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Paper Hearts

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Jeongguk stared at the dollar bills that piled up on his bedside table. $60! An average day for Jeon Jeongguk but still, $60! He felt a rush of pride well up in his body. ‘So, maybe a shy art student can be good for something’, he thought to himself.

Jeongguk was an arts student at a prestigious arts college. A very shy boy who spent all of his free time drawing whilst listening to music, Jeongguk was incredibly happy to be in a place which encouraged art. When the college had accepted him six months ago, Jeongguk couldn’t believe his luck. He had spent his life drawing non-stop, ever since he was a toddler, and now he was talented enough to live out his passion. Jeongguk couldn’t contain the smile on his face when he heard the news.

Jeongguk absolutely loved it at his college. He loved the independence he got from having his own dorm room, which he could decorate however he wanted. So, pictures of anime characters all over the walls, was the way to go. His classes were very enjoyable and Jeongguk excelled at them. He was considered by his classmates to be the best artist in the class.

There were only a few problems. One being his shyness. Jeongguk often felt scared around new people and so he would avoid talking to them, and would sit by himself, drawing. This problem was sorted surprisingly quickly though, much to Jeongguk’s confusion. In his first few weeks of college, Jeongguk had made two close friends, fellow arts major, Hoseok, and dance major, Jimin. Hoseok and Jimin were very loud and excitable and at first, this made Jeongguk a little intimidated, but soon afterwards, he had begun to relax around them.

Hoseok and Jimin were two of the sweetest people whom Jeongguk had ever met. Whenever Jeongguk looked even a little bit upset, Hoseok and Jimin would see it as their mission to cheer the younger up, usually ending up with the three hanging out in Hoseok’s room, binge watching anime together whilst sharing Dominos. Hoseok and Jimin would include Jeongguk in everything that they did together. Sure, sometimes it was too much for Jeongguk, considering that he was an introvert and the other two were extroverts, but it felt really nice to know that his friends cared about him enough to include him in what they were doing. Jeongguk had never had that before.

Despite the fact that Jeongguk had the friend thing sorted, there was still a major obstacle in his path, which he had to overcome, and this one would be a lot harder than making friends. He had tuition fees he had to pay for his studies, and well… Jeongguk didn’t really have a job. He tried so hard to get one, but he was never able to, due to his shyness getting in the way of every interview he attended. He also couldn’t ask his parents to give him the money. Jeongguk’s parents, although very kind, were very poor and could not afford to pay the fees. So, this led Jeongguk to develop an ingenious solution.

A portrait drawing business. Yes, it sounded crazy to him at first but the more he thought about it, the more convinced he was to try it out. He would draw portraits of fellow students, for a charge of $10 per portrait and he would use that money to pay his tuition fees. It was perfect! Within the first two weeks of Jeongguk putting up posters of his business around campus, many many people had begun flocking to it, so many that at one point, Jeongguk had to make a waiting list.

After a month, the amount of people who wanted portraits had died down and all Jeongguk could think was, ‘Thank God for that.’ His arms were constantly aching due to the sheer amount of time he was drawing, even more than usual. Finally, Jeongguk could get a decent night’s sleep, instead of staying up late every night, finishing his drawings. However, by this time, Jeongguk had done so many portraits that he had managed to earn a lot of money, which would help him out greatly. ‘That’s what all this was for, right?’, Jeongguk thought to himself, as he lay in his bed, soon after he had earned the $60.

He began thinking about his customers which he would have the next day. Luckily for him, he only had one, a massive break from having an average of six or seven customers per day. However, he couldn’t help but feel uneasy when he thought about who his customer was.

His name was Kim Taehyung and he was a music major who could rival Hoseok for excitability. He had the most vibrant blue hair, which Jeongguk had wanted to ruffle his hands through, and flawless pale skin. The previous week, Taehyung had practically run up to Jeongguk and giggled out that he wanted a portrait, whilst standing far too close to Jeongguk, so close that Jeongguk could smell his cherry flavoured breath. And oh god, did he love it? Jeongguk just wanted to kiss him right there and then, but he knew that he couldn’t. For one thing, Taehyung wasn’t gay, was he? And even if he was, Jeongguk was far too shy to even attempt to make a move. Plus, Taehyung would be his customer. They were supposed to act professionally.

It was when Taehyung had begun to walk away, when he turned around, blew a kiss at Jeongguk and giggled, “See you next week, sweetie”, that Jeongguk couldn’t hide the bright red blush that began to form on his cheeks. God damn it, he had a massive crush on Kim Taehyung, didn’t he?

It was his thoughts about Taehyung which caused him to feel uneasy that night. What if he messed up? What if Taehyung didn’t like his drawing and therefore, didn’t like him? All these thoughts were rushing through his mind, like racing cars driving at top speed around a racing track. However, Jeon Jeongguk was not going to be defeated that easily. So, he began to control his breathing, in and out, in and out, until he felt that he was composed enough. “Calm down, Kookie”, he muttered to himself. “It’s just another customer. You won’t mess up. Just relax. He’ll love you”. Jeongguk kept trying to reassure himself for a while and then, soon afterwards, he fell into the sweet land of sleep.

~Time Skip~

Jeongguk woke up the next morning, the golden sun shining in through the baby blue curtains, causing his chocolate brown hair to glimmer. He looked at his phone. 10:15am. Taehyung was due at around 12pm. “Perfect”, Jeongguk said to himself. “That gives me enough time to choose an outfit. I’ve gotta’ look good for my customer.” Jeongguk was still trying to convince himself that Taehyung was only a customer, even though he knew fully well that he had the biggest crush on Taehyung and everyone probably knew it as well. Even Taehyung himself.

An hour later and Jeongguk had finally decided on an outfit. A white and black striped long-sleeved shirt, with denim dungarees over the top of it. Looking in the mirror, wearing that as well as his usual circular glasses, Jeongguk would even say that he looked a little cute, although he would never ever say it in public. He was too damn shy and afraid of what others would think of him, after all.

Jeongguk was terrified of what Taehyung would think of him. He felt his legs tremble and sweat profuse off his forehead, a mere twenty minutes before Taehyung was due to arrive. “Pull yourself together, Kook”, he kept telling himself. “Just smile and be polite. It’s not hard. It’ll be fine.” Jeongguk was pacing around his dorm room, trying to relax his mind, until he settled down with a coffee and a show on Netflix, so he could distract himself.

Knock, Knock, Knock. He was here. Jeongguk nervously edged up to his door and unlocked it to see a smiling Taehyung, wearing a graphic T-Shirt and jeans, who pulled Jeongguk in for a tight hug, so tight that he could barely breathe. Not that Jeongguk was complaining. The tight embrace that Taehyung was holding Jeongguk in, made Jeongguk feel very safe and warm, his heartbeat fluttering, his face turning a tomato red, his nose breathing in Taehyung’s scent, a fruity smell, raspberry was Jeongguk’s first thought.

Jeongguk wished that the hug would last forever as he nestled his face in Taehyung’s shoulders. Taehyung didn’t seem to mind too much, stroking Jeongguk’s back, making him feel even more safe, making him feel even more loved. Sadly, soon afterwards, Taehyung pulled away, leaving Jeongguk wanting more.

“Kookie”, Taehyung smiled. Jeongguk blushed at the nickname. Only Hoseok and Jimin as well as members of his family called him Kookie, and now Taehyung? Jeongguk felt like he was going to lose his mind. “I can’t wait for today. I have a surprise for you”, Taehyung chuckled, whilst waltzing to the sofa, Jeongguk scurrying after him awkwardly.


“Tae’s fine, Kookie. I prefer Tae.”

Jeongguk swallowed nervously, feeling a lump form in his throat. “O-ok, Tae”, he mumbled. “Do you w-want a drink or anything?”

Taehyung pouted whilst thinking and all Jeongguk wanted to do, was to kiss him right there and then. He realised he was staring at Taehyung’s lips and he was desperate for Taehyung not to figure out his little crush on him, (well, maybe not little, more like massive) so he tilted his head down to the floor and began focusing on the waves in the carpet, using every ounce of strength that he had, to not look up at Taehyung’s beautifully plump lips.

“I’m ok, Kookie. Besides, I’m so eager to see the drawing, I can’t really wait.” Taehyung’s eyes bore into Jeongguk’s, Jeongguk getting lost in those twinkling brown eyes, too distracted to pay attention to what Taehyung was saying. He then continued. “Besides, Kookie. I wanted to try something a little different.” He smirked and bit his lip in a suggestive manner before proceeding to take off his shirt.

Jeongguk froze, unsure of how to handle this. Taehyung was standing in his room, shirtless, sunlight shining in on his abs, making them appear to be sparkling. Jeongguk couldn’t help but stare and Taehyung, noticing Jeongguk’s wide eyed stare, smiled widely and cheekily, before confidently asking, “You like what you see, Kookie?”

Jeongguk stood there, as still as a statue, only uttering the words, “T-Taehyung, w-why?”, as quiet as a mouse. It was as if his brain had forgotten how to make a coherent sentence. Jeongguk felt his breathing become heavy and his whole face become heated, yet all he could do, was stare in awe at the beautiful boy who was standing in front of him. It was as if he was staring at an angel from heaven.

Taehyung giggled cheekily before proceeding to slowly walk up to Jeongguk, who was still frozen in awe. Taehyung stopped painfully close to Jeongguk and began to stroke his cheek gently, ensuring that the younger could calm down a little bit, before nipping and sucking on his earlobe, the younger softly whining as he did it.

“I want you to draw me…” Taehyung stated, as he began placing butterfly kisses onto Jeongguk’s jaw. He then began to place kisses up his neck, back to his ear, where he whispered into Jeongguk’s right ear, the hot air in Jeongguk’s ear, causing him to shiver in anticipation.


Jeongguk whined at this revelation, too far gone at this point to care about embarrassing himself. He felt his dick painfully twitch in his pants. God, Taehyung was driving him crazy. Taehyung pulled away, much to Jeongguk’s discontent and began to walk to the sofa, a hungry look in his eyes, Jeongguk following close behind him, until Taehyung quietly and huskily asked, “Baby boy, take off my trousers and pants for me please?” He then began to kiss Jeongguk passionately, both of their tongues exploring all the caverns of the other’s mouths. Jeongguk closed his eyes, captivated in the feeling, whilst both of their dicks grew harder, causing them to become even more hungry for each other.

At last, Taehyung pulled away and Jeongguk kneeled down in front of him and looked up at the older with half lidded eyes. Taehyung thought this looked adorable. ‘How on earth does a boy as beautiful and perfect as him exist?’, Taehyung thought to himself, before gasping in surprise. Jeongguk had began to stroke his dick through his trousers.

Taehyung couldn’t help but let out a throaty moan. Damn, this boy was making him feel so good, even if he did have trousers on. But Taehyung couldn’t afford to get side tracked, even if that side tracking was Jeon Jeongguk giving him a handjob. Taehyung had a mission. Get a drawing, fuck the living daylights out of the beauty that was Jeon Jeongguk, and maybe get his number afterwards. But he needed the drawing first. He didn’t want to get too carried away if Jeongguk didn’t deserve it.

“Baby, that feels so good”, Taehyung moaned, Jeongguk smiling under him, pleased that he was doing a good job. Taehyung continued. “But take my pants off please? Don’t you want to see my cock dripping nice and wet for you?” Within less than ten seconds after he had said this, Jeongguk had pulled down Taehyung’s trousers and boxers, his mouth gaping at the cock dripping with precum, that stood directly in his line of eyesight.

“T-Tae”, Jeongguk whimpered, his wide brown eyes staring up at Taehyung, with a way too innocent look on his face, considering what was currently happening. Taehyung only hushed him. “Ssh baby. Can you draw me first please? Can you be patient enough for your Hyung? If you’re patient, then I’ll give you what you need. Can you do that sweetie? Can you be good for me?”

Jeongguk was desperate, far too desperate for the beauty that was Kim Taehyung to touch him and to make him feel loved. But he needed to be good for his Hyung, he needed Taehyung to be proud of him. So, despite his painfully hard cock and despite just how utterly fucked out he was already, Jeongguk walked over to the other side of the room and grabbed his sketchbook, his pencil case, and a chair, whilst Taehyung began to lie down on the sofa, his dripping cock nestled on his stomach.

Jeongguk has had many hard times in his life, from getting into college to making friends but by far, drawing Taehyung when he was so needy and when Taehyung was lying there completely naked, looking like a three-course meal, was the hardest thing that he ever did. He felt his fingers tremble as he shaded in Taehyung’s hair and he felt his dick twitch in excitement as he sketched out Taehyung’s member. Jeongguk kept trying to tell himself that Taehyung wasn’t there. It was just Jeongguk in the room. It was just Jeongguk in the room.

But despite how hard Jeongguk tried, he couldn’t stop thinking about the beautiful man that lay naked on his couch. This was the worst kind of torture, being so desperate and not being able to do anything about it.

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity for the two of them, Jeongguk had finished the drawing. All he needed now was his signature at the bottom of the page, which he did as quick as a flash. Jeongguk nervously walked over to Taehyung, his fingers trembling in anticipation as he gave the older boy the drawing. As soon as Taehyung’s fingers touched the paper, he placed it on the oak coloured coffee table in front of him and pounced on the younger boy, peppering his neck with butterfly kisses, his hand feeling every inch of his body. Jeongguk had been waiting for this, that’s why he did the drawing for Taehyung after all.

Taehyung pushed Jeongguk against the sofa with an intense strength. He began straddling him and kissing him roughly, his hands travelling down Jeongguk’s chest until they came close to his neglected cock. Jeongguk was moaning underneath him, too aroused to care if his neighbours heard him. Taehyung sat up and smirked. “This has gotta’ go”, he stated before pulling Jeongguk’s dungarees and shirt off, leaving him completely naked, the cold air hitting his sensitive nipples, causing him to squeak.

“So, baby has sensitive nipples?” Taehyung giggled, causing Jeongguk to get really embarrassed by this. “N-no, T-Tae, I-I don’t”… he whined, before Taehyung began playing with his nipples, sucking his right nipple and tweaking his left nipple, causing Jeongguk to moan, whine and buck up his hips from under him. Maybe it was a little embarrassing that his crush knew that he was so sensitive, but Jeongguk was so lost in pleasure that he didn’t care in the slightest.

After a while though, Jeongguk wanted more. No, he needed more. “T-Tae”, he whimpered, causing Taehyung to look down at him and Jeongguk then realised just how submissive he must have looked to Taehyung. “T-touch me please, T-Taehyung.” God, nothing turned Taehyung on more, than Jeongguk whimpering and pleading under him.

Taehyung kneeled down and began to deep throat Jeongguk, as Jeongguk’s dick twitched inside his throat. God, he was close, so close. Jeongguk’s hands reached up to Taehyung’s hair and clenched in it tightly, whilst Jeongguk moaned, “T-Taehyung, I’m g-gonna c-come.” This wasn’t going to stop Taehyung. Taehyung moved his right hand up to tweak at Jeongguk’s left nipple at the same time as sucking him off and as soon as his fingers managed to do one tweak, Jeongguk came, his hot load squirting into Taehyung’s mouth. Jeongguk was moaning Taehyung’s name as he came, and it took every inch of strength for Taehyung to not come on the spot.

Taehyung swallowed Jeongguk’s come, the salty liquid dripping down his lips. “You taste amazing”, Taehyung huskily stated before Jeongguk began to lick Taehyung’s lips clean, an innocent look on his face as he did it. “Fucking hell, baby”, Taehyung groaned, before attacking Jeongguk’s mouth again with his lips, the two moaning softly as they kissed.

Taehyung pulled away soon afterwards and flipped Jeongguk onto his back. Jeongguk knew where this was going and suddenly, he began to feel nervous. Jeongguk had never told anyone this before, but he was a virgin and now he was going to lose his virginity? The reality of this finally settled in, as Jeongguk tensed up from underneath Taehyung.

As soon as he felt Jeongguk tense up, Taehyung knew something was wrong. The boy was probably a virgin, Taehyung thought to himself and he must have been quite scared about this. Taehyung began kissing Jeongguk’s cheek softly, trying to make him feel more relaxed, as his kisses began tracing down the rest of his body.

“Baby, it’s okay”, Taehyung said softly. “I’m not going to hurt you. You can trust me. Don’t be scared”. Hearing this helped Jeongguk to relax. He could trust Taehyung.

Taehyung began scissoring Jeongguk gently. He didn’t want to hurt the boy and he wanted to make sure that Jeongguk was properly stretched out. Jeongguk arched his head back, giving Taehyung full access to his neck, so Taehyung peppered his neck with soft kisses, whilst he scissored him. Taehyung slowly began adding fingers and by the third finger, Taehyung had managed to find Jeongguk’s prostate. Taehyung began abusing Jeongguk’s prostate, shoving his fingers fast and deep into Jeongguk’s fluttering hole. Jeongguk was letting out choked whines, it felt so god damn good. Taehyung was hitting all the right spots and it was driving Jeongguk crazy.

Taehyung’s fingers soon left Jeongguk’s hole and Jeongguk felt so empty. He needed to be full, he was so desperate for Taehyung to slam into his hole with his cock. Jeongguk whined at the loss of contact but Taehyung hushed him, before slamming into Jeongguk, catching the younger off guard, a squeak exiting his mouth.

The loud slapping sound of skin on skin filled the room as well as loud moans from the two of them, as Taehyung fucked Jeongguk hard, the two so lost in each other that neither one cared about anything else, in that moment. Taehyung reached down and started pumping Jeongguk’s neglected cock fast, Jeongguk’s toes curling in pleasure. He was so close and so was Taehyung and they both knew it, so Taehyung fucked and jacked off Jeongguk as fast as he could, until Jeongguk came for the second time, his hot come squirting into Taehyung’s hand. Taehyung came soon afterwards and the two of them lay down on the sofa together, trying to regain their breaths after what they considered to be the best fuck of their lives, so far.

Jeongguk leant his head down on Taehyung’s chest, listening to the steady rhythm of Taehyung’s heart, which helped to soothe him. Taehyung began stroking Jeongguk’s hair softly, the younger closing his eyes as he fell into a relaxed state.

“Jeongguk?” Taehyung muttered softly, not wanting to talk to him too much, knowing that the cute boy was too exhausted to talk and would probably end up falling asleep on his chest, despite it being the afternoon. He would get Jeongguk’s number when he woke up. Besides, there was no way that he wouldn’t do this again, after all.

Jeongguk hummed quietly against Taehyung’s chest, Taehyung continuing to softly stroke the boy’s hair.

“Should we do this again?”


And with that, the two boys fell asleep, the only thing mattering to them, being each other.