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Twitter Threads for Feral Fiends

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Kid!Deku is a lonely lil bitch with no friends & unintentionally summons Demon!Bkg. They meet one night in Dekus room & Bkg talks to him from the shadows telling him how much fun they’ll have together but on one condition.

Deku is ready to accept anything at this point. He’s been isolated for so long he doesn’t know the boundaries between what’s acceptable anymore. Bkg takes full advantage of his naïve nature and tells him they need to form a contract.

Bkg tells innocent lil Deku that he’s an incubus and everything he needs, the contract being completely in Bkgs favor. Deku questions but is persuaded by Bkg to take up the contract. Bkg tells the lil shit they need to “seal” the contract which dumbass Deku excitedly agrees to.

Bkg is onto Deku before he can resist and begins to kiss and feel up the kids body. Everytime Deku whines he reminds him of their contract, which forces Deku to submit to Bkg, and continues to fondle the kid. Deku starts to relax and Bkg proceeds to his next move.

Bkg starts taking off Dekus clothes ignoring any protests & shoves lil bitch on his back. Bkg pins Deku telling him to be quiet & stick a finger in him. Deku is uncomfortable but accepts the treatment mumbling about how it feels weird.

Bkg finds it amusing to watch the lil shit squirm but completely accept the treatment & shoves more fingers in almost tempted to just go fist deep. Bkg decides Deku is ready and takes his fingers out to pull the kid to the edge of the bed. Deku is confused & asks if they’re done.

Bkg smirks at the surprise on Dekus face when he stuffs his cock into his ass. Deku feels pain but it’s overwhelmed by some weird foggy haze. He likes it. Bkg picks Deku up and proceeds to use him like a cock sleeve to just go straight into pummeling that ass.

Deku doesn’t know how to handle the unknown pleasurable sensations and just cries. Bkg stops cause, wtf? But Deku whines to keep going, not knowing how wrong their whole situation was. Bkg kicks it up a notch and fucks Deku into oblivion bringing him to a whole new high.

Deku cums & Bkg sinks his teeth into the kids neck sealing their contract with blood and sex... 🌸

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Deku loves hands. Big, strong and rough hands with thick fingers perfect for punishing. He wants to feel those hands, and for those hands to feel him. He lays awake at night thinking of hands all over him and jerks his pathetic dick off to the thought of hands around his neck.

Deku regularly takes the train to go to work everyday. He’s a fucking pushover so he’s easily shoved around the crowded station. He gets on his train and is instantly crowded and shoved back into someone who grabs ahold of his arms.

Deku is shocked at first, being a polite lil bitch, but then his mind starts to wonder. “Fuckn hell, people have no respect for personal fucking space.” A gruff voice growled just behind his ear. He apologized profusely but couldn’t help being hyper aware of the strangers hands.

People shifted around pinning him against the stranger so all he can think of is how those hands are grasping his arms almost painfully. They are so big and warm and strong, he’s really contemplating whether he should try to tempt the stranger into feeling him up.

Just to his luck, the train jolts causing the crowd to press him into the stranger and those hands are now pushing at his waist. “Fuck! Get off me!” Deku is internally screaming and thanking fuck he held his bag over his now raging hard on.

Those hands were just all over him at this point and he struggled to calm his breathing. At some point the hands managed to slip under his shirt and he squeaked in surprise. The stranger growled and settled for holding their hips apart and Deku was sure there’d be bruises later.

The stranger must have been very annoyed at this point, Deku couldn’t blame him, but he was enjoying this too much to care at this point. Then there was an uncomfortable heat over his hips. It just kept getting hotter & Deku started to squirm. He couldn’t help it now, he moaned.

The stranger seemed to have heard it loud and clear and Deku was sure he was going to die of embarrassment. A hand dove forward and touched his now weeping cock causing him to jerk and shiver. The hand was gone as soon as it came. “What the fuck?! You’re getting off on this!”

“You touched me!” Deku squeaks. He the anxiety and excitement were getting to him. “Wha-!” Dekus stop was up and he shoved past people running off the train. He ran into a restroom at the station and took the first stall. He shamefully tugged off his pants and fisted his dick.

Loud feet followed him into the bathroom along with the sound of a door being slammed open. Deku is getting more excited at the thought that the stranger chased him into the bathroom. He tried to be quiet and lift his feet so the stranger didn’t know what stall he was in.

Big mistake. He kicks something & squeaks. They bang on his stall door. “Hey! What the fuck!” “L-Leave me alone!” “Are you fuckn-?! Fuckn pervert!” Dekus mind was swirling with anxiety and excitement. He loved the thought of the stranger knew what was happening and moans loudly.

The stranger is growling like a feral dog & Deku’s honestly wondering if he’ll be able to get out of this unscathed. The stranger switched from banging to kicking the door he was in & he sees the lock begin to rattle. It gives and the door is kicked open he’s completely exposed.

Wild red eyes glare down at him with equally wild blonde hair. They are puffing & they just stare at Deku. Deku is in shock & is very afraid. The stranger grins menacingly as he reaches to him & hoists Deku up by the throat to pin him against the wall. “You fuckn liked that huh?”

The handsome stranger is so close now and Deku whines involuntarily. Deku waits for his beating now. He’s then flipped around. “Stay the fuck there!” He does as he’s told like a good bitch and hears the sound of a door being locked.

The heat is back, the same kind he felt back on the train. Deku whines inching closer to it. A low chuckle from the stranger tells Deku that he’s probably in for more than he bargained for...

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The door was closed & there was no where for Deku to escape. Nerves and excitement bubbles up in Dekus stomach, an intense swarm of butterflies. The heat grew evermore present as he felt it come closer to his skin just hovering threateningly.

“You like perking on the train Mr. White Collar.” Deku didn’t know what to say but hissed when the hand gently grazed over his back bringing a searing pain. “You likes that on the train too. You creepy fuck.” Dekus dick twitched & started to leak more precum that dropped in the toilet. “Hah? You’re really such a fucking freak. Getting off on the fact I’m about to smash your brains in.” Deku wished that didn’t turn him on so much but it did & his dick reacted to it. Deku whimpered as his legs shook giving away his anticipation & causing a mocking laugh from the stranger. Sparks crackled off the strangers hand as it moved over the curve of Dekus bare ass. “Unless you want to be good...” not so hot thumb was pressed into Dekus puckered hole making him flinch. “Fuck..” the sound of a bottle being popped open grabs Dekus attention.

A bottle of lotion is held over Dekus ass before & then he felt a cold slick finger shove its way inside. Deku gasped in discomfort at the intrusion. Sparks met the sensitive tip of Dekus cock making him cry out, “Keep quiet or you’ll be losing more than just your dignity bitch.”

Deku was way too turned on by this threatening male & they knew it. “So damn wet for me even when I threaten to take your fucking dick off.” They shoved two more fingers in skipping a slow build up. Dekus back arched loving the stretching feeling & pressed back. “P-please...”

“Oh yeah? Like this bitch?” They thrust their fingers knuckle deep and curled them into a hooking motion. “You like being a little slut? Being touched by anyone probably gets you off. Your just begging to be a cock sleeve.”

Deku had to bite his knuckles to keep his noises down. The cold feeling came back briefly & suddenly they were trying to work their knuckles past Dekus stretched hole. “W-wait wait!” “No.” The knuckles finally slipped past & Deku couldn’t help but scream. “Take it slut.”

Deku was overwhelmed with pleasure & pain and couldn’t help but stumble face first into the wall. “Fuck, you look so good taking my fist. Bet you stuff your ass all the time, you’re so fucking easy, didn’t even bleed.” Deku was sobbing out a broken moan. It felt like his guts
we’re being rearranged. His fist was punishing Dekus prostate & all he could do was cry about it. He heard the stranger groan & a sharp bite to his ass. “You like that? Getting forced to fuck my fist? Your cock is so fucking wet. Bet you’ll cum untouched.”

The fisting became brutal punches to the guts & Deku felt the pleasure skyrocket. He couldn’t control his whimpers & moans from slipping past his lips. “Please! D-Don’t stop-!” “That’s right. Fucking cum slut!” A harsh wet slap to the ass was all the warning Deku got before they zeroed their sights on his prostate punching it full on. Deku couldn’t take it anymore & came hard crying out.

They slipped their fist out & rotates Deku around to sit on the toilet. As soon as Dekus face was shoved at dick level the stranger came all over Dekus lips & nose.

Deku was still dazed from his intense orgasm & let the stranger move him as they wished. There was a flash & a clicking noise that finally brought Deku back to his senses. The stranger was smirking & showed Deku a picture of him looking very fucked out with their dick pressed to his lips. “Give me your phone bitch.” Deku was in shock looking up at the stranger. “Now or else.” They held their hand out expectantly. Deku dug his phone out of his bag unlocking it before handing it over with slight hesitation. As they played around on his phone Deku realized that the stranger was wearing a familiar uniform. His eyes widened at the now recognized U.A. student who he just let fist him in a grimy public bathroom stall in a train station filled with thousands of people who could have heard them doing the nasty. Rip sex high...

The teen handed over Dekus phone & his eyes nearly bulged at the new contact picture of Deku taking the Teens fist with his eyes rolled back & drool running passed a bit lip. Contact name 𝐃𝐀𝐃𝐃𝐘.

The teen calls the phone, the contact appearing on his screen with the answer & deny option & a unique ringtone he never heard before. “When you hear that you better pick up fast. If I have to call you again I’ll be pissed.” The teen was washing away the evidence of their activities off his arm & hands. He dried them off then fixed his clothes before he starts towards the door. “Oh... and if you don’t pick up after the second call...” he plays a video of Deku moaning around his fist. “I’ll post this on my twitter account and tell all 20k followers how good my bitch is at taking Daddy’s fist.” He smirks & leaves Deku all alone...

Deku shrinks in himself. He’s being pushed around by some teen. He looks at his phone gripping it a little. But he can’t help the fluttering feeling. He can’t wait to get that next call.

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Deku sometimes find himself glancing at Bkgs group. Not at Bkg himself but to red dog of a man sitting next to him. Deku had been curious about him, at first it was a mild curiosity about his & Bkgs friendship. But as of recent, Deku can’t stop thinking of Kiris teeth.

Deku has set aside a journal for his sudden new found obsession with the man’s teeth often drawing Kiri smiling or laughing. Deku sometimes takes really good pictures of Kiri that he adds to his journal. He probably had enough data on Kiris teeth to become his personal dentist.

Kiri approaches him for advice while Deku is scrambling to cover up his sins. He talks to Kiri trying to act normally but Kiri asks about the notebook. Deku slams it shut but an untapped picture of Kiri slips out. Kiri picks it up and reads the scrawl of writing. Deku books it.

Deku almost doesn’t want to show up to school. Everyone probably knows by now that he’s a stalker & about his weird teeth obsession. Deku steps into class & everything actually turns out pretty ok. No strange looks his way and the day plays out normally, as if nothing happened...

The days go by & Deku has tried to avoid writing about Kiris teeth but now he’s left alone with his unrestrained thoughts. He can’t help but want to touch his teeth, feel how sharp they are and how they’d feel pressed into his skin. He can’t stand it at one point & writes it ALL.

He’s so focused in his writing he doesn’t see a person approaching him. Kiri slips the notebook from Dekus grasp to tuck under his shoulder. Deku is internally freaking out & feels frozen in fear. Kiri shoots a smile over his shoulder, “meet me in the dorms yeah?” & leaves.

𝙎𝙠𝙞𝙥 𝙩𝙤 ❤️ 𝙞𝙛 𝙮𝙤𝙪’𝙧𝙚 𝙟𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙝𝙤𝙧𝙣𝙮.

Deku is sweating the rest of the day. He regularly glances over towards Kiri & sees that his friends are curious about the notebook, even Bkg asked about it. Thankfully Kiri would brush it off it because they didn’t ask about it anymore.

The school day ends and Kiri leaves to the dorms with friends. Deku does the same but his attention is drawn to Kiri. He’s still holding his notebook as he talked to his friends in the lobby & Deku could see them becoming more curious about it again as time goes on.

Kiri finally leaves for his dorm and Deku is almost tempted to launch himself full sprint after him but he just casually excuses himself. “Kirishima! Hold the elevator!” “Oh! Ok Midoriya!” Kiri flashes an innocent smile towards Deku full of those pretty pearly whites…

❤️The elevator ride is hell for Deku. Deku squeaks & turns away from Kiri with embarrassment as Kiri casually flicks open the journal. Kiri reads until the door dings. Deku thought about what it would be like to be dead man walking, he’s sure what he’s feeling currently is close.

Kiri opens his dorm room & steps inside leaving it open for Deku. Deku closes it behind him at watches Kiri read his journal. “You like me teeth huh?” Kiri shuts the journal again tossing it on his desk. “Uh, yeah...” Kiri approaches a friendly look on his face. “Wanna touch em?”

Deku is confused but Kiri just opens his mouth and pulls his cheek to the side so Deku can see all his teeth clearly. Deku is slightly stunned but with a lopsided smile from Kiri he had two fingers hovering just above Kiris lower lip.

Deku presses clumsy fingers to his bottom lip jabbing Kiri a little. Deku apologizes but Kiri just continues to stare at him silently. Deku traces Kiris bottom lip unsure where to start first and ends up letting his fingers wonder over pointed incisors.

His teeth felt as sharp as they looked. They were so smooth under Dekus fingers & surprisingly hot. Deku looks up to see if what he’s doing is ok. Kiri leans forward into Dekus space his eyes seemingly with a never ending focus on Dekus face. Deku blushed & kept his eyes on teeth.

Deku explores further back into Kiris mouth & Kiri pressed forward. Deku could now feel his hot breath fanning his face & the room seemed to heat up quickly. Kiris hand pushed Deku back gently as he stepped forward until his back was to the door.

Deku could feel his head start to spin. Fans of hot breath becoming scorching as Kiri leaned on his elbows trapping Deku in this atmosphere that seemed to be getting more sensual by the minute.

Deku found himself to be getting hard as the act of prodding Kiris teeth felt more venereal. His breathing became labored as he now shakily finger fucked Kiris mouth. Kiri closed off the distance between them completely pinning Deku against the door. Deku was going insane.

Deku could no longer move his wrist & attempted to pull his fingers free. Kiri caught the digits with his teeth applying a slight threatening pressure. Kiri challenged Deku with a narrow of his eyes. Deku easily submits to Kiri, his weeping cock aching for the dominant male.

Kiri bit down a bit harshly causing Deku to yelp then licked over the sore fingers soothingly. Deku could feel the coil in his stomach straining as Kiri repeated a trail of bites up to hi wrist. The danger of those teeth made him feel so close to breaking.

Kiri aggressively pulls apart the top of Dekus uniform popping the top button and drags those teeth over his pulse. The action making Deku feel week in the knees. Then Kiri sinks his teeth into the flesh between Dekus shoulder and he’s gone...

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Every full moon is a struggle for Werewolf!Bkg. Tonight is no different but unfortunately Bkg he & Shifter!Kiri are stuck in a random town far from home so they take to a cave hopefully far enough from the town so when Bkg shifts he’ll have less of a chance of hurting citizens.

Night comes & with great difficulty, Kiri manages to get Bkg restrained partially. The shift happened at an agonizingly slow pace the shifter mindful of thrashing arms & skin shredding claws that were starting to elongate from furred fingers.

Kiri is fighting back his own shift but is unable to stop his form from taking on its dog form leaving Bkg to only be restrained by the wrist and ankle. Too late to worry about it now, Kiri leaves the cave for his own safety, encouraged by the snapping of Bkgs jaws.

Bkg continues to struggle while he takes on his wolf form managing to slip from the anklet. This caused the chain to become caught between two boulders before snapping. Katsuki is completely shifted into his complete wolf form and he howls at the moon to announce his presence.

Deku had snuck out of his home, only bringing an oversized cloak & his wooden sword. He didn’t hang out with the other kids in his town so he often went adventuring on his own. Though tonight felt off. The farther he traveled in the woods, the worse the feeling got.

There was a rustling around him & suddenly 3 men are upon Deku. Deku managed to let out a scream before one of the men gagged him. He cried because his mother had warned him about children being taken by devils & getting eaten by their demon god.

Another rustling sounded & a large red dog rushed out biting one of the men holding Deku. It whimpered and tugged Deku away from the scene back to the town. The men managed to grab Dekus cloak making him fall on his back. The dog stood over the boy and snapped at the man’s hand.

A man pulled out a dagger & started slashing at Kiri nicking him on the nose. It staggered him from the pain in such a sensitive spot but he kept his teeth bared. Unlike Bkg, Kiri could still think clearly when he shifts on the full moon.

At first he had thought Bkg had attacked someone when he heard the scream. But when he realized it what it truly was he couldn’t just leave the kid. He also needed to hurry knowing the chains won’t hold Bkg. He tugs the kid by his cloak trying to defend & hurry away.

Bkg feels a freedom under the full moon that he hadn’t felt in years since his first shift. He runs throughout the forest filled to the brim with energy. He finds a few small animals & catches some. Bkg is basically having a shit ton of fun even though he’s not in control.

Bkgs wolf catches the scent of something sweet on the air mixed with the remnants of pack blood. Bkg growls & finds himself running to the location. The closer he gets the sweet smell the more panicked it seems to be. It is surrounded & Bkg reacts without much of a thought.

A blur flies in front of confused & panicking Deku. Blood covers the scene almost spraying him in the eyes. Deku starts to wipe his eye with his sleeve but it is tugged by the now frantic dog. He is dragged away before he could see what was this thing the dog was scared of.

The screams of the ‘Devils’ died & suddenly a flash of white blanketed Dekus vision. He was shoved & skidded until his back hit a tree. Yelps & growls sounded from the shadows that sounded like the dog before a sickening crash was heard. The beast finally revealed itself a wolf.

The smell made Bkgs wolf sing with a whole new high to top the adrenaline from the fight. He stalked forward to the child who seemed to be frozen but with what he didn’t know. His mind was a fuzzy wonderful thing but he understood was that whoever they were, they belonged to Bkg.

Deku was frozen with fear. Was he gonna die? He clenched his fists & started to cry. Deku gasped when he realized that he still had his wooden sword. He looked down at it & then a brilliant idea popped into his head. He stood up & yeeted that bitch at its head. “NOT TODAY SATAN!”

And then the chase was on. A hot blooded wolf high off excitement & slightly enraged by the stupid trick the child pulled & a freaked the fuck out kid who somehow managed to evade said enraged wolf multiple times ducking & dodging its massive form.

Kiri awoke after the full moon wondering how he managed to get stuck in a tree. He limped his way back to the cave, smelling Bkgs scent strongest there, & wondered if by some miracle that the chain managed to hold him there & everything he remembered was just a nightmare.

Although when he entered the cave & saw what was there he knew it wasn’t a dream. But what was more spectacular, was how Bkg had seemingly origamied himself completely around the kid. Kiri just sighed & shook his head before flopping on Bkgs legs. Only to be promptly kicked off.

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Beta Teacher!Deku bent over the desk by Alpha Student!Bkg right in the middle of class. Bkg is in a rut and growls aggressively at the rest of the class causing a bit of panic in the few omegas attending the class. Deku is very confused by the young Alphas actions because of the-

fact that there Bkgs past actions only showed aggression towards him & there was also omegas present which would usually be a rutting alphas first choice. Bkg leans over Deku making him squeak at the feeling of teeth grazing the back of his neck. His squeak seems to shake the surprise from one of the betas who immediately runs out the door.

Bkg ignores them, his rut in full swing now. Deku tries to talk some sense in the alpha but he seemingly hears none of it. Deku tries to slip from Bkgs grasp and book it but only earns a slam to the desk & a growl from the alpha. Deku felt the hem of his pants he tugged, thankfully he wore a belt, but the feeling of security didn’t last long as he felt a hand reaching around. Deku jumps at the feeling of a hand over his crotch causing Bkg to shove him further up the desk he was pinned to.

The jingle of a belt buckle being undone caused Deku to whimper. The alpha stopped for a second to nuzzle Dekus neck before pulling pants & boxers from his hips. Deku could see that the other alphas were itching to do something but with Bkg as the strongest presenting alpha in the class they all just turned away from Dekus pleading face. Deku felt something wet warm & hard press against his ass & Deku pleaded for Bkg to realize what he was doing. The alpha crooned & licked the back of his neck soothingly which only worked partially. Bkg started to lower Deku down on his cock taking it slow so he didn’t hurt him too much.

Deku winced at the stretch of his ass & tensed up making fists against the edge of the table. Bkg continued to croon & kick soothing stripes over Dekus scent gland as he bottomed out. Dekus body felt like it was forced to relax & his mind calm. He could feel the alpha over him but couldn’t find it in him to resist anymore. Bkg snapped his hips forward completely bottomed out with a please growl & started to repeatedly thrust in & out.

The pain slowly faded away with each thrust & Deku arched his back at the growing pleasure. Bkg picked up on this lifting Dekus hips off the desk his feet now unable to touch the ground. The alpha picked up the pace slamming Dekus back on his cock & the ever growing knot that kept grinding against his ass. Deku couldn’t help the moan that escaped his mouth when Bkgs cock rammed into his prostate head on which the alpha in turn shifted his hips around until he found that spot every time.

Deku was moaning like a whore now unable to deny the pleasure he was receiving. Bkgs thrusts became erratic & Deku could feel the knot being shoved up against his hole trying to bury itself deep in his ass. Bkg grabbed ahold of Dekus neck making him arch his back even further off the desk. This was when Deku was reminded of the other students in the room, some looked shocked & others aroused by him getting fucked by Bkg. He closed his eyes and turned his head away from them in shame. Bkg took this moment to secure his spot on Dekus neck simply holding it with his teeth as he brutalized Dekus prostate.

Deku cried out as he came over his desk & Bkg started to feverishly slam his cock into Deku until his ass finally gave to his knot. Bkg moans & whimpers as he grinds his knot in Dekus ass until he cums. Deku yelps at the feeling of teeth breaking skin & he shivers as his body is suddenly taken over by a large wave of pleasure making him instantly cum again. Bkg continued to grind his knot deeper into Dekus ass & crooned with a mouth full of Dekus scent gland.

“Oh my god!”

Deku felt hands on him trying to tug him away making him whimper & Bkg to growl aggressively at the intruders. The weight on Dekus back was gone & the hold on his neck released. Deku fell limply on the desk shivering as the pleasurable feeling was still running over him.

There was a struggle behind him growls & crackling fire cracker noises. He felt Bkg lunging over him & he whimpered in pain feeling the knot pull against his ass. Bkg was over him crooning & pressing his very warm palms into his back like a massage.

Hands were on him again & Bkg growled but the struggle was futile. He felt himself get covered before being taken to a different location with the raging alphas cock still locked deep in his ass. As his head began to clear, he realized two things.

He was being transported to one of the rut rooms the school had for alphas & that they both were royally fucked after Bkgs mind cleared & knot was gone.

Chapter Text

Alpha Student!Bkg & Beta Teacher!Deku sit in the principals office and Deku is fucking SWEATING! He just spent the rest of the school day trapped in a rut room with the young alpha & his ass feels like he just got spanked with a pile of bricks. Thankfully Bkg managed to calm down just before school ended for the day.

When Bkg realized he was knot deep in some ass, he started to freak out but Deku calmed him down & told him everything will be fine. Deku can say that this right now was not fine to say the least. Bkg tried to keep a straight face but it was clear to see that he was on the edge of his seat too.

The principal sipped tea whimsically sighing contentedly after a particularly long sip, “So. It seems we have a bit of a dilemma here now don’t we boys.”

The mouse looking bear looked over his cup of tea with a glint in his eye that didn’t settle well in Dekus stomach.

“On one hand we have a teacher who submitted to a rutting alpha student & on the other hand we have a rapist.”

Bkg clasped his hands & leaned his elbows on his knees his hair covering most of his face. But from what Deku could see, Bkg looked like he was about to have a heart attack. In Dekus mind something shifted & felt unsettled by the fact that the young alpha was distressed.

He wanted it to stop.


They looked over towards Deku quizzically.

“Yes Midoriya-san?”

Deku swallowed the lump in his throat, “I-I take full responsibility for this! I noticed something, uh, different in Bkgs behavior &... & I-I was careless! I was very careless!”

Heat flooded Dekus cheeks, his heart beating incredibly fast as he felt their eyes pinning him to his spot.

“Hm… Ok well in that case. I won’t expel Mr. Bkg here.” The blonde visibly perked at that eyes wide in shock despite his overall deadpan face. “Instead I will place him under in school suspension.”

Bkg let’s out a quiet sigh of relief, “He will be on cleaning duty for a month & will also have to write a speech to everyone in his class formally apologizing about his behavior.”

Bkg turns away with a tsk trying to hide his embarrassment away from the principle.

“Now as for you Midoriya-san. You will be scheduled for opening & closing the school for a month & will need to apologize to Mr. Bkgs parents for your failure.”

Deku feels like his soul had left him. He sighs to himself knowing he decided this fate but failed to notice the red eyes that were now trained on him.

Both of them leave the office silently & walk a bit down the hall. The air is tense so Deku turns to say an awkward goodbye but as soon as he turned around he’s shoved against a wall.

“You didn’t have to fucking do that...” Deku is confused but Bkg presses on, “You could have just let me get kicked out. I’ve been nothing but a fuckn asshole to you & yet you just...”

The young alpha was shaking with a fistful off Dekus shirt in hand. Deku could tell Bkg probably felt horrible for what he did & didn’t know how to apologize for it. In the corner of his eye Deku spotted a bathroom not too far from where they were & gently placed a hand over Bkgs gaining the blondes attention. He pulled the hand away but held Bkgs wrist pulling him to the bathroom. This obviously confused the hell out of Bkg but he went along with it anyways. Deku checked if the bathroom was empty before going and locking the door.


“You Don’t have to feel bad for me Bkg. It wasn’t entirely your fault...”

One of the lights in the bathroom was out so when Deku stepped out of the dark entry way it was as if he unveiled a part of himself he didn’t show in everyday life. Bkg felt there was suddenly something very dangerous about Deku. It excited him.

“Kacchan~.” Deku slipped his glasses off letting it drag across his bottom lip with the grace of a mistress in the night. “You’re telling me, you didn’t notice all my advances for the past semester? I thought I was very clear on my intentions...”

Deku walked Bkg back into a wall & leaned into his space. Bkg could clearly smell it now with Dekus scent gland so close to his face that his teacher was horny as fuck. Bkg couldn’t help himself as he started to shake from the darkness those green eyes suddenly held. The scent didn’t help either making his mouth water & his pants grow tight.

His eyes were solely trained on Deku, watching his teachers hands slowly pull the tie from his neck & lazily unbutton his dress shirt exposing soft freckled skin. Bkg felt the feeling of rut slowly crawl into his mind & he could see that his teacher, this man he’d been a pining after slip his hand down to Bkgs growing cock and squeeze it.

“I didn’t think you’d take me in the classroom... & so aggressively too. Guess I don’t have to hold back anymore.”

Deku backs up & lets go of Bkgs cock with a slide of his finger. He keeps going until he’s leaned against the sink which is when Bkg realizes that his pants are gone which makes his cock fill to full mast the second he does.

“Kacchan~.” Deku lifts his leg off the floor holding it up for him. Bkg started intensely at Deku who unzipped the tight leather underwear until it’s two halves hung on his thighs. “What are you waiting for Kacchan~? Stuff me~.”

Bkg couldn’t hold back any longer as he stalked over to the beta male and pushed his pants & underwear to the ground. Bkg grabbed a fistful of green hair & tugged his beta forward.

“Fuckn tease!” Bkg assaulted those lips with teeth & tongue before he shoved his cock up that tight beta ass.

Chapter Text

Demon/Dark Cupid!Deku latches onto ms!Bkg & drives him insane. Bkg breaks when the demon whispers about how he could take Deku right at that moment as he watches the unsuspecting greenette walk into a bathroom that isn’t terribly active. Bkg rushes Deku & slams his head on-

a wall knocking him out cold. Bkg picks him up & drags him out using the excuse of Dekus bloody head needing to be treated as a cover for his kidnapping...

Deku wakes up in a dark basement with a mind numbing headache & is very confused how he got there. He tries to move but finds his hands are bound to a cold object behind him and starts to panic. The creaking of a door opening then slamming shut & the sound of heavy foot fall has him frozen in complete fear. Who is it? What do they want? Why me?


Dekus blood runs cold in his veins as he realized who he’s dealing with. “K-Kacchan please! Whatever I did I’m sorry! It doesn’t have to be like this!”

“Always tempting me, mocking me... This will be the last time...” Dekus eyes catch a flicker of light catching the edge of something small and metallic in the darkness.

Bkg then steps into the spotlight & the sight of the knife & the dark look on Bkgs face only confirmed that everything Deku feared was going on was actually happening.

“Ka-acchan please!” He started to sob uncontrollably, his whole body shaking with fear as his childhood friend advanced on him.

“This is the last time I’ll let you mock me Deku. You had your fun teasing me all you liked.” Bkg stepped over to Deku before crouching over him & holding the blunt side of the blade against Dekus quivering jaw. That’s when Deku saw it, the crazed love sick look in Bkgs eyes that made him cry out even more now. Bkg just grins completely blinded by his toxic fantasies that he can now play out with his Deku. His Deku, only his, he never stopped being so faithful to him so he deserves a treat right?

Bkg cracks a face splitting grin at that. Yes, yes his Deku deserves this. He was mocking him with his beautiful starry eyes & the way he moved as if Bkg was beneath him. Some ethereal fairy prancing around in his mind. Pain & pleasure is what he deserves right now to make up for all the time they’ve been apart.

For being the good boy following & being loyal, but also for forgetting his place behind Bkg. Bkg laughed maniacally at Dekus horror before stroking a gentle finger under a pretty emerald eye completely contrasting the threatening edge of the knife pressed against Dekus throat.

Bkg calms his laughter to smile softly at Dekus angelic face covered in tears & dried blood.

“Yeah you had your fun. Now it’s my turn to have mine...”

Chapter Text

“Give me attention!” Deku whines at his babysitter Bkg. The teen has had enough of the brats whining but he had a really unforgiving test tomorrow and he couldn’t play games all night. Bkg smiles a crooked smile trying his best not to yell at the lil snot.

“Kacchan is busy right now Deku. He’s trying to finish his studying so you have to be good.”

“No! I want attention! I want attention!” Deku chants repeatedly stomping his foot in tandem.

Bkg grit his teeth silencing himself as he flipped to another page.

“Deku stop.”

The kid kept on throwing his tantrum voice rising higher & higher until he was nearly screeching. Bkg has had of this shit.

“Does Deku want to play with Devil?” The screeching stopped & Deku took a step back. “N-No I’ll be good! I won’t do it again!” Deku started cowering away in fear much to the teens delight.

Bkg felt his heart warm at the sight of wide eyes staring back at him in fear & he started to croon only making the younger boy flinch away in horror.

“But Devil wants to play now Deku. You didn’t let Kacchan study. You were very bad.”

Deku started to cry, “B-But Mama said if I pray hard Devil won’t come back.” Bkg snickered at the boy before rolling his eyes, “Mamas wrong Baby Boy. Devil can’t be beat by prayer. He can only be tamed... Will you help Kacchan tame Devil? Or do you not want Kacchan back!”

Deku started wailing, begging for his ‘Kacchan’ back & telling ‘Devil’ to give him back. Bkg wanted to laugh but he couldn’t back out now after keeping this up for so long just grooming this child to his liking.

Bkg crawled towards the boy & smiled, “I need something from you to let him come back… You know that...”

Dekus sobs slow to hiccups before he glared up at Bkg. “W-What do you want.” Bkg saw his small body shaking so deliciously as he tried to put on a tough front. Bkg reaches forward & pulled the boy under him purring.

“You know what I want, don’t you Deku?” The boy turned his head away blushing hard as he tried very hard to keep up the front.

“Whatever Devil, you’re not my Kacchan.” Bkg peeked at that.

“What if it was your Kacchan? Hm? What then?” Deku blushed hard at that, he obviously hadn’t thought that far ahead but as his Deku always does, he’s quick to comeback.

“I’d like him better than you!”

Bkgs breath hitched at that, odd but pleasant tingles shuddered down his spine & an uncomfortable tightness now made its resistance in his pants. He bowed his head so Deku couldn’t see the struggle on his face. Oh fuck this boy was gonna be the death of him being such a fucking cute ass snot. Bkg knew he couldn’t wait any longer, no longer will he be satisfied with just his fingers poking and prodding around. Nope, he was going to fuck some kid ass.

“Deku...” he growled as he pinned the boy to the floor. “You don’t know how good that makes me feel...” Deku tilted his head in confusion and surprise.


Bkg smiled down at his Deku, “Yes it’s me...”

Deku looked around as if there was something amiss, “But... Devil?”

“He’s me Deku... He just loves you differently...” Deku made a confused look but it suddenly morphed into realization.

“So then-!”

Bkg saw the horror come back to Dekus face & Bkg was suddenly regretting telling him. He started to panic & pull away.

“I didn’t mean to be mean to you Deku, I just... I just love you ok! It’s really hard to be good when I’m around you.” This definitely was not good, he most certainly was not gonna be able to see his Deku anymore. He’d surely tell his mother about everything he’s done to him, how he’s hurt him. How he’s touched him. Bkg didn’t realize that he had started crying until small hands smudged their thumbs under his eyes. Bkg blinked and stared down at the boy wiping away his tears, the boy didn’t look back but Bkg could see the pink tinting his cheeks.

“Y-you love me?” Sparkling emeralds revealed themselves to Bkg completely absorbing him into its depths. Bkg let out a breathy yes unconsciously making Deku blush a deeper shade of red. The kid nodded seemingly accepting the answer. Deku shuffled his feet kicking at the ground he was now so suddenly very interested in.

“Then, I love Kacchan & Devil too...”

Bkg sat there dumbfounded before he practically hurled himself on top of Deku. He smiled kissing Deku all over his face very happy that he didn’t just lose his most favorite person in the world. He vowed to keep him even closer now & to not let anything hold them back. “I love you Deku...”

The aching in Bkgs pants grew harder to ignore every second he was on top of his Deku. Bkg started to kiss his kids neck & chest while he pushed up the shirt revealing Dekus stomach. He was so turned on he started bucking at the air unconsciously dick aching to be buried to the hilt in Dekus ass.

“Oh fuck Deku! I need-!”

Deku blushed a deep crimson & nodded a confirmation, “I-Ok, it’s ok K-Kacchan. You can be Devil I-I don’t mind.”

Bkgs mind was swirling with lust. He could finally do it after so long worrying that Deku would hate him & reject his love. The kid really should, he’s smart enough to understand that much, but he didn’t & Bkg just...

Bkg pulled down Dekus shorts & underwear leaving his ass bare.

“I’m gonna put my fingers in, then my cock, understand.”

Deku looks confused, “Your... Rooster?”

Bkg chuckles and shakes his head, “You’ll see baby boy...” then he lays a kiss on his kids forehead before grabbing the lube out of his backpack. He was always ready for this.

Bkg lubed up his fingers & hovered around Dekus hole. “It’s cold so stay still.”

“Ok Kacchan.” So complacent...

Deku gasped at the touch of cold lube against his asshole. So cute...

Bkg slid his fingers in two at a time since he knew his kid would be stretched from the past sessions. Deku took him so easily whenever he did this but the sight of it just never got old. Now that Deku was fully aware just who was really doing it & just completely accepting it... It set Bkgs body aflame.

All mine...

“Deku...” Bkg crooned into Dekus neck as he started to kiss his neck again making his kid giggle.

“Kacchan! That tickles!”

Bkg scissored his fingers as he kept his brat distracted then shoved another finger in his ass. He started to lick Dekus neck & curl his fingers gently as he fingered him open.

“A-ah~?!” Deku let a confused moan slip & Bkg felt like he was on cloud nine.

“Don’t stop making this noises Baby Boy. They make Kacchan feel good inside.”

His fourth finger was knuckle deep at this point completely abusing the spot that make his Deku squirm the most.


Dekus hole clenched around Bkgs fingers as he came all over his stomach. Bkg couldn’t wait any longer & ripped down his pants before beckoning his kid closer.

“Deku... Come here. I’ll show you what my cock looks like.”

Deku crawls over to Bkg shakily before ploping down in front of him. Bkg grins before revealing his dick to those young eyes watching them grow wider as he came out fully.

“K-Kacchan it’s huge!” Deku points before looking at his own making the older boy chuckle.

“Yeah, I need you to sit on it. It’ll feel weird at first but trust me ok? It gets good.”

Deku nods completely trusting him before going to sit on his lap. Bkg aimed his cock to press against Dekus ass which made the boy give him a weird look.

“You trust me right?”

“Yes Kacchan. I trust you.”

“Good. Now relax for me. Tell me when it hurts.”

Bkg slowly lowers the boy on his cock pressing it firmly against the boys asshole then looks at the boy.

“You ready?” Deku nods & that’s the only warning his kid gets before Bkgs hips snap up forcing his cock passed the rim.

Deku starts to clench down on him which almost makes Bkg cum just from that but he wants to do so much more.

He can’t end it so fast after waiting so long.

Bkg sees there is a slight pain in Dekus twisted up face & he reaches around to rub soothing circles in his back.

“D-Deku... Relax. You’re hurting yourself.”

After about a minute Deku finally relaxes & Bkg decides to slowly thrust his way deeper inch by inch. Deku sometimes freezes up but forces himself to relax as soon as it happens.

“Good Boy Deku. You’re doing so well. You’re almost there.”

Deku is starting to pant low whimpers & moans as he takes Bkg down to the hilt in now time. God Deku is so perfect!

“There ya go. That’s my Deku...” Bkg croons in his kids ear. Deku seems to preen under every praise which Bkg is so abusing because his kid is fucking adorable.

They’ve sat there for a couple minutes, mostly Bkg wanting Deku to get used to cock in his ass,-

before Bkg decides it’s time to move.

“I’m gonna move now.” Bkg says and is only answered with a short nod.

Bkg smirks & takes Dekus hips raising him up slowly on his dick. He places his heels into the floor before snapping his hips up as he brings Deku back down on his cock.

Dekus back arches as he’s getting fucked into & whimpers. Bkg tells him how he’s such a Good Boy & how well he’s doing seeing the boy almost shine under the complements.

He picks up the pace the sounds of skin slapping blurring into one consistent noise as he abused his kids hole. Deku was moaning stuttered moans & muttering a whole mess of words over his drool covered lips. Bkg had to fight to keep his eyes open just to drink in such a beautiful sight, not tryna miss a damn second of it.

Bkg was moaning too though he’d never admit it. His Dekus ass was swallowing him whole & he couldn’t get enough of that tight heat. His mind was a fuzzy mess of pleasure & his Deku.

Heat coiled low in his stomach becoming increasingly tight as his hips began to jerk out of rhythm.

“A-Ah! Yes! Fuck! Deku! Gonna fuckn-fill that ass!”

His grip tightened to the point that there could be possible bruising as he rammed his dick brutally into Dekus ass the stutter of his hips becoming erratic by the minute.

“Ah Fuck!”

He buried his cock deep in Dekus ass before cumming a thick load into his kid. He had never felt so blissed our after his typical shit & doesn’t think he can ever find something so perfect outside of his Deku.

Bkg looks the boy over after the blissful fog clears enough for cognitive thinking. He realizes that the boy must have cum multiple times because there was a-

mess left on both of their stomachs.

“Fuck Deku, you’re so cute.” Bkg croons & nuzzles his kid. He really loves this kid despite him being a fucking snot. He was too good, too pure & honest. Bkg didn’t deserve to defile such a beautiful specimen but he was a selfish man just like the rest of the fucking world. He will feast on this beautiful creature to his insatiable hearts content.

The silence was comfortable, Deku wrapped his arms around Bkgs neck as he nuzzled into his neck. Their racing hearts slowed to a steady beat that they could hear in their heads. Bkg felt an uncomfortable swell in his bladder but that could wait. Everything was right in Bkgs world & he couldn’t have it any other way-

“Izuku? Izuku I’m home! Where are you guys at?”

Bkg panicked & picked Deku up shoving his shorts up.

“Shh! Don’t tell her! She’ll hurt me!”

Deku gasped but nodded & tried to hurry to fix his clothes. Bkg did the same but before he zipped his pants he got an idea.

“Hey Deku... Stay still.”

As Bkg expected, Deku froze to see what Bkg would do. Bkg then took out his dick & presses it between Dekus cloth covered thighs & pissed on him.

Deku gasped & was about to move away but Bkg held his thighs as he pissed on them. He then took Dekus All Might shirt that he was wearing & wiped his dick on it.

Deku looked disgusted, and rightfully so.

“It’s an excuse. I’ll tell your Mom you pissed yourself so she doesn’t find out.”

Deku still looked disgusted but nodded in understanding. Bkg snickered before tucking himself away.

Just then the door to the room cracked open & in pokes the head of Inko Midoriya. She looks to Bkg first before seeing Deku & gasping.

Bkg put on his poker face & gestures towards Deku.

“Kid pissed himself.” He shrugs.

Deku nods.


Chapter Text

Soulmate AU where when you have a near death experience your soulmate appears before your eyes in the place of/With the object that’s about to kill you.

So when Deku walks out of the house & nearly is crushed by a semi truck he sees Bkg in the drivers seat.

I should add to this.

Ok so Deku wakes in the hospital wondering if it’s all a dream but the pain in his arms brings him to reality. He leaves the hospital with thankfully only two broken arms & a new determination to find the angry gremlin that was sitting in that seat.

Deku goes around asking for information on soulmates & researches all the lore about them. He sees an ad called ‘Soulmate Summoner’ & after five months of no luck he just said fuck it & booker an appointment.

The chick sitting on the other side of the table looked all kinds of shady but he had paid up front, drove 6 miles & booked a hotel just for this shit. She started preforming her ‘magic’ & the crystal ball in the middle started to glow red.

Deku was in shock & the lady smirked cause he was totally hooked now. “Red is the color of his eyes!”

“Oh he’s a mean one ain’t he?”

Deku gasps, “Yes! Yes he looks very mean!”
“I feel...” she paused for dramatic effect before saying, “He will arrive where you stay...” pause, “In a flashy way... Very eye catching... Yes... Bright...”

Deku ate it all up shoving another 200 in her hands & thanking her profusely for her help much to the ladies shock. She smiled & pulled a hair out of his head which confused him but she explained it was for good luck.

When he left she poured salt over a candle & burned his hair.

It had been about a month & Deku had felt played. He decided it was all for nothing & she definitely got him good. He decided to go camping with Ochako since she saw he was feeling really down lately & had a good ol time. It was dark & Ochako had already turn in for the night so Deku decided to go for a little walk in the woods.

Deku loses the string that leads him back to his camp & he starts walking aimlessly shouting for help. He trips over a twig & rolls down the side of a steep hill crashing right into a tree with a pained cry. He lays there for a while the blood pouring from his head wound felt warm on his cold skin & he cries out again when he tries to sit up on his elbow. He’s just about to give up hope & wait til sunrise until he heard rustling. He wasn’t sure he’d make it at that point as fear began to freeze his heart. There were bears out here & many other predators that wouldn’t think twice about making him a snack. Deku was about to get up again but yelped as his arm shot with pain one again.

“Oi! What the fuck happened?!” The persons gruff voice sounded out of breath but Deku was so relieved to hear it.

He started to openly cry but managed to speak & lead the stranger towards him. A bright white hit his eyes passing over at first but suddenly snapped back to his face making him since. Heavy foot fall sounded as the stranger rushed over to his side.

“Jesus, fuck! How the hell?!” The stranger reached for his arm pulling it & Deku cried out in agony making them jolt back in surprise. “You damn idiot I’m trying to help you! Stop bitchn’!” Despite their harsh words they gently grabbed his shoulder and pulled him up to his feet.

“Can you stand?” Deku bit his lip but nodded as he held his arm. They paced a bit, the light was too bright to see their face & apparently attached to their head somehow.

“Ok, Fuck. Where’s your camp? You’re not too far right?” Deku looked to the side a little embarrassed by his situation & explained how the string detached itself from his belt & that he was completely lost.

“Dumbass you should have checked if it was properly fastened! Ugh, fine, whatever, we’re heading back to my camp. “ They started walking back to where Deku presumed was their camp site but they turned back suddenly & pointed a finger in his face. “Don’t make me regret being nice to you by being a shitbag or trying ta kill me in my sleep. I’m a light sleeper & ex military so it won’t be a fun fucking fight got it?!” Deku nodded a million times before the stranger finally sighed & turned back around. “You’re too fucked up anyways. Probably can’t even hold a damn spoon without cryn like a bitch.” Deku got a little annoyed but brushed it off as the guy just being in shock about the whole situation. Heck if it were Deku he’d probably be more of a mess & probably make the situation worse.

The warm glow of a fire had Deku visibly relaxing. The stranger told Deku to sit on a log & wait while the other went to go fetch his medical supplies. When he came back Deku insisted he could fix himself up but with one pinch to a reaching hand he sat back & let the man help him. When he was done the guy sighed throwing the bloodied cotton & trash into the roaring fire to burn away. They got up & walked over to the tent, the bright light still blocking any way of seeing his saviors face.

“We have to share a tent.”


“Unless you’d rather sleep in the bushes!” They growled. Deku put a hand up in surrender & watched as the man took off his gear. He undid all the straps that Deku hadn’t noticed before until now(climbing gear?) & when they reached up & switched off the light, Deku felt like a curtain had fallen revealing the most beautiful creature he had ever set eyes on. They had their eyes closed as they slipped off the head gear lightly shaking their hair out before running a big hand through it all while the soft light of the fire flickered across their face making them glow.

& when their eyes opened to the world once again, a familiar red stared back.

“What? Ain’t ever shared a room before?”

And all he saw was Red Spider Lilies…

Chapter Text

Fairy!Bkg finds himself being lured by the smell of wood burning over a fire & spiced caramel which lead him in through the window of a wooden cottage. He spotted some food through the window that made his mouth water. He flew over quickly & started to eat all-

that was there. He’s so engrossed in his meal that he doesn’t realize the glass cover coming over the plate to trap him until the sound of clicking glass is heard. Bkg looks up & around before realizing what just happened. He looks at the hand holding the glass & freaks out.

“HOW DARE YOU TRAP ME! WHEN I GET OUT OF HERE IM GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!” The hand holding the glass shifted it around until there was a clicking noise, like it was just locked in place.

Bkg had a sickening feeling in his gut, he knew of humans that used & abused fairies. But the worst he’s heard about them, is that some eat them for their powers... Bkg was shaking but he wouldn’t let his fear show on his face, he was a tough fairy damn it! His palms sparked with unease & his wings started to glow. Maybe he could bust out of the glass with an explosion?

He curled into himself storing up energy in a ball before releasing it in a big explosion. The smoke cleared but when he saw not a single crack in the glass his face fell. Was he really stuck? He had just shown the human what he could do, was he going to use him? Eat him? Oh no.

No please he wasn’t ready to see the Goddess yet! His vision blurred with tears before he started to bang on the glass & shout out curses, anything his mind could muster pretty much. He sank to his knees wings lowering pitifully as he started to cry unwanted tears. “You humans are fucking savages! Deranged & foaming at the mouth as soon as you get ahold of power! When will you all be satisfied?!”

Bkg wiped his eyes before glaring up his captor before his eyes widened when he realized who he was talking to. They weren’t some ordinary human!

A lot of things started to make sense now as he realized their spirit was dancing with energy. They’re a witch.

As red stared into green, Bkg noticed that the witch looked like he wasn’t expecting that outburst from him.

Green eyes softened a little before a smile broke over-

freckled cheeks. The fairy would blush if he wasn’t so upset at the moment because his captor was quite handsome.

“Hey no you’ve got it all wrong! I’m just-!” they paused, “I just need someone to talk to for a little while...” the greenette blushed & the fairy looked over to him in bewilderment. He shook his head. No don’t let your guard down, that’s when he’ll take my fucking head off. Just... gotta play along for a while...

Bkg snarled a little before spitting at the ground, “Well ain’t that tough.”


It had been a few months since their first interaction & Bkg learned the witches name but decided to call him Deku instead cause he’s fucking useless at everything. Bkg realizes that Deku really is just a lonely bastard that apparently trapped him in the glass prison completely on impulse & because Bkg hadn’t asked to be let out after he had confessed to being said lonely bastard he had convinced himself that he had wanted to stay.

At first Bkg may have but for whatever reason he was getting comfortable being in the stupid nerds cottage. Don’t get him wrong, he hated the glass prison he was in but wasn’t exactly sure what to say when he was freed & decided to stick around. If he were honest, he had to admit he had grown attached to the greenette.

But then another fairy sensed the peaceful fairy came fluttering in one day...

A fairy with pink hair & similarly colored skin peaked their head in the window. Bkg & Deku had been talking about the food he was cooking, or rather Bkg was instructing him on how to ‘actually make edible food because he’d rather starve than eat burnt soup again’.

The pink fairy gasped at the sight & immediately attacked the greenette slapping his face with her slightly acidic slime that would only be a distraction really. The greenette yelped dropping the salt onto the floor to hold his burning face. The pink fairy then flew over to Bkg & started melting away the metal fastening.

“It’s ok Bkg! I’ll get ya out!”

“Wait Mina-“

The metal was already gone before he could voice his protest & he found himself being dragged out. It had been a while since he had gotten to stretch his wings but muscle memory helped Bkg not fall on his face when he was roughly jerked along. He was free, it was a nice feeling he hadn’t felt in so long & he relished the feeling of wind under his wings.

He then turned back to see Deku holding his face with a dark look over his face but he didn’t chase them.

That’s right. Deku really didn’t try to harm or use him in any way. He just...

Bkg turned back to Mina & growled using his wings to tug back. She yelped turning back to see if the witch had caught them but all she saw was an angry Bkg. She was really confused as they hovered just outside of the window.

“What are you doing Bkg?”

“You’re little rescue wasn’t fuckn welcome!”

Now Mina was completely confused, “The heck do ya mean Bkg?! You were in a cage! With a human!”

He rolled his eyes but when he went to go back she held his arm.

“You’re not under a spell are you?”

For whatever reason, the thought of her assuming that Deku would ever take advantage of him ticked him off greatly.

So he shoved her.

“You have no right to make assumptions like that Pinky.” He growled his ears flicked with annoyance.

He turned back to the window, “Just go away!”

When he returned through the window he saw Deku curled around the glass cage. The human had a small jar about the size of Dekus finger tip & was scooping the red glittering fairy dust that had collected over the months into the jar.

He then plugged it shut with a cork attached to a string & looped it over his head. A necklace? Bkg landed on a desk a bit of ways away from Deku watching the scene unfold.

The greenette held the jar in his hand a glowing light Bkg remembers was similar to the one he saw before the being locked in the glass cage.

Bkg wondered about that for a bit but was once again brought to the scene before him when he heard a sniffle. Was this damn nerd crying?

And there Deku was, crying on the floor holding a jar of Bkgs fairy dust. Crying over him. Over Bkg.

Bkg felt a warm feeling in his chest & a blush crawl over his cheeks. He had to do something before the guy got too upset.

Bkg took off with a sprint before beating his wings as hard as he could. He went straight for Deku, and smacked the shit out the back of his head.

“Stop crying I’m not fuckn gone!”

Dekus head flew forward from the smack but he instantly snapped back eyes widened as Bkg sat down on a stack of books.

“You came back.”

“Yeah I did.” Bkg huffed crossing his arms.


Bkg blushed hard, he hadn’t thought that far ahead.

“Cause... Cause why the hell not!” Bkg felt like he was on fire from embarrassment. His wings sparked from the feeling.

Deku just stared at him which irritated the hell out of the fairy.

“What! Don’t want me here anymore?! Fine!” Bkg went to stand but felt warm rough fingers tug his arm. The feeling sent a pleasant shiver down Bkgs spine.

“No please! Just-!” Dekus have flashed with the same dark look from earlier. Bkg didn’t like it one bit.

“Hey.” Bkg said though it seemed as if Deku hadn’t heard him. He was so caught up in his own musings & that made Bkg spark with anger.

Bkg shouted angrily, “HEY!”

Dekus face shot up, so close, too close. Bkgs heart hammered in his chest with a feeling he had been denying the last month of his capture. He couldn’t, but why couldn’t he?

Bkg blushed before grabbing Dekus face, “Fuckn crybaby.”

Bkg kissed Dekus surprisingly soft lips, his wings sparking with pleasant tingles. He was really embarrassed but excited at the same time. It was so much & nothing at all. One thing he was sure of was that it felt right in the moment.

Bkg was uncertain how the witch would take the kiss but when he pulled back he was reassured he had made the right choice.

He smirked up at the witch who was slowly coming undone with obviously pent up emotions. Dekus lip quivered as wetness formed in the corners of his eyes.

“You May have been the one that caught me, but I’m the one that owns you Nerd!” Bkg then huff blushing hard.

“And you better not think you’re getting out of this anytime soon. Fairy’s are possessive & we live forever. You’re stuck with me till the Goddess decides to take us.”

Deku tilted his head, “Us?”

Bkg stares deadpanned at Deku to see if he was serious. He was serious.

“Deku... Do you really not know...”

Deku tilted his head even more confused & Bkg face-palmed.

“Deku, you’re supposed to be a fuckn nerd...” he really didn’t want to tell him.

Bkg looked up from his hand, but from the looks of it he probably will.

Bkg blushed furiously & turns away, “Deku, you idiot! Fairies live forever & when they choose a-a... ADAMNLOVER! They create a soul bond under the Goddess. DEKU YOU’RE NOW A FUCKING FAE!”

Deku raised a finger to question, “Wait did you just... And that feeling... You chose.... me?”

Bkg sent his most powerful blast straight to Dekus face.

Chapter Text

A scream was all Alpha/Dog-Hybrid!Bkg heard when his rut finally subsided as the haze in front of his eyes. When his vision cleared his heart leaped in his chest at the sight of his owner Owner!Deku laid out all flushed underneath him. He was a bit confused why he was there but-

realized that wasn’t the only thing amiss. They’re was a jolt of spine tingling pleasure that spiked through him as he tried to shift around. He looked down & realized that he had knotted his master, his Deku. He looked around frantically after realizing that the scream must have meant... Inko was staring down at him in mortification & he started to panic.

“I-I’m sorry Master! I didn’t mean-!”


Bkg yelped holding his now bleeding nose from where the wooden paddle hit him.

“Mom no! Don’t hurt him!”

“Izuku get away from him! That... that-!”

Inko stepped over to Deku & snatched his arm causing the kid to cry out. Bkg snapped at the woman’s hand growling viciously as he pulled the boy under himself. It was purely on instinct so when Bkg had realized what he had done he began to cower again.


“Quiet! Give me Izuku! Now!”

Bkg quickly did as she told her but found that removing his knot wasn’t going to be so simple...

Bkg whined lowly in response to this and got ready for another strike.

“I... I can’t...”


Bkg lowered his head as he answered his master & gestured to their connection.

“It’s stuck...”

A cold silence fell over them as the last audible sound left Bkgs lips. Anxiety rose quick in his heart and flooded his mind making it race a mile a minute. He remembered his training & did the breathing exercises that he usually told Deku to do whenever he felt overwhelmed. That’s right! Deku-

“Deku...” Bkg crooned as he pet him soothingly, “Are you ok... Did I hurt you?”

“N-no Kacchan. You did what you promised. You made it feel good.”

Bkg blushed at that, he loved how the boy didn’t feel afraid of him and completely trusted him. He really loved his Deku...

This though, was when Inko decided to snap out of whatever shock she was going through at that moment because in the next there was another crack just behind Bkgs head causing his head to spin.




Deku was screaming as the blows rained down on Bkg. In the back of his mind something primal told him to comfort his screaming mate so he once again pulled Deku under himself & covered him with his body. He could take the blows for his mate, he needed to protect them. Dekus breathing started to pick up as an anxiety attack was creeping up on him.

“Deku, count to twenty with me ok?”


He didn’t feel the pain anymore.

A broken whimper broke from beneath him as the boy nodded.

“G-good, ok. 1, 2, th-3, 4, 5, 6, ss-7...”

The blows finally let up as they continued on counting & angry shouts were all he heard behind him. Bkg curled even closer to Deku to shield him from the danger behind him. The yelling turned to choked sobbing as they reached 20 together. Dekus breathing was calm but he was still tense, that was ok. He was safe. Safe from the outside. Safe from the inside. Bkg felt his knot slip out & cold air hit his cock so he tucked himself away.

He went to lean down & lick his mate clean but was roughly kicked to the side. He yelped & cowards once he realized just who it was.

Hisashi stood there with a dark look over his face before he spoke commandingly, “Go draw a bath for Izuku then go to your room. We’ll speak on this later. Make sure to get Izuku clothes as well.”

Bkg hesitates a lil, checking to see if his mate is ok, then scrambles off to do each task.


After that whole event blew over, Deku received a tiny remote. His Dad said to touch the button whenever Bkg gets too close for comfort.

He never presses the button.

Not when Bkg crowded his space, not when he pulled him into his lap, not when he visited his room at night, not even when he joined him in his bed or when his hands found their way under his shirt, feeling up his body & crooning at him.

It made Deku feel so much closer to Bkg so why would he ever stop?

“K-Kacchan... What if they come in?”

“Shh Baby Boy. Just be still & quiet.”

Deku did exactly that.

Bkg had been touching him & jerking him off every few nights & it’s gotten Deku a bit frustrated. Why won’t he just fuck him like he did before? So he decided to take that into his own hands.

Deku pulled his shorts over his ass & bent over showing his thoroughly stretched hole to the Hybrid who took in a sharp breath.

“No Deku don’t-“

“I-I liked it a lot! You don’t have to baby me like you keep doing...”

Bkg seemed a bit shocked by the assertiveness that the greenette had suddenly obtained but wasn’t about to have any qualms with it. He was so unsure since he was blinded by rut their first time if the kid actually enjoyed himself or not, or whether he was actually hurt by him.

His parents seemed to think so.


“Kacchan I’m ready! I did it myself!”

Deku then proceeds to pry his ass cheeks apart putting that glistening hole on full display. Bkgs vision narrowed in on the pink, used hole & he dives for it not being able to hold back anymore.

Deku felt clawed fingers & hot palms replace his own hands holding his cheeks apart. There was a brush of hot air over his hole before an even hotter wet tongue flicked over it. It sent a shiver down Dekus spine as Bkg started to croon deeply while he ate him out.

“So good... Deku... Mate... So perfect...”

Deku blushed, Kacchan considered me his mate?

He held his mouth to keep his whimpers down as the ass eating picked up in aggressiveness. Bkgs tongue had found its way worming past tight muscles before shoving its way past them.

Deku arched his back & couldn’t help the moan that escaped his mouth. This was so hot & Deku was kicking himself for not doing this sooner.

The hands holding his shaking cheeks apart held on a little tighter as Bkg fucked into Dekus hole with his tongue. Sweet words turned possessive as they slipped from Bkgs mouth.

“Deku. Mate. Mine. All mine. My mate. My Deku. My perfect fuckn Deku.”

Deku barely felt the hot hands leave his cheeks until the tongue quickly did too. Deku was a lil confused by the sudden stop in everything but when he tried to rise from the bent over position on his knees Bkg growled a little warning for him to stop. He did but still managed to look back & see Bkgs pupils blown wide. Bkg was still getting through his ruts, although alone, & the first time they had together had been cut short since his mom came in... Deku shook the thought unpleasant thought away as he refocused back on what was happening right now.

Gentle fingers traced Dekus lower abdomen as a familiar wet fleshy head touched his hole. Deku shivered in delight at the thought of having it shoved deep inside him again. He really loved getting fucked.

“Deku... Stay still... I won’t hurt you... Trust me.”

The same promise he made last time... It made Deku smiled & nod in agreement.

“I trust you Kacchan.”

Bkgs chest rumbled with a pleased murr sound as he slowly pushed his thick cock inside. Deku moaned at the stretch & pushed back on the wet appendage. Bkgs cock wasn’t like his at all which was at first a bit weird to him but all that was thrown out the door after he got to feel how amazing it felt after the first time. He really was Bkgs bitch.

Bkg started whimpering & moaning as his cock sat completely inside Dekus ass. He started licking at Dekus back, neck & shoulders erratically murmuring praise & possession over Deku. This only increased as Bkg started to move his hips.

Bkg bit lil marks into his skin leaving purple dots to mar his back. Shallow thrusts became deep & Deku arches his back to shove his ass back on that cock because god he loved it. Bkg growled & placed a firm palm on Dekus back & another holding a thigh at hip level. Bkg then rammed his cock from tip to base repeatedly seemingly lost all the gentleness he had before, Deku didn’t miss it much.

Empty. Full. Empty. Full.

The sensation of being repeatedly stuffed was making Dekus head spin. & was Kacchan getting bigger?!

The stretch just added a whole new sensation making him moan out all shame completely leaving him.


Dekus body jerked up as Bkg brushed a particularly sensitive spot, it made him cry.

Bkg halted all movements, the sudden stillness making Dekus fogged brain very confused.

“Deku are you o-“

“You better not stop fucking me goddamnit! Your cock feels so fucking good!”

Deku started to push back again & Bkg chuckled at that.

“Ah fuck, Mate, you’re so demanding.” Bkg nuzzled Dekus back humming as his tail thumped a mile a minute.

“Please keep telling me how good I am it makes me feel good.”

Bkg picked up the speed again slamming his cock in that tight ass in earnest. More tears join the others on Dekus flushed cheeks as he shouts praise to the Hybrid railing his ass.

Deku reaches back to hold onto something & Bkg was back into his primal mentality. The hand was bitten & held in Bkgs teeth giving Deku a shock of pain that sent heat to his dick.

“Oh fuck!”

Bkg growled pressing on the palm on Dekus back with his full weight trying to get deeper still. It was not long until Bkg found that sweet spot again & suddenly Deku was a howling mess.

Whimpers, grunts & moans all came from the blonde as his knot was catching the rim as it began to swell. Deku wasn’t any better with his stomach starting to burn from tightness that seemed on the verge of breaking.

“Ah-Ah! Deku!”

Bkg bit down hard on the hand blood spilling over his lips. The pain ripped through Deku with the intense pounding Bkg was giving him & he came a fat load all over his sheets with a cry.

Just then Bkgs knot popped & he was a whimpering mess as he ground down aggressively into his ass trying to force the thing in. When Dekus ass finally gave there was a slight burning feeling from the stretch but he loved it. & when Bkg finally came undone, Deku pet him down from his high. The ache in his hand was well worth having this.

Bkg released Dekus bleeding hand & gathered Deku up in his arms to hold him close as Bkgs seed filled Deku to the brim.

Bkg pet the bulge in Dekus belly & kissed soft kisses on his neck.

“I wish you were an Omega... I wanna give you pups.” The blonde stated as he nuzzled the back of Dekus neck. Deku giggled at that.

“You want me to get pregnant?”

“Yeah.. Ya be a good Omega mommy.”

“Hm... Well I wish I was too then.” Deku smiled softly.

Bkg only held him closer.


Bkg woke a little later with Deku still in his arms & a chill in his lower regions. He quickly tucked himself in before crawling down to be eye level with his mates puckered hole dripping with cum. Bkg murred as he licked his mate clean slow swipes of his tongue over the sensitive area as the primal part of him tells him to push his seed deeper, make sure his mate is breed. Logically he knew this was completely useless but it just felt right to do. Especially since their first time had been horrible & he could at least do this for his mate.

When his Dekus ass stopped leaking, Bkg nuzzled a flushed cheek & crooned. Deku was just so cute everywhere. Bkg then felt thirsty & decided to fetch him & his mate some water.

Bkg stepped out of the room quietly & walked down the hall turning when he found the stairs. He was so giddy, his ears pinned back & his tail wagging at the thought of Deku. He just couldn’t get enough of his damn nerd. His mate.

Bkg flushed at that & couldn’t keep himself from the happy yip that escaped his mouth at the thought of it. He reached the kitchen on autopilot, grabbing the glasses & filling them with water.

& then the world became a painful one as it tipped over. He was suddenly very aware he was on the ground & he had been struck. Was it an intruder?! He became a bit frantic & he tried to get up but something thick & hard cracked against his skull making the lights go out.


Hello—Yes I’m dropping him off—he mauled & raped my son—very aggressive—...

The words faded in & out of Bkgs senses. He cracked an eye open & it was flooded with light. He tried to cover his eyes but he couldn’t seem to bring his hands to his face. What the... Chains?

“We tried to rehabilitate him but nothing seems to be working... We tried our best...”

He recognizes the familiar feminine voice lifting his head & blinking until his vision clears. He notices he’s in a white office & that his hands are cuffed to a space on the floor. He furrowed his brows at it but just as he was gonna question his ears picked up on something much more concerning.

“Yes, I understand. I think it’s best to put him down.”

Bkgs head shot up and the reality of his situation came crashing into him. Everything he had heard all making sense, the chains making sense, & now that he’s tried to move his jaw, the muzzle too.

Did Inko take him to a kill shelter?!

He shot up only to fall flat on his face when he did.

“WHA TA MASHA?! WHAAHEE?” The muzzle muffled his words of desperation as he spoke to Inko who didn’t even look back. Didn’t even flinch or give any sign of pity. She didn’t care.

Inko handed the woman a clipboard after writing something’s on it before turning to leave. Bkg leaped up at the cage bars only to fall short every time & glared down at the floor tears brimming the corners of his eyes. As she passed by his cage she slowed & spoke coldly, “I want you to remember what you did to my son you monster, so I gave them the wrong information. You’ll suffer as you die, just as you brought suffering to my son.”

Bkgs eyes widened in shock as Inko then simply left.

“HEY! HEEY!” He screamed at Inkos back as the light of the world was cut off by the door. Just like all the hope he had of this maybe just being a nightmare. All that was left were these cold chains & an even colder heart.


Deku was running around the house in panic now. He couldn’t find Bkg anywhere! He asked his Dad who eyed him wearily before telling him he doesn’t exactly know either.

The door opened to reveal him mom & he ran up to her giving her a hug crying.

“Shh baby it’s alright. I took care of it. He won’t hurt you anymore.”

She went to hold him tighter but he pushed her back to look into her sad eyes.


“I took him to Eastward Pound sweetly. He’s going to be put down so he can’t hurt you or anyone else anymore!” She went in for another hug but the hand that pushed her away held her back.

She looked a bit confused by the shocked expression on Dekus face.



She flinched back, “What do you-?”


Inko then glared at Deku with tears welling up in her eyes, “AS YOUR MOTHER, YES I DO!”




She looked taken aback by her sons crude words, Hisashi even seemed to be disturbed, but before either could say anything Deku raced into his room banging the door shut.

Hisashi turned to Inko & gave her a disappointed look.

“We discussed that we would send him in for further rehabilitation... Izuku is very right you know. He needs him for his alerts.”

“He raped him again... Didn’t you see the bite mark on his hand?”

Hisashi sighed, “It took a long time for us to find a match Inko. What now? He could have a panic attack or a seizure right now & we wouldn’t even know it. That was Katsukis job.”

“We can get another pet who won’t hurt him.”

Hisashi simply shook his head before going back to his book. “We’ll call them tomorrow, he might need a bit of time before-.”

Deku bursts forth out of his room making a b-line to the front door.

“Where are you going?” Inko asked.

“To get him back!”

Inko ran over to grab his arm, “YOU CAN’T!”

Deku shrugged her off before holding her back, “You had no right making decisions on your own like that! I can & I will get him back! If you try to stop me & he dies I’ll never forgive you!”

He swung open the door & slammed it shut on her face.


Deku peddled his bike as hard as he could until he reached the pound gates jumping off his bike not bothering to lock it. He ran crashing into the door as he did & startling all the staff. He then rushed up to the front desk a panting & sweating mess grabbing some papers out of his bag & slamming it on the counter.


“Um sir-“

“EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW IS HERE!” Deku slapped the sheets of paper angrily.

The woman eyed him wearily, looking at his bitten hand before picking up the papers.


“Midoriya Izuku.” Deku calmed a little as she started taking his information. When she was done he heard the sound of wheels rolling over floors. When he looked to check he saw last minute spiked blonde hair being pushed into the... Medical Center...

He moved before he could think only being stopped by the staff.

“Woah hey what do you-?”



Deku struggles with them for a bit, he saw others closing in on him. Deku managed to slip from the staff members grip before the others could close in on him. Deku checked room windows & when he found the spiky blonde hair again he bust through the door scaring all of the nurses there. The blonde didn’t even flinch, didn’t even breathe.

“Hey you’re not!”

“KACCHAN!” He wailed uncaring of anything at the moment. His Kacchan was dead, all because some stupid accident. It was all his fault.

Deku hunched over the body crying loudly as his heart shattered. His parents may have not cared for him as much as he did but it sure as he’ll wasn’t their decision to take his pet away. His Kacchan...

A hand rested on Dekus shoulder & Deku smacked it away.


“Shut up you damn cry baby.”

Dekus eyes widened as he shot up to look behind him. There was Bkg with a muzzle half ripped off & cuffed wrists connected to a chain that a very exhausted looking staff member was holding.

“Kacchan... Then who?”

Deku turned back to the body noticing that the blonde was grey hair & they looked old & weathered.

“They were some nice guy I talked to while I was waiting for my turn. Wouldn’t shut up about his Owner & how lovely she was & if she were still around he’d never have ended up in this ‘Dump’. Hell I thought I was gonna die here too...”

Bkg looked down at Deku, his red orbs shimmering with so much emotion & Deku couldn’t help but stare deep into them.

Bkg huffed and shook his head fondly, “You’re a real sap ya big baby.”

Bkg helped Deku off the dead dog & Deku hugged him tight. Bkg would hug back but his hands were bound so he settled for just resting his head on Dekus shoulder.

“This won’t happen again I promise.”

“Yeah yeah whatever Deku. Not your damn fault.”

Deku held him away, “I mean it Kacchan. She took this way too far!”

Bkg sighed & tugged Deku along, “Lets just get out of here ok?”

“Yeah, lets.”

Chapter Text

Bkg feels strange, really strange. He doesn’t know how to handle the situation he’s in right now like.


Ok think. Calm. Collect yourself before ya set fire to this damn place!

“Bakugou...” it spoke unnaturally, it’s time being far to ethereal. Too smooth, fake. It sent a shiver down Bkgs spine.

“The hell are you?! What do you want!” Sparks began erupting from the blondes palms. Was it someone’s quirk? Someone was fuckn with him. Maybe it was the League of Villains?

“Bakugou calm down. You’re going to pass out if you keep that up.” It’s purple eyes blinked at him worriedly.

Damn! It knew just what he was thinking! Pass out? Bkg did feel a little light headed but he had just came back from an intense workout & he was sure to drink lots of water the whole time. But it had been really hot that afternoon...

“Answer my questions or I’ll blow you to pieces! How do you know my name?! Who sent you!”

His copy sighed & brought the palest hand Bkg had ever seen to his face.

“You’re not going to receive what I say like this I can tell.” They ran their fingers through soft pastel peach spikes which was another thing Bkg had noticed about the doppelgänger. He was nearly an exact replica of himself, every angle & curve matching his own, but the color scheme was off.

“I’m sorry that I broke in like this, I know it’s probably difficult to process this but I am not of this world. My ship had exploded from an astroid collision. Thankfully my Ẹ̵̒k̸̭͝ț̸͠l̶̯̾o̷̹͂ḿ̶̪ḙ̵͒z̴̲̚j̸̭͝i̶͓͒l̴̖̄, err... Suit, was able to take 98% of the trauma from entering your planets hemisphere as well as taking the impact upon crashing into the planets surface, um, Earth. You call your planet the same name as you call it’s soil? Very strange.”

Bkgs hands had stopped sparking at this point in time slightly bewildered but also very fuckn annoyed. This guy was saying pointless shit & it pissed him off. He was about to speak when the guy finally decided to say something useful.

“Oh right! You’re probably wondering why I look like you, sorta. Well there was this thing my kind developed when we decided to expand through space. You see, we have a similar genetic code apparently & by taking any sample of your DNA I can fuse it with my own & become one of your kind. The effects are permanent & unfortunately I had no choice but to draw, err... Blood from you. I would have died if I had not done so, forgive me.”

The alien seemed to be in thought before standing up & bowing slightly in apology.

“Sorry I’m currently memorizing human behaviors. Your thing called the internet is very useful, surprisingly similar to our old communication software, didn’t think I’d be able to talk like this had it not been...”

“Wait what the fuck are you telling me right now?!” DNA fusing?! Bkg felt a bit put off by that.

Purple eyes met red, “I took your ‘DNA’ & put it into an accelerant with enzymes that fused it to my own ‘DNA’ before injecting myself with it so I may live in your planets climate. It is a permanent change unfortunately because it is an underdeveloped technique. Understand?”

Bkg understood, but it was all too fuckn much at the same time. It was too unbelievable.

“Yeah right!”

Bkg charged forward bringing his palm up with a blast.

But when the smoke cleared all he saw was a gel like substance covering his hand & a bewildered doppelgänger.

“What was that?!”

The gel wasn’t just gel but a slimy tendril that seemed to appear out of the base of their spine.

In Bkgs shock another wrapped itself around his other hand curling its finger like appendages tightly around his palm.

“Look I’m not trying to fight! I just want to live damn it!”

Their face morphed into a pink, jelly like reflection of himself, veins glowing magenta as well as their eyes.

“What the-?!”

“Please believe me! You’re my only hope right now! I need you to understand what I tell you is the truth!” It looked at him pleadingly. This was all so strange to Bkg but for some reason he felt a weird sense of calm despite them literally making him completely defenseless. It felt like some odd connection was formed & the alien thing seemed to slowly relax as Bkg did.

Tendrils retract themselves from his hands leaving a slimy trail behind, it was gross. The jelly faded back to synthetic human skin, hair, eyes.

It looked at itself flexing its fingers & Bkg stared as well still feeling uncomfortable, more from the slime on his hands than the creature in front of him.

“I’ll be back just... Don’t fuckn leave this room!”


(If horny skip to the 2nd part & to the 👽 emoji)

The creature, V̸͖̓l̴͕͗ḛ̴̎k̵̯̇ú̸̮r̸͈̊a̴͚̿g̶̈ͅë̷͚́, or Kurage(gonna call him Krg to shorten it) since their name was very close sounding to the name for Jellyfish, had told Bkg everything & answered question after question until there was absolutely no doubt that Krg was an alien from outer space.

Fuckn wild.

That was all last night, thankfully the dumb shitty hair didn’t decide to bring the idiot squad over to his dorm that night. He’d be hard pressed if he had to explain why his basically twin was sleeping in the closet.

Everything seemed normal that night.

Bkg woke up to a gentle hand touching his neck. He jumped with a start & backed away from the offending hand holding up his glowing palm in defense. Krg instantly turned to jelly & held up his tendrils.

“Wait! I thought you were dead! The internet said healthy humans only sleep for 7-8 hours! They said to check the neck to see if the body has a pulse!” It shrieked at Bkg who then lowered his palm. Krg reverted back to his human form & suddenly their was a bang at Bkgs door.




“Go away Shityhair!”

The knob jiggled before there was a click. Shit!

“Bakugou what are you doing?” The redhead walked up to Krg who was staring at him wide eyed. Kiri put a hand on Krgs shoulder comfortingly.

“Yo dude, for real, are you ok? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“That’s cause you just walked into my room you idiot.”

Kiris head snapped to the bed which Bkg was sitting on with an irritated look. His eyes darted between the two suddenly realizing that they did look different & unhanding Krg quickly.

“Woah I didn’t know you had a twin!”

“I uh-“ Krg was about to speak but a pillow was slammed into his face.

“I don’t need to tell you idiots about my business!”

Kiris eyes lit up, “But dude! Having a twin is so cool! Do you guys share everything? Hey what’s your quirk um.”

“V̸͖̓l̴͕͗ḛ̴̎-OH! Kurage!” Krg offers.

“Ha! Jelly fish huh? That’s an interesting name. My names Kirishima Eijiro. Wow that’s cool, Bakugou bros. Hey! You can be called the Bakubros if you guys ever decide to become a duo!” Kiri grinned at them & Bkg face palmed.

That was a mistake because as soon as he uncovered his eyes Kiri was already dragging Krg halfway out the door. Thankfully Bkg had given him some actual human clothes to wear.

“Come on I’ll show you around!”

“What the hell!” Bkg launches himself from his bed to chase after them grabbing Krgs arm.

“What are you trying to get me in trouble! He’s not supposed to be here!”

Kiri looked at them both thoughtfully before his eyes widening with an ‘oh’ expression. “So he was the intruder they never found! Everyone blew it off as some crazy rock falling from the sky because there wasn’t anything left at the crash site!” Kiri steps back to look Krg over. “You don’t seem to be too hurt though.”

“Doesn’t matter.” Bkg tugged Krgs arm back to himself, “He’s not going out there with you fucks.”

Before Kiri could get out so much as a word the door to Bkgs room was slammed shut.


Bkg was not happy with the situation he was in now. First Kiri tried to get in & now the whole class was knocking at his door trying to see Krg. It’s only when Aizawa showed up did he actually let anyone in much to his annoyance.

“When were you going to tell us your twin was the one that crash landed in the school?”

Bkg growled to himself as he saw 19 pairs of eyes peaking through his door. Fuck them, he wasn’t ready to tell his fuckn teacher he is housing a fuckn alien in his dorm room just yet.

Krg felt ready to eject himself as he stared at Bkg, which was weird he felt their anxiety, this whole thing was weird.

“Tch. Get these losers out of here & I’ll explain.”

Aizawa shooed the rest of the class away & despite their protests they agreed all leaving respectfully.

“So... Explain yourself.”

Bkg started to explain how Krg came to be in his dorm with the help of Krg explaining, in simpler text, how he is an alien who infused Bkgs DNA with his own in order to survive.

Bkg noticed Aizawa tensing up as they continued talking before he activated his quirk. Bkg was a bit surprised but also turned quickly to look at Krg. His doppelgänger didn’t seem to even notice the shift in mood & continued explaining how everything is permanent or how he doesn’t have a way of leaving yet. The fact that he didn’t seem to notice or react at all put any doubt he may have been harboring in the grave. Aizawa seemed to relax only slightly since Bkg guessed that that rules out someone somehow using their quirk on Bkg.

“Well this... Is definitely not the explanation I was expecting... Nor the situation I was expecting to now be put in...”

Aizawa sighed running a hand over his face, “You kids are a piece of work. Please keep an eye on,,, Kurage Bakugou. I have to let the U.A. Staff know about this. You’ll both probably be called in later for this but...” Aizawa stared at the alien, “Yeah, Just be ready for that...”


It had been a few months since Krgs first arrival & having many tests done on the Alien to see he was in fact not a quirk. They didn’t know what to do with Krg so they decided to just have him stay at the school while they attempt to get him registered as a Japanese citizen. None of the students were informed about Krg being an alien but throughout the months Deku would give odd glances at Bkgs copy though never said anything.

Bkg, despite his complaints about his room being crowded, had grown used to the presence of Krg. Their school had time off & everyone was returning home for the week. Bkg didn’t think twice about it as he packed his things but as he was about to step out the door he noticed a certain pink haired alien wasn’t tailing him out the door. He realized then that Krg was just gonna stay in the dorm all by himself for the whole week.

“You’re staying.”

Krg smiled a bit sadly at that, “Um. Yeah. They said it’d be best if I didn’t go home with ya.”


Krg looked a bit confused, “Well ya know. Cause parents might freak.”

Bkg stared at the alien thinking over the offered reason in his head. He huffed before walking over & grabbing Krg by the wrist.

“That’s stupid. Come on.”

“Wait! What about-?”

“Shut up. You’re not staying here.”

“But-Ok.” Krg let himself be dragged behind Bkg as they made their way to the exit. Bkg pulled out his phone texting his parents about having someone over for the week;

Bkg: We’re housing a homeless Alien. Don’t freak out.


Mas.Bkg: I think he means a friend dearest. Though it’s kind of odd...

Mit.Bkg: Lol yeah. Hard to believe my kid could have any friends lookin like a goddamn gremlin.

Bkgs hands shook as his mother proceeded to roast him via text about how anal he was & with a growl he just shoved his phone in his pocket. Krg looked at him curiously but didn’t comment. They reached the train station & received a lot of attention much to Bkgs displeasure. Bkg paid for both of their passes & now they just had to wait.

“Kaakin.” Krg had developed this nickname after hearing Deku call Bkg Kacchan then asking why he didn’t call him by his name & what nicknames are.


“Why are ya doing this?”

“Because it’s dumb you have to stay there.”

Krg just looked at Bkg for a while with an unreadable expression before huffing with a small smile. It made Bkg feel oddly fluffy inside.

“And stop making that dumb face, you look stupid.”


👽So his parents freaked out but after Bkg explained the situation they totally accepted it. It was weird for Bkg to have such an easy time handling his parents, his mom in particular, but it was as if their whole attitude towards the subject took a 180 & then they totally just accepted the fact that his copy was an alien & was gonna stay in their house for a week. Bkg felt a little strange about it but the curious/awestruck look on Krgs eyes when he looked around made Bkg forget about the situation.

“Wow this is what ya call a house? It’s so much bigger than a dorm. I like this colorful stuff you have here. What’s this! Wow Kaakin is this your room? It smells like ya.”

“Wait what?”

Bkg eyed the copy weirdly which confused Krg, “What?”

“You can smell me? That’s fuckn weird.”

“Can’t ya smell each other?”

Bkg stared blankly at the alien with a fuzzy feeling crawling in his chest. He flushed turning away from Krg before he spoke, “What do I smell like...”


Bkgs head snapped to Krg face aflame at the answer. Thank god he wasn’t paying much attention.

“Yeah! Like sweets! I like your human food a lot & whenever I smell you I remember the first time I had toffee! It was so good, I wanna lick your skin all the time!”

Bkg felt his whole body burn, why was this making him so embarrassed?! He was gonna say something to diffuse the situation but his brain cell took a last minute detour into uncharted territories he’d never thought to explore.

“Ya wanna try it?” WaitWAIT WTF N-

Krg rushes over & grabs Bkgs hands nodding, “Yes! Yes! I wanna taste you!”


Bkg found himself going on autopilot as he offered his palm up to Krgs face.

Krgs eyes lit up happily as his inhumanly long tongue darted out & lapped up the palm of Bkgs hand. Of fuck why was seeing Krg do this hot? When did he stop thinking that face Krg wore wasn’t his own anymore?

Krg continued to naïvely lick trails from his wrist to his finger tips in a meditative like state but as Bkgs body began to heat up at the contact he began to unconsciously sweat from his hands, the hand not being licked sparking every once in a while.

Krgs eyes widened as he began to suck on sweaty fingers & moaned at the taste.


Bkg couldn’t stop the instant boner he got from watching Krg lick his skin. The copy seemed to notice the mood change & watched Bkg a bit cautiously. His stares only further pushed Bkg into the pits of hell as his hard on started to ache at the sight.

Krg sniffed a lil before a clicking purr flowed from his mouth so smoothly. Bkg didn’t know what to think of it but whatever happened Krgs licks became much more searching rather than just simply trying to taste Bkgs skin.

Whenever his breath hitched or he shuddered Krg would explore the spot of interest in hopes for more reactions. This continued on for a while & at some point Bkg had been stripped naked while his copy used his tongue to explore Bkgs body. His tongue explored the dip in Bkgs hip bones making Bkg curse & shudder at the feeling. His cock was leaking a thick stream of precum on his abdomen at this point & it was obvious Krg was curious about it so what was stopping him?

“Just fuckn do it already...” Bkg said strained & out of breath. Krg looked up at him, magenta eyes curious but dark.

“What do ya-“

“Just fuckn blow me already I see you want it!”

Krgs pupils expanded to completely blackout his eyes as he took Bkgs cock in his hands. It was weird seeing his pupils expand so rapidly but that thought was quickly replaced with how good Krgs mouth feels around his cock.


“Are ya-?”

“Keep going! Don’t you dare stop!”

The excited purring noises increased as Krg did as he was told. Krg turned jelly every once in a while & Bkg could see his dick fucking into Krgs throat. It was so fuckn hot he just wanted to ram his dick down his copy’s throat.

“Fuck! Kurage. Let me up.”

Krg looked confused, “Was itNUGHHH!”

Bkg shoved the alien down kissing him hard as he burns his clothes off of Krg who he found out was not harmed by his explosions. Krg made a high pitch chirp as Bkg ripped the cloth from his copys body. He kissed down to Krgs jaw & bit the meat of his shoulder, he tasted so sweet.

“Kaakin...” the clicking pur became a never stopping sound that poured from Krgs lips. Bkg licked a stripe up the exposed pulse of Krgs neck feeling the vibrations under his tongue & tasting more of their sweetness.

“Nngh Kaakin... Is... This is human breeding ain’t it...”

“Shut up.” He growled as he bit on the shell of Krgs ear.

“Mm But. What if I get pregnant!”

Bkg rolls his eyes at this at this as he pulled off Krgs pants, “That’s fuckn impossible if you got my junk don’t be stupi-...”

Bkgs eyes widened as he saw that the dick he was expecting wasn’t exactly just a dick, like it had the shape of a dick but there was a slit at the base where the testies would be & those were pushed a bit behind it.

“What is...”

“The scientists say I’m a hermaphrodite... Both of my genitalia work. They think it’s because human boys go through an incubation period where it disappears but mine didn’t get to have that so... I have both.”

Bkg stares at it for a bit. His cock was smaller despite being completely erect which he felt oddly glad about but...

He was really tempted to stuff his pussy & get this bitch pregnant.

Bkg unzipped his pants & pressed the head of his cock against the wet hairless lips just rubbing the head against it. “Let me do it.”


“I wanna get you pregnant.”


Bkg blushed & tucked his head into Krgs neck, the more he thought about it & the longer he waited the more sure he wanted to see the alien pregnant. So he pushed in not waiting a single moment longer.


“Oh fuck.”

“Please don’t move! It hurts!”

“Relax dumbass, you’re clenching so fucking hard.”

The other breathed & slowly relaxed his muscles. They sat like that for a while which drove Bkg insane. He really wanted to move, he wanted to throw Krgs legs over his shoulders and just go down on him right now.

“Ya know. You humans make it seem like a big deal but. I don’t really feel much down there.”

Bkg sat up & glared down at the naïve alien whilst adjusting their legs in the way he was just fantasizing, “Oh you don’t huh?”

“Um. Not really.”

“I’ll make you eat those words fuck face!”

“What are you-OhWOAH WOANGHHH AH!”

Bkg slammed hard into Krgs cunt like he had seen in the stupid porn videos Kaminari would accidentally share on his twitter. He angled his hips every so often trying new spots as he pounded into the wet heat.

“Ah! Kaakin! This feels so good!”

Bkg angled his hips slightly upward & felt Krgs leg muscles flex as they purred loudly. Bkgs eyes widened at that & he tried it again this time making the copy’s eyes rolled back.

Bkg grinned, “What ya say bout not feelin shit Hah?!”

Bkg brutalized that spot making Krg moan uncontrollably. Bkg got worried that he was making too Much noise & stuffed a pillow in his face. Just then slimy tentacles made there way behind Bkg wrapping around his legs before one shoved up his ass making his back arch with the unexpected pleasure & pain.


Krg thrust his tentacles at different times the feeling making Bkg buck uncontrollably.


They both were now edging closer towards their orgasms & with just a few thrusts they spilled into each other. White mixed with pink as each other’s cum dribbled out of each other’s asses.

Both of them were panting & Bkg managed to recover first, “Did you just cum in my ass?”

Krg looked a lil sheepish now, “Um. Was I not supposed to?”

“Fuck, if you ripped my ass open you’re fuckn dead.”

“Oh if he didn’t I’ll finish that job.”

Their heads both snapped towards the doorway to see Mitsuki leaning on the doorway of Bkgs room.

If Bkgs soul hadn’t already left his body at that point he probably would have sent an A.P. Shot through his chest.

Chapter Text

Omega!Deku was curious one day about his much less useful sex, the male bits. He wondered if he could still get someone pregnant but didn’t want to deal with all the drama much less the embarrassment of trying to find someone who would. So before his heat hit him he filled a knotted dildo up with his cum & kept going until it started to leak out the tip. He sealed the base end up before throwing all of his other toys in a locked box, he didn’t want anything else to get in the way.

He was scared as the heat started to fog his head. He was trying to get himself pregnant, by his own cum. Some part of him hoped it didn’t work but the Omega side of him crooned at the thought of pups. It was this side that had his heat filled brain dive for the knotted dildo and shove it far up his ass. He nearly took the whole thing in one go.

Deku mewled as he fucked himself hard & fast on the dildo, slick making the dildo slide with ease. He held a slender leg up with the crook of his elbow while he slammed the dildo in taking more as he goes.


He thinks of his favorite Alpha as he hits a particular bundle of nerves.

No one knew he was an Omega since he wore scent blockers all his life thanks to his mother & he decided to keep it that way despite wishing his special Alpha would notice the weeks he would disappear & take him. But Deku knew Bkg would never do that for him...

Deku had been tracking Bkgs rut cycles despite knowing his had saw Bkg had been visiting this one building a lot during them. Turns out it was a glory hole filled with bitch Omegas. Deku decided then that if he couldn’t have Bkg the way he wanted, he could still be useful to him this way. So the day the Alpha would pay a visit to a glory hole Deku had arranged to be one of the bitches in around his usual visiting hours.

The memories of an unsuspecting Bkg thinking he was just taking some random Omega bitch in a glory hole started to flood Dekus mind as he moaned around the custom made knotted dildo.

Deku had just gotten in on time about 15 minutes before Bkg would show. He prepared himself like the veteran bitches had informed him completely drenching his ass in line before working himself open until he could take a fist. He then got strapped in by one of the omegas, his legs held up by the knees on wall loops & upper torso tightly fastened to a harness that was out of reach from any particularly aggressive alphas. & just in case all that failed there were leather collars locked around their scent glands. Despite att the nerves he felt about doing this, he felt pretty safe. He was glad for all the safety precautions, wouldn’t wanna be mated to a rut blinded alpha anyways.

His ass started to become chilled from the lube just as he heard the mistress greet the first of the alphas to come along. The sound of people entering the space made the whole experience much more real. What if this was a mistake?

The feeling of cool air on his ass & the sound of someone sniffing was enough to make him shiver. He was starting to stress out.

This was definitely a mistake.

“Says you’re virgin bitch, & ya smell doesn’t make me wanna fuckn puke, guess it’s ya lucky day.”

The sound of that all too familiar raspy voice & the sweet smell of his burning sugar & spice... This was definitely not a mistake.

Warm slightly sweaty hands slid under the tarp up along Dekus sides & stomach almost had Deku squeak in surprise.

“You’re not fuckn soft either. Nice an firm everywhere. Ya gonna be a good bitch aren’t ya?”

Deku nodded furiously, slick started dripping down his ass as an almost heat like state started to wash over him.

The sound of heavy breathing on the other end becoming louder the hotter Deku got just fuckn turned Deku on so much. He was making his Kacchan react like this, he was gonna please him.

“Oh fuck you want my knot that bad huh ya virgin bitch? Fuck I’ll take ya. Better make this good for me...”

The sound of a zipper & the shoving of clothes was all Deku heard before a swollen wet fleshy thing pressed against his ass. It laid very heavy on his ass... & his mind.

‘Holy he’s huge!’

Deku couldn’t hold the moan that escaped his lips back & the Alpha cackled, “Ya like that bitch? That’s what’s gonna fuckn knot you up. I’m not gonna stop till I murder you with my cock!”

& with that the hands on Dekus hips tightened their grip as the tip of Bkgs cock pierced him deep in his guts.

“Ahnghhh!” Deku couldn’t help the cry but quickly covered his mouth. The fear of getting found out with the mix of excitement & pleasure had him leaking slick like he really was in fuckn heat.

“You’re getting so fuckn wet off my cock, I don’t think one shower is gonna be enough to get it off me. Does my cock really feel that good huh?! You’re clenching so hard like your ass wants ya swallow it hole!”

Bkg started to move deep long thrusts into Dekus ass slowly. Deku could tell he was attempting to handle him gently despite his harsh disposition.

It made Dekus heart swell a little at that small gesture. Kacchans the best Alpha.

After a bit Bkg started to pick up the pace grinding his knot on Dekus ass every so often. Deku tried his best to hold back the moans that threatened to burst from his throat but Bkgs cock said fuck your efforts as it caught the edge of his breeding hole rammed itself deep inside. Deku screamed & he could nearly hear the ‘Oh fuck’ from the Alpha just on the other side of the wall.

A loud growl from Bkg was all the warning before a hand shot under the tarp grabbing one of the lower straps of the harness & tugging him down harshly. Deku heard the snap of one of the safety ropes keeping him from being dragged out but as soon as the anxiety came it left as Bkgs cock shifted before sheathing itself deep in his inner pussy.


Dekus eyes were rollin back in a jaw slack expression as his breeding hole was stuffed so full. The thrusts became harder & it felt like his hole was being stretched to full capacity & beyond. It was mind numbing pleasure as Bkg forced his way deeper using the harness as leverage.

Harsh thrusts turned into aggressive stuffing as Bkg tried to pop his knot in Deku.


A hard swell forced its way past Dekus rim locking them in place as a sudden flood of warm seed filled every inch of his breeding hole & forced the most mind fucking orgasm from his body he had ever experienced.

“KACAAAAAAHHHHH!” Deku screamed as spasms wracked his wrecked body. It didn’t help that Bkg was insistent on grinding his knot impossibly deeper into Dekus ass making the cum slosh around his inner cunt & overstimulating him. He didn’t know how long he stayed in that foggy place deep in his mind before he gathered up enough brain cells to make coherent thought.

‘Holy fuck he nearly said Kacchans nickname & outted his ass.’

“Hey kid, tap out already.” Deku tensed up which Bkg seemed to have noticed because the Alpha suddenly growled viciously.

“Get your own bitch, this ones mine...”

“Mr. Bakugou, you’ll have to pay extra for tha-.”

“Then fuckn bill me & piss off! Gonna fuckn kill a perfectly good knot...”

A sigh was heard before the sounds of 2 pairs of feet faded away.

The room was silent as Deku thought maybe Bkg might be just realizing the word he nearly let slip. He almost started to panic until a gruff voice spoke low from the other side.

“Ya hear that bitch? I’m gonna fill that lil cunt ya got up in there till ya fuckn leaking for days...”

Just then Deku felt the knot slip from his ass & the tight feeling in his abdomen leave with the sound of cum splashing on the ground. But despite that Bkgs cock was still hard & Deku shivered & whined pitifully as hands gripped his ass firmly.

“I told ya I’m gonna murder you with my cock.”

Deku sank down on the knotted dildo crying out at the memory. He felt the rush of his own seed fill his breeding hole, not as much as Bkg but it would do. Deku smiled at the memories of months of just being Bkgs personal fuck toy. After that first initial meet, Bkg had reserved a week with Deku each month at the whore house. He wished they wouldn’t force him to take birth control every time because damn it he really wanted Bkg to get him pregnant!

Maybe then Kacchan would love me...

Deku sighs before slipping the dildo out. No cum came out with it but he rose his hips on some pillows just in case. His heat brain was pushed back for now & if he had succeeded in impregnating himself... Well he’d see in a few hours...

Deku didn’t stir for the rest of that night...

Chapter Text

Deku stares down at the pregnancy test. It says positive. His hands are shaking, he knew there wa something up when he didn’t wake up during his heat but he really didn’t think he’d take on the first try, if at all! What was he supposed to do? He still had the hero class & wanted to be a hero. Ugh he was so stupid! Deku smacked his palm to his forehead multiple times. The scientists that researched omegas said they had a low possibility of breeding! But maybe that was because most omegas breed outside their secondary gender? Oh god what was he supposed to tell the U.A. staff?

A loud bang of a door echoed throughout the bathroom & the smell of a familiar hotheaded alpha cane flooding in. Deku squeaked fumbling to put the pregnancy test away but ended up dropping it on the floor. Wait! Scent blockers! He quickly covered his glands in the blocker his weak scent fading just before the Blonde Alpha stepped into the space.

“Deku? What the-“ the Alpha sniffed the air, his pupils blowing wide as he did. Oh shit did he not put it on fast enough? Oh shit oh shit oh-

Bkg picked up the pregnancy test slowly & Deku felt his soul leave his body. He swallowed hard as he saw the blonde examine the pregnancy test, staring at it for a very long time. An hour must have gone by Deku thought as the tension in the room built. Bkgs scent had also began to flood out into the room, it was dangerous & dark, Dekus omega screamed to run. So he did.

Deku unconsciously activated his quirk & zipped past Bkg with his toiletry bag in hand. Fuck the pregnancy test, his pup was in danger. Not seconds later a blast caused the building to shake a little as Bkg came charging out of the bathroom. Deku smelt an Alpha enraged.


Omegas instincts were in full control right now but he managed to drop his bag near the elevator before becoming a human bullet train. Their classmates ducked & dodged as they busted through the lobby & out the door.

“Someone get Mr. Aizawa!”

Deku managed the brain function to open the door but the second it was wide open a solid foot met his back sending him flying forward. He panicked quickly grasping Bkgs leg & with 6% threw him skidding across the ground. Deku managed to roll when he fell, successfully protecting his pup & shot his head up to look for Bkg. Too late.

A blast was heard just before he could get his head completely up & all Deku saw was a crackling palm at point blank to his face. Deku covered his head with his arms as the blast sent him on his back. Dekus breathing picked up, he couldn’t run! He needed to get out! He need to protect his pup!

Bkg was already upon him & that’s when Deku snapped. Deku snarled viciously as a full powered One For All was charging up in his fist, green lightening crackled & danced around his arm, ripping his sleeve apart with the pressure. As if Bkg could suddenly sense the deadly intent, his eyes widened slightly in shock as he went to blast away from Deku but he wouldn’t make it out in time. Deku cranked back his fist but just before he could throw the punch all power left his body & Bkg was restrained by a familiar scarf.

“That’s enough.”

Deku felt so vulnerable, his powers were gone. He scrambled back his body completely stiff with fear but still very alert. He stayed his back against the wall but still stared down the tangled up blonde.

Aizawa dropped his quirk when he saw Deku didn’t move to attack. He sighed & tilted his head back.

“What happened this time.”

“Um, Mr. Aizawa.” Tokoyami spoke, “I heard Bkg scream from the bathroom as I was walking by to explain something just before the whole thing started. I was shocked at first but when I felt something hit my foot...” Birb presented a slightly burnt & melted pregnancy test.

“I think Deku may have had an affair with someone Bkg was courting.”

There was a few gasps but then the room got deathly silent. Dekus eyes widened as he looked from Birb to Aizawa in shock. Bkg was standing stiffly his face set in a scowl but definitely much calmer than before.

“Bkg, is that true?”

The blonde didn’t answer but Deku knew the truth, he was his bitch but Bkg didn’t know that. It hurt his omega to know he wasn’t known by the Alpha he’s been pinning for. Though Deku wanted to tell the truth, tell Bkg everything, he wasn’t about to tell Bkgs secret.

Aizawa looked between them & sighed.

“I see.” Their teacher then released Bkg, “Deku, I wouldn’t have expected something like this from you... & you too Bkg, but then again we all have our desires.”

“Whatever. Let’s just get this over with.”

Deku had been so focused on Bkg that he didn’t notice the people that came up to him... Until there was a hand grabbing his arm. Just above his belly. Too close.

“Deku? Did you-AAAAGH!”

Uraraka pulled back her now bleeding hand eyes full of tears & confusion as Iida pulled her behind him.


Deku looked absolutely feral with his eyes blown wide & mouth smudged with blood. He held his stomach protectively & growled.

“Midoriya! What are you-?”


Silence fell over the class as the various reaction of people processing what exactly Deku was claiming. One person in particular wasn’t patient enough to wait for clarification.

A blast shook everyone from their shock & before Deku could react he was pinned on his back. Deku panicked thrashing about trying to get the blonde Alpha off of him. Bkg growled more annoyed than angry before speaking his command.

“Submit Omega.”

Dekus body fell limp under the Alpha causing a stressed whimper to escape his lips.

Bkg wasted no time burying his head in Dekus neck just above his scent gland. It was very faint but, familiar. He needed to know, NOW.

“Bkg what are you doing?”

The Alpha was too engaged to hear them, dragging his nails over Dekus scent gland & finding some type of substance under his nails. He then buried his head back into Dekus neck & sniffed. His eyes widened, pupils blowing wide with lust instantly. He felt very conflicted with his emotions. But what really bugged his was funnily enough, not that it was Deku. But that Deku would hide it for so long. He knew everything about him, how he couldn’t control his ruts for the life of him. How he could be so vulnerable. & now how much their time together in that fuckn glory hole meant to him. He had become so close, so attached to him. For whatever reason he had felt like things were different with that bitch omega. His scent smelt like home & warm milk. Everything he had experienced with Deku... Wait.


Deku felt the weight of the Alpha command leave him but he still laid still. Something was different.

“Deku. Is it mine.”


Bkg held a hand hovering over Dekus stomach, “Is this... Is it mine?”

Deku never saw Bkg so soft & uncertain in his entire life. Deku blushed hard at that but also the question itself. He really didn’t know how he was gonna explain how he impregnated himself.

“Kacchan... I, well... It’s...”

“Spit it out.”

“No... It’s not.”

Bkg scrunched up his face withdrawing a little which made Dekus heart clench a little.




“Just... Shit.”

Bkg got up a dark look on his face as he stared down at Deku. Deku went to stand reaching out to Bkg.

“You planned this... ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!”

“What are you-?”


Dekus eyes were tearing up. He didn’t want it to happen like this. Why did he have to take that stupid pregnancy test.

“K-Kacchan please... It’s not-!”

“Stay away from me freak! You... I...”

Bkg grit his teeth his face flushed from being on the brink of a meltdown. He then shoved his hands into his pockets & stormed off towards the dorms. Nobody stopped him.

It was really awkward now sitting in the middle of everything. Mr. Aizawa excused himself saying he had to update Dekus paperwork & file a report. It was obviously an excuse to let the boys alone which Deku really appreciated.

Deku got up silently & walked past his classmates heading towards his dorm room to cry.


It had been a month since the then & Deku didn’t know why he was even coming back to this place. He sighed as he clocked into the bitch house & went back to the locker room to undress. Time kinda flows by him without him really noticing.

Kacchan hasn’t come back since...

An omega helped him get strapped in & patted him on the butt.

“It’s ok Green. Just focus on the baby.”

Deku has been moved to a more secluded area for pregnant omegas. Only frequenters are allowed back there & Deku had become pretty popular after his reserved sessions had been cut. He’s learned a lot of Alphas have a thing for pregnant omegas which he found to be interesting since Alphas typically want to be the ones that own the pup.

Deku was deep in thought before the feeling of cold hands gently touching his hips made him tense up. He started to growl instinctively but the Alphas soothing scent washed over him & he relaxed slightly.

“It’s alright. I won’t hurt ya pup honey. Let’s just be nice with each other alright?”

Deku recognized the voice. This Alpha, had become Dekus regular & they’ve always been so gentle like a beta almost. It confused Deku a bit but he never questioned it.

Hands ran up and down his thighs & the soft thud of knees hitting the floor reached Dekus ears. That was another thing the Alpha did that was strange. Every visit he’s never actually been fucked by him. He didn’t

mind it much though.

The Alpha sighs happily, “You’re always so pretty & your pregnant scent is so pure.”

Deku could feel the puffs of air against his cock as the Alpha took in his scent. The pleased scent of the Alpha further calmed Deku & he started to enjoy the attentions the Alpha.

“Mm. No wonder that Alpha tried to keep you all to himself. Just a perfect omega.”

Their tongue started to lap at his balls, gently trying to coax Deku into the mood. It felt really good feeling their tongue run over the base of his cock occasionally.

He gasps as they suckle a sensitive spot on his thigh & giggle at Deku.


Deku blushes at them & covers his mouth. He shivers at the feel of their tongue dipping lower & can’t help but cringe a little at it. One thing that Deku could never get over no matter how good everything feels, is how wrong it felt in his mind.

Their tongue slid past his hole, Deku having to refrain from clenching it closed. He just had to try to think the slimy appendage being Bkgs just to get through the day.

He honestly doesn’t even know why he still comes back here. Maybe he was being ridiculous with the whole thing but, his body just couldn’t bring itself to ever completely accept any other Alpha.

Midway through a tongue fucking there’s a bit of a ruckus outside the private room. The sound of yelling could be heard on the other side of the door.

It made Deku tense.

“Shh relax, whatever it is they’ll handle it.”

The Alpha patted his thigh as he poked a probing finger at the entrance of his ass. He tried to relax but the sounds just became louder & louder. His thighs tightened from the disturbance & the unwanted Alpha between Dekus legs & when the Alpha tried to calm him down the door busted open.


The sound of a familiar hotheaded Alpha made Dekus insides flip. He started to become very afraid & aroused at the same time, undeniably slick starting to wet his ass a good amount.

The Alpha in the room tried to stand his ground but his scent was very scared & when push came to shove, Bkg was ready to stomp him into the ground. The Alpha left rather quickly having had enough of the aggressive Alpha challenging him.

Deku heard the door close & tried to scoot into the hole more but hands on his waist pulled him back. Deku got increasingly more concerned about his pup, especially when a hand was suddenly over the small bump.

“H-Hey! Kaccha-!”

“I don’t care anymore.”

Deku squeaked as he felt the wet & fleshy head of Bkgs Alpha cock.

“I don’t care who breed you, or why your dumbass allowed yourself to be breed. All I know is that if you’re gonna have their pup, you’re gonna have mine too!”(I’m gonna use Hare pregnancy logic w/ this one)


Deku felt hands tighten on his hips & then suddenly his ass was being split open by Bkgs cock. Deku arched his back & moaned loudly. Everything felt so right, just so right.


“Shut up! Take it like a good bitch!”

“No! Ah! Kacchan! Wait!”


Deku reaches for Bkgs hand & grabbed it pulling it under the tarp.

“Wait! Here!”

Deku brought Bkgs hand to the harness, “Off!”

Bkg grasped the leather & activates his quirk burning it til it split in half. He then tried to pull Deku out but the second part of the harness was still intact.

“Wait! There’s more!”(& here’s my sales pitch)

Deku brought Bkgs hand further up his body to the second strap just barely within reach for Bkg. Deku pushes the strap down so Bkg could grab it & after it was burnt off his body was dragged out into the room with the Alpha. He still had the collar on but that didn’t matter too much.


Green eyes met red as they stared intensely at each other. Bkg though wasn’t about to waste any time apparently because as soon as he was brought out he was pressed against a wall & being fucked into.

“Ya know Deku... I always knew you were a bitch at heart, I just didn’t know how much until those weeks ago. Fuckn cunt how dare you hide being an omega from me! You belong to me got it?! You & the bastard pup! That bitch that breed you can go to hell!”

Deku moaned his head falling forward as Bkgs cock brushed over his sensitive prostate & breeding hole.

“Kacchan! Your cock is so good!”

“Damn straight, it’s the only cock you’ll be getting after this!”

Bkg bit into Dekus shoulder just below the collar next to his scent gland. Deku felt a fluttering feeling blossom in his stomach at the pressure of sharp teeth pressed next to the base of his neck. He really wished this collar didn’t exist now. Bkg didn’t fuck Deku like he was used to, the male always setting a bruising pace that left him with a limp afterwards.
He was rough but slow & careful with Deku as if he’d break if he was too rough. Another thing he noticed were that Bkg was wearing gloves. He was wearing his fuckn hero gloves. “Kacchan wha-AAANNGHH!” The blonde smirked as he felt the tip of his cock breach Dekus breeding hole.


He instantly sheathed himself in it without a second thought. “I’m gonna fill you up Deku. You’re gonna be so full of pups you’ll have to quit being a hero.” Dekus eyes filled with tears at that statement but was too conflicted with other emotions to really make a fuss about-


it. “No I-I wanna be a Hero KacchaaAAhnnn!” Bkg smirked evilly as his thrusts became harsher & less controlled, “Ya sound more like a bitch than a hero to me!” Dekus head lulled back as the pleasure of getting his ass pounded built up in his stomach. He really was getting so-


fucked up over this. “I bet when my pups are born they’ll be the pack leaders, I can smell bitch all over that weak ass pup.” Bkg leaned his head on Dekus shoulder getting closer & closer to popping a knot. “Fuck you’re tight Deku! As soon as we’re done here you better quit-


this fuckn whore house shit. If I ever find out ya fuckn some other Alpha again, I’ll give you a miscarriage” Deku shivered at the threat but despite Bkgs nasty words he knew this time that it was empty. “O-Ok Alpha.” Bkg hugged Deku tighter to his body at the title hips-


thrusting up into his tight heat. “Fuck! That’s right! I’m your Alpha Deku! Say it again!” The feeling of Bkgs knot catching on the rim of Dekus ass as the Alpha rammed his cock harder into his inner cunt made Dekus head spin. He had almost completely forgot about it until Bkg-


swatted his ass hard. “ALPHA ALPHA!” “Keep saying it Deku. Remember who the fuck you belong to!” “Yes Alpha!” Bkg started to thrust erratically whimpering as he raced to his orgasm Deku not being that far behind. Bkg bit down on Dekus shoulder as he popped his knot though he-


growled in mild irritation when his knot popped outside of Dekus ass. He started to fiercely grind it into Deku as cum spilled all over the place before finally deciding to take Deku to the ground. The feeling of cum sloshing around in his breeding hole was bringing Deku so-


close to the edge. So when Bkg pinned Deku to the ground & forced his knot into his ass, Deku came violently. He shivered clenching down on Bkgs knot milking him for all he was worth & moaning like a bitch. “Shit!” Bkg bit Dekus arm & whined as he coaxed more cum to spill from-


his swollen cock. Blood spilled past his lips from the bite & if Deku wasn’t fucked up he’d probably be crying from pain. They sat there in that moment for what felt like a hour just completely blissed out of their dumbass minds. Their high started to fade & Bkg released Dekus-


arm from his mouth & just stared & the green haired omega. They both just stared at each other as Bkgs knot slowly deflated. & then reality caught up to them. Bkg was the first to panic, “Holy fuck if you actually get pregnant I’m gonna be a father at 17!” Deku groaned into-


his hands, “Kacchan why...” “Don’t why me! You practically threw yourself on my knot stupid Deku!” Deku smiled warily at Bkg, “As if I could have stopped you from knotting me...” When they both left the place, Deku resigned from his position at the whore house &-


he walked back to the dorms with Bkg side by side. Bkg kept grumbling over how his ass about ta be baby daddied the fuck up & Deku honestly couldn’t help the smile that broke across his face. He then remembered how he had panicked when he realized he impregnated himself & he-


giggled. “The fuck is so funny?” Bkg growled through it held no edge to it. “I just find it funny how I did the same thing when I found out I had gotten myself pregnant.” There was a dark look over Bkgs eyes & he didn’t speak for a minute. “Hey...” “Hm?” “Who’s the father.”


Deku looked a bit confused since he had just said it was himself but realized that it could sound a completely different way without context. “Oh! Uh... It’s actually a pretty complicated story... Haha!” Bkg clenched his fists, his mood visibly souring by the second. Deku felt-


awkward as hell but swallowed down the feelings & stepped in front of the blonde. “Um. The father... Is me...” Bkg stared at him blankly making Deku sweat. He then growled, “Stop fucking with me! I know you’re one of them! Who’s the other asshole so I can kick his ass!”


Deku squeaked, “That’s the thing it really is me!” “Why are you protecting that asshole?! Who was it! Was it Icyhot?!” Deku gave him a look but thought better than to comment on it. In fact, he thought of a better idea. So he started to run away. “HEY! HEY DEKU YOU BASTARD-


TELL ME WHO HE IS!” Thankfully they were close to the dorms & he rushed up the emergency stairs the blonde hot on his tail. He made it just barely in the dorm hallway when he was suddenly tackled to the ground, Bkg taking the impact of course. “HEY IM TALKING TO YOU ASSHOLE!”


“Look! Kacchan! I can explain inside my room! It’ll all make sense!” When Deku finally managed to convince him to let him up he entered the dorm. Deku immediately went to his bed & pulled out his heat aid box. When he opened it he could vaguely spot Bkg shiver from the corner of his eye. Deku then brought out the knotted Dildo that he filled with his cum & slightly cringed at the fact that it still stunk of his old nut. “I used this to impregnate myself. You can fill this up with a liquid & if you sink down on the knot it’ll push the liquid-


into your, um... Stuff.” He handed the dildo to Bkg who sniffed it & instantly wrinkled up his nose but couldn’t help sniff it some more. “This is both the most disgusting & arousing thing I’ve smelt.” Bkg commented. He then stared blankly at the toy, then at Deku. “Wait.”

Chapter Text

“Deku. We need to talk.”

Deku was very disturbed by Bkgs sudden request to talk. They hadn’t been talking often despite some small comments or whenever Bkg would blow up on him so this was a bit of a surprise. Of course he’d go anyways.

Deku decided to arrive early to the spot & leaned up against the wall on the back of the U.A. dormitory. A few minutes had gone by before the sound of feet made him look around. Kacchan was looking at him a little weird, it was slightly uncomfortable but whatever this was about he had to know. Kacchan never asks him to talk on a whim.

Deku stepped off the wall & made his way to Bkg who jolted out of whatever thoughts he was in. He looked like he had been caught red handed but Deku didn’t think twice on it, “You wanted to talk Kacchan.”

Bkg blinked as if processing before turning his back & waving his hand in a come follow motion. Deku tensed a little, the last time they had traveled away from the dorms to talk they ended up fighting each other. Deku was prepping himself for that, but when they walked off the campus he became increasingly more confused.

“Um, Kacchan... We shouldn’t leave the campus at night!”

No answer, this was very similar to before, Kacchan must have something really important to talk about...

He remembered the anguish in Bkgs face when he talked about his feelings during their fight. How he cried & crumpled in on himself from his own inner turmoil, he looked so defeated. Deku doesn’t want to see his friend like that anymore, so he just silently follows him.

He is lead deeper into the city following completely on autopilot as his brain wracks for something to say or do when he’s suddenly walking right into Bkgs chest. Deku sputtered as Bkg circled Deku before caging him in against a brick wall in a... Warehouse?


Bkg swoops down kissing him fully on the lips & completely shutting down Dekus brain.


“You taste so sweet...”

This shakes him from his mental malfunction, “K-Ka-“

Dekus lips were covered once again by Bkgs own in a sweet but seemingly restrained kiss. Deku didn’t know what to do but the fluttering in his chest had him grabbing for the back of Bkgs shirt.

Bkg groaned & shoves a leg between Dekus legs before placing warm hands on his hips.

This kiss grew hot when tongues were introduced as Bkg shoved his tongue down Dekus throat. Deku moaned his body growing ever more desperate for Bkgs touch he never knew he craved so badly.

Bkg at this point was completely overpowering him in the kiss & had hoisted him up by his thighs bringing him away from the wall & into another room.

“Mm. So good. You taste so good. You feel so good. I love it. I love you.”

Bkgs words made Deku loose his mind. He grabbed onto Bkg like his life depended on it kissing him with increasingly more desperation.

“Kacchan please. I need you. I love you. You feel so good. Please Kacchan!”

Deku was hard but he wasn’t the only one. He could feel the large tent in Bkgs pants pressing against his own erection as the blonde carried him down a hallway. He ground his hips into it making Bkg growl at him & bite his neck, he fuckn moaned at that.

“Oh you like that huh?” Bkg kicked a stripe up Dekus neck, “Oh I’m gonna have so much fun playing with you.”

It seemed odd how Bkg was acting but any thoughts that were coming to surface died immediately when his back hit the bed. The sound of chains clinking answered any questions he may have had. He looked around & confirmed that there were intact chains attached to this bed, it was weird that there was a bed in a warehouse in the first place but Bkg must have been preparing for this for a long time.

“Lay down & stay still.”

Deku did exactly as Bkg asked while he watched him work his magic. Bkg went around chaining Deku upto the thick metal bed posts from wrists to ankles. He then turned away to go get something much to Dekus displeasure which he showed by whining, “K-Kacchan please... I want you so bad.”

“Be good & you’ll get what you want. We’ll have so much fun I promise.”

Again with the word play but maybe Kacchan was into some kinky stuff. That had Deku blushing from ear to ear.

Bkg came back with a weird looking collar, “I’m gonna put this on now. Lift your head.”

Deku did as he was told feeling the smooth collar slide against his skin. It was fastened tightly to his neck but not enough to choke him. Once it was locked in place Bkg pressed a button on the side & Deku suddenly felt this weird tingly sensation but it went away quickly.

“Good boy... So pretty all chained up like this... I’m gonna make you scream baby.”

Warm palms glide under his shirt pushing it up & over Dekus head until it hung off his arms.

“Gonna make you feel so good you won’t be able to stop thinking about it. About me. Just like I can’t stop thinking about you...”

Hands then creep down his body before tugging at the hem of his shorts until they were completely off. Dekus phone slipped out of his pocket & clattered to the floor next to the bed.

“Ah! Kacchan could you-“

Bkg pressed a finger to Dekus lips, “Shhhh... It doesn’t matter...” He then kisses him again as he climbed into bed with him & settled between his thighs. He ground his hips down into Dekus as they kissed feverishly. Deku wanted to hold Bkg but the chains kept him from doing so. He just wanted so much mor than this, kissing was not enough.

Fingers then hooked a fingers into his boxers & ripped them in half. God that was hot. Wet fingers then pushed passed Dekus rim burying themselves knuckle deep in the same instant. It hurt a little, the sudden stretch of having multiple fingers shoved in you under prepped hole, but it also felt good, exciting.

Deku hissed & moaned as Bkg finger fucked into his tight hole. The burn felt so good he wanted Bkg to just put it in already after 5 minutes had passed.

“Please Kacchan! Just-Just put it in!”

In that instant Bkg withdrew his fingers & practically torn off his own clothes trying to get naked. Yes yes yes!

“I’m gonna fuck you so good! You’re so good for me! Such a good boy! I wonder what it’s like inside.”

A thick warm & heavy heat settled in the crevice of Dekus ass. He felt a cool sensation drip onto him but before he was gonna ask about it Bkg had completely sheathed himself into Dekus ass.

Deku screamed back arching off the bed, it burns so good!

“Ah fuck!”

“Yes! So good! So this is what it feels like! You feel so good Izu-chan! Do I feel good?”

“Yes! Kacchan! You’re so good! Don’t stop!”

Bkg fucked into Dekus ass balls deep every time. It had Deku howling at the feeling of his ass being split in two. The sore burn nothing but background noise now.

A few clicks & clanks later & Deku found his legs being pushed up into his chest. The new angle got his eyes rollin.

“So good! So tight! You’re the best Izu-chan!”

Those praises did something to Deku, his body reacting so intensely.

His skin was on fire, everything Bkg touched felt like molten lava. He became so sensitive to everything that blonde does.

He’s completely folded onto himself as Bkg lays over his legs to reach deeper. Deku starts to spasm when he feels sudden quick jolts of electricity zip up his spine.


Bkg cackled maniacally as he adjusted his position slowly trying to gage where exactly Deku was talking about. When Deku choked on a gasp Bkg drove home not giving Deku any time to recover.

Deku screamed toes curling with the intense waves of pleasure coming over him.

He was gonna cum! He was gonna-!

White hot splashed of his own cum shot him directly in on the face. He screamed as he came going completely stiff.

Deku heard Bkgs unrestrained laughter as he continued to fuck into his ass, “WAS THAT GOOD IZU-CHAN~! I LOVED THAT FACE YOU JUST MADE~! PLEASE MAKE IT AGAIN!” His words broke off into giggles before Bkgs hips suddenly started to piston erratically.


Then with one final thrust Bkg came deep inside Dekus ass before collapsing down on him.

Everything Bkg said was so weird and different but Deku was glad it was said. He had been waiting for the day Bkg finally-

Dekus phone started to buzz. He panicked hoping it wasn’t Aizawa & looked over only for his body to suddenly become ice cold.

/Kacchan was calling./

Bkg noticed as well & sat up taking the phone. Deku tried to power up but a zap in his collar instantly deactivated it & he was rendered completely defenseless. His body started to shake with the sudden realization of what actually was happening now.

Bkg hit the answer button & an angry Kacchan was put on speaker.

“Where the fuck are you Deku?! I’ve been-!”

“KA-!” Dekus scream was muffled by a strong hand gripping his face.

“Hi Kacchan~! Deku can’t pick up the phone right now!” Bkg spoke in an odd, overly cheery voice.

“What-“ Bkg hung up on Kacchan before he took the phone from his ear & scrolled through Dekus phone. He had been scrolling for a bit before finding what he wanted. Suddenly there was a bright light in his face as the flash of the camera was turned on & stayed on. The light moved up & down his body.

“See Kacchan~?” Bkgs voice slowly melted away as did Bkgs flesh. The horror of just who exactly bedded Deku made him face contort in horror. He screamed through her palm as he tried to jerk away.

Toga giggles at that.

“Deku likes my cock better.”

To prove it she shifted her hips stuffing Bkgs cock into him as it wasn’t melted away yet. She purposely aimed for his prostate making him moan involuntarily.

“Don’t you Deku~?”

The flash was gone & then a ding.

Message sent.



Message Received.

Chapter Text

Under the stars and the moon stands a wolf. Izuku is paralyzed in fear, his ears flattening against his head. Something is wrong, he sees it in their eyes. Katsukis eyes looked wrong, the way the moon reflected in those crimson orbs shone too bright. So bright and hollow all the same. Something was gravely wrong.

They’ve always meet up at this time of night since it was safest for Izuku since Katsukis pack wouldn’t be actively patrolling the area. He had to be overthinking right? Right.

Izuku, despite his instincts screaming to run, stepped forward.

The first time they met Katsuki had tried to kill Izuku. Somehow Izuku with fangs closing in on his neck, managed to peak the wolfs interest. He challenged him to a race and bet his life that if he beat him to the watering hole they had to be friends.

The wolf actually accepted the odd challenge and the race was on.

Izuku had actually won. He felt so happy but the look on the wolfs face had him wondering if he was just a fucking idiot to think he’d ever be able to convince a HUNGRY WOLF to keep his promise.

Katsuki had been so upset he lost snarling to himself and stamping the ground furiously, but not once turning his fangs on Izuku. It continued like this for a while before the white wolf huffs and turns to leave.

Izuku was shocked it actually worked, it actually really worked! He was so happy jumping around the place but remembered his deal. They couldn’t really be friends...

Could they?

“Wait! Wolf!”

He hopped up to the wolf stopping right in front of him. They glared fangs bared at Izuku making him swallow the fear in his throat.

“You fuckn won bunny. Don’t make me change my mind about our stupid little deal...”

“No! No please don’t! I just...”

“Spit it out! I ain’t got all day!”

“I-Well-H-How can we be friends if we-ya know- don’t know each other’s names?”

The wolf stopped growling but stared at the bunny dumbfounded. Izuku really felt like an idiot right about now.

“Are you fuckn serious? A wolf and a rabbit? Friends? You gotta be fuckn with me.” He growled.

“I’m not! It’s our d-deal remember!” Izuku didn’t know where this boldness suddenly came from but he was sure if he wasn’t about to get his neck snapped before he surely was now. Who was he, a bunny, to challenge an apex predator? He started to shiver under those red orbs but he held their gaze strong and unflinching.



“Dumbass, my name is Katsuki.”

“O-oh. Right.”

“And yours?”

The bunny smiled, “Izuku.”

The feeling of dread grew with each step. The light in Katsukis eyes was still too bright to see any expression in them despite Izuku now being only about a yard away.

He halted.

What if there was something wrong with Katsuki?

“Kacchan...? Kacchan are you aright over there.”

The wolf ears seemed to prick at that. Izuku tilted his head in confusion at the lack of response from the wolf. He was about to respond again when-

“Kacchan huh?”

His blood ran ice cold.

The wolf lowered its head and grinned at the little bunny. The light left the wolfs eyes confirming the suspicions he’s subconsciously had since he first laid eyes on the wolf. Those eyes...

They were purple.

How did this wolf that looked and smelt like Katsuki know-

Then it clicked. His pack. This wolf must be a very close sibling, probably from the same liter.

The wolf finally approached stepping slowly towards the bunny.

“I’ve been watching. My brother had been leaving at night and I god concerned one day and followed him. Then lo and behold, a little bunny had been taunting him all along... he couldn’t win the race and thus he couldn’t bring you home with pride. To have finally caught the bunny that had evaded his fangs for so long. So here we are... And I to take his place.”

Izuku felt the cold this night, as the shadow of the wolf shielded him from the light of the moon. The wolfs eye held him at attention like a spell had been cast over him, his limbs made lead.

“Tonight, little bunny.”

They brought their purple eye to Izukus fearful green.

“Under the the stars and the moon of this winter sky, we race.”

And with that...

The chase was on.


Katsuki always lost to the little bunny. At first he was only there to win and get a juicy piece of meat to snack on. He knew he could have ended it all with just a snap of that bunnies neck, but he wanted to win so badly every time they met. And as time passed, he began to love their time shared together.


“Hey Kacchan!”

“Kacchan look!”

When had that hateful name become so endearing? When had it started to make him feel warm inside? When had these meet ups become the highlight of his day?

Just when... Did he start to love Izuku?


Katsuki was happily trotting to their favorite spot, he had something big to tell Izuku tonight.

He was finally leaving his pack.

He was so ready to start his life without fear of Izuku being found out. He was so ready for his life with Izuku. They had been talking about it in hypotheticals for a while now. He knew Izuku wanted him to stay, he saw it in the lil bunnies eyes every time he’d tell him goodbye.

Katsuki never wanted to see those sad eyes again.

Though when two distinctly familiar scents filled his nose, he thought he might not ever get to see Izukus eyes ever again.

At least with the light of life behind them.

And so he began to run. Faster than he had ever ran. He felt like he was flying, the wind cut through his fur, he felt it like ice against bone. But not as cold as the ice around his heart.


Gotta keep him behind me. Keep him behind. Don’t slip. Don’t turn to sharply. Can’t stop running. Never stop. He won’t stop. You’ll die if you stop.

All of these thoughts ran through his head like they too were running for their life. The world was a blur of greyscale and desaturated colors as the scene whipped past in a blur.

The wolf is next to you, duck.

Izuku sucked his head down just in time to hear the snap of jaws just above him. He darted away from the wolf putting him once again behind him. Though all this running made his legs burn and ache for relief. They would cramp a little with every bound and he started to cry.

Please don-

A cramp made him fumble a step and sent him tumbling forward. He cried out loudly at the feel of his ankle twisting.

A pressure firmly pressed down on his back. The claws of the wolf felt sharp against his pelt. Izuku cried louder in both pain and horror.

“Looks like I managed to catch you huh lil bunny? Looks like you won’t be mocking my dear brother again.”


“He won’t look so defeated anymore, you can’t hurt him anymore...”

He pleaded for Katsukis forgiveness in his own mind. Just once he’d like to see him again, just one more time. But the sight of those teeth, he knew he’d never get that wish.

So his next best thing, he projected Katsuki onto the look alike wolf standing above him.

His eyes filled with tears, “Kacchan...”

The wolf didn’t answer, merely leaning in closer. Going for the kill.

“Kacchan... I will never forget the day we met. I was so scared but we made it work somehow...”

All he saw was teeth.


Jaws opened wide.

“I love you.”

Then the wolf ripped out his throat.


Katsuki heard the screams. He heard the barks, the growl, the triumphant howl. He smelt the blood, but still... Just still...

He was too withdrawn to realize it until he was at the scene. But even then his eyes were blurred with panic. It was only when he stepped on something soft to the touch did he start to process the scene before him.

He looked down at the thing he was stepping on, lifting his paw. He saw blood. He saw fur. Soft blackish green fur.

It was a leg. Probably a small animal by the look of it. Maybe- No. It’s not a bunny. Can’t be.

He stepped over it only to find himself stepping into something else. As soon as his full weight was on it it burst open some of the liquid managing to hit him in the face.

No. No. Stop. It’s not him. Stop telling yourself tha-

He froze as he brought his head to see his brother standing in the middle of the scene. There was blood all over hims and... everywhere.

“Kurage... What are you-“

His breath hitched as his brother turned his head slightly at the call of his name. But his brother was far from his mind right now as his eyes zeroed in on the small bunny decapitated head in between Kurages jaws.

There was where he saw those green eyes again. Dull and void of life. His face though looked angelic, like he was in bliss.

There was his Izuku.

He couldn’t move. He couldn’t breathe. He had lost all functionality at the sight of his bunny in jaws just like his own. His twins jaws.

Kurage dropped Izukus head, “Sorry bro! I know you wanted to finish him so badly but I just couldn’t sit and see you suffer anymore!”

Katsukis head snapped up to Kurage.

“I didn’t mean to kill him so quickly. I just got so into it and he also made me really upset ya know?”

Katsuki just stared at his brother jaw slack while he processed through the shock.

“He said something really dumb. I mean I can’t believe he would even try that on me.”

Katsuki felt himself not really caring about what his brother was saying, simply walking over to the small bunny’s head sniffing it gently. He nosed it, feeling the tears start to flood his vision.

“He said he loved you. And I just couldn’t help but laugh at that because how!”

Once again Kurage had his full attention. Katsuki couldn’t believe what he heard.


“Yeah!” Kurage chuckles, “He said, ‘Kacchan! Kacchan I love you!’ Isn’t that the dumbest thing you ever heard?!” Kurage cackled loudly.

Izuku loves him. He had loved him this whole time.

They both could have-

“And! And then he kissed my tooth! Right before I shook him like a chew toy!”

Something in Katsuki snapped after hearing that. He felt his heart tear in two, he must have thought he had killed him. That Katsuki had decided to end his life. Izuku…

Please forgive me... Wherever you are...

I will avenge you.

Katsuki started to growl lowly at Kurage stepping over the small bunny guts being mindful not to defile him any further.

“Hey! I’m sorry I didn’t wait for you-YELP!”

Katsuki had pinned his brother to the ground.


Snarls and the sounds of death filled the chilled air as blood was once again spilled under the moon.


Katsuki brought Izuku back to the pond where they first met. He set him down gently on a fallen tree. Katsuki barked as he ran in front of the log before circling it a couple times.

He then stopped and calmly approached Izuku smiling softly.

“Looks like I win the race.”

Izuku still remains unresponsive to Katsukis taunting words. The wolf frowned.

“No I fuckn didn’t. I lost the whole fuckn thing. I could never beat you, you’re just too fast. Too fuckn fast in everything you do and I’m just a fuckn loser. I lost my pack, lost my brother, lost my pride, lost-...”

He turns his head away sharply as he huffs holding back tears from spilling. No. He wasn’t about to be a coward. Not fuckn now.

“I lost you! I lost you and your stupid bunny face! You were... Such an idiot to ever trust me! Some dumbass wolf! Why D-Eku?!”

Katsuki screamed tears now free flowing down his face.

He shook himself before growling to himself, “JUST RUN AWAY AND NEVER LOOK BACK!!!”

He grabbed Izukus head and tossed it into the middle of the lake. He howled mournfully over the death of his love, completely broken in spirit. He howled for what seemed like hours until his throat could no longer utter another howl. Then he sat in silence.

The moon was highest in the sky. It felt like it was just above him as he stared into the white orb. His mind was numb his heart ripped out. He stood to leave but he couldn’t. He couldn’t leave. It pained him to leave. He was still so selfish.

He looked back upon the pond. It was dark and murky but he still couldn’t help but wanting to see Izukus face one last time...

He found himself diving into the pond that was a lot deeper than he expected. The dark water only allowed for him to see about a few feet in front of him as he swam and searched the pond.

He was running out of air.

He hurriedly paddled deeper into the pond and just barely caught a glimpse of of green.

His lungs burned in need.

He found Izuku at the very bottom of the pond. The blood had washed away from his face only leaving his pure expression. Katsuki felt content then.

He felt his body start to float up but kicked the ground of the of the pond and managed to get close enough to nose Izuku.

There was suddenly a crushing pressure over Katsukis back causing him to gasp as a knee jerk reaction and release all the air he had left.

It burned, everything burned! He tried to struggle but it only made the pain worse. He grew weak, his body started to fade in and out.

Katsuki decided it was useless and laid his head against the floor of the pond. And there was Izuku.

He stared at the small bunny he loved and smiled at green glowing eyes.

I can see the moon in your eyes Deku.

Chapter Text

Hybrid/Croc-Daddy!Bkg spent 18 long years working up to the position of Alpha Croc. From the very beginning he had always wanted to be #1 in the gang & he strove hard for it. Taking the biggest bites of the kill before the Alpha snatched it away & going on lone hunts just to get big. He worked his way up in the gang getting bigger & meaner than the rest of the crocs until he eventually found himself as Beta croc. And today was the day he took down the Alpha only leaving a maimed disabled croc to live the rest of his life a bottom feeder in the gang.

Bkg was proud of his archivements because not only did that mean he had the first day in everything but also, he can finally court whoever the fuck he wants & breed them. And as mating season was coming up, he was ready.


Deku was a lonely croc. He was the runt of his-gang & often found himself being picked on by the others for looking so pretty & girly. They often raked their teeth on his arms whenever he tried to snag a bite after a successful hunt so he would often go long without food and starve. He could never get big enough to defend himself from his gang-mates. So he decided he was better off alone.

He had traveled up the river far from his pack, it had been a days travel just to get out of familiar territory & now he didn’t know where he was. Then there was the sound of gurgling noises nearby & he realized he had stumbled upon the breeding grounds of another gang.

Dekus anxiety spiked at that knowledge knowing he was a little careless sometimes when it came to him wandering. He didn’t even realize he had wandered into gang territory until he was already knee deep into it!

Deku tried to keep a low profile but knew that his practically neon green scales didn’t help at all. He basically was glowing under the water!

Deku had been scanning the area when all of a sudden he saw him the biggest croc he’d ever seen! It must have been the Alpha because he dwarfed every other croc in the area. His pale white scales seemed to shimmer like the sparkly rocks Deku would find at the bottom of the swamps back in his spawning pool & Deku nearly forgot about how he was in unfamiliar territory from the nostalgia the crocs scales gave him.


Red eyes meet green & suddenly reality hit Deku like a truck. OH FUCK HE WAS SPOTTED! He squeaked & started to swim away fast when he saw the massive croc suddenly move like lightning & disappear into the water with a large splash. Whenever he looked back he would see the albino crocs red eyes intensely focused on him making him swim harder than he ever thought he could because holy fuck the FUCKING ALPHA WAS GONNA TEAR HIS HEAD OFF!!!

Deku at some point realized it was no use to try to put swim the croc, it was practically a speed demon in the water, quickly gaining up on him with every powerful whip of his tail. So Deku decided if he couldn’t swim, he’d run.

Deku quickly made it to the edge of the river & as soon as he was up on his feet took off as fast as he could down the sandy shores.


Bkg had been-bored out of his mind the whole mating season. All the bitches looked like shit compared to him & were just a bunch of old ladies. He left em all alone deciding to just bask in the sun & let his gang breed em so they’d leave his ass alone. It was a big disappointment for the Alpha croc but it wasn’t the end of the world. There was always next season.

Bkg grumbled to himself as he basked in his favorite spot on his gangs river bank. It was quiet & no other croc would ever dare come to this side of the river because Bkg would instantly attack & maim them. He liked being Alpha but he also liked having his fuckn space so any croc that decided to invade his space instantly was challenging his rule. So when he first initially heard the splash of a tail swimming in his waters, oh he was so angry and ready to fight. But then he-opened his eyes & saw the most beautiful bitch he had ever laid eyes on. If he hadn’t been laying down at that moment his mouth would have been catching flies.

“Holy fuck they’re hot.”

Bkg rose from his spot on the shore & was about to speak but his movements suddenly made the-bitch really tense. They were gonna run. ‘Like hell you’re about to run out on me!’

Bkg quickly dived into the water swimming at top speeds towards the gorgeous creature only to see they were really running away! This irritated & excited Bkg, the chase just making the thought of catching & breeding the bitch all the more appealing. ‘Probably testing how strong I am, oh I’ll fuckn show em!’

Every whip of his tail was at peak strength sending him through the water like a missile. He was gaining on em & it just made him even more excited. And then they-decided to take off on land.

At this point Bkg was so confused but was way too invested to just give up. He dashed after the bitch hot on their tail. Their green scales really didn’t help them since they easily stood out among the rest of the foliage whenever they decided to take a sharp turn or tried to duck under something. They ended up rounding back to the river but before the green beauty could dive back into the water they tripped & fell on their face. ‘FUCK FINALLY!’

Bkg hurriedly pinned them to the ground & settled his full weight on them before whispering into their ear.

“Gotcha bitch.”


Deku was in hell, this must be a nightmare, because HE WAS GONNA DIE! He started to cry as the Alpha kept Deku under their crushing weight. Deku couldn’t move an inch & it was starting to make him panic.

“P-Please don-“

“You’re mine now bitch. Thought you could just show up & then run away? You fuckn challenging me?”


Deku was practically sobbing at this point trying to claw his way out from under the large male. This seemed to confuse them greatly but they just increased the pressure on Dekus back making sure he couldn’t escape.

“What? Think I’m not strong enough?! The hell you runnin for?!”


Deku was scream crying right now & he was getting ready to be maimed, or worse. He tried with everything he had to crawl but at some point just flopped down because it was no use. It was all pointless. He started to quietly sob knowing now would be the best point for the alpha to tear his head off. He waited & waited but the bite never came.

Deku felt rough hands run over his arms & the weight of-the croc lift up off his back slightly. This caused Deku to look up at the Alpha croc curiously, they looked troubled.

“The hell got ya thinkn I was gonna kill ya?”

The albino looked angrily at Dekus scars.

“I just wanna fuck.”

Deku felt like his last brain cell had ceased functioning. Did-he...


The Alpha must have been waiting for the perfect moment to strike cause as soon as Deku loosened up he was quickly flipped on his back.


Then Deku felt the wet fleshy head of the Alphas cock spread his cloaca & sink down to the knot.


Bkg was in the blissful heat of the bitches hole & started to fuck into em hard. He could tell they were enjoying it too because as soon as he sunk down nearly onto his knot they started moaning like a bitch.

“See this ain’t so fuckn bad now is it? You’re practically drooling over it & we barely just started!”

Deku knee the alpha was right, he shouldn’t be feeling so good being the bitch but it did & he couldn’t help it. It was too fuckn good.

“P-Please! Fuck!”

Bkg snapped his hips brutally into the smaller of the two causing him to scoot-along the dirt. Bkg brought his hands down to Dekus hips bringing him back down on his cock before deciding just to push his legs up & apart & settle on top of him again.

“You’re so fuckn tight bitch fuck.”



“That’s m-my na-AHH! N-Name!”


Bkg started to make a deep pleaser purring sound that caused his chest to rumble.

“Deku ya like being my bitch?”

Deku blushed furiously, “Y-Yes Alpha!”

“Fuck say that again!”

Bkg slammed his hips into Deku causing him to scream & see stars. Bkg cackled at that getting a manic look in his eyes.

“Nah. Changed my mind. Just keep screaming.”

Bkg proceeded to take Deku roughly not giving him any time to recover from the last penetration. He felt like his hips were gonna crack under the pressure but at the same time his mind was turning into mush-from the consistent intense stimulation he was receiving from it all. His cock had popped long ago but was trapped by the alphas monster cock just getting deliciously smashed against & dominated. He was trying to hold onto the Alpha unknowingly presenting his neck like a bitch & suddenly there were teeth clamped down on his neck claiming him. It sent strange sensations through his body that both felt wrong & right at the same time.

He came inside his own cloaca at the feel of it, his scream sounding gargled from being torn between a moan & a purr.

Just then Bkg decided enough was enough & it was time to knot his bitch. He ground down into Dekus Cloaca with reckless abandon before settling his weight on it & forcing it through.

Dekus cum made it easy to receive Bkgs knot but hell it still was a stretch! He felt his eyes roll back when the flood of cum came bursting into him rushing over his now overstimulated cock as it filled him to the brim. He felt like he was about to burst.

“Oh fuck Deku you feel so tight in there.” Bkg grunted looking like the wind got knocked out of him.

He wasn’t kidding, Deku felt it too, their cocks were both inflated & under some pretty intense pressure from both of them releasing their seed in the same space.

Though after this Deku doesn’t think he could ever fuck any other way again.

“Alphas cock is so good...” he panted.

Bkg grinned a tired but cocky grin full of sharp teeth, “Damn straight it is get used to it!”

Deku was in a daze as Bkg licked up the sweat off his skin while rumbling. They were waiting for Bkgs knot to deflate enough to let them slip apart & as soon as it let up cum was bursting from Dekus Cloaca. Bkg grunted as he slowly pulled out only to also pull Dekus cock out with it.

Bkg was panting with his eyes closed as he sat back on his ass, “Aren’t ya glad I fuckn caught ya? Dumbass Deku. I still don’t understa-.”

Bkg had cracked open an eye to look at his bitch only to spot that his bitch had a cum soaked cock laid pathetically on their stomach. And then something in his dumbass reptile brain clicked.

“Holy fuck you’re a guy?!”

Deku sat up blushing furiously. He tried to stand but felt his legs give out before he-even managed an inch off the ground.

“I-I tried to tell you but ya just... Ya know.”

Deku was completely at the mercy of the Alpha since his legs refused to function & honestly if he were to die right now it would have been the best death he ever could think of receiving.

Bkg was so mentally fucked right now, he just fucked a guy who probably shit himself the second he saw his ass torpedoing through the water thinking he was lunch.


“I-It’s ok. A lot of my old gang used to call me girly, I guess they weren’t kidding... Heh.” Deku looked very self conscious as he held his arms, “They marked me up saying I had to look tough in order to be a guy...”

Bkg was listening partially to the Croc ramble on about his old gang n shit but his brain was still fucked over the fact that Deku wasn’t a bitch. Then he started thinking about how ugly all the not-a-trap bitches looked in comparison to Deku & started to weigh the pros & cons of taking a male mate.

He found very few cons.

“Heh yeah so if you want to k-kill-OOF!”

Deku found himself on his back again staring up-at the Alpha. He felt his heart skip a beat at the feeling of a fleshy head prodding the entrance of his Cloaca again.




Bkg snorted rolling his eyes, “Just remember it when you decide to scream my name.”

And then started up another round of breeding.

Chapter Text

An Angel of god held Bkg by his hips, their grace which flows throughout his body a pleasurable burn on Bkgs skin. Soft kisses mar his neck with bright red burns tingling with grace that sinks into his skin. Bkg feels it worm itself into his body binding itself in his very being.

“It’s not gonna work Angel.” Bkg says through gritted teeth as the angel worships his body.

“You know nothing demon. You will be pure.” They say as they bite his sensitive nipples tongue swirling around the pert nub causing Bkg arch his back. Bkgs blackened claws rip the white fabric of their toga as they continue their gentle intrusions on his soul leaving red lines on the angels skin unable to pierce. The angel then pulled back & frowned causing Bkg to laugh.

“Are you done yet? I’ll never be pure Angel, I’m a demon, that’s my whole thing!”

Bkg snarled in cocky fashion at the perturbed Angel. They continued to stare down at Bkg, their twisted twin, who laughed in their face.

“I don’t know if I can...”

Bkgs eyes widened at the admitted words that left the Angels lips. He then smirked, “Giving up Angel? Gonna let-me go now so you can cry your failure?”

Bkg cackled his eyes closing and missing the darkened look now on the angels face. He only noticed the shift in mood when a hand suddenly was around his throat pinning him.

“I don’t know if I can because...”

Purple eyes shone with an of dying scared him. Bkg growled trying to push back but knowing it’s no use. He’s weak to the angel & that only makes him struggle more.

Effortlessly the Angel pried Bkgs hand from his shoulder & kissed it making Bkg very confused.

“I think, I like you impure...”

Bkg didn’t have much time to think before he felt the cloth of his clothing suddenly leave him naked in the wind. His duplicate stared down at his naked body with loving & observant eyes before dipping down to place kisses along Bkgs inner thigh. They then slid Bkgs thighs over-their shoulders & nuzzled Bkgs quickly hardening cock causing him to gasp.

“H-Hey now isn’t this a sin?”

“Angels cannot sin, we’re made of purity.” The angel spoke lowly, the vibrations of his voice literally going straight to Bkgs cock making him bite his lip. Damn the god forsaken appendage, he wasn’t gonna be some angels bitch!

The Angel of the lord licked a stripe up Bkgs cock eyes shimmering with love & happiness as they then suck small hickies just around the base.

Bkg threw his head back in a whimper, fuck he was so this angels bitch. The angel felt an unknown feeling take over his being & although he had no experience outside of this moment something told him deep down inside how to move like it was instinct. He knew this was wrong, this demon was his brother in the human world, but all the wrong felt right as he slipped his tongue between Bkgs sweet cheeks & brushing against his hole.

Bkg moaned pulling their hair & spreading his legs even wider, “Fuck do that again!”

His tongue burned, everything burned in the best way. The grace woven inside his bones felt like warm water poured over cool skin and someone was slowly turning up the heat. His whole body felt like it was on fire as Bkg felt something strange happen in the core of his being.

As if they sensed it, the Angel suddenly stuck their tongue into Bkgs ass & started to eat him out making all kinds of weird & pleasurable feelings bubble up inside of both of them. Then they both knew.

“Don’t fuckn stop.” Bkg now fully encouraged the Angel pulling his head in & shoving his ass back. Hands wrapped tighter around Bkgs thighs as the angel more confidently tongued his ass.

Chapter Text

Alpha!Kiri regularly babysat the Bakugou twins because he was in need of some extra cash & they are his next door neighbors so he knew their parents pretty well. So when the Bakugous call him asking for Kiri to babysit for the night he was packed & knocking at their door in just a matter of minutes. The door opened to reveal Inko Bakugou who reached out & hugged Kiri then smiled, “Thank you so much for coming on such short notice! We just received news of something important happening with family & thought it would stretch too far into the night for our little kits.”

A haughty huff was heard not seconds after Inko finished her sentence bringing their attention down to the little blonde alpha behind her with his arms crossed.

“Oh hey there Bakubro! How-“ Kiri was interrupted when he went to crouch down & pat the alphas head only for his hand to be slapped away. Kiri was a little surprised but the small alpha simply growled flashing his baby fangs before running further into the house & disappearing around a corner.

Inko sighed, “Hes been acting like this to everyone ever since he presented just a few days ago... We don’t know what’s up but he’s been attacking Izuku too...”

Kiri didn’t know what to say but just smiled at her warily, “It’ll be alright. I’m sure he’s just moody right now. Maybe I can help him realize he doesn’t have to be so defensive.”

“That would be very helpful Kiri.” Inko sighed again.

A slender arm wrapped around Inko shoulder causing the shorter woman to squeak in surprise, “Come on Inky, we need to get going if we’re gonna make it in time.” Mitsuki nuzzles her lovers cheek before turning to Kiri.

“Hey there kid! Thanks for always being a reliable brat sitter! I’d chat more but we really have to go so we’ll see you soon & I’ll give you a pretty penny for this one! Also you can use the guest room since we won’t be back until tomorrow. Cya!” She reaches over ruffling red tuffs of Kiris hair before herding Inko out of the door & closing it shut but not before Inko squeaked out a small goodbye. Kiri stared at the door for a little bit before shaking his head & walking deeper into the house to look for the kids.


It had been a few hours since he got there & everything was pretty normal. Deku had come out to greet him after he noticed his scent in the living room. They both sat in there for those few hours, Bkg only making brief appearances over those couple of hours.

Kiri & Deku we’re going through their second round for a new fighting game Deku had recently got for his console when Bkg grumpily plopped down on the couch next to Deku. He watched them for a few minutes before speaking up.

“Deku you fucking suck ass, you’re supposed to dodge every time Ninja pulls that attack otherwise you’re just gonna get thrashed every time.”

“Hey! I don’t suck! I just...”

“You suck, dumbass Deku.”

Kiri pauses the game before turning to the two bickering twins, “Hey hey! Let’s just calm down now! Katsuki, you shouldn’t be talking with that language, it’s rude. & Izuku is trying his best, he just got this game so he’s still learning.”

Bkg growled ferally at Kiri taking him by surprise.

“I wasn’t fucking talking to you Shitty-Hair! I was talking to the damn nerd so fuck off!”

“Kacchan! That’s not nice!”

“Shut the fuck up Omega! Learn your place!”

This caused Deku to flinch back from Bkg as if he were struck in the face. He then hung his head low so that his eyes were hidden from view. This upset Kiri.


“I’m hungry. Just go fix us a snack or something. You’re supposed to be our babysitter right? Make yourself useful.”

Kiri felt himself becoming irritated to he decided that he would make dinner, but only because it was a reasonable time & just because Bkg was irritating didn’t mean he could stop caring for him. But before he left to start cooking he turned off the console & took the controllers with him.

“Hey! I was gonna play with Deku!”

“You don’t get to play talking to me with that attitude.” Kiri spoke with a forced calm, “& if I come back not hearing from Izuku that you have apologized I’ll tell your mother.”

The small blonde glared growling at Kiri who just stepped out of the room bringing the controllers to the kitchen with him.


Kiri was stirring a pot of curry hoping maybe that Bkg was just hungry & that he was acting out because he hadn’t eaten yet. It also was a lot easier for him to make since he’d always cook it for the twins.

Bkgs attitude really bothered Kiri & he had been thinking of ways to help the alpha realize that the way he was acting was wrong. This made him too caught up in his thoughts to realize the sounds of a scuffle back in the living room until he heard a loud cry & a hard thump.

Kiris head snapped back to the direction of the noise before he turned back to the stove turning off the fire. After the flame died, he rushed back to the living room to see what had happened. What he expected was a fight to have broken out between the twins. What he didn’t expect was for Bkg to have his knotted dick deep in his twins omegan pussy.

“K-Kacchahhh ah! StoOP!”

“Fuckn Omega I’ll show you who’s sorry!”

Kiri should step in right now, he really should. But the scent of the omega boys pussy exposed to the room. For longer than he should have felt comfortable he watched Bkg roughly take his brother Deku crying the whole time still not used to Bkgs increasingly growing cock. Kiris stunned state finally was broken when he & Dekus watery eyes met.

“BAKUGOU KATSUKI!” He roared stomping up to the blonde alpha before he ripped him away from Deku by the collar before throwing him against the couch. Bkg was now the one stunned staring up at Kiri with wide eyes. Kiri growled displaying dominance over the small alpha with his thickened alphan scent & by the way he crowded the blonde on the couch.

Bkg backed up in fear not used to having Kiri so angry at him or being at the receiving end of unrestrained wrath. Kiri growled all of his shark like teeth on full display only making him more intimidating for the small alpha but stopped when he heard Dekus quiet whimpering behind him.

He turned to Deku seeing the small omega backed into a corner hand holding his small pussy. Kiri felt his cock throb at that, he really should feel shame.

“Izuku. Let me see.”

“N-No! It hurts!”

“I’ll make it feel better, I promise. Please trust me...”

Kiri crouched over Deku stroking his hair gently until the omega calmed enough to let Kiri see his aching pussy.

Kiri felt the alpha in him push to the forefront of his mind. He had to keep calm, to be an example.

“Will you let me touch you.”


“I promised to make it feel better. Will you let me?” Kiri smiled gently at Deku just stroking his thighs calmly. Deku stared at him uncertain of if he should accept since just before when an alpha touched him it hurt a lot.

“I... Ok.”


“Back down or I’ll put you in your place for real Katsuki.” Kiri stared back at Bkg knowing he was just as much in the wrong but his alpha didn’t allow him to feel the shame. Bkg seemed to have taken the hint & stayed seated in the spot he occupied on the couch.

Kiri turned to Deku once again who seemed a bit stiff but calmed again when he felt Kiri pet him again.

“You sure?”

“Y-Yes. You can.”

Kiri laid Deku on his back before speaking, “A good Alpha always gives his Omega an option to say no. This is called consent. Then when you know you can proceed you should prepare them properly. Though they can always tell you to stop & you must no matter what. Got that Katsuki?”

Kiri pulled Dekus legs apart before lowering himself until he was face to face with the omegas swollen cunt.

“That’s fuckn stupid. We’re the alpha. They’re just bitches.”

Kiri ignored him, his focus completely taken by the sight before him. Deku smelt so sweet, he couldn’t stop himself from latching onto it with his tongue. He purred at the warm honey taste that hit his tongue & only encouraged him to dive in deeper.

Deku was stiff at first but started to relax & push his head down with his small hands. The omega moaned his hips jerking up every time Kiri caught his enlarged clit between his lips & sucked.

“K-ki-san. It feels good.”

Kiri popped off with a smile, “Yeah? Want more?”

Deku nodded & Kiri went right back to work just completely devouring Dekus little cunt. Dekus moans started to get louder & louder but the sudden feeling of Kiris fingers shoved into his pussy had him screaming in pleasure. Bkg at this point couldn’t stand sitting so far away from the action & creeped up until he hovered next to the two. He looked down at them restrained jealousy all over his face. Kiri looked up at Bkg & smirked like he was saying ‘ told ya so.’ Bkg scoffed at that but kept observing everything Kiri was doing to his younger twin.

“Ki-san! I’m-!”

Deku came hard, the honey like substance filling his mouth making Kiri drunk on the stuff. He smiled as he cleaned Deku with his tongue lazily & watched the omegas trembling body slowly calm until he laid limply on the ground. Bkg seemed to be a bit shocked by the result of Kiris actions but also very intrigued.

Kiri restrained himself from doing much further, the strain of his hardened cock making it a bit of a struggle to pull away but he did.

“Feel better?”

Deku nodded sleepily, “I think... I wanna go to bed. I’m sleepy.”

“You don’t want any curry?”

“Not really, sorry Ki-san...”

Kiri laughed patting Deku on the head, “It’s ok I’ll just take you to your room so you-can sleep.”

Kiri found Dekus discarded pants from the other side of the room bringing them over & redressing the small omega himself. He then picked him up & headed towards Dekus room Bkg following close behind. By the time they reached his room Deku was softly snoring in Kiris arms. Kiri smiled at that & laid Deku in his bed before he tucking his sleeping form in. Bkg stood in the doorway watching Kiri put his twin to bed with a glare & clenched fists. Kiri pet Dekus sleeping face hugging a laugh before he walked back out of the room. The two alphas stood in the doorway silently watching the omega sleep for just a few seconds longer before Kiri decided to close the door. Then he turned back to Bkg with a smile that didn’t meet his eyes.

“Now for you.”

Kiri snatched Bkg by the hair before dragging the smaller alpha back down into the living room ignoring his yelps & hisses. He then threw him back against the couch not wasting any time to unbuckle his belt.

“You think it’s ok to do things to other people’s bodies without asking? Let’s see how you like it.”

Bkgs eyes went as wide as saucers at the realization of what was about to happen to him but before he could do anything about it Kiri had him pinned against the couch by the throat as he lined his aching cock with his slick covered hand. Dekus slick.

Bkg struggled in his hold flailing around. Kiri had enough.

Kiri slapped Bkg across the face rendering the alpha beneath him motionless in shock. Bkg looked up at Kiri with tears in his eye closest to the now red mark on his face before bkgs trembling hand slowly went up to hold his throbbing cheek. Kiri didn’t feel any guilt, his alpha didn’t let him. Instead he hovered over Bkg with with an evil smile that had a chill settle over Bkgs heart.

“This is what it’s like to not be able to choose.”

& then he shoved his slick covered cock in Bkgs unprepared ass.

Bkg screamed trying to scoot away from Kiri starting-to cry. Kiri didn’t stop, he pulled Bkgs struggling hips down on his cock his Alpha wishing it was the small omegas pussy instead but finding Bkg to be acceptable. Kiri, with a little force behind it, gripped Bkgs hips hard before shoving himself to the hilt. Bkg stiffened & cried silently but finally stilled. The pain was too much for Bkg to take but he was forced to take it. He never felt so helpless in his life.

Kiri waited a few moments before moving again slowly thrusting inside of Bkg because even though he wanted to punish the young alpha he couldn’t wound him or it might be suspicious & he might get caught. He was surprised that Bkg didn’t rip just from his rough entrance.

Silent tears fell down Bkgs face as Kiri started to pick up the pace the older alpha grunting & groaning as he fucked Bkgs tight ass.


Kiri fucked down into Bkgs ass Dekus slick still somehow making the slide very easy. He balled up his own shirt & stuffed it in his mouth to simulate the junction of a shoulder for him to bite. Looking down Kiri could see Bkg struggling to keep a strong face even though he was clearly in pain. Kiri was a bit impressed. Then Kiri decided he wanted to take what he wants.

Kiri flopped them so Bkg was laying over his lap which caught Bkg by surprise. He then spread his legs after placing a hand behind Bkgs neck & on his hip. He started shoving the boy repeatedly down on his cock as if he were a human flesh-light. Bkg cried out but he covered his mouth so he’d not make another sound but the grating of Kiris dick inside him had his nails biting into the palm of his clenched fist. & the worst part was that it was starting to feel good.

Kiri spotted Bkgs growing cock & smirked evilly as he gripped it giving it a squeeze. Bkg gasped at the pleasurable spike.

He hated it.

But Kiri kept going as he fucked into his body & he couldn’t do anything to stop him. Angry tears stained Bkgs face as he was violated. Kiri on the other hand was thoroughly enjoying it. The fluttering of Bkgs ass around his cock felt amazing & had him slamming into Bkg unrestrained.

Bkg arched his back now using both hands to smother his moans. This was too much. It all was too much.

“Fucking shit-I’ma bust soon.”

Bkg hated this. He hated it so much. He didn’t want this but his body wouldn’t stop reacting the way he didn’t want it to. It was so humiliating. & then there was the weird feeling in his stomach that just kept getting more intense by the second. He felt so scared of what was about to come.

“Fuck!” Bkg yelped as he came hard in Kiris hand. But of course Kiri wasn’t finished just yet.

Kiri kept stroking Bkgs sensitive cock just so that he could feel Bkgs tight ass clenching on his cock. He was so close, his knot was too big to shove in Bkgs little ass so he did the next best thing.

Kiri roughly shoved Bkg off his dick his ass landing on the ground hard before he shoved his still hard dick in Bkgs face.

“Say Ah!”

“The Fu-ACK!”

Kiri shoved his cock all the way down Bkgs throat ignoring the strangled choking noises Bkg made as he gagged around his knot. He fisted blonde hair using it as leverage as he fucked into Bkgs hot mouth. This was so much better. He could finally fit his knot in something hot & tight.

He thought back on how good Deku smelt & tasted. How easy it was to get him to squirm under his hands just with a few flicks of his tongue. Then he looked down at Bkgs red face covered in sweat, snot & tears. He wanted to cover it in something else.

Kiri felt the telling signs of his orgasm & pulled Bkgs head away from his cock. Only a few pumps of his fist had him cumming with a groan all over his face.


Bkg let his head fall after that coughing up a lung over his sore throat. He never felt so humiliated in his life but a little voice inside told him he deserved it.

“Get clean up the room & then do the same for yourself.”

Bkg didn’t speak so Kiri just left the room. Bkg was waiting for that, the moment he couldn’t hear sock clad feet walking down a hall he broke down a crying hyperventilating mess. It felt like forever before he felt ok again. That’s when he finally got up & fetched the cleaning supplies.


The next morning Kiri woke up to the sound of birds. He saw the clock next to his bed, 7:45am. He scrubbed his eyes of sleep before he slipped out of bed & made his way downstairs.

The first thing he noticed was that the whole lower section of the house smelt of the faintest scent of pine cleaner. Every room was scrubbed clean leaving not one spot untouched. The second thing he noticed was Bkg at the stove reheating the curry from last night.

“Hm. Smells good.”

Bkg stiffened at that but then turned &-growled a Kiri.

“Yeah well your dumbass left it on the stove & I managed to shove it in the fridge before I went to bed.”

Kiri was a little surprise but then smiled down at Bkg before rustling his hair. He was a little glad that Bkg was able to at least retain his usual fiery spirit despite how thoroughly violated he was just last night.

“Hah! Sorry about that!”

Bkg glared grinding his teeth at Kiri before smacking his hand away & returning to the pot storing a few times.

“It’s done. Go get some bowls or some shit & make yourself useful.”

Kiri quirked a brow at that but did as he was told. He set the table getting a spoon & a few napkins for everyone. Bkg then brought over the pot dangerously climbing a chair to set it in the middle of the dining table. Kiri let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding after that. He sighed & shook his head.

“Is this curry?”

Bkg ran over to Deku herding him into a seat he pulls out for him. It surprised both Deku & Kiri bit it didn’t stop there. He then grabbed Dekus bowl & filled it with curry before doing the same with his own. They looked at-each other questioningly before Deku just accepting the food & eating it.

The sound of the door getting unlocked & the twins mothers walking into the house had Kiri entering the hall to greet them.

“Hey Auntie Mitsuki & Auntie Inko did everything get settled?”

“Yes thank you so much for taking care of our babies!”

“Hopefully the brat wasn’t too much trouble.”

“Nah. They’re pretty ok for the most part.” Kiri smiled at the two women before hugging them both.

They all go back to the table & eat together. Mitsuki seems to be impressed by the fact that her usually explosive son had chilled out by some miracle. When Kiri leaves that day, it’s with a smile on his face because he knows that they’ll probably have an easier time dealing with Bkg from now on.

Chapter Text

Deku is so sleepy all the time and he doesn’t know why? He gets full nights of rest & everything but it doesn’t seem to be cutting it anymore.

Deku has just gone through a day of training & is honestly so beat. He literally can’t wait after they finally get back to the dorms just to crash. He quickly says goodbye to Uraraka & Iida before making a B-line towards his dorm. He’s so ready to fall asleep.

When he gets about halfway there he feels this odd feeling wash over him, like something is going to happen but he doesn’t know what. It’s a weird feeling he’s been getting for the past few weeks, like someone was watching his every move. He turns around to see no one there so he shrugs off the goosebumps & slips into his dorm & closes the door behind him. Deku then flopped on his bed hugging his pillow & just knocked out.


What Deku didn’t notice in his haze the door never really shut. In fact, Bkgs stood in the wide open doorway watchful eyes followed his every move. He even stepped into the room right behind him, breath ghosting over the back of Dekus neck as the nerd clumsily striped off his clothes halfway before collapsing from the effects of the drug Bkg had laced in Dekus cookie from the batch he anonymously made as surprise cookies for everyone. Bkg watches as he falls slumped over the side of the mattress grabbing his pillow before he makes his move.

Bkg slowly brings a finger under Dekus nose feeling his breathing slow. Good. He then checks how deep hes fallen into dreamland by picking up Dekus hips. He’s so slow when he does this, gently hooking fingers under sturdy hip bones & pushing Deku further up the bed. Deku doesn’t even stir. Great.

He’s now at the last step, he could be really in for it if he gets found out. He makes sure the door is closed & locked before he continues, his palms sweaty as he turns the lock. This is his first time doing anything like this & he can’t fuck this up. Bkg then starts to pull down Dekus pants & underwear in a slow drag downwards. His senses completely alert & his pulse picking up to a mile a minute. He REALLY can’t fuck this up.

He’s so close to backing out because of nerves when the clothing fall to the floor. Bkg watches Deku for any type of reaction & when he found none, he pinched an ass cheek. When he continued to act like a cold body Bkg just said fuck it & slapped the greenettes ass. There was a slight hitch in breath which made Bkgs blood run cold but when he realized he hadn’t woken up the fear turned to unrestrained excitement.

“Oh fuck yes. Finally. I’ve been waiting for too fuckn long. Fuckn tease you are Deku. Walkn around with those slutty thigh high attachments on ya gear. I outta punish you for that right? Only fair if I can torture you back. Your ass is gonna be so fuckn sore after I’m done with you...” Bkg growled as he dropped down in a squat & pulled Dekus cheeks apart to lick a stripe over Dekus hole.

He moaned as he ate Dekus ass biting small marks in between his cheeks so he wouldn’t see. He was so ready for this but he couldn’t help but take his time. He had been eating Dekus ass for 5 minutes when his cock finally said it was enough. He shoved down his pants & held Dekus hips firmly as he ground his dick between wet cheeks. It felt so good! So good to finally get what he wanted for so long. What he needed.

Bkg practically purrs at the feeling of the friction of his raw dick against Dekus unlubed ass. He knows he can’t fuck his ass raw but if he wasn’t tempted before, he is now.

Deku looked so cute drooling on the pillow & he was almost tempted to stuff his dick in Dekus mouth.

ALMOST. Bkg flinches & cringes at the idea after Deku reminds him how his jaw randomly clenches hard. The sound of teeth clicking bringing back the nightmare situation. Yeah. Not again...
But maybe just his fingers. Bkg pushes two thick fingers past Dekus unclenched teeth.

Bkg fingered Dekus mouth, his dick twitching as his fingers brushed against his tongue. He then digs in his pocket & pulls out some lube using his teeth to carefully pop the lid. He squeezes some on Dekus ass then smack the bottle lid against his chest closing it. Bkg shoves his his fingers roughly into Dekus ass knowing he wouldn’t wake up from all the times he’s done it. His ass takes his fingers with ease making Bkg groan as he brings his saliva coated fingers to his crotch palming himself through the cloth. Tonight was the night he’d finally do it.

He was gonna finally fuck Dekus sleeping body. He had been observing Deku from afar & up close. The pinch he gave Dekus arm wasn’t on accident, him walking in on Deku weigh himself wasn’t an accident, the way he’d been hovering around Deku as he chatted away with Iida and nearly getting his ass caught was all on purpose. He had finally found out just how much of that secret ingredient he had to put in to keep him from waking for about 2 hours. He was so ready.

He had fingered him open for long enough & now was rolling the condom on. He didn’t need Deku to go report his own rape cause he got his cum in his ass.

Pressing the tip of his wrapped dick to Dekus bitch hole & pushed in slowly as he stroked Dekus limp cock to life. When he finally bottomed out he sighed a shaky sigh, the feeling of tight warmth all around him.

Gripping Dekus hips, Bkg starts to grind against his ass relishing in the fact he’s violating his childhood friend. The fact that he can mess with Dekus sleeping body all he wanted had his dick twitching with excitement.

He started to roll his hips into Deku watching his limp naked body take his cock so easily. He growled leaning forward & biting Dekus shoulder as he fucked into him. His eyes dilate as his mind floods with every fantasy he’s had about this exact moment.

He pulls Dekus hair exposing his neck & starts to leave small bite marks on his neck, deep purple bruises just below his hairline. He wanted to mark his bitch & remember that this wasn’t a dream. Wanted people to know what he did to Deku.

Seeing the purple marks form excited Bkg & he started to pick up the pace causing the bed to creak under them.

The sound of someone knocking on the door had a Bkgs blood racing, “Midoriya, you awake?” The sound of half & half bastards voice along with the adrenaline filling his blood at the thought of getting caught raping Deku had him on a whole ‘nother high. He more carefully but roughly started to pound into Dekus ass. How would everyone react knowing their beloved friend was getting his lil bitch hole fucked out in his sleep. He’d almost love to see that.

“We’re worries about you because you’ve been sleeping a lot more than usual... It’s only 7:30...”

Bkg with a little more confidence in the fact that Shouto couldn’t hear him had him fucking into Deku feverishly. He bit his lip trying to keep his own grunts at bay but Deku felt fuckin phenomenal on his dick.

Then Dekus hole started to react to Bkgs cock clenching around it.

Bkg let out a loud groan before he could stop himself his eyes going wide with shock.

“Midoriya? Is everything ok? Do you need help?”

And if everything couldn’t get any worse Deku moaned, but because of the drug it sounded pained.

“Midoriya. Come to the door.”


Excitement and adrenaline started to build up in Bkgs lower abdominals as he started to piston his cock deep in Dekus guts. Screw getting caught, he’d waited too long for this.

“Todoroki? What’s wrong?” Urarakas voice sounded through the door.

Bkg hiked Dekus legs over his shoulders before pulling him to the edge of the bed & down on his cock hard.

“I think Midoriya might be having some trouble. He isn’t responding & I think he’s hurt.”

Words a jumble of noise to Bkg as he started focusing on Deku.

“...I just saw Mr. Aizawa. I’ll go get him!”

Dekus eyes started to roll around as his head bobbed about. The drug was wearing off. Deku could wake to himself getting raped. The thought made his dick harder.

Deku groaned again.

“Uraraka...Please hurry...” the sound of feet running down the hall met Bkgs ears. Hes so close!

The sound of Aizawa & Uraraka coming up the hall, Todoroki at the door & Deku possibly waking up right at that moment is what sent Bkg over the edge as he thrusted one last time before filling the condom with his cum. He panted releasing Dekus shoulder from his mouth he had been unknowingly biting onto before finally releasing Dekus hips from his iron grip.

Big mistake.

The chatter outside went dead at the sound of Dekus body hitting the floor.

Bkg hurriedly shoves himself into his pants, condom & all, before pulling Dekus pants up also.

The jingle of keys had Bkg speed walking towards the sliding glass door & silently unlocking it.


The keys turning in the door.


The clicking turn of a knob.


“Oh my God Deku!”

Bkg could hear Uraraka rush into the room probably towards Dekus limp body though that didn’t really matter much. What mattered was the fact that his ass was hanging off the ledge of Dekus balcony on a four story building with a high chance of him getting caught and having to explain why he was there exactly after Dekus body suspiciously hunched over in his room. Deku would certainly tell his friends about his sore ass & he’d for sure get discovered.

Bkg started to sweat from nerves as he heard everyone move about Dekus room.

“He probably was just tired from training... Can’t believe you kids are cutting into my sleep...”

“I’m sorry Mr. Aizawa... Todoroki was really concerned & we both assumed something bad was happening. He’s been going to bed really early these past few days...”

“But... I heard something going on... He seemed like he was groaning in pain...”

Bkg felt a chill settle in his heart when he heard everyone go silent. Did they notice the crack in the sliding glass door? Did they notice his fingers gripping the ledge of the balcony? Did they-?

“Um... I think I’m just going to leave now... I have to study and all! Heh!” Uraraka rambled nervously before a light patter of feet walking away could be heard. It made Bkg confused until-


“Let’s not discuss this. Please don’t bring this up to Midoriya.”

Aizawa sighs, “Yeah sure kid.”

Another pause.

“I’m leaving.”

And then another left, leaving only one.

Aizawa could be heard sighing again before a shuffle of fabric and the drop of something heavy on a bed, “Your one heck of a heavy sleeper I’ll tell you that. I envy ya kid.”

And then he left.

Bkg pulled himself back over the balcony gasping in air not knowing he’d been holding his breath that whole time. What the hell were they talking about anyways?

After catching his breath & calming his nerves, he finally found the courage to open the sliding glass door & entering the room again. He looked around, nothing was out of place... He then walked over to Deku himself and...

Bkg grinned down at the sight of Dekus obviously hard cock tenting the sheets. The fuckn bitch loved getting fucked by his cock that much huh?

Bkg pinches the tented cloth causing Deku to groan a little & shift around. He chuckled darkly at that. He’d better go through.

“I’ll be back for that tight ass Deku.”

One last squeeze & he too left Dekus room.


“Ugh guys... Ever since I crashed last night... My back has just been hurting...”

Uraraka spits water blushing furiously.

“Uraraka! Are you ok?!”

“I think she’s fine. She just choked on some water. Not a big deal.” Todoroki speaks nonchalantly although his blushing face & daggers for eyes stare at Uraraka tells a different story.

“Uraraka you need to be more careful! Drinking too fast is unsafe! You should know this!” Iida chops the air as he scolds her.

“Um... Ok...” Deku for some reason feels a bit awkward about how they reacted but doesn’t know why. He sighs touching his stomach feeling a somewhat strange feeling like his guts were punched.


Deku gets roughly shoved from behind, a knee directly connecting with his ass sending a pleasurable spark up his spine as he’s shoved out of the way. He doesn’t know what to feel about it & just staring out in the distance in shock.

“Bakugou! You need to learn some manners!”

“Geez... Deku are you ok?”

Deku was trying not to show it but he felt it. His dick was half hard in his pants. What the...

Deku looked up seeing Bkg unpacking his bag. Bkg then looks up at Deku their eyes meet for an odd amount of time but something in his eyes.... Bkg breaks the eye contact & smirks as he turns his head.

Deku felt a chill fall over him that he didn’t understand... Whatever it is, Bkg knows all about it.

Chapter Text

Softly Bkg ran his fingers through green messy hair. He thought of all the wonderful beautiful things that had blessed his life as he did. To be honest, he was a really lucky guy. Like the sun had been shining on him his whole life, guiding him & protecting him from any missteps that would lead to his downfall...

Though it wasn’t some mystical miracle, he didn’t have angels looking over him his whole life. He knew he didn’t deserve that...

He didn’t deserve the reason for it all either.

Bkg looked down at the gently snoring being in his lap. Soft rays of the sun fell on his face making his freckles cheeks glow.

Well... Maybe an angel did exist in his life. Just one. One was all that was needed to make a difference in his life.

Midoriya Izuku.

He brushed a few strands out of Dekus face & huffed a small-laugh. He still had his baby face from high school, it’s been refined by age but the perk of knowing him for so long is still being able to see it Bkg guesses.

Bkg brings the warm white ceramic of a mug to his lips sipping lovingly made coffee his nerd had made just for him. He always added too much cream. Not that it ever mattered to Bkg.

Yeah... He was definitely blessed. He didn’t deserve Deku but he’d damn sure appreciate him & everything he’s done for him now that he can. It’s what the nerd deserves for waiting so long, waiting for him to even glance his way. For always making himself known in Bkgs life. For always supporting Bkg & his delusional ambitions even when they were just snot nosed brats. For always believing in him when he left him cold & dry. A ray of sunshine on his back that never leaves. Always so warm.

Bkg felt a softness in his heart he’d never had before. Not until Deku shook the sense back in him. Now he couldn’t keep his eyes off Deku. He wanted to touch.

He wanted to...

Bkg set the mug down before hooked his hands gently under Dekus arms pulling him up into a hug that caused him to stir. Bkg held onto him tightly burying his face into the knit sweater fabric against Dekus neck just... To feel... To breathe, everything he was.

“Kacchan... What’s up?” Dekus voice sounded groggy from sleep, something Bkg had the privilege of hearing. He held him closer.

“Kacchan?... Is there something wrong?”

Bkg leaned against Deku causing them to fall on the couch. Deku giggled, it was a beautiful song to Bkgs ears. He wanted more. Maybe he was greedy? He didn’t care.

Bkg nuzzled Dekus sweater covered neck before his hands traveled under said sweater fingers gently tickling him.

Deku started to giggle more & squirm under Bkg who used his weight to pin him.

“Kacchan stoahhpahaha!”

Bkg playfully growled into Dekus neck & only continued to tickle mercilessly.


He didn’t let up until he felt it wasn’t enough anymore. He wanted more than this...

Bkg stayed on top of Deku silently holding his waist thumb gently stroking his sides as he waited for the others giggle fit to die down. After Deku finally calms they just lay there in peaceful silence. The moment feels so soft & warmed Bkg to the bone. But he wanted more than this. He /needed/ more.

His hands roamed Dekus body gently caressing toned, scarred skin until one was curling around the neck of his pastel turtleneck sweater & the other ghosted along the hem of soft grey sweat pants.

Bkg pulled the neckline down exposing sensitive freckled skin & kissed it carefully.


Bkg kept kissing along his pulse his hand coming up behind Dekus neck pulling his head to the side for more access. The other hand pushes just under Dekus sweats before a hand that wasn’t his own holds his wrist still.

“Wait. Kacchan what is-?”

“Please...” he breathed against Dekus neck before lifting himself away from his body to look Deku in the eyes. Deku looked confused but that couldn’t hide the want in his eyes, desire shone through, an underlying truth.

“Just focus on me...” Bkg said as he brought Dekus hand to his mouth to kiss it.

Deku nodded still very confused but curious about what Bkg wanted.

He took this time rolling up the edges of Dekus sweater before pulling it from his body. He keeps the eye contact as he traces fingers slowly down his chest & then his abs, then lower. He continues until they hook under his sweats before he stops. Dekus breath had become slightly labored from everything Bkg was doing, which was nothing much at all but the eye contact somehow made everything much-more intense.


A simple command but Deku obeyed immediately, like always, he was just too good for him. Bkg pulled them off managing to also strip Deku of his All Might boxers as well in one single swoop. Only then did Bkg break the eye contact to admire Dekus body. He smiled at the sight of Dekus weeping cock & he laughed lightly.

“It’s not funny...”

Bkg looked up at Dekus blushing face turned away & crawled over him kissing his cheek, “That’s not it Deku. Just sometimes I can’t believe some things are true...”

That made Deku look at Bkg even more confused than before but couldn’t get a word out before Bkg kissed him silencing him.

“Besides, what did I say about focusing on me?” Bkg narrows his eyes slightly.

Deku blushes & looks down about to turn away again but Bkg catches his jaw bringing him to look Bkg in the eyes.

“Keep your eyes on me Deku.”

He then sat back up & reached for a drawer next to the couch pulling out some very used lube. He turned back & smiled when he saw Dekus eyes still on him. He squeezes the cold lube onto his fingers & over Dekus cock causing him to shudder.

He rubs his fingers together until the lube coats them all, then he places a leg on his shoulder before pressing lube coated fingers against Dekus hole.

Bkg looks up at Deku staring him right in his green eyes before inserting two of his fingers to start fingering him right away. He watched as gasps turned to moans as he worked his magic in Dekus ass thrusting & curling his fingers masterfully dancing around his sweet spots only to carefully rub them every now & then. He loved watching Deku slowly turn into a wreck right before his eyes. Something he had the privilege to see.

Bkg couldn’t stand the cute faces Deku would make as he moaned around Bkgs fingers & just leaned forward kissing him.

“You’re too fuckn cute for your own good.” He grumbles as he continues to finger his ass as he kissed Deku silly who could barely contain his own moans. Especially when Bkg started making hook motions & preforming a direct assault on his prostate.

Bkg hugged Deku in a tight embrace so he couldn’t escape the pleasure he was giving him. Deku moaned loudly in Bkgs ear & clung onto the fabric of his shirt.

Bkg then proceeded to press down on every sweet spot he’s ever known until Deku was just a mewling mess of lewd moans & pre cum.

He could tell Deku was close. His fingers started to become twitchy as they gripped onto his shirt, his legs started to shake from the unending toe-curling stimulation to his prostate & his cock started to jerk upward with every press of a finger. It left a feeling of pride in Bkgs heart loving the fact he could please his lover so well & show him how much he cared in such an intimate way.

Bkg stopped kissing Deku & stared him in the face slightly displeased with the fact his eyes were closed.

“Deku. Look at me.”

Dekus eyes slowly cracked open with obvious effort. Bkg started a brutal assault on Dekus prostate as soon as their eyes were locked. He watched Deku struggle to keep his eyes from closing out of pure bliss from having his ass get finger fucked to oblivion.

And as predicted, with a few more thrusts of a finger Deku came all over his & Bkgs stomach & chest whimpering loudly as he did. Bkg hugged Deku close as he came fingering him through his high.

When Deku calmed he slowly took his fingers out & just held Deku against himself kissing his blissed out lover sweetly all over his face & neck. Just overall loving on him.

“I love you Deku...”

Deku giggled filling Bkgs heart with a fluffy warmth that soon spread over his whole chest.

“I love you too Kacchan!”

“I mean it.”

Bkg stared into Dekus eyes with much love & adoration behind them. It made Deku smile as he softly stroked Bkgs cheek.

“Yeah... Me too.”

After about 10 minutes of cuddling & kissing they fell asleep in each other’s arms under the warm rays of afternoon sunlight.

Chapter Text

Bkg had been keeping a big secret from his whole village for many months.A /REALLY/ big secret like, literally the fucker is huge. And right now said huge fucker had crash landed in some trees & was dangling ridiculously upside down with what Bkg believed to be a lopsided sheepish grin.

“Deku you fuckn idiot! How many times to I have to tell you to open your fuckn wings before you do that?! You fuckn imbecile!”

Dekus wars laid against his head in shame as he chirped through his gummy mouth sadly. Bkg just facepalmed not being about to handle Dekus adorable puppy dog eyes.

“Just shut the fuck up & shift back already damn it! We’ll just have to fuckn do this another day...”

Deku disappointingly chirped before shifting into his more human looking form. More human looking as in he now has the face, torso & arms of a human but his ears, legs, tail & wings were still very dragon-like.

“Kacchan I’m sssorry that I can’t ssseem to pull off the attack ssstill... it’sss really hard to do...” Deku says sheepishly before trotting over to Bkgs side. He kept his head low as he did only looking up through his lashes once he was crouched next to Bkgs feet drawing circles in the dirt.

Fuck. Deku really knew how to make him soft. Well... Not everything turned soft under those eyes...

Bkg sneered & turned away from the Dragon to hide his blush &... other issues.

“Whatever just put on some fuckn clothes damn it! How many times do I have to tell you that as well?!” Bkg pretended to be picking up his gear so he didn’t feel tempted to look at the dragon.

“B-But it’sss only mid day... We can ssstill get a couple hoursss in! Why isss Kacchan in sssuch a hurry?”

Bkg growled & turned only to see Dekus still very naked body right behind him. All the blood ran to his face & he just turned back around knocking his head against a tree in the process.

“Fucking damn it!”

“K-Kacchan?! Are you hurt???”

The dragon forced Bkg to turn to him fully so he could inspect it & lick the wound & treat it with the healing properties in his saliva.

Deku was so close. Why was he feeling so hot. Why did he feel these things? When did he start to feel these things?

“Deku- AAGH?!”

Deku didn’t stop licking him. In fact he was licking more than the simple head wound that it all started with & had pushed Bkg over in the process.

Bkg shoves the dragon off before scooting back away from Deku & rubbing his cheek from the saliva.

“Deku what the hell?!”

“Kacchan I’m sssorry...” Deku seemed a bit hurt by the shove but didn’t express why.

Bkgs heart was racing now though.

Some part of him really didn’t mind the sudden assault from Deku & now he was very concerned with that part because it was a really big part.

“I jussst... You sssmelt interesssting & I wanted to keep making you happy becaussse you sssmelt excited too.”

Holy shit.

“It made me feel sssort of fluffy too...” Deku blushed poking his fingers together.

“Ya can’t just force yourself on me Deku what the fuck.” He said weakly, his voice shaking from the intense feeling spiking his bloodstream.

“Sssorry I didn’t mean it... But Kacchan ssseemed to like when I did that ssso I thought you wanted it too...”

Bkg was confused by the Dragons words as he tried to calm his raging heart. “Wanted what? To be licked all over my face? Disgusting. Do you know how fucking nasty your breath is?”

Deku blinked & blew breath into his palm before sniffing it curiously. He then looked up at Bkg with a confused expression.

“Sssmellsss like mint. I brussshed today. You said to ussse mint to brusssh. Right?”

Bkg just scrubbed his face clean with his sleeve before growling at Deku, “Whatever you just-just shut the fuck up.”

“You wanted to know why though?”

“Fucking-Fine! Fine! Why!”

“You sssmelt like you wanted to breed.”

Silence filled the space between the two as Bkg processed what exactly Deku had just said to him. Deku said he could smell he was horny & was willing to fuck him...

Bkg got up off the floor & collected his stuff in his pack & set it on his shoulder before walking away without another word.

“Kacchan? D-did I do sssomething-?”

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Tomorrow came, & then the next day after that, & the next after that. Nothing was the same as before anymore. Everything that was once innocent in Bkgs eyes it just seemed much more suggestive. Even in Dekus fucking Dragon form. Once Bkg started it just kept getting worse until he couldn’t stop himself from thinking that way anymore. What the hell is wrong with him?!


“What Deku.” Bkg growled at him reflexively.

“Isss there sssomething wrong? You ssseem troubled.”

“Mind your own fuckn business Dragon. Shift back & start those cycles again.”

Deku looked upset but didn’t say anything about it only going back into his dragon form like he was told. A part of Bkg liked that.


Bkg had to leave early again. It was getting too hard to hide the pent up sexual desire he had for the Dragon recently & so he had been cutting their days short.

“We’re done for today. Get the fuck out of here before my tribe turns you into mince meat.” He grumbles with his back towards the dragon as he packs up his things. Unfortunately he didn’t get much farther than crouching down befor he was shoved onto his stomach by a big paw.

“Deku get the hell off of me!”

Deku looked to give half a shit about Bkgs complaining & flipped Bkg over so he was on his back so he could properly look him in the face.

“Deku I fucking swear-unghahhh fuUck!”

Dekus paw was placed right over Bkgs clothed erection squishing it deliciously over his hard earned abs which clearly didn’t help his situation. Deku looked a bit surprised by that & went to shift his paw around maybe thinking he was hurting him only to turn Bkg into a panting mess.

“Fuck Deku just-!”

Then suddenly Dekus eyes stared wide eyed down at Bkg as his pupils started to dilate. Fuck this wasn’t gonna be good.

Deku started to breathe deeply now, very obviously smelling Bkgs arousal & lowered his Biggs’s head over Bkgs squished hard on.

“Deku... Fuck... Don’t look...”

Deku bit at Bkgs trousers with his gummy mouth & pulled them from his legs, surprisingly not ripping them in the process. The hot air of Dekus dragon breath hit his bare cock pulled from under Dekus paw cause Bkg to shiver. Deku spent no time before he stuck out his tongue & started to lick the small appendage.

Bkgs head whipped back cracking against a smooth rock, “FUCK!”

Deku didn’t seem to notice the sound of Bkgs head hitting the rock because the Dragon only started to lick more excitedly at his cock.

Bkgs eyes started to roll back at the press of Dekus heavy bumpy tongue. It was honestly driving Bkg crazy. & At this point.

Fuck morals.

“Deku... Let me the fuck up.”

The dragon at first didn’t hear him but when he kicked his foot against Dekus cheek the dumbass had the nerve to look hurt.

“Deku I said let me the fuck up!”

Deku backed off in sad reluctance clearly still very horny.

“Now get on your back & show me where to fuck you.”

Deku tilted his head confused. Bkg facepalmed.

“Show me where I breed you dumbass. Where’s the part you put the dangly bits?”

Bkg could swear he saw a blush form over the dragons cheeks & no one could tell him otherwise.

Deku slowly flopped on his back & let his legs rest on either side. He then looked down at Bkg as he presents his cloaca. Why the fuck does he look so damn adorable obviously being so lewd?

Bkg wastes no time mounting Deku stepping over the thick of his tail & rubbing the tip of his wet cock over the slit entrance of Dekus cloaca. Deku panted excitedly his fat tongue lolling out of his gummy mouth.

Bkg looked at Dekus face as he pressed in seeing it morph from an excited pant to a stilled expression of lust his pupils completely engulfing the green that once was present in them. His nostrils flared as he breathed heavily through them while he watched Bkg sink about halfway.

“Fuck. This shouldn’t be so fuckn hot...”

Deku chirped & then purred as he pressed his tail against Bkgs back shifting him up higher on himself & deeper into his cloaca.

“Shit Deku! Warn me next time!”

Deku just started to pant & move Bkg so that he kept sliding in & out of Deku. Bkg wasn’t thinking this would be the way he lost his virginity but damn if he said he was disappointed. It felt too fucking good to complain even though he felt like he was just getting used like a toy. He didn’t give much of a shit.

“Deku... Let me...”

Bkg pressed his palms into Dekus belly as he lifted himself & sank down into Deku at a different angle which the dragon apparently liked.

Deku started this chirping purr that would pick up every time he let himself get pushed down. It became easier to lift himself off of Dekus scaly form, the dragon obviously picking up on the rhythm that Bkg was trying to set.

To Bkg, it felt unbelievably good. He didn’t know if this was just because it was his first time or the fact that Dekus dragon cunt was just tight as fuck. It felt like it just was this never ending pit that sucked him in like a black hole. & it just kept getting tighter by the minute.

Maybe it was getting a little concerning how tight it was getting.

“Shit Deku I need you to shift into that other form. You’re too big for this shit.”

Deku suddenly shifts into his hybrid form making Bkg stumble forward & fall on his knees with Deku who manages to keep himself from banging his head. The fall makes him plow roughly into Deku which causes the dragon to croon loudly at the feeling of getting split.

“Stupid Dragon! Shit!”

Now that Deku was small enough Bkg held the dragons hips & ripped into him. He liked the fact that he had more control over how he fucked the dragon, not that the other way was bad but he wanted to have his way with him.

“Kiiiiiiirrraaaaaacchhannnnnn~” Deku purred Bkgs nickname in a way that caused a shiver to crawl up the humans spine. He really fucking liked how it sounded so animalistic & sultry at the same time. He should feel disgusted by that. By all this. But instead of the morally acceptable response of disgust it only makes his dick twitch with excitement & a hot coil start in his belly.

Everything was hot as he pressed Dekus knees into the grass. The increasingly tight feeling of Dekus sex had Bkg riding at the edge of an orgasm.

“Deku I’m-!”

Something wet & fleshy rushes passed Bkgs cock completely catching him by surprise but it was that exact thing that sent him over the edge.

“Fuck!” Bkg nearly crumbled in on himself at the feeling. Everything was so fucking tight and it felt like his cock was getting milked by a damn leech. If said leech didn’t have teeth & trapped your cock in its grasp while it let you fuck it.

He was fucking spent.

Deku then whimpered at Bkg pressing his tail into his back. This had Bkg opening his eyes to see a new addition to the party that hadn’t been there before.

Was that Dekus dick???

Deku whimpers again obviously from not cumming yet. So curiously Bkg grasped the clear fleshy head giving it a good squeeze & saw Deku tense up.

“Kii-Kiiirachaaaaa-!” Deku cried out.

Bkg grinned evilly as he started to jerk Dekus clear Jelly like dick watching his dragon thrash around like crazy & turn into a drooling mess. It sounded like Deku was hyperventilating at some point his eyes even rolling back into his head before an especially hard to squeeze of Bkgs hand had him coating merciless fingers in cream.

Bkg didn’t stop jerking him until every last bit of cum was milked from Dekus cock & he was a crying mess. Then he dropped the abused cock & just slumped over.

“Shit. That was fucking amazing.”

Deku only crooned at him lazily before bringing the cum coated hand to his mouth to clean it. Bkg looked a bit cross at that.

“Doesn’t that shit taste gross?”

Deku didn’t answer only proceeded to lick off his own cum & clean Bkgs hands & wrists lovingly.

It felt soothing to Bkg & at some point he felt like lying down. Except he couldn’t fuckn detach from the damn dragons cunt.

“Deku... Why the fuck am I stuck?”

Deku seemed not to give a shit about Bkgs panic. What if his dick falls off in Deku? It doesn’t hurt but-

Deku rolls them over so Bkg is now beneath him & nuzzles him sleepily.

“Hey. Hey! He-Damn it! Shitty Dragon!” Bkg growls to himself seeing that Deku just fell asleep on him like this.

Despite Bkgs annoyance, he reaches for his cloak he had discarded during their training & draped it over Dekus naked form. He couldn’t stay mad for long though, Dekus cutely snoring face nuzzled against his chest quelled of the angry fire in his heart until it was a soft puddy. It made him realize he was tired as well.

“Stupid Dragon... You better not shift back or else I’ll fuckn kill you.” Bkg grumbled at Dekus sleeping form though it lacked any actual threat.

He started to pet Dekus soft curls until he himself knocked out, lulled by the soft breeze & warmth of the dragon currently sleeping on his chest.


Behind the cover of trees & bushes, Kirishima sat just trying to process the fact that the chieftains son just fucked their most feared enemy.

Chapter Text

Deku wants to try choking & Baku is ok with it. They get horny one night, Deku had done all the research & is fully prepared to try the kink out & told Bkg about If & created a safe word & stuff so they both know what to expect...

Except they didn’t.

They’re kissing feverishly & all is well, going to plan. Deku slips a condom onto Bkg & starts to ride him. It’s great & Deku is so excited to try out choking on Bkg. So he starts easing Bkg into it by just placing his hand on his throat.

Nothing? Still good? Ok.

Then he starts applying the pressure like he’s read.

At first it’s fine but then suddenly Bkgs breathing becomes irregular. The heart under Dekus palm beats a mile a minute & Bkgs eyes dilate. Then Deku notices Bkgs palms are sparking behind him.



Bkg lets loose a full on explosion in their room. Deku manages to dodge but he’s in shock. Bkg was really about to hurt him? Over a choke kink they’ve talked about???

He was about to shout angrily at Bkg for that but he stopped when he noticed something strange about the way Bkg was acting.

Bkg started to claw at his own throat & gasp for air. He squirmed around on the bed thrashing about as if he were fighting something. Whenever his foot got caught in the sheets he’d cry out & thrash around harder.

Deku was so confused & frightened but he didn’t know what to do. What was happening?! Then he saw his eyes.

Bright fiery red eyes that pierced the soul were now dull, faded & far away. They were so devoid of life. Of hope.

And he was crying...

Bkg started choking out gasps palms popping & readying for another burst. Deku had to do something or else he’d really blow this place apart.


Still thrashing.

“Kacchan! It’s not real!” Deku rushed over to the bed, hands hovering over his distraught lover. He was crying now too. He tried to shake Bkg from his delusion but that only sent a crackling palm igniting were his face used to be.

Deku then smelt the smoke. There was a fire? Of course there’d be a fire with Bkgs explosions. It was getting to be a bit out of control though so he had to hurry & get them out to safety.




Bkg blinked & stopped thrashing about. He was still shaking from the adrenaline pumping through his veins. Heart still racing but his mind was clearer.


And that voice only grounded him more in the moment.


His voice was hoarse from the yelling & gasping. He remembers the flashbacks but they now aren’t completely filling his mind.

“Oh my god Kacchan! We need to hurry!”

Deku scrambles from the bed slipping on some shorts & then slipping Bkgs legs into some sweats.

“Deku... What happened?”

“I-I don’t know! We started having sex and then e-everything was great until I-.” Deku choked out a sob before just pulling Bkgs dazed form out of bed.

“Please let’s go!”

They make it outside & at that point everything has become clear to Bkg. He realized as the firemen were putting out the fire that choking had triggered a flashback from the sludge villain back in middle school.

He didn’t think he was he was affected by the attack until now, many years later.

He felt pathetic.

But at the same time he felt better that he found out this way rather than during a villain fight.

He turned to Deku who was hugging himself beside him probably thinking it’s all his fault but Bkg knows he couldn’t have known that.

“Hey. Shut the fuck up.”

Deku startles, “Huh? I’m not-?”

“Yes you are. In that nerd brain of yours. So shut the fuck up.”

Dekus mouth closes & his brows pinch together as he attempts to not think. It’s obviously a failing attempt.

Bkg sighs & tugs Deku into a hug. Then suddenly he’s crying into Dekus hair. It makes him feel better so he holds him tighter & just starts to breakdown.

He feels strong arms embracing him now.

“It’s ok Kacchan... I’m here...”

Chapter Text

God_Loves(GL) has entered the chat.

Deku(DK) has entered the chat.

GL: Hello! Peace be with you! You have requested to speak with me? You’ve been very adamant about speaking to me specifically. Is there any particular reason for this insistence?

DK: Hello Father. I have followed you through your work & have come to the conclusion that you’re legit. I just have some things I want to ask/confirm with you?

GL: Sure. How may I be of service to you on this blessed day.

DK: Well I’m worried about some things but I could be wrong. *sends pic of ritualistic symbolizes, ingredients & tools*

DK: I’m just worried, maybe just overthinking this a little & I’ve got this all wrong? I don’t know I just wanted to ask you about it.

GL: Oh no my boy, you’re worried are correct. As you probably know, I’m an experienced exorcist & I’ve seen those patterns many times in demon summoning rituals. Some I haven’t seen as common as others but they are just as bad if not worse! All of these things together are probably attracting demons as we speak!

DK: Wait so you’re saying everything here is actually able to summon a demon?

GL: Yes! If anyone tries onto to do anything to do with summoning a demon in that space, even unintentionally, they will /most likely/ fall prey to a demon!

DK: Um... Are you sure... I’m worried and hope this isn’t a joke.

GL: My child, why would I lead Gods children astray? It is my purpose to speak truth unto these unclean lands & save sinners from their deeds.

DK: Ok alright. I’ll take your word for it.

GL: Good! Now. Where will I be meeting you to start the cleansing?

DK: Oh no! Haha! I was just asking if I had the right materials & tools to summon a demon! I just had to know for sure! I’m so glad everything checks out! GL: What? DK: Thank you so much for your time Father! I really appreciate the fact you took the time out of your busy day to contact me! Goodbye now! DK has left the chat.
GL: WAI-... Oh dear… *makes sign of the cross*




Deku closed his laptop with a smile, he really was worried about the materials & information he gathers being wrong or a little inaccurate. With the confirmation of the famous exorcist & a few people of the occult he can finally say he felt ready to proceed with his plan.


He set up exactly how the instructions in the banned book that he happened to stumble across in a swap meet had told him to. It was one of the main reasons he even got the idea to try this in the first place. Of course he had done his research before hand & understands the big risk for even doing such things but self preservation isn’t exactly something he acknowledges. & being unpopular with his peers may also be a /little bit/ of a motivator.

& now? Nothing was gonna stop him from summoning this demon. He sat the Suzuki Sato(in other words John Doe) of a severe burn victim in the middle of a sealed circle before he finally stepped into one just beside it(Don’t ask how he managed to get a dead body no one would care to look for, it wasn’t an easy process for a high schooler. All he knows is that the body doesn’t seem to be a victim of murder or tied to any possible deep underground criminal activity. Just a guy that died in a wildfire.)

Glancing around the room a few times over to check the seals on each window & door leading outside his room. He began the ritual. He speaks the words straight from the book, he doesn’t know what it means completely but from what he could grasp it could be translated as, “I search of a beast ___, I offer a vessel for ___, ___ accept my offering & join me in this land.”

The few words he couldn’t translate frustrated him but well... He will soon find out what it means by the end of tonight. The room suddenly grew colder, or did it grow hotter in the center? Both? Nope the center was definitely stealing all the warmth from the room & the floor was fuckn on fire now holy shit. Dekus instinct told him to run for water but logically he knew that would be a mistake. The fire grew in size until its flames were licking the ceiling giving it dark scorched marks, it was a spectacular sight Deku thought.

Then suddenly from the fire there was an odd movement.

At first Deku thought his eyes were playing tricks on him but it happened again. It was a hand. Two hands, grasping the air desperately for something else to hold onto. Deku realized it probably could only live through fire in this form, something had to burn, but there were seals entrapping the Demon from feeding upon the surroundings. Deku saw the flames flicker wildly in front of him trying to burn anything but the flames would always hit a wall.

Then the screeching began.

Deku snapped out of his amazement at the sound of that because, “holy shit I summoned a demon & now it’s dying” & “holy shit what if my mom hears this & comes running in thinking I’m hurt!”

Quickly Deku picked up the book & began reading again, the demon seemed to have suddenly realized Deku even existed & screamed a horrible sound at him. Probably out of rage. But that didn’t deter Deku in the slightest, ya know, since he literally has no self preservation.

Sparks pop from seemingly thin air as he continues to layout his thoroughly thought out contract he had made with the help of a few articles on the internet. They always told him to shout this phrase at the end he didn’t quite understand but if everyone was saying it it probably was important, so he did. & the demon stopped screaming. Stopped everything it was doing actually.

The flames at this point had died down to a small campfire, probably having eaten through most of his wooden flooring in that particular spot. The calm silence was tense. Each crackle of an ember was loud in Dekus ears as he sat and waited. Although he couldn’t see their eyes he could tell they were staring at him, /through/ him. There was killer intent there but he managed to keep himself from bending under its immense pressure.

They sat like that for a while, the fire at the demons feet slowly receding. It felt like they were playing a game of chicken, who’d punk out first. The flames were barely the size of a stoves flame when it seemed to realize the reality of the situation. It started to claw desperately at the barrier, its aim not towards Deku anymore, but the body. Deku perked up excitedly. “Do you accept?!” The demon turned towards Deku again and screeched in a high & low tone. He takes that as a yes.

With a stick he scrapes the seal the dead body was in first until there was a clean break. Then he turned to the demons circle, it’s fire was barely a flicker of candles light now, & broke the seal. Flames raced across the floor making a b-line straight towards the body & engulfed it in flames.

Once again Deku was stunned by the sight. The fire worked in such strange & unusual ways, & the way it seeped into the body itself. When the fire had completed entering the body it seemed like nothing was happening. Did the demon die? Was there something wrong with the body? What was wrong? What was wrong? What was-

Patches of charred skin started to heal right before Dekus eyes. Deku watched as the damage from the body was erased bit by bit revealing small tattoo marks before they too faded. Deku thought to himself that the-
tattoos were probably perceived as damage but it was unfortunate because he couldn’t help but be a little curious about them. Whatever, didn’t really matter now.

Hair started to grow out of their head, the color was quite surprising to say the least. He expected it to be black in color but instead was greeted with a shock of blonde. It grew into a big spiky floof before the healing must have stopped it there then suddenly the face was revealed.

Thick brows slightly darker than the hair on his head & eyelashes to match. Their skin was in pristine condition, not a flaw could be found on their face. & an outrageously handsome face it was. In that moment Deku knew...

He fucked up.

His heart was beating fast as he finally realized that this gorgeous naked man, dead man, was in his room becoming some demons meat-suit, and that he was very, /VERY/ gay.

When the demon finally sat up to scrub at his eyes, flexing strong, delic-JUST STRONG MUSCLES, & opened his red eye. Mmhm. Yeah. He was in deep shit.




To put it simply, the demon hated his guts. For a while the demon had to stay locked in his room because he literally had no idea what to do with them. To everyone around them they would just be seen as some random high schooler. But Deku knew better than to let him roam free.

Note: This demon wasn’t speaking to him about anything. They were clearly upset & the fact that Deku had made the contract without clear objective allowed him to be. Of course Deku wasn’t going to be cruel & force a demon to be friends with him after basically kidnapping him from their realm, that would be awful. But he knew that he couldn’t be kept a secret forever, he’d have to tell his mother about it. But before that he had to do something, well, pick up something first.

So here he was standing outside of, “Tickle Me Kink,” a sex store, that just so happens to make high quality custom collars. He shoved his hoodie over his head & quickly walked in. The lady over the counter eyed him suspiciously, that suspicion only seemed to grow as he approached. “I’m here to pick up the steel fiber & leather choke collar & leash. Here’s my card & receipt from the online purchase.”(It was on sale ok???)

The woman seemed a bit surprised at that & proceeds to look over the printed form. With a quick nod she handed back the card & told him she’d be back in a few minutes. He waited their with ants in his pants the anxiety from being in an XXX store & possibly being caught by someone he knows was eating away at him.

He visibly relaxed when the clerk showed up with a small box in hand & delicately placed it in a black unmarked bag, which he was relieved about, & asked him if that would be all for today. He thought yes but his eyes wondered to the small dog tags just behind the lady in an effort to not make eye contact. “Actually...”


Deku could tell the demon wasn’t pleased. He had trapped them in a seal & was now forcing them to wear a collar with a bunch of sigils in it that the Demon knew would keep him from using their power.

“Listen listen! It’s for your own good! Don’t you want to go outside?”

The demon bore their teeth at Deku in a snarl as they look at him then the collar with distaste. Deku sighed, if only they were more willing to communicate with him it would be so much easier to understand what was wrong with the collar? He just viewed it all as strange. To be completely honest, everything was strange & he’d just about gave up on it. Maybe he should give the demon an option to go back?

Deku sighs a bit disheartened. “Fine. Whatever. Do you want me to just release you the-?” The collar was snatched from Dekus hands & around the demons neck in a matter of seconds. Honestly he didn’t even see the demon move. He stared in amazement at the demon.


The demon didn’t look him in the eye after that which Deku didn’t really understand.

Later that day Deku works up the courage to introduce the demon to his mother. He was very nervous wondering how she’d take to a literal demon spawn in her house but when he got back that day from school to see the two both sipping tea together & waiting for him to return he was a little more than surprised.

“H-Hi Mom!”

Inko rounded the table to hug Izuku & greet him. She then returned to her seat & gestures to the empty seat with a warm mug of tea in it waiting for him to consume. He sat down and latched onto the cup which helped him stop his nervous tick of flailing his hands around.

They all sit there silently sipping their tea until Deku finally piped up, “So, how’d you find out?”

“I went into your room because I heard a noise. At first I was really surprised but then they told me how they got there & that they were a demon.”

Deku was a little shocked by this, he can actually speak?

“Wait he talked?”

“Um. Not exactly. More like picked up some papers & pointed at them, then himself. It was easy to put two & two together after that. I tried to ask them more things but they just shook their head the whole time. Izuku... Is he mute?”

Deku chuckled & shrugged. He didn’t really know but he was glad that he didn’t have to introduce the demon to him mom like he was some secret bf or something. Actually, the thought of the demon being his bf made him blush & glance over at the demon.

Red eyes stared knowingly at Deku before a sly smirk adorned his face & he huffed a laugh against his own mug. This caused Dekus eyes to snap back to his moms face because damn it the demon was too damn perceptive & so hot it was sinful! Deku could practically feel himself start to heat up & briefly wonders if that was the fire demons doing.

“So Izuku, what are we gonna do with... ya know. A demon? Did you research how to care for them?” Inko-
spoke with mild concern.

Both boys were a bit taken aback by her statement. Deku because she’s so ready to accept this weird addition to the family & the demon because he was being talked about as if he was a pet. Well... He was wearing a collar...

The demon touched his throat just above where the tightly bound leather hugged against his skin. He couldn’t touch the collar with the intent to take it off, he’s tried many times & all had failed horribly with him seizing up like he was shocked by lightning. That’s actually how Inko even found out he existed. Well at least this collar gave him the freedom to move around in the space of this home.

He hated being cooped up in that room but he knew he couldn’t really leave this space either. Now if only it didn’t have this stupid ass dog tag on it.

Deku perked up at the mention of demonology though. “Ah well they are actually basically humans in this form, of course humans with inhuman abilities but humans all the same. They don’t need to eat or sleep like we do to survive though. They have a way to sustain themselves but they can eat all they-
want. Basically treat him as you treat me.”

“A-Ah! Ok so he can enjoy food too! I wasn’t so sure if he would eat with us when I made dinner because I feel bad at the thought of him watching us eat.” Deku could see out of the corner of his eye Bkg roll his eyes but he just smiled kindly at his mother as she rambled on about all her little worries. He was really glad for her being so understanding & accepting despite all the negative media about demons.

Meanwhile Inko is shaking in her boots because holy fuck her son just summoned a demon.




It had been a few weeks since the demons presence in the house was made known to Dekus mother & the demon still had yet to say a single word. Deku didn’t mind it much if he were to be honest with himself. He kind of enjoys the quiet company of the demon hovering around. Though one thing that’s been buzzing around Dekus mind for a while made him feel slightly on edge was the fact that he knew the demon was starting to get fed up with being stuck inside all day.

They would constantly be sitting at the window glaring at any passerby on the street. It had Deku feeling guilty for not making a plan on the ‘after’ when he summoned the demon initially but he had an idea. Or rather the idea suddenly spawned in his head & forced him to act upon it like some seed was planted in his head. So when they appeared in front of the government building, demon in toe, going in to somehow obtain some citizenship papers for the blonde, Deku couldn’t help but feel like this idea was crazy as hell but couldn’t stop his hand from opening the door & stepping inside. He felt himself shake with nerves as they waited in the lines for hours. The demon simply stood behind Deku, taking the boy’s phone & messing with it. It was obvious he had less than two shits to give about it all. Deku just chatted away at the demon who just looked at Deku like he lost his mind before probably ignoring him & going back to messing with his phone. They stayed this way until they were up at the lil semi-enclosed booth.

“Hello. How can I help you today?”

“Um! Yeah I-wait I mean we-.”

Deku mumbled nervously before looking towards the demon who glanced at him like he was some dumbass. He probably was... Deku took a deep breath before he turned back to the lady in the booth, “He needs to receive official citizenship since he’s not yet registered.”

Oh god here goes.

“Alright. Well I’ll need to see some documentation before I can do that in order to see he’s stayed a citizen for the required amount of time.”

Oh shit. Documents. How could he be so dumb. Deku started to sweat & it seemed like the demon noticed because he felt the feeling of a heated gaze on the back of his head.

“Sir? Did you not hear me?”

“I-I um. We don-“

There was a knock on the wooden desk beside him loud enough to cause him & the lady to both turn to the demon. The whites of their eyes were gone, an inky black replacing them, & the red of their iris shone with an odd glow. They were focused on the woman before them & when Deku had chanced a look towards the woman her eyes were glossed over.

Suddenly the woman smiled politely, eyes still glassy but she nodded in understanding & reached as if receiving something. The demon grabbed a few pamphlets from the wall beside him & handed it to the woman not once taking his eyes off her. He then handed them to her & she looked them over before nodding as If satisfied. She handed the papers back before smiling politely at the demon.

“Alright Mr. Bakagou, seems like everything checks out. I’ll need a moment to log you into the database.
Well need to fingerprint you is that alright?” Deku looked back at the demon in total shock noticing his eyes returned to normal & they simply nodded at the woman.




The second Deku was out of the building he collapsed to his knees. What the heck was he thinking going in-
there with no plan?! He was definitely crazy. He looked at the papers in his hands, the demon was now an official citizen under the name of Bakugou Katsuki. Deku looked up at the demon who simply stared down at him.

“Why Bakugou Katsuki? Is that your name?”

The demon, Bkg, scoffed at him with a slight growl to it before rolling his eyes. The sound took Deku by surprise because that was the first time he’d ever heard a noise escape the demons throat. So he wasn’t mute?

“S jus some fuckn shit the name generator fuckn picked.” Bkg grumbled then shows Deku his phone.

Deku just stared at Bkg who looked at him now slightly irritated.

“The fuck are ya lookin-ah-wait... Oh...”

The sudden realization clicked as soon as Bkg started up again & he touches his throat in a bit of surprise. “Fuck I thought I really was about to be some fuckn mute for the rest of my fuckn life. This guy really had his fuckn vocal cords removed, musta jus grown back.”

Dekus brain lagged & he just spoke without thinking, “Y-you can speak!”

Bkg looked at him incredulously, “Fuckn Deku you’re such a goddamn idiot. How the fuck did someone like you mannage to summon me?” He groaned scrubbing his face. Deku didn’t pay mind to the insults though, he was much more ecstatic about the fact that his, uh, demon summon? Wasn’t mute & they could finally talk about things. He jumped to his feet & just started to vibrate in his skin.

“Wow Kacchan! This is great! We can finally talk! I’ve been wanting to ask so much!”

“What the fuck?! Don’t call me that dumb shit!”

Deku couldn’t be bothered when the demon just started chewing him out, he just laughed feeling great. They could talk about so many things now, & he was just about ready to learn/teach Bkg sign language just so they could at least have that. Good to know he didn’t need that anymore.




When they got home they both greeted Inko much to her surprise & she just about freaked just like Deku did before. Like mother like son? Anyways. Now that Bkg could talk he became like a toddler who just learned how to vocalize a sentence.

“Deku, give me that thing over there. No I don’t know what the fuck it’s called just get it.”

“Deku what the fuck stop being a fucking dumbass.”

“Deku why the fuck are you crying over some goddamn cat videos.”

“Deku you’re so fuckn useless I’ll just do it fuck.”

& honestly, Deku loved it. Loved the fact that Bkg could talk & the fact he talked to him so willingly & without restraint. Deku would never discourage his behavior or correct his horrible manners when they spoke together even if some of the things did hurt sometimes. He was glad though that Bkg had the sense to hold back around his mother & never addressed her with anything other than respect. The way the demon awkwardly interacted with his mom kind of made Deku chuckle a bit though.

Inko had called the two of them down to breakfast, some big fluffy pancakes were set on the table topped with blue berries, butter & syrup. It was so different from their usual breakfast but a pleasant surprise nonetheless. They all sat to eat, both boys thanking the woman for the good & digging in. They were about halfway through eating when Deku realized Inko was nowhere to be seen. She was acting a bit strange for a few days but this was setting off some red flags.


“Kacchan? Where do you think my Mom went?”

“Don’t really fuckn care Deku. Eat your damn pancakes.”

Deku looked at the hall leading out of the kitchen in concern before doing as he was told. Minutes later Inko perks into the kitchen with a bright smile on her face & giggled which caught the boys attention.

“I was going to wait until after you ate but!” Inko pulls out a school uniform from behind her smiling down at Bkg. At first, Deku was a bit confused because why was she holding his uniform? But then he realized it wasn’t his uniform, it was a little too big to be his. That’s when his eyes widened in realization & he turned to look at Bkg. The demon didn’t seem to get it yet.


“What the fuck do you want? What is this?”

“You’re going to school with me!”

Bkg blinked a bit seemingly surprised. He looked at Inko for a long moment, then at Deku. “I... can?”

Deku nodded excitedly. He didn’t really understand why Bkg had asked him so uncertainly but after receiving the confirmation Bkg seemed a bit, happier? It was a glint in his eye that Deku barely caught before it was gone not a second later. “I feel bad that you’ve always been kept up in the house, I see the way you look when Izuku leaves the house so I figured you probably wanted to go out & experience it for yourself! I’ll miss coming back to the house being super clean but I think you at deserve to be treated more than some house maid.”

Bkg scoffed & crossed his arms across his chest with a look in his eye that said ‘damn straight I’m not some fuckn house slave.’ Though Deku wasn’t paying much attention to the conversation anymore. His eyes seemed to pick up on a little detail he hadn’t realized until now. Or rather some pretty big details but they were never emphasized until that point.

The T-shirt Bkg had received when he first came to this plain of existence, the same shirt that used to slightly drape over his frame, now hugged tightly to thickened arms & the bulk of his chest. When had he gotten so beefed up? How’d Deku not notice? Oh god Bkg must have used his alone time to work out a lot because holy fuck why is he so hot now?!

Deku squeaked when he realized red eyes were on him. His mother hadn’t noticed, just chatting away to them both totally oblivious to the awkward scene before her as she held the uniform. The two boys held eye contact, something was swirling in those blood red depths. Like literally his irises seemed to be swirling or was he just hallucinating?

“-& that’s why I decided, ‘well, technically Katsu-kun is still a teenager & deserves to live like one too. He’s barely seen the world at all.’ So yeah. I’ve already packed both of your lunches for today. Better hurry & change Katsu-kun!”

This caused Deku to break eye contact, “What? He’s starting today?”

“Huh? Is that a problem?”

“N-no that’s just surprising. I would think it would have been a good idea to at least study a bit with him before he went to the school-“

“Hah? You think I’m stupid or something? Bet I know more than the fuckn extras teaching the class.”

“Kacchan!” Deku scolded but Bkg just scoffed.

“Just fuckn watch me Deku.” & with that he grabbed the uniform, gently, from Inko & stormed up to Dekus room to get changed.

The Midoriyas exchanged glances before sighing. Inko was just glad he stopped crawling on the damn ceiling & actually used the stairs properly today.


Both boys were up & out of the house now walking towards Dekus school. Deku was just as excited as he was nervous. This was Bkgs first day at his school & he’d finally see a little more into Dekus life than just the way he was at home. Deku fisted his backpack straps & chatted nervously to Bkg who just grunted mostly & slipped the phone from Dekus back pocket to play with as they walked. This kept going until they reached the school gates which Deku then abruptly stopped & swallowed.


Bkg stopped as well glancing up from Dekus phone seeing that Deku.exe had stopped functioning. Bkg didn’t understand why so he looked ahead & saw a few boys standing near some lockers slipping out shoes & putting other shoes away. Deku stares at them from afar & watches them as they do this waiting until they leave to actually breathe again. Deku sighs out in relief at the sight of the last bully rounding a corner going to class. Deku looked towards Bkg who was already staring at him with those knowing eyes agains. He just laughed awkwardly & rubbed the back of his head.

“Sorry Kacchan! I just spaced out. Come on!”

Deku then shuffles forward gripping at his elbows to keep his hands from shaking. He hated this feeling. He hated that Bkg was seeing him this way. Bkg didn’t follow him for a bit, just kinda hanging back. He observed Dekus body, felt the unnerved vibes wafting off of him. Felt his fear. He didn’t understand what was with those boys that scared his summoner so bad but what he did know was that he had a new mission.




Bkg was introduced to the class, Inko had apparently managed to place him in Dekus class with him which just made everything much more convenient for Bkg. & when class started Bkg began to understand why Deku was so on edge about going to school. Just about everyone showed some level of hostility towards Deku for seemingly no reason other than the fact he’s a ‘loser.’

Honestly, Bkg couldn’t help but agree to some degree, he really was a weak shit. Bkg observed everyone’s interactions with Deku, apparently one of the big bullies were in the class because as soon as they got the chance while the teacher wasn’t looking they started to harass Deku & get somewhat physical with him. Flicking him in the face with a pencil eraser saying how he thought it would erase the freckles off his face. Pushing his notebooks off the desk just so Deku could scramble to the floor to get them. Bkg never intervened, just acting as a simple bystander & waited until class was over.

The class stopped for lunch break & Deku was bounding over to Bkgs seat carrying over a bento similar to the bento he also has waiting in his bag.

“Hey Kacchan! Let’s go eat on the roof!” Deku beamed at the demon who didn’t buy into it one bit. He knew he was trying to hide, run away, why didn’t he fight back?

Bkg just got up & followed Deku anyways. Deku lead them both to the roof. It was a calm spot which Bkg was glad for, he felt pretty annoyed being around all those extras that were pestering the fuck out of him trying to get him to talk to em. They sat & ate, Deku just chatted away wondering how Bkg felt about his first day at school & if everyone was treating him well. This made him want to laugh because he should be the one asking that dumb question.


Of course, just when things were starting to wind down, Bkg senses the bullies from before coming their way. A plan in his head not a second later & suddenly he’s excusing himself.

“Gotta shit.”

“A-ah! Ok?”

Bkg is then out the door & waits in a darkened corner nearby the door.


The bullies make their way up to the rooftop chatting away & snickering about some titty mags. When they opened the door they paused & Bkg could hear Deku squeak.

“What the fuck are you doing up here maggot?”

“Looks like he hasn’t learned from last time. Trying to hide from us means you’ll get it double time remember?”

The boys snickered & finally stepped through the door. Bkg quickly came up behind them though only to catch the door from closing all the way. He waited on the other side & watched the bullies approach Dekus quivering form. Watched as they smacked the bento out of his hands. Watched as they snatch him by the collar & throw him in the spilled mess. He didn’t stop them for a while, just watched.

He didn’t understand why Deku, his summoner, acted so weak in front of these brats. He knows he’s a shit ton stronger than that & could at least put up some fight. So why the hell was he just taking it? He stayed in the doorway for another 30 seconds, just as a little revenge for being forced into this plain of existence, before he stepped through the door slamming it open.

The bullies stopped shoving Deku around in favor of bringing their attention to the new presence. He glared at the bullies as he stood there, making sure to remember their faces for later.

“Hey new kid. You gotta problem or something?”

Bkg smirked, “Yeah. I gotta problem with people touching my things.”

“Your things? Don’t see anything with your name on it.”

Bkg started forward, his smirk slowly shifting into a manic grin, “Well ya see this whining bitch?” In the blink of an eye Bkg was right next to Deku & the bully holding his summoner, “He’s mine.”



The bully stares in horror, his forearm was bent in a 90 degree angle & dangling in the wind. Bkg started cackling at everyone’s shock before he shoved his heel into their stomach cause them to fall to the ground & jostle their arm. They screamed & held their arm. The other two bullies backed away looking like they didn’t know what to do. Their ‘boss’ had been taken out, but they couldn’t just leave him, right?

Deku was in complete shock. He heard that crack like it was in his own skull, saw it up close, felt the limb go limp. It made him feel sick.

Bkg continued to cackle maniacally like it was the funniest thing in the world then when he calmed enough he just grinned wider & stomped over to the fallen boy. The bully backed up in fear wincing every time his arm was jostled from his movements.

“Yeah? Don’t really like it when people start harming your things now do ya? Bet you thought you were tough shit pushing around Dekus pathetic ass huh? Tell me, how many times have you done this in the past month?”

The bully just whimpered in fear staring up at Bkg.

“That’s not an answer...” Bkg picked up the bullies leg by the ankle cause them to fall back with a yelp.

“I-I-I don’t know!”

“Hm... Well then I’m just gonna assume it’s a lot.”

Dekus eyes widened as he realized what the demon was about to do, watching the pale hand go to hover over the side of the boys knee joint opposite the side Bkgs hand used to hold the leg up. This snapped himself out of his daze & had him surging up to stop him.

“Kacchan stop!”

Bkg pauses immediately, all the amusement leaving his face like he was just drenched in ice water. He blinked before turning to Deku with furrowed brows.

“The fuck? Why?”

Deku rushes over to him clinging to his arm, “Please stop! This is bad! I don’t want this!”

Bkg looked conflicted, mostly confused though, he didn’t understand why he was defending this piece of shit that was just beating on him not a damn second ago. It was slightly infuriating to say the least. But he dropped the bullies leg & gave them a sour look full of frustration & restrained anger. The bully ended up scurrying off leaving the two alone. Bkg noticed that his friends must have already taken off & left him to deal with it all alone.

What pussies.

“Kacchan... You can’t just go breaking people’s arms. We don’t heal as quickly as you do. It’s a lot of time & suffering for us.”

Bkg huffed a laugh, “I really should have broke his fuckn knee in half then.”

“What, no! That’s very bad!”

Bkg turned back to Deku a little bit furious, “Now why the hell not?! Why are you protecting these fuckn extras?!”

Deku was a bit taken aback by this because he didn’t really understand what he was so upset about? Well I guess he could probably see why but Bkgs a demon. From everything he’s researched demons can give less of a shit about such things if you tell them it doesn’t matter? Then there was that weird thing he said to the bully.

“Look it doesn’t matter. Hurting people is bad & doesn’t make anything better.”

Bkg seemed really upset about this still & doesn’t seem to be listening much. Deku’s so confused by this, & being too caught up in his thoughts decided to unconsciously reach out to Bkg.


Bkg smacked Dekus hand away & shrugged him off his arm before stomping off to wherever. Deku at this point just stood there more confused than ever. Many things he once thought were being put up to question because...

Demons didn’t care… right?




Bkg had been actively ignoring Deku for the past few days going as far as once again using the ceiling as a means of traveling from room to room. Inkos heart did not appreciate this.

It made Deku blue because for the first time in his life he was really clueless about how to fix their relationship.

“Izuku? Honey? Did something happen between the two of you. You both are acting strange.” Inko says with motherly concern as she quickly scrambles into the room shutting the door behind her. She looks to have seen a ghost but tries to keep the feelings off her face.

Deku pokes at his food absently, “I don’t know. We had a fight & now he’s just ignoring me... If I knew what to do I would have already talked to him about it but I don’t see me getting close anytime soon.” Deku sighs as he shoves a chunk of French toast into his mouth to slowly chew. He glances at the empty seat next to him. What upset Bkg so much about that stupid fight?

Inko looked a bit lost. They had gotten into a fight? When? She hoped it wasn’t actually as bad as Deku made it seem. But that didn’t make sense at all. In fact it seemed to her that Bkg was kind of following Deku around? Not just a minute ago she saw him hanging outside the window looking in at Deku sitting in the kitchen when she went out to fetch the mail?

In fact that’s what she’s been worried about because more times than she’s been completely comfortable with she’s walked in on the demon sitting perched on the footrest of Dekus bed at night just watching him as he slept. She’d say something to the demon but he’d ignore her like she never said a word, so she just would leave because she didn’t want to disturb Deku.

“Um, actually Izuku I was-.”

Speak of the devil & the devil will randomly appear to steal the rest of your French toast.

Deku blinked as he watched the foreign fork stab his last whole toast before making its way to stuff itself into a certain demons mouth. Red eyes stared intensely at Deku & Inko was heard gasping in surprise.

“Oh dear please stop doing that! My heart!” Inko clutched at her shirt before sighing to calm herself. Bkg looks back at her passively before turning back to Deku, again there was that weird swirling in his eyes. Then he went to head to out the kitchen.

“Nerd, we’re gonna be late. Hurry up.”

His words snapped Deku out of his thoughts & he apologies to his mother before dashing out the door after Bkg. Inko simply looked on & watched them hurry off before sighing, “I thought summoning a demon meant you demanded things from them not the other way around?” She giggles as she takes Dekus dish to wash.





That was all Bkg heard the whole walk. Kacchan this, Kacchan that, Kacchan Kacchan Kacchan. It was irritating to say the least but he understood enough to not yell at the nerd yet. He waited until they were far enough from the house to push Deku into an alleyway. Deku looked surprised & somehow that shut him up. Bkg laughed at that only making Deku even more confused.

“Fuck, what do you want from me? I can’t stand not knowing anymore.”


Deku only seemed to become much more confused about the whole situation. “Why was I summoned nerd? I can’t wait to find out anymore, why the hell am I here? You haven’t given me anything to do or demand for some demon aid shit. What the fuck is this damn contract for? The not knowing is-...”

Bkg let out a tired laugh, Deku seemed to understand without him continuing.


Bkg grit his teeth in frustration, “& what is this fuckn nickname? Am your fuckn pet cause fuck I just need to know. I can’t fuckn stand this shit anymore. What do you need?” His voice broke a little which made him a little irritated. But Deku gripped Bkgs arm seemingly having a better understanding of the conflict.

Their eyes held for a moment of time, just silence, just swirling red depths & green seas they both fell into. & they fell deep, words were lost in this space, words didn’t exist. Just feelings, just them. It honestly was such an oddity to Deku. Everything he knew, learned, was being put to question here. Demons are so much more than what everyone says, what everyone else knows. No one probably has summoned a demon & given them no purpose.

Bkg feels he has no purpose.

How long has he had this existential crisis? Does he think he’s a toy? Does he think Deku will get bored & discard him? Why is he so desperate to be used? Why doesn’t he understand? Deku blinked at that last thought, understand what? What was this feeling that needed understanding? Deku flushes deeply as he continues to ponder on it because, he knows, he knows what feeling he’s talking about. The one that’s always been but only grew with time. The feeling that makes the simplest moments with Bkg satisfying, his hand warm & his eyes smoldering. Eyes that never left his face, calculating every reaction & reading him like a book. Suddenly hands were fisting his high school uniform.


“If this is what you want you should have just fuckn asked me damn it.” Then Bkg kisses him.

Dekus body is on fire.

He gasped as Bkgs lips moved expertly over his own, a tongue darting between parted lips to take advantage of his mouth. It felt so good, being kissed, sandwiched against a wall, with hands roaming all over. Hands that stroked & groped every inch of his body. Yeah he definitely was on fire. Then the click of a belt was heard & Dekus mind came back to focus. Wait they were gonna do that?! Here? Oh shit what if someone sees? Does Bkg even care? Wait. Does Bkg think this is his purpose?

Deku shoved Bkg off of him that instant because the thought of that made him physically sick. No no no that’s not what I want!

Bkg chuckled, “Sorry did I hurt you?” Why does he sound so robotic. Deku felt bile rise in his throat. He only did all... that because he thought it was his job. His purpose. Bkg went to step forward with the intent of being gentle but Deku held him back.

“Stop it!”


Bkg blinked in surprise, “What? Do you not like-“

“No! This is-!... This is not what I want!”

Bkg scrunched up his face confused, then angry, “What the fuck do you want then?!”

A fist hit the wall next to Dekus head making him flinch away, “YOU SAY YOU WANT MY BODY BUT THEN-

Deku started to feel irritated as well, “This is not what I meant!”

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU EVEN MEAN? DO YOU KNOW???” Bkg huffed before stepping back with fire in his eyes. The same fire Deku saw the day they met. It was beautiful, powerful.

“You told me that day to accept my fate. Do you remember Deku?” Deku blinked, is he talking about the summoning? When had he-

“You said. Accept your fate, or cease to exist.”



Was this what he felt all this time?



Bkg looked lost for words. This wasn’t what he was expecting to come out of this.

“I just want you to exist Kacchan...”

When had he started to cry? He didn’t deserve to cry. He was a fuckn idiot. He put Bkg through hell & didn’t even bother ask about how he felt. Never thought once anything was wrong. But Bkg still hadn’t said a word.

“I’m so sorry Kacchan!”
Then he ran away.




The rest of the school day was rather uneventful compared that morning. Bkg didn’t bother show up, honestly Deku didn’t know why he even decided to go to school either. The next few days he didn’t see or hear from Bkg either. He never came to back to the house after he had left him in the alleyway. Inko was concerned but the look on Dekus face had her stay silent about her concerns. Everything felt so much colder without the demon around but he probably deserved it. No. He definitely deserved this lonely ache in his heart.


He even deserved it when his bullies realized he was alone again too. They shoved him around & he didn’t even flinch. They seemed to hate that though. They’d beat him harder than before & the guy with the broken arm was the worst.

“Ah! There’s our lil faggot!”

Deku just froze in place, he knew if he ran it would only get worse, so he turned to face them but kept his head low.

“Hm? Thought faggots were a little more spunky than that? You know...” he made a gesture with his hand as if he tried to mimic a ‘fag’ before laughing.

“What? Ya boyfriend ain’t been ‘round to shove his dick in your pathetic ass? Maybe he just learned to have better standards? Maybe even found a bitch with good pussy? Probably. Who’d wanna date a faggot like you?”

Deku gripped his backpack straps a little tighter than before. He was practically numb to their beatings, but whenever they brought up Kacchan it always hurt. The wound reopened & raw. They loved to rub salt on his wounds...

“Well. We thought of something perfect just the other day! Ya see? Not a lot of people like faggots ya see?”

He gestured to the new group of people who just stepped out of their hiding place. Deku suddenly felt fear. What was going on?

“& ya know we just thought? Would it be a service to the world if there was one less faggot?”

Deku felt a chill up his spine, it told him to run. This time he listens & attempts to run. They must have anticipated that because as soon as he turned around he ran into two boys ready to catch him. They held him tightly & started to drag him off to some place. Deku struggles hard against the hands holding him. When they finally release he realizes where they are.

The boys laugh as he stumbles forward after being pushed by one of the bullies. His bag is then taken from him, probably to keep him from using anything inside as a weapon. The bullies continue to laugh at him as he holds himself curling in on himself.


The main bully stepped forward, “Come on, get the fuck up already. No wonder your boyfriend left you. Fuckn pathetic.” They kicked us ribs lifting him slightly with the force but he didn’t let them have the sick satisfaction of hearing his squeal.

“If you were normal, maybe we wouldn’t be here today. But of course you had to fuck that up too huh?” They squat over his curled up disheveled form looking down on him. They faked like they were pondering something before lighting up like the got an idea. “Ya know, there’s still a way to make everything right in the world!”

They gripped the front of Dekus shirt & dragged him to his feet with the help of his two main lackeys who held him still.

“You can do us all a favor & jump from the roof!”

What?! Deku started to struggle now more than ever, “Hey! Wait! Why are you doing this?!”

They all just crowded him & laughed as they dragged him closer & closer to the edge. Closer to the rail until he was pushed against it leaning dangerously.

“Don’t you wanna help the world?! Be a hero?! I just told you how you could!”

“Be a hero & save us from your disease! You can’t hurt anyone anymore if your dead!”

“Just fuckn did faggot!”

“No one will miss you!”

They all chanted in his face edging him on, telling him to die. & to be honest? It didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

He didn’t even realize when they stopped holding him. They stepped back just chanting the same mantra over & over infesting his head with thoughts he’s had for so long. Thoughts that had disappeared for a while, when he-...

Maybe it wouldn’t hurt?

It was pretty high up. Quick & fast. No one would care after a while. His mom would move on at some point. Right?

Seems like he was taking too long to think though because suddenly there was a fist in his shirt again. It brought him out of his depressive haze & everyone went quiet.

“If you’re gonna jump then do it!”

A Shove.

But he wasn’t the one falling back.

“Shit!” The bully cursed clutching his arm. The other boys stepped back all surprised.

All Deku saw was tufts if blonde hair before he couldn’t see at all. Everything was black, but warm? It felt nice, he held the darkness closer & started crying into it.

“I wanted to hate you.” Warm hands made their way up Dekus back holding him closer. They kind of shuffle around a bit but Deku stays wrapped in darkness. “I thought a lot of things.” Suddenly he was being pulled back & looking into those swirling red eyes.


Then they were gone, no, they were facing something else.

“Don’t stop me.”

Deku blinked before holding Bkgs arm, “But Wai-.”

“No. I don’t have to listen to you, or care about your feelings. That’s not apart of our little deal right Deku? And besides.”

Bkg shrugged off Dekus hand before looking back & pointing a thumb at the bully with a broken arm, “I already told this fuck not to touch what was mine & he decided to try & take it away completely. So fuck your feelings Deku you can’t tell me to stop.”

Bkg started walking forward.

“Wait just-!”

Bkg paused. Deku knew he couldn’t stop him but, “Please don’t take it too far...”

The look in Bkgs eye said he didn’t approve but he seemed to understand. “Tsk. You’re too fuckn soft.”

Then Bkg threw the first fist that lead to many more. It was a really frightening sight to see unfold in front of him. But he could tell the demon held back a lot. & somehow Deku had finally gotten the courage to throw some punches too.

It was a bit of a surprise to himself & Bkg but the demon just started working around him. Soon many of the bullies were clutching at their sides or just ran because well, it may have been early in the morning but more people were filing into the building. It would be bad to get caught fighting.

Bkg didn’t really break a sweat but Deku was starting to feel it all, the beating from before & during the fight was slowly catching up to him. He panted heavily as he wiped a bit of blood from his busted lip where someone clipped him good. It seemed like it was pretty much over now & he was honestly just so exhausted.

He started stumbling over towards Bkg who still was kicking the shit out of some poor kid that was already down on the ground. Is that what he looked like every time he took their beatings? Now he understood how pathetic he looked.

“Hey Kaccha-.”

Their was a burn, then many more. His whole side felt like it was on fire. Bkg had turned to look passively at Deku but the look in his eye when he saw Deku turned made his blood run cold. Why’d he look like that? He felt his side & brought it to his face. There was blood. Oh shit that’s a lot of blood. Another burn & he fell to his knees. Damn. It really hurt.

He was stabbed?

Bkg must have tackled the person because there wasn’t anymore burns lighting up his side. He actually felt pretty numb at this point. Before he could completely collapse warm hands held him up, red eyes.

Oh, Kacchan.

“Hey.” He smiles but Bkg seemed like he was about ready to have a panic attack. Can demons have a panic attack?

A flicker of silver catching light caught Dekus eye & he realized Bkg never took the collar off even though he probably could have found a way.

“Hey. You’re still wearing it. Thought ya hated it.”

“What the fuck stop being dumb & shut the fuck up.”

Deku giggled, “Here let me take it off. I don’t know why you kept it when you hated it.” Deku gently started taking off the collar but when he tried to slip it off Bkg smacked his hands away.

“Stop moving I’m tryna carry your ass.”

Deku felt arms slip under him & lift him bridal style. Deku settles in his arms letting him be taken wherever the demon was going, probably to a hospital? He didn’t really know, he was really tired though & his head started to lull to the side.

“Don’t you fuckn fall asleep. Bad things are on the other side.”

His head shot up again at the sudden demand &, warning? Huh? How’d they end up outside already?

“Are we going to a hospital?”

“No. You don’t need a hospital.”

Deku was confused, “wait what? But I’m-?”

“Yeah, I know but you’ll be fine. Fuckn extra, I should have killed him.”

Dekus brain told him, no, he was going to die at this rate, but somehow he trusted Bkg? Well. We’ll see how that goes.

Suddenly they were in an abandoned warehouse which somehow was very clean? Must have been where Bkg was staying. Deku kinda laughed at Bkgs neat freak ways.

Bkg looked down at him curiously but ignored him. He walks to the middle of this large area & sits down on the floor with Deku still in his arms.


Deku shouldn’t trust Bkg as much as he does but he did, just did. It was one thing Bkg found really useful, especially in times like this. Deku was gonna die he felt his soul link was weak. He knew he’d just die in the hospital, he knew he should have tried anyways but...

He was selfish, he didn’t care.

He just brought Deku with him back to his little hide away. He wanted to have him for as long as he could, it hurt he couldn’t do anything about Dekus wounds, all he could do was burn. He never felt so useless in his entire existence.

Damn this human honestly. How dare he nearly kill him, force him to submit his freedom, make him feel like he was an easily thrown away tool then stomp his heart til it was weak & vulnerable before slipping him his poison. This feeling of ‘love.’

At first he believed it to be simple possessiveness, all demons get that way about living contracts. But leaving forced him to realize they were ‘feelings.’


& feelings fucking suck. He hates them, he wishes he didn’t give a shit but he did. He cared so much. Deku was being taken away & Deku belonged to him. Even if officially they both didn’t own each other he wanted Deku & he’d be damned if the dumbass died before he could claim his fuckn soul. He didn’t care if Deku died after that though he knew the nerd would probably bitch about his mommy so maybe he should care a little. But nah. He was selfish remember?

“Kacchan, what’s gonna happen to me?”

“I need you to take off this stupid shit now.”


“Collar. Off. Now.”

“I thought?”

“Just fuckn do it Deku.”

“A-ah ok.”

The leather choke collar slipped from Bkgs neck & not a second later horns of fire sprouted from his head. Then everything was on fire. The fire surrounded them & crept closer, closing in on them.


“Give me your soul Deku.”


“Or cease to exist.”

Deku was taken aback by the request but, did the same thing didn’t he? He kinda laughed how the tables had turned, much to Bkgs irritation.

“If you die I’ll find you & drag you down to hell I fuckn swear Deku.”

Deku stopped laughing, it kind of hurt to laugh, also the flames were really close now & he could feel the heat, it was making him sweat quite a bit.

“I-... What will happen if I say yes?”

“You’ll go to hell.”


“But I’ll be able to find you easier.” Bkg interrupted.


“Fuckn Deku you have literally no time left just-“


Bkg blinked a bit in surprise but then furrowed his brows, “Just ok?”

“Yes then.”

Bkg was a little irritated at Deku for taking so long but he the relief that ran over him soothed his fire, just a little bit.

Then he grinned, “Then it’s a deal.”

Bkg kissed Deku firmly sealing their new deal before his whole being lit aflame.

The kiss muffled Dekus screams as he was quite literally burned alive but Bkg ignored it. He knew it would be ok soon. Dekus suffering is only temporary.

Bkgs flames raged on even when Deku stopped screaming, stopped struggling, stopped breathing. He didn’t stop until he felt Dekus soul was completely snuffed out. But even then just to make sure he kept on burning just to make in case. Just to make sure he was truly gone. He didn’t want to have to go through this again.

Hours later, Bkg walks out of that building with Dekus burnt body in his arms all the way back to Dekus home. When he entered the house Inko was surprise & wondering what happened to him but he told her to stay out of his way & out of Dekus room until he told her otherwise. She looked confused & worried because what was in Bkgs hands wrapped up in that dirtied cloth that he won’t show her. When Deku didn’t show up after class, it was pretty easy to put two & two together.


So Deku was in hell.

It definitely was worse than he thought it would be, survival of the fittest down here with all the demons so ready to kill each other at any second. But there were like factions? Deku also learned he wasn’t a demon yet but if he stayed long enough he’d turn into one. If he were to survive that long.

He scurried around just trying to stay out of every demons path. He nearly got trampled & killed multiple times but somehow he’d always survive? Then there was this purple haired demon who seemed to like him enough, “You’re not as annoying as most of the-
fools down here.”

So there was that too? It honestly felt like forever running around in the pit but what kept him going was the knowledge that Kacchan would find him one day & bring him out. Shinso, that purple haired demon told him not to count too much on it, probably believing he was just some sorry soul that got tricked into a deal but Deku knew better than that. The look in Bkgs eyes told a completely different story. Deku knew Bkg would come get him, didn’t know when or how but somehow when Bkg arrived to get him they would be ok.

Days & what seemed like months passed the same ol’ daily grind just trying to stay alive. Shinso had sent him out on a delivery, Shinso was some kind of underground messaging demon of sorts & was invaluable to whoever was the boss of his faction so he was stationed in a remote location far from most of the chaos. Pretty great for Deku since he’d have moments of just peace & quiet. But unfortunately today this delivery was gonna be quite the event because suddenly the sky opened up with a massive wave of fire & a terrible roar.

All the demons in hell we’re scattering like a bunch of roaches trying to find a place to hide, shoving & pushing their way through the crowds trying to get back to their homes or shops, just anywhere to keep out of the beasts way. Deku didn’t know what the fuck was happening but he ended up just following the crowd. A firm hand pulled him from the crowd & into an alleyway, familiar purple troll hair adorned the demons crown.

“Shinso! What’s going on!”

“Quiet! We need to retreat for a while, seems the king is back. We don’t really know where he’s been but we need to stay out of his way & let him do what he needs to do!”

An explosive crash sounded just behind them in the crowd that he had been in not seconds before.

“Shit! Looks like we need to hurry!”

They ducked into different alleyways trying to avoid main roads but at some point it became inevitable & they just had to run through the streets like the rest of the crowd. Explosions were always just behind them every step of the way, no matter where they turned it was always there. Then an explosion that was practically at their heels had them falling smack into the sidewalk. This created a part in the crowd, the king at its epicenter.

Dekus ears were ringing & he groaned clutching his head but he’s pretty sure he’s about to die. This is it. Right?

Seconds went by & to be honest, Deku should be dead right now. Also the fact that the explosions suddenly stopped??? What? He was about to turn & see until Shinso, bless his soul, ran up & snagged Deku by the arm.

“Izuku! Izuku hey! Get the fuck up, NOW!”

“Ugh my head...”

An angry roar sounded from behind them & suddenly Deku was ripped from Shinsos grasp.

Deku was being held against a broad chest, a chest that felt way too familiar with a warmth he could recognize from anywhere. He pushed back to look up at the demon & was suddenly greeted by that all too familiar sight of the fire being he’d grown to love. & that same fire being currently was choking the life out of his friend Shinso.

“Kacchan!” Deku gasped.

The fire slowly receded into the beings body revealing ash blonde hair & piercing red eyes that still glared angrily at the purple troll slowly loosing oxygen. Deku panicked, “Wait! Kacchan! Stop!”

Deku started to smack Bkgs arm repeatedly with his hand causing the demon to look at him as if he’d grown another head. In fact he was pretty sure all the demons were looking on at the spectacle in front of them in confusion.

“Let him go he’s my friend!” Deku squeaked.

Bkg dropped Shinso after giving him a particularly hard squeeze on his neck & let him fall slumped on the floor. Deku let out a sigh that was interrupted & turned into a yelp when strong arms picked him up into a hug.

“Deku, finally found your ass. Don’t know how long I’ve searched through all the pits of fuckn hell damn it. This took way too fuckn long.”

Bkg nuzzles Dekus stomach before plopping down & smothering Deku in his grasp. Deku didn’t expect this at all from his demon companion but he loved & hated it right now because as awesome as it felt, it was so damn embarrassing having literally all of the demons in the vicinities attention on you. & the crowd just kept growing bigger by the minute because everyone is curious about what the fuck is happening so it’s just a circular wall of demons surrounding them.

Deku tried to push Bkgs head away but Bkg was a creative lil shit & caught them in his mouth licking them with a hungry growl. Shit! Not good! This can’t be happening right now!

“Please stop... This is embarrassing...”

“Don’t give a shit. Deal with it Deku.”


Deku gives him a look that says, ‘I’m not happy with this at all’ & Bkg finally huffs & lets up.

“Um... Excuse me but. You never said the demon you had sold your soul to was actually fuckn SATAN???” Shinso rasped having calmed down from his coughing fit.

“Wait... Kacchan you?”

Bkg stares blankly at Deku as if he were questioning if he was joking. He wasn’t joking. He really wasn’t fuckn joking.

Bkg buried his face in his hand, everything suddenly made much more sense & Bkg had come to an undeniable truth.

“Deku you fuckn moron. How the fuck did you fuckn summon me, the king of fuckn hell, & not know it? Didn’t you read a bunch of nerd shit about it?”

“W-Well I-!”

“Actually... Just don’t answer that.” Bkg groaned before standing with Deku tucked neatly under his arm.

“Doesn’t really matter much anyway, since we’re going.”


“What the fuck now?”

“What about Shinso!”

Bkg looked at the purple haired demon who put up his hands in defense, “What the fuck about him.”

“He’s my friend! & he’s the main reason I probably stayed alive for so long? I think he should come with us!” Deku smiled.


“Wha-? Why?!” Deku pouted.

“Because you’re mine. I ain’t sharing.”

Shinso scoffed, “Don’t worry about that, I’m not particularly in the mood to square up to Satan himself. You two have a good day. King, Izuku.” He bowed twice in farewell.

Deku glared at Bkg, “Kacchan!”

Chapter Text

Bkg just being a strong Alpha and Mineta using his perverted behavior as a disguise for him actually being a smol omega. Before this point Bkg had never even looked his way since he’s probably the most extra of extras. It’s only by chance he even catches a hint of omegan heat.

It’s only instinct that leads him to Minetas door. Only instinct that has him jiggling the handle finding it open. Instinct drives him to step into the dorm, to close the door, to lock it.

Instinct is what possesses him when he crouches over the lil bitch whimpering in fear.

He doesn’t care. He knows what they need. What /he/ needs. And he’s gonna take what he wants.

He’s nose blind to the scent of fear. Doesn’t stop ripping away cloth barriers between his hands & skin when Mineta struggles. Doesn’t hear the pathetic hiccups to stop. Because he knows what’s best, he knows what needs to be done.

When Bkg frees Mineta from the last of his clothing he dives head first into slickened ass. His hot tongue greedily laps at the smaller boys quivering hole. As he continues to devour the defenseless boy the cries to stop slowly get replaced with moans & needy hands tugging him closer to his heat. This only confirms everything Bkg believed up until this point as being right. Of course he knew what to give the omega.

He shoved his tongue past the rim of Minetas ass tasting a soothing grape on his tongue.

He ate his lil ass up not letting a drop slip by his greedy lips. Mineta moans loudly gripping onto Bkgs hair for dear life. Bkg had enough of that perfect slick before his aching erection begged for attention. He figures the lil bitch is already loose enough to take his know to he just pushes his pants down freeing his hardened cock from its bindings & proceeds to position himself sitting with his back against Minetas bed & holding the smaller boy by the waist with both hands. When he felt the tip line up he slammed Mineta down on his dick completely bottoming out. Mineta was practically split in half by his cock the tip protruding to the point of deforming his stomach. He screamed as Bkg repeatedly slammed the omega on his cock working him like a flesh light & just taking his fill.

He knew Mineta loved every second of it by the way his face twisted in pleasure & how his tongue would lull out like a hot puppy dog.

Speaking of pups, Bkg didn’t care if the lil bitch got pregnant. He was going to knot him. Lil shit didn’t even have a career in the Hero business anyways, doesn’t know why he even tries.

“A-Alpha!” Mineta cries as his lil cock starts twitching ready to pop. Fuck Bkg couldn’t even lie, he was close too.

Bkg grit his teeth slamming Mineta down on his forming knot. Mineta cries, literally cries, like tears & snot cries. It’s disgusting but for some fucked reason it’s really hot to know he’s fucking the lil omega silly.

“Yeah? Like my cock? It’s the best you’ll ever get lil bitch.”

“F-Fuck yessss Bakugouuuu!”

Damn. How he says his name has him on the edge of insanity. His knot is fully formed and ready to pop!

With a few good thrusts and a bit of grinding Bkg managed to pop his knot deep in the lil purple omega who decided to cream right then & there. All over him.

Bkg would be mad in any other situation but for today he’ll let this slide. The feeling of his orgasm is too great to let something so trivial ruin it.

“F-fuck! So tight!”

His cum was filling Mineta to the brim. He could see it the way his lil tummy bloated with the amount. This made his Alpha very pleased.

About 20 minutes later his knot deflated completely and he was able to regain his senses. He didn’t regret shit.

“I-Um Bakugou...” Mineta whispered as Bkg shoved his dick back in his boxers & fixed his pants.

“What bitch.”

Mineta flinched at the nickname But Bkg didn’t care.

“Could you... Ya know... Spend my heat with me?”

Bkg looked back at the omega who was now shifting foot to foot nervously. Bkgs cum was still flowing steadily down twiggy thighs. What a waste... He turned away.

“Why the fuck would I do that?”


“Meet me in my room after class dipshit. I got toys I wanna try out on you. If ya ain’t down then fuck off.”

Mineta couldn’t have nodded any faster. He was so down. He has had a crush on Bkg since he first laid eyes on him & now to have him all to himself?

What a wet dream...

Chapter Text

Bkg doesn’t really care for toys much. He got rid of most of them years ago with no regrets. But there’s just one stuffy he just couldn’t get rid of.

His darling teddy bear that he’s had ever since he could remember. It was a large brown teddy bear about half his size, that was made to be practically indestructible since he’d developed his quirk. It was so soft to the touch & smelt like nostalgia, always reminding him of the simpler times in his youth. Hugging it always made him feel warm inside...

That is until puberty hit him like a brick.

Bkg had started developing these weird emotions that he couldn’t exactly explain. He stopped caring about his toys but whenever he’d look at that exact Teddy it always felt different. Special.

One day after his lackeys were talking about sex & porn & how hot or sexy it was. He secretly decided to look & see what exactly he was missing out on. & to say he was disappointed was an understatement.

He didn’t know why but nothing turned him on everything was just so mediocre to him & at one point he almost decided to close his laptop in frustration. But then something caught his eye, a soft white foot to be exact. His eyes latched onto the object, slowly trailing up its form until his eyes met with its little beady black ones. The moaning from the porn started doing things to his mind as he stared at his Teddy & he could feel his heart start to race. The light from his laptop caused his dark room to have an almost sensual vibe too which didn’t help the thoughts that suddenly swarmed his head. The moaning, the atmosphere, Bkgs growing erection, it was all too much.

Bkg found an hour long compilation of porn before launching out of his chair snatching the bear along the way. He placed it on his bed before he stripped himself, his cock having fully hardened by the time he was pulling it free of his boxers.

Bkg started to touch himself over the Teddy bears unmoving form the moans of the couple filling his ears as he projected onto his lil Teddy as if it was making those noises. He got so hard thinking about fucking his soft Teddy Bear & couldn’t stop himself as he started to rut against it.

Its soft fur felt so good on the underside of Bkgs sensitive dick. He painted & moaned out Teddy Teddy! But that didn’t sound right. Uh... Bkg sees a small lil jelly fish sitting on his table.


He rutted against Kurages(KRG) soft fur until he felt himself about to cum. Then he pulled away & jerked until he had shot his load all over Krgs face. He painted feeling like the wind was knocked out of him after such an intense feeling. Then he realized what he did just now wasn’t normal. Why was he so attracted to fucking his goddamn Teddy Bear?!

In a fit of embarrassment he threw the Teddy to the floor & immediately regretted it. Why the fuck was he regretting it? It’s just a damn stuffed animal!

But those beady eyes stared back with such innocence & hurt. Ok maybe he felt really guilty for tossing Krg away like that. It’s not his fault he just got violated by a hormonal teen that doesn’t know how to fuckn function like a normal human being.

He picks up Krg & looks at his cum stained face...

“Yeah better clean you up cause that’s gross...”


Bkg begins to Frankenstein his little bear a little. It’s not completely full of just soft cotton, it has a zipper in its crotch &... Something he hates to admit... It has a removable flashlight in it.

Rutting against stuffing got old ok?!

So yeah. He’s a 15 year old hero in the making still fucking his lil stuffy that he named Krg. Yeah....

He knows /exactly/ how it looks. He doesn’t care. He loves his lil Teddy too much to give it up for the sake of saving face.

If his floormates hear Bkg moaning out Krgs name every night they never tell.

The only person to ever walk in on his ‘morning gym exercises’ was Deku & he’d rather die than admit he watched Bkg fuck his Teddy Bear to completion & enjoy it. Yeah. That secret is going to his grave with him.

Chapter Text

The last thing Katsuki remembers before waking up in a cold sweat was the feeling of cold leather underneath his fingertips and the mechanical sounds all around him. It’s ok, it’s just a dream now. The feeling of warm hands petting his hair brought his attention to something else, or rather someone else.

He blinks as he tilts his head to see a darkened figure above him but as his eyes clear and start to focus he realizes it’s the love of his life. Midoriya Izuku, his Deku.

Tears well up in his eyes as his eyes fall upon that familiar warm smile once again. Oh how he loves that smile.

“Good morning Kacchan. It’s 7:36am already. Did you decide to sleep in? You were having a nightmare.”

Green brows furrowed at that last bit but Baku mind was somewhere else now. He buried his head in Izukus lap as he wrapped his arms around Izukus waist and pulled the green bean closer to him sighing happily. Relieved.

“Damn nerd, I missed you.”

A laugh.

“You missed me? Kacchan you were only sleeping a few hours!”

Katsuki snorted, “Yeah well in the nightmare it was years.”

Katsuki could practically feel Izukus eye roll before the hand petting his head stopped and lifted his face. “Well I’m here now aren’t I?”

Katsuki stares for a while before he drops his head back into Izukus lap and grips him tighter, “Yeah, it was just a scary dream.”

“See? Now come on! We got things to do today!”

Izuku tried to get up but Katsuki wasn’t having any of it and held him there.

“Kacchan! Hey! You said we’d do something today!”

“Yeah yeah nerd just a few more minutes.”

Izuku struggles a little before Katsuki decides he wants more than just Izukus lap and pulls him until he’s flopped over on the bed giggling and protesting. Katsuki doesn’t care and just proceeds to pepper Izukus freckled skin with kisses and love bites. His heart felt so whole, so warm.

It wasn’t long until Izuku gave into the cuddles and affection, just dissolving into a giggling mess while Katsuki loved on him. Katsuki felt happy for the first time in a long time. He could forget about the painful reality he left behind. The reality where everything was crumbling down. The reality where he whitenessed the fall of man. The mass genocide of humanity... Through the reinforced glass of the bunker they swore was safe.

Safe from them.

The things that caused the downfall of man. The things that slaughtered billions around the world. The things that somehow found them. Broke in through the vents. Slaughtered many more innocents right before Katsukis eyes.

He remembers it all. The gun fight. The screams of demons and man. Running. The fear. Blood. Everything was red, red, red.




Determined green eyes. His strong spirit. He didn’t want him to go. He knew he could save their lives. He trusted him.

“I’ll be right back Kacchan. Wait for me and give me cover.”

“Fucking fine!”

“Kacchan, I love you.”

He couldn’t say it back. Why couldn’t he say it back? It’s too late to say it now. Green is gone. All he can do now is watch the monitors. Hold off the entryway.

Then he sees many. A sea of faces. The things haven’t found them yet. Everyone makes it. Deku? Where’s Deku? Where is he?

Green! There’s green!


Relief. Hope. Pride. Katsukis smiling. When did he start smiling?

Red. Green and red collide. There’s struggle. It’s on top of him! He needs to help him! Why is Katsukis gun not firing? He’s running now. Running so fast but not fast enough.

Green eyes. All he sees is green eyes. The full of life and vitality. And then it’s gone.... And metal door shuts on him.

This... Is hell. It must be. Time doesn’t exist here. Only suffering. Anger. Grief. Regret.

“We are developing this new technology...”

Another meaningless waste of time. Why does he even bother listen anymore.

“ simulate reality...”

But what if?

“We need a few volunteers...”

He could escape it all?

“I’m in.”

What if?

“It could potentially kill you Bakugou...”

Just what if...

“I’ve got nothing to lose.”

He could see Deku again?


He steps into the self contained cryo-pod with a worn notebook in hand and Izukus dog tag around his neck. He faces the doctors as the cryo-pod doors slowly close as it tilts back. He closes his eyes. They say it’s going to hurt but at this point he welcomes the pain.

“You will be going under in ten seconds Mr. Bakugou.”

He’s ready.

“10... 9... 8...”

Ready to see Deku again...

“7... 6... 5...”

And if somehow he dies...

“4... 3... 2...”

It won’t matter anyways.


It’ll all be just a dream.

Chapter Text

Male omegas & female alphas are rare & since Toga was born a Blonde Female Hyena Alpha she's been considered an extremely rare exotic since birth & a top dollar stud. Because of this fact her owners started to illegally breed her before she was of age causing a lot of mental trauma from being forced to breed omegas and betas whos scents she abhorred & was beaten if she didn’t comply.

Finally one day she was rescued from that hell pit but unfortunately the damage had been done completely distorting her mental depiction of love. Also because of her Hyena heritage being not so common in Japan they didn’t know what the fuck to do with her. This resulted in them placing her in a rescue pin overnight with other Alphas whom of which were mostly males. Of course this was a big mistake.

The next morning when they went in to check on the new exotic female alpha what greeted them was blood. Blood coated the floor, the walls fuckn everything. Their were bodies littering the floor & he remaining alphas pushed to one side of the pin. The whole room was filled with distress pheromones to the point that even humans could smell it.

Unlike the rest of the Alphas she sat calmly in the blood & gore looking innocently at the humans as she lapped at the blood matting her furry legs while they stared in horror at the scene. She was then promptly put in a solitary room before doing actual research on her species. This is of course where they find out how stupid they were to put a female Hyena in a pin of Alpha makes from other species because of the fact that female Hyenas naturally have this superiority complex.

This room was all she knew for weeks, nothing but blank walls & cold linoleum floors day in day out with the occasional visit from doctors formedical check ups. One day she’s sent to a foster who apparently knows their shit about her breed. The fosters house is boring but’s a lot better than that fuckn box. She has more freedom but doesn’t really care to do much. Her foster obviously didn’t like this too much since they suddenly are at a meet up with other fosters(mostly betas) and to be honest it’s really fun especially hanging out with the dogs.

“Ah! Izuku! Come play with us!”

Togas ears pick up on the commotion having her head turn in the direction of the noise just as the direction of the wind decides to change bringing the most wonderful aroma she’s ever caught scent of. Then she lays eyes on ‘Izuku’ and she’s completely enamored.

No one even has time to react before she’s on top of him ripping the anti-bite collar from his neck and sinking teeth into his scent gland. And the taste of his blood is so sweet on her tongue, he must be a prey species. She doesn’t care, she wants to dominate him.

To own him.