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Strawberry kiss - Cookies

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( Psyche and Delic time )

In a peaceful day at West Ikebukuro, a boy age at 9 and a man age at 24 has been spot. Those two wore a different outfit with same colors. White combine with pink. And both of them have a headphone with pink colors.

The small boy name is know as Psyche. And the young man name is Delic.

The shocking fact about them is their face that almost strict with the similar line with the duo strongest in Ikebukuro, Orihara Izaya and Heiwajima Shizuo. Although Delic is flirty and Psyche is super innocent cute.

That's it, before the danger approach both of them.

"Found you, Delic and Psyche!"

That shouted belong to the van gang. The van stop near them and from inside come out Kadota Kyouhei--- the guy that people thought to be dollars leader--, Erika Karisawa and Walker Yumasaki --duo Otaku--, and Togusa Saburou --the owner of the van--.

"Oh no! Psyche-chan run!"

Delic grab the youngest wrist and start make a run. The raven start follow up in order not to fall face first to the ground.

"That's way, Delcchi!!!"

"Don't call me that, Psyche-chan!"

Delic throw Psyche to the rooftops of a nearby building. Of course not at exact place Psyche has point to him.

"Oh, Fairy berry save me!", Psyche shout and take out a gun from inside his hoodie pocket, then shoot at the window glass 3 time. When the window glass shatter at the exact moment his body throw inside the building.

Delic gasp. "Nice move, Psyche!",he mumble. Then run away from the van that approach him. A sound of horse approach him from opposite site make Delic jumping out of the street, make a grab on a vending machine and throw it at the street to block the way.

"Delcchi, come here quick. 5 minutes before the cake shop open!",Psyche yelling at Delic from the broken window at 3rd floor of the building.

"Shut upppp!!!!", Delic yell back. Psyche gave him a thumb down from up there and run inside the building. "Hey, wait. You brat!!!"

Anger rising, Delic pulling out a street lamp, swing it and slam it to the ground. He release it and let his body throw itself at the building.


Delic just about to stand up when he find a bunch of water ballon flying toward himself.
Delic move aside and busy save himself. When he glance at the door of the room, he see Psyche, the culprit.

"Oh, ho~ Delcchi made it",Psyche said clapping hand but yelp when Delic take out the gun and start shooting at him. "No, that's unfair!"

Delic chase after Psyche. When Psyche just dodge the bullet, a heavy thing follow up to him. Like a human statue outside clothes store, a bench, and everything. It's turn out the building they crash in is a shopping mall.

Behind Delic is a ruined trace of building and many guard. In front of Delic is Psyche. Without care to the surrounding, the pair playing their mouse and cat game around the shopping mall. From third floor to seven floor.


That laugh belong to Psyche that sadly trapped in his brothers strong grip. "Delcchi, let's play later, cause we already late for 15 minutes."

"You say what? I can't hear you, you stupid chummy dummy marshmallow!",Delic yell and throwing Psyche to the wall.

"Noooooo!",Psyche shout. He twist his body to avoid the glass, but Delic has punch the pole that support the building. The pole crash to Psyche way."Mommy, Daddy!!!!!"

Delic laugh at the panic face of Psyche.

"Delcchi Help me with your brainless strenght---",Psyche keep shouting and jumping side to side at the approaching danger.

"No cake-san save me!!!",Psyche crying when nowhere he can move anymore.

"Give me a slice of cake with full strawberry and I will help you?",Delic said while blindly punch another pole.

"Dream on!",Psyche yell back. He slide down to avoid the pole that crashing down his way. Before the pole filling the way near his body, Psyche turning out the music on his headset. Closing his eyes, listen to the music, he start dancing out the way. Move so quick, spinning, and when Delic move in lightning speed to take him to his arm, Psyche humming."Aw~ finally want to save this cute angel?"

"No, the cake shop will give me discount with this useless marshmallow with me!",Delic reply while punch a hole in the glass wall of 7 floor and jump down to the street holding Psyche close to his chest.

Psyche laugh and turning on the music in Delic headset, "You should give me the strawberry then."

"A bite, and after cake time, I will kill you!",Delic tell him back and at the time both of them fall back on the roof of a car. The poor car halt stopping and ignoring the shout of swear, Delic and Psyche running to the cake shop in front the running shopping mall.

Both arrive at the same time.

"Ah, can we have a cake?",Psyche ask with the puppy face and teary eyes. "Niichan and I love the delicious cake at this shop."

"Yeah, sweet lady make a nice cake~",Delic added.

"Ehem thanks for the compliment",the old man in white suit behind the counter said with stern face. "Although I'm not a sweet lady."

Psyche and Delic face light up.

"DADDY!",Psyche shout happily. "I want a big big delicious strawberry cake with extra cream and extra berrrrryy and many-many milkshake!!!"

Another yakuza that serve Shiki laugh while the Daddy listening to the little boy demand. While Delic talk at the same time about cake to the ladies that sitting on one of the table. He wink at the raven girl that having cake with two of his friend, one is a teen boy with blonde haired and another is a raven boy with blue eyes.

"Your cake look delicious, can I taste it?",Delic ask the girl. While lifting the raven boy chin, "Or maybe taste it by kissing this cute boy?"

The raven boy face flushing red, the blond hair boy gasping quickly pull his friend from Delic grasp, and the girl offer him the half eat cake quickly. "No, take the cake, sir!"

"Owh, thank you",Delic said humming happily and take the plate.

Before Delic can ate it, a small figure throw himself at Delic and grab his hand that holding the fork with cake to his mouth. "I said, i need a bite of your berry!",Psyche said.

Delic stumble a bit. He saw red and grab the collar of Psyche jacket. Shake him hard until th small boy feel dizzy. "Why did you ate my cake, Psyche. I hate you, I hate you!",Delic shout angrily.

"Oh, boy, stop it. Your cake almost ready. Be good and I will give both of you free cake again next time!",Shiki said.

"You hear that?",Psyche asked.

"Still hate you, piss off, hate hate---"

Psyche shuting Delic up by shoved the remain cake to Delic mouth. Then, leaning and take a bite. "Ah, is it the cake that sweet, or my lips, Delcchi~?"

Out of sudden eletric feel shot on his body through the kiss, embarassed enough, Delic swing Psyche body and wanted to throw him outside.

But Psyche knowing well of Delic temperamental, hug his shoulder for dear life and make both of them crash down to the ground.

"Owh, it's hurt. Hurt!",Psyche start crying pitifully because why, Delic has accidentally fall on his body."You stupid big weight, hate, hate, hiks...."

Someone pulling the confused Delic move from Psyche body. That... has been start turning to bigger...

Before long, Delic make a quick move ignoring Shiki and take Psyche to his arm. Then running out the store, make his way to an empty alley.

When he looks down, Psyche has become Izaya again.

The eyes that close out of pain, now start open again. When red eyes meet with the honey brown again, Delic smiling,"Oh, welcome, Izaya-kun~"

"Now, that i don't allow to eat cake, can you suggest Shizu-chan treat me to dinner at Russian sushi, Delcchi?",the raven asked.

"Except, your Shizu-chan."

"Then how about me as Toudaimoto-chan and you as Ruby-kun?"

"You want a cop catching us?"

"How about me as Sakuraya and you as my darling Tsu-chan?"

"It's annoying to acting at that!"

"Then how about Roppi-kun and Shitsuo-san?"

"No, we don't want Keysuu-san got a heart attack find out his boy turn into an adult!"

"Hmm,, how about Hibiya and Dellchi?"

"Ah~ the crybaby?"

"Okay, it's settle. Me and Shizu-chan."

"At my place, we can make an take out order okay?"

"Are you asking me to sleepover?",Izaya asked when wink at him. Still in Delic arm.

"Geez, it's not like you can acting strong enough after just return to your normal form, silly!",Delic said. "Let's go to my home, little Iza. We can make kids more more more!"

"No! I am only want make 100 kids with Shizu-chan~!"

"Pfftt, Ikebukuro will turn out just like an apocalyse uproar of bunch of manipulation bastard like you and a monster like your Shizu-chan."

"Are you suggesting that to me, nice. I will make Shizu-chan pregnant with 100 child after dinner."

Delic start coughing and Izaya laugh. Hugging Delic neck and bury his head at his chest. Delic grumble but start walking to his apartment.