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Combatting Shadows

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Seoul is a city that lives and breathes. It is filled to the brim with people who make the city shine brighter with their light. But as we all know, where one finds light there is most always darkness. It is in this darkness where Bangtan and other powerful organizations lie and conduct their business. In the shadows of Seoul, one can see how blood and money unify the best and the worst of men. Seoul is a city that never sleeps; for once the public close their eyes at night, these monsters crawl out on the streets.

Sitting at  his desk, Kim Namjoon sighs to himself as he looks out into the night and observes the city of Seoul. Although he was the leader of one of Seoul’s most powerful organized crime syndicates of all time, Namjoon was an easy man to please when it came to his office space. He likes his office at work to be neat; he likes it clean, organized, and monochrome.

A lot of things happen in his office. Contracts are signed, meetings are held, traitors are killed, and then some. Due to the private nature of some of the acts that take place in Namjoon’s office, his husband just about had an aneurysm when Namjoon requested that his office have a glass wall on the side that faces the city. He smiles to himself as he remembers how Seokjin had furiously ranted about how he was ‘such an idiot’ and about how he was ‘literally asking for himself to get shot’. But Namjoon wanted a glass wall and what Namjoon wants Namjoon gets. Still, he did calm down his husband by reassuring him that the glass for the wall would be bullet resistant. He also got him more comfortable with the idea of the wall through the promise of the execution of certain activities that fall under a more promiscuous nature. 

Nevertheless, now, as Namjoon sits at his desk with a glass of Dalmore ‘62 Whiskey in his hand and nothing but the neon glow of Seoul lighting up his otherwise dark office, he can’t help but feel happy with his decision. He takes another swig from his drink before setting it down on top of his desk and lifting himself out of his seat. He then glanced down at his watch as he slowly walked over to the gunmetal floor length mirror that he had placed on the opposite wall from the desk. 8:26 PM. Seokjin should be here soon.

    Kim Namjoon sighed as he looked at his reflection. The left side of his body was encased in the pink and purple light emitted from the city while the right side was treated with a dimmer glow of the same light. Namjoon often finds himself looking in this mirror, not for the mere sake of vanity, but instead it’s more to ask himself who he is. When he looks in the mirror now he sees the clean cut, tall ash-grey-haired crime lord that he is, RM. But who is he really? Those who knew him before would say an abandoned genius from Ilsan. Some now might say a ruthless leader. Some others may say he’s heartless and cruel. Others continue to procure countless definitions of him, yet Kim Namjoon has still not been able to write his own. Who is Kim Namjoon?

    Namjoon is so caught up in his thoughts that he immediately tenses when he feels a pair of arms wrapping around his waist. But he soon relaxes as he feels a pair of familiar lips pressing themselves against the base of his neck. Seokjin his mind quickly provides. He smiles.

“I didn’t hear you come in.” 

“You didn’t?” Seokjin hums. He watches as his husband hooks his chin over his shoulder and made eye contact with him in the mirror. “Caught up in your head again, I presume,” he grins. 

“You know me so well,” Namjoon grabs one of Seokjin’s hands by the wrist and brings it up to his mouth, pressing his lips against the back of it softly before letting it drop.

“Well you are my husband,” Seokjin says loosening his remaining grip on Namjoon’s waist as the crime lord turns around and faces him. 

Namjoon looks him up and down. Seokjin is and has always been a sight to behold. Tall, broad-shouldered, and currently looking regal in a black button-up shirt and a fitted white suit... he was goddamn gorgeous

“That I am,” Namjoon states, reaching his hand up and tugging one of Seokjin’s blonde locks out of place. Seokjin pouts at him and quickly smacks his hand away. Namjoon laughs in response and steps around his husband, making his way back over to the other side of the room..

“Namjoon you out of anyone should know exactly how much effort I put into styling my hair each day so I don’t know why you are laughing right now.”

Namjoon chuckles to himself as he sits on the front edge of his desk and watches as Seokjin fixes his hair in the mirror on the opposite side of the room.

“It is this exact knowledge that makes it funny my darling,” Namjoon says before glancing back over his shoulder and reaching for his glass of whiskey. 

“This is why I will never marry you legally,” Seokjin’s voice sounds closer.

“I’m pretty sure there are other and more pressing reasons that prevent the legality of our marriage, mainly the big bullseye it will paint on your back.” Namjoon turns back around with his glass an inch away from his lips only for Seokjin to snatch it from his hands. 

“First off,” Seokjin takes a sip of the whiskey and places the glass back in Namjoon’s waiting hand, “I’m top circle, I already have a big target on my back. Secondly, everyone is too afraid of me to even think to try something.”

The name “top circle” refers to the elite group of members of Bangtan who know everything, they are top tier. There are four known members of the top circle. First and foremost there is Kim Namjoon, who is the leader, the boss, the Crime Lord. Intelligent, meticulous, and knows everything. Almost no one is allowed to use his real name so he is mostly referenced to as RM. Then below him there is Suga, JK, and Jin. Suga helped Namjoon start Bangtan and has been there since the beginning. He and JK help keep Bangtan’s physical sector in line and they help with training if need be. Suga is the best sharpshooter and sniper that the underworld has ever seen. He never misses. JK is the best assassin, and he can and will kill with anything. He is very strong and he is the deadliest weapon in Bangtan. Seokjin, or “Jin” as most people call him, runs the public relations sector of Bangtan. Most members are afraid of him for a very good reason. As required by his role he deals in gathering information to use against enemies, looking after the finances, and delivering special punishment or sending a particular message out to the public. He oversees the hacking and tech sector, he controls the spies, and he controls the prostitutes. As he mentioned earlier, everyone is afraid of him. This is the level of information that the public and most mid to lower tier members know about the top circle.

“But you know what, it doesn’t matter that we aren’t married legally. You are my husband in my heart and in my mind,” Namjoon says before taking another sip of his whiskey, finishing off the glass and setting it down. It was not that the public did not already know who Jin was. He, in fact, is actually one of the most prominent faces of the gang, as dictated by his role as leader of the public relations sector. Jin is essentially untouchable. However, if he were to be officially married to Namjoon, other gangs could see that link and take advantage of it. They know how important he is to the gang, but they are not aware of how important he is to Namjoon. A credible link to Namjoon would make the effort to try and get to Jin worth it. Neither of them are truly bothered by it as they both understand why it is the way it is.

“You know Joon, if you keep up with all this cheesy shit people will start to doubt your gangster persona,” Seokjin had settled himself down in one of the chairs in front of his desk.

“Oh will they now?” Namjoon quirks an eyebrow at him playfully.  As Seokjin makes a noise of agreement, Namjoon lets his gaze lower to focus on Seokjin’s lips. So plump . He wishes they could go home but alas they still had work to do. He returns his gaze to find Seokjin looking at him knowingly. Namjoon sighs.

“So Jin,” he straightens his posture, “How did our reports look this week?”

“In which sector, RM?” Seokjin straightened up in his chair as well. 

“All three of them. Physical, Public, then Narcotics. In that order. Proceed.”

Bangtan mainly handles its operations within three different sectors: physical, public relations, and narcotics. The physical sector dealt with the training of foot soldiers, gun trades, martial arts proficiency, weapon proficiency, etc. This sector is mainly run by Jackson Wang and overseen by JK and Suga. The physical sector is “the muscle” of the gang. The ‘public relations’ sector, which is run by Jin, deals in intel, tech, espionage, prostitution (limited), maintaining relationships with those in the government, and collecting secrets. Also this sector has a particular specialty in interrogation and using cruelty to send a message. The final sector is narcotics, which is run by Myo Il-Sung, and deals with the sale, distribution, and similar activities surrounding drugs and narcotics. There are also some crossovers between different sectors for certain activities. But these are the main areas in which Bangtan keeps most of its operations.

“Okay. This was kind of a dry week for physical in terms of monetary flow so I don’t have much to say about their reports in that regard. However, the reason for this, as you most definitely already know, is because they had were three big shipments last week. Nothing out of the ordinary with them this week. Sung Deuk said that the recruits from last month are on track for completion of their training within these next two weeks. Also, you should know that Minjee, a girl who works in my intel department, informed me that the police seems to be planning a bust on one of our weapons deals next week so I informed Jackson and he’s preparing for that accordingly.”

“Good, that aligns perfectly with what Jackson already told me in his own progress report.” 

“Well of course it would,” Jin states smugly, slumped back in his chair, his posture already having returned to its original relaxed state. Namjoon rolled his eyes, but remained sitting on the front edge of his desk, his spine straight as he maintained an almost rigid posture.

“And how about your sector?”

“Well my sector did great this week! We collected a lot of secrets, thanks to our lures and my spiders got a lot of important information as well, it is all in the progress report that I emailed you. There was only one bad incident where a customer mistreated one of my workers but I had people on stand-by and it was dealt with. As for the money we made about 300 Million Won in trades and secrecy,” Jin sighs and sits back up, straightening his posture as well as his expression before continuing, “All the money is in the books for us, unfortunately the same can’t be said for a certain other sector...”

“Again?” Namjoon clenches his fists.

“Unfortunately yes. I only just told him on my way over here but as I bet you can imagine, Il-Sung is pissed. Technically, this week, the money is all there;  but apparently two bags of cocaine were missing from this week’s export, but no one noticed until our trading partner called us and demanded an explanation. As you know, this has happened on a shipment just recently and all we did was have Il-Sung give his workers a severe warning about it, as we thought it was just newbies trying to get away with shit. But it happened again so here we are.”  

“This is a problem.” Namjoon is not happy.

“Yes. Especially because you usually don’t give second chances.” Jin stands up and moves slowly over to Namjoon.

“That is true. But I also don’t like the fact that we didn’t even know two bags were missing until our partners called us. That shows weakness and inefficiency. It also leads our customers to question our credibility,” Namjoon furrows his brow. He doesn’t like this at all. Besides the matter of external consequences, the matter of internal loyalty and cooperation is also important. One of the first things that Il-Sung emphasizes when instructing new recruits is a strict no sampling policy. It should go without question that you are not supposed to steal the intended merchandise. He could feel his temples ache as a headache began to take form.

“It still probably was newbies who didn’t take the warning seriously...” Seokjin points out. Namjoon parts his legs and nods at Seokjin as the other moved to stand in between them and placed his hands on his thighs.

“Most definitely. It’s too stupid of a mistake to not be one. I hope you have found out who it is.” Namjoon didn’t want to say anything to Seokjin yet because he was sure it was probably nothing, but there has been a notable increase in small instances of insubordination like this within the past six months. It was concerning, but maybe everyone just needed a reminder of who exactly they were working for.

“Of course I did,” Seokjin says, his thumbs rubbing small circles into Namjoon’s thighs, “Muk Kyu. Works as one of the checkpoints for drug exports. He’s relatively new but he’s been here long enough to know better. Anyway, Youngjae found him really easily because he was stupid enough to text a friend about this coke he aquired from work.”

Namjoon hums.

“I’m assuming you’ve already had Il-Sung gather all his workers into the warehouse,” Namjoon’s eyes flick down towards Jin’s lips.

“Yes. And I have Suga on the top and JK on the perimeter,” Seokjin somehow manages to move closer.

“You know what you have to do,” they were a breath away.

“Yes sir,” Jin leans in and their lips finally meet. The feeling of Namjoon’s lips sliding against his own will never get old. But as soon as he goes to bite at the other’s bottom lip, Namjoon pulls away and brought his hand up to hold his chin.

“Later.” It was a promise. Seokjin wants to glare at the other as he feels him drag his thumb slowly across his lip but before he could do anything Namjoon presses a final kiss against his lips and gently pushes him away. A clear hint to get a move on. 

“Fine,” Seokjin rolls his eyes before turning and starting towards the door. Namjoon rolls his eyes as he watches him go. 

“Oh,” Jin pivots, facing back towards Namjoon with a smirk on his face, “Do you have any particular preferences on how I do it?”

“Remind them who they work for,” Namjoon turned to look back out at the city lights.

“Got it boss. I’ll take Hope with me, it will be good for him to observe,” he heard the sound of the door knob turn as Jin opened it to leave.

“Don’t have too much fun, we have plans tonight,” Namjoon called out to him as an afterthought. Jin was in a white suit. Blood stains easily.

“Ah but Joonie! This is my favorite part of my job!” Seokjin shouted as he exited, the door shutting behind him plunging Namjoon’s office back into silence.

Namjoon sighs and shakes his head to himself. He doesn’t like when people cross him. Especially his own gang. Hopefully the increasing instances of disobedience won’t become a trend. Namjoon doesn’t give second chances and he can’t not be able to trust his own men. 

As Namjoon stares out into the distance, he can only frown. Somethings stirring up within his gang. Hopefully he’ll be able to find the source before it is too late.