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the formation of TRIGGER

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Gaku always felt as though there was some sort of void between his father and his mother. A gap that couldn’t be fulfilled. His mother loved his father, yet it seemed as though he didn’t reciprocate that feeling. His gaze never properly focused on her, it was as if they were clouded over by something else. It was like… he loved someone else, and that his mother was just a substitute for someone that was now out of his grasp.

A few years later, a divorce was filed and the two separated. His father had taken custody of him, only because Gaku appeared marketable and it seemed as though he could produce some form of profit. He proved those words to be true as Gaku realised the house was constantly empty as his father was still at work, and that his opinion wasn’t of any importance when it came to decision-making. He should’ve suspected as much. Such was the behaviour of Yaotome Sousuke.

Gaku received elite education and was treated well by those around him, save for his father. Additionally, he received private music classes and dance lessons. It was a far more peaceful and serene way of expressing himself, instead of the usual cursing that he’d been used to.

In his free time, he enjoyed driving, and helping out at ‘Yamamura Soba’ where he helped out his grandfather from his mother’s side of the family. He was getting old, and work was becoming harder so Gaku felt a personal sense of accomplishment at being able to help them out. However, soon enough this time was sure to be limited as he realised Sousuke’s true intentions.

It wasn’t until a while later that Gaku discovered the lessons were all just to build up his skill set so he could become a product of Yaotome Productions. It was on the day that he’d been told to visit the agency after his lessons. 

“You’re going to be debuting under my agency as an idol,” Sousuke declared.

“Screw yourself, old man,” Gaku scowled, “I’m not interested in listening to a thing that comes out of your mouth.”

“I’ve looked after you for 20 years of your life,” Sousuke pointed out sourly, “Show some gratitude.”

“Well, you did a shitty job at it!” he spat, “You—”

“You don’t have the right to choose the work you do! I’ve already allowed you to work at that soba shop!” Sousuke interrupted, and directed an accusing finger at him. “I only took custody of you since you seemed profitable. Don’t be so arrogant.”

Says you , Gaku thought to himself. He rolled his eyes and snorted derisively. His father was the very personification of the word ‘pompous’. He didn’t know of any other person that could have fit the description so perfectly. He remained silent, and Sousuke continued.

“The idol group has already been established anyway,” Sousuke stated, “We already have a centre by the name of Kujou Tenn and he’s decided that the group’s name is TRIGGER. There’s three people, yourself, him and another person.”

“So my opinion doesn’t count anymore?”

More like, when did it ever? he thought, yet he couldn’t believe that a complete stranger was making all the decisions already. He hadn’t even met this ‘Kujou Tenn’ person but he already felt like they were going to be a royal pain in the ass. He heaved a sigh of exasperation, eager to leave this room. Listening to his father’s words made him feel like he was trying to bite down bile.

“If your opinion mattered, then you wouldn’t be having a future,” Sousuke argued derisively, “Working your whole life away at the soba shop, or being some regular salaryman if I didn’t take custody of you. I had no intention of selling you as a cheap person like that. As an idol, you can have wealth and fame.”

“Those are material things that only you care about,” Gaku scoffed.

However, Sousuke ignored him as he slid a business card on his table, obviously with the expectation that Gaku put in the effort to walk over and take it off his desk. “Your guide to the meeting place will also be your manager, Anesagi Kaoru. They’ll be bringing you to meet the other two members, including Kujou Tenn.”

“Kujou Tenn…” Gaku muttered.

He raised himself upwards and picked up the business card. There was a date and a location. It was less than a week from now. It was far too sudden. Gaku sighed exasperatedly and left the room, without any regard for his father. He didn’t give two shits about who the centre was, even if it was this complete stranger. As long as it was based on actual talent and they didn’t buy their way in, then he was fine with that.

If they did buy their way in then he’d leave with absolutely no hesitation. He was basically forced down this path by his old man anyway. That was the decision he’d made. After all, this was his future, not just someone else’s.