores, fingers hooking onto the ends of a shirt hung up on display outside the shop and snatching it off the coat-hanger, stashing it in one of the bags filled with your clothes. You repeated this several times with a few odd shirts and odd pair of shorts, movements swift and calculative, making sure to keep your head down and stick to the walls.

It was a lot easier to get away with theft then most realised, if was merely nerves that tended to be the downfall of others. You'd come to learn to swallow those nerves, become numb to any possible consequence. You just did nowadays- saving the thinking for later.

It was a lot harder to find something that would fit Papyrus, though thankfully he had always been mostly comfortable in his own skeleton and didn't mind showing off a bit of spine.
You didn't take in excessive amounts, just enough for Papyrus and Sans to get by with in a more comfortable manner. Anymore and you'd be asking to be caught. That, and you had sworn you'd just heard Toriel call out your name in the distance just now and you were panicking.

Gritting your teeth, you shoved in one last pair of white socks and scattered away from the entrance of a shop and towards the carpark. You'd wait there, until Toriel eventually came back.


You slouched across the side of Toriel's minivan, clinging onto the handles of the plastic bags like a lifeline as you waited. It was silent, one or twice you had someone walk by to get in their car or enter the shop, but otherwise, you were left unbothered. You were a little surprised actually, by how dedicated Toriel seemed to be on finding you.
You were a little worried she had called the cops or some other authority to try to find you- or worse, Classic.

To your relief, and apparently hers as well, a rough estimate of forty minutes later Toriel appeared, paw clenched over her chest as she gasped. "Y/n! Where have you been?"


"This whole time?" You nodded as she gaped at you, chest heaving as she let out a breath, tension escaping her. "Where did you wander of too?"

You shrugged, "Saw some jacket I liked, stopped and you walked away without me noticing," The lies flowed easily. You weren't a fan of dishonesty yourself, though you did so without hesitation. Sometimes not knowing the truth can be better for a person.

Toriel seemed to consider your response but wasn't overly paranoid with your suspicious disappearing act. That, or she was just good at hiding her suspicions. "Ah, I see. That may have also been partially my fault. I was rather distracted looking at some particularly pretty dresses."

"Hm," you hummed in acknowledgment, before nodding towards the car, gesturing for Toriel to open it. She seemed to have gotten the message, the car beeping as it unlocked and you pulled the door open, "You should have gotten the purple one," you commented, resting your hands on the top of the car to help yourself duck inside.

"Pardon?" Toriel sounded surprised, and you halted your actions to glance over at her.

"You should have gotten the purple dress," you repeated, rather bored with this line of conversation as you remembered how you caught her staring at that particular dress rather fondly, “You shouldn’t hesitate about making small decisions like that. You’ll regret them later.”

You slipped back into the car, doing your seatbelt without any reminder from Toriel this time and faced the window, letting her know you weren't up for conversation. You just wanted to get back to the house and hide away in your room again.

Chapter Text

You were excited. It was Friday morning and Frisk and Chara were running around the house, pulling on their shoes and running combs through their hair.
It was slightly chaotic, though you had adjusted to the morning routine in Toriel's house. The reason you were excited, however, was because you were going to see Papyrus' and Sans' tomorrow morning. You can't remember being this eager for anything since you found out the barrier broke.

You'd already eaten breakfast, though still remained in your seat at the dining table, watching as Toriel helped Frisk and Chara pulled the straps of their bags over their shoulders. The bus would be pulling up at the bus stop across the road in a few minutes, and the pair of children were eager to head out the door and go to school.

You weren't entirely sure if that eagerness was a 'them' thing, or if children in this universe were just genuinely excited to go to school. If that were the case, kids here are dorks.

"See ya mum!" The children sang, giddily skipping out the door after receiving their mother's firm kisses to their foreheads. It was very peaceful to watch, it was something you'd expect to see right out of the movies. It was funny to see such a scenario working out in real life.

"See you Y/n," To your shock, you found Frisk gazing up at you through their thick eyelashes, a small, but pleasant smile stretched across their lips.

"Uh...see you too?" Frisk's smile morphed into a toothy grin as they giggled at your awkwardness, jumping forward and wrapping their arms around your chest.
You were frozen.
Frisk's body was warmer than you remembered any touch to be. Their heat seeped through the material of your jumper and a content shiver crawled down your spine. It'd been forever since you'd last embraced another human. While you were regularly this close with Sans and Papyrus, they only radiated little warmth- nothing compared to a humans touch.

Hesitantly- cautiously, you lifted an arm and ruffled the small kid's hair. Pouting, they pulled back, frowning playfully as they attempted to quickly fix their hair and running out the door to catch up with Chara, only stopping briefly to give you a quick wave goodbye.

You quickly felt your skin prickle, fingers twitching as your body desperately started to crave the now missing warmth.

With another shudder, this one unpleasant, you stood from your seat and began a slow ascent back upstairs into your room to hide yourself under your covers.

"Y/n," you halted, throwing a glance over your shoulder to see what Toriel wanted, before shuffling around completely. "How are you feeling?"
You shrugged, slightly put off by Toriel's behaviour. Toriel- seemingly expecting such a reply was unfazed, and continued in the real direction of where this conversation was going. "Well, I was thinking that perhaps we'd do something today," She paused to gauze your reaction, smiling politely in encouragement.

So she wanted you to go out of the house? Again?
You certainly didn't mind going out- it was where you were going too that you were concerned about. You just didn't deal well with crowded areas. You were really hoping she wasn't going to suggest the mall again. Cautiously, you shrugged again, tucking your hands away in the pockets of your hoodie.

"Perhaps Muffet's bakery? I know for a fact that she is in today." You paused, considering the offer. Muffet's clothes shop didn't seem all too popular, you hadn't seen anyone go inside other than yourself, perhaps her bakery was the same way? "Besides, it would be rude to not take her up on her offer."

You stared, a habit that you picked up from Sans. Gazing numbly into the crimson red of Toriel's eyes until she shifted uncomfortably under your intense gaze. "Sure," Toriel seemed to sigh as you shifted your gaze, "when?"

"I was thinking perhaps when you finish getting ready?"

Nodding in confirmation, you turned to leave, this time with no interruption.

You were looking forward to seeing Sans and Papyrus tomorrow- though there was only one thing you needed to figure out.
How exactly were you going to bring the stuff you got for them without Toriel noticing?

You figured you'd just use a bag and hope Toriel wouldn't ask any unnecessary questions. If she did, well, you could just always lie to her. Not much she could do about it.

The bags stuffed full of clothing were still left pressed against the wall of your room, with the occasional shirt or pair of underwear having been strewn across the floor. You hadn't bothered to unpack anything, rather just stuffing all of the stuff for Sans and Papyrus in one bag- ready to go. Toriel and the kids never came in here anyway, so you didn't worry about it.

Gradually, you'd begun to adjust to the sight of your new room. You were certainly not very fond of it for obvious reasons, but at least you could wake up and not forget where you are.
The first morning here had been quite a shock. You'd tossed under the warmth of your blankets, tucked snugged under the sheets and pressed into the mattress and had decided you'd let Papyrus come wake you up that morning.
Not long after had you slowly noticed the room gradually getting brighter. You'd frowned and begun to worry- sleeping in was something Papyrus hardly, if ever did. The latest he'd ever slept in too was roughly seven in the morning- an hour you'd still easily refer to as unholy.

It was that worry that caused you to pry open yours eyes, only to jolt up straight, entangled in your bedsheets to find lemon yellow walls staring back at you. Your heart would have had to skipped a beat, ready to pounce out of bed and hunt for Papyrus and Sans, only to sourly remember where you were, and why.

Perhaps it was a mistake to challenge Classic. Perhaps you'd still be besides your favourite brothers if only you'd decided to shut your mouth and remain compliant.

Gritting your teeth, you scowled at yourself. You weren't about to question your decisions now. Long term consequences be damned.

Agreeing to go with Toriel was the only safe option. This wasn't your universe- you were intruders. You'd had quite literally the whole world against you with no where to run and no where to hide. You'd have to work with this, for now.

Crouching over the series of bags, you lazily pulled out a few items to throw across your limbs and a thick winter coat. Fingers rubbing at the material of the coat, you decided that you would have to give Muffet credit in the regard that she certainly had a talent.
You were far from an expert, but even you could tell that the quality of the clothing was high.

Before you left the room, you merely stared blankly around the area, hand hovering over the door's handle. Despite the happy family living in this house, the constant smiles and laughter, the obvious affection and love the three felt for each other, there was something unsettling about this house when it was quiet.
Almost like if you were to listen closely enough, you'd hear something you weren't supposed to.

With a shrug you stumbled out the door, swinging it shut behind you and heading straight to the front door, where Toriel would be undoubtedly, patiently waiting.
To your correct assumption, you found the goat-lady with her favourite handbag displayed across her shoulder. She turned and smiled down at you, clasping her hands together, "Oh good, you are ready. Well then, we may as well get going."

Once again you found yourself in Toriel's cherry red minivan, though this time you opted to sit in the back seat behind the passenger seat, where Chara usually sat. That hug from earlier was still making your skin pinch and you wrapped your jacket around your body further. Right now you didn't feel like being within arms reach of anybody.

Toriel acknowledged your change in seating with a small frown, but not one out of any anger- rather some other emotion you couldn't place. Ignoring it, you shifted in your seat with your legs pressed up against you to stare out the window.
It didn't matter how many times you looked up or outside- it still felt unreal. Still felt as if at any moment you could have everything stripped away from you as you realised it was all some petty dream. You were on the surface physically, though sometimes you couldn't help but think you'd left your mind back there- underground.


The drive to Muffet's was short, perhaps only ten or fifteen minutes, a very convenient distance. Toriel had driven into some sort of strip of restaurants, cafes and other similar shops of the sort. Mentally you noted the directions towards here, significant land marks and the such- this would be a great place to bring Papyrus and Sans. After all, you three were very fond of food.

It was fairly busy, but once again it was a weekday, one before lunch at that. As such it only made sense for the streets to be calmer than usual. It didn't take Toriel very long to find a parking space and you were more than a little surprised when you figured out exactly which store you were going into. It was hard to miss really, as the entire building was royal purple and out front in large bold letters was literally 'MUFFETS' (this woman really liked the colour purple).

What you were surprised about though, was just how many people were inside. Though not populated with overwhelming numbers, it was still a drastic increase from what you would have expected. Toriel glanced back at you from her rear review mirror and noticed your surprise, chuckling, "Yes, Muffets is very popular. We are lucky to have caught her on one of her slower hours."

Your eyes shifted back to the goat woman curiously, before you pushed open your door and slid outside. The first thing you noticed was the dramatic decrease in temperature. You were already regretting getting out of the car- or even leaving the house. Hopefully the bakery would have some kind of warm air conditioning.

You followed behind Toriel's confident striding, wandering in the (thankfully heated) bakery and taking in your surroundings. There would have had to have been at least ten people inside, a few in the queue and the rest sitting at a table or in a chair, you took a mental count to confirm.

Both you and Toriel joined in the three person queue and stood in silence. Your eyes slid down from the blackboard nailed to the back wall with all the menu's items and instead carried downwards, towards the sweet goods hiding behind a glass display case.
Inside were a variety of cupcakes and donuts, glazed with purple and white icing. On top of the display case sat a quaint little sign with little spiders drawn onto it stating 'made by spiders, for spiders, of spiders!'. If you recalled correctly, it was the same thing Muffet had said to you a few days previous.

You'd have thought that perhaps people would be more wary of Muffet's shop with a sign like that, though that didn't appear to stop anyone here. It only further peaked your interest. And your hunger.

"Y/n dearie~!"

You hadn't realised that you'd moved up in line until you'd been so rudely interrupted from your intimate gazing with a violently attractive donut. Glancing upward, you met Muffet's eyes- well, at least her main pair. "Uh, hey," you greeted awkwardly, eyes shifting back to the display case momentarily before returning to the purple woman in front of you.

"I'm so glad that you decided to come for a visit. I am also glad to be seeing you, Toriel," Muffet smiled politely at the goat lady, and Toriel returned the favour. Though the attention on Toriel didn't last long, as it was suddenly thrust upon yourself yet again. "Anyhow, what can I get for you?"

You paused, unsure. You already knew that you wanted that sweetly seductive donut in your mouth, though glanced up curiously at Toriel first. You felt like a small child having to ask an adult for permission to buy something, though it wasn't your money after all, asking is the least you could do.
Toriel smiled and nodded- consent.

With an eager smirk you redirected your gaze back to the sleek purple donut, "That one please," you pointed out, and Muffet moved to grab your order for you, placing it neatly in a white paper bag, preparing to slide it over to you and begin the payment process.
Oh no- you were not done yet. Toriel never specified what you could or couldn't get or how much- she'd practically given a little kid her credit card and then written the pin on their wrists with that little nod of approval.

Couching, you inspected the many choices critically, keeping yourself steady by placing your hands on the glass. "Also that one," you pointed over to the back, a slice of red velvet cake and cream cheese icing. You barely registered Muffet's giggle at your behaviour, before you began pointing out several more items that you wanted.
You hadn't had cake or most other types of baked goods in years, the only other thing being Toriel's cinnamon-butterscotch pie. Which was sightly strange to you, though perhaps it was because you had grown up eating meat pies.

"Ahuhu~ I'm flattered you wish to try so much of my food- though you haven't even eaten anything of mine before." You paused, glancing up to find both Muffet's and Toriel's amused stares. Hesitantly, you stood up from your spot and shrugged, looking over to Muffet.

"I know good food when I see it."

Muffet paused, before giggling, flashing you a sweet smile. "Well, good to know you are someone with good tastes dearie. A flatterer, is what you are."

Quirking an eyebrow curiously, you weren't entirely sure what she was going on about but continued the conversation anyway as Muffet began packing away all your desired items. You could already taste the sugary sweetness melting on your tongue, your hunger tied itself in knots in anticipation.
"This place is pretty popular, huh?" You commented, trying to distract yourself from the grinding of your teeth and prying your eyes away from the baked goods behind the display cases.

Muffet hummed, lips piercing as if she were in thought, "Well, perhaps among the regular customers," she sighed, stuffing in a cinnamon bun in alongside a few chocolate chip cookies.

"These are all regular customers?" You questioned sceptically. Hadn't Toriel mentioned that this was a slow hour? She must have a awful lot of 'regular customers'.

"You see, dearie, monsters have only been on the surface here for about a year and as such, there are still many of those who are...unaccepting," You didn't need to hear anything else to know exactly where this was going, "Luckily there are plenty of those who are, and make it routine to come in and buy themselves a bite to eat- lovely humans they are."

After a few moments of silence, you hummed in acknowledgment quietly. You hadn't witnessed any kind of monster discrimination as of your time having being spent on the surface, though if racism against monsters was a thing here, you could only imagine how prominent it might have been in your world, where monsters were more... unhinged.

"Ah yes, there are still a few problems, but I must say I think we have made incredible progress in the short time we have been here," Toriel broke the tense silence with her hopeful comment. "What about back in your home, Y/n? How did you first meet Axe and Crooks? Were humans on the surface very accepting there?"

You knew very well that this was just Toriel's attempt at getting you to open up to her. Perhaps she thought that if she knew more about you she'd be able to find some sort of common ground. With a grimace, you stared intensely down at the bagged baked goods. "we were still underground."

The two women around you were silent, no doubt shocked. You were almost amused when you realised that the thought that perhaps you were underground too would have never crossed either of their minds.

"You...were underground too?" Toriel questioned. You stared up at her, ignoring Muffet's gaze on the side of your face.

"We're closer than you may realise," you stated, knowing fully that Toriel would know exactly who you were referring to. "Sooner or later you'll realise it was a mistake taking me away from them."

And just as quickly did Toriel fix the tense atmosphere was it back. Eyes stretched wide and posture tense, you knew that Toriel had been made uneasy by your warning. A frown tugged at the edges of her lips and she sighed heavily.

"Y/n," she started, eyebrows furrowing as she stared at you with hard eyes- searching your expression, but you refused to let her find anything. "Tell me honestly... Do you really hate it here with me... with Frisk and Chara that much?"



Chapter Text

You were a lot better at this game than they had probably anticipated.
Hide and seek was a favourite of yours as a kid, hunting and tracking also happen to be your specialty.

Frisk and Chara had wedged themselves in between furniture and sat snug in the cracks and crevices of the house, though they wouldn't be hard to find. You played along anyway.
Currently, the house was mostly silent as you sat in the living room counting in your head. You strained yourself to hear for any notices, the panting of breath, the pitter patter of feet sprinting down the hallway or ducking corners upstairs.
Where Toriel currently was wasn't much of a concern for you, instead you focused on playing enough rounds of this game to sate the two kids that had somehow managed to rope you into playing. There were a few reasons you had chosen to play, one being quite obviously because it was a favourite- there was always a certain thrill that came with a chase, stalking down your prey. The other reason you agreed was to pass the time. It was Saturday morning and apparently you weren't going to see Sans and Papyrus until 10, which was still another hour away.
You'd even gotten up extra early, eager to see your boys.
It was a stupid rule, and you made sure to moan and complain about it audibly to anyone and everyone around. They made you wait an entire week- you were sick of waiting. You wanted to see them.

With gritted teeth you acknowledged that it had been about a minute, and rose to your feet from the cushioned lounge, glancing at both entries of the opposite sides of the rooms and pondering which way to travel. Making a quick decision you turn left, in the direction the two had run off in and begin down the hallway, putting the tips of your feet on the ground to muffle the sound of your own footsteps.
This would have had to have been your fifth round, and you found that both Frisk and Chara liked to skitter around and change their locations, as such, you'd learned the easiest way of finding them was by taking them by surprise.

You peeked into the library, light dissipating the thickly laid darkness having settled in the room. You instantly knew that neither were inside, if they had been, they would have opened a curtain or a window. Both children you found to be very brave though both preferred to stay away from the dark and would generally turn a light on unless they had no other option.

Pushing the wooden door shut, you were silently thankfully for well greased hinges and crept further down the hallway, slipping into rooms and giving each a quick run down. You'd just about sated with your inspection downstairs, about to begin your ascent up when a quiet clutter drew your attention. It came from the kitchen- quiet, but otherwise noticeable if you were really listening.

With a smirk pulling at the ends of your lips you soundlessly spun on your heel and crept in the direction the noise had originated from. Having entered the kitchen, you noted it was once again silent, though this time, there was no where for them to go.

This time, you didn't bother to cover up the sound of your footsteps, instead forcing them against the wooden floor harder than usually to exaggerate your inevitable victory. Swinging open a few cupboards and draws, you concluded they would have to be under the kitchen sink. Marching straight up towards the place in which they were no doubt anxiously hiding, you paused, before retreating.

With an amused grin you pushed yourself up on top of the bench on their left, sitting soundlessly and waiting for them to gain the confidence to crawl out.

Once upon a time you'd been a rather impatient kid. You didn't wait around for anything or anyone, life was constantly on the go and so were you. In your eyes, you'd be damned if you got left behind, and instead left everyone else behind. The underground had taught you patience.
Thus, you found it easy to sit in the company of your own thoughts atop the kitchen counter, eyes tracing the outline of the room in attempt to distract yourself.

Another clatter- your eyes shot back to the cupboard they were hiding in, legs twitching on instinct to pounce, though you had refrained from doing so before you had completely slipped off the counter. The cupboard door pushed open, a hand in full view than a green sleeve, Chara slipped out and not even a second later did Frisk. The two grinned mischievously at each other, ready to sprint away and find some other elaborate place to hide. You were honestly pleasantly surprised to have found them both together, as much as you liked the principals behind hide and seek, it just wasn't the same as actually stalking and tracing down someone- the adrenaline that burned beneath your skin and willed your feet further, forced your body to the extreme until your legs couldn't support your weight any longer.
It was a rush, a high- and you were addicted.
The round after this one would probably be your last.


"Eep!" Frisk jumped, sending Chara rapidly spinning on their feet to go and see what the cause for the noise was, only to jump back a step in surprise.

A pleased grin threatened to pull at your lips as the children's reactions, but you instead slipped from the bench and tucked your hands away in your hoodie, looking over to Chara. "Your turn, saw you first."

Chara took a moment longer to register your words before pouting, "Aw c'mon. We thought you left!"

You shrugged, glancing over to Frisk who's expression was matching Chara's. It was amazing and almost disturbing how alike the two looked. You'd think that perhaps they were siblings, though you had already been briefly informed- well, briefly overheard that they were in fact, completely unrelated.

With a huff, Chara turned on their heel to head over to the living room where they would count, "fiiiine. You got a minute."

Frisk grinned mischievously grinned and bolted in the opposite direction and down the hall. You, on the other hand, waited for Chara to reach a safe distance away from you before you began your quick ascent up the stairs. You didn't want to accidently run into Frisk and risk having to share a hiding spot.

You managed to keep an even pace once you reached upstairs, knowing if you walked any quicker they'd be able to hear your footsteps from downstairs. You past a few rooms, considering the layout of each and where it would be appropriate for you to hide. It would be a lot harder to keep yourself hidden in a terrain such as this, Frisk and Chara although, were very small and could fit in and in between most places. You had no doubt Toriel must have a hard time keeping up with the two energetic children at times.

"Y/n." A sharp, firm familiar voice called your name, and you knew instantly, you were fucked.
You weren't sure what for or why, but the scolding was evident in the pronunciation in each letter. Limbs stiffer then usual, you turned around, tense, to face Toriel.

Her crimson red eyes bored into you and her nostrils flared- though it wasn't the evident disappointment in her gaze that made you grimace- it was the article of clothing she was holding limply in her fluffy white paw- held up in the air for all to witness.
Well, you had half an idea about what the following conversation was going to be about.
"With me, now."

She spun harshly on her foot, marching to her doorway and waiting with furrowed eyebrows and stern eyes for you to follow. Faltering, you forced your feet forward and slipped into Toriel's room.
It was exactly how you expected it to be- impeccable.
You only briefly acknowledged your surroundings- the turquoise walls, the potted plants, books, before turning to face Toriel as she closed the door.
"Human. Do you care to explain?"

You eyed the grey turtle neck jumper hooked on the ends of her claws wearily, before shifting your eyes back up to meet hers and shrugged. Apparently that was the wrong thing to do, as that only made her more upset. "Y/n, you do realise what you have done do you not? You have stolen!"

You didn't try to justify yourself, rather standing in silence, preparing yourself for the harsh scolding. Not that you'd have time to anyway, as Toriel quickly continued.

"You have wrongfully taken something that is not yours! You do realise that that kind of behaviour is simply unacceptable?" You didn't nod nor shake your head, merely stared. You knew very well what you did was against the law, but in your opinion, it was far from wrong. It was survival of the fittest- kill or be killed. You did what you needed to in order to survive. One may argue that you may not need to live by such laws in modern day society, but you'd disagree.

People have hidden behind the law, social standards and the general accepted morals in order to feel safe- In order to pretend that they aren't struggling to survive just like all every other creature on this planet. In the end humans are just animals, and whether it's through instinct or law, everybody is still just clawing and scrambling over everyone else to get to the top.
When push comes to shove, you all fall victim to instinct.

"Y/n! Do not ignore me when I am trying to speak with you!" You briefly realised you'd gotten lost in your thoughts when Toriel snatched you out of them, "Do you understand the weight of what you have done?"

From the firmness and pointedness in each word you felt as if that wasn't the first time she had asked you that. Honestly, you felt like keeping quiet and just waiting until the conversation was over, but felt as if that would be a bad idea. You had too much to loose. "Not really," you replied honestly, forcing as much nonchalance into your sentence as you could.

Toriel seemed a tad bit surprised, though she should really be expecting this kind of thing from you by now. Toriel squinted at your suspiciously, calculatedly, "Then please, go on and justify whatever explanation you have for your wrongdoings."

You paused, acknowledging the slight jitteriness of your hands, clenching and pinching at the fabric of your jacket. "Need it." You spoke quieter than previously, though purposefully refrained from displaying any emotion. She didn't need to know just how angry you were- at Classic, at yourself, at this entire goddamn universe.

You couldn't help but think you'd made things worse by not shutting your mouth and doing as you were told. If only you'd swallowed your anger beforehand, you'd still be back there, with Sans and Papyrus. Watching the sun rise and fall together, ducking your heads in whatever room you were in to check on each other every few hours and regularly hoarding the contents of the fridge to force feed one another. It was your fault you were here and you'd be damned if you made things worse- not just for yourself, but for your boys too.

"Y/n, did I not already tell you that if you were to ever require something, to merely tell me? There was no need to take any of these items! They aren't even your size, all of them are far too large for you," It was obvious Toriel was having no bullshit and you grit your teeth, directing your gaze over to the closed door behind the goat woman.
You briefly wondered if Chara had found Frisk yet.
They wouldn't be finding you anytime soon.

"...I needed them," you repeated, refraining from making eye contact, "For Sans and Papyrus."


Toriel's teeth clacked shut, and she stared down at you- her burning gaze increasingly dampening, as if they were loosing their intensity. The body of silence resting on your shoulders was one of surprise, you found the confidence to look up at the towering woman and found an expression of realisation twisted on her features.

"I am a fool." She muttered blankly, eyes turned in your direction but held no real focus. "I am unsure how I hadn't pieced that together myself."

You felt as if she wasn't done, and remained silent, a little anxious about this sudden shift in demeanour. It was throwing you off and you begun to feel unsettled.

"Y/n, please answer me honestly- I wish only to assist you. Why is it that you and your versions of Sans and Papyrus were not permitted to leave the house?"

Your gaze burnt into Toriel's, but her eyes never faltered. She was determined to get answers. "Because of what they look like. What we've been through."

"And what precisely is it that the three of you have been through?"

This was it- the question. You'd already had to explain it once and you felt sick at the thought of doing so again. You had the confidence to explain, but it appeared you body was working against you. You felt heavy- unable to pry open your lips, words caught in your throat and dying. Last time you had the comfort of being with Sans and Papyrus- now you were alone.
Over the years you'd grown to be comfortable feeling like a predator- right now, you couldn't help but feel like the prey.

"We were starving."

It was three simple words that took the breath out of Toriel's throat, choking on her words. With widened eyes the air turned thick as the wheels spun in her head. Then it clicked- and she swallowed heavily. It appeared she was unable to formulate the right words to say, jaw swinging open before clicking shut repeatedly as she racked her brain for the correct response.
There wasn't one.

"I..." She paused, reconsidering her sentence after the past few minutes of harsh silence, "I apologise, Y/n. For not having pieced things together sooner... And for not talking to Sans more thoroughly sooner."

Staring, you were a little enamoured with the colour of the goat woman's eyes. It was a deep red, deeper than even Chara's. The colour was thick like the hot liquid running under flesh, you felt as if you were to get a taste the two would be identical.
Shrugging, you focused your gaze at one of your shoes, teeth repeatedly clenching progressively harder until they began to ache.
"Can we just go now?"

Toriel was silent, and you were holding on desperately to the hope that she'd say yes. You needed to see your boys. Needed to feel the smoothness of bone and smell the slight sweetness of magic. You needed it bad- needed it now. Being away from them for so long was killing you- felt as if every last ounce of self control turned on you and begun to rip away with it's teeth at your soul. You couldn't take it anymore. You needed them now.

"Why do you wish to stay there?" The question caught your attention, momentarily distracting you from the thoughts quickly spiralling downwards and into the mouth of the hunger at the back of your mind. "If you are treated so poorly, then why go there?"

Glaring, you forced what you hoped conveyed all of the anger and desperation swelling painfully in your chest at her. She knew exactly why you wanted to go there- why you hated it here. This wasn't home. Home was wherever they were.
Sans and Papyrus are your home.

"Very well," you took that as confirmation you were going and your heart soared. Your feet were already picking up the pace towards the door when Toriel's following sentence stopped you dead in your tracks. "I do not see it fit for you to be staying somewhere you are clearly so unhappy to be."

Your jaw hung loosely, eyes stretched wide. You were still facing the doorway, afraid to turn around and find that it was all some sort of cruel trick. All in your head. "I-..I w-"

"-Pack your things, I will let Sans know you are no longer staying with us. We'll need to make a quick stop back at the mall so I can pay for everything you have stolen on the way."

Turning around, your wide eyes locked with Toriel's. You inspected her face, searching for any hint of a lie or trickery and swallowed thickly.
She was serious.


You were already throwing off your belt and jumping out the car seat long before the car stopped, bolting out of the car as if it had burnt you. Papyrus was already waiting on the front veranda, grin stretched further than you could remember it having been. Knowing him, he'd probably been waiting out front all day.
You'd never been more glad to see those teeth of his- they may be disformed and disfigured, but you loved them. Because they belonged to him.

You threw each other at the other, bodies colliding as your chest was forced against Papyrus' ribs. You felt his arms curl around you and lift you from the ground, pulling you tightly and exchanging warmth.
You were so close- you could feel the outline of each ribs, smell the scent of bone and feel the ever so subtle warmth his bones radiated. He pressed your body against his as if he was trying to merge the two of you and you could feel the excitement and joy radiating off of him from every touch of bone that brushed against your skin.

No sooner did you feel another pair of arms slither around your waist, not quite having made it too your torso from their reach from down on the ground. A boney face nuzzled it's nose into the depth of your back, sharpened phalanges squeezing almost painfully into your hips.

They were here- they were so close. Oh god you didn't realise the full extent of how much you missed them until you were in each other's embrace.

You couldn't find it in you to care about who was watching. Obviously neither did Sans nor Papyrus.
Your soul had relaxed, felt calmer than you'd ever felt before. Content, even. This was where you were supposed to be- where you belonged. Even your soul knew that. You were so glad to be back- no body would ever separate you again. You'd made up your mind. You'd never let something like this happen again. You'd kill the person who tried.

"Y/n! Oh How I Missed You So Much!" Your arms tightened around Papyrus as you grinned into the crook of his neck as he refused to let you down. Sans' skull had moved from your back but his hands rested on your calves, desperate to maintain some form of contact. "I Am So Glad To Have You Here Again! I Do Not Think I Can Bare Having You Away Again!"

Your heart skipped a beat in anticipation- you couldn't wait for their reactions at the news.

"You won't have to," you couldn't restrain the giddiness in your tone, cheeks hurting from the intensity of your smiling.

"What Do You Mea-"

"-I'm not going back. I'm staying."

Chapter Text


The round faced skeleton spun on his heel to face the towering goat-lady. He grinned casually, but the sweat forming at the base of his skull was enough of a tell for Toriel to know exactly how he was feeling. Classic didn't need to look at Toriel's expression to hear the anger firm in her voice.
"Heya Tori, good to see ya..."

Classic's eye-lights shifted to avoid Toriel's gaze, desperately searching for anything else to look at except her as he rocked awkwardly on his feet. Toriel's frown further tugged on the edges of her lips until they ached- she'd never been this disappointed in Classic before. Frankly, she didn't think she'd ever have to be. This whole revelation came as a big shock to her.
It was hard to believe someone she regarded so highly had knowingly left her out on so many important details, had abused their power and neglected the needs of three who were most vulnerable.

Toriel generally stayed away from the room you had been provided within her house, you were having a hard enough time as it was and the last thing she wanted to do was invade your privacy and cause further tension between herself and you. It was only after about a week of you having stayed at her place did she feel as if she was on good enough terms to be able to check up on you.
You were rather quiet and locked yourself up in your room all day, she couldn't help but wonder what you got up to. There wasn't a television nor any books, and as far as she was aware you didn't have any phone of your own. It was hard to believe that you just sat there all day, left to your thoughts.

As such, she found herself knocking on your door. All she planned to do was peek her head in and see how you were doing before returning to her own business. It was a small, but not insignificant step towards what Toriel hoped was establishing a better relationship with you.
By no means was she trying to befriend you- but she had always been a pacific inclined monster, and would rather try and fix a problem rather than worsen it.

Upon her second knock with no response from you did she decide to duck her head inside, only to find the room empty. With furrowed eyebrows Toriel suddenly remembered her children pulling at the ends of her dress while yapping something about hide and seek previously. She realised that they must have gotten to you too, and won.
It was just as she was about to leave did she notice the lines of bags pressed up against the wall. Toriel rolled her eyes to herself in amusement at your laziness- it kind of reminded her of Classic.
Deciding that there couldn't be any harm, she went to put away all your clothes for you. Even if you didn't appreciate the favour, it would be better than merely leaving the room a mess.
It was those events that lead Toriel to have found the stolen clothing, and so on.

It was strange how a series of seemingly unrelated coincidences could lead to such dramatic changes.

"You, Sans, are in for a very bad time."

Classic winced, skull sinking into the hood of his jacket. He didn't attempt to come up with excuses or play ignorant- he knew exactly what he had done, and knew exactly that he deserved whatever came next. He was the Judge, but today he was the one on trial.

"You have been dishonest with me Sans- kept secrets from me. Not only have you abused your power as leader of this household but abused my trust as your friend!"

Classic visibly dwindled, cowering into the depths of his clothing and his pinpricks shrunk to a quarter of the size they usually where. His gazed was locked with Toriel's, never wavering as if he was afraid to look away. Toriel had always had that kind of influence over him, if it were anyone other than herself or Papyrus scolding Classic like she was he'd probably not give them the time of day- but this was different, he was in deep shit. The people he trusted most were disappointed in him.
"Toriel- I know, I know I messed up. I know it isn't right-"

"-If you know all of this, then tell me Sans, why aren't you doing anything about it? Why did you do it in the first place?"

Classic froze, swallowing his words. He found the courage to shift his gaze and clenched his hands inside of the comfort of his pockets. He stared hard at the carpet beneath him, as if would somehow provide him with the answers he needed. Unfortunately there was no such luck. He was by himself- alone with his sins crawling up his back. "I don't- I don't know Tori...I don't know," he trailed off, teeth visibly clenching as he stared desperately at anywhere except the furious gaze hammering into his skull,

"They were starving Sans," Toriel stated, voice calm but not enough so to hide the underlying anger seething underneath. "They'd been hurt, and injured, and left to starve!" Toriel knew that Classic was well aware of the conditions that Y/n, Crooks and Axe had lived through, she could see it burnt into his expression, weighing on his shoulders and hiding in his sockets. "They'd been trapped underground for stars knows how long, and when they finally reached the surface- finally achieve the one thing they'd been desperately hoping for their entire lives? When they finally escaped the prison of in which we are all so familiar with yet so much worse- you go and take that freedom away?"

The air felt heavy pinching and prodding at exposed limbs with it's electric touch, the presence of magic crackling in the air as it sparked underneath Toriel's skin, throbbing at the base of her fingers, ready to be used at her own whim. Classic was silent- near as quiet as the absence of sound that had settled in the room.
Classic had hid himself in his jacket as if he didn't exist, having already taken several steps backwards in attempts to escape Toriel's wrath.
Toriel was a peaceful monster- but today there was no mercy.

"I am disgusted in your behaviour."

That was it- the final blow.
Classic's pinpricks faded as the darkness consumed the little lights that illuminated his sockets. He was still- eerily so, one may have even mistaken him as a mere prop.
The sweat the beaded across his skull and clung to his bones had vanished, there was no expression pulled across his teeth- just a mere absence of life. As if nobody was home.

Toriel near felt bad. She knew what she had said had hurt Classic deeply, knew that it had struck him straight in the soul.
Classic was a man of many mysteries, though it was no secret to her about one of the things he feared most.
And one of them happened to be being rejected by, disgusted in by the people he was closest too. They were heavy words that he'd reluctantly told her after years of knock knock jokes shared through the thickness of a heavy wooden door. Words that he'd trusted her with, among many others.
Toriel knew that her words would stick with the skeleton for a long time- echo in the bad of his skull for ages to come, a reminder of all his wrongdoings, of his deepest regrets.

Perhaps it was wrong of her to use such personal words against him, words that he'd hoped he'd never have to hear from either her or Papyrus' mouths.
Toriel gripped at the guilt clinging to her soul and buried it away into the deepest darkest corners of her being.
Classic had made a terrible decision, and it was her obligation as his friend to put him back in his place before he ever made another one.

"You have one- one-," Classic jumped at her sudden spike in tone, eye-lights and sweat alike having since returned, "-chance, Sans. I do hope you can compensate for what you have done."

Unsure on what to do with himself, he nodded hesitantly. Sweat had increased tenfold. He was afraid of whatever Toriel may come up with next- despite however right she may be in her words.

"To assist you with this, I'll let you know exactly what is going to happen," Toriel paused, looking over at Classic from down her nose, "Firstly, Y/n will be staying here with you from now on."

Classic froze, jaw locked in place. He was tense and it was obvious he wished to detest against her words. Toriel's gaze was hard and unforgiving and Classic shrunk once again, fully understanding the words her eyes spoke. His eye-lights shifted to avoid hers, and he slouched with his hands tucked away in his pockets to solemnly listen to whatever demands Toriel possessed.

"Secondly, they are to be let out of the house. I don't care how or when- put them under supervision whenever they decide to leave if you wish- it isn't my business, but keeping them trapped here is wrong Sans. It's downright disgraceful- shameful."

Classic was unresponsive to Toriel words, though she knew he was taking it all to heart. A lecture such as the one Toriel was laying on thickly now, was one that would stick. She was certain of it.
He was disappointed in his actions, that she knew. Though she'd be a fool if she thought that disappointment would stop a person. She'd witnessed many capable of ignoring even the most torturous of torment and regret and warped themselves in the process. She'd be damned if she let Classic join them.

"Lastly, I expect any treatment of them to be fair and alike anyone else here in the household. I understand not everyone gets along, and even those that do can argue- though I expect they are treated the same as anyone else and without discrimination. They are people too."

Toriel took a moment to inspect Classic before continuing. She wasn't as angry as she was before, her rant having allowed her to blow off some steam. Though she certainly had certain inconveniences because of this whole situation, she wasn't the real victim here. You, and your versions of Sans and Papyrus were. If anything, it was you three who should be angry. Though unfortunately, considering the circumstance, the three of you were powerless. Any and all who had been unwillingly forced into this universe were.
It was never fair, and thus, it forced responsibility upon shoulders in which never sought for it in the first place. Classic had taken the responsibility of taking in the versions of himself and his brother, he needed to own up to that responsibility with you too. "Understood?"

Stiff, with his gaze still planted to the floor beside him, he nodded.

"I'm afraid I must ask that you say it aloud Sans. I must be certain you understand what I have said."

Tensing, he cautiously straightened to turn and stare Toriel in the eye- posture nervous but expression certain. "I swear to Asgore, I understand completely Tori."



They hadn't let you go since you had arrived.

The moment you'd collided with Papyrus, you'd succumb to your fate being joint at the hip with the two.
Not that you minded- you weren't quite ready to let go just yet.

You'd found yourself in Sans room, pulled against Papyrus' chest and Sans' napping on top of your legs.
It was late and the two had decided the three of you were crashing together that night. It was dark, though the moon removed itself from it's hiding place behind the clouds and illuminated the night, enhancing the faint glow that radiated of Papyrus and Sans, a glow otherwise unnoticeable.
That glow is what allowed you to study Sans' expression as he forced his face against the shin of your leg, fingers twitching as it resting against your knee.

It would have been a little cold seeing you weren't covered in any blankets, but the presence of the two you cared most for in the world was enough of a distraction to forget.

You would have thought you'd have fallen asleep easily now that you were in the place you were most comfortable- though it has proven to be quite the opposite. Though this wasn't the type of inability to sleep that left you tossing and turning desperate to slip away into the depths of unconsciousness- it was the inability to sleep where you were too happy, too content to do so, the restlessness that left you grinning goofily all night until you eventually passed out of exhaustion.

Your soul- something you had learned that humans were rather out of touch with, thrummed happily. Your limbs were heavy, relaxed.
You'd been under so much strain and stress trying to cope without the two you relied on to get by that your body practically gave out on you as soon as you'd had the two there to support you. You were sure it would have gotten worse if you'd stayed at Toriel's.

You weren't particularly fond of the goat woman, but you couldn't help but feel an ounce of gratitude towards her- towards her consideration.
She'd even taken your belongings and put them in your room, an unnecessary, but shockingly kind effort.
After everything she'd done, even if the two of you clashed, you decided you'd maintain some form of respect towards the goat-woman.

"Sleep peaches." Your eyes shifted downwards to meet the familiar red orb belonging to Sans. You quirked an eyebrow as he grinned at you through the darkness stretching out an arm and yanked you forward and out of Papyrus' arms, right into his chest.

Momentarily surprised, you grinned and wedged a hand in between your face and his ribs attempting to pull yourself away, only to have Sans' hand resting at the back of your head keep you in place. With your cheek moulded against the outline of Sans' ribs you relented, smiling into his chest as his other hand crept around the dip of your back and pulled the rest of you flush against him.

Papyrus shifted slightly in his sleep from the lack of your warmth and you attempted to twist an arm and pull some of the blanket over him. Despite knowing that the cold didn't really affect skeleton monsters, these two seemed to particularly like the warmth.

You didn't have all too much wriggle room from how firmly Sans was keeping you pressed against him, so instead of fighting it you sunk into his embrace, inhaling the slightly sweet scent of magic and his signature jacket.
You knew it was wishful thinking, but a part of you buried deep within you wished a moment like this could last forever.

You didn't want morning to come.

Chapter Text

“Human! - Err, Y/n!” Creampuff interrupted your path, standing firm and proud as he grinned down at you. “Would You Like To Assist Us In The Kitchen This Morning?”

You hesitated, a little put off by the sudden request. You weren't sure how to feel about the others letting you get taken away on classic's whim and you had hardly left Sans or Papyrus side since you returned. You’d just wandered inside after Papyrus and now stood inches from the glass door leading towards the back veranda. It was your first morning back since your stay at Toriel’s and you were a little surprised to find people treating the situation as if you’d never left. Not wanting to jinx yourself, you chose to ignore it.

“Sure,” you shrugged, amused by Creampuff’s pleased expression. It was as you began to make a b-line for the kitchen that you felt a firm tug at your wrist and realised Creampuff had grabbed you by the base of your hand and whisked you off towards the kitchen.

Before you could recover from the sudden half sprint you had been managing as you were dragged behind Creampuff you were steadied by his two strong hands in front of the counter you usually worked alongside Creampuff with.

“Ah, Y/n! I’m glad you have decided to resume your duties in the kitchen with us!” Papyrus ruffled your hair tenderly, having come your way to welcome you as Creampuff made towards the fridge.

“Uh, I think it might just be a onetime thing Paps-”

“I always enjoy spending time with you!” Oof. You mentally shot Papyrus a glare for using the guilt trip card but merely sighed, knowing he had won. You couldn’t ever actually be upset at him.

“Yeah, me too Paps,” you raised an eyebrow at his victorious grin, your eyes following his retreating figure as he left to return to Blueberry’s side. It was only then you noticed the stares you were getting. Your eyes locked briefly with Blueberry’s as he smiled warmly at you before turning around to slice already minced meat.

You felt Creampuff join your side and begin placing everything needed down on the bench in front of him as you spared a glance over at the remaining three skeletons in the room. Black seemed insistent to not make eye contact with you, facing the bench and violently hammering garlic with the sides of his fists. Though while Black didn’t bother to acknowledge your presence, Razz threw you a curious expression while Edge inspected you with narrowed sockets from the corner of his gaze as he carefully rolled sheets of pasta.

You were a little curious about the happenings of the household whilst you were missing, though decided it was a topic you’d consult Sans and Papyrus on at a later time. With that thought in mind you spun on your heel to lazily rest again the counter and begin slicing carrots that Creampuff had handily laid out for you.

Mainly lost to your thoughts, you weren’t particularly conversational that morning, instead letting your body work on autopilot and unconsciously bobbing your head whenever Creampuff inquired to you about something. You felt strangely numb despite being back with Sans and Papyrus would be like- not that you weren’t ecstatic, it just felt as if you weren’t getting anywhere. Sure, Sans and Papyrus now how clothes that actually fit them (for which they both were very grateful for, and now walked around much more comfortably then previously), but you still hadn’t heard anything from classic about letting the three of you out of the house. You knew that he knew that he couldn’t keep the three of you cooped up in here forever- it was just a matter of time; you simply weren’t willing to wait.

A waving in front of your face caused you to blink and refocus, gaze moving upwards to meet Creampuff’s concerned expression. “It Is Time To Serve Everything- You Were Awfully Focused Just There, Are You Alright?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m alright. Just thinking,” you shrugged, piling on a modest size portion of spaghetti onto one of the plates. Creampuff’s gaze lingered on you a moment longer before returning to the pot of spaghetti you were shovelling servings out of.

It was only as you were serving your own plate and had a small taste-test of the meal did you realise that Creampuff had used the deer meat for the meatballs, suddenly wondering if the household had found out about you and Papyrus’ little day trip hunting sessions.

“What meat is this?” You feigned innocent curiosity, watching Creampuffs expression as he continued to serve without even a glance your way.

“Hmm? Oh! Some Sort Of ‘Special Meat’, According To Crooks- I’m Not Sure What It Is,” he answered without falter and you resumed believing that only you, Paps and Sans knew about the traps you’d set outback. “It Does Taste Very Good! Though I’m Not Entirely Sure Where It Came From.”

“Don’t think too much into it,” you advised, holding both yours and Papyrus’ plates in your hands to set down on the table before returning to the kitchen to serve everyone else. Most of the household had begun taking their seats as everyone in the kitchen brought plates out- right on time, as always. It seemed several of these skeletons were very proficient with their timing, as it seemed breakfast was always served at seven thirty on the dot.

It was convenient really, it meant you’d never risk missing a meal, with how regulatory certain skeletons were with their schedules. Very similar to your Papyrus.

Sitting down in a seat over by yourself you didn’t concern yourself with who chose to take the seats beside you, though you would prefer if they happen to be Papyrus and Sans. Unsurprisingly, not even a moment later did Sans blip into existence, sliding into the seat beside you, eyeing you with that large crimson orb before shifting his gaze over to the breakfast spaghetti. It was just as Papyrus had finished serving everyone did, he eye the free seat beside you, fully intent on taking that seat when Razz slid into it before he could.

Razz’s attention was directed towards you as he set his plate down and smirked to himself while Papyrus’ pouted and slowly marched around the table to sit across you. You were a little annoyed that Razz had purposefully taken Papyrus’ seat, but chose to say nothing, knowing that Sans’ heated glare shot towards him was enough warning for future reference.

“So, Human, It Seems You Have Managed To Find A Way To Wriggle Your Way Back Into The Household,” he commented, to which you eyed him wearily before turning back towards your food. “No Response? I Hadn’t Realised Sending You Over To This World’s Toriel’s House Would Have Broken Your Spirit So Quickly.”

Harshly swallowing a forkful of spaghetti, you shot a glance over at the skeleton in purple attire, “Maybe I just find my food more interesting than anything you have to say.”

Razz raised a bone brow at you in mild amusement, “Ah Well, Simple Minds Are Entertained By Simple Things-”

“Uh yeah, hold that thought,” you shovelled yet another forkful passed your mouth, slurping up a stray noodle that hadn’t made it past your lips in time, “Don’t bother talking to me until I’m finished eating, yeah?” You didn’t miss Razz’s slightly annoyed furrowed bone-brows at being interrupted. You weren’t trying to start anything, which you were sure he knew as much as he stayed quiet, eyeing you from the corner of his sockets as he ate.

You actually didn’t mind Razz, though you had only spoken to him once he seemed like entertaining company. Perhaps not the most trustworthy person, though certainly one you could rely on being thick skinned (heh) enough to not take offense to anything you might say.

Of all the skeletons you didn’t make Razz wait long, though whether he was waiting or not you’d have finished in about the same amount of time anyway. Making sure to scrape away the remaining sauce on the plate and scratching your lips with the edges of your teeth as to ensure you don’t miss anything, you dropped your fork down and twisted in your seat to finally give Razz your attention.

“So, whaddya want?”

Razz shot you a look from the corner of his sockets, before turning to face you, posture still upright and professional despite only being at the table for breakfast. “What, Can’t I Merely Converse To You Without Being Suspected Of Some Ulterior Motive?”


Razz scoffed, bringing his cup of coffee up to his teeth to peer over the top of the mug in amusement, “Well Then, I’m Afraid You’ve Assumed Wrong. I Require Nothing Of You- Except Perhaps Entertainment.”

“Oh, I see how it is now- I’m nothing but your entertainment, something to mess around with when you’re bored,” you mused, no real regard towards the accuracy of that statement. Razz chuckled in his mug, throwing back the remainder of the black liquid before settling it on the table beside his now empty plate.

“It Appears You Have Caught Me Human, What Ever Shall I Do When I’m Bored Now?”


Razz snorted at your bluntness, “Such An Unforgiving Human, Do You Know No Mercy?”

“Never heard of it.”

Razz’s grin seemed to stretch wider at your comments, almost as if he was pleased. “Well It Seems We Have Some Similar Principals Human.”

“Mhm, I imagine those principals of ours will bite you in your boney arse one of these days Razz,” you smirked, resting your chin in the palm of your hand, slouching over in your seat to lean on the table.

“Bite Me In The Arse? Human, I Am Afraid I Must Ask You To Refrain From Discussing Such Lewd Topics During Our Conversation.”

The start of your rebuttal fell short as your words died in your throat. Did he- did he just make a dirty joke?

“Ppft-” Razz’s pleased smirk widened at the edges at your laughter, his eye-lights watching as you shifted your forehead to rest in the palm of your hand as you shook.

“I Hadn’t Realised Your Humour Was Of Such A Low Standard Human,” he commented half-heartedly, to which you then regained your composure to reply.

“If I have a low standard of humour for laughing, just how low is your standards for making the joke?”

Razz’s sockets opened wider briefly as he realised you had just outwitted him before he scoffed. “Well, Perhaps I Was Exaggerating Human,” He paused to inspect your gaze with his own violet eye-lights before shutting them again to continue speaking, “Though, However Unfortunate, I Do Have Things To Attend To.” Razz slid out of his seat, bringing along his plate and mug in the process before tucking his chair back in. “Oh, And By The Way, I Do Believe You Will Be Encountering Edge Very Soon.”

You unconsciously sat up straighter in your seat at the mention of Edge, you felt Sans tense beside you, though while he never glanced up from his intense gazing at his plate you knew he was paying attention towards your conversation. “How soon-”

“HUMAN!” You jolted, before jumping out of your seat to consult Edge, not at enough ease to remain seated. Speak of the devil- you were half certain that this was a conspiracy between Razz and Edge, the timing of this encounter far too convenient to be coincidental.

You levelled a glare with the towering skeleton, the hair on the back of your neck prickling as Sans took a threatening stance behind you, not doubt warning off the aggressive natured monster.

“It Has Come To My Attention That The Current State Of The Obstacle Course Was Because Of You, Human.”

Your defensive stance momentarily faltered at the mention of the obstacle course, eyebrows furrowing as you were unsure of the relevance of the obstacle course in the current conversation, curious to see as to what Edge was getting at. “What about it?”

“I Have Come To Test Just How Truly Worthy Of An Opponent You Are. Human- I Challenge You To Complete The Course That You Have Designed!”

Edge wanted you to complete the obstacle course that you had worked on with Blueberry a while back? Your stance dropped, though you still remained tense as you concluded that there would be no confrontation as of the moment. “Sure...?”

Edge seemed pleased that you had accepted his ‘challenge’, placing his hands on the sides of his hips in victory. “Y/n,” Papyrus, who was suddenly beside you watched Edge wearily, “I Will Come With You. Just To…Supervise.”

Nodding, you were aware of Papyrus’ intentions. You couldn’t blame him from being weary of the version of himself clad in red after the result of your previous encounter. You knew Papyrus wouldn’t get involve or try anything like Sans might, he’d merely ensure that nothing happened between the two of you while you were outside. As such, you spared Sans a look that told him everything would be alright, and he shuffled out the room, clenching his axe as he assumingly went back to isolate himself in his room.

“I Do Not Have All Day Human, Hurry The Hell Up!” Your head shot towards Edge, who was impatiently tapping his boot in front of the door. Huffing, you picked up your pace to follow along behind Edge’s lead, Papyrus moving in rhythm alongside you.

You were led towards the obstacle course halting at the very beginning where Edge turned on his heeled boot to scowl down at you. “Human. I Completed This…Mediocre Course In Three Minutes, If You Wish To Prove Yourself To Be Anything But Another Mundane Human I Suggest You Take This Time In Account. However, It Is Extremely Difficult Trying To Keep Up With The Standard Of Someone Such As I, And As Such, Take Solace In Knowing You Will Receive No Pity From Me When You Fail To Live Up To This Expectation.”

You idly noted that this guy talked a lot before realising that he wanted you to complete a twenty-five-stage obstacle course in roughly three minutes. You’d admit that you were in considerably better physical state in terms of endurance, speed and strength than the average person, purely because of the intense conditions required for survival underground, though you’d have a rough estimate and say you’d only barely mange to complete this course in eight minutes, minimum.

With a half-hearted sigh, you threw a glance Papyrus’ way, in which he merely sent you a reassuring grin. Rolling your shoulders and cracking your neck you gave the obstacle course a quick once over, more familiar with it then everyone else here having aided in building a good portion of it. “Welp. Better get counting then, Edge,” you muttered before you shot off sprinting.

You were immediately hopping in-between tires and dodging and weaving spikes help upright into the ground. You could feel both Papyrus’ and Edge’s gaze on your back, Papyrus’ more encouraging, curious whilst Edge’s gaze burnt, as if he disapproved of every step and was judging each subtle movement. You weren’t entirely sure what was up with the edgy skeleton, but obviously he was fed something sour as a baby.

Sliding down dirt and climbing up ropes rubbed at the tender flesh of your hands, leaving small scrapes and red marks, though nothing worth acknowledging. As you raced through the course, jumping higher than you could remember being able and with new found strength foreign to you, you begun to realise just how much your physical abilities had improved not only since having fallen underground, but since having gotten to the surface. You’d underestimated how quickly you’d get through the course; you’d realised as you’d made it to the sky nets only a rough couple of minutes in. You’d underestimated just how capable you were, because for years you’d been in a physically weaker state- the effects of starvation impacting you greatly. Though now you were on the surface, a place where you didn’t have to worry about food, where you were constantly well fed and in full health. The advancements in strength and stamina that you’d developed underground revealing themselves full force in the current moments of completing the obstacle course.

In the end you’d only managed to complete the course in roughly five and a half minutes, to which Papyrus had applauded you greatly, though seemed to have not impressed Edge in the slightest. Breathing heavily, you took a moment resting against Papyrus’ arm to regain your breath, watching Edge as he seemed to consider you efforts.

“I Am A Fair Monster, Human. As Such, I’ll Admit Your Efforts Weren’t As Pathetic As I Had Expected.” If it weren’t for the fact you were occupied sucking in air, you’d probably have sent a mean comment back his way. “Definitely Not The Most Impressive Time, However, I’ll Grant You The Consideration Of Not Comparing You To The Lowliness Of The Rest Of Your Kind.”

You weren’t entirely sure whether to take that as a compliment or not, though opted to say nothing. Deciding that you were done here, you slipped your hand in Papyrus’ to tug him away and back to the house. You felt Edge watch as you leave, thankful that he didn’t try and stop you. You just wanted to spend the rest of the day with Sans and Papyrus.

Chapter Text

It was an hour after lunch, you’d just returned back to the house after having cleared out the traps set out back with Papyrus. Having changed into fresher, cleaner clothes you were left soaking the blood-stained previous ones in your bathroom sink. The sticky brown stained the white porcelain edges of the sink, the stench of blood clinging to your hands and seeping into the cracks between the bathroom tiles. Nothing considerable in size had fallen prey to any of the traps hidden deep within the forest, mainly just rodents and other smaller creatures of similar stature. Papyrus, as optimistic as he always tried to be merely stretched a grin across his face and stated he’d be making Rabbit stew for dinner tonight. You were eager, Rabbit was delicious (everything was delicious if you didn’t think about it), you just had a hard time not being disappointed from only returning with smaller catches, a feeling that stemmed from having experienced the same thing countless times underground.

You just needed to remember that you didn’t need to hunt in large amounts anymore.

The orange material was having a hard time separating itself with the sticky substance having spilt on your clothes during the messy process of gutting and skinning and animal. Warm water crept up your arms as you scrubbed away at the stains on the shirt with a vanilla and honey scented soap bar with increasing vigour. Furrowing your eyebrows, you brought the shirt closer to your face as you picked away at the last of the blood on one of the sleeves.

Jolting, your attention was redirected towards the knocks echoing into the bathroom from your bedroom door. Waiting a few moments longer without anyone having entered, you concluded that it was neither Papyrus nor Sans (as unlikely as it would be for Sans to knock). Dropping the orange t-shirt into the warm soapy liquid, you briefly dried off your arms on the damp towel hanging from a rack, staining the white fluffy material. Making sure to softly shut the bathroom door behind you with your gaze still directed at your door you shuffled over.

Curiously you pulled open your door, hand still resting on the doorknob so as to not give whoever was standing outside the wrong idea and think they were invited inside. Half expecting Blueberry or Creampuff you were surprised to find burnt orange material instead.

Your eyes wandered upwards, eventually locking with Stretch’s line of vision. He stood at relative ease, hands tucked away in his pockets and shoulder slumped. He didn’t appear to have any negative intent though you knew for certain that his opinion of not only yourself but Sans and Papyrus too, wasn’t very high. Unconsciously your grip tightened around the cold metal knob as you merely raised an eyebrow in question at the relatively lazy version of Papyrus.

“What’s up?”

“Dunno,” you shrugged, fully aware that he was addressing casualties first rather than getting straight the point of why he was here, “why don’t you take a look for yourself. You’re closer.”

Stretch momentarily paused before lightly chuckling, “You’re right, I probably should have asked ‘what’s down?’”

You’d perhaps have granted him a grin for that one if it weren’t for the fact that you were currently weary of his intentions. You doubted he was going to cause trouble, though It was obvious he wanted something- or wished to discuss something you didn’t want to go into detail about.

Stretch’s joke fell flat at your lack of response and his grin, however subtly, tightened at the edges. Bringing up one of his arms he scratched lightly at the back of his skull, sheepish under your suspicious squinting. “So uh, I figure you already know this, but Classic got it good from Toriel after she came and dropped you off here the other day.”

You paused, entirely unaware of the news Stretch was informing you of.
Toriel had told Classic off? Nobody had told you anything about that.

“Locked himself away since- he should be right in a couple days, just needs to get a grip on his pride ya’know?” Stretch continued talking without any verbal input from you, gaze shifted to lazily inspect the contents of your room- which was mostly empty, excluding the occasional stray jacket or shirt sprawled across the carpet and the sheets spilling off of your bed and onto the floor. “Anyhow, apparently Toriel scolded him real good ‘cause you aren’t grounded anymore.”

Freezing, your eyes searched Stretch’s expression for confirmation, and upon only finding truthfulness you allowed yourself to feel eager. A million ideas had already begun to sprung in your mind, places you’d take Papyrus and Sans, activities you’d try together- some for the first time for all three of you.

“Though there is a condition.”

You felt your blood run cold- of course there was a condition. Of course, it was too good to be true. Getting what you want, just having things go right for once, it was a luxury not designed for people like you. You sighed and braced yourself.

“One of us has to go along with you.”

Well, it wasn’t the worse condition in the world, though you couldn’t help but feel disappointed with what was essentially an invasion of privacy. What was so wrong with just wanting to be left alone? Why couldn’t the three of you just be left to your own affairs? The only time trouble started is when people tried meddling with the three of you, surely, they were smart enough to figure that out. “So, what, need someone there to babysit us?”

Stretch shrugged, “Look, it ain’t all that bad alright. You can still go wherever and do whatever, we just have to have someone there to make sure you don’t run into certain people.”


“Listen, just,” Stretch sighed, gaze flickering from your door to back to you, “Crooks and Axe,” your frown deepened at the way the two were addressed, “They just...They both look too similar to Classic and his bro.”

Clenching your teeth, you decided to swallow your anger, though fully prepared to vomit out harsh words and threats if the skeleton in front of you so much as mispronounced a word. “And you aren’t?”

“I get that every version of ourselves look similar- but not quite like your version of us.” Stretch started to explain. His tone wasn’t harsh or with ill-intent, but it certainly wasn’t very sympathetic. “With the rest of us we’re different heights, skulls slightly rounder or longer then one another, bones sharper or smoother- we dress differently too. Crooks and Axe, just, they look exactly like the original pair- dress the same too, just as if they’d been thrown into a blender.”

You were consumed with the overwhelming temptation to violently strangle the skeleton clad in orange despite knowing the lack of affect it would have on him. A deep-rooted anger thrashed against your insides, boiled your blood until your skin burnt. It took every ounce of self-control to not throw yourself forwards and tear him apart knowing fully well it was too soon to be pulling risky moves like that so soon after getting accepted back into the household. You had too much to lose.
Through clenched teeth, “They’re taller too,” you spat, “They can dress differently too.” You racked your brain for a solid argument, any and every passable excuse.

“Kid, it isn’t that easy,” Stretch gaze burnt into yours, it wasn’t aggressive, but it was final. “It the best we got to offer right now, a ‘right? It’ll probably just be temporary anyway, until you know exactly who to avoid and where to keep away from, yeah?”

“…” It didn’t seem right, it felt unfair. “Can we go now?”

“Sure, meet you three out front?”

You nodded, eyes following Stretch as he slinked off down the hallway and out of sight.


Papyrus was practically vibrating as he wandered down the street, giddily twisting and turning to get a full perspective of the city around him.
Currently you were walking along a calmer street within the shopping district. You had no doubt that it was entirely intentional.

Sans was walking in between both you and Papyrus, gaze occasionally shifting to the odd person walking by (generally human, and once having lingered looking at a screaming human baby being nursed in its mother’s arms) before shifting back to the pavements belong him. Papyrus had more of a naïve excitement to him then Sans did, as it was obvious the older of the two brothers was visibly more nervous then the other. You couldn’t blame him; you’d felt the same way. You’d grown more used to the feeling of lingering eyes and the sound of large amounts of life the past week you were away, though certainly not to the point where you were comfortable. You’d had a feeling that properly readjusting to society would be a slow process- that’s if you would properly readjust at all.

You weren’t entirely sure where you were heading, if anywhere at all. Stretch, who was currently leading the group had asked where the three of you wanted to go, the only reply having been a few questioning looks exchanged between the three of you and shrugs.

The further you walked, however, the more you began to notice the lack of monster presence. In fact, from the pure amount of glances people- human people, were throwing your group’s way, you’d guess that this was some kind of human dominant district. Nobody you’d passed by seemed particularly unfriendly or aggressive, so you figured that there wasn’t any particular reason for the lack of monsters other then the fact humans massively outnumbered monsters.

When Stretch had told you that the reason the three of you would be getting supervision was because there was certain people you needed to avoid, you’d figured he’d meant humans. Now you were thinking the opposite. Just how many monsters didn’t know about the alternate universe mix ups?

None of you had any money, so that ruled off getting anything to eat. Your options were limited, really. At least they were in a shopping district. Perhaps not the smartest move on Stretch’s behalf, unless he planned on paying for the three of you.

Stretch ended up taking you to some park- one without any play equipment. It was a large fenced off bushy area, an ideal place to go on a walk or have a picnic. You guess it made sense for Stretch to take you here, somewhere out in public but not actually that public. Surrounded by people and buildings, though isolated within itself. You didn’t really mind, as Papyrus still seemed ecstatic just to be out of the house and Sans significantly relieved to be away from passing strangers.

Stretch took you down a gravel path, passing few others along the way, those you did pass usually walking their dogs or pushing strollers. It wasn’t until Stretch suddenly took a sharp turn off the path did you hesitate. Where exactly where was he taking you three?

“Where Exactly Are We Going, Stretch?” Papyrus questioned. He wasn’t put off in the slightest from being led to some unfamiliar, isolated area by someone he hardly knew, currently to giddy with glee to focus on the reality of the situation.

So far Stretch hadn’t been acting particularly shady or suspicious, but you couldn’t help but feel a little paranoid at the circumstance. You knew Sans felt similarly from the way he tensed beside you, brushing shoulders with both yourself and Papyrus, using the close proximity of the both of you as reassurance that there was no need to be aggressive. Yet.

“Relax. Just a nice area under the sun I thought you’d like,” Stretch drawled, lazily marching forward without so much as a glance back at the three of you to check if you were still following, “Went on a picnic here once with Blue and a few friends.”

Papyrus, unquestioningly began to follow Stretch, only to be halted in his tracks by Sans, who had wrapped a firm grip around his brother’s wrist and kept him back. Papyrus, caught off guard by his brothers actions was suddenly broken out of his glee induced naivety as he glanced down over at his brother with concern. Sans seemed to consider Stretch’s explanation, studying his gradually shrinking figure in the distance before hesitantly dropping Papyrus’ wrist.

You watched the interaction silently, taking Papyrus’ released hand as permission to keep walking. You and Papyrus walked at a slightly faster pace to catch up with Stretch, forcing Sans to keep up with the two of you, though the three of you still lingered a couple feet further behind then previously in consideration of Sans’ paranoia.

It was then that Stretch surpassed a final tree and stepped into a small clearing, bush circling the area. Papyrus, with less vigour than previous stepped out along with Stretch, basking in the warm rays of light stemming from the sun, being sure to glance back over to his brother in encouragement.
You fell into pace with Sans, escaping the shadows of the towering trees at the same time, sun hitting your faces and immediately waking you up further. You felt your skin instantly begin to warm up, the heat of the sun a relief from the crisp Autumn weather.

The three of you found a comfortable spot right in the centre of the clearing where you sat, enjoying the temporary escape of the eternal cold having settled under your skin. That’s where the three of you lingered for the rest of the afternoon, Stretch lingering over by the outskirts of the clearing, sucking at a honey flavoured sucker or taking a cigarette while scrolling through his phone.

The sun was nice. Being here with Sans and Papyrus was nice. Though you knew the amount of people around during the day was going to be a problem, and so was having someone constantly hovering over the three of you.

Chapter Text

"What, wanna cig?"

"Nah," you eyed the cigarette hanging loosely from Stretch's teeth before shifting your gaze back to the front door.

"What's with the starin' then?" Throwing Stretch another weary glance, you shrugged, gravel crunching under your feet as you walked back down the driveway. You'd gone back out into the city with Papyrus and Sans and had just gotten back now. You hadn't gone anywhere in particular, just simply wandered the quieter streets of the city, adjusting to your surroundings.
Papyrus, who naturally walked very quickly had already made it inside, and Sans had merely taken a shortcut as soon as home was within sight, leaving you to shuffle awkwardly next to Stretch by yourself.

Stretch hummed as he plucked the cigarette from between his teeth and twirled it between his fingers. You kept your eyes forward as his gaze momentarily flickered towards you, before he dropped the cigarette and crushed it under the heel of his shoe into the dirt.

Skipping a stair or two you swung the front door open (that was, concerningly, always unlocked), not sparing Stretch so much as a glance as you picked up pace to escape his gaze, "Hold on kid," Stretch voice called out from behind. You jolted, hesitantly turning on your heel only to find he was significantly closer than you'd anticipated.
Tensing, you took a cautionary step back, relaxing upon having distanced yourself and burying your hands into your pockets to stare up at the lanky skeleton standing a mere metre in front of you. "Yeah?"

"How're ya settling in?"

Pausing, you stared at Stretch with wide eyes. He wanted to know how you were doing? You only took a moment longer to come to your senses, squinting suspiciously at the skeleton. "Just as well as you could expect... Why?"

Stretch shrugged, "Ain't all of us as bad as you might think," he chuckled at your sceptical attitude, "Just had a rough start, yeah?"

What exactly was he getting at? You weren't sure if he was trying to butter you up or was just being genuinely nice and it put you on edge. "Sure." You began to turn in attempts to escape to the kitchen, only to once again get cut off.

"Your real eager to run away huh?"

You shrugged, slowly turning back to face Stretch. "Not a big conversationalist," you explained cautiously. You didn't want to believe the guy who'd called you a freak was trying to be friendly with you. He'd have to be feeling incredibly guilty to have such a change in attitude.

"Mm, that's not entirely true is it though?" Stretch chuckled, shifting weight from one leg to another and shoving his hands in his pockets much alike yourself. Pausing, you noted the subtle smirk spread across his teeth as he studied you, becoming slightly annoyed at whatever he was assuming. "Seen you talking to some of the other guys here- includin' my bro."


Stretch's gaze met with yours, though you didn't shrink under it. It was a firm, confident look, though there wasn't any hostility or anger in the way he looked at you. Instead it just looked like he wanted to say something to you that he really needed to get across, something he needed you to be certain about. "Listen kid, I don't want any bad blood between us, cause I know I've jumped to some conclusions in the past- but I just hope you know you'll be in for a bad time if you ever try something like what you did too Classic or Edge to Blue."

Anger threatened to spill from your lips before you paused, anger slowly waning. You wanted to react aggressively to the threat, but didn't because you understood. Blueberry was Stretch's brother- his family, and you were some strange human (a species you knew monsters weren't particularly fond of) with a record of being violent and less than friendly. You couldn't really blame him for making sure his brother would be safe, you'd do the same for Papyrus and Sans any day. You knew what it was like to want to protect them- you'd do anything and everything necessary.

"Yeah," you nodded, "I understand." You didn't bother to try forcing sincerity into your words, they were equally as apathetic as they were serious, enough so that there wasn't a hint of anything else except understanding. You weren't going to play games and pretend to be threatened and make a big deal over his warning, nor were you going to make empty promises over never hurting his brother. Blueberry certainly wasn't someone you were planning at having at the ends of your fists anytime soon, though who knew where life would take you. You refused to make a promise you didn't know for certain you could keep.

Stretch squinted at you, gaze thoroughly inspecting your features, boring into your very soul. It took a few tense seconds before his eyes dropped from you and he visibly relaxed, an easy grin returning full force on his skull. "Righto, glad we could come to this agreement," Stretch settled a hand on your shoulder for a brief second as a gesture of some form of a pat on the back before he spun on his heels and shuffled away.

Your eyes followed him until he left your sight before you returned to your journey back to the kitchen. Ducking your head past the doorway, you were pleased to find the room empty, a small grin plastered on your lips. Your mind was left wandering about Stretch, but you forced your thoughts to take a different direction with a firm shake of your head.
Shuffling over towards the cupboards, you threw them open eyes searching for something suitable to eat. When you'd first made it to the surface you, Sans and Papyrus commonly raided the pantry in the kitchen and generally received a few dirty or disapproving looks for it, though nowadays anytime someone saw you marching out of the kitchens with arms full of chips, cereal and left overs they wouldn't bat an eye your way.
You were kind of thankful for that little amount of consideration, you'd have lost if they'd put restrictions on the amount you could eat. Though it seems Classic, however big an arsehole he may be, wasn't completely unreasonable.

Ripping open a packet of chicken flavoured chips with your teeth, you struggled to shove a hand in the packet, pulling one out and throwing it between your teeth. You munched on the overwhelming amount of food tucked under your arms and resting under your chin as you carefully manoeuvred your way around the house and back up to Sans' room.

"Are You Ready?"

"Of Course."

"Then Lets Go!"

You were halted in your tracks upon hearing several rather boisterous voices bickering to each other. Glancing down the hallway, you noticed three familiar skeletons walking side by side heading your particular direction.
Blueberry bounced in between two of the other smaller skeletons, Black and Razz, eagerly discussing something. You decided whatever the three were doing didn't concern you and were about to continue on your way when Blue locked eyes with you.

"Human!" He grinned, picking up his pace and halting in front of your feet, "I- Oh, I See You Are Busy," his gaze shifted downwards, eyeing your food.

You shrugged, "Yeah? So?"

"Oh, It Was Just That I Was Going To Invite You To Go Sparring With Us!" Black and Razz joined Blue's side, having not bothered to chase him when he ran off towards you.

"What?! We're Not Bringing That!" You paused chewing, swallowing harshly to instead direct your gaze over to Black, who was scowling sourly over at you. You raised an eyebrow up at him to which his frown further deepened, crossing his arms disapprovingly.

"Why, Are You Afraid You'll Get Beaten By A Human?" Razz mocked, shooting Black a smirk, to which Black went wide eyed- baffled.

"As If! I Merely Refuse To Battle Something So Unworthy Of My Attention- Let Alone A Lowly Human!" Black hissed at Razz, glowering as Blue shifted uncomfortably between the two. Blue shot you a weary glance before looking back over to Black to try to settle the fuming skeleton, leaving you and Razz to awkwardly stare at each other.

The two of you locked eyes before you moved yours again, throwing a glance over your shoulder and wondering if you were allowed to leave. Razz raised a bone brow at you after a few seconds of silence between the two of you, and you decided to break the silence.

"So you guys are sparring huh?"

"Why Yes, You Should Come Human! Might Be Just The Right Time To Prove You're Not All Bark And No Bite," there was challenge in Razz's words, enough so that you were tempted to accept, but glancing over towards Blue and Black, you remembered how much you didn't feel like dealing with that. You just wanted to nap all afternoon with Sans and eat to your hearts desire.

"Eh, maybe next time," you shrugged, glancing over to Blue. "There even enough room to go sparring out back with the obstacle course there?"

"We're Actually Going Through The Forest To This Quaint Little Clearing To Spar."

Wait- through the forest? You eyed Razz wearily, observing the purple little triangular eye-lights in his sockets. You couldn't help but think of all the traps you'd set throughout the forest, and the kind of trouble you could get in if not only one of them got caught in one, but if the household found out about Paps and your little hunting expeditions.
"Huh. How far in?"

"Not Too Far In," Razz explained, seemingly not having caught on to your sudden weary demeanour, "Haven't Been That Way In A While, Though It Shan't Pose Any Challenge To Us."

Piercing your lips, you hesitantly realised you'd have to go after them and make sure they didn't run into any of the traps hidden around the area. The only problem was that you couldn't just suddenly ask to go without raising some sort of suspicion between at least one of the three- particularly the one you were talking with now.

"Alright!" You were broken out of your thoughts as Blue turned around to face you once again, hands pressed confidently at his sides, Black seemingly sated from beside him. "We Must Head Off Now Human! It Was Good Seeing You."

Your eyes followed the three as they marched away, Blue sending you a brief wave goodbye before skipping down the stairs and assumingly outside. Sighing, you shuffled over to Sans' room, knocking briefly before slipping inside.

The room was dark and stuffy- exactly as you expected it to be. Sans had sat up on his bed having heard you knock, wide grin tugging at the edges as you approached and fingers twitching without the weight of his axe in them. Sauntering over you dumped the food on his bed, to which his eyes followed.

"Can't stay this time."

Sans' one lit eye-light flickered back to you, this time frowning. "Why not?"

"Got stuff to do," you explained, avoiding his gaze and instead studying and cataloguing the food you'd brought for the two of you to eat. "I'll be back after."

"How long will ya take?" he questioned, shifting in his spot to instead rest against the wall, mattress creaking as he moved.
You shrugged as Sans lazily picked up a box of Cheerios, ripping open the box with a single sharpened phalange. Sans grinned thinned as he inspected you before nodding.
"'A'ight. Don't take too long- might not be anything left for ya when you get back."

A grin spread across your features at Sans' silly threat, "Eat all my food and I'll eat you," you warned jokingly, encouraging Sans' grin to tug at the edges.

"Ain't nothin' but bones peaches- I'd make a better toothpick." You chuckled under your breath, scooting out of the room throwing Sans an amused glance.

"Don't think your bone would fit in my mouth Sans," you replied dryly before slipping out the door, only just barely catching the roar of laughter at your crude remark that escaped Sans' teeth.

You grinned to yourself as you wandered down the hallway and down the way you'd seen Blueberry leave. You weren't planning to crash the party, just merely observe from afar, help them avoid running into anything.

You didn't run into anyone else as you left the house, which you were thankful for. You weren't entirely sure what direction they were heading in, and tracking them down would take a bit and there was a likely chance they'd already have gotten themselves trapped in a net or been speared through the ribs by the time you found them.
Luckily, they weren't very far away, their voices still echoing in the distance. Eyes following the direction the noise was originating from you set off, keeping a swift, steady pace in order to catch up.

You were silent as you moved, each footfall calculated and movement thought out as you ducked through the trees, avoiding branches and stepping over anything that would make too much noise. You were quickly gaining on them until it got to the point where they were in eyeshot, arguing with each other about who had the strongest special attack.
You hid behind the trees, and ducked behind bushes whenever one would glance your way or took a sudden turn. Watching with slight anxiety as they narrowly avoided a trapping pit you heaved in relief as they passed it without any trouble.
You and Papyrus didn't set out many lethal traps, but there were several out there that would mean death- designed for larger animals that might struggle and ruin other traps such as nets.

Halting, you noticed that the group was heading straight towards the large net that you and Paps once caught a deer fawn.
While the trap certainly wasn't dangerous, you were pretty certain that the three were going to question why there were traps set up in the forest.

Racking your mind, you picked up your speed to overtake the group, reaching that area first. You watched them approaching In the distance, deciding to risk it you shot across their path to duck in the bushes on their left. Fortunately, none of them saw you, though you watched as Razz's skull shot up and squinted suspiciously the way they were walking.

Pressing your back up against a tree you cupped your hands up together by your lips, blowing in the gap between your thumbs like a whistle, which mimicked the noise of a particularly loud bird. The chattering from the group instantly cut off, as you had no doubt all three skeletons were now tilting their skulls in your direction. Crouching low, you ducked behind some bushes and shot off a fair distance, hearing the tell tale sign of them approaching of cracking twigs and leaves.

"What Was That?" Blueberry questioned his peers, furrowing his bone brows as his gaze inspected the area. Blue's gaze was curious, interested, whilst both Black's and Razz's was suspicious, cautious.

"A Bird, Probably," Black remarked dryly, rolling his eyes. "Hurry Up- Lets Just Go," he complained, to which seemed to hurry Blue and Razz up. Blue spun around and began to followed after Black, who was, thankfully, now walking in the same direction but instead on a different path from the last and thus, would walk straight past the net trap.

You kept at a relatively safe distance from the group as they walked, hoping that they wouldn't run into anything else, using that whistling technique would only work so many times, even more than once would be pushing it.
Blueberry seemed relatively relaxed, conversing idly with Black, who seemed mildly annoyed (but then again, when wasn't he annoyed), Razz on the other hand, had withdrawn from the conversation completely. Instead the purple clad skeleton inspected the area, squinting at every oddly shaped shadow and double checking areas for any movement. It was apparent that Razz was significantly more observant than you had given him credit for, and may be a bit of a problem for future reference.

After the trio had surpassed the area where your traps were set out you payed less attention to them, instead watching your feet moved against the ground, occasionally glancing back up to check up on the skeletons.
Glancing upwards, you were shocked at what you found. While it seemed Blue and Black weren't paying any mind, Razz had disappeared somewhere.

"Shit," the words escaped your lips in a quiet hiss. Your eyes quickly scanned the area, before you opted to go upwards. Taking a firm grip of a particularly low branch, you hoisted yourself up with urgency. Upon finding the proper footing you quickly twisted and turned, conquering the branches of the large tree. It was right as you'd just managed to bury yourself in the thickness of the leaves of the tree did you notice Razz standing where you were just a moment ago. You peered downwards, holding your breath as the skeleton scanned the area beneath you until Blue began to call for him.

You breathed out in relief as Razz turned to face the direction Blue and Black was, taking once last glance back at the area before re-joining the group. Sighing, you slumped against a particularly thick branch, just resting there for a little while.
After convincing yourself to get up- you had to make sure they made it home after all- you decided to continue following them through the conveniently tightly compacted trees, watching your step as you soundlessly stalked them from up above.

It wasn't very long afterwards did the forest break into a decently sized clearing, far bigger than Classic's backyard. You eyed the area with mild interest, watching as Blue ran out into the centre to eagerly prepare to spar. You only watched for a few moments as they begun to summon their first few rounds, lingering in the outskirts of the clearing.

Slumping against the branch you were on, you tugged your hood further over your face, deciding to rest against the thick collection of branches knotted together. You weren't entirely sure how long they were going to take and ending up resting on your stomach, lazily eyeing the group as you dozed off.

Chapter Text

There was a certain excitement buzzing in the air between certain skeletons- about what, you weren't entirely sure. You rested your head against the table as you lazily eyed Creampuff who was trying to rope Papyrus into whatever he and Blueberry were raving about. You weren't too alarmed seeing as both Creampuff and Blueberry were relatively safe, and hadn't displayed any kind of violent traits- you weren't too concerned about whatever they wanted to do with Paps.

It must have been a particularly busy day, as when everyone started flooding out of the room you noted that everyone's dishes had been left for you to clean up. You sat up and wearily inspected the area, mildly annoyed that everyone had left everything.


You paused, before spinning in your chair to lock gazes with familiar red pinpricks- Black's. You weren't sure whether to be less annoyed knowing you weren't left completely alone, or more annoyed that it was Black keeping you company. The entire time you guys interacted consisted of him complaining about inviting a human to go sparring with them and you already knew that being around this guy might be a bit of a bother.
You raised an eyebrow at the stern skeleton.

"Well, Don't Just Sit There!" He snapped, causing you to jolt. "Get Up And Start Packing Up Won't You?" The skeleton scoffed, eyeing you as he marched over to the other side of the table, collecting plates, wiping crumbs off the table and onto the dirty dishes. "Honestly, If You're Going To Stay Here, You May As Well Pull Your Weight."

Squinting harshly at the skeleton across the table, you slipped out of your chair to begin cleaning up what you assume was your side of the table. You shot Black a few glances from the corner of your eyes as you worked in silence, though he paid no mind to them. He frowned as he brought his skull closer to the table for inspection, picking away at a stain with a clawed finger as you finished picking up the last of the plates. "Where'd everyone else go?"

Black scoffed, unimpressed. Straightening, he shifted the weight of all the dishes and spun on his heeled boot to begin strutting into the kitchen. "Some Mettaton Monster Showing Up In Town Today- Nothing Compared To Napstaton."

You'd heard of Mettaton, back underground Papyrus had a few of his old movies stashed away into the depths of the attic- though Napstaton was completely foreign to you. You figured that he was probably their worlds version of Mettaton and simply nodded in acknowledgment. Entering the kitchen you immediately headed over for the sink, filling it up with hot soapy water. Black didn't hesitate to dump his dishes in the sink like yours, causing the water to splash and creep up your arms as he turned to take a stand next to you, a tea towel in his hands.
"Why'd Blueberry and Razz go then?"

Black scowled, "Like I Would Know! I'm Not Responsible For Them!"

It appeared you were right in assuming that this Black guy would be as big of a pain in the arse as he looked. The scowling skeleton was harsh in appearance, with sharp edges and scars running across his left socket- much alike his taller counterpart- Edge. The two were certainly similar personally wise- at surface level anyhow, you noted as you submerged your hands under the warm water and began to thoroughly scrub at a plate.

You worked soundlessly, though you felt Black's judging gaze flickering from your face to back to the dishes he was impeccably working at with a tea towel. There was a certain grace about Black and Edge you had noted, they worked methodically, without stutter or flaw. Held themselves in a way that radiated confidence, that spoke perfection.
While you were unconvinced that perfection was an achievable goal, you did know there were those that could pretend. You couldn't help but feel as if the two were the type to pride themselves in their high standards.
There was certain emotion in their eyes- something like superiority, as if they looked down their noses at everyone. It annoyed you, to say the least.

"I Had Heard That You Completed The Obstacle Course, Human."

You shot Black a glance from the corner of your eye, handing him a clean dish to which he immediately accepted. "Would be a little sad if I didn't."

"Hah! I Agree Whole Heartedly Human- Then Again, Not Much Can Be Expected From Your Species," Black rolled his eyes- seemingly to himself. You weren't entirely sure what was with certain skeleton's superiority complex against humans were, but you didn't really care.

"I think you underestimate some of us," you commented, not bothering to look over at your company to gauge his reaction. He was silent beside you for a second, no doubt registering your words and seeking his own.

"Hardly. One Exception Does Not Change The State Of All Humans."

You shrugged, dunking your final plate under the water and finishing up. "So I'm an exception, huh?" You grinned, pulling the plug from the sink to turn and give Black your full attention. He squinted at you, snatching the last plate from your hands with a scowl.

"Don't Let It Get To Your Head, Human. Just Because You've Shown To Have Better Ability Than Other Humans Does Not Mean You Meet The Standard Of Monsters."

You chuckled under your breath, turning to pick up the dried dishes and bringing them up over to the cupboards to start putting everything away. "Maybe you just haven't seen everything I can do," you challenged, throwing Black a teasing smirk.

"I Imagine Everything That You Can Do Would Undoubtedly Be Very Sad."

You choked on a chuckled, throwing Black a look, noting that he didn't seem overly impressed by you, watching you through calculated lids and crossed arms. "Would have thought you better than to underestimate other people Black," you mused, swinging shut the cupboard door and drying your hands off with a tea towel.

"Please," his eyes dropped to give you a snobbish once over, as if what he saw was less than satisfactory, "I Believe I Know When My Judgements Are Correct."

You shrugged, "Suit yourself buddy," you sighed, not taking acknowledgement of him as he scowled at you, instead opting to turn and leave the kitchen. You could feel his sockets following you as you left though you didn't bother to send him a glance back.


As of late, you'd found yourself staying up into the late hours of the night, stuck in your thoughts. There wasn't any particular reason, no sole line of thought, just many concerns and ideas that'd stick with you and lingered at the back of your mind.
You'd been thinking about the future, about what came next. About whether you'd be stuck in this universe forever or whether you'd be sent back to your own.
You'd been thinking about the barrier, how exactly it broke- there were no human souls to break it with- perhaps it had something to do with the universes crossing over?

A million thoughts ate at your mind and you didn't know which ones to ponder first. Questions, concerns, worries, fears- you shoved it all back into the depths of your mind, instead saving them for when night fell and you were left with nothing but your own voice that rung in your head- a million bad ideas trying your patience.

You clenched and wrung your hand up in the air above you, the rest of your body tucked away under the covers as you strained your eyes to pick up the outlines of your wriggling fingers. The cold prickled at the exposed flesh of your palm but you didn't withdraw it, instead staring up at the blankness of the roof, as if reaching for it, grasping for the darkness of the void.

You thought of your time spent in this universe- on the surface. You'd been up here for as little as three weeks but they'd gone by incredibly quickly. You didn't know what to expect next.

You tossed and turned in your bedsheets, savouring the pleasant warmth that they provided, but to no avail, you were unable to settle the thoughts running across your mind. You tried focusing on something else, tried focusing on your breathing, but in the end your thoughts crept towards your stomach where you became aware of a subtle hunger gnawing at your insides.

You felt like eating- though then again, when didn't you? You knew not to eat all of the time despite the temptations, though perhaps the comfort of a fully belly would put your mind at ease.
The idea of forcing yourself out of bed- out into the mercy of the unforgiving cold, was a completely unappealing one. Rubbing tenderly at your eyes and stretching your limbs you forced yourself upright, blankets collecting at your waist and you threw yourself out of bed, hunger serving as enough motivation to face the icy grip of the night.

Creeping out of your room and into the darkness of the hallway, you took note of the household's deathly silence. It was strange for this house to ever be silent other then at the dead of night, when everyone was tucked away in their beds, hiding under the safety of their blankets.
Your uncovered feet hitting the carpet was the only sound that broke the silence. You travelled the halls, running your hand against the walls until your eyes adjusted to the heavy blanket of darkness draped across the house- you didn't want to turn a light on, not if it chanced waking someone else up.

You'd thought it a completely safe journey without the risk of prying eyes and unwanted company having reached the kitchen at this hour, only to stop dead in your tracks with your two feet pressed firmly against the cold wooden planks of the kitchen floor, watching the slumped figure grip it's skull in its hands and struggle to breathe over the kitchen sink.
You paused- running your gaze over the silhouette with curious eyes, half inclined to turn and leave but morbid fascination kept you stuck to your spot.
It took you a few moments of strained inspection, eyes tracing the outlines of a familiar blue hoodie and pink slippers. Your Sans wore tennis shoes.
The skeleton hunched over and throwing back a glass of water was Classic, the skeleton you'd probably preferred least to encounter.

"Didn't realise a skeleton could choke." Your voice bounced against the walls of the kitchen and the skeleton froze. Classic's hands gripped at the sides of the bench beside him as he lifted his head and slowly turned his skull to meet your gaze, two small white orbs piercing the darkness.
The glow that emitted from his sockets was enough to illuminate the rest of his skull, revealing the tender bags hiding under his sockets and the exhaustion pulling at the edges of his eternal smile.

It was obvious he didn't expect to see you here- or anyone, probably. His sockets widened in shock and he threw himself around completely, spine resting against the counter as his pinpricks shrunk- teeth clenching. "What are you doing here?"

You shrugged, "Was hungry," you gestured with a nod of your head towards the cupboards beside Classic, eyeing the skeleton in front of you. His clothes clung to his bones, visibly damp with what you could only assume was sweat.

"Right," Classic confirmed, dropping his eyes to his feet, "I'll uh- get outta ya way," he was quick to shuffle to the side and you moved towards the desired destination, swinging open the cupboard doors. Your eyes ran over the options you could make out, before you reached out to grab what you thought was tiny teddies- well aware of the gaze lingering on your back.
Ripping open the packet of bear-shaped biscuits you threw Classic a glance over your shoulder, in which he immediately adverted his gaze once again.

Sighing, you tossed a few chocolatey biscuits into the back of your mouth and swung the cupboard closed behind you to turn and face the sweaty skeleton. "What do you want?"

Classic glanced up before looking back down at his slippers, pausing. "I uh- I think it's about time we talked."

You raised an eyebrow at him, despite knowing he couldn't see your expression at the moment. You critically analysed the skeleton in front of you- in no mood to be starting another fight and causing further trouble. "Well, I haven't left have I? Keep talking."

"Heh- yeah uh," he shifted uncomfortably in his spot, glancing over to the doorway, "You wanna go take this somewhere else? Somewhere we can sit down?"

You narrowed your eyes at the skeleton, hand searching around in the plastic bag for more delicious teddies before shrugging, "sure." Classic seemed relieved that you'd agreed to hear him out, relaxing- however slightly, before hesitantly shuffling around and throwing you a glance over his shoulder to make sure you were following. You followed Classic cautiously, though he didn't take you far, instead simply wandering into the lounge room and sitting at the very end of one of the lounges.
Pausing, you met Classic's expecting gaze before hesitantly taking a seat yourself on the complete other side of the couch, putting as much distance between yourself and him as possible.

Classic didn't speak right away, instead the both of you sat in the dark in silence for a few awkward seconds as Classic shamefully avoided your gaze by inspecting the rest of the room. You merely stared at the Not-Sans, waiting for him to say whatever the hell he had to say. You weren't very fond of the skeleton in front of you, nor did you really wish to interact with him, but you weren't really in a position to do what you liked. Not anymore.
"Right," Classic cleared his throat, shifting in his seat and staring over at your feet as you sat with your legs crossed on the other end of the couch. "So I know we haven't gotten along since you've been here," he started, much to your interest.

From the overall mood of things, you might just be right in thinking that perhaps this was an apology. Classic was an arsehole but you certainly didn't know him very well, not well enough to be able to determine if he was the kind of guy who made apologies.
If he was anything like Sans, Classic would be one hell of a stubborn guy (which you knew from experience he was), but he'd also not be someone who was unreasonable, he'd find a way to make up for his wrongdoings if it came down to it.

"And I know that the reason we haven't gotten along is mostly my fault." So this was an apology, you realised, twisting in a way to further face Classic to let him know he had your full attention. In no way would you forgive the skeleton in front of you over a few petty words that spilt from his mouth, though perhaps you'd take to hating him less.
The skeleton in front of you was the person in charge, and It'd be smart to be in the good graces of whoever had the authority. "Sending you over to Toriel's... keeping you stuck here," Classic trailed off, wringing his hands as he racked his skull for words, the shape of his sentences forming on his tongue, "I was unfair- it was wrong. And I guess what i'm tryna say kid is that... 'm sorry? I-I, really, I'm really sorry."

Gritting your teeth you let your gaze flicker over his expression. He had fallen silent waiting for a response from you but you instead took to calculating his words. They sounded genuine, sincere, guilt laced in every letter, like he really did acknowledge that he was the one in the wrong.
They were pretty words- but that's all they were, words.
"What are you gonna do about it?"

Classic paused before he finally mustered the courage to glance up and meet your gaze, "I...I don't know yet," he began to inform you, to which you furrowed your eyebrows at his words, "But I'll find a way, I swear."

Your lips parted to speak but you shut them again, instead opting to stare Classic straight in the sockets in thought, hand squeezing the empty packet of Tiny Teddies into some sad ball of plastic wrap and tucking it away in your pocket.
You sat in silence, you didn't have a response for him, and he apparently had nothing left to say, or at least couldn't find the words to say them, so both of you opted to awkwardly sit across from each other in the darkness with nothing but the dim glow of Classic's eye-lights brightening the room.

You were a little surprised that Classic had apologised to you. When you had gotten up to get something to snack on you certainly weren't planning on running into someone, let alone Classic of all people. You were never the greatest with words, you were a person who spoke through their actions. You were never taught how to put certain words before others to make them sound pretty, but you were taught to always care and provide for those who care and provided for you. Those people happened to be Sans and Papyrus. You did your best to do whatever you could for them, but it was your lack of ability to keep your cool and sort through problems using civil conversation that had caused a lot of hardship.

Classic was right in saying it was mostly his fault, because it was partially yours too. You could have kept your cool when you went to speak to him that one time, but you didn't. You didn't know how to convey that emotion bubbling up within your chest, begging to burst, through words- so instead you used your fists, in hope that it would speak for you.

While your role in the entire situation was nothing like what Classic had done, it appeared that neither you nor the skeleton sitting in front of you were entirely in the right. You both had played your parts.

Now if only you were brave enough to say sorry.

"What happened?"

Classic's gaze shifted back up to yours after he had let them drop during the silence, confusion tugged at his expression in the way that he stared at you, obviously unaware as to what you were referring too.

"When I found you in the kitchen," you clarified. In response Classic's sockets widened and his grin tightened at the edges as he nervously avoided your gaze.

"Don't worry bout it," he blew your question off. You weren't on well enough terms to pry, but you felt as if this would be your only opportunity to catch him in a vulnerable state like this.

"Looked like you were in pretty rough shape," you continued, eyeing the skeleton for his reaction. Classic was tense, visibly uncomfortable with the topic you were discussing as sweat formed at the base of his skull nervously. "Why was that?"

Classic clenched his teeth, inspecting his hands briefly before sliding his gaze over to you, "Just, I don't sleep very well at night, alright?" A sigh escaped his teeth as he began to slump over on the armrest, exhaustion creeping up on him.

"Why not?" You figured it must be some kind of bad dreams he'd been getting, or something of the like, maybe even insomnia, but you were curious and felt as if you could press for more information for a little bit longer. You rested the side of your head on the back of the couch as you faced Classic, gauging every reaction, each little movement and nervous tick with morbid curiosity.

Classic's hardened gaze shot over to you, "Listen kid, It really doesn't matter."

"Doesn't it?"

There was frustration evident in Classic's sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose, "Nightmares, alright. I get nightmares."

You'd figured, but no ordinary nightmare left a person that shaken up. When you found Classic he looked on the borderline of a panic attack. Classic was obviously closed off about the topic- at least to you. You didn't know Classic very well, and you didn't even particularly get along, and as such, what he had nightmares about was really none of your business.
You studied Classic for a minute longer before letting the conversation drop. You were feeling tired yourself and had no doubt you'd be sleeping easy as soon as your head hit your pillow.

Standing up you watched as Classic's gaze followed you. You opted to shuffled out of the room and back upstairs where you could bury yourself under your bed's blankets but found your feet locking in place once you reached the doorway. You glanced over your shoulder, "You know, nightmares are only healthy," you began, deep in thought. You could only just make out his expression but it was obvious he hadn't expected you to say anything along those lines. "They're a form of fear, you know,

and fear is what keeps you alive."

Chapter Text

You were left to ponder your conversation with Classic last night, his apology and what it would bring in the future. His tender words seemed genuine, but you couldn’t help the paranoia of deception. You couldn't control it; you’d come to be untrusting of words. The lies that spilt from the lips of loves one’s countless times before had installed an unhealthy distrust in you of the empty promises made by others.
Gritting your teeth, you eventually relented. You chose to have faith in the sincerity of Classic’s words, because currently, that’s all you had; hope.
You’d crept back upstairs after the brief interaction the two of you shared last night, back to your room only to find Sans hiding in the shadows of your room, patiently waiting for your return as he'd been having trouble sleeping. You’d walked back inside and instantly he smelt it- smelt the scent of his original counterpart- however faintly- on you. He’d frowned and waited for your explanation but never received one.
You had no doubt that Sans would be suspicious of the interaction, though you provided him with no information. It wasn’t like you were trying to hide it from him, you were just exhausted, eyes drooping and body begging to be put to rest.
You decided to bring it up when he asked in the morning, though he never did, he simply narrowed his sockets at you and kept you close.
It wasn’t until late this afternoon that Sans begrudgingly shuffled away from your side when Papyrus picked up on his overbearingness. You knew that Sans only meant well, opting to follow you around like a guard, ensuring that whatever he assumed happened between you and Classic didn’t occur again. Sans had always been the possessive type, so whenever he felt as if something was off, he’d take everything he cared about and hover over them, guard them until he was certain there was nothing wrong.
You couldn’t blame him, you found back underground that if you didn’t hold onto the things that mattered as tightly as you could, you’d lose them- and you’d never get them back. Even the smallest of mistakes and accidents were fatal, so you clung to the things you cared about, holding onto them for as long as you could.

Now you were left alone in the especially chilly lounge room. You knew skeletons weren't as sensitive to the cold as humans were and as such didn't see a very big need for heaters, having obviously forgotten the human in the house. Papyrus, on the other hand, had noticed the drop in temperature and had sought you out, tossing the warmest jacket he could find at you a little while ago.
You were by far used to the cold at this point and far from the point of complaining- not when you had big fluffy blankets to wrap around yourself and a roof over your head to shield you from the harsh Autumn weather.
You'd had you fair share of burying yourself amongst the ice and frost coating the land around you, squeezing all of your limbs into your jacket in hopes it would be enough to get you through yet another cold and cruel Snowdin night. After the first few weeks of the underground, with no where to go and the underground as an entirety nipping at the back of your feet wherever you went, you couldn't complain about the cold. In Snowdin you faced hyperthermia and death, on the surface, in Classic's home, not having the heater on might mean a measly cold or the sniffles. The two could never compare.

As such, you bunkered up, pressing your legs against your torso and rubbed your noise as you watched attentively towards the movie playing on the television. You'd found that a lot had changed in four years, in trends, fashion, technology and entertainment. Most of the movies and shows that played nowadays were ones you were completely unfamiliar with, and you weren't entirely sure if it was because of the time gap or whether your universe and this one was just that different.
Currently some large purple guy was battling some group of hero's- something about being stoned and killing half of the universe?
You only started paying attention half way through, but it was interesting enough.

You were left to be pretty enamoured in the movie all alone in the lounge room, sinking into the cold leather lounge. Chills prickled against your skin but all you did was idly rub at your limbs and ignore the sensation.

Just before the climax of the movie you found yourself idly noting another person slinking into the room. Eyes glued to the Tv screen you only registered them from the corner of your eyes, not bothering to glance over at your new company until they saw it fit to slide into the seat next to you.
Shifting your gaze over to the newcomer, you meet the orange eye-lights of a familiar skeleton.

Mutt smirked at you, before stretching his arms and resting them behind his head, redirecting his gaze to the television. You stared at him a moment longer before going back to watching your movie.
You were tempted to scoot away from him, seeing as the sunken position he was sitting in took up maximum space, his left knee hovering centimetres away from your own.
You stayed purely for the reason that you didn't want to draw attention to the issue more than you had too, that, and it wasn't like you and Mutt had any kind of quarrels beforehand.

You were slightly curious about Mutt- in fact you were interested in learning about your new 'housemates'. You were curious to as what exactly the underground was like for each set of brothers- you'd noticed the scars and pointy edges certain skeletons bared, and you knew they didn't come naturally. The stern looks and violent inclinations several versions of Papyrus and Sans possessed weren't something people are born with- it's how they're raised, the environment they live in.
The only reason you hadn't asked is over the fact you didn't want to give anyone the wrong idea and have them think you were inviting them to pry about your version of the underground.

There were just...some things you weren't ready to talk about. Not yet- not with them. Maybe not ever with them. They wouldn't understand.

You had finally begun to refocus on the movie when you noticed Mutt stealing a glance at you from the corner of your eye. You quickly spun your head to meet his gaze and raised an eyebrow, " 'M'lord' not in need of your services?" You joked.

Mutt paused, before grinning himself. "The M'lord is capable of taking care of 'imself."

"Ah, okay, so he just likes getting everyone to do everything for him anyway?"

Mutt shot you a look, there was mostly amusement but if you looked closely enough there was a hint of warning- cautioning you to not take the mockery further. You guessed the sense of protectivity Sans had over his brother was common in most of the older brother personality types.
Fair enough, you guessed. You were protective of your skeletons too.

"He's a leader- likes to take charge," Mutt began to explain, slumping further into his seat as his gaze drifted towards the flying fists running across the TV screen, "Was captain of the royal guard even. He was real proud of that achievement- don't blame 'im."

Black was the captain of the royal guard in Mutt's universe? You were very curious, about how Black became Captain, and who came before him. You knew for a fact that Papyrus had, once upon a time, longed to join the guard too. Papyrus had always had a deep yearning for acceptance and admiration- even more so than nowadays. When you'd met Papyrus for the first time you met a broken skeleton, but from the pride he held in his stance and the charm lingering in his misshapen smile were the remnants of a great and confident person.
It was a slow realisation figuring out that the underground had broken him in more ways then one, stripped him of his proudest features- his smile and his hope.
Papyrus was just liked Creampuff, until the world robbed him of his future.

It hurt to think there was an alternate world where other younger brother types were living out the dreams Papyrus could never achieve.

"How'd he earn that?" You rubbed at the end of your nose as a chill bit at the exposed skin, waiting with mild curiosity for Mutt's answer. You watched carefully for all of Mutt's expression, choosing to string your sentences together carefully.

"Beat Alphys- Our world's equivalent of Undyne," he stated simply, kicking his left foot over his right.

"Kill her?"

Mutt's eye-lights flickered back to you momentarily, "Nah." You were almost a little surprised, you didn't take Black as the merciful type. "Took an eye though."

"What did she do?"

"Nothin'- just had the position M'lord wanted, so he took it."

That made a whole lot of sense. You didn't know Black very well but you had no doubt he would be capable of such a thing. He seemed like a rather malevolent person, someone who thrived on violence.
Your Papyrus wouldn't. He did what he needed too but he never went out of his way to inflict harm upon another.
Despite everything, he was still kind.
You supposed that was the real reason for why he never got in the royal guard, the reason why he was hurt so badly by Undick. He thought she was his friend and she used and abused him.

"Huh. 'Alphys' must have been blind with rage after that incident."

A snicker escaped Mutt's teeth as he shifted in his seat to sit on an angle that allowed him to partially face you. "Heh. Yeah, eye didn't see the point to all the fuss. The fight though was quite a sight to see."

You paused, evidently out-punned. You had many years of practise with Sans but you supposed that there was a high likelihood you would never quite catch up with his level- or his alternate counterparts. Rubbing away the itch in your nose a smirk curled at the edges of your lips, "Too bad I wasn't there to v-ah- ah


Your previous words caught in your throat as you processed what happened. Scowling, you rubbed at your nose sourly. From beside you, Mutt vibrated in amusement.

"Ppft. What was that?"

"What did it sound like," you stated bluntly, re-tucking your hands back into your hoodie's pockets. You supposed you had gotten the sniffles, or even the cold. You hadn't had a proper cold in years, you assumed it had something to do with being underground. Monsters didn't experience illness the same way Humans did, and as such didn't carry it around. Sure, you occasionally got a bad cough or a runny nose, but you found unless you had eaten something...odd, you didn't really get sick at all.

You blamed being around Humans.

"Sounded a bit like a cat to me."

That was the statement that caught your attention. You paused to slowly redirect your attention and lock your gaze with Mutt's, parting your lips but no words spilt out. "Must be one violently sick cat."

Mutt momentarily choked on his words to wheeze out a chuckle, "Hey- a pussy is a pussy, all the same to me."

"-Ppft," you hated to admit how much you appreciated the crude joke. "Whatever you say- Puppy," you mocked.

Mutt furrowed his bone brows, "better watch your tongue kitten, or you'll find this dog isn't all bark and no bite."

"And that's why we put leashes on dogs," you teased, grinning victoriously at his mildly annoyed expression as you eyed the collar wrapped around his neck.

"Kitten's got claws," he commented, squinting his sockets at you. "You got something against dogs?" Mutt interrogated- almost as if he were offended. He didn't seem upset, just annoyed, and as the credits rolled on the TV you decided you were done interacting for the day.

Standing to your feet, you shrugged. "Thought Cats and Dogs weren't supposed to get along."

Chapter Text

You were a little surprised to wander downstairs and realise you were no longer the only human in the house. In fact it seemed there was a little Saturday lunch gathering within the household, an event you weren't informed about.

Tugging your hood up and over your head to hide the knots and tangles roaming in your hair, you ran your eyes over the room, locking them with Toriel's. You paused, maintaining eye contact with the goat-woman as she stretched a pleasant smile across her lips, opting to approach you.
You snuck a glance behind you, wandering if you could still turn around and escape the dining room as Toriel strode over to you.
You weren't entirely sure why she wanted to talk to you, especially considering the two of you weren't exactly on good terms. Reluctantly, you held your ground, deciding the woman deserved at least that. After all, she had helped you out quite a bit.

"Y/n, how are you doing?" Having zoned out, you trailed your eyes back up to Toriel's crimson orbs, momentarily staring until you regained your composure.

You shrugged, staring at the lady. She was wearing a purple dress- but not just an regular purple dress, the one you told her she should have gotten, all that time ago. It was a flowy purple material with golden embroidery lining the edges, seemingly suited to her shape.
You wondered if she got it custom fitted or whether she just naturally looked good in the colour purple.

Toriel seemingly noticed your staring, glancing down to inspect herself before humming pleasantly, "Oh yes, I took that advice you had given me. It was such a nice dress, would have been a shame to simply leave it to age on that mannequin."

You hummed in acknowledgement, "Looks good," you grunted awkwardly, shifted your gaze away from the towering woman's eyes and rubbing at your nose.
It seemed you had gotten the sniffles- however mildly, and whenever you sneezed you thought about Mutt's little comment and felt a spike of mild annoyance.

Sure, you liked cats but you were no kitten.

"You seem very distracted today, Y/n," Toriel pointed out, finally capturing your full attention. You paused, piercing your lips.

"Dunno, just have a weird feeling," you explained, unsure of why you were so unfocused yourself.

"About what, might I ask?" Toriel watched you curiously, but politely, You appreciated her efforts to remain civil but you couldn't help but feel strange about how nicely she was treating you despite how less then pleasant you'd been. You weren't entirely sure you'd ever feel completely comfortable with some of the pacific ways of some of the people born in this universe.

"Wouldn't know."

"Hmm," Toriel evaluated you for a pause longer, before turning to join your side and watch the rest of the room. Frisk and Chara were currently circling Creampuff, tugging on the ends of his scarf as he conversed proudly with the two children. It was pleasant, like Creampuff had his own little fan-club.

You found your heart sinking as your gaze found Papyrus, to the side of the room and speaking vigorously with Blueberry. Both seemed blissfully unburdened by any troubles as of the moment, but it always hurt looking at the versions of your boys that had gotten everything Sans and Papyrus had ever wanted and never got.
You could only imagine what it was like for them.

You wanted to walk over and join Sans, who was clenching his axe in his hands as he sat at a seat by himself, gaze boring into another one of the guests. From across the room, uncomfortably close to Papyrus, Undyne wrapped her arms around her 'Fiancé'- Alphys. Well, it had been a short while since you'd (thankfully) seen them both (well, more so Undick), for all you knew the two could already be married by now.
You didn't really care either way.

That wasn't the only Undyne and Alphys in the room though- no, that other Alphys- Crimson, you believe her name was, was standing beside a particularly edgy looking Undyne- her Undyne, you assumed. This pair wasn't boondoggling in each others arms like the original pair, rather they were in the company of Edge and Red. The conversation seemed to only really include the edgy Undyne and of course Edge, the other two mostly keeping themselves and sometimes interrupting to throw in a crude comment.

What really caught you by surprised though, was by far the biggest monster in the room. A large goat monster- featuring pointed horns and a grand golden beard. You might have been intimidated if it weren't for the pink flamingo button up shirt, khaki shorts and shit-eating dad faced grin he was sporting. His ruby eyes drifted over the room, momentarily locking with your own and giving you a small, gentle smile before turning to approach Classic and Stretch.

"...This is a lunch, yeah?" You questioned Toriel, who was smiling peacefully at the room around her- your eyes still following the easily 10 foot goat monster in pink crocs.

"Indeed it is."

"Then...why is nobody in the kitchen?" You tilted your head to flash Toriel a confused expression.

"Oh," she chuckled over some joke you obviously missed out on, "Papyrus dear- and of course the other brothers that generally work in the kitchen are still... improving on their abilities in the kitchen," she explained, to which you only furrowed your eyebrows.


Toriel paused, humming to herself as she tried to find the right way to explain whatever she wasn't getting at. "Well, there was a bit of an agreement to just get take out seeing as... not everyone has the same tastes as the boys that like to cook."

Was she saying that they didn't want to have to eat their cooking? It didn't really bother you, seeing as everyone ate their food anyway and nothing was being wasted- that and though you didn't discriminate when it came to food you knew what she was saying was, perhaps, true. Excluding your own Papyrus, of course. Perhaps once upon a time his cooking abilities were to the standard of the skeletons here, but nowadays he was a bit of an expert in the kitchen- he prided himself when it came to food.

Heh. You guessed that was something Paps had that no one else did.
Some small fortune that Papyrus had achieved that the others hadn't.

It was good to think Papyrus finally had something on them that no other younger brother personality did.

The conversation between the two of you fell silent once again, until idle curiosity finally got the best of you. "Who's that?" You gestured over to the only other goat monster in the room, laughing with the two skeletons he was accompanying.

Toriel hummed in question, eyes following your gestured direction before her expression soured. You immediately realised that perhaps that wasn't the best question to ask.

"That is Asgore," Toriel spoke through a hint of frown, narrowing her gaze at 'Asgore'. "The king of monsters." Hold on- king of monsters? Wouldn't that mea- "-And also my Ex."

Your parted lips closed as you stared up at the sombre faced woman who was glaring over at her ex husband. You were obviously conversing a subject that upset the ex-queen, though you felt you still had room for prying. You hated being left in the dark.

"What happened?" There was no context needed for your question for Toriel to immediately understand. Her eyes hovered over your own at your question before they flickered back to Asgore, a bitter frown tugging at the edges of her lips as she clasped her hands bleakly.

"You do know about the seven souls- do you not?"

"Of course."

"I-" Toriel's teeth clamped shut before she could begin to explain, eyes dropping to the floor as she sighed heavily. "Chara- the Chara you know is not my own, but rather the child of another version of myself- from Stretch's and Blue's world," you nodded slowly, faintly recalling being told something similar in the past. "Chara, the one from this world- my precious child was the first human to fall to the underground- before humans were hunted for their souls."

Your eyes widened slightly as you realised where this was going. You knew about how monsters needed seven human souls to break the barrier, how they had six until a human child had swept through the underground before disappearing, taking both the king and the six humans souls with them.
You were blissfully unaware of this side of the story.

"There was a tragic accident, between both Chara and my son- Asriel, and we lost both of them," a shaky breath escaped Toriel's lips as if the words she had spoken physically hurt her. You imagined that on some level they did. "Chara was deathly ill, their dying wish having been to rest among the flowers they loved most caused Asriel to use their soul to cross the barrier and rest their body among the buttercups they adored. The humans of the surface- they..." Toriel paused. She didn't really have to go on for you to piece together what happened and you were well aware she knew that, yet she rolled her shoulders and straightened her stance, a new found confidence in her voice as she remained determined.
"The humans had assumed that my son had killed them, and thus lead to my precious boy's death."

You weren't entirely sure what to say- if you should say anything at all. You remained quiet, giving her your undivided attention to show your respect for her grief.

"Asgore-" her words hardened and as did her expression, anger evident in her eyes," He was consumed with rage and put in place another law- one that demanded the murder of any and every human unfortunate enough to fall to the underground." Despite the upbeat environment the two of you were surrounded in the atmosphere between the two of you had fallen quite bleak and sombre.
"Every man, woman and child- was to die," Toriel swallowed harshly, gaze burning as they glared at her ex from across the room. "I, of course, would not stand for that. So I left," she finished simply.

It was obvious that the woman in front of you was deeply hurt from the tragic events of her past. There was a lot of resent and grief in her expression if you cared to look for it, you found.
Perhaps...perhaps this universe had its tragedies too.

"...Why'd you tell me that?" You questioned quietly. You had no intention of being disrespectful, it just felt strange for her to be so open and vulnerable with you. "You hardly know me."

Toriel didn't respond at first, a million thoughts evidently running through her head as she swallowed harshly. Patiently, you waited as Toriel found the courage to redirect her attention towards you, eyes sliding downwards to lock with your own. "It is no secret, I'm afraid. You would have been informed one way or another- better from me than anyone else."

Piercing your lips you nodded, turning back to face everyone else. The two of you stood in heavy silence for several more minutes, unsure of what to say to each other or how to change the topic or even if you should. Gritting your teeth and inspecting the ground under your feet you took a deep breath.
"You can't go back I'm afraid," you started. You knew that better then anyone else. There was no point dwelling on your regrets and 'what ifs'- there was no redo's. The things of your past had been done- there was no way back. "No other way then forward now, huh?" you muttered.

With those last few words you determined there was nothing left for you to say. There was no point dwelling in this dull mood any longer. You threw a glance over your shoulder to flash Toriel a weary and awkward grin before slipping away to tend to your own affairs, well aware of her surprised gaze burning into your back.

You were still in a relatively sombre mood as you strolled away from Toriel- searching for Sans only to find he'd gone missing. You originally intended to slump by him, knowing his company would be the best for some downtime- especially after that conversation with Toriel. You thought you might even bring up what she told you with Sans, figure out if something similar had happened in your world.
You were beginning to realise you didn't know as much about the underground as you'd previously anticipated. Better late then never you supposed.

Feeling fatigued you simply slumped over in the seat you last saw Sans, sniffing as you rubbed at your nose before slipping your hands in your pockets. It wasn't as cold as yesterday, now that the heater was turned on. Apparently now people had the courtesy to put on the heating now that visitors were over.

Resting your head against the back of your seat you eyed the rest of the room lazily, quickly adverting your gaze whenever they landed on someone you didn't like until they finally settled on Papyrus. A small grin crept on your face as you watch both Paps and Blue skip over to go and speak with Creampuff, who was now alone now that Chara and Frisk had wandered off to speak to Asgore and his company.
There were quite a few inhabitants in the household that you knew weren't particularly friendly, but you were glad that Papyrus had found a few people he got along with. Both Blue and Creampuff were already good in your book, but getting along and accepting Paps definitely earnt them a few brownie points.

You kind of wished there were more people for Sans to get along with too. You knew he wasn't the most social with strangers or people he didn't like, but other than yourself and Paps he mostly hung around himself. Why was ensuring the two were happy so complicated?

A sigh escaped your lips only to be jolted out of your thoughts as another familiar skeleton slinked into the seat from across you. You stared at him curiously, in which he merely smirked, pulling out a deck of cards and chips from the depths of his purple hoodie. You watched Slim shuffled the cards in his hands expertly, dumping the chips on the table- fully aware of his gaze lingering on you.

"Poker?" He rasped, to which you merely raised an eyebrow at him before shrugging.

"Deal me in." Sinking further into your seat you propped your feet up onto the table, watching as he dealt the cards to ensure he was playing fair. Having picked up your cards, you plucked one out from in between your fingers to reorder them, "So, no one else willing to play with you?"

"Played with everyone else before," he shrugged, grinning mischievously at you, "Mind ya, we're playin with cash."

"Alright," you agreed, scanning your cards. You currently didn't have any kind of money- which really bothered you, but you had no doubt you'd find a way to pay him back if you lost. The topic also reminded you that you should really get job, though you found it unlikely Classic or whoever would agree.
You just really hated been totally reliant on these people you hardly trusted. Who knew when somebody would come and take it all away.

With a smirk twitching at the ends of his teeth he pushed in a few chips, obviously easing into the game. Squinting at the skeleton across from you, you followed suit, the two of you throwing your cards in at the same time. Slim grinned widely down at your own cards, a three of a kind. "Not bad," he hummed before smirking, "Not great either," he mused, eye-lights twinkling as he swiped up his cards to show off his full house.

The two of you exchanged a couple of games though you noted considering the methodical way he worked around with the cards you'd assumed he was going easy on you. Must figure you don't really have any money to work with in the first place. "You look like you know what you're doing," you noted, glancing up at the slouched skeleton across from you.

Shrugging, "Just tryin' to make a lil extra on the side darlin'," he purred, rearranging his cards, a frown tugging at the ends of his teeth before dropping his cards onto the table- one pair. Smirking, you dropped your own cards- a flush.

Humming, you took the pot and were redealt, "Why? Work not paying enough?" You knew for a fact that several of the skeletons within the household worked, though you didn't have the slightest clue as to what exactly most of them got up too except perhaps Creampuff and Blueberry who were in law enforcement. From what Slim was implying was that he, indeed, did earn some form of income, and you were curious as to what someone like him would do for a living.

"Can never have too much money," he chuckled simply, leaving you to search his expression.

The inhabitants of this household certainly were interesting- particularly the Papyrus'. It was mostly because it was strange looking at someone that was so obviously Papyrus but so obviously a very different person. There were Papyrus' that still retained your Pap's loud and bold demeanour but were much harsher and crueller in personality, there were Papyrus' that dressed lazily and slugged around the household- the very opposite of how Paps behaved. Creampuff was easily the most similar to Papyrus, almost like as if they used to be the same person, just somehow the two were separated by a small event that changed everything- the famine. It was thoughts like those that really bothered you, as if there was some sort of hidden mystery in need of being figured out.

"Yeah? What do you do for a living?"

Slim glanced up at you over his cards, "Awful curious there ain't ya darl'." It wasn't a question, rather the coldness in those few words spoke sentences. Perhaps it was best to not pry. Not right now, anyhow. You weren't exactly on friendly turns with the skeleton in front of you, or the majority of the population in the room currently.

The two of you fell silent as you kept playing, occasionally exchanging snickers and smug grins whenever one of you won. The two of you had a pretty even split of chips by your eleventh game with perhaps Slim hauling a slightly bigger load until a particularly loud booming cause everyone in the room to jump.

Craning your neck around to see the source of the sound, you found it was merely Black demanding everyone's attention. By his side slouched Mutt, white plastic bags strung from the ends of their fingers filled to the brim with cheap take out.
You eyed the food, stomach churning hungrily.

"Well? Get Moving! Isn't Somebody Going To Get The Plates? Clear The Table?" Black spat instructions at the room and while some sighed, others- such as Blue and Creampuff jumped to their feet and swiftly exited to grab the plates and cutlery while Paps began to pack away the miscellaneous items sprawled across the table top.

Sighing, you twisted back around and slumped in your chair, "Game over?" You eyed the skeleton across from you who looked equally annoyed as several of the other inhabitants of the dining room felt.

" 'Spose," he rasped, eyeing the cards and chips laying out in front of him. "Guess I take the pot?" He grinned, and much to your sour disappointment you realised he had won. Bitterly, you nodded.

"Yup," you popped the p, straightening in your seat and dropping your feet from the table, stretching over the table to offer Slim your hand.
He eyed your outstretched appendages before hesitantly slipping his own phalanges around yours, giving your hand a single, firm shake. The feeling of bone had long since become familiar with you, but the touch of someone who wasn't quite the person you knew felt completely alien, foreign. It left a strange feeling tingling on the tender flesh where your hands met.

"I'll let ya pay me back later yeah?" He offered as the both of you began to scoop up the chips and dump them into one pile, putting cards back into the deck. Your eyes shifted up from the chips you were dumping into his hands to his sole red tinged socket, raising a brow at him. "Know you don't got much to offer as of current, 'm I right?"

You eyed the skeleton in front of you curiously before slumping back in your seat, finished with packing up. You didn't give Slim any verbal reply but you knew he already got his confirmation as you crossed your arms casually and waited for lunch to be dished up.

While waiting for lunch to be served Slim slipped out of his seat and slinked off somewhere else, assumingly to his brother seeing as he was the only person you saw him hanging around- though then again, you didn't really see Slim around much at all unless everyone was eating together in the dining room. Everyone else in the room who was assigned a particular task opted to instead start settling down and finding their seats and you found that with the increased number of people in the house that the table was a lot fuller than usual.

Just as the first few plates start to come out did Sans decided to present himself, standing in the doorway to run his bloated crimson orb over the room until it found you. Your favourite shorter skeleton shuffled over to you falling back in the seat to your right and stared at you in greeting.

"Heya," you grinned lazily over at Sans, causing his own grin to crease at the edges.

"Where's Paps?" Sans questioned, running his sockets over the room in search of his younger brother- not particularly worried but still preferring to know his location.

"Helping dish up everything," you explained simply, resting your gaze on him and pressing your cheek against the palm of your hand. "You know about this whole Saturday lunch thing coming up?"

"Nah," Sans' shifted his gaze over the kitchen doorway, where Paps was walking out behind Blue with two plates in his hands. Papyrus met Sans' gaze, grinning wider and began to strut over in your direction.

"What The Fuck Did You Just Say To Me?" Everyone was jolted out of their peaceful mood to twist around in their seats and watch as the Edgier Undyne rose from her seat, knocking her chair over in the process.

You paused, spinning around to face the commotion. From across the fish was Edge, a deep scowl edged into his skull as he glared over at his fuming counterpart. "Relax Fish, I Was Merely Speaking The Truth!"

A growl left the jagged teeth of the edgier Undyne as she rolled her shoulders and shifted her stance to a defensive one. "That's Fucking Bullshit!"

"-Woah, I think you two need to calm down," Stretch rested his hand on the fish's shoulder, attempting to resolve the conflict only for the edgier Undyne to shrug him off, propping a long leg on the table to pounce over it and on Edge.

"FUCK OFF! You Didn't Let Me Go! If Anything- I Let You Win! I'm The Real Captain Here!" She was on the table, looking positively venomous as Edge took a few cautionary steps back, summoning a defensive belonged bone sharpened at the ends and emitting a reddish hue. By now everyone had realised a fight was about to break out, pushing themselves up from their seats. "You Beat Me Once," A golden orb of light sparked in Undyne's hand, morphing outwards until a spear settled in the pit of her hand. "But Don't Forget Who Taught You Everything You Know."

The spear shot from Undyne's hand, magic pulsing as several skeletons jumped to try and stop the commotion right as the deadly weapon plummeted forward right into Edge's ch-


The room went still.

In an instant did all the commotion in the room disappear as people were left to stand hopelessly, watching the skeleton in front of them drop to their knees, the little eyelight's in their sockets wavering.
They choked on their words, desperate to tell the world their dying words, hands hovering around the golden spear pierced through their sternum, staring at the room around them with wide sockets- in shock.

"P-Papy?" Little baby blue tears on the brink of falling formed, voice breaking as they sobbed through the pain.

"B-blue?" Stretch stared with wide sockets, jaw agape as If he couldn't register the scene in front of him, "Sans?" he choked, taking an unsure step forward with his eyes pinned on the injured skeleton. "SANS!"

Realisation seemed to sweep over the room as a whole as Stretch leaped forward, the golden spear dissipating just in time for the brother's chests to collide as Stretch desperately pressed Blue against him, pulling him closer to him and tucking his brother's head under his chin as if trying to merge bodies, sockets wide and golden tears burning his cheeks.

Nobody knew what to do. You all stared in shock, completely helpless as Stretch screamed into Blueberry's baby blue bandana, dust falling through his fingers.

Chapter Text

Warmth stole the chill that sat under your skin, invaded your senses and held you snug in it's embrace. A shiver, not unpleasant like most dragged across your spine until your entire body shook.
You were giddy, fingers twitching and limbs restless. The only thing that kept you glued to the ground- crossed legged as you stared longingly towards the pools of red and orange was the exhaustion that had settled in your bones.

You had spent too much energy- you needed to sleep- to eat. You weren't entirely sure if you'd make it back.

Wringing your hands your fingers curled in the air, enjoying the pleasantness of the thick heat spread across this area of the underground. You wanted to venture further, an aching in your chest urging you further but your legs wouldn't take you. They wouldn't even hold you up anymore.

Even if you had the ability to move further you'd have still stayed put. The temptations poked at the back of your mind but there was nothing further to greet you other than death- the dust held in the wind and settling in the dirt.

It hurt. The pain gripped at your mind and put your body in a constant state of being on edge and restless desperation.
A void widened in the pit of your stomach, mean and predatory- clawing at your insides and eating at your mind.

The harsh cold of Snowdin had left your body numb, every bruise and scar unnoticed. Hotland melted away the numbness. Sitting out in the open, fighting yourself to keep your eyes open and completely isolated with nothing but your own thoughts to keep you company- the ache increased.

It spread from your very core like an illness, shooting from your stomach to your limbs, desperation reaching even the very tips of your fingers until you quaked. Your mind, your body craved to be filled- teeth gritting and hands clenching anxiously.

You had to watch yourself descend into near madness. Watch as the weight carried on your bones decreased, eaten away by your body. Watch what once was a strong, healthy body grow sickly- a posture that was once confident and swift grow sluggish- each footstep forced forward a burden on your body, a reminder of the unsatisfiable cravings that ate at your insides.

You tried to ignore it. Squeezed your eyes closed and bite into your tongue until they hurt but the thoughts were relentless. They knew no mercy- no kindness- just hunger.
You'd forgotten everything else.

Each breath hurt- lungs burning as they forced themselves to expand and contract with a lethargic pace. Your chest squeezed painfully, desperate for air but your body was limp- completely immobile, forcing itself to keep working past exhaustion, fighting the inevitable.

You'd never see Snowdin again, you realised. Nor the world in front of you- or anywhere ever again.
The thought wasn't bitter, nor eager- it held no real emotion.
It was a simple realisation to you, plain and obvious and it held itself at a distance detached from the rest of reality.

You felt like an outsider, merely watching in from some other place. Your limbs felt strange- body foreign as your mind disorientated itself from the rest of itself.
You didn't want to be eaten.

To think you'd be the reason someone got to live to wake up next morning was unsettling but you didn't try to fight it. There was a natural instinct to try and survive, to persevere but your body refused to comply.
It didn't matter what you wanted anymore. It was just how things worked- the natural cycle of life and death. While though you hated the thought- if you had to be someone's next meal then so be it. You didn't imagine there would be much use else for you.
You hated it- but you understood.

You weren't entirely sure when you'd stop being alone- when their face had crept into the corner of your gaze. You blinked, vision blurry but you couldn't find the energy to crane your neck to inspect the monster. You guess this was the lucky guy- the one that got to eat you- got to live another day.

You weren't scared- you just hoped they'd let you die before they sunk their teeth into you.

A deathly silence rung in your ears- nothing but the crackling of lava to keep you anchored to reality. You were vaguely surprised to find yourself still conscious- unharmed.
Shiny red boots stuck out in the corner of your vision- polished but breaking at the seams, worn and well loved. The boots felt familiar to you but your mind heavy with fatigue and pounding with the need to eat was unable to properly process the world around you.

"Human?" You knew that voice- you'd know it anywhere. The voice echoed in the back of your mind, indistinguishable scenes played out of them in your mind- too disorientated to properly be processed by your conscious mind.

The figure moved to the front of you, crouching down until their eyes levelled with yours. Their empty sockets met your gaze and you felt the world around you begin to spin. The sides of your skull throbbed, body screaming at you until you felt dizzy.

"Ah! So You Are Not Quite Dead Just Yet." The strangely pleased volume of his voice added to the mind numbing pain settling in your skull though it hardly registered to you.

It felt impossible to keep your head up to hold Papyrus' gaze, too lazy to bother finding the words to respond. You could feel the skeleton's gaze on you- though it didn't hold the same heat like it did in his brother's.

Papyrus- you imagined, would have been someone you would have loved to have known before this. The large, predatory monster had a certain gentleness to him- you had no doubt he'd make your last few moments painless and pleasant. Papyrus was too kind for this, you could only imagine what he was like before the world descended into all of this. The things that would have had to warp his mind for such a gentle- natured creature to be forced to do such horrid acts.

You'd might have even considered the strange relationship you and the skeleton shared something akin to friendship. You wished it were different, though there was no changing what had already happened.
Sans- Papyrus brother quite obviously hated you- whether that was a personal thing or merely because you were human you weren't entirely sure of, though despite that, somewhere in the back of your mind you were glad that it was Papyrus that had found you. Out of everyone you had met underground- meek, mean or menacing- Papyrus was kinder than them all.

You were glad that Papyrus would live a little longer- that he would be able to bring back something to his brother- the person he quite evidently loved dearly.
You'd found most families had been torn apart during the famine- Parents tearing into their children and siblings battling each other for survival- only the strongest of families held themselves together.

"Mm," you hummed- quite miserably. "How are ya...Paps?" You breathed heavily, the red boots glued to the stone floor in front of you drawing you into reality.
You weren't quite ready to go yet, and you knew Papyrus would honour that, he'd sit and talk with you, a calm and reassuring smile stretched across his face until the very end.

"...Well. Though I Cannot Say The Same For You, Little Human..." Papyrus' gaze shifted over your face before he shifted in his crouched position to instead sit crossed legged in front of you, knees brushing though neither of you recoiled as the both of you sat in each other's company at the edge of Waterfall and border of Hotland. He studied you- his usually expressive face indecipherable.

You felt a ghost of a smile tug at the corners of your lips, subtle but noticeable. In the back of your mind you found yourself scolding yourself for the wasted energy. "That's good," you muttered half-heartedly. You usually weren't the emotional type, but you couldn't help but feel the need to speak your thoughts- your mind to mouth filter completely diminishing. "Y'know..." you breath shook as you sucked in the air greedily- painfully, "I like ya Paps...I do- Ya cool..."

The skeleton didn't reply for a time and you idly wondered if you'd finally succumbed to unconsciousness.
"I-" The skeleton's usually sturdy and confident voice broke as he cut himself off, "Human, " he started slowly- hesitantly, "I... Do Not Know How I Feel About...Your Death."

You weren't entirely sure what he was saying, too tired to be bothered to try and look deeper into his words. Instead you just hummed lazily to inform him of your still alive state.

"I Have Spoken To Sans And... I Wish To Bring You Home With Me."

You felt like laughing at his words. "Don't need permission to eat me, Papyrus," you grinned deliriously, eyelids falling and opening in the fight to stay awake.

"That Is Not What I Meant, Human," Papyrus sighed, eyeing your face with something close to concern. "I Have Found Over The Time That I Have Known You, I Have Perhaps Grown To Enjoy Your Company," Papyrus paused, a small grin flashing across his teeth as if remembering a pleasant memory, "I Would Like For You To Stick Around A Little Longer."

You were speechless. You weren't entirely sure what to say- paranoid that this was some kind of sick game or even some twisted pre-death hallucination.

"Please, Human?"

You met his gaze, and found nothing but raw sincerity.

"I Would Not Like For You To Go."



A heavy and uncomfortable feeling prickled up and down your arms, running down your spine and settling in the pit of your stomach. Sucking in broken gasps you forced your body upwards, staring wide eyed out into the darkness of your room.

Heart hammering in your chest, you glanced around the room only to find yourself completely alone. Despite knowing no one else was there you could still feel the chilling gazes running across your skin.
Throwing yourself out of bed, stumbling over to the side of your room you hunched over by the window, throwing the curtains out of the way and forcing the window pane upwards to slouch outside.
Panic, overwhelming and desperate gripped tightly in your chest before it began to fade as the icy air hit the flush on your cheeks, cooling the burning sensation tingling underneath your skin.

Heaving, shoulders slumping your eyes began to droop shut once again- not from tiredness, but rather from the calm. It was a silent night and if you listened carefully enough you could hear the crickets in the distance and the occasional squeak of some nocturnal animal.

Well, it was a relatively quiet night until idle chatter began to bounce down the hallways of the house, bedroom doors clicking open. You pause, eyes opening and withdrawing yourself from the window when you remember what woke you up- it hadn't been the dream, rather a particularly loud bang.

Obviously you hadn't been the only one to wake up from the commotion outside, pulling your window closed as to shut out the cold you decided to go and investigate. Shrugging off your old hoodie and throwing on another, less sweaty, hoodie you pushed open your door, peeking your head out before slipping out the door to follow the noise.

So far the hallway had been empty, glancing left and right you crept down the stairs to the bottom floor, walking passed the longue room to find the good majority of the household gathered within that room. Halting, you leant against the doorframe to listen to Red who was telling everyone to 'Fuck off back to bed', and that the noise everyone heard was just the machine downstairs acting up.

While it did take a few colourful sentences on Red's behalf mostly everyone slipped away back to their rooms. Standing quietly in the doorway opposite to the one everyone was exiting from, you located Sans, who stared at the red themed version of himself for a few tense moments longer before spinning on his heel to shuffle off, catching your eye on the way.
Pausing, Sans met your gaze as if to question what you were doing, in reply you merely grinned tiredly at him to reassure him. Nodding, he held your gaze for a moment longer before continuing on his way, slinking off back to bed by Papyrus' side.

You eyed Red curiously for a moment longer, before continuing down the hallway in the direction you were originally heading with no regard to the skeletons words. Something had happened with the machine- the very machine that had brought you here and you wanted to know exactly what it was.

At a casual pace you manoeuvred your way around the house, heading in the very direction you'd first arrived in this universe from. The house was still dark and mostly still and you figured it must have still been the dead of night- hours until dawn.
By the time you'd reached the basement door you already found it left swung open, light from the room below illuminating the cold concrete stairs. Descending below your uncovered feet hit the stone stairs soundlessly, allowing for whoever was downstairs to be utterly unaware of your steady approaching.

Stepping off the last stair you ducked your head around the corner, gaze wandering around the basement curiously. It was exactly as you had remembered it- still stacked full of tables and benchtops decorated with paperwork and calculators, and right in the centre of it all, pushed up against the back wall was the machine. The lights and buttons glowed and blinked brightly, a whirring noise emitting from inside the machine.

In a semi-circle around the machine stood several skeletons- eyes running over their features you concluded it was indeed the skeletons with what you liked to call the 'older brother personality'. Well, all of them were there except Stretch- who, along with Blueberry weren't in the lounge room earlier either. Idly wondering where the two had gone off too, you stepped out from behind the wall lining the stairs, approaching the group who were blissfully unaware of your presence.

"Another two?"

"Yup- no one else by the looks of it."

"Must have been a pretty rough collision for a explosion that loud."

"Definitely- the machine looks alrigh-"

Everybody paused to turn and look over to you, though you paid them no mind, interest captured to the two skeletons unconscious on the basement floor.

"What the hell? Didn't I already tell everybody to go back to fuckin' bed?" You glanced nonchalantly over to Red, who was seemingly pissed at your blatant ignorance of his orders.

Shrugging, you looked over to the two skeleton on the ground, running your eyes over their restless forms. The two's appearance varied slightly from the rest of the skeletons within the household- sharp, smooth cracks ran upwards from one socket and another down the cheek of the other socket. They vaguely reminded you of scars, though seemed far too precise,clean cracks to be unintentional- that and both brother possessed matching markings.

"Kid, you really shouldn't be here," you shifted your gaze over to Classic. You ran your eyes over his expression- he didn't seem upset, rather just very tired. Everyone here looked tired. Including yourself.

"Where the hell are we?"

The skeletons in the room jolted, twisting their skulls to face the direction of the foreign voice.
Snug in the centre of the semi-circle of skeletons and yourself and the machine behind him was one of the new skeletons, squinting his sockets suspiciously at the group as he rose from the ground defensively.
This particular skeleton had a rounder face then the other, not only that but was only three third the other's size. You figured the one you were looking at must have been the Sans of the pair.

Standing defensively next to his unconscious brother the new Sans ran his squinted sockets over everyone, stuttering when they reached you, before fixating them on your expression. You met his gaze, however briefly, before Classic spoke, redirecting his attention.

"Calm buddy, we'll explain everything to you."

Dressed in mostly black leather, the new Sans crossed his arms over his chest with a slight frown pulling at his teeth, assumingly waited for an explanation. From beside him, his brother began to stir. You directed your gaze at the taller unconscious skeleton, not paying much mind to the rest of the groups explanation.

"As you might have figured- I'm you, a Sans," Classic begun, his words sounded practised, rehearsed. You weren't surprised, considering the two were far from the first alternate versions of himself and his brothers to come popping in. "You're in my universe buddy, all the other skeleton's here are from their own universes as well."

New Sans was quiet, gaze calculative. Your eyes flickered back to him just as his gaze shifted back to you. "What's with the human? That ain't a Frisk if I've ever seen one."

Classic glanced over to you wearily, before looking back over to the new arrival. "That's Y/n- she came in with another pair of my brother and I." New Sans raised his bone brow curiously, inspecting you further with mild interest but mostly with suspicion. "The reason you're here is due to the collision of different universe's and timelines- usually each one would distance from each other over time but for whatever reason it's been reversed and now they're all crossing over with the original one- mine."

New Sans nodded in acknowledgement, glancing briefly over to his semi-conscious brother.

"Usually when this happens multiple monsters from the underground are brought over here- though this isn't a guarantee. Occasionally mages can be brought over here as well..."

This was the second time you had heard about mages being able to be brought over as well. New Sans' sockets widened momentarily until Mutt, standing about a foot to your left clarified that you were, indeed, not a mage, but rather just happened to be in a close proximity of the skeletons brought here at the time.

This whole topic on mages, however, made you very curious. As far as you were aware only a single other human had been brought through the machine- Chara. If the other skeletons here knew you weren't a mage, and if you were to assume Chara wasn't either- how would they know that it was mages that could be brought through the machine, and not just humans?

You weren't given any further time to think over your realisation as the New Papyrus shifted, before sitting up from the floor, tenderly rubbing at his skull. "Brother?"

New Sans was quick to spin around and give his brother his full attention, "Yup? You alright?"

"Where Exactly Are We?"

New Sans and the rest of your company were quick to catch the New Papyrus up, explaining everything that he had missed. You found that the two skeletons were particularly curious about yourself, and it's then that you figured- they probably hadn't reached the surface yet.

"You wanna see the stars?" Everyone halted their conversation to instead turn and face you. Noticeably, both the new arrivals perked up at your suggestion, though the Papyrus significantly more so than his brother.

"Pardon, Human, But Are You Suggesting That We Are...On The Surface?" You nodded at the reserved looking Papyrus, gauging both of the new skeleton's reactions. At your confirmation both skeletons exchanged a glance before the Papyrus nodded back at you. "Then Why Yes! We Will Have To Take You Up On Your Offer."

Spinning on your heel, you threw a glance back the two as if to signal both of them to follow, only to be interrupted by Classic, "-Hold up-" everyone turned to face Classic and he sweated nervously, before a sigh escaped his teeth, " Yeah alright, I'll come with." Trotting over to the stairs he glanced back at the group, throwing a wink at the new arrivals, "Think you'll find it to be a rather sansational view," he grinned.

The New Papyrus sighed heavily as several of the other skeletons already members within the household chuckled at Classics pun. A ghost of a grin crept on your lips at the New Papyrus' reaction- it was amusing to know that within every pair of brothers there would always be one with a displeasure for the low quality humour the other possessed.

The group of you crept up the stairs, with both of the new arrivals behind you, and behind them being Mutt and Red. You glanced back at everyone on the way up, catching the gaze of the New Sans yet again. You turned back around, mind still on the unfamiliar skeletons as you followed Classic's lead to the back deck and outside.

As soon as the glass door separating the inside of the house and the wilderness slid open everyone was greeted with the fresh Autumn breeze brushing up against their faces and escaping inside. The newer versions were quick to slip out the door, skulls tilted up on an angle to get the best possible view of the night sky, taking a few extra steps off the deck so that the roof wasn't in the way.

The two were completely silent- in awe, you imagined- much like you imagined the reaction of every monster once trapped underground had. Though you reacted similarly after escaping that hellish place- you'd grown up with the night sky, it could never compare to seeing it for the first time.
Not even the crystals littering the walls and rooves of waterfall were half as stunning to the gorgeous specs of light that pierced through the void of space.

It had been a while standing outside, though you were in no rush, and neither was any of the rest of your company. Though they'd long since become familiar with the sight you could still make out the deep appreciation etched into their skulls.

You were hesitant to interrupt the moment but a question lingered in the back of your mind, one that perhaps, was important. "Hey- ah," you twisted your head to face Mutt, who was conveniently standing by your side. He broke his focus, his eye-lights shifting from the sky to instead meet your own. "Don't we have people coming over for lunch tomorrow?"

Mutt hesitated, momentarily searching your gaze, "Don't worry 'bout that- Classic already took care of that." Mutt shifted his gaze back to the sky and you figured that was the end of that conversation.

Curiosity temporarily sated, you joined the rest in the star gazing, loosing yourself to the depths of your mind.

Of all things to dream about- why the day Papyrus accepted you into his household?

You smiled fondly. Though that day had started off bleak, you were proud to say that it was easily the best day of your life.
You don't know what you would have done without your favourite pair of brothers in your life.

Through everything- together, the three of you survived.

And that's what the three of you will keep doing to the very end.