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A Better Place

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"-Now you're just going to ignore me?! Stop being such a bitch!"

Marinette blinked, her eyes slowly taking around her surroundings, almost confused on what was happening. The bluebell color met a lot of unpleasant looks, many disapproving, disappointed and even disgusted, then she heard a sob.

That's right....

Marinette's eyes tiredly looked over to the sobbing brunette, she clung to Alya's side, tears streaming down her face, letting out an ugly sob. Alya's grip on Lila only tightened, as if protectively.

Her head tilted to the side, watching Lila sob, her midnight blue hair clumsily fell in sink with her action. She found it ironic. How Alya was trying to "protect" Lila even though she was the real danger.

Alya gently soothed the Italian girl before handing her to her boyfriend. Marinette blankly watched as Alya approached her, her hazel eyes glaring daggers.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" She spat out, crossing her arms in front of her chest. Some of her classmates muttered an agreement. Lila picked her head up away from Nino, sniffling loudly, getting mostly everyone's attention and sympathy.

"It- It's okay, Alya," she croaked, moving one of her hands to rub the tears out of her olive green eyes. "It- it- it-" she inhaled deeply, pathetically trying to calm herself down. "I guess Ma- Marinette just doesn't like me still.." a sob slipped from her throat, with her permission. She dug her head back into Nino's chest and sobbed loudly.

Alya snapped her head back to Marinette, making the girl tense up, but get defensive. "Stop being a jealous bitch! Bullying her because you don't like her?!" Marinette frowned, her gut quickly filling with anxiety. Her eyes glanced to her friends, they all sharing the hateful look. It only made her anxiety grow and throat clench up.

"Assaulting Lila all the time? You're pathetic."

"I didn't-!"

"Didn't assault her? Didn't corner her in the bathroom and threaten her?" Alya cut off, snarling at her. "Don't lie to me, Marinette." Her lips pursed tightly together, deeply inhaling, trying to calm her fast beating heart. "Lila told me everything. How you always threaten her when you're alone with her, how you try to act all good and innocent in public." Pure disgust was written on her face, especially the way her upper lip flicked up, "You make me sick."

Marinette felt force on her shoulders, then suddenly she bumped into a table. She blinked once.. twice.. three times before she finally pieced together... Alya shoved her.

She shoved her hard, and hatefully.

"You're so psychotic." Alya spat out, tilting her head to the side when Marinette tilted hers away. "You liking Adrien? That's borderline obsession. You should be arrested for that-"


The brunette sighed, looking over her shoulder to her boyfriend. Nino only frowned to her, gently and most importantly, uncomfortably moving Lila away from him and walked over to his girlfriend. "Alya, you're going too far-"

"Going too far?!" Alya echoed, glaring up to her boyfriend. She snapped a finger towards Marinette, making the girl flinch. "She's getting what she deserved!" 

Alya looked over to her, dropping her arm, "She's no better than Hawkmoth. I bet she's relishing on Lila right now-"

"Alya, that's enough." Nino repeated, louder than before, glaring disapprovingly at her. "Marinette's your best friend. You've known her longer than you know Lila." 

Alya's eyes narrowed, slowly backing up to the Italian girl, protecting her. "What are you saying."

Nino hesitated. His lips pursed shut, glancing between Lila and Marinette. Marinette didn't look up to him, her breathing was sporadic, she was desperately trying to calm down, taking few deep breathes. Nino looked away from her, his heart clutching in guilt.

"Marinette is a sweet girl, I've known her my whole life, there's no way she's doing that to Lila. And you know that too."

Alya blinked. She looked between Marinette, Nino, then Lila. Then frowned deeply. "What the fuck did you do to my boyfriend?" 

Marinette looked up, shrinking when Alya stomped over to her. "I - I didn't do-"

"Don't fucking lie to me you physco!" 

A loud slap echoed the room, one that made almost everyone flinch, and they watched as the dark had girl stumbled to the right, her hand slapping onto a table to keep her up from falling. A tear slipped out of her eye from the lingeringly stinging on her cheek.

"You bitch." Alya disgustingly muttered, before lifting up her foot and shoving Marinette down onto the wood floor.

"Alya!" Nino gaped at her, only to glare hard at her, he shoved past her, quickly making his way to Marinette, but his arm got yanked on. He was forced to turn back around, only seeing Alya for a quick second before his head was snapped to the left, another loud slap echoing.

"Don't you dare help that psychotic manipulator up."

The door slammed open, making everyone flinch and look over. Mme Bustier entered the room, her normally cheering turquoise eyes were a blank, disapproving color. Everyone slowly made their way back to their seat, some making sure to silently kick Marinette. Mme Bustier walked over to her desk, panick filled her eyes seeing Marinette slowly pick herself up, bruised and red.

"Marinette! Are you okay?!" She quickly asked, making her way to the quiet girl. She gently grasped Marinette's arms, looking into her eyes, her heart broke seeing the complete opposite of how she normally looked; broken, betrayed, hurt.

"She fell," answered Alya, her arm around Lila's shoulder comfortingly. "You know how clumsy she is. It's nothing new." She carelessly explained.

Mme Bustier looked to Marinette for denial or confirmation, but she remained silent. Nothing subtle as a look to give her a hint. She gently rubbed Marinette's shoulder. "Why don't you go to the nurse?" She suggested.

Marinette blinked slowly once... Twice.. then nodded, making her way around the teacher and then finally out the door.


"Marinette... Are you okay..?" A tiny voice asked, wiggling her way out of her holder's bag. Her chosen didn't respond, she kept walking down the sidewalk. Tikki frowned, her heart aching. The bright red mark on her cheek must've still hurt, not to mention she must've been sore from when Alya stomped on her.

Tikki felt disappointment grow along with her heartache. Disappointed in Plagg's chosen. She must have a talk with Plagg. 

"Marinette, maybe you should've gone to the nurse..." Tikki quietly suggested, following the girl as she crossed the street to the bakery. 

".. I just want to go home.." was her weak response.

Marinette's parents were angry, upset, disappointed, sad, just so many emotions, and none of them directed to their daughter. All Marinette could do is lightly shrug it off and go upstairs after her bruises were lightly taken care of.

It wasn't until later that night when she finally let herself cry. Her parents were arguing, broken about how this could happen to their daughter, wanting to pull her out of that school.

Tikki snuggles into her pillow, her eyes clenching tight together as Marinette let our a heart wrenching sob.