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Baby Bun

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He looked at the skirt and crop top on the bed and grinned. The decorative choker and rainbow knee highs made him giggle.


Oh god Oh god, he looks ADORABLE!


He twirls in the mirror skirt billowing out around him in a ring and he just squeals.He loves how it all looks, Oh he's so excited and he feels so pretty.


He goes sliding down the hallway and down the stairs, sliding on the railing and landing on his toes. He bows and claps.


So when he hears the front door open, he freezes. His heart stopped, his throat closed and he swears he tinkled a little.




Daddy saw him. Daddy’s standing in the doorway with his duffle bag and bare arms exposed, tank top showing off sweaty bulging muscles.


He watched him lick his lips and they both just stood there staring at each other until Katsuki snapped. He ran over and swept Mido off his feet, bridal carrying him up the stairs and to the room before plopping him on the bed.


“Daddy?” Mido stared up at him with wide-eyes innocent voice making Katsuki ten times harder than he was.


Katsuki crawled over his baby bun, leaving kisses up his body and smiling when Mido pet his head cutely.


“Baby bun, daddy’s gonna ruin you” Mido whimpered and curled his hands around Katsukis head, wars twitching adorably.


His nose going miles an hour as he honked and purred, Mido meeped as Daddy lifted his legs and flip his skirt up.


“Daddy, thats a no-no place” Mido gasped and Katsuki almost growled but he controlled himself. He's not an animal.


“Its okay baby, daddy will allow it this time.” Katsuki murmured.


“Okay daddy”


Katsuki smoothed his hands up Midos side and pulled down his green panties, smiling as Mido twitched. His little cock was resting in his stomach, even at full mast it was the most small and precious thing ever.


Daddy raised his hand up to Midos mouth, and watched as the bun opened his mouth and sucked in his fingers. “mmm, so good daddy”


Katsuki pulled his fingers out, much to the dismay of Mido who whined. He was feeling so many things he never had and it made him so nervous.


Katsuki watched as Mido looks on with odd curiosity and he feels inclined to ask. “Baby, you done this before?”


“No, Dada” Mido moaned loudly as a finger slipped in.


“God, I'm gonna have so much fun with you.”



Katsuki slides his finger in,  hushing and whispering nice things under his breath into Midos ear.


He's dropped so far, so low that Katsukis sure that he doesn't remember his own name. Just to clarify that's true, he asks the bun.


“Baby boy?”


“Hmm” Is all the reply that he gets. He grins at that, proud that he's gotten his baby bun to drop this low. This is the first time hes dropped so low, the other time was their first time.


Katsuki was for the most part, experienced with subs and age play, but sometimes he found himself with genuine questions on how to proceed.


He thrusts his fingers further into Mido’s hole, relishing in the high pitched moan and tightening around his fingers.


A small cry of “Daddy!” is all that came out the subs mouth. Katsuki just smirked and pulled out all 4 fingers.


“You looked so fucking pretty in that skirt. The crop top and choker pulled everything together bun” Katsuki tugged his sweats off his legs, before kicking them off for them to land somewhere across the room. He kisses the squirming boy to distract from the lack of something in him, because he genuinely looked like he would've cried if he hadn't.


He strokes his dick while watching Mido creep his little fingers down to his hole and putting in two fingers, two more from the other hand in his mouth. He looks so debauched that Katsuki’s worried he may come too early.


Mudo mewls and thrusts his petit fingers harder trying but knowing he's not gonna hit his good spot. He just wants cummies but daddy won't give them to him.


Tears pricked at the corner of his eyes, blurring his vision as the pleasure get too much for him. He looks(or tries to)to his daddy, drool dribbling down his chin and lube leaving an arousing slippery noise.


“Daddy, need you. Daddy please?” Katsuki never considered himself a complete sadist, but watching Mido cry helpless as he tries to satiate himself did things to him that he couldn't explain.


Katsuki smirks and moves Midos fingers from his hole, listening in to the noises his baby boy is making as he raised his legs.


He sets Mido’s Legs on his shoulders and presses his throbbing cock into Mido’s stretched hole. Some- fucking- how his baby bun was still tight, so fucking titght around his cock.


“Baby-buns so tight around Daddy’s dick huh?” Mido whimpers and grapples at Bakugou's shoulders, nodding desperately as his daddy reams his hole.




“Im gonna fucking ruin you.” Katsuki rumbles into Mido’s ear.

Ah shit, here we go again.