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Why Be Normal?

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It’s January 2nd and we’re back in school, I’ve talked my parents into letting me wear a more female version of the girls uniform for now. I anxiously tug at the hem of my shirt as I see Leo getting off his bus.

“How was your break?” I inquire.

His eyebrows quirk, “Fine, how was the Nutcracker?”

I smile dreamily exclaiming, “Wonderful, the girls were all so elegant! Then the guys in tights!”

He laughs, “I kinda missed you.”

I smile, blushing a little, “I missed you too.”

He gets a more guarded look on his face, “Guess who came over during break?” he asks.

I frown, thinking, “Maybe… Your Aunt?” I guess.

“Alicia.” he says.

I try to analyse his tone, he doesn’t sound happy but he doesn’t seem as upset as before either so…

“How’d it go?” I ask him.

He sighs, “Well enough, she wants to start over, as friends.”

I swallow, “Well there’s no harm in trying to be friends is there?”

He sighs again, “I just hate that I can’t just be a normal guy, cis guys don’t have to worry about their partners hurting them or leaving them for being cis.”

“Cis?” I ask.

“Yeah cis, you know like a person who isn’t trans. It’s not that uncommon to be trans, it’s just not accepted widely.” He clarifies.

“Oh, gotcha.” I reassured him.

I wish I could pass like he does, I know I’ll be able to. Just not here.
The bell rings and it’s time for class.

“See you for Tutoring!” I call as we rush down opposite halls.

“See you Kate!” He calls back to me and my heart skips a beat.

I’m Kate again.