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Red Wolf

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The next morning you woke Jacob by kissing him through the fabric of his boxers. After his body started to respond, he opened his eyes and glanced down at you, flashing you a grin.


"Morning," you replied before you pulled down his boxers and wrapped your lips around his hardening cock.

You sucked lightly at first, swirling your tongue and grabbing gently at the base of his shaft but when you noticed him watching you, you pressed your lips around him harder and quickened your pace ever so slightly. You knew he liked when you did it quickly but you refused to give in right away. Working his cock with your hand and mouth in perfect rhythm, you heard him moan above you with his head pushed back in the pillows. You always loved the noises he made in response to you.

Knowing it was time to finish up, you removed your hand, using only your mouth to push down on him as far as you could.

"Oh my fuck, kitten," he panted as he pulled himself back up to look at you. "If you want any, you're going to have to stop."

You shook your head slightly but didn't stop, pushing yourself further and further until every inch of him had disappeared. That did the trick. Jacob grabbed at the back of your head as he found his release, holding you in place for a moment before letting you back up.

After he finally let you free, you informed him you needed to get a shower but would be right back. You knew you probably should be spending the morning talking about everything with him but here you were again, avoiding the issue.

As you slipped out the door and into the bathroom, you heard Jacob protest and as much as you wanted to stay and cuddle, you hadn't showered in two days and knew you'd feel better if you got it out of the way.

Stepping into the water, you took a moment to enjoy its warmth before shampooing your hair. As you let the water rinse away the suds, you heard the bathroom door open. Searching for the cause, you immediately recognized Jacob's frame, even through the frosted glass of the shower. You watched as he undressed and stepped into the shower with you. He didn't say a word as he dropped to his knees.

"Jake!" you squealed but his face was immediately between your thighs.

"Shhh," he ordered as he pushed his tongue against your clit. He knew you well enough to know you would be worked up from his morning wake up and wouldn't need any warming up. When you tried to pull back, he wrapped both hands behind you and dug his fingers into either side of your ass in protest. Finally you gave up struggling and let Jacob continue to pleasure you at a maddening pace before he released one of his hands and fingering you roughly.

You couldn't believe it but in roughly 45 seconds, you were there. You moaned loudly into the water as it washed over you. Before you were able to compose yourself, Jacob released you and was quickly to his feet, spinning you around and pushing you into the shower door before entering you from behind. He gasped when he felt how wet you were. You smiled back at him but he turned you back around and mumbled something into your shoulder between kisses. You weren't able to make out a bloody word but you knew it had to be something dirty if it was coming from Jacob. Never one to be outdone, you decided you better step up your game and outdo him.

"Jake," you said as you reached behind your back and grabbed at him, stopping his re-entrance. You heard him let out a frustrated growl. "Let's go in the hallway."

You looked behind your shoulder again to see his eyes grow wide.

"And what exactly would we be doing there?" he asked, knowing full well what you wanted.

"Well, I'd be spreading my legs and letting you bury that cock wherever you wanted."

"And if someone comes up here?" he asked as he tried thrusting into you again. You kept your hand in place, not allowing him to.

"Then I guess they're getting a show."

"You bad fucking girl," Jacob said as he turned the shower off and slung you over his shoulder like you weighed nothing. He slapped your ass hard and then gave it a quick kiss.

The bathroom door was quickly thrown open and Jacob had you pinned to the opposite wall within seconds. He pulled your legs around him, reaching his hands behind you to support your weight. Before you knew it, he was quickly inside you again, thrusting deeply. You stifled a scream as he continued to fuck you harder.

"Cum for me. Please," you pleaded in his ear. You weren't sure how much more you could take.

He quickly gave into your request, kissing you deeply in the process before carrying you into his bedroom with your legs still wrapped around him.

"I need a nap," you informed him as he set you down on the bed next to him.

"Better rest up, we have a lot of time to make up for."

Jacob leaned back in bed and folded his arms behind his head. He didn't bother to cover up but you were more than happy to have an opportunity to drink in the sight of him.

"We have to talk," you said finally as you leaned on your elbow and ran your hand across his chest.

"Not today," he said quickly.

"But.. I think we need to. You don't have to say anything but just let me explain myself."

He shook his head and took your hand off of his chest and pulled it to his lips. You sighed as you realized there was no use in arguing.

"When do you have to leave?" you asked, changing the subject even though you hated doing so.

"I don't," he said as he placed another kiss on your knuckles.

"Really?" you asked in disbelief. You couldn't believe he was taking a day off.


Jacob rolled to his side and mirrored your position on the bed, pushing up to search your face.

"Never," you replied with a huge smile, leaning in to kiss him.

He reached behind you and pulled you to him until the space between you had disappeared. His hands ran down your back and to your ass.

"Jake, I seriously need a break."

"Fine, fine," he said as he jumped out of bed. "But you better be out of my bed when I get back."

You smirked as he disappeared buck naked out into the hall, feeling happy for the first time in a long time.