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The Horrors at Green Street Dolphin Prison

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Jolyne sighed as she looked out one of the bus's windows. “So Green Street Dolphin, uh?” Jolyne then turned to Hermes, “What do you think we’ll find in there?” Hermes scoffed. “I dunno. I just assume it’s like any other prison.” Jolyne nodded. Hermes whispered to Jolyne, “Did you bring any cash on you?” Jolyne shot her a look. 

“Maybe I brought some.” 

“Hey, hey. This is my second time here so that’s why I’m asking.”

Jolyne gave her a confused look, “Your second time?” Hermes nodded. “I’m Hermes Costello. I stole something from a 24-hour store so that’s why I’m here again.” Jolyne nodded. “Jolyne Cujoh.” Hermes nodded as well. “Since we know each other now, I must remind you that you're going to need money once we get in. We must bring at least $100-$200, if not we’ll have to take care of ourselves.” Jolyne opened her mouth to say something until she was cut off by one of the guards. “We’re crossing the bridge now. We’ll be there in 10 minutes.” Jolyne and Hermes nodded. When the guard turned back around Hermes whispered back to Jolyne. 

“Just keep cool and do whatever the guards say. Don’t do anything crazy when we get inside.” 

Jolyne and other prison girl were taken off the bus while Hermes still sat in her seat. “C’ mon Hermes, let’s not make this difficult. My bud and I just want to know where the money is.” the guard said eyeing Hermes. "No way, asshole! I'm not telling you anything!" Jolyne’s head snapped up, she then turned around to one of the guards escorting her inside the prison. 

“What did you just say?” 

“Keep your eyes forward Number 21!”

 Jolyne huffed and faced her head forward as she was told.

While in the bus Hermes shook her head herself bloody from the beating the guards gave her, one of the more lanky guards yanked her hair. "Listen here, bitch." the guard started gruffly. "It's your second time here and we know you have something on you. So why don't you show us whatcha' got?" Hermes growled and spat in the guard's face. "Ack! You slut!" the guard yelled as he took his batton and slammed Hermes in the chest with it causing her to cough up blood. 

"You think you got jokes, huh?" the guard turned to his porky partner. "Let's give Hermes a little show." the guard's friend chuckled a bit before the sound of a belt unbuckling could be heard. Hermes' eye widens as she stared at the two guards with hatred and fear.

"You wouldn't dare..." 

"Oh, we would." The guard said with an evil smile as he undid his own belt. "Since you want to spit in our faces then I bet you don't mind spittin' on something else." the guard said evilly as he came closer to Hermes with his member out, Hermes gagged. "Don't even come close to me with your wimpy dicks!" she yelled turning her head away from the two.

Jolyne turns back to the van concerned now evident in her eyes. Jolyne wondered on how she was hearing all of this. Jolyne then looked at one of her hands and saw string coming out of her finger that she pricked on earlier that day by an amulet her Father gave to her in prison. Jolyne gasps. "What the hell is this!" one of the guards yanked her hair, making Jolyne yelp. "No talking Number 21!"

Hermes' head was yanked to face the guard's member inches away from her lips. "Come on. Open wide, you don't mind being a good little girl and take two in one mouth, will ya?" Hermes tried to shake her head only for the guards to hold a tight grip on her hair. "No! Stop! Don-!" Hermes' mouth was forced onto the guard's dick, as she choked on it the guard groaned. "You should feel it! Oh, she's so nice and warm!"

Jolyne's eyes widen. "T-their... Oh my God, I think I'm going to be sick..." Jolyne mumbled as she placed her string free hand on top of her mouth. The guard yanked Jolyne's hair again. "Keep quiet, bitch."

Tears formed in Hermes' eyes as her throat was used for the guard's pleasure. "Oh, would you look at that? Hermes is crying." one of the guards said as the other laughed. "I didn't expect, Harden Hermes, to cry." the lanky guard laughed.

"Harden Hermes! Did you just made that up?!" 

"Ha! Sure did! If anything looking at this chick makes me harder than stone!" 

The two men laughed as the lanky man's dick was taken out of Hermes' mouth letting her gasp for air, but soon her air was cut short again as the porky guard stuck his cock in Hermes' throat placing a hand on the back Hermes' head. Hermes' head bobbed up and down the porky guard's cock while the guard groan. "She's such a slut..." he moaned. Hermes whimpered against the guard's cock buried deep in her throat. 

I'm going to bite his damn dick off if he doesn't stop, Hermes thought to herself. Soon she felt hot bile rise through her throat. The lanky guard chuckled, "Let's put two in her mouth." Hermes wanted to shake her head but the other member was inserted inside her mouth, filling her mouth out and puffing out her cheeks. 

The guards groaned as they felt their climax coming and without warning to Hermes, the two pulled out and came all over Hermes' face. Hermes now ashamed and disgusted finally threw up on the van floor, disgusting the guards as well. "Jeez! God, could you not wait until we got outside?" the lanky guard said as he kicked Hermes in her stomach making her cough a mixture of blood and vomit.  

"We're going to leave that mess on your face since you wanna act so though." Hermes let tears fall from her face and onto the floor as the two guards laughed at her. 

Jolyne heard everything that went on the van and that chilled Jolyne to the core. If this is what really goes on here in Green Stree Dolphin then I better be careful, Jolyne thought as she was finally escorted inside the prison.

Jolyne marveled at the prison walls. 

I'll keep myself in line for now. I don't wanna end up like Hermes.

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After getting through the full body search and meeting the weird prison manager and his puppet crocodile Jolyne was finally getting to her jail cell. I bet Mom’s crying right now. How can her little Jojo end up in jail? Jolyne thought, she was snapped out of her thoughts when the guards stopped her, “The second floor, number 206.” one of the guards said. Jolyne looked inside the cramped cell as there was a woman sitting at a small desk in the cell, “Hope you two get along.” the guard said before closing the cell door and walked away. 

“Welcome, I take it that you're new here?” 

Jolyne turned to the woman sitting at the desk and eating a little cookie. 

“I’m Gwess. And I’m guessing your…” 

“Jolyne. I’m your cellmate I guess?” 

“That’s wonderful! I was beginning to get so lonely in here! It’s just me and Anasui in this tiny cell!” 

Jolyne blinked at the name of ‘Anasui’ she looked at the bunks which only had two beds. “Anasui? Who’s that? And isn’t this room too small for another person?” Gwess then shot Jolyne a dirty look. “Don’t talk about my Anasui like that! He’s in the men’s dorms! And of course, this cell is too small! Where in hell are we going to let Anasui sleep if your ass is here?!” Jolyne placed her hands in a calm down motion. “Geez, relax! I didn’t know you’ll get so worked up about it.” Gwess sighed. “I’m sorry, Jolyne. It’s just… When I first laid my eyes on Anasui… It was like love at first sight.” Gwess said as she clasped her hands together. “Even though we barely see each other through the day I managed to seek a picture of him to my cell. I’ve been looking at it ever since.”

Jolyne gulped. This chick sure does have some mood swings, Jolyne thought as she placed her items on the bottom bunk. Jolyne soon fell to the ground due to being tripped up by Gwess, "Ow! What the hell!?" Jolyne yelled Gwess then got up in Jolyne's face. "The bottom bunk is mine stupid, can't you tell?!" Jolyne scoffed at her. "Sorry, I just saw the stuff on the top bunk and thought it was yours." Gwess huffed and sat her stuff on her bottom bunk. "Serves you right, Jolyne." Jolyne tch'ed at her and climbed to the top bunk. 

Soon the guards came coming around clanking on the bars, "It's lights out!" the guards yelled down the hallway. Soon the lights in the prison dimed and the small jail cell was covered in darkness. Jolyne took off her pants and sighed as she laid in her bunk. 

I wonder what's Hermes is doing.

Jolyne woke up a bit late that morning missing breakfast. Now hungry and irritated Jolyne decided to mind her time with doing whatever the prison allowed the inmates to do. Jolyne was about to walk out the lunchroom when she saw Hermes sitting by herself, wanting to cheer her new friend up Jolyne sat next to Hermes not noticing her disheveled state. "Hey, Hermes!" Jolyne said cheerfully as Hermes jumped. "O-oh hey, Jolyne. What are you doing here?" Hermes said trying to change the conversation so Jolyne doesn't ask any suspicious questions.

Jolyne sighed. "Oh, I was just trying to get some breakfast, only to find out that there out of food!" Jolyne said angrily as she sighed again. "Anyways, what's going on with you?" Hermes chuckled a bit. "I got my own cell to myself, so that's one good thing. And the other is..." Hermes trailed off. "Well, what is it?" Jolyne asked. Hermes shook her head.

"No never mind. It's not important."

"Well, if you say so."

Jolyne yawned before seeing a tall, buff guard walk up to her and Hermes table. "Your Hermes Costello, right?" the guard said in his gruff voice as he pointed to Hermes. Hermes gulped, "Y-yeah. That's me, who's asking?" the guard smiled before taking Hermes by the arm forcefully, yanking her a bit. "Hey, what are you doing dude?" Jolyne said but before she could get up Hermes smiled sadly at her. "Don't worry, I know him. It's cool, really." Jolyne then nodded as Hermes was taken away from the table too who knows where.

Jolyne now sitting at the table by herself sighed again. "I wonder if they have any good books around here?" Jolyne mumbled to herself as she left the lunchroom to find the library. Not too far from Hermes table, there sat man watching the two woman. He watched couldn't help but feel bad for Hermes as he knows what she's being used for.

And he found it absolutely disgusting.

The man shook his head, it's not his business he's tried one too many times in the past and it always ended up with him or someone he loved getting hurt. The guards here are corrupt anyways and try to keep him quiet one way or another. 

The man continued to eat, keeping to himself as always.

Jolyne finally found the library after taking one to many wrong turns and going around in circles, Jolyne noticed a few people were in there reading whatever books the jail offered. Jolyne mindlessly walked over to one of the shelves and looked at the titles seeing which one peeped an interest in her.

While looking at the books Jolyne didn't notice that she bumped into someone that was also on the same shelf. "Oh, sorry about that," Jolyne said as she continued to the next shelf not knowing that she left that person in a shaky state. 

"That-that girl. No, angel." the person turned back to Jolyne who was checking out a dusty, old book. The person sighed. 

"I, Narciso Anasui, needs to know that angels name." 

Jolyne felt a pair of eyes on her and returned back to the person named Anasui who just turned his head back to the bookshelf. Jolyne just shrugged and walked away from the shelves passing by Anausui again, Anasui could faintly smell her perfume. 

"She smells... Heavenly..."

Anasui needed to know who is this girl. He wants to know more about her but he can't, he'll wait until the right time to strike and if everything plays out accordingly she'll be falling into Anasui's arms.

"I'll ask Weather if he knows anything about this girl."  

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Hermes shuddered as the guards' cold hands massaged her shoulders, Hermes looked around her surroundings. She was placed in a small interrogation room with only one bright light shining above them, swinging back and forth slowly. 

"Do you know why your here, Hermes?" 

Hermes gulped. Hermes shook her head. "N-no."

The air in the room seemed to somehow get colder, was it her? Or was it the AC in the room that's just adding to the suspense?   

The guards' chuckled as he got close to her ear, "You had the nerve to come into this prison with cum on your face." Hermes blushed at the mention. It was embarrassing on her end but to the other inmates, it made her look like a whore who tried to suck dick to not get in the prison.

"Look I didn't even want their dicks in my mouth! They just-"

"We know the full story, Hermes."

Hermes' eyes widen, "Y-you do?" the guard chuckled as his massage on Hermes' shoulders got more aggressive by the minute. "They told us the whole story to the staff. Needless to say, some of us were pretty jealous. They were the first ones to use that pretty little mouth of yours." the guard said as he moved one of his hands to Hermes' chin and traced Hermes bottom lip.

"They said you complied and never fought back. Make us think about what happened to that feisty young woman that left here last time." 

This time the guard's hands flew off Hermes' shoulders and groped her chest, squishing them against each other. Hermes bit her lip not trying to feed the guards lust.

"I heard that your both your breasts were oddly shaped," the guard said now rubbing her breast in circles while he chuckled darkly again. "Your lucky that this information hasn't got out to the other inmates, yet." the guard said while creepily smiling. 

She'll beat the guy senseless if she could, but her hands were handcuffed in front of her body so there was barely anything she could do. "Why would you even tell the other women anyways? I'm sure they could care less." Hermes said smirking, while also trying to hold back some more moans. 

The guard started to kiss Hermes neck, "Becuase, Hermes this prison is a playground. The staff here gets bored so quickly, so any minor dirt on anybody here can set an altercation." the guard started to play with Hermes clothed nipples. "It's funny really, we're here to keep everyone in line but we in staff aren't in line ourselves." the guard started to cackle while Hermes looked on in pure fear. 

"Herme, there's a certain place where we put your cell... But I'll tell you after our fun."

Hermes wanted to shout at him until he placed his lips on hers. Hermes felt the man's tongue slip into her mouth when he bit she bit down hard on it, making the man fall back.

"Ow! You damn bitch!" 

Hermes smirked only to receive a batton to the head, knocking her out the chair and onto the floor. "We also heard that you took your beatings like a champ. Then let's see you take this!" the guard yelled swinging the batton on Hermes' leg making her scream in pain.

The guard started to chuckle. "Yes! Yes! Scream in pain! Scream in pain for me!" the guard said as he hit Hermes with the batton again but this time on her breast. Hermes screamed again tears falling down her eyes, she's never been so humiliated before. The guard climbed on top of Hermes twitching body and began to undo her pants, while Hermes began to protest.

"You better not! I'll make you regret-"

Hermes was hit again with the kick to the ribs, silencing her immediately. "Or you'll what!? Say it, Hermes! SAY IT!" the guard screamed as he continued to undo her pants. Hermes said nothing as she blankly stared at the ceiling exciting the guard even more. "You mouth better stay close like this when I destroy your pussy." he hissed in her ear as he finally got Hermes pants off throwing them somewhere in the room.

Hermes long slender legs appeared from the tight black pants she wore, the guard almost drooled from the sight. "Wow, Hermes. You have such pretty legs. To bad that they going to be spread for the guards." 

The guard removed Hermes panties and dipped his head between her legs, making Hermes' shot her head up and screamed.  "No! Ah! Stop!" the guard brought up the batton again with his head down and smacked Hermes in the chin. "Quiet," he mumbled against her legs, Hermes now bleeding from the hit nodded her head, sobbing a bit. 

The guard licked a long hot stripe against her clit making her moan a bit, "Aww, does little Hermes like it?" Hermes stayed silent again. The guard smiled as he began to tongue fuck Hermes clit. 

Hermes couldn't hold back anymore and let out a small moan, "I find it cute that you can find pleasure in your own pain." the guard removed his tongue from Hermes growing heat and unloosened his belt.

Hermes' head shot up, "Please, don't do this... I'll give you anything you want..." she hated begging but this is her last choice. The guard chuckled.

"What I want, Hermes. Is this."

Hermes' eyes widen again as tears formed in her eyes once again. "Why..."

"You don't know how fun it is to break someone like you. You act so tough yet push others away, but then you fall. Hard. Then you expect others to help you when you never helped them in the first place."

Hermes closed her eyes and placed her head back down on the floor, Maybe if I close my eyes, then maybe it won't hurt so bad. 

Hermes would soon be proven wrong once the guard shoved his member in forcefully, Hermes threw her head back and screamed. "Scream, Hermes! Scream in pain!" the guard said unable to control himself. 

Hermes' head thrashed on the cold, hard floor as she screamed some more hoping somebody would hear her. 

"Give up, Hermes. As long as your here nobody cares about anybody else, they don't care about anybody here unless it benefits them." 

Hermes screamed until she felt her voice gave out. The guard took noticed as he began to ram himself harder in Hermes making her wither in pain. All poor Hermes could do was cry out choked sobs and scratching the guard until she lost all energy and let the guard defile her body.

Hermes heard the sound of skin slapping as the guard groaned at Hermes tightness, "Geez, wait till I tell the others about your bottom half." the guard said as he speeded up his movements. Hermes cried out again, "Please... What did I do to deserve this?" Hermes whispered. The guard didn't say anything as he stared into Hermes' eye, nothing but lust and insanity from his eyes. 

The guard picked up his batton again and traced Hermes chin with it, "Maybe this will shut you up." the guard said as he swung the batton down on Hermes' head. 

Hermes' felt her head hit the hard floor making her bleed from her head and her vision slowly going to black. The last thing she remembers is the guard chuckling and got low to her ear.took

"We placed your cell where all the hookers are. So I guess that means your one of them now..." the guard chuckled some more as Hermes vision fades to black, freeing the last few tears from her eyes as she squeezed them shut.

Hermes opened her eyes and quickly shot up only to realize she's back in her cell, Hermes hissed quietly as a sudden pain shot through her head and between her legs. Hermes slowly looked around her cell not trying to further her pain, she saw that the guard left some money and a note on her desk.

Still holding her head Hermes got up from her bunk and limped to the desk where the money seemed to shine in the little moonlight that visited the cell, Hermes took one look at the note and instantly felt sick.

The note read: 'You felt pretty good. I couldn't leave without payin' now that's just rude.'  

Hermes scoffed as she tore up the paper threw the remains on the floor. Hermes was about to take the money and flush it down the toilet but then stopped after she saw how much the guard gave her, Hermes took the wad of cash and quickly skimmed through it counting quietly to herself. 

"Three-hundred dollars... He gave me three-hundred dollars..." Hermes whispered to herself. Hermes let tears fall from her eyes as she quickly shoved the money into the side of her breast. "He has the nerve to use me and then pay me like some slut..." having feeling disgust with herself and that seemingly everlasting pain shooting between her legs Hermes decided to go back to her bottom bunk and scoffed. 

"It's disgusting that he paid me that much. Lord knows next time it won't go down without a fight." Hermes said as she slipped in and out of consciousness.

I hope.

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Jolyne yawned as she stretched she looked under her bunk to see that Gwess wasn't there, Jolyne sighed from relief. "Thank goodness, cuntface isn't here. Or else I would've had a morning fight." Jolyne whispered to herself a bit worried that Gwess was close by. Jolyne walked to the lunchroom but didn't see Hermes anywhere. She still must be at her cell, Jolyne thought to herself as she started to walk off to the other side of the female cells. 

Jolyne would easily get confused and would get lost once again, "Damn, this is finding the library all over again." she hissed under her breath. Jolyne cursed under her breath until she bumped into someone, "Hey, watch where your going!" Jolyne said annoyed. However the pink haired man she bumped into didn't seemed fazed by her rude remark, he seemed rather... Dazed.

"Hey! Are you even listing to what I'm saying?!" Jolyne shouted as she poked the man's forehead snapping him out of his thoughts. "Ah, sorry about that. What were you saying?" the man said unbothered by Jolyne's fingers pressing his forehead. Jolyne just scoffed, "Look, I told you to watch where you're going. Next time I won't be so nice." Jolyne said threateningly. The man didn't say anything until he spoke in a low whisper.

"The names Anasui..." 

Jolyne scoffed again, "Well look here, Anasui. Watch were you're going next time." Jolyne soon walked away swaying her hips as she walked. Anasui standed motionless for a while before he released a heavy breath. 

"She touched me... That angel touched me..." 

Anasui smiled creepily before walking back to his cell, "Weather! You wouldn't believe it but that girl touched me!" the man named Weather looked up from his book to see Anasui's smiling figure. Weather scoffed, "I'll believe it when I see it." Anasui tch'ed him. "I knew you won't believe me, but that doesn't matter. All I need to know is that angel's name..." Weather put his book down and sat up on his bunk.

"She doesn't even know your name, what makes you think she's into you?"

"Watch it, Weather. She'll know much more about me soon enough..." 

Weather scoffed again before returning back to his book, "I'm sure you will. Anyways have you seen that woman with the braided locks and scars on her face?" Weather asked with a bit of interest in his voice. Anasui sat down at the little desk in the cell and took out a pack of cards, "That chick? If I remember her name is Hermes..." Anasui look back to his cellmate. "You're not interested in that slut, are you?"

Weather grip on his book tighten, however his eyes didn't dare to meet Anasui's.

"She's not a slut for one, and I'm not interested. I was wondering if I could pay her a visit."

"Do you think they allow male prisoners to visit that side of the female dorms?"

Weather shrugged as he flipped a page of his book. "I dunno, but you'll never know until you try." Anasui shrugged too as he began to shuffle the stack of cards in his hand. "I'm going downstairs to play blackjack, you wanna come with?" Anasui asked as he turned around to face Weather again. Weather thought about it for a moment as he placed his book down again and got off his bunk. 

"Yeah, I'm going to need some money anyways."

Jolyne finally found Hermes cell thanks to a few directions she had to get from a less than friendly guard, Jolyne noticed that these new 'cells' the came across seemed to have doors in the place of bars, and the rooms seemed to be a little more spread out. Jolyne was snapped out of her thoughts when she finally came across Hermes number, she knocked on Hermes door which opened by itself. Jolyne popped into her room with a smile only to see that her room was empty.

"Uh, I'm sure she would've been in here." Jolyne mumbled to herself. Jolyne then felt a cold hand on her shoulder as she was about to leave, "Hey, you girl. Aren't you supposed to be in your cell?" the guard asked threateningly. Jolyne shook her head, "No, no. You must got the wrong idea, my cell is no where near here. I just came here to visit my friend." the guard looked Jolyne up and down before licking his lips, he started to move his hand down Jolyne's shoulder and onto her waist. "A girl like you must be new here. The only people back here are guards staff. And you don't seem like either of those." 

The guard's hand flew off Jolyne's waist and quickly to her breast, groping it earning a squeak from Jolyne. Jolyne covered her mouth before slapping the guard's hand off her chest, "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Jolyne yelled hoping to get someone's attention. The guard laughed before grabbing Jolyne's hands and placing them above her head with one hand while his other hand squeezed her rear, "You don't get it, girl. These are the rooms for the prostitutes here in the prison, some of these women here only do this so they can get some cash from the guards. While the other's just love taking it up the ass." Jolyne's eye's widen as she began to kick at the guard's legs. "Prostitutes!? So are you telling me that..." the guard chuckled again before smiling. "Yup, your friend Hermes is a prostitute too. In fact she became quite popular around here ever since she walked through the doors with cum on her face."

Jolyne opened her mouth to scream only to be silenced by the guard forcefully kissing her, easily winning dominance in her mouth. After what felt like a while the guard pulled back off of Jolyne's lips while they both gasped for air, a string of saliva connected to their lips. "Stop... No more..." Jolyne pleaded while the guard just chuckled again. "You'll think I'll let you go that easily?" the guard took out something to small for Jolyne to see, but as soon as it came into view she started to plead again. 

It was a syringe filled with some kind of substance.

"Wait, what's in that?!" Jolyne shouted. The guard didn't say anything as he just slowly came closer to Jolyne, Jolyne stepped back at first then turn back the other and ran. The guard followed behind her.

Jolyne ran until she reached the end of the hallway and turned back to see the guard blocking the only way out, Jolyne gulped before remembering her ability. "Stay back! I'm warning you!" Jolyne shouted while the guard just laughed. "And what are you going to do?" Jolyne gritted her teeth before pointing at the guard hoping her strings would come out.

They didn't.

Jolyne and the guard stood there confused for a while before the guard laughed, "Wow, your crazier than I thought!" the guard wasted no time running up to Jolyne and shoved her into the wall the was up against, making her fall to the floor. Jolyne then screamed at the sudden pressure on her back, she turned her head slowly only to see the guard smiling as he was pushing the syringe deeper into her back.

The guard finally removed the syringe after the substance was gone and suddenly Jolyne felt... Tired.

Jolyne's body slumped to the ground as the guard got low and close to her face.

"I bet you'll behave better then Hermes did..."

Jolyne's eyes widen one more time before she closed them, the only thing echoing is the sound of the guard's laughter.

Chapter Text

Miuccia stared at Pucci from afar admiring his stature as he was sitting at his desk, "Oh, Pucci~" she whispered huskily. "I love you so much, I'll do anything to get rammed by you." Pucci opened one of his desk cabinets and searched the folders of the female inmates. Pucci then turned his head to the door where Miuccia was hiding, "Miuccia, I can see you, you know." Miuccia's face turned red as she hopped out of her hiding spot and into his office. "P-Pucci! You didn't hear anything, did you?" she stuttered. 

Pucci blinked, "What do you mean? Was it something important?" Miuccia shook her head, "N-nothing Pucci! I was just mumbling to myself..." she trailed off. Pucci turned his attention back to the folders, "If you say so." Pucci then pulled out two folders and handed one of them to Miuccia, "I need you to go down to those rooms on the other side of the female dorms and visit this one." Miuccia politely took the folder out of Pucci's hands and opened the folder. 

"Hermes Costello? What's up with her this time?" Miuccia asked as she looked back at Pucci. Pucci turned to Miuccia and scoffed, "I heard from the guards that she's been causing chaos ever since she came in. I need you and a couple others to put her in her place." Miuccia nodded. "Will do, Pucci." Miuccia then turned out of his office and closed the door leaving Pucci in his room in mild darkness.

Pucci then smiled as he opened the folder in his hands, "Jolyne Kujo." he whispered under his breath. "My, my, what a beautiful young woman. It's a shame that a pretty girl like you ended up in a place like this." Pucci began to trace her picture. "I'm glad you didn't end up like that slut, Hermes. Your virgin self should be saved for a man like me." Pucci felt his erection rub against his gown. 

Pucci smiled. "Oh, Jolyne. Only you make me feel like this." Pucci then opened a drawer containing lotion and a box of tissues. "I'm hoping to get a little bit closer to heaven with you."


Miuccia smiled as she held the folder in one of her hands. "Oh, Pucci!" she moaned. "He's so romantic! I should ask him out one day..." Miuccia stopped talking to herself once she saw the creamed colored walls and red doors. Miuccia then began to look at the doors numbers. 

"204... 205... Here we go. 206, Hermes Costello." 

Miuccia placed her ear on the side of the door to hear a commotion coming from the other side of the door. 


A painful slap can be heard from the other side while quiet whimpering could be heard soon after.

"Not so tough now, ain't ya, Hermes?"

Hermes didn't say anything as the man chuckled. "Well I'll see you tomorrow, same time?" Hermes again didn't say anything as the chuckled again and opened the door. He was surprised when he saw Miuccia there with a shocked look on her face, he chuckled and whispered in her ear. "She's a fighter, but I'll be a woman like make her behave." The man then walked off whistling a tune as Miuccia scoffed at Hermes body.

Hermes then got up and collected her money the man gave her before looking up to see Miuccia smirking at her, "I'll be damned, Hermes. This is your second time here and you have to get beaten into submission." Hermes scoffed and wiped away any tears before they could fall.

"What do you want?" Hermes said trying to hide any fear in her voice. Miuccia smirked again, "Pucci told me that you were causing a ruckus. That's not how the rest of the women do around here, they keep themselves in line until they get out." she then pointed at Hermes. "You however have been causing a scene ever since you first time you got sent here. I've got to say some of the women here from last time still hold some grudges." 

Hermes got up and wobbled her way to her drawer and carelessly throw the stack of cash in there. She then turned right back to Miuccia who was holding something behind her back, "W-what's behind your back?" she stuttered a bit making Miuccia giggle. 

"Oh this? This is nothing more than a toy to smack some sense into you." Miuccia giggled as Hermes looked on in fear. Miuccia smiled as she held a crowbar in one hand and a taser in the other. 

"Do you know what we do to people that act like animals in here, Hermes?" Hermes looked back to Miuccia who had a crazed look in her eyes.

"You're... You're crazy..."

"You didn't answer the damn question!" Miuccia snapped. "I asked you, do you know what we do to animals in here?" 

Hermes shook her head and gulped. 


"We beat them, Hermes. Beat, break, anything to make them behave, really." 

Hermes gulped again then got into a fighting stance, making Miuccia laugh. 

"I'm not going down without a fight."

Miuccia smirked.

"I know you weren't. So that's why I had a couple of friends to help me."

Hermes then blinked. "W-what do you mean?"

"Remember what I said about some of the women from last time and how they don't let go of grudges?"

Hermes eyes widen again as she saw a couple of women appear in the doorway with an assortment of weapons. "I don't know how you're going to take all of us on, but I appreciate the effort-"

Miuccia was interrupted by Hermes kneeing her in the stomach, she fell to the ground couching a bit making the women around her gasp. "You talked so much that you left yourself wide open." Hermes said as she smirked, Miuccia growled before pointing at Hermes.


Herme dodges one woman's attack to her back by simply side stepping out the way, making the woman trip in the process. Hermes picked up the woman's weapon which was surprisingly a baseball bat, and began to swung around knocking most out in the process.

Miuccia finally got up and clenched her stomach and saw that most of the women had been easily defeated by Hermes, Miuccia looked around a saw most of the women were knocked out while Hermes stood above them and smiled, "You talk a lot of shit for a women who can't defend herself." Miuccia took the crowbar and swung at Hermes leg making her hiss and fall to the ground.

Miuccia smiled, "Well I guess we all lose, but you'll receive a bigger punishment then what I'm getting." Hermes screamed as Miuccia took her taser and tazed her repeatedly.  

Hermes was not reduced to whimpering on the ground Miuccia took her baseball bat and lifted it above Hermes head, "Have a nice rest, Hermes." she teased before bringing the bat down on Hermes head, knocking her out cold instantly.

Miuccia sighed as she looked at the women on the floor. She scoffed, "You're all useless." she spat on one of the bodies before running off to find some help clearing up the bloody hallway.