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Challenge Accepted

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“Let’s have a game,” Koh had said one day, ignoring the odd stares from Melt, Asuna and Bamba as they watched both him and Towa have this interaction. It was no secret that the two had a rivalry, however, they had hoped, especially Melt, that the duo could put this little clash behind them as to not get distracted from saving humanity from complete and impending destruction from the druidon tribe.

“What kind of game?” Was Towa’s response as an eager but playful grin formed on his face.

“Truth or Dare,” Koh replied mischeiviously. “Rules are simple. Whatever the other asks, we have to do or admit to,”

It didn’t take long for Towa to make up his mind.

Melt immediately moved from his position at the table, causing both Ryusoulgers to look in his direction with confused glances. Melt was glaring hard, though he seemed a little panicked at their sudden idea of a game.

“We have a mission,” Melt reminded, his uneasy expression never fading as he spoke his words of caution. This only caused Koh to wave his hand dismissively at their blue haired friend.

“You can’t get distracted!” Melt fumed, turning back to Asuna and Bamba for support. Bamba simply shrugged his shoulders, seeming uninterested in the interaction at hand. Asuna simply continued to crunch on some snacks, looking innocently up at the overthinking blue warrior.

“This is who the universe has chosen to save the world,” Melt grimaced.

“I mean,” Asuna began, swallowing the last of her snack. “As long as they don’t get distracted during fights with the Minosaurs, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?”. Bamba nodded in silent agreement, although his thoughts seemed to be elsewhere. So, nothing new for the Black Ryusoulger

“Right!” Koh chirped. “So what do you say Towa? You scared?”

“Of you?” Towa scoffed. “Get real. Challenge accepted,”

And so it began. The game began simple enough, but as Melt had predicted, the duo had gotten distracted with their competition. It was starting to get ridiculously dangerous as at one point, Towa had dared Koh to freeze in the midst of battle with some lone Drunn soldiers. Not Towa’s best idea to get more kills. Not to mention, Melt had ridiculed him for hours afterwards to the point where Towa was beginning to suspect that the blue warrior was getting gray hairs.

Koh wasn’t seriously injured, but Melt had demanded that Towa go and apologize for that incredibly dangerous dare. Reluctantly, Towa went to do just that. His search didn’t bring him far. Koh was always either back with Ui back at home or in the forest, doing Koh things. This time, Koh was indeed in the forest.

“Hey,” Towa began awkwardly, catching the black haired boy’s attention from where he was sitting on the forest floor. “Wait. What are you doing?”

“Putting faces on leaves,” Koh retorted proudly, holding up his latest attempt for Towa to see. Towa couldn’t help but chuckle at the awkward smile the leaf bore. His laughter soon died, as he realized that Koh had a scratch in his red jacket from where a Drunn soldier had caught him.

Koh seemed to notice his sudden change in mood and followed his gaze towards said scratch. The red warrior rolled his eyes with an amused smiled before looking up at Towa.

“Don’t apologize for it,” Koh insisted, reading Towa’s thoughts, turning back to carve more faces into leaves. “It was my fault for going through with the dare in the first place. And besides, I wasn’t badly hurt,”. Towa couldn’t help but think about what could have happened within the fight had Melt not been there to call out their bullshit.

“Melt was right,” Towa admitted. “This was a bad idea,”

Koh simply shrugged. “Are we still playing though?”

“Probably not a good idea,” Towa shrugged.

“Play for five more minutes,” Koh pleaded. Towa briefly considered it. Nobody was in any real danger at the moment and there were no Drunn soldiers around to spoil the fun yet.

“What have you got in mind?”

“For starters. I dare you to sit down beside me,” Koh began.

Towa had to raise his eyebrow at that simple request but either way, he complied and took a seat next to Koh. He noticed just how many leaves had gotten faces. Koh had been thinking. Towa had a bad feeling that Koh had been thinking about this and how to get his revenge on the green warrior.

“Okay,” Towa confirmed cautiously.

“Towa, I-,” Koh cut himself off and looked back down towards his leaf buddy. Koh was uncharacteristically serious and now Towa was very certainly afraid for his life. Koh seemed to regain his courage and what he spoke next caused mild alarm and confusion within Towa.

“Towa. What I’m about to ask. You need to choose truth, okay?” Koh mumbled, fiddling with the leaf. “Truth or dare?”


Koh hesitated for another moment. “How do you feel about me?”

Towa was definitely caught off guard by this request. His heart rate had picked up and a weird fuzzy feeling began to do quite a few flips in his stomach. It was no secret that Towa had a bit of an ‘admiration,’ for Koh. Maybe, it did go farther than that. Towa wasn’t sure if he was ready to admit it though. So, he simply shrugged his shoulders.

“Towa. I’m gonna ask one more time. This time. Please choose Dare,” Koh begged. “This is the final part of the game. Truth or dare,”

This time, it was Towa who hesitated momentarily. “Dare,”

“I dare you to kiss me,”

“What?” Towa gasped at Koh’s sudden bluntness.

“You heard me,” Koh insisted.

“I think I’m deaf. Repeat?” Towa replied, heart beating unusually quickly.

“I-I dare you to kiss me?” Koh faltered. “O-Or are you too scared?”

Towa glared at that word. He was never scared. Not of this dare or any feelings he may have for Koh. To hell with it.

“Of you? Get real. Challenge accepted,”

And so, Towa leaned forward and pressed their lips together.