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Red String of Fate

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Shota Aizawa was currently sitting on his coach on his computer going over his curriculum for the coming school year. He looked his usual half exhausted self with the bags under his eyes, wearing a long sleeve black shirt, pink sweatpants, and his long tangled hair up in a man bun. The door opened and in enter his adopted son Hitoshi and daughter Eri. He looked up from his computer.
“Hi dad,” Hitoshi said.
“Hey,” Aizawa responded. He saved his document before closing his computer. “How was the park?”
“It was so much fun daddy!” Eri exclaimed. She walked over to him with a spring in her step and a heart melting smile on her face. He leaned down closer to her. “I played with a few of the other kids. We played hide and seek! And tag! And we played with the playground phones! It was so fun!”
“I’m glad,” Aizawa said.
“Eri is there something you want to ask Dad?” Hitoshi reminded her.
“Oh right! Daddy..., ” Eri started. “Why do you and Toshi have a red string on your pinky finger?” Aizawa froze when she asked this. He was not expecting this question and he was secretly hoping she would never ask this. Especially this since it was not something he liked to talk about.
“Why do you want to know?” Aizawa asked.
“Well I saw some of the kids with strings on their fingers,” Eri started. “And I wanted to know why. And I asked Toshi but he said I should ask you.”
“Did he now?” Aizawa questioned while raising one of his eyebrow. He saw Hitoshi shrug his shoulders while trying to look as innocent as possible. “Well that string is your soulmate string. One end is tided to your finger; the other is on your soulmate’s.”
”What’s a soulmate?” Eri asked.
“A soulmate........” Aizawa started. “Well.” He scratched his head as he tried to think. How do you explain this? He looked over at his son and saw him smirking at his father’s misfortune.“A soulmate is someone who understands you entirely. They know you like the back of their hand. And they will always there for you and you them. And you promise to love them your whole life long.Uncle Zashi and Aunt Nemmy are soulmates.”
“Oh. So who’s yours?” Eri asked.
I haven’t met mine yet,” Aizawa answered.
“Oh,” Eri responded. She paused. “So why don’t I have one?”
“You get a string when you turn eight,” Aizawa informed her. “Now, how does curry sound for dinner?” Eri nodded happily.
“Yes please!” Eri responded. “Can I go play in my room?” Aizawa nodded and she raced off. He cleared his throat to get Hitoshi’s attention.
“What?” Hitoshi questioned.
“You are such a manipulator,” Aizawa stated. Hitoshi shrugged his shoulders innocently.
“I do not understand what you mean,” Hitoshi said innocently. Aizawa smirked and ruffled his hair.
“Brat,” Aizawa said teasingly. “I think you enjoy humiliating me a little too much. Keep it up and I may have to make you clean all the toilets for a week.” Hitoshi put one hand over his heart in a joking manner.
“Oh, you wound me so,” Hitoshi responded sarcastically. Aizawa chuckled at his son’s response. Then his phone rang. “I believe that’s my cue to leave.” He took his leave as Aizawa pulled out his phone and answered the call without looking at caller I.D.
“Hello, who is this?” Aizawa asked.
“It’s nice to talk to you too, Shota,” the person on the other line responded sarcastically. “And I’m doing well, thanks for asking.”
“Sorry, I didn’t check caller I.D,” Aizawa replied. “How are you doing Nemuri?” She sighed.
“I am doing well,” Nemuri said. “Thank you for asking. But...”
“But what?” Aizawa asked. “Spit it out already.”
“Well, you know how me and Hizashi were planning on attending that comedy show tonight?” Nemuri began.
“Yes why?” Aizawa questioned.
“Well.....” she started again. “One of his producers demanded a last minute meeting so he won’t be able to go.” She smacked her lips together. “Sooo, I was wondering if you would....”
“No,” Aizawa interrupted.
“You didn’t even let me finish!” Nemuri exclaimed.
“You didn't have to,” Aizawa said. “I know what you were going to ask and the answer is NO.”
“Ppppllllleeeeeaaaasssseeee,” Nemuri begged. “I don’t want to go alone! And those tickets were expensive.”
“Says the wife of a popular and famous radio host,” Aizawa responded coldly. “I don't think you and Hizashi have the right to complain about money with the amount of income he makes all on his own.”
“True, but come on, please!” Nemuri continued. “It’s no fun to go by myself.”
“If I go who will watch the kids?” Aizawa said.
“Sho, I’m pretty sure Hitoshi can handle Eri on his own for a little while,” Nemuri responded. “The boy is seventeen.”
“You’re not going to give up are you?” Aizawa guessed.
“Nope,” Nemuri answered. “Come on! It’s only an hour and a half. Please?” Aizawa sighed.
“Fine, but only because you insist and NOTHING MORE,” Aizawa said.
“Sweet!” Nemuri exclaimed. “Meet me at my house in forty minutes that way we can be there when they first start seating at seven. Also where something descant. I don’t want to be see with someone who wears a black jumpsuit out in public.”
“Fine, I’ll clean up a bit but I'm not wearing a suit,” Aizawa responded. “I’ll see you in thirty. Bye.”
“Bye,” Nemuri replied. Aizawa hung up. He slid his phone into his pocket and started working on dinner.
‘First things first I need to make sure the kids are fed,’ Aizawa thought. ‘Then I’ll get ready. Honestly though, I don’t understand why she’s so insistent on me cleaning up whenever we go somewhere nice. I only wore a jumpsuit to a fancy place ONCE. And that was when I was fifteen. I know better now. I’m not THAT socially ignorant. Honestly she can be such a mother at times it’s annoying.’ He had dinner in the oven in ten minutes and had the timer set for twenty. He then went into his room and undid his bun. He changed into a long sleeved white collared shirt and black pants and a pair of white socks with black flat dress shoes. He walked into his bathroom to figure out what to do with his hair.
‘I should be fine with it down like this,’ Aizawa thought. ’There’s no reason to put it up in any sort of way. I’ll just brush it a few times and I’ll be fine.’ And that’s what he ended up doing. He pulled out his phone and looked at the time. ‘Well it’s about a twenty minute drive from mine place to theirs so I have about ten minutes before I have to leave. I probably should let Hitoshi know about the change of plans.’ Then he went up to Hitoshi’s room and knocked on the door.
“Come in,” Hitoshi said. Aizawa opened the door and noticed Hitoshi was on his bed with his computer. He looked up at Aizawa and was confused at Aizawa’s attire. “You going out or something?”
“Hizashi had a last minute meeting with a producer and he and Nemuri were planning to go to a show of some sort tonight. And since he can’t go she’s having me fill in for him,” Aizawa explained. “Sorry that this is extremely last minute but I don’t think she would take no for an answer.”
“That sounds like Aunt Nemuri,” Hitoshi responded. “So I’m watching Eri for a little while I guess?” Aizawa nodded.
“Only until her bed time,” Aizawa said. “You can do what you want after that.” He then noticed Hitoshi’s computer. “So what are you working on?” Hitoshi instantly felt embarrassed and flustered resulting in him closing his computer.
“Oh, it’s...” Hitoshi started. “It’s nothing.”
“I doubt it’s nothing if you’re getting flustered over it,” Aizawa responded. “What is it? Whatever it is, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”
“You’ll laugh,” Hitoshi said.
“Kid, I rarely laugh let alone at other people’s work,” Aizawa reminded him. “Please?” Hitoshi sighed before opening his computer back up and showing him what he had been working on. Aizawa saw one of his documents on his computer titled Gifted chapter 1. He looked back at Hitoshi. “You finally started writing that story you’ve told me so much about?” Hitoshi rubbed the back of his neck nervously.
“Yeah,” Hitoshi admitted.
“You mind if I read it?” Aizawa asked. Hitoshi went into a nervous panic at that.
“Wait can’t,” Hitoshi said in a panic. “It’s not done yet! Besides, it’s not any good. It’s just the first draft.”
“What do I always say in class?” Aizawa asked.
“Masterpieces are never completed in a day,” Hitoshi said in his best Aizawa impression.“So shut up and get back to work.” Aizawa chuckled at what he added on before looking down at his phone. Shot, he was going to be late if he didn’t skedaddle.
“Well, I had better be going if I don’t want to be late,” Aizawa stated. He set the computer back on Hitoshi’s bed. “Dinner’s in the oven so once the timer goes off it should be ready. Also when you’re done, I would like to read your story. And keep in mind, it took me over ten drafts to get the melody for my first song and at least twenty to get the words. Just remember that. I should be back before ten.” Aizawa walked out of his son’s room, grabbed his key, and headed towards the Yamadas’.
Meanwhile Nemuri Yamada, formally known as Kayama, was currently add on some more blush to prepare for her night at the theater. She then heard her phone ring and she quickly answered it and turned on speaker so she could continue getting ready.
“Yes, this is Nemuri Yamada,” Nemuri said.
“Hey babe,” the man on the other line responded.
“Hizashi that better be you,” Nemuri replied teasingly.
“You know it bae,” Hizashi said.
“Hi,” Nemuri responded.
“Hey how are you?” Hizashi asked.
“I’m good,” Nemuri answered. “Just getting ready for the show. That YOU were supposed to go with me.”
“I know,” Hizashi stated. “Again, I’m sorry. The meeting was supposed to be tomorrow but FOR SOME REASON he’s suddenly unavailable at that time.”
“Relax I was just teasing you a bit,” Nemuri said. “And it’s okay. These things happen. But guess who I’m taking instead?”
“Huuumm, wait don’t tell me you’re taking Shota with you?” Hizashi guessed.
“Yes I did,” Nemuri responded. Hizashi bursted into laughter.
“You....are going to Ms. Joke’s.... COMEDY SHOW?!” Hizashi asked through laughs. “Ooooohhhhh. You HAVE to take pictures!! Man! Now I’m REALLY mad he changed on me! I would’ve payed to see Shota’s reaction to that! PLEASE take pictures!?”
“I will, I promise,” Nemuri responded. “Actually that’s part of the reason I asked him.”
“I’m surprised he said yes though,” Hizashi admitted. “I mean, he’s usually busy this time of year and ever since he adopted the two kids...”
“Yeah, but you forget one of them is seventeen,” Nemuri informed him. “He can definitely watch an eight year old for a couple of hours.”
“True,” Hizashi responded. “Oooohhh that reminds me. Do you think Sho would be okay if I got Eri a new backpack?”
“If you’re going to get her one of your merchandise backpacks, then no,” Nemuri told him.
“Come on Nemmy! I know better after what last time!” Hizashi exclaimed. “Oh shot! Well I’ve got to go. Love you!”
“Love you too,” Nemuri responded. “Bye.”
“Bye,” Hizashi said before ending the call. Nemuri quickly turned her attention back to her make-up. She then heard the doorbell ring.
“Come in!” Nemuri exclaimed. Aizawa walked into the entry way.
“Nemuri, you ready to go?” Aizawa asked.
“Almost,” Nemuri shouted back. “Just finishing up. I’ll be done in few minute.”
“Few minutes better be under ten,” Aizawa responded. “Or I’m leaving.”
“Oh, you wouldn’t do that,” Nemuri replied teasingly.
“I can and I will,” Aizawa stated. “Now hurry up.”
“Now, now. You can’t rush a girl, Sho,” Nemuri responded. “Alright I’m done.” She then grabbed her phone, purse, and keys before heading into the living room where Shota was waiting.
“Great, now let’s get going,” Aizawa said.
They took Nemuri’s car to the theater and arrived there just as they started seating. They went to their reserved seats which happened to be in the middle of the front row.
“How long until this thing starts?” Aizawa asked.
“In about twenty minutes,” Nemuri answered. “Why?”
“I’m already regretting this,” Aizawa informed her as he slumped in his chair.
“Come on! At least pretend to enjoy yourself,” Nemuri said.
“I see no point in hiding my uncomfortableness,” Aizawa responded.
“And THIS is why you’re still single,” Nemuri stated.
“You say that as if it’s a bad thing,” Aizawa responded. Nemuri huffed in reply.
“You’re impossible,” Nemuri told him.
“You’re the one who dragged me to this,” Aizawa said. “And you’re the one who decided to be friends with me.” Nemuri rolled her eyes.
“Just at least try enjoy yourself,” Nemuri responded.
“No promises,” Aizawa stated. The rest of their wait was in silence. Aizawa was scratching the area around where his red string was. It was rather tight and it was starting to hurt. Does this mean he was close to his soulmate? The lights then dimmed.
“Now...the woman you've waiting for,” the announcer began. “The one.....the only....the comedy genius....Ms. Joke!” The spotlight turned on revealed a young woman late twenties, short seafoam green hair, dark green eyes wearing orange and green stripped shorts, a sleeveless black top with smiley faces around her waist, orange gloves, and an orange bandana. She was standing in front of microphone which center stage and on its stand.
“Hello everyone!” Ms. Joke exclaimed. “How are you all doing tonight?” Majority of people clapped and cheered in response. “Good. Well I’d tell you I am doing well but then I would ‘kitten’ myself.” She got some laughs from that one but Shota rolled his eyes while trying to repress a smile. He was always weak when it came to cats. “Well anyway, I don’t think I can properly ‘espresso’ how happy I am to be here.” More laughter from the crowd and the comedian herself. “Now... For this next joke I’m going to require an assistant! Who would like to volunteer!?”
“This guy would!” Nemuri exclaimed as she raised one of Shota’s arms. Aizawa quickly removed him from her grip.
“What are you doing!?” Aizawa angrily whispered.
“Alrighty! You in the front hair in the white shirt! Come on up here!” Ms. Joke exclaimed. Aizawa glared at Nemuri with a legionary fury. He sighed before getting out of his seat and walking up to the stage.
“Now what do you want me to do?” Aizawa asked. But Joke didn’t seem to be listening. She looked like she was in shock before returning to her silly grin.
“Well do you like soy sauce?” Joke asked.
“Yes why?” Aizawa responded.
“Well honey, I ’bee’lieve you are my ‘soy’mate,” Joke replied. Aizawa was about to roll his eyes when he looked down and noticed that she was correct. Their strings were connected. This crazy celebrity was his soulmate.