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The NEW Forbidden Love

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Special Guest Stars!!

And also inspired by the EPISODE Game App Story: POWER OF THE MOON.

Just so we are not confused, Yes spoiler here, Melissa McCall is NOT Scott's mom, but his daughter who looks like a platinum blonde Melissa Benoist.


Years have passed.

Jan Belmont and Laura Vandervoort have fallen out of contact, fallen out of love.

Jan has had his girls he had fallen for over the years, some having taken the secret of him being the Vampire Slayer to their early grave and some simply losing contact and falling out of love.

Laura has had her dalliances with the Mikaelson men, one time even had the hots for Rebekah Mikaelson and one for Freya Mikaelson, but she had then realized that that Family had been nothing but trouble and lots of heartbreak... although she had heard that Klaus now had a daughter named Hope Mikaelson and was currently attending this Supernatural school in Mystic Falls.

She had briefly wondered why there wasn't one back in the day when she had gone to school.


Melissa McCall loved being in wolf form.

Especially during the full moon.

Running around in her white fur felt so incredible, like she had not a care in the whole wide world, but she knew that she was different.

She caught the looks from the betas, and why was her hair the color it was?

Those midnight trips of gazing at the moon always ended the same way: that of a loud howl being heard no matter how far she had gone...

That of her father, The Alpha King... Scott McCall.

So she turned around and ran back toward the mansion where she, her father and her grandmother who happened to have the same name lived, her strong wolf legs carrying her as fast as she could.

When she reached the grounds she made sure to shift back into her human form.

Only to be greeted by another growl.

"You were out moongazing again, weren't you?"

Melissa hung her head.

"The Moon relaxes me, Father."

"You could have been attacked by hunters, Slayers or vampires."

"But I wasn't; I didn't let my guard down."

"Oh, enough you two."

"Grandma Melissa!"

The young girl wrapped her arms around her grandmother.

"Hi sweetie. I know you were careful out there. I kept trying to reassure your father, but..."

Another werewolf growl from the King.

" know how he is."

Oh, I know all right.

He has been worried about me a lot... ever since the death of my mother Malia.

I don't remember her all that well.

Grandmother has always been there for me.

"This... this is all because of what happened to... my mother, isn't it, Dad?"

It has always been hard to talk to my Dad about her.

This time the Alpha King cleared his throat.

"The renewal of the Alpha/Vampire Treaty is coming up. I was extra worried about you because I feared they would attack or kidnap you."

Her eyes got huge.

"The treaty between you and the Vampire King? What does that have to do with me?" The young Melissa asked.

"Everything. Should I die, you will become the Alpha."

She gripped her knuckles but dared not show them.

"You worry over nothing. That won't happen. Not for a long time."

Scott smiled.

"We'll see. I invited all of them here. The Vampire King, even The Slayer, Warlocks, Witches. Just so we could ensure another 5 year peace."

Melissa nodded.

"You must simply be tired, Dear. Tomorrow is going to be a long day." Grandmother said.

"That is quite right, grandmother." Melissa said and kissed her grandmother and her Dad.

"I love you."

"We love you too, Dearest Daughter. Sweet dreams."

So Melissa returned to her quarters where she slipped into her nightgown and fell asleep.


Jan kicked a Vampire against a tree, punched it hard in the face with his balled up fist before he slid his stake free from his custom-made sheath and thrust it into the vampire's chest.

The Vampire exploded into the familiar dust that Jan had grown used to.

"All's in a night's work."

It had been a tough few years on him, first with Laura abandoning him and steering herself into the crosshairs of the Mikaelsons, too many girlfriends dying on him and even losing touch with his high school friends.

He assumed it had to have been because of that terrible secret.

Shredding those thoughts from his mind while being in a foreign place, Jan Belmont walked into the nearest pub he could find and ordered himself a drink.

Probably a few more in the coming night to get waisted as however the saying went.

Then a shot glass was slid toward him right after he drained his beer in one gulp.

"Fancy meeting you here, darling. But then again, I guess you are also in town for the big event? I was rather fond of that Dance we did when Mother and Father were resurrected, my dearest sincere apologies for using your blood. And oh yes, having had some fun with your girl, Laura something was it?"

"Who are you talking to dear sister, oh. You."

Jan sighed.

Couldn't he have his drink in some kind of peace?

"Rebekah and Freya Mikaelson. Goody."

"You do know about Niklaus' ascent to Vampire Royalty, do you not?"

"Was it on Vampire News? I daresay that tidbit escaped my knowledge."

"Eyyy look who tis!"

Jan was clapped on the back.

"Vampire Slayer Jan Belmont, 'ow 'ave ya been, mate?"

"Kol. Nice to see you too. How is Jeremy?"

Rebekah was fuming.

He knew about them but not King Klaus?!

"Absolutely bloody perfect, mate. Sadly Finn couldn't make it, quite dead, you see."

The stage was cleared and Elijah Mikaelson began to perform on the piano.

"Ah, condolances."

"Gang stuck together, eh?" Jan asked.

"Yeah. Now do lift that shot glass, mate, and celebrate this jolly reunion!"

So Jan did just that.

To Be Continued...