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BNHA Smol Wife Requests

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95% of BNHA guys are taller than 5’5 so the reader is to be assumed as such. I will make a Tol Wife story eventually but I needed this. Reader is also to be assumed to be 18-22 only because my thirst needs to be validated.


You can request:



Literally anyone 

(Students will be aged up for smut requests (will be in third year or Pro’s)) (this also includes male or female character but a lot of the girls are 5’5 or shorter so beware reader is always shorter)



AU’s (just give me a heads up to a basis if you want a specific style AU (Ex. My Omegaverse is different than ______’s universe))


Smut (I will probably always have 1 kink if you don’t specify vanilla so be warned)


Angst with a happy ending


Reader Stuff:

Reader can be Quirkless: Villain, Hero, Vigilanty, or Civilian

Reader can have a Quirk: Villain, Hero, Vigilanty, or Civilian

Reader can have a disability: Blind, Deaf, Mute, Parapelegic, Etc.

Can choose a personality type

Can choose a different gender dynamic than female: Genderfluid, Transmale (can be in the middle of transitions), Transfemale (can be in the middle of transitions), Gender neutral, Agender



If you don’t specify something I will come up with something to my own tastes. 

I may add things.

I may go on a tangent with your prompt.

I will write Trans based off of my only Trans friend who has mild dysphoria but has otherwise had safe experiences


This is smol wives. We hurt them, we fix them. You ask for Angst I will make a happy ending, even if they end up with someone different by the end. No smol wives dying. No Rape/Non-Con


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When you were 16 you met All Might for the first time. You had managed to get caught by a Villian and held hostage. He was some sick perverted freak who had apparently found out about your quirk while stalking one of your classmates. All Might had managed to save you. He had on his signature smile of course but it seemed strained with absolute rage. At the time you didn’t think anything of the fluttering you felt, thinking it was just a stupid hero crush.

Then two years later you met him again. He had saved you again, this time from getting hit by a car. It had been a date gone bad, first it started raining, then the guy had shown up an hour late, with a different girl. You weren’t paying much attention. The massive hero started to scold you before noticing your broken state, mascara running down your face, your short cardigan was soaked through, and your face had to be puffy. After he pried the day from you he insisted on making your day better, and took you on the first of what would be many dates. Two months in to your relationship he had almost died. After that you stuck to him like glue. You found out quickly that Yagi Toshinori had a tendency to lose some of his selfless nature and become extremely possessive. It was cute, he was still an extremely generous lover and almost refused to let you get him off without him taking care of you.


You’d never wanted to use your quirk in a sexual way until you met Toshi. The man was an absolute giant, and of course everything about him was large. So having a Quirk that let you unhinge your jaw slightly was very helpful. Toshi’s private office was perhaps the easiest place to have your fun and focus on him. Thanks to his All Might form he had a massive desk that you could easily sneak into Incase someone decided to show up. You tended to play this little game when you knew he was especially stressed out.

Today was one of the worst days, he’d been told his limit was even shorter now, less than 8 hours a day. Barely long enough for a normal work shift. He was reluctant to let you do anything today because he was in his normal form and may have to suddenly switch into his All Might persona. That didn’t stop you though, reminding him of your Quirk was enough to make him fluster and splutter his consent, and so you quickly slid in under his desk.

Toshi started up working on the piles of paperwork on his desk, and you got to work undoing his pants. The only plus side to him wearing suits during office hours instead of his hero suit. He was already half hard before you got to his boxers. It was thrilling to know just how easily you could turn him on.

You gave a soft kiss through the material before sliding Mini Might out. He was almost completely hard just from that and you had to stifle a giggle. Giving another soft kiss to the tip of his shaft you started your usual game. You knew all the small things that would rile him up. Soft kisses down the vein of his erection, and a slow lick up to his slit, gave you a loud choked off groan that made your ears turn red no matter how many times you heard it. You did this several times before his hand came down to finally stop your teasing, he held you up to the tip of his cock by your hair and guided your mouth over the head.

If you could grin around his cock you would have. It was fun to make him stop being so careful and selfless. You slowly glided down his shaft until you hit the back of your throat, you could have used your quirk then, but this was the only point you could tease him without him being able to do anything. You slowly glided up and down those first few inches, Toshi’s hand had left your hair which was mildly disappointing. You hummed softly against the flesh in your mouth and moaned at the strangled noise above you.

Your jaw unhinged to the first of three openings. You slid down the rest of Toshi’s normal cock quickly and easily. Unhinging your jaw meant you could easily take him all the way down and still breath with relative ease. It definitely made it a lot easier for him to not worry about hurting you.

Your eyes sparkled at the quiet, “All Might?” from outside. Toshi put all of his energy into hero work so you never got to take care of him like this when he was at his best. You quickly pulled back to the tip of his cock and he changed form as the door opened. His shaft may have been big in his normal form but it was huge when he was All Might. You could barely hold the tip of it with the first unhinged opening. Unhinging to the second allowed him deeper but it definitely wouldn’t fit down your throat, so you settled there for a minute letting soreness fade as your body quickly got used to the setting of your jaw. You contentedly swallowed the massive amounts of pre he made in this form. You had always loved anything you could get from him.

You were completely zoned out of his conversation, one that he managed without so much as letting on a single nuance of what was happening under his desk. With a deep breath you unhinged your jaw to the final setting and slowly bobbed your way down to the base of him. You slid a hand down to his balls to play with them, at the same time you quickly slid the other down to your own sex. You hadn’t realized how hot it would be to be here while he had a conversation, as if you weren’t affecting him. You were absolutely soaked you whimpered around him when you touched your clit. Grinding your thumb in quick circles and sucking him off as eagerly as possible.

As soon the door shut there was a massive hand in your hair, holding you down as he came straight down your throat. You came, whimpering and moaning the whole time his cock twitched in your mouth. He slowly pulled you off making sure you were able to re hinge your jaw.

“You, my dear, are evil,” he said huskily as he pulled you up into his lap. One of his hands slid up your skirt, likely intending to help you out. Instead he encountered your absolutely soaked underwear. You hid your face in his neck as he was flustered enough to change forms. He coughed once, then twice, “did you-?”

“Yeah.” You mumbled into his jawline.

“You’ve never done that before?” He commented softly and kissed your cheek.

You didn’t want to admit it but you had a deal to talk about these things, “We’ve never actually been walked in on either.”

He just chuckled and held you as close as he could. You were starting to drift off in his arms, “Are you alright?” You just nodded and pressed closer to him. “It’s almost time for us to head home, do you want to change before we do?” You shook your head. You just wanted to get home after today. Discovering new kinks is exhausting.

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“You’re all idiots! I don’t get why I keep you around!” You blinked along with several other members in the bar. You were the only member who didn’t go on missions, but you liked hanging out with everyone else. Tomura sounded really angry though, and he said all of you were. He usually meant what he said, so, did that include you? It couldn’t right? Tomura loves you, so he wants you here right? Right?

Tomura angrily slammed the door to the rest of the building as he left. He’d probably be in his room. You slowly turned back to braiding Toga-chan’s hair.

“Hey, Hey, (Y/N)-Chan? Are you okay? Do you want me to stab Shiggy for being mean?” Toga-chan was kicking her legs lightly on the other bar stool.

“No. That’s okay.” You could already feel your wings melting away, they only stayed when you were experiencing positive emotions.

“I dunno why you even like that creep,” Dabi threw his arm over your shoulder. You hummed softly. Tomura was usually very sweet to you, he let you play games with him or watch and ask questions or he wore a special pair of gloves so he could cuddle you without having to think about his Quirk. Today was just a fluke! That’s it. Except what if it wasn’t? Were you too clingy? You had spent the last week in his room at night. You should probably give him some space right? That helped smooth things in relationships just as much as talking did right? So he could calm down? You’d just sleep in your room tonight. Then talk to him tomorrow.

You finished Toga-Chan’s braid with a small bow. “All done.” You looked up at the clock Kurogiri put up. It was almost 10 pm. You should probably head to bed. “I’m going to go to bed.”

Dabi frowned, “You’re not really gonna go sleep with that prick after what he said earlier?” You shuffled slightly.

“,” you mumbled, “I was gonna go sleep in my room. I’ll give him space. Maybe he’ll be fine tomorrow.”

“Don’t let him take advantage of you,” Dabi grabbed your shoulders and looked you in the eye, “you got that?”

You nodded and waved goodbye to the others in the room. Once you were in the other section of the building you walked quietly to your own room. You quickly changed into a nightdress and slid into your bed. You grabbed one of your pillows and cuddled it, it wasn’t as good as Tomura, but that was okay. He was upset. He needed space. Right? So it was fine, even if you wanted to cry.

You stuffed your head into a pillow while your eyes leaked. A harsh knock on the door managed to startle you. You quickly got up, some of the others would destroy the door if you didn’t. You opened it, expecting to see Spinner or even Dabi, instead it was a very annoyed Tomura.

Before you could say anything he snapped, “You didn’t come to my room.”

You shrunk down a little, “I didn’t want to bother you…” Tomura stared at you with a hard gaze. No. Not at you , but at where your wings should be.

“Shit,” The curse startled you more than his knocking, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean you.” He wrapped his arms around you and held you close. So it was an accident? He didn’t want you gone?


“You apologize and I’m biting you,” he interrupted you before you could even get a sentence out, “You didn’t do anything. Being nervous is fine. You’re mine though. You’re not like those idiots. You’re mine.

“Okay.” You snuggled up to his chest as best you could standing up, he was a little tall to do this standing. “Can we go to bed?” He hummed and picked you up, only to dump you onto your bed. He slid in after you and pulled you as close as you could get. It was really nice, the extra blankets in your room made it so your wings didn’t get cold.

Wings? You looked behind you quickly and blushed at the pale pink glittering wings. Of course being in love was a positive emotion. So of course they came back pink.

You forced yourself to stop thinking and snuggled up to Tomura. You quickly fell asleep listening to his heartbeat.

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When the Barbarian King took over his kingdom he did so with a Dragon, old magic, and a will stronger than any other. The man had tamed a dragon and had seen the poor and starving first hand. He was volatile and easy to anger but he led with fairness. His name is Bakugo Katsuki.

When (Y/N) ascended to her own throne she did so with an Iron sword, a goblet of fire, and a mirror of glass. Trained since childhood in magic, fae, monsters, and demons. She had earned learned the weakness of the creatures that walked the world and offered them a haven. She was calm as the fire of a hearth and respected all she encountered. Her name is (Y/N) (L/N)


You stepped out of the carriage with the help of your best friend and head guard, Itsuka Kendo. The redhead had been trained right alongside you. You’re dress was tailored for this occasion, symbols of protection and healing sitting across your core. The Barbarian King was known for his excellence in explosive spells and fire magic. He also had a dragon. If today went sour you would need these sigils. You stood with your head held high and stepped towards the guards sent to escort you. 

Besides the sigils tailored into your clothes you had other protections. You had on iron boots, earrings, and your Iron sword. Silver beads dotted your upper torso and your cuffs, they also patterned the edge of your outer skirt. Your hair pins were made of obsidian, a gift from the dwarves on the outer edge of your kingdom. They lived in the mountains they mined, the same mountains the Barbarian wishes to claim for Dragons. 

You were led to the expansive throne room. The King sat in his throne hardly even sitting up to acknowledge you. Your eyes narrowed slightly, he disrespects you when he is the one that asked you be summoned? 

“Queen of the Southern Borders, Friend of the Fae, Tamer of Devils, Mother of the Mines, Daughter of the High Elven Forest, Trusted Wanderer, Her Majesty, (Y/N) (L/N),” at least his court official seemed to acknowledge many of your accomplishments. 

“Sister of sirens and Protector of the Flame,” Of course Kendo finishes those he forgot. 

“So what the fuck do I need to do to make you give up those mountains.” This man had utterly no tact. He stared you down as if to intimidate you.

You stared him down right back, “I won’t.”

His eyes narrowed, “Those damn mountains are hardly on your fucking land any way.” 

“Those mountains belong to the Dwarves.” 

“Dwarves don’t have a say in this—”

“That’s why I’m here then isn’t it.”

“Why do they need those mountains,” he snarled, but seemed to be contemplating the options.

“The magma tubes flowing from the old volcano heat the forges. Access to Obsidian and materials is high,” You pulled a pin from your hair, “the heat of those mountains allows for pieces like this and other intricate items to be made.” 

“They can’t fucking find another one?”

“No. Now tell me why the Dragons want it?” He stared you down for a solid minute. You never wavered and he scoffed. 

He sighed angrily, “The Dragons need extreme fucking heat to survive. The volcano hell they resided in previously has died out.” 

Your eyes widened minimally. You had yet to meet a dragon. Your lands were known for accommodating creatures like them. “Why did they not come to me themselves? My lands accommodate all.”

The King cleared his throat and shifted his position. He said nothing but the red haired man you had assumed was his advisor laughed. “Since it just happened, he asked us not to right away so he could speak to you himself!” 

You blinked at him, “We? So you’re a dragon?” He nodded with a sharp toothed grin, “So is that a glamor or a shift?” 

He tilted his head, “a bit of both. I have a tail and horns without the glamor.” You nodded softly. 

You turned back to the king. You stepped towards him slowly. He refused to look at you. You grabbed his neck and forced him to look at you, as you did several guards pulled their weapons.

You held up the hand beside your sword as a small peace offering. You looked the Barbarian in the eyes, “Bakugo Katsuki if you think I’m a frail, naive little girl without an idea of what you’re insinuating, you are very wrong. I am a Queen. Born into my throne. I’ve learned to tell deception from the Fae, I’ve learned how to lure men in from the sirens, I’ve learned much from my honored Kin. So be wary of what you think you’re doing.”

Bakugo grabbed your wrists, holding the one against his throat and bringing the other down to his now wicked grin. “I fucking am, I very much fucking am, Princess.”

You glared down at the sitting male and tightened your hold on his throat. “I am a Queen, either deign to use my title or I’ll be forced to make you.” 

He grinned up at you. “Fucking fine, your Majesty. ” 


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Okay so, I’ve had positive reviews (including friends) to continuing the Bakugo x Reader fantasy AU


should I continue adding here and keep it to random one shots of the story? Or should I make a full outline and story? 

Because I, uh


may have gone a bit overboard with a part of my story board


I'm just gonna

If y’all wanna find the story:

Chapter Text

Yaomomo still looked fairly apprehensive to play this game. Luckily Jirou had started off with something small since everyone was still fairly sober, calling out Kami’s on his apparent love of Utapri. Kaminari has reluctantly taken his shot but refused to say anything outright. 

Kaminari had turned to Shinsou and stared him down for a solid minute before finally declaring, “You’ve never actively thought to use your quirk sexually.” Shinsou actually turned red at that. 

He ducked his head and coughed, “Only if they were into it, man. Otherwise hell no, but, uh, if they let me it might be cool to try.” Kami was muttering about how Shinsou just had to be a romantic, and use it as a trust exercise. Kaminari downed his second shot in the last five minutes, and Shinsou turned to you.

He eyed you for a few seconds before narrowing his eyes, “You would fuck all of our class,” he gestured to the other three and himself, “and Amajiki, Toogata, and Hadou-Senpai.” You choked on air at his confidence, and while he wasn’t wrong . It was still a mild revelation to actually think about yourself. Momo and Kami gasped as you downed your shot.

“That wasn’t a revelation I needed you fuck,” you coughed as the alcohol burned down your throat. When would you realize alcohol was gross as hell. “Yaomomo,” you stared her dead in the eye as she looked mildly panicked, “you have made at least one sextoy, for whatever reason.”

Kami laughed wildly, “(Y/N)! You can’t be serious, Yaoyorozu is so straight laced she—” He cut himself off when his jaw dropped. Yaomomo downed her shot and covered her face. You blinked, that one had been a long shot. Everyone stared at her as she tried to compose herself.

“I was curious if I could make a working vibration product such as those for massage, it just so happens that a vibrator has a very basic component to make the vibrations,” she explained it easily and calmly. You all relaxed and quickly agreed that it was a valid thing especially for her quirk. “I’m supposed to state something I believe Jirou has done or felt yes?”

“Yeah and it doesn’t have to be sexual like ours if you don’t want to,” Kaminari was quick to reassure her. 

Yaomomo hummed for a few seconds and perked up after a moment of thinking. “You knew whenever Uraraka and Tsu-chan were having sex.” 

Jirou downed her shot and slammed her head on the table, “ Fuck, I wish I didn’t!” 

“Okay so Yaomomo, now that everyone has been called out you can call out anyone you want,” you grinned at her as she nodded along. 

“So I’m gonna call out (Y/N).” Jirou stated firmly.


“Yeah, so, going off of Mr. Mindfucks earlier call out, you would fuck any of the Proheros,” ha she’s off by one, “excluding endeavor,” shit, except if Endeavor was less of a dick or cane from a parallel universe where he was a decent guy, then you would fuck him too.” You got ready to deny it. You did. Then you actually thought about it. 

Standing up you downed your shot and glared at the other girl, “Fuck you,” you turned to Shinsou and glared harder causing himto shrink back, “and fuck you even more for giving her the idea. And fuck me! Because your right! ” 

Yaomomo seemed to decide that was the end of the game. Before you knew it you were pulled down and sat in your smaller boyfriends lap. “So, I’m guessing Jirou and Shinsou are getting stuck in the spare room?” You glared daggers at the floor before curling into his shoulder. 

“Maybe if they’re nice they can earn the bed back before we get home,” you muttered. 

Yaomomo giggled and grabbed your coat, “Well I think these may have been a little strong for you, so how about we head home?” Maybe you shouldn’t have sipped on that Long Island while playing. While you weren’t drunk you were definitely warm and woozy. You let your tall girlfriend adjust your coat to her likeing. You reluctantly let your taller boyfriend put your hat on correctly. You should really stop drinking, it’s barely the start of Autumn and you’re bundled up like it’s winter because your body heat is being expelled by your quirk. 

As you all started your trek home Jirou snatched up one of your hands and shoved it in her own coat pocket. It was cute that they were actually trying to win back your favor even though you’ve never actually gone through with a threat to kick them into the spare room. 

The spare room had originally been Jirou and your room. You two had been dating the longest, Yaomomo had lived in what was now the main bedroom you all slept in. Once she finally broke down that she liked you both she was quickly cuddled in her massive California King. 

The boys were slow to add to the blossoming relationship, Kaminari had always been honest in his attraction to you and Jirou and it didn’t necessarily stop after you two started dating, but he did respect boundaries. After Jirou finally had her realization that she liked him back you also admitted you knew she liked him from the get go, but wanted her to acknowledge it on her own time. Yaomomo admitted that she cared for him as well and the three of you asked him out after a week of planning, he cried, but the first date was great overall. 

Shinsou has been an honest accident. You had all been hanging out, and somehow it went from a friend joining in on a double date with a quad and Tsuyu and Uraraka, to including Shinsou in the little things your quad usually did together. After a few hours of what seemed to be a fluid date you actually thought about it. Blurting out, “Oh my god is this a date?” Your girlfriends laughed at you before realizing that Tsuyu and Uraraka were long gone, and yet Shinsou was still with you all. He quickly tried to apologize and leave, but you had all insisted he was welcome to join if he wanted. 

In the two years since all of you got together no one has slept anywhere but the main bedroom other than hospital stays or missions. So your try hard datemates were seriously cute. Shinsou had an arm draped over Kami’s shoulders and the other around Yaomomo’s waist. You giggled at Shinsou and Jirou’s possessiveness, and leaned into the girlfriend currently holding your hand. 

Jirou smirkedover at you, “Does that giggle mean we’ve been good?” 

“You know I could never kick you outta the bed.”

“Yeah, we know, doesn’t mean we don’t have to make it up to you,” Shinsou chimed in.

God, you couldn’t wait to get home and cuddle them to death.

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When your husband talked to you about dorms halfway through the year you both quickly agreed to keep your apartment. That way you could both make it to work with relative ease. The apartment being halfway from the Studio and UA.

The Radio wasn’t gonna run itself. There were top hits to be organized and banter to be written. Hizashi and you made sure the music section of the program was perfect so the other hosts could focus on their daily topics. Your job was to keep an eye out in the media to search for hot topics. So when you were suddenly offered a job at UA by Nezu, you were a little shocked. Apparently their JSL teacher had quit and you were the only person qualified to teach JSL/ASL combined courses. Having what was technically 4 languages in your repertoire was definitely a plus. You’d kept up your teaching license, but you haven’t been a teacher since you were forced to retire from Hero work three years ago. 

Teaching a class while mute would definitely be interesting. Would you have to wear your hero costume? You really should have asked. Damn it. You’d find out Monday then. He did say you’d be helping the first years with martial arts though. So maybe you should pack it just in case. You blew a raspberry just as Hizashi walked back into the apartment. 

He blinked at you slowly before raising an eyebrow. You suddenly realized you probably made quite the sight. You were laid out in the middle of the living room with your old hero memorabilia strewn about. Oh well. You were too stressed to be embarrassed. “Rough day?” 

‘Nezu called me.’ You signed up at him

“Why’d he do that? He didn’t complain about me did he?” He squatted down next to your starfished form. 

‘Shouta and Seki’s kids scared away the old JSL, ASL combined teacher.’

Hizashi laughed at your pout, “doesn’t surprise me. Those kids are scary.”

‘They can’t be that bad. Right?’ You looked up at him worriedly. 

“Nah, but that Bakugo kid’s a bit of a potty mouth, think you can knock him down a peg?” You frowned. You didn’t like people who cussed a lot. Occasionally was fine, but all the time was just dumb. 

‘I should be fine.’  


Holy god were you wrong. You were stressed beyond belief. It also turns out this was a class for all students and the boy from the Hero course  with the tail wouldn’t stop glaring at the purple haired kid with eye bags that rivaled Shouta’s. There was a boy named Kouda who probably didn’t even need this class. A few boys were antagonizing a blonde who you assumed was Bakugo solely off of his vocabulary. 

Luckily your quirk still worked even with your messed up vocal cords. You let out an extremely high pitched whistle that made several students cover their ears and others look at you in panic. Still got it . You clicked three buttons on the tablet connected to the board. It lit up to a introduction on the unit. You grabbed a small pen that let you write on the other side of the board. “My name is Yamada (Y/N). Formerly known as Pro Hero: Shattered. Three years ago I lost the ability to use my voice and have since relied on JSL/ASL. My mother was deaf by the time I was 6 anyway so it wasn’t a hard transition. You all apparently scared the old teacher away and now you have to deal with me. My Quirk is still very able even if I can’t speak. Now you may ask questions if and when we finish the lesson. The quieter you are the faster the lesson. If you have questions about the material tap your desk then raise your hand. It will tell me you need my attention. Once the lesson is over I’ll pull up your seating chart so you can raise your hands and I can accurately tell you who I will answer. Is this understood.” 

Several students yelled out confirmation while others silently nodded. The lesson actually proceeded quickly enough that you had time for quite a few questions.

“Are you Present Mic’s Wife?” The green haired boy with freckles was the first chosen. You signed a simple yes. 

“Oh god this is gonna be a lesson isn’t it?” Someone wheezed out. You tilted your hand in a so-so motion. 

No testing just some help registering.” You wrote on the board. 

“How long have you been married!” Pink girl with horns.

“6 years. We got married a year after I graduated highschool. I went to Ketsubutsu.” 

‘How did you meet?’ Kouda asked.

“He was actually my baby sitter as a kid. He’s 5 years older than me, our moms were best friends both are deaf because of our terribly loud quirks.”

“So he’s some kind of pedo?” Bakugo(?) was really a dick, huh?

“Not really. We’d known each other since we were little and I was 18 when we started dating. It just so happens when you grow up with someone it doesn’t take long to decide to get married.”

“You retired really early then?” The purple haired boy brought up a major point. 

“It was my career or a little boy. There wasn’t much of a decision. I was always going to save that boy, whether I lived, died, retired, or continued. Your job as a hero shouldn’t be to be flashy or powerful, but to protect people who can’t do it themselves.” With that last answer you ended class and sent them on their way. Some to other extra classes, some to Hero training, others to home. You also headed back home seeing as Shouta admitted he was canceling 1-A’s practical lesson. 


Three hours and a cup of hot chocolate later, your husband burst through the door. “What did you do?! Class B was so focused today. Monoma of all people was spewing about how their job was to save people not be better than others.” 

You snickered and waved him down for a kiss. ‘I let them ask questions. One asked about my retirement.’  

“Shit, babe. You okay?” You shrugged and snuggled into his side, “Well you definitely had an impact. Kid apologized to the class for letting his hatred for Class A get in the way of his duty .” You hummed and sipped the last of your hot chocolate. You really wanted more, but really didn’t wanna get up. Your husband being the angel he is quickly snatched up your mug and walked into the kitchen. Returning moments later with two cups of hot chocolate and a bowl of popcorn. Guess it’s movie night .

Chapter Text

Being Genderfluid wasn’t really a big deal now a days. Society cared more about Quirks and babies with Quirks than other social issues. Hell first year at UA includeda gender and sexual identity course. Better to figure this out now than have a mid life crisis in the middle of Hero work I guess. Of course it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. The course had struck a cord with you and you latched on to a term; Genderfluid. Aizawa had brought up definitions of even the most obscure gender identities or sexualities. Even specified the difference between sexuality and romanticality. 

You were Genderfluid, asexual, but panromantic. It had felt freeing. To know you weren’t weird. You came out to the mostly supportive class a month later. Mostly of course was everyone besides one Mineta Minoru. A pervy creep who thought he was entitled to women. He had pretended to understand, of course. Iida later came to you and Aizawa, as you filled out forms for therapy to see what could be done to help you. Mineta aparrently raged about how he’d just have to sneak into your dorm and ‘fix’ you. This had of course sparked a panic attack and the start of Mineta’s expulsion. Aizawa has admitted he’d had enough and would expel him whether the school board was comfortable or not. 

The day after Mineta was expelled Kaminari admited they were Genderfluid too. Some of the girls were hesitant to believe it, but the way Kami got brighter certain days by wearing a little bit of makeup or her heels, cemented the fact that maybe they were stating the truth. The girls encouraged the both of you to dress up in whatever made you comfortable. Some days that meant Kami or you were in a leather jacket, jeans, tennis shoes and baseball cap, others you guys wore soft hoodies, the same tennis shoes and short shorts, and sometimes even dresses or skirts. Makeup and heels were always a hit or miss, too much makeup made you uncomfortable and too little sometimes made you sad, for Kami too high high heels made them feel terrible and for you short heels made your balance terrible. 

During the course of the last two years you and Kami had started a relationship of sorts. You didn’t go out to fancy dates, but you watched movies and did each other’s nails, just the two of you. You didn’t kiss on the lips, but you’d cuddle and hold hands for hours or give little butterfly kisses to each other’s faces. You helped them study, they helped you control your Quirk better. Sure flustering You was a unique method, but hey it worked. 

Once you’d became Pros those little things slowed down and almost stopped completely. You thought maybe it was in your head, maybe it was platonic on Kaminari’s end, maybe, maybe, maybe, but one night you were given an answer.

Thunder, lightning,pitch black at 3 am, and no power. Perfect for someone with astrapophobia. Halfway into a panic attack there was a frantic knock on your door. You got up slowly and shuffled to it, there had been several more frantic knocks as you did. You looked through the small peep hole and gasped. Swinging the door open greater you to a drenched, scared Kaminari. 

“Are you okay?!” They exclaimed as they gripped your face. This absolute dumbass risked getting sick or hurt, to check on you during a thunderstorm. 

You thumped your head against their damp shoulder, “I am now.” 

“Thank god.” They gripped you tighter and guided you inside, closing the door behind them. “I was so worried when the power at mine and Sero’s went out. I know Shinsou’s probably at his office right now even if he can’t patrol, but that meant you were alone. And a had a nightmare about that fucking Grape. ” You cut off their frantic rambling with a soft kiss on the cheek.

“My Hero,” you giggled and held on to them. After a moment of silence you were worried, Kami almost never shut up, “Hey is everything o—”

“I love you.” It was soft, if you weren’t so close you probably wouldn’t have heard. But you did and now you were crying. 

“I love you too!” You choked it out before you scared them. God this sweet, beautiful, amazing, heroic person loved you . The person who probably understood you better than anyone ever would, loved you. That was probably the best feeling in the world. 

Chapter Text

During your third year you had managed to score an Internship at the Ground Zero Hero office. You had won the sports festival all three years you were there and apparently Epicenter took a shine to you, which actually made a lot of sense. 

Your Quick was Implosion. You could force objects to condense rapidly to the size of an atom then the rebound energy exchange caused explosions. Your index and pinky helped you lock onto an object and flicking your ring and middle fingers triggered the reaction. One finger was smaller than two, but the size and density of an object also impacted the size of the reaction. You could lock on to anything from a grain of sand to a small building. The rebound on your body was the worst though. It was like how you imagine trying to shoot a grenade launcher would be, you had to specifically widen your stance or drop to a kneel to keep from being thrown back. Because of this your costume was well padded and you kept marbles and bouncy balls in your pockets, they were cheap and you could really use anything

So during third year you, as Implosion Hero: Bomb Tech, started an internship under one of the 3 “Number One’s” . Bakugo Katsuki; Explosion Hero: Epicenter, and currently reigning Number One. Although like every year since the infamous Villian Magnet class graduated, that wouldn’t last for long. He’d soon be usurped by Polarity or Deku, and he’d do it right back within a few months. The man had really changed from what he was during that first sports festival. Instead of being angry he let it drive him to do better, although he never let up on his work when he was number one. It was inspiring. 

The rest of the Ground Zero team was also great. Acid Queen, or Ashido Mina, was a public figure for the teams anti-bullying regime. She was also within the Top Ten Heroes for the last 4 years. You worked on public relations assignments and scheduled anti-bullying speeches for the team or separate members. Chargebolt, or Kaminari Denki was actually their field medic. He slowly learned to control his charge to such a fine degree he could perform as a defibrillator. Your CPR and field dressing training was done by him. Cellophane, or Sero Hanta was your sparring partner. The man was a fan favorite in the rescue department, he was able to maneuver through places most people couldn’t due to his aerial advantage. Red Riot, or Kirishima Eijiro was number 3 or 4 on the Hero charts depending on if one of the Big three were injured during rankings. He was your usual patrol partner since he wouldn’t be hurt if you miscalculated and imploded something near him. Of course Epicenter himself helped you measure the different aspects and factors of your implosions. 

You had fun working with them. They were great and taught you a variety of things that made you feel better knowing that you had that knowledge under your belt. The downside? You were an 18 year old highschool student helplessly attracted to all of them. 


You were pretty sure none of them knew. Until The Emergency. 

Most days were normal, but occasionally there was an emergency. But this was The Emergency. This was what people called incidents that involved the Number One’s and their teams. There hadn’t been one in almost 2 years. Creatures called Nomu were extremely volatile and angry. They were strong too. Strong enough that if there were several of them they needed as much fire power as possible. This now included you, you’d probably fuck up somehow but this would be vital experience if they were still around after graduation, and at this rate they would be. 

You had shown up just as the call went out. 

“Queen stay here and wait for the rookie to get changed! The two of you can catch up to us later!” Epicenter snapped as he rushed out the building, followed quickly by the other three males. Acid Queen ushered you to the changing room, you were lucky your costume was a like a real Bomb Tech suit. A single slightly loose one piece with a padded vest over top and a belt with metal balls of varying density. Stuffing your pant legs into your zip up boots (thank god for that choice, laces would’ve taken forever with your shaking) and putting on your visor and ear pieces took less than a few minutes. It wasn’t until your visor was on that you realized the display wasn’t working.


Acid Queen seemed to panic momentarily, “What? What is it are you okay? You can always stay here, you are just our—”

“No, no, just, shit. My visors not working!” You needed it to measure density or you might just blow up the whole damn city. 

“Her lemme see!” You thought she’d take it off your head or something but instead she was right up in your face tapping on the external keys. You could feel her breath on your face and thought you might just implode. The visor lit up in a few seconds and she pulled away. “How’s that? Good?” You nodded and thanked her. Thank god the green visor covered your cheeks. You’d die if she noticed the red creeping into them. 

“I’m ready.”

“Good let’s go!” The two of you rushed out of the building and towards the chaotic scene. 

There were several Nomu, some flying, some massive, some faster than you could keep up with. But one stood out to you. It was serpentine in nature, almost like a naga. It had a hold of Chargebolt and seemed to be resistant to his electricity, and you seemed to be the only one that noticed.

“What are my limitations?” You asked Acid Queen in panic. You had an idea but it might not go over too well.

“They’re not human anymore so anything goes, although they prefer living to see what the League’s been up too.” She yelled as she slid at a larger Nomu.

“Shit okay.” You’d just have to strike lower than you were going too. You raced towards Chargebolt. “Chargebolt as soon as I do this you need to move !” He seemed to understand, but then looked at you confused when you dropped to your knees. Oh well. You calmed your mind and focused inward on the creature, it had a spine like anything else, you latched onto a vertebra that should have kept it alive but unable to use its tail. With that done you flicked your middle finger. The inward condensing of its spine snapped its spinal cord exactly where you thought it would. Chargebolt seemed to understand what you did and bolted towards you as soon as the Nomu released him enough. 

“Holy crap are you alright?” He was panting as he helped you up. You managed to nod because while slightly woozy you definitely weren’t as bad as the last time you imploded someone’s bones. Your eyesight was definitely back to normal. An explosion from the serpent Nomu cut him off from whatever he was going to say. 

“We should move right? Maybe another one will be able to be knocked out by electricity.” You distracted him again. 

He nodded and the two of you ran off toward the large Nomu Acid Queen went after earlier. Chargebolt attacked it quickly but you were more worried about the fact that Acid Queen was nowhere to be found. 

You tapped your earpiece, “Acid Queen?” Nothing. “Acid Queen where are you I’m at the Nomu you targeted, where are you?” Still nothing. “Does anyone have eyes on Acid Queen?”

“No but I’ll look around, keep an eye on Chargebolt.” Cellophane answered you. You felt a little better, but not by much. 

Chargebolt suddenly shot off a large amount of electricity, not his 1.3 million volts, but pretty damn high. The entire area smelled like a thunderstorm without the rain. It was luckily enough to take down the large Nomu. Chargebolt wipes his nose and pinched it as he walked back to you. He apparently had a nose bleed from where the Nomu punched him in the face. No wonder why he used so much electricity, that probably pissed him off. 

With that Nomu down everything was quiet. Chargebolt guided you to the sidelines and you sat down to start field dressing his nose. Luckily it didn’t seem to be broken. He seemed dazed but he definitely wasn’t out of commission if he was needed again. He decided he wanted to lay down though, and that your lap would be the best place to pillow his head. You were once again thankful your visor was tinted and covering your cheeks. You kept an eye out for the others and let the man rest. 

Red Riot rushes over to you both after rounding the street corner. His arm was bleeding but didn’t look too bad. “Sorry, Bomb Tech! Got caught off guard and didn’t harden in time. I honestly can’t believe it got through my sleeves but what can you do right!” He was grinning. 

You sighed and pushed a whining Chargebolt off your lap. Gesturing for Red Riot to sit down, you grabbed a anti bacterial wipe and wiped down his arm, luckily the bleeding seemed worse than it was solely due to how long it was bleeding. You patched up the cut on his arm before a thought hit you. “Where the fuck is your sleeve?” He only responded by laughing. His laugh made you drastically uncomfortable for very stupid reasons. You focused on the Sky after you finished. 

“Oh whoa! Did you take that thing down?” He was pointing at the serpent Nomu. 

“Oh, yeah. It was crushing Chargebolt.” You didn’t think it was that much of a big deal. Honestly you hated that you had to implode it’s spine. It always left you with phantom pains. 

“That’s pretty good. Super manly taking down a baddy all by yourself!” He was definitely trying to make you feel better. He was the only one that knew about the phantom pains besides your teacher. You just nodded and he wrapped an arm around your shoulder.


You were definitely more tired than you thought. “Adrenaline running off?” Cellophane was helping Acid Queen towards the three of you. She looked scraped and bruised but otherwise fine. 

“Sorry, Bomb Tech! That thing hits harder than I thought, hit me through a wall and knocked me out,” Your eyes widened, as you sat up to check her Cellophane pushed you back into Red Riot’s shoulder, “Just calm down the Paramedics are already on the way. You did good today.” He probably would have ruffled your hair if it was down. Just like he did during training. God even in the middle of a crisis you were pining over these dorks. The only person missing…

“Hey, you fucking awake yet?” Epicenter’s voice was the first thing you heard after you apparently conked out.

“‘M awake,” you mumbled half heartedly. 

“No more imploding bones you little shit. You’re fucking brain apparently started swelling. We almost lost you, you little shit.” You were suddenly very awake instead of the half assed awake from before.

You looked around what turned out to be a hospital room, “What happened?” Your mom was probably worried sick. Well maybe not? Maybe extremely pissed off. You’re probably going to be benched for a few days, whether the doctor makes you or not. 

“Your brain started to fucking swel after you broke that damn things back. It was swelling slow enough that we fucking thought you were just on the bitch end of an adrenaline crash. Shitty hair noticed you fucking passed out mid conversation. Got you and Queen to the paramedics fast as fuck and called me,” he explained it calmly. Far too calmly. You really hoped he wouldn’t cancel your internship. You loved them all, and it made things better when you were working with them. Then again maybe it’d be better if you did leave, then you wouldn’t be distracted by your pining. 

You must have been silent for too long, “Look (Y/N). I’m not getting rid of you. You’re a fucking amazing asset and Deku isn’t fucking stealing you from me. But you can’t let your fucking feelings get in the way.” Your eyes widened as you panicked. He seemed to notice your distress, “You’re not as subtle as you think, brat. You’re also extremely fucking oblivious though.” He bent over and kissed your head. 

You were dumbstruck, he laughed at your awed expression. With a smirk he continued, “You’re still a damn student. But hell, maybe after graduation if you’re still as head over heels as you are now, we’ll give you a fucking chance.” 

You were even more dumbfounded, but one word caught your attention, “We?!” 

“Yeah, fucking all of us. We’re all together already. You’d just make a hell of an addition.” You’re face had to be a tomato now. Your mom was going to be disgustingly proud. Oh god she’s going to give you another sex talk. 

Okay, that works.” You mumbled. Sure it’d be awhile, but you’ve got this.

Chapter Text

Graduation had been a breeze, you’d graduated top of your class and were officially instated as the Ground Zero Offices Sidekick. You’d actually expected them to lose interest in you. You weren’t as experienced in these things. 

But Cellophane, no Sero, was the one to give you the information for their next date. Whether you wanted to join them was up to you. If you didn’t go then you’d have to ask them out yourself if you were still interested. 

You agreed.

But fuck you were nervous. Sure you’d worked with them for a year, but this wasn’t working! This was a date.  

You were in your best though, instead of pulled tight and out of your face your hair was in your favorite style. You had a minimal amount of makeup on. A little eyeliner, some cherry shaded lip gloss, and a dash of your favorite glittery highlighter. Your dress showed off your body exactly the way you wanted it to, overall you were confident and comfortable in yourself. Giving you the final boost to actually show up to the location Sero gave you. 

Acid Q— Mina spotted you first. Her squeal was both endearing and embarrassing. She rushed over to the door of the restaurant before you embarrassed yourself trying to ask the wait staff where they were. She ushered you to a booth in the back, that she had apparently been heading back to after a quick restroom break. 

Cha— Kaminari whistled, wise eyed as he looked at you. He quickly stood up and let you in between him and Epi— Bakugo. God you weren’t used to this. Bakugo’s arm quickly wrapped around your shoulder and Kaminari whined about fairness. The red eyed blond just tucked you closer into his side and flipped him off while sticking his tongue out. You felt your face heat up when he held you close.

Red— Kirishima! Damnit!— gave you a sympathetic look. “Maybe you should go easier on her she looks like she’s going to explo—”

“Implode.” Sero cut Kirishima off with a smirk. You actually snorted and covered your face before you could see their reactions.

“Oh. My. God! That was so cuuuute~!” Mina was apparently going to think everything about you was cute today. You peeled through your fingers at the others and it was definitely not a reaction you were used to. Sero looked like he won the lottery. Kirishima was bright red and covering his mouth, he probably wanted to laugh. Kaminari looked like he just saw a kitten do something cute. Mina was cooing and giggling. And Bakugo was grinning, not the feral one he got during work, but a genuinely happy grin. All the attention made you hide your face again. 

They couldn’t always be like this right? Was this what people called the “honeymoon” phase?

“Excuse me, does everyone know what they’d like to drink?” The waitress seemed to be at your rescue. You weren’t 100% sure, but you hoped so. 

“Water for everyone, but we’ll let you know if we want anything else,” Sero made the responsible decision since no one even glanced at the menu since you were here. 

“Okay so, don’t even bother looking at your own menu there’s a reason Sero and Baku are sitting where they are.” You blinked at the odd comment from Mina.

“What?” The corner booth was round. Bakugo was in the center, then you, Kami, Sero, Mina and Kirishima on Bakugo’s other side. 

“They have Italian food here and half of the descriptions are in, you guessed it, Italian.” This time it was Kaminari who answered you. 

“Okay, but?” You gestured to Bakugo and Sero with confusion written clearly on your face. 

“Bakugo decided to learn Italian on a dare. Sero has a cousin in Italy and decided he wants to surprise them with a wedding invitation in full Italian if we ever get married,” Kirishima threw you for the final loop that tied everything together. Although the marriage comment made you choke a bit.

In the end you gave up listening to Bakugo try and explain what was in the foods. You final told him to get you whatever as long as it wasn’t the “pesto” stuff because it sounded unappealing. He just laughed and let Kaminari steal you for cuddles while he helped Kirishima.

“So how was graduation?” Kaminari had you curled up into his side. Your left leg was curled up underneath you. 

You leaned against him with a grin, “Good. Sad, kinda? But good. Graduated top of my class.” 

“Hey good job! You remember Creati?” You nodded. “She was top of ours. You’d think it’d be one of the Big Three, but no. It’s Momo, my best friend, and she’s great at everything.” You laughed as he praised the girl. 

The waitress interrupted you as she came by, “Have you decided why you’d like to order or do you need some more time?” She sounded a bit strained this time. 

“Ah, fuck. Yeah, okay I got this. You got theirs?” Bakugo looked dead at Sero who nodded with a soft smile.

The two listed off 6 meals and an appetizer in near perfect Italian. Sero gave his, Kaminari, and Mina’s, while Bakugo gave his, Kirishima, your’s. Bakugo was also the one to throw out the appetizer. Every looked at him skeptically aside from Sero. 

“Oh fuck you guys it’s just shrimp in a spicy marinara sauce. It’s not even that spicy. Tape face can ascent to that” 

“He’s right, we got it last time we came here. It was actually really good. He was pretty pouty it wasn’t as spicy as he liked though.” 

“I did not pout. ” 

“Your bottom lip was stuck out, babe. Pretty sure that’s a pout.”

Bakugo glared at him and seemed to do his best to not let his lip stick out. He failed, and you giggled at the sight. He was actually really cute when he wasn’t being big bad Epicenter. 

“You think this is funny?” He raised an eyebrow at you and slid his arm around your waist. He used it to legitimately drag you over to his side and away from Kaminari. He was staring you down the whole time, it made your heart race faster than anything they’d done in a while. 

“Aw come on Bakubabe, you can’t just hog her!” Kirishima broke you out of your accidental staring contest. Bakugo just hummed and wrapped his other arm around Kirishima. 

You really needed a break to catch your breath. “I, uh,” you cleared your throat, “I’m gonna head to the restroom.”

Mina perked up, “Do you want me to head over with you?” You kind of did, if only because of your waitress’s passive aggressiveness. 

But you really needed a moment. “No I’m good. I’ll be right back!” Mina seemed reluctant to let you go alone, “If I’m not back in ten you can come check on me if you want.” That seemed to calm her down at least. 

You quickly rushed to the restroom. You took a deep breath and tried to calm down. You gently patted down your face and neck with a paper towel to wipe of the nervous sweat. It was gross, but perfectly normal. You were fine. They were at least trying to act normal. You had to at least do the same. You did a quick check of your makeup and touched it up. Keep yourself comfortable to keep up the confidence right? 

You turned to leave only for freezing cold water to fall over you. “ What the fuck?!” 

“You think your so great, huh? A little nobody cuddling up to my Heroes.” It was the waitress. Fuck! How long had you been in here? Oh god Mina was gonna see you as an utter mess !

“What do you mean your Heroes? As far as I know their Heroes of Japan!” You had to get out of here, but you were pissed. 

“They’re mine though! They sat at my table again . So they’re mine, you nobody .”

“Up and coming Bomb Tech isn’t a fucking nobody!” You looked up to see Mina. You were probably a fucking mess. You were stupid enough to think your liquid eyeliner wouldn’t run because it wasn’t going to rain. Your hair was probably a mess too. The only thing you were lucky with was that your dress wasn’t white. Mina barely glanced at you before sticking her head out of the restroom door, “BAKUGO GET THE FUCKING MANAGER NOW!”  

The waitress seemed to be freaking out and begging for Mina’s attention. The woman was focused on you though and started cleaning up your face. You didn’t realize you’d started crying until you registered the heat difference. Mina’s expression changed from pissed to just plain disappointed. 

There was a soft knock on the door. “Come I’m there’s only three of us in here and we’re all involved in this. ” Mina called out. The manager and Sero Entered the restroom hesitantly. You and Mina were standing in the way of the door, near the paper towel dispenser, while the Waitress was sobbing on the floor. 

The manager looked baffled, “What the hell did you do girl!” He was glaring daggers at the wailing waitress. Sero pulled you over and out of the way, and took off his jacket before helping you into it. 

While Mina explained what she’d seen to the manager Sero wrapped you up in a hug and attempted to warm you up. “Bakugo is calling your mom. He doesn’t know exactly what’s up, but when Mina yelled we all kinda freaked.” 

You nuzzled into the tall man's chest, “Thanks. I’m just glad I didn’t wear white. That would've made this even worse .”

“Yeah,” he went quiet then sighed, “look we were planning on asking you to come over and watch some movies, nothing weird, just some old movies Kami likes to collect. But if you want your mom to come get you that’s perfectly fine too.” He held you just a bit tighter and kissed your head. 

“You can cancel our order,” Mina said bluntly, “I’ll pay for the appetizer or whatever, but my girlfriend is soaked in freezing water and I’m not letting her catch a cold because you wanted us to stay and eat.” Girlfriend? Fuck they really liked you didn’t they. You were definitely crying again, which was stupid, but you were really fucking in love with these guys. 

“Can I spend the night?” You asked softly.

Sero kisses your head again, “course baby.” Thank god you were 18 now and your mom couldn’t interfere. She’d make you come home to grab condoms . You weren’t planning on sex you just wanted to be cuddled after this whole fiasco. 

When the whole situation was over, the girl fired and Mina paying what little tab you acquired, you were outside. It was almost eight at night and windy as hell. Not the most conducive to staying warm while soaked in water. You shivered violently as you headed over to where the other three boys were with both yours and Mina’s jackets, purses, and phones. Sero apparently texted them what happened and Bakugo had singed some bushes. 

With the office around the corner they all decided you should change into your gym gear, at least for the short walk to their apartment. Sero let you keep his jacket to cover yourself since your gym shirt was a crop top. 

Once in their apartment Bakugo left the others to show you around and walked away. He came back with a large Acid Queen Tank top that clearly belonged to one of your supportive boyfriends. Boyfriends! There were also a much smaller pair of Red Riot pajama pants that seemed to belong to Mina. The final item was a Large Epicenter hoodie that you didn’t know if the man himself or his boyfriends owned. 

You slid all three on in the large bathroom. You didn’t bother to put your bra back on either. You’d be sleeping eventually anyway and that was just uncomfortable. Mina cooed at you from where Kirishima snuggled up to her back and Kaminari laid on her chest. You blushed when it seemed Sero and Bakugo wanted to do the same to you. You curled up into Mina and snuggled back into Bakugo when he laid down next to you. Your head was rested on the pink girls shoulder while Kirishima found your hand. Sero started an old Disney playlist. It seemed to be 3 movies in one disc so no one would have to get up any time soon. Sero had his head on your chest and stared at the TV in a way that had to be uncomfortable. You wrapped your hand around his shoulder and grabbed at Kaminari’s hand, he intertwined your fingers and made sure they were out of Sero’s line of view. 

It took you absolutely no time to pass out. You really loved these guys. You really, really did. And apparently they felt pretty similarly if not the same. It was really nice.

Chapter Text

When you came up with your hero title a lot of people were thrown. EMT Hero: Suture. Healing Heroes were rare, but your quirk wasn’t a full healing quirk. Sterilize, you could turn any thread into a sterile temporary stitching material. The threads were extremely sharp as well as being able to cut through bone if absolutely necessary. People liked to point out you could have become a regular EMT and saved yourself the trouble of EMT training and Hero Courses. You had to remind them you’d still have to get several certifications to use your quirk if you were to do that. So your best option was to be a hero. 

You were also a lead in the new hero program. Several civilians have had injuries more severe than they originally were due to improper movement caused by well meaning heroes. Many heroes now had basic EMT training through your program. Today you were talking to the first years at UA. 

It was going to be a class led by yourself and supervised by All Might and Aizawa. The former was part of the first batch of the EMT program and promoted funding to continue the program. Today would definitely be a disaster, but at least you’d see your wife right? 

“Today’s class will be different than some of the other rescue trainings. There is a new program to help us keep civilians safe versus harming them more.” Some students seemed a little thrown.

“But Aizawa-sensei isn’t it better to remove them from danger quickly?”

“When they’re able bodied? Yes. Our guest will explain better than I can though so I’ll let her take over.” You rolled your eyes. He could explain it well he was just trying to convince you to become a teacher still. As if it’d help keep your wife in check, no one stops Nemuri, not even you. 

You raised your hand in a mock wave, “Hello! I’m the EMT Hero: Suture. I’m sure all of you have seen my work whether you know it or not,” You took a breath and noticed one boy looked ready to pass out from excitement, “does anyone know what I do outside of Rescue?” 

The boy from earlier raised his hand in less than a heartbeat. You gestured for him to go on, “You run the Civilian Safety program. You train Heroes to help injured civilians without causing more damage and you personally created the EMT Trackers that almost all Heroes carry.”

You grinned, “Good job. Most people don’t know that last part, but yes, I am the Lead of the Civilian Safety program. There are several preventable injuries or even deaths that take place every hero fight. All because Heroes move a Civilian who should have remained in place unless stabilized with a gurney.” You grabbed the aforementioned Tracker from one of your pouches and continued, “ This is the newest prototype for the EMT Tracker. It’s called the Vital. It’s the first tracker with Built in vital tracking software. As soon as you click it it can’t be turned off and as soon as it hits skin it begins tracking. It sends coordinates to all Paramedic units and EMT certified Heroes within a ten mile vicinity. It also sends basic vitals and possible ailments as well,” You pauses and cleared your throat. Jesus fuck you were literally giving your normal shpiel to teenagers it’s not that hard.  

“What conditions should we be looking for then?” The pink girl with horns blurred out before covering her mouth. She probably didn’t mean to say that out loud then. 

“That’s a very valid question. There are a few common things that should avoid movement by the Civilian or Hero. If someone is unconscious you do not move them. There is a possibility of several head injuries that can cause either brain damage or even death. If someone has been impaled try your best to stifle bleeding but do not remove the object. There is a high possibility of bleeding out if you remove it and sometimes it may cause other bodily fluids to enter other areas of the body. If you can check a broken bone and reset it then you are free to move them but protruding bones should be handled by EMT’s.” She nodded in confirmation. “Now can anyone name a Hero who’s not an EMT Hero but does have EMT certifications.”

A boy you recognized as the younger Iida raised his hand. “My brother received one as soon as possible, and still kept it even though he is no longer a Pro Hero.”

“Good, example. Iida Tensei was one of twenty heroes in my first class of this program. Of those original twenty, fifteen have their EMT licenses in full, four admitted they were better off without them and instead using the trackers. One doesn’t care, but he’s an asshole, so…” you cleared your throat again, “anyway another few heroes with EMT licenses are your teachers. Eraserhead, Vlad King, Present Mic, All Might, Snipe, Thirteen, and Midnight all have EMT licenses. Hound Dog is currently qualified to receive one, but has admitted he is lacking in the communication department and should leave it to others.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Midnight? ” You don’t know who said it, but you sighed.

“Yes, Midnight. Her Quirk helps calm down people who may be in a trauma situation. Which is another thing. If someone is having a panic attack you need to stay with them until a certified EMT shows up. In desperation they may try to move themselves or hyperventilate which could cause other problems. Midnight also has experience with creating a pheromone version of anesthesia, she will check allergies and then administer if necessary.” Aizawa coughed and muttered something behind you. “You have something to say Aizawa?”

“You’re mooning again.” Some of the students gasped and others looked confused.

“One, fuck yourself Shouta. Two, I am not mooning. Three, even if I was mooning, which I’m not , I am valid to moon over my own damn wife.” There were even louder gasps and a few squeals. Aizawa smirked at you as if he’d planned that. “You know what? You have my lesson plan. Do it yourself asshole.” You flipped him off and headed to find the teachers lounge. 

“(Y/N), please you can’t just—” you eventually stopped hearing him as you continued back to the main building. 

Eventually you found your way to the teachers lounge. Nemuri’s laugh echoed out into the hall and you almost sighed in relief, to get all the way here only to not find her would have been embarrassing. You opened the door and let out a loud whine, “Baaaaaaabe, Shouta was being a dick agaaaaain.” 

She was holding her phone up in the air while her head was on the desk as she cracked up. “You- you just, you just fucking left them! I cannot believe. No, actually I can, but, but Babe . I love you so much. Shouta is literally on the phone begging me to send you back!” 

You stared at the phone for a minute. “Well you could do that,” you started before dropping your voice, “ or you could grab what you need to leave and we can play at home?” She stared at you for a solid ten seconds before hastily grabbing her stuff. She leaned in to kiss you before grabbing your hand. 

“You know exactly how to persuade me and I love it.” She was grinning like a mad woman. You were definitely in for a hell of a night, but it’s not like you didn’t like it.

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“Fuuuuuu uuuck! ” 

It was at times like this you really hated your lack of forethought. Your latest deadline was coming up for your only running series. It shouldn’t be that hard right? You had the story board planned, you had character development ideas written out, but the deadline your editor left you was so fucking short . You honestly needed to look into a new one. 

“Shouldn’t you be writing?” Shota smirked up at you and you pointedly kept your eyes on the half finished page. It was his idea. 

And you were so stressed you were stupid enough to agree. Great stress relief right? Yeah but you were writing a young adult series that didn’t include sex. And right now it was very hard to think of anything else. 

Not with the way your husband held your legs open over his broad shoulders and kept your hips down on the kitchen chair with bruising force. He’d come home to your depressed form and offered to help you relax. Blatant in what he meant, and you’d said yes, like an idiot . Because you’d be stupid to deny letting your lazy, over-achiever lover eat you out. 

He’d do this for hours if you let him. Just watching as you came apart on his tongue. That’s what he’d been doing anyway, going slowly enough to let you concentrate, but not enough to let you come down. But a few minutes ago he decided to rev up his antics. Instead of soft, long, slow licks and kisses to your clit, he pressed harder and pressed his teeth up against you as he nipped and sucked at the sensitive bud. 

You slammed your head on the table. “You alright up there baby?” He pulled away with a smirk.

“Shouta I will actually get my own damn toys if you don’t get me off right now.” You glared down at your husband. He just smirked like he got what he wanted, which knowing him he just wanted to rile you up, he definitely succeeded. 

His mouth started up again with vigor. He moved one hand to enter your wet opening and slid right in. He let out a strangled groan as you bucked your hips. He knew exactly where to hit and how to hit it just right. He could edge you for hours or force you body over the edge in a matter of minutes. He must be in a good mood because he answered your command in hardly three minutes of stimulation. Your vagina clenched and released rapidly with the intensity of your orgasm. He groaned loudly as he cleaned up your sensitive body, and refused to let up until you pulled him away by his hair. 

He always got so turned on by eating you out. It was a very good looking sight, big bad Eraserhead, a man feared by the underground, on his knees under the kitchen table, dazed and horny after eating his tiny wife out. 

“Hmmmm, thanks hunny.” You peered and leaned down to kiss him. You really didn’t give a damn about tasting yourself, it’d be back to him in a minute anyway. You pulled back after a few minutes with a smirk, “You should probably go take care of that. Hizashi and Nemuri are gonna be over soon for movie night.”

The tall man cursed violently. But if he had wanted your help, he really shouldn’t have played around that long. He rushed to the bathroom, and to your surprise came back with a washcloth to clean you up gently before leaving again. You stood up stretched and went about finding some pants. Preferably loose. 

You took a quick glance back at your computer. You’d actually managed to get three and a half chapters down. So maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea anyway. You’d have to ask Shouta to do it again, maybe you’d even help him out after next time. 

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You were never into the whole hero business. Most families of power and money would push their children towards such a position your parents never had the chance. They died due to damage a hero caused, leaving you alone to be raised by your estranged aunt. She never encouraged heroism but did encourage you to care for the children left on the streets. You could have very well been one yourself. Your Gem quirk made you lucky, beautiful, and rich. Instead of freckles you had small rubies adorning your body and moles were replaced by diamonds.

For a long time the children of the streets were yours until highschool, where they forged their own path. You had met a little girl a few months ago, Eri, as she called herself. After your first meeting you started to carry small sandwiches around. After the third, apples. She wasn’t a street child. She was most definitely a run away who was always returned to pain. She was your child nonetheless. Finally after meeting her “father” you’d had enough. You made sure two young aspiring heroes would run into her, but what you didn’t expect was for them to let her go. So instead you learned about her so called father. Your street kid were being recruited younger and younger, league of villains or Yakuza, but either way they acknowledged you as their original benefactor their makeshift “mother”. 

They gave you plenty of information that you took with you to a very strange meeting. You weren’t a Villian, but you definitely weren’t a hero either. So when Sir Nighteye accepted your sudden request for a meeting you were skeptical and surprised. He had to know who you were, it wasn’t hard. Especially when some of your kids were now in hero courses while others were tearing down the same hero society. You had enough information to tear down the Eight Precepts with ease though. So maybe that was why. 

“How did you come by this information?” 

“I have eyes and ears everywhere.” 


“Oh really,” you leaned forward and sat your head on your hand, your arm was stabilized by your crossed legs. 

“You have no allies within either the Vigilanty or Villain society so no it is not likely at all.”

“Who else roams the street Nighteye? Is it only criminals? Heroes? Adults?”  

His eyes narrowed, “You used children?”

“No, but the children I once cared for happily play nice for me.” He looked down at the papers you’d brought.

“You helped these children in hopes of this?”

“No, but my children are protective. Especially when another, smaller child is in danger.” You gave a hostile glare thinking back to the two teens. 

“What do you want from this?” 

“I want that little girl safe. If anything happens to her I will make sure my kids both heroes and villains alike destroy anyone in my way to do it myself.” He seemed to realize how determined you were. 

“She will be brought back safely,” he stood, “that I can assure you Miss (L/N).” 

“Good,” you stopped halfway to standing, “be careful Sir Nighteye. You are one of the few heroes I trust. I’d rather see you continue on.”

“How about a deal then?” You raised a perfectly manicured eyebrow at him, “If we succeed in our goal. I will find a housing facility for your children to stay. I understand that you wouldn’t be able to do so yourself even with your mass family fortune. So I will repay you with this.”

You stared at the man to gauge his seriousness. He really meant it, that was surprising. “Meet me at the Ghibli Museum in three weeks. One of the littler ones adores it and I take him there once a month, it should be quiet enough to discuss what we need to. If you can’t make itdue to injury call the cafe down the street and tell them to leave the message with my usual order” He raised an eyebrow at either your choice of venue or the finality of your statement. Either way he agreed and escorted you from the building himself. 

“If Eri is well enough to go I shall bring her along. It might be good for her.” You nodded and bade him goodbye. 

In the end it was not Nighteye but his sidekick bubble girl who delivered both good and bad news. Eri was safe and you had permission to see herald long as Eraserhead was with you, since you had provided most of the information that led to her safe retrieval. Sir Nighteye though was in the ICU. You would be allowed to see him on one condition. Your aunt try to heal even a little of the damage he received. 

The man had a gaping hole in his torso and was missing an arm. Your aunts “Self Sacrifice” quirk wouldn’t be able to do anything for his arm but his organs could easily be saved with a bit of mild discomfort on your aunt’s end. Sure the woman had illegally trained and fine tuned her quirk, but it was only rivaled by Recovery Girl. The eccentric woman quickly agreed.

She burst with energy at the sight of Recovery Girl, “Oh Shuzenji! Darling it’s so good to see you! How have you been? Good? Good. I should get to work now if you’ll excuse me.” She twirled into Nighteye’s room and closed the door with a smile.

You looked at a deressed but hopeful looking blonde boy. “What’s wrong with you boy.” 

He blinked and looked at you surprised and mildly skeptical. Smart kid , “I, um, er—”

“Dear I don’t care for hurt children. I’m the one who sent little Eri your way after all.” You sighed and stepped in front of him.

He gave you a terrible broken look, “I lost my quirk. Permanently.” Damn that Yakuza. 

“Who said it was permanent. Permanent is a very long time. Just the other day your friend was hit as well yes?” He nodded softly. You scoffed at everyone’s stupidity, “There is no way. His serum is permanent. My doll told me they hardly had any progress after those trials.”

“Doll?” Bubble girl looked at you confused.

“None of your business sweetheart. What my kids do during their highschool years means nothing to me.” You stared down a mass of heroes who most likely wanted that information. You’d give Toga up the day you died. She was a great asset and brilliant, if boy crazy, girl.

“He’s awaaaaaake~~~! I’ll come back tomorrow to fix his other kidney and some more of his intestines, but he is 60% stable!” She was holding her back, but grinning. She perked up in thought, “Oh and he asked to speak with Midoriya and Toogata, whoever they are, then you (Y/N), then if Mr. Mighty over here is willing he’d like to speak to you too!” She winked at the tall man as she passed. 

The boys entered with wart looks, as soon as the door closed everyone outside attempted to ignore the bawling going on inside the room. Both teens exited with red eyes and relieved looks. There was a little bit of disappointment, but relief was far more prominent.

You entered the room and hardly flinched at the tubes and IV’s in his body. You took a seat next to him and grabbed his hand. “You ought to be glad your sidekick knew who my aunt was or you’d be dead.”

“So it seems. I owe you thanks and more. This is the second time you have helped me so greatly,” his voice was rasped slightly, probably scratched from dust and debris. He clutched your hand tighter and looked you in the eye, “I would very much like to take you out to dinner if you were agreeable.”

You almost wanted to laugh. This man almost died and decided to ask you out? “Why now, hm? You could have asked anytime before this. So why now?”

“Almost dying truly puts things into perspective.” 

“Well then. I guess the next time I go to that cute little cafe you should join me.”

And join you he did. For weeks, as his agency was disbanded and he started funding the housing facility he promised you. Even retired he had more pull than you ever would. You had a tentative relationship. He had yet to truly ask you to be his partner, but you were in no rush. Your children were your first priority. That didn’t mean the two of you didn’t get up to anything. 

By the third week of your “relationship” you had been pinned to a wall despite him only having one arm. Three days later he had hoisted you over his shoulder and carried you to his room. Apparently your aunt had healed him a little too well. His sex drive was astonishing for a man his age. So it wasn’t surprising that three months down the line you were pregnant despite all precautions. 

When you presented the first ultrasound to the tall male he uncharacteristically grinned like a mad man. It was almost creepy. He also asked you then and there to be his wife . Apparently he’d looked into your future and expected the baby, and saw the ring he’d admired a few days before his foresight, on your hand as you held the large baby. 

Of course your baby was going to be a giant. Like it’s father. Well at least you were prepared for that. The unexpected thing was him, again, picking you up and carrying you to the bedroom. At least this time his prosthetic meant you were being carried bridal style. 

He set you down only to kneel beside the bed and undress you like he was admiring every gem that speckled your skin. Maybe he was honestly, he had an odd fascination with them. He slid your dress up and over your hips, slowly sliding it up and over your head and tossed it to the side. The simple slip underneath was taken away in much the same manner. Your bra was non existent, one having been built in the dress itself. He slid the shorts you wore to protect your thighs down and kissed your knee as he passed it. As he pulled down your underwear he kissed the opposite knee in the same delicate way. 

“What’s with you today, hm?” You were slightly embarrassed by the attention he was giving you. 

“I can’t give the woman, that I adore so much, the attention and worship I believe she deserves.” He raised an eyebrow and leaned in to kiss your stomach.

“Oh, please do, but do so just a little faster please? It’s been a very long week and now that I know why I’ve been so fatigued I would like to not fall asleep during sex. That would be very embarrassing.” 

He laughed against your stomach and you wiggles away from the ticklish sensation. He trailed kisses up your stomach and to your lips, from his position he was still almost the same height as you sitting down on the bed. Once your lips meshed he slowly guided your hips to his clothes ones. He gently touched and teased your body, your nipples while not especially sensitive perked at his touch. He had a fascination with every part of your body and you were happy to let him have his fun. 

Although seeing him naked would definitely be an added bonus. So you slid your own hands to his tie and undid it with a practiced ease. You let it lay against his neck as you started with the buttons on his shirt. He stopped your hands, making you whine softly and pout. 

“This is supposed to be your night, my dear.”

“Well maybe I want to see my fiancé’s handsome figure?” He actually pauses at that, but with the position of your hips you could tell exactly how he felt about his new title. His erection rocketed from half mast to its full girth in seconds. It had to hurt, especially in his suit pants. 

He pulled away completely. Just as you went to whine at him he began to strip completely. You stared as your tall fiancé shrugged his jacket and dress shirt off in a second. The connection to his prosthetic was grotesque, but you didn’t care at all, he was alive, he saved little Eri, and he was a beautiful man despite it. The scar on his abdomen was smaller than it should have been and you’d have to thank your aunt, it accented his happy trail perfectly. Lined up exactly with the small trail of hair that led down his pants. 

Pants that he was now unbuckling. Your head thumped back onto the bed as you groaned. He was teasing now, because you teased him by calling him your fiancé despite never actually answering. He gently touched your side with the prosthetic, he used it to guide you up the large bed and into the pillows. 

Him being the 6’7 man he was you had to get creative when you wanted to see each other. With over a foot of height difference you found stuffing a large wedge pillow under your lower back and hips helped greatly. To ease any discomfort on your body caused by bending. He held you open long enough to make you squirm. He seemed to be debating over something that you couldn’t tell. 

With a final resolved look he reached into your bedside drawer and grabbed the large bottle of lube you had to use. He was quick with slicking up his fingers and smiled down at you. You reached up towards him, once he’d leaned down enough you punched his cheeks. “What are you looking so soft about? You look like I’ve already had your baby.” 

“Hmmm, maybe so. But you agreed to be my wife, you never once even thought of panicking over having my child. You saved hundreds of children through Japan through sheer force of will. You personally provided enough information to take down the 8 precepts. All to save a little girl.” He sighed lovingly at you. You felt like you were on fire. Your body was heating up from his praise both in your cheeks and lower in your body. “You are a force to be reckoned with,” he slid two of his lube slicked fingers inside of you, “and I absolutely love it.” 

You squeaked instead of responding, not like you really could, his thumb started swirling circles around your hard clit. He was forcing your body towards a rapid oragasm and you were turning into a mess. He ignored his own body and gently slid a third finger into you. Followed by a fourth. He was stretching your tiny body for his own massive one. He always went overboard, relaxing your body into a soft fuzzy mess. 

He leaned down again and kissed you, your hands tangled in his hair, and you finally let go for the first time that night. As you came down he gently massaged your hip, but he continued to gently stretch you inside. Once you finally relaxed into a soft aroused state he pulled his fingers out of you and lined up his erection. Your hands let go of his hair and gently glided down his back. You’d much rather clean the scratches you caused than rip out the poor man’s hair.

His head was relaxed on your shoulder, but you were still very sure he had a full view of what he was doing. He slowly slid into you, giving you the time you always needed to adjust to the size difference. Once he was fully inside of you he rocked softly, making sure he wouldn’t hurt you by moving so close to your cervix. The motion caused a harsh spark of pleasure to run through your body. Your loud moan let him know just how good you were feeling. Instead of thrusting hard and deep like he usually did, he stuck to small thrusts and grinds, forcing your clit to grind against his abdomen. 

He was already sweating as you clawed at his back. It seemed he was only being so gentle so he didn’t lose it himself. You were plenty okay with that. With this position and the way he was moving you your chest was right up against him. His heartbeat was thrumming through you so hard you wondered if it was actually your own. You honestly didn’t care, as long as this man you loved so much was with you. 

Your orgasm hit you slowly, rolling through you instead of slamming into you like the earlier one. He seemed to have been at his limit as well, the same small thrusts turning random and aborted. The heat inside your body intensified with his release. He let out a content, loving sigh into your shoulder. 

You gently stroked his back and giggled when he winced. You had apparently done a number on his back judging by his reaction. 

“We should clean up,” you mumbled into his cheek. You tried to coax him into turning to give you a kiss, but he refused to move. “Honey, We should really clean up.” He mumbled something incoherent into your shoulder. “Darling, I can’t understand you.” His cheeks turned a bright red.

He turned his head to look at you, “You’re only three weeks along. I’ve heard cases of twins being conceived in that small window. Maybe if we stay here, we could have a chance at that.” 

You looked at him dumbfounded. “You saw two babies in that vision didn’t you,” your accusation may have been a long shot, but he nodded, “and my ultrasound was only one fetus. I’m going to have two of your giant babies and as much as I love you, I’m going to murder you if I ever get pregnant again.” He just stared up at you. “Oh fucking— Really?!” He actually snorted into your shoulder at your outburst. Eventually he conceded and let you get up to clean. 

Looks like life with Sir Nighteye was going to be interesting.

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Marrying All Might wasn’t the easiest. Marrying Yagi Toshinori was a dream come true for you. The tall man was an absolute sweetheart, you being quirkless hadn’t dissuaded the man from asking you out in the first place. There were plenty of people who gave him hell over it, but there were plenty who gave you hell over his age. “22 and 46 is such a large gap!” And in a society where either of you could die any day to a Villian attack? You didn’t really care.

When the dorms were made you were hired to tutor the first year heroics classes. It was only an excuse to let you stay on campus, but you took it in stride and helped young Yaoyorozu with her study group. You were also quick to extend tutoring to class B as long as they respected those seeking help. Your husband was just retiring while you yourself were working under the current number 9 Hero. You were just a side kick but were happy with your position.

One of the few ways you encouraged your students was through stickers and candy. This apparently didn’t go over very well with Todoroki’s father. 

The boy entered the dorms after a weekend at home with a massive bruise on his face. You wouldn’t have noticed if he hadn’t slammed the door on his way in. You let out a gasp, “Todoroki-Kun! Are you alright hunny?! Come here lemme see that.” 

He looked mildly panicked but obliged you. You took him to your’s and Toshi’s apartment to patch up his face. It was rather late and you weren’t totally sure Recovery Girl was still in. You found a bruise cream and allied it to the two toned boy’s cheek. He looked tears, but you didn’t know if it was from pain, or something else. 


He cut you off mumbling.

“Hun, I cant hear you.”


You smiled softly at him, “You want me to call you Shouto?” He noddeded. His eyes welled up even more. “You don’t have to tell me anything. But I am here if you want to.”

“He hit Fuyumi!” He sobbed as he curled in on himself. “He hasn’t hit anyone else in so long I thought it was fine, but Fuyumi messed up dinner, and she was gonn let me eat the cookies you made us, but then I had to remake it while dad scolded her, and I took to long! So he hit her ! Because I took too long and he couldn’t do his damn training and I was going to get fat because she was so lenient. I was so mad, I yelled at him.” His voice was airy at that last sentence. He looked absolutely terrified. A boy who didn’t even flinch at a Villian, was terrified of his own father. 

You pulled the teen into a hug, he curled into you, becoming smaller than a 5’7 teenage boy had any right to be. Especially against a woman a good few inches shorter than him. 

Toshinori’s shocked expression as he walked in to the sight of Shouto against your side would have been hilarious given other circumstances. Once the dual Quirked boy realized his idol was there he quickly thanked you and left. 

Toshinori hardly had his mouth open when you cut him off, “Call your old rival, Endeavor and I need to have a chat. Also call Shouta. I need custody information and papers.” You turned on your heel and headed to the dorm kitchen. Your kids were going to get extra sweets tomorrow, today? Stress never did you any good when it was just you and Toshi, the man couldn’t even eat your baking. 

“Aizawa-Kun is looking into getting custody of Todoroki and his mother signed over to us, but why now? I thought we were going to wait,” your husband hugged you as you angrily stirred a thing of cake batter. 

“His father hid his sister and when Shouto got angry he yelled at his father. I’m assuming he was hit too.” It was very hard to angrily dump batter into the pan, but judging by the sympathetic look your husband gave the cake pan you were succeeding. 

“I’ll arrange a meeting then. Do you think it’s best to get Ms. Fuyumi into the dorms like we intended after she became Eri’s tutor?” Your husband was an absolute angel and your pretty sure he’ll never believe you if you say it.

“Yes.” The cake pan hit the grate of the stove hard enough that your husband flinched. You really needed to calm down.

Cookies it was. As you pulled out more ingredients Toshinori turned and left. You assumed he was heading to bed, but he came back, as you were combining the wet and dry ingredients, with papers to grade in hand. He was going to make you go to bed angry or not once he finished apparently. Luckily the cookies finished just as he graded the last paper. Also luckily you were more sad than angry now. The two of you headed to bed, planning to put everything into action after receiving Shouto’s permission tomorrow.

“You wanna What?” He had been excused from hero training today for family reasons. He was confused when Aizawa had dragged him into a conference room with you, Fuyumi, and Nezu. 

“Fuyumi here was going to be offered an apartment of her own for as long as she’s willing to tutor Eri, which could take quite some time. Removing you and your mother is the last step. Mrs. Yagi is very willing to take custody of both of you and hopefully remove your mother from the hospital.” Nezu explained everything you had just said in far more precise than you did. “If you agree you will not have to face him again unless he attempts to take this to court, but without ruining his image he very well cannot. I understand if you need some ti—”

“Please,” the poor boy’s face was buried in his hands. Fuyumi was quick to pull the younger Todoroki into her arms. 

Within a week all papers were signed by yourself, Toshinori, Shouto, and Fuyumi. The only signatures left were  Todoroki Enji’s on the custody release of his wife Rei and his son Shouto. He of course tried to make a scene on campus.

“You idiots think you can take away my son!” He was raging, but you were far angry that he thought he had any right to be upset.

“Shut up and get inside before the press sees you and I tell them exactly what you did.” You snapped at the hulking man. 

“Who do you think you are ordering me around?!” 

“Yagi (Y/N). The woman who found out you hit your children !”

“Disciplined my children you mean.”

“Not when one is a full grown adult! Not when she is raising her own brother to be compassionate when you, PUNISH HIM FOR DEFENDING HER!” You were going to yell at him inside, but if the stubborn bastard didn’t want to? Oh fucking well. “I have watched these kids grow in spite of the Villains targeting them. I have watch Shouto make friends, I have watched him go from a sad lonely, isolated boy to a brilliant, happy, and wonderful young man. And you, have no right to ever interfere in his life like that!” 

“You’re All Mights wife.” 

That’s all you have to say?!

“You’re quite young, what’s your quirk hm?” If this utter bastard was implying what you thought he was, “I mean your children would—”

“Even if we could have children, which we can’t! I’m Quirkless you sick bastard. No Quirk marriage if there’s no Quirk. If you Ever insinuate things about my husband, my students, or anyone at this school I will personally tear down your career.”

He looked angry and flustered. “I highly doubt—”

Doubt all you want, but I can and I will . So watch yourself Endeavor .” You hissed finitely. He grabbed you arm and seethed angrily.

“Don’t you—!” You cut him off with a sharp back slap straight to his face. Your hand was burned but at least it was the back more so than the front. 

“Maybe you’ll be able to learn how hard it is to hide a bruise like that,” You ripped your other arm from him, “if you ever come back to UA for the purpose of seeming either Fuyumi or Shouto I will see to it you are ruined. You will sign those papers and hand over custody of your son and wife to myself and Yagi.” You stared the man down as he gaped. He opened and closed his mouth before turning on his heel. 

Three days later Rei and Shouto were now in the care of Yagi Toshinori, former Pro Hero All Might. The students of the Hero course and UA teachers were the few privy to this information. 

Shouto was safe. And your scars matched well enough to his own that he respected you more than any other adult he’s come by. At least the baking wasn’t stress related anymore.

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Meeting Midoriya Izuku for the first time was a whirlwind. You’d been a “vigilante” of sorts for a while. Being an Omega and dreaming to be a hero just wasn’t realistic. Especially with other stigmas. You’d been in the middle of ruining an Omega trafficking ring, they sold Omegas with unique Quirks to sleazy old men and perverts looking for the perfect kid, when a boy with green hair just saunters in . He was offering some of the Omegas a safe haven of sorts. The man must have been an Alpha seeing as the Omegas didn’t believe a damn word.

“Who the fuck are you?” You held your weapon up in anticipation of an attack. Your quirk was a common lie detecting quirk. Your could see someone’s heart beat and the flashing activity in separate sections of the brain. You learned fairly quickly what parts of the brain were used for what. This being said you definitely needed a weapon, your weapon of choice just so happened to be a scythe. 

He just grinned at you, “I’m Midoriya Izuku!” Truth.

“Alright, What the fuck are you blabbering in about?”

“I have a friend who wants to recruit some people. Anyone who doesn’t want to, can go to a nearby Omega shelter we sponsor, quietly of course, for the night.” Everything he was saying was true. Which pissed you off more. 

You looked at the Omegas cowering nearby. They were all looking at you hopefully. Apparently that name’s gotten around in the last year, Angel of Truth. You hated it but, it was accurate. “He’s telling the truth.” 

His eyes lit up with glee, “So you really do have a lie detection quirk!” 

“What’s it to you asshole?” You snarled.

“Man you’re really starting to sound like Kacchan,” He rubbed the back of his head in disdain, “I looked into you. Your work is amazing, you really should have been a hero we—”

Your scythe was at his throat, “You’re a Villian. You of all people know people like me can’t be heroes.” He nodded as his eyes darkened. 

“Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have been sweetheart.” He and the Omegas were out of sight in an instant. 

“Bitch the fuck!” You could hear sirens in the distance and had to book it before you could contemplate the guys disappearing act. 

The second time you met him was on your coffee break. You worked with broken and abused Omegas. It was honestly terrifying. Your last case was one of the worst, shipping the poor thing across the country with her real Alpha after she’d been stalked and damn near raped. You let out a heavy sigh, hopefully she’d be alright. 

“Well fancy meeting you here,” the voice was familiar, but you didn’t recognize it until you looked up. How the fuck did he find you as a civilian?! 

“Do I know you?” You asked instead. 

“Of course, sorry for the intrusion, I just hope my friends found your shelter safely,” he said softly. This fucker wasn’t implying your shelter was the one he was funding was he? Honestly with the desperation to save Omegas some of which were abused by Hero Alphas, you wouldn’t be surprised if the girls in donation looked the other way. 

“They might have. I’ll have to take another look.” You were definitely a little on edge. You quickly stood and started to leave

He caught your wrist loosely, actually giving you the option to leave, “Please don’t be so tense I really just wanted to say hi and maybe get to know you.”

“No thanks I don’t do Alphas .” You shook him off and walked out. Your last attempted Alpha had been an asshole. You were a Omega Female. Just because your secondary wasn’t the one you wanted originally didn’t make you less female. It was honestly one of the easier transitions to make. You were already messed up from the death of your parents, but going from Beta-to-be to Omega was one of the few graces. It made your transition easier, single gender transitions were simple and even simpler if it was your secondary, male or female gender. But Alphas are Alphas. 

You saw Midoriya frown deeply from your view outside the window. Oh well. As you crossed the street he was suddenly at you side. You growled, “For fucks sake! Fuck off already!”

“You cant smell it?” He said warily. Fuck .

“No I can’t.”

“You were born a beta?” You dragged him into an ally. 

“Listen here, I swear to god I will end you if you—”

“Your my soulmate.” He cut you off.

“God damnit, romantic compatibility doesn’t mean soulmates!”

“I haven’t smelled another Omega in the months since I first saw you.” What did he mean months? He was telling the truth, but he’d only met you a week ago. 

“You came to that warehouse to see me?”  

“Partially. Your quirk can’t tell the difference from a half truth or a full one. I figured it out. I- I may have watched you. For awhile. But only because I was nervous to meet you! My friend kinda forced me to enter that warehouse. I-you could’ve been in danger from those bastards and I, well I, you’re my soulmate. The idea of you even having the tiniest possibility of being taken. I, well, um, I kinda ruined the base when I learned you were on the Omega trafficking ring.” Not one word was a lie. This man was a God damn mess and you liked it. 

“You’re insane.” Your Head thumped against his collar. Stalkers were scary, you knew that, all Omegas knew that. But was it really that scary when it was your Soulmate? I mean if you could scent him would you have been broken for anyone else too? Probably. That’s how soulmates worked. 

“Just a little. And it’s Kacchan’s fault.” You still had no idea who Kacchan was. 

You care to a bitter realization that if you were gonna do this you had to come out to him at some point. Best to get rejected now right? “I’m trans!” You blurted into his vest. He didn’t even flinch. Instead he cleared his throat.

Looking up he was extremely red and refused to look at you. He cleared his throat again, “I, uh, I already knew.” His eyes flickered down to you, the expression on your face must have made him uncomfortable because he looked straight up at the sky. “When I looked into you. I’m, uh, im a Villian , I know a lot of people with a lot of information.” You could not believe - no, no, you could. He was definitely insane though. 

“I’m not stopping.” He would know exactly what you meant.

“Oh god I would never—!” You dragged him down into a kiss before he could start rambling again. And, shit . He really was your soulmate, because you were about to trigger your damn heat. 

Youpussed yourself to the other end of the alley, “Okay, no. If I’m letting you do this I want at least one date. One date then maybe. I’ll kiss you hard enough to throw my whole damn heat cycle, if you swear you’ll get me emergency heat birth control.” 

His eyes were wide and a grin broke out on his face, “Oh, yes please. I’ll get you anything you want.” 

He was definitely a good one.

You did not end up having your heat after that first date, or the next, or the next. Because his friend , kept calling him in exactly as desserts were coming out. 

After another failed date you were pouting at the front desk at work. Your usual shift partner was laughing at you, he was of course being a good natured asshole. What startled you both was a young male panickedly rushing in the door.

“You guys have heat rooms right?” He was shaking violently, “There’s some psycho bitch following me. I went into preheat like 30 minutes ago and she watched me get up . I don’t know how she knows. Fuck I need to call my husband too.” He was ranting.

“Give me your husbands number and my coworker here will escort you to the back, she won’t be able to get inside. The whole back area cancels out quirks and is reinforced with steel. You are safe.” The male gave you his phone and quickly followed your coworker. You found a name labeled with cute hearts and hoped that was the husband. After a quick phone call the Beta husband was on his way. 

Around that same time security was having trouble holding the female Alpha outside the building. “That Omega is mine damnit! I saw him first!”

“Actually no you didn’t. The doctor that delivered him saw him first and his husband would probably disagree to him being yours.” You said harshly. You’d already hit the emergency button to call the police. Now you had to stall the insane Alpha. With a quick motion she slammed the security guards out of the way and had a hand around your neck. This was honestly the most violent Alpha you’ve seen in years. It was mildly terrifying. You landed a kick to her sternum. She let out a large blast of something, that made you extremely woozy and uncomfortable. 

“I guess you’d do fine enough, cute little Omega, a perfect trophy wife to show up my brother.” You were definitely in panic mode at that. 

“I suggest you find someone else before I cut your fucking throat.” Izuku’s voice was almost a growl. 

“Who are you huh? Some pupsqueak Alpha. Bet you can’t—” the large female alpha was cut off by gurgling noises, he really did cut the woman’s throat didn’t he. 

You fucking hated Pre-heat. This bitch threw Omegas into heat. Fuck. “Zuku?”

He turned from growling to cooing, “Hi baby, let’s get you outta here.” You nodded and let him pick you up. 

“Wait! You can’t just take her! Especially after-!” Your coworker was cut off by a glare from you. 

“Dale I will give you every cupcake someone gives me on the next Thankfuls meeting if you swear you saw him but didn’t see what he looked like, ‘Zu stay turned around. If they ask where I am say with my Alpha, and if they ask who say it’s someone named ‘Zu.” Dale just nodded and Izuku adjusted his grip on you. A black mist appeared and transported you to what seemed to be a bar. 

“I thought you were retrieving her to introduce us?” A deep voice called out.

“I was, but something occurred,” Izuku’s voice sounded menacing, “so either Kurogiri transports is to her apartment or I’m going to end up killing all of you.” 

“Soulmates in love? And a first heat? How gross.” A man in the back mumbled as you were quickly transported.

Fuck.” Izuku sounded angry and your Omega pushed to comfort him. You purred softly and petted his messy green hair. “You should get your nest ready. I’ll grab food. Also where’s your key. Need to get you birth control before it hits. Also while I’m gone please don’t open the door.”

“Alpha,” You mumbled into his throat. He choked violently. “I’ll be fine I’m gonna stay in my Nest or the bathroom the whole time until you get back. It’ll be okay.” 

He just nodded and carried you to the room you indicated before heading off to the nearest pharmacy. One that was 10 minutes away, one that you were sure the Alpha would be to in 5, maybe take 6 or 7 to read the ingredients to make sure you’d be okay, and take less than 5 minutes to get back. 

Once your nest was set up you were exhausted. You barely stayed awake long enough for Izuku to coax you into taking a small pill. You always slept through most of your preheat. You barely had the thought to verbally consent to let him know how okay with this you were, “You can claim me, or not. ‘S up to you. But I want a knot. Least one. Maybe a lot. Preferably a lot. Also if I go into heat, but I don’t wake up? You can still fuck me.” You barely heard him start coughing at your admiration before you curled up to sleep off the next 7 ish hours.

When you did wake up it was to a warm wet tongue running up your thighs. You moaned loudly and looked down at the Alpha molesting you. He looked like a mess. “You told me I could fuck you, but I really wanted you to be awake for the first one,” he mumbled into your stomach. 

You nodded with a soft pained whimper. Heat was such intense ovulation that intense pleasure was the only way to drown it out. Your body naturally tried to make it easier with slick and hormones and sensitivity through the roof . Izuku was trying his best to be careful with you, and you really appreciated it. 

The Alpha slid his tongue over you while he gently pushed two fingers deep inside. And hit the spot that made your whole body shudder. He quickly moved to three, then four. He pulled them out just as you were on the verge of falling over the edge to oblivion. He gently rolled you onto your stomach and kissed down your back. One of your smaller pillows was set under your hips, and he pushed you to lay on it. All of your weight was mush against the large Nest. 

With a soft coo he gently pushed into you. Spreading you open as slowly as possible. Making sure there wasn’t a single ounce of pain caused by him entering you. Once he was all the way inside you moaned loudly, rocking against him. Only to be stopped by bruising hands adjusting your smaller body to his mercy. He laid over you but held your shoulder with one arm from underneath your body. The other hand pushed your hips down into the pillow. Just as you began to whine he slammed forward into you. 

His pace was rough and intoxicating, you keened loudly as he sucked at the glands on your neck and pummeled your cervix. You were an absolute mess sobbing into the nest, holding on tight to stop being moved forward. Izuku’s arm helped with that too. When you finally came he kept going . It felt amazing, but the idea of his knot was even more appealing. 

His thrusts were slowly becoming shorter and shorter as he got close to coming himself. He groaned and moaned loudly in your ear turning you on even more. Eventually you started begging him.

“‘Zuku please . Want you, want you to fill me. Want you to claim me. Wanna be your wife, your mate. Alpha? Izu, Zuku, pleaaahahH !” He big down on your glands and slammed his hips into yours. Forcing a scream from you that probably pissed off your neighbors. In a few seconds his knot was the size of your fist, in a few more it was larger than his fist. It also felt really fucking good. You came again, this time coming so hard you passed out. 

“Hey, (Y/N)? Darling? Wake up honey.” Izuku was slowly coaxing you awake and you glared at him. “So I don’t think I bought a good birth control because your heat ended, like, as soon as my knot went down.”

You groaned, “Shit.” 

“I can get a morning after if you want me too.”

“Do you wanna wait? I mean I could always stop Vigilantism. I mean yesterday was a little insane,” he looked sheepish, “I can always just give you the intel I did up and send you to do shit. I’ll stay home with the baby. I mean. It would’ve happened eventually right. We were stuck together the moment you scented me the first time, not just the claim. So unless you don’t want kids I really don’t give a fuck.” His eyes lit up as you talked. You were an Omega, a lot of Omegas did want kids. Sure some didn’t and they were totally valid, but you didn’t really mind either way. 

“I would be very okay with kids.” He wrapped you up into a hug as you yawned. “My mom would probably kill me if I tried to make the choice for an Omega anyway.”

“Wait, hold up, mom? Does your mom know you hang out with Villians, are a Villian. 

“No. You better keep it a secret too. I always told her I wanted to be a hero. Well now I’m being a Hero to people the Heroes can't find. Just, have to be a Villain to do it.” He was so god damn honest. 

“When am I going to catch you in a lie!” 

“Never. Hopefully. If you do I promise I’m trying to keep you safe. Deal?”

“Fine.” You glared at your, now, mate. You had experience so you weren’t happy about sheltering, but if you were having a baby? Sometimes a lie is better.

Chapter Text

When Sero Entered the Heroics department at UA you understood he wouldn’t have much time for you anymore. When you yourself entered late the next year you had even less time. You honestly thought by the end of your guys’ first year you’d be over. You really tried to ignore Monoma at first, but eventually you just thought, maybe he’s right. You saw each other briefly in the mornings and the first time you tried to join him at lunch Monoma made a laughing stock out of you. 

The week before graduation you automatically searched out your boyfriend, hoping to convince him to take you out to the Ice cream shop by your old highschool. Monoma of course blocked your way.

“You’re really going to go search for that 3-A loser?” 

“That ‘3-A loser’ is my boyfriend and has been for four years so fuck of Monoma,” you tried to push passed him only for him to grab your wrist. The prick took your Quirk, paralysis. Full body paralysis for however long in minutes you touched them multiplied by six.

“You could honestly do so much better don’t you think?”

“Like who? You?” He smiled as you said it, “No thanks. I’d rather have the man that cares about me enough to never use his fucking Quirk on me outside of training.” Monoma still had a hold of you. Twelve minutes of paralysis edging on eighteen. 

“But Quirks would be so much fun—” He was cut off by your wonderful, absolutely amazing, stunning, wonderful , did you already say wonderful? Your boyfriend. Who was a great man. 

“What are you doing to my girlfriend Monoma!?” Monoma actually looked scared at the anger Hanta was emitting. 

He dropped you and ran off as fast as he could. Your body had no way to brace itself, but your tall boyfriend just used his tape to pull you into him. “Thanks babe!” You were probably grinning like an idiot. You loved your mans so who cares.

“How long til your paralysis wears off?”

“Maybe 16 minutes,” you sighed, “Damnit I wanted to go to the Ice cream Parlor near our middle school.”

“Babe, how long as he been harassing you?” He looked so concerned you couldn’t lie to him.

“Since I entered the class,” your were forced to watch his face crumble since you couldn’t move. 

“Babe, (Y/N)? Why didn’t you tell me?” You would’ve shrugged. But now you felt compelled to tell him the truth.

“I didn’t wanna bother you.” Hanta was dead silent as he carried you to his own dorm. You were silently panicking. What if he was going to break up with you, or yell, or hurt you . The darker part of your mind that Monoma creates reared its ugly head. You only had six minutes of paralysis left by the time you got to the 3-A dorm. Three more until Hanta’s room. 

As soon as he was at his room he set you on his bed. “Baby, (N/N), I love you so much. But I need to know what that bastard said to you.”

Three minutes was long enough for you to tell him about the things Monoma said. How Sero’d abandon you eventually, how Sero never really loved you, how stupid you were for loving A class trash. As soon as the paralysis released you curled into a ball and sobbed. You heard Hanta stand up, but we’re crying too hard to find out what he was doing.

He gently pushed you to lean against the wall. You went easily, and as your eyes cleared you saw Hanta kneeling next to the bed and leaning over the edge of it towards you. His eyes were looking right at you. They were so intense it almost scared you. 

“So,” he started awkwardly, “I actually had to get your mothers help with this, mine too. I’ve actually been planning this for years, stupid right. And I wanted to do it in front of the entire graduating class, Hell I even got Aizawa’s permission for it.” Your breath caught in your throat. “But I need to do this now apparently,” he said as he pulled out a small black box. He flicked it open and held your gaze as it flickered between him and the plain ring in the case. “We’ve never been flashy. You’d never be a girl that stays at home or wants a flashy diamond. You’d want something that didn’t break your fingers when you punched a man.” You finally giggled wetly at his little speech, as much as you wanted to say yes right now, you wanted to let him have his little moment. “I’ve been in love with for that very thing since fourth grade. You’ve been the one thing that kept me going even when I was failing as a Hero. So I tried harder, the same way you did. Together we may not be as popular as the rest of our classes or as respected. But your the one person I know has my back no matter what. So, (L/N) (Y/N) will you marry me and become Sero (Y/N).”

Maybe you should’ve interrupted him because now you couldn’t even talk with how much you were crying. Instead you nodded violently as he laughed. He gently coaxed your left hand out and slid the ring onto your finger. Subtle enough that strangers wouldn’t ask questions, but shiny enough that your friends would definitely ask questions. 

You eventually calmed down enough to drag Hanta into a kiss. It slowly heated up until his hand was up your shirt and sliding across your hip. You moaned softly and pressed up against him. His groan sent shivers down your spine. 

“You sure about this baby. I’m not sure I’ll stop even if Aizawa-Sensei catches us,” he was panting and bright red. You probably were too. When you mentioned you had little time together you really meant it. Your make out sessions hardly got passed mild groping. But Hanta was your fiancé now and you really liked the idea of being his in this way too.

“Yeah, as long as you have condoms at least,” you were embarrassed to look him in the eye. 

“I do, but I’ll get that later because I really wanna keep touching you. Your so soft. I know you have a skin care routine but your skin is so nice.” He was laughing in that way that always gave you butterflies. 

His hands trailed up under your shirt even further and guided it off your body. He leaned down to kiss you again and it was heavier than before, no less loving, but definitely something more than the last one. He pulled away and planted kisses down to your chest. He stopped over one and sucked a mark into it making you moan softly. One hand settled in your hip, effectively holding you down. The other slid up your back and managed to undo your bra clip with surprising ease. He pulled back and grinned down triumphantly. 

When you watched him remove your bra you realized the hickey he left was on the inner side of your left breast. Over your heart. You laughed loudly and he blushed, but kept smiling. “You’re such a cheese ball Hanta.”

“Well you agreed to be my wife so I guess I’m your cheese ball.” He stuck his tongue out at you playfully. He sat up and removed his own shirt, you would’ve offered to help but you were worried to hurt his elbows. His physique definitely complimented his fighting style though, he was lean compact muscle. Sure he didn’t have abs, but he was definitely wasn’t any kind of flabby

“Find something you like?” You actually squealed at being caught staring. You hid your face as you tried to regulate yourself. “Oh, come on baby girl, I’m just making sure you’re enjoying everything as much as I definitely am.” That reminded you that your tits were very much out. He moved your hands and kissed you deeply. He took his time training down to massage your chest. It wasn’t the most stimulating but it definitely felt good. 

You moved to his pants, but before you could actually do anything he stopped you. Before you could complain he kissed your hand with a bright red face, “If you touch me I can say with 100% certainty that I am going to cream myself and I’d like to gain some composure if that’s okay.”

You blinked, then giggled as you realized what he meant. “Okay, But hurry up. I wanna touch you too.”

He just nodded and shucked his pants himself. He finally reached into his drawer and pulled out lube and a condom. He undid your shorts and pulled them down your legs.he paused at your underwear and looked like he was going to ask again. “Hanta I adore you asking if things are okay, but please keep going.” He nodded stiffly and slid them offer your hips. 

He looked mildly conflicted, “I really wanna make you feel good but I also really wanna be inside you.” His fingers were gently trailing over your wet opening. 

“We can always try other things next time. Like you said. I’m gonna be your wife and I do wanna do this with you.” You smiled up at him.

“Okay, But If at any point you decide you never want sex again just tell me,” he said it so seriously that you just grinned and pulled his mouth to yours. 

He quickly slicked up his wandering fingers with lube. It was a little chilly but not enough to ruin the feeling of his fingers stretching you and his thumb grinding your clit. It felt amazing, and when he hit your g spot it was even better.

“Fuck, Hanta just hurry, please,” You didn’t want to be too sensitive to continue if he made you orgasm. He choked slightly but quickly shuffled out of his briefs. He opened the condom carefully and slid it on. With a little more lube he was lined up and waiting for you. “Yeah okay, please, please keep going.” 

He bit his lip and slid into you slowly, with the massive amount of lube, how turned on you were, and the stretching Hanta did there wasn’t an iota of pain. Sure it was weird , good and really fucking pleasurable weird, but weird. He gasped as you unconsciously clenched. He did say he would cum if you touched him. You were turned on yes, but seeing him fall apart would be really hot. You wrapped your arms around him and pulled him down into a kiss. He moaned shakily against your lips. He started moving and managed to hit your g spot in the first go. You moaned against his lips and scratched his back on accident. 

In an instant he was gasping and curling into your shoulder. His movements stuttered and slowed as he came in the condom. The warmth of it made you whimper. Hanta tried to catch his breath, “Fuck! I’m sorry, I thought—”

“Hanta I don’t care just please, ” you whined as he pulled out of you. He tied the condom and threw it in his trash. He lifted your legs onto his shoulders, before the question even passed your lips he was eating you out like it was his only goal in life. You shuddered and gasped as he massaged your sensitive clit with his tongue. He was forcing you higher and higher, when he pulled back panting, he changed to pushing his fingers hard up against your g spot. He continued to grind one against your bud as he watched your reactions. Until finally everything snapped and you came harshly. 

You lay gasping for a minute. When you regained your breath you realized Hanta was laughing into your stomach, fingers still inside you. It took you a moment before you realized what happened. 

Your quirk has activated with your orgasm. You paralyzed your fiancé for six minutes because he made you come so hard you lost your precise control of your Quirk. 

You gentle moved him off of you and slid his fingers out, which was definitely weird. He stared up at you like you spun the stars, despite being immobile from your Quirk. You grabbed a few tissues and gently wiped yourself, and him, down. 

“You know Babe,” you swear if he says something stupid, “usually it’s guys that immobilize their partners during sex.” You pushed him off the bed and he yelped as he regained motor control just soon enough to catch himself. He laughed and leaned on the bed not dissimilar to when he proposed. 

You ignored him and pulled on your underwear, leaving your bra on the floor. You grabbed Hanta’s discarded shirt and claimed it as your makeshift pajamas, because you sure as hell weren’t going back to your dorm tonight. Hanta was still staring at you when you finished. “What—?”

“I love you, (Y/N).” His voice was rough and his eyes were watery.

You blinked at his teary eyed face, before falling into a soft smile, “I love you too Babe now get dressed so we can cuddle.” 

He cleared his throat but quickly pulled on a pair of pajama pants before laying down and letting you curl up against him. Hanta was definitely gonna be yours until the end. Maybe he’d even keep you after that.

Chapter Text

When you proposed a line of teen centric, perfectly tailored clothing. Your husband was reluctant. So you started off small, a line of 30 dresses with jean tops and tulle skirts in the primary and secondary colors.

You sold out in a week and had almost 60 more in back order. Tsunagu very reluctantly let you continue as long as you went at a rate that didn’t wear out your Quirk. You agreed and went to work scouting models and other designers. Two names on the list stood out to you, Bakugo Mitsuki and Bakugo Masaru. It would’ve been a long shot to think they were the parents of the one and only Bakugo Katsuki your husband mentored. Except that the teens knowledge in fashion was apparent. 

Tsunagu was going to be so upset, but Bakugo had a pretty face when he wasn’t pissed off. You quickly made a call. 

Bakugo’s appearance at the Studio definitely stunned your husband. At least the boy had some mild manners, “I’m lookin for Mrs. Hakamata!” Mild, mind you, mild. 

You brushed passed your husband and put on your best grin, “Hello Bakugo-kun! Thank you for coming to help me.” Once you were guiding Bakugo to the changing rooms you snickered.

“What you fucking hired me to piss off the boss?” The teen raised an eyebrow at you.

“No, no. I hired you because you know the industry. Teen models don’t commonly get it and become uncomfortable when I use my Quirk while I’m not a hero,” you looked back to make sure Tsunagu didn’t follow you, “shaking up my fashion disaster of a husband is just a bonus.”

Bakugo cracked up, “You and Best Jeanist? How the fuck did he manage that?”

“I honestly don’t know, there was something he did that just went from annoying to charming and that’s when you know your fucked.” Bakugo snorted, probably at the fact that you’re cussing when he expected Tsnagu to have some prim and proper wife with the fact that he tried to control the kid.

“The fashion disaster shit?”

“He’s a great designer, but cannot dress himself nicely without something ruining it.” 

“I mean I’ve seen his fucking Hero suit but, like what fuckin else?”

Yesterday! We go out to dinner and he’s wearing loafers with ankle socks and pants that end just above the ankle. It’s either no socks or long socks!” Bakugo just made a face at that, probably agreeing with you. 

You finally managed to get the kid to the changing rooms, “alright put this suit on and go through the door on the right, I’ll be in there to do alterations before the shoot.” He didn’t acknowledge you anymore than taking the suit. Brat.

You entered the large photography space and made sure the set was perfect. It was wedding season, teens getting forced to weddings should be able to have a suit they can be comfortable in and still look good. 

Bakugo exited with an angrier scowl than before, “This is pretty damn accurate already, how the fuck did you manage that?”

“Your mom gave me your measurements,” you looked at the tight fabric at his biceps, “Well what she thought they were.” 

You guided him over to a small mirror. “Okay breath normally. My Quirk allows me to tailor perfectly. But holding your breath causes your stomach to cave or chest to puff out, and neither would be good for the fit.” You were already poking and prodding his torso.

“How the fuck is this gonna work?” 

“I just have to tug at each piece of fabric to make it resize,” you grabbed his collar with a smirk, “ready brat?”

He scoffed but nodded. The fabric contorted quickly to his body. Leaving room to move but accenting his form. You did the same to his suit jacket and moved to his pant cuff. He made an annoyed noise as the pants refitted themselves. 

“Not going to choke the life outta my dick with tight ass pants like that bastard did?” He was giving you an almost amused look.

“We have varying tastes. They definitely look good on him though,” you said with a hum. Bakugo gagged behind you. You rolled your eyes and guided him to the set. “Now just follow the Photographers instructions. I have to go get the pants I asked ‘Nagi to make.” 

He grumbled a soft whatever and did as told. While you went in search of your husband. 

“Tsu? I did you finish those pants designs I asked for?” You called into his office.

“Yes. Over hear, love.” You skipped over to your tall husband and wrapped yourself around him as he adjusted the mannequin. 

The designs were exactly how you’d thought them up. Your husband was uncharacteristically somber though. 

“Honey? What’s wrong?” He remained silent to your question. “Tsu, honey, is everything okay?” 

“...You and Bakugo seem to be getting along well.” He was very quiet and you really didn’t like it.

“Tsunagu, baby what’s wrong with that? I thought you hoped he’d be nicer.” 

“I did! I do, but he is a very handsome young man.” 

“Oh my god! Is that what this is about?” You knew your husband was insecure after Kamino, but this…

“He is closer in age to you. And your personalities mesh well.” 

“Look at me you big oaf.” He was absolutely refusing to turn around. Desperate measures it is. “Tsunagu I married you because you make me happy, you’re an over protective, pompous ass, your personal fashion taste is atrocious. But you saw my potential and guided me towards success, our first date was a mess and I absolutely loved it. You make me laugh without trying and I find myself smiling anytime I think of you.” What little face you could see was bright red. “You’re my husband , Tsunagu.”

You squeaked Ashe whirled around and kissed you. You didn’t even see him undo that atrocious face cover. Unlike what people tended to think his face was very normal and his neck was only a little long, but it made holding his face a hell of a lot easier without stabbing him with your nails. 

“Shit, Tsu I have to get back to the shoot!” You gasped loudly, your husband was honestly a monster when he wanted to be. He had you backed up so far you had to stand on your toes to avoid digging the desk into your back.

He just hummed and tapped the pager on his desk. “Can someone go let Bakugo-Kim know he may leave when his shoot is done.” You gaped up at your husband. He didn’t really just do that did he? 

Oh no, he did. That smirk on his face gave you your answer. “Your so petty!” 

“Hm maybe so but you said it I’m your husband. I am allowed to take out those I see as a threat.” He attempted to kiss you again and you attempted to make it difficult. He took this as initiative to mark up your throat and push you onto his desk. Maybe a low collar blouse was a bad idea. 

“A 17 year old isn’t a threat . You’re. just. Petty.” You kept having to push him away to breath. He finally got annoyed enough to shrug off his first layer of jean tops. 

“Do you want to keep going if not we can just work. But if very much rather you be nearby.” Of course he initiated a make out session only to make sure you were 100% into this. Fuck you loved this man.

You pulled him back down and grinned next to his ear, “Please keep going.” He sighed into your shoulder and proceeded to strip the both of you. He only stopped to debate removing your garter belt and stockings for a moment. Instead he grabbed a pair of stitching scissors and snipped through your lace panties. Thank god you didn’t make those yourself or you would’ve been pissed.

He hummed and stared at you for a moment before leaning down and capturing one of your nipples in his mouth. You sucked in a breath before moshing softly. He knew exactly how to mess you up. 

He didn’t have to prep you with how much you two had sex, but the fact that he took the time to grab lube out of the drawer and stretch you open, always turned you on that little bit more. He was quick to slide on a condom before kissing you to keep you quiet. 

He started off hard and fast. You’d already been up here a while and it’d get suspicious soon enough. He flicked his fingers over your clit with amazing finesse that made you come within a few minutes. He kept going, keeping you in that high until the overstimulation from his thrusting, his kiss, and his fingers, forced a second orgasm to shoot through your body.

After that second orgasm he pulled out and jerked himself off to your flushed and panting form. His groan as he came was probably loud enough that someone standing outside would know exactly what just happened. He panted softly and grabbed a wad of tissues to clean you up before dressing you and himself again. 

It was definitely going to be awkward finishing your day without your underwear. But Tsunagu insisted he couldn’t fix them. Which was bull shit but whatever. If it made your possessive husband happy. 

“I’m heading to the drawing room to see if I can come up with some more designs,” you fixed your hair as best you could in his mirror. You turned to him with a smile, “I love you, Tsunagu! Come get me when it’s time to go home!” You skipped out of the office before he could stop you. Maybe you could grab that Lingerie set you’d been working on and bring that home tonight?

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Shinsou had been your best friend since first grade. His quirk could be scary, but you were really panicky at times. He could calm you down in seconds. The first time he used it around you was when he made a pair of bullies leave you alone. You had absolutely no control over the kitten ears that would pop up on your head. The sudden amplification of noise always sparked mild to severe panic. Shinsou had saved you from the bullies picking and prodding and being too loud on your little ears. 

During middle school he would massage them when you were too stressed over classes to get rid of them. He was always soft spoken with you and you always trusted him when it came to using his Quirk. Out of anyone in the world to receive it you were sure he was the only person strong enough to make himself a Hero. 

You both got into UA. You had made the support class with your fascination with tinkering. Shinsou had gotten stuck in General Education. When he told you what the Entrance Exam included you were angry. You personally took a poll of all the students who failed, several of them had Quirks like Shinsou’s that couldn’t be used to destroy or even inconvenience a robot . You sent a very angry but well meaning letter to the principal and staff. 

Once the sports festival was over you guys had curled up together while he finally broke down. He would be a Hero. Even if you had to fight the staff to do it. 

You didn’t have to though. Nezu had approved Aizawa-Sensei’s request to mentor Shinsou. The man had been sure to tell you first so you would stop sending the staff passive aggressive mail. 

Shinsou was happier and happier despite the extra work he had to put it and it was nice to see. Even if you didn’t get to see him as often. You thought he’d forget about you eventually. Instead on the day his transfer was announced he, very loudly, asked you to be his girlfriend. He wasn’t loud on purpose, his voice had definitely cracked whether he’d ever admit it or not, but he was nervous. You’d flung your arms around the taller boy and kissed his cheek before agreeing. 

When you graduated Shinsou was a well loved member of Class A and you all hung out in a last hurrah before entering the world of Heroics. Them as Heroes, you as a Hero Support sidekick. In the middle of the party both Ashido and Midoriya shushed everyone as Shinsou had turned to you. 

He clearly stated his goals in life. Then asked for you to help him achieve them by doing what you’ve always done and stay by his side, but this time as his wife. Of course you agreed and kissed him to the cheers of your friends. Life had been good.

You barely registered your husbands annoyed tired sigh. You let out a small yawn as you woke up. You let out a sleepy mumble as you looked over at your husband in the entryway, “Hi, ‘Toshi.”

He looked up at you and blinked slowly before smiling sadly. “Did you wait up for me again,  kitten?” You nodded softly. “We talked about this. I’m the insomniac in this family. What’s the munchkin gonna think when he sees you up?” You frowned softly. Hiro was stuck in his crib. He was perfectly fine where he was. 

“He can’t get out by himself. ‘S fine.” You whined as Hitoshi walked over to you. 

“I beg to differ since he crawled out of it yesterday afternoon while you were working.” You blinked at that. Aizawa watched Hiro for you if Shinsou or you were called into work. He would've told you about this. Wouldn’t he? No he wouldn’t he would assume you already knew. Which you didn’t because he was mama’s angel. 

“I wanted to say hi when you got off work,” you looked over at the nursery and felt a little bad. Hitoshi distracted you by wrapping his arm around your waist and scooping you up bridal style. 

“I know, kitten. But do it from bed next time at least.” 

“But this time is special Toshi~!” He raises an eyebrow. Your last special thing had been a half blind kitten affectionately named Tenya. The one before that was a fluff ball that looked pink in the right lighting, Mina. And before that, was Hiro. 

“What’s so special you needed to stay up for me hm?” He plopped you down on your soft mattress. Instead of answering you dug through the bedside drawer. You handed him four images. Three zoomed in, and one farther out. 

He choked and nearly fell over. “Thank god you make as much as you do because this is insane!” He looked at the photos again before showing you the one, “ Three! ” He turned it back to himself, still in shock before grinning and showing you again, “Babe! We did this!” 

You just grinned sleepily at him. This was almost exactly the same as how he reacted to your first pregnancy test. Except this time, instead of little plus signs you got to show him the tiny little specks that would be your next three kids. 

You fell asleep to Shinsou’s soft cooing and praising. You’d probably be telling Aizawa and your dads tomorrow.

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Eri never did like being locked up at home. So it wasn’t surprising she ran away to see the world sometimes. It was still extremely dangerous though.

“Eri, sweetheart don’t bother the Heroes they have things they need to do.” Your husband called softly. Eri looked excited to meet the Heroes. It was honestly adorable. But you knew she was also scared that Kai was going to be mad at her. “Eri, darling, I’m not mad you ran away from me, just disappointed. It’s not safe.” She went to pull away from the Hero, reluctant to go back home most likely. You didn’t get to see them often, but if you interfered now you’d ruin your own cover, but Eri might not go home otherwise. 

Kai seemed to notice you and gave you a mild pleading look, you sighed before running over. “Eri! Honey, daddy and I have been looking everywhere are you okay?!” Frantic young mother was a part you played well. 

Those Hero boys definitely recognized Kai, and they now thought Eri and you were in danger. Just fucking great. 

You picked the little girl up and cradled her in your shoulder. “Let’s hope you don’t get sick this time. Last time was horrible .” 

“She, your daughter looks scared.”  

You gave the boys a convincing stressed smile. “She gets sick easily so we don’t like her leaving the house. She also seems to think Daddy is going to get mad enough to hurt her, but I blame her biological mother.” You kissed Eri’s head as she snuggled into your shoulder. She let out a soft tired sigh and you smiled. She was a Mama’s girl alright. 

Once the boys finally let you go you all headed home. You covered Eri’s eyes and Chrono covered her ears as Kai destroyed one of the idiots that couldn’t stop a six year old who probably skipped out of the base. Eri pouted in your arms as you carried her to her room. 

“Do I gotta have a blood test today too?” She was soft spoken but confident. 

You smiled and kissed her head. “I’ll talk Daddy into giving you the weekends off.” Her eyes lit up. 

Kai’s old caretaker didn’t even acknowledge his efforts, just cast them aside as if Kai would hurt Eri. Kai had acquired a machine that replicated DNA the part of Eri’s blood he was convinced would erase quirks. He was right of course, your best friend was a genius. Eri barely had to give a pint of blood a day and Kai could replicate enough DNA that it was the equivalent to her entire living form. 

Watching them play together was a great feeling. If you weren’t around it would’ve never happened in a million years. Kai’s germaphobe ways with Eri’s childish playfulness. Finger painting was still your bonding activity. But Kai would use crayons and pencils and color with her in her room. The entire room was covered in various children’s drawings of the three of you and “uncle” Chrono. 

Being able to sterilize a room helped life here immensely. Kai was happier, Eri got to play with her Daddy, and the experiments could never be traced. You eliminated all things your body saw as harmful. DNA, bacteria, chemicals, it completely ripped all of those from the environment.

Being able to do this also helped rip the DNA out of that Lemillion boy’s suit. Leaving him vulnerable and literally naked. Eri clung to you as you and Chrono removes her to a secondary location. You managed to escape with Eri who was only heart broken that her pictures and her Daddy weren’t there. 

“When is Daddy coming home?” She asked you softly as you cooked.

“I dunno baby,” you were honestly wondering the same thing. 

“I want Daddy!” Oh boy.

“Eri, sweetheart, Daddy is bu—”

She sobbed and threw her crayons off the table before stuffing her face into them and screaming for her Daddy. It broke your heart. Coloring was something she did with him . You sighed and stood up from the table. You’d barely managed to save a single toy from the old base. It was one Kai made for her when she first came to you, a tiny little stuffed Plague Doctor. Eri’s “assistant”, Hari. Like her Daddy’s assistant.

“Eri baby.” She didn’t even look up at you as she kept up her tantrum. “Eri look at Mama now.” She sniffled and hiccuped before looking up at you.

“Daddy’ll be home as soon as he can. But for now we gotta believe in him.” You gently set the small stuffed toy on the table. If Hari made it surely Daddy did to right? Eri seemed to think so. She squeezed the plush and launched into your arms. You ended up carrying her to your bed and letting her sleep with you that night.

The next morning you prepared to clean up the mess of crayons Eri threw. Only to find it perfectly clean, with Kai standing at the stove cooking.

“So what happened in here?” He spoke so casually, as if he hadn’t been gone since you escaped. 

“Eri missed you. Threw her first tantrum in a while.” He seemed to pause and frown at that. He quickly shut of the stove as Eri waddled in dragging her plush. 

“Mama I’m hungry,” She was rubbing her eyes and didn’t even realize her Daddy was right in front of her. You made sure to stay out of her way when she did look up. She blinked once before the water works started again, “ Da-aaaaddy! ” 

She ran straight at him as he scooped her up as close as possible. He wasn’t even phased by her snot or tears as he rocked her. Sure he’d probably panic later, but right now his baby needed him. You smiled as Eri blabbered about how much she missed him and how she was sorry for making a mess. You cooed and rubbed her back at the apology. It was perfectly normal for kids to throw tantrums, and it was fine as long as you knew what it was about and she still listened to you. Which she did. 

In the end you all ended up right back in bed after eating. Eri was exhausted from crying and the stress and worry plaguing you had finally left, leaving you in a similar state. Kai quickly changed while you cast out a sterilization of the whole room. Kai removed his mask and you got a quick peck in thanks. 

Sure you’d never make out or have sex, but to you those quick kisses meant the world against your husbands fears. Kai wrapped himself around both you and Eri with a content sigh. You had know idea what the next move would be, but as long as they were both with you, you’d be fine.

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It has been decided!!!


Because of how many Bakugo’s there were I added two to the randomizer!
Mirio still won. I did 5 run through a just for fair chance, 2 Mirio, 1 Uraraka, 1 Bakugo, 1 Aizawa. (I started with 3 and got Baku, Mirio, and Uraraka then did two more to try and finalize)


Okay premise: OP (like legit OP not the All for One vs One for All cancel each other out) Villain Reader.

But Villain in the sense of she illegally uses her quirk for good, but also runs a Quirk version of the Mob. Like I COULD fuck you up, but gimme a good reason not to and I won’t.

Also MOTHER OF ALL QUIRKS. I thought about what that would be and like Summoning, but not just summoning animals and spirits. No Summoning ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Including other people’s Quirks. Albeit through summoning she wouldn’t have any of the draw back of the original Quirk. Combine this with a self regeneration Quirk like rip out half her organs and they’re back in 5 minutes. OP Villain, who Heroes are lucky doesn’t give a shit about world domination.

More, petty crimes that you turn a blind eye to, because “Who wants to challenge the lady with insane powers?”

I need a love interest though, preferably a Hero or student, but I will except Villains if I like the idea enough. There is a specific scene in my head but it’ll be changed by whoever you choose.

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If you told anyone that Red Riot was a great dad everyone would probably believe you. If you told them he was currently sitting at his daughters tea party in a tutu? Probably not. People tended to think your husband's obsession with manliness only applies to traditionally masculine topics. 

When your daughter asked him to be a fairy with her for Halloween he agreed wholeheartedly. 

“Fairies are super manly! They help out others all the time! They’re also super fast, that’s manly as hell, babe.” He acted like it was the most obvious thing. Set in stone. It was also adorable.

When Emi asked Eijiro to wear a tutu to her tea party he told you, “Ballet is more demanding than Hero work babe! They always have to be graceful, fit, and dedicated. Toughest men out there honestly.” So he wore a red tutu to match Emi’s, and even helped her make real cookies and iced tea. 

Watching him play with her was extremely cute. When “Mr. Fluffers” attacked the tea party Emi squealed and hid as Eiji pretended to have a staining fight. When he finished he announced that Mr. Fluffers was to be escorted away by the pretty police officer. Aka, you.

You definitely weren’t a police officer, not having a quirk now a days made that extremely difficult. You made due though. You ran a cute little Ice cream shop that always had just enough extra ice cream each week to have a small scoop each at home with your husband and daughter. 

Tonight was one of those nights. You just so happened to have Red Velvet. Emi’s favorite flavor and color. The tiny shark had a similar form to her daddy’s but smoother like her uncle Tetsutetsu’s. Lava rock instead of Eiji’s jagged hardness. The fact that she turned into glistening obsidian definitely helped with explaining why she had black hair instead of Eiji’s Red.

Thankfully the man was seeing a professional stylist about his hair now instead of trying to do it himself. The Henna dye made him far more comfortable with how long it lasted. Emi had no clue it was fake. She’d probably throw a fit when she found out though. 

That was for another time though. Tonight was ice cream night. “Emi I have Red Velvet~.” The little girl gasped and ushered you to join the little party. You filed out ice cream and stole one of Eijiro’s cookies. He gasped in offense and tackled you to tickle your sides. You laughed as Emi joined in. 

You grinned at your two Tutu wearing balls of strength and sunshine. This was definitely the Kirishima Eijiro you wanted to keep all to yourself, whether people would believe you or not didn’t even matter.

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Your reign started very early in life. Your mother was able to remake matter into anything, your father was able to summon basic items. 

These mutated into two different Quirks. Summoning, and Construction. You could summon anything and everything. You could also Deconstruct or reconstruct anything. Being able to use any Quirk or kidnap someone with the flick of a wrist was a very valuable gift. 

By fifteen you were an enigma, a cryptid even to the underground. The sway and power you held was no laughing matter. You amassed a large amount of money fixing up wounds on gangsters who couldn’t go to hospitals, from killing abusive parents or partners, from people who worshiped you as a god among men. As far as men have tried you couldn’t die. You could level a mountain with hardly any strain, summoning enough energy to do it in one fell swoop. 

You used this money to give back to the broken and abused. A woman who needed a surgery to save her life would find enough and more to afford it if her insurance wouldn’t, a father in his last dime would have enough food to feed his family for the month, children on the streets had shelter if they needed it for the night before going back to their normal days. 

You blackmailed Monsters and mortals alike to do your bidding. People who knew your name either worshiped it or feared it. 

Your only competition was the ringleader of the League of Villains. All for One, you knew his story, his Quirk. You avoided him with ease and success, your followers both willing and unwilling, never gave your true name or whereabouts no matter how much he hurt them. You would have done far worse if they did.

At 17 you watched as All for One fell with a grin on your face. The Old King was dead. Long live the Queen. The League wasn’t that bad with their old king gone. Shigaraki was quite smart, he understood his place, knew he’d never disintegrate you fast enough to kill you or even scar you. As long as you stayed out of his way he’d leave the Civilians under your care alone. When he told you he’d met a man who ended up killing Magne and removing one of compresses arms by barely grazing them he asked you to keep an eye out. 

When you did first see the man known as Overhaul, you were livid. This was also the first time you’d met Eri and Toogata Mirio. You had an understanding with several Pro Heroes. They stayed out of your business, you left them to their work. So walking the streets with your guard was no big deal in this area. Sure you had heard about Nighteye’s little interns, but watching a hurt little girl slam into one of them on the street was not what you’d expected. When they let her go you were angry, but you knew they were doing their job within the law. 

So instead of killing the boys that let a child be sent back with her abuser, you dug. Your wonderfully loyal followers found a man name Rappa, all to eager to listen as long as you could kill him, and bring him back. Finding such a Quirk in the worlds registeries was easy. Resurrection. 

You managed to find the man without his little tagalong and challenged him. He was quick to refuse, a little girl shorter than 5 and a half feet, hardly a challenge. Although a favorite Quirk of yours quickly changed his mind. The Iida family’s engine Quirk was one of the fastest, the lack of exhaust pipes extruding from your own body was easy to fool someone into thinking of a basic speed Quirk. 

Deconstructing the man’s heart and lungs killed him in seconds. Resurrection brought him back quickly enough to have him laughing in minutes. He was all too happy to give you the information you needed. Locations, times, names, and even pledged his loyalty to you! You quickly assigned him to watch Overhaul, watch for changes and report them to the man in the back of The Yokai Café. 

Ryuku was kind enough to tell you the date and location of the raid. Well, she didn’t tell you, but instead you used Nighteye’s Quirk and took it. 

The day of the raid you summoned A little Quirk you’d found that made you tangible, yet unnoticed. You followed the bases layout along with the infiltration team, Lemillion forged ahead by himself, if you weren’t concerned about losing your clothes you would have followed him the same way. Instead you intentionally separated and bore through the foundation with your Construction. 

Arriving to the fight received several looks. One of confusion, another of annoyance, anger, and one little look of fear. That last one upset you greatly. 

You tsked loudly, “Overhaul~. Chisaki Kai,” he looked worried. He should be . “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kill you myself.” You were calm and rational, you were biding your time.

“I’m going to cure this world! And no one, not even you is going to stop me!” He hissed it angrily. Such a shame too, he would’ve made for a good follower. Powerful Quirk, pretty, smart, but apparently not smart enough.

“Who are you?!” Lemillion was tense, he didn’t seem to realize you were on his side.

“Don’t worry Hero, ” You purred softly, “I have the same goal as you. That little girl is leaving with you Heroes today.” He seemed skeptical, but took your word. 

“No one else is taking her anywhere!” Chisaki three his next attack at you. You stood still as Eri covered her face and the Intern cried out in horror. There wasn’t any need of course, you’d shredded all but one of the spikes into dust before they hit you, the one that did barely grazed your cheek. Which knot itself back together in seconds.

“Now, Chisaki.” Your voice was tight. Threatening. “That wasn’t very nice.”

He had no chance to respond as Lemillion attacked him. A barely alive precept called for the man. Those damned bullets flew through the air.

The man aimed at Eri and you saw red. The bullet made it no where near the girl as Lemillion wrapped around her and you used your Construction to deconstruct the bullet mid trajectory. You turned to the man who did it and deconstructed both the gun and the rest of the bullets. Chisaki let out another barrage of attacks. Now though, both Sir Nighteye and his other little intern had arrived. 

“Queen of the Underground. To what do I owe the pleasure.” Nighteye tried to play nice at least. 

“I saw a little girl in need! You know how I work Sir~,” you loved watching the man squirm uncomfortably as you flirted. You ignored Chisaki and Lemillion’s now continuing fight and slowly wrapped Eri in your arms. The girl was wary at first, but relaxed into you. She would be safe no matter what happened in this room. You would make sure of that. 

Her Quirk activating while the younger intern took over for a ragged Lemillion was not expected. With her second surge of power you rushed to negate the reversal with Eraserhead’s quirk. She passed out. 

The blond Intern was rushing to grab her before anyone could do anything. As much as you wished to do so as well, you had to find your newest member, Rappa. Releasing him from custody and bringing him home was easy. Grooming him and finding suitable clothing was not a fun excursion.

The malls were packed, loud, bright, and ignorant. At least you thought so until an arm wrapped around your waist. 

“You know I tried to ask Sir who you were but the only answer I got was, a person with a powerful pull. Mind giving me a little more information?” Lemillion wasn’t very smart if he thought you’d give him anything to use against you.

“What about you? I only know you as Lemillion,” You hummed softly. His arm made it seem like friendly flirting to the ignorant. Although it seemed he hadn’t noticed your guard. 

“Toogata Mirio.” 

“So, Toogata-kun , just what information do you want? Hm? Information to use against me? To try and arrest me?” You turned to him, a dangerous glint in your eye. 

He looked you dead in the eye and you quickly summoned that detective’s lie detector Quirk. “No. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be a Hero right now. Sir saw his own death and you changed it. Nothing he’s seen before has ever changed. You used so many different abilities it’s amazing. But Most of all you helped save Eri. She’s been asking about you. The only people who can see her are myself, Deku, Sir, and Eraserhead. She’s lonely. She needs a female role model, and sure your, ya know, but you saved her .”

“(L/N) (Y/N), Summoning and Construction.” You never thought you’d tell someone so much so soon. You kept going, “Queen of the Underworld. God of the misfortunate. I have many names. In person I’m an enigma to Villains and a whisper in the wind for Heroes. I protect the civilians in ways the Heroes can’t and they are mine , my followers, my disciples, my children. My Quirk is unrivaled by any. Not even All for One held the power I do. If you tell a soul they will know and I will destroy you.” 

Mirio looked at you with pure adoration. A Hero putting so much faith into a Villain of all people. His smile hasn’t wavered once. It’s a good thing you put up a sound barrier before he started asking questions. 

“Well, (L/N)-Chan. I would very much like to get to know you better. Do you have a way I can contact you?” This was so stupid. You’d regret this. Falling for bright blue eyes and a grin to rival All Mights. You grabbed your phone and pushed it into his chest. Fuck how didn’t you notice how close he was?!

“I’ll text you. You give this to anyone and you won’t be getting the new one.” He quickly typed in his number and name. Toogata <3 Mirio. Maybe you weren’t the only idiot in this situation. 

“Text me and we can go see Eri some time,” he handed your phone back. You dropped it into your purse and turned to leave. Toogata quickly spun you back around and planted a firm kiss onto your lips. 

Maybe sparks do fly with the right person. You’d have to use that little Soulmate Quirk you’d found during your search. 

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The fact that you were always teamed up with Explodo pissed you off. The guy was always trying to talk to you. Not that you could hear him, but he knew you could read lips. The only reason Shigaraki even made you go was because the idiot always hurt himself or didn’t pay attention to heroes getting to close. 

That and you were the only one who couldn’t go deaf from his Explosions. Since, you were already deaf. Today was even worse though. They were having you do a targeted attack on a movie theater. Halfway through the movie. So you had to essentially pretend to be on a date with the dumbass. 

Toga had forced you into a cutesy, too-big-for-you, sweater and a pair of pastel shirt shorts. The only thing from your normal attire was your platform boots. Even with the boots on you barely made it to the bastards shoulder. It would’ve made for a cute stereotypical, height difference kiss scene, if you even liked the guy, which you didn’t. At all.

The whole entrance was easy. They actually had a theater with subtitles for deaf accommodations. Explodo quickly bought the tickets for it and dragged you along. If your cheeks were red it was because you agreed that you would split payment, that’s all.

He even tried to drag you to the snack bar, but it’d be a waste when you were just going to blow the place up. You instead dragged him by hand to your designated theater and started your countdown. 1 hour.

While the movie played you realized you were enjoying it, you normally never did since you couldn’t hear them. 30 minutes.

You were genuinely sad that you were gonna have to destroy the place, it was the first theater in a while with deaf accommodations. 15 minutes.

Explodo tapped your shoulder, when you didn’t react he did it again. You finally huffed and looked at him.

“Are you fucking okay?” You looked at the screen and back at him before shaking your head sadly. He changed to sign language, you know we don’t have to blow up this theater. We can just go to another one later that doesn’t help people like you enjoy these movies.

You bit your lip. Tempting, but, that’d make this an actual date. Which was stupid and gross because it was a date with Bakugo Katsuki. The guy that always tried to get your attention, the guy that learned sign language for you, the guy that smelled like burnt caramel, the guy that looked at you lol you hung the fucking stars. Nope. No thanks. Not getting your hopes up. Wait? What hopes up? There’s no hopes here, Bakugo is an idiot end of story. 

He instead grabbed your attention again, this time by grabbing your chin and leaning down. You realized what he was doing and burst into red. Your palm hit his mouth and pushed. A garbled, hissed, “Fuck off.” Passed your strained throat. 

Instead he lovingly kissed the palm of your hand and then your wrist. 

Now the fact that your Quirk tore the building to pieces was not your fault. At all, that idiot did something weird and made you do it. You didn’t even feel bad, well except for maybe the laceration across his face. 

You healed Bakugo back at the base. He didn’t talk to you once, it was unnerving. He didn’t even look at you when he left. You were the asshole this time. It really shouldn’t hurt that he was upset though. You didn’t like him! 

Okay maybe you did a little.

Or a lot.

Or you know, loved him. 


You walked to Bakugo’s door and knocked your personal announcement. You didn’t even know if he was awake, or if he’d open the door or if he…

The door swung open to a scowling Bakugo with red rims around his eyes. “What the fuck do you want?” 

You opened and closed your mouth. Clenched and unclenched your hands and couldn’t say anything. He scoffed and tried to close the door. 

In panic you probably shouted loud enough for the whole base to hear, “ I lob-ve you! ” 

He looked at you for too long and you got ready to bolt. Then his hands were on your face and dragging you into a hard kiss. He kept going until you were out of breath and dragged you into his room, where he assured you he really loved you too.

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It'd been 2 years since your boyfriend had been sent to prison. Now that he was 18 he was being put on parole. Since both of his parents disowned him for his League of Villains stunt, probably for the best anyway, you were here to pick him up. It was a little surreal. You were one of Japan’s top Hero students and your boyfriend went and became a Villain. You got a lot of crap, but eventually people seemed to realize his parents were not the best people. Sure it doesn’t excuse him joining the fucking League, but when someone offers you a better place most people take it. 

Hisoka Masumi was an utter ass, but he was still your boyfriend. Even if it took him awhile to convince you to stay. Apparently he’d wanted to force the UA students to realize how strong the League was becoming before he joined it. If he wasn’t going to be a Hero he might as well make the Heroes smarter. Which was stupid , but even worse it worked . Itsuka Kendo and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu admitted they had to think far more strategically to take the brunette down. 

Thanks to Detective Tsukauchi they were able to deem he was telling the truth, but he was put into Villain Juvy until he was 18. Then he’d be on parole for the foreseeable future. It was only with Tsukauchi’s final testament towards Mustard’s sentencing that you finally agreed to stay with him. 

Now he’d be moving in with you and then head off to find a job within the week to meet his Parole requirements. If he didn’t he’d be given a job that he had to do or be suspect of Villainy. Which he really didn’t need right now.

“I’m sorry,” he was more passive than he usually was, “You really didn’t have to let me stay with you. I could’ve stayed at the rehab facility.”

Your eyebrow twitched, he was talking about the facility your mentor was looking into as suspiciously missing recent parolees. “You mean the one where people are disappearing and or going straight back to Villainy?” He slumped in the seat a little. 

“Look Masumi, we’ve been together since what third year of middle school?” He just nodded so you continued, “so 5 years. Sure two were behind bars, but your a good guy. Even as a Villain you never let anyone know I was a Hero student. And I mean sure attacking the first years was a bit of a dick move, but jail or not you probably would’ve moved in with me and away from those assholes .” 

“I really do love you,” he mumbled into the hem of his hoodie. He hadn’t grown much in the last two years but his old uniform sure as hell wasn't going to fit. Thank god you bought him some sweatpants and tank tops as basic clothing until you could go shopping. 

Although you weren’t expecting the problem that arose to be a thing.

He’d always been lanky and skinny since you first met. Now though he had mild bulk, probably from forced recreational activity, but it was definitely very well defined. All in all it made him even more attractive than you already thought him to be.

You had also stupidly burned your hand while staring too long. Looking at your hand it was lucky to only be a light burn. Not enough to blister, but it’d be extremely sensitive and raw for a day or two.

“How did you even manage to do that, (Y/N)?” He laughed at you and walked over to the fridge, he grabbed a small cup off the drying rack and filled it with chilled water. Then he made you dunk your burning fingers into it. The fact that your delinquent boyfriend was helping you after you were an idiot over him was embarrassing. Luckily he didn’t seem to know why.

Except he did, “Do you really like how I look that much? Should I let you take some pictures so you don’t burn yourself trying to see the real thing?” The asshole was smirking. Not wanting to risk hurting your burned hand more you flipped him off with the healed one instead of teleporting somewhere else. Fucking portal dynamics.

He moved your offending hand out of the way and kissed your cheek. He really wasn’t that much taller than you. You hummed softly and turned to kiss him on the lips. It was really nice to do again. You turned away before things went too far. You quickly flipped off the stove and moved the hot pan. 

He grinned at you and pulled you in again. He was really far too cute. You sighed against him and he took advantage and deeped the small kiss into a full blown make out. It was a little uncomfortable with him pushing your back into the counter, but him being close to you, skin to skin, was far better than talking between bulletproof glass.

Your makeout session led to wandering hands and your burned one sitting loosely over his shoulder. His hands massaged muscles you didn’t even realize were sore from your internship and you moaned softly. He seemed to know exactly where and what hurt without you even knowing yourself. He didn’t quite play with you tits but instead he massaged and rubbed the muscles underneath. It was like he was trying to turn you into putty without ever truly touching you sexually. 

You decided that needed to change. Pulling away and stripping your shirt left an awed look on his face. He leaned back in, and froze before removing his own top. Your sports bra you wore for work was quickly thrown to the side as well. His hands finally groped and played with your chest, you guided him in how exactly you liked them touched and he complied easily. He kissed you again and again, roaming from your lips, down your neck and across your shoulders. He moved his hands down ward and you huffed as he moved them over your stomach. 

He slowed as he reached your pants and you smiled. “Masumi, I’m okay. You can keep it up if you want to.” He quickly pulled your pants down and knelt to help you step out of them. He continued and did the same with your underwear. He let out a soft, content sigh when he looked up over your body. Almost like he thought he’d never see it. As if. You’d stayed with him for so long and you weren’t going to just throw him away. He lowered the band on his sweatpants and sighed in relief. 

It was embarrassing that he hadn’t stood back up. He seemed to have a plan though and you didn’t want to interrupt. 

“Do you have condoms?” He asked softly. You blinked, because no, you didn’t. 

“I’m on Birth Control, for the cysts I had in middle school.” 

He seemed to debate it, “I’d rather wait. I don’t want you to ruin your career cause I was antsy to fuck my cute girlfriend.” You turned scarlet at that and refused to look down at him.

“So what are you going to do?” He stood up as you asked it.

“I have an idea and I need you to trust me. We should probably move to a wall though.” He was mumbling, but you heard what he said. Although if he wasn’t going to fuck you, why you needed a wall was beyond you. Instead you just listened and let him guide you over to a wall.  He knelt down between your legs again. 

He cleared his throat, “I want to eat you out, but I also kind of want you to sit on my face. I also don’t want to bother trying to find a comfortable way to do this in bed. You’re going to put your legs over my shoulders, your feet are still going to touch the ground but I’m also going to hold you up a bit okay?” You nodded and followed through. If he were any taller you wouldn’t be touching the floor, but instead you standing with his face directly below you. It was embarrassing, especially with how turned on and slick you were. Before you could change your mind his arms wrapped up from behind you to hold onto the front of your abdomen. He gently used them to force you down onto his face. 

When he started it was a shock to your inexperienced body. His nose kept hitting your clit and his tongue and teeth were playing with your folds. Occasionally he tipped your hips back to suck and nibble on the small bud, making it more sensitive, so the next time his nose hit it your whole body spasmed. Even without his fingers he was pulling you apart at the seems. He was using you more than you were using him. Your body was on fire and when your orgasm finally hit you, you screamed his name. 

He groaned against you and kept going, dragging your orgasm on for what felt like forever. You were shaking and writhing by the time he let you relax. 

“You’re amazing and I don’t want to know where you learned that,” you panted out. You went to move off of him, but one hand kept you pinned against the wall. His head was laying against your thigh and his other hand was moving rapidly on his own arousal. 

Before you could even offer to help he groaned, “just stay still. This is like a wet dream come true, and I’m keeping this.” You turned bright red, but didn’t argue. If he wanted to jerk off you instead of letting you help him you’d let him. You held eye contact until he turned and bit your thigh gently, stifling his final groan as he came into the floor. 

You were definitely making him clean that up while you finished cooking dinner. 

Chapter Text

Fashion Week. One of the most influential fashion shows in the industry. This year it was in Tokyo, Japan. You were this years lead designer, somehow stepping above even Japan’s own Best Jeanist. At 18 you were a fashion Icon and industry prodigy. 

Your personal rules were taken and expanded, unless you had a model of the ethnicity, not skin color but truly that ethnicity, you could not model clothing of that ethnicity in the show. If a model said it wasn’t appropriate to the culture, it was also removed. Your most important rule though was that your models had to be comfortable. Comfortable equals confidence. Confidence sells. 

Best Jeanist thankfully had no hard feelings and his wife happened to offer her tailoring Quirk if you found models who were uncomfortable. Due to your position and personal situations you were forced to accept a bodyguard provided by Japan’s Board of Heroic’s. Said bodyguard was a man named Aizawa Shouta. He was apparently an underground hero and despite media presence around his class this year he was still the most viable option to “blend in”. 

He was very handsome, he would’ve made a good model if he could fix the eyebags. Tall, buff, strong jaw line, his hair looked healthy albeit messy, and the scar on his cheek drew attention to his eyes. You quickly patted your face, you really didn’t need to be ranting about someone’s aesthetical build. Last time you did turned into a nightmare.

You held onto your roster and rushed over to the models scheduled to walk in ten. “Alright everyone, you know your walk, your turns, etcetera?” They all nodded but you noticed one girl’s discomfort. She was in a very revealing dress, “12, what’s your name?

“Sabrina, ma’am?”

“Alright Sabrina, are you comfortable in that?” Aizawa raised an eyebrow next to you, probably questioning your methods like everyone else. 

“I can model just fine, Ms. (L/N).”

“Okay great! But,” you stared her down, “are you comfortable. If you aren’t you aren’t going to be confident. Confidence is what sells out there not a girl working her job.”

She looked sheepish, “I’d rather be in something more modest, but my designer insisted.” You made sure to note that down.

“16, name.” You turned to a girl in a long dress that covered up to her throat. 


“Lannette would you be comfortable in that dress?”

“Yes ma’am? You wish for us to change?” She seemed to understand, when you nodded she guided her fellow model off to the changing rooms where Mrs. Hakamata was waiting. 

You entered the makeup room to deal with the next batch of models. One woman seemed to be having trouble getting a good color to go with the black satin dress her model was wearing. “Need any help Nadia?” 

“Yes actually! Red or Orange the designer preferred them but they just don’t go with her cooler skin tone they make her look like she decided to play dress up with her mom’s makeup!” She was distressed and you understood why, black dress with a cool skin tone would need a darker color, like Navy.

“Navy. The designer can go through me. He should’ve used a different model for this dress if he wanted red or orange,” with your advice she was done and onto the next girl. Today was looking to be a great day.

Your excitement was cut off abruptly. “Ma’am there’s a man here harassing security, claims your his girlfriend?” You could feel yourself turn pale. The blood draining from your face in horror. No one outside of those in the dressing room knew you were here in Japan.

Your ex boyfriend has currently stalked you to the 4th country. You’d move when the restraining order didn’t even stop him. “I’ll go talk to him, but if he comes back do not let him in. I have no affiliation with him anymore.”

You were probably making a bad choice. “This is a bad idea. Are you sure about this?” Aizawa seemed to think so too.

You were over this. It was time to snap or you’d never get any peace. “I have to. He won’t fucking stop, so I have to put what happened public. It’s my only option at this point. There are cameras and paparazzi everywhere, they’ll smear his name to hell and back and maybe he’ll get the fucking point!

“Call the police they should—”

You whirled on him and glared, “You act like I haven’t tried that! He didn’t give a fuck about restraining orders in three other countries, why the hell would he listen now. And don’t even try it with they can help a different way because they won’t. I’m no Hero so I don’t matter. No matter how old I get I always get that one bastard that says ‘well take him back?’ He’s stalking me and their suggestion is take him back?!” You spun on your heel and walked towards security, time to get this over with.

“I’m sorry. People are shitty.”

You barely acknowledged him as your angry ex came into view. At 15 you made a mistake. You got pregnant and had a kid it was the best and worst thing in your life. You got your life back on track, sure, but you were ostracized. At 16 you started dating this fuck. You started working as a designer and needed a model, so you asked your boyfriend, who easily agreed. Two months later he was getting bigger and bigger deals, and broke up with you. You never cried, never gave in to a broken heart. You had a kid, you had a life to move on with. So when he came back a year later saying he’d be willing to take you back if you got rid of your son, you were pissed. He still didn’t seem to get the hint.

“Hey baby, mind telling these idiots to let me through?” He grinned as if nothing was wrong here.

“Why the hell are you here?” You said calmly.

His eye twitched, “I came to see you, of course. Like a good boyfriend.”

You popped a hip and rested your roster on it. “Last I knew I have three restraining orders on you in three different countries. Why, pray tell, would I date you?”

“Because you’re mine!” He was getting angrier.

“Ha! No. I only belong to my son. Who if I remember you said I had to get rid of!

“He’s not mine! You should just give him up and I’ll give you another one.”

He was actually insane. You hadn’t had sex since you’d had your son, and you never even liked it. You were getting back at your parents by fucking some random asshole. Your son was your everything, he saved your life just by being born. “You. Are a terrible human being. First you ask me out and try to pressure me into sex all the time, then I kickstart your career, you dumped me. Then you come back like you’re doing me a favor! You left. I didn’t shed a damn tear because I had a life to move on with. I got over you. Then when I reject you, you followed me around. You stalked me. Three countries. I moved three times in a year because you were threatening my son! Get off of my property.”

“It ain’t your fuckin—!”

“I am renting the area. I currently own the rights to this property so yes, it is my property. So I suggest you leave.” You stared him down as he seethed. You got ready for at least a broken sternum when he swung an advanced fist at you. 

Aizawa stopped him and had him pinned in seconds. His loose hair was flying upwards and he had that weird scarf wrapped around your ex. “You just tried to assault a civilian while illegally using your Quirk. When the police arrive they will explain your situation to you.” He left the man wrapped up with Security and escorted you into the building. 

“A son, huh?” He was talking softly.

“Yeah. I fucked up. Teenage rebellion against helicopter parents. He saved my life, though.” It was far too easy to talk to this man.

“My students are that age. I think you should come in and talk to them. I know some of them have been thinking about careers with their Heroics.”

You tilted your head, “I’m not a Hero though?”

“No, but you’ve been working with Jeanist for how long? Two years? You have an outside perspective that others don’t. You also have drive, you had a kid and managed to push so far you’re single handedly running the biggest fashion runway in the world.” 

“I guess,” you mumbled as you continued on your earlier route. 

Eventually it was time for you to walk the runway yourself. As lead designer your work was last. Models were wearing all kinds of styles from pastel, to grunge, to punk, to prep, and anything in between. You yourself wore a pair of black skinny jeans with a cross crossing white string down the outsides. They led to your metal-studded, high-heeled combat boots. Your shirt was a blood red plaid tank top under a leather vest. You had separated sleeves. One that went from your hand up to your elbow. The other covered your elbow from mid-bicep to mid-forearm. The former had buckles and the other had chains. Over all you looked like a goth disaster. It was fun.

You strutted down the runway and finally stopped at the end. “Thank you all for coming tonight! I am thankful for the opportunity to wow you tonight. I’m sad to say this is the end of this year's Fashion week, I hope next year goes as well as tonight has!” You turned on your heel and continued your strut into the back. Your heels were off as soon as no one could see you.

“How would you like to go out some time?” You were startled from rubbing your sore feet and stared at the older man. 

“Really?” He just kept his eyes on yours, “O-okay. I’d really like that! But, uh, depending we may have my son?” 

He didn’t seem phased in the slightest. He just nodded with a smile, “If you do I’ll bring my daughter.” Ohhhh! That was why. That actually made a lot of sense.

“Okay! Um here!” You grabbed his wrist and an eyeliner pen from nearby. You neatly wrote down your personal number and your name. “Text me later and we can figure something out!” He just smirked down at the number now written on his arm.

Today really was great.

Chapter Text

As far as everyone thought Shinsou Hitoshi was your best friend. They didn’t even suspect he was more, but he was. He was your everything, love of your life, best friend, greatest rival.

She’s only his friend because of his Quirk. He probably conditioned her or something. 

They didn’t know that it actually turned you on. The idea of him having control over you, but being able to trust him to stop. Only giving you the ability to say variations of his name, beg for more, or use your safe word.

They’re so different though. I’d hate being friends with someone who didn’t get it. 

But you really weren’t that different. Your Quirk was similar to Hitoshi’s, dangerous in the wrong hands, but beautiful in the hands of the right person. Senbanzakura was violent and tragic. It scared you. Thousands of petals rippling through you on a daily basis, cutting you open only for your skin to meld back, just to happen again. It did it too often outside of training too. Even as a third year petals ripped out of you as you laughed with friends. 

The only time you were safe was when Hitoshi made it stop. If he didn’t he’d be hurt anytime he kissed you. Anytime he held you to him and touched you. 

I mean she is a disaster. She’s worse than Toogata used to be. Her quirk still activates randomly. 

People were mean. But Hitoshi kissed you with promises of love and protection. He touched you like you were delicate, something you never got to be. Pushing you against a wall only because your legs were giving out from his kisses. 

I mean if he’s willing to be there for her even with that it’s probably not malicious right?

Hitoshi has never once hurt you on purpose. Your first time had been the only instance of pain you’d ever had. But you’d agreed to stick to this at school since then. Him pushing you up against the wall. Fingers holding on tight to your hips as he pushed you down on his thigh. His pants would be a mess after this. 

They always train together so late! They must be really motivated.

Your training sessions always ended in one of four ways. Usual banter and a calm night, him taking you raw in the baths and cleaning you out himself, him fucking you hard and fast in a changing stall while other students walked by oblivious, or like this. You, absolute putty in his hands as he grinds against you slow and torturous. Only letting you take what he gives you, never once letting you ask for anything. Interrupting questions with hard grinds against your swollen sex. 

He’s such an asshole though. She really deserves better friends.

He was an asshole, but never more than you could take. Never liking the tears in your eyes. Always kissing them away before finally moving his hand and using them to force you over the edge. Pushing his hips hard up against you as you writhed. Gaining pleasure from yours, grinding against your sensitive body until you came a second time, sometimes even a third, before following you and finally losing his fine tuned control of his own Quirk. 

At least he keeps her from overworking at the student council. 

He kept you safe. He helped you relax and let yourself be taken care of, and you loved him for it. People could have their opinions, but Hitoshi wasn't just your friend, he was your boy friend and best friend. 

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You’d been walking the mall trying to find a gift for yours and Hawk’s best friend Rumi, when your Instagram went off.





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Nagamama omg!!! How did Hawks get such a cutie???

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You froze at the pictures. It was you sitting at the restaurant you stopped at earlier. You’d gotten a shake and it’d been too cold for you to grab so you’d pooled the mass amount of extra fabric from your oversized hoodie and held it with that. Your wide brimmed hat was skewed enough that your prescription sunglasses were barely visible. 

It was a good picture. Except you hated him taking pictures of you. You found what you’d wanted to get Rumi and left quickly. You managed to avoid more pictures until you were home. 

You got out everything you’d need for dinner and set up your favorite playlist. You didn’t even notice your phone going off or your Boyfriend snapping photos as you danced around the kitchen. When you did you’d already run into him and he started taking selfies instead.

“Haaaaawks stop!” You buried your face into his chest. 

“No way babe you’re too cute!” 

It continued like that for a while. You tried to hide anytime he pulled out his phone but he always managed to snag a good photo none the less. You almost thought he was a wizard. 

Not long after he and Endeavor took down that massive Nomu, Hawks proposed. His wings were wrecked and he’d apparently gotten a pep talk from the new Number One Hero. 


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Chapter Text

At 19 being in love with your childhood friend, and now technically boss, was a little pathetic. Shigaraki Tomura was his name now. After All for One, sensei, took him in he never had time for you. You played together occasionally, but otherwise he was learning from his precious sensei.

All for One had taken you in too, but being Quirkless made you normal and useless to him. Other than pasifying Tomura because you were safe. You went to school, went home to a normal albeit empty house and got warped back to the base. Sometimes you’d see Tomura around, but a lot of times you didn’t. 

Eventually you just didn’t go back to the house. They still found you a few hours later. All for One scolded you infront if both Tomura and Kurogiri. At least the latter seemed to understand why you did it. At 17 you’d spent eleven years clinging onto a fragment of friendship. You were tired of it. A few days later Tomura was at your door apologizing and asking you to play video games with him. 

You’d always meant to thank Kurogiri for that, but now you’d probably never have the chance. Kurogiri and All for One had been arrested. All Might had fallen. Shigaraki was now in charge. 

He’d been distancing again too. You didn’t know what to do. So you attempted normal, popcorn, candy, and video games. Hopefully he’d let you in this time, or you’d really leave. 

“Tomu? I’ve got snacks for game night? Can I come in?” You knocked on the door softly.

The door swung open and he barely looked at you as he let you inside. You couldn’t believe what you were seeing though. It looked like it’d been there for days.

A blanket fort.

 A loud yip also alerted you to the small St. Bernese puppy. One you’d flat out begged All for One for, one he’d never gotten you. You completely forgot the snacks and cooed at the tiny puppy. Bernese dogs were supposed to be gigantic, but the puppies were just as tiny as any other puppy. 

“I thought you’d like him. And now with him gone I have all rights to get you one.” Tomura always had a way of proving he knew almost everything about you. Since you’d gotten back to being friends he’d learned and memorized everything. When you had to start special medication for your migraines he helped you with the shot. When you were about to start your period he’d remember to ask if you needed anything. So you really should’ve known he’d remember your favorite dog.

“He’s so tiny! Tomura! Tiny baby!” You had an arm full of squirming puppy now.

“He is. I didn’t name him but I got him a collar.” He seemed nervous, but you had no idea why. Did he think you didn’t want to name it yourself?

Instead of asking you looked at the tiny collar. Will you be my girlfriend -Tomura. He just had to go and be cute like that. You set the puppy down before launching yourself into Tomuras arms. You kissed him before he could say anything, and pulled away to grin at his red face. 

“I love you, Tomura! I’d be happy to be your girlfriend.” He just nodded, flushed and smiling. You ended up playing with the puppy while Tomura attempted to beat the latest level of his game. Almost normal. 

Chapter Text

As one of your oldest friends Hitoshi knew when you were hurt. With Kendo barely conscious and Natsuo focused on her recovery, Hitoshi was the only one you could turn to. Your father was too busy pouring over defensive regimes with Sir Kan to grieve his wife. Your mother.

Hitoshi’s real mother had passed away when he was very young and didn’t remember her. So he didn’t completely understand, but he admitted he remembers the pain he felt. 

You had decided to visit the Sirens reef to see him instead of staying in a castle both too empty and too busy. His pale complexion was a sharp contrast to the vivid purple of his tail. 

“Hey, Princess. How are you holding up?” He was soft spoken. 

“Better without father’s incessant rambling over safety and Fae bastards.” You slowly sat down on the edge of the water, you were dressed far lighter than normal, planning on joining Hitoshi in the water at some point. You wanted to visit Ms. Emi and as she was bed ridden in pregnancy you had to swim to the small grotto to see her. 

Hitoshi eyed you warily, “I guess.” He held your arm as her waded in front of you. “I miss your smile. I know it’s sad to see her gone, but she’d be sad you’re still so hurt. It won’t ever stop hurting (Y/N) I can attest to that. I don’t even remember her face and it hurts.” You were on the verge of tears again. You hadn’t had time to mourn her, not with your new duties in the way. Hitoshi leaned up further out of the water and leaned into you in a way you hadn’t been able to in months. His voice was soft as it brushed across your skin, “Let me help you smile again?” 

The question held so much weight. The two of you had been doing so much, now he was asking for your permission. Asking to seduce you the way Sirens were born to. 

“Okay.” That simple word allowed Hitoshi to take control of your entire existence. He used your arm to pull you into a soft kiss, one he couldn’t have given you in your broken state. But now he had control over your entirety. He slowly deepened the kiss and pulled you down into the water. The magic that was a Siren’s kiss keeping you from drowning, but forcing your senses to seek out the man holding you. 

His hands grabbed at your thin dress, trying to pull you closer. Guiding you deeper into the reefs and closer to the grotto. When he pulled away he dragged you to the small pocket of air his adoptive mother was in. He released you from his hold before she noticed. Even so she knew from your flushes face almost exactly what you two had done. A Siren’s kiss was a special thing.

Your mother was gone, but Hitoshi was here, and as the Siren’s future King he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And if his mother had her way you’d be wed within the next year. That was a thought you couldn’t help but smile at.

Chapter Text

When Tensei woke up from surgery you were at home trying to keep Tendai calm. She’d been worried about her dad and insisted you could help. You couldn’t, you’d done what you could when you all found him. Using your Quirk Stability to stabilize his condition for the next 24 hours. Honestly if you went now you’d probably make things worse. 

The next day you took off work and excused Tendai from daycare. Then you went to visit your husband.

“Excuse me? Iida (Y/N) for Iida Tensei?” You tried your best to be polite to the receptionist. She quickly sent you on your way and you carried a sleepy Tendai to her father’s hospital room. 

“(Y/N)?” Tensei’s voice was still rough.

“Hi ‘Sei,” You were quiet as you set Tendai onto a chair. The toddler had fallen asleep. 

“I’m sorry.” You blinked. What did he have to be sorry for? 

“Sei, you have nothing to apologize for.” He just went quiet. As if he didn’t believe you.

A few weeks after he came home he was getting frustrated. He couldn’t even get upstairs to Tendai’s room without help. His wheelchair barely fit through the door, and rearranging the house by yourself had been a bit of a chore. 

“You deserve better!” You nearly dropped the dishes at your husbands teary exclamation, “We had so many plans, I can't give you that anymore. You deserve so much better than me. I can’t give you anymore kids. I can’t even control my own bladder right now for fucks sake. You shouldn’t have to take care of me. I’m supposed to be the one protecting you.” His Head was in his hands and he started sobbing.

“Tensei,” your voice was tense, “what the actual fuck ? You’re my husband! I didn’t marry you for kids.”

“You always said you wanted a big family! I can’t give you that anymore.”

“Then we can adopt you ass!” 

“But it’s not what you’d wanted.”

“Plans can change, Sei.”

“But—!” You’d had enough.

“No.” He looked up at you with red eyes. “I am going to stay with my brother. And you are going to tell Tendai why. I don’t need this stress right now. I love you, but god your sense.” You walked straight out of the house and all the way to your brothers apartment. 

He’d been shocked for sure, but after telling him he agreed you’d made the right choice. The next morning you woke up exhausted. Your brothers mess of an apartment wasn’t the most conducive place to sleep. Tech scraps were absolutely everywhere, and student projects and homework covered everything else. Having Power Loader as a brother was almost unbelievable. Until you looked at your parents Quirks, Claws, like your brothers, and Stasis, similar to your stabilization. After that you were definitely related. 

What you hadn’t expected at 6 am was Tensei and Tendai tolling into the apartment with your livid brother steps behind. 

“I’m sorry, I’m an idiot.” He sounded remorseful at least.

You weren’t so forgiving though, maybe because of the caffeine withdrawal. “Wow, what made you realize that?”

He looked you dead in the eye. “Tendai.” He looked down at the little girl next to him, “She came down last night after you left. Told me you loved me more than the whole world. Minus her, and,” he cleared his throat as he looked like he was going to cry again. You forgot Tendai was too damn smart for her age! “Her and the baby.” He did start crying.

“I was going to tell you, but I thought it’d be best to wait until you were used to moving around.” 

“I’m so sorry,” he was sobbing again. He was really a mess, how anyone ever thought your crybaby husband was cool was beyond you. “We can have them and-and we-e can adopt as many kids as you want!”

He was such a fucking dork. “What do you say Tendai? Did daddy apologize well enough?” She hummed and looked between the both of you.

“Yes!” She nodded sagely.

“Well there you have it Sei. Tendai and I accept your apology.” He sobbed harder at that and leaned forward to cry into your still flat stomach. He really was a mess.

Chapter Text

Your first time with any of your partners wasn’t what you’d expected. Maybe movie, dinner, leading up to sex? But no. Instead you’d been harassed by a police rookie who thought he deserved some recognition. For what? Transferring the Villain you’d just apprehended into a police car? Him grabbing your ass led to Kirishima denting the wall next to the guys face. 

“Unless you wanna be hit with sexual harassment charges, back off! ” Kirishima’s possessive growl turned you on in ways you’d never imagine. Not that you’d said anything. You managed to hide it until returning to the office. The locker rooms were combined since there weren’t many at the agency that needed it, ie. The six of you dating. 

Stripping your suit was harder than putting it on. The sweat heavy suit always stuck to your body. Loose or not. You systematically removed the visor, belt, and vest then moved on to peeling off the main suit. Once it was down to your waist you sighed and removed your hair tie. Your tank top was shucked and boots unzipped. Then you pulled the ends of the suit over your feet and pulled one leg out at a time. 

You hadn’t noticed a half naked Kirishma staring at you until you were already in your underwear. You’d flushed, but didn’t say anything until you were at the entrance of the shower stalls. And why you said it you don’t know, but you really wanted what it’d lead to. “You should hurry up so you can come join me!” You turned the corner and entered your usual stall. Except this time you only latched the door. 

You finished stripping and set your phone, towel and underwear on the small bench outside the actual shower. Before the water even warmed up Kirishima slammed the stall door open. You barely covered yourself with a squeak. Apparently teasing your possessive masculine boyfriend was a very bad idea, or good depending on when you were asked.

He dropped his own towel on the bench and closed the door again. This time locking it. He pushed you up against one of the dry walls and kissed you hard. You’d made out before, but never naked, never even shirtless. Which was a feat with how little the man wore shirts. You could easily feel his erection in the crease of your hip and whimpered. The thing was absolutely massive, which made sense with how y’all and broad he’d become. He rivaled Endeavor back when the man was in his prime. 

He pulled back and glanced at the shower. He seemed to debate entering and lifted you from the ground. Instead of entering the shower he just ground his large cock right up against you. Making you moan softly. The slight dampness you’d had since his possessive show earlier grew into a slick wetness. His erection slowly gliding smoother and smoother against you. Eventually he pulled back and started to stretch you. A very much needed aspect of this encounter. At first it was awkward and not very good but he quickly figured out what he was doing and it was made even easier after you relaxed and let him do what he needed to.

He finally, finally lined up with your small opening and started to push in. His size and it being your first time with anyone, made it a tight, uncomfortable fit at first. But no pain. Your arms wrapped around his neck as he started a soft, slow pace. He wasn’t looking at your face, or even where your tiny hole was swallowing him up. Instead, he stared at the small bump that formed every time he sheathed himself completely. You were also fascinated by it, how it didn’t hurt you had no idea. Instead it felt absolutely amazing and intense.

His rough fingers hit your clit without warning, sending you spiraling towards your orgasm. Then another, and he kept going until his hips stuttered. Right on the edge of your third orgasm. Pushing in as deep as he could he came inside you. The warmth and feeling of it was enough to throw you over the edge. 

Your legs shook as he sat you down on the bench in the shower and grabbed his phone. A water proof case. He knelt between your legs.

“Can I send a picture to the others? They’d love this. I’ll keep your face out too!” He was so fucking earnest. You were leaking his cum and he wanted to share the moment with the rest of your partners. You covered your flushed face with a groan.

“Go ahead.” You wanted them to see how wrecked you were too if you were honest. You were probably gaping if only slightly and oozing cum in a shower. You wished they were here actually.

Chapter Text

Today was the one day of the month you went all out on Shinsou with your Quirk. You were always reluctant to do so, but it was nice to take your Martial Arts Quirk out on someone who knew the style, but didn’t have an extra limb. Being able to master any fighting style one move at a time was definitely a fun Quirk. You’d rapidly learned all Japan had to offer and Aizawa made you focus more on styles from around the world, ones Villain’s in Japan might not know. It was fun.

Although training with Shinsou it was sometimes it was hard to ignore just how good he looked. He’d bulked up a bit since first year. Not like Kirishima or Satou, but more like how Bakugo or Sero had. Lean, agile, but still a goddamn power house. With the change in appearance also had a drastic change in his confidence. His questions turned less jabbing, unless his new tactic didn’t work, and more flirting with danger. 

“Come on sweetheart is that all you’ve got? I’m getting bored over here.” Now with how much he’s trained his Quirk he didn’t need you to answer a question. Instead just respond to him verbally. 

You rolled your eyes and launched a roundhouse kick. It started him enough that he had to duck and fall back. You held tight to your recently approved escrima sticks, you’d been inspired by an old comic series Vigilante named Nightwing. Your old ones had been plain steel, causing a lot more damage than you liked. Now thanks to Hatsume, they were carbon alloy with mini tasers at the ends. 

Now you just had to make sure you could use them. Normally you’d be doing precise hits with the side of the stick, now you had to work in the taser aspect. 

You’d done it easily as always, striking Shinsou dead in the sternum with both electrical ends. He was a good sport even if he was a little shaking from the electricity. With your last round you would go bare knuckle, no weapons just your skills and muscles. 

His first hit flew and you strafed enough to let it run past you and grabbed it. Your fist hit his face from the side as you both threw it at him and pulled him into it. He groaned as his cheek caught the solid hit. You ducked out of his range and prepared to throw a kick. He easily caught your leg and yanked. You almost fell but grabbed his other arm as it shot at you, your other leg kneed him in the side. He dropped your leg and you readjusted yourself. You launched yourself over him using his shoulders. With your landing you swiped his legs out from underneath him, but he pulled you right down with him. He pinned you.

“So I win?” You raised an eyebrow at the cocky attitude. Your slid your leg up and between your bodies and hooked it over his opposite shoulder. And threw him off. He didn’t go far, but it was far enough that you could pin his arms and lock him in a choke hold with your legs. 

“I don’t think so.” He didn’t even move a muscle. His face turned red, but you hadn’t actually exerted any pressure to his throat. 

“Get off,” He was extremely tense. Did you piss him off? You let go and he quickly walked away. 

You were left alone in the middle of the training grounds, “Okay then.” 

Shinsou hadn’t talked to you in days. Aizawa also seemed to notice something was wrong but didn’t say anything. Probably wouldn’t unless your grades slipped. 

That next Friday everyone was going to play games in the common area. Another monthly activity to boost everyone’s attitudes. The games always changed, this time it was your personal favorite, Call Outs. 

“Kaminari,” Sero didn’t look like he planned on going easy on the guy, girl? You’d have to ask them later. “You stole a hoodie from every person in class.”  Everyone blinked at that. Sure you were all missing a hoodie, but you just thought it was laundry issues or others thinking their partners stole them.

Kaminari looked panicked. Jirou of all people was the one to calm them, “it’s fine if you did just return them occasionally and we can give you new ones.” 

Kaminari snuggled into the hoodie they were currently wearing, their own at least. “Thanks.” It was sad how small they sounded. 

“Well since Kami’s a bit of a mess right now I’ll go!” Midoriya was quick to take his turn. This game was terrifying with him playing. He never lost when he called someone out. It was always right. “Shinsou-Kun!” His smile turned mildly menacing and Shinsou looked petrified, “you’ve been avoiding (Y/N) because you like her.” Your brain just shut down. Midoriya had to be wrong, except he was never wrong. You panicked and quickly left. 

No way and hell were you going to listen to his answer. You could hear people calling you, a few were scolding Midoriya, but you needed to leave. You needed to stop thinking. So you went to the training room they’d finally attached to the dorm building. You didn’t even change before you started taking your feelings out on some poor dummy. 

You loved Shinsou, but there was no way he’d like you. You’d wrapped your legs around his head and instead of some flirty remarks like the ones he’d given Midoriya for doing the same, he left . It hurt, but you couldn’t do anything about it. 


You didn’t think about how stupid it would be to answer, “Leave me alone alri—!” Shinsou took control over you before you could turn around.

“Look I need to say this and I don’t think I can stand to see your face when I do,” he took a shaky breath, “I love you. I’m probably the last thing on your mind, but Mido was right . I ran away last time because I was scared you’d see how turned on I was, and I felt it’d fuck things up. Then I was just being stupid. I’m sorry I avoided you. But I’ll understand if you want to avoid me now.”

He released you from his control. You whirled around and grabbed his collar. He looked scared. Good. You pulled him down until you were at his ear, “you ever pull that shit again and I’m kicking your ass,” You let go enough to look him in the eye, “I love you too you idiot.”

His lips slammed messily into yours. He pulled back long enough to drag you into the Co-Ed locker room. His hands gripped your hips tightly through your shirt. His lips hit yours again and you dragged your fingers through his hair. 

When he pulled away again he was soft spoken, “I really want to make you feel good, but you need to let me know if I do something wrong.”

Your answering nod was enough to have him stripping his and your shirts off with haste. Embarrassingly you weren’t wearing a bra. You’d expected a sleepover not a 1am emotional outburst. He didn’t seem to care though, his lips dove back in for yours as one hand held your hip and the other undid the laces on your pajama shorts. Once they were loose both your underwear and shorts were left in a pile on the ground. Shinsou’s sweatpants quickly followed. The man hadn’t worn any underwear either. So his half hard cock was on display. He moved in to kiss you again, but the door handle turned. 

He quickly picked up your clothes and ushered you into one of the private changing rooms. His hand was wrapped around your waist. Once you were inside he pushed you up against one of the solid walls. Kissing you and groping your chest. You’d never been loud even by yourself so you didn’t have to worry too much about moaning. 

The door to the locker room closed, you were finally alone.

“Shin—” your whisper was cut off.


You hummed quietly and took one of his hands and guided it down to where you wanted it. His thumb ground down on your bud as his other fingers gently prided and explored your opening. The first finger felt amazing in one go, the next had a slight stretch. Not enough stretch to hurt, but more pulling gently like you would before your workouts. His third finger slid in easily as you were an absolute mess. His kisses, his hand on your chest, the one stretching you out and grinding on your clit, hopefully getting you ready for the man’s own sex, felt amazing. 

He pulled both his hand and his mouth away from you. He gently ran his hand groping your chest down to your hip. He seemed to contemplate some grievous decision before sucking the fingers previously inside you into his mouth. You quickly looked away and flushed violently. The fact that you felt his erection twitch against your hip and heard the strangled groan from a few inches away didn’t exactly help. 

Once he had enough spit for his liking he slicked up his erection. He paused and very quietly leaned into you,  “One more time. Are you sure you’re good?” You nodded softly and pulled him in for a kiss, not even caring about your own taste. He pulled away and bit his lip. He squatted slightly to place one of your legs over his shoulder and lifted you up, placing the other around his waist. You helped him line up since one hand was holding your leg while the other was keeping him from crushing you to the wall. 

He pushed in to you gently, again the stretch feeling nothing but good as he did so. Your head fell back against the wall as you tried to catch your breath. Hitoshi’s cock hit everywhere perfectly. He hit your G-spot on every thrust and the head ground against your cervix just enough to feel amazing. You slid your hand down and started to touch your bud exactly how you knew would work. As he continued he slowly started to lose his rhythm, and you personally were on the edge. 

The door to the locker room hit the wall and an angry growl let you know that Bakugo of all people had stormed into the locker room. The idea of him finding you, seeing the mess Hitoshi was making of you made you fall over the edge. You were shaking as your entire body melted into pleasure. As you started to regain feeling Hitoshi grunted quietly and came buried inside you. You bit your lip to stifle a whimper.

Thank god you were on birth control, although you should probably convince Hitoshi to take you off campus on a date and pick up, a morning after pill just in case. Good thing it was also the weekend.

Bakugo finally exited the lockers and went into the training room. 

“Let’s get you cleaned up before Blasty bitch comes back.” You stifled a laugh and let him carry you to the showers. 

It was definitely about time this happened.

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Chapter Text

Of course your husband forgot his lunch. The lunch you so lovingly made , after not being able to see him for almost a month and a half while working rescue. Small village, hardly 500 people, but they’d been hit by a massive earthquake. You’d been helping with the rebuilding after the initial search.  

Now you were finally home. Shouta was sleeping soundly now that you could keep him in bed. He was dressed better because he knew you liked when he showed off a bit. He was keeping his beard well shaved for reasons . And his hair was better now that you’d joined him in the shower. He was also eating better since you were cooking, and maybe because you confiscated his jelly packs, but that’s another thing. 

You made him lunch every day. Today he managed to forget it. Apparently his Hell Class was too important. 

Fuck that. He was getting his goddamn bento if you had to bribe Nezu to let you on campus. 

“Sensei what happened to your hair? It looks so much nicer!” A girl shouted from inside his classroom.

“Shut up, today—” 

“Oh come on sensei you always look so gruff and scruffy and suddenly you're not! What’s going on? Are you going on a mission soon?” Someone else pestered the man.

He sighed annoyed, “No, I’m not. It’s none of your business otherwise.” Well too bad, now they’re gonna know. Paybacks a bitch. 

Okay maybe this was overboard for a bento. But you made hearts for him! 

You swung the door open and glared at your husband. He looked mortified, well as mortified as he could get. “Shouta I told you to remember your lunch this morning, and what did you do?” He actually looked panicked and subtly checked his bag, you noticed but the students wouldn’t. “You forgot it. I worked hard on it and you forgot it. Does my love mean nothing to you?” 

“(Y/N), please—”

“Excuse me but who are you to interrupt our classes?” Iida(?) stood up quickly swinging his hands around.

“Your teacher's wife.” Blunt and to the point. Iida actually spluttered at that. “Support Hero: Aces” 

Iida took a deep bow, “I apologize!” He quickly sat down looking like the universe just shattered.

It honestly might have for him. Shouta wasn’t known to be nice. “(Y/N),” speak of the devil, “I’m sorry, I got a call that Bakugou and a class B student were in a confrontation.” 

“Fine, I’m dropping this off at the teachers lounge,” you turned around and headed back out, “oh and before I go~. I’m joining you for today’s hero classes! Nezu asked me to since I have nothing to do anyway. Fuckin Aces right?” You left before he could deny you. That terrible joke never got old, especially when it annoyed your husband so much.

During the afternoon class you had changed into your hero costume. A special mask on your face that could be adjusted to force air down into your lungs full with a ventilator, a fireproof and insulated one piece, and a pair of hiking boots. All helpful for rescue missions, the packs on your hips included several medicines for your organ health and others held gauze, numbing gel, medical tape, etc. the One piece suit had small flap openings at your inner elbows and thighs. Allowing for injections if necessary.

Quirk: Healthline, you sacrificed a small amount of your own health to amplify someone else’s. The damage caused to you was usually inconsequential, but it was best to be prepared. Your Quirk amplified someone’s health and inadvertently, their Quirk. 

“Alright who here is going into manly rescue or support?!” You wanted them to experience the rush your Quirk caused first, they’d need to get used to it if they ever hit large rescue missions. 

You were terrible at names, but easily remembered who’s Quirks where what. The Invisible girl, Gravity girl, Frog girl, Animal Guy, Creation girl, oddly enough Iida, and a shy hand raise from the Electricity kid.

“Um, excuse me why are you asking?” The Gravity girl asked confused.

“You guys are most likely to work with me in the future, and while I do occasionally help in fights, my best is done in Rescue. My Quirk helps Amplify others abilities. It’s a bit odd if you’re not ready.” You adjusted all of your gear into the proper position. 

“Don’t over do it Aces.” Shouta was always so worried about what happened to you. 

“I’m fine! I aced my physical last week and I’m as healthy as you can get with mild kidney failure!” You preferred to make light of the negative in your Quirk.

“Wha—? Kidney failure?! ” That probably wasn’t the smartest thing to say though because now he’d want you to sit out. 

You stared your husband down, this was your job. He risked his eyes every day. You just happened to risk a little more, “No stopping me, Shouta.” He didn’t look happy, but he didn’t stop you either. 

About an hour into training you had to drop into your medical bag and grab a vial of insulin. Your monitor was saying your insulin levels were low, the lesson was going to close soon thankfully. Insulin was hardest to deal with, since you needed to eat soon after. 

Some students looked on in mild horror as you injected into your thigh. 

“Are- Are you okay, Aces?” The invisible girl seemed more concerned than horrified like her classmates. 

“Yeah just over did it a little, I’ll be fine soon! Although Shouta’s probably confiscating my deserts tonight.” You laughed off the poor girl's concern. 

“I’m telling Recovery Girl about this actually.” Your eyes widened at your husband’s smug declaration. 

“Shouta no. She’s going to kill me herself!” Several students looked confused.

“Maybe you should listen to your grandmother when she tells you you’re on a break from Hero work?” You probably made a pathetic sight. A Pro Hero terrified of her own grandmother, who just so happened to be Shuzenji Chiyo, aka Recovery Girl. 

“Shouta, please, ” you begged him.

“You just took an Insulin shot . One of three things that woman ever required me to tell her.” Damn it! 

You definitely went too far this time. But at least Shouta was following through with your families requests right? He’s a good husband. He always was good for you. 

Chapter Text

Your first date ended up being at the same mall he’d found you in before. Your second date ended up being an accident, you’d paid for a couple of sick kids to go to Disneyland. 

You ended up deciding to go yourself. As it turned out Mirio was there with Eri and another little boy. 

“(Y/N)!” Mirio’s excitement was infuriatingly infectious.

“Hello, darling! How have you been?” You grinned up at the large boy- man . He was a man now. He was well on his way to Number One. 

He grinned, “I’m good. Sir’s been pushing me harder on paperwork, but I’ve got to learn at some point. I’m sure you’ve been doing well as always?” A little code phrase he set up, making sure you weren’t getting into trouble. 

You smirked, “Of course. Now,” You turned to the practically vibrating little girl, “I know who you are.” You booped her nose and she giggled profusely. Turning to the little boy you smiled sweetly, “Who might you be young man?”

He turned bright red and pulled his hat down over his eyes, “Izumi Kota.” You spun around while plucking the hat off his head. You walked towards a vendor, you ignored the small boys spluttering. You bought one of those gaudy Micky Mouse hats. 

You also paid the vendor to give the rest away for free. Making sure he knew you’d know if he didn’t. 

You plopped the new hat down onto the angry Kota’s head. He spluttered in indignation while your grinned at him. “There, now you’re wearing an appropriate hat!” You grinned at him and he stared you down as if you were insane. 

I mean you were, but that’s not the point. 

Kota huffed and turned back to Eri who was giggling profusely. Mirio was grinning as well, but looked like he wanted to laugh too.

“You’re pretty mean when you want to be,” Mirio kisses your cheek softly. You hummed as both kids gagged. 

You rolled your eyes and scooped up Eri to place a big kiss on her own cheek. She squealed and laughed in delight. “You adore when I kiss you, but Mirio isn’t allowed to kiss me?” 

Eri’s face scrunched up in disgust, “It’s like watching Papa kiss Dad.” 

You snorted. Of course Eraserhead had a partner. “Well I’m sorry, we’ll keep kisses to ourselves.” You tapped her nose again before setting her down. 

The four of you, and your bodyguard, ended up staying at the park until nightfall. You happily escorted the three back to UA. Eri and Kota both waved with sleepy goodbyes as Eraser carried them off. 

“So, accidental date? Good or bad?” Mirio smiles down at you. 

“Hm~, very good!” You grinned up at the tall man. He’d be off to his patrols soon and you had to go scare a small time gang that was harassing your streets. 

Mirio’s smile dropped for a moment, “I really want this to work.”

You cooed softly and cupped his cheeks, “If it’s meant to be it will, darling.” You pulled him down into a soft kiss.

He sighed and relaxed into you before he pulled away with a loving smile. “I love you. I know it’s really soon, but—”

You pulled him in again and kissed him harder this time. When you pulled away you stated without a single ounce of hesitation, “I love you too, Mirio!”

He sighed in relief this time. He gave you one last kiss goodbye and headed off to work. You yourself hailed a cab and headed off towards your target.