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Blood Honey and Oak

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Chapter 1: Nightmare/ Reality


Bright Orange embers litter the dark sky like lightning bugs. All the young wolf could do was stand in the distance and watch the group of wood cabins finish burning to the ground. The heavy moldy musk of humans settled lightly against his nose. He knew where he was at was safe, the hunters would be focused on the other werewolves that might try and escape. His human side struggled to hold back the whimpers and urge to strike out. He knew that neither human or wolf his omega self was not strong enough to take out all of the hunters.

Another smell dances in the wind in front of Yoongi. It was easy to pick out from the confusion of smoke and humans. His eyes dart to the cabin that had just started shooting flames from its roof. He could see a pregnant silhouette stumble out the front door. It was the packs head omega, Jisoo. His wolf lunged forward but is quickly drawn back when the sight of hunters run up to the omega. They quickly bind her legs in her weakened state. Yoongi steps out of the bushes trying to get closer. His human side becoming a far distant echo in his mind, his wolf urging Yoongi to protect her.

Jisoo's eyes catch sight of Yoongi's light amber brown eyes. She tries to fight against the hunters and howls out sending him a message to run. The tears brim to the edge of his eyes making the wild flames dance in his glassy eyes. The smell of the hunters starts to slowly fade as he lets out a whimper. Turning his back from the only place he had ever called home, he ran. He staggers and nearly falls, his sight still blurred with tears. He tries to speed up to move faster but the images of his pack's smiling faces float around his mind.

Stepping to close to the edge of a small cliff he slides down it, receiving a large gash from a branch sticking out of the ground. His blood pooled around him, his coal black fur melted away giving way to porcelain white human flesh, the same flesh Yoongi hated. He had spent most of his life hiding his human skin, compared to the other wolves of his pack he wasn't dark enough. They had also bullied him for presenting as an omega. Both of his brothers were alphas and even his sister had presented as a beta.

As he looked at his hands the thoughts of his siblings fill his mind and the tears that he had yet to let fall were now streaking down his dirty cheeks. The salty tears soon mix with the blood that continued to flow from his shoulder. Looking around once his head began to clear he started to feel the chill of blood loss set in. Getting to his feet he noticed a small cavern nearby. Sniffing the air he smells the faded scent of humans, stale mold. He figured that it must have been months since that had last stayed there. Once inside the cavern he notices an old ragged cot and leather bag laying on it. Holding his arm in an attempt to slow the bleeding he wanders over to the cot and grabs the bag. He rips it open and dumps the contents onto the dirt floor, out falls pieces of clothing, medicine, and a waterskin. His eyes start to haze and his mind becomes cloudy. He treats the deep gash and wraps it with one of the shirts from the bag he ripped up. He quickly dresses and takes several gulps of the stale water before collapsing onto the cot. His thoughts fade to nothing and the chill deepens.


The community was full of commotion, everyone seemed to be gathered around the center of the small quiet town. An older man stood on a stage leaning on a handmade cane. His hands where a touch on the shaky side but he stood tall with pride. He stood even straighter as a young man joined him on the stage. The clearing of his throat quieted the gathering of people. “Thank you all for coming out today, we are here to celebrate the coming of age journey for the next leader of our pack.” The young man steps forward to bow to the community that would soon be his. The roar of clapping and cheering filled the air. He steps back and places his hand on the older man's shoulder. “I'm so proud of you, Namjoon, my son,” the old man chuckles and slaps his back before handing him a large rabbit skin bag. After taking the bag he hugs the old man and steps down off the stage.

He is stopped by a woman grabbing his arm. She opens the bag and slips in a small picture and a bag of medicine and bandages. “Please be careful and come home safely,” she whispers in his ear as she hugs him and nuzzles his neck.

“I will, Mom, but could you please stop this is a bit embarrassing,” he whispers back as his eyes scan over the crowd before coming back to her. She lets him go and pats his shoulder signaling him to go. As he follows the gravel path that leads out of town the people separate like the red sea, several of them patting him as he walks by. When he reaches the edge of town he undresses and places his garments in the now full bag. The sunlight filters through the trees onto his supple sun kissed caramel skin. As he stands there he thinks to himself that this could be the last time he is in his human skin for weeks. His body shifts and his human features give way to that of a strong alpha wolf. His fur shined with a flax silver shine. The only mark on him was a black patch of fur that covered his right eye. The patch shined bright and stood out from the silver when the sun hit it. Once he got the bag settled on his back he takes one more look back at the community and takes off like a bullet.

Namjoon wandered the forest discovering the nature that surrounded him. After hours of exploring the sun began to weigh heavily in the sky and the weather started to shift. The smell of rain danced through the air on the back of the wind. Namjoon noticed the change and the noises his stomach was making and realized that he had been spending more time discovering new areas and less time focusing on his condition. He became desperate for shelter and food. He decided to head a bit further west because if he remembered the stories his grandmother had told him as a pup correctly there were caves that direction. They were the old caves and caverns their pack had originated from before they had settled and built their pack village.

Shooting off like a bullet again towards the west, the sky became dark and large storm clouds released a cold rain. He didn't feel the cold much thanks to his thick fur but the ground sent chills up his paws. The dirt below him began to give way as he started downhill. Catching his balance he notices a cavern in the distance. Sniffing at the air to check for threats the smell of iron soon fills his nose. 'Blood,' he thinks to himself. Rushing towards the smell he finds himself in front of the dark cavern he had just spotted. This close the smell of blood mixed with the smell of honeysuckle and jasmine root, the sweet smell had the sour undertone of pain and sickness. His thoughts race around the possibilities of what he could find when he enters. He growls into the seemingly empty space but hears no response. When he takes a couple of hesitant steps in he hears a small almost inaudible whimper from further inside, had he been in human form he most likely wouldn't have heard it. His mind holds him back with slight fear of not knowing what he might find but something in his wolf connects with the sound and pulls him further into the cavern.

Figuring that further investigating the cave would be easier in his human form, especially if there was someone hurt. He ducks his head to let his bag slip from his back onto the ground and lets his form shift, in a breath his fur melted away to caramel skin. He digs into his bag grabbing a small lantern and matches. Using the now lit lantern he looks around the room immediately spotting a blood trail leading further into the darkness. He follows the trail soon finding a dirty bag, it's contents scattered on the floor. Holding the lantern higher he notices a cot with a small bodied man crumpled upon it. The smell of blood, honeysuckle, and jasmine is so strong it makes him slightly dizzy. He knew he needed to save the smaller man and the only way he could do that was to keep his wits about him he shakes his head clear and reminds himself to breath through his mouth to hold back the smell and accompanying dizziness.

Kneeling beside the cot he placed the back of his hand to the man's cheek, startled by the coolness he checks his pulse noting it's weakness. Quickly setting the lantern on a nearby table he looks the man over trying to find any possible injury. Mind racing Namjoon's hands begin to shake wondering if he has any chance of saving the man before him, he was so cold and clammy. Namjoon takes a moment to get his nerves and reminds himself of all the times he helped his mother in the hospital back in the pack village. He regulated his breathing and focused on the search for wounds. Reaching into his bag for a knife he cuts the bloodstained shirt off the man's small frame. His eyes land on the man’s shoulder wrapped in cloth so soaked in blood he can’t tell what color it had originally been. Namjoon carefully cuts the bandages away and almost recoils at the sight of the wound. Grabbing his waterskin and medicine bag he starts cleaning the wound. His heart clenches at the loud pained whimper that slips from the man’s lips. Once the wound is clean he applies a salve before redressing it. Namjoon feels tear prick at his eyes at the whimpers and soft cries that flowed freely from the smaller man.

Namjoon shifts the man onto his back before pulling a small glass bottle from his medicine bag. Gently cradling the man’s head he lets a few red drops fall from the bottle into the man’s mouth and watches as he swallows them. He leans back letting out a sigh of relief. He gets to his feet and walks to the cavern entrance to see that the rain has stopped but left a cold chill in the air. Namjoon knows that for the small man to have any chance of surviving he needed a source of warmth. Walking back to the man he unties a fur blanket from his bag and covers the other man with it. “I will be back, hang in there,” he whispers before dressing and walking out of the cavern.


Screams and howls fill his ears as he runs around the village trying to find his other pack members. Every door he busts down opens into completely empty cabins. Yoongi reaches the center of the village where a beautiful oak stands. Looking up he sees their leader hanging from a high branch. Tears well-up in his eyes and fall to the ground at his feet. The pleading howl of the head omega rings in his ears, he turns in circles trying to find her. His eyes finally landed on her bloody bound form as it’s being drug to the tree. He tries to run to her aid but his paws won’t move and he falls to the ground, they had become bound like hers. Looking around him he sees a group of hunter starting to surround him. He struggles against the bindings but fails. A hunter reaches him grabbing his head forcing him to face the female as they hoist her into the tree. He tries to close his eyes but the hunter holds them open. The brutality of the tourture echoes through the village. The screaming howls of the female stop and she hangs by her feet lifeless next to her mate. Yoongi lets out a howl as he hears the words, “Your turn.”

His eyes snap open and he could see nothing but black besides the warm glow coming from a small distance away from the cot. Flinching in the bed he tries to move away from the fire. Shooting pain flares down his arm and up his neck causing him to cough and wince in pain. Looking around he sees two leather bags and medicine scattered around. He sniffs the air trying to pull himself back to reality. He doesn’t understand why there is a fire burning and so many supplies littering the ground. The soft smell of the fire is overpowered by the smell of wet moss and oak. Was there someone that helped him? He stands up slowly trying to keep balance, once steady he takes small slow steps towards the entrance. Only a few feet from the opening his weakened legs give out and his body begins to fall. He closes his eyes preparing for the surge of pain that will come once he lands but it never comes. He slowly opens his eyes as the smell of moss and oak wraps around him making him dizzy, before his eyes slip shut he sees the tan skin of a man with the most beautiful light brown eyes and dimples deeper than the cavern. “Rest now, you are still very weak,” the voice melts like molasses in his mind. ‘Is this heaven,’ he thinks to himself before the darkness consumes him once again.

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Chapter 2 - Revenge
Three days had past since the man had last been conscious. Namjoon had stayed by his side the whole time watching over him. Everyday he changed the bandages and prayed that the man’s fever would break. As times drug on he worried more and more that he wouldn’t recover. He also knew that soon he may have to go and search for more food and supplies but he worried about leaving should the man regain consciousness while he was away. In the last three days the other man had only made whimpering sounds and the occasional small howl but today when Namjoon came back from grabbing firewood from just outside the cavern the other man began to thrash in the cot and screamed out what sounded like a name. The alpha rushes over and gathers the other to his chest releasing a calming scent that seemed to help. The thrashing slowly came to a stop yet Namjoon couldn’t bring himself to release the thin male. He looks down at him and studies the smooth features. His black hair was now sticking to his forehead from sweat and the once painful look he had had melted and gave way to a beautifully peaceful look. Namjoon froze and gently set the man back down on the cot. Placing his hand over his heart he felt it fluttering and bouncing around his chest. He had been so worried about the man’s condition that he hadn’t noticed himself falling for the intoxicating smell the other was giving off. He sits by the fire and starts making a soup with the last of the meat he had hunted the night he found the other. Namjoon was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t the shifting of the cot, the groans, or the footsteps of the other man sneaking up behind him. He was snapped out of his thoughts by the clearing of the throat and the slight sharp pressure between his shoulder blades.

“Who are you and what are you doing here,” asked a voice husky with disuse from behind him. Namjoon slowly turned his head, eyes meeting the glaring ones of the dark haired man.

“Oh, you’re awake, I don’t know how long you’ve been here but I found you passed out and bleeding to death almost 5 days ago.” Namjoon slowly shifted sideways so he could face the other but stayed crouched down by the fire not wanting to startle the man still pointing a knife at him. He shakes his bangs out of his eyes and gives a small smile his dimples showing, hoping that he could show that he wasn’t a threat to the omega.

Yoongi’s heart skipped as he saw those dimples, he thought he had dreamed them up. He was brought back to reality when the other man spoke again. “How does your shoulder feel? It’s almost healed and if possible could you stop pointing that knife at me? It’s making me just a touch nervous, I promise I mean you no harm.” Yoongi drops the knife as he realizes that the man’s voice is the same molasses tone he thought he dreamed. He looks over at the bandage and carefully moves his arm. There wasn’t any pain only a bit of discomfort, if the other had taken care of it he seemed to know what he was doing. A sound echoed through the cavern as the smell of meat and marrow reached the sensitive nostrils of newly woken man. He looks down at his stomach as the noise continues.

Namjoon lets out a small laugh as he turns and pours a bowl of soup. When he turns to hand it to the other man he sees him sitting on the cot packing the small leather bag. “Where do you think you’re going? You just woke up and you have got to be weak.” Namjoon sets the bowl on the table and places a hand on the man’s good shoulder trying to get him to stay but he pushes him away with a soft growl. “Please at least eat, get some nutrients and let me check your wound once more before you leave.” The dark haired man scoffs at him but grabs the bowl.

“As soon as I finish this garbage I am out of here, I need to take care of shit,” he states flatly as he raises to his mouth. He winces as soon as the spoonful slides down his throat.

“Sorry, it’s probably a bit hot,” Namjoon says as he sits next to the other on the cot. He gives the other a large sheepish smile that show just how deep his dimples go before looking down at his feet missing the dusting of red on the other’s cheeks. The smaller man quickly downs the bowl of soup and gestures to his shoulder. As Namjoon looks over the wound he fights the back the questions swirling in his mind. He desperately wants to know who the other man is and what he had gone though that had left him so badly injured, his dark hair still holds the light stench of smoke and ash. Before he could catch his words they spew out like rushing water just as he finishes checking the man’s shoulder. “Can I ask your name and how you ended up getting hurt so severely?” The smaller man jumps up in an attempt to rushed out but loses his balance and lands right into Namjoon’s lap. “See you aren’t in the best condition to be leaving, at least stay one more night to gain back some of your strength.”

Yoongi pushed himself out of the other’s lap and sits on the other end of the cot. “Fine,” he grunts out turning away. He’ll just wait for the large alpha to fall asleep to sneak away. Silence falls upon the cavern and stretches for several long moments, “Yoongi,” he says in a small rough voice.

“So your name is Yoongi,” Namjoon responded perking up, “My name’s Namjoon, I was born in ‘94. I started my coming of age journey the day I found you, I’m going to take over leading my pack when I return.”

“So I’m a year older than you,” Yoongi replies in a bored tone.

“So you’re my hyung. Where is your pack from and why aren’t you with them?” The omega turns away from him and the silence returns.

‘Why does this pup keep asking questions,’ Yoongi thinks to himself.

Night falls on the cavern and the fire has burned low, glowing softly. The sound of tree frogs along the nearby creek could be heard. The time from their conversation until now had been spent in silence just the way Yoongi liked it. The alpha had to many questions that he wasn’t comfortable answering. He sat up in the cot slowly trying to keep it from squeaking under his weight shifting. In the dim light he could just make out the figure of Namjoon wrapped up in fur leaning against one of the cavern walls. Getting to his feet he sneaks carefully to the entrance upon reaching it he looks back into the darkness with apologetic eyes. He wished he had thanked the alpha for what he had done for him but the words and timing never seemed right or they sat on his lips wrong. He had spent his life as a reject, especially after being forced to present himself after a year of successfully hiding his omega nature. Before he knew it, his feet had began to move and he was heading back the way he had fled from days ago. He knew he needed to get closure on what had happened to his pack. Finding a large tree he shed his clothes and place them in the bag. He figures he could reach the village by morning if he continued on in wolf form through the night. His bones shift and give way to a stance of walking on all four and his black fur shines in the moonlight. Looking around him he prepares for the long run ahead. ‘I will get my closure.’


The sun starts to shine into the cavern right onto the sleeping face of Namjoon. As he rolls over to avoid the light he remembers Yoongi. He shoots up and looks towards the cot, it’s empty. He walks over to sit down on it and feels that it’s cold, he lowers his head with a sigh. Yoongi must have left hours ago. “I never got to say goodbye, maybe our paths will eventually cross again.” He gets up and starts packing up his things, he knew he still had so many things to do before he could return to his pack. He looks down at the parchment he used to keep track of time, only nine moons left before he had to return. He eats a quick meal before setting out once again.

Hours later he looks up to see that the sky had started to cloud the smell of more rain in the air. It makes his mind wonder back to the night he had found Yoongi and he hoped the omega would be safe. He knew that hunters were more common in this area during this time of year. He travels up an old trail, it was well packed down by other animals that used it to get to water and good grassland. He wonders for a couple more hours and the sun starts it’s decent in the sky leaving an orange stain against the gathering clouds. Namjoon decides to shed his human skin for silver fur in preparation for the cold wind and rain that had been threatening him all day.

All of his senses heighten after he shifts, his sense of smell seemed to be even more magnified than normal. The wind brings the smell of grass and trees dancing around his nose but over powering those were two other scents. One was unfamiliar to him but the second was familiar and it sent his heart racing. The scent of honeysuckle and jasmine root, Yoongi. The sour undertone that had quickly faded after he began treating the omega was back. Now not only was it the sour smell of pain but even worse the smell of fear. Ignoring the unfamiliar scent he follows the smell of the omega his wolf urging him to protect. His human side was screaming and banging on the walls of his mind to stop and think but his wolf was to strong. Honeysuckle and jasmine pulled his wolf to move faster and the sour smell burned at his nostrils. Stopping was not an option, whatever was causing Yoongi’s sweet smell to sour needed to stop.

Before he knows it he reaches the edge of a clearing in which stood half burned buildings and twisted remains of burned trees. Just as Namjoon was about to step out from the line of trees voices in the distance caught his attention. Staying hidden he wanders to where the voices are coming from. Once around a large building almost burned to the ground he could see a circle of men and several dogs tied to posts. The dog nearest him caught his scent and turns to bark in his direction. One of the men that Namjoon can now tell are hunters turns to the dog and kicks the poor beast to shut it up. Namjoon scrunches down deeper into the grass and tries to get a closer look at what has the hunters attention. Once he sees into the circle tears of anger and sadness fill his pale brown eyes. One of the hunters stands over a black haired man tied to a post with a red hot steel rod. The man pressed the tip against the trapped man’s skin. A scream leaves his bloodied mouth which slowly transitions into a howl of pain. Namjoon’s heart drops, it’s Yoongi, anger floods his systems with adrenaline. His vision goes black as he leaps from his hiding place.

When the pain starts to recede Yoongi opens hazy eyes to see a flash of red and silver fur. He blinks trying to clear his eyes but where the wolf once was now stands a long legged man, sunkissed skin splattered with blood, and eyes shining almost sliver blue. The feeling of safety washes over him as his head tips back and the overwhelming smell of wet moss and oak trees fills him. He knew that the beautiful silver wolf and the large man now standing over him was Namjoon. His eyes fluttered shut as he lets the scent completely sedate him into a peaceful slumber.


When Namjoon finally comes back to himself he finds himself quite a distance from where he had found the hunters. He quickly notices the weight on his back, Yoongi, sleeping heavily. He takes a deep breath thankful that there is no longer the sourness tainting the smaller man’s scent. Looking at the arms slung over his shoulders he could see the bruises and burns that littered the pale flesh. Then he looks down at his hands he sees them covered in blood almost to the elbow. He feels the pressing urge to rid himself of the blood and is glad to find a spring not far in the distance. He sets the sleeping omega down with his head on his bag, that he is thankful his wolf didn’t leave behind, before wrapping him up in his blanket. Sitting down by the spring Namjoon starts the wash the blood from his skin. A soft rustle caught his attention and he turned back, the older man had snuggled further into the blanket only tufts of coal black hair still visible. The alpha felt his eyes fill with tears, not at the fact that he had slaughtered a group of hunters but at the thought that he had almost been too late to save Yoongi. He didn’t understand it but his wolf seemed to have some sort of connection to the omega laying in front of him slumbering peacefully. In the small time he had spent with him he had developed a need to figure the older man out. What made him so cold? What made him so daring?

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Chapter 3

Warmth radiates against his skin, Yoongi cracks his eyes open to allow a small bit of light in but the pounding in his head forces them shut again. He let his guard stay down as he enjoys the heat soaking into his body. Tilting his head where it lay against the warmth he sniffed, the scent that filled him woke him fully from his peaceful state. He realized he was on the back of the alpha and began to push against him trying to get away from the younger man. The alpha adjusts him forcing him to stay in place. “Stop moving,” the alpha growled. “You are in no condition to walk so just behave for once and stop acting like a brat.” Yoongi huffs at Namjoon’s demands but wraps his arms around his neck anyways. He studies the bruises that litter him and then down to his leg, there was a makeshift splint from just below his knee to his toes. Namjoon looks back at him and smiles, “I used some pain numbing herbs to ease your wounds, any discomfort or pain?” Yoongi buries his face in Namjoon’s shoulder and shakes his head. The alpha lets out a soft giggle at the omega’s adorable gesture.

The walk felt like such a short time but it was spent in silence. The scent of the alpha left Yoongi in comfort and he would often catch himself dozing off. As if Namjoon knew he would act as if he was adjusting the weight on his back and snap Yoongi out of his dazed state for a moment. Each time Yoongi could almost imagine a smirk developing.

The sun soon began to disappear and the cold was setting in. Yoongi shivered against the younger’s broad back and tried to huddle closer. Namjoon started to search out shelter. Off in the distance he could see a worn out hunters cabin. He walks towards it and sniffs at the air. The place seemed to have been abandoned months ago and would be the best place for them to find shelter.

Namjoon uses all of his strength to shove open the door without josling the older too much. Inside there was debris everywhere, the smell of mold and dust hung heavy in the air but it was the best they could do for now. The far wall had a large stone fireplace with a small stack of wood next to it and an ugly green couch covered in even more dust. He set Yoongi down and began to whip the thick layer of dust from the couch and fireplace. Yoongi stood by balancing on one leg, letting his eyes follow Namjoon, studying him. He was then quickly picked back up and laid down on the couch. “Stay here, Hyung, I’ll get a fire started then go out and collect some more wood. Please try not to leave again.” Yoongi complies with a small nod, watching the alpha fills his heart for a split moment until he notices the fluttering. He looks away and lays his head against the arm of the couch. “I’ll be right back, Hyung, don’t miss me too much,” he hovers over Yoongi with an impish smirk watching as the older man’s face turns bright red. Yoongi turns and buries his face against the back cushion causing Namjoon to giggle at the cuteness before he walks out the front door.

Sometime passed and Yoongi catches himself looking back at the door over and over again. He tries to occupy his mind with stirring the fire but soon realizes that it’s starting to die. He thinks to himself that the younger man should have returned by now. It shouldn’t take that long to gather some firewood. He gets to his feet and limps over to one of the small windows, looking out he doesn’t spot the other man. He limps to the opposite window but doesn’t see him out that one either. He starts to pace the small area, dark thoughts filling his head. ‘What if he went to far and hunters found him.’ He stops and looks around once again, ‘Why am I worrying about that stupid alpha.’ He sits back down on the couch but only a breath after doing so the door flies open. Yoongi is on his feet and ignoring his injured leg he rushes to Namjoon slamming into him causing the wood to fall from the younger’s arm. He wraps his arms around the alpha and the alpha returns his embrace. Namjoon’s chest tightens ever so slightly as he hears several small hiccups from the small beautiful man in his arms.

“Is everything ok or did my omega miss me that much,” a chuckle escapes Namjoon went Yoongi notices what he was doing and scurries back to the couch. With a wide smile Namjoon picks up the wood and walks over to keep the fire going. He lays out a white sheet that was bundled up, unwrapping meat from a fresh kill. “Hyung, sorry it took so long but I figured some fresh meat would help you get your strength back quicker, please don’t be mad.” He sees the older man sitting staring at the fire with his arms crossed over his chest.

After a moment of awkward silence Yoongi looks at the alpha sitting on the floor. “That’s not what I’m mad about,” he says quietly as he scuffs his feet against the floor. Another moment of silence passed before Yoongi blurts out, “Your omega?” His face cringes as if he tasted disgusting medicine. Namjoon leans back on his hands and looks at Yoongi. “It was only a joke, but I see it was a bit of a bad one.” He looks back at the fire where he has some of the fresh killed doe meat cooking. They ate in silence, which was only followed even more silence.

After a while Namjoon gets up to blow out the couple of candles they had lit to light up the cabin. He was starting to get comfortable on his spot on the floor when he hears Yoongi speak up, “That was where my pack lived.” Namjoon sits up to see Yoongi curled up in the corner of the couch his legs tight against his chest and arms wrapped around them. The alpha gets up and sits down next to the older man, his full attention on him. He opens his mouth to say something to the omega but is quickly cut off. “Those hunters burned my entire pack, caught and tortured the ones that tried to escape.” Tears were brimming in Yoongi’s eyes as he chokes back the lump in his throat. “I hid and watched as my village burned, I watched as the hunter slaughtered my pack.” Namjoon reaches out grabbing Yoongi’s hand and lacing their fingers together. The sorrow seemed to travel through the skin contact as Namjoon began to tear up as well. “Am I evil for having a small part of me that believes those hunters were karma for what my pack did to me? Am I wrong for wishing you never rescued me that night?” Namjoon looked at him and pulled him into a hug. He could feel his shirt dampening with tears as Yoongi sobbed into his chest. Soon the sobs turned to loud wails, “Why didn’t they accept me as an omega? Why didn’t I try to save them? Why do I even care?” The omega had so many questions that Namjoon couldn’t answer. He just held him tighter until the tears stopped.

Namjoon grabs him by the shoulders gently pushing him away to wipe the tears from his cheeks. “You are loved, you have someone right here that will accept you for who you are or decide to be.” Yoongi had waited years to hear someone say something like that to him, all he had ever wanted was to be accepted the way he was. His eyes focus on Namjoon’s face and narrow in on the softness of his eyes and lips. Like a small string between them was pulled tight they slowly leaned into each other letting the emotions around them take control. Yoongi’s lips touch Namjoon’s soft supple ones, the kiss starts slow and soft. Namjoon quickly takes control reaching his hands up under the back of Yoongi’s shirt. The kiss gets more intense as Yoongi feels Namjoon’s fingers rake down his back and his tongue ask for entrance as it traces the crease of his lips. Yoongi opens his mouth with a sigh and their tongues intwine almost as if they were trying to knot together. They part gasping for breath as Namjoon lifts Yoongi’s shirt up and over his head. Their mouths come back together in a more aggressive manner. Namjoon grabs Yoongi’s fragile wrists and pinned him to the couch their lips still locked. With his free hand he reaches down to the front of Yoongi’s pants. Both of their wolves wanted this with all their being but as soon as Yoongi feels the tug on his pants he pushes back breaking the kiss and pulled his knees back into his chest. This sent Namjoon to the floor, in a small voice the omega kept repeating, “I’m sorry,” over and over again.

“No, I’m the one who should be sorry, Hyung. I shouldn’t have let something like that happen in your emotional state. I’m usually a level headed type but my wolf seemed to take over,” Namjoon stood with a soft sigh rubbing the back of his head. He leaned over and wrapped his arms around Yoongi, “Remember, Yoongi, you are perfect just the way you are and I would one hell of a lucky alpha to have you as my omega.” He let go of him and walked to the front door leaving Yoongi in a dismal state.

The sound of the front door opening got the smaller man’s attention, “Where are you going?” The younger let out a light giggle, “I don’t think it would be safe for me to stay in here tonight. Sleep will my future omega.” Yoongi tossed and turned the whole night, his body felt as if it was slowly being heated by flames. The memory of Namjoon’s hands on his skin and his lingering scent caused the heat to rise. He runs his fingers along his lips remembering their kisses, feeling as if the alpha’s lips were still pressed against his. He couldn’t take the feeling anymore, he needed some fresh air. He carefully steps out the front door and looks up to see the moon shining brightly. Nighttime was always his favorite, it made him feel free from all of the daytime burdens and worries that weighed heavy on his heart. He had only taken two steps out of the cabin when he felt a tug on his ankle. He looked down to see Namjoon curled into a ball under a light fur blanket that barely covered the long legged man. His hand had a tight grip on his ankle, in a voice rough with sleep Namjoon spoke up, “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Well… I couldn’t sleep and felt like I needed some air. He looks away from Namjoon trying to hide the blush that heated his cheeks. He hears the other get to his feet and only jumps slightly when he feels him wrap the blanket around his shoulders.

“Well if you insist on going for a walk please let me escort you.” Yoongi nods and starts to walk forward. Silence stretches between them for a while. Yoongi wondered where the loads of questions from Namjoon were but didn’t ask. He continued to walk trying to clear his mind, he is pulled from his thoughts when he feels fur brush against his hand. He stops and looks over to see a large silver wolf realizing that this is the first time he has full seen the alpha in wolf form. He squats down to get a better look at him. The way the silver fur rolled over his shoulders and stuck up a little between his ears gave Yoongi a sense of deja vu, the only thing that didn’t seem strangely familiar was the black patch that covered his right eye. It seemed to shine with a hint of blue in the moonlight.

“Namjoon… may I ask… umm,” Yoongi stumbled over his words as he noticed that the alpha’s wolf eyes were also like his. He started walking forward again trying to think of how to word the question that sat on the tip of his tongue. When they reached the creek he turns back around to see Namjoon standing in human form Yoongi quickly turns back around. “Umm… how did you get the black patch on your face when you are in wolf form?” He opens his eyes and realizes that he had turned to face Namjoon again and his gaze was right on the younger’s bare chiseled chest. He pulls his gaze up to the other man’s face as a shiver runs down his spine.

“I was just a little pup and I was out playing with a pup from a neighboring pack and he bit me out of playfulness. Soon after that I developed the patch and my wolf’s eyes changed. I never saw him after that day.” Yoongi steps away from Namjoon rubbing the back of his neck. “Oh… that’s interesting.” His head floods with a memory from his pup years, back when his pack had been on the run and needed shelter. He finally realized why the silver fur seemed so familiar. He was the pup that had bitten the alpha. He didn’t want to keep that fact a secret but he also didn’t want to give the other bad news. The sun start to rise as they reach the cabin and exhaustion is settling into both of them. Yoongi reaches for the door but is stopped by Namjoon opening it. “Go in and get some rest, I’ll stay out here to pro…” his voice trails off as Yoongi grips his arm.

“Please just come in, the seasons are changing and the weather is getting chilly. How are you going to protect me if you are sick.” The older looked up at him with tired eyes and Namjoon can’t help but give in. They enter the cabin and Namjoon lays down on the floor while Yoongi lays down on the stiff green couch. The fire slowly dies off through the day and the air in the cabin grows chilly. When the sun is high in the sky it shines through one of the windows right on Namjoon’s face waking him a bit. He noticed something squirming beside him under the blanket. He pulls it back to reveal the smaller framed man his black hair sprawled over Namjoon’s shoulder. When the sun hits the older man’s face he whines and tries to turn away from the light. The alpha can’t help the wide smile that graces his face as he wraps his arms the omega. He rubs in nose in the other man’s black hair and breaths in his sweet scent. Yoongi tucks his nose into Namjoon’s neck and they both fall into a peaceful sleep wrapped in each other’s comforting scent.

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Chapter 4

The next few days come and go quickly. There was little spoken about between them, but it was the best company Yoongi could ask for. Namjoon would treat his wounds so delicately and when the terrible memories would come creeping back. Namjoon could almost sense it. He’d occupy the others mind with random knowledge and facts. By looking at the alpha you wouldn’t guess he was like an open dictionary. He must be a genius or a high IQ, Yoongi thinks to himself watching Namjoon continue to ramble.

The last night they decide to stay in the cabin, it had been the coldest one yet. The wind was snapping against the poorly insulated walls and cracked windows. The cold seemed to creep in like a ghost chilling both Yoongi and Namjoon to the core. Yoongi had found shelter under the large heavy fur throw with Namjoon. Namjoons body heat was like a heater on full blast. Keeping the hypothermia at bay. They stayed close to the fireplace that had roaring flames coming from them. Though all the heat they had was no match for the cold. They sat there with sleep deprived eyes. Namjoon stood up “ I will try to go get more wood. Maybe it will give more heat.” As he stepped away he felt shivering thin arms wrap around his waist in protest of him leaving. “Fine I won’t leave.” He grabs Yoongi after sitting on the floor and sits him on his lap trying to give the smaller man more heat. He knew he couldn’t afford to get sick now with all his injuries.

Namjoon’s gaze studies the yoongi. He smiles seeing how the younger seemed to curl up like a cat into a small ball in his arms. He noticed Yoongi’s breath get heavier. He had finally fell asleep with an innocent look on his face. His mind was so concentrated on yoongi’s adorable expressions on his face, but didn’t realize that his hand was creasing small circles on Yoongi’s lower back. A small whimper escapes with the heavy breath from Yoongi and in a small begging tone of vocals Namjoon hears his name ring in his ears. The hair on the back of his neck stands on end and his wolf begins to awaken inside him. He tries to calm is strong Alpha wolf down that was clawing at the walls inside him. He calms the tempered wolf, but the flash of blush continued to stain his cheeks red. He works to steady his breathing and notices the yoongi still laying peacefully on his lap. With a sigh of relief he leans back on his hands.

He his mind settles and a relaxing calm soaks through his skin. It is shortly lived when an unfamiliar smell soaks into the room. His wolf reaches for the edge as to protect the cabin and Yoongi. The scent is of something sweet like cotton candy. It is no time at all before the cotton candy is overpowered by a much stronger scent. Maple wood and ash cluster Namjoons nose and the wolf in him realises all the scents were of an Alpha and Omega pair. Namjoon pulls Yoongi closer to his chest and lets out an overbearing growl. It was a warning that he was to protect the contents of the cabin with all his strength. The wolf in him continues to get more aggressive and ready to burst forward, until the sleeping omega started to wiggle about in his arms making small whimpering noises.

A soft, but strong voice sips through the heavy wood door from the other side in reply to the growl Namjoon gave,” Sir, I mean no harm. My omega and I have been traveling for such a long distance in the cold. We are in seek of shelter and have not found any in the last two miles.” A soft voice accompanied soon after,” We mean you and whoever else, that is with you, no harm.” Namjoon debates weather to open the door, but he thought about what the two had said and he imagined him and Yoongi in the situation. His heart thumped hard for a few beats. He decides to hear them out. He picks Yoongi up and sets him lightly on the couch, trying not to disturb the older’s slumber. He quietly walks to the door trying to keep the floorboards from creaking. When he walks past the counter where the leather bags sit, he reaches in pulling a small sharp dagger out. He places his hand with the dagger behind his back and cracks the door open just a sliver. His muscles tighten as he prepares to defend the cabin with all his might, but as he looks through the crack he sees a small framed male standing on the other side with a bit larger male. He sizes them up quickly and realizes even if they were a threat he would easily handle them.

With confidence he opens the door further. Just enough for his body to fit into the frame of the opening. He studies their features a bit closer, now that he could get a clearer view. The larger one of the two had strong features. His hair was a dark brown with honey like highlights that complimented his skin tone. That was also a bit of a darker shade. His eyes were large and a deep brown like an older doe. The smaller male next to him was much the opposite. His facial features were soft and almost child like. His hair was a very pale blonde, almost silver. His eyes blended with his hair. As, they too, were of a pale color. The blue of his eyes almost shined of silver from the light that came from the room behind Namjoon. He figured that the smaller of them was the omega and the other must be the alpha.

Namjoon’s wolf still didn’t not trust them. He was just about to refuse the two males entry, when thin shivers arms wrap around his waist. He looks back to see half half opened sleepy eyes looking up at him. “Joonie, let them in. The smaller one doesn’t seem to good.” His sleepy voice was almost a begging tone. Namjoon sighs and looks back at the two still standing outside, “ I guess if he trust you enough I will let you in.” He steps back letting the door swing wide open for them to enter.

Namjoon turns to walk to the couch, but is stopped by a pull at his sleeve. He looks down at the small omega at his side. He sees the pout protruding from his lips. He smiles and watches him a bit. Yoongi tilts his head looking through his lashes up at Namjoon. “What do you want omega.” Namjoon speaks sweetly. Yoongi raises his hands up over his head still looking through his sleepy lashes. Namjoon gets the hint and knows he’d only act this way if we sleepy or not feeling good. He picks up Yoongi and carries him to the floor where they had fur blankets set up for them. He sits down placing Yoongi back on his lap letting him get comfortable. Namjoon pulls him closers wrapping his arms tightly around. Yoongi’s rubs his eyes trying to wake up a bit more. He keeps his attention on the new people staying with them.

Namjoon clears his throat and looks towards them, “ So may I ask what both your names might be?” He looks down and sees Yoongi’s hair covering his eyes. He uses his hand and brushes away the hair. The blonde peaks up out of the fur blanket Namjoon had given them. “ Oh sorry for not introducing ourselves.My name is Jimin and this quiet brut is Jungkook. We are so very thankful for your help and the shelter you have given us.” Namjoon nods as he is focused on Yoongi trying not to fall asleep. He looks up to the pair and notices the cute gestured shared between eachother. Including the marks shared between the two of them. “ Its nice to meet you both. My name is Namjoon. This little kitten’s name is Yoongi.” Namjoon looks down noticing Yoongi had fallen asleep on his lap again. He smiles trying to hide how hard his heart was beating.

“So, How long have you and Yoongi been together?” Jungkook spoke with a quiet voice trying not to disturb the now sleeping omegas. Namjoon’s eyes dart up to look at Jungkook. Jungkook looked away trying to avoid the question hanging in the air. He knew it might have been a bit much to ask someone he just met. “Oh…. ummmm….” Namjoon couldn’t seem to answer the question. He knew that there was a huge possibility that Yoongi would never want to be with him, but he would not give up trying.

Silence fell on the room and the atmosphere gets stagnant. Namjoon noticed the glimmer of pain in Jungkook’s eyes when he looked at Jimin. “Hey Jungkook may I ask something personal. Why are you and Jimin out here without a pack? You don’t have to answer, but I can see the pain in your eyes.” Namjoon looked at him with such sincerity. Jungkook looked down at Jimin. The pain flared heavier in his eyes. The pain was dragging the tears out of his eyes kicking and screaming. He looks back to Namjoon trying to make sense of words. “Do you think we can walk outside and talk about this?” Namjoon nods in agreement. Jungkook sets Jimin down on the couch softly grabbing the extra fur off the back of couch. Namjoon picks Yoongi back up and sets him on the other end of the couch tucking the fur around him.

Jungkook and Namjoon reaches the door and walks through. The cold air hits them both causing shivers to vibrate in thier bones. Jungkook sits down on the swinging chair and reaches into his pants pockets. He pulls out a pack of cigerettes and lights one. He lets out the first breath of smoke and tries to come to terms with what he much say. He looks at Namjoon and stands up leaning against the wall. “So here is the whole story. We are running from our pack. Jimin’s dad was hunted down and killed. I feared that Jimin would be next since his packs tradition was the oldest son of a alpha becomes the leader. It doesn’t matter what they present as.” Jungkook takes another drag and runs his fingers through his hair. He thinks what he must say next. “If you think we are being hunted by the pack. We aren’t. We took care of that situation.. We are about one hundred plus miles from the pack. We are just wondering until we find some refuge.” He looks at his feet scuffing the ground. Namjoon looks at how much this pains Jungkook. He tries to find the words to say, but his thoughts are inturrepted by Jungkook speaking agian. “Jimin doesn’t know why we left. He doesn’t know how his father died. He just thinks that he died of natural causes. I don’t want to see him hurt.” Namjoon leans back against the wall on the other side of the door. “Jungkook I want to extend my hand to you and your omega. I know it might be a hard adjustment, but I promise you that our pack will except you and greet you with loving arms.”

Jungkook stands there for a moment thinking about Namjoon’s invitation. It almost seemed to good to be true, but there was just something about him that made him feel comfortable. Jungkook sticks his hand out in approval. Namjoon smiles and grips his hand tightly. “Thank you Namjoon.”

They both walk into the cabin laughing and joking. They reach the couch to reveal the two omegas cuddled up close to eachother in the middle. Namjoon and Jungkook sits on each side of the sofa. Yoongi feels the shift of the couch and moves towards it. He lays his head Namjoon’s lap and Jimin does the same. They all doze off preparing for the long adventure ahead in the morning.

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Chapter 5

The sun rose quickly brings its warm glow to the room. The sound of russle filled the room. Namjoon and Jungkook were packing the things they might need and any other things Namjoon felt might be need for the pack. Jimin sat on the couch with Yoongi. Yoongi continued to rest. Namjoon knew he needed sleep. He had a long few days if not weeks, months or years. He felt as if Yoongi’s body was still healing from the wounds he received.

When he was done packing, he walks over to Yoongi brushing the hair from his pale face. He leans down and whispers in Yoongi’s ear, “Time to wake up sleeping beauty. We need to get going or we will never make it to the pack before dark.” Yoongi’s eyes slowly creak open as he tries to bury his face in the back of the couch and under the blanket. Namjoon pulls away the blanket, “ Time to wake up, hun. We need to go now.” Yoongi shoots up on the couch to lecture the one to wake him from his sleep, but he dead stops when the dimples that Yoongi has come to adore come to view. He stands up and grabs the blanket from Namjoon and starts to walk for the door.They all walk out the door ready for the long hike. Yoongi looks back and thinks how this cabin will forever be one of his favorite places.

They walk for a distance. Namjoon took the lead while Jungkook walked behind letting the omegas set between the two. The omegas walk hand and hand having a greet conversation and enjoying the slightly nipping air. They both were wrapped up under a blanket together. Namjoon looks back seeing the wonderful sight. It causes a wide smile on his face. He was so happy to see that Yoongi had made a friend that he could open up to like he did with Namjoon.

As they continue to walk, they pull berries and wild herbs that grew along the path. They find a beautiful spot to stop not far from a natural spring. The sun was high in the sky and the sounds of their stomachs rumbling could be heard. “Maybe a good meal will help us continue our walk to the pack.” Namjoon lays the bags next to a log that had fallen a time ago. Jimin grabs ahold of Jungkook’s hand and pulls him to the log then sits on his lap. Jungkook rest his chin against jimins shoulder and smiles. Yoongi sits on the other end of the log and Namjoon decides to start the fire to cool them food. He digs through the bag and comes up empty handed for meat.

“Hey Jungkook do you think you could help me hunt down something for meat. Looks like we are out.” Jungkook nods and grabs Jimin’s hand helping him off his lap. He kisses his omega before leaving. Namjoon stands up and smiles widely at Yoongi. “ I will be back, My Omega” Namjoon winks at Yoongi smirking. Yoongi shakes his head, but smiles and blushes after both alphas turn to hunt food. Once they are out of sight Jimin slides over closer to Yoongi.

“So how long have you and Joonie boy been together?” His smirk covers his while face. Yoongi rings his hands and looks at his feet trying to ignore the question, but it was impossible. Jimin continued to nudge him. “You are both so cute together. Like two perfectly cut puzzle pieces. Just made perfectly to be matched together.” Jimin’s eyes sparked. Yoongi looks at him with glossy eyes. “ I don’t know what we are. I mean I find him interesting, sweet, and…” His eyes dart down and his words trail off. Jimin nudges him one more time trying to hear what he was thinking. Yoongi stands up and shouts at the top of his lungs, “Fine, I love him and I want to be more. I don’t know what he wants!” Jimin’s open wide, But Yoongi notices that they weren’t looking at him. He looks behind himself and sees Namjoon standing there with a bag of fresh killed rabbit. Yoongi boils up with embarrassment ad rushes to the creak. Tears streamed down his cheek. He reaches the water and tries to breath calmly, but his heart keeps beating faster and faster. If his heart continued to beat harder at this pass. He felt it might explode out of his chest.

He sits on the creek bank trying to slow his heartbeat and steady his no racing mind. His attention was solely focused on calming himself. He never hears the footsteps coming closer to him. The pressure of a hand lays on his shoulder. His eyes dart to the pressure. They trail up the arm of hand on his shoulder. He sees the eyes of the alpha he felt his heart beat for. He shoots up off the ground trying to move away from Namjoon. Namjoon reaches out and grabs ahold of Yoongi’s thin wrist “Hey don’t go. Please stay. I didn’t mean to over hear what you said.” He stares at the contact between them. Yoongi pulls away and looks at his wrist that still radiated with the heat from Namjoon’s hand.

He tries to shake off the blush that stained his cheeks and the warmth that came with it. He straightens out his shirt dusting himself off. “ Namjoon. I know you keep calling me your omega or your future omega, but what are we? I don’t know if you are just joking around. I don’t want to be involved in just playful banner. I have real feeling for you.” He stands quietly still keeping his back to Namjoon. The silence sets in between them. He figures that this all was a joke. He takes a step away from Namjoon trying to leave, but is quickly stopped with arms wrapping around him. He turns around in the arms. His eyes filling with tears, “What are we Namjoon?” Namjoon grabs Yoongi’s chin with his pointer finger and thumb. His eyes fixate on the boys lips. He pulls his face closer and making their lips press tightly together. The kiss gets heavier and deeper. Both trying to break for a breath. Namjoon pulls away from the smaller man smiling. The mixture of both their scents blend perfectly into the air that surrounded them. Yoongi’s face was now 7 more shades darker. Namjoon’s smirk covers his face, “ So was that good enough answer sweetheart?” Yoongi shrugs his shoulders cutely and looks up at Namjoon with his pouty lips and through his lashes. Namjoon could never say no to that pout. It was his weakness now and forever.


Shortly Namjoon and Yoongi return to the others. Namjoon had Yoongi on his back and laughter come from them both. Jimin watches them walk up the hill smiling at how now the two perfectly made puzzle pieces were part of the bigger picture. They reach the fire and both males smell the meat Jungkook had been making. Yoongi soon notices the other two’s attention were on them. He taps Namjoon’s shoulder signaling he wanted down. Namjoon sets him down lightly and kisses his forehead. “About time you get back. Its getting cold.” Jungkook speaks with muffling sound. He shoved his mouth completely full of the well cooked doe. Jimin would have made a inappropriate comment, but his mind seemed to be completely occupied by Yoongi and Namjoon. They sit down next to the fire and start to munch on the cooked food. Jimin continues to stare at them. Yoongi tries to curl up into himself hiding from Jimin’s glare. “Jimin why do you keep glaring at us. Is there something wrong.” Namjoon waves his large, but slender hand in front of Jimin’s face. Jumin’s attention snaps back and a giggle escapes his full lips, “ I was just wondering what we call you now?” Namjoon and Yoongi both look at Jimin with pure and innocent confusion. “Well you see. I call us JiKook, but I am not sure what we would call your relationship.” the two on the ground look at eachother with grin on both their faces. A quiet deep voice breaks the awkwardness of the atmosphere, “Namgi.” Jimin’s eyes dart to the male beside him. Jungkook sits there as if he said nothing just stirring the fire alive.

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Chapter 6

They all get their fill and kill the fire. It was time for them to move forward, if they didn’t want to be traveling in the dark. As they continued to walk their walking order wasn’t the same before. Yoongi now hung off of Namjoon’s are like a pup with his first crush and Jimin was being cared by Jungkook. The lovely conversation continued between Yoongi and Jimin tho the olders were leading a head. The trail seemed to wind around and fall over large hills. The good company kept the travel lively tho. “Namjoon how much further. It’s getting dark and I don’t like it.” Jimin’s whinny sounding voice reaches Namjoon’s ear. “See the hill just over there. Once over that you will see my pack’s community. Don’t you worry.” Their walk continues and Namjoon keeps looking over at the older next to him. He clings a bit closer as the cold licks his exposed skin and the light of the sun begins to dim.

They reach the top of the hill and the bright glow comes from a distance. In the glow there is shadows of building and soft music could be heard. Smiles on all the males faces reach from ear to ear when they see that they are not far from the safety and warmth of the new pack. Their pace soon picks up to a fast walk. The settlement gets closer and the light of the lanterns come closer. They see a small light standing away from the rest. It was on the end of the path Namjoon had left once before alone. Now he had trusted companions and a male to call his own. When they get closer to the single light they see a taller man holding it up high. Namjoon’s eyes light up and he lets go of Yoongi running to the stranger. They imbrace in a brother like hug. Yoongi stands a small distance letting the two have space.

Yoongi can just make out the strangers facial features. The jawline was prominant and strong. His hair was lightly shaggy with a dark brown tone. The highlights of pale gold compliment the pale green eyes he had. His skin seemed to shine with a darker tone of skin kissed tan. His skin tone made Namjoon seem light and will make Yoongi’s look translucent.

A few words are spoken between Namjoon and the stranger. Namjoon runs back to Yoongi grabbing his hand dragging him to the stranger. Jimin and Jungkook follow in toe. “Yoongi I want yo introduce you to my best friend. He’s more like a brother, but this is Taehyung. Taehyung this is Yoongi my omega.”

Taehyung stretches his hand out to shake Yoongi, “ I am happy to meet you. Please call me Tae.” Yoongi nods and slowly reaches out shaking Tae’s hand. Namjoon looks back and sees Jimin and Jungkook standing politely behind Yoongi. “Oh I forgot to say this is Jimin and Jungkook. I am sorry about my manners.” Namjoon gestures to them as they both bow politely to Taehyung. Tae returned the bow and looks back to Namjoon, “ we need to get going. The whole pack is waiting for your arrival. I will lead the way.” Namjoon nods to him and follows him down the stone brick path. The path seem to bend around the settlement. At the last bend there was a bright light that shined past the building. The path was lined with the packs adults including their pups that had fallen asleep at their peoples feet waiting for Namjoons arrival.

They stopped at the edge of all the people. Over head of the path was a handmade banner made from parchment paper that said Welcome home KIM NAMJOON. On the ground there was smaller lanterns with different patterns and sayings on them that lightened the path way. Balloons flew high in the air and flower pots with wildfloweres helped hold them in place. Tae loudly clears his throat to get the crowds attention. They all turn and see Namjoon standing right behind Tae. The crowd erupts into a loud cheer that wakes the sleeping pups.. Namjoon bows and starts to walk up the path that lead to the large stage in front of them. There sat his father with his mother beside him. When his father sees him, he leans onto his cane standing up to greet his son. They get to the end of the path and Namjoon turns to Yoongi, “ Please stay here with Jimin and Jungkook. If you need to sit in the chair and rest. I need to speak with my father and mother. Don’t worry I will not be long.”

Yoongi nods and watches as Namjoon walks up onto the stage. He sits in the chair and watches all that happens on stage. Namjoon reaches his father and bends down on one knee bowing his head. His father places his hand upon Namjoons shoulder and he stands embracing in a heartfilled hug. His mother soon hugged him to. Smiles are shared together including a few words. Namjoon walks down the stairs in the front of the stage. Namjoon’s father follows behind slowly. Namjoon turns to Yoongi and loops their arms together. Namjoon waits for his father to be face to face with them. Yoongi bows to them and comes eye to eye. “Father this is Yoongi. He is my omega. He is the one I was speaking about.” His father looks Yoongi up and down with a smile. “Well son let us retire to the house. I would love to get to know Yoongi.” His attention turn to Jimin and Jungkook, “You both have some fun and enjoy the party. We shall speak in the morning to help you both find living space and occupations here. For the night please take rest in the inn on the west side of the community.” Both Jungkook and Jimin bow to him and wonders off into the party. Namjoon’s father and Namjoon both turn to head down the path that the small paper lanterns lined. Namjoon looks back at Yoongi signaling him to follow. Yoongi smiles and starts to walk forward, but they become unsteady. His vision starts to blur making his head feel like it was throbbing. He reaches out to Namjoon. He could see Namjoon in front of him, but it disappears and he could only see the stars in his eyes. His hearing becomes muffles. He feels himself slipping out of consicouness. The last thing he sees is the worried look on Namjoon’s face and him screaming out Yoongi’s name before it all goes black.

Namjoon scoops up Yoongi’s limp body and rushes past the crowd. They all become a blurr in Namjoon’s teary vision. Jimin and Jungkook stay toe to toe with Namjoon. The buildings are flashing by until one larger sized building is in front of them. Above the door there were over sized letters made of oak wood. They spelled out Clinic. The front doors bust open. The two nurses hold the doors open letting the alpha rush in. “Hey RM welc….” The smiley man at the front desk turns into a worried face. He notices the lifeless male in Namjoon’s arms. He directs them to the closest room to them. The doctor holds the door open and allows them to rush in. Jimin and Jungkook follows. Namjoon sets Yoongi on the bed and looks back at the doctor, “Please Jhope save him! Whatever the medical charges are I will take care of them. I love this man” Tears filled his eyes and begin to stream down his cheeks. Jhope places his hand on Namjoon’s shoulder and directs him out of the room. “Namjoon I will take care of him. Just rest out here. I can’t do anything to help him if you are in here freaking out.” Namjoon nods and stands outside of the room looking inthrough the small glass window of the door. His adrenline finally wears off and he hits his knees. The quiet tears turn to loud sobs. Jimin and Jungkook rushes to his side. “Namjoon it will be ok. Just please relax. Worrying will not do any good.” Jimin tries to release a calming scent to help Namjoon, but only causes tears to flow harder. He wished he could smell Yoongi’s scent. Namjoon crumples against Jungkook trying to breath.

Several hours pass and there was no news on what was going on in the room. It seemed to feel like forever. Namjoon spent the time pacing in front of the door. He would take a few moments to sit on the white waiting chairs, but when he found himself dozing off he jumps back up on his feet and paces again. Namjoon sits back down again when his legs start to buckle underneath him. His eyes start to feel as if weighted sand bags pulling them down. He drifts off to sleep and resting his head against the wall. A nurse notices Namjoon shivering and grabs a warm blanket for him. The nurse drapes the cover over his body. Jhope was done with Yoongi, but neither him or the nurses could bear waking up Namjoon. They knew he needed his rest.



The sun rose over the horizon. Lighting the buildings of the pack. Namjoon stirs in the chair he had dozing out in. He rubs his eyes trying to remove the dust out of them. He stretches his arms out and notices the blanket hanging off his body. He looks around noticing Jimin and Jungkook being gone. He shoot up out of his chair and moves quickly to the door. He looks in through the door and sees Yoongi sitting up in the bed struggling to bring the straw of his water to his lips. Namjoon smiles seeing that he was awake. He grabs the door and slides it open slowly keeping his eyes on Yoongi, but is stopped before opening the door enough. Namjoon feels a hand on his shoulder. He turns to face Jhope. His happiness overwhelms him and he hugs Jhope,
“ Thank you so much for all you’ve must have done.” Jhope pulls him away smiling his traditional sunny smile.

“Namjoon he is doing ok, but he is very weak. He had a large mass of infection in a few of the healing burn marks and old cuts. He will need to stay here for a week. For the next few days he must not leave the room. He will be on a continuous IV and watch.”

Namjoon smiles and shakes Jhope’s hand. “May I go see him hobi.”

Jhope nods his head in a gesturing manner. He opens the door for Namjoon letting him walk in first. Yoongi’s half sleeping cat eyes focus towards the door. They focus on Namjoon and sparkles fill his eyes. “Joonie!!!!!!” He reaches out trying to grab ahold of Namjoon. A giggle comes from Namjoon’s lips and comes over to the bed. He wraps his arms around the smaller and hugs him tightly. Yoongi nuzzles his face into Namjoon’s neck trying to cover himself in the wonderful scent he wanted to smell the rest of his life.

“Baby you are ok. Calm down.” Namjoon pulls away and grabs the chair on the other side of the room pulling it to the bed. Jhope checks around on the monitor and makes sure the patients vitals were well.

“RM can you run down to the kitchen and bring Yoongi some breakfast. He needs to eat to continue healing.” Namjoon stands to his feet and kisses Yoongi’s hand, “My omega I will be right back. Don’t you worry.” He heads for the door. He looks back once more smiling his dimple filled smile before walking out.

“Yoongi you need to know something. That man there loves you. He spent all night pacing and waiting for you to wake up. He also bursted in here with you wanting me to do everything possible to save you. He also said something else. He said he loved you too.” Yoongi stares down at his hands as they ring together. The IV’s potruded from the tops of his hands and left small bruises around them. He tries to focus on that instead of the way his heart was now fluttering.

The door opens breaking the tension in the room. Yoongi did not have answer to the statement Jhope had made. He sees Jimin and Jungkook standing at the door. Jimin was acting his bubbly way. His steps seemed to be bouncy as he walks up to the bed. “Yoongi I am so happy you are awake. I was so worried. You have us one hell of a scare.” Jimin hugs Yoongi tightly.

“I am sorry about scaring you guys. I hope you can forgive me.” Jimin laughs and pulls away. “There is no reason for you to apologize at all. You couldn’t help it. Your body was under diestress. You pushed yourself to much. Specially having infection at that level.” Yoongi nods back at Jimin’s statement.

They spend some time together and Namjoon had returned to the room. Namjoon has made himself comfortable next to Yoongi on the small bed. He had even dozed off with his face softly buried into the nook of the smaller’s neck. Both Jimin and Jungkook notice the alpha asleep and decide to let them rest together. They get up and head to the door. “Babe I will be right out in a minute. I need to speak with Yoongi for a moment.” Jungkook kisses Jimin’s forhead and watches him walk out of the room. He walks back to the bed thinking about how he should word what he wanted to say.

“Yoongi I hope you know what you mean to that alpha beside you. He completely let his gaurd down and that is not something that is in the alpha’s dna. Promise me that if you don’t feel the same way as he does. Don’t drag him along. You need to be crystal clear on your feelings.” Jungkook’s glowed with meaning.

Yoongi’s eyes showed with anger. Anger was buddling up with every word Jungkook said, “ Jungkook please forgive me for what I am about to say, but you don’t know me. You don’t know my story and you sure in hell don’t know what my heart feels. I love this alpha!” Jungkook smirks with a gentle look and turns to walk away. His hand lays on the door and he looks back at the omega. “Remind Namjoon we still need to hunt later when he actually get free time.” He leaves the room smiling.

Yoongi turns over and spends a few moments admiring Namjoon’s beautiful features before nuzzling into his chest. Namjoon pulls him tighter releasing his scent heavier making the small omega nuzzle himself into his chest.

“I love you my Omega,” Namjoon mutters lightly as they both fall asleep together.




After a few hours Namjoon wakes up to see Yoongi curled up in a ball against his chest. He smiles and places with the omegas beautiful hair. Placing it back behind his ears. The omega shifts and tries to move more comfortably. Namjoon giggles letting out a scent to calm him. The mix of Yoongi’s and Namjoon’s scent mix perfectly blended and makes a single scent of honey and moss.

The scent becomes disturbed by another. This one was of old leather and stuffy dust particles. The scent was of a unfimilar alpha. The scent burns the tip of Namjoon’s nose. He knew all the scents of the alphas in the pack. This one was of unfamiliarity to him. He reaches over Yoongi, covering him with his body. He felt the need to be overprotective. The scent gave him the feeling of agression. He could hear the footsteps in the hall stop at the door of Yoongi’s room. He prepared to fight off whatever this might be.

The door swings open and Namjoon sees a male step forward. He lets out a loud growl as a warning, but it wakes the sleeping Omega. The male in the door way was tall with broad shoulders that seemed to be large enough to hold the world. His hair was a coal black like Yoongi’s but it had ash brown highlights on tips of the layers. His eyes were a dark brown almost black in color. His jaw was chiveled in all the right ways. The right side of his face had a solid white bandage. It was like the ones on his right arm. On that same arm there was a IV the stinged up to a clear liquid IV bag.

The stranger walks a step forward and Namjoon jumps off the bed going between him and Yoongi. He bears his teeth and snarls letting the wolf in him take partical control. The strange steps back looking almost dazed at the reaction he recieves from the alpha. Yoongi grabs a hold of Namjoon’s shoulders, pulls himself up kneeling on the bed. His eyes stared with shook filling them.

“H- how are you even here?” Yoongi spoke with fear behind his voice.

The stranger smirks and walks closer to the bed. Namjoon walks up to him placing his hand on the strangers chest. He noticed the fear that Yoongi had in the presence of this alpha. He let out another growl. “Oh yoongi it’s been so long. When I heard the nurses say your name. I just had to come see you. I miss you old friend.” The stranger speaks with a even strager tone.

“Jin we were never friends. You need to leave now!” Yoongi’s voice was shaky and scared.

Yoongi stays behind Namjoon gripping ont his shirt. Namjoon could feel him shaking. He had the urge to rip the alpha in front of him into small pieces. He knew he couldn’t do that here. It would be bad for the community. His eyes started to change colors as he struggles to keep control of the wolf inside him. “ I think I should leave. Little Yoongi, we will talk more once you get rest and are thinking with clear mind.” The stranger backs up and turns away leaving out the door.

Once the door is shuts behind the stranger, Namjoon turns to look at Yoongi. The omega crumbles into the bed with tears falling down his already swollen cheeks. “Yoongi who was he? How do you know that alpha’s name.” Yoongi looks at his hands trying to stop the salty tears. “I need to explain.” Yoongi’s voice is still shaky, “ That male is a alpha from my old pack. He was one that almost destroyed me and caused me to be exiled from the pack.” The tears fall harder now with the words he let escape his lips. Namjoon runs his arms around Yoongi and holds onto him tightly. He pushes the omega’s hair back and nudges him trying to calm him with his scent. “Baby I will never ever let him hurt you. I promise you.”

With a few passing moments once again the peacefulness that they had just finally acheived was destroyed by the door flinging open again. This time the elderly man from the day before walks into the room slowly. His steps staggered from the use of the cane. Both Yoongi and Namjoon sit up and look at the elder man. They bow to him in respect. The nurse behind him grabs a chair and places it close to the bed. The elderly man returns the bow and sit down on the white sterile chair.

“Yoongi, how are you feeling now?” the old man’s words were deep and filled with consern

“ I am feeling much better. I am so sorry for causing a scene. I hope you can accept my apology.” Yoongi answers the question

Yoongi tries to adjust himself better in the bed, but the pain in his side causes him to wince and hold the spot tightly. Namjoon looks over to him with worry in his eyes. He sees the blood starting to seep through the bandages and his finger. The nurse notices it too. She yells into the hall for Jhope. The Beta comes into the room and looks at everyone inside. “You all need to leave. I need to change his bandages and he needs rest. The old man stands up and smiles at the doctor, “ We shall leave now. I was just concerned for Yoongi.” His eyes shift over Yoongi then to Namjoon, “ Shall we meet for a drink? Say in an hour. We need to speak about your stagging ceremony. There is alot to prepare for.” The old man stands up and bows slightly to Namjoon and then to Yoongi. He walks out the door with the help of the nurse. Namjoon looks over to Yoongi and kisses him lightly, “ I will be back after me and father talk. Just get some rest. When you walk I will be here by your side.” Yoongi nods as the nurses start to go to work on his bandages.

Namjoon heads out the door and decides to walk around before meeting his father. He felt as if he was walking on air. He had a wonderful pack that soon was going to be his. He had amazing friends now and he had his omega. His heart was full of love and happiness. Everything around him seemed so bright and shiny. Like he was seeing things in a whole new life.

Before he knew it the time had passed quickly. He rushed to the local pub that his friend Tae was running in his spare time. It was more of a hobby for him then a job. Namjoon walks in and is greeted by a smiley face. “Hey Rm. Hows it going? How is Yoongi doing?” the small chat is simple and pleasant for a moment.

“Oh I forgot. Your father is waiting for you in the back room. He said he’d be waiting for a drink once you got here. So do me a favor. Take this back there with you.” Tae speaks with a innocent bubbly voice

Namjoon nods and grabs the drink Tae slide to him. He walks to the back room and sees his father sitting in the dark leather captians chair. It had wood trim and brass rivets that trimmed the leather. He sits in the smaller leather chair that sat across the desk from his father and slides the drink across the table. “Tae said you were waiting for this.” His father doesn’t touch the drink. He just looks at Namjoon with a look of almost dread. The old man grabs his cane and stands up. He walks towards namjoon and goes to the front of the desk. He leans against it and continues to look at Namjoon.

“Son i have had some information come to my attention and I am not sure how to feel about it.” The mans words are almost dry to Namjoon’s ears.
The old man continues with what he is saying, but the words develop rage. “ There is rumor that Yoongi baited the hunters that killed his pack to them. He did it out of anger that he was exiled. I know he needs to heal and rest. So once he is healed he will need to leave. You need to decide weather you want to run this pack or you can leave with him” Namjoon could taste the sourness of his fathers words. He jumps up and walks to the door. His wolf starts to come to the edge of the boundary. He slams his fist agianst the wall leaving a hole in the wall. Before his father could say anything else, Namjoon rushes out of the room and to the boundary of the pack. When he reaches the edge he looks back at the community he loved. He turns around and lets his wolf take control. His tan skin gives way to the wolf fur and his clothes shred into pieces. He just needed to breath he just needed to think. I can’t go back to Yoongi in this state of mind He thinks to himself as he blast off like a bullet into the woods leaving the lights of the community behind him.

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Chapter 7

A couple days had gone by and Yoongi hadn’t seen Namjoon much. He had been apparently busy with his stagging ceremony. The time he would stop to see Yoongi he bearly made eye contact with him and his touch seemed almost cold. Yoongi didn’t complain to him because he was craving any attention he could get from the alpha. The moment were always short with him. It led his heart to wanting more. He wanted to just bury his face into Namjoon’s neck and smother himself in Namjoon’s scent. He could hear the wolf inside him whimper at the thoughts he was having. He turned onto his side facing his back to the door. He could feel the short IV pull at the skin of his hand. He wanted to remover all the wires and tubes that were connected to him and run out of the room to find Namjoon. He knew he shouldn’t because Jhope would stop him like before.

The door of the room opens and the bubbly nurse Jimin walks into the room. He was dressed in pink scrubs that fit tightly to his curves. Yoongi turned to look at the door hoping that maybe it was Namjoon, but the smile leaves his face as he lets out a sigh and turns away from Jimin.”Yoongi I am sorry im not Namjoon, but I need to check your bandages again and how you are healing.” Yoongi turns over to let Jimin go over his wounds. He softly pulls on the bandages and replaces them with fresh. He tries to do it delicately. “Jimin this whole nursing job does fit you huh?” Yoongi tries to fake a smile, but it’s no use. Jimin could see right through it.

“Yoongi you know he’s just really busy right now. The stagging ceremony is taking alot of his attention. As soon as it’s all over you will have his full attention.” Yoongi nods at Jimins statement, but his heart knew something was wrong with Jimin’s word. They seemed cold and empty. Like he was holding something back from him. “ So Jimin how are you and Jungkook doing? Are you settling in well?” Jimin smiles and replaces Yoongi’s IV bag. “We are settling well and Jungkook is just Jungkook. He is the same weird as usual.” Yoongi laughs at Jimin’s statement. His laughter soon turns into tears as he begins to cry again. He has spend alot of time last few days soaked in his own tears.

Jimin tries to console him, but it was of no use. He sees Jungkook standing in the doorway. Jungkook sees Yoongi crying and steps into the room releasing a calming scent. He tries to do his best to help. He knows what it means to feel pain like this. Yoongi finally calms down and slowly falls asleep. Jimin walks over to Jungkook and pushes out of the room.

“Kookie, Babe. Can you please go talk to Namjoon. I am tired of seeing Yoongi in pieces. He needs rest and with the stress Namjoon is causing he won’t get better.” Jungkook nods and heads for the center market of the community. When he gets to the market he can see Namjoon standing next to a fruit stand talking to it’s owner. He walks up to him and grabs ahold of him by his shoulder. He pushes him next against a near by wall, “ We need to talk now.” Namjoon pushes Jungkook off him and gets into his face. In a low tone he whispers into Jungkook’s ear, “ Meet me at the pub if a few minutes. We will be talk there!” His tone was filled anger. Jungkook looks Namjoon up and down before clicking his tongue at him. He walks away from Namjoon heading straight for the pub. He knew he needed some liquid courage before the conversation he will have with the alpha.

He gets to the pub and sees Tae at the bar counter. “ Hey Jungkook. Why you here? You don’t work today and you dont usually drink.” Jungkook sits in front of Tae and lays his head in his hands. “Pour me a double stiff one.” Tae slides him the drink and watches him take it back in one sip. “Rough day or rough night?” Jungkook chuckles at him wiggles his glass in Tae’s face. Tae poors him another one and smiles. “No more like here in couple minutes I might be dead.” Tae knew what Jungkook meant and poors one more. Before Jungkook could get the last drink down he hears the door of the pub swing open. Jungkook’s eyes dart at the door to see Namjoon walking in. Namjoon’s dart directly at Jungkook and are hooded by his lips. He walks towards the back room keeping his eyes on Jungkook.

Jungkook wiggles his glass in Tae’s face and waits for his next drink before hopping off the bar stool to follow Namjoon. Once he enters the room he sees Namjoon staring out the large window of the room. Jungkook slams the large door making a loud bang. Namjoon turns to him holding a drink in hand. “So Jungkook since you think it is appropiate to interrupt me while doing my job what do you have to say. I am all ears now!” His tone was snarky and almost rude. Jungkook could feel his wolf wanting to snap back at Namjoon. He tries to hold back with all his might, but fails to hold back the anger. He lashes out grabbing Namjoon by the collar of his shirt.

He picks him up off the ground, letting his feet dangle. “Let me tell you right now. I don’t give a fuck what you might be going through, but how dare you let Yoongi feel like his is. You think it’s funny to mess with his head! I thought his was the one I would have to worry about hurting the other, But I was proven wrong. Do you realize when the breif moments you are there he pretends to be happy and that he pretends he is getting better. The moment you walk out that hospital room door he is right back to square one! You are destroying him and you sure and in the hell look like you don’t give a fuck!” Jungkook reaches for the drink on the table swollowing it back real quick. “Another thing. In what right mind do you have to think to play perfect alpha and then just act like you are to good for him now. Just a bit ago Jimin told me that Yoongi’s health is getting alot worse. He is actually digressing instead of improving. IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!” Tears start to fall down Namjoon’s cheek. Jungkook sets him down to the ground. He steps away letting space settle betweent the two.

“Jungkook. I don’t mean to let this all happen. I am actually trying to find evidence to prove Yoongi’s innonces.” Jungkook stares at him with confusion. He didn’t understand what Yoongi was being accused of. “Namjoon I need to know what is going on. If I can help in anyway I want to. You need to focus on Yoongi before his health digresses to far.”

It took hours of conversation to caught Jungkook up to everything that was going on. At the end of the it all Namjoon agreed to go to Yoongi and talk to him about what he was going through. He knew that Yoongi needed to finally know all that was being rumored. After Jungkook leaves Namjoon swallows back is drink and heads for the hospital.




Namjoon finds himself standing in front of the large blue door of Yoongi’s room. He looks in through the lightly frosted glass of the door. He can see Yoongi laying there with a pale white bear wrapped up tightly in his arms. He notices the skin around his eyes is inflamed red. He always knew Yoongi acted tough, but deep down inside he was just as soft as the bear he clung onto. The thought made the wolf inside perk up. He felt himself being forced to do the steps to get to Yoongi, but he pauses. He knew the reason Yoongi’s eyes were red and that Jimin had to give him the bear to keep him calm. He could smell the scent of Jimin on the bear. He wished it was his scent that was helping him be calm.

His attention is grabbed by the shoulder that lands lightly on his shoulder, “ Namjoon. We need to talk before you step foot in that room. Please follow.” Jimin in his pink scrubs walks past Namjoon leading him to the room next door to Yoongi’s room. He points to the bed in the middle of the room and commands Namjoon to sit down. He grabs the rolling stool and comes next to Namjoon. “Jimin I am sorry for all….” Namjoon’s words are cut short by Jimin’s finger pressing against his lips.

“Namjoon I know everything. I saw everything. There is nothing to apologize to me about. It’s Yoongi you need to apologize to. He’s the one you have been keeping this all from.” Namjoon nods to what Jimin had said, but was confused about what he meant about he saw. Jimin notices the confused look on Namjoon’s. “Namjoon have you ever heard of the Nocian pack?” Jimin says waiting for a reaction. Namjoon’s mouth drops and points at Jimin. “Yes, Namjoon, I am an Nocian wolf. I come from a long like of pure bloods. So once again yes I have the gift of sight and I can commune with the ones who have passed. I have special connection with Jungkook because our marks. I was the one that kept him from killing you. Or should I say atleast try to, but none of this matters right now.” He stands up and lights the candles standing up right on the nightstand next to the bed and the sage sticks that lined the top shelf above the bed.

“Namjoon do you want to see what I know about Yoongi? I have seen all of his past. I urge you to. You just might get a better understanding and the evidence you might need.” Jimin stands right in from of Namjoon making direct eye contact. Namjoon quickly grabs Jimin’s hands. Tears appeared like calm waves in his eyes, “ Please Jimin I need to see this.”

Jimin helps him adjust in the bed making the top of his head face the footboard and the bottoms of his feet touched the headboard. “OK Joonie this is going to hurt alittle and you need to keep full control of your wolf. I will not be able to help you if you lose control. These are Yoongi’s memories, If you speak to loud or change into a wolf. He will notice you and it will change his memories. That can change what the real world is outside of the vision. Follow these is the most important. NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU DON’T WANT TOO.” Namjoon nods to Jimin and takes a deep breath. His eyes focus onto the cream white ceiling. “Joonie I am gonna start counting down from 5. After that what you see is Yoongi’s memory. 5….










Flashes of light fill Namjoon’s eyesight. Just as soon as they come, they go. He finds himself standing a tree line. From what he could see was the trees lined around a small community. He looks around trying to find Jimin, but could not find him anywhere. He takes a step forward to get into the clearing, but is ripped back behind the large oak tree. He sees Jimin with his finger pressed against his lips and then it points towards the opening gate of the small community.

Namjoon squints his eyes to see what Jimin is pointing at. Just in that moment a small framed male being thrown through the air. The light of the community barely lights his outline. Namjoon escape Jimin’s grip and tries to move along the tree line to get a better look at what was going on. Before he could he sees four larger males walking out the gate laughing at the male on the ground. The largest of them all grabs the male from the ground by his throat. The sounds of gasping and choking reaches his ear. “Awe poor Min Yoongi the Omega, cry out for my family to save you already. You know they won’t. They think your trash and that you deserve to be exiled for lying to us all or worse even dead.” All the alpha’s laugh as the one stranging the male slams the limp body to the ground.

Namjoon feels his wolf turn to aggression and ready to lash out. He digs his nails into his hand as a reminder to keep control. Out of frustration and the inability to rescue Yoongi tears flow down his cheeks. Jimin grabs his shoulder and whispers in his ear, “I know this is hard to watch, but this needs to be seen to understand what is going on. Just wait.” Namjoon sniffs and trying to dry toughen himself up.

He succeeds and turns his attention back at the scene. In a brief moment he sees another alpha walk up to the now bleeding and limp Yoongi that is laying still on the dirt. Namjoon could just make out the smell. It was Jin’s scent. Namjoon could feel his fangs growing in, but he takes a deep breath and they recede back.

“Look at you. What a pathetic waste of a wolf body. You can’t even defend yourself.” Jin’s voice sits heavy in Namjoon’s ears. Jin picks up Yoongi by his collar so they are eye to eye, “ Well I guess step one is over now of my plan. Now to destroy this pack and kill your father. Hunters will do well..” Jin reaches into his pocket and pulls out a vile, “ You see this Yoongi? As soon as I make my deal with the retard hunters I will own this pack. I will finally take my rightful place.” Namjoon recognizes, but can’t say anything at the moment. Yoongi struggles against Jin’s grip, but fails to get away from the clutches. “ Yoongi be a good trash and just disappear. Oh and I dare you to try to tell your father about this. Who is he gonna believe. His fucking disgusting lieing omega son or his second in command’s Alpha son that has always been like a son to him.” Jin releases his grip letting Yoongi fall to the ground with a loud thump. A chuckle leaves Jin’s lips as he walks away from the crowd. Before disappearing completely he looks back at the alpha’s, “ Oh boys please take care of the trash. I don’t care what you do to him as long as he just disappears.” Namjoon’s anger reaches its breaking point and he is about to release his wolf when hand yanks him back wards by the shoulder

He comes to shooting up in the hospital bed. He gasped for air at the same time. He turns around to Jimin laying on the floor at the end of the bed. Namjoon rushes to him and picks him up placing him on the bed. Jimin’s eyes open lightly and sees Namjoon looking at him with worry. He places his weak hand on Namjoon’s arm, “ Hey I am ok. Don’t worry. Doing this takes a lot of energy. Specially ripping out someone that was about to transform into their wolf side.” Jimin winks at Namjoon and puts a weak smile on his face, “ Namjoon go to him now. I am sure he is awake by now. When I entered into his memory it makes it a dream for the. Well in this case a nightmare.”

Namjoon hands him a water bottle real quick and darts off like a bullet to the room that shared the wall. He flings open the door and he could see the older sitting there in the bed clinging onto the bear with all his might. He could hear his name being cries out and his heart drops to the floor. After a second, rushes to Yoongi wrapping his arms tightly around him. He floods the room with his scent and forces Yoongi’s face into the crease of his neck, “Baby I will never go anywhere. I will never let anything hurt you ever again. I will be your protector from this day forward. I am so sorry for not being here. I love you Min Yoongi.”

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Chapter 8

Namjoon spent everyday up until the last day before Yoongi hospital release by his side when his father wasn’t trying to overload him with work. He knew his father was trying to keep Namjoon away from Yoongi, but the would sneak walking in the hospital garden and slept next to each other almost every night. The love between them continued to grow. Neither one of them had ever felt this happiness before. Tho Yoongi couldn’t leave the hospital, he imagined every time Namjoon walked through his hospital room door that it was Namjoon coming home to him after a long day at work. It was a feeling that would always fill his heart to the brim.

The day before Yoongi’s release came and Yoongi waits patiently for Namjoon to come see him. The day goes by slowly. The nurses and the doctors come out of his room. He continues to wait. Everytime his door open his eyes lighten up, but die off when he sees it’s not Namjoon.

Yoongi notices the sun is getting low in the sky. It gives the perfect light to the flowers of the garden outside of his room. He stares off into space and doesn’t notice Jhope enter his room with a wheelchair. “ Yoongi lets go out to the garden. Its beautiful outside. No need to be locked up in this room.” Jhope says to Yoongi with his normal bubbly tone of voice. Yoongi nods and stands up to get into the wheelchair.

Jhope wheels him out into the garden. They reach just half way through when Jhope stops and leans down to Yoongi, “ Hey I forgot something inside. I will be right back. Don’t go anywhere.” Yoongi waves him off and sits there admiring the bright red roses at full bloom. After a quick moment, the wheel chair begins to move. Yoongi smiles as he goes to speak, “ Find what you forgot Jhope?” Before there was a reply the wheelchair stops again. This time they stop in front of the gazebo.

Yoongi’s jaw drops when he sees all that was in the gazebo. The rails were lined with vines and roses that led down the steps rails to the wheelchair. There was a small round table that had a red and white picnic flannel. On the actual table there were two placements with two tall white candles that were already lit. Besides the table there was a cold dish that held a fine bottle of whiskey and scotch.

“Jhope what is this for. Why is this all set up here.” Yoongi stands up out of the chair and walks up the steps without looking back. “This is all for you. I hope you like it. I have never been able to treat you to a proper date.” Yoongi spins around when he realized the voice was not of Jhope. There standing tall was Namjoon. His smile showed off his dimples. He was in full dress of his soldier uniform.

The suit was perfectly tailored to Namjoon. The suit was mostly black besides the trim around the end of the sleeves and the gold trim that ran up the outside seams of the pants. On his right side of his chest there were is metals stood out against the black. Each one of them had a sparkle about them. There was also a gold like rope looped through the gold shoulder bars. Yoongi notices the silver chain that went between the two collar points that held the cape that slung over one shoulder. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The man that stood in front of him was a different Namjoon. He seemed less of the goofy off the wall man he knew and more of the Lead alpha of the pack.

Namjoon walks over to Yoongi and swings a large bouquet of white roses off from behind him. He lays them in Yoongi’s arm and then grabs his free hand. Yoongi watches him as he bends down on one knee. His smile gets wider and wider as they stand there for a moment. Namjoon clears his throat watching Yoongi’s reaction. He reaches into his pocket pulling out a small white box. “Yoongi I know this is so soon, but I and my wolf have known you were the one from the moment we met. I don’t want to go a day without you. My future is with you. I have spent a lot of time thinking bout this. I want to marry you and raise a family with you. Min Yoongi will you please marry me.” Namjoon voice tries not to crack as he begins to shake. He let go of Yoongi’s hand and opens the small box. Inside was a dark wood band with two blue sapphires that surrounded around a black onyx square stone.

Yoongi covers his mouth out of shock. He never thought he’d ever find his perfect alpha and now here he stands being asked to marry the most perfect alpha he could ever imagine. Though they had been through a lot in a short period he could feel saying yes was the right answer. Shakes his head yes as the tears start to fall. Namjoon slides the ring onto Yoongi’s ring finger. It was the perfect fit. Yoongi stared at it for a moment before being picked up by the younger. He collapses his arms around the alpha’s neck, burying his face in the crease of his neck, “I love you, Joonie.” “I love you too, Yoonie.”




They spend the evening having the perfect date. They had their dinner and watched the sun sink down over the horizon. As soon as the sun is gone the fireflies fill the garden and light the area of the path. Namjoon stands up and pick Yoongi up off his chair bridal style. “I think it’s time for bed. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy and emotional day. I want my future bride to get his beauty rest. Yoongi blushes and wraps his arms around the strong alpha’s neck.

They enter into the Hospital front doors and are greeted by the bubbly duo. Jimin jumps at the couple with excitement, “ Let me see, LET ME SEE.” Yoongi smirks and tries to hide his hand from Jimin teasing him. He finally gives in at Jimin pouts at him. He throws his hand out to show the beautiful ring that fit snugly on his finger. Jimin and Jhope both jump with glee and admire the ring for a moment before being interrupted by Namjoon, “ Girls now that you’ve gotten to see the ring. It is time for Yoongi to get some rest.” Jimin sticks his tongue out and Namjoon turns away carrying Yoongi to his room.

When they get to the room, Namjoon set him on the bed softly letting the omega’s hair display lightly over the pillow. Namjoon sits and admires him for a moment before his attention is gotten by the chiming of the grandfather clock in the hall. “Sweetheart time for you to get some rest. In the morning I will come get you. Remember dress in that suit I had Jimin pick up. Now rest and prepare yourself. I love you my Yoonies.” Namjoon leans down and kisses Yoongi’s forehead and then his lips. They grab each others hand and Namjoon backs up letting their hands slide apart. Their last touch is just their fingertips. A smile goes over both males faces before Namjoon walks out the door.

When the door slams shut Yoongi throws himself around in the bed. His heart was exploding with happiness and love like a firework. He calms himself taking a deep breath right before throwing his hands in the air. He lays there staring at the ring that incased his finger. The happiness fills him again making his heart flutter. He felt as if he was floating over the bed. He never wanted to come down from this nature high. He knew he would, but he would enjoy this for the moment. The thought of tomorrow and the plan they had takes his attention. What should have felt like a heavy weight felt like emotional feather. This ring means no matter the out come of tomorrow. Joonie and me will be together forever.

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Chapter 9

That morning Yoongi was up before the sun rose. He didn’t sleep much. He had tossed and turned all night. The dark circles show under his eyes like two perfect dark cresent moons. Jimin burst into the room to a half dressed Yoongi struggling with the buttons of the shirt. He looked up to Jimin with pouty eyes. Jimin giggles and walks over to help Yoongi. When they were done Yoongi stares into the long mirror of the room. He looks at his eyes noticing the make up hide the dark circles well. He turns to Jimin and hugs him. “Thank you for the help, Jimin.” Jimin pulls him away smiling wide. He straightens the shoulder of the shirt and tie. Both are startled by the door opening.

In the doorway stood Namjoon. His suit was looked shuffled on his body and the tail of the front of his suit hung from underneath the jacket. His dark circles were darker then Yoongi. They could tell he hadn’t slept a wink all night. Jimin shakes his head and goes to work helping him fix his suit and using make up to bright his look. Jungkook enters the room once Jimin finishes fussing over Namjoon’s hair, coffee in hand. He was the savior to the half awake sleep deprived males.

Once the coffee is gone they all take a deep breath. “Ok we need to go over the plan again. Yoongi, Jimin and Jungkook, I need you to stay hidden behind the city hall building until I ask for Yoongi to come out. I need the two of you in wolf form. If things go south I need you both to get him out of here and meet me at the cabin we all met at before. Remember this isn’t just a staging ceremony. We are going to confront Jin. My father will have him standing off to the side of the stage. If need be I need Jungkook to jump on stage to defend me with Tae. At that point Jimin you are to protect Yoongi. I want to thank you all for doing this for us. You two are the only ones I can trust besides Tae and Jhope.” Namjoon stands and bows to them out of respect. He knew that they didn’t need to help them, but they stepped up like they had been friends for years.

Jungkook steps up to Namjoon and grabs his hand, “ We are family no matter how long we have known each other. We protect our family, we protect our pack.”

They reach the outside of the clinic, the sun bearing down on the ground they stood on. Jhope hugs them all before going back inside. Jungkook and Jimin nod at Namjoon before shedding into their wolf form. Jungkook was a dark grey wolf besides the perfect blonde almost silver heart that sat between his shoulder blades. Jimin was the same color of the heart on Jungkook except the dark grey streak that went over his left eye. It’s shape was almost of a lighting bolt.

They lead the way to the center of town. Yoongi’s knees begin to shake out of fear. Namjoon loops their arms together letting Yoongi lean against him. He looks over and kisses the top of his head, “Yoongi, stop worrying. No matter what we will be together forever. I promised you I will always be by your side to protect you. Just have faith in me.” Yoongi nods as they start to close in on the community hall. Namjoon signals them to stop right behind the building that shaded the ground, “ Remember stay here. I will let you know when to come out.” He pats the top of both Jungkook and Jimin’s head and leans down a bit to kiss Yoongi. “I love you Joonie. I have faith in you.” Yoongi speaks softly and wraps his arms around the alpha rubbing his face in the alpha’s neck.

Namjoon turns away from them and head for the stage. He could see his father sitting on a throne like chair with his mother to his left and Jin just off the left of her. He sees a empty chair like his father next to him. Tae walks up from the back of the stage and stands to the side of the empty chair. He knew that this was going to be the hardest act he would have to do in his life. He would have to prove to his father who the real culprit was and try to keep his wolf calmed down after seeing what Jin had done to his omega in the past. The crowd turns and sees him walking up the path. The cheers start up, but he tries to phase out the noise. As he walks down the path people of the community pat him on the back and try to cheer him on more.

He continues his calm and collected gait all the way up the path and to his father. He kneels down and bows in front of his father. Before his father could acknowledge him actions Namjoon was back to his feet facing the crowd. “ Thank you all for coming to this stagging ceremony. I want to make this celebration of the passing of the torch, but I need to clear the air. There is a rumor of a traitor of another pack living here. That rumor involved an Omega I brought into this village.” The crowd began to whisper to themselves with the rumor.

Namjoon clears his throat to caught the attention of the crowd again, “ That rumor is only partially true. The traitor is here, but it is not the omega I brought into this community. At this moment I would like to introduce you all to my omega Min Yoongi.” The crowd goes up in roar again speaking amongst themselves. Around the corner of the building the two wolves lead Yoongi down the path. As they walk down the path the crowd moves away from the path staring at Yoongi. Yoongi hangs his head down trying not to pay attention to the unwanted glares. They reach stair in front of the stage and Jungkook and Jimin part letting Yoongi up the stairs. He walks up them caughting the wide smile with dimples from Namjoon. His outstretched hand waited for Yoongi.

Once at Namjoon’s side he is turned to face the crowd, “ Everyone this is the rumored culprit, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I have evidence right here. When I rescued Yoongi the hunters during my travels I picked up a vile that had a familiar scent. This vile held an antidote to stop the process a human turning into a wolf. There is also another familiar scent to it. It wasn't familiar then, but now yes.” He tosses the vile to his father, “ Take a sniff of that. Who does it smell like?” Namjoon’s father looks at him sternly and sniffs the bottle. The smell was of Jin.

Namjoon turns his gaze to Jin who had his attention on the small vile, “ Jin does that vile look familiar to you. It should. It is the same vile you gave the hunter to bribe them to take down your pack and spare your life and some of the other pack. By the looks of you and the scares you have they had other plans.” Jin jumps at Namjoon trying to hurt him, but is met with a sword at his throat and a wolf ready to tear him to shreds. Jungkook had jumped on stage and was bearing teeth next to Tae. Namjoon had pushed Yoongi off stage to land onto Jimin’s back. Jimin sets him down and stand to protect him. The tension was thick between them all. It was cut by the older man getting to his feet and standing toe to toe with Jin.

“You have some answering to do, but not here. It is not the time for it now.” The old man whistles and his second in command comes up behind Jin and places the iron shackles around his wrist. He escorted off the stage and towards the holding building. The older man turns to Namjoon and bows to him, “ Son, I am so sorry I doubted you.” Namjoon grabs the old man’s hand rising him up out of the bow, “ Father, I don’t deserve the apology. That omega down there does. I even doubted him for a moment. I am going to spend my life earning his forgiveness.” Namjoon signals for Yoongi to return to the stage once more. “Yoongi I am so sorry. Can you please forgive this old man for his digressions?” The old man reaches out to shake Yoongi’s hand. Yoongi smiles and shakes the older mans hand.

Without realizing it he had shaken hands with the hand that had the ring on it. Namjoon’s mom narrows in on the band and stands up to meet Namjoon and Yoongi. “Is that what I think it is?” She rushes and grabs Yoongi’s hand looking up at Namjoon. Namjoon wraps his arm around Yoongi and turns towards the crowd, “ Yes that is right. I asked him to marry me yesterday and he said yes!” The crowd erupts into a cheer. The happiness fills Yoongi and he turns bright red. He looks up to Namjoon is met with a wide smile and a comforting feeling of belonging.




The rest of the staging ceremony went without a hitch. Yoongi and Namjoon go off the stage joining the rest of the party below. The music was loud and the crowd of people continued to come up to the couple to congratulate them on their engagement. “Yoongi I need to go take care of something real quick. Stay right here please. I won’t be long.” Yoongi nods to Namjoon and sits down watching the crowd dance to the old style saltz music. He loved how he finally had a pack that accepted him and an alpha that finally accepted him for his past.

“Yoongi there you are. I was wanting to talk to you.” The older female walks up and sits next to him. Yoongi turns his attention to her. “Yoongi, you know Namjoon needs to marry as soon as possible to hold his standing as the lead alpha. We had an arranged marriage, but when he came to us on the first day tell us he had found his perfect mate, we were in shock. We are happy that he found you and that you agreed to marry him. The thing is we need to have you marry quick or the pack could be in trouble from neighboring pack or traveling alphas. I hope you understand.” Yoongi looks at the Namjoon’s mother letting her words soak in, “ Yoongi you won’t have to worry about a thing. I will have the wedding all set up for you guys. Let us say in 2 weeks we can get this underway. It was good talking to you. We need to talk again. Just enjoy tonight.” The woman nudges Yoongi and stands up walking away. Yoongi’s mind races from the thought of being married so quickly.

His attention is grabbed by a hand on the back of his neck he spins around to see Namjoon. Before he could speak a word he is grabbed by the wrist and is whisked off away from the party. They end up on the edge of the community. Namjoon grabs him by the waist pulling him close to him. He moves them in small circles as the faint sound of music could be heard from the party in the distance. “Namjoon what are we doing? Why couldn’t we dance over there?” Namjoon uses his hand pushing Yoongi’s head into his chest. “Amuse me for a few moments. You will see why we are here in this empty spot.”

They dance for a moment when a shooting light streaks across the sky. It reaches a high point and explodes in a beautiful array of colors. Yoongi stops and watches as several of these light shoot of the ground flying high into the sky. His eyes watch in wonder as Namjoon smiles watching the innocent wonder form over Yoongi’s face, “ How do you like part of your surprise?” Yoongi turns to him and has the iconic gummy smile going across his face. He nods his head at the taller man and looks at him with confusion, “What do you mean particle surprise?”

Namjoon grabs Yoongi picking him up bridal style, “ See that house on the hill? That is our home now.” Yoongi’s jaw drops when the fireworks light up the large mansion like cabin. The wood porch had large pillars that held the overlapping roof up. The porch seemed to wrap completely around the building and on the porch sat two perfectly placed rocking chairs. “Sweetheart, let us go home now. I will show you more of your surprise.”

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Chapter 11

Yoongi woke up to the warm embrace from his Alpha. The sun was shining in on them. He noticed the sparkling like texture of Namjoon’s skin. He felt warmth slowly fading out of his core melting into the bed. The warmth was weird sensation. It was unfamiliar to him. He tried to think was the day it was, but the last few had been a complete haze. He remembered the first night The memories of the two of them destroying the sheets. They had left scratch marks and purple festering marks all over each other. They had been completely developed in each other and finally became one. If that only meant for the night that was fine with him. The rest of the time was a complete blur. He tries to continue to search his memories, but with no prevail. It was as if it what had happened was completely erased.

He notices the alpha beside him shifting around him. He tries to wrap his arms around the smaller frames omega. Yoongi tries to move away to get out of the grip on his waist. A low growl leaves Namjoon’s mouth and the grip got tighter around him. The dull ache in all his muscles become more of a ache. He felt his body quince. Namjoon’s eyes shoot open and look at Yoongi when he lets out a small squeak, “Are you ok sweetheart? Im sorry if i hurt you.” Yoongi couldn’t help, but just curl up against him. Yoongi’s heart fluttered with pure happiness. He nuzzles his nose into Namjoon’s chest finding comfort in filling his senses with Namjoon’s over powering alpha scent. “Joonie baby, How long have we been cooped in this house? I am not complaining, but I can’t remember the last few days.” Namjoon chuckles a bit and soothes Yoongi’s hair behind his ear. He picks his omega up and carries him to the other sized tub in the next room, “Let’s get cleaned up it’s been a long week.” Yoongi looks at him shock in his eyes. It’s been a week Yoongi thinks to himself.

Yoongi lays in the warm water that Namjoon had prepared for him. The door swings open and Yoongi notices the pure white towels and clothes in Namjoon’s arms. He sets them down and grabs the cloth to wash Yoongi. The soft sensitive soap and cloth sends chill into Yoongi’s skin. A cooing sound leaves him without realising it. Namjoon feels the vibration of his nerves shooting from his toes to the top of his head from the sounds that Yoongi is releasing. Yoongi looks up and pouts at Namjoon. He reaches his hands up wanting Namjoon’s attention. Namjoon smiling knowing exactly what he wanted, but in teasing manner he looks at Yoongi with confusing look, “What do you want baby boy?” Yoongi blushes at the cute nickname. He makes his hands signal that he wanted Namjoon to Join him. Namjoon smiles showing off the large dimples. He slides his clothes off showing off the large purple marks and bite marks like a badge of honor. He slides into the tub behind Yoongi and rubs his shoulders lightly. Yoongi nuzzles his chest lightly falls asleep against his alpha.

They finally got out and got dressed. Yoongi tries to focus on covering up the bruises that covered his neck, but they could barely keep their hands off each other. He looks at himself in the mirror and decides that his first attempt of makeup is successful enough to fool everyone he’d see today. It took them hours to get ready to see all the preparations Namjoon’s mother had been doing for their wedding, but first they needed to stop by the clinic to see Hobi for a check up. As they left the house they stayed hand and hand together. Yoongi would take peeks over at Namjoon noticing the smile that covered Namjoon’s face.

They reached the clinic and was met with Jimin’s smiling face, “Good morning hun. How was your wonderful week together?” Jimin giggles and quickly moves to Yoongi licking his thumb. He wipes his thumb against Yoongi’s neck and removes the make up from his neck. It revealed one of the pretty purple marks Namjoon had given him. Before Yoongi could cover his neck Jhope walked up behind him and pokes at it, “Good morning lovelies. How was th stay in the new house. Is the bed still standing?” Yoongi covers his neck and tries to keep his eyes down.

He feels his wrist being grabbed by Jimin, “Come with me. Let me fix that train wreck you call makeup.” Jimin giggles and skips into the clinic as Yoongi is being dragged looking back at Namjoon. Namjoon smiles at the look Yoongi had on his face and waves as he disappeared into the clinic. “Let’s give them some time together. Well before we start Yoongi’s check up.”
“So Jhope what is his check up involving? I just have a few worries of this all.”

Jhope places his hand on Namjoon’s shoulder, “ Don’t worry we are only making sure the infection is gone for good and that his body is healing right. We also want to get his heat schedule on record. We need to make sure with all he’s been through everything is working functionally We need to make sure the Omega of our Alpha leader is able to produce bloodline heirs.” Namjoon feels a lump grow in his throat. Jhope lets out a laugh and guides Namjoon into the clinic.

They reach the room that Jimin had brought Yoongi into. They walk into the room and sees Yoongi sitting cross legged on the hospital bed. Jimin was fussing with the final touches. Namjoon’s jaw drops to the floor at the sight of Yoongi. His hair was lightly fluffed back with feathered layers. His makeup looks natural, but his water line was darkened with a black liner. It made Namjoon almost drooled. He tried to collect himself and pick his jaw up off the floor.

He turns to sit in the chair sitting next to the bed. Jimin quickly cleans up the small mess that he had created before returning to his more professional state of mind. Jhope reaches for the bandages and pulls a few back to the check wounds underneath. They seemed to be healing well with the short time since his stay at the hospital. “Jimin I need you to take blood samples to test for infection and then have the nurses run a HCG on the extra blood.” Jimin grabs the syringe and makes a small prick in Yoongi’s are. Yoongi winces out of the pain and the fear of needles. Namjoon jumps up feeling his alpha becoming over protective.

“Namjoon relax it’s only a small prick. He will be fine. We need to run these tests before we do anymore physical evaluations.” Jhope smiles at him with his ray of sunshine smile

Namjoon settles back in his seat and keeps an eye Yoongi and Jimin. When the blood was drawn, Jhope goes to change the bandages on Yoongi. “Hobi what is an HCG?” Yoongi look up to him with a single tear falling from the prick of the needle. Jhope laughs and moves in closer to replace the bandage on Yoongi’s shoulder, “ How it is just a simple test to check and see if your pregnant. It’s standard procedure since you are the lead alpha’s omega. Everytime you come for a check up we have to check for it. It’s just the rules set up when the pack was formed and we finally found a way to test for early pregnancies.” Yoongi nods at him and waits for the bandages to be done.

Once Jhope was done with what he was able to do he looks over Namjoon’s shoulder out the window, “You guys should get going before your mother takes down our clinic,” Namjoon looks behind him and sees his second in command and his mother’s guards waiting outside for him, “ You guys come back after the blood test should be back in. Go enjoy the day and enjoy the beautiful work your mother is doing.” Both Yoongi and Namjooon bow out of respect to Jhope and rush out of the clinic.

They are escorted to the nearby community hall. The short walk there Yoongi’s mind was occupied by the statement Jimin had said before Namjoon and Jhope had walked into the room. His attention is snapped back when they come to a sudden stop. On the outside the hall looked almost three stories high. The building was one of the biggest buildings Yoongi had ever saw. The lumber that made the building was of white pine. It gave it a very rustic feeling. Yoongi was so excited to see everything that was being done inside. He could only imagine how beautiful the inside. The two guards opened the door revealing the white long cascading material that looped through the rafters of the vaulted ceilings. There was a beautiful white aisle runner that ran from where they stood at the door to the arch that was made of the same wood at the building. It was wrapped in gorgeous vines of red roses. There was staff running around still trying to finish what they could for the hall to be ready.

“ That doesn’t go there. How many times to I have to repeat my words to you all.”

A familiar female voice booms through the rafters like a bomb going off. The female’s attention darts to the opening door seeing the two boys, “ You are late. Where were you both,” She storms towards them not giving either one a chance to answer, “ It doesn’t matter now we need to hurry up and get ready for suit fittings. You both decided to lock yourselves in a whole week so I had to guess on sizes.” Namjoon loops her arm with Yoongi’s dragging him to the far left room off the hall. She pointed to the room on the right of the hall. Namjoon smirks nodding at his mom and rushes to the room.

Yoongi gets shoved into the room and pushed down into the seat next to the door. There was a small stage in the middle of the room that had mirrors that wrapped around it from all angles. On the far side of the room there was an old fashioned blind that looked older then the pack, but it was still in mint condition. “Yoongi stay here. I need to go to Namjoon’s room to find your suit. It might take a minute. There is some champagne on the dresser over there. Please relax and enjoy until I get back.” She places her had on his shoulder before leaving the room. Yoongi grabs the champagne and tries to take a sip, but the smell of the alcohol makes his gut twist and he could feel his stomach acid roam it’s way up his esophagus. He sets it down and walks back over to sit down. The memory of the conversation run behind his eyes.

While Jimin was fussing over his makeup and hair the younger seemed to freeze for a moment. Jimin’s eyes had almosted whited over completely. As soon as it happened it disappeared. A smirk had grown on his plump lips. Yoongi was so confused on what was happening to the male.

“Yoongi I don’t know if I should tell you. It’s to early in your relationship for this, but did you go into heat while locked up in the cabin with Namjoon?” Jimin looked at him now with concerning eyes. Yoongi didn’t remember a lot, but he was sure he didn’t “ You remember I can show the past. I can also see other things. Like the future and changes in physical condition like illnesses, mental issues and pregnancies. Yoongi.” He stopped speaking when they both heard the others shoes against the hallway, “Yoongi, you are pregnant.” His hand lightly pressed on the olders stomach for a brief moment before he started to mess with his hair and the door opened.

He wasn’t sure if Jimin was telling the truth. He rubbed his belly thinking to himself. What if I am pregnant. Will he be healthy enough to carry it. Will the new pack execpt him being unmarried, unmarked and pregnant. Will Namjoon still love him and want to be with him.

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Chapter 12

Yoongi tries to push off the thoughts he has floating in his head. He needed to focus on the present moment. The door opens to the room and Namjoon’s mother walks in with a hanger with pearl white suit bag hanging over it. “Yoongi go try it on. Just step behind the blind if need be. I will stand outside the door. When you are done just knock on the door 3 times and I’ll come in. I hope it fits you well. I am usually pretty good guesser.” she trails off to herself and walks out the door. Yoongi giggled at the way his soon to be mother inlaw acted. Namjoon must of got his brains from his father. He giggles again at his own thought and walks behind the blind.

He quickly put on the suit. He was in a hurry to see what she had chose for him. He always loved her simple, but sophisticated style. Once the suit was on it fit him like a glove. Everything seemed to blend so perfectly together. The suit jacket and pants were a soft white color. It was perfectly tailored to him. The under button up was black and it made the vest underneath flash the silver color against it. His jacket was tailored out at the bottom just a hair to give him some feature of hips and waist. He was almost astonished on how the suit made him look. He had never really any chances in the past to dress like this.

He began to think about his childhood and his younger years. He never had friends or a family that accepted him. Before he was exiled, the others his age would be nice to him with his family around, but the moment his parents were gone he would be beaten by the others. He had always promised himself if he every by gods grace go to have a family of his own, he would never let his pups get treated like that.

The thought made him think of the possible little one he might be carrying inside him. His hand leaves his side and rubs the flat surface of his stomach. He started to smile thinking of himself full of Namjoon’s pups. He grabs the jacket pulling the front of it forward as much as he could. He tried to simulate having a growing belly. He was quick to snap out of it when he hears the sound of the door knob jiggling and the creaking of the door, “ Yoongi, honey are you dressed yet? I need to see if they need to tailor it anymore.” Yoongi steps from behind the blind showing the female the suit. She stares completely speechless at Yoongi. She couldn’t believe how amazing he looked. Yoongi spins around slowly to show his future mother inlaw, “ Namjoon won’t know what to say once he sees you in this. We will be spending the whole ceremony holding his jaw up for him.” Yoongi laughs at her statement.

“Did someone say my name?” Yoongi hears Namjoon’s voice from the other side of the door as it began to peak open. Yoongi darts behind the blind making sure that his soon to be groom didn’t see him in the suit. Though it was an old tradition Yoongi wanted to follow as many as he could. He changes back into his normal baggie clothes and walks out from behind the blind. Namjoon smiles at him as he tries to finish up the conversation with his mother about different arrangements for the rest of the wedding. Yoongi walks up to him grabbing his hand. “Ready to go to the clinic. We need to hurry before Hobi gets worries and searches for us.” Yoongi nods his head at Namjoon gripping his hand and arm a little tighter. Before they left Namjoon’s mother reminded them of the rehearsal dinner and wedding date and time. They have six days until the rehearsal and the wedding was going to the day after that.

His nervous were sent over the edge as the short walk seemed even longer. He wasn’t sure if he was ready to find out if Jimin was right in what he saw. He could feel the anxiousness of his wolf and including the ball of nerves trying to climb it’s way up his body. He felt sick to his stomach like when he had caught the scent of the champagne in his senses. He holds it in trying to hide what he could.

The clinic sign soon came into view. They walked into the building expecting a burst of sunshine and cupcakes to hit them like a ton of bricks, but all they saw was one of the nurses at the front desk. Namjoon walks up to her to ask where Hobi was. Before words could even form she pointed down the far hall to where his office had resided. Yoongi could feel his heart beating so hard against his ribcage he felt as if it might jump out of his chest and run away. Namjoon and him walk to the small office in the far end of the hall. Yoongi still didn’t know if his heart could take if the news was what jimin had predicted. They walk into the office and for the first time ever, they didn’t see the smiling ray of sunshine that made Hobi, Hobi. They stop dead in their tracks and look at him.

Hobi points to the couch that sits across from him, on the other side of the large oak wood desk. They move quickly and sit in confusion of the facial expressions on Hobi’s face. The beta rubs the bridge of his nose and looks up to the couple on the couch. “Yoongi I need to know when was your last heat? I know this is a very touchy subject, but I need to know.” Yoongi looks at him with a shy look. His tone of voice matched the look on his face, “It’s been a few months. I have never been reg….” before he could finish his sentence his alpha’s voice booms over his, “Few days ago.” Namjoon looks at Hobi with his crystal ember blue eyes shifting to a dark brown almost black as the alpha wolf inside him was trying to fight for control.

Hobi’s hand moves to his temple and rubs with a rough pressure. Yoongi looks over at Namjoon in shock. He didn’t remember coming into coming into heat, But he knew since it had been several months this one must have made him lose control. Namjoon looked over to Yoongi with shame running down his face. His lips a silent apology before looking down at his hands. Hobi gets up and grabs the chair against the wall pulling it in front of them. He grabs Yoongi’s hand and looks at Namjoon, “ I don’t know how to put this, but Yoongi is pregnant. If we need to talk options we have some information on the things you can do, but to be honest Yoongi is healthy enough to talk on this pregnancy. The only thing is you will have to hide it from the community for awhile. You boys are unwedded and unmarked. It will look bad on you Namjoon.”

Namjoon shoots up out of his chair and looks over at Yoongi. He grabs his hand and pulls him to the door, “ I do not care what this community thinks. I am tired of them always trying to make push us a part. Let this community say what they want. I love this Omega,” Namjoon places his hand on Yoongi’s stomach, “ and the pups Yoongi maybe carrying.” He went to storm off with Yoongi in hand. Laughter fills the room making Namjoon stop in his tracks. The beta was grabbing his sides and letting out his normal bubbly laughter. “My friend I will do everything I can to help you and your omega. I want you to defeat the odds. With that said at least wait until after the wedding before you let your parents know. Make sure the next few months you bring Yoongi in for a check up every week.” Namjoon smiles and wraps one arm around Hobi hugging him with such love of family between them.

Namjoon and Yoongi walk out of the clinic noticing the sun reaching down to the horizon. “Babies let's go home. I think you need rest now.” Yoongi blushes and looks over at the proud standing alpha. He shakes his no and points towards the garden that peaked from around the clinic. He wanted to spend this happiness between the both of them in one of the most memorable spots they had in the community.

They walk through the garden admiring the beautiful flowers as the sun painted them with a golden light. Namjoon reaches down as they walk and plucks a lilac from it’s seated spot. He steps in front of Yoongi only walking backwards in the same pace at the omega. Namjoon takes the lilac in his hand and places it in Yoongi’s hair. The older blushes and grabs ahold of Namjoon’s hand tighter. Words were not spoken until they were seated under the canopy of the beautiful gazebo that had more vines growing around the railing now then before.

Namjoon sits down on the bench inside and pats beside him for Yoongi to join him. They sit in the perfect spot together watching the sun slowly sink into the horizon. Yoongi places his head on Namjoon’s shoulder enjoying the last bit of sunshine on his face, “Joonie, Aren’t you worried about your family finding out? I mean I am sure they will except it, but without us being married and the mark on our necks they might not.” Yoongi seemed to talk around in circles. Showing just how tired he was to his alpha. Namjoon pushes the hair off his face and leans to kiss his forehead, “Yoonie baby we will tell them when the time is right. Let us get through the wedding and we will find the time after. Also lets talk to hobi on our next visit and see if there is a way to do the marking process while you are full of pups.” Namjoon smirks at his omega seeing the blush covering his face. He also notices the sleepy eyes that were trying to fight to stay open. He turns his body and picks the older up. He tightly hold him to his body making sure there was no way of him falling, “Baby you can fall asleep as I carry you home. Don’t fight the sleep.” Yoongi nods at him and nuzzles into the broad chest. The warmth radiated and made Yoongi wander off to sleep in an instant.




The next few days seemed to pass quickly. Yoongi spent his time helping when he could with the wedding. The mornings started to fill with the similar routine. He would be awoken by the feeling of his guts climbing up his throat and spend the first hour in the master bathroom. Once he was done he would spend another hour searching for baggy clothes to wear out. He knew it took longer for his belly to show, but he was already paranoid about the community or Namjoon’s parents finding out the “Surprise”.

He’d spend a few hours helping his soon to be mother in law and then once he could feel that he wasn’t feeling good again he would make an excuse to leave for a short time. Since the clinic was close he’d spend his time in the garden. Namjoon, while working on his lead alpha duties, would meet him in the garden around lunch. He was always so full of worry for his omega. He didn’t want the older to overwork or work at all. He would be much less worried if he would spend his time relaxing. He couldn’t argue with Yoongi when he said he needed to get out of the house and do something.

It was finally the day before the wedding and Namjoon turned to corner of the clinic to the garden. He stopped and saw Yoongi sitting there in the gazebo with a vase and dozen roses laying on the table in front of him. He couldn’t help taking a few moments to himself and watching the breathtaking sight in front of him. He noticed the Omega was starting to glow. His skin seemed to rid itself of any imperfections and his hair seemed to be more of a shining black and when he moved there was a tint of blue in it. Namjoon couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have this man and for this man to be carrying his pups. He clenches his chest for a moment, until Yoongi spots him and smiles his gummy smile. Namjoon walks up slowly soaking in the memory that was presenting itself to him.

He finally sits beside Yoongi and notices that he had one hand on his stomach. “Are you feeling okay sweetheart?” Namjoon looks him up and down to see if there was anything wrong. Yoongi giggles and shakes his head, “ No I am fine. Just wish I could feel them kick already. I know I am barely couple weeks along, but I am just a bit impatient.” Namjoon laces his fingers with Yoongi’s that is over the top of his belly. “Baby it’s ok. Soon you will feel a furry of kicks. Just be patient.” Yoongi smiles at his mate and stares at their hands laced together. “ Yoongi rest here. I have a few things to do before the rehearsal dinner. Remember it is in a little bit. Try to relax as much as possible. Hobi will come get you when it’s time to go over.” Namjoon angles yoongi’s chin and kisses him with light passion before walking away to finish his duties.

Yoongi seemed to lose track of time. He was so focused on the centerpiece he was working on to be perfect for their table at the hall. He was just finishing when a hand was placed on his shoulder. “Yoongi… Yoongi!,” His attention is finally grabbed by the man made of sunshine that was beaming rays of gold more than usual, “Yoongi you finally heard me. For a second I thought you checked out of reality. We need to hurry to the hall. We will be late if we don’t leave now.” Yoongi stands up and rushes past Hobi, “ Shit I promised I wouldn’t be late.” He runs as fast as his legs would take him.

He reaches the hall and flings open the doors. The whole community had already gathered in the hall and most were sitting at their tables. He looks through the room seeing Namjoon searching and scanning the room until his eyes landed on Yoongi. He waves him to the table on the far end of the room. When they are finally beside each other they sit and watch the people communing together for a brief moment. Plenty of the other pack members walk up to them and congratulate them and send them good luck for the wedding the next day. Once everyone seemed to settle down, Namjoon grabs Yoongi’s arm pulling him out onto the patio. He pulls him close to him with loving embrace, “ Baby have I told you how stunning you look lately?” Yoongi blushes at the compliment and looks up to Namjoon, “ Yoonie. I want to tell them tonight. I know it is looked down upon, but I looked at all the rule books and all the settlements paperwork. There is nothing against the rules for the lead Alpha to have a pregnant Omega outside of marriage and marking. Can we please tell them. I can’t tell you how many times I have almost slipped up around everyone.” Namjoon’s eyes were focused on Yoongi’s facial expressions. Yoongi pulls away and leans over the railing teasing Namjoon. Yoongi turns around with pure innocent excitement on his face. He’s head nods viciously making Namjoon giggle, “ Fine let us return now and tell them.”

They return to the hall where the idol chatter was at a higher volume. Namjoon reaches down grabbing a champagne glass half filled with a gold tint liquid and another one with water in it. He tings the glasses together and hands the one with water to Yoongi. The whole crowd seems to quiet down and turn their focus to the couple. “I would love to start out by saying thank you for all showing up for this dinner. We happily accept the praises and sincerity of coming here tonight. Yoongi and I have been talking and we want to happily share news that we have gotten in the last week.” Yoongi looks up at Namjoon and intertwines his fingers with Namjoon’s. The nerves started to set in with fear that people would not accept this. “So we know some of you may see this news as something unpleasant or may not accept it. We completely understand, but we both found it unfair to hide this from any of you since we have love for each and everyone of you in the pack.” Namjoon clears his throat and sees Jimin and Jungkook in the crowd holding their thumbs up trying to help him not feel so nervous. He feels a tight squeeze on his hand and notices Yoongi smiling up at him. His nerves completely disappear and his mind clears. He takes his free hand and touches Yoongi’s belly. He looks out to the crowd and continues with his words. “ We found out that we will be expecting pups and we hope we will have the acceptance of this amazing pack to raise these pups in.” The whole hall breaks out in applause and over bearing cheers. Both Namjoon and Yoongi look over to Namjoon’s Father and Mother. A wide smile spreads over his mother's face and a small smile on his father’s as he bows to the couple.

Jimin jumps up on his seat and looks over the crowd before yelling, “ CHEERS TO THE LOVELY COUPLE AND THEIR BLOOMING FAMILY.” He raises his glass and the whole crowd follows along. Yoongi had never felt this much love in his lifetime it was almost to much. His heart felt like he was finally part of something bigger than him something that made his life complete.

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Chapter 13:.

The morning seemed to come so quickly. Yoongi was woken abruptly with the feeling of his stomach turning. He rushes to the restroom and loses his dinner from the night before. Namjoon hears the sounds coming from the bathroom and feels around the bed with his closed sleepy eyes for Yoongi. His eyes burst open realizing the sounds were coming from the omega. He rushes into the room and sees Yoongi with his head against the chilled wall panting trying to caught his breath. He gets down to his level and rubs his back in calming circles, “Baby it’s ok this is all normal.” Namjoon tries to console him by filling the room with a heavy calming scent. Yoongi looks up at him with tears streaming down his face. His emotions were on high alert and they pulled at Namjoon’s heart strings. “Are you sure you want to marry this disaster. Look at me I can’t keep food down and I feel like I am already getting fat.” Namjoon clenches the shirt over his chest at the words that seemed to cut his heart like razor wire. He didn’t see why Yoongi would feel this way. Namjoon found him to be the most beautiful omega he had ever seen and that he was only getting more beautiful with every passing day. His heart would flutter everytime the omega spoke or walked in the room. The absolute thought of being so lucky to have Yoongi as a omega let alone this omega carrying his pups still astonished him. He moves his hand to Yoongi’s stomach and softly rubs the flat surface, “ Yoonie baby I love you whether you find beauty in yourself. I will just have to remind you every day from this day until our last.” his words must have soothed Yoongi. The tears receded back and a small smile formed over his face.

“Let’s get you washed up and head to the hall to prepare to get married my love.”

Namjoon helps him up and prepares the bath for him. Yoongi waits patiently watching his strong omega prepare the bath for him. He was lucky to have such a caring mate. He didn’t notice how his words must have hurt him. He leans in and kisses Namjoon’s cheek. He looks away trying to hide the flash of blushing creeping up his neck to his face. Namjoon rushes him and leaves kisses all over Yoongi’s face making the older giggle and smile his gummy smile, “Alright baby time for your bath. These should help with feeling sick to your stomach.” Namjoon drops in some herbal bath bombs and some natural oils. He stands up and undresses Yoongi and lays him softly and carefully into the warm water, “ Baby boy I am going to set out some clothes for you and get myself ready in the spare bathroom. Just take your time we are in no hurry they can wait for us.” He smiles and leans down to give one last kiss to the top of Yoongi’s fluffy bed head hair before walking out of the room.

Namjoon scurries around the room finding comfy clothes for Yoongi. He pulls out baggy pants and his wool baggy shirt that he caught Yoongi curled up in a few time while in the hospital. He looks at himself and notices that he needs to hurry himself. He grabs clothes that are comfy to so Yoongi wouldn’t feel embarrassed being the only one arriving in comfortable clothes. He rushes down the stairs to prepare himself.
Once he was done he could hear soft footsteps from upstairs, then a loud thud sound. He bolts up the stairs to see Yoongi on the floor struggling to get the baggy shirt on. A light giggle escaped him seeing the sight in front of him before leaning down and pulling the oversized material over the struggling omega’s head, “ There you are. You didn’t hurt yourself did you?” Yoongi looks at Namjoon with half hooded eyes. He shakes his head and raises his arms as a pout starts to form on his face. Once again Namjoon finds himself giving in to the persuasion of Yoongi’s powerful pout. He picks the omega up and lets him nuzzle his face against Namjoon’s neck. He was just happy to make Yoongi happy. It had now become his life goal. He walks down the stairs with Yoongi in his arms and places him on the chair by the front door. He leans down placing the wool moccasins on him, “Ready to go my love.” Yoongi smiles and gets to his feet.




They reach the hall and are met with the angry face of Namjoon’s mother, “Do you two even realize how late you both are??” She reaches them at the end of the steps, “Both your wedding parties are here and we have so much to do.” Namjoon puffs his chest up and gives a very protective look at his mother, “We may be late, but Yoongi wasn’t feeling good this morning so that was a bit more important.” Namjoon feels the tug at his sleeve from the smaller man. He looks down and sees Yoongi trying to cover his face with the sleeve of the shirt. Namjoon could feel the anxiety radiating off him. “Fine I am sorry mom. You know how it is.” Namjoon bows slightly to her. She smiles at the them and touches Namjoon and Yoongi’s shoulders, “It’s okay. Your father was a lot like you when I was pregnant with you. Just go in and get ready. Yoongi your room is on the left and Namjoon yours is on the right.”

The two males walk off into the hall. They get to the middle and look at each other. “I will see you at the altar. Don’t be late my mate.” Yoongi nods at Namjoon. There is a quick kiss shared between each other and they separate to their own rooms.

Yoongi enters his room and is met with a ball of anxiousness that was Jimin. Before he could say a word he gets ripped to the make up table and pushed down in the pure white chair.
“What have you done to your hair. I feel like I am going to have to spend most of the short time we have just wor…” Jimin stops in mid sentence and runs away to the shared bathroom to the room. Yoongi gets up and sees Jimin bent over the toilet. He looks over at Yoongi with a smirk, “Jimin are you ok?” Jimin gets up and rinses his mouth before walking up to Yoongi, “ Yoongi I sorry I haven’t told you, but while you were in the hospital I found out I was pregnant.” Yoongi grabs Jimin’s hands and his face lights up. “How far along are you? Our pups will be close in age. It’s so exciting.”
“I am only 2 weeks ahead of you. So yes our pups will be close.”

Jimin realizes the time and rushes Yoongi back to the desk. “We need to hurry to get you ready and get myself ready.” Yoongi looks at him confused. “Oh I forgot to tell you. Your mother inlaw asked me and Jungkook to stand up with you. I know you guys have been so busy with all that is going on so I hope it’s ok she did that?” Yoongi nods and looks in the mirror. Jimin claps his hands together and starts to get to work on Yoongi.


“Jungkook is it bad I am really nervous. I have no idea why I feel this way. I know it’s good butterflies.” Namjoon continues to fuss over his suit jacket and his hair while standing in the mirror. Jungkook comes up from the side and reaches for Namjoon’s jacket. He adjusts it and pushes his bangs back in a sweeping wave. “Namjoon relax. Once you are up at that alter and you see Yoongi walking towards you. All these butterflies will disappear. You will finally feel that piece of you fit perfectly with his.” Jungkook turns and looks in the mirror to look at himself to adjust the bollow tie that was around his neck. He grabs the single flower off the stand and turns to Namjoon pinning it to the collar of the Jacket. Namjoon nods and fusses with his hair one more time before he places his hands on Jungkook’s shoulders, “Lets go marry me off.”

Everyone in the community had finally gathered and were sitting in the decent sized room. Everything was decorated in beautiful white throw material and red roses. It was out of fairy tail books. The alter sat in the doorway of the balcony. The setting sun shines into the room through the balcony door and the stained glass windows. Namjoon stood just down the steps from the alter with Jungkook by his side. The soft sound of the piano is in the background as everyone is also in soft conversation. The piano picks up and everyone quiets down and stands turning towards the door. Two alphas from the pack opens the door revealing Jimin with Yoongi on his arm. The light glowed from behind Yoongi like a halo that bounced off the shining black hair of his. The suit fit him perfectly showing off his body shape. Namjoon notices the shy smile on Yoongi’s face and the light natural makeup that highlighted his blushing cheeks and his soft eyes. Namjoon stands completely captivated by Yoongi. He covers his mouth in complete and udder shock. Tears filled with happiness stream down his face and he feels his knees get weak.

Jimin slowly walks Yoongi down the aisle making sure everyone saw how beautiful Yoongi looked. They get closer and closer and Yoongi starts to pick up his pace almost dragging Jimin by the time they get to the end. Yoongi reaches Namjoon and sees the tears that were falling down. He reaches up and wipes them away smiling a bit wider. Jimin keeps his arm linked with Yoongi’s and puts his hand on Namjoon’s shoulder.

The sound of an older man clearing his throat takes their attention, “May I ask who gives this male’s hand in marriage.” The older male gestures over to Yoongi. Without a second of hesitation Jimin speaks up, “I do.” Yoongi turns to Jimin and Jimin leaves a small kiss of respect on his cheek. Yoongi bows to him and grabs Namjoon’s hand. They turn and walk up the four steps that let to the actual spot of alter. The older man gestures for everyone to sit and quiet down.

“I want to thank everyone for coming here to celebrate the coming together of these two souls. This is a celebration of finding the forever mate. Life is short in this world. What we know today might not be what we have tomorrow. The forever could be 100 years from now or within this next hour. A celebration of this type is to help us to mold two lives into one bring the whole community in to help us. Do you guys have the rings?” The older man stares at the couple holding hands in front of him. They both nod and reach into their pockets. Each pull out a dark oak band. The older man reaches to Namjoon and grabs the band from him, “ This ring symbolizes the life you have that you are willing to lay down for your omega. It stands for being there for your mate to support through the worst of it all and the good that life will bring. This ring also stands for becoming whole with the person you give it to. It is made of trust and respect.” The man set the band in Namjoon’s and speaks with a soft emotional tone voice, “ Namjoon do you take Yoongi as your mate from this time forward. Even when life ends here and begins in the world beyond.” Namjoon grabs Yoongi’s ring hand and slides it on keeping his eyes on the older in front of him, “ I do.”

The older takes the ring in Yoongi’s hand and holds it above the couples hands, “ Yoongi this ring stands for your faithfulness to this alpha. To be caring and loving when he needs it most. This ring completes your promise to always love and cherish him as much as he does you.” He sets the ring down in Yoongi’s hand and stands there watching them. Yoongi grabs Namjoon’s hand and looks at him with tears welling up, “ I do. I really do. From this day forward.” The ring slides onto Namjoon’s finger.

“Now with the power of the pack and the power above. I now announce you mates. You can now kiss.” Namjoon loops his arms around Yoongi’s waist pulling him in tight against his body. He runs his free hand through Yoongi’s hair placing it on the back of his head. Their lips meet in a passionate kiss and the room breaks out into loud cheers. They part and are greeted with even bigger cheers, but the cheers turn to chaos.

The doors of the hall bust open and a smaller beta burst in through the door. His shirt was matted by the blood coming from his core. The blood trailed behind him as he made his way to the steps in front of the altar.. His blood curdling screams echo over the people and he falls onto the steps of the altar. Namjoon rushes down to see that it was one of his entrusted beta guards. He sees the male is trying to speak and he leans in with his ear to hear him.

“Namjoon, They are coming for you and Yoongi. They want revenge.” His words were spoken in broken vocal tones.

“Who is coming?”

“Hunters.” With the man’s last breath he finishes the warning and his eyes close to never open again

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Chapter 14

A quick silence is followed by horrific screams by the crowd in the hall. People go to rush to their feet running out the doors of the hall. Namjoon searches around him and spots his married mate with fear radiating on his face. He pushes his way through the crowd and once on stage he sees Jimin standing by Yoongi. Jungkook is also there in the wolf form ready to protect the two omega’s. Tae peers from the side of the altar and hands the shining long sword to Namjoon, “Sir, they are just breaching the over line of the community. I sent many of the beta and alpha guards to try to keep them out. A small lot of them are rounding the community members and getting them to the shelter.” Namjoon turns to Tae and places his hand on his shoulder, “Good work Tae. I need you to get Yoonie and Jiminie to shelter too. I am leaving this in your hands. Jungkook will help too” Tae nodded at Namjoon’s orders. Namjoon reaches for his mate and kisses him heavily.

“Yoonie you will be ok. Tae and Jungkook will protect you. I love you. I will come just as soon as I know the rest of the pack is safe.” He pulls yoongi into a hug and whispers in his ear one more message, “ I love you and our pup.” He turns from Yoongi when a large explosion shakes the building and the smell of fire fills the air.

“GO!” Namjoon screams out and points to the back door.

The four rush out of the building leaving Namjoon standing on the altar stage. He knew he must do whatever he could to protect this land. This was his were he grew up, but even more important this is where he wanted to raise his pups while standing beside his amazingly perfect mate. He rushes out the front door to help the line of guards, but is met with the hunters that had broke through the line of guards. Namjoon readies his blade. The sword seemed ready to be bathed in the hunters blood. Namjoon rushes into into the crowd coming his way. The sword meets with the first few hunters laying them onto the ground. The blood continues to drip along the blade as it meets hunter after hunter until every hunter’s body laid on the ground. Namjoon turns around to see the bodies of the now lifeless. He can smell the blood in the air and notices the blood that now covers him.

He snaps out of his trance when the smell of sour honey suckle and lavendar fills the air. It was fear and sorrow that Namjoon had smelled few times before. His wolf takes hold and he rushes to the where the scent is coming from. When he rounds the corner he can see a hunter with Yoongi’s hair in his hands. Tae, Jungkook, and Jimin laid on the ground with ropes shackling their feet. His heart jumps and the wolf grips onto control even more forcing it’s way to the surface. His tan skin that was covered in blood gives way to the silver fur. Without a chance to blink Namjoon lunges forward and bites down on the arm of the hunter making his grip release Yoongi’s hair. Namjoon rips the chunk out of the hunter’s arm and stares at the hunter spitting out the chunk of muscle. His coat was covered more in blood. The silver was almost gone completely. His eyes were the only silver on him.

His eyes were keeping their attention the bleeding hunter. His focus was solely him. So much so that he didn’t hear the other hunter sneak up on him with a syringe full of paralyzing drugs. The needle enters his neck and he can feel the drug digging it’s claws into him. He falls to the ground. His limbs are completely useless as he tries to get up to defend his omega. Yoongi loses his mind seeing his alpha struggle. Even against doctors orders Yoongi lets his wolf take control and transitions. He lounges at the hunter hoovering over his mate, but is knocked off his feet by a kick in the stomach. He rolls along the ground as the pain in his stomach radiates through his whole body. His body finally stops and is met with a tip of a silver sword to his throat. There was a laugh that escaped the hunters lips, “ Stupid mutt. Did you really think your alpha and you could get away with kiling my camp and go on to live a fairy tail life? You realize now that you have caused the death of two packs. This time there is no one to beg prettily for us not to kill you like your mother. Or should I say your old packs lead omega.” The hunter leans into Yoongi, “ You know she begged so beautifully up until her last breath when we were hanging her from the oak tree. She loved her son so much though he was a complete failure.” Yoongi could feel the tears welling up. He couldn’t help but feel this was all his fault. He looks up at the hunter with the sword to his throat.

“Fine I will let you kill me as long as you leave this pack alone once you get your revenge with my blood and the pup I carry inside me. This blood should be enough for you. Just leave them alone.” Yoongi’s words were powerful, but they cracked in this throat. Namjoon screams out trying to inch his body to Yoongi to protect him, but his body continued to fail him under the drugs that had it’s claws still deep into him. “Joonie it’s fine. I never expected to even have one brief moment of happiness in my life, but you gave me this. I know this is for the best of the pack. I have already ruined one pack. I am not letting down another. I love you Joonie. I love you and the our pup. We will see you in the next life.” The hunter smiles a crooked grin as he ready the sword and draws it back, “ Who says after you die I won’t finish the lot.”

The hunter plumets the sword towards Yoongi and the omega closes his eyes preparing for the pain if the sword to enter him and be replaced with the cold grip of death. It never comes though. He opens his eyes to see a sillohette of a man with broad shoulders standing in his sight. The sword had entered the figure and existed out the lower back. The heavy smell of something familiar fills the air around Yoongi. He knew the scent all to well. It was Jin.

The hunter stumbles backwards in complete shock and pulls the sword out of Jin letting it fall onto the ground. “What are you doing her....” The hunter notices the eyes of Jin turning bright red and the lust for blood filling his body. Jin takes the sword and runs it into the hunters chest. “I should have done this a hell of a lot sooner.” When the body hits the ground other hunters come from out of hiding. Just peering around buildings and hiding places. “If you all don’t leave now, I will kill everyone of you just like your dead leading.” Jin lets out a loud growl that shakes the ground around around them all. The hunters scatter like ash into the wind.

Jin turns to Yoongi with a smile that covers, but quickly fades and his body falls as the blood starts pool around him. Yoongi scrabbles to him and lays Jin’s head in his lap. “Jin don’t leave. Stay with me please.” Jin’s eyes look up at Yoongi with heaviness, “please forgive me for all my sins I have done to you. I hope you can take this as a forgiveness. I am sorry.” Jin eyes slowly start to fall. Yoongi lets the tears fall down his cheek. He had always had the forgiveness in his heart for Jin, “SOMEBODY PLEASE ANYBODY PLEASE HELP ME.”

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