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Promises of an Eternity (with you)

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Promise me you’ll be mine for forever

I promise


Namjoon had always loved over cast days such as today. Days where the sky was a dull blue masked over with grey clouds. Days where the sun couldn’t beat down harshly on him, and the world was oddly still aside form the wind that would knock into some debreise that had somehow found their way to places he was sure few humans ever had the pleasure of knowing. 

It was days like this, where he could smell rain that had yet to fall, heavy in the air, where he felt at ease. 

It was because he knew, from how the rain hung in the sky, poized and ready to fall, that Jimin was happy, and when his dragon was happy, how could he not be? Espeshially when his smile, regardless of how small or shy it may be, always pierced through whatever gloomyness one could mistranslate the day to hold. 

Because of Jimin, the world around him had blessed to tie into his emotions and when he radiated sunshine smiles, bright eyes and bubbly laughter it had yet to negatively impact his village, if anything, it was beyond a blessing.

Today, much like many days, Namjoon was walking through the woods. The only difference seemed to be that the plants seemed to be a more vibrant shade of green than he had seen in years, flowers saturated in color, and he knew there was only one person to thank for the woods to take such a dramatic recovery in such few days, and most notably when it had been weeks since any rain had actually fallen. 

In this part of Korea, rain fell seldom and more days than not temperatures climbed past the high ninetys. Rain was a luxoury, many times wildlife, and even people, rarely survived. 

Recently however, while it hadn’t rained quite yet, the woods and nature in the neighboring villages seemed to be making beyond a recovery that he hadn’t thought he would be alive to see. The woods around him seemed to sing with life. 

Plants no longer swept the woods floors, bramble seemed to have been trimmed back so it could no longer strangle life from flowers that where littered around the mossy floor. He’d seen a dozen rabbits too and while he supposed rabbits weren’t too uncommon their numbers seemed more abundant than he last remembered and they didn’t skitter away whenever he would cross by one who’s face was buried in a bush of ripe berries. 

He was slightly surprised there didn’t seem to be any bugs here given how far into the woods he was, but he caked it up to simply be another benefit of having a river dragon living here. 

Honestly a large part of him wasn’t even sure if the woods could even be thought of in such a mediocre way. They where huge and even Jimin had yet to explore its entierty. Maybe forest would be a more accurate description? 

There where more rivers than he could remember, half a dozen ponds at least, and even though it was more of a cliff with water flowing down, well, there was a waterfall of sorts and it all seemed to be too much for it to be thought of as anything less glorifying when it so often stole his breath away. 

Hearing his steps grow hollow his eyes flickered down, finding a smooth wood bridge that looked to be new. He slid his eyes around him to survey the area. He was sure the bridge that had hung over this pond for years had been half rotten the last time he had seen it. 

He paused to skim his fingers run over the smooth wood railing and he found himself wondering if Jimin had used a spell to make it feel so smooth or if he was just that talented. He was sure it was the later. 

His fingers paused as the railing split in two and he let his eyes follow the break down to the stairs that fed into a small dock, his eyes pausing just after it. The water in the center of the pond seemed to be dancing with gold and he could see just the hint of scales just beyond the surface. 

Finding himself grinning he crept down the dock as quietly as he could, pausing at its mouth and crouching down to watch the miniature dragon below the surface.

Upon closer inspection he noticed he was asleep, small bubbles lining the surface and if the water weren’t an off shade of green- gold he imagined he would be able to see his small canary colored snout. 

His eyes found a small wooden boat just besides the ponds dirt caked walls. It was over grown with moss, lilypads, and while it looked beautiful, more like it fit in nature, he didn’t trust himself to not come down with some disease if he were to touch it. 

Frowning he continued to let his eyes roam around the pond. It was never smart to wake a sleeping dragon, and speaking would certainly startle him...his eyes found a decently sized stone just by honey colored grass. Creeping towards it he snatched it into the palm of his hand and returned to the edge of the dock. 

He could feel a giggle threatening to escape from his throat and it was taking everything in his power to keep his hand from shaking. He breathed in deep, until his lungs where bursting with air, exhaling silently through his mouth before raising his arm and throwing the rock into the shimmering gold water before him. 

Immediately a muffled snort was heard and that mass of gold before him disappeared as the water rippled. Seconds passed before finally the water broke and a head of blonde hair popped up to the surface. Jimin’s features where pulled up into a scowl and he found it harder and harder to keep himself from laughing as sound spilled from his lips. 

Jimin didn’t look impressed and the water broke for a second time as he dived beneath it, reappearing in front of him, hands planted on the dock as he hauled himself up so that the upper half of his honey tan body was leaning on the dock while water dripped down his form. 

I could eat you you know? ” Jimin hissed, eyes narrowed and he imagined he was trying to sound threatening, imposing, everybit of what a dragon should be. 

Instead Namjoon thinks he looks impossibly cute. Brown eyes barely slits, cheeks a beautiful shade of crimson that seemed to compliment his skin, plush lips quirked in a way that they started up on one end and ended down on another- he was adorable. He knew better than to tell him so though. 

Oh? Well at least take me on a date first,” He hummed and Jimin seemed to expect the reply because he didn’t even flinch back with embarrassment like he would most days. 

Instead his cheeks puffed out slightly as white smoke puffed out from his nose in front of him. He reached a finger forward to tap at his nose, his lips pulling into a wide grin at the sight of the smoke darkening to a deep grey.

“Hasn’t anyone told you not to wake a sleeping dragon? Are you suicidal again Joonie? I can take you to a support group- no, I don’t trust your human meet ups, i’ll make you a soup that will help- you don’t really need one right? ” Jimin’s eyes where large on him and he snorted at the youngers tendency to get lost in his thoughts and ramble on. 

“I feel fine Jimin, I promise,” 

Jimin eyed him wearily but after several long moments his eyes softened and he sunk back into the water until just his shoulders where visible and he could rest his chin on his arm. 

“The woods look really good, what made you decide to help it?” He asked sliding down to his ass and kicking his sandals off to place them just beside him, before sinking his feet into the sun warmed water. 

“The humans weren’t going to do anything...and I’m not going to let them ruin my home,” He added with a pout and he nodded. “ Not that they deserve my help - or that I pitty them or something,” He said with a sneer and he jabbed a toe into his chest. 

“I’m right here ,” 

Jimin narrowed his eyes. 

“You’re my favorite little human, you don’t count, you’re like a…” He trailed off, clearly trying to come up with a good analogy before huffing. “You’re like better than humans,”

Okay, but not all humans ‘ ruin your home ’,” He replied animatedly, fingers hanging in the open air as he moved them pointedly. Jimin frowned. 

“The ones that try to come in here do,” 

He opened his mouth to object. 

“-and didn’t you leave a juice box on the river bed near the ducklings pond the first day you came here?” 

He snapped it shut, willing the gears in his brain to turn before opening it again. 

“They’re biodegradable,” 

So is your body, ” Jimin jibed, smoke coming from his nose, teeth looking sharper than he would have liked and his mouth snapped shut once more. “Do you even know how hard it is to fix these woods? The humans stopped caring so long ago...I remember when it was gushing with life- and now its just so pitiful,” Jimin moaned as he stared out in front of him blindly. 

“You’re a river dragon, you can fix decay with a snap of your fingers, it can’t be that hard,” He poked his stomach with his toe again, this time less harder and brown eyes found his own. 

“It’s still a lot of work. Just cause me being here makes it so I can heal the woods- doesn’t mean its easy . Just ‘cause I got the ability to do something doesn’t mean I’ll succeed either,” 

He hummed, reaching a hand forward to run it through Jimin’s wet hair. The younger showed no signs of minding and he continued, stopping occasionally to pull a flower from his hair. He didn’t even know how he had managed to get so many tangled in blond strands. 

“Still, the woods look great so far,” He said, pulling a crimson flower from his hair and tossing it into the water. Jimin’s eyes followed the flower as it moved down the water. 

“Yeah, I’ve been doing a lot of work I guess...I’m mainly focusing on promoting color in plants and since I’m here now they can sustain life easier, I’m keeping the temperature down and all, it’s a lot more damp in the air...should be easier for them,” He said softly and he continued to rake his hand through his hair even though it was now free of debris. 

“Have you placed any charms yet?” 

Jimin shook his head, head pulling up from his arm so that he could lean into his touch as he tried to pull his hand away. 

“No, I will later...I can do everything manually as of now, I’ll have to do a rain charm though, a lot of plants here are water based and I don’t want to screw with my emotions just to keep them well watered twice a week,”

He hummed shortly to show he was listening. 

“You should like, make it rain outside of the woods you know, have pitty on your favorite human…” He trailed off at the sight of Jimin staring off to the side now and he followed his line of sight hesitantly, eyes meeting an orange and black fox that was hunched over drinking from the far side of the pond. 

“Have you seen one here yet?” He asked softly and an odd noise tore through the youngers throat. 

“A few times...there are a few, I thought they where just passing through,” His voice was deadly silent and he took the message to only nod, too scared to speak in fear of scaring it off. He doubted they would. The fox seemed to have approached them first even with the sound of them talking. “I’m really glad they’re staying here...I should probably see about cleaning the plastic from that cave by the ‘fall...if they make it there home I don’t want them eating some of that,” Jimin seemed to be talking to himself more than anyone else but he nodded nonetheless, letting his eyes fall back to Jimin who was still staring off at the fox. 

He looked really good today. Almost godly. Gold hair raked back so only a few strands hit his forehead, lips so red he’s sure he’s bitten into them several times today, he couldn’t see an ounce of strain in his face either which was probably the most abnormal. 

The dragon always seemed to be stressed about one thing or another and he hated it. His face didn’t deserve to be lined in stress marks on his forehead, heavy bags and and brows pintched together...right now Namjoon couldn’t see any of those and it was a enorumous relife off his chest to see Jimin looking so conentent. Like his work was paying off. 

Namjoon wasn’t sure how long he had been obsessed with Jimin’s happiness. How others felt never mattered much to him, but seeing light shine in the youngers eyes, joy reflecting back at him in the smallest things, it all meant the world to him. 

He was sure he knew what this all meant deep down. What all of the pittiful tugs to his heart at late hours signified, what the small invasive thoughts of showing the dragon something throughout the day stood for, what it meant when he would often find himself staring at Jimin for too long to be normal, too long that he would do with anyone else-

He was in love with him. 

It didn’t even sound absurd or jarring to know this. Jimin was well Jimin, and changing the label he placed towards the affection he held towards him wouldn’t change how he felt. The label was comforting if anything. He didn’t think he could survive if he didn’t know what it all meant. 

Luckily though, he’d known for years, and even when he had to travel an hour to see Jimin each time, that never changed. Now that he moved to his village again and he could see him whenever he wanted, it still didn’t change and if anything the sticky warm feeling in his chest had only manifested since he had moved back into the woods a few short months ago. 

“Come to my house?” Jimin asked and he was brought from his trail of thoughts. The dragon was still staring off at the fox and he was personally surprised it hadn’t moved on by now, or perhaps time just passed by slower when Jimin was on his mind. 

He forced himself to hum and Jimin shifted so that he could pull himself up with strong arms, crawling onto the dock. 

He averted his eyes while the younger changed and it was only when his shoes where shoved into his line of vision did he let his eyes move up to see the younger standing above him with a familiar pair of white drawstring pants on that hugged his body almost too perfectly. 

Accepting the shoes he ignored the invasive thoughts trying to make themselves home in his mind as he slipped them on, trailing after the dragon the short walk down to his house. 

Unlike the woods, it looked much of the same since he had last seen it. Buried in a decently sized clearing with a garden off to one side and another much cleaner looking pond on the opposite side of the enclosure. 

Wordlessly, Jimin led him into his home, holding the door open for him as he kicked his shoes off before walking to the living room, and plopping down on the worn couch Jimin had while watching as he went over to the kitchen and pulled out two jars from his enchanted cabinet, crossing back over to him and pushing a chilled jar into his grasp. 

“It’s soup I made a few days ago. Promotes sleep, organ health and it also helps with acne,” Jimin hummed as he pulled a wand from a book shelf behind him, rapping it against the lid of his jar twice with a few words too soft for him to here before repeating the action with his own. 

“Are you saying I have a pimple?” He asked, eyebrow raised and the younger sent him an annoyed look. 

No, and there's nothing wrong with having acne, it’s just one thing it helps,” He said and Namjoon had begun to notice that his jar was now plesaently warm. Jimin placed his wand down on the oak coffee table as he joined him on the couch. Unscrewing his lid he bit into his cheek to prevent himself from laughing. 

So , that means you’re either trying to knock me out or make sure my organs are good for harvesting,” He teased and Jimin glared at him as he unscrewed his own lid. 

“You look tired , geeze stop being so mean,” The dragon hummed, setting his lid down before pressing the rim of his jar to his lips. He followed suit rolling his eyes as he inhaled a large amount of soup. 

He could taste potato, chicken and a few other things he really hoped Jimin had bought from in town and not attempted to grow himself. Then again it did taste good so he supposed it didn’t matter. Shrugging it off he took another gulp. 

So, ” He started and Jimin’s eyes met his own. “Are you going to stop waging war against the village now that you’ve found a green thumb?” 

Jimin’s nose wrinkled up cutely at his words and had both his hands not been gripping his jar he was sure he would have flipped him off. 

“Until they accept me I currently have a three person feast planned,” Jimin said and he could see clear smoke fanning out in front of him, Jimin’s mouth hanging open and he got the feeling he had somehow burned himself which he really didn’t get given he could breathe both fire and water. 

“What happened to not eating humans? Don’t they taste bad or something?” He asked, bringing his jar back to his mouth and thankful it didn’t seem to be as hot as Jimin’s was. 

Jimin had never outright admitted to eating people, and while he didn’t think he’d care either way, so long as they were people who deserved it, he wasn’t sure if he actually did, which definitely didn’t aline with the whole ‘infamous dragon’ persona he had developed. 

There were rumors Jimin had eaten people, hundreds in fact but then again he’d rummaged through his fridge more times than he could remember and he had yet to find a suspiously rapped package of meat. Jimin never spoke of eating people either unless it was in a sarcastic tone, and around him he seemed to stick to a pretty human dieterity regiment. 

“I’m sure threatening to eat people will work out just great in your favor if you ever want peace with them,” He said and Jimin simply raised an eyebrow as he took another sip from his glass. 

Ever since Jimin had moved back into the woods, him and the village seemed to be having one disagreement after another. Most people knew who Jimin was. He stuck out like a sore thumb with the hint of scales that dusted his cheeks and in result just about everyone he crossed paths with would dart away with their tails between their legs or spew disgusting amounts of ignorance at him when he was just trying to sell some crops in town. 

He rarely ever went into town as it was and when he did he always seemed to mind his own business, acting with everybit of politeness that all parents should hope their children would one day hold but everytime, without fail, he would be yelled at and even struck for apparently no reason.  

By then Jimin would usually lose his temper and while he had yet to face any repercussions, because all of the villages officials seemed to be too scared to approach him, it was disheartening to think that all of this could be avoided if everyone where to just sit down and come to a truce. 

“I’m not going to barter my scales or blood away just so they can come to respect me when I try to earn money,” 

The dragon replied with no bite to his voice and he could tell he had considered it too. Jimin was the one that actually dealt with all of it, of course he had considered every way out, even when he did nothing to deserve the shit he had to put up with.

“These are my woods, I was here first. They’re connected to me , I owe the humans nothing, they should be at my feet begging for my permission to live on my land after they trimmed back my woods if anything ,” 

Jimin looked more annoyed than pissed but he knew if the subject was pushed that would all too quickly change. He settled for a stiff nod. 

He wasn’t exactly sure what Jimin meant whenever he would say ‘ I was here first ’, he knew he at least meant he was here before the mayor who was definitely younger than him in appearances, but he had no way of knowing exactly how old Jimin was. 

He would always call him ‘hyung’ , but from how he spoke of things, such as the woods being trimmed back, well he knew he had to be older and dragons could live for thousands of years and show no signs of it. 

All he knows, is that Jimin was here before the village was, moved away a few years after knowing him to a village facing a drought a few miles away, and moved back recently, more livid than ever that a handful of humans had cut down a decent portion of the woods. 

They were still bigger than ever, but from how Jimin talks about it they had ripped out apart of his soul with each uprooted tree. 

Before Jimin moved, and when they where both kids, (read: Jimin looked like a kid) he was almost positive he had seen a hanbok in Jimin’s house. For all he knew Jimin could have been here when every single tree was but a sapling.

He tries not to think of it too much. Whenever he lets his mind wander to the fact that he will just be apart of a brief moment of Jimin’s life he always ends up making himself depressed. 

“Will you go out to the market tonight?” He asks and with his jar now empty he sets it down on the coffee table, leaning back against the couch to sleepily watch the dragon. 

He could already feel the soup taking its effect and he was momentarily grateful that he was with Jimin of all people because he was probably one of the few people he even trusted to fall asleep near, ironic as it was. Despite it all, the people in his village weren’t the best and he couldn’t say he trusted even a handful of them. 

And Jimin? His sweet dragon had saved him from himself more times than he liked to admit and he couldn’t imagine his life without him. 

“Maybe, I have a lot of fruits and vegetables I’d like to sell, I saw these beautiful earrings the other week and the merchant was really nice- well I think she may have been blind- but I really want to get it and I don’t want it to be sold before I can ,” He rushed out and he giggled at the dragons enthusiasm. Probably one of the only stereotypes Jimin fit into was he was absolutely obsessed with anything and everything shiny, gold especially, from how his eyes where twinkling he had a feeling the earrings where solid gold. 

“Please don’t get in any fights if you go out,” He says and Jimin’s eyes shift away as he places his own empty jar on the table. “ Jimin, promise me,” He knew not to expect an answer but still he stared at the dragon expectantly. 

Jimin held his gaze silently and after he was positive he wasn’t going to tell him ‘ I promise’ he slid his eyes out the window.

Dragons rarely made promises, and while this could easily be chalked up to the fact that few still existed, he knew better. Jimin had told him when he was six that dragons couldn’t break promises. Well, they could , but it was incredibly difficult, every fiber of their body would pull them along the right path even if they never intended on keeping their word. In the instances that they would break the they would come down with a fever and grow sick. 

Even if nothing happened to him he was sure Jimin would never promise him that let alone anything else. Promises where dangerous for his kind and even then he was sure Jimin simply wouldn’t want to waste his breath on swearing anything to him. 

Namjoon couldn’t even think longer on the subject, worry more on how Jimin was going to return battered physically or emotionally if he went out to town, because he could feel his eyes growing more and more heavy. 

“Come here,” He grumbled and Jimin’s eyes moved over to him curiously. He made grabbing motions with his hands, hoping to get his point across without actually having to put forth more effort. 

“Dragon?” Jimin asked and he nodded just as Jimin pulled off his pants and he was momentarily thankful that he felt too tired to even risk a glance down. White smoke filled his vision and when the haze finally disappeared a honey gold dragon, no bigger than a fox was crawling on top of him, settling down with his head resting on top of his chest. 

He wrapped an arm tightly around him, ghosting one of his free hands over the scales running up his side while Jimin watched him with soft eyes. He could feel his eyes growing heavy with the dragons comforting weight settled over him and he had a feeling it had something to do with the clear smoke being puffed out onto his face. His eyes slid shut and he adjusted his grip around him, listening to the gentle lull of him breathing. 

Jimin must have thought he was asleep, or maybe he simply just didn’t care because he scooted forward in his grip, wiggling body until he could nudge his cheek with his head. 

His features scrunched up at the feeling of a warm tongue being dragged across his face. Shifting his head he tried to ignore the feeling of the wet appendage being dragged over his cheek, licking over his jaw, and mouth in repetitive strokes. 

His tongue felt rough against his skin and when he peeked an eye open to watch Jimin, he found his eyes were shut and if he didn’t know better he looked like an overgrown cat trying to groom him.

His breath froze at the feeling of his tongue moving over his lips gently. Jimin’s eyes where still shut, face drained of tension and if he didn’t know better he’d say he didn’t know what he was doing. 

That being said he did know better and the feeling of Jimin dragging his tongue across his mouth, even though he was in his dragon form, continued to spark waves of warmth inside him and it was all he could do to ignore it. 

Jimin knew what he was doing- he had too. It seemed like he always did everything deliberately and he knew this to be no exception. He pressed a hand to the dragons chest, weakly trying to push him off of him only to have the dragon molding to his touch, both of his paws moving up to hold his face still as he continued his ministrations. 

Jimin ,” He moaned and Jimin ignored him, his tongue swiping against his own as he opened his mouth to tell him to knock it off. Shoving at the dragons chest hard he pulled up from him, looking dazed. The white smoke reappeared. 

“What?” Jimin was sitting on his chest, very naked, and Namjoon was sure he was going to have to see a healer if he wanted his face to return to a normal shade anytime soon. 

“Stop that, I’m sleepy,” He whined and Jimin simply blinked at him, looking puzzled. 

“Stop what?” 

He narrowed his eyes at him sleepily. 

Licking me, ” He hissed and Jimin’s eyes went wide.

“I- I’m not... I’m scenting you! Don’t make it weird,” He hissed and Namjoon wondered how that was supposed to be less weird than licking him. He raised and eyebrow weirlily and Jimin looked ready to slap himself in the face. “It’s so other magical beings know to leave you alone- it’s not weird don’t give me that look I’ll kill you, ” he hissed and he forced himself to nod slowly, his sleep riddled brain refusing to process why he needed to be protected from magical creatures. 

Right. Jimin didn’t find it weird, maybe he shouldn’t either. It didn’t feel bad and even if it was horrible for his sanity there probably wouldn’t be many other chances for him to enjoy Jimin being so close to him, even if it did make him feel disgustingly selfish. 

He leaned back against the couch and Jimin settled back down on top of him, this time in his human form and after a minute of having his eyes shut his tongue returned to his face.

Jimin seemed to be more cautious this time and from how he was gently licking at his cheek he got the feeling he thought he was asleep once more and he was doing everything possible not to rouse him. 

Soft hands cupped his cheeks and when his tongue slid over his lips again he didn’t object. He could feel Jimin’s eyes on him, calculating, and after a while he licked over them again and again until finally his lips parted slightly, just enough and his tounge wormed its way into his mouth. 

He knew it was wrong to take advantage of such a seemingly innocent action (even when he got the feeling it wasn’t all that innocent at all), but Jimin was volunteering this and with him licking over every inch of his mouth what was he supposed to do? 

Tell him it felt like he was kissing him? That it was going to cause his heart to swell too much for his own good, knowing that he didn’t mean it in a way other than platonic? 

They had kissed whenever they were younger but that had all stopped once they had gotten old enough to realize the connotations behind it and now that he was beyond head over heels in love with him he felt greedy now that he could finally have his mouth on his own again.

Jimin’s tongue left his mouth too soon for his own liking and instead moving to lick over the other side of his cheek before Jimin’s head settled into the crook of his neck and he found it easier to fall asleep with the youngers weight on top of him.


✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧


When Namjoon woke up, he found Jimin was unsurprisingly, gone. Warm sunlight was settling in around him and dust particles rose in the sun's wake. Groaning he pushed an obnoxious shade of yellow blanket from him as he sat up.

Double checking that the dragon hadn’t simply stepped into his the bed, hoard or bathroom he pulled on his shoes and made his way through the woods, half an hour later arriving back in the village and as he made his way through the market and back to his house he wasn’t even slightly surprised to hear the sound of someone that sounded suspiciously like Jimin cussing someone out. 

Begrudgingly he followed the sound of the voice until he found Jimin, dressed in the same white pants he had been wearing earlier, combat boots, a loosely fitted white top that left way too much of his chest exposed for his sanity, and a deep black cloak wrapped around his shoulders. 

He was so distracted by how erethral the male looked that it took him a handful of minutes for him to realize the dragon had a man pinned down to the table of his stall and he could see veins twitching on the youngers forearm as he hissed in the males face. 

“- I could roast you and your profits alive you theif- do you know how long it’s been since I’ve eaten? ” He could see flames dancing in Jimin’s eyes as he got closer and it was taking every bit of concentration he had not to start shaking as he shoved the dragon as hard as he could, causing the males grasp to fall from the males throat and for him to fall backwards. 

Jimin what the fuck! ” He shouted, stomping over to where Jimin was on the ground, mouth hanging open and looking like he was ready to burn him alive. 

A small part of him almost wishes smoke would begin fogging up in front of them, at least then he would know that he was upset- pissed even that he couldn’t do just one thing for him and yet Jimin seemed rather composed as he pulled himself up, dusting his pants off as he walked up to him until he was nearly pressed up against him and he could see gold specks glinting dangerously in his eyes. 

Hyung, ” His voice came out rough and he could barely just bite back the urge to shiver. “ Please, step aside so I can gut this thief,” He spat and sparing a glance behind him he found the man- thief? was still lying awkwardly against the table, seemingly frozen. 

“What do you mean thief?” He brought himself to ask. Jimin wouldn’t hurt him. He was Jimin, stupidly cute Jimin who gushed over shiny things- he wouldn’t hurt him

“He had a necklace I liked. I asked if I could buy it. He said yes, he said it was fifty thousand won, I gave him one hundred thousand and he wouldn’t give me change or the necklace- so now i’m going to kill him, ” He finished cooly but his breath felt impossibly hot against his face. He was almost sure he was going to faint. 

“Give him his change,” He said as strongly as he could and keeping an arm out beside him to prevent the dragon from jumping the man. 

“He’s lying I didn’t fucking steal from him!” The man snapped, pulling himself up and standing up straight. He could hear Jimin growling low and deep from behind him and he was almost positive one of them would be a meal, most likely himself if he didn’t move. 

Dragons can’t lie ,” 

He hissed through his teeth and the males eyes widened slightly. It was a blant lie, but he knew that Jimin had been working so hard and that the last thing he would do would be taking time from his day to fight some random dude who smelled like stale piss- god he wished he would take a step back

“Give him his money back thief ,” He spat and the males eyes narrowed. 

“I’m not a thief, you can’t steal from a dragon when all they do is steal in the first place,” 

You’ve been to my fucking stall you know I sell shit to earn money! ” Jimin screamed from behind him and the back of his neck felt so incredibly hot that he wouldn’t be surprised if fire had come from Jimin’s mouth. 

“Give him back his money or I'll kill you,” He hissed and he really thought he would have had to yell at him for half an hour before he even budget on the topic, maybe even get an officer involved but the male shakily retrieve a watted bill from his pocket, as soon as his hand was extended far enough for him to grab it he snatched it from his hold and punched him as hard as he could in the stomach, his fist burning as the male let out a choked sound as he fell to the ground. 

“After all I do for your woods I ought to cast a drought upon your village and damn you all to hell!” The dragon hissed from behind him and turning around he could see sparks flaring from his mouth. 

He didn’t like how serious Jimin looked. He looked ready to set the whole village to flames if it meant achieving his ‘drout’ quicker and he found himself wanting to punch him for making such a deadly bluff. 

Rushing forward he took Jimin's hand in his free one and dragged him away from the scene he had caused, pulling him into an alleyway of homes before dropping his hand. 

Putting his hands over his face he resisted the urge to groan. 

He didn’t think he was asking much of him when he asked him to try not to get into any fights. Why couldn’t he just ask him to buy him something if he wanted it? He got that the male wanted the basic respect to pay for something but if it avoided all the hassle it was sure to come with- why couldn’t he just help him or at the very least accompany him??? 

Pulling his hands from his face he glared at Jimin, blinking rapidly before his jaw fell open at the sight of him hooking a gold pendant around his neck. 

You got to be fucking shitting me-

What? He said my kinds are thieves so why not?” Jimin didn’t look guilty in the slightest and if he didn’t know better he’d say he had been waiting for him to distract the man so that he could get his money and the necklace. As if remembering it, Jimin snatched the bill from his hand, shoving it into the pocket of his pants.

“Jimin...can’t...I know you didn’t start it- but can you please promise me to just let me come with you next time? ” He wasn’t so sure about the first part anymore but he didn’t say so. Jimin simply grunted indifferently. “Well can you at least not say you’re going to eat someone? It doesn’t do anything for the legend that surrounds you, you know,” 

Legends? ” Jimin asked, voice laced in cockiness and an eyebrow raised. He had a dark look in his eye and he immediately found himself not liking it. “Baby what makes you think they’re just legends? I’m a dragon ,” He hissed out the last part and his throat squeezed nervously in response. 

“Yeah well have you even eaten someone? ” He was nearly positive he hadn’t and he could feel his annoyance growing. 

“You sure you want to hear the answer to that?” He asked, mirth dancing in his eyes as he stepped closer to him so that there chests pressed together ever so slightly. “If I have then you could be next, and if I don't then that just means every moment i’m with you I’m starving,” His voice came out cold and he found he could only raise an eyebrow at the remark. 

Jimin was trying so hard to look dangerous but he didn’t look any less threatening than a small dog who thinks they’re a wolf. He bit back the urge to ruffle his hair affectionately, instead settling for sighing. 

“Can't you just come get me next time you want to go out to the market?” He asked, reaching forward to take both of Jimin’s hands into his own and the youngers expression softened. 

“I’ll think about it,” 


✧・゚: ✧・゚:    :・゚✧:・゚✧


Namjoon didn’t like the word desperate. It always seemed far too raw and he didn’t like to think that he could ever be in such a vulnerable position. 

As of right now though, Namjoon was as desperate as could be to see Jimin. He missed him- he fucking missed him so much and he knew Jimin was beyound bussy trying to keep the forest alive but he needed to see him or else he was sure he would go insane. 

To make matters worse, unlike most days, it had been getting hotter and hotter lately and everytime he woke up to the sun glaring harshly on him from his bed he wanted to crawl into the darkest, coldest crevice he could find. He wanted to die. It was too hot- and he knew Jimin could fix this but he was just too busy

He also knew it was a lot less of the fact that it was just too hot, and more of he was having withdraw from not seeing him for so long, but telling himself that it was from the heat made him feel a lot less guilty. 

He had currently been waiting at this secluded spot on the beach for Jimin for forty- five minutes, or in more simpler terms- for forever , and he really needed the dragon to hurry up because he was going to pop a fuse if he didn’t show up soon. Maybe cry. Probably both.  

“-sorry I'm late,” Jimin's voice tore through his self desperation thoughts and he jumped up, tackling the dragon to the sand the moment he came into view. 

Do you even know how long it’s been? My skin has melted off of me and you couldn’t at least sit here and pat my back while I became a pile of mush? ” He moaned from on top of Jimin and he could feel Jimin pulling a face at him. Tilting his head he turned to grin at him, ignoring how Jimin was trying to shove him off of his chest. 

“Stop being so dramatic- and get off of me i’m suffocating- ” He panted and he could feel a pout forming on his lips. 

You’re suffocating? My lungs have shriveled up- its so hot Minnie I’m dying!,” 

Jimin didn’t look impressed at his statement. He could feel his pout deepening and he slinked an arm around his waist to ghost his fingers across his side and finally his stoney expression broke, delicate features crumpling as laughter bubbled up from the male beneath him.

Stop- stop that- Kim Namjoon! ” The elder was rolling with laughter as he tried to escape from him and he could hear thunder rumbling from above him. Excited, he rolled over onto his back and his lips pulled up at the sight of the sky darkening. 

Jimin I love you- thank you so much- please marry me Jimin, if you make it rain and kill the sun you can eat me- Jiminie please ,” He knew he was gushing but he couldn’t stop the words from tumbling from his lips. 

In a forceful shove, Jimin had his arms pinned above his head and he could feel himself growing impossibly hot as he sat on top of him, squinting at him suspiciously. 

You’re drunk aren’t you? ” Jimin said it as a fact and he giggled back at his grave tone, squirming an arm free from his hold to reach his hand up and pinch at one of his cheeks that hadn’t seemed to lose it’s baby fat yet. 

It was so cute. He was so cute. 

Noooo , I’m not drunk, ” He whined softly as he tried to wiggle Jimin off of his body. The younger simply snatched his hand away from his cheek to pin it back beside the other. 

“You are drunk oh my-” Jimin broke off and the grip around his wrists where uncomfortably tight. He whined at the pressure, glaring up at Jimin who was staring off behind him. Shimmying under his grip he turned his head to see what he was looking at.

Oh no.  

Namjoon, ” 


“Is that your fucking wine bottle over there?” 


“Maybe,” His brain didn’t have the chance to catch up to his mouth before the word had slipped from his lips. 

Fucking damnit-

“And you weren’t going to just leave it there... were you? ” He hissed and one of his hands had migrated down to his throat and he knew the last thing he should be doing is humoring the parts of his mind that really like where this is going but with jimin things like this are always difficult. Namjoon? ” Jimin hissed and the hand around him squeezed tight just as a gasp tore through past his lips and his eyes fluttered shut. 

Jimin went still from above him and after one very embarrassing minute, his eyes snapped open, realizing what he’d done. Jimin’s mouth had fallen open and he was shocked he hadn’t crawled off of him yet. 

“I really can’t fucking believe you,” Jimin finally said, voice coming out shaky as he pulled himself off of him and to the ground. After several moments Namjoon was finally able to pull himself into a sitting position, he let his eyes slide over to Jimin and he found he was gazing out at the ocean looking thoughtful. “What’d you drag me out here for in the first place? The woods are still sixty degrees, wouldn’t you prefer to go back there?” 

It took him a while to realize that words were coming from Jimins mouth, weakly he shook his head. 

“The ocean is nice, there's water, and like, sand, and like- like- crabs ,” He finished lamely and Jimin's eyes met his own, an odd look lingering below the surface along with something that resembled curiosity but seemed clouded by something else he couldn’t quite place. 

“So my woods aren’t nice? ” Jimin said carefully and he went stiff as panic climbed up his spine.

Nononono- you’re woods are amazing perfect- really nice- ” He waved his hands frantically in front of him, hoping he could convey to the younger that his woods were just as amazing as the ocean. 

“So you’re here because of something that you can’t find in the woods?” Jimin asked but his eyes were already wandering to a tiny crab making its way over a lump of sand. 

He forced himself to breathe in deeply through his nose. The crab would get scared if he suddenly engulfed it into the darkness of his hand- he could not scare him, he had to gently guide its small blue speckled friend into the palm of his hand- he reached a hand out just beyond the hill of sand and the crab stopped in its tracks, staring at his hand wearily before tentatively stepping onto his palm. His eyes went wide as he moved his other hand along to cradle the crab, turning to Jimin to present it to him. 

Crabs? ” 

He snapped his mouth shut, pulling the crab towards his chest. 

Yes? ” 

Jimin was eyeing him again with something he couldn’t place before finally the look disappeared from his face and his lips pulled up into a wide grin as he shook his head. 

Ah, I can’t believe you...what if someone comes down here?” Jimin didn’t sound too annoyed anymore and he could feel the tension leaving his body as he gently let the crab back down to the sand. 

“No one comes down to this part of it! Like ever- ever! There's no fish here so people naturally avoid it and most people swim closer to the pourt,” He explained and Jimin nodded, glancing around the beach to look for himself. After deeming the lack of people acceptable he pulled his shirt off, dropping it down to the sand before his hands migrated to his pants. 

Namjoon started, watching as the younger stripped from his clothes, exposing honey skin that was littered with small patches of scales. He watched hungrily as the male crept over towards the edge of the water, frowning down at it. 

“You know this drops down pretty’s not like normal beaches at all,” Jimin had stuck a foot into the water testingly and from how his whole leg easily disappeared what he was saying seemed to be true. He nodded back at him, hoping the younger wouldn’t comment on just how hot his face was. “You could just walk down- thinking its a normal beach and suddenly plummet fifty feet-” He let his eyes settled on Jimin’s own and he found he looked annoyed. Pissed almost.

“Is...that bad?” 

Jimin nodded violently as he slipped into the water. 

Yes that's bad! Do you humans not even care for your own kind now? What if a little kid where to wander over here, thinks they can just splash right into shallow water- and bam! They drown!” The dragon punched the sand in front of him and he snorted at the action. 

“I don’t think that would really happen...besides no one comes here,” He hummed, scooting forward until he was sitting right in front of the dragon. Jimin still looked annoyed. 

“You’re drunk you don’t know what your talking about,” The male huffed and he could feel his cheeks puffing out unconsciously at the jibe. 

“I’m not that drunk,” He whined and Jimin simply raised an eyebrow, pushing himself away from the sand and diving down below the surface. Pouting he waited, and after what felt like forever Jimin reappeared, a small cluster of gold on his forehead sparkling brighter than it had been before he had hit the water. 

He found himself staring at his lips. They were cherry red, too red almost and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to ask him if he hadn eaten something while below the surface. He settled for grimly meeting Jimin’s guilty gaze and something in his stomach tightened. 

“I don’t mean to be dragonphobic but could you like not eat raw food in front of me,” He asked, scooting back a few inches as Jimin came to rest where the sand and water parted. 

“I didn’t eat it in front of you, and it’s technically just really fresh sushi,” Jimin hummed, grinning back at him tootily and he was slightly surprised there wasn’t blood on his teeth. He settled for poking his tongue out at him and the male huffed. 

“After all I do for you, you could at least become a vegetarian,” He grumbled and Jimin choked out a laugh, face flushed red as he struggled for breath. 

“A vegan dragon? Joonie- oh my god thats so bad- I’m a dragon I have to eat meat- and what ‘all have you done for me? Litter so I have more work to do?!” Jimin voice went deadly cold at the end and he could feel him glaring past him at the empty wine bottle he had left on the beach. 

What?! It wasn’t his fault Jimin took so long. He would have shared if he had arrived any sooner. 

He jolted up suddenly, remembering that he had stashed a second wine bottle in a bush and he scrambled back onto the beach, darting towards it and ripping it out of the shrubbery. 

From the water he could see Jimin’s mouth fell open, a painful look of exasperation dripping from his face. Grinning he ripped the cork out, dropping it to the ground only to freeze at the low growl coming from the water. 

If you don’t pick that up I’m going to break your fucking knees, ” 

He picked up the cork, pocketing it before putting the bottle to his mouth and swallowing down several mouthfuls as he plopped back down across from him. 

“-I can’t believe your kind, what happens when you get kidney failure?” Jimin said and he jerked at the feeling of a finger being jabbing into his side. He ignored him, simply raising his middle finger as he continued to drink down the bitter wine, only pulling back once the bottle was almost completely drained. “Namjoon I actually think you’re going to kill yourself if you drink anymore,” Jimins voice could just barely cut through the haze of alchohal and he blinked back blurrily at the male who was swaying in front of him. 

“I’m not- I’m not gonna kill myself,” Waves of neasua seemed to be bubbling up inside of him and he already found himself regretting drinking so much. Maybe Jimin was right- holy fuck - the bottles where small, around the same size as a beer bottle but he felt like he deffeintly had alchohal poisioning if he hadn’t gotten it from the first one alone. 

Hearing the water break he blinked back to Jimin, watching as he pulled himself from the water and pulled on his clothes. They were wet and clung to his skin and the longer he stared at him the more he found his filter disappearing. 

“I’m going to take you home, stand up,” Jimin said. He stayed put and it was only after he had slipped his arms around his waist was he hauled up to his feet. “Why did you even hide this in the bush?” The dragon asked, looking annoyed as he yanked the bottle from his hand and dropped it into a trashcan, pausing by the second bottle before dropping it in there as well. 

“Officers don’t let you drink in public,” He groaned and the words felt incredibly fat around his tongue as he tried to push them out.

“You know Joon maybe there's a reason for that,” Jimin hummed from beside him but he could just barely hear him with how loud the sound of blood rushing in his ears was growing. The dragon had an arm wrapped tightly around his waist as he dragged him home, and Namjoon was positive that if it wasn’t there that he would be on the ground, dead to the world. 

By some miracle though, Jimin managed to guide him home and into bed without him breaking all of his bones. Unfortunately though, by that time his filter had long since worn off and every feeble thought that entered his mind was just seconds from escaping through his mouth. 

“Namjoon- Namjoon, please let go of me I need to go, it’s getting dark,” Jimin groaned from on top of him. He tightened his grip his arms from where they were looped around the dragon's neck.

“You’re a dragon , jus’ poof some flames out to light your way home,” He grumbled, sinking his face into the males neck at the feeling of him struggling harder to wiggle free from his hold. 

“I’ll burn down the forest- let me go! I’ll visit you tomorrow,” Jimin’s voice came out strained as hands pushed at his chest. Ignoring him he wrapped his legs around his stomach, effectively immobilizing the dragon on top of him. 

“Promise me- you have to promise you’ll come tomorrow,” Even in his drunken state he already knew the answer he would get. 

“Just take my word for it damnit- my back is cramping up Joonie-” Jimin said and he let his limbs go slack around him as the dragon finally managed to pull himself free from them, moving down to the floor where he glared up at him. 

He blinked back at him with falsely innocent eyes. 

“I’ll visit you tomorrow okay?” 

He nodded stiffly, eyes never leaving the dragons as he stood up, cracking his back with a low groan before fixing his eyes back on him. 

“Promise me you won’t go out until I get here? I don’t want you stumbling through this hell hole with a hangover alone,” 

He tried to raise an eyebrow at him but from how heavy his face felt he doubted it did more than a feeble wiggle. 

“You want me to promise you something?” He had to be joking. Or maybe he really was that drunk. Personally he always felt he could hold his alcohol well. Sure it made him a bit loopy, but he could still hear almost all of what was said to him right. 

Before he could even think to say anything else white smoke fanned out in front of him and he wrinkled his nose up as it dispersed. 

“Just promise me alright or else I’ll knock you out like an overgrown bee,” The dragon huffed, crouching down beside his bed and he scooted back frantically and away from flaring nostrils. 

“Only if you promise me something,” He said and this time he was sure his eyebrow wiggled suggestively enough from how annoyance once again masked over his face. 

“And what would that be?” Jimin’s voice was sickly sweet and he knew he was going to blow blue smoke at him any moment now. 

“Promise me you’ll be mine for forever,” He finished grinning, and with liquid courage running through his veins he couldn’t even find it in him to feel embarrassed. It was cheesy- and while it came from a place much deeper than even drunk him would like to admit, Jimin didn’t know that and seeing his face scrunched up in annoyance made it all worth it. 

“It’s past dark now, go to sleep so I can leave,” Jimin replied instead and he pouted back at him. 

Promise meee ,” He wined and Jimin simply shook his head as blue smoke clouded his vision and his mind and eyes began to weigh too heavy to keep them functioning. 


✧・゚: ✧・゚:    :・゚✧:・゚✧


The next day Namjoon found himself sitting on the slope of his roof, Jimin at his side while he nursed a jar of a mystery soup the dragon had made for him. He had said it cured hangovers and shame, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to ask about that last part, seeing as the weight on his chest he had been adamant to not try to place a name too seemed to be lifting away the more he drank. 

He didn’t think he’d done much, he could hold his alcohol pretty well , but from Jimin telling him he’d littered again, this time with two wine bottles, and seeing as one of his strongest wines was missing from his home...he wasn’t sure he trusted himself to not just flat out proclaim his undying love for the dragon. 

He almost wishes he would roast him alive or drown him if he were to ever do something so stupid. Knowing the younger however, he was sure he’d much rather hold it over his head until he dies of embarrassment.

“This tastes horrible,” He grumbled, mainly to himself, as he took another sip. Jimin remained silent besides him and Namjoon was beginning to wonder if it would be dramatic to beg him to kill him. 

Sure his hangover was gone, but now he had to drink some bitter soup to keep it away and to make matters worse his skin was on its way to melting off of his body and becoming a sticky sludge on his roof.  

It was so fucking hot. He was nearly positive Jimin’s fire had to be cooler than this. Would blue fire be cooler? Sure it was hotter- but then again dry ice was ice and it was hot. If it wasn’t him leaving the house, desperate for a cure to his headache, he wouldn’t have even known why it was so unbearably hot. 

After waking up however, and leaving to his hyungs potion shoop, he had been stunned to overhear just how bad the weather was and that it had officially been classified as one of the worst droughts they’d faced in centuries. 

He hadn’t noticed at first, his house was about five minutes from the woods but after having to trek down to Yoongi’s shop that was over two miles away, it had become increasingly obvious that the closer to the center of the town he went, the more his skin was making an adamant attempt to slide free from his body.

“Can you please do something about this heat Jimin,” He whined for what felt like the millionth time. Jimin stayed silent from where he was lying beside him. He didn’t expect an answer when he hadn’t gotten one the last six times, but he was still mildly disappointed that he wasn’t at least affected by this in the slightest. It was hot and Jimin was making it hot and of fucking course the dragon could also reguate his own body tempetures. He couldn’t at least make it rain over his house alone? Was that so much to ask? 


“Can you just make it rain over my house?” 

No, ” 


“You’re not even proving your point- you said humans are stubborn- they won’t budge, please just put me out of my suffering-I feel sick,” 

Jimin eyed him. 

“You did it to yourself, not my fault youre stupid and decided to drink expired wine,” 

Wine doesn’t expire ,” He hissed and Jimin ignored him. The drought had been going on for weeks now, the whole town was going to die if it continued like this!

“What are you even going to do when you get a sacrifice?” He grumbled and Jimin simply raised an eyebrow. He had to know that the governor had been considering a sacrifice, everyone in town seemed to be discussing it and he knew the dragon loved to sink his teeth into any piece of gossip he could get his claws on. “ Will you make it rain then? How many people do I need to drown for you to take pity on me?” He asked and Jimin’s lips quirked up slightly. “ Five? Come on I’ll even drown them in the river of your choice,” He pleaded and Jimin smirked at him silently. 

“You and me are the only ones who can enter the woods, you can’t bring any of your nomu’s in,” He hummed and he fought back the urge to growl at him. 

“Okay if I figure out a way to bring in a sacrifice then you’ll spare me?” 

Jimin shook his head. 

“Bring in one nomu and i’ll just make it even more arid,” He said grinning and he balled his fists to stop them from shaking. “ Better yet , how do you feel about me reintroducing mosquitoes to the area?” His heart dropped at the threat and he let himself slide down to lie against the roof, in no way eager to test the youngers patience. 


✧・゚: ✧・゚:    :・゚✧:・゚✧


Namjoon couldn’t bring it in himself to stay outside of the woods any longer. It was just too hot- it was so fucking hot and the longer he tried to drown himself in a bath of ice water the more he found himself craving the sweet release of death. Everytime- every single time without fail, he poured buckets of ice into the bath, by the time he actually sunk into it he found that the water wasn’t cold , it wasn’t cool and it was barely even luke warm even with the air conditioner blasting on it lowest setting. 

For the twentieth(?) day in a row now he was making his way into the woods and he was beginning to wonder if maybe he should just move in with Jimin. His buttercup dragon was always complaining about how lonely he got on days where he couldn’t visit him and he supposed this would kill two birds with one stone. 

Then again he wouldn’t be in this situtation if Jimin would just remove the fucking drout . Everyone in the town wanted it- everyone in the town wanted to make some kind of deal with Jimin but of course , Jimin being the reasonable river dragon he was, wanted to get his point across, and he quote, ‘couldn’t do that if he caved into mortals demands’.

If he didn’t die of heat exhaustion he was definitely going to kill him. 

Jimin was a river dragon- he should flood the town if anything- not turn them into fucking raisens . Then again he was starting to get the impression that Jimin just wanted an easy meal. Kill them all off then go through the town like it’s a buffet. Then again from all of his less then pleasant jokes he made he got the impression he liked to toy with his meal before he ate them. He tried not to let his mind linger on that too much. 

Pushing open the door to Jimin’s house he sighed at the feeling of crisp air knocking into him. He was half tempted to just drop to the floor and pass out until winter came, but then again he knew once he dropped to the cool floor he’d become a permanent fixture stuck to it and as one of the only persons who could actually talk to Jimin without dying he really needed to at least try and save the town. 

Overgrown lizard where are you ,” He called, kicking off his shoes and making his way down the hall. Poking his head into the bedroom door he frowned at the lack of Jimin’s presence and hesitantly turning his eyes to glare at the door opposite to his room. 

Jimin never liked it when he went in his storage room, something he never came to understand but he just knew he was in there. 

Biting down on the inside of his cheek he waited for his patience to return, knowing full well he was going to be scolded when he went inside. His heart stilling, he pushed open the door, stepping inside and frowning as he looked around. 

It was nearly the biggest room in his home, stuffed full of gold, jelerwry, and anything else he decided was worth hoarding. He let his eyes fall down to the sunken pool, stuffed full of gold coins and predictably buried beneath it was a familiar body of chrome scales and chocolate eyes. 

Bog serpent, ” He greeted, leaning against the since closed door as deep eyes reflecting gold met his own. Jimin didn’t show any signs of having heard him, simply diving through the coins and completely disappearing from sight, the body of change rippling as he moved beneath its surface. 

After several moments his head popped back up on the far end of the pool, amber ears perked up as he stared at him, tail twitching animatedly from behind him and he wondered what exactly was going through his mind as he disappeared again

Maybe he knew he was here to yell at him for his stubbornness. It certainly explained his skittish behavior. 

At the sound of a chirp sounding from below him he snapped his eyes down to where Jimin was, hoisting up the upper half of his body and holding out a gold plate in his mouth. 

Oh ho- noooo-  

I’m not playing with you ,” He hissed and Jimin pulled his head back, ears fluttering and a look of annoyance washing over his features. As if regaining his confidence Jimin butted the disk back towards him instantly. He folded his arms, stifling the smile that was attempting to worm its way onto his lips. “ No Jimin, shift... now ,” The dragon looked affronted as he hesitantly lowered the disk back to the pile of coins, setting it down gently. “ Jimin, ” 

Blue smoke clouded his vision in a soft haze and once it had finally cleared Jimin sat before him, face pinched into a scowl and his bottom lip cutting out. 

What? ” He griped and from hits one alone he already knew he knew exactly why he was here. He complained about the same time each time he stopped by, really it’d be sad if he didn’t catch on. 

“You said you’d fix the weather,” 

“I said I’d consider it,” The dragon hoisted himself out of the gold and this time he found it nearly impossible to keep his eyes from wavering down honey skin as the male stalked past him and out the door. 

“J-Jimin please , I-It’s been over a month! Do you know how much my garden has suffered? Jimin I can’t even grow grass! Soon enough the dirt is going to go too! ” He hissed, following the male and ignoring the humorus look he was sent. 

“Stop being dramatic,” Jimin hummed as he finally found the decency to pull on some pants just as his eyes began to wonder down for the third time. “Besides you can’t garden for shit, don’t blame the drought on it,” 

So you admit you placed a drought on the town! ” 

Jimin ignored the remark, simply moving to perch himself on top of the kitchen island. 

“You say it like I’m knowingly doing it, I can’t control my emotions Joonie,” 

He glared at the male as he pulled out a stool and dropped down on it. 

“-Besides you can just get your stuff from my garden,” 

“Because I definitely trust your garden- I’m not trying to get myself killed, geeze,” 

Jimin sent him a pointed look and he shut his mouth. 

“How much longer will you keep this up? The governor wants to negotiate just as much as you do- do you want him to get down on all fours and kiss your feet? What will it take?” He asked. 

“They don’t want to negotiate when they send people to try and burn down my woods,” The dragon hissed and thin wisps of smoke puffed out before him. 

“They did?” He asked wearily and he was met with a low growl of confirmation. “How many people?” 

“Nine, four diffrent times, I wonder when they’ll get that I can sense when they get close to my woods,” Jimin was shaking his head and the longer he watched him the harder he found it to believe that he would simply let the people go that had tried to torch his home. 

“What happened to them?” He asked and guarded eyes fell to him. Jimin rarely lied to him and even so he felt like he wasn’t about to volunteer the truth and it didn’t do anything for the knot in his chest.

“You wouldn’t want to know,” He settled for saying. 

“You killed them?”

Jimin nodded slowly as his eyes mapped over his face, clearly looking for any signs of unease. 

“I drowned five of them, let the other two go so they could tell others not to test me,” From how he said it he got the feeling he had killed someone in front of the two men. The knot stirred. “They were being selfish and didn’t act apologetic in the slightest, they would have killed a lot of animals, not to mention the deforestification would have dramatically hurt any natural chances for rain,” 

He forced himself to nod, the knot lessening slightly at the thought of the foxes being hurt and the more he thought about it the easier he found it to expect their deaths. His eyes fell to the dragons lips. They seemed to be tinged red, more so than usual and he wondered if he really wanted to know the answer to the question throbbing in his mind instantly. On one hand, Jimin had to eat. On the other hand it still disgusted him ever so slightly to think about it.

“When was the last time?” 

“Last night...around two am?” Jimin licked over his lips unconsciously, he followed the movement. 

“You ate them too?” He tried to keep his tone casual but he knew the dragon could see right through him. Jimin didn’t respond but he could see his eyes wandering over towards the fridge anxiously. “I don’t care,” He added hastily, poking his slightly pudgy stomach and his face scrunched up. 

“Don’t poke me,” Jimin nudged his foot right into his stomach and he smiled up at him cheekily, jabbing his side once more as a snort fell from his lips. 

“How often do you need too?” He found curiosity winning over any qualms he may have over his dietary regiment easily enough. Jimin seemed only slightly surprised. 

“Why do you ask? You always get hungry talking about food...shouldn’t you lend cautiousness?” 

He shrugged. 

“Are you hungry?” 

Jimin shrugged back but he didn’t seem as tense as before. 

“I trust you...I’m sure you’d like just eaten before I yeeted over or been hungry while I was here before,” 

“Never say yeeted again in that context or else I’ll fix my hunger,” Jimin’s nose was scrunched up cutely and he found himself grinning. 

“Can...can I ask how often you need too?” He asked again gently. “You don’t have to answer if you don’t want too,” Jimin eyed him carefully before shrugging again and he wondered if it was all he was capable of. 

“I’m not bothered by asking, I just don’t want to make you uncomfortable...I want to gut people when I hear of them eating my kind...when I’m not disgusted,” Jimin hummed softly. “Once a day, not much just a little...I can usually substitute other meat for it but I can only do it for a few days at a time,” 

He’s not bothered by it too much. He supposes it’s pretty similar to any other animal eating another and dragons’ weren’t human so he didn’t feel too weird about that aspect even if Jimin did, for the most part, resemble one. 

He also trusted him eminsley and knew he wouldn’t start trying to attack or eat him just because he confirmed for him that he did in fact eat people. 

He was pretty sure Jimin was also worried about his perception of him changing but really, after so many years of knowing each other really not much could turn him away from Jimin. His heart was too deeply invested and he knew it would take a storm to even attempt to uproot how he saw him. 

“Is it a nutrition thing?” 

Jimin nodded. 

“Yeah, pretty much, I didn’t get why I’d get sick when you were younger, when I switched to the village west of here I discovered they had a lot of books on dragons,” 

He lit up at the statement, sitting up straighter and a request to see them on the tip of his tongue. 

No you can’t see them, ” Jimin chastised, smacking the top of his head and he slumped down in his seat once more. “I couldn’t just take them and you haven’t even read the books on dragons you have now!” 

“I- I’ve read some!” 

Jimin didn’t look convinced and he jutted out his bottom lip, hoping to win some sympathy but his face only remained stony. 

“You’re so mean,” He mumbled and Jimin nudged his stomach with a toothy grin. 

“Why do you even ask? I mean can you tell when I eat or something?” 

He was absolutely not about to confess to staring at Jimin’s lips so much, instead he settled for a limp shrug. 

“Dragons are cool , why wouldn’t I ask? You won’t give me one of your books so I have to settle for drilling questions to you,” He said and Jimin sent him a look that pointedly said ‘ I don’t trust you with my fucking books’ . “Not that you’re cool- you’re not, but I guess I’ll take what I can get,” 

Yah- I am very cool I’ll have you know,” Jimin gasped dramatically and he grinned back at him, jabbing his stomach as possibly the worlds cutest sound tore through his throat. It sounded something between a chirp and a yelp and he jabbed his again, the noise break through his lips low and dripping with an annoyance that had the dragon climbing off of the counter. 

Ah- Jimin what a cool noise,” It was but he kept his voice lined in sarcasm just in case he heard his honesty. “Jimin you’re so cool wow-” He circled the counter, ready to jab Jimin once more and he was fairly sure if he had his dragon ears in his human form they would be pressed flat to his skull. 

“I am going to kill you-” Jimin choked, face red and he paused, grin faltering as it dawned on him that Jimin seemed to be genuinely embarrassed, hiding his mouth anxiously behind his hands and looking like he wanted to shift forms and dart under the couch. 

“It’s cute Jimin- really cute- I’m so sorry,” He circled over to Jimin, grabbing both of his hands and doing his best to hold onto them from where they were still tightly clasped over his lips. “I’m sorry I teased you- I didn’t know you…” He broke off as Jimin finally allowed him to pull both of his hands down between them, eyes cast down and blush still furious on his face. 

“It’s fine,” He grumbled quietly and he squeezed his hands, heart pounding violently in his chest and he begged his eyes not to sting with nervous tears. 

“It’s a cute noise,” He repeated and slowly the dragon met his gaze with steady eyes.

“It’s okay dont…” Jimin couldn’t seem to find the words and he found his heart twisting violently at the sullen look on his face. 

No- I’m serious Jimin, it’s adorable,” 

Jimin held his gaze and his face darkened several shades as he seemed to realize he was serious. 

T-Thanks Joon ,” Jimins hands where fighting to pull back up to his face and he grinned as he held them to their sides, leaning in and quickly pecking the dragons cheek and the same noise tore through his throat. “ Joon- knock it out or I’ll roast you alive ,” He choked with no real bite to his voice and he didn’t miss how he leaned in ever so slightly. Grinning he pressed his lips to his cheek again. 

“Bold to assume you haven’t been avidly roasting me with this drought,” He teased and Jimin pouted, pulling his hands from his own and shoving half heartedly at his chest.

“Yes Joonie, my plan all along- ever since I met you I’ve been waiting for the perfect excuse to slow roast you and now that I got it I’m going to simmer you in a giant pot with some veggies,” 

“Ah, no, don’t do that, you’ll make yourself sick,” He said and Jimin raised a brow. “You’re veggies will kill you I’m sure of it-” He broke off into a yelp as the dragon punched his arm. 

“Shut up. I was going to give you some veggies but now I’m reconsidering it- my plants are amazing I’ll have you know ,” 

Jimin tomatoes aren’t blue! ” 

Jimin’s flush deepened. 

“It was a pesticide! They’re red when you wash it off,” 

He hummed disbelievingly and a soft chirp sounded from the dragon.

He bit down on his bottom lip to keep himself from cooing but one of his hands had already migrated half way through the air to affectionately cup one of the dragons cheeks. Jimin stared at it like he was ready to snap at it if it got any closer. 

“Do you want some veggies?” Jimin asked sweetly and he nodded hesitantly.

His veggies did taste normal even if they looked he really didn’t like the idea of living off of bread and chicken broth for however long it took Jimin to overcome his stubbornness.

The dragon nodded, pulling away and trotting over to the fridge where he pulled out a couple of tomatoes, two potatos, and a bag of strawberries and apples that he seemed to have already prepared for him. His eyes softened as he watched the male pulled out a paper bag. 

“Do you have plastic? I feel like it’s more sturdy,” He hummed, watching as the male packed away the items. 

“I do , but no , you’ll just leave it somewhere for me to pick up later on,” 

“I will not, I have to bring it home to put the food away!” 

Jimin didn’t seem confident in his reply. 

“I’ll enchant the bag,” He gripped and he settled for a reluctant nod as the male blew out a thin haze of blue grey smoke onto the bag, breathing words in a language he didn’t want to even try to understand. “ Done, ” The draggon passed him the bag with a happy grin but he didn’t move from his spot. 

“I feel like you’re trying to get rid of me,” He hummed surly and Jimin’s eyes dialated at his comment. 

“I…” Jimin didn’t appear to know what to say. “Well...I’m kind of hungry...when we were little you didn’t like seeing that fox eat…” The dragon’s eyes where averted. 

Oh ,” 

Jimin’s lips were pressed thin as he tried to force his brain to work. 

“Do you want me to go?” 

Jimin met his eyes looking nervous and yet he could see his reply resonating behind his anxieties. 

No know I never want you to leave me...I’d have you move in with me if you weren’t so attached to whatever it is you like about the humans town,” He gurmmbled. 

“If you don’t remove the drought soon you’ll eat your words,” He hummed playfully and the younger rolled his eyes. “I can go read in your room...if you want?” 
Jimin nodded immediately, gold hair bobbing before he froze. 
“You wouldn’t be weirded I’d just…” 

“Jimin I came over in the rain once at one am to see if you could hold an egg in your mouth as a dragon...we’re past any weirdness,” 

Jimin’s cheeks were red once more, puffed out adorable and he had to grab his pants leg to stop his hand. 

“Don’t touch my dragon books,” Jimin just got out as he darted in to his bedroom, picking up one of the books on water based dragons with an impish grin. 


✧・゚: ✧・゚:    :・゚✧:・゚✧


It was nearly another month later when the situation of the drought had been brought up again. Namjoon had intended on going to Jimin’s house to visit him that day but after being woken up at six am by the sound of the villages bell ringing out loudly, signifying that at this unholy hour, a meeting had been called. 

Twenty minutes later Namjoon was dressed and sitting in his designated spot in the town hall as hundreds of sleepy men and women filed into the their spots, it taking another twenty before their governor appeared and he knew he was going to strangle him if he didn’t hurry up. 

He was tired, everyone was tired from the sounds of contagious yawns echoing throughout the room- and he knew this meeting had something to do with the drought they had been facing.

Food was scarce for most of everyone asides himself, courtesy of his favorite river dragon, and while he could understand gathering everybody together while the sun had yet to scorch down on them, the least they could have done was given them a notice, or at least just notified them of their decisions facing it through the mail. 

“Now,” The governor began and he could feel his tiredness fighting with him already to try and get another few minutes of sleep. “I’m sure you’re all aware of why I’ve called for you all,” He didn’t think he could talk any slower, why couldn’t he just get to the point? 

“But there are some important matters I believe we need to discuss regarding out village,” People where talking around him and after several minutes passed silence lapsed over them.

“As most of you know, we have been facing a drought lately,” He could feel the governors eyes lingering on him, as if he could have somehow stopped this from happening. “And after the council and I had had a meeting with the river dragon,” 

He expected a theatrical gasp but instead everyone was silent. A part of him wondered why Jimin wouldn’t even think to tell him about it. Unless of course it went poorly, then he would likely bottle up the events that had happened. He could feel his anger towards the governor returning at the thought of them hurting him further. 

“Us and the dragon were able to come to an agreement on ending this drought by today at midnight,” This caused him to perk up. He was almost positive that Jimin would want to test them, make sure they weren’t going to back out of their agreement early- and what could even be done in a day? 

Jimin , the dragon, has requested a sacrifice,” Everyone in the room seemed to be holding their breath but he found he could only stare at the governor, mouth hanging open and his lungs feeling like they would never be gifted with another breath. 

Only one sacrifise? ” A voice called from across the room and he was shook from his thoughts. The governor nodded once. The same person asked just who had been chosen, this time the man remained silent for several moments. 

“As to not cause a commotion, they will be summoned at a later time, when the meeting has concluded and after the drought has been lifted...we will then reveal that person's name,” From how the governor was eyeing him he got the feeling he thought it was all his fault. 

A part of him wanted him to at least feel disgusted that he didn’t particularly care about what this all meant. Someone was going to, most likely die, but he knew Jimin wouldn’t just pick someone innocent. 

Immediately his eyes found the faces of some of the merchants Jimin had gotten into altercations with. They looked scared and he found it almost comical how wide their eyes were. It would certainly be something to see if it was one of them that had been picked.

“Is that all they want?” The person sounded more cautious now and he slid his gaze back over to the governor who looked grim. 

“He requested a few potions from our reserve...he also said he wants to be able to come and go in the village freely in exchange for keeping the woods alive,” He said and he couldn’t shake the nervous feeling bubbling up inside him as he the governor finished his speech and dismissed everyone. 

It was only when he was half way through the foyer, did he come to understand what exactly the unease inside of him meant as an officer pulled him to the side and asked for him to follow him to the governor's office where he was very unsurprisingly told he was chosen as Jimin's sacrifice.

As soon as Namjoon got home he slid down against his door. Walking home he had experienced a lot of things, namely disbelief, but by the time he entered his house it had all settled down inside of him though and he found he was just left with this unplaceable hollow sense. 

The more he thought about it, the more he found he wasn’t surprised that Jimin had chosen him. Jimin was a dragon and he was one of the few humans he talked to. It made sense, but it didn’t stop the knowledge from leaving him dazed. 

He didn’t want to die. At times he did, but right now he felt great- like life was going well asides from how hot it had been. He didn’t even know how to feel about the news that Jimin would be the one to kill him either. 

For as long as he could remember he had wanted to spend all of his life with the dragon, and while he guessed he was technically getting what he wanted, he meant it more in the shamefully hoping his adorable miniature dragon had the same gooey thoughts about him that he had held of him for years.

He was positive he would eat him too and just the thought made him want to dry heave. He really didn’t want to be eaten and from what he knew about dragons he knew he was going to be alive for it and feel every last tear of his flesh until finally his heart gave away. 

He brought a hand up to wipe at his eyes, his vision blurring as soon as his palm left. He settled for staring at the two viles by his feet. He hadn’t even been Jimin’s priority. He wanted two potions as well. 

He wasn’t good enough for him and it made jealousy boil up hot inside of him to know that he could have very well have been an after thought. Something that would fit into his dragony stereotype and show the village that they could very well be next if they tried him.

The longer he stares at the jars the more his mind keeps doubling back on the fact that he’s going to be fucking eaten and not even in a fun sense. 

He knew he had to go too. It had been decided already and it was for the good of everyone else in the village. He had till nightfall to go to Jimin. If he didn’t he was sure everyone else would personally escort him down to the woods and he didn’t want the shame of being a coward weighing over his death either.

Hesitantly he lifted his head to stare at one of his bookshelves in the living room. He had dozens of books on dragons, none of which he’d ever read and at his last moments he found himself wondering if he should at least read up on sacrifices so that he would know what to expect. He wasn’t sure if being able to anticipate what would happen would help or not. Maybe he could just take a fuck ton of advil so it would at least hurt less? 

Then again, that could definitely hurt Jimin and he wasn’t sure he could stomach hurting him even in death. 

Shakily he forced himself to stand, crossing the room and pulling out the first book he spotted before sliding down to the floor. He flipped through it numbly and after six more books he finally came across one that mentioned sacrifices.

For the most part, people  would nominate someone to gift to a dragon as a meal in hopes that it wouldn’t feast upon anyone else for a while. This usually included the sacrifice being decked out in jewels, dolled up and eaten alive if they weren’t toyed with in other manners first. 

He didn’t think Jimin would do any of those things and he couldn’t find any requests where a dragon would request a sacrifice. The more he read the more positive he was that the village had simply elected him themselves. Then again, even with his disapproving friendship with Jimin the villagers respected him, the council especially surprisingly enough and he didn’t like trying to wrap his head around any of the scenario’s his mind was supplying. 

Closing the book he set it down in the pile besides him, reaching out to take his last book on dragons from the shelf in hopes of a different outcome, preferably one where he didn’t die

Namjoon was nearly finished with the book before a word stuck out to him. It was used in passing and didn’t seem to offer any clues as to what it might refer to but it still left him breathing in shakily. 


He was positive that that was the same word Jimin used to describe sacrifices. No. Jimin never used the word sacrifice- for as long as he could remember he always used the word nomu- and the longer he stared at it the more curious he could feel himself growing. 

Wearily he placed the book down on the floor, reaching back over to the pile and rescanning every page as quick as he could in hopes of finding the word. It was only when he was on the second book he had first looked at that his jaw dropped.

He was going to fucking kill him


✧・゚: ✧・゚:    :・゚✧:・゚✧


Namjoon had been half way down the bridge when he had heard a small disturbance in the water, just loud enough to cause him to snap his head over to the pond where he spotted Jimin's snout just barely peeking up from below the surface, brown eyes looking almost orange in the lighting. 

He was watching him carefully from where he was frozen and he was sure anger was written all over his features from how wide his eyes where, ears perked up as if they would warn him of his impending doom. 

Crossing down the steps to the dock he pick up a decently sized rock as he made his way down, setting his viles on the edge of the dock. 

He could see the moment Jimin realized what he was going to do. Brown eyes growing impossibly wide, gold snout pulling back in horror as his ears fluttered in panik in a way that was absolutely not adorable. His back and tail arched like he was about to dive beneath the surface.

Before the dragon could so much as move however, he hurled the stone at him, watching in satisfaction as it hit him on the top of the head with a dull thunk , Jimin’s body going stiff before sinking beneath his line of sight.

He folded his arms, face feeling incredibly hot despite how cool it was in the woods as he waited for the dragon to resurface. 

After a minute and twelve seconds (he had counted) Jimin, now in his human form, let his head hesitantly pop out from the water, eyeing him nervously from his spot a few inches away, both of his hands grasping onto the dock like a lifeline. From how he had yet to pull himself up it was clear he knew why he was here. 

Jimin ,” He started. The dragon sunk beneath the water so that his mouth was hidden. “Would you like to guess what I was told today at the very reasonable hour of four am? ” Jimin sunk beneath the surface so that his eyes where only exposed. Slowly he shook his head no. Guess, ” 

Jimin looked scared. Horrified even and he wouldn’t be surprised if he were to shift into his dragon form just to escape him. He eyed the overgrown boat that was seeming more and more inviting the longer he stared at it. 

“You found a crab?” His voice was muffled from the water. He shook his head. 

“I’ll give you a hint. It’s about the drought ,” 

Jimin flinched slightly at his tone. He looked guilty, anxious and pitiful all wrapped up into one kicked puppy. 

“You’re nomu? ” He said the last part like he would break if admitted. He nodded grimly and he could feel his arms shaking from where they were folded. God he wished he had another rock

“And what exactly is a nomu?” He asked as sweet as he could and Jimin’s cheeks went crimson, peeking out of the water ever so slightly. 

“A sacrifice,” Jimin replied and he searched the dock for another rock, Jimin’s hands left the wood and he swam back a foot looking scared. 

What kind of sacrifice? ” He asked again, eyes now back on the dragons and his whole face was an unhealthy shade of red that made him pause momentarily. Jimin’s voice came out muffled by the water. “Lift your head out of the water, I can’t hear you,” He smirked at the sight of Jimin squirming as he pulled his head out of the pond completely. 

“A courting sacrifice,” He grumbled and he could just barely keep a grin off his face at the sight of how embarrassed Jimin was. 

“And now why the fuck would you be trying to court me?”

Jimin kept his mouth firmly shut as he glared at him. He turned back pointedly to resume his search for a stone only to turn back at the sound of the water breaking. 

“Because I love you you stupid human,” Jimin hissed and this time he couldn’t keep the grin off his face as he crouched down on the dock. 

“Do you even know how much you scared me? The governor just tells me at four am ‘oh by the way that guy you’re painfully in love with? Yeah he’s gonna eat and kill you for dinner,” He choked out and he could feel his eyes stinging with tears as Jimin moved closer to him, cupping his cheeks in warm hands and looking guiltier than ever. 

“I...I’m sorry Joonie- I should have asked you- I’m so sorry…” Jimin trailed off and he could feel him wiping the tears from his face. Choking down a sniffle he brought one of his hands to rub at Jimin’s cheek. 

“I can’t fucking be-belive you,” He groaned, ignoring how watery his voice sounded as Jimin craddled his face. 

Jimin stayed silent while he fought with his breath to settle down and after what felt like forever he could finally bring himself to look at Jimin again. 

“What the hell are the potions even for,” His voice came out broken, feight, but Jimin’s eyes snapped up the moment he opened his mouth.

“If...If you’d let me court you then- then they’ll lengthen your lifespan...or more of slow down the aging process for you I guess,” 

He let his eyes flicker over to the viles, eyeing them wearily. 

“They replicate what it’s like being a dragon basically...minus the eating, and’d have a similar lifespan, and you’d show no signs of aging for a long time,” 

Jimin sounded embarrassed and he forced himself to pull his gaze back over to him, very much aware that his mouth was hanging open. 

“If you don’t want me to court you- I’ll still lift the drought- and you- you can continue on like normal a-and all,” 

“You…why would you even care if I live as long as you?” He whispered and he felt like he knew the answer, if Jimin’s earlier proclamation was anything to go by. He still desperately needed to hear it.

“Because I love you,” Jimin replied softly, eyes cast down and his hands had fallen back down to the dock. 

“’d be stuck with me for... forever, ” He finished and he could feel his body buzzing at the familiar annoyed look that was taking over the dragon's face. 

“Well that's the general idea of it yes, ” His voice was hard and if he still didn’t look ready to swim away he’d laugh at him. “I promised you...and I wanna keep it if you’ll let me,” The last part came out soft, too soft and he blinked down at him, wondering if he’d really heard him right. 

“’ve never promised me anything,” He started and confused eyes met his own. “-and what do you mean by ‘want to keep it’ - you’re a dragon, ” 

Jimin was staring at him with an odd look now. 

“Dragons don’t have to keep any promises hyung...they’re just difficult for us to make,” He explained and he knew he must have looked like he’d been punched from the sigh that left his lips. “We have to mean it or we can’t say ‘I promise’ ,” Jimin mouthed the last part and his head began to pang as he prossed what he was saying. 

“But you never promised me anything,” He said and he was beginning to wonder if Jimin was feeling alright, if he was finally going insane after putting up with his nonsense for so long. Or maybe he was trying to make him go insane as revenge for one thing or another. 

He wondered if he was still mad about the egg was a perfectly reasonable request- to ask him to hold an egg in his mouth in his dragon form- it didn’t hurt him or anything! 

“When you where drunk that one night, you said ‘ promise me you’ll be mine for forever ’,” He could feel a lump swelling in his throat the longer Jimin spoke and by the time he finished he could feel tears prickling in his eyes for the third time that day.

“You….you promised me that? ” He could feel his heart snowballing inside of him as his throat clentched around newly forming tears. Jimin nodded. 

“Would...would you like me to promise you again?” He asked softly and he nodded frantically before he could even finish. 

Promisemeyou’llbemineforforever, ” He rushed out and a giggle fell from Jimin’s lips from in front of him. 


I promise ,”