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Wild Boys & Girls On Film

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The first thing on Roger Andrew's mind the second he walked through the front door of his dad's house after a long day at school was, who would be crowned as the Ultimate Warrior between Leja, Haro and Fera. Throwing his school bag on to the settee, he switched the TV on and took a seat in front of it as the familiar intro of the fantasy show began, cutting straight to the first challenge that saw the warriors attempt the dreaded Leap Of Faith, where five rings were up for grab. Walking past Andrew scoffed as last place warrior Haro jumped from the platform to gain the first three rings

'I can do that with my eyes closed' he smirked as Leja fails to complete the climb by falling off midway up exclaiming 'No' as he did so 

'Yeah, why not apply then?' Nigel asked without taking his eyes off his English homework

'Ha ha, me apply not a chance in Sundays' Andrew laughed as Roger Andrew let out a squeal of delight as Fera succeeded in claiming all five rings, helping her restore a feather bringing her total up to 6 lives and 3 three rings

'What you scared or something?' the second oldest Taylor triplet questioned as Leja could be heard on TV expressing his disappointment at falling into last place after Haro's success

'Me scared, no I just wouldn't apply' Andrew responded making his way upstairs to do his homework and then practice his guitar

'He's scared' Nigel replied as the start of the second challenge Target Mines began

'Am not' Andrew shouted down the stairs

'Shh both of you I'm trying to watch this' Roger Andrew declared as Haro took aim with her third arrow missing the target by inches

'Haro, this is your last arrow make it count'

Finally hitting a target Haro smiled despite having to lose of life. Next up saw last Leja's aim abandon him as he rushed to fire his arrows

'I felt like I could have done better in Target Mines'

Last warrior up was leader Fera, who impressed Raven with hitting all three targets with her first, fourth and fifth arrows, the final challenge would see the warriors' face Serpents's Eye, where a maximum of six rings (two rings each hit) were up for grabs, but if the warrior was hit the Serpent that was coiled around the board, the said warrior would lose a life

'Fera, you will take aim first'

Taking her place, the young Londoner picked up her first arrow and took aim . hitting the gold disc on her first go making the brunette teen smiled as her next two arrows hot the gold disc securing her six rings.

'Haro with only two lives you can ill afford to fail here'

Stepping forward the Mancunian took aim and even though she failed to hit the gold disc, she did hit the target although the same couldn't be said for Leja as his first arrow pierced a serpent taking him down to one life and thus sealing his fate

'I felt that I could have done better in Serpent's Eye'

'I'm surprised I hit the gold disc three times, because usually my aiming is terrible'

Looking at his brother who was transfixed on what was unfolding on the TV screen, Roger Andrew began explaining that the penultimate challenge before The Last Stand saw last place warrior, which was Leja, (who only had one life left) face the dreaded Way Of The Warrior. Not many warriors have completely this' Roger Andrew explained as Nigel watched the young teen pass through the first porthole only to come faced with the swinging dummies, which he passed with easy succession. Gliding past the next obstacles, Leja soon came face to face with the obstacle that caused many warriors downfall

'He needs to take his time on the shields before moving on' Nigel replied as the warrior took his time making sure he didn't get knocked off. Managing to ease past the swinging barrel just, Leja cautiously stepped over and crawled under the jaws to secure his place in The Last Stand leaving it to Haro to attempt WOTW, she managed to make it to the swinging carousel of boulders before getting knocked off, ending her time on the quest in third place and leaving Fera to face off against Leja in The Last Stand.

Welcoming the warriors to the challenge they've faced once before to get to the final week. This time though it was different as only one warrior could succeed and become Ultimate Warrior. Roger Andrew was hoping Fera was going to win as he had a major dislike to Leja.

'Fera, with 7 lives and no rings, you will go first, Leja with only 1 life and 3 rings remaining you will go second.

Pointing his staff at the first gate that confined Fera, making it open allowing her to race off over the first steep hurdle with a puzzle piece clutched tightly in her hands before placing it on the floor near her ramp. As she began piecing her ramp together Leja's gate opened allowing him to join Fera in the race to become Ultimate Warrior

'There is no way he is going to catch up up to her, look she's already vanquished the second demon' Andrew piped up standing on the bottom step as Fera battered her way through the last hurdle leaving Leja to make his way through the start of the maze. Surpassing Nevar, she appeared through a porthole and made her way to where the warriors' staff of power was. Leja although disappointed that he didn't succeed in becoming Ultimate Warrior, he did said he was proud of how far he came, having to only expected to lose out in the heats.

'We have our Ultimate Warrior, let's go and greet her'

Roger couldn't help but smile as he watched as Raven made his way to where the brunette haired girl was, standing opposite her, he picked up the staff and carefully passed it to Fera, congratulating her on becoming the Ultimate Warrior

'I'm absolutely thrilled to have become the Ultimate Warrior'

Standing next to Raven Fera smiled as he started to explain to the viewers 'Have you got what it takes to become a warrior, who knows maybe you'll be standing here joining the likes of young Fera here, Jaddo and many others who have succeeded through arduous trials to become the Ultimate Warrior' making the 12 year old Brummie let out little squeaks of happiness. Running into the kitchen he began pleading with his dad to let him apply for Raven, causing his father some concern not just for his oldest son but for his brothers too

'I'll make you a deal, I'll apply you for the show on the conditions that you one let your brothers try out and two you get your homework finished before dinner'


Keeping his promise the oldest Taylor sat down and began working on his homework, while his dad applied for his three sons to appear on the show. Once his other three sons were out of ear shot, he explained that he would get a conformation email saying whether they were successful or not.

The next day and repeats of that week's Raven was being aired, Roger Andrew smiled knowing he or his brothers could be the next champion of Raven, his two brothers meanwhile were winding each other up when their eyes fell on a challenge called Deep Loch

'What the heck?'

'You have to jump in to freezing cold water and swim to the other side, first warrior to make it to the other side gained three rings, second place gained two and third place gained one ring, the last place warrior however would lose a life' Roger Andrew explained without taking his eyes off the screen

'You'd never see me swim in freezing cold water' Andrew exclaimed

'Never say never Andrew'

'No I mean it, you would never see me swim in freezing cold water'

One month later and the boys found themselves standing outside the local primary school for a coach to come and pick the remaining seven potential warriors for a week at the Lake District where Featherfest had been filmed.

Several hours later they arrived at the Lake District where they were shown to their dorms, boys on the left and girls on the right. Taking a seat on their beds they found a schedule on what they were to do during their week there.

Day One: Skill
Day Two: Strength
Day Three: Courage
Day Four: Intelligence
Day Five: Guile

For now though, the owners of where they were staying decided to take them on tour, so they could get used to their surroundings before calling them for lunch and introducing them to Dougie Napier, who was happy to answer any questions the kids had ranging from who was the youngest warrior to what he thought was the hardest challenge'

Interrupting the kids, the chaperones cleared their throats 'Dougie is here to see how well you perform while under pressure'

After settling for the night the 36 potential warriors all began dreaming of becoming Ultimate Warrior.