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Always There For Each Other

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“You think this is it?”

The pro heroes Creati, Earphone Jack, and Chargebolt were in front of an abandoned wherehouse. It looked like no one had been there in ages. The windows were cracked, with some of them gone. The paint on the walls was terribly chipped. There were cracks forming on the walls and roof. 

Kyouka rolled her eyes and gave Kaminari a light punch on the arm. “No. The angency gave us the wrong address. Of course this is the right place.”

“Alright! Just making sure!” Kaminari exclaimed over dramatically. 

“Alright you two settle down. We have work to do,” Momo said, though her eyes showed affection at the friend’s antics. 

They were assigned to take car of a villain in the area. He had been causing some trouble and needed to be dealt with. But the villain didn’t seem too dangerous, so it was just the three of them. Their agency tracked the villain to this location and he hadn’t moved since. Overall it seemed like a simple mission. 

The three pro heroes walked into the wherehouse. It looked about as abandoned as it did on the outside.

“Stay close by everyone. That way the villain can not single any of us out,” Momo said.

Kyouka and Kaminari nodded in agreement and started to look around. 

For a little while not much was found. Someone had definitely been in and out of the wherehouse due to some areas that seemed somewhat clean and weren’t completely covered in cobwebs and dust. But no person could be found.

Eventually Momo came across a table littered with items. There were messily scribbled notes, a few books here and there, and a bunch of different types of chemicals. The most interesting thing however were the multiple viles of a strange green liquid. She picked one up and looked at it closely. 

“Guys! I found something,” she yelled to get the others to come over where she is.

“Woah! This looks freaky!” Kaminari exclaimed.

“What do you think all this is Momo?” Kyouka asked.

Momo thought for a moment before answering. “It looks like the villain has been experimenting with something, but I am not quite sure,” she said looking a bit confused. “Maybe his notes will tell us what this solution is.” 

As Momo was about to look through the notes when Kyouka heard something. An old part from a run down machine broke off and was going to land on them. “Watch out!”

Kaminari and Kyouka lunged to the left while Momo went to the right to dodge as the debris hit the ground forming a dust cloud.

“Momo are you alright?” Kyouka asked worried when she found that her girlfriend wasn’t with her and Kaminari.

“A little dusty, but I am alri-,“ Momo cut off with a gasp as some needle was stabbed into her and injected something into her. 

“Well isn’t this interesting.” 

The dust cloud disappeared and the very villain that the group of pros were trying to capture was there holding a somewhat limp Momo in his arms.

“I honestly thought that you all would split up in the beginning, so that I could take you all down one by one. I have to say that I am impressed,” he said with a smirk.

“What did you do to her?!” Kyouka said in a low tone full of fury.

“Oh don’t worry my dear I haven’t harmed the girl. I just have given her a little something that will... give her a new perspective on things if you will.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Kaminari asked about ready to attack this guy.

“Why don’t I show you,” he said as he let go of Momo and backed away, leaving the girl standing but looking at the floor. 

“Creati these two people here are your enemies make sure you dispose of them. Especially that girlfriend of yours. Make sure that she has a painful demise, and put every once of hate that you can into your attack,” the villain order ending with an evil laugh as he completely disappeared.

“Oh and by the way there’s no cure. Good luck heroes,” he added mockingly. 

Momo’s head snapped up when he was finished and looked at Kaminari and Kyouka with a new found hate. She let out a screech of fury as she lunged at Kyouka.  

“Woah!” She exclaimed in surprise not expecting Momo to attack. Momo managed to deviler a punch to the stomach that knocked the breath out of her before Kaminari managed to pull her off.

“Momo! What are you doing- Ach!” Momo cut him off with a punch to the face.

“My job you dipshit!” She yelled as she went to deliver another punch. 

But Kyouka tackled Momo and pinned her to the ground. “Kaminari go get help now!” She ordered as she struggled to keep her girlfriend down.


“No buts. You heard the villain. I’m going to be her prime target. She’s less likely to follow you. Now get out of here!”

Kaminari reluctantly nodded and started to run off in order to get help. 

While she was trying to get Kaminari to leave Kyouka didn’t notice Momo creating a large knife and cut her wrist open. She let out a hiss of pain and loosened her grip on Momo. Then Momo kneed her in the gut which sent Kyouka tumbling off of her.

“Momo please.” she said breathlessly

Momo let out an evil laugh. “And here I thought that heroes that came from UA are supposed to be the best of the best. But then heroes like you show up and I start to realize that is not the case.”

She lunged at Kyouka again. “It makes me remember how much I hate you!” 

Kyouka quickly moved out of the way as Momo attempted to slash her with her large knife. Momo let out a scream of frustration as she tried to strike Kyouka again.

“Momo! Please stop this! This isn’t you!” Kyouka begged as she dodged the strike coming her way.

“Not. Until. You’re. On. The ground. Dead!” Momo screamed in complete fury, trying to slash Kyouka in each pause.

Kyouka leaped back, trying to keep her distance from Momo. She didn’t want to hurt her. But what could she do! Momo wasn’t going to give up and Kyouka wasn’t sure if help was going to come in time. Stupid villain and his stupid brainwashing! Come on Kaminari. What’s taking so long?! she thought.

It was supposed to be a simple mission. Find, defeat, and arrest a certain villain who had been causing trouble lately. That was it. But he had to have been working on a mind control serum. The villain had to have managed to inject it into Momo. So now Kyouka was being attacked by the woman she loved. Yeah! Should be a piece of cake! 

Momo lunged at Kyouka trying to stab her again. But once again Kyouka dodged. Despite this she still let out an insane sounding laugh as she missed.

“Say, where is your little friend Jirou? Didn’t he abandon you here? I thought you guys were friends!” she paused for a moment as she thrusted the knife at Jirou.

“Then again you always thought you were too good for friends! Didn’t you?!” Momo had actually succeeded in hitting Kyouka this time, but it was only small graze on the shoulder.

Kyouka let out small hiss of pain. She tried to stay as far away from Momo as possible while she was in this state. Even though she knew Momo wasn’t in control of herself her heart felt like it was breaking at Momo’s words.

“Momo! Snap out of it! Please!” She begged tears in her eyes.

Momo noticed the large amount of distance that Kyouka was trying to make between them. She decided to use it to her benefit.

“What’s wrong Jirou? Are you scared? I thought that people aren’t supposed to be scared of their girlfriends!” There was a wicked smile on her face.

Kyouka’s eyes widened in realization. This is a really stupid plan, but it might be all that can work right now. This is still Momo after all. Mind control or not. I just need to bring that out of her. she thought as she stopped moving entirely.

“Your right I shouldn’t be scared of my own girlfriend,” she said with a small smile on her face.

Momo stoped and looked at her with a confused expression. But that was only for a second. Then she let out a scream of rage before lunging at Kyouka and slashing her deeply across the chest.

Kyouka stumbled back a bit but other wise she didn’t move.

“I know your still in there somewhere Momo and I’m not giving up one you,” She said, her voice sounded strained with pain. She was crying but her smile never left her face.

“How would you know who I really am? After all all you did was ignore me! All because you thought I was never good enough for you!” Momo screamed, slashing Kyouka in the chest at the end of every sentence.

Kyouka could barely breathe. The wounds were so painful. She pressed one of her arms against the wounds in an effort the lessen the pain a bit. The funny thing was though that Momo’s words felt so much more painful than her wounds. But she still didn’t move and she still kept on smiling. “Since when have you gotten so good with a knife?” Kyouka joked despite the situation.

Momo let out a growl of frustration. “Stop toying with me!” She screeched as she grabbed Jirou by the collar and threw her hard against the wall.

In that moment Kyouka saw all the anger and hate that came from Momo’s eyes and felt her heart shatter. Those weren’t Momo’s eyes. They didn’t have the brightness of her girlfriend’s eyes in them.

As she hit the wall Kyouka coughed up a good amount of blood. She tried to get up but Momo was quicker. The mind controlled girl started to kick Kyouka in the ribs repeatedly.

“You are weak! You are pathetic! Just die already!” Momo screamed. After a little bit she finally let up and started breathing heavily. Kyouka coughed up a lot more blood and didn’t move for a moment.

When she finally did, Kyouka just stood up shakily with a smile on her face. “Just smile,” She muttered quietly to herself.

Letting out yet another scream Momo stabbed Kyouka in the stomach. She then proceeded to twist the knife, intent on giving Kyouka the most painful experience possible.

Kyouka let out straggled, pained gasps before Momo finally took the knife out of her girlfriend. Everything hurt so much, it was almost unbearable.

Kyouka fell into Momo’s chest as if she couldn’t stand anymore. She weakly wrapped her arms around Momo and gave her a weak hug.

“I’ll always love you. I will always be there for you,” Kyouka said softly struggling to get the words out. “We promised that to each other right Yaomomo.”

“Okay, if we are going to be a couple then we need to promise each other something.”

“What is it?”

“That we will always be there for each other, no matter what.”

“That sounds good to me.”

“You promise, Kyouka?”

“I promise Momo.”

Momo’s eyes widened as they slowly started turning back to normal. She let out a horrified gasp as she looked at what she had done to her girlfriend. Tears started to flow down her face. She dropped the knife to the ground, and fell onto her knees. Momo adjusted Kyouka so that she was laying in the lap, so that she could look over her wounds. “Kyouka I-“ Momo broke off as she let out a sob. “I am so so sorry,” she wailed. She quickly created bandages with her quirk, desperately trying to stop the bleeding.

Kyouka looked up at her girlfriend. Her eyes starting to acquire a far off look. She weakly lifted up one of her arms and wiped Momo’s tears away. “It’s not your fault,” she said, not trying to hide the pain in her voice anymore. She felt so tired. “You weren’t... in... control...,” Kyouka trailed off as she went limp in Momo’s arms.

Momo stiffened and felt a wave of despair come over her. “Kyouka?” She said softly more tears replacing the ones that Kyouka wiped away.

“Kyouka, please!” Momo exclaimed, shaking her her girlfriend’s shoulder, desperately trying to wake her up.


Momo didn’t hear the help coming in. She didn’t hear Kaminari’s scream of horror and sorrow. She didn’t hear people questioning her on what happened. She didn’t feel Todoroki’s hand being placed on her shoulder. She didn’t hear her friend’s words of comfort. It didn’t matter that the villain was chased down and captured. It didn’t matter that Kyouka was still alive, even if she was only holding on by a thread. Momo just held Kyouka close to her sobbing. All she could think about was what she had done to the amazing woman she had fallen in love with.

She had done this. There was no changing that.