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Fazbear entertainment is not responsible for damage to property or person

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This place was already fishy as hell.


Mike couldn’t help but stare at the man’s back in bewilderment as he followed behind him, biting his tongue on raising his suspicions about the manager of the restaurant completely forgoing the in-person interview and simply HIRING him. He had his resume and everything all printed out to get the job! This was in no way professional! Well, it was an easy cash grab he guessed.


“ -and this is the office that you will be in charge of during your shift!” 


Mike turned his attention back to the manager. He had grey peeking through his scruffy hair, rectangular glasses slipping down his nose and, of course, the disaster of a fazbear uniform designed for the day guards. 


The day uniforms were much more colorful, if not eye-bleeding, than the night guards. They were light purple button-up shirts paired with neon yellow ties, pants, and a hat to match with the same purple for the letters ‘day security’ embroidered on. It was god damn ugly and if Mike could redesign them, he would without need for second thoughts.


He stepped inside the office, taking in the small room. It was a bit dusty, and the desk was littered with useless monitors, food wrappers, and there was even a speaker covered in spider webs under the desk. God, he regretted calling in for an interview today.


“Ah, it seems one of our staff snuck in for their break and forgot to clean up. I swear it’s not this unkempt! The janitors will handle it, I promise.” The manager gave Mike a bright, if not embarassed, smile. He couldn’t help but smile back. This man was so cheery, it was hard to not pay it forward.


“Oh, what am I doing, I should be explaining what you’d be doing during your shift! Silly me!” The man chuckled, his smile lines pushing up and creasing his eyes. “You’ll be viewing the animatronics through this tablet-” He grabbed the dusty screen, wiping it off on his sleeve before handing it to mike. “- and you have the buttons by the doors to see through the halls or shut the doors if the animatronics get too close.” 


He flipped through the cameras, giving small ‘hm’s as replies. 


Wait, get too close? What the fuck does that mean??? He knew there were some rumors about the animatronics being off their rockers, but he didn’t think they might be true. He hoped there wasn’t any under-lying message in the man’s words.


“That’s all you really need to worry about. Watching them to make sure they don’t cause too much trouble, and keeping they out of the office. Nothing to it! So what do you say, you still want the job, Mr. Schmidt?” 


This is so unprofessional, this has to be a scam or something. Though, this man could just be that desperate to hire him on the spot. What could it hurt? 


“Of course!”


He would be biting his tongue if he knew what hell he just signed his soul to.