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only a little (alot) bit gay

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Park Jimin was the definition of softness soft hair soft hands and skin, his hair was soft and perfect for someone to run their hands through he was even the shortest out of all of them but for some reason Kim Namjoon couldn't help but be terrified of him because under all that softness was the Park Jimin that performed for ARMY that looked dangerous and sexy and like he could take on the world, and Namjoon was scared ? Of him... well it wasn't really fear more of an attraction to all of the dangerously soft parts of Park Jimin.


Kim Namjoon was the definition of what Jimin would call a 'Daddy' he had a rough exterior and came off a little scary at first but he's always trying to help his fellow members and be there for them, he honestly even scared Jimin whenever he would get that look in his eyes while berating the other members for fighting or breaking some of the set house rules, and not to mention he was so much taller than Jimin that he would tower over him while standing, but Jimin knew it was all a front to appear tough in front of the rest of the members. He knew that Kim Namjoon was a soft person under all of the 'rough daddy' persona, he knew Namjoon would never hurt a fly and that he loved animals (especially crabs) and that he liked snuggling up on the couch under a mountain of blankets cause he gets cold easily. 

So Park Jimin could definitely say he's attracted to Namjoon his rough exterior and his soft interior, Jimin loved it all... he loved Kim Namjoon, and Kim Namjoon could definitely say he was completely obsessed with Park Jimin, his soft hands  and face and skin and his sharp movements, cut jawline and his confidence while living life.


"I love you Park JImin" Namjoon smiled down at him showing his cute dimples.

"and I love you Kim Namjoon" Jimin looked up at him his eyes closing as he smiled up at him.