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A long time ago the world was a different place. Kings and queens rule kingdoms big and strong. War is a daily subject. People trade their goods in the streets and they do their jobs to get the money they need to survive.

The world always changed through the years. Kingdoms come to existence and disappear just as quickly.
But the ones holding out keep getting stronger and stronger.

Like the kingdom Liren. They are just as cold as their own country. Their heritage lays with the vikings from the far north. The kingdom is covered in snow and ice. Their cities are big strongholds of stone and you can see the smoke of fire from a far distance.
There are rumors that this country once had connections with the dragons of north when they were still vikings. Even if these rumors are true dragons and the Lirens aren't together anymore. The animals haven't been seen in a very long time.

The kingdom Daibasin is a small country but feared for what they can do. They may not be rich and they don't have the largest population but they have their tricks to survive. People would rather go around it, than visit this country since you never know when you will be victim of a witch spell.

And the kingdoms also grow richer and richer.
Like the kingdom Tykas.
They have the biggest percentage of wood in the world. This is because of their whole country being covered in forests. Because they have such a big market on wood everybody buys it from them.

And the islands of Atlas. They are tropical islands who started off as Jungle people in camps. Some people even say that they were cannibals, but that isn't sure. They are now relaxed people who stay on their little island and don't really care about the rest of the worlds problems.

Then you have the alliance countries. Atlas is one of those but not totally since they are really far away.
But who really are in the alliance of the southern kingdoms are 5 kingdoms who lay the most south of all the kingdoms.

Tykas mentioned earlier.
Jali a little bit of dessert who are the most south of all. Balor the trickster kingdom. They think life is a party and they produce the most beer of all the countries. But even if they think life is a party they are still loyal to the alliance. Mountara are a couple dwarfs that live in holes and stink a whole lot.

And Marmoria. The country who is the richest of them all. They were the creator of the alliance and are the best at trading. Their gold supply is the greatest of the world.
Their King Tex rules over their kingdom as a friend.
He was the one that lead the war against the enemy Jafana and defeated them. It was a big battle but the war against them had to end in king Tax's eyes. They were the enemy they were a country that sided with the worst kingdom in the world. Jafana is a danger to them all.

And since they were enemies for so long they just had to go.
He gathered the alliance and destroyed the Capital city Jamah.

The people of Jafana fled to their base far away from their country and soon went to the place they originally came from and started all over again. Their Sultan Lance's parents were born in this land before most of this country was destroyed as well. But most of the cities were still in tact. Sultan Lance used these cities as base for his own greater one. He was going to show the alliance of the south how much of a threat they could be.

The young Sultan was only 15 when the war between him and the whole alliance began. But when he turned 18 the city was already big and strong.
He got help from the most feared empire of them all Ghanah. They were only loyal to Jafana because they were the ones that helped them survive long ago. Ghanans had hatred in their heart and wanted vengeance to what the others had once done to them and knew that with Jafana they could succeed. So they helped Jafana to power and even shared with their Sultan something only some of them possessed.

In 3 years the city of New-Jamah was already bigger then the older Jamah who now still lays in ruins. Sultan Lance loves his country but he rules with a iron fist. He strikes terror in his subjects hearts but even though the people are terrified of him he does have their respect. They don't care if his morals are wrong since it made their country big and strong.

The rulers of the southern alliance saw that the plan to wipe the country of Jafana off the map failed. And since it even grew bigger their plan even backfired badly. They knew the Sultan was out for revenge. They took away the kingdom his parents had build for him. They took away were he was born and lived 15 years. And they killed his Sultana who he had just married. They knew the Sultan wasn't someone who forgave and forgot easily.. and he isn't. If he got the chance he would wipe them off the map for real and kill the rulers and the ones they love.
His heart had turned black.. just as black as the people from Ghanah.
He is unstable and powerful. They had to do something before he would come back with the new powers and men he had.

So they did 3 years after destroying his first beloved country they come together to plan their next big battle. They want to sink his new country in the sand it stands on.
So after a lot of negotiations they decided that King Tex of Marmoria would lead Sultan Lance from his country with a lie. And when he was gone and all his higher ups came with him the others would attack new-Jamah. It was risky but attacking while the Sultan was there was even more risky. They needed to attack his city without him there to defend it and attack him by surprise.

So here he is. King Tex came all alone to the big city in hope Sultan Lance will trust his word enough for him to follow him. His own kingdom is a lot more different than how it is here. It's also a lot hotter here and Tex isn't dressed for the heat at all. He stands at the city gate and he is amazed by how huge everything is. The sand coloured walls are bigger than his highest buildings. Everywhere there are guards to look out for danger. And then you have the gate itself.. It is beautifully decorated and must be heavy and untouchable in a attack. Everything here is impossible to attack now he thinks about it. But hopefully the plan will work... and hopefully he won't be murdered.
He still wants to see his young son again..

"Stop right there and show your face!" A guard has noticed him. He doesn't yet recognize him. But that soon changes as King Tex takes off the hood he used to prevent sand to go in his eyes. "King Tex? What is your business here. You're not wanted."

"Wait is that King Tex? He has to have a lot of courage to come here."

"Or a death wish." A guard says with a laugh.

"I came here in peace!" The king shouts at them. The king pulls his sword out of his holder and lays it on the ground for them to take away from him. This is a sign of indeed peace.. not that anybody would ever trust a Marmora here in Jafana, so they are still cautious. Why would their enemy just knock on their front door.. it can only be bad.

"Like we would believe you, you Marmora scum. Leave now before we will kill you!"

"Why won't we just kill him anyway. Why let him leave this is our chance." Another guard says.

"Yeah he has a point. The Sultan will reward us with gold!"

Tex knows they would actually do it if he didn't look out. "I came here with a proposal. Your Sultan will be happy with what I will suggest to him. Please let me in to speak with him. I am alone and can't do any damage."

"I really don't think our Sultan would ever want to see you again little King."

The little king did hurt a little... but he can't get mad now. "And I don't think he would be so happy if you killed me.. since I know he wants to do that himself."

"Well he has a point..'

"Yeah he does.. Sultan will probably kill us instead of reward us now I think of it."


"Well lets bring him to Sultan and lets see what he wants to do with him."
At that Tex knows that maybe the plan will succeed.. but he is only in right now.. so much can change in a matter of seconds here. Nobody can be trusted in this sand country. People a viscous and know how to kill here. A land full of traps, assassins and ruthless rulers. They even kill their own dukes here if they show a little resistance. He has heard the news that when they only got here for a couple months a duke was killed because he didn't think continuing their alliance with Ghanah was a good idea. The Sultan watched as he was hanged to die because of suffocation.

The guards don't treat King Tex right as they lead him though the city. Everybody stares at him as he is being pushed around and sometimes thrown on the floor by them. They like to toy with the king. The people of Jafana are all shocked that this man would every show himself at their city. How disgraceful. They all hope the Sultan will kill him when he sees him. The people spit on the king and curse him out. Tex just lets it happen. It doesn't matter since he hopes his army will soon get rid of them all.

The guards bring King Tex to the palace. It is a magnificent palace that shows how rich this country has become. The pillars are big and mighty. Many balconies and the most beautiful gardens. Tex thought his own palace was big.. but this one may be 5 times bigger. And it may have cost 10 times more too.

Though he will forever think his own garden is so much more beautiful. His wife the queen planted every tree and it was her lives work.

The royal guards stop them at the gate. After a quick talk with the guards that brought him here he is let in. You immediately step into the throne room. It is a big space.. everywhere you can see how much gold this must have costs. Fountains, carpets, chandeliers, beautiful statues, big platforms with dancers and other entertainment. And of course far in the distance he can see the throne. It's a golden masterpiece.. but also terrifying. Everything here shows how rich they are.. but it also shows how much you should fear them.

As he walks towards the throne the royal guard makes sure he doesn't make any wrong moves. He never has felt this watched before. They will kill him if the Sultan will order them too.
But he is more scared that the Sultan will do it himself. He would never admit it though. Scared of Sultan Lance.. not him. He is much better than that sand lice.

He looks up towards the throne and sees the Sultan looking at him with fire in his eyes. Just pure hatred.
His right hand stands next to him and guards surround his throne.
"King Tex.. you must be more stupid than I thought you were Coming here. Why are you here.. It better be to bow before me or else I won't be kind."

Like this guy would be kind anyway.
"I came here with a proposal."

The Sultan doesn't like that King Tex didn't bow or even said your highness. Such disrespect for the one that has the power to kill him now.
"It better be a reason for me to not kill you right now."

"It is I promise." Tex walks a bit more towards the big throne. The guards immediately take action and protect their Sultan. "Calm down I won't do anything to him."

The guards look at the Sultan and he indeed gestures that they should step aside. They do and make the way clear for King Tex to come closer to the Sultan. He takes small steps so nobody will freak out and kill him anyway.
He stands still right in front of him. Last time he stood in front of him like this he was almost going to kill the young Sultan. Put he slipped away with some of his men and survived. He wishes to finish his job right now. He wishes he still had his sword and he could slide it into his chest. But if he did that it would mean his own death as well. And he was stripped off all the dangerous objects he had with him before coming here.

"Sultan Lance I came here with a good heart." Not like your black one. "I have great regret in what I have done to you and your people."

"Oh really?" The Sultan doesn't believe him.

"Yes I do. Thinking back to what I and the people of the southern alliance have done I know it wasn't the right decision. Taking away your country was a mistake. I have talked to all the leaders of the south and we came to the agreement that giving you back what is yours would be a great step towards peace and asking for forgiveness." King Tex looks at the ground to show he respects this man. Even though he really does not.

The Sultan isn't naive. "Why would I trust a Marmora like you."

"Because I came here alone.. You could kill me within a second. Why would I risk that?"

It was a good reason of course. Lance looks towards his right side where his Grand vizir right hand man stands. "Hunk what do you think?"

"I think we should talk with more higher ups for this. Most of them are in the city now anyway."

Lance nods. "Take our guest to somewhere.. he can't do any harm. We will need some time."

Tex already knew this would happen. His men who wait in secret outside of the city gate will wait till they see the Royal ship sail east. Tex is taken to the dungeons where he is thrown in. He knows the people will not treat him like the guest the Sultan said he was. But it will be worth it in the end

The dukes, generals and other important people of the country Jafana come to the palace as fast as they can after hearing the news. Some of the leaders of the provinces can't come because they would need to travel days before they could meet. But Lance wants to come to a conclusion fast. If what King Tex says is true he would have his old country back. It would make a perfect base for wars in that area.
But how stupid is the alliance for even thinking he would forgive them for what they have done? If this is true.. he wouldn't forgive them anyway.

But on the other hand it could be a trap. He would never trust a Marmora.

They sit down in the council room and start to discuss. Everybody there doesn't trust a marmora, and totally not the king. They all just say they should kill him and be done with it.

But Hunk the grand visir is against it. "We shouldn't kill him my Sultan. Not yet at least. What if he speaks the truth?"

"But what if he doesn't Hunk" The Sultan asks his advisor. "What if it is a trap?"

"Then we will kill him and his whole army. I will make Takashi, Axca and Zethrid keep their most trusted soldiers here to keep the city save.

The people in the room start to argue again but the Sultan is quiet. He is thinking. He really doesn't want to trust a marmora.. but what if the king is telling him the truth?

"I have made my decision. I will go with him with a small group." The Sultan says making people shout even louder that this is a trap and that he shouldn't take the best soldiers with him when it could be a trap. But the Sultan slams his hand on the table and shouts. "Wasn't I clear!"
Everybody is silent.. when the Sultan gets mad you need to be careful.
"Seems like I was."

The Sultan stands up and orders his grand vizir to go with him. He asks a guard to go and get their guest.

Tex is brought to the Sultan and thrown on the floor in front of the throne. He doesn't know yet what they decided to do.. but he really hopes he will at least stay alive.
After a moment the Sultan speaks.
"We have made a decision. I will go with you, but with my most trusted soldiers.. I'm not going to go without protection for if you decide to lead me into a trap. So don't try anything."

Tex is very happy with this answer. When all the good soldiers are out of the city and Lance isn't here to defend it, they may be able to bring it down. And of course hopefully the group to bring down Lance at the border of old-Jafana will be able to kill the Sultan. He wants his failed job from three years ago to be finally finished.
"Well then follow me to your old home Sultan Lance."

The Sultan asks people to prepare the Royal ship for departure.
The same ship that is a sign for the army to attack. They are far outside the gates of the city and when the scout sees the ship he will let them know that it is save to attack.

Not long later King Tex is on the big voyage. Even this is bigger than his. Well if you looked at the harbor it would be normal to have a ship this big. Here he isn't treated well just like when he was in the palace. The sailors are even worse than the regular palace guard.

But he will survive..

At night he looks through the little window he has in his locked room. He knows there should be a all out war now at the city gates of New-Jamah. He really hopes that they will be okay..
King Roland.. his friend the ruler of Balor fighting on his side whenever he needs him. The king of Mountara his best friend always on his side, saving him when necessary. He stands on the border of Old-Jafana now to again save him. Even the Sultans brother King Luis of Jali.. They hate each other's gut and when Tex told him he needed help killing his brother, Luis was ready to help.
Everyone of the alliance has soldiers fighting now.. and Lance has no idea. How amazing is that? It makes him laugh.

"So.. You just decided to give me back my old country?" Tex looks up and sees the Sultan sitting on the stairway through the metal bars in the door.
He is really young and he can see why people call him a exotic beauty. His sun kissed skin from the heat in his country. White clothes made from expensive fabric. Blue eyes like the ocean. And of course he still has a perfect skin with him only being 18 years old. "Funny since I wanted to go home for a while."

Oh poor kid.. you will not go home. Tex has to hold in his laugh. "I understand."

The Sultan holds a expensive looking cup. It's full of wine that they brought for the trip. Lance puts the cup through the bars and asks. "You want a sip?"

King Tex takes it.. this may seem like a friendly gesture..but that isn't necessarily true. Tex knows Lance doesn't trust him at all. He takes a sip from the wine.. it tastes a lot differently from the imported wine out Balor he has at home, but it still tastes good. Tex gives the cup back after he had taken a sip.

"In 20 days we will arrive in your harbor. I hope you won't mind us resting back in your capital before traveling further?"

Tex nods. "Sounds like a good idea to me."

Then the Sultan leaves to be with his own people.


20 days pass and King Tex is missing being able to walk around freely. But he sees his own harbor in the distance and feels happy. He always feels happy when he comes home.

But this time he is bringing unwanted guests.

They leave the ship at the docks and they walk right into the city of Asteroid. The capital of Marmoria is also buzzing with life just like the Sultan's own city. But Lance has to laugh.. it's so small. Of course it isn't really small since it is one of the bigger cities from the southern alliance, but compared to his own this is nothing. His people worked hard to restore the old broken city in New-Jafana and even build more around it. And of course the help from Ghanah was very handy to have.

Even though that the city is smaller you can still see that this kingdom is also very rich. The material from what the houses are made are more expensive than his own. But of course he has less material to work with since he doesn't trade a whole lot with other countries.

Everybody looks at their king as they see him walking through the streets with the enemy of their kingdom.
They all are not aware of the plan and look in shock and confusion at the group of men. Mothers hide their children and men are ready to fight if the Sultan makes one wrong move towards their king. But that doesn't happen and king Tex brings the group towards his own castle that lays on a hill.

Here they would rest before starting their journey on horseback.

They walk into king Tex's throne room and Sultan Lance walks towards the golden throne and sits on it. He doesn't care this is not his throne. Tex looks at it with disgust, who does this sand lice think he is.

"So Tex.. Nice place you got here." Lance says looking around the throne room. It's smaller than his and made of wood. But it looks alright, not really his style but alright.

"Thank you.."

Hunk the grand vizir of the Sultan walks towards Lance and stands next to him. "Make your servants prepare rooms for us."

A guard from the back shouts. "And some girl!" The others cheer. In no way Tex wants to give them a nice place to sleep and a girl for their beds. But he guesses he will need to if he wants them to still believe him.

The Sultan laughs at his men. This is how he knows them. He pats Hunk's back and says. "And get this big guy 3 more."
Hunk blushes and laughs as the men cheer again.

But as much as the men would've wanted a bit of fun in bed tonight it wouldn't happen at all. As they wanted to go to their rooms a man runs into to throne room. It is the captain of the Royal guard Takashi Shirogane. He had followed the Royal voyage as fast as he could.

"My Sultan! I bring news from Jafana. The Generals you left in the city send me to you to tell you that the city is under attack."

The Sultan stands up from the golden throne. "What?!"
Tex knows that it is over. Done with. Finished.

The Captain had to stay back in Jafana because someone had to look over the  guards that stayed in the castle. But since they needed everybody at the walls right now he was appointed to be the messenger. The generals knew that Takashi wouldn't have any problems on the way because of his skill and that the message would arrive at the Sultan.
"It's true. The whole southern alliance is at the walls of New-Jafana. They lied to you and they will try to kill you at the border of Old-Jafana."

Lance has fire in his eyes. His men cower and step back. They know what their Sultan can do.. and they are afraid of it. Lance snaps his head towards the king that lied to him. "I knew there had to be a catch! How could I even trust you! Never trust a Marmora I always knew that!" He walks towards Tex and Tex tries to find a way out.. but there isn't one.
"You think my walls will fall before your army like they did last time! You think you can kill my people! You want to lay my city in ruins! Well funny thing is that Jafana got stronger and stronger!"
The Sultan grabs Tex and says. "You won't ever bring me down.. but you stupidly didn't think I didn't leave my trusted generals at the city. You really thought these were my strongest men.. no they are only some of my guards and one or two soldiers. You think I would ever leave my city unprotected.. how much of a idiot are you. You even led me into your city.."
The Sultan laughs in a terrifying way. Tex really thinks his final moments are here. "We may only be with a couple men here.. but you think this would stop me? Stop me from totally destroying what you couldn't do."

Lance points his hand towards the wall of the throne room and immediately light comes out of it, and a second later a loud explosion. This was the gift Lance had received from the leader of Ghanah. Because of this he had become emotional unstable, angry, mean and terrifying.. but powerful. People fear this power of the Sultan. Not many people have this gift. Only some of the people in Ghanah know how to do this. And they want it to stay a secret.

The magic they gifted to Lance blew a hole in the wall of the throne room. The floor got hit as well. Tex looks at it in fear.. if this is pointed at you it could blow you up..

The Sultan doesn't blow him up though. He turns around to look at his men. "Since all his own soldiers are gone now.. this task will be easy. Kill the people that fight. Take the alpha's and the male beta's so they can work for us, take the omega's and female beta's. And let the children fear you. After that.." He turns to King Tex again. "We will turn this city into ash. And I will make you watch."

The men yell and cheer.. this will be so fun.


"You're highness! Yorak! God damn it where is that child." Duke Kolivan looks everywhere in the Royal bedroom. Before giving up and going to the next room he looks outside and sees the little boy looking over the railing. He goes outside to the child in a hurry. "My princess what are you doing outside?"

"Kolivan? What was that loud sound downstairs? And who are these people.. why are there woman screaming?"

Kolivan places both his hands on the shoulders of the little boy. "I am here to make sure you're save princess. There are bad and powerful people in the city. They will hurt you if they find you." He explains to the little boy.

"The people? Will they be alright. Why are they screaming? Where is my father! I want to see my father.."
The boy wants to go downstairs and help those poor people in need. He tries to get out of the adults grip but he isn't able to since he isn't strong enough.

"Yorak.. you're a omega Princess from their enemy kingdom. I need to make sure you're save.. the people will be fine." He takes the boy in his hands and runs with him out of the bedroom. "You will need to do as I say otherwise they will hurt you my dear Princess. I'm going to take you somewhere save."
Another loud explosion can be heard downstairs. Kolivan knows he can't take Yorak to where these sounds come from.

What he already said... Yorak is a Omega princess from their enemy. Kolivan doesn't even want to think about the things these people will do to the boy.

He hopes it won't come to that. Yorak doesn't have a strong omega smell yet. And of course he hasn't had his heat yet. They may confuse him for a beta or non presented.

Soon the duke and princess are outside on the streets. People are screaming. Explosions and fire everywhere and some people lay dead in the streets. Kolivan covers the child's eyes so he won't have to look at the horror. They have to make their way through the city so they can escape to safety. He looks at the child.. how will he every explain to him that he will never see his father again.
That conversation will come one day..

But now he will need to bring him to safety.

He has put a coat around the boy. A old coat so he will look like any other civilian here. Nobody may realize he is royalty.

But just before they can get out of the city and go to freedom they are stopped. A voice behind them says. "Stop right there duke Kolivan. You think you can escape this easily?"
Kolivan turns around and the child looks at the man confused but really scared at the same time. These are the people Kolivan told him about.. this is someone that could hurt him.
"Who is the boy?"

"He is.. a orphan I have found on my way here."

The soldier comes closer. "And you just take him with you."

"I took him because I didn't want you to take him instead." Kolivan says with no fear in his speech. More soldiers from Jafana surround the duke and the boy.

"Well that's too bad since we will take you both now. The Sultan will decide what to do with you. And someone please take this child to the other children."

"Wait!" Kolivan says before they can separate him from the princess. "Please let me talk to him for only a minute. I will come with you without fighting if you let me. Please he is scared and alone."

The soldier sighs and looks at the others. They all shrug not knowing what he should do. "Fine one minute. But we will be watching you."

They take a few steps back and still point their weapons at the duke as Kolivan kneels down. "Yorak listen to me carefully. These people will take you now.. there is nothing I can do to stop it. You have to hide forever that you are the princess of Mamoria.. but don't ever forget it. If you hide it they won't hurt you badly so from now on your name will be.. Keith. Understand?"

"Keith.." the boy doesn't understand everything that is going on. He doesn't understand that the kingdom of his father is falling at this moment. He doesn't understand that most people are dead. But he understands that he will need to do as he is told.
"I understand."

"You are Keith.. you are a orphan who has no parents. I'm sorry your Highness that it must come to this. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you."

"It's okay Kolivan.." The boy smiles at him. "I will be okay.. please be okay too."

"I promise we will see each other again.' Kolivan knows that telling the soldiers that Yorak.. now Keith is a orphan may be the truth after all. The kingdom had fallen and so probably has their king.. it saddens him that his friend is gone...

"Alright time is up!"
The soldier walks to Kolivan and pulls him with him. They walk off making Kolivan have to leave the princess to the enemy. He never wanted this but it is or letting them take him thinking he is a different person, or dying. And what good could he do while dead?
Maybe someday he can take him back to his country. This was the best way to keep him save.

He hopes the princess won't slip up and tell then who he is. Maybe if he doesn't he will survive.

Other soldiers take the child. The boy looks at the duke for one last time. He knows that this wasn't supposed to happen. Kolivan was supposed to take him somewhere save.. this isn't save.
He tries to get away from these soldiers but they are much stronger than him. Soon he can't see the duke anymore and he cries.
"Shut up boy!" The soldier yells at him. But it makes him cry even more. He wants his father.

"Shut up! Stop crying." The hot headed soldier says loudly to him.

"What's going on here?" A man walks up to the soldier holding the child painfully while the boy cries. It's Takashi the Captain of the Royal guard.

"This child is a brat and won't listen to me. The Duke of this kingdom had him with him while trying to escape. We have captured the Duke and we are bringing the child to the others."

"Let me handle the child. You go look for bigger problems here or set some houses on fire I don't care." Takashi says and the soldier solutes him before walking away. The child looks at the man in fear.
"Hey little guy." Takashi kneels down in front of the child. "Where are your parents?"

Keith looks down and shrugs. "I.. I don't have them."

"Are you a orphan?" The captain said.
Keith nods.
He will say what Kolivan had told him to say.
"Poor kid.." Takashi looks at the old coat he got from Kolivan. It looks really old and dirty making it more convincing that the boy is indeed a poor orphan. His Royal clothes are now dirty and have some tears in them as well. There is no way to say this boy is a princess.
"What is your name kid?"

".. Keith." He almost said Yorak.. but he has the feeling he will need to forget about his old name.

"Hello Keith." Takashi shakes Keith's much smaller hand. "My name is Takashi Shirogane. But you can call me Shiro okay? I know we seem like really bad people invading your city like this, but you will understand one day why. Your king has done something really bad and our Sultan didn't like that and is now giving him what he deserves." Keith is confused by this explanation. Why would father do something bad to somebody else? "Do you want to stay with me so I can keep you save?"

That is the same thing Kolivan promised.. but what other choice does the kid have. Keith nods. "Yes please.."

Shiro stands up and holds the childs hand. It gives him a satisfactory feeling. Shiro is a Alpha and he faintly smelled that Keith here is a omega child. His heart just broke to see this omega child all alone and scared. His mate and him have been trying to get a baby for some time now.. but no success. The doctors told them the chance at getting pregnant was so low that they should just give up. His mate is infertile.. Maybe there would be a 0.5 percent chance at getting a baby.. but that is equal to 0.
Because of all of this happening his baby fever is really high.. and seeing this child scared and alone just broke him. He had to help.
And maybe.. just maybe..

"Stay close okay Keith. I can't have you running off right now."

"Alright sir.."

Shiro holds the kid close to him. He is going back to the castle where everybody they will take with them is gathered. "How old are you Keith?" He then asks to get to know Keith better.


"What do you like to do?"

"I read a lot of books.. and eh.. I train sometimes."

"Train?" Shiro looks at the omega. "But you're a omega.. right?"

"Yes I am. I just presented a couple weeks ago." Keith says. "I trained in secret though. I want to become a strong man someday."

Shiro chuckles. "You're a good kid Keith. But for omega's it's really dangerous to fight. But some basic self defense is always handy to have." Shiro would never discourage a kid.. but yeah you have to stay realistic. Omega's will have a hard time in the army or as guards. Not that they can't fight but they will get hurt for sure.

"Shiro? Where are we going" Keith asks but he gets his answer as they walk towards the castle. He sees a large group of the people. They are all marmora people who wait to be brought to Jafana to work there. They will have to wait some time though. They will wait in camps till more ships arrive.

Shiro walks towards the castle.. he doesn't know if this will be allowed.. but he has to try.
The Sultan spots Shiro walking hand in hand with the child towards him.
He walks off the stairs where he was looking over what was happening to this ugly city he hates. He has to say that fire is a much better look for this city. King Tex should've thanked him for redecorating his city.
The Sultan walks to his captain of the guards and smiles. "Good to see you Shiro."

Shiro bows down in front of his Sultan. "My Sultan.." He looks at Keith who isn't bowing. The kid just looks confused at the man in front of him.
Shiro tugs Keith's arm and as the kid looks at him he says. "Bow Keith."
Keith quickly does as he was told. Shiro seems to mean what he says.

"Who is this marmora child? Shouldn't he be with the other children?"

"My Sultan I found him on my way here when another soldier was handling him roughly. I grew compassionate with the child and have a request."

Lance looks at the kid. "Alright.. what is it?"

"Please let me adopt him. He is a omega who can never hurt our country. My mate is unable to get children but we have a child wish. Please let me keep this child as my own." Shiro says as he is still kneeling down in respect for his Sultan.
Keith looks at Shiro.. adopt? Does that mean Shiro will keep him?

Lance doesn't need long to think about this. "You may. See this as a reward for telling me about the lies king Tex told me before exiting this city. It was your timing that made it possible to destroy this city. So keep the child."

"Thank you my Sultan." Shiro says standing up now. Sultan Lance then walks away to help his soldiers with destroying the city. Shiro salutes as he passes him. He then turns to Keith now. "Do you understand what I asked?"

"You want to adopt me? What does that mean?"

"It means that I will be your father and my mate your mother. You will stay at my house in Jafana." Shiro goes through Keith's hair messing it all up. "You don't have to call me father so soon.. we can take our time."

Keith doesn't known what to think of this. But he trusts Shiro.. he seems nice. Maybe it won't be too bad to live with this man. He looks at the camps that are being build by the people who lived in this city.. they must have it a lot worse than he has right now. After that he looks at the city.. this was his home.. but it's destroyed now


As the ships had arrived and the people where taken to Jafana to be slaves and workers Keith is brought to the capital New-Jamah. This will be his new home. He looks around the harbor as he steps off the ship he was on for 20 days.
The hot air slams into his face immediately. The desert temperature is a lot differently than in his old home. Shiro sees that the child is sweating already.

"We will get you better clothes later. What you're wearing is too warm for the heat here." A carriage is already waiting for them. Shiro helps Keith into the wagon and steps in it himself.
As they ride through the city Keith looks out of the window. It's so different here.. The people are dressed differently. Most people cover their face so the sand won't get in their eyes. People haggle at the market and the same market sells much different things than he is used to. Everything is a sandy colour and windows are covered by fabric and not glass.

Most people here have a tan skin.. Keith looks at Shiro. He doesn't have a tan skin.. he's white like him.

Some time later they get in the more richer area of the city. The houses are bigger and look more expensive.
Here will be Keith's new home. Keith is luck that someone like Shiro takes him in.

The carriage stops in front of one house and Shiro steps out. He helps Keith to the ground again and he says thank you to the one who sits on top of the carriage.
Shiro takes Keith into his house. His mate doesn't know yet about Keith.. he hopes Adam will react well to him just taking a child home out of nowhere. "Adam?"

"Shiro is that you?" Adam the mate walks into the room. He is a omega like Keith and immediately smells the other omega in the room. He looks at Keith.. then he looks at Shiro.. and then he looks at Keith again. "Who is that?"

"This is Keith.. and I had found him all alone in Marmoria. He is a orphan omega."

"I can smell that yes."
Keith goes behind Shiro. He feels a bit shy.

"I asked the Sultan if he could be ours. This is our son I adopted him for us."

Adams eyes widen. "You.. you adopted him?"

"I hope you don't mind.." Shiro is a bit scared for Adam's reaction. He thought he would be happy. But maybe Adam doesn't want a adopted son.

But luckily Adam indeed doesn't mind. He gets a big smile on his face. He also has baby fever. He was so sad when his dreams of getting pregnant on his own got crushed, but now he can be a mother anyway. Adam rushes to Keith and his inner omega comes out. Omega's are natural child lovers and Adam just wants to give all his love to this child. "Hey Keith.. how are you love."

"Fine.." Keith looks down.

Adam then realizes that this kid was taken away from his home and saw what they had done to his city. He feels bad for asking. Of course this kid is lying about being fine.
"Hey.." He pulls him in for a big motherly hug. "Everything is going to be fine now you are with us. We will give you all the love in the world and a good home."

Keith closes his eyes.. maybe it is because of Adam being another omega? Maybe it is because of the words he says? Or maybe because this mother like hug is something he never got.
But he trusts Adam. And he trusts Shiro.

Adam slowly lets go of the boy. "Let me show you the house okay? I will make somebody get you some better clothes and other stuff you will need if you will stay here." Adam holds out his hand and Keith takes it. Adam starts his tour of the house. Keith holds the hand tightly.. he feels save as he holds it.

Servants make ready a bedroom for their new master. Clothes are bought and toys Keith can play with. Shiro will find a good teacher that can teach his child the basic education. He himself hopes to educate Keith further. And he will need Adam to explain everything about being a omega of course.. since well he has experience. Since Keith only presented a couple weeks ago the child must have little to non knowledge about what he is.

Here in Jafana Omega's have rights but they are seen as precious jewels. Something to keep save and sound. It is a alpha's job to do this. Shiro immediately feels the need as well to protect Keith keep him save. And Adam wants to care for him and mother him. It may be stereotypical.. but this is just how nature works.
Shiro will teach some defensive skills to his new son.. Some Alpha's, totally in rut don't think very well about the rules of this country. When Keith will be able to get children around age 16 Alpha's will want to mate with him. He will keep Keith save from them. Luckily there are a lot of guards on the street you can seek help from if needed. Shiro made sure of this himself.

Keith and Adam later return to show off Keith's new look. He is dressed in a white outfit that is perfect for the desert. Shiro claps his hands. "Wonderful. You look great Keith."

Keith smiles. It isn't that he hasn't heard that before.. but now Shiro it says he feels like it is really true. Maybe he will get used to this new way of living.. maybe it isn't that bad. Yes the Sultan was scary.. and those soldiers weren't nice either. But if Adam and Shiro are nice there must be more people like them.
He will be okay.

And maybe he will call them father and mother one day?

End of chapter 1...