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Why Be Normal?

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I’ll never admit it but she looks beautiful.

When Alicia came over, trying to apologise and claiming genital preference (which is fine and understandable) all I could think about was Kate. She was there for me finding my dad, she didn’t even blink when she found out I’m trans, and the first time I really saw her on the bus- It took my breath away.

I hoped to detect a note of jealousy when she talked to me about Alicia but nothing, I want to tell her how I’ve noticed her; but what if I fuck it up?

Leo wants to ask Essie and Felix about things, but they still don’t quite trust him. He hopes class won’t last too long.

Walking into the room he sees that the one open seat is right next to Alicia, perfect.

Exactly what he’s looking for a shallow bitch who wants to talk about how deep she is until shit gets real.

“Hi Leo.” she greets with a smile sitting down next to him.

He looks at her from the corner of his eye, “Can I help you?”

She giggles, throwing her hair back over her shoulder, “Ever since we had our last talk I couldn’t help but think about you and us. I know I didn’t handle things the right way but- if you’re still down?...”

He grimaces, “Alicia, you didn’t just handle things the wrong way- you literally accused me of lying about being a boy. If you want to experiment with being into other things- find someone else cause you weren’t worth my time to begin with.”

She scoots away from me, “Fine loser, I was just trying to be nice- I don’t want a glorified dyke like you near me anyway.”
“Oh please, you’re just mad your little ego got hurt, you want me to stroke it like I did that other part of you when you couldn’t get enough of me?” he knew he was being an ass, but she started it.

She just huffed and turned away, an hour and a half of lectures here I come.

At lunchtime I’m officially in Kate’s group now, it’s me, her, Essie, and Felix- I’m still a little upset by how Felix handled things with Kate before, but if it’s okay with Kate I’m fine too.

Kate smiles up at me when I sit down and my heart slows, I’m so glad I’m used to hiding how I feel or I would’ve given myself away on the bus that day.

“...Leo?” Kate finishes.

“Huh?” I ask, totally lost.

“Are you okay? You seem a little distracted,” she asks, frowning.

I sigh, “I had to sit next to Alicia first class.”

“I thought things were getting better?” she asked confused.

I laugh, “I did too, until she tried to ask me out because she wants to experiment with her sexuality.”

“What the fuck?! You’re a guy either way so that’s not exactly experimentation…” Kate fusses.

“Yeah, she was a total bitch about it and got transphobic when I turned her down- I may have replied in an asshole fashion but she deserved it,” I explained to the group.

“Good,” Essie says, “that bitch isn’t worth the time or effort anyway. Now you can focus on people that actually care about you.”

I chuckle, “Like who?”

Essie opens her mouth to answer, but all that comes out is a yelp.

“She meant your friends like us silly,” Kate answers with a shy smile.

“I wouldn’t mind that one bit,” and I wouldn’t.