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Aizawa Shouta's gravity defying hair

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Aizawa Shouta‘s quirk, Erasure, was no big secret at Yueei.

Most of the classes taught by him as well as the whole faculty knew of it; when Aizawa Shouta looked at you while activating his quirk, yours would be gone for the duration of him looking at you. As a side effect, his eyes would turn red and his hair would fly up.

And that‘s exactly what Yamada Hizashi was curious about.


“Okay, so-”, Present Mic began. Next to him was Kayama, rather known as the heroine Midnight, curiously watching him while eating her bento silently. Aizawa was also accompanying the two of them during lunch time, grading some papers. When Present Mic started talking, he glanced at him.
“When you activate your quirk, your hair flies up, right?”, he asked. Slightly confused, Aizawa grunted, “Yeah, but you know that already.”
“So imagine:”, the voice hero grinned, “You are hanging upside down, tangled in your capture weapon or something-”, he got interrupted by Midnight giggling and Aizawa glaring at him,”whatever. And you activate your quirk. What would happen to your hair?”

Aizawa shrugged. “I don’t know.”, he murmured, “Never been in that situation.”

“I mean, technically it shouldn’t move, right? It’d basically be up already..”, Present Mic mused, “But then again-”, he got interrupted by Midnight, who was quite motivated suddenly, “What are we waiting for? Let’s find out!”, she giggled and Mic couldn’t help but grin as well.

Their plans got crushed by Aizawa instantly. “No.”, he said, scoffing. “Aww, why not, Shou?”, Midnight and Present Mic pouted equally, “Just imagine how you could use that power to your advantage..”, she winked. Abandoning his papers, Aizawa turned towards her, slightly appalled. “How would that be to my advantage? Enlighten me.”, he huffed. Midnight smirked. “So you wanna find out?”, Yamada laughed loudly. “No”, he said, “knowing you, it’s about sex again.”
The heroine smiled seductively at Aizawa. And winked again.

Aizawa stood up and collected his papers. “I’m not getting paid for this.”, he mumbled annoyed. “Noo! Shouta, wait!”, Yamada screeched, trying to grab Aizawa, “don’t leave me!”, he pouted. Aizawa, however, was skilled in dodging Yamada by now and escaped effortlessly. Midnight, who sat still next to Mic, just pinched him, pouting.”Alone, huh?”, Mic grinned sheepishly at her.


When lunch was over, Aizawa was found sleeping in his sleeping bag, the mystery of his hair still remaining a mystery, though.