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Family Dynamic

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“Where’s my fucking toothbrush?!” I yelled as I was looking through the bathroom cabinets. Today we were starting our first family holiday since our Mum left us. It was just gonna be my Dad, my brothers Ross and Tom and then me. I was 16, the youngest brother. Then Tom was 17 and Ross was 19. The three of us got on pretty well, but we’d argue about stupid shit, as all brothers do.
“I got it, I got it, Oliver. I already packed it in the our wash bag.” Tom told me, popping his head around the bathroom door. He was well built. He had been hitting the gym a lot lately and you could definitely tell. He was wearing a simple white top and a pair of jeans. He also had a pair of glasses on.
“Oh… You could’ve told me.” I sighed, coming out the bathroom with him.
“I told Ross to tell you!” Tom defended.
“In my defence I was busy forgetting.” Ross told us, coming out of his bedroom with his suitcase. He was the only one of us who was blonde - he got it from our Mum. He was quite skinny but muscular too. He was wearing a denim jacket over a black top and a pair of grey jeans.
“You boys ready?!” Our Dad yelled from downstairs.
“Kinda!” I called back. I popped back into my bedroom, zipped up my suitcase, then we all headed out the door.

Although we weren’t flying today, we were staying in a hotel room by the airport - as we’d have to get up early in the morning tomorrow and it was quite a drive. We were going to be flying over to California, Los Angeles to do a whole bunch of cheesy touristy crap. We had never been to Los Angeles before so we were pretty excited about it. But first, after a 2 hour drive, we finally arrived at the hotel.
“You boys can wait there while I check us in.” Dad told us when we had walked into the lobby, pointing towards a couple of arm chairs. Dad was pretty good looking, given he was a father of 3. He would still go to the gym and although he had a bit of a Dad bod, he was still pretty buff. He had on a simple navy jumper and a pair of jeans. I sat down on the arm chairs with my two brothers.
“That was a long fucking drive.” Ross yawned, stretching his arms upwards, giving me a sneaky peak of his belly button and treasure trail. I guiltily tried to memorise it. Yeah, I was gay. And although I was fine with that, I was also very attracted to my own family members. Both of my brothers and my Dad. I knew it was wrong but every time any of them had a shirt off I’d jerk off to the image in my head that night. They were all just so sexy and hot.
“Well get used to it. We got an 11 hour flight tomorrow.” Tom pointed out.
“Urgh, don’t remind me…” I groaned.
“Why the fuck have we not invented teleportation yet? Fuck artificial intelligence, I wanna pop to Hawaii whenever I want, not ask Alexa what time it is.” Ross complained, making us laugh.
“It’s quite satisfying when you have done all 11 hours. Makes the holiday feel like you’ve earned it a bit more.” Tom pointed out.
“Fuck that shit.” Ross rolled his eyes.
“Yeah, I'd rather spent 3 seconds to get to America, not 11 hours.” I agreed.
“Yeaaaah, me too.” Tom admitted.
“Alright boys, who’s sharing a room with who?” Dad asked, coming over with two room keys.
“I don’t mind.” I shrugged.
“I’ll room with you, Ollie.” Ross decided.
“That makes you my roommate for the night.” Dad smiled to Tom.
“I’m fine with that.” Tom shrugged.

So, we all crammed into the small elevator. Dad was super close to me, as we slowly went up. I had to try and keep my eyes from staring at his strong chest. The doors opened and we escaped the metal box, then used the signs to figure out which long corridor to go down. The noise of our suitcases seemed loud as we went down the long, quiet hallway, going past the numbered doors as we drew closer and closer to ours.
“Aha! 232. You guys are in there, then.” Dad said, pointing to the room opposite us.
“Perfect. Meet you downstairs in the bar?” Ross asked.
“Yeah, sounds good.” Dad nodded. So the four of us split into our separate rooms.
“Oh shit.” Ross said as we came inside, to find a double bed. “Dad didn’t get twin beds.” He said, face palming. Shit, indeed. I was gonna have to sleep right next to Ross?
“Dammit…” I sighed.
“Why do we let Dad organise these trips?” Ross chuckled, taking off his denim jacket.
“Hopefully we are going to California and not Tennessee.” I joked, making him laugh.
“Or Detroit.” He added as he unzipped his case. “Wanna spray?” He asked.
“Huh?” I frowned.
“Deodorant? You wanna de-stink yourself?” Ross asked, before raising his shirt right in front of me, showing off his abs as he sprayed his pits.
“Oh, u-um yeah, sure.” I blushed, before I took it.
“It was getting pretty hot in that car towards the end.” Ross said as I sprayed myself, then handed it back. “I’m gonna go take a piss.” He then said, before going into the bathroom. I stared at the double bed. Fantasies were filling my brain about sharing a bed with Ross. Maybe his nearly naked body would roll onto mine. Maybe he’d get hard in his sleep. Maybe he’d moan in his sleep! Maybe- “Holy shit this soap smells like oranges!” Ross suddenly called out from the bathroom. I couldn’t help but laugh as I tried to shake the fantasies out of my head.

We went back down the elevator and came into the vaguely posh bar and spotted Dad and Tom in a booth.
“Imma get a beer, you wanna coke or something?” Ross asked me.
“Coke is fine.” I nodded before we split. I sat down next to Dad. He had taken his jumper off so he was wearing a red t-shirt, which showed off his strong arms nicely.
“Do you have a double bed as well?” Tom asked, unimpressed.
“Yep…” I nodded, giving my Dad a look.
“Hey, it’ll be a good bonding experience.” He defended.
“Yeah, I can’t wait to bond over Ross stealing my blankets.” I scoffed.
“Steal his first.” Dad shrugged. Ross came over with his and my drinks and placed them on the table.
“Are we eating here because this place is kinda dead…?” Ross asked, sitting down next to Tom.
“Nah, there’s a restaurant not too far. It’s a Chinese place, apparently it’s really nice.” Dad told us.
“Oh fuck yes, I’ve been craving noodles.” Tom beamed, eyes lighting up behind his glasses.

So, after our drink, we all headed out and walked to the nearby restaurant. We managed to grab a table, although it was pretty busy. Then, it wasn’t long before Tom got his noodles, along with the rest of plates of food we were all sharing.
“Fuck, this is good.” Dad beamed.
“What have we actually got planned for the holiday, then?” Ross asked.
“Lots of exploring. And Disneyland.” Dad answered.
“I cannot wait!” I grinned.
“We’re gonna nerd out so hard.” Tom chuckled.
“You guys are gonna love it.” Dad smiled. We continued eating away, laughing and chatting away, thinking about our next week.

When it was getting late, Dad insisted that we head back to the hotel and get some rest, as tomorrow was gonna be a big day.
“Set your alarms for 7. Okay?” Dad told us as we walked down the corridor to our rooms.
“Shit, really? 7?” Ross groaned.
“Yeah. And go straight to bed. No goofing around unless you wanna feel like dogshit tomorrow.” Dad advised us.
“Fiiiiine. Goodnight.” Ross sighed before we all hugged. After saying our goodnights and exchanging hugs, we came into our separate rooms. “Alright, you heard Dad. Straight to bed. Go do your teeth.” Ross told me. I went in and locked the door behind me.
“Shit…” I said, taking a deep breath. It was about to happen. Ross and I were gonna sleep in the same bed. I was trying not to get hard at just the thought of it. I squeezed the toothpaste onto my brush and began cleaning my teeth, hoping I’d manage to cope tonight. When I was done I came out of the bathroom to find Ross in just a pair of pink briefs.
“Alright?” Ross smiled.
“Y-Yeah.” I nodded as he walked past to go into the bathroom. I replayed the memory of his nearly naked body as I got undressed myself. I got undercovers and desperately tried to fall asleep before Ross came back but I simply couldn’t. The door opened and Ross came strutting around the corner with his body on show.
“Were you checking out that waiter we had today?” Ross asked as he put his clothes into a suitcase, bending right over and giving me a glorious view of his ass.
“Oh u-umm…” I stammered, blushing.
“You were weren’t you?” Ross smirked, standing back up and turning to look at me. I tried to keep my eyes off his bulge.
“Maybe a little.” I half laughed.
“Awwwwh. Any dude would be lucky to have you, lil bro.” He told me before turning off the lights and getting into bed with me.
“R-Really?” I asked, feeling my cheeks burn.
“Of course.” He smiled. “Anyway, get some sleep. Goodnight.” Ross said, getting comfortable.
“G-Goodnight.” I said, feeling his leg touch mine.

It was nearly 1am and Ross was fast asleep. Meanwhile, I was sat next to him, rock hard. I kept feeling myself through my boxer briefs, then reeling my hand back. I couldn’t jerk off with my brother right next to me, surely? That would be so wrong… But I was never gonna be able to sleep with this hardon and I don’t think it was going to go away anytime soon. Maybe if I was quick? So, trying to be as still and quiet as possible, I pushed my boxer briefs downwards to let out my cock. I checked to see if Ross was still asleep. Shit he looked so handsome. I wrapped my fingers around my shaft and began stroking it, looking at his face and semi exposed chest. This was so wrong but my cock was so achingly hard for it. I decided to gently push down the duvet, letting more and more of his body get revealed. His nipples and some of his abs were in my eyesight, making me practically drool. He was so hot! It took every ounce of self control to not touch or even taste him! However, I wanted to see even more. I pushed the duvet down even further, past his treasure trail and showing his bulge in his underwear. My hand started going faster as I stared at his body, jerking off to the sight of him.
“Oliver?” I have never jumped so hard in all my life. Ross was awake and looking straight at me. I immediately pulled the duvet back up, hiding my hard cock and my face went bright red.
“Oh my God, Ross, I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have done that, I’m so sorry… I just… Shit…” I panicked.
“Hey, hey, hey, it’s okay.” Ross told me. “It’s alright. I understand.” He assured me.
“You do?” I asked, shocked.
“Of course.”
“You’re not upset?” I frowned.
“Only because you didn’t ask me to help.” Ross smirked before reaching his hand down under the covers and then taking my cock in his hand.
“Woah… R-Ross… I-I… Should we be doing this?” I asked, in shock.
“Yeah, I think we should and you clearly want to.” He said, squeezing my cock.
“Mmm… B-But… We’re brothers… Isn’t that wrong?” I asked, nervously.
“Only if we’re caught.” Ross said before kicking back the covers.
“Are you sure?” I asked.
“Fuck yeah.” He whispered before leaning in and KISSING ME! My own brother was pressing his lips against mine and began kissing me, passionately, whilst stroking my cock. I couldn’t help but let my hands start touching his body, shakily running up and down his abs. I had wanted this for so long, I was beginning to wonder if I was actually dreaming. With his free hand, Ross guided one of my hands down to his crotch. My palm was placed on his hard on and I could feel it throbbing inside. “Look how horny you make me, lil bro.” He whispered.
“I’ve wanted this for so long…” I confessed.
“Awwh, well you’ve got me now.” He told me. “Have you ever done anything with anyone before?”
“N-Not really…” I blushed.
“That’s okay, babe, we’ll take it slow. I’ll fuck your brains out another day.” He winked. “Wanna get your first blowjob?”
“Yeah. I do.” I nodded.
“Of course you do.” Ross smirked before kissing me again, whilst this time getting on top of me. We passionately made out as he laid on top of me, feeling our bodies and hardons rub against each other. Soon, he was planting his lips down my neck and left a trail of kisses all the way to my hard cock that was already leaking.
“I-I don’t think I'll last long…” I warned Ross.
“I didn’t either with my first blowjob, bro. Don’t worry.” He assured me before wrapping his lips around my 6 inch cock and swallowing it.

I watched as his blonde head began bobbing up and down, letting me feel his warm, wet mouth suck on my cock. It felt incredible! I couldn’t believe my big brother was giving me head! I gripped the bed sheets as I felt his mouth go up and down.
“Shit Ross… That feels really good…” I muttered. He looked up at me with his big brown eyes and it made me wanna scream. His hands soon travelled up my body and one groped my chest while the other pinched my nipple. He was so good! His tongue would swirl around the tip before he’d swallow the whole thing again, slurping at all the precum that was leaking out. “Fuck Ross! I think I’m gonna cum…” I whimpered, feeling the climax quickly approach.
“Yeah, cum in my mouth, baby bro.” Ross said, briefly coming off my cock and then swallowing it again.
“Oh fuck… Oh fuck… OH FUCK! Holy shit, Ross!” I moaned, gripping the bed sheets, as I began unloading into his mouth. His head didn’t move as I flooded his mouth. Then, when I was finished, Ross came off my dick and quickly came over and kissed me. My own cum filled my mouth and we continued to swap it between each other, before we both finally swallowed some.
“Mmmm you taste so good, Ollie.” Ross whispered as he kissed my neck.
“That felt so amazing.” I told him. “You have no idea how jealous I was of the guys and girls you’d bring back to our place.”
“Well, you don’t have to get jealous anymore, baby.” He said before kissing me again.

We passionately made out as our hands ran up and down each other’s bodies, my hands finding themselves squeezing Ross’ round ass repeatedly.
“You wanna taste your first cock, Ollie?” Ross said between kisses.
“Oh fuck yes.” I nodded desperately. So, Ross rolled us around, so that I was on top.
“Go for it.” He told me. So, I began kissing down his body, finding my mouth drawn to one of his nipples, first. I encased it with my lips and began gently sucking on it, feeling my older brother’s fingers grip my hair. “Mmm yeaaah, Oliver. Relive the fantasy playing in your mind when you were jerking off to me.” He purred as I swirled my tongue around the nub. I did the same to his other nipple, before running my tongue down his abs, tracing every defined line he had.
“You’re so hot, Ross…” I said, gripping the boxer briefs that were still containing his hard cock.
“Yeah, I bet you’ll look even hotter with your lips around my cock, baby.” Ross smirked before lifting his ass so I could pull his boxers down his legs, releasing his 7 ½ inch cock.
“Wow…” I muttered, staring at it.
“Touch it.” Ross told me. I nervously wrapped my fingers around the warm base and pulled back the foreskin. “Mmm fuck… Taste it…” Ross told me. So, I ran my tongue up the underside of his shaft and watched as my older brother shuddered. “Fu-u-u-ucking hell, Oliver, are you gonna make me beg?” He half laughed. So, I put him out of his misery and took his cock into my mouth. I tried to take the whole cock but I couldn’t help but gag at about 6 inches in. I came off the cock, coughing a bit. “It’s okay, it’s okay. Just take what you can. You’ll have enough time to practice. One day you’ll be deepthroating it with ease.” Ross assured me. I blushed a bit before taking it back into my mouth. “Mmmm fuck yeaaah… Feels good, Ollie.” Ross moaned, quietly, gripping my hair as I eagerly tasted cock for the first time. I loved it. Tasting the slight saltiness of it as he slowly leaked precum and feeling the veins under my tongue when I ran my tongue along it. “Damn, Ollie. You sure you’ve never done this before?” Ross muttered and I just shook my head. “Shit, dude. You’re fucking talented.” He groaned. I tried to do what he did, letting my hands run up his body and begin pinching his pink nipples. “Mmm fuck that’s hot… Look at me.” Ross told me, so I directed my eyes into his pleasured face. “Oh my God, I’m so glad we’re doing this… You’re gonna make me cum, Ollie.” He grunted. This only made me more excited, as I wrapped my fingers around the base and began stroking what I couldn’t suck. “Oh my God… Oh my God… Oh fuck! Mmm fuck! Yeah baby! Shit!” He moaned out as the tip of his cock began shooting load after load straight into my mouth. I tried to keep it all, to share with Ross like he did for me, but it just kept going and going. Some began leaking out the corner of my mouth. It tasted so good though! I had to swallow a bit so I wouldn’t overflow, before I climbed up Ross’ body and kissed him. We made out and shared the cum between us, as he wrapped his arms around my waist. When we both finished, we swallowed and then cuddled up to each other.
“Fuck, that was amazing.” I said, as my sweaty body laid on his.
“You were so good, I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I’ve been living under the same roof as a talented cock sucker all this time. I can’t wait to do it again.” Ross beamed.
“And you’re sure we should be doing this?” I asked, looking him in the face.
“Only if you are. But I’d really love to.” Ross said with a sweet smile.
“Me too.” I smiled back before kissing him.