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"It's not my freaking fault my mom's an actual pain in the ass guys, seriously." 

Hoseok announced, breaking the silence while Jungkook and Yoongi rolled their eyes at the same time, holding their rather heavy bookbags filled with their equipment to play favorite game, Overwatch. Their headsets, mice, and special keyboards; they were ready.

“Did you have to fail?” Yoongi groaned, complaining as he was trailing behind his two friends. “We’re freezing and it’s like a ten minute walk from your house!”

The three of them always played at Hoseok's house, but with Hoseok managing to get a C on his report card, his mother cut off their service—knowing well that the boys always came around at his house after school every day to play on their laptops together. So here they now were on a Friday after class having to walk all the way to the internet cafe to play their favorite video game. 

It was a fairly windy day, making Jungkook contemplate cutting his hair, because the air was blowing his fringe in his eyes, making him almost unable to see. Yoongi noticed it and laughed, seeing the strawberry headed male struggle as they walked down a hill. "You look dumb."

"Shut the hell up, ice cube boy," Jungkook snarled back. He was already in a bad mood that they couldn't use Hoseok's house as their cave for a while, but he had forgotten a jacket so he was genuinely convinced he would obtain hypothermia. The reasoning behind the nicknames was because all three of them dyed  their hair collectively together into weird funky colors, as a reminisce due to them all being seniors this year. Yoongi did mint blue, Jungkook did pink, and Hoseok decided on a darkish red (Hoseok's mom would never let him dye his hair like his friends, and quite hating all of their hair anyways).

”You both always argue,” Hoseok puffed out, looking down at his phone as he was the one navigating the boys to the destination. “We have one block left so we won’t hear Yoongi whining.”

“I’ll kick you,” Yoongi threatened.  

They went across one more street, and seeing the stares of other pedestrians, their hair colors really drew attention everywhere they went. Jungkook hated it, but knowing he wasn’t the only one with an obnoxious color made him feel less self conscious about it.

"We're here!" Hoseok nodded towards the brick building that looked awfully suspicious. It might've also been because the three had never been to this part of town, so they didn't know what to expect. The establishment had flickering on and off purple lights that stated “CYBERCAFE” on it, and there was a sign showing where to enter.

”This is creepy as fuck, Hoseok,” Jungkook took a step back, making a disgusted face. “You sure this is the right—“

“It says cyber cafe, doesn’t it, Jungkook?” Hoseok cut him off, opening the door to hear an instant bell that played when any guest entered. “Do you boys want to play or what?”

Once they were inside, it actually looked quite nice. The lights were somewhat dim, and without the desk to check in blocking your view, you could actually see the plenty of computers this place had to offer. Comfortable looking chairs, and a handful of people seemingly doing work, or playing a game on them.

The elder, Yoongi had paid for all of them due to losing at rock paper scissors, and the youngest, Jungkook ended up losing the game for paying for food. It sucked because the prices here looked absolutely off the walls. 

“I think Hoseok should’ve paid since he’s the one who truly is the reason why we’re here,” Jungkook argued, but was shut down quickly by Yoongi because they all knew he wouldn’t be this pissed if he wouldn’t had lost.

The female who helped them get their pass in, stated the few rules that were posted within the large room. She also said stated tat there were bathrooms in the back next to where you could order food, and they paid for a limit of 5 hours. You could choose any computer, and they were not look up anything that's not safe for work, or they'll be kicked out. 

When they walked away, Hoseok nudged Yoongi playfully, but Yoongi slapped his arm in annoyance. 

"Where do you guys want to sit?" Jungkook asked, looking around to see not too many people, "somewhere where nobody else is, so we won't bother those working with our yelling.”

"Sir, you're the one who yells.” Hoseok furrowed his eyebrows while crossing his arms, "my mom still can't get the phrase, 'MCREE IS ONE HIT, MCREE IS ONE HIT' out of her head." Hoseok had enacted Jungkook's face and everything, earning a laugh from their elder but a punch in the shoulder by the other. 

They got settled down with their food and their equipment, and as two hours had already gone by, more and more people entered the cafe, soon almost full. 

“You’re absolute trash at DPS dude,” Hoseok said over the mic to his toxic partner, “switch off to tank or be Lucio.”

The thing about Hoseok was that he was too honest, and knew if things weren’t working out, he’d let you know. Hoseok main’d Solider and was a pretty solid player; being in the diamond rank. 

Yoongi main’d D.VA and was also in the diamond rank, luckily enough. He was great at being a tank and was one of the least competitive out of the whole group, especially knowing that he’s the oldest and needed to show some type of stability between the two. 

Jungkook was a widow main, and surprisingly enough was grandmasters. He had impeccable aim and was trying for top 500, but being that it’s hard— he took a break from playing competitive with other grandmasters and does quick plays with Hoseok and Yoongi whenever he isn’t carrying them in competitive. 

They took a break with playing Overwatch and moved on to playing basic internet games on their computers separately for the time being. It was hard enough being them three together all the time, so whenever they took about hour breaks between their long gaming, it made them all feel level headed when they went back into it. 

During this time, Taehyung and his friend group consisting of Jimin and Jin actually arrived and happened to only get a seat next to the three, Taehyung being the one who sat on Jungkook’s right side. 

They had a project due, and Taehyung always went to this specific cyber cafe because of it’s atmosphere. He didn’t mind the occasional frustration of gamers around him, so he continually came back. The food was amazing, too. 

“Let’s start this project and try to get out, yeah?” Jin said, beginning to unpack his things from his bag, sitting down. 

When Taehyung sat down, he instantly got a whisper in his ear from Jimin about how hot the guy with blue hair was, and he called dips already. Taehyung scrunched his nose as he squinted his eyes, looking pass the pink haired male to see the mint blue hair and frosty skin. 

Taehyung looked back at Jimin and gave a so-so face. He was good-looking, but just not his taste. Jimin could most definitely have him.

“Yeah, let’s get this started.” 

After the gamer boys hour of break, they had one hour left to play atleast two more rounds of games. Getting onto a game together, Jungkook was already heated from a shitty person over mic. 

“Don’t tell me I can’t play widowmaker, you shithead,” Jungkook aggressively said into his headset, earning a quick glare from Taehyung and a giggle from Jimin and Jin. 

Taehyung already knew this was going to go downhill. Staring at the pink hair’d head, he was sort of cute. He had thin lips with jutting teeth that showed with he spoke. A defined jawline, and was doe-eyed.

“Are you fucking kidding me!” Jungkook had hollered, enough for the stranger Taehyung to tap on his shoulder until Jungkook had taken his headset off and looked beside him to see the male who looked obviously annoyed. 

“Could you keep it down?” Taehyung asked, with a hint of seriousness as he was really trying to practice. “Others have work to do and you’re being quite loud.” 

“Yeah, shut up,” Hoseok agreed with him, flicking Jungkook’s shoulder, earning an ouch from the youngest one there. “People are trying to work.” 

“Whatever.” Jungkook eyed Taehyung before looking back at his screen, putting his headset back on, and going back to playing. 

And that’s what started the war between the two.