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Behinnd the Scenes

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2x1- Betty and Jughead are going to Pop's Diner to look for Fred's lost wallet.

"A Motorcycle?" Betty asks.

I smirk and reply, "Hop on."

Betty looks at me like I'm a crazy person, which in some aspects I can be, but this was just funny. "Without a helmet?" she challenges. 

"You can use mine," I tell her from where I straddle my bike. "Or we could walk. We can take a buss or..." I chuckle to myself, "Or we can call your mom."

The sentence has just left my mouth when Betty says, "Oh, no," she steps forward and grabs the helmet from my hands. She climbs on the back of the bike "Just go slow, Okay?"

She puts the helmet on and I laugh. As much as I love Betty, it is so fun to tease her. I rev up the engine. "Oh, no, no, no. It's actually much more dangerous if you go slow. You are going to need to hold tight."

Betty sighs and wraps her arms around my torso. 

"Tighter," I instruct.

I can feel Betty grow more nervous and a figure I should stop with the teasing. Well, maybe one more time. Her arms tighten around me. 

"Little tighter."

Betty tightens unbelievably so and I cough. 

"I do need to be able to breathe, ya know," I tell her. 

Betty loosens slightly so that my organs are no longer constricting in my abdomen. 

I smirk and speed off, taking us to the main road. Betty tenses when we get to the turn off for the highway. When I pull out and gain speed, she lets out a little squeal and I can't help myself from laughing. I know I probably shouldn't be enjoying my self this much considering my best friend's dad is currently fighting for his life, but this is just to damn funny. It's keeping my mind off of all the bad. 

This was just Betty and I, wind whipping past our ears, adrenalin coursing through our veins. 

Fred will be okay. He has to be. So no, I don't feel bad taking a happy memory out of a bad time. It's only survival.

2x1- Betty and Jughead outside the hospital at the end of the episode

I stand outside Riverdale General with Betty. Fred is awake now, Archie is with him. The past few days have been crazy. I'm now a kind-a serpent. Fred almost died. There's a now killer in town. My dad is probably going to prison. I have to transfer schools. It's always one thing after another in this town. But for right now, I'm here with Betty. I still have her, and I can only hope it stays that way. 

I'm kissing her, an it's sweet. She's just told me that she's okay with me exploring a life with the Serpents. It's one less thing I have to worry about now. I take comfort in her warmth, pulling her closer as the rain pads on the cover above us. I'm about to deepen the kiss when she pulls back. 

"What are you thinking about?" I ask her. 

Betty gives a small smile. "Last night. How we were going to..."

I smile knowingly. "Do you still want to?"

Betty laughs and nods. "Not tonight though."

I sigh. She's right. We cant to it tonight. But she wants me, and that's all I need for now. "You sure I can't give you a ride home?"

Betty kisses me one last time. "I'm not getting on that death trap again."

I chuckle. "Okay. But text me when you get home okay?"

Betty nods, kissing me again. it's almost to hard to pull back. Her lips are soft but lightly chapped from the fast pace of the last few days. It's the first time I've tasted her, without the muffler of cherry Chapstick or vanilla lip-gloss. She doesn't have a specific taste, but there's something sweet about it. Maybe it's the lingering taste of the orange she had shacked on earlier, or maybe it was just the essence of Betty. Either way, I like the taste. 

I somehow manage to pull back and wave goodbye to her. I want to tell her I love her. I think back to last night, remembering we've already said it to each other. "I love you," I call after her. 

She turns back and looks at me. A smile spreads across her face. "I love you too."

2x1 - Jughead kicks tall boy out of the trailer. 

There's blood on the rug. It taunts me. Tall boy's words still echo through my head. Jacket or not, you're a serpent. 

He's right. I'm Serpent by blood. Just like the blood on the rug. I can get a new rug though. I can get the blood stain out. I can't change who I am. Do I want to be a serpent? I thought I did. But with Tall Boy just being in the living room with the guy beaten to a pulp... Do I want that life?

I go to the bedroom and remove my jeans, not bothering with anything else. I'm exhausted. I'm almost asleep when my phone dings in my jeans on the floor. I grunt and get up, fishing it out of the pockets. It's Betty texting me that she made it home safely.

Betty. She had said it was okay, me being a Serpent. She didn't know about Tall Boy in the living room... or the blood on the rug. What would she say if she knew?

Either way, she can't be involved in it. I can join the Serpents. I can live this life. She can't. It's to dangerous for her. I can't let something happen to her. Nothing should ever happen to her. I just have to keep her away. Keep her safe. I might loose her in the process, but she'll live. She's tough, I know she is. I may never find anybody else, but she will be safe. She will always be safe.