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In the Woods Somewhere

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     Dante sighed quietly as he leaned forward and rested his forehead against the hands gripping the steering wheel of his car. He was exhausted to say the least, he’d been on the road for some time and he just wanted to sleep before the new job. A woman had contacted Lady about a group of demons who were terrorizing the locals in some small hodunk usual she dumped it on him. This time around he wasn’t complaining though, small town with an even smaller bar...made for easy picking when these urges took hold of him.
   You see he was an Incubus and whether he liked it or not he had to give in to the ravenous need to satisfy himself or die ignoring it...he wasn’t ready to die just yet. So here he was, parked outside this small bar with his guitar in the back where he usually kept Rebellion. He’d go in there and sing, he’d find someone drawn to the song...drawn to his voice.
    The song didn’t work on everyone but he didn’t need it to. Just one poor sap to lure off and fuck mercilessly, he hated it but you can’t help the way you’re born. Unlike his glorious twin brother Vergil who didn’t have a trace of their incubi heritage in him. Lucky bastard.
    Dante sighed and sat back running a hand through his hair before dragging it down his face and turning off the car. He shoved the door open and stretched as he got out as his bones cracked and popped, he reached back grabbing the old guitar. He nudged the door shut with his hip double checked that he had Ebony & Ivory holstered and headed towards the entrance of the bar. A neon sign read ‘Nightingale Tavern’ but half the letters were unlit, those that were flickered. The building was made of wood, like most of the town he assumed considering that it was smack ass in the middle of the forest. The place looked pretty rundown but hey he’d been in worse areas. He shoved open the door and stepped into the smoky, dimly lit room. It smelled like stale beer and cigarettes, then again Dante probably smelled like that half the time too so he had no room to talk. Sparing a glance around the room he made his way towards the bar and took up sitting on one of the vacant stools. He could feel eyes on the back of him, didn’t bother looking at any of them though. Dante really couldn’t give two shits about most of the folks in here, though he was picking up on a few other demons but decided to leave them be...he couldn’t afford getting kicked out right now.
   “Lookin to get anything there handsome?” The woman behind the bar asked as she bat her lashes at him. Dante rolled his eyes and sighed inwardly, ‘definitely not leaving with this one’ he thought to himself. Sure it’d be easy to sleep with this innocent woman but...she wasn’t what he needed. Not now. Not ever. It tended to get annoying seeing people like her everywhere, and besides while he didn’t mind women...he tended to prefer the company of men. Women tended to be too fragile, broke easily.
   “Beer’ll do...and maybe some directions.” Dante answered and got a sweet smile and a beer as the redhead leaned against the counter.
  “Where you lookin to go?” She asked politely.
   “Local cemetery, maybe a hotel too I guess.” Dante said before chugging back the beer. It was awful, probably the worst beer he’s ever had in his life which said something because he had had his fair share of shit beer. This topped the fuckin cake.
   “The cemetery? What do you want with that?” She asked, a crease forming in her expression before adding, “You’’re not one of those devil worshipers are you? We’ve had folks come through here and look if you are-“
Dante laughed lowly and cut her off, “No, not exactly. Just got some business to take care of there. Gonna tell me where it is or no?”
   “Sing a song first, I’ll give you directions if you sing something...and don’t suck. The last few that have gone up have totally sucked but it is anyone’s stage and seeing as you’ve brought that” She points to the guitar leaning against the bar next to his leg, “I expect a good performance.”
   Dante arched a brow but shrugged. It was a bit sooner than he had intended but it meant he could get this shit over with sooner as well. He’d find someone in here, they’d be a bit hazy for a while after the song it’d give him time to get the directions he needed before dragging a poor fucker out of here. He rapped his knuckles against the wood of the bar quickly before standing and grabbing the guitar, not sparing a glance back at the redhead as he moved up onto the small stage and taking up sitting on the high raised chair. He had done this so many times he didn’t actually care if anyone was looking at him right now, he knew they would be by the end of the song. Either drawn in by the song or his voice, he only cared about the ones who were drawn by both.
    He inhaled quietly and closed his eyes for a moment as he looked down slightly and began playing. Opening his eyes and keeping them cast down, it was smoky yeah but it was pretty dark too so glowing eyes (no matter how dim it may be) was certainly noticeable. He exhaled softly as he began singing. “My head was warm
My skin was soaked.
I called your name 'til the fever broke.”
   The room had grown much quieter as he began singing, he spared a quick glance around the small room. Nearly every person in the place had eyes on him. Good. He continued to strum the guitar in his hands finding comfort in the way it felt against him, the reassuring vibrations felt from where it rested on his lap. He closed his eyes as he hummed gently and just put everything he had into the song.
    He tried to ignore the fact that he felt a stronger demon presence near the stage, there was no immediate threat, he wasn’t being attacked so he decided to just continue on and finish the song. “Deer in the chase
There as I flew
Forgot all prayers of joining you.
I clutched my life
And wished it kept.
My dearest love I'm not done yet
How many years
I know I'll bear
I found something in the woods somewhere.” Dante drew out the last word closing his eyes and giving his guitar a final strum. He opened his eyes as a few of the bars occupants began clapping, he stood and let his gaze roam the room spotting a few people with slightly glazed looks in their eyes. He headed down the three steps and off the stage about to head back to the bar.
   “That was some song you sang, surprised it didn’t work on more people.” A voice said nearby as he turned to go to the bar, he stopped and turned to look at the owner of the voice. A lithe figure leaned against a table off to the side alone. Dante would be lying if he said that the man wasn’t beautiful, it was the dangerous kind of beautiful and upon further inspection you could tell he wasn’t human. Dante could feel it but even if he couldn’t, anyone with eyes could have seen it. He was a lean and well toned individual, he wore a tight fitting vest and equally tight leather pants that rivaled Dante’s own. He was unnaturally pale with a slight gray tint to his complexion. His hair was silver, the top dusted with white and slicked back with pale white eyes ringed in black watching Dante. He flashed him a fanged, toothy grin. “See something you like Devil Killer?”
   Dante snorted and walked over to the demon. “Do you?”
The demon laughed softly.              “Maybe. I must say that the Legendary Devil Hunter Dante is not quite what I imagined...though I’m not disappointed.”
    Dante hummed amusement quietly and set the guitar down and leaned against the table across from the other man. “Ah so you know who I am.”
   “I’m a demon and a devil hunter, it’d be hard to not know the name and description of the son of Sparda.”
   “Well alright, tell me this then hot shot. If you’re a devil hunter why am I here to take care of those bastards at the cemetery?” Dante quipped, a brow arched.
   “When I heard about them I had heard the rumor that you were on your way to deal with the problem. Wouldn’t want to cut in on your job, that’s just rude...and also would mean you get paid for work I would have done and that just wouldn’t set right with me Dante.” Dante shivered minisculely at the way he said his name.
   “How very noble of you, would have loved to have you do the work though. Hate tedious shit that Lady dumps on me. Who are you anyway? What are you? And more importantly why are you bothering me when I could be on my merry way out of here?” Dante spoke as he looked at the man who gently tapped his fingers against the table top.
   “Nyx Draconia, I’m a fox demon if you must know. As for why I’m talking to you, I am willing to help you with your...problems. I know an Incubus when I see one.” Nyx responded eyes meeting Dante’s with a small smile. Dante quirked a brow at him, now he wasn’t one to back down from an offer like that but he still wanted to confirm he was aware of what he was saying.
   “You do realize what you’re saying right?”
   “I’m aware of what risks it comes with, I’ve never been one to shy away from an Incubus though. Besides, I'd rather it be me then a poor human so I’m willing to leave with you on the condition that the demons are dealt with first.” Nyx said leaning forward slightly his arms resting on the table as he stared at Dante who pursed his lips, before adding, “If you’re willing to take me that is.”
    Dante looked at Nyx contemplatively. He’d never had anyone willingly offer themselves up like this before...and it’d be nice to not have to be as cautious for a change. He could always change his mind after the demons at the cemetery were dealt with. “Alright then Nyx, tell me what you know about the cemetery dwellers.”
   “What makes you think I know anything about them?” Nyx asked tilting his head slightly. Dante sighed and shook his head.
   “No Devil Hunter wouldn’t look into it whether they take the job or not. So don’t pull my leg here Draconia, what are we dealing with?” Dante said crossing his arms over his chest and staring pointedly at the other. Nyx opened his mouth to reply but shut it abruptly as he glanced behind Dante. Dante looked over his shoulder to see the redhead making her way over with a scowl on her face.
   “Kelsie-” Nyx started but stopped as a finger was shoved in his face.
   “Out. Now. Nyx you’ve been told not to associate with anyone in here, hell you shouldn’t even be IN here and I was trying to let you slide but now you’re bothering new customers. You need to leave, you Kitsune are never up to any good. You can never trust a fox, I gave you a chance Nyx it won’t happen again. Now leave. If you don’t leave I’m calling Asher.” Kelsie snapped at him causing Nyx to back away from the table slightly. Nyx’s brow creased and he opened his mouth and shut it several times before looking down as Kelsie turned her attention to Dante, an apologetic look on her face. “I’m so sorry that he bothered you, you really gotta be careful with the company you keep in here. There are demons that frequent this area. Now about those directions-”
   “I’ve got what I came here for.” Dante said not sparing her a second glance which seemed to aggravate her.
   “Look I don’t know who you are but-”
   “No YOU look Kelsie I’ll tell you exactly who I am. The names Dante, y'know the Son of Sparda? On the chance you HAVEN'T heard of me let me brief you, I’m THE Legendary Devil Hunter and holy fucking hell surprise! I’m a fucking demon too. Believe it or not, not every demon is up to no good or untrustworthy. So you can take your shitty attitude and directions and shove em up your ass, and don’t worry sweetheart Nyx and I are on our way out.”     Dante flashed an obnoxious grin and an obscene gesture before turning his gaze to Nyx and jerked his chin towards the door. Kelsie stood there slightly dumbfounded as she watched Nyx grab his sword off the nearby bench and headed for the door. Dante turned and followed unable to stop the laugh that escaped as a glass shattered near his head on the wall as he walked outside. He unlocked the car and gestured for Nyx to get in as he tossed his guitar in the back.
    “Alright so...about those demons and while you’re at it some fuckin directions.” Dante said as he began to drive sighing slightly as it started to rain. Nyx was watching the devil hunter with amusement but nodded.
   “Take this road up to the crossroads. After we get up by the crossroads we’re gonna have to go on foot, there’s a barely visible path through the trees. If you don’t mind a few minutes extra you can leave your car near where I stay...wouldn’t trust it on the side of the road around here. It’s a pretty old cemetery, no one really gets buried there anymore so only folks with family there visit it which is why it’s so annoying to get to.” Nyx muttered looking out the window. “A nest of shadow demons have been prowling around. Usually not too bad if there’s only a few but from what I’ve personally seen...they’re becoming an issue. I’ve killed a few who wandered a bit too far from the cemetery but like I said..wasn’t gonna cut in on your job.”
    “I can’t believe she sent me out here to kill some fuckin shadows. Un-fucking-believable. Wish you would have dealt with them.” Dante exclaimed, shaking his head as he drove. “Speaking of which...if you’re a local AND a devil hunter why didn’t they call you to deal with them? Why hire someone so far out?”
   Nyx continued to stare out the passenger window remaining silent. Dante glanced over at him and sighed after a moment turning his head back to the road. After about five minutes Nyx finally let out a low breath and spoke quietly not taking his eyes from the trees they passed.
    “A few months back there was a job I took, it was supposed to be a small thing just a few lesser demons sticking their noses in places they don’t belong. It ended up being a lot more. There was this small family that ended up being possessed, they had been for a while. Don’t know how we went so long with no one knowing but...they were good at concealing themselves. There was no way to save the hosts and I took care of them and the other demons hanging around. No one believed me though, they thought I just murdered a family...even the other demons..the ones like us, don’t believe me. So people here don’t call me to deal with things for the fear of me murdering them. Guess I don’t blame em, kitsune’s have made a bad enough rep through time. Y'know even the cops won’t come near me?” He huffs out a dry laugh. “I’m now only allowed in thr-...two places in town.”
   Dante furrowed his brows listening. He’d had a few jobs like that over the years, hell Fortuna still thought he murdered their great holy fuckin leader. “Then why stay?”
   “It’s home.” Nyx replied like it was obvious. Dante glanced over at him before saying, “You can make anywhere home, why stay somewhere that only makes you suffer? A place you’re not accepted shouldn’t be a place you call home.”
   Nyx remained silent for a moment before whispering so softly it could barely be heard. “This is all I’ve ever known.”
   “You could find some place else, it’s a big world Nyx. There’s another place out there for you. one should have to live like this, demon or not. There’s other places out there that are more accepting of demons like us.” Dante said as he continued to drive. Nyx didn’t respond, he simply stared down at his hands. Dante glanced over at him and internally groaned. Nyx momentarily looked like a kicked puppy, and while Dante hated to admit it the guy looked really hot like that. Now he wasn’t necessarily saying the sad look was what did it, because it wasn’t, but it was the weak submissive aura that came with it and made Dante practically keened at that. He tore his eyes away from the man next to him and slowed as he neared the crossroads.
   “Take the left, there’s a small cabin a bit down the road you can pull in there.” Nyx spoke up as he looked over to where Dante sat in the driver seat. Dante turned trying to ignore the pale eyes on him. He shifted slightly trying to ignore a growing problem between his legs and kept his eyes on the road.
   He caught sight of the small cabin and pulled into the dirt driveway and turned off the car, all while Nyx continued staring at him.
    “What?” Dante asked voice a little more irritated than he meant it to be as he gets out of the car popping the trunk. He heads to the back and leans down grabbing Rebellion and grabbing Coyote before shutting the trunk. Nyx stood by the passenger side door with his arms resting against the roof of the car as he watched Dante for a moment before he reached into the pocket of his pants and pulled out keys and inclined his head in the direction of the cabin.
   “Thought you wanted to deal with the demons first?” Dante remarked trying to stay calm and ignore the familiar feeling in the pit of his stomach. Nyx gave a small almost sheepish smile and a shrug. “The shadows are not going anywhere, they can can’t.”
    Dante wasn’t gonna argue with that because it was relatively true. Sure he still had a little while before it got to be a bit too much for him to handle but every second that passed the feeling got worse. Nyx turned and made his way towards the cabin, Dante in tow. Dante examined the sword on the mans back intrigued by its design. He made a mental note to inquire about it after everything.
Nyx stuck a key in rattling it a few times before shoving the door open and motioning Dante in ahead of him.
   “It’s nothing special but it’s home.” Nyx spoke as he tossed the keys on the table by the door. Dante walked in and scanned the place quickly, taking in his surroundings as Nyx closed and locked the door behind them and moved past Dante setting his sword down on a table up against the wall. He leaned down and began undoing the laces on his boots. Dante let his eyes roam over him momentarily and wanted to groan as he let his gaze linger on the mans ass. Dante set Rebellion down against the wall and stepped out of his boots leaving them near his sword. He decided to leave the three guns on the table by Nyx’s sword. Nyx stood and turned to face Dante before carefully stepping closer.
Dante closed the gap crushing his mouth against Nyx’s earning a slightly shocked noise from him. Nyx leaned into the kiss his hands finding their way into Dante’s hair as his lips parted for him. Dante’s tongue slipped into his mouth and began exploring every part of the soft cavern he could. Dante pushed Nyx up against the nearby wall as he deepened the kiss. He heard a soft moan escape the man against him as he rolled his hips against him. Dante took his bottom lip between his teeth before he pulled back slightly and looked at Nyx who took a second to catch his breath.
    Nyx grabbed him by the arm gingerly not saying anything as he lead him down the small hallway and into the bedroom. Dante pulled Nyx against him lips grazing his neck as a hand went to the zipper of the tight, emerald leather vest and pulled down before pushing it off Nyx’s body. Dante looked over the slightly marred torso of the other man and ran his fingers over the a few of the scars as Nyx watched him carefully. It was odd knowing that others carried these marks with them when he himself didn’t, even if they had healing abilities often enough scars were left behind. Ghosts of wounds that once were. After a moment Nyx moved his hands up to push Dante’s red jacket off his form, tossing it into a chair before it hit the ground. He moved his hands to the hem of Dante’s loose shirt and Dante raised his arms as it was pulled off him and hands began to roam his now bare torso. Nyx nuzzled against his jaw before he began kissing his neck, teeth grazing his collarbone and Dante closed his eyes as his pants grew even more unbearably tight. He felt hands tugging at his belt and undoing his pants and Dante didn’t even attempt to stifle the moan that escaped his lips as a hand fondled him through his boxers. Nyx shoved Dante’s pants and boxers down and off him all the while leaving kisses across his skin. Dante grabbed him by his hair crushing their lips together once more and backed Nyx up to the bed causing him to fall back against it. Dante made quick work of his pants and goddamn was this the most beautiful man he’d ever seen...aside from himself that is. Dante cocked his head slightly as he let his eyes roam over those godly long, beautiful legs and up the rest of his body. Nyx watched Dante breathing a bit shakily, he was absolutely terrified...just not in the way most would be. He just hoped that Dante didn’t find him unbearably ugly and decided to try his luck elsewhere. He was a bit taken by surprise as Dante grabbed his legs as he, himself sank to the floor before he murmured “You should be lucky, I don’t do this for just anyone.”
    Nyx was momentarily confused and was about to open his mouth to ask what Dante meant but instead he groaned loudly as something hot and wet licked and pressed against his entrance.
Dante smirked slightly as the legs that currently rested on his shoulders tensed and a loud groan sounded out above him as he licked a wet stripe across the hole before pressing his tongue against the tight ring of muscle and pushed his tongue inside. Soft breaths were coming from the man above him as Dante began working his tongue in and out before adding a finger in next to his tongue. It’d been a really long time since Dante had done this for anyone but Nyx...well Dante could tell he was fairly submissive and he did willingly offer himself up so Dante figured it’d be generous of him. Besides it’s not like he wasn’t enjoying this himself. The noises he was getting from him were driving Dante crazy and they hadn’t even got to the good stuff yet. Dante added a second finger and removed his tongue as he worked him open. Dante licked a stripe up the inside of a pale thigh before sinking his teeth down to the point of nearly breaking skin and sucking a violently dark hickey onto the pale skin. He let his hand trail up the plain of the smooth skin as he bit down on the other leg drawing blood, a loud moan rang out above him as he licked at the fresh wound and smirked a bit to himself. Dante added a third finger and watched Nyx arch his back slightly and close his eyes as he curled his fingers slightly. Dante glanced at the now healed bite wound on the leg and almost growled as he moved up a little more and bit down on the junction of Nyx’s hip drawing blood and moaned at the sweet taste that flooded his mouth. Nyx buried a hand in Dante’s hair, breathing heavily.
    Dante pulled his fingers out earning a whine as Nyx looked down at him. Dante dug a nail into his palm, drawing blood, before he stroked himself a few times huffing out a low moan before he got up and lined himself up against Nyx’s entrance. He leaned closer and captured his mouth feeling the quiet gasp from the demon under him as he slowly pushed inside him. Dante couldn’t help but moan at the tight warmth enveloping him as he buried himself inside Nyx who wrapped his arms around him face buried against his neck.
He pulled out slowly before thrusting back in, hips snapping forward. He started out at a tantalizingly slow pace and he wasn’t sure if it was worse for him or Nyx. Dante picked up the pace deepening his thrusts as he drug his teeth across a pale collarbone, nipping at it gently. Nyx’s breath hitched slightly at a particular hard thrust causing him to moan loudly and dig his nails into Dante’s back as he breathlessly said, “God yes. Just-” moan, “just like that Dante.”
    Dante smiled slightly more than happy to oblige and set an almost brutal pace, dragging loud moans and incoherent words and obscenities from the demon beneath him. Dante’s blood was singing and god did this feel good. Dante mouthed at the pale neck exposed below him a low moan escaping him as he continued to drive himself into the warm body beneath him. Nyx buried a hand into Dante’s hair pulling at it as his other hand raked down Dante’s back.
    Dante trailed a hand down his body before hiking up one of Nyx’s legs slightly and driving even deeper into him earning a muffled moan. Now that just didn’t set right with Dante who leaned down close to Nyx’s ear and whispered. “You don’t have to be so quiet, I know you can be louder. I wanna hear you screaming by the end of this.”
    Nyx shuddered beneath him but looked up defiantly at Dante as he lifted his head towards him and growled out “Make me.”
     “That a challenge? Well consider it accepted Draconia.” Dante laughed lightly as he leaned down and kissed Nyx who smiled ever so slightly before hooking a leg through Dante’s and flipping them. Dante raised a brow as he looked up at him but Nyx wasted no time as he pressed a hand against Dante’s chest and leaned down, his teeth grazing his jaw as he rolled his hips sighing quietly.
    Dante let his hands roam the body now above him before bringing them to rest on the sharp hips letting his thumb draw slow circles as Nyx began to slowly raise himself up before sliding himself back down, rocking his hips as he leaned up with a hand still braced against Dante’s broad chest. Dante watched Nyx as his head fell back slightly, his eyes closed and mouth parted slightly as he continued to ride Dante. Dante shifted slightly as he sat up, a loud moan coming from the body moving against his. Dante moved a hand down to stroke Nyx’s dick, slick precum coating him already. Nyx buried a hand in Dante’s hair, the other gripping his shoulder tightly as the grip around his dick tightened and quickened its pace. Dante jerked his hips up slightly and couldn’t help the soft, husky laugh that escaped him as Nyx moaned again loudly and trembled slightly. Dante moved his thumb over the head of his dick as he continued to thrust upward meeting Nyx’s motions.
    It wasn’t long before the man dug his nails into Dante’s shoulder and cried out his name as he continued to fuck himself on his dick as he came, cum coating Dante’s hand and chest. He wrapped an arm around Nyx and flipped him onto his back once more driving into him without mercy. Nyx gripped the pillow above him as he wrapped long, lean legs tightly around Dante pulling him even more incredibly deep within him.
    “Dante please.” He whispered quietly through moans.
    “Please what hm?” Dante growled out next to his ear earning a loud, mewling sound. Nyx had his eyes closed as he panted trying to drag Dante even closer.
    “H-harder p-pleasse.” He managed to gasp out as Dante tore another loud moan from him, causing Dante to smirk into the crook of his neck. Those sounds were the most beautiful music to Dante’s ears but still not loud enough for his liking.
    “Only cause you asked so sweetly.” Dante huffed as he nipped at the throat bared beneath him as he drove harder into the warm body beneath his.
    “Fuck. Yesyesyesyes just like that, oh shit god yes. Don’t stop please don’t sto-” the last word ended up dragging off into a loud screaming moan as Dante hit at just the right angle,finding that sweet spot and causing the body beneath him to writhe earning more gasping obscenities.
   “Such a filthy mouth. Think I’m gonna have to find a way to shut you up after this hm.” Dante said as he nipped an ear before dragging his teeth down his throat. Nyx dug his claws into Dante’s back causing him to close his eyes momentarily and shudder. He felt something soft brush against his leg and opened his eyes and was greeted by Nyx’s true demon form.
    He was breathtaking to say the least. His skin was an ashen gray, deep green visible between the scales on his abdomen and shoulders that matched the intricate lines that adorned his face. His teeth were elongated even more than before, ears slightly pointed more so with soft fur adorning them and a soft black tail flicked gently as Dante continued to thrust into him at a brutal pace.
    His thrusts became sloppy as heat stirred in his lower belly and his breathing quickened. Nyx drug his claws down his back and tightened around him slightly causing Dante to cry out as he came hard. His orgasm tore through him violently and he bit down hard on the shoulder of the demon beneath him as he grew increasingly warm and his trigger tore through him, his eyesight going white.
   Dante opened his eyes slowly as he felt soft touches along the base of his tucked in wings. He pulled back slightly to look at Nyx who was staring at him intently and with adoring eyes. It was something Dante was not used to when he was in Devil Form. Nyx dragged his hands away from the wings to bring them to the horns atop his head, fingers lightly dragging across them before his eyes met Dante’s and he leaned up and kissed him slowly.
    Dante carded his hands gently through his hair as he kissed him back softly, his tongue sliding into the slick, hot cavern of his mouth. When he pulled back he rested his forehead against Nyx’s and closed his eyes for a moment.
    “You know...we could just take care of those demons tomorrow. Just a thought. They’ve been here for weeks, what’s another day?” Nyx said, voice slightly altered by the demon form, it sent shivers up Dante’s spine.
    “Sounds like a good plan to me. Think we could find a way to kill some time today hm.” Dante hummed as he placed a kiss against his neck and wiggled his hips slightly and Nyx chuckled softly as he wrapped his legs around Dante again.
    “You break this bed you owe me a new one pretty boy.” Nyx mumbled against his lips and Dante laughed.
    “Is that permission to completely rock your world and destroy this lovely bed of yours?” Dante asked as he lazily pressed open mouth kisses to the man below him.
    “Someone seems a bit confident, but do try not to ruin my bed.” Nyx sighed as Dante’s hand slipped between them and wrapped around his half hard cock, giving him a few strokes before he began moving again. Nyx buried his face in the crook of his neck and breathed in deeply as Dante set a steady pace. Nyx hummed quietly as Dante slowly thrust into him over and over again whispering to him quietly in between kisses. He rested his head against his collar bone and breathed in deeply as he began to deepen his thrusts and moved Nyx’s legs from around his waist and over his shoulders as he drove deeper.
    “You’re so goddamn good you know that?” Dante muttered in his distorted voice as Nyx dug his hands into the mattress keening at the comment. Dante smirked a bit and leaned down closer teeth nipping the tip of his ear. “You’re so fucking tight.”
    Nyx moaned and gasped loudly and dug his fingers into Dante’s arms as Dante thrust so hard he drove Nyx up the bed slightly. Dante gave him a fanged grin as he continued that pace dragging out a chorus of screaming moans from the trembling demon beneath him. Nyx’s legs tensed around Dante’s shoulders as he dug his nails into the mattress ripping holes into it.
    “Tsk look what you did. Now I guess we might as well just...ruin the rest of the bed don’t you think?” Dante said as he bent his head down his breath ghosting over the tip of Nyx’s sensitive, twitching cock. Nyx couldn’t respond with anything other than a loud groan and eyes fluttering closed as Dante bent his head and took as much of his dick into his mouth as he possibly could from the angle he had as he continued to thrust into him. He sucked lightly as he curled his tongue around the head, Nyx moved a hand to grab one of the horns on Dante and thrust up slightly as he took a ragged breath.
    “D-Dante..” He gasped before Dante released his dick with a lewd pop and Dante looked at him before leaning closer and whispering. “That’s it Nyx come on, cum for me.”
    And that’s all it took for him to cum violently, coating both their stomachs. Drops covered the underside of Dante’s chin and Nyx’s cheek. Dante ran his tongue across his cheek as he gripped the headboard and continued to ram into him. The sound of loud moans and the sound of skin hitting skin filled the air. Dante tightened his grip slightly as that familiar feeling stirred in him and he came again. A loud noise filled the room as the headboard cracked.
     Dante laughed loudly as he noticed the giant crack in the wood and looked down at Nyx. “Think you could go another round or two?”
    Nyx glanced up at the now cracked headboard and then Dante.
    “Only one way to find out.” He laughed before dragging Dante down into a rough kiss.
                   * * *
    Dante groaned as he cracked his eyes, sunlight pouring in through the window across the room. His body ached like crazy but he also felt fantastic. He stretched lazily before turning over to look at Nyx who was sleeping with his back to him. He frowned slightly seeing that a few of the deeper bites hadn’t healed. He moved slightly closer and ran a hand down his back and froze.
     “No.” He whispered quietly as he sat up and shook the man gently. “Nyx? Nyx c’mon get up..please.”
    He shook him again a bit rougher before leaning a bit closer before he scooted back quickly and ended up on the floor, eyes wide with horror at the realization of what he did.
    He hugged his knees to his chest and rested his head on them ignoring the ache in his bones. “Fuckfuckfuck. Oh god what did I do.”
    Dante closed his eyes tightly and tried to calm himself down. He was never going to be able to forgive himself for this one. Nyx was...he was kind, probably the nicest guy Dante had met in all honesty. And of course Dante had to go and fuck everything up with a guy he was actually kinda into.
Dante hit his head against his forearms and squeezed his eyes shut tightly feeling sick to his stomach. The floor was freezing but he did his best to ignore it, he didn’t deserve comfort right now. He’d have to take care of this... and of the demons. It wasn’t the first time it happened but it was the first time Dante felt genuinely awful about it.
     “What are you doin on the floor? You okay D?” A voice rang out startling Dante. He looked up at the man sitting in the bed looking disheveled and rubbing his neck groaning slightly. Dante was so relieved he could cry.
    “I thought- I thought that-” Dante started. Nyx made an ‘ahh’ noise realizing what he was talking about.
    “To be fair you did. Might want to be careful with the neck in the future.” Nyx mumbled as he wrapped the blanket around himself and walked over sitting in front of Dante. Dante furrowed his brows slightly in confusion to which Nyx continued. “Are you not familiar with Kitsunes? I’ve got nine...make that eight tails. They are kinda like my life line. I die I come back until I’ve got no more tails. I guess I should have told you that before but I didn’t think it was necessary. Dante look at me.”
    Dante still had his brows knit together but looked up at him.
“I’m okay D. Don’t beat yourself up over it.” He mumbled and he opened up the blanket slightly in invitation and Dante scoot closer wrapping his arms around him.
    “I’m sorry Nyx, I swear I didn’t...I didn’t mean to let it happen I-” He was cut off by soft lips kissing him gently and a hand carding through his hair.
    “Dante let's just forget it happened okay. We’ll go deal with these demons and you can go back to your life and just forget about me.” He mumbled avoiding eye contact with him.
     “What if I don’t want to?” Dante whispered. “Nyx...just...why don’t you come to Redgrave with me? There’s nothing left for you here. No one should live like this.”
     “All I’m asking is that you give it a chance. Redgrave could be a fresh start for you Nyx. You can stay at Devil May Cry either permanently or until you find a place of your own. You deserve better than this Nyx. You’re a good person. You deserve to be more than some feared demon in the woods somewhere in some hodunk town. I mean shit you’re probably the nicest fuckin person I’ve ever met.” Dante said looking at him intently. Nyx was silent for a while as he looked at Dante contemplatively, chewing at his bottom lip.
    “Fine. Besides, you owe me. I liked that tail you ass...and you ruined my bed. You’re lucky you’re cute.” He said as he stood up stretching and headed towards the bathroom. “Let’s get ready and go take care of these demons. I better be getting half the pay.”
    Dante laughed but nodded. “Alright, alright. You get half the cut...if you pull your weight. Let’s go kick some demon ass.”
Dante stood and followed Nyx into the bathroom. Guilt still gnawed at him but he couldn’t help but smile a bit. He was glad Lady dumped this job on him. He found something in this shitty little town in the middle of the woods somewhere and he intended to keep it. He climbed into the shower after Nyx and wrapped careful arms around him.
    “’ve got a great ass.” He murmured and laughed as he was greeted with a smack to his arms and a soft laugh. Yeah...he could get use to this.