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Stars and Stripes, Baby

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When they were younger, Katsuki used to use his Quirk to create tiny fireworks in his palms. Izuku thought it was the most amazing thing ever, Kacchan! And any time Izuku was sad and would hide away in his room to avoid the world, Katsuki would create tiny fireworks for him and say, C’mon, stupid Deku, there’s no point in fireworks without you.

That was before. Before Katsuki became a bully; before Katsuki made it his mission to make Izuku’s life a living hell; before Izuku received One for All; before the two of them fought their feelings out and became proper rivals; before they graduated from UA together; and before they became hero partners… before they became more than just partners.

That was before the now – the now finding the duo across the sea for a Campaign in the United States on the 4th of July.

“Kacchan, everyone is so decked out in red, white, and blue! This is insane!”

Katsuki rolled his eyes, leaning back so that his elbows were propped on the railing behind him, eyes scanning the small crowd of people milling around. They were at the rooftop bar attached to their hotel, both dressed in inconspicuous day clothes. Katsuki donned a black V-neck shirt that hung loosely over his figure and ripped black jeans, the dark coloring of his clothing making his blonde hair seem brighter and his tanned skin more prominent. He looked like The Guy Your Parents Warned You About™.

In his defense, he was that guy, even though he was one of the greatest heroes in the world. So, like, fuck your parents, or whatever.

Izuku, on the other hand, looked like the cuddliest ray of goddamn sunshine on the planet in his fluffy, oversized sweater – Deku, it’s hot as balls outside, what the fuck, dude – and fitted, dark jeans, mess of curls bobbing with the excitement that bubbled beneath his skin at the prospect of fireworks.

Izuku had always loved fireworks.

“Yeah, because, you know, ‘Merica, right?” Katsuki shot back, voice dripping with sarcasm.

Izuku laughed, green irises twinkling in the rooftop lights, and Katsuki hated him a little bit for looking so soft.

“Right.” Izuku breathed softly, sidling up next to Katsuki so that their shoulders brushed. “There is something very charming about this country.”

“You say that about every place we visit.”

“That’s because every place has its own charm.”

Katsuki’s scoff was his only retort. Izuku smiled softly at the blonde, knocking his shoulder against Katsuki’s. “I’m happy to be here with you.”

At that, Katsuki flushed, ignoring the way his stomach flopped at the words. “You’re a fucking embarrassment.”

Izuku’s smile widened. “Yeah, I know. I’m a sentimental idiot.” He paused. “But do you remember how you used to make fireworks with your Quirk when we were younger?”

Katsuki’s cheeks darkened and he ran a hand over his face with an exaggerated sigh to hide his embarrassment and how endearing he found Izuku’s antics to be. “’Course I do.”

Izuku turned his head so that his cheek pressed against his own shoulder, green irises landing on Katsuki’s scowl with fondness. “I loved that. I loved you. Love you. Still. Past and present tense.”

Katsuki’s lips quirked up slightly, unable to contain the emotions that swelled in his chest at Izuku’s ramblings. “Sap.”

“Your sap, though.”

Katsuki huffed out a laugh at that, turning so he could wrap an arm around Izuku’s waist, pulling his partner closer. “Damn right.” He paused, leaning forward to press a soft kiss to the corner of Izuku’s lips. “I love you, too, I guess. Only sometimes though. When you’re not being a complete fucking bottle of sentimental syrup.”

Izuku’s face scrunched up into a confused and appalled expression. “What does that even mean, Kacchan? Where do you come up with this stuff?”

Katsuki grinned, went to respond, but was cut off by a sudden explosion in the sky, which shouldn’t have caught the blonde off guard because he literally created explosions for a living, but it still did, and Izuku laughed into his shoulder at the sudden startled expression that made its way across Katsuki’s face that clearly read, where’s the fucking Villain, goddamn it? And it was so domestic and blissful that Izuku felt warm all over with the knowledge that this was one of those moments that he would never, ever forget.

There was no Villain, of course; just a litany of sparks that lit up the night sky, sparkling with wonder and beauty and only a slight smidgen of despair where Izuku thought, this probably isn’t great for the environment, we should try and do something about that.

The display was grand, and long – half an hour of explosions that shook the men to their cores and lit the dark sky with color. Izuku snuggled his way into the crook of Katsuki’s arm, turning his head so that he could press a soft kiss to the blonde’s jaw.

Katsuki’s lips turned up at the affection. It was rare that the two were able to find themselves a secluded enough space to show any sort of public display of affection without being hounded with questions from paparazzi trying to shove cameras in their faces. He nuzzled his face into Izuku’s hair slightly, reveling in the soft purr that the green-haired man released in return.



“There’s no point in fireworks without you.” Izuku crooned, and Katsuki could feel the man’s grin pressed into his skin.

Katsuki flushed, recalling the words from their childhood, and knocked his head into Izuku’s fondly. “Shut the fuck up, you bottle of sentimental syrup.”